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Taking note of every time someone says something while accidentally following Jeopardy rules.

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2023.03.26 14:36 crazzymax7 My screen keeps vibrating every other second

Could this be a software or hardware issue. Haven't moved the lapto from the table for over two months. Using it more like a desktop. No change of it getting any physical damage. I was using it and suddenly the screen starts vibrating .
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2023.03.26 14:36 Crypsterio Seeking recommendations for upcoming holiday - Chill/Tropical/Unforgettable

Hey all, just looking for any recommendations, inputs, opinions, etc. for an upcoming holiday I'm planning with my girlfriend (also planning on proposing, so apologies for the incredibly specific criteria) for the first week of May. I travel A LOT for business, and it's always to cities. I would love to book a more chilled out holiday somewhere that falls into this criteria:
I'm open to both a resort holiday where we chill at a beautiful resort and maybe pop out one or two of the days to a town or places nearby, and also a regular hotel/airbnb somewhere. Any and all inputs, recommendations, opinions would be incredibly appreciated :)
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2023.03.26 14:35 Botgasm69 Hey r/learnpython can you guys help me with these two questions , i even tried ChatGPT and BingAI but they are giving me wrong answers

Q1) Given two variables a, b. Arrange the following lines of code such that the final line prints “A is greater” if a>b, “B is greater” if b>a, else print “EQUAL”` using the ternary operator in python.

"B is greater" if a>b else "A is greater" if a==b else "EQUAL" if a==b "EQUAL" if a>b else "A is greater" else "B is greater" "EQUAL" if a==b else "A is greater" if a>b else "B is greater" "A is greater" if a>b else "EQUAL" if a==b else "B is greater" 
Choose the correct python syntax(s) for the following conditional statement.
age >= 18 and age <= 60
age >= 18 and age < 60
not age<18 and not age>= 60
18 <= age < 60
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2023.03.26 14:35 Adm1noftheuniverse Why is it not possible to modify the player data?

Can anyone explain to me why exactly it's not possible to modify the player data? I understand Dinnerbone explained it by saying:
"The whole idea behind editing NBT isn't that you're editing the entity, or the item, or the block - you're saving it, editing the save data, and loading it again. NBT isn't what we are using in memory, we have more efficient in-memory structures for things. It's 100% just save data.
Players can't really be saved and reloaded. There's a person attached and having to kick them out and tell them to reconnect would suck. Almost everything you'd want to modify would either just not work, or would be totally inconsistent with the clients state. You'd end up being able to modify a couple of things, and the rest would just break stuff outright."
According to him, changing NBT involves saving it, editing the save data, and then reloading it which would cause a kick for player. But that doesn't make any sense. Obviously, it's not impossible to modify the players NBT without kicking them because your NBT changes every time you take an action. If I switch two items around in my inventory my data has been modified. If I lose or gain health, my data has been modified. If I so much as move a little to the left, my data has been modified.

I don't understand why Mojang can't code the /data modify command to change values in the same way they're being changed manually.
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2023.03.26 14:35 Dom12636 Daily news, part two cartel shoots and kills 3 victims for talking to the feds

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2023.03.26 14:35 ZubKhanate Need some input for getting started on my first solo RPG

I haven't soloed any RPGs before and I am just getting started with roleplaying in general with a DnD group I have with some coworkers. We don't meet that often and I do want to try some thing outside of DnD, but I am a little lost.
First off, I did check all the recommendations for newbies (like Ironsworn), but in reality they didn't really catch my eye. The two RPGs that did though were Shadow of the Demon Lord and Symbaroum. I think I will try using CRGE to run them as it is PWYW and I don't want to invest too much money by getting Mythic 2E.
So questions 1. Would either Shadow of the Demon Lord or Symbaroum be better or easier for my first time solo experience? I am really at a lost on what to pick. 2. Am I getting ahead of myself. My concern is getting in over my head, so if I am being delusional please let me know and I will figure out a new plan.
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2023.03.26 14:35 TravisSensei Network error?

