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2011.02.28 05:50 littlewing91 Gettin' faded, one day at a time

For enthusiasts of raw denim in all its forms; from the rarest Japanese heritage jeans, to the most frayed of jorts.

2012.08.29 05:10 MillaMia The Best Horror Literature and the Worst

This is a place to discuss horror literature. Any book is up for discussion as long as that discussion is respectful. It doesn't matter if you're into Stephen King, Octavia Butler, Jack Ketchum or Shirley Jackson, this is the place to share that love and discuss to your heart's content.

2023.06.05 11:20 AlternativeWater131 [21/M] Long-term and Serious

Hello! I'm a 21-year-old guy, and I've been on a search for a genuine and lasting connection. I believe that true friendships have the potential to blossom into beautiful love stories. I'm looking for someone who values daily conversations about our lives, someone who prioritizes our connection and understands me, inspiring the best version of myself. Mutual effort is crucial to make this work, with prompt responses and not leaving each other hanging for hours. Rest assured, I'll be equally committed to you, making you my top priority and brightening your day. Let's build a special bond, connecting emotionally and taking things slow. Who knows, we might just fall in love and see where our journey leads. I'm open to a long-distance relationship with plans to meet in person at some point.
Please only reach out if you're genuinely interested in forming a meaningful connection and cannot commit to LDR. Let's keep our conversations safe and respectful. If I don't respond immediately, I might be offline, but I'll do my best to reply promptly when I'm available.
A little about me:
I'm a student who finds solace in music. Genres like pop, indie, rock, and dance are my daily companions. I enjoy immersing myself in nature and have a great affinity for the outdoors. Despite being introverted, I'm always up for an outdoor adventure that energizes me. Shyness has been a part of me since childhood, but I can easily form attachments with people. You can expect quick responses from me, so you won't have to wait long to hear back.
We can exchange pictures but give me sometime to be comfortable to send, don't pressure me into doing it please i just hope you understand.
About you:
I'm interested in connecting with females between the ages of 19 and 23. Sorry, but I'm not seeking conversations with guys at the moment. When you message me, please include the word 'blue.' It would be ideal if you're in the GMT +1 or +2 time zone, as I value prompt and consistent communication. Let's put effort into responding quickly and keeping the conversation flowing. Your physical appearance doesn't matter to me; having a good soul and being understanding are what truly count.
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2023.06.05 11:20 pistoc0rdo 5trillion economy

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2023.06.05 11:20 PIGEONS_UP_MY_ASS How good is it to be an adult?

I'm guessing you're all adults with kids meaning you have at least some life experience
What would you rate being an adult? I'm struggling to see the point. I have no motivation to do anything with my life because I don't see the point in anything. Being a kid is the best time of your life because you have no responsibilities, I've been a kid and now I'm 17. I've lived through it, the next stage in life just seems so shit.
It just doesn't seem worth it. The negatives outweigh the positives. You have to pay taxes to a government that doesn't give a shit about you, you get underpaid for your labour for an employer that doesn't give a shit about you. It seems like everything is out to get you and the rich are the only people who benefit.
How the fuck am I supposed to think about universities and shit when I have this on my mind? I have no motivation or care about my future because I don't see myself in it, I just don't fit in society. I'm bad at everything and sensitive af. I don't have the skills to be successful, both emotional and academic. I'm also a porn addict, been suicidal more times than I can count, and am completely unstable with my emotions.
I suppose I don't want to die exactly, I just want to start over. I want to live life better, I've made so many mistakes and I'm such a failure all I want to do is change the past but I can't. My only chance at life and I've already fucking ruined it.
So yeah. Please tell it gets better.
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2023.06.05 11:20 Culearner Advice for 1st solo trip (19M)

So been in home for 3 years want to have a trip of about 5-6 days and i am thinking to travel south or east India in June end please suggest me the best place to visit in this month and hacks to save money and also advice for first time solo traveller it will be highly generous of anyone commenting
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2023.06.05 11:20 korea_viva The Indian Fighter
( English Dubbing , Korean Subtitles )
Plot summary : At the end of the US Civil War, Johnny Hawks returns and tries to re-start his life. He was once a renowned Indian fighter but had made peace with the Sioux and had become friendly with the Chief, Red Cloud. His immediate task is to lead an Oregon-bound wagon train through Sioux territory but there are some among the settlers who have heard of a gold mine and will go to any lengths to find it. Every time Hawks thinks he has arranged a peace two men in particular, Wes Todd and another named Chivington seem to make it impossible to keep the peace. Hawks also finds that the Chief's daughter, Ohnahti, has grown into a beautiful woman. Despite Hawks' best efforts, war seems inevitable.
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2023.06.05 11:20 Various-Tough5637 A Way Forward (MSF Ideas)

