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2023.03.26 15:13 Krokodrillo Random selected daily CD listen No. 11, 3/26/2023 ‚My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts‘ by Brian Eno and David Byrne, released first in 1980, this is a repress from 2006.

Random selected daily CD listen No. 11, 3/26/2023 ‚My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts‘ by Brian Eno and David Byrne, released first in 1980, this is a repress from 2006. submitted by Krokodrillo to talkingheads [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 15:13 tinnitustrouble Caffeine

Hello! I have a caffeine related question. I know they say 200mg is allowed. But my anxiety about consuming is starting to get to me. With my first pregnancy, I adamantly avoided it. Suffered from bad headaches bc of withdrawal but survived. I’m 26 weeks with my 2nd and have had caffeine daily. 🤦🏻‍♀️ the most I’ve drank is 100 mg. On average I drink about 50. My baby is measuring small and now I’m beginning to blame myself because of caffeine! Has anyone experienced this?? Is it best just to stay away from it all together for the next 3 months??
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2023.03.26 15:12 deathpulse_bot Deathversary: Eazy-E

Deathversary: Eazy-E
Died on March 26th, 1995 at 30 years old, of AIDS related disease.ref
Rapper and Music Producer Eric Wright, known professionally as Eazy-E, passed away on March 26th, 1995. He was 30 years old.
Wright, who was born in Compton, California, began his musical career in the mid-1980s, performing in several musical groups before becoming a solo artist. In 1986, he formed the group, N.W.A., and gained notoriety for his creative and provocative music with his solo album, ‘Eazy-Duz-It’.
In 1994, while working on his second solo album, Wright was diagnosed with AIDS and, according to family and friends, it was his association with intravenous drug use that was the likely cause. He was hospitalized and died two weeks later.
In the years since Eazy-E's passing, he has been honored through tributes and remembrances. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honored him with induction in 1997 and MTV and VH1 have included him multiple times on their “Greatest of All Time” lists.
His legacy and influence in the hip hop world live on and will never be forgotten.
Visit for more details, and to see who else has died on 03/26.
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2023.03.26 15:11 Krokodrillo Random selected daily CD listen No. 11, 3/26/2023 ‚My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts‘ by Brian Eno and David Byrne, released first in 1980, this is a repress from 2006.

Random selected daily CD listen No. 11, 3/26/2023 ‚My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts‘ by Brian Eno and David Byrne, released first in 1980, this is a repress from 2006. submitted by Krokodrillo to albumbucketlist [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 15:11 Hinatasamaa When to know when it’s time?

Hello everyone. My childhood dog is a 17 year old miniature pinsure. He still eats, sleeps, uses the bathroom, and even sometimes runs around. Obviously he’s old though. They recently diagnosed him with the beginning stages of kidney failure which they believe is caused by his obviously old age. He’s been on special kidney food for that. The past week he’s been hopping around on three legs for some reason. The rear leg in question shakes. We move it around and he doesn’t appear in pain which is weird. We do know he has arthritis but we stopped his arthritis medicine due to his kidney failure. So maybe it’s that. He has an appointment with the vet on Friday as that’s the soonest they can get him in. He also developed cataracts in his eyes and we put salve daily in them as they get goopy. Well, one of his eyes has a weird red ulcer thing on it now. Obviously, he’s too old for surgery so unsure what else can be done for that.
I guess morale of the story is, when do we know it’s time? I love my dog and he’s my best friend, but I never want him to be in constant pain. He doesn’t whimper or cry or yelp so I don’t think he’s in pain, but of course I’m worried .
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2023.03.26 15:11 autotldr Philippines proposes 2-day monthly menstruation leave

