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2023.03.30 14:11 AutoModerator [Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023!

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2023.03.30 14:10 MedinainMiami Mike Pompeo, ex-secretário de Estado dos EUA, falando em como eles tentaram e sucederam em esmagar Cuba em diversos pontos, incluso no mais médicos

Mike Pompeo, ex-secretário de Estado dos EUA, falando em como eles tentaram e sucederam em esmagar Cuba em diversos pontos, incluso no mais médicos submitted by MedinainMiami to LatinAmericanSociety [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 14:10 gdk444 cant tab in after alt tabbing in fullscreen

I wouldnt create this post if i had found a solution already, i didnt find anything similar to this issue: Everytime i alt tab out of overwatch in full screen mode and i tab back in, i see the game for a millisecond and then it disappears. I eventually can tab back in after i spam it like 4-5 times but its really annoying. This only happens for overwatch and no other game so far. Help would be appreciated
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2023.03.30 14:09 tammynhoca Wildfrost arrives on PC & Switch on April 12th: Switch Demo Available! ❄️

Wildfrost arrives on PC & Switch on April 12th: Switch Demo Available! ❄️
Hey, everyone! We’re extremely excited to announce that Wildfrost will launch on Steam and Nintendo Switch on April 12th. From today, you can also check out the demo on Nintendo Switch and pre-order so it’s ready for you on launch day!
Check out the freshest Wildfrost trailer here:
About Wildfrost: Three years ago, Will Lewis (Programmer & Designer who previously developed Caveblazers) and Gaziter (Artist & Designer who also worked on Forager and KnotBot) joined forces to create Wildfrost — a tactical roguelike deckbuilding game with a unique style of combat (and art!) that takes you on a journey to bring back the sun to a world stuck in an eternal winter using a mix of deck-building and adventure.
In Wildfrost, you can build up a deck of charming card companions and powerful elemental items along the way to reclaim a world (Snowdwell) that has fallen to the Wildfrost. Plan ahead in battles with the help of a dynamic counter system to map out your next move and fend off frosty foes. Reconstruct Snowdwell between runs to unlock new cards, tribes, events and more to aid in your fight against the everlasting frost. And last but not least: Test your skills with daily runs and challenges, creating endless replayability.
We're dropping our 1st demo on Nintendo Switch today, and we can't wait to deliver the full game for you on April 12th. Wanna know more about Wildfrost? Check out the links below, and we hope you have a blast with the demo (and with the full game on April 12th!)
Demo on Nintendo Switch: Steam Page: Website: Twitter: Official Discord:
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2023.03.30 14:08 Ambiguous_Dystopia What should I do?

this friend of mine seems a narcissist. when we're having a conversation, it's always about her. i always listen and ask further questions about what she says but when its my turn she doesn't listen at all and is always diverting the topic about herself. she's also a killjoy, always complaining about everything, a pessimist and sooo hard to make her laugh. maybe bc she has a dark humor... while here i am just sucking it up, getting drained out coz i dont have a choice bc she's my only friend in our classroom bc our classroom is toxic too. i dont want to be lonely. what should i do?
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2023.03.30 14:08 Recent_Kitchen_1967 I (f25) have been with my boyfriend (m29) for 4 years now yet I still haven’t reached my climax during sex

I’m really shy to ask this so I might delete this later
Just a quick background, I was a virgin when we got together 4 years ago so I really haven’t had experience with anyone else besides him. He, however, is more experienced than me and has been in longterm relationships before we got together. Another thing to note is that I have a really high sex drive which my boyfriend can’t keep up.
I think there’s something wrong with me and my body that I haven’t reached my climax despite us finding different ways to have sex. I wouldn’t say that he isn’t trying, in fact, he goes out of his way to make me feel good and puts me first most of the time but for some reason it’s still not enough. We try different positions, locations, try a bunch of kinks or sexual fantasies but nothing’s working. There are multiple times where I think oh I’m finally going to cum, but I don’t know how to. Is it weird? Am I weird? I always feel good when we have sex but I would always end up feeling unsatisfied when he orgasms and I haven’t and it feels weird to continue whenever he’s done. He tells me it’s hard making me cum and he hasn’t experienced this with his past sexual partners so I’m not sure if it’s me or his technique that’s an issue.
Is there a way to fix this? or is there something wrong with my body that prevents me from reaching my climax?
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2023.03.30 14:08 Pfandfreies_konto [ALIEN] After drifting in space for 57 years, how much bureaucratic effort was necessary to undo Ellen Ripleys death certificate and everything tied to this?

