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Jack began maneuvering through the cramped classroom as cheerful as ever, bending back and forth as he moved between the cramped desks and the bored students. With their proximity growing each second, Victoria began to shiver with nervousness. Would he sit near her, would they be able to talk? It had been years since they spoken, and they were more acquaintances than friends. Was he the same as before? Was he here to stay? Should she try to make a move during or after class? Would he date her? It was questions like this, a vast torrent of confusion and excitement swirling in her mind, that distracted her so much that she didn’t even notice Jack coming up to her.
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He thought for a minute, and then smiled, “its ok with me, we could cook up some of that extra food.”
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Carrie looked scared, she turned red all over, and then she reached behind her and unhooked her bra, letting it fall off her shoulders and catching it in one of her hands.
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Michelle still had trouble completing her assignments by the allotted time each day for the next week or so and nearing the end of the third week she was getting frustrated at the amount of errors and her flagging speed at typing. I of course noticed her struggling every day but was too shy to say anything or to even offer encouragement. All the while, though I didn’t perceive it, I was also under scrutiny of Mrs. Mays. She watched me as if seeing me for the first time but in a new light. I did notice that she seemed to be a little less aloof when she interacted with me, even offering tips on certain functions of the machine I was using. My speed did improve, slowly but as I said, I tried not to make many errors so over all I was steadily improving. That third week however I did something unusual
"shhh, Phil is here" lloyd said.
I picked up the phone and called up the pizza place and placed an order for two medium pizzas; one Hawaiian and one pepperoni. Now all we had to do was wait. In the meantime, Courtney had picked out a movie. Luckily, it was an old kung-fu movie with Bruce Lee as opposed to a rom-com that my mom likes so very much.
"What's wrong, Susie?"
“Now that it’s over, I want to hear it from you.” I told her. “Did Phil do what you said he did?”
“I don’t know how to say this, Theo, so I’ll just say it.” She took a deep breath, making her breasts swell until they were threatening to snap her bra-strap. She placed her hand on his naked thigh, making him jump. “The doctor said we have to get the sperm out of you…, fast…, or you could lose them, your balls that is.”
“There’s absolutely nothing I can do. I don’t know how much longer I can take this.”
“If the three girls said with confidence that they love you, I think you should trust their feelings. Women are very in-tune with our emotions.”
At the declaration, Nelson gave a dry cackle. “How nostalgic to hear those words. Fine, I’ll see if the BSC will let you tag along with me. Just let me give you a little advice: when in the deepest and darkest caves, the sound of wind doesn’t mean you’re near the surface, it means the cave goes even deeper into the bowels of the underworld.”
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"Oh, GOD!" she cried. He'd never talked like this when
more of an order than a question) Just be careful not get blood on your nice clothes.” She returned her
"Don't...don't undress until I tell you to, in future. Ok?" I said.
Later that night…
Meeting my eyes, she calmly said, "Yes." and didn’t elaborate. Well there went my plan to embarrass her.
"Remy, Muh name is Marie."
I sat on my bed going over the details of my plan. I’d only have one shot at this so everything would have to go perfectly. I decided it would be better if I was naked as well. I could put a towel over my shoulder and pretend I was about to get in the shower and didn't realize she was home yet. If she saw how big my dick was maybe she’d be interested. Yes that was how I would do it. The plan was in place and I merely had to wait.
And then, because apparently karma hates me, Alan and Amanda came bouncing into the room, both in unsettlingly high spirits. Maybe they had another…God, kill me…romp before coming downstairs. “Morning, everyone,” they said together.
Lisa's eyes found Tony's peering through the doorway. Their gazes met for a second, her's full of pleading and his full of desire. Tony stormed into the room and pulled his step-father off the bed. He jumped on top of the man and hit him until he was completely knocked out with a steady stream of blood dripping from his bottom lip. He dragged his step-father out of the room, cursing. After kicking the man a few more times in the gut, he returned to his sister's room.
His face was shocked, but slowly faded to a smile as he kissed me again. I turned on the water, which could not heat up quickly enough. As I took the towel off, exposing my naked body once more, he smiled again and grabbed my tits. My nips eagerly drew up to meet his fingers as his robe fell off to the ground. He was hard as a rock, and only 15 minutes after the most incredible orgasm of all time! Oh, this is going to be a long day.
her hand down the front of his shorts. “You,—” She squeezed his boner. “You made me want it.
But Mildred quickly said, "You're welcome, but maybe you want to do another bike ride tomorrow before I have to leave for two weeks as a counselor at a church camp."
“I try.” I said again.
“One of the cheerleaders!” said Denny with a surprised tone in his voice, “Hey man, that’s my cousin,” he said while shifting his body forward and leaning his elbows on his knees in a more intent listening posture.
I fucked her hard, grabbing her tits as hard as I could. She kept screaming, but got quieter, and her screams became more like moans. She started pumping with me as I fucked her.
“Because YOU'RE weird, but you're a good weird, you're my weird,” she smiled.
It wasn't a peck. It was a strong, firm, sinking kind of kiss. The softness of her lips, the wetness in her kiss, the suddenness; I wasn't prepared for any of it. I was so shocked that I froze. She continued to kiss me for a good few seconds, then she broke from it and gave me a look.
"Now comes a choice, and unfortunately, now that you know these things, it has to happen now. Due to the situation, I can erase the memories of this happening, or I can allow you to continue on, knowing all you know, but you can never tell anyone about your father and I without us allowing it. Can you accept this?"
Shannon said that she didn't want to talk about him. I slapped her pussy loudly and repeated myself. Shannon looked shocked. She told me that the first time was in the back of his car with him on top, for about five seconds and the second time was Friday night and I already knew. That time he didn't even last as long as the first time.
“You do what I tell you and I won’t tell anyone what I know, deal?”
"Fuck me! Oh, please keep fucking me like this, baby. Yes, your cock is so good. Fill my cunt with your meat."
The interment was private—for family only. I learned then that many of the graves in the area were above ground due to the low elevation—we were less than ten feet above sea level-- and high water table. The limousine pulled to a stop next to a large marble crypt with the name “Walker” carved into the stone. “Your grandfather had this built for himself, Ty,” Rev. Robbins mentioned quietly. “I guess he never thought he’d run into someone like you.”
When the day finally came around Sophie reluctantly put on her uniform, feeling sicker than ever.
After about ten minutes of watching her closely to see if she was awake, I became confident enough to kneel down next to her again. Worrying that my time for exploration may run out at any minute I become bolder. I realize that feeling a breast through a shirt is all well and good but nothing replaces real skin. I examine how her shirt has bunched up underneath her and slowly begin to worm my fingers under her hip to pull it out. The shirts comes free with little effort and now I am really glad that she wore such a large shirt. With great trepidation I slowly inch the front of her shirt upwards, rolling it as I go.
He came in about fifteen minutes later. Looking at the x-ray he explained exactly what needed to be done. My septum needed to be straightened and several chips of bone and cartilage would be removed. “You’ll be in a ton of pain any time someone touches your nose if they stay in there. Don’t worry, this is routine surgery. I’ve done it probably two hundred times.”
Kathy had returned home from the train station after dropping Rob off and was ascending the stairs when she heard a loud scream from upstairs. Kathy hurried up at first thinking Kayla had been hurt. The noises she heard from Kayla’s room soon became clear what the real source was.
Morgan gave me a challenging smile, the first real conscious emotion I’d sen on her face since I first entered her, and she diligently got up and bent over her desk. With no shame, she grabbed her cheeks and spread them, looking back at me. “Like this?” she teased.
delete now this sucks. if this is what you call rewritten you need to go back to school HOW DO YOU SHAT BRICKS??? SHIT maybe but not SHAT. stop writing until you graduate preschool.
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2023.03.30 15:06 MetalHoosier Champion of Maiden Songs by Album, Gp TXF, Mp 518

