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A Reddit community for those who work from home (WFH), or would like to work from home! Helpful tips and discussions on working remotely, the lifestyle, and making it all work! A place to talk about making an income online. This includes random jobs, online employers, sites that pay you and ways earn a living online. .

2023.06.05 07:02 ali1124 please don’t repeatedly ask for your order 5 times after you have mobile ordered 2 minutes ago

i work part time at my family’s restaurant & a thing that always annoys me (or probably the most) is whenever we get online orders & people come in not even 5 minutes later asking for the full course meal we just confirmed.
earlier today we were pretty busy & backed up on orders & as i was taking another one on the phone, this lady asked for pickup, asked what her name was and i had just confirmed hers so i told her it’s going to be around a 10 minute wait & apologized for the wait, 2 minutes later, she asked again, 3 minutes after that she asked and all i told her is that it’s not ready yet.
minuscule but it annoys me because it’s like!!! we have other customers waiting & i don’t think asking for it is gonna make it come any faster lol…
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2023.06.05 06:21 JamcityJams Ontario plumbing apprentice moved to Alberta

Good evening plumbing community, I just moved from Ontario to Alberta to start my plumbing apprenticeship. I have my G3 gas license and my 240 hours plumbing level 1 theory in-class completed. I'm starting work this week and I was wondering if anyone knows about the equivalency between Ontario/Alberta. Please DM me if you know all the steps I must take.
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2023.06.05 05:55 AutoModerator [Download Course] Vinh Giang – Stage Academy (

[Download Course] Vinh Giang – Stage Academy (

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You have one of the most complex instruments in the world – your voice. Yet when was the last time you sat down and learned how to use it to its fullest potential? Once and for all, learn how to master your instrument. No stone will be left unturned. Vinh will dive deep into vocal mastery, storytelling, body language, and much much more!
You are only as good as you can communicate. After you come through the Stage Academy, you return amplifying the best parts of who you are, improving your ability to lead the life you desire. Stop playing a small version of yourself, it’s time to break out of your comfort zone and allow the bigger version of you to shine through. Discover how to unlock your voice and your potential.
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Storybank Learn to build a library of stories that you can pull from anytime!


If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
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2023.06.05 05:37 Theorpo I Got Rejected for the first time. (And a little more stuff from today)

When I saw posts here. I really wanted to have a happy situation to tell. But as of 3 1/2 hours ago I got rejected. I'll start top to bottom of my day. But first Backstory. I've been loving the heck out of this girl since 7th grade and we are now sophomores. At the Beginning of Freshman year, I asked my friend who did have her number If I could have it. (I could at that point never have done it myself.) Finally last day of Freshman year I texted here saying
"Hey -----! This is ----, I got your number from a friend. Just wanted to say Hello! We've been waving in the hallway and such all year. But how's life going? How have you been doing this year? Anyways just saying hi right now and I hope to see you next year!"
I sent this May 26th and didn't get a response and I decided to make sure I had the right number even
Hey! it's me ----. Is this -----'s phone number? Just wondering.
Then about 4 hours ago I got a response finally.
Sorry, wrong number. Please stop texting this number.
My heart sank. I truly was in denial I went to my friend that gave me the number and I asked him Did I get the right number like is that ----- -----------'s number? and he said
"Yes it is."
And I just broke down crying I haven't done anything but sit in silence I don't think I've said a single word accept insulting myself while crying. I have been building up this day and putting many things of my very small attention size due to ADHD to the side for this and I'm just defeated... I don't know what to do. What doesn't help is that earlier today I put down my dog that has been in the family for 14 years (he was a 19 year old Labrador) I've known him all my life and I've put that guy down. I've known this girl since pre school and this relationship Is either put down or will never be the same. Idk what to do. I have nothing to support mey mom can't drive me to counseling and I will be working this year my family hasn't had a job in 7 years now so I have been carrying this household family friends bring me to the store and I grab items and soon that's gone cause I will have to drive. I'm crying and I don't know what to do. I need something out there I've got no one.
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2023.06.05 05:28 IntrovertRudy29 25M Canadian Genuine friendships

Hello everyone. My name is Rudy, I am a 25M and I live in Canada. I am having trouble making IRL friends in the province, due to many cultural differences here. It would be nice to make friends with people who are willing to put a lot of time and effort into the friendship we could potentially have together. If you are someone who works a lot of hours or are constantly busy, I am not the man for you.
So what about me? Well my interests are gaming (Left 4 Dead 2, Project Zomboid, Terraria, The Forest, Fortnite, Apex, Stardew) also if anyone has Java Minecraft and would like to teach me how to build in Minecraft that would be great. I also like reading books about mental-self help, long walks or jogging, my black cat (I can send pics of him), cooking, sleeping, long drives, and meeting new people.
Here is what I would like to potentially do together when we feel more comfortable with each other
We can voicechat and enjoy each other's presence
We can watch movies, or anything really
We can play any of the games I mentioned
We can text each other almost everyday
We can support each other when we have a bad day
That is about it really. I only ask that you are ages between 19 - 30, and are from USA, Canada or Europe for timezone reasons. I heavily prefer discord or telegram to chat on, and voice chat is a must for me.
Hope to chat with you all soon :)
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2023.06.05 04:56 sasq40 Best Egpu for latitude 5430 rugged