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 61%. (I'm a bot)
A new bill seeking to provide female employees with up to two days of menstruation leave every month has been filed in the Philippines.
Under House Bill 6728, the "Menstruation Leave Act" states that every female employee, except pregnant and menopausal women, who have rendered at least six months of service shall be entitled to a monthly menstruation leave of up to two days.
The leave will cover private and public sector staff, regardless of the nature of their employment, according to the bill.
"The enactment of this bill will allow women to attend to the hormonal and physiological difficulties that they have to endure at least on a monthly basis," said Congresswoman Samantha Taliño Santos in the proposal's explanatory note.
Senator Ramon Revilla, Jr. last year also revived in the Senate a bill pushing for a one-day monthly leave for female employees during their period, while still receiving 100% of their daily remuneration.
Across the world, Spain recently became the first European country to grant women menstruation leave.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: women#1 bill#2 leave#3 employee#4 day#5
Post found in /Economics, /worldnews and /neoliberal.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.26 15:11 NoPut3478 Getting Unmanageable

Happy Sunday all, I wanted to write a list of things my father has been doing and I’d like your opinions… I’ve never talked to anyone about narcissists in my family, or potential abuse: - Constantly puts me down on a daily basis… will call me worthless, weak, not driven, etc. - Last night he started accusing me of drug abuse because I’ve been supporting myself for upwards of a year and I’m low on money. - Love bombs me when I stop talking to him with praise. - Only recently praised me when I got a full time entry level job, all jobs I’ve had before he would make fun of me. - Makes fun of me in public - Argues with me daily, often turns violent on his end when I stand up for myself. - Shits on my mother daily… cooking, how she’s happy, etc. - Drinks heavily and never takes accountability - Threatens to hurt me physically. - Threatens to kick me out to the curb - Says I do not help, always is searching for new ways to express his power.
Long story short, I moved in with them after I graduated university 3 months ago- it’s turned heavily into these things. Please say this isn’t normal. I just got a really great job and am about to move out- I just need to understand good boundaries. Thanks guys.
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2023.03.26 15:10 coinsRus-2021 The SEC attacking digital assets left and right while banks scream they are “protecting their customers” while crime runs rampant in FIAT and Gambling Soars

First they went after Kraken about staking - albeit smart on their part going after a crypto exchange during a bear market, but a jacked up move nonetheless. They knew they would cave and collected a nice 30 million dollar check. And now Coinbase. Coinbase response was “We asked SEC for reasonable rules for Americans. We got legal threats instead.”
But that doesn’t even cover all of it - From Jake Paul to celebrities to now SUSHI - that’s right, decentralized finance. And don’t get me wrong I don’t give a shit about Jake Paul. But they’ll go after these people while freaking JIM CRAMER runs his mouth on the daily giving poor advice about everything from digital assets to the S&P.
Literally, pushing the innovations of digital assets out of the United States for their own gains and tie-ins with the federal reserve that’s acting like a bunch of irresponsible fools.
Digital assets are being demonized in this culture. UK banks are shutting down interaction with digital assets “for the safety of our customers.
Yeah, “for the safety of our customers” is the message being preached in these places while gambling is no issue.
That’s right - gambling “SOARED” in 2022 to new highs of 54.9 - BILLION usd in REVENUE in the USA alone. Let me tell you who wasn’t winning in these investments - the customers they pretend to care about.
These moves are about power and control - no less. They have no intention on helping their customers forced into bankruptcy from bank’s foul play. They care about power and that will yield the CBDCs - CBDCs that have the full capabilities of smart contracts. Their efforts are nothing short of a power grab as their money printers take flight.
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2023.03.26 15:10 LifeWotah A Honest News Article..

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2023.03.26 15:10 e-is-for-elias Some of the Non-Mythological Cryptids of the Philippines.