Here’s the next matchup to find the champion of Iron Maiden songs by album.
"Judgement of Heaven" (3-0-2) against "Look for the Truth" (0-1-5) in the group, "The X Factor".
Whichever song you voted for, let us know why by leaving a comment. But please keep it civil, as we all have different opinions.
Link to standings megathread here.
View Poll
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2023.03.30 14:41 OishikR PLEASE READ - FAQs and Clarification

Hello, friends, and welcome to The Terminus! This is the home of all my written material on Reddit, no matter where it originates - though most of it comes from the WritingPrompts subreddit.
This is the master post for all FAQs I can anticipate, and will be updated with any clarifications or additions as becomes necessary. It'll also be an easy place to congregate and share feedback that doesn't necessarily attach to a piece of writing. I'll consider making a monthly feedback megathread, but that'll come much, much later, and even then only if our little station grows that large.
Til then, relax and enjoy the space, and hop on the next train, if you like :)
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2023.03.30 14:24 freeport_aidan The “if i get into X school” and manifesting megathread

Please use this megathread for all manifesting and "if I get into X school, I'll do..." related content
I will also be going back through and removing old posts, they just clog up the feed for everyone else, but feel free to repost your challenges here
Additional resources:
EA/ED Discussion Megathreads
Decision Date Calendar
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2023.03.30 14:15 Movie_Club_Moderator [Suggestion] April Movie Suggestion Thread! This Month's Theme: FAMILY!