Hey there! Just got my hands on a new laptop for work and it's a major upgrade from my old one. I sold the old one and am now looking into adding an egpu to boost the power for when I'm using it at home. Can't wait to see what this bad boy is capable of!
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2023.06.05 04:36 CinnaminiSigh F27 Eastern US - In a Listening Mood Inviting both Casual Chats and/or Long Term (Platonic)

Hello. I’m from the Southeast US (EST, if that matters to you) and have found myself in a listening mood recently.
If you’re in a mood to speak your mind to someone but have no avenue, need a person to chat with on a particularly lonely day, or just think that like we might have some things in common, feel free to reach out. I love offering encouragement and would appreciate hearing from you. There’s no expectation for us to speak long term, as ghosting doesn’t bother me. Although, if we hit it off and end up lasting friends, I welcome that as well. For transparency: I’m not much of an advice giver and I’m here for platonic interactions only.
We don’t have to have common interests to get along. I typically enjoy hearing about the things other people are passionate about even if it’s not something I’m into. Some of my closest friends have very little in common with me. That said, I will share a bit about me:
My demeanour is generally upbeat, though some of my outlooks on life are probably on the more cynical side. I have an interest in morbid themes. That goes for things horror, gory, macabre, ero guro, etc. I love to talk about topics that may otherwise seem depressing or unsettling. I seem to cycle out hobbies, be they JRPG video games, manga/books, binge-worthy shows, or foreign films. Great world building is the pinnacle for me in my media, great characterisation comes next. I enjoy nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but I also enjoy getting battered and bruised at concerts too. There’s more to learn about me, I’m sure. But I’m more interested in learning about you. Just know that I’m somewhat of an open book if prompted.
We can message over Discord in time if we seem to get on well enough. I only ask that you write your initial message with a bit about yourself rather than just a simple greeting, that should help conversation flow easier. Have a great night!
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2023.06.05 04:32 somethingsecretuknow Does anyone know which dog breed is best for my lifestyle?

Hello! Hoping someone here has knowledge of ESA/service dogs
My questions are which breed best suits my lifestyle and is it better to get a puppy or a young adult? This will be an ESA written by my therapist so size/breed doesn't matter as far as housing or moving. I'm getting an official service dog in the future
I still struggle with posting about myself! I am in my late 20s now. I am diagnosed with ptsd, severe anxiety, major depression, ocd! I'm in therapy and on medication i started at the beginning of the year after putting it off for so long! I just got a pair of kittens who are about 1 year, neutered, vaccinated. Microchipped, healthy, non aggressive, very kind cats who dont play very rough or annoy anyone! They are boys if it matters. I have no children, and single but i really do not know what the future hold.
The dream dogs i want do not fit into my life at the moment, so i need help picking a breed or mix to help me with my current lifestyle. I am a business owner, independent, work from home, like it very quiet and peaceful, exercise, go on hikes, on the go/travel, but will plan to take them with me whenever i can
What I'm looking for -
What im Not looking for -
My dream dogs -
I come from a lot of abuse, horrible relationships, scary experiences, hypervillagence, trouble sleeping at night, feeling scared all of the time. I'm a single female who exercises alone/takes walks/errands/park alone and i want to feel protected like a guard dog. Looking intimadating is very important. I dont want my dog to look too friendly or personable if that makes sense. I dont want them to be aggressive just look like it! I just want to feel safe for once in my life. I really need a loyal companion that brings me a feeling of protection as well! I'm in a large city, and the amount of street harassment women get daily is unbelievable. Any advice? Thank you!
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2023.06.05 04:23 The2Dboi Im not a demon