Some of the Non-Mythological Cryptids of the Philippines.
Since i've seen only 1 post years ago about cryptids from my country and instead of bothering to ask here, I did some research on some of the known or less known elusive cryptids from this side of the South east asia. I had a hard time researching these because most articles even in books tend to mix pure mythology and folklore from reports of cryptids that dont dwell from it.
This post WILL NOT include the most infamous and well known mythological creatures depicted in philippine modern media that people here may know of (Manananggal, Tikbalang, Duende, Aswang, Tiyanak, Mambabarang, Etc.) but some of the creatures listed dwelve in the spectrum of old legend from our ancestors before the country got colonized from the spanish more than 300 years ago as we all know some legends were told from word of mouth that may hold some truth in it from time to time.
The Amomongo, known as the "Philippine Bigfoot" is a creature of Philippine cryptozoology described as hairy, man-sized and ape-like with long nails. The term may have its roots in the Hiligaynon word amó, which means "ape" or "monkey". the cryptid was thought to have been nothing but a legend or folklore within the natives of the island of negros accidental until a recent attack was documented. Elias Galvez and Salvador Aguilar reported to Mayor Alberto Nicor and the police that they were separately attacked by a “hairy creature with long nails,” on the nights of June 9 and 10, 2008, in Cabungbungan, Brgy. Sag-ang, La Castellana, Philippines. Aguilar who was able to escape from the creature, was treated at the La Castellana Emergency Clinic for scratches on different parts of his body, police said. Galvez, on the other hand, who was also attacked by the creature, was rescued by his companions, Nicor told the Daily Star on June 12th. Brgy. Sag-ang residents described the creature to be about 5 feet and 4 inches tall, and looks like a monkey. Sag-ang Brgy. Capt. Rudy Torres has confirmed reports of the existence of such creature, called amomongo (gorilla) by residents. The creature has also allegedly victimized chickens and a goat, who ate their intestines, in May 2008. Torres said the creature usually strikes where there are no barangay tanods (village guards or paramilitary elements) around. He called on barangay residents to be vigilant, especially during night time. People have not been roaming around the barangay at night since the attack against Galvez and Aguilar, Nicor said. Barangay residents should put out a bait to capture the creature, Nicor suggested. Brgy. Sag-ang in La Castellana is located at the foot of Mt. Kanlaon , which has many caves. The creature could be hiding in one of the caves, Nicor said. Mayor Alberto Nicor said amomongo is not a witch or aswang but a wild animal. He theorized it is not remote for an amomongo to live in Sag-ang, considering that the area is at the foot of Mt. Kanlaon. He added the animal may have been suffering from hunger. “This is one possibility because there may be no food now in the mountain. Or it might be that amomongo habitat has been disturbed by humans, thus, it runs wild.” This Cryptid may have been the most well documented cryptid in the country in recent time but due to no more further sightings there is little to no evidence this cryptid.
The Mantabungal is known to the Tagbanua of Palawan, in the Philippines. It is found primarily in the forests of Mount Victoria in Baraki, and is the most feared of the mountain demons. Mantabungal is described as like a cow or small elephant in body and voice, but lacks horns. It has a long coat of shaggy hair that reaches the ground. Its monstrous mouth has two pairs of huge incisors – two above and two below – that it uses to tear its victims to shreds. One man reported hearing bovine moos while gathering gum in the mountains. Spooked and disoriented in the darkness, he ran aimlessly into the forest as far as he could and spent the night shivering miserably under a tree. When he returned to camp, he found that the mantabungal had destroyed everything he had touched. His hut, gear, and even the firewood had been dismantled and chewed to bits. People have speculated that it may be a long lost relic species of Gompotherium that was encountered by early indigenous people and was passed on as a legend. the speculation may hold some truth as to how the species managed to cross to the archipelago millions of years before the landbridges were separated and may have survived before dying out during prehistory, the description of Mantabungal differs however because of the shaggy hair and its small size that was described from the animal and it may have been a subspecies but it is unlikely.
Kugtong is a local term for an unusually large grouper or Lapu Lapu/pugapo fish found in the waters of Cebu island. One popular version is the Kugtong in General Milling Corporation located in Lapu-Lapu City. This Kugtong is said to be large enough to devour a human being. Locals of the island city of Lapu-Lapu know too well the story of a grouper fish living under a milling company. The fish is said to be so big that it can swallow a person whole. Some people would say that it has razor sharp teeth and scales allegedly because it mutated due to the biological waste products of the milling company. A variation of this story states that the owners consider the fish lucky and that it is fed a live person to continue bringing in business abundance. Although reports of giant grouper reaching the size of more than 5 feet have been caught and documented in the philippines (such as in this photo of one that was caught in palawan island during 2020), It is speculated that the fish may be an unusually sized old Giant grouper that was too large and became a local legend within the region.