Weyland Yutani surely knew their freighter was gone with no sign of surviving crew anywhere to be found. They even might have run a covert ops mission to find out what happened since the company knew something would have been up, sending the Nostromo to investigate that signal.
So they had good reason to declare everyone dead and close all further investigations. But now Ellen Ripley is back. Her legal belongings would have gone to her daughter Amanda Ripley. If its true and she really was dead at the beginning of Aliens then her inheritance would go to Amandas children and/or husband/wife.
What is with Ellen Ripleys Social security number? Bank Accounts? Health Care? Is there a process to declare someone legally alive after they had been declared dead? In Aliens it sounds like Burk can give Ellen a working licence. So she must exist legally somehow?
Is Ellen entitled for 57 years of overtime payment? Whats with her vacation days?
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2023.03.30 14:07 sameoldrussianstan Who are the actors who have worked with all the major/most popular directors of today?

(All or many of them)*. I was wondering because I checked Margot’s filmography out of curiosity and her last 3-4 projects have all been with well regarded directors; those that are popular and rather big: Greta, Damien, Wes, Tarantino and also Scorsese and McKay in a cameo.
Not saying working with them equals having a great filmography but I do find it great to know that actors have worked with all those directors, like checking off a bucket list.
So who are more actors that have done this? Not only popular but also well respected auteurs. I think I’ve made myself clear already, sorry for the long (and probably unrelated) post!
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2023.03.30 14:07 sdamumbai10 Surveillance Investigation

Surveillance Investigation
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Surveillance Investigation
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2023.03.30 14:06 Key_Management_6227 Need help or advice or even just someone to listen tbh

This is my first time doing this but I am in need to help or advice rather. I’m a 16 year old girl going on 17 this year. Throughout my recent years I have been in bad friendships where I’m left out and there’s a whole lot going into that. Last year was a bad year for me as I had lost my friends and was pretty much all by myself, my at home situation wasn’t good either not talking to any of my family because of major disputes (childhood trauma). My dad and I cut ties when I was around 11 and I have had a lot of people come and go in my life if that is relevant to this. Coming into year 11 (this year) that was still continued but I met a new girl who had came to this school (let’s just call her Lucy) I’ve only known Lucy for a few months but we are really close, problem is that she’s social and likes to talk to so many different people. I would love to be like that but for some reason can’t bring myself to be that type of person.
I’m scared that one day she’ll move on and leave me behind leaving my back to what I was which was lonely and I’m so scared of going back to that place because I don’t want my mental health to go back to that and I really enjoy having her as a friend.Tonight there was a school party and she was spending time with other girls as-well as me but went to hangout with them after this party. I can’t help but feel jealous and upset which is horrible and I hate it but that’s how I feel.
I don’t think it’s fair that I constantly ask for reassurance from her seeing as she doesn’t owe it to me but I feel like I’m going to push her away and get too scared. I hate how I feel and I just wish I wasn’t how I am because I'm ruining myself. I don’t know how I got to this point but I feel so guilty and I feel like if I follow her around she’ll get annoyed, I hate feeling so insecure and I just want to know if there’s anything that would help me overcome this or what is even wrong with me.
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2023.03.30 14:05 pigeonqueen98 Having some print issues with my HP Envy 7155 Photo ink jet printer

Yesterday i went to print some heat transfer vinyl and it started making some weird sounds ive never heard before and it started smudging the ink. Whenever the print head moves it sounds like its scraping the paper. Imagine the sound of a finger nail on paper, thats what it sounds like. Its messing up all my prints too which is obnoxious. It also seems to make this noise with regular paper too but doesnt smudge as bad since its not HTV. It is the kind that you print. ive tried a few different print settings too and i get the same results. Ive done all the maintenance options on the printer with no luck. I got a can of air and blasted out any dust but nothing really came out so im not sure whats going in. Ive even carefully taken apart what i could without a screwdriver and checked for anything that was stuck. It started after i got a paper jam last week as far as i can tell but i havent printed any "specialty paper" in a few months so its hard to know exactly how long its been messed up. I dont print super often. few sheets a month so i cant imagine somethings wore out already. I can take a video of the noise too if needed. If anyone has any tips or ideas lmk cuz im stumped.
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2023.03.30 14:05 MadeThisToVent123 Truthear Hola: If you buy cheap, you buy twice