I've been experiencing a "network error" for 8 hours now. I just reinstalled the app, and everything from the last two days (chat logs and memories) are gone. Is anyone else having this?
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2023.03.26 14:35 Bawaste323 The most profitable games of the month!

The most profitable games of the month! We have prepared a selection of the most popular Richy casino games for this month. They have two things in common: exciting gameplay and big winnings!
Run profitable slots, and max yourself and your winnings out!
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2023.03.26 14:35 LeatherSlight3242 I asked ChatGPT to create four fan-made Ace Attorney cases. Here's what it made:

First Case
Title: The Case of the Poisoned Parrot
Introduction: Phoenix Wright receives a call from his old friend and client, Wendy Oldbag. She tells him that her beloved pet parrot, Polly, has been poisoned and she suspects foul play. Wendy has been a zookeeper at the local zoo for years and has had her fair share of enemies. She needs Phoenix's help to get to the bottom of this.
Plot: The day before Polly's death, Wendy had a heated argument with one of her colleagues, a fellow zookeeper named Jack. Jack was jealous of Wendy's popularity and accused her of stealing the spotlight. Wendy believes Jack may have poisoned Polly out of spite.
Phoenix and his assistant, Trucy Wright, visit the zoo to investigate. They discover that Polly was poisoned with a rare plant found only in the zoo's greenhouse. Wendy claims that the greenhouse is locked at night and only a few people have access to it, including Jack.
During the trial, Larry Butz takes the stand as a witness. He testifies that he saw Jack enter the zoo's greenhouse on the night of Polly's death. However, Miles Edgeworth points out that Larry has a history of lying on the stand and his testimony cannot be trusted.
Detective Gumshoe presents evidence that the poison was found in Jack's locker. Jack claims that someone must have framed him, but the evidence is strong against him. However, Wendy also has a motive for poisoning Polly and her alibi for the night of the murder is weak.
In the end, Phoenix presents evidence that the real culprit is neither Wendy nor Jack, but the zoo's veterinarian, Dr. Sarah. She had been embezzling money from the zoo and feared that Wendy would discover her scheme. Dr. Sarah had access to the greenhouse and used the rare plant to poison Polly, framing Jack in the process.
Conclusion: With the true culprit identified, Judge Fey finds Dr. Sarah guilty of the murder of Polly and embezzlement. Wendy is grateful to Phoenix for solving the case and promises to take better care of her next pet. Phoenix, Trucy, and Larry celebrate their victory at the local burger joint. Miles Edgeworth sneaks in for a burger as well, and the rivals have a friendly chat about the case.

Second Case
Title: The Case of the Stolen Artifacts
Introduction: Phoenix Wright receives a call from the curator of the local museum, requesting his help in solving a case involving the theft of valuable artifacts. The museum has been robbed of a rare golden mask, an ancient scroll, and a ceremonial dagger. The police have no leads and the museum is in a panic. Phoenix takes on the case, determined to find the culprit and recover the stolen treasures.
Plot: Phoenix and Maya visit the museum to investigate the crime scene. They discover that the thief used an intricate system of ropes and pulleys to enter the museum through a skylight. The security footage is grainy and inconclusive, showing only a figure in black clothing.
Detective Ema Skye presents a suspect, a local thief named Harry. Harry has a history of theft and had been spotted in the area on the night of the robbery. However, Harry insists he is innocent and claims he was at home at the time of the theft.
During the trial, Phoenix discovers that Alex Johnson, the curator of the museum, had been under financial stress and was considering selling the stolen artifacts on the black market. Alex's alibi for the night of the robbery is also weak.
Maya channels the spirit of an ancient Mayan priestess, who reveals that the thief was someone who had visited the museum before. Phoenix realizes that the only person who fits this description is Simon Blackquill, the rival prosecutor.
In the end, Phoenix presents evidence that Simon had been studying the museum's collection and had the knowledge and skills to carry out the theft. Simon admits to the crime, explaining that he needed the money to pay off a debt. He had not intended to hurt anyone and had planned to return the artifacts once he had paid off his debt.
Conclusion: With the true culprit identified, Judge Payne finds Simon guilty of theft. Alex is grateful to Phoenix for recovering the stolen artifacts and the museum is back to business as usual. Maya, Phoenix, and Detective Ema celebrate their victory with burgers and milkshakes. Simon, who is a fan of samurai culture, joins them and talks to Phoenix about the art of sword fighting.

