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One of the good things that came out of the pandemic is our upgraded cooking skills. Being on lockdown with all our favorite cooking shows and plenty of time to dream about our first post-pandemic meal inspired us to cook. And that’s what we did!!! We became bakers. Did everyone you know learn how to bake sourdough bread this year.
The adventurous among us learned the science behind sauces and the nuances of working with flavors and seasonings. The rest of us got into a routine of cooking fan-favorite comfort foods.
We devoured everything from homemade mac and chess, your mom’s meatloaf, to your favorite ethnic foods. We searched down family recipes with the zeal of academic historians, cooked together on zoom, and planted summer herb gardens to supply us with our favorite herbs and spices.
The kitchen became our own “Grand Central Station, “the true hub of our lives. We cook and share meals with family and friends. We attend zoom school and office meetings and gather for family puzzles or game night. Maybe your favorite time in the kitchen is late at night when you can enjoy some quiet time with a cup of tea or hot cocoa before bed.
If you feel the need to renovate or upgrade your kitchen now that you are using it for more than reheating takeout, you are not alone. With interest rates still favorable, homeowners are reaching out to kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles and researching kitchen remodeling and renovations ideas by renowned contractors. We have researched the top Los Angels Design Ideas from our favorite Kitchen Remodeling Contractors, Los Angeles, for you.



When you watch cooking shows, they provide the contestants with a perfectly set up workspace cooking island. The range top, oven, dishwasher, microwave, sink and counter prep space are all on one island. There is even extra storage space. Adding a workspace/kitchen island to your kitchen will make you fast and efficient. Make sure you have plenty of prep space for chopping, mixing, and kneading. Cleanup will be quick. And keeping your kitchen neat will be a breeze. You will be ready to serve your guests and make it all look easy.


If your cabinets are in good shape but feel like they need an upgrade or color update, try painting them and replacing the hardware with a more contemporary look. The kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles we consulted suggested that you stick to neutral tones or a bright white for a clean, sophisticated look. Take a trip to your favorite kitchen supply store and hunt out the perfect hardware. Bring a few choices home and see what you fall in love with. The new fresh color with new handles and pulls will feel like a new kitchen. Enjoy adding some unique accents, towels, plants. Candles, etc., and enjoy your kitchen remodel, Santa Monica.


Nothing feels better in a kitchen than new appliances. One of the most popular kitchen updates is installing new energy-efficient appliances, such as a new range, a microwave, an ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator, and a water-saving dishwasher. Not only will your new appliance update the look of your kitchen, save you money and time, but they are way more fun to use.
With innovative technology features and artificial intelligence, your appliances will interact with each other. The refrigerator will regulate the temperature and keep your food fresher longer. You can have your refrigerator update your grocery list, choose a recipe, and go online to place an order for any missing ingredients. The fridge can also communicate to your smart stove to start preheating for the recipe you choose, just a few of the things to look forward to.


When redoing your kitchen, focus on some fabulous new flooring. Your kitchen remodeling contractor can guide you through the many choices now available-from hardwoods to tiles and stones, bamboo, and green alternatives. There is now vinyl that looks so much like stone, tile, or wood they can surprise anyone. One of the most important things to remember when creating an open floor plan is to choose the flooring that works throughout the connected rooms. This will give you the expansive feeling that you are looking for.
If you’re looking for a durable, easy-to-clean option and love the traditional appeal of hardwoods, consider a wood-look alternative, such as vinyl. Designer tip- also use on the wall as a rustic backsplash.


When you work with your kitchen remodeling contractor in LA, see if you have the space to create a cozy hangout. A corner of the kitchen where you can hang out on your laptop by day and with your family at night for long dinners and endless conversation. Build in a booth, add some benches, and include plenty of comfy pillows and cushions. Sit down with your morning coffee, and you will never want to leave.


One of the best ways to update your kitchen is to redo the backsplash. As soon as you enter the kitchen, it grabs your attention lets you display your creativity and design talents. When we interviewed the kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles about the lasted design ideas and trends for kitchens, they recommended these hot trends-
  • Subway tiles are trendy right now, and you can custom design your own pattern.
  • Shiplap -for that cozy farmhouse look
  • Patterned tile- gives your kitchen a very bold and European look.
  • Mosaic- large tiles and bold patterns create drama.
  • Wallpaper- for endless patterns.
  • Glass Backsplashes- are more popular than ever. Easy to understand why. Sparkly and gorgeous


Most kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles concur that countertop choice is crucial for your kitchen design and remodel. Take the time to do your research to find the perfect countertop fit for your kitchen style, functionality, and budget.
  • Quartz is a non-scratch and very easy to maintain surface
  • Granite will give you the one-of-a-kind custom look. Each slab is unique.
  • Solid surface countertops are an affordable and practical option. Made from nonporous acrylic, solid surface countertops are easy to clean and resist stains and bacteria
  • Laminate offers an easy and low-maintenance option for your busy kitchen. It’s also the most affordable countertop type. You can find endless color choices.
  • Butcher Block counters are a great, environmentally friendly choice for non-prep areas. Use them for dining spaces. These countertops look more and more beautiful with age.


Completely change the look of your kitchen by taking down the upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelving. Create architectural interest. Show off your new gorgeous backsplash and highlight your favorite art pieces
Whether you are looking for a complete renovation or to renovate an aspect of your kitchen, reach out to the top kitchen remodeling contractor in Los Angeles. Structura kitchen remodeling and Renovations Design.
Now is the perfect time to connect with Structura Home Remodeling and Design Team. They are the top kitchen remodeling company in the Los Angeles area. No job is too big or too small. Structura’s clients say that the Structura contractors are true artisans and deliver on every detail. Call today to schedule a free in-home or virtual video consultation.
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2023.03.22 07:37 Traditional-Hunter28 Never get diagnosed with schizophrenia

I was squeezed out of the public mental health service over a year ago. They simply didn't have space for schizos not willing to take antipsychotic medication. Even my doctor admitted I seemed better since quitting the medication. I had other issues however I was very much keen to work on but once you've diagnosed with schizophrenia you effectively cease to be a person and become a label. Stigma begins at the doctor's office.
A year on, plagued with depression and symptoms which have nothing to do with my so-called schizophrenia I'm back in the system. It won't last long. They have already made clear they have no interest in examining the real symptoms and problems I actually have, but instead on medicating me for symptoms i don't have. All on account of my diagnosis. No room is made for individual variation, or my willingness to work with a therapist to address some maladaptive habits such as excessive rumination. All they see is a label. A truly dehumanising experience. Part of me feels better already knowing I'll soon be out of psychiatry's reach for good.
Pro tip. Don't ever get diagnosed with schizophrenia.
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2023.03.22 07:15 smmrtoast Not feeling stable….not gonna work, too much emotional weight on this.