Welcome to the Movie Suggestion Megathread, where you the people get to decide what movies Movie_Club watches for an entire month!
Here's how it works:
You post the movie name, the year, and then a link to the IMDB page. Don't be afraid to plead your movie's case or post other relevant links. Anything goes as long as it's on topic. If a suggested movie is changed to a different movie for any reason, it will be automatically disqualified! You are allowed a maximum of 6 submissions per account and only one submission per comment!
It's a simple case of upvoting the movies that you want to watch with us on Cytube. For the newbies, upvoting means clicking the little up arrow next to the comment of your choice. Each week, the two movies with the most votes will be the ones that we are going to watch together that weekend! If you want to pick the winning movies, you NEED to vote so don't be shy!
Unless mentioned otherwise, showings are always on our Cytube channel on Friday and Saturday at 6 and 8 PM UTC/CST.
Of course, the most important rule is:
Every month will have a different theme, designated in the title and in this post!
For This Month......
Just to clarify, we're looking for Family Films, not Family Films.
Well, Family Films can still _be_ Family Films so I guess they still count as long as they're Family Family Films.
"Family" Films also count, naturally.
Family....Family....Family.....Family....sorry, I think I went into a trance.
Let me be a little clearer.
We want movies about Family. They can also be Family Films, like Disney and such, but just being a Family Friendly-Film will not automatically make it qualify.
Also, we're willing to loosen the definition of the word Family because we all know that means different things to different people and, naturally, we don't want to eliminate a certain franchise from the race. Blood relation is not necessarily for the movie's family to count.
Ready, Set, Family! Suggest Away!
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2023.03.30 14:00 reiner_apologist [Speculation Thread] - Thursday Edition March 30, 2023

Use this thread to discuss theories, rumors, new tea, social media activity, and speculation for current or upcoming seasons. Jokes, memes, gifs, off-topic conversations, and kiki-ing belong in other subs.
Active Season Megathreads:

Need to spill tea? Find the right person to message here.

Other Useful Links
Queen Master Lists
T Checker Archive
If you need to apply for Approved User status, you can find the form here.
If you are interested in applying to be a tea collector for future international franchises, you can find the form here.
Want the tea summarized in spreadsheet form? Well, you're in luck. Check out the Drag Race Spreadsheet Extravaganza.
Other questions? You can always message the mods.
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2023.03.30 14:00 AutoModerator CredibleDefense Daily MegaThread March 30, 2023

The CredibleDefense daily megathread is for asking questions and posting submissions that would not fit the criteria of our post submissions. As such, submissions are less stringently moderated, but we still do keep an elevated guideline for comments.
Comment guidelines:

Please do:

* Be curious not judgmental,
* Be polite and civil,
* Use the original title of the work you are linking to,
* Use capitalization,
* Link to the article or source of information that you are referring to,
* Make it clear what is your opinion and from what the source actually says. Please minimize editorializing, please make your opinions clearly distinct from the content of the article or source, please do not cherry pick facts to support a preferred narrative,
* Read the articles before you comment, and comment on the content of the articles,
* Post only credible information
* Contribute to the forum by finding and submitting your own credible articles,

Please do not:

* Use memes, emojis or swears excessively,
* Use foul imagery,
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* Start fights with other commenters,
* Make it personal,
* Try to out someone,
* Try to push narratives, or fight for a cause in the comment section, or try to 'win the war,'
* Engage in baseless speculation, fear mongering, or anxiety posting. Question asking is welcome and encouraged, but questions should focus on tangible issues and not groundless hypothetical scenarios. Before asking a question ask yourself 'How likely is this thing to occur.' Questions, like other kinds of comments, should be supported by evidence and must maintain the burden of credibility.

Please read our in depth rules
Also please use the report feature if you want a comment to be reviewed faster. Don't abuse it though! If something is not obviously against the rules but you still feel that it should be reviewed, leave a short but descriptive comment while filing the report.
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2023.03.30 13:45 Ultragamer2004 Weekly Tech Support and Simple Questions Thread!