Giant grouper caught at Palawan island on 2020
The Mameleu is described as a sea snake with a huge body “as large around as a carabao’s”. This cryptid has two imposing white horns growing on its head, each thirty fathoms (dipa) long. In other versions of the creature, instead of horns, it possesses impressive tusks. The Mameleu is armed with long, menacing, sharp teeth and its scales function like armor; hard and impenetrable. Its eyes burn like torches in the darkness of the deep. When angry, the sea creature spits out green water. It is believed that the Mameleu lives in the deepest parts of the seas around Western Visayas. Some fisherfolk are said to have heard its long and loud thundering bellows. Reports of sightings are erratic, but almost always in the same general area around Panay and Negros Islands from 1932 to as recent as 2007 were the last known sighting was from a fisherman off the coast of Negros near Nadulao Island.
Giant Pythons are separate species of the reticulated python of East Asia, ranging from India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia and down to the Philippines. These specimens exceed the generally accepted upper length of 33 feet; in some cases they supposedly reach up to approximately 70 feet. Thomas Headland, an anthropologist that lived in the philippines for 24 years with the native Agta-Negrito tribes that were hunter-gatherers on Luzon Island until recently, described a quarter (26 percent) of Agta Negritos men had been attacked by a reticulated python in the past, most bearing the scars to prove it. Headland also confirmed six known fatalities of Agta Negrito people by pythons between 1934 and 1973. In one chilling case, a python was found after killing two children. The father killed the snake while it was in the midst of devouring a third child headfirst, who survived. Those killed also included full-grown adults. The authors believe that fatalities would likely have been much more common if the hunter-gatherers did not have access to iron knives and guns. There have also been reports of Giant pythons that were estimated to be 40-50 feet in length that the tribes had encountered and hunted but said reports havent been thoroughly verified and may have been an overestimation.
Skin of female python killed by Agta-Negrito men. Photo by: J. Headland.
Giant Crocodile sightings have been prevalent in other areas in the Philippines particularly within the area of Agusan Del Sur where the infamous "Lolong" as the largest crocodile in captivity was captured. Lolong measured 6.17 m (20.2 ft) and weighed 1,075 kg (2,370 lb) and was named after the late crocodile hunter Ernesto “Lolong” Conate, who was leading the hunt for a rumored monster crocodile near Lake Mihaba when he died of a stroke just days before the real monster croc was hauled in alive. That hunt began after a local fisherman and a 12-year-old girl disappeared and were presumed to have been killed by the croc, just the latest in a string of alleged man-eating croc attacks in the area stretching over 20 years. Meanwhile, there have been speculation from residents that Lolong was "smaller" and not the prime suspect of the recent deaths within the region and reports of an even bigger monster female crocodile that was estimated to be more than 30 feet have been reported after the capture of Lolong and persisted in Agusan del Sur and around the Agusan River to this day, despite the fact that no others have been caught anywhere near its size.
Lolong size comparison when it was captured.
Pinatubo Monster - One of the more interesting aquatic phenomenons to hit the world stage hails from the Zambales region of the Philippine island of Luzon, where as many as five large creatures have been reported swimming in the Tikis River, near the former mining village of Buhawen. Dubbed by the local Aeta tribesmen as “Pinatubo Monsters,” these animals have sent ripples of terror throughout the fishing villages located in Tikis river basin. Described as huge, black, serpentine creatures — much like Florida’s Muck Monster — the Aetas claim that these animals are unlike any eel, fish or snake that they are familiar with. The first accounts of these animals date back to November 5, 2002, when an Aeta boy apparently mistook one of the animals for a floating log, only to become consumed with terror when the beast moved. The second major encounter occurred on January 12, 2003, when a cadre of eyewitnesses claimed to have seen a seven-foot long, three-foot wide, black animal undulating silently down the river. Interestingly enough, Lake Pinatubo was formed after Mount Pinatubo erupted on June 15, 1991. Mount Pinatubo being located near the boundaries of Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales provinces in the Philippines offer a summit crater lake that is the deepest lake in the country at 800 m (2,600 ft) deep.