I made my partner a nice steak dinner, post work, he didn’t discuss his work, was weirdly quiet. He got up in the middle of dinner to type something on his phone, he had a smirk on his face, and reminded me of a little boy who was excited about opening a present. For the first time in a while, he has started to pay attention to his looks,he shaves more often,and just got an unexpected hair cut—-for the longest while his style was grudge tech guy who wears sandals,old band shirts and jeans. Lately, he has been wearing khakis, and collared shirts (he has not switch jobs or or job roles since this change). He has also tried exercising more and has been using my exercise bike. This is the first time in a year that I have seen him use it.
I made him a nice dinner because I feel like it might be the last as I am thinking about leaving and maybe maybe there would be a moment where I remembered that I loved humans/or I could convince myself he is not so bad. Also for nostalgia.
I went to the post office and shipped some valuables home, slowly packing my belongings, and seriously getting ready to move out of this state—-this state is not my home home (I moved out of state with him for his work). I have friends, family, and job opportunities in my home state.
While he is enjoying his life, having fun, doing whatever he wants and not caring about my emotional, physical health, and essentially not giving a shit about me—-I have been putting so much of my energy into this and this has taken over my mental space. I have been stressed. I am not having fun. This has been incredibly hurtful. He only cares about himself
I cannot live with someone who I cannot trust…..
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2023.03.22 07:10 mama_pickle Sleepless and shitty neighbors

I’ve been running on 5 hours of sleep a day for a while, please ignore any mistakes. I’m exhausted in every sense of the word.
I’ve lived in my current apartment since last April. Since then, my issue with my neighbor has gotten worse and worse.
She has 2 large dogs. From early in the morning til around 9pm, her dogs will stand at her front window and basically go rabid over anyone who walks up to building door. It’s just a matter of time before they break the window since they go ape shit everytime someone walks by with a dog. In the same area, they scratch at the floor and fight extremely loudly all throughout the day. It’s above my living room.
All fucking night, her heavy ass dogs run back and forth right above my bedroom. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been woken up by this shit. I have two kids, both autistic, both have been shaken awake terrified at times because of how loud it can get. AND WE HAVE A WHITE NOISE MACHINE! I’m a really light sleeper and struggle with insomnia at times.
Imagine, it’s 12am, not being able to sleep and when you FINALLY drift off, your neighbors dogs start play fighting for 3 hours and wake your kids up too.
I’m in a 1 bedroom, she’s in a 2 bedroom. I only know this because we briefly chatted when I first moved in. There is no option for us to go into a different room. The noise is everywhere in my apartment.
She doesn’t pick up her dogs shit. There’s a kinda secluded grassy area in front of my kitchen window I’ve tried taking my kids out to on nice days but it’s covered in dog shit!!
There was a time she rang my bell bc she locked herself out. As soon as I opened the front door for her, her dog raced down the stairs to my apartment and busted open the door (I left it cracked while I ran to open the door for her), scaring my kids and nearly attacking my cat.
I don’t do well with confrontation so I’m not gonna knock on her door and tell her this. She’s well aware of how loud her dogs are considering she’s home when most of this is going on. She’s very heavy footed, which is a non issue. I’m not mad at the girl for walking in her own apartment. I just know she’s home bc I can hear her.
Im planning on going to the main office in the morning and explaining this. It been an issue but I kept putting it off, kept telling myself it’ll stop. But some recent non related events in my life have made me very angry and I guess I decided to be a passive aggressive bitch about it. I can’t afford to move and I’m stuck in a lease.
The next time I hear her dog even take a step, I’m putting my vacuum on the ceiling.
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2023.03.22 07:05 ATSbouquetnoida Wave One Luxury Commercial Projects Noida, Wave One Platinum Office Space, Wave One Gold Office Space,

Wave One Luxury Commercial Projects Noida, Wave One Platinum Office Space, Wave One Gold Office Space,
Wave One Noida is a premier commercial development in the heart of India’s most vibrant city, Noida. It is an iconic mixed-use project that stands out from its surroundings and provides a unique experience to all its visitors. Wave One offers world-class retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, corporate offices and residential apartments – everything you need for work or play!
The building itself has been designed with modern architecture in mind; it features two towers connected by an impressive glass façade which reflects the beauty of nature around it. The spacious lobby area contains luxurious seating arrangements as well as plenty of natural light which creates a pleasant atmosphere for visitors to relax and unwind after their shopping excursions or business meetings. Furthermore, Wave One also includes top-notch amenities such as 24/7 security service with CCTV surveillance system throughout the premises ensuring safety at all times; high speed Wi-Fi access enabling people to stay connected while they are there; ample parking spaces providing convenience when traveling by car etcetera..
In conclusion , Wave one Noida offers something special that no other commercial space can match - be it through design aesthetics or through services provided . With its unrivaled blend of luxury living & working options along with state -of –the–art facilities , this place promises nothing but success & satisfaction every step away !
Noida Wave One is a Commercial Projects located in the heart of Noida, India. The project was launched by Wave Group and offers luxurious Office Space with Top amenities at affordable prices. It has become one of the most sought-after projects in Noida due to its excellent location and quality construction. As such, it has seen an increase in demand for resale units over the past few years which has resulted in a surge of wave one noida resale price as well.
The rise in demand for wave one noida resale price can be attributed to several factors including increasing population growth, rising income levels among residents and strong economic development within Noida itself. Additionally, investors have been keen on buying into this property due to its high potential returns on investment through rental yields or capital appreciation when reselling these units later down the line. Moreover, since wave one is situated close proximity from important business hubs like Sector 18 market area as well other commercial centers like malls & multiplexes; it makes perfect sense why people would want to invest here rather than any other locality nearby . More help visit my site:-
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2023.03.22 07:03 envicionstudios Benefits of Hiring A Creative Agency Over an In-House Team