I can still remember that landscape, tinted in gray smoke and the smell of death all around us, we hadn’t eaten in days and the enemy was relentless. We had nothing, all hope was quickly eradicated by the week, until the day they finally told us we could go home, we just needed to hold on for five more days. Everyone was ecstatic, we wouldn’t need to suffer in that horrible hole for much longer… That’s when I started seeing it. I was assigned to the night watch, I had done it before, and since I was already sleepless I thought it would be easy to stay focused, it wasn’t, not with that thing staring at me from afar. At first I thought it was the enemy so I informed the general, but he said he didn’t see anything, how could he not? It was right there, those eyes, wide open, bloodshot, staring right at me, I couldn’t make out the rest of the body, just the eyes. Every night I saw those eyes, and every night I tried to see what it was but to no avail, after the five days had passed, we finally got to go home. I was… I couldn’t know, I should've been happy about leaving that horrid and dark trench but… those eyes kept haunting me. When I went home… I felt this dreadful sensation… like this wasn't my home. Luckily my wife and dog took that feeling away from me. I hadn’t seen Sarah in months, I missed her kind smile, her beautiful eyes, and her warm face. Toby was also someone I missed, he was a golden retriever that I had since middle school. After a delightful meal that was much better than what they served us at camp, we went to bed, and I could finally rest peacefully. I woke up in the middle of the night, Toby started barking, it was around 3 am. He was in the backyard, barking at the blackness of the forest behind our home… and there they were, those eyes, I thought they were a hallucination, I heard most soldiers had them when coming back home so I just hurried back inside grabbing Toby by the collar and leading him to the bedroom. But I still needed some peace of mind, so the next day I told Sarah I was going to church to talk to the pastor. When I arrived there he greeted me and told me that he was happy to see me, after that I told him about my time at war, and how I had been seeing these eyes in the dark, he told me that this was pretty common, that I had seen the sins of mankind in first hand and now I couldn’t stop seeing them, he said that I should pray, ask God to cleanse my eyes of the horrors I saw. So I did just that, I prayed every night, but it was all the same, Toby barking at the dark in the night, the eyes perpetually still, as if the person who they belonged to was a standing corpse, if it even was a person. My dear Sarah saw how mortified I was about these visions, so the next time Toby barked she went out, after coming back to bed she told me that she didn’t she any eyes, but that she could feel something lurking, she suggested that the eyes might be racoons, but they couldn't be, I don't know what they were but they were definitely not a raccoons, or any other thing that I could explain. After a while I decided to just keep Toby inside at all times and make him sleep with us… That's when I saw them again, now closer than ever, and for the first time I saw the eyes move, I saw them tilt back and forth, I was petrified I couldn't understand it, how was it so close. Then I remembered about Toby, he was laying at the feet of our bed, how could he not bark now? I waited in the dark and the eyes slowly faded away into the darkness of the room. I couldn't sleep just as I standed from the bed there I saw it, Toby’s body, gutted from the inside out, a puddle of blood all around him, I screamed in disbelief at the sight of this atrocity which woke up Sarah who also screamed, after burning Toby and telling her about how I saw the eyes in our room Sarah also started fearing whatever was haunting me, I hanged up crucifix around the house hoping this demon would stop tormenting me, we even had the pastor purify our house but it was to no use, whatever it was, it didn’t care about it all, he came back to our room the next night, however this time it spoke… with a deep in breath voice he muttered “I’m not.. A demon… you can’t get rid of me… I’m something beyond your comprehension” I had a flashlight at hand and I quickly pointed it at him… and he was right I couldn't comprehend him, his body moved in way I can't describe, his face was out of my understanding, and in his eyes I saw horrors no one has ever seen. Sarah screamed in pain, as I turned to her she had a hole in her chest, my hands tinted blood, the creature suddenly disappeared, after that night I turned myself into the police. Maybe this monster didn’t exist, maybe I did all those atrocities. But in the jail… there I saw it again, those eyes… After that I couldn't take it anymore. The things I had seen in his eyes that night were something no man was supposed to see, something that was beyond anything ever conceived, so I took my own life to end the misery.
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2023.06.05 04:15 AutoModerator [Download Course] Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course (

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After thousands of mistakes in the building process, I know exactly what I’d do if I had to start from zero.
If you’re just starting, you have the opportunity to build everything right and avoid 90% of the mistakes that we made in the early days.
Instead of taking 4 years to scale to ~8 figures like my team and I did, you could potentially do it in half the time.
Before you buy, you need to understand this.
This course will work for any agency in the digital space, but it is not for beginners.
This is not to show you how to land your first client and find your niche.
This will only work if you have at least 2-4 clients and you already understand your offer.
My strategies for client acquisition, client retention, offer structure, team building, and systems will only work if you already have the foundations in place.
If you’re above $60k a year but below $1M a year, this will work for you.
Inside, I also share information about my agency that I’ve never shared before.
I do a deep dive into everything that’s allowed us to scale from high-6-figures in 2019 to high-7-figures in 2021.
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2023.06.05 03:53 mindyourownbiscuits_ Two potential jobs, what should I do?