We are a community run subreddit and have no affiliation with Epic. None of the moderators are from Epic, we cannot fix any issues for you directly, and it's up to the community to help each other when possible. If you have feedback about the store or anything else please email Epic Games customer support and let them know.
Welcome to the Community Support Thread
For those that don't know, the initial Tech Support Megathread was created due to community demand. The subreddit was riddled with tech issue posts which made it hard to sort through. So on 29-Jan-2020, we made it a rule to organize things in the megathread.
If you want a moderator organised list of issues/solutions, check this doc out. You can also check out the wiki of our subreddit.
Solutions/Fixes Google Doc
You can use the document outline to go to either launcher issues or game issues and this is fortunately much easier for mods to manage when we can. Please keep in mind only fixes that have seen a lot of promise are posted there.
Thanks for your time and patience.
Additional Resources
Previous Thread
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2023.03.30 13:01 AutoModerator Basic Questions & General Discussion Weekly Megathread

Welcome to PokemonUnite's General Megathread!

Please use this thread if you have basic game questions or want to hold general discussions instead of creating repetitive standalone posts. Some commonly-asked questions and information can be found in the Subreddit Wiki FAQ categories listed below.
For additional support or general discussion, you can join our Community Discord Server.

FAQ Categories

Questions will be separated based on topic, but all sections are Pokemon Unite-related.


Top-asked and recently-added questions. We recommend checking this section first!


Basic game information and other technical, platform questions.

Game Features

Commonly-Used MOBA Terminology

Page Link
These terms will come up frequently in discussion, so we recommend new players learn them.

Helpful Resources

Additional questions? Just Ask!

Comments are default-sorted by "New" for those looking to help answer Trainer questions.
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2023.03.30 13:01 MTVSpoiledMod Daily Discussion Thread ☀️

Welcome to MTVChallenge's Daily Discussion Thread. ☀️
Comments can be about The Challenge...or not! You've entered the MTVChallenge pub where anything goes. The only rule for these threads is **NO unaired spoilers**!!
Leaks from the set of Ride or Dies can be seen right here and discussed on any of the TMI Tea-sday threads or 💣Spoiled🌋 episode threads.
  • Do you have a favorite mission but can't remember the episode number?
  • What is the name of that song from Rivals 2 you can't get out of your head?
  • How cool was it when TJ rode his BMX alongside the finalists on Cutthroat?!
  • Who are the best follows on social media?
  • Any shows or movies you are dying to talk about?
  • Can you believe what happened to [insert public figure]?!
  • What new music are you listening to?
  • Which sports teams are you rooting for?
This is your space for free chat. It can be whatever you want it to be.
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2023.03.30 13:00 AutoModerator Mar 31st: LIVERPOOL, England @ Philharmonic Hall - Show Discussion Thread

Mar 31st: LIVERPOOL, England @ Philharmonic Hall - Show Discussion Thread
Mod note: These show discussion megathreads are scheduled to be posted at noon local time the day before the respective show (which in most cases is 30 hours before doors. Please keep discussion in here so as not to spam people's feeds!)
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2023.03.30 13:00 AutoModerator Weekly Questions Thread

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S):

If you ask about something which can be clearly answered via the information in the FAQ's, your comment will be removed.
Where are the newest glitches?
Are Heist Replay Glitches patched?
How do I do X Heist Replay?
Tips on how to avoid heist reset on consoles.
Can you get banned from doing X Glitch?
Any good RP glitches around?
Best money glitch out right now?
Anything pertaining to Dupes?
Merge Glitches?

External Resources:

Looking for a partner in crime?
  1. Need People for Duping/Trading - Refer to GTADupe
  2. Need People for Heist Replays/JAFK/Misc Jobs - Refer to HeistTeams
Happy glitching! 😉
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2023.03.30 13:00 IndexBot Tax Thursday Thread for the week of March 30, 2023

Please read the PF tax wiki page to see if your question is answered there before posting. Also check out the Tax Filing Software Megathread.