Third Case
Title: The Case of the Mysterious Mansion
Introduction: Phoenix Wright receives a call from a wealthy businessman named Robert Vanderbilt. He explains that his wife, Veronica, has disappeared from their mansion and he believes foul play is involved. Robert is willing to pay any amount of money to find his wife and bring the culprit to justice. Phoenix takes on the case, intrigued by the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearance.
Plot: Phoenix and Trucy visit the Vanderbilt mansion to investigate. They discover that the mansion is full of secret passageways and hidden rooms, making it difficult to navigate. Robert admits that he and Veronica had been having marital problems and suspects that his wife may have been having an affair.
Detective Lana Skye presents a suspect, a gardener named Miguel, who had been fired by Robert the week before the disappearance. Miguel had been seen in the area on the night of the disappearance and had a motive for revenge.
During the trial, Phoenix discovers that Robert had been having financial troubles and had been trying to sell the mansion behind Veronica's back. Veronica had found out about the sale and had threatened to divorce him and take half of his fortune.
Trucy performs a magic trick and reveals that the real culprit is neither Miguel nor Robert, but Veronica herself. She had faked her own disappearance to frame Robert and collect the insurance money on her life. Trucy had found evidence of Veronica's plan hidden in a secret compartment in the mansion.
In the end, Phoenix presents the evidence and Veronica is found guilty of insurance fraud and attempted murder. Judge Courtney sentences her to ten years in prison. Robert is grateful to Phoenix for solving the case and vows to make amends for his mistakes. Apollo Justice congratulates Phoenix on his victory and admits that he could learn a thing or two from him.
Conclusion: Phoenix and Trucy celebrate their victory with burgers and fries. Phoenix reflects on the case and realizes that sometimes the truth is hidden in the most unexpected places.

Fourth Case
Title: The Case of the Poisoned Pianist
Introduction: Phoenix Wright receives a call from a famous pianist named Clara Johnson. She explains that she has been poisoned and fears for her life. Clara suspects that someone from her past is seeking revenge and wants Phoenix to represent her in court. Phoenix takes on the case, determined to find the culprit and save Clara's life.
Plot: Phoenix and Athena visit Clara in the hospital, where she is in critical condition. Clara explains that she had received a letter from someone she knew in her past, inviting her to a private performance. During the performance, she drank from a glass of water and immediately felt ill. She suspects that someone poisoned the water.
Detective Gumshoe presents a suspect, an old rival of Clara's named Vincent. Vincent had been jealous of Clara's success and had threatened her in the past. He had been spotted in the area on the night of the poisoning.
During the trial, Phoenix discovers that Vincent had an alibi for the night of the poisoning and could not have been the culprit. Athena analyzes the evidence and discovers that the poison was a rare substance only available to medical professionals.
Clara remembers that she had a run-in with a former doctor, Dr. Martin, who had been fired from the hospital for malpractice. She had refused to testify against him and he had threatened her. Phoenix tracks down Dr. Martin and uncovers evidence linking him to the poisoning.
In the end, Phoenix presents the evidence and Dr. Martin is found guilty of attempted murder. Judge Mikagami sentences him to 15 years in prison. Clara recovers from the poisoning and is grateful to Phoenix and Athena for saving her life.
Conclusion: Phoenix and Athena celebrate their victory with burgers and milkshakes. Phoenix reflects on the case and realizes that sometimes the most dangerous enemies are the ones you least expect. Athena agrees and admits that she has learned a lot from working with Phoenix.
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2023.03.26 14:35 EveryPeace MIL forcing herself into the wedding