Benefits of Hiring A Creative Agency Over an In-House Team
In today’s business environment, companies need to create compelling, creative marketing campaigns and content to remain competitive. Many companies are tasked with the challenge of deciding whether it is more cost-effective to hire an in-house team or a creative agency to handle their creative needs. While both options have their benefits and drawbacks, there are many advantages that come with hiring a creative agency over an in-house team. These advantages include access to specialized talent and expertise, faster turnaround times, scalability, the ability to bring fresh perspectives, and cost savings.
Access to Specialized Talent and Expertise
When you hire a creative agency, you gain access to specialized talent and expertise that you may not be able to find in an in-house team. A creative agency will have experts in different areas of the creative process such as graphic design, copywriting, web design, video production and more. This means that they are able to take on complex projects that may require multiple disciplines. Furthermore, they often have access to exclusive technology that would otherwise be too costly for an in-house team. By having access to these resources and skillsets, a creative agency can ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.
Faster Turnaround Times Creative agencies are typically staffed by experienced professionals who specialize in various disciplines within the creative process. This allows them to work quickly without compromising quality. Furthermore, because they are used to working on multiple projects at once with tight deadlines, they understand how important it is for the project to be completed on time. An experienced agency will be better equipped than your in-house team at working under pressure while producing high quality results quickly.
Scalability One of the biggest advantages of hiring a creative agency is its scalability compared with an in-house team. When you partner with a creative agency you get access to resources that can scale up or down depending on your needs. If your project requires a larger team than what you currently have available internally then working with an agency gives you the flexibility needed without needing additional overhead costs like salaries or benefits associated with full-time employees. This allows companies large or small the ability work on projects without worrying about resource constraints since they can easily adjust their level of service depending on the scope of their project needs.
Bringing Fresh Perspectives Working with a creative agency also gives companies the advantage of having fresh perspectives from outside sources when tackling challenging projects or getting stuck in ruts creatively speaking . Your internal teams become familiar over time which can lead them into developing tunnel vision when it comes problem solving or brainstorming new ideas for campaigns or strategies . An outside perspective from knowledgeable professionals can help give teams insight into opportunities or solutions they may not have considered before.
Cost Savings When it comes down to costs , hiring a creative agency over building an in-house team can result in significant savings for businesses . Since agencies employ professionals who specialize in certain disciplines , you don't need pay exorbitant salaries for fulltime employees which allows you avoid additional overhead costs associated with wages , benefits , office space , etc . Additionally , when working on short term projects rather than long term ones there is no need worry about training costs either as an experienced partner will already know how do exactly what is needed . In some cases , businesses may even be able receive discounts from agencies due long term contracts which can enable greater cost savings over time.
There are numerous advantages associated with choosing hire a creative agency over an internal team . With access specialized talent and expertise , faster turnaround times , scalability cost savings bringing fresh perspectives - all these factors make partnering up with right partner worthwhile investment - one that could potentially help company reach its goals sooner than expected while also saving money each step way.
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2023.03.22 06:58 Professionmaker Save Time & Money with a Car Service to Bradley Airport

Save Time & Money with a Car Service to Bradley Airport

Benefits of car service to Bradley Airport

Car service to Bradley Airport offers many benefits for those looking to save time and money on travel. The most obvious benefit is that a car service eliminates the need for public transportation or a taxi ride. Instead, a driver will pick you up and drop you off at your desired location. This eliminates the need to plan for a rental car or find a taxi, which can be time-consuming and costly. Additionally, a car service can offer a stress-free, luxurious ride to the airport; you can relax and enjoy the convenience of a private chauffeur. Finally, car services are more affordable than many people think. Many companies offer competitive rates and discounts, making the overall cost of travel much more reasonable. Car services balance convenience and affordability, making them an excellent option for getting to and from Bradley Airport.

Cost Savings

A car service is an ideal choice if you are looking for ways to save money when traveling to or from Bradley Airport. Car services provide a convenient and cost-efficient way to get to the airport. With door-to-door service, you can save time and money by avoiding the hassle of finding a parking space and paying expensive airport parking fees. Additionally, car services are more affordable than taxis and offer luxury options to make your airport experience comfortable and stress-free. Whether traveling for leisure or business, a car service can help you save time and money.

Time Efficiency

Time is a valuable commodity, and it usually comes at a premium for those making the journey to Bradley Airport. With the help of a reliable car service to tf green airport , you can save time and money and enjoy a stress-free trip. Car services offer a convenient and efficient way to get to the airport. Professional drivers will pick you up from your door and ensure you get to the airport on time. Furthermore, car services provide a comfortable and luxurious ride, ensuring you can relax and enjoy the journey. You won't have to worry about traffic, parking fees, or other hassles. And, with a car service, you can rest assured that you will arrive at your destination on time.

Comfort and Convenience

Traveling to Bradley Airport can be a hassle, but it doesn't have to be. With a car service, you can save time and money while experiencing comfort and convenience. A car service will pick you up from your home or office, eliminating the need for parking or public transportation. Plus, your driver will have pre-planned routes to get you to Bradley Airport quickly and safely.
Best of all, you can comfortably relax as you travel to the airport. You can enjoy features like plush seating, climate control, and complimentary refreshments with a car service. Plus, you can focus on your needs, working or resting, instead of navigating the busy roads. With a car service, you can make the most of your time and enjoy a stress-free journey to Bradley Airport.

Advantages of Using a Car Service to Bradley Airport

Using a SN Limo Service to get to and from Bradley Airport has many advantages. First and foremost, it saves you time and money. With the cost of fuel and parking at the airport, taking a car service can be cheaper than driving yourself. Additionally, a car service will provide door-to-door service, so you don't have to worry about finding parking or hauling your bags to your car. Additionally, you don't have to worry about traffic or delays. The car service will provide a smooth, comfortable ride to and from the airport. Finally, you can relax and enjoy the ride without distractions, allowing you to get some rest before your flight. Taking a car service to Bradley Airport can be a great way to save time and money.


In conclusion, car service to Bradley Airport is a great way to save time and money. It eliminates the need to worry about airport parking and allows you to travel at your own pace without worrying about the stress of traffic or navigating unfamiliar roads. With a reliable and convenient car service, travelers can enjoy their airport experience without worrying about added costs.
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2023.03.22 06:40 Faithhal Best Designed Buildings in the World

The most imaginative building design captivates, exhilarates, and inspires. It possesses an almost unfathomable quality that embodies design ingenuity, place connection, and, most importantly, imagination.
Be that as it may, the present building landmarks aren't implied exclusively to be respected from far off. " It's not necessary to focus on making a symbol, yet forming public space," says Steven Holl, alluding to the Connected Mixture, the eight-tower private office-retail complex his firm planned in Beijing. " You can't comprehend it without being above, below, and around it. Holl says that the Linked Hybrid is also "ultragreen," pointing to the 655 geothermal wells that heat and cool the building below. Holl, like the best architects of his generation, combines aesthetic ambition with social and environmental responsibility.
Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center in Reykjavk, a collaboration between the architects Henning Larsen and Batteri and the artist Olafur Eliasson, is just as captivating. They came up with an asymmetrical structure covered in glass-and-steel "bricks" lit by LEDs that give Icelanders a show as spectacular as the northern lights every night. It is this kind of crossing of boundaries that can make architecture a force for revitalizing cultures and activating cities.
Also see:
In Seville, Spain, authorities didn't have an unmistakable idea as a main priority when they looked for proposition to further develop the city's focal market square. The Metropol Parasol, designed by Jürgen Mayer H., is the project that came out on top. It is a cloud-like latticework canopy that includes restaurants, overlooks, and places to meet. According to Mayer H, "It has become the pulsating heart of the city." They use it for everything from religious processions during Holy Week to gay pride events. Evidence that the importance of architecture in the 21st century is no longer signaled by imposing walls with Corinthian columns or any walls at all. Continue reading to learn more about these buildings that are getting a lot of attention as well as other buildings around the world that are making people look twice and changing the way skylines look.
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2023.03.22 06:36 red-0405 27 [M4F] Looking for "genuine connection"