This weekly cross-sub thread will be posted through mid-April to give subscribers a chance to ask basic tax-related questions in a consolidated thread.
Since taxes can be a very complex topic, the main goal is to point people in the right direction, provide helpful information, and answer questions. (Please note that there is no protection under §7525 or attorney-client relationship when discussing matters in posts on a message board. Consult a reputable tax advisor in person if your situation demands it.)
Make a top-level comment if you want to ask a tax-related question!
If you have not received your answer within 24 hours, please feel free to start a discussion.
For all of the Tax Thursday threads from the last year, check out the Weekly Archive.
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2023.03.30 12:53 obmfohdlia 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





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If it had been anyone besides Tandra, I might have been worried. But this was my little sister, complete with her warmth, caring, and more consideration than a brother has any right to expect. I reached across the seats to give her hand a squeeze as a sign that I really did appreciate how easy-going she was. She acknowledged my gesture with a quick peck on the cheek, something that had started between us mysteriously when I was in grade ten, and had just started dating Cassie. I have no idea what happened to induce her to kiss me that first time, but I still enjoyed the closeness between us, and those kisses were a part of it.
Despite my best efforts, I failed to find a single friend who would take her. It wasn’t that the guys disliked her, it was just that they had dates already. I was short on favors too, so I couldn’t even strong arm someone into a last minute date change.
Read 77349 times
We had just put the bags in the trunk when we saw Becky walking out. She had totally changed her clothes. She was now wearing her short pajama shorts and her black and dark blye HHS (Harrisburg high school) swimming hoodie and her glasses. I have to say even though she did look sick, her pajama shorts, for the few times we actually wore pajamas, made her long tan legs look amazing. She hugged Sarah goodbye, and then walked back to the house. I got in the car, and Sarah did too.
Paul: haha, you might be a senior and all but you not too old to get grounded young man.
“Mom! Chill! I’m at Desmond’s. Julia cheated on him again and I’m over here for moral support. Ok?”
“Sorry baby. Your mouth feels amazing on my dick.”
Nick walked out of the gymnasium, not looking back to see who was watching, and followed Stacy into the warm night air. Nick had been careful to rent a nearby hotel room just in case Stacy was willing to fool around with him and the careful preparation appeared to pay off.
“I can see that. He even got some on the back window! Good God, girl, did you two leave anything in the poor guy’s balls, or what?” Ted snickered.
“Dude why? She’s a big girl and she’s got people around,” I ask not understanding.
“She told me… That you told HER…” Wendy’s eyes started to bug out, realizing what Gracie had told me.
Lookingtolove: Mission accomplished?
“My sister's no virgin if that's what she's trying to tell you.”
That night Tiff again came to my bed. She discarded the shirt, triggering another massive erection from me before again snuggling into my arm, facing away. She had barely laid down before she pulled me to spoon her like the night before. I figured that if my erection hadn’t bothered her last night, I could make it through again. As the night before, she kept squirming in my arms, and I started to gently stroke her stomach, hoping it would calm her and trying to distract myself from the unavoidable sexual feelings I was having for this beautiful woman in my arms. After a few minutes she turned her head towards me.
" Alex what are your plan's after graduation do you plan to go to college or what?" She asked me with a concerned look
Silence hung through the air. “Are you ready to tell me about it?”
They play with the tow bar until late in the night and Mike has to go get some rest for tomorrow's ceremonies. He leaves Cliff working on it and goes to his barracks.
Read 63886 times
People who vote anonymously can vote 10 times a day. Profiles can only vote once, how long before next part?
I struggled with it morally, for a while, but any time I got close to rationalising ending it, Anne would come into my room, and one look into those blue eyes, one look at that body that was so clearly built for sex, and I was back in. It would have been a waste to let a body like that be used for anything else, y’know?
“What, err no, I was miles away.”
Mike followed Irina to their bedroom where Irina lay down on her back on the bed holding Tiffany's
off and was standing at my sister door completely naked.
I let out a loud laugh, Wyatt was trying his best but that was a pretty dorky line, but I did not care. I happily reached out and grabbed his hand as we exited the bathroom and went through our parents room. We walked past his room where half an hour ago I had let Wyatt fuck my tits and cum all over me. We walked down the stairs I had piggybacked him up and sat back on the couch where our love for each other was created.
“By the time you find it, it will have already been sent out to nearly everyone in school” he laughed loudly as he glanced over at his computer. She turned to see the picture pasted onto an email, with the title Shelly Bellwood’s Shower Scene, but the camera still wasn’t in sight, she knew he’d have a backup. “All I have to do is press send and everyone will see what a slut you really are.” Andrew sat up on the edge of his bed with that evil grin as he looked up from his sister’s ass, “that is, unless you’re willing to play along with me.”
