500 watt halogen led replacement bulbs

where do I find parts?

2023.03.31 17:23 jaffa3811 where do I find parts?

i've been tasked with fixing a 3 tube halogen heater, now i looked up the actual repair on youtube and it looks like a piece of cake. the problem is that i cant find any replacement bulbs.
its a connect_it 3 tube halogen heater, model is ES1243
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2023.03.31 16:13 redrider93 Help me find this lightbulb that was in a wall sconce.

Help me find this lightbulb that was in a wall sconce.
I think it’s halogen. But I would like an LED replacement.
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2023.03.31 14:34 Taco_Shackleford Headlight upgrade help

So I have been attempting to upgrade my X52 headlight, the first step was trying to replace the bulb. I found an H6 led on amazon that should have worked, but when the light was turned on I got one flash of light then nothing. Turning the light on and off does nothing at that point until the bike power if cycled off and on, then I just got a flash again. At that point I returned the bulb and bought a halo headlight upgrade kit from eBay(just search Ariel Rider and the type will show) which states it is plug and play, and I get the same problem as with the bulb. One flash of light then nothing.
I am not sure, but believe I read before that sometimes the polarity on the wiring of my X52may have been reversed at time of build. Is this something that happens? Any info to help would be appreciated as I do not want to return the light and just want it to work.
The bike is an X52 from late 2021, with the old single bulb headlight that I an trying to replace.
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2023.03.31 14:27 coldplay1995 Wanting to buy this car

Wanting to buy this car
Hey everyone,
I will be needing a new by this end of April and I’hve settled on a Mazda 3 hatch due to its reliability and it’s currently what I drive now. I never had issues with my current Mazda but it’s not recovered from my accident. Does this seem like a good deal and I am wondering all the extras listed in the AD will they in any way increase my cost to service the car?? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!
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I posted to the main reptile sub a few weeks ago but got little response there. What are you guys using to heat your basking spot now that halogen bulbs are being phased out of the market? People suggested just buying reptile specific products but one of those 150 watt bulbs cost as much as my entire 6 pack of halogen bulbs did. Really hoping someone has an alternative answer!
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Looking for the best turn signal bulbs for brighter and safer driving? Our comprehensive guide reviews the top-rated bulbs in the market to help you make an informed decision. From brighter and long-lasting LED bulbs to traditional halogen options, we've got you covered. Discover the benefits of upgrading your turn signal bulbs and ensure your vehicle stands out while keeping you safe on the road.

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Backhoe Heavy Construction Equipment - Its Uses Equipment Planet Equipment
What are the used of backhoe heavy construction equipment? The backhoe, often known as the swiss army knife of heavy equipment, is ideal for all types of excavation and digging jobs, with one end used to dig up soil and the other used to carry it around. It’s the machine that can handle any task. It’s a common piece of machinery on construction sites.

The Backhoe’s Different Attachments

Hydraulic power attachments can be added to the backhoe. This enables the machine to perform duties other than lifting and excavating.
Breakers and hammers are the most typical backhoe attachments used by contractors. They give the operator the ability to break up rocky soils, asphalt, and concrete with ease. The tiger tooth attachment is useful for breaking through frost or harder soil, making the backhoe a useful tool, especially in colder climates.

Attachments in High Demand

  • Thumbs-up buckets
  • Hammers
  • Couplers
  • Compactors
  • Rippers
  • Street sweepers and brooms
  • Snowplows and snow shovels are two types of snow removal equipment.
  • Augers

Backhoe manufacturers are people who make backhoes.

Backhoe loader manufacturers can be found in both the United States and Europe. Backhoe loader manufacturers and models are discussed in the following section.



C. L. Best Tractor Company and Holt Manufacturing Company merged to form Caterpillar (CAT) in 1925. Caterpillar is named after Benjamin Holt, who invented the continuous-tracked system. He dubbed the track system a “caterpillar” since it allowed the machine to creep around the ground. The name Caterpillar accompanied Holt when he joined the C.L. Best Tractor Co.
Backhoes and specialized attachments are manufactured by Caterpillar to replace both the hoe and the loader. The backhoe can be equipped with soil excavation buckets, coral buckets, ditch cleaning buckets, and rock buckets. In addition to backhoe loaders, CAT manufactures rakes, snowplows, angle blades, asphalt cutters, and material handlers.
The CAT 450 is equipped with a 131 horsepower engine, an innovative hydraulic system, and a CAT C4.4 ACERT engine. The CAT 415F2 and 415F2 IL are on the other extreme of the range. The engine in these two variants produces 68 horsepower. The 415F2 IL has a lower maximum operating weight than the previous model, but they are nearly identical in almost every other manner.

John Deere

In 1837, John Deere founded the John Deere Company, which began with the invention of the steel plow. Since then, John Deere has become one of the most well-known machinery brands.
Backhoes are currently available from John Deere in seven different models. The 710L is their largest backhoe, with a 148 horsepower engine turning at 2,240 rpm and a maximum operational weight of 11,607 kg (25,588 lbs). The 310L EP backhoe is John Deere’s smallest backhoe. This equipment has a peak operational weight of 6,270 kg (13,822 lbs), powershift gearbox, and a dipper stick dig depth of 4.3 m with 69 horsepower at 2,010 rpm (14 ft 1 in).


JCB was the first company to build a backhoe, having been founded in 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford. JCB has developed to become the world’s largest backhoe maker and producer, with 22 plants spread across four continents. Their products are sold in over 150 countries. Every year, JCB sells more backhoes worldwide than all other manufacturers combined.
The 3CX 15 Super Backhoe, with a 109 hp engine and a bucket breakout force of 12,603 lb / ft, is JCB’s most popular loader. The 3CX Compact Backhoe Loader, 3CX Backhoe Loader, and 4CX-15 Super Backhoe Loader are some of their other models.