Once upon a time, there was a tall, nerd, and not-much attractive guy pero pwede na who woke up one morning, looked at the sky, and thought, "Well, this sucks." He knew there was only one solution - to turn to the all-knowing oracle of modern dating: PH fucking R4Friends.
With his trusty cup of coffee in hand, he set out to find someone who shared his thirst for knowledge, someone who could keep up with his nerdy quirks, and someone who he could eventually take on 'friendly' dates (whatever that means). He wasn't in a rush to jump into anything too serious too soon, but he knew that someday, he wanted to find someone he could build a meaningful and caring relationship with.
So if you're a fellow lover of coffee, learning, and all things nerdy, this tall drink of water might just be the partner in crime you've been looking for. Dating at times feel like a job hunt doesn't it? So I thought it’d be fun to write it in a mock format just like a resume! LOL

About me

An old soul as older people I spoke with would say, into business and investments, frustrated law student, can drive a fucking 10 wheeler truck, no ex issues or sabit, can provide a certificate of no relationship (kahit wala naman nun haha).

Here's a list of my favorites:

Movies/Series Music Places Activities Books
Godfather Radiohead Paris (not yet) Cycling The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday
Sherlock Eraserheads Coffee Shops Painting How to Win Friends & Influence People
Castaway Chicago Cebu Roadtrips Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
Forrest Gump Ebe Dancel Japan Diving Start with Why by Simon Sinek
Homeland Urbandub Rome (not yet) Piano Atomic Habits by James Clear
Before Sunset Frederic Chopin Canada Travelling How to think like a Roman Emperor
The Office Eminem New York (not yet) Cooking Letters from Stoic
Big Bang Theory Dr. Dre Maldives (not yet) Film & Photography 48 Laws of Power
Breaking Bad Elton John Marrakesh (not yet) Badminton The Intelligent Investor


My preference:

Let's take a break from stressing over the mundane and focus on the important stuff - like what will make us happy for the rest of our lives! Share your thoughts on how we can achieve that and let's get this happiness train moving! Oh, and if you're curious let’s exchange photos first!
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2023.03.22 06:34 ahsanfahad Fitouts and the importance of a good interior design

The process of designing and installing a multitude of elements that go into constructing a building's interior is known as interior fitout. These elements include of furnishings, flooring, wall finishes, lighting, and other ornamental items. All building needs a decent interior fitout since it has a big impact on how the space functions, looks, and feels as a whole.
Firstly, interior fit out companies in Dubai play a crucial role in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing interior space. They work closely with the clients to understand their needs and requirements, and then design a customized solution that meets their specific needs. From concept design to installation, interior fit out companies handle every aspect of the project.
A good interior fitout is vital for a number of reasons, one of which is that it can make the room more functional. To make the most of the available space and increase its effectiveness for its intended use, the design and placement of the interior components should be carefully considered. For instance, a well-designed interior fitout for an office can offer enough workstations, cozy seating, and sufficient storage space, which can boost output and employee happiness. Interior fit out companies in Dubai specialize in transforming empty spaces into fully functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors. In this blog, we will discuss the role of interior fit out companies in Dubai.
A decent interior fitout can significantly affect a space's aesthetic in addition to its utility. A particular aesthetic that reflects the function and design of the space can be created through the colours, textures, and materials utilized in the fitout. High ceilings, exposed brick walls, or elaborate mouldings are just a few examples of architectural aspects that can be improved by a well-done interior fitout.
A well-done interior fit out companies in Dubai can also provide a particular atmosphere to a room. A certain mood can be created by the lighting, furniture, and decorative items, whether it's a homey and pleasant environment for a domestic area or a sleek and stylish ambience for a commercial one. People who use a space can be significantly affected by the atmosphere, which can change their attitude, behaviour, and overall experience.
A quality interior fitout can also increase a property's value. A space's overall appeal can be improved by a well-designed and well-executed fitout, making it more appealing to potential purchasers or tenants. A smart interior fitout can also improve a space's use and effectiveness, elevating its appeal and value in the eyes of people who will use it.
In conclusion, whether a building is a home or business space, a decent interior fitout is crucial. It can increase the property's functionality, aesthetic, atmosphere, and monetary value. In order to produce a design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, it is crucial to take into account the planned use of the space, the architectural elements of the structure, and the preferences of individuals who will use it.
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2023.03.22 06:18 HugeRichard11 Using The Train Walkthrough w/ Pictures

Seeing pictures I’m sure will help familiarize many planning on taking a trip or those that have fears of using the rail if it’s something new to you. Also I use the words train/metro/rail/subway rather interchangeably.
First off I’ll be using Google Maps for these, but the in-person principles for most apply the same on any other platform.