Lake Pinatubo
The Filipino secretary bird was a cryptid bird reported from the Philippines by French naturalist Pierre Sonnerat, who visited the islands in 1771 to 1772. He described it as similar to the African secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius), with longer feathers in the lower portion of its crest, and and the outer part of its tail. Secretary birds are not known from anywhere outside of Africa, but Karl Shuker suggests that some specimens could have been taken to the Philippines by early traders. Alternatively, Sonnerat may have been describing the then-unknown Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi), a bird of prey with a notable crest but short legs, based on second-hand reports.
Photo of a Philippine eagle that may have been mistaken as a secretary bird
The Illigan dolphin was a cryptid cetacean reported from the Bohol Sea off Mindanao in the Philippines, known from sightings made by W. F. J. Mörzer Bruyns, who also reported the Alula whale, Greek dolphin, and Senegal dolphin. The Illigan dolphin had a distinct "ploughshare head," compared to that of the Pacific white sided dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens) or a porpoise (Phocoena sp.). It was brightly-coloured, with a dark brown dorsal surface, orange and yellow flanks, and a pink underside. When Mörzer Bruyns observed the Illigan dolphins, he could see no resemblance to any known species. However, between his sighting and the publication of his Field Guide of Whales and Dolphins (1971), the melon-headed whale (Peponocephala electra), which is often seen near islands including the Philippines, became better-known. Mörzer Bruyns and Bernard Heuvelmans felt that the Illigan dolphin closely resembled this species, but continued to distinguish it by its brighter colouration.
Illigan Dolphin
The Death Dealing tree of the Philippines - An account of the cryptid tree appeared titled as “Escaped From the Embrace of the Man-Eating Tree,” in the American Weekly, Jan. 4, 1925, While exploring the Mindanao region of the Philippines, a planter from Mississippi came across a dark gray colored tree that stood 35 feet and was 80 to 100 feet in diameter, surrounded by human bones and emitted a foul smelling odor like carrion. The planter noticed a human skull lying underneath the shade of the tree and went in to further investigate. As soon as he was about to investigate, his guide suddenly stopped him and pointed at the tree in panic. The planter was soon horrified to discover that the tree had a branch reaching for him. Not much is known for this cryptid tree and there have never been further reports due to the remote accessibility of the region due to terrorist conflict that made it hard to access the inland forest regions of the island.

Artist depiction of the death dealing tree.
There have been more reported cryptids in the philippines that was not based on mythology or folklore but i'll still try to find and research some of them. will have a part 2 in the future.
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2023.03.26 15:10 Apostrophus Should there be a United Ireland?

It's probably going to happen in the future anyway, demographics and opinions are swaying in that direction. Although I sometimes think the patriotism of Loyalists (like a close friend of mine) is undeserved because it's not appreciated by the wider UK, I don't want it to happen.
They've become really left-wing and pro-mass immigration down south, like England/Scotland/Wales really, so there is no point.
And it's more expensive down there.
View Poll
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2023.03.26 15:10 afsocgoddess Blisters from the binders

I am 2wpo and develop new blisters daily on my sides. After my 7 day post op my doctor had me start wearing a tshirt under my garment but the blisters have not slowed down. I take off the garment to shower only. How did you deal with blisters?
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2023.03.26 15:10 Henry-T-01 ETH Zurich just published how it plans to deal with ChatGPT and it’s a super progressive approach.