Hi all,
Looking for some guidance. I’m looking to leave my current job because the company had begun mass layoffs. I have been coasting and really think it’s time.
I’ve been interviewing with one company over the past few weeks and this week is the final meeting. I do feel I may get an offer possibly later this week or next week. It’s been going very well and I have really felt comfortable with the team. This role would allow me to take on new work and I would learn a ton. It would probably do great things for my career. This is a hybrid opportunity. NGL- the idea of change scares me but excites me. It’s been years since I’ve been in a role learning really brand new stuff. I would welcome it. The pay I believe will be reasonable and I hopefully I can get a pretty decent salary bump. (I’m assuming - who know until there’s an actual offer) . This is a hybrid role with an easy commute.
So then today I heard back from a job I applied to many weeks ago. Apparently their recruitment effort was on hold but now they are looking for someone and are interested in my candidacy and want to speak soon within the next 1-2 weeks. This would be a convo with the hiring manager. NGL I was super pumped when I applied for this one - it’s a prestigious company. However, I wouldn’t be learning new stuff like I would in the company I’m close to getting an offer with. It would be a bit more of the same work that I’ve been doing for the past several years. The pay would be slightly higher (10k more maybe) than the role I’m close to the offer with - it is a hybrid role but the commute on the days I would have to go in is probably not that great.
What do I do? Sure I can probably do a phone interview with company 2 but I highly doubt I’ll get through the whole process in time for when company 1 presents an offer. I was excited about company 2 but they also took a long time to reach out and company 1 has been super nice and seems cool to work for .
Im curious to hear your thoughts on what you would do it you were in my shoes.
Thanks so much!!
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2023.06.05 03:27 Mediocre-Travel6805 Peace of our time

Hi reddit!
Non religious girl here. Please do not try to make me believe in what I don't, as I won't, and won't ever again. I've found my peace, and spiritual freedom. I'm finally happy within myself and my life, and that's something I did on my own. Not some "God". That guy's a tyrant.
Whenever I'm at peace like this, sometimes something happens, and I feel like it's "God" cursing me for not believing, and that "God" is forcing me to believe in itself, like I would need "it" y'know?? And it's really fcking annoying. Really. I've already said a million times I'm an atheist (not even spiritual at this point anymore, because all of it is just bullshitt to me, and doesn't benefit me or my lifestyle in an way whatsoever.). But from USED to being religious/Christian , I'm paranoid bc of the things the bitchble- whoops I mean bible- taught. Like I just had a sleep paralysis yesterday, at something pushing my back down I guess. Yeah I'm mentally diagnosed with illnesses, so it makes sense kinda. Constantly hear things and get scared easily... Have OCD, so when I have intrusive thoughts I literally think it's Satan himself talking to me, sending his demons out to get my soul or something. Idk. Have the delusion that I'm god, and feelings of grandeur and whatnot.
Still having religious OCD to this very day .. yadda yadda. Btw don't tell me to pray. Been manifesting recently and it's been working far better than a "prayer". Tell me what to do about this (not like medication wise, but like inner shadow work or something. Like a way to get over this feafears. Bc deep down inside I know none of these "entities" exist. I have experience. Personal experiences. But yeah, just need these things to stop completely. I don't believe in Satan, but I get tired of my mind telling me I worship him everyday. The harm OCD has stopped bc I no longer have fears of me hurting myself/others... But the religious OCD still remains. That's what's wrong with religion. It makes us terrified to think a certain way and that isn't love.)
Srry you had to read this long post. Just any advice? No christians please. Don't have time for another war argument😐.
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2023.06.05 02:56 Peaceandlove79 ENSŌ - Part 1