CASE Construction Equipment was founded as a result of J.I. Case’s work in the realm of steam engines. The company began by manufacturing road construction equipment and has since grown to become one of North America’s leading construction equipment manufacturers.
The CASE Model 320, the first factory-integrated tractor loadebackhoe, was released in 1957. CASE produced its 500,000th backhoe in 2005.
The N-Series Backhoe Loader now includes a momentary power surge for up to 8% more breakout, a shift 6-speed transmission for increased fuel economy, a sophisticated drivetrain, and cutting-edge hydraulics. For the second year in a row, the CASE 580N Series received EquipmentWatch’s Highest Retained Value Award.

Operation of a Backhoe Can Be Dangerous

Operating a backhoe, like any other piece of heavy equipment, can provide a number of risks and perils. Always operate the equipment only after having sufficient training, and never use a backhoe – or any other type of equipment – unless it is safe to do so.
Working too close to a cliff or on steep or uneven ground are the two most common causes of backhoe and backhoe operator accidents. Take the planning step seriously, and always study site plans, do hazard surveys, and circle check equipment before starting to work.


Other dangers include…

  • Raising the bucket to an excessively high level. This is especially dangerous if the equipment is on shaky ground since it may lead it to tumble over.
  • Working on a steep incline When working on a steep slope, be cautious because they can overturn or tumble over.
  • Not fastening your seatbelt. Falling out of the cab can endanger the machine, the operator, and people in the vicinity. Always fasten your seatbelt.
  • The act of striking an object. Be careful of people, buildings, trees, and other things that may be near the equipment, especially when operating on difficult terrain.
  • A burden that is descending. Be aware of those around the bucket when lifting or shifting goods. A worker can be injured by falling dirt, debris, or material.
  • By prioritizing safety and taking the time to follow procedures, all workers will be able to return home safely at the end of the day.
  • Practices for Using Backhoes in a Safe and Effective Manner

Here are a few easy methods to keep safe:

  • Always fasten your seatbelt.
  • Never use the equipment without first lowering the stabilizers.
  • Never exceed the machine’s maximum operational weight.
  • When transporting loads, keep them low and near to the ground.
  • When transferring loads or materials, keep visibility in mind.
  • Before moving, always check for blind spots.
  • Never lift or transport anyone with a bucket.
  • On-site driving speeds should not exceed 5 mph (approximately 8 kph)

The Backhoe’s Evolution

The utilization of mini-excavators and skid steers has reduced the demand for backhoe loaders nowadays. Contractors all over the world still appreciate them for their versatility and ability to execute a variety of chores well.
The first backhoe was introduced when the hydraulic system was established, and Vaino J Holopainen and Roy E Handy, Jr. invented the first backhoe swing frame in July 1947. One year later, it was copyrighted, and the two men joined forces to become Wain-Roy. The swing frame was a game-changer because it allowed the hydraulic guiding arm to swing to the bucket’s side.
Wain-Roy Company sold the first hydraulic backhoe in 1948. Between 1948 and 1954, Wain-Roy sold around 7,000 backhoes, mostly through Ford dealers.
In the midst of all of this, JCB introduced the first European hydraulic loader in 1948. With the invention of two-wheeled trailers, Joseph Syril Bamford founded JBC in England. With the installation of a hydraulic power system, this evolved into a four-wheel tipping trailer, which eventually led to the development of the loader. In Ireland and the United Kingdom, the backhoe is known as the “JCB.”
In 1953, JCB combined their hydraulic loader with the hydraulic arm on the other side of a tractor to create the versatile backhoe loader. Although JCB did not introduce their loaders to the United States until the 1960s, the machines were already on the market.
The first factory-integrated backhoe loader was introduced in 1957 by CASE Corporation, an American business. Before JCB came on American soil, American contractors and farmers had already recognized the backhoe’s power and versatility due to increased equipment manufacture. The extensible backhoe didn’t come out for another 14 years.

The Backhoe: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to swap buckets on a backhoe?

Backhoes can be equipped with a variety of attachments and buckets to expand their capabilities. Some attachments may be limited by the machine piece’s size and weight capacity. Before adding a piece of equipment, always check the owner’s manual to make sure the machine is capable of handling it.

Is it possible for backhoes to dig in frozen ground?

A backhoe can dig in frozen ground with the help of suitable attachments. A frost bucket, hydraulic hammer, rotary cutter, or static ripper are all attachments that can assist a backhoe in digging in frozen ground.

What does a backhoe and an excavator have in common?

An excavator is a shoveling machine with a revolving cab that rotates 360 degrees. It is generally used for excavation work and has an arm with a bucket attachment – or any other type of excavator attachment. While excavators are often tracked machines, they can also be wheeled.
A backhoe is a tractor cab equipped with a loader on the front and an arm on the back. Other attachments can be used in place of the arm and bucket. These devices, which are mainly wheeled, are used for minor digging operations, transferring loads and goods, and a variety of other tasks.
Backhoes are more more adaptable than excavators, and can be employed in virtually any industry.

What does a backhoe and a loader have in common?

A backhoe has an arm and bucket on the rear, with the loader attachment on the front, whereas a loader simply has the loader bucket.

Is it possible to rent a backhoe?

You can, in fact, rent one. They can be rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and their size and weight can be determined.

How much does a backhoe rental cost?