Hey everyone, I need a space to rant and also get some validation/ thoughts on my situation. We’re less than a month out from the wedding and everything is pretty much sorted & paid for. We’re just enjoying these last few weeks to add smaller personal touches to the day with whatever budget we have left. My partners step-mum got in touch with me today to ask if she can order two buttonholes for my partners dad and his grandad. Ordinarily, we would have already ordered them buttonholes if we wanted them to wear them but none of my family will be at the wedding so we decided to keep buttonholes exclusive to the wedding party only (this is pretty common now anyway!). She said she would pay for the buttonholes and wanted something to help tie their suits in with our colour scheme. We’ve never asked them to match our colours (actually we’d prefer if they didn’t but didn’t want to dictate what they wore). She has also recently shown me her dress for the day and it’s the exact same navy colour & cut as my bridesmaids. I was a bit surprised she had gone for the same colour after showing her what the bridesmaids would be wearing but thought I’d let it go as I can’t be bothered with unnecessary stress at this point. The buttonhole request however is a touch too far in my opinion. We’re 28 days out from the wedding so it feels pretty 11th hour and also doesn’t seem like a request that considers us and where we might be in the planning process, but more of a way to butt their heads in… again. Also want to point out, she has previously asked if my partners dad can walk me down the aisle (without ever really asking about my family situation and what I’m planning to do about walking down the aisle - my preference is to walk myself for a million different reasons that are important to me) and asked if he could make a speech?! It’s been really awkward trying to navigate all these requests without risking hurting their feelings but I’m starting to lose my patience now. Do we need to be more blunt with them about their involvement on the day? We recently asked them to be a part of our hand-tying ritual and thought that would appease them.
Anyone else had similar experiences with their wedding planning?
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2023.03.26 14:35 NeonThunderX PSU Internals swap (ASUS LOKI)

I'm building 2 PC builds with 4090 whit + 7950X3D & 7900 XTX black + 7800X3D respectively.
I got 2 ASUS Loki
One white 850W & One black 1000W
I clearly need the 1000W in white and vice versa
So my question is can i swap the internals of the two PSU? Will it be safe, what issues could i face? Also can I use the cables swapped? Both PSU have same cables (number of)
Both are from same Brans (ASUS), same model (LOKI) & same shape/size as well (125×125×63)
Thanks for all the help. 💜
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2023.03.26 14:34 Bibozaa What to convert a librarian too

I am purchasing two combat patrols and was wondering what people thought were good conversions for the librarian and how I would go about it?? I think chaplain and captain feel doable with the bits in the boxes??
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2023.03.26 14:34 Ok_throwaway_7412 Mediaction Forgery/ identity question

My mother is a NICU nurse and she committed medication forgery using my first and last name. I reported it to the hospital that she was getting the prescription from. I know she was arrested two years ago for Forgery in the 1st degree. Somehow, the charges are dropped and she still works in the medical industry just at a new hospital. Is there anything I can do? How did she get away with everything so easily?
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2023.03.26 14:34 Blazing_Phoenixx Limited time micro pet event

I invited two people to Finch recently for the exclusive micro pet thingy, but it's not giving the rewards. Is this a glitch or is there a specific thing they have to do besides using my invite code? Also does anyone know how long the event goes for?
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2023.03.26 14:34 Theoderic8586 [USA-MA] [H] Switch games, PS4 games and assorted stuff [W] Paypal FF or Venmo

Added some new stuff for PS4 and Switch. All prices shipped.
Switch Games - Huntdown 25$ - Oniken and Odallus 50$ - Super Robot Wars x2 sealed 45$ each
PS4 Games - Call of Duty Vanguard with unused gift of honor code 22$ - Yakuza Like a Dragon 15$ - Final Fantasy Type 0 15$ - Skylanders Trap Team 50$ - Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana 35$ - SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays Platinum Edition x3 sealed 25$ each
Steelbooks - Elden Ring (no game) 30$
Collector’s stuff - Ys VIII CE all stuff minus game and steelbook 50$ - Arc the Lad Omake Box with stick covers 25$ - Lunar 2 Omake set (no map) 17$ - Tales of Xillia small art book 15$ - FF7 remake box, game case without game (broken two disk hinge), artbook, and soundtrack 27$
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2023.03.26 14:34 Epic2017YT Need help with finding replacement.