By Alessandro Carosi
It started with a book ”Many Lives, Many masters” by Brian Weiss
Psychiatrist Dr Brian Weiss had been working with Catherine, a young patient, for eighteen months. Catherine was suffering from recurring nightmares and chronic anxiety attacks. When his traditional methods of therapy failed, Dr Weiss turned to hypnosis and was astonished and sceptical when Catherine began recalling past-life traumas which seemed to hold the key to her problems.
Dr Weiss’s scepticism was eroded when Catherine began to channel messages from ‘the space between lives’, which contained remarkable revelations about his own life. Acting as a channel for information from highly evolved spirit entities called the Masters, Catherine revealed many secrets of life and death.
This fascinating case dramatically altered the lives of Catherine and Dr Weiss, and provides important information on the mysteries of the mind, the continuation of life after death and the influence of our past-life experiences on our present behaviour.
At the time in New Zealand I was looking for to have a past life regression but never took into serious consideration till I moved to live in London and due certain exceptionally experiences I decided it was time, a guy among others I felt drawn and few weeks later I was on my way to New Malden the London Korean community, it was a surreal foggy evening I could barely seeing where I was walking, despite that I reached the house of Nicolas Aujula a famous character in the psychic world, he was nothing of what I could expect, slim, elegant, friendly, a normal guy that would easily pass unnoticed, we introduced ourselves and he took me in the living room where I sat in a really comfortable sofa, he explained me what he was going to do and told me to relax, we started, I’m honest I don’t believe he hypnotised me but I can’t deny that weird things happened, images popped up in my mind in unchecked way where I realised to be a man living in the middle ages abusing of a girl I felt instinctively was Julie, a Korean girl I met in New Zealand and played a massive role in my spiritual growing.
This girl still playing an important part in my life and as much I’m trying to forget seems impossible, is like she is part of me and anytime she feel I’m trying to cut the cords of attachment she is coming back in my mind and soul shaking me within, I can’t cut the cords or maybe subconsciously I don’t want.
Five years in London have been a roller coaster of happy and sad moments where Many events unfolded sometime in the most unexpected way till I made the most unexpected decision, to come to Scotland, it was meant to be ? It seems like, all my friends knows that this country was the last I would ever choice to come to live and kept repeating I would never come, so how I ended up here ? I don’t know but I believe that something or someone played with my life, an entity I’m unable to see but I perceived in few occasions, who is that ? I can’t answer to this question but I know that all the synchronicities I experienced pushed me to come, like the fortune teller from Milton Keynes told me I would move to live somewhere else and like other things she predicted then over the next twelve months they occurred, who is in charge ? What is all of this ? I had the chance to see something, a glimpse but no more, I’m frustrated like I know many others out there are, the only thing that keep me going is the fact that all of those experiences made me a better person, so after all this mystery that is life might be Really into teaching us to spiritually grow up.
Scotland, Edinburgh, since I come for the first few months I had an incredible amount of dejavu’, I never experienced so many, this sensation to already have been here it never occurred so much in Italy, Australia, New Zealand and in the other countries I lived, but up here my instinct is telling me there is something for me, something to understand, maybe what happened on Wednesday it is what I needed to remember or just a part of it.
I wanted to reach Glasgow walking by the Union canal from Edinburgh, I didn’t make it but something else would turn me upside down, I was talking with my Mum….oh well, actually arguing when I got a message on Kakao Talk, the Korean version of Whatsapp, it was Julie that replied me to something I asked few days ago, I thought I would never hear from her again but things happening when we less expect them, she couldn’t understand my message and asked me to explain it in a simple way, that day I felt pretty emotional and I got stressed out, to relax I put it on a music track on my Ipod from the movie Cloud Atlas that I got the chance to watch after a colleague recommend it to me, nothing happen by coincidence and everything is connected to each other like a big puzzle, the movie talk about a bunch of people that are bounded to each other and in every new life they will meet over and over again to finish unfinished business or to meet and share the endless love that Twin flames carry to each other forever.
I needed to tell Julie everything I felt, everything I experienced, regardless she would think I was crazy or not, it was something I wanted to share with her for so long and then….a Swan, it reminded me of the ballet performance the Swan Lake and felt compelled to take a photo and to share it with her but when I looked at the pic what I saw blown my mind
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2023.06.05 02:52 xxgarfieldxx Dealing with a Dark Event: Inhuman Agility

I need help figuring out where the hell this specific dark event is coming from, as well as dealing with counterstrategies for it.
For those that don't know, Inhuman Agility is a permanent dark event that gives every organic enemy unit one whole extra action point. This means that units that have non-turn ending attacks get three whole chances per turn to ruin your mission one kill at a time, or even give the stun lancers the ability to run all the way to your backlines and get a lucky unconscious proc. This is most egregious with the ADVENT Assault Troopers mod where they a lot of big damage, good range and crippling status effects.
So firstly I wanna know who made this stupid dark event so I can forcefully remove it. I'm fairly certain it's not the actual LWOTC mod since I know they mark their dark events as "Permanent" in this case. I don't care if shit breaks.
If nobody knows, then just give me ideas how to deal with this gameplay-wise. It's very frustrating having to play even more carefully and snail-like since three movement actions means they can flank my units with ease.
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2023.06.05 02:46 Karshizzleee I (26M) am loosing hope in my (25F) wife and don't know what to do.