Backhoes are available for rent at various costs. Prices vary depending on the length of the rental, the location of the rental, the equipment supplier, and the type of equipment.
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【Voice Control】Compatible with HomeKit/Alexa/Google, it allows you to control lights hands-free with your voice, just need simple voice commands, you can easily control the light bulb on/off, adjust the brightness and color. "Hey Siri, turn on the lights". 【APP Remote Control】By downloading our CozyLife APP (iOS and Android users, no hub required) or using the HomeKit function (Home APP, requires an Apple device as a hub, please visit the Apple website for more details about HomeKit), you can control these smart candle bulbs anytime, anywhere.Only 2.4GHz WiFi is supported. Start enjoying your smart life. 【Easy Dimming & Multicolor】E14 smart bulbs provide 16 million colors, the brightness can be adjusted from 1%-100, and the color temperature can be adjusted from 2700~6500K (warm white-cool white). In music mode, the colors will change according to the rhythm, which will create a different atmosphere for you. Suitable for festivals and parties with your friends. 【Schedule & Timer】By presetting the schedule, you can easily set the smart light bulb on in the morning and off automatically at night, so you don't have to worry about whether you forget to turn off the light when you go to bed or go out. Enjoy a smart home and customize a schedule or scene of all your lights. Save your power and easy your life. 【Energy Saving】5W LED E14 smart bulbs can replace ordinary 30W incandescent bulbs, each bulb emits 300 lumens of bright light output, 80% energy saving, durable, with a total lifespan of up to 25,000 hours. Easy to install.
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"Hey Miki, how's your mother?" my mom said as we entered my house. Then the two of them got gossiping about the neighborhood and I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I didn't really need to go, but the last thing I needed was to get caught between Miki and my mother. I think between the two of them they already had all of my life already planned out.
"Do we really want to hide this from everybody?, because i think Heron is catching on, she asked me about the ummm 'noises' coming from your room" Snowhawk laughed at this.
Again, softly “Zane... are you in here?”
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Behind her, students were climbing onto buses and walking out to their own cars. Adrian lowered the window while she approached. Reaching him, she gripped the window frame of the door so tightly that her knuckles were white. Adrian looked at her face and realized that she had been crying.
“Why do you want to do this?”
“Was it-was it bad?” Will asked.
“I know, I know. What I mean is… I don’t know, I guess I can’t help but feel at least a little responsible… you know? I mean, we were together for a few months, and anytime he tried to do that kind of stuff with me, I shot him down. I can’t say I blame him too much for getting head from Stacy when I wouldn’t do it for him.”
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But mostly, right now, I had to make this story come true for ME. Right now it was the ONLY thing I could think about.
Sandy went inside then, and returned a few minutes later with the requested letter. Brandon checked it quickly to ensure there were no loopholes, then smiled and thanked her. Her reply was straightforward and honest. “There is absolutely no need to thank me. You guys have done so much for me the last couple of weeks. I feel like a completely new woman, and it’s exhilarating. I used to feel ashamed for liking this sort of thing, and scared to death that if I did ever try it, I would get arrested. Now I know there are safe options, if you are just discreet, and have people who will watch out for you. I can never thank you enough. And I meant what I said, anything you guys ever need, ever, just ask. Now I just can’t wait for my turn to see a show. Please tell me you won’t make me wait too long? It’s like Christmas when I was a kid, and I hate having to wait.”
“Hey Sue,” a male voice yelled out from behind me.
“Trust me I’m not, not one to back down either.”
“My mother and aunt should be with her, if Rita told them to come I mean,” I said.
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“So… this could be the world’s oldest language, couldn’t it?” asked Jason.
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Tin obediently went to work while Noah gathered all the chains and collars used to lead the slaves. There was also plenty of rope in case their binds broke during transport. Noah snapped the collars off the chains and used them as hammers to break the weaker links and separate the chains into multiple short segments.
“Good, and, Rachel?”
"You have to be very gentle," I said. She nodded at me as I let go of her hand. She looked back down . . . and slowly let her fingertips . . . each make contact with the purple head of my cock. She looked up at me for approval . . . and I nodded for her to continue.
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They certainly were. “Um, yeah,” I mumbled.
“Ok. I’m going to talk to the boss,” meaning the base commander, Dad’s boss, “They owe me big time. I’ll see what we can do. In the meantime, let’s say it’s decided. Honey, can you look into arranging housing and kids you find activities for all of us?”
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Marshall grins before he realizes something as his expression changes he says, “Shit, I won the damn pool. But I'll never be able to collect it.”
“I sure am Ann, you knew what I wanted, you delivered it, and you did it in an unrealistic time. How could I not be happy?”
She pushed me off roughly and rolled over, putting her ass in the air.
“Do you wanna do it in my room?’ Tina asked. Her voice had that note in it that she got when she wanted to be helpful.
The reply was not at all reassuring. "That little bitch has been waiting all summer to move up the food chain. She's been real disappointed I've kept you mostly to myself. Now it looks like she couldn't wait for us to introduce Janet to our games." Jacqui started pacing. "Frankly, I'm worried for Janet. I don't think Anne has my patience or finesse." Melissa was appalled -- her own initiation had not been subtle and she hardly wanted to think about what could be worse.