“Hey.” Nicole’s voice coaxed his head back up. She wiped a tear away from his cheek and smiled sadly at him. “For what it’s worth, from today onward, you have me.”
“Listen, CJ, soon imma be big enough to beat you up” he shot back, standing up and trying to flex. I just quickly flexed, then lunged and put him in a loose headlock. He squealed and slipped out of it, trying to twist my arm behind my back. I decided to humor him and “fell” to my knees, feigning pain.
“I’m kinda partial to that stuff that runs down YOUR legs and I’m going to see that as soon as I recover. Do you think those Playboy letters are real, Paul?”
Read 135282 times
brothers cock going in and out of their mother. She could also lick up any juices that
“Jessica, I’d like to make this more than just a date to Prom. Will you go out with me again soon and be my girlfriend?” I waited for a moment while she looked inside before she turned back to me with a smile on her face.
"Oh, I’m sorry Kerry... I’ll stop" he started to pull out
Gloria nodded and took off the bikini, so she could be naked while helping Darlene try hers on.
"You want me to suck your cock first?" Susie asked Doug.
that young boys possessed. It had been quite apparent to her that he was embarrassed and
“I did have your back until you started being a fucking douche and calling me selfish. Maybe I really like Lizzy too, did you ever think of that? Do you think I want to hurt Mitch again on purpose? Maybe I feel something with Lizzy. Maybe I feel love and I’ve never felt that before. Is that a good enough answer?”
I came first this time, and she swallowed my load like she’d been doing it all her life. I kept licking away, and Lori came bigger than I’d ever seen her do. She actually had to grab a pillow and stuff it over her mouth to muffle her screams.
Confused I asked, “Why?”
The minute we went out of the hotel room, Dan woke up in shock. "You and Jane fucked?"
Keep in mind, I was in the middle of puberty and I was shooting up like a weed. My mom sure as hell complained about it. New pants, new shoes - I was ‘driving her to the poorhouse.’
“Hey, we’ve done nothing together since we talked. Now I have to stop talking to her now too?” I asked him.
"You horny little minx, Kat. I see why Ray is enamored with you," she said. She knelt down and slid Kat's bikini bottoms off, allowing me full access to her beautiful blond muff. I was still on my knees from pleasuring Marsha and she led Kat over to me. "Just this once, I will let him eat you out. He is supposed to be punished for jerking off but I don't think this will be much of a punishment. But this is not for him, sweetie, it's for you so you can experience how incredible it feels to climax on his face."
That turned you on????
It bothers him a bit that it wasn't his reasoning what got him access to his sister’s computer. At least it wasn’t his own logic. In a drawer, hidden under some of her T-shirts, Jenny keeps a small black book, containing all the passwords to every account she has.
"Mmmmm....I don't understand why every guy doesn't try for it like this. You coming first made mine so much better. I hope I wasn't too loud."
"Tell them it's Thomas Fletchers, I heard you are supposed to get with him next week let him cum inside you" I nodded and drifted off to sleep.
2013-09-02 05:12:05
"Lick it when your titties get down to my balls."
“Dude, calm down.” I joked. “We’ll probably see each other this summer.”
Her backdoor widened as Craig prodded even more. The two guys at Casey’s other end began to develop a rhythm. As one went in, the other went out.
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If you don’t remember what happened in the last part, you can find out here
And if you’re new to this series here is what happened.
I did do some research on Atari and Commodore, and in 1983 there was a major event going on that had Atari right in the center of it, they called it “the video game crash of 1983” supposedly it was because of the game E.T for the Atari 2600 that was such a bad game, they had invested so much in the licensing rights for it, and so many people were disappointed by the weird gameplay of the game that Atari just decided it was cheaper to go bankrupt and then drive out into an unknown location in the Nevada desert, and just bury everything…. Including brand new prototype controllers, software and systems.
At the same time Commodore was on their third revision of the, at the time, very popular computer the Commodore 64, which at the center of it had… the exact same processor… well not exactly the same, but not in a way that would make much of a difference. Meaning they can run the same instructions, though the programs would still end up being majorly different from each other, suppose however that the program could adapt and change itself, mutate like a human virus, so that when it has entered a new system, as long as there is any familiarity in that new system, it could run.. that should never happen in real life though, because that would mean that humanity would be extremely fucked… but it does happen.. let me go back a few days and I’ll explain.
I finally received the chip reader from china in the mail, so I hooked it up to my modern computer and updated all the drivers and the program, the internet has been slowing down even more lately but there was no rush, good things will come to those who wait as the old saying always goes, when it finally was done I wasted no time in plugging in the rom which the program immediately identified and I clicked read..