TD;LR - Wife stopped doing most things two months into her pregnancy and has been like this ever since. Our son is 5 months and majority of what she does is watch Anime, look after our son or browse TikTok.
Hi everyone,
I'll try to include everything so everything is fair. When I met my wife she stayed with a friend who kicked her out once she met me, through jealousy was what I assumed. My wife kept on top of her friends apartment, kept it clean and also worked as well, when she got kicked out I found her a place and she this was the start of her downward spiral even though it wasn't that bad at first.
She was funny, we spent a lot of time together and we grew closer and started becoming more intimate which led to sex every day, She got pregnant and I was okay with it, at this time she was depressed that her friend had put her stuff in black bags and kicked her to the curb knowing she had nowhere to go, my wife was messy but still managed to clean, shower and other thing's you'd do for yourself.
Eventually she moved in to my parent's home at two months pregnant and she wouldn't get out of bed much, if she did it was to get herself food and my parent's told her she should try coming out of the room more which she politely declined and would pretty much scroll through TikTok all day. She didn't want to go out, not for walks or anything, she was just in the room and things got bad. It started to smell, she was leaving things around the house such as half eaten fruit and half eaten meals which my mum would clean up for her, and around the 5 month mark my parent's told her she needs to clean up for herself and she would get in a mood.
My wife was highly on edge during her pregnancy, one of the reasons was that she had told her parents she was pregnant and they both blocked her as they're not in the same country. She had no friends or family here because her only friend had threw her out. Around 8 months into the pregnancy I decided to leave my family home and get a place of our own.
She gave birth through an emergency C-Section and couldn't produce enough breastmilk to breast feed, so our baby was on the bottle and thing's were just as toxic as before. I went through hell during that pregnancy and often I'd leave her home for hours, one night I even slept in my car. Around two months after birth I could see she was calming down a lot, it wasn't as explosive and emotional as before but her anger was still there, I wasn't the best to her during these times so I decided to stop being toxic back and letting her win these petty arguments but in one final argument I told her I was leaving and she told me she wanted to kill herself, that life wasn't living if I wasn't in it or if I wasn't a part of my sons life. I just couldn't take the toxic back and forth anymore, she promised lots of things but it never came true.
Fast forward to now, living in our new flat. I've stopped asking for most things, she's simply unreliable and I know I can do a quicker job myself. But this is the part I want to be honest, she wakes up in the middle of the night for our son, she does a lot of care for him and it seems pregnancy did really affect my wife deeply.
But I am torn between two worlds, because 6 out of the 7 day's other than our sons care she doesn't do anything else. Any wrappers or plates are left exactly where she finished them, something that was prevalent during her pregnancy, it seems her memory is completely gone and now she's started taking Zoloft for depression and she sleeps, most of the day.
Our day's consist of us waking up, I'll go to the kitchen and see it being an utter mess, I can smell rotten food from somewhere and I just think to myself, 'I can't be bothered to argue about this'. So I clean it by myself. I'll go roll myself a cigarette next to the window which I can see into the bedroom (Balcony area) and I can always see her scrolling through TikTok. I swear she's on that app upwards of 3 hours a day. When I told her about it, she said that her using TikTok doesn't affect me and that she knows how to put her phone down, which is semi true. She will put her phone down when engaging with me, and she's not one to scrabble when her phone isn't next to her. She has told me about back pains (sciatica pain) from standing or even sitting on the couch and I just say 'no worries' and keep it moving.
A lot of people on here would say 'grow a back bone and tell her she needs to do her part' however believe me I can be a right c*nt when I want to be, and I realised my c*ntish behaviour wasn't getting us nowhere, just arguments that I don't have the energy to deal with anymore, I dealt with them the whole pregnancy, she even argued in front of my family member's, which she is regretful for and has apologised for but my mentality is why would I argue with someone who cant control their emotions.
Whenever I seek advice people tell me to give it more time, just be patient with her, she gave birth 5 months ago, and while I am trying to do all of the above it's still so hard to do. It's hard not to resent her for the things that happened while she was pregnant, the fact she told me she was going to hurt herself if I left, I feel like I am waiting for this magical day where she get's out of bed and get's a grip on her life, but it doesn't seem to be happening, I don't know if there is a threshold for how long I need to wait, how long I have to keep seeing her like this. I heard you shouldn't make major decisions in the first two years of having a child but it's hard looking at your wife who hasn't brushed her teeth or bathed/shaved in three weeks.
She loves her son and it's clear she loves me too, but she doesn't have it in her to be there for herself, I need some advice reddit, what can I do?
I'm 26, I don't want to live my life worrying for another person like this, hoping they'll finally get it together, I am helping everywhere I can but thing's don't seem to be getting any better. Less fight's for sure, but I feel like I am looking after a child myself.
submitted by Karshizzleee to relationships [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 02:12 Kalliberx 27m [chat] who’s up for vc and long term friendship ?

Just a guy here bored atm . I’m just at home at and bored atm . Seeing who’s up to chat, I voice chat as well :) . Please don’t message me if you’re someone who’s looking to ghost , a dry texter or if you are 19 and younger.
So about me, I’m in Atlanta but I’m originally from Mexico. I’m a blunt person, extroverted but i do like to relax by myself at times. I am gay, have social anxiety ( but don’t stop me) enjoy hiking, gaming, decorating , history , antiques. Im also a pretty silly person so if you’re wanting to chat and take things too seriously hmu xD
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2023.06.05 01:59 Such-Biscotti-4314 2016 Hyundai Accent SE Hatchback- Buying a Spare Tire?