Need help with finding replacement.
So I am a total newbie when it comes to PCs. I have had my current tower since September 2014 and it has worked fine.
The only mods I have done to it are add some fans because of an overheating issue.
I mainly use my PC for gaming, animating and the occasional piece of college work.
Recently, my PC has been running games quite poorly in my opinion. Constant frame drops, lagging, even if I am playing on the lowest possible settings with nothing else aside for the game running. I'm mainly playing a rotation of, Fortnite, Minecraft, Overwatch and Sea of Theives with my mates. Overwatch and SOT run fine, it's the first two which are running poorly.
I have attached a screenshot of my PCs specs.
I want to know what I need to replace to help make my pc run like it used it. Or if I just need to get a new build.
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2023.03.26 14:34 Jake_Som I Drank my friend's breastmilk in university behind her Boyfriend's back AMA

I Never told anyone this and wanted to confess and wanted to get people's opinions. So during University I had a great female friend. We met in first year and we great friends until we graduated. To get to the point I guess we always had an attraction to each other but never really dated ever because we did not want to ruin the friendship. So she had this unique thing about her where she was able to produce breastmilk without being pregnant. Literally no one knew about it except for me and her other closest friend. I guess its called inducing lactation which she did cause she was interested if she could do it for some reason and kept it going once she found out she could do it. Anyways I eventually ended up trying the milk and ended up really liking it. So whenever we would hang out she would bring me a bottle or two of pumped milk from her boobs (usually around 300-500ml sometimes more). This would happen usually 1-3 times a week whenever we would hangout or see each other to study etc. Anyway as weird as people may find that eventually she started dating this guy in our senior year before we graduated. But the milk arrangement continued to happen. She would still bring me bottles of her milk even while she was with her boyfriend. She refused to tell her boyfriend because she did not want him to know but wanted to continue to bring milk for me. Anyways this continued until we graduated University then we moved back to our home towns. Overall were we in the wrong for doing this and hiding it or was it our business? Like was it cheating? Interested to know what other people think or any questions people may have. Ask away
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2023.03.26 14:34 kaori14112 The way to access the English translation of 86 Side Story on

Unfortunately, the site is already down due to domain expiration. I was desperate to find a backup or a way to access it. Luckily, the DNS record history still remains, and the host is still available. You just need to add this line to the hosts file (to force your PC to access the host without resolving DNS via the domain): Remember to run Notepad++ as Administrator, otherwise, you won't be able to save the file.
The 86 side story english translation link (only available after edited hosts file):
As I checked the chat on the page, someone backed up the side story to an alternative site:
In summary, you have two ways to access it: use the hosts file to force your PC to ignore DNS resolution to the main site, or access the alternative backup site.
Here's the video tutorial I made for those who don't know how to edit the hosts file (I'm sorry for the audio, I forgot to disable sound recording from the system, and I was too lazy to edit the video):
I wrote this post just in case someone searches for it and finds this post via Google search just like me. I hope you find what you need. Have a nice day!
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2023.03.26 14:34 Glum_Pace8202 Reflections after 194 days CT: a timeline