Part 1
When you start the route the first thing you need to figure out is where to enter.
Tip: The best way to do that is zoom into the starting point and sometimes Google will pinpoint where to enter a specific entrance.
In my picture you can see it tells me to enter also in the description via the Meiji-dori Ave exit which despite the wording can be used to enter and exit.
Where you enter sometimes doesn’t matter as long as it contains the correct metro line you need. Which in my case I need the Ginza Line at Shibuya station. You will often find a good amount of signs at Tokyo stations telling you which metro lines are available in them.
There you can buy a ticket to enter, but understand and I’ve only used this method once after landing in the airport. Is that you have to select the fare amount to in a sense “deposit” into this train ticket. As once you exit later is when the actual cost is accounted for.
Tip: Realistically most new people don’t know how to calculate this, so I recommend scrolling down on Google Maps for your route and it should tell you the actual total fare amount. Once you buy the ticket you can use it to go through the gate.
Note: I believe they only accept cash at least that is how it was for me at Haneda Airport
The better option and is why I don’t know too much about the above method is simply using a Suica/Pasmo. I won’t go into them too much since they’re already covered pretty extensively in other threads, probably the FAQ too.
Note: There’s a problem with Visa cards sometimes for using it with Apple Wallet. I had trouble using my Visas, so I recommend adding a Mastercard or Amex to your Apple wallet before your trip. Which I fortunately added a dozen or so of my cards beforehand in case.
There’s also the JR Pass which operates similar to the ticket, but is unlimited for certain amount of days on JR Line rails. Again also covered extensively, so won’t go over that too.
Use the ticket by inserting it and make sure to grab it before leaving. Or use your Suica/Pasmo to get through the gate by tapping it on the giant part that has an “IC” on it.
Once in the station make your way to the train platforms by following the signs that tell you which direction to go for your specific metro line, which for me was the Ginza Line. I have more example pictures of the signs in the second part.
When you are finally at the train platform area usually there are two platforms, one on each side or more depending on the station. On the Google Maps image previously you can see it tells me to go to Platform 1/2 which means I can embark on either platform options.
Make sure you are at the correct platform as some are separated and if the train comes and you’re at the wrong platform. You probably won’t have the time to get to the correct one and board the train.
Tip: The best way to make sure is look at the signs above. They will have the platform number along with other useful information such as which metro line is associated for the specific platform. For some more modern ones that have digital sign boards they contain the incoming trains for the platforms with their intended direction and time.
Note: You can see there are different kind of trains from rapid, express, and local. On Google Maps it mentions which kind it is, so make sure you get on the right one as the non-local trains will skip stops.
Once the train arrives there will be digital displays on the side of the train carts mentioning which direction / ending stop the train is heading for. Make sure it matches what Google Map for your route since a number of other trains will likely stop by too.
On newer trains I’ve been on such as the Ginza Line they have big and detailed displays giving a ton of information of further stops. Some older trains will have a more pixelated singular line information display center.
Tip: The lines and station stops have specific circular logos. For Ginza Line you can see it’s a “G” inside an orange circle with the numbers representing the numbered station. On Google Maps it says to get off at G12 which I find these more straightforward than remembering the station.
Each stop it also displays which train cart you are in and where in the station are the exits for escalators, elevators, and restrooms. I don’t really pay attention to those parts since the crowd will more or less flow a certain way. Along with on the display are which doors will open.
If you were using the ticket method and end up with a higher fare than you originally put on the ticket then you will need to do an adjustment at the machine.

Part 2
At this point you successfully have used the rail to get where you want. However, if your trip is further with other trains then this will go into transferring to the next train which is simple.
When you get off the train you want to look at Google Maps to see which the next metro line you will need to go towards. I don’t bother with the Google Map walking directions for this part since there are a ton of signs directing you where to go.
For this route you see I need to go to the Tozai Line. There will be overhead signs specifying the direction you need to go to
There are multiple different signs directing you to the metro line platform every few steps including ones on the pillars, walls, and overhead signs. Simply follow the direction the arrows are pointing towards.
For some they have a giant board telling you of all the stops along with which platform is on each side.
For my train Google Map says I will need to Rapid train at Platform 3 that will transition to a different train while staying on board even after the last stop.
Here it is best to confirm again, you are at the correct platform through the signs around you. Pay attention to the direction of which the station number it goes toward as T10 to T01 would not be what I wanted as that would be going backwards. In addition there are also mentions of which direction the train is going through signs on the wall.
That ends it since the transfer is basically the same thing just longer. Hopefully you learned enough that you can read the Google Maps route info to see what is important. Things to focus on such as the intended ending stop that determines the direction, the station number icon, local/rapid/express, and mainly which platform you need to be at.

Additional Items
Throw this disclaimer to say this is one specific case and i'm sure there are differences between others metros, locations, and whatnot. Posted this in my profile since it's not allowed in the subreddits
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2023.03.22 06:15 theofficepasstop Co working Space in Delhi

Co working Space in Delhi
The Office Pass is a leading coworking space in Delhi with several locations across the city. Their coworking spaces are designed to cater to the needs of startups, freelancers, and small businesses, offering flexible and affordable office solutions. They provide a variety of seating options, including private cabins, dedicated desks, and hot desks, all equipped with high-speed internet, air conditioning, and ergonomic furniture. Additionally, their coworking spaces come with access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, and event spaces, making it a one-stop-shop for all your workspace needs. With 24/7 access and round-the-clock security, The Office Pass ensures a safe and comfortable working environment for its members.
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2023.03.22 06:03 shoesfullofwater [WA State] Landlord in violation of state law, unsure of how to proceed

I’ve recently reviewed my state’s landlord tenant laws and found that my landlord is in violation of them. Here are some examples:
1) Last year, our electric stove was smoking to the point of it being unusable, despite all my attempts to remedy this. The plates were due for replacement after normal wear and tear. We asked that the landlord replace them as they are required to make sure we have a way to cook food. They refused so we replaced them ourselves and sent them a bill (~$250). They wouldn’t cover the full amount of the bill, which I understand to be in violation of our tenant rights to full reimbursement.
2) Our dishwasher broke over a year ago. We asked for a repair man and never received a response. We asked for a replacement and were denied. The dishwasher now has standing water in it that is causing mold and mildew. I believe this violates our right to have appliances repaired within 10 days and our right to live in a mold-free environment.
3) I honestly don’t know who’s responsible for this, but they’ve never hired a professional or had our maintenance man come and clean our our dryer vents. My husband has lived in the unit since 2018, which means about 5 years. I know you’re supposed to have those cleaned once a year since it’s a fire hazard. I do know any fire hazard maintenance is the landlords responsibility, but I’m not sure about this specific detail.
4) Our toilet handle broke. Our request for repair were ignored several times over the course of several months. I would have gotten to it sooner myself but I was 8 months pregnant when it broke and was then dealing with birth and a newborn, so it fell to the wayside. I repaired it myself when they continued to ignore our requests. I know maintaining plumbing is a landlords responsibility.
5) We have concerns about foundation and/or floor rot on our whole first floor (it’s not a big apartment so it’s not a lot of space). We’ve texted and verbally told our maintenance guy and landlord about this multiple times. It’s getting to the point where the floors are bowing under our weight. It’s dangerous for my baby since it causes all of the furniture to sway (we will be anchoring the large furniture before he learns to crawl). We’ve requested that either and inspector or our maintenance man come and look at it and we have been ignored. I don’t know where this falls under landlord liability and/or unlivable conditions.
The main issue is that this is employee housing from my husband’s job. He’s a good worker and has been employed there for over 10 years. We also live in a small town and he has a good relationship with our landlord and his boss.
Does anyone have any advice on how to approach this situation without souring my husband’s relationship with his boss? I plan to write up and sign a document with our requests and submit it to them by the end of the week. Is there anything else to do? I’m not the most confrontational person so this is a bit new to me. Any advice is welcome.
Edit: I should note that we live on an island, so not only is housing very physically limited, but we are financially limited. Any available housing outside of our current living situation is unaffordable to my husband and I. Our only option if we leave this unit is to move in with my parents, who have limited space with my younger sister still living at home.
Also, we are on a month to month lease.
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2023.03.22 05:59 Atreides113 Yet Another Jack Crusher Theory