The girl slowly took his hand standing up but her eyes remained locked onto his face. At first he wasn’t sure how to react. “Is there a big red mark on my forehead? Does she think I’m cute? Why is she staring so long?” After a few moments Luke started to feel uncomfortable and tried to break the silence, “Um…are you ok? That was a bit of a nasty fall ya know.” His words didn’t seem to sink in as the girl just continued to stare. Luke was really starting to get a really weird vibe out by this whole situation.
The thought of Will being mad brought up the thought of Mark. She hadn’t talk to him yet, but she was furious. He had almost ruined her first relationship, and what’s worse, he lied about it to Will. She knew Will tried to be civil at first, and that he had forgiven her at the end. But she was overcome with guilt.
As I stood there in the hallway, I felt a big, crushing nothing over me. The nothing felt really bad. What was I supposed to do? What would happen in the future? All I knew was that I didn’t want this situation to get worse than it already did. I had to keep this between Megan and I. No one else.
“WOW” Candy said, “so you had two children and got married at 16, Aunt Kathy?”
Both of the girls sighed heavily. All of a sudden Jayne gasped.
“Now! She’s gonna figure out what’s up soon!” she said quickly, rolling me flat on my back and throwing her leg over my waist.
“Big brother I’m going over to Cassie’s house for that party, and sleep over so I won’t be back till late tomorrow night so I’ll see when I wake you up Monday for breakfast,” Liz yelled from her door.
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Author's note: The characters in this story do not have an actual age listed. If you want them to be eighteen, then they're eighteen, if you want older or younger, based on your own personal preferences, then feel free to adjust your mental image as you like. When I wrote the story, situated in the time period that I chose, the characters felt between twelve and fifteen years old in my head.
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"thankyou master" there was a silence for 3 seconds and i wonder if i over stepped the boundries.
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I was 15 years old when my dad remarried. When he did we moved in with his new wife, her daughter and her son. I was 2 years older than my new stepsister. Two years after the marriage i moved away to my moms house for a change. Thats when everything changed.
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It took me a while to fall asleep, mostly because I was horny and I couldn't do anything about it, and also because I couldn't stop thinking what Chris and Stephanie's reaction would be when we told them about us. I was assuming the worst, but like Rita said, they might not even care, and I should just warm up to the idea, but I just couldn't. I laid there with my arms wrapped tightly around Rita while listening to her slight breathing and the soft rain outside until I finally fell asleep.
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once again you totally ruined it by rushing the action. WHERES ALL THE BACKGROUND?? delete both stories and rewrite them properly. they could both be posted as one chapter and need to be two or three times longer.
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Hey all, I did an LED conversion for my halogen headlights, and found a lot of people saying it was not possible to have functioning DRLs and high beams with LEDs since they are a shared 9005 style bulb. After a lot of nonsense and trials and errors, I found a kit that was matched to my car, and I now have functioning DRLs and high beams, as well as excellent low beams.
First off, low beams: Low Beams are an easy H11 style LED drop in kit. The biggest concern here is getting a set that has emitters that match the vertical position of the halogen filament, if that makes sense. Another important feature is to have a rotating locking collar so you can position the emitters at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock. If you find a set that can do this, you're good to go. Because the beams are shooting at 9 and 3 o'clock, the cutoff in the factory lenses keeps the low beams from getting in anyone's eyes.
Second, the hard part, DRL/High beam combo: Normally when swapping this bulb to LED, you give up DRL mode completely due to the dual voltages that are sent to the bulb depending on the mode. To get an LED that can handle the low voltage DRL mode as well as the high voltage high beam mode, you need a set of 9005 style LEDs with the same features listed above - properly positioned emitters and an adjustable locking collar. You also need a set of resistors that can detect the voltage and switch modes properly. I found that VLEDS offers a kit specifically for this situation - the bulbs, splitters for the resistors, and the resistors themselves. The resistors have to be mounted on metal with high temp double sided tape, or bolted to a 6mm bolt. The resistors cannot touch anything plastic because they can get up to 100c.
Once you get all of this stuff mounted, the DRL mode of the LEDs will function like halogens. During daytime driving the DRLs run at reduced brightness. Once it gets dark enough, the car switches over to the projector low beams. If you turn on the brights, the DRLs will go to full bright high beam mode, and the low beam projectors will turn on.
Here are some pictures. Sorry about the dirty lights:
DRL Close up
High Beams
High Beams Close up
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I replaced a burnt-out front turn signal on my 2006 Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged Coupe with a replacement incandescent bulb, but when I tested the turn signal, it didn't flash with it and the turn signal is still flashing at high speed as if it were out. Any ideas as to why this is?
Again, I did NOT install an LED bulb - it is a standard incandescent replacement bulb.
submitted by magicmusicmann to MechanicAdvice [link] [comments]