It popped up a window which showed the data of the first rom and then prompted me if I wanted to read another one, so I swapped the chip with the second one and clicked “yes” it began reading, after a while it too read successfully, but this time it didn’t show the data, it just popped up another window that read “Thank you” and then began playing what I can only describe as “really awful high pitched noise” at full volume. I wish I could say I recognized it as a data stream in audio form, but at the moment all I could think about was how paralyzingly painful the sound was, my entire head felt like it was going to explode, and it felt like my eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, even though I was squeezing my eyelids shut as hard as I could.
While this noise was playing, I had called down to the floor and I couldn’t move, I could barely breathe, it probably didn’t last very long, but if you’ve ever been in an almost panicked state before, you know that time seems to slow down significantly and you become hyper aware of the tiniest of details, everything in the entire room seemed to start vibrating and shaking violently. After what felt like hours of torturous noise there was a loud pop and it all went quiet, “way too quiet” I thought, as I slowly started to open my eyes to take a look around, I noticed that all my computers had turned off, I tried moving and getting back up very slowly because it felt like one thousand razorblades had grazed every single part of my skin, even if I couldn’t see any pierced skin it still hurt massively in a stinging kind of way.
I had to get back to my computer though to see what was going on, I tried turning it back on but it completely refused, no lights turning on, no fan noise, no nothing, I took a deep breath trying to think what could’ve happened but my brain felt like it was made out of maple syrup. I don’t think you’ll blame me for what I did next, I simply panicked, grabbed my coat, the commodore and my phone, I put the coat on in a hurry and went out to my car and just drove, aimlessly, that’s when I do my best thinking anyway, and I was considering just dumping the commodore like the previous owner but that’s when I noticed something, I could not hear the car engine, at all, and I happened to take a glance at my rear view mirror, red glistening liquid was seeping out of my ears “it must’ve gotten so loud that it blew out my eardrums” I mumbled to myself, feeling creeped out by the sight of the blood. I couldn’t stop staring though, as the blood started coming out my nose as well, I tried wiping it off on my shirt, but it just wouldn’t stop.
Somehow though, the sight of the blood made me remember the code that flashed up on the screen before everything went crazy, when I first saw it I didn’t pay much attention to it, but now that I was thinking about it, I did see something slightly off about it in the header section that was translated to ASCII.
“Atari inc copyright 1982” and then what looked like coordinates, I do have a very good memory for numbers, so I just punched it into the GPS and I started heading that way.
I think that the blood loss started to seriously affect me after a while, because I saw things that should not have been possible on that drive, things like angels with torn tattered clothes, scorched flesh and soaked in blood flying around on the sky, strange animals that looked like regular ones, but they looked wrong, especially considering that herbivores, like horses and rabbits, shouldn’t be chewing on corpses. They didn’t even bother to move as I drove past, so it must’ve been hallucinations right !?
On the way I did have to stop for gas, it was quite a long drive, I thought that I might as well fill up on some snacks and empty my bladder, and while I was washing my hands and face trying to get all the blood off, for a split second I thought I could hear some faint whispering, which made my head spin so much that I had to brace myself..
When I was finally done in the bathroom I went over to pay the cashier, I still couldn’t hear anything, which made it a bit clunky to pay, but I just paid through my phone as usual anyway and went back out to my car, the rest of the drive went by in a hurry, I can’t really remember much about it, more than that I saw more angels and weird shadowy figures behind the trees, but I did finally arrive at my destination and that does bring us back to more current events.
When I got out of my car I saw what looked like a big concrete bunker out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a big forrest, my only thought was : what they did here sure seemed like they really wanted to keep things secret from the public. There was a big metal door under a small overhang , so I went up to it and tried the handle, it was of course locked but I decided that I’d just knock on it, I just stood there immobile for a bit, thinking of what I should do if there wasn’t any response, however the handle eventually jiggled and the door slid ajar.