The ETH Zurich (ranking as 9th best university in the world according to QS) just published how it’ll deal with students using ChatGPT in their work:
Some passages:
Is ChatGPT a cheating tool?
No. For students wanting to cheat on homework, it would still be a much more efficient and save choice to copy from fellow students or use some of the online services like Chegg.
For any kind of scientific writing, ChatGPT can provide a good start to get over writer's block, but students will still need to work on securely anchoring their work in literature, etc. - ChatGPT is remarkable, but at its very core, still produces nothing but plausible fiction.
What assessments can I do with ChatGPT?
ChatGPT is a great way of getting over writer's block when creating essays and presentations, just like DeepL is a great way to get started with a translation. But just like with computer-​generated translations, computer-​generated essays and presentations will need further work to be acceptable to anything but cursory grading. When prompted about its weaknesses, ChatGPT "admits" that it can become very verbose and fall short on being factual. Our students need to learn unbiased, concise, precise, and factually correct communication. In a way, ChatGPT simply raised the bar and certain kinds of assignments and their grading.
Can ChatGPT program?
Oh yes, it can. For example, ChatGPT does amazingly well on small programming assignments in Python (including VPython) and R. It translates problem descriptions into code, and it also fixes bugs when prompted. We still need to learn what that means for typical Jupyter Notebook assignments.
One answer might be to not give more open-​ended problem descriptions or simply scenarios, which the learner still has to translate into more concrete prompts that ChatGPT can translate into code. Computational competencies for non-​Computer-Science majors would thus start with concepts of computability, conceptualization, and formulation of the problem that needs solving.
"I feel like just giving up!"
In faculty meetings these days, one frequently hears exasperated statements like "so, should we just give up?!" - of course, faculty are thinking about cheating, but also on a more fundamental level: are our curricula obsolete?
Currently, the capabilities of ChatGPT might appear to threaten academic integrity and good scientific practice, and they might appear to dig around the foundations of our curricula, but in a way, the discussion is similar to the extensive and hotly contested discussions about using pocket calculators in schools and for exams in the 1970s - eventually, pocket calculators were understood as what they really are: tools.
Yes, ChatGPT threatens certain assessment types. The typical, simple take-​home essay is probably a thing of the past; while instructors used to protect those essays against plagiarism by coming up with creative new prompts, ChatGPT will respond to almost any prompt with plausible responses in the desired length and style. Even the "knowledge cutoff" of 2021 is not a hurdle, since learners could also feed appropriate news articles into the dialogue.
But even that is nothing new: external pageDeepLcall_made, a tool that many of us use regularly (including professionally!), essentially made simple take-​home translation assignments obsolete.
What do you recommend for exams?
As with any other technological resource, examiners should ask themselves: Do I want to allow the use of ChatGPT (or any other resources) when working on assessment tasks - or not?
Assessments where ChatGPT is not allowed: For paper-​based examinations, proceed as you would have before ChatGPT. For computer-​based examinations, ETH offers a service for secure On Campus Online Examinations. However, make sure that such limitations are common-​sense, and that it is obvious to learners why such restrictions are justified by the subject-​matter - you want to avoid the impression that restrictions are merely a matter of convenience or inertia on the part of the faculty. Assessments where ChatGPT is expressly allowed: We can expect that many disciplines will rapidly integrate ChatGPT and similar technologies into their practices and workflows. This may create a demand for appropriately aligned examinations, where students also have access to ChatGPT, while other resources, such as e.g. messenger apps or chat forums, remain effectively blocked. Such examination scenarios are already routinely conducted with ETH’s infrastructure for On Campus Online Examinations - though not yet with ChatGPT, but instead with other web-​based resources. Furthermore, there may exist a demand for two-​ or multi-​phase examinations, where students first solve tasks without access to ChatGPT and then solve other tasks while being granted access. ETH’s Online Examinations service also enables such multi-​phase scenarios.
On the long run, ETH's Bring-​Your-Own-Device initiative will bring additional flexibility, particularly when used when external pageSafe-​Exam-Browsercall_made and other technologies currently in development, such as controlled WLAN subnets. However, like with any other exam, make sure that there are no restrictions that cannot be enforced, as that punishes the honest students.
Other possibilities are opened by oral exams, during which the examiner could have one or more students do some problems with and some problems without external resources. Oral exams are not only a way to provide supervision against cheating, but also a way to better probe students’ competencies. Oral examinations can focus on the interactive and dynamic process rather some static work result.
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2023.03.26 15:10 AutoModerator [Get] Clients & Community – Prominence Partnership Program!