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Just joined up, 2023 SR5 V6 4X4. Super happy to be back in a truck, it’s been a really long time and a lot has changed. Any suggestions on must haves right out the shoot? I’ve just ordered led bulb replacements for just about everything and that’s it so far. submitted by acs730 to ToyotaTacoma [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 01:36 Afro_garden I have to get out of here, even if it kills me.

Sunset Acre’s, A beautiful and scenic locale for any folks looking for a well maintained, and relaxing place to call home. 24-hour care from some of the top medical professionals money could buy, our lavish building comes equipped with an in-house urgent-care clinic, rehab facility, physical therapy, and all the comforts of home for your loved ones. Located just outside the city, right off the highway, it’s a calm and well-maintained environment for your sunset years. Visiting hours are from 8am-8pm, come and take a tour to see if this is the right choice for your loved one! Financing available!
The air smelled of piss and he knew one thing.
“I have to get out of here, even if it kills me…”
Jack knew better, this was just a disguise, a colorfully painted prison. Watching the time as it drew closer to midnight, he knew zero hour was upon him. Sitting in his bed, reading the brochure for Sunset Acre’s a smile of disbelief grew across his jaw. The carefully curated pictures, and embossed font gave it this air of quality, and comfort. The pure hell of living in this place was a story of its own, that he was quite sure nobody would ever believe. “I am going to make it this time!” Jack whispered to himself. For the first time in what seemed like years, the pieces fell into line. Picking the latch on his bedroom door with the brochure folded perfectly. ‘CLICK’ the door swung open effortlessly. Leaning out he took a careful look into the hall. How he managed to have the sheer luck of slipping his nighttime sedative into Frank’s cup he had no idea, but he was sure now was the time. Without the doorknob on the inside of his room, it made it nearly impossible to get out once it was ‘lights out.’ All free-standing items and parcels were removed from his room, being one of the more ‘troublesome’ prisoners, Jack counted his blessings he at least had a bed, and a blanket still. The doorknob was lost in last months ‘attempt’ but as the weeks went by he was on his best behavior to keep the eyes off him.
“Nearly impossible,” Jack giggled to himself. The precautions were taken. He weighed every possible outcome, and this time Jack knew, he would make it. The window on the far-side of the dayroom was in poor condition, and could be pried open, with a little “gentle persuasion.” Jack had been practicing for the past few days to ensure it would work. He had to barter off a week’s worth of dessert and meals to “Happy Harry” so he would keep the Meat-heads busy long enough to move his items. Harry really was a good man. “If he wasn’t such a sucker for those pills, he would be a good poker partner” Jack sometimes thought to himself. The man really was something else, big as a house, crazy as glue, but easily the smartest man Jack had ever met. Trying to think how exactly he was able to con an entire system to let him have full room and board, and all the pills he could eat, Jack did not know. “He might even be smarter than I am” Jack would chuckle to himself. Jack began to creep into the hallway, thinking about earlier that day during lunch, watching in amazement as “Happy Harry” went to work having a certified ‘Freak-Out.’
The man known as ‘Happy Harry’ was no slouch, standing at a brisk 7.3ft tall, and a whopping 375lbs, give or take, the man was a mountain. From what Jack knew he used to be a Football player, or something, Wrestler maybe? Jack really couldn’t be sure; Harry did change his story regularly. Harry sure liked to talk, and he could spin a yarn or two himself. He did his best to keep this to himself of course, couldn’t risk his new home, and dealer finding out he wasn’t crazy. He did confide in Jack on occasions where he was lucid, but those were very rare occasions. Harry couldn’t have been over 55, and yet here he was. More times than not, he would just get bored, and ‘Freak-Out.’ A man of his size, and temper that was all the persuasion any of the Meat-Heads needed to keep him blissfully cheesed out on sedatives, and that’s exactly what he wanted. It was quiet in Sunset Acre’s before Harry arrived one day last summer. Most of the residents minding their own business, the occasional accident here, a slip there, and sometimes a resident totally unaware they are walking down the halls without pants on, shivering from the cold.
Once Harry arrived Jack knew this was a man he needed to be friends with. “a brute that size, I could sure use his help, when the time is right.” Jack thought. After breaking meals with Harry a few times, Jack finally got up the courage to ask his story; of course, slipping him one of his nighttime pills as payment, Harry blissfully obliged. “Jack…” in a hushed tone Harry said, “sometimes the monsters out there aren’t nearly as bad as the monsters in here” pointing to his head. “If I have a say in it, I’d rather spend my days numb to the reality of what I have done, and the ‘deals’ I have made.” Really stressing the deals part. “Better the devil you know, to the one you don’t.” Harry concluded, flicking the pill into his mouth, and chugging his juice. “that’s fine an all, but you really didn’t answer my question” Jack stated slightly annoyed. Harry just put a finger to his lips, and made a ‘SHH’ noise, as he leaned backwards in the chair and sighed, They are listening Jack, they are ALWAYS listening.” From then on Jack realized that Harry could be trusted, for the right price. And he was glad to have it, because a weeks’ worth of food was the price for his help ‘this time.’ Keeping his distance, Jack sat in the back of the day-room, reading, with his attention solely fixed on Harry.
Hearing the bestial roar of that man screaming and throwing a tantrum about god knows what, at any given time was truly something. Seeing all the residents cry in fear, and the Meat-Heads assemble like some kind of heroes, had to be the best entertainment he could have in this hell. More than once did Jack hear the “Battle-Plan” for the rare chance ‘Happy Harry’ would have once of his certified ‘Freak-Outs.’ Left flank here, double grapple right, with gratuitous ‘checks’ to ensure the ‘Freak-Out kit’ was fully stocked at a moment’s notice. This was not the first time he had one, nor would it be the last, and this particular afternoon, was no exception.