Long time lurker. You know what this is about from my username, so no need to prolong the inevitable.
TL;DR: Hola QC sucks. 3 units and three driver failures/channel imbalance issues is too much. Stick with reputable brands, is my advice.
Exactly 51 days ago I bought the Truthear Hola, after it was hyped up to be great sound at a budget.
They did indeed sound great. So great in fact that I recommended them to two friends of mine, who were equally as impressed, if not more so.
Not even a month went by and my first mate told me that his left driver died. He was bummed about the 18€ he wasted, but that is just a little annoynece really. So, he moved on and got AirPods instead (not that those will last more than two years....)
Then, 6 days ago my other friend contacted me, saying he had severe channel imbalance, with the right driver being a lot quieter than the left one. He too, was a little annoyed, but 18€ aint really worth it to get angry about, so he just picked up a Shure SE 215, hoping that those would last. And for 120€ they better...
Now I am here, complaining that I too have channel imbalance issues. My left driver is A LOT quieter than my right one. I checked with software and I need to quite down the right driver by 7dB to "fix" the issue. Suffice it to say, I am ditching this piece of 18€ e-waste.
I am not mad at the product or company, since 18€ aint much. You cannot even get a bucket at KFC for that chump change. I am annoyed at best.
I am mad at this community, who hypes up some garbage quality product and never ever learns from it.
This is not only about 3 out of 3 Holas failing, this is also about all the Moondrop issues, all the Hifiman nonsense and all the Topping and Schiits frying headphones...
And yet, people just move on. They keep spending money on garbage products, form companies that after fixing one issue, most of the time just introduce another.
Ya'll are in an abusive relationship with audio gear. You keep buying and buying and buying, even if it fails. Then, you just post a pic of it. Sometimes people say they had the same issue, but nothing changes. Often times people say "hAppY CuStoMeRs dOn't ComPLaIn, sO dO nOt leT tHis sCeW yoUr OpiNiOn", which is a shit point to make.
I mean, sure, happy customers dont complain is true. But only because they don't, it does not mean the issue aint real. Some just don't complain, because they don't care. Like, I know a couple of guys who have had serious trouble with their beamers and yet they did not complain online or anywhere else, they just grumbled a bit, whilst selling their first born to the overlords in Munich, so they can fix the issue....
I mean, Jesus Christ, your standards for quality are LOW. Bottom of the barrel. Like, the DCA "Pad-gate" bullshit. Imagien not being able to make a god damn EAR PAD for 1000€ headphones that does keep it's shape!!!! Somehow AKG figured out how to do it on their 130€ 371, so why can't DCA. And yet people just "live with it" or point to a video from Dan, which shows you how to "fix it", when in fact thats not a fix thats a band aid. It took YEARS for them to aknowledge the problem, all the while people still bought their products not giving two shits about the poor quality of their pads.
And do not even get me started on Hifiman, Focal and Fostex or I am gonna be here all day long.
Most peoples quality standards on hear are lower than the beauty standards of a blind person, holy shit.
That is it. Just wanted to shout into the void and probably get attacked by some angry kids that cannot handle the truth of their favourite brand being shit or whatever.
Have a good one :)
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2023.03.30 14:04 YouOk4168 Things to Look Out for During Your Caribbean Adventure – The Caribbean Delights!

Things to Look Out for During Your Caribbean Adventure – The Caribbean Delights!
The cerulean blue oceans meeting the white powdery beaches in Caribbean islands is possibly the most scenic sight for those who visit the destination. From island hopping to watersports, there is no end to exciting activities to try on your trip. Here are a few places to keep in mind before you start your adventure.

The Beaches

Antigua and Barbuda Beach Image via unsplash
The stunning beaches in the Caribbean with clear waters and pristine beaches give you plenty of relaxation and the opportunity to engage in exciting watersports. You can also take a cruise to enjoy the serene breeze embracing you and soak up the sun.