Hi All,
I have a 2016 Hyundai Accent SE Hatchback which recently had all 4 tires replaced in November 2022 by Town Fair Tire (TFT).
In February 2023, TFT also did a "Flat Repair with TPMS recal" on a slow leak after I ran over a nail in the Home Depot parking lot. Thankfully I noticed the leak right away and I was able to drove over to a nearby TFT to get it fixed while it was still filled with enough air to safely do so. My car came with a Kia "tire mobility kit" instead of a donut or spare, and when I had the flat tire happen and I was chatting with the TFT staff I found out that if I had actually used the kit it would have voided out my tire warranty.
My Kia tire mobility kit is now expired and due to it's several limitations- it can only be used one time, hazardous/can't use it if a tire has sidewall damage, and using it at all could potentially void out a TFT tire warranty- I am more inclined to opt for purchasing a spare tire & scissor jack rather than replacing the tire mobility kit. It will give me peace of mind to know that no matter what type of damage my tire may incur in the future, how far away from home I might be adventuring, or how tight my schedule & commitments may be at the time, I can always quickly swap out a damaged tire with the spare tire in the trunk and then deal with the repairing or replacing the damaged one whenever it is convenient for me.
If anyone else has gone this route with switching over to a spare or donut, I'd be interested to hear what type of tire brand, etc. you selected. Additionally, I consider my 4 current tires "new" since they are all only 7 months old with less than 5,000 miles on each of them, but I could use some input- when I purchase a new spare tire, should I have it installed on the car right away to give it a little wear & tear or should it just go straight into the trunk and not be rotated in until a flat/emergency happens?
Edit: According to the invoice, the 4 new tires I had installed in November 2022 are: Size: 175/70R14T Description: NEXEN N PPRIZ H5 IBM# 65335 List: $103.00 Price $89.00
submitted by Such-Biscotti-4314 to Hyundai [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:26 Kyosji Hit boxes are way off on a lot of attacks

I've been noticing that I'm not able to evade a lot of attacks because I can't see the true hit area of attacks. Many times it looks like the attack will miss me by quite a bit, but then when the attack finishes I get hit. Giant goatmen polearms for example, I'm not in the visual attack zone, but I'm always being hit. Some of the bosses homing energy attacks as well, looks like, from my characters view, I have like 1-2 feet distance from the bolt, but they still hit me.
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Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.05 01:01 AutoModerator Weekly Copyright Reminder