Get the course here: [Get] Clients & Community – Prominence Partnership Program📷 What Is Prominence? The Prominence Partnership Program is a 13-week coaching experience built around our proprietary process for launching and growing your own client-getting group like ours. Inside the program you’ll learn our proprietary strategies on how to:
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2023.03.26 15:10 AutoModerator [Get] Justin Welsh – The Content Operating System!

get the course here:
[Get] Justin Welsh – The Content Operating System
📷 Instant Delivey – Download Full Course What You Get: Learn the 4-step system I created to generate 107M+ content impressions across LinkedIn and Twitter. What’s included:
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2023.03.26 15:10 LifeWotah A News Article..

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2023.03.26 15:09 tuggyforme In other news, Kanye West renounces his antisemetism after being seen leaving the queensboro bridge with Adam Eget. He thanked Adam for "making him like jewish people again"

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2023.03.26 15:09 dildo4bingo [hiring] telegram bot + database

hi, here is what i'm looking for: a combo telegram bot+telegram channel+website.
overall idea: during an international sport event (football world cup for example) every user can guess the winner of every single match in the competition (via bot). at the end of the event the one with more points/correct guesses wins a prize. meant to be played by a large group of friends but in an improved and simple way. it's not a betting bot, nobody pays anything to play.
the channel will be used to update the players during the tournament (a chatroom will be linked to comment on posts) and link to the bot when they can guess results of new matches. if possible i prefer to update the bot manually, otherwise a free api is ok.
the website is mostly to host the bot and to store a database to keep an automated leaderboard (consulted via bot and a top10 shared daily via channe ). also to link to the telegram channel and bot when new games are avaliable to place a guess.
feel free to reach out to me if you feel like this job suits you. any portfolio of previous bot i can check are welcome. let me know your quote. thanks.
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2023.03.26 15:08 aasd14 Disney Announcement

I’m 9+1 today and am leaving for a family Disney vacation tomorrow! We won’t be announcing the news for another three or so weeks but I figure that Magic Kingdom is a great place to take pictures for when the time comes! This is baby number two for us after a miscarriage last year and my daughter is almost two! Just looking for creative ideas on how to announce because I just want it to be perfect! I’ve saw some ideas on Pinterest but thought I’d ask here too! :)
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2023.03.26 15:08 TheMarcusFenix Chronic iron deficiency anemia - can it be permanently treated?

Age ~24
Sex: female
Height ~168 cm ~ 5'5
Weight: ~80 kg ~176 pounds
Race: White
Duration of complaint: 10 years
Location: outside USA
Any existing relevant medical issues: mostly regular but painful periods, heavy periods occasionally, has myoclonic jerks but is not epileptic, mild ADHD
Current medications: Atomoxetine