I’ll start with saying I love this game.
I took a year and a half away from the game out of frustration with Scopley but couldn’t stay away permanently because at the end of the day the game is amazing…and after being back for about 3 months there needs to be some major changes for the long term health of the game because while the game is amazing...but the team that runs it seems to have the combined IQ of a rock. So instead of just complaining I wanted to present some ideas to help.
First and foremost are changes needed by Scopley….as the organization running MSF.
  1. Get QA - this is the change that will make the most impact. Think of all the drama that’s been plaguing the game lately. 90% + has been caused by lack of game quality. This s*** is difficult to develop and implement no doubt…but HOLY HELL please help yourself and test this s*** properly.
  2. Don’t dismiss player feedback because you don’t like it and don’t ignore / go quiet. We get you won’t fix every issue (even if you cause it). Just own it and move forward….hint hint just tell use we aren’t getting the lvl 5 ISO from your f*** up and let it be done. At least there will be clarity and closure. Even if it’s the wrong thing to do.
  3. For the love of God don’t run off your content creators…so fix that. They are a tool for both the community and studio. So instead of making them quit…utilize them and utilize them properly. They can be a source of marketing, QA, and even dev help (looking at Tauna…oh wait you ran him off) all in one.
Second…ideas for changes to MSF
  1. Stop the hoarding events…or at least remove the hoarding benefits of these events. For example this Ruff Riffs event. Just remove the gold orb portion of the event and scale the milestones accordingly. The company can still provide offers that provide additional points in the web store but at its core the event should be about what points can be earned in that time period (intergalactic orbs or whatever).
    1B. Event ideas (just ideas so Reddit..just relax):
     Dark Dimension Destroyers: Win fights in Dark Dimension to gain points towards the milestone event. Each fight in the varying dark dimensions have a point value assigned. This will encourage players to build their rosters (spend money) to move through content to gain more points. Access to all levels of commanders. Supply restock (daily): Purchase items in the supply store to gain milestone points. If you really want commanders to buy gold…then try this. You can give bonus points for cores spent to refresh and this would be great as way to get players to buy GT 18 items. This also leads into the next piece of game change.. 
  2. Scaling the Gold economy correctly…we get it. You aren’t here to make a player friendly game. You’ve made that clear and that money is your first and ONLY priority. Well…news flash…if players can’t level up their characters…or buy supply store gear…they won’t buy the characters. I’m sure there is a group that just purchased a game studio recently that might be upset if numbers start to decline and they look like idiots for there new billion dollar investment because the operating team couldn’t figure out a simple solution to a major issue. So do some simple math on percentage of gold needed for gear and character level up since the gold orb was updated. Take that percentage change and apply it to a gold orb II. That way hoarders don’t have an advantage, scopely can sell new orbs, and more gold can be obtained by players.
Just a few thoughts of my thoughts…I’m sure I missed some but hopefully this isn’t too pointless or crap.
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2023.06.05 11:20 Relative-Thought3562 Why do a lot of people still think Taiwan claims the sovereignty over Mainland China and Mongolia?

A lot of times when I came across some Youtubers / commentators explaining cross-strait relations, I heard them saying that Taiwan (ROC) still techinically claims the sovereingty over Mongolia. It is quite confusing, because ROC does not claim that anymore since quite a long time ago.
Also, a lot of them think that the Constitution of ROC claims that, but this isn't true as well. Article 4 of the Constitution states that: "The territory of the Republic of China according to its existing national boundaries shall not be altered except by resolution of the National Assembly". But this clause does not provide a clear definition of "national boundaries". Also, in Constitutional Court Intepretation No.328 (Nov. 1993), the Judicial Yuan stated that "instead of enumerating the components of national territory, a general provision was adopted, and a special procedure for any change of national territory was provided", and further expressed that the delimination of territory is "an act of State" and is thus beyond the competance of Judicial Yuan.
All this is to say that the territory of ROC (or Taiwan) is yet to be defined and is definitly not determined in the Constitution. The only way to "define" a territory is through the procedure outlined by the Constitution, which hasn't happened yet.
For foreigners in Taiwan, do you think ROC still claim the soverignty over China? If so, where did you hear that?