Just wanting to give folks a general idea of my own experience. Obviously your mileage may vary. I was about 2 years of 40-60 gpd or more and did a few days of rapid tapering before making the jump after months of unsuccessful attempts.
Long story short, it does get better folks. I was at the point where my hair was rapidly thinning, if I was more than a few hours away from my last dose I felt like I had taken a sleeping pill but still had heart palpitations, always short of breath, always anxious except for 40 minutes or an hour during each dose’s burn (if any “burn” came at all), always fearing the withdrawals that would inevitably come.
All of that is gone by now. The only things that really remain are restless legs only in the morning, which could be attributable to a number of antidepressants I’ve taken as well, and slightly lower energy than pre-kratom levels, which could be attributable to kids, lack of sleep, being out of shape, etc.
Here is a timeline:
Days 0 through 10 ish: acute withdrawal slowly evolved into the more long term PAWS symptoms, which were bad enough that I didn’t really notice the change, but looking back, day 10 was definitely an improvement on day 2 or 3. Had all the usual suspects, insomnia, restlessness, heart palps, sweating, nervousness, diarrhea, shortness of breath, tiredness. Most of those only lessened but did not go away.
Then for the next several months, in a non-linear fashion, stuff slowly improved, got worse, improved, and so on. Two steps forward, one step back.
I still have days where it feels like I’m paying for the addiction, where I just feel extraordinarily crappy, more than a bad day crappy, but overall, I feel good.
Anxiety is much reduced. Gastro symptoms took the longest. TMI, but solid stools only returned a couple months ago.
I would guess I have another year of clean living, exercise, etc until I feel 100%, but I’d say I’m now at 85-90%.
Good luck all!
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2023.03.26 14:33 NeonThunderX PSU Internals swap (ASUS LOKI)

I'm building 2 PC builds with 4090 whit + 7950X3D & 7900 XTX black + 7800X3D respectively.
I got 2 ASUS Loki
One white 850W & One black 1000W
I clearly need the 1000W in white and vice versa
So my question is can i swap the internals of the two PSU? Will it be safe, what issues could i face? Also can I use the cables swapped? Both PSU have same cables (number of)
Both are from same Brans (ASUS), same model (LOKI) & same shape/size as well (125×125×63)
Thanks for all the help. 💜
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2023.03.26 14:33 JorgePicante 32gb / 3600mhz / XMP compatible with b550i and 3700x

I’ve reviewed the QVL memory list. Bought a Crucial Ballistix kit that was listed. No luck enabling XMP. PC refuses to post and I have to flash bios. Running f15.
Tried manually adjusting volt and timing settings. Still nothing.
Anyone have experience with a similar set up and a two stick RAM kit where XMP actually works?
Thanks for any advice!
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2023.03.26 14:33 MEuRaH Bracket League -- Playoffs Start Week Two! -- 3 of 4 Spots Remaining

Bracket League is an offense-only dynasty league, TE premium, nerfed SF (nerfed = quarterbacks do not dominate the weekly stats like in other leagues).
The biggest difference between Bracket League and other dynasty leagues is that the playoffs technically start week two. Here's how it works:
Each week that passes, all 14 teams in the league play each other. The top 4 scoring teams earn a spot in a bracket. The winner of that bracket wins a spot in the final playoff bracket that starts week 14. 12 playoff spots are won via brackets, the final 4 spots are won through points scored.
So in a league with 14 teams, there are 16 playoff spots. You can win multiple spots to have multiple chances at winning the whole league. If you have a bad week in the playoffs, you aren't penalized. If your team starts out poorly due to injuries or rookies, you aren't penalized. If you make tons of mid-season trades to make a run at the playoffs, you are rewarded!
Brackets: Full Rules:
We are doing a dispersal. There were four open spots. Once they are all filled, we will start a randomized third round reversal dispersal draft, followed by a rollover into 2023.
Money is handled via leaguesafe, payouts by majority vote. $50 per season to play, we ask all new owners to pay for two seasons when joining (which helps with league longevity).
If you are interested, email me for quickest response. We use GroupMe. I will send you a leaguesafe invite, and once paid a GroupMe and MFL invitation will follow. Thank you for your consideration!
Email: [email protected]
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