I have a question regarding an acquaintance of mine who has been struggling with iron deficiency anemia since around 2013.
The main question I would like to ask is whether her iron deficiency anemia can be permanently treated or if she has to continue taking IV iron for the rest of her life. Below are the details.
She is in her mid-20's, a bit overweight, but NOT diabetic. She does have GERD since around 2021. Her period is mostly regular but she describes it as being occasionally heavy and very painful (dysmenorrhea). For that she saw a gynecologist and found some small fibroids and took some treatment for them but didn't follow up.
Other info: She does not smoke, drink, or use recreational drugs. She is white but not in the USA.
She does not like red meats so her dietary iron is probably not great, but even when she has tried to take dietary iron regularly, it has not helped much.
She is hoping to get married soon and is worried about her health and the health of her child because of her iron deficiency.
Her hemoglobin is always between 8-9.5
She collapses multiple times a year and has to be taken to the hospital to take IV fluids. She is not diabetic or epileptic, though she does have myoclonic jerks. The cause of the collapse is usually poor hydration/nutritition/anemia - it has not been given a diagnosis but she just receives treatment and goes home.
She takes IV iron every now and then because she feels she can not tolerate oral iron supplements.
Here are some results from a lab test done August 2022: lab tests Aug 2022
She has undergone both endoscopy and colonoscopy back in August 2021 for both IDA and GERD, but did not follow up with the physician: endoscopy/colonoscopy report
upper GIT: "normal esophageal mucosa, antral nodularity biopsies taken, random biopsies taken from small intestine, rule out malabsorption"
lower GIT: "suboptimal preparation, normal colonic mucosa up to cecum, terminal ileum nodular mucosa biopsies taken[?] to rule out any pathology [?]
no gross colonic pathology"
at the time, these were the lab results in Aug 2021: lab test Aug 2021
the result of the biopsies was as follows: biopsy results
She was diagnosed with H pylori infection and was prescribed some medications, but she did not follow up for h pylori eradication:

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2023.03.26 15:07 evolverisenow Daily accountability calls 5

Listen up, let me tell you a tale, Of a forest that gives and never fails. A place where life thrives, strong and tall, A sustainable ecosystem, standing proud and gallant. Now think of yourself, a mighty oak, With the potential to reach great heights and provoke, But it starts with a seed, that you must sow, And give more of yourself, with each step you'll grow. You see, just like the forest, you too can thrive, With habits that expand, your future will come alive. From daily exercise, to healthy meals to eat, To mindfulness practices, your life will be complete. So rise and conquer, it's time to be bold, With our daily accountability call, your success will unfold. From the comfort of your own home, we'll be there, To help you expand, and achieve beyond compare. So let's get after it, no excuses, no fear, Join us every morning, and hold yourself accountable year after year, For in the end, success will be yours to claim, With our daily accountability call, and your habits of change. So let's get after it, no excuses, no fear, Join us every morning, and hold yourself accountable year after year, For in the end, success will be yours to claim, With our daily accountability call, and your habits of change.
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2023.03.26 15:06 nesterofff Muscle weakness and fatigue

Hi !
One month (36 days to be exact) since last cipro 5x500mg. As i gived update i have some improvements, but still deal with lot of a symptoms.
This morning i woke up with sore muscles all of my body. I havent done any strong physical activity. It feels like full body fatigue and weakness, stronger than last days. Especially my arms and legs. Also some pain returned. Had anxiety attack for hour or so with tremors heart racing/tight chest. Maybe the caffeine triggered it. Dizziness/vertigo off balance 24/7 for couple weeks now.
I think developed B6 toxicity side effects in the meantime after cipro (15 days since stopping B6). I took total 10 mg of B6 from supplements daily for couple weeks after stopping cipro without knowing the dangers. This is when i got worse, since stopping B6. Now at this point its hard to tell if its cipro detox/b6 detoxing or combined.
Still dealing with other issues too dizziness/vertigo, fatigue, lightheadedness, off-balance feeling, mental fog, frontal head pressure (without headache), concentration issues, vibration in legs, random twitching, tinnitus.
I stopped every supplements. I dont know what to take. In B6 detoxing groups say magnesium isnt recommended. What supplement i can take at this point ?
When the worst of this will start to improve ? I need reasurement that things get better. I know it gets better day by day, but why its seems so slow ?
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