Local Cuisines

Jamaican Chicken Dish Image via unsplash
Inspired by African and European culinary arts, Caribbean food brings out the best blend of flavours for you to enjoy. Fresh seafood, plantains, jerk chicken, and local delicacies paired with a good rum would be the most enjoyable way to celebrate life.

Fascinating History

Indigenous People in Caribbean Islands Image via unsplash
Dive into the fascinating history of slavery, colonialism, and revolution around the Caribbean where historical sites give evidence to the noteworthy events in the past. You can visit San Juan and Puerto Rico forts, and slave trade landmarks in Barbados to capture some interesting pictures.

Natural Wonders

Natural wanders in the Caribbean Sea Image via Unsplash
The Caribbean is home to many natural wonders including the coral reefs in Belize, and the rainforests in Dominica. You can enjoy the lush greenery and diverse marine life, and also treat your eyes to the most wonderful views. You will witness the most enchanting bird’s eye view of these attractions when you choose to travel on Intercaribbean flights.

For more Info >>
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2023.03.30 14:03 FlashpointJ24 Should I get RE4 Remake if I couldn't get into RE2 Remake, but loved Dead Space Remake?

I've heard nothing but praise for the new RE4 (I never played the original). However, while I thought it was a great game, I just couldn't seem to get into RE2 Remake. The enemies were too bullet-spongey, and I was constantly running out of ammo. I ended up giving up on my playthrough shortly after leaving the police station. (I have playeded and enjoyed RE7, though I had to put it on Easy difficulty to be able to finish it.)
I recently bought the Dead Space remake and absolutely loved it. I played through it on Medium difficulty, and it felt absolutely perfectly balanced to me. Ammo was scarce, but I never ran out as long as I played carefully, and every death felt like my own fault rather than the game being unfair. It's one if the very few games that I now only finished, but immediately started a New Game Plus in order to catch all the little details that I missed the first time through (though the second playthrough was on Story difficulty, because I wanted to feel like an unstoppable badass!).
I guess my question is, does RE4 Remake feel more like RE2, with a greater emphasis on horror and feeling overwhelmed, or more like Dead Space, which is still horror but with more action and ways to fight back?
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2023.03.30 14:02 Ok_Mess_5881 If a DJ company called you.

I was thinking about how we all have on our two cents about each controller, CDJ, Prime, Hercules, XDJ, and overall things that Pioneer DJ, Hercules, InMusic put out. I was curious about what you would say to them if they called you and ask about your opinion on how to improve their product(s).
My two cents would be with Rekordbox. I would ask if they could have the option to search music within our music folders instead of being limited to what we put in our “Collection.” I would also ask for an one time fee to unlock either Core or Creative features.
What is on your wishlist?
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2023.03.30 14:02 p11gezn Somalia : The Dervishes and The Majeerteen

Somalia : The Dervishes and The Majeerteen submitted by p11gezn to imaginarymaps [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 14:02 AutoModerator [Updates] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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2023.03.30 14:01 StepwiseUndrape574 Watch GTA 5 Morph Into A Photorealistic Sim With Machine Learning Sorcery From Intel

Some people are concerned about games like GTA 5 affecting peoples' behavior in real life, but what if those games actually looked like real life? Researchers at Intel Labs may have figured out how to do just that using machine learning to make rendered footage look photorealistic. This technology could just bring gaming into a new era if it is used in the wild.
Since the dawn of video games, people have been trying to make them as realistic as possible to achieve the most immersive experience. PC and console hardware has grown over time as well, which nicely complements this goal. Take, for example, the Tomb Raider games, the original of which looks to us more like a Cubism art piece versus what we have now. It seems that things have somewhat stagnated, though, as Moore’s Law can only take you so far on hardware, and the equivalent law in software can only go so far as well. However, Intel Labs researchers may have found a way to circumvent any traditional notion of what a game looks like by using machine learning techniques.
lara croft gta v looks like real life with machine learning techniques from intel labs Tomb Raider I Released In 1996
The Intel Labs team’s project abstract describes how they can enhance synthetic images through a convolutional network, which is a type of deep neural network. This neural network was trained using the rendered images from the game alongside intermediate rendering buffers (G-Buffers), which “provide information on the geometry, materials, and lighting in the scene.” The G-Buffered are processed and used as input for the image enhancement network “where they are used to modulate image features.” While there is a lot more that goes into it, this work culminates in the footage you see below from GTA 5.
If we did not know it was from GTA 5, it would be hard to tell that it was not real. Of course, some minor issues appear, such as license plates becoming a blurry mess, but that pales compared to the rest of the video. Besides, are you looking at license plates while driving around in GTA? In any case, this sort of technology is wild, and we cannot wait to see where it goes. If you are as excited as we are, let us know what you think about it in the comments below.
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2023.03.30 14:01 safeduck10 How dumb is taking out a loan for a car to avoid depleting savings?