Jack watched for the signal Harry and he had agreed on. Thinking back on that fateful day last week; remembering his conversation over breakfast with Harry. “listen Jack, they have been rationing out my food lately, and I’m starving.” Harry moaned in his massive voice, “you know how it is, one little slip up and they take away anything and everything you love.” Harry lamented, “If you want my help with your latest adventure its gonna cost ya.” Knowing any price was worth the help, Jack stiffened up and asked, “name your price harry.” “I knew you were a smart man Jack, now let’s get to business…” Even now Jack’s stomach was rumbling as Harry began to wind up. One solid week of all dessert and applesauce, he even took Jacks meatloaf a couple times, all of it straight to Harry’s plate. The sheer torture of having to “pretend to be nice” to these bastards just to get a few extra scraps was more than Jack could take. But the price was worth it. In awe Jack looked on as Harry stood tall, spit flying out of his massive maw as he roared, “MASHED POTATOES!!!” as one of the greenhorns went in to try and calm Harry down. The greenhorn softly spoke “Easy, easy, Harry, we’ll get you some food, let’s just have a seat and I’ll go get you some snacks alright!?.” Jack watched on in disbelief, “you can always tell who is new, and who is a vet in this place” Jack sighed to himself. Just then another more confident greenhorn sidestepped the soft worm to attempt to get a grapple on Harry. Just then, Harry’s words rang in Jacks mind. “One of them greenhorns is gonna try the strategy Frank came up with to flank me, when they do, I’ll be giving them a face-lift, that’s when you go.” That was the signal Jack was waiting for. He looked on sheepishly from around the corner, trying to remain out of sight. The moment the greenhorn made contact with Harry, Jack knew he was about to have a, Very. Bad. Day.
Harry had reached out and picked the greenhorn up by his face, “Harry, really man that’s a bit much…” Jack muttered to himself as he crept along the edge of the room. Effortlessly lofting the poor guy into the arms of his companions, causing him to nearly flatten two of the 4 Meat-Heads who stood in opposition, they barely managed to catch their co-worker as the three of them flew backwards into the main lobby desk, crumpling to the floor. “I…want…mashed…” Harry growled as he stomped toward the group, their eyes fixed in terror on the wall of fury before them. “POTATOES!!!” one of the little greenhorns wet themselves in the chaos. Finally, the rest had gathered to their feet resuming formation, just before Harry made it the rest of the way. Just then Jack heard Frank, and this meant trouble. In a massive voice from behind the double doors to laundry, “Harry can we go ONE DAY, JUST ONE DAY!!!” The doors crashed open as a wall of flesh launched itself towards Harry.
This particular Meathead was Frank, the biggest, and meanest of them all. He wasn’t bigger than Harry sure, but he was damn close. “Not good, I need to hurry.” Jack spat to himself, seeing the blur of Frank launching over the desk, and his comrades, directly onto Harry; as Harry then began to laugh maniacally, “FRANKIE WANT TO PLAY WITH HARRY YAY!!!” Harry began spinning himself in a circle with Frank well and truly riding him like a backpack. “JEN GET THE KIT NOW!” Frank shouted, as the cluster of Meat-Heads scrambled in formation. Knowing that the time was almost up, Jack rushed to the game cupboard, and stuffed his things inside. Coat, check, boots, check, pants, check, book, check. “worth every penny” Jack said as he smiled rushing back to his spot. Harry was still laughing as the dogpile was in full effect, it was truly terrifying how many it took to take this man down. Hurrying to re-take his place at the back of the room Jack stole one more glance in transit, “they really should invest in an elephant gun at this point.” Jack chuckled to himself, as the sedative was promptly injected into Harry’s rump. “HARRY WANT….ma…shed….Potat…” Finally slowing down, Harry made eye contact with Jack, and flipped his fingers at him in a slow gesture, “Thank you sir, enjoy your nap” Jack said to himself, as he gave Harry a proper salute. Even though Jack had to pay for such a service, he knew Harry would have done it for free just to get a hit of the good stuff.
After a few minutes, and Harry was soundly knocked out, Frank got to his feet. “WHO was in charge of watching Harry today!?” he screamed. The greenhorn who was covered in his own wetness slowly raised his hand through a stream of tears. “M..me…sir…” Frank’s white-hot rage now fixed on the greenhorn in question. “I don’t need to remind you of what we covered in training, this is EXACTLY WHY, when you are assigned to a post here, You. Don’t. SLACK!” through gritted teeth, Frank poking his chest on each word. Jack almost felt sorry for the poor kid, he just needed a job, and this looked like easy money. “I briefed you all yesterday that Harry was due for a ‘freak-out’ any day now, it’s never more than a week.” Brushing his sweat beads off his face, Frank continued. “Jen Write up the report, and for god’s sake Micky, just clock out, you have done enough for one day.” Frank gestured to the rest of them to pick up Harry, “Get a chair, and go put him in his room, he’ll be out the rest of the day I reckon.”
Hands on his hips Frank just stood there for a moment and looked cautiously around the lobby, Jen then walked up to Frank, “here Frank, I made you a cup, just relax for a minute while we get this all fixed alrighty?” Frank breathed a tremendous sigh, “thank you Jen, I’m so tired of trainees, one of these days I’m gonna have to write up an autopsy report for what’s left of them.” Jen gave him a wry smile, “everyone is new sometimes Frank, that’s why you are here, to do all the work.” Giving him a giggle, and then skipping off down the hall to finish her tasks. Frank then took a sip from the mug, smiled for a moment, then looked around the room at the remnants of the chaos, and finally his eyes landed on Jack. His eyes narrowed as he noticed Jack just sitting at a table reading. Jack felt the Steel of his gaze instantly, and knew it was coming. Wiping his head again, setting down his mug, Frank began to stomp across the room towards Jack. “looks like my book report will be late” Jack jokingly chided out loud as Frank drew close. Snatching the book out of Jack’s hands, Frank threw it across the room, and slammed his hands down on the table leaning down an inch from Jack’s face. “Enjoying yourself sir!?” spit flying from his mouth into Jacks face. “Well, I do love reading, much better than wetting myself, or better yet being a baseball!” Jack laughed as he met Franks gaze. “Recess is over Jack… Room…Now…” Frank roared in a menacing low tone. Franks face was the deepest purple Jack had ever seen. “Ya know you really should watch your blood pressure, could put you in an early grave.” As Jack began to laugh, Franks mighty hand lifted him to his feet, a fist full of his shirt, as he boomed, “MARCH!”