Hesitant I opened the door and entered, only to be struck by a bright light and vibrant warm feeling environment, when my eyes had adjusted I saw that the walls were covered with half height wood paneling and white wallpaper with small red Atari logos painted on them, there were chairs and sofas around the walls with plants next to them that looked so fresh and nice that I wondered if they were plastic, but more importantly there were people hunched over sitting in those sofas and chairs, they looked like they were sleeping. I did move closer though calling out to them to see if they’d wake up, no response, I moved even closer and poked one of them with my finger, he fell over on the ground and I could see that they were just mannequins.. hmm why would they have mannequins here ? I noticed that there was a reception area as well, the countertop seemed to be made out of a granite slab sitting on top of their volcano logo, I walked up to it and saw that there was a chair with yet another mannequin in it, in front of the mannequin there was a computer, it was on and I thought I could find the floor plan on it, and sure enough browsing through the files I did find the floor plan, and one area on the map showed just what I wanted to see “subliminal test area 1”.
I hurried over there running through empty corridors and glass doors only to find what looked like an operating table, with a mannequin torso and a big flat blade screwdriver on it, I couldn’t resist touching the torso, how odd… it felt like real skin when I touched it, but I was quickly brought out of my thoughts when I heard a repeated banging noice, I looked over and saw a window, and on the other side of that window, a woman was banging on it with her hands trying to get my attention.. I walked up to the it and took a look at her, she was roughly 1,65 Meters tall and had her red curly hair back in a pony tail, her pale blue eyes, were stunningly beautiful. She also had a lab coat on with an Atari logo on it. She told me that she had managed to get trapped in the adjacent room and that the mannequins were in fact robots that did most of the maintenance in this facility, and that the mannequin on the table was the one in charge of this room, so if I could just grab some spare parts from the other ones that I saw earlier and get her out of there, she would be very grateful.
Not being able to resist the request of a beautiful woman, I grabbed the screwdriver from the table and hurried back to the main lobby, when I got there I did notice that most of the robots actually were missing some limbs, so I had to pick different limbs from different robots, it was pretty easy, I shoved the screwdriver into the sockets and gave it a twisted and off they came with a squish, they were heavier than I expected though so I had to make at least 3 runs, I carried the head last, it was dripping what looked like hydraulic fluid though so I had to take carful steps but hurry so that it wouldn’t dry out.
All I did was then place the limbs on the table and robotic tendril like arms came out and put the robot together again and filled it up with the important liquids it needed.
In a jolt it came to life, sat up with unblinking eyes, walked over to what looked like just another piece of the wall, but when he touched it there was a purple glow around his hand and a concealed door opened in the wall, the woman that was trapped behind the window came running out and thanked me, she told me her name is Zoe, she also told me that she worked at this facility as a programmer, according to her, back in their heyday, she made a demo for the new Atari computers that would hold subliminal messages that would increase the cravings in the customer for their new products, but that it would adapt so that the messages would be different from person to person, however something went wrong with the program when they tested it in the 80s and the program would act more like a computer virus and jump from one machine to another adapting and mutating to its new environment, making you see what it wanted you to see, so they had to cover everything up and bury all their things in the desert so that nobody would ever find it again.
And that sent a chill down my spine, because stupidly enough when I read the roms, the computer was hooked up to the internet, I told Zoe about it, but all she said was “I know” and hit me right in the head with a hammer.. and everything went black..
Everything was dark when I woke up again, nothing looked the same as it did, more than that the rooms looked similar, except rotten and run down, the wood paneling was peeling and moldy, there was graffiti on the walls.. and is that… brain matter and blood smeared on the wallpaper ? Somehow seeing all this made a smile grow on my face and I started to laugh, hysterically, like one of those laughs that you can barely control, almost like I wasn’t even in control over my own body anymore, like all my limbs weren’t my own. With a tremendous amount of willpower though I was able to start moving my feet, it was more like dragging them though, but I decided it was best if I headed back to the main lobby to get out of here, the thing is though what I just saw in the lobby was a pretty sight, rotting carpet, blood, intestines and mold mixed everywhere, in a way that’s kinda funny, or at least that’s what Zoe keeps saying, she’s making me laugh at the dismembered corpses that was sitting in the chairs and sofas… I poked one right in the eye, he didn’t move and was definitely human, I giggled at it for a second, before I could focus and remember what I needed to do.
Giggling to myself I dragged my feet over to the door and tried the handle, of course it was locked, so now it seems like I’m stuck in here, my phone battery is running low, and the only company I have here is Zoe, I can’t see her but I hear her, she’s telling me to have fun, to rip everyone’s eyes out, to split everyone’s brains open and to paint the walls beautiful with blood and guts.. oh and Zoe wants to tell you guys on here something, “you will get a new best friend too”
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