This is something that may have been brought up in another post somewhere, but I don't remember seeing it mentioned and it struck me as blindingly obvious.
Most of the theories regarding Jack usually involve the Pah-wraiths (reinforced with his red-eye moment in episode 5), a Borg connection because he is Picard's son, or that he may be a Human-Changeling hybrid as a result of experimentation. But what if the antagonists' interest in Jack is something much more simple and in plain sight.
We know that his older brother displayed an ability to control the flow of time. In the last episode of TNG he appeared in, Wesley actually stopped time altogether. The ability to manipulate time and space would be very appealing to the rogue Changelings as a means of undoing their defeat in the Dominion War. Starfleet would've undoubtedly maintained records of Wesley's interactions with the Traveler via reports from the Enterprise-D's logs, which would be pilfered by the Changelings when they infiltrated the Federation.
With Wesley beyond their reach since he joined the Travelers, they've turned their sights on Jack as they believe he may share his brother's abilities.
Jack's visions, sinister as they appear, support the idea that he does have similar abilities that are just beginning to awaken. In his first vision during his near-death experience, he is told to "connect the branches," possibly referring to branching timelines.
And in his waking dream at the beginning of episode 5, he sees himself wearing a Starfleet uniform gunning down the bridge officers. Later, Seven dresses him in a uniform to hide him among the ship's crew and he later kills the four Changelings disguised as Starfleet officers. This vision could be a form of precognition. The elements of his being dressed in the uniform and killing Starfleet officers are there, but the context was missing.
I'd compare Jack's visions to how Paul Atreides' visions are portrayed in the 2021 Dune film. The important elements are there, but the contexts of the visions and what actually happens don't match one for one. They are suggestive; they imply what is to come.
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2023.03.22 05:40 ogreatgames The Dukes of Hazzard Return of General Lee: Wild Racing Stunts - Xbox Game

The Dukes of Hazzard Return of General Lee: Wild Racing Stunts - Xbox Game

![video](nh7fs70oqc091 " A vehicular combat racing video game that you should not miss. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#xbox #racing #combat --
The Dukes of Hazzard Return of General Lee For Microsoft Original Xbox. The Dukes of Hazzard Return of General Lee is a racing video game with a great storyline. The player should save the orphanage from Boss Hogg. To pay off the orphanage's debt, the player will take the role of Bo and Luke Duke. Join race competitions and win the prize money. Ride high-performance vehicles including 1970 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Convertible Limousine and 1977 Plymouth Fury Police Car. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.03.22 05:08 Complex-Conflict-331 Sublease ((May rent is free, only June and July need to be paid)

Sublease (May-July 2023)
1 room available in 4x4 (On the first floor)
Rent: $589 + utilities (free Wi-Fi)
Looking for 1 male to take over my lease at Gainesville place apartments after May 1st through July 31st. (2800 SW 35TH, 32608)
- Its fully furnished
- Excess parking and visitors parking near our building (free parking)
- Multiple RTS bus stops (34,38,35,37) 15mins-campus
What you’ll have to do:
- Have guarantor or pay $1000 deposit
- $300 reassignment fee / $50 application fee
- Option to renew the contract with the office after July
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2023.03.22 04:56 myflowergift07 What Do Millennials Think About Plants In Office?

What Do Millennials Think About Plants In Office?
Office plants are a new category that is soaring high nowadays. People love to work in green office spaces. Indoor plants are growing as an essential part of office spaces. The importance of plants is one thing that we learned the hard way. The greenery around the desktop is what fascinates the workers nowadays. It is an international duty that is being taken care of quite nicely. Millennials are a big part of this change. It is thanks to millennials only for this green change. It is essential to collect Millennials' thoughts about plants in the office. So here are some thoughts from millennials.
#onlineplantsdelivery #orderplantsinofficeonline #freshplantsideas
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2023.03.22 04:49 TabascoAtari Opinions on Phoenix Union Station as a Venue

The historic 1923 train station located in the Warehouse District closed its doors in 1996, after the infamous derailment near Palo Verde, Arizona. Even with talks of Amtrak returning to Phoenix and possible commuter rail lines across the Valley, the Station will probably not be used, because it's currently a venue. The closest Amtrak station is 35 miles south, in the town of Maricopa, and it's quite primitive and secluded.
In mid 2022, there were talks about the station and its area to become a venue and mixed-use redevelopment, and there has been some construction on the station. The west side of the building, which once hosted a Sprint data center, is now office space. The events held there seem to be temporarily luckily, but is this a good idea?
In my honest opinion, I don't think that Union Station should be a venue. I understand that commuter rail and Amtrak are not currently here, but someday, there will most likely be some sort of rail line through Phoenix, which means a stop at Union Station. I actually do like some redevelopments of stations across America, but it's not a good idea for Phoenix, since there isn't any sort of station in the area.
What are your thoughts on Union Station as a venue? Should the station be kept on hold until rail plans are made, or should it continue being a venue and later a redevelopment?
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2023.03.22 04:48 mtn52001 Did they commit perjury?

Per my previous post, my mother was taking me to court for wrongful detainer, and so many of you said that she was likely to be favored in court. As you guys predicted, you were correct. The judge said I was not a tenant(because I was allegedly not on the lease) and “if mom wants you to leave, you have to leave”. And per every defendant who also lost their case in that courtroom(it was multiple cases), she said I have 10 days to file an appeal.
My friend(who’s been very supportive) felt like something was not adding up, she wanted to tell me while I was speaking to the judge, but clearly she couldn’t. She thought it wasn’t likely for my mother to get approved for the apartment with four kids, none of them on the lease. She told me call the apartment complex leasing office and ask if I’m on the lease. This matters because the judge has just asked my mother if i(the defendant) was on the lease, she said I wasn’t and that none of her children are, we are residents.
I called the leasing office and asked them, and low and behold, I am on the lease, according to them. When I went there in person to get a physical copy of it, they explained that I was an occupant and what that meant(not responsible financially for any damages etc.) And they told me to come back a day later(today), for a letter to confirm my occupancy. This is where it gets weird:
The apartment leasing office told me that all tenant lease holders must have their family members who are living there as well, to be on/named on the lease. CLARIFYING, it isn’t a law stating that occupants have to be on leases, on any state or anywhere. But in our specific apartment company that sells these specific rooms, it is a requirement. And not only am I on the lease, but so are my other siblings who she claimed were not on it, we were living as residents instead. The judge didn’t ask if we were leaseholders, she asked if I was on the lease, point blank.
Is that perjury? We both swore to be honest and transparent when testifying, and she told the judge a fallacy. The judge told me to my face that I’m not a tenant, based off my mothers words and not off of actual documentation/evidence, which she should have asked to see imo. And would all of this hold enough weight for an appeal?
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2023.03.22 04:41 bitter-butter [sell] [CA to anywhere] [perfume] stereoplasm, poesie, unit cobalt, LVNEA, misc