As Frank led Jack across the room, Jack knew there was one last piece to the puzzle he needed to place. Just before reaching the end of the day-room, he spied Franks coffee mug, still steaming hot, at the end of the desk. Jack knew there was no way he could get into any mischief while the Frank was leading him in his iron grip. So, thinking quickly he looked about, on the table just before the end of the room was a glass of juice from lunch, that nobody had cleared yet. Just as they passed, Jack feigned tripping, and tipped the glass on himself and Frank. The glass fell to the floor shattering everywhere “Jack what the hell is the matter with you!?” Frank Let go of jack just long enough for Jack to reach into his pocket and pull out his nighttime pill from the previous night. “OH NO! I’m so clumsy Frank, sorry about that!” stepping over the glass shrapnel. Frank was looking all about to ensure nobody would trip, and that was just the moment Jack needed. With a quick movement he dropped his pill into Franks mug. Just then one of the other Meat-Heads returned in a rush, “Frank what happened? We heard something break!” as they made eye contact with Jack. “Its fine, Jack hit a glass on his way out.” Frank tiredly moaned.“ Get him to his room now, I need to clean this up.” As Jack made his way to his room it was all he could do to contain his smile. This was it. Everything was in place.
Every time he managed to get close, something would hinder him, some variable he had not calculated, an unforeseen contingency that stopped him from completing his task. Whether it was a greenhorn showing up at the wrong time, to a shift change in the Meat-Heads, or just sheer horrible luck. But for some prophetic reason Jack surmised, this plan was flawless. While his body aged, and these days it was just a little more difficult to get around, Jack’s mind was sharper than ever. Constantly looking onto the crowds within the “prison” with disgust, Jack could not understand why he was there, and what had he done to deserve such a punishment. “Surrounded by brain-dead fossils, and Meat-Heads. I have to get out of here, even if it kills me.” Jack would proclaim to himself.
Jack could not remember how long he had been at Sunset Acre’s. All he could remember is how he yearned to escape the torment. Day after day being treated as a child, unfit to even relieve himself in the bathroom alone, Jack resigned to his fate. At least that’s what he made “them” think. These specters in white, ghouls of their own accord, only putting up with the elderly as a means to afford their own drinking and drug habits. These monsters would constantly beat, and demean these helpless souls, never relenting, never stopping. The grandest of facades would be spun on any visit by someone from the outside. Those were the moments Jack loved. “It almost feels real…” Jack would quietly think to himself; “the smiles, gentle hands, patience, almost as if we are people.”
On many occasions when the “Suits” arrived, the folks who ‘actually’ owned the place would strut around viewing their brand-new cash cow. The manager himself would make his appearance; gallivanting about as if this was a Broadway musical. “As I tell everyone who enters these doors” he croaked, “this may be your job, but THIS is their home, you work in their home, treat them with respect, and dignity!” gesturing about his poorly made suit showing its ill-fitting nature. After seeing this firsthand countless times, it still stung Jack, knowing what a lie it truly was. “if they could only see” he would muse to himself from the corner of the day-room. Shaking his head, resuming his vigil. Only once the onlookers would leave, did the whitewash peel off of this despair. As the visiting hours came to a close, 8pm on the dot, the wretched smiles, and twisted vestiges re-emerged, all too happy to usher in the reality of this place.
It was a game to them; how much could they control and break down. Any of the “prisoners” bold enough to issue a complaint would have their query swept under the rug so fast that it was more of common knowledge that the mishaps were coined as “clumsy accidents.” Which, the Meat-Heads were more than happy to brag to the “prisoners” of Sunset Acres of their brutish and wretched habits. Jack knew far better than to believe that garbage. He witnessed it with his own eyes daily. He even tried to make a stand against the tyranny once; however, it was shortly after his protest that he realized he was truly alone, none of the residents even acknowledged his efforts, nor would they make eye contact with him. Once his meals began to reach scant amounts that would make the meals of solitary confinement look like a harvest feast; Jack knew he was alone, no one was coming to save him, and nothing was going to change. Only after what felt like weeks of starvation did they finally begin to portion food for a human being again, but Jack knew, “we’re not people to them.” The Meat-Heads made sure to rough him up pretty good, and of course as per their creed, never anywhere it could be seen fully clothed. For the life of him he could not figure out why it was this way.
Jack was never left alone long enough to get up to mischief these days. Being the ‘top-tier troublemaker’ has that effect. More than once did he make it to the front steps only to be subdued at the last moment, tears streaming down his cheeks and the flowing leaves on the sunbathed trees, grew ever smaller as the doors slammed shut. Each time he was close, each time it became harder to even try. “This time it’s different” Jack thought to himself, even now as he was trembling with excitement. Soon it would be all over, soon he would be free. So many hours of planning and waiting for the right moment were close to paying off. Jack knew that he was not as spry as he was 20 years ago, but he felt relatively good being 70, no real complaints to speak of. He had stiffness of course; his joints ached at times, but nothing that would cause suspicion of health risks outside being 70. Always got a lollipop after his doctor visits, other than being older, his health was good, or so the doctors would say to Jack.
Which was why he constantly questioned himself, “why am I here? It’s not like I’m an invalid, or a whack job like Harry” Jack knew that at times he could be stubborn and a real pain, but why did he have to end up at a place like Sunset Acre’s? He worked hard at his job in Middleman’s Construction, Many of the cities prestigious buildings were thanks to his sharp eye for detail, and he felt himself a pillar of the community. Jack knew nearly everyone, there was not a time strolling down main-street he did not have smiling faces greeting him, shaking his hand, thanking him for his dedication to their projects. He felt like he was living in a fantasy some days, just how truly wonderful his life was…