(27/M) I’m looking for some honest opinions from money minded people in regards to purchasing a newer car.
I’m currently driving an 09 Civic Type R that’s starting to feel a bit dated, it’s mechanically fine and has been looked after but I fancy something newer. It also costs me a fortune on petrol and tax because it’s a big(ish) petrol engine. I’m also doing longer journeys lately and it’s not exactly a comfy car for long trips. It’s also a bit of a boy racer car and I feel a bit cringe approaching 30 haha!
I don’t want anything mega new, I’ve been looking at Lexus IS300’s from around 2013-2015 because I love the look of them, they’re comfy and also hybrids so the tax is peanuts and have good fuel economy. Lexus are also a very reliable car IMO as they’re basically just a Toyota.
Most ones I like are around £13000, I can get approx £4000-5000 back for my current car if I sell it privately so I’m left with about £8000 to pay myself.
I’m a home owner with about £6,000 in an emergency fund and £10,000 mixed in savings, bonds and index funds. I literally hate the idea of depleting my savings, especially my emergency fund, I’ve seen I could take out a loan instead with sometime like Tesco for 4.9% over 5 years - £1076.00 to pay in interest. The payments are £159 a month which seems manageable, I take home about £1600 after tax and my bills are about £450 a month, I have no debt except mortgage.
Basically, I’m asking how stupid of an idea is it to take a loan out when you have the money to pay up front lol? I’d be happy to pay the interest for the safety of knowing I’ve still got my savings and investments intact.
P.S. I very much know I can get a cheaper car but I’m a bit of an enthusiast and hate the thought of owning something like a 1.2 base spec Corsa.
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2023.03.30 14:01 randomthoughtsrkx Hopeless and jealous of everyone. M21

My life is an absolute shit, my depression keeps getting worse and worse. And I’m trying to work hard, I’m working out a lot literally working out hard so I’m in pain, I’m going to college, I don’t sit at home all day. Go for a long walks yet I still feel like an absolute shit. I have only a few friends, never had a gf, recently had my first kiss yet same girl rejected me.. Also living with parents because I have no money to afford my own apartment
I feel like I’m biggest loser in this planet, I can’t even get driver’s license been ranting a lot about that, because I feel like a manchild without one, my driving school starts soon but I know I’m not going to get one because of my ADHD and anxiety. I even study hard practice tests yet I can’t pass. I see people younger than me drive that just ruins my day
Been to therapy but it’s worthless they give same advice over and over, and spent almost 300$ on therapy. I think it’s biggest scam, also was taking antidepressants they made me feel tired as fuck, I was not able to wake up for college, so I quit my meds. Used to drink a lot beers everyday but I hate hangovers, so I don’t drink anymore.
Has anyone else feel/felt like this ? I’m really trying hard yet no progress, not happy, but sad and depressed.
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2023.03.30 14:01 Peace_KABZ My life is in danger as a gay man in Uganda.

If you identify as LGBTQ+ member in Uganda,you're either taken in prison or judged with death penalty.Please pray for my safety as am planning to flee out this homophobic country asap 😔🙏🙏. Below is the link where our parliament passed the anti-gay bill
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2023.03.30 14:00 reiner_apologist [Speculation Thread] - Thursday Edition March 30, 2023

Use this thread to discuss theories, rumors, new tea, social media activity, and speculation for current or upcoming seasons. Jokes, memes, gifs, off-topic conversations, and kiki-ing belong in other subs.
Active Season Megathreads:

Need to spill tea? Find the right person to message here.

Other Useful Links
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If you are interested in applying to be a tea collector for future international franchises, you can find the form here.
Want the tea summarized in spreadsheet form? Well, you're in luck. Check out the Drag Race Spreadsheet Extravaganza.
Other questions? You can always message the mods.
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