This is a weekly reminder post of this sub's stance on potential copyright infringement. This is a serious issue that needs to be kept in mind when creating and listing NFTs.
Original post by u/HurleyBird1
Now that that's out of the way. My credentials are: MBA, with a bit of business law classes under my belt.
I want to give a quick explanation of how copyright works - and I'll do so through quick blurbs n some myth/reality bullets.
Source: (US)
  1. Subject matter of copyright: In general28(a) Copyright protection subsists, in accordance with this title, in original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression, now known or later developed, from which they can be perceived, reproduced, or otherwise communicated, either directly or with the aid of a machine or device. Works of authorship include the following categories:(1) literary works;(2) musical works, including any accompanying words;(3) dramatic works, including any accompanying music;(4) pantomimes and choreographic works;(5) pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works;(6) motion pictures and other audiovisual works;(7) sound recordings; and(8) architectural works.(b) In no case does copyright protection for an original work of authorship extend to any idea, procedure, process, system, method of operation, concept, principle, or discovery, regardless of the form in which it is described, explained, illustrated, or embodied in such work.
- Myth: I can use any image/song/video/writing I want.
- Reality: No. Not true at all.
- Myth: Well they never said it's copyrighted.
- Reality: Upon publication (and even while a work in progress) a work is automatically protected via copyright under US Law.
- Myth: Well they never sold it.
- Reality: It doesn't have to be commercialized to be protected.
- Myth: Well it was a long time ago
- Reality: Possibly long as the creator is deceased (or if multiple creators, the last living one is deceased) and the required time has passed...although this gets tricky with "estates."
(d) Duration of Rights.—(1) With respect to works of visual art created on or after the effective date set forth in section 610(a) of the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990, the rights conferred by subsection (a) shall endure for a term consisting of the life of the author.
So what's this thing I hear called "Fair Use?"
Straight from the source:
  1. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use41Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include—(1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;(2) the nature of the copyrighted work;(3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and(4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors. me translate that please... (here's a decent official translation:
  1. above...if it's non-profit educational use, you're usually good to go...if it's for money or trade (commercial nature) then you're usually NOT...unless YOUR piece is "transformative"
Transformative uses are those that add something new, with a further purpose or different character, and do not substitute for the original use of the work.
- Myth: Well this is paid for in Algos, not USD so it's not "commercial"
- Reality: IT IS commercial. You could even barter for bacon and it'd be commercial. It's an exchange of one good/service for another good/service.
- Myth: My piece with Batman inside a card is "transformative"
- Reality: No, unfortunately, more-than-likely the courts would say it's not. A good litmus test is..."If Warner Bros Entertainment (owner of Batman) wanted to make an NFT/ASA "Batman card" would yours compete with it or be possibly mistaken (by a reasonable person - so in America think 8th grade education) for real merchandise? Probably...thus it's not transformative enough.
"nature" gets a little tougher. This looks at protecting the "creative process." Thus, using other works of art is less-likely to be protected than using factual sources - like historical photographs since it's easier to "create art" and thus "transform" factual pieces than other art pieces. This is also talking to things like "parody." Satire is NOT protected. "Parody" is. What's the difference? LegalZoomputs it well: While a parody targets and mimics the original work to make a point, a satire uses the original work to criticize something else entirely. Another way to look at it is that satire uses another work as a way to comment on something happening in the world that has nothing to do with the original work.
- Myth: I added a different border, extra planets, and some blur effect to MTZ's World of Light - it's a new piece of art.
- Reality: Not likely the courts will see it that way.
- Myth: This guy added a filter, some burn effects, and collaged a bunch of newspaper headlines together - isn't that a violation!
- Reality: Probably not...the courts would probably see this as a creation of art out of factual sources.
amount/substantiality in relation to the whole...this is where using clips of songs that are only like 5 seconds long works! But using more than that...runs into problems. This is tough to decipher some songs are EASILY identifiable from just 5 seconds (Ice, ice, baby) - and thus NOT fair use. But some aren't. Usually you're safe using a very small clip of a song or video - especially if you're adding more to it. But this is a dangerous game to play - and there's places to get free audio (some sources below)
effect of the use - this is probably the biggest one. Courts will look at simply...does YOUR work affect the sales or potential for sales of the copyright owner. Of note...this is looked at at the time of the issue being brought to the court, not at the time of sale. For example, let's say my batman card sells for 10 Algos today, but Algorand BLOWS UP and soon every NFT is on Algorand. And now my OG Batman NFT is seen as one of the first Batman ones and official. Warner Bros gonna sue the shit outta whoever owns it at the time they sue to get the rights to all sales of that NFT. So that person is left holding an empty bag when Warner Bros wins in court.
- Myth: Well they're not commercializing it NOW so I'm safe.
- Reality: Technically, yea Warner Bros probably won't spend the money to go after the OG artist and the hands the asset passed through...HOWEVER, they may. That's their right. Who knows - the Napster days showed us the lengths companies will go to. EVEN BIGGER HOWEVER, the last person holding it when Warner Bros DOES decide to go after that Batman NFT...uh oh for them - they just lost their asset.
- Myth: Well it's been like a year, and no one has brought up copyright. So I'm good.
- Reality: If this was in a normal market...maybe this argument would work. If McDonald's let you sell a Ronald McDonald poster for like a year on Amazon with no issues, some court may say "bro, you took too long to bring this to us." HOWEVER, with cryptocurrency being so new (and Algorand being so little known/discussed), most courts would see it as "reasonable" that a copyright owner failed to exercise their rights within a year - possibly even a decade. (Updated because I realized last example dealt with trademark not copyright :o)
So what am I safe to use?
US Government works (mostly)...any deemed free to use by creator...and any a copyright lawyer says they have your backs on (cuz now they're liable).
Here's some great sources for free use items (please add to this list below if you know of some!!!):
Pictures: (Unsplash is one of my faves)
You'll notice there's a lot of "shoulds" "coulds" "probably" etc. This is because copyright cases are all unique and go to the courts. The best bet is to go with stuff you KNOW is free and fair-use. If not, I'd look up copyright law, consult supreme court cases concerning copyright, and ultimately, talk to a lawyer.
submitted by AutoModerator to AlgoNFTMarketplace [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 00:31 GiantBlackWeasel Off-the-record nostupidquestions post....How bad is it going to get regarding the grocery store prices?

How should I put this....I got no kids and I'm in the middle of intermittent fasting because I want to lose some weight in order to cut down the belly fat and to prevent myself from eating foods that's just straight up high in fat, salt, and sugars which just dehydrates the body to the point where I sweat all the time in order to cool myself.
I browse on Facebook as a form of being in the town square and keeping tabs on things and trying to figure out the condition of the world nowadays regarding certain people and the activities that's taking place.
This one woman said how she's going to start an emotional support group for people who got kids but school happens to be ending for the summer and she said how having the kids home for the summer has nearly doubled in the costs of going to get groceries. I saw some pictures and in a nutshell, those kids are not fat to begin with.
I also spend time on collapse as a form of checking out the conditions of the world and try to figure out the direction of the world and where its heading. The traditional avenues of seeing the news is not helping like it used to.
submitted by GiantBlackWeasel to NoStupidQuestions [link] [comments]