Bonjour! I’m in need of space and rather lazy to go to the post office too often, so I will be selling all my samples together but at a discounted rate.
All 24 oil samples for $40 CAD All oil + parfum samples for $45 (Canada only) LVNEA Peche Obscene full size oil for $55 All samples + Peche Obscene for $85
Shipping to Canada/USA is $10. For other countries, I will give a separate estimate. Shipping within a few days. I may reuse packaging. Smoke & pet-free home. Prices in CAD.
Stereoplasm (1.8mL) Taro Milk Stretchy Cat toasted matchimallow bouncy boba paperback cafe the teapot Tamias (1.75mL)
Poesie (1.15mL) Borrowed Sugar Goldfish princess Oyster! Madar diamond of the season Twice to Tea (2mL)
Nuit Cobalt (1mL) Roguery Tall Tales Bee in your Bonnet Wool over your eyes Bee kind to yourself The mentor
Hexannacht (0.75 mL) aziraphale (Not) Loup Garou
Mr. Hex (0.75 mL) Nose Boop
The Strange South (0.75 mL) je veux mon livre
LVNEA Tasseomancy (1mL oil) feu follet (2mL eau de parfum) (CA only) La serpentine (2mL eau de parfum) (CA only) PÊCHE OBSCÈNE (10 mL oil)
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2023.03.22 04:35 1981396m Linux files seem gone HELP!

Hi all! I have been working with libreoffice for my bachelor thesis on my Chromebook. Some days ago I started receiving several notifications that the space on Linux was running low. I always expanded it until today, after I expanded it all my Linux files were gone!! Of course all the files from Libre Office too, I am panicking since I had my thesis there! Please help
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2023.03.22 04:34 Electric-Possum [SF] The 5 Commandments of Time Travel