“Bah focus Jack!” Jack whispered to himself in a hushed tone, then shook his head he was getting too caught up in his own thoughts, quietly he took his steps into the hallway; The task at hand was his only chance of escaping this prison. Sunset Acre’s was a modest building, sound in design and flowing properly to ensure a healthy state of mind. Just as he intended when he was contracted to build it 30 years ago. The details of the process were a bit fuzzy, he met a lot of people, and shook a lot of hands. But little did he know this building would become the bane of his existence. It surprised him what a stark contrast of his intention did the building now portray. Looking down the now decrepit hallway, the smell of fresh sawdust, and drywall has all been forgotten by the ravages of time.
The smells of a freshly constructed building were now replaced with the stench of corruption, and urine from the poorly cared for tenants. Creeping along the hallway, Jack could see the guard, peacefully resting his cleanly shaven head on a pile of medical reports on the lobby desk. Thinking to himself as he drew closer, Jack mused, “How can that man move with his muscles barely contained in his white scrubs?” Jack had no clue. More than once had Jack been the victim of his ruthless temper. The lobby desk was in a state of disarray due to the number of complaints issued daily from the “prisoners.” Jack could see Frank shuffle slightly nearly toppling over a stack of paperwork from the desk he now rested upon. The desk itself was open flowing in design that allowed a massive man such as Frank to use quick maneuvers over the threshold should the need arise. Especially from the earlier display Jack was glad it was a solid foundation, it was the only think he Felt Frank truly loved, napping on his favorite desk.
Jack could only piece together why that man was as angry as he was with the tenants. A failing marriage, due to Frank’s over indulgence of muscle enhancers, a lack of intimacy with his wife. “It could be anything really” Jack said on many occasions while thinking about it. More times than he could count he overheard Frank screaming over the phone at her for some reason he was sure Frank had instigated, he was not a nice man, and thinking about it he could not see how his wife could love such a brute. Snoring loudly, Frank shuffled slightly as Jack crept by. He was very thankful his knees were able to keep him aloft. The adrenaline pumping through his body from the promise of freedom was everything pushing him forward. It had been what seemed like an eternity since he had the fresh spring air blowing in his face. Even with the windows open there was no fresh air in this hell.
The crisp wind outside only aggravated him from being locked inside, windows only cracked enough to remind those inside how helpless they were. It was so close now, the double doors stood like monuments frozen in time. In the daytime, it was a portal to the outside world. However, on this night, they were hollow eyes into the abyss of the chilly April night. The maple trees on either side of the walkway were dimly lit by the incandescent bulbs of the walkway lights, flickering ever so often due to the lack of proper maintenance.
As he passed down the hallway, re-runs of old television shows sung like a cacophony of madness throughout the building. Every door was cracked open just enough to allow easy access for the ghouls. All of them except for the two troublemakers, Happy Harry, and Jack himself; those two had the knobs removed from the inside and shut firmly each night. As he passed the opening of the day room, now dark in the absence of the light of the sun, it was just as horrific as he knew it to be in his mind. No bright colors painted on the walls to speak of, just shades of darkness. It was truly a hellish place to live, but Jack had no idea how someone would willingly work in such a horrible place.
Moving softly, he made it to the other side of the desk, spying the clock it read, 12:00am exactly, and he knew, that the other night-shift worker would be at least a 5 min walk away on the other side of the building, doing checks in the rooms. Like clockwork, every night. Jack then pulled the drawer open slowly and looking over to Frank, praying, hoping, and begging, he remain asleep. Reaching inside the drawer of the lobby desk he fished out the keys to the security door. Slowly he rolled the drawer shut placing his finger as a buffer to not make the wood slam. “So far, so good” Jack thought, “just one more step.” Creeping softly, he made his way down the hall just to the left of the lobby, and slowly inserted the key. ‘click, click, click, CLUNK!’ the final deadbolt clacked, echoing off the halls. Jack froze in place as he looked behind him towards Frank. With an audible snort, Frank stirred slightly, and adjusted himself. “No, I’m so close, just go back to sleep you damn ogre.” Jack raged in his head, everything would be ruined, it would be solitary for the next year. With a sigh of relief, Jack listened to Frank resume his snoring.
With more care and delicacy than he felt he could muster; Jack slowly opened the door to the security room. With luck it’s the most frequented room in the building, so it’s also left open regularly. A couple days after hashing out the terms of service with Harry, he was lucky enough to see the maintenance man working on one of the computers in the security room, and a can of oil just sitting there, unguarded as Jack played out this exact scenario in his head. Harry’s ‘freak-out’ check, sedative, check, key, check, security door open, check, security door being quiet, not-check, imagining Frank waking up now vaulting over that desk after the day he had, is tantamount to suicide Jack thought. So, when the opportunity presented itself, he quietly grabbed that can of oil, and sprayed the security door’s hinges, just to be sure. The security door opened without a single squeak, or complaint. Now was the tricky part, Jack knew there was a switch in here somewhere that would kill the monitoring systems for the camera’s, but only briefly.
Last summer he witnessed this when during a strong thunderstorm, a power surge struck the grid, and the building’s power was shut down. Whether it was 1 minute, or 5, it didn’t matter, he just needed to be quick. With luck he could kill the power just long enough to escape without the cameras running to see him leave, it would be days before they picked up his trail, if at all. Leaning over the desk, he looked about, knowing the wrong switch would trip the high pitch alarm, and that simply wouldn’t do. “c’mon Jack, you can get this, which one is it…” Jack was beginning to sweat knowing his time was running short, the time was flashing 12:03am. The other Meat-Head would be back soon, and that is a risk he couldn’t take. In the sea of badly managed wires lining the floor, he spied the largest Surge protector, a burned-out orange button was there, no light, but running all the same. “Jackpot!” Jack cheered to himself, as he leaned down, and clicked it off. Standing up as quickly as he dared, the flashing lights, and monitors all off, a smile grew across his face as Jack shuffled with speed and purpose he had not felt in years.
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