To whomever may care to read this,
We I have little time to waste. I don’t really know where I am or what year it is, the details are a bit fuzzy and so is my head.
Maybe you will laugh when I tell you that somebody I love used to call me Screwball. That’s not my real name, just a silly nickname. But, if my body is still here when you find these pages, please put that name on the headstone.
While sitting on a park bench and writing this, I can hear two older women across the way, laying on a woolen blanket, and excitedly chatting about their new life together; One is never too old for love, as love never really does grow old.
I hear that you still call this patch of dirt, Earth.
Cherish that name. Cherish love. Cling to hope and never let her go.
Someday everything will change and time will be a fluid plaything, that humans will do their best to harness and exploit beyond reason.
Yes, that’s right. Time travel is real, be amazed, go nuts. It’s nothing special in the future. Before you crazy monkeys get there, do as I say, not as I do. Maybe humanity will do better thanks to the farewell of an old man:
“Here lies Screwball and his 5 Commandments for Time Travel”
I’m just getting this out of the way now. Don’t be surprised or even try to act like you haven’t considered it, we’re all human. Unless that’s just not your thing, then ignore this section, I suppose. But if you’re anything like I was, when you get your hands on the keys to going anywhere in time you want, the first thought is likely going to be,
What is the harm in a mindless one-night stand with Shakespeare?”
Don’t do it. I don’t care how enticing that one celebrity was, or if you want to become your own great grandfather, or if you are curious to know Shakespeare’s real sexuality. It is not worth it.
It is not just a huge moral and ethical issue. Under certain conditions, there is an underlying biological problem that will blow up in your face; A problem that scientists did not expect.
What many people did not know, is that the bodily fluids and sexual organs of many species, including humans, coevolves together.
Gives a whole new meaning to lovers being made for one another.
When bodily fluids from a more advanced time interact with those from the far distant past, the consequences for the under-evolved lover are highly lethal. Their bodies recognize the others’ bodily fluids as life-threatening antigens. In the end, their bodies will become so overwhelmed by a severe allergic reaction, that their genitalia will swell and expel with violent speed. Quite the climax.
Okay, that doesn’t really happen. That is impossible. Or is it?
But there is a potential for heterosexual mating between you and anybody that isn’t from your point in time to have drastically negative consequences on the evolutionary history of humanity. However, I have yet to see any impacts that homosexual acts have on the history of the world.
Shakespeare really was bisexual, by the way.
Apparently, so am I.
That’s nothing too interesting, and I shouldn’t waste anymore paper.
For the sake of paper, I cannot tell you the intimate details of how humans can traverse time; You’re all going to figure that out eventually, anyways. Be patient. But there are some things that should be known before you get too many bright ideas about joyriding around time:
1) Time is a cycle, but not a perfect circle. It looks more like a broken spring, whose ends have been fused together; This makes choosing your destination a bit iffy.
2) You can’t see the beginning.
3) You can’t see the end.
These aren’t just philosophical or ethical rules, they are simply the physical truth of existence. You can see the birth and end of living organisms if you want, but the seconds before and after are just a blank space. It is outside life’s collective memory and therefore, we can never perceive it. At least, that is what you should convince yourself of for your own sanity.
One woman says she found the beginning. I worked with her. Dr. Cressida Hadlow. Born in 2384, Dr. Hadlow was an unstoppable force of intelligence and kindness. She spent her whole life devoted to the study of physics, with the hope that humanity could one day harness the power of time for good. Cressida had a huge heart for everything that ever walked the planet. She understood we could never change history, but there was so much of our past that had been forgotten, oppressed, and rewritten to harm others. Her dreams were to correct those wrongs, and lead society into a truly understanding and empathetic future.
I call her Superwoman.
On August 26th, 2416, I set up my lab across the hall from Dr. Hadlow. I had no research assistants, very few connections in the department, and far too much outdated equipment. That morning, Cressida waltzed in to introduce herself, but she wound up telling me about her favorite tree in her yard. It was a centuries old oak tree that perfectly lined up with her window, so she could watch all of the birds each morning before work.
She was nuts. From that moment on, we were inseparable.
The next week, she brought in an old coffee machine and called me a screwball for not having one. I never had the heart to tell her I hated coffee, but I drank every cup she made for the next four years, and we mulled away the time by talking about all of the places she wanted to see in the past; Pangea, the Americas before colonization, to be the first to ever hear the lectures of Einstein, or walk arm in arm with Martin. We would sit in my office long into the early hours, happily sipping that horrible coffee, and slowly creeping towards the point of no return. “Holy shit!” I can still hear her scream of groundbreaking madness. I jolted so hard from my chair that I knocked over and broke my favorite mug. She made a joke about going back in time and saving it for me. Cress always credited us both, but if I am honest, she cracked the code all on her own; I was only ever an admiring acolyte in the light of her brilliance.
When the government gargoyles caught wind of Cressida’s breakthrough, they poured every ounce of money, bureaucratic bullshit, and bloodlust into gaining access to her research. She ran. The president and all of his militaristic hellhounds weighed on her gentle shoulders. Their intentions were sickeningly corporatized and shallow. “Why have museums when you can make the actual past a tourist trap? Why fight your enemies when you could annihilate their whole ancestry?”
The all-consuming pain of running and lying crushed Cressida’s body and mind. She withdrew from the rest of the world, even from me. For half a year I never heard from her, although I still drove by her old house, and sometimes there would be a bag of coffee grounds sitting on the front porch with a note for me. I think that was the closest we ever had to a date.
In the end, she had her final great breakthrough. The beginning. Or so she says. I believe she was smart enough to figure that one out too, but I hope she is just hiding in the past. The last anybody ever heard from her was after law enforcement found and broke into her hideout. She wasn’t there, but a letter appeared under my door the next morning:
Hey Screwball,
I’m going out with a Big bang. Pour one last cup for me. Sorry that it’ll go cold.
See you soon,
Time travel isn’t glamorous. Don’t get your hopes up
There are a lot of terrible people throughout history that the world could have been a better place without. But radicalized justice doesn’t really work when it comes to time travel.
Have you ever heard the phrase “Mass cannot be created nor destroyed, only recreated”?
Well, that same principle can also apply to ruthless dickheads. No matter how much better life could have been without them, time will always ensure that pain is inflicted one way or another.
Let’s take my own a completely hypothetical story:
You find yourself in the rural Southeastern United States, July 8th, 2285. A block down the street is a small hospital. Inside is a healthy, newborn boy who cries for comfort. This sweet bundle of joy will grow into a tyrant that is kept alive well past his natural expiration, thanks to a bastardization of science. He will lead the world into utter chaos and bring about true Armageddon by abusing the work of a brilliant woman.
You have just escaped from a high-grade government confinement facility in the year 2420. The only things in your pocket are a time manipulator made from items you stole out of the prison store, a quick release tranquilizer gun, and the butterknife you used to sacrifice a pinky finger in order to escape said confinement facility.
You’re feeling a little on edge to say the least.
Thinking that by doing this one violent, yet good act, you will save the world and be touted as a hero for all eternity. You make your way down the street towards the building. One hand bleeding profusely into a stolen dishtowel, and the other buried in your pocket, sweating fingers glued to the butterknife.
You slink inside the building, using the tranquilizer to quietly knock out the mother, father, attending physician, and anybody else who may be watching. Just you, an innocent baby, and a bit of queasiness.
He may be a monster, but you’re not. This is still sick.
You fumble with the device and almost subdue yourself. You’re really missing that thumb right now. You take out the butterknife, then with much gurgling, blood, and crying on both ends, you’ve killed that guy. You saved the world, right?
You travel back into the future to bask in the glory of your good deed and kiss the woman of your dreams. Instead, you find an absolute wasteland and a timeline of unimaginable atrocities. Something isn’t quite adding up.
Apparently, the guy you killed was a hackneyed coward that never actualized the full power of corruption and destruction he held in his hands. The guy who took his place, however, was more insidious, and did realize that evil to its full potential.
So, you go back and kill him too.
That doesn’t work either.
No matter how many babies are slain by your knife, World War V always happens. Every time you interfere it just gets worse.
In one of the most awkward moments of your life, you then have to explain to your original self that infanticide is never the solution, and the timeline gets put back the way it should be.
The world isn’t saved, it goes on as it always was meant to.
No world peace, no kiss.
She’s gone.
I mean this both literally and metaphorically.
The world is easy enough to get lost in during a time where you know the roads. The wrong turn down a sideroad, while on the way to pick up your coworker on an unfamiliar side of town, could lead to you both being an hour late for your Monday morning classes. Plus, her insistence on you coming inside to look at her oak tree added on a few lost minutes. They were completely worth it.
The department head’s voice went hoarse from yelling at us, which Cress could not contain herself from laughing at, and the students had a field day with rumors. From then on, she asked me for rides to work every Monday. I came early just to sit and watch the birds outside her window as they fluttered through that perfect oak tree.
Sometimes the wrong turn puts you in the right situation. Sometimes the right person leads you down a strange path that you are never sure is either right or wrong. Likely both. But no matter how well prepared you are, there is going to be a misstep, and you are going to get lost.
Sit back and embrace it every once in a while.
This last one is a bit hypocritical of me, but that’s the point. Do as I say, not as I do. I knew when I left that I was already lost.
Dear old William Shakespeare – Willy, as he liked me to call him– once had a strange man cry on his shoulders at the pub about a woeful story of love’s labors lost. Inspired, Willy memorialized the man’s inner demons forever in his 147th sonnet:
My love is a fever, longing still
For that which longer nurseth the disease.”
Lovesick, I believe is the word that people call it now.
I don’t know how long I have been running after you. I know that I was a far younger man when I started my feverish search. My skin was smooth, my legs carried me fast and far, and my liver handled just about anything I put it through.
At first I fought against what happened, I tore through hundreds of plans to get you back. From roving the annals of time to cold-blooded baby killing. I looked for you in the crumbling caves of Pangea, and then among the first humans to walk the earth. I braved the dense forests of pre-colonized America to fend off conquistadors, and lost a few more digits. I sat through hours upon hours of lectures by the greatest minds in history. Anywhere and everywhere that we were supposed to have gone together.
Then I denied I ever loved you and tried to throw you away. You are everywhere. I found you in every dark alley, sordid affair, and sleepless night. I saw you in the faces of your ancestors, the forests that would someday become your childhood home, and the acorn of your favorite tree. I remembered to plant it in just the right place, so you could watch it every morning when it was all grown up.
My skin is now the same sort of wrinkled and rough texture that my grandfather’s was. My legs wobble and creak as I shamble along. As for my liver and me, we have been through a lot since the day you left, Cressida.
When did we get so old, my love?
All in good time.
I feel it now.
Sorry that it’ll go cold.
See you soon,
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