*BTW I think people refer to this version) (Art.4) of Constitution when speaking about ROC's claim of sovereignty, which is funny bc this version didn't mention Taiwan as a part of its territory.
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2023.06.05 11:20 Sand_cham How do you microwave sweet potatoes?

Actually Microwave ovens are very helpful to cook food. It actually help us to manage our time with cooking. A microwave oven don't take very long time to make food. Because of its easier to make different types of food, can be made different types of food today. Do you know about microwaving sweet potatoes? Actually microwaved potatoes are very delicious. You can microwave them in different ways. Here is one method of backing sweet potatoes.
Whole sweet potatoes
Brown sugar
Black pepper and some salt
Some butter
These microwaved sweet potatoes are very delicious. you also can try.
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2023.06.05 11:19 hangman86 X1 carbon gen 11 customization options

Hey all,
After almost 2 years of agonizing over what laptop to get, I'm going for the X1c gen 11.
However, in the customization page, I feel like some options are missing.
For instance, I think I saw that 64 gb of ram is available but I can't find that option on the Korean page (where I live) or on the US page either.
I think I also saw that you can get the P processor, but that's not appearing as an option (I'm going to get the U processor so it doesn't matter, but I'm puzzled why I'm not seeing these options).
It's my first time ordering from the website so maybe I'm missing something?
Sorry if this is a dumb question.
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2023.06.05 11:19 BeedAI Hi, Waifu Redeem Code & Learn how to Earn lots of Energy while you're sleeping!

I just write a full post on the Hi Waifu redeem code & share in this post how you can earn more energy. So in this post, you will find the latest redemption code & how you can redeem your code. How you can make more energy & how you can earn energy while you're sleeping, do read this post in the end and you have a chance to earn lots of energy and you can use the hi Waifu app freely for a long time.
Read the Post.
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2023.06.05 11:19 basisbot [US-CA] [H] binder, some sky striker, some swordsoul, Albion, apo, better luck next time, Pokemon [W] List, binder, trades, paypal

1st binder
Sky strikeswordsoul & others
Prioritizing binders and list over PayPal Sellling at 85% tcg
I’ll prob want something in your binders, so don’t be afraid to link them!
Buyer pays PP fee and $1 for shipping
3x Parallel Exceed mp21 1x Time Space Trap Hole MP15 or PGL3 1x zeus MP21 1x Evilswarm exciton knight BLLR
1 SS Airspace - Area zero DASA 1 SS Mecha - Afterburners MP19 1 Terraforming DUOV 2 mystic mine mp20 1 Dharc, the dark charmer, Gloomy BACH 1 SS Ace - Kaina MP20 1 Accesscode Talker BLCR
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2023.06.05 11:19 parthCMON Need help in preparing 3 day itinerary

Hi guys! I’ll be visiting kerala from 10th to 13th June, 2023 to experience the lovely monsoon. I need your help in deciding a central location to stay from which different tourist spots are accessible. Money no object.
P.s good food and strong internet access would be a plus!
P.p.s all insights are welcome, from luxury hotels/resorts/restaurants etc to different adventure activities. I just want to have an amazing time in this beautiful state!
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2023.06.05 11:19 Space_0pera Second split rank reset - Does ranking up will take more time than previous seasons?

Hi summoners,
I was wondering if - compared to previous years - ranking up will take more time. It seems that when second split starts this year, rank will be reset and you will go down 4 divisions on average (i.e. your are Gold IV, you will go down to Silver IV).
This means that if your goal was to reach Plat IV during this year this is going to be harder. You will have to start all over again mid year.
For example, In my case, I had to play 132 games with a 56,8% WR to go up 4 divisions. Does it mean that I will need to play the same ammount of games to reach the same place I'm currently at? This will mean that instead of using this time to achieve a better rank I will have to repeat the process again.
I have limited time to spend on League of Legends, so I feel demotivated that after all the hard work I've put into this game I won't have time to rank farther up this year.
Is there any benefit for this reset that I'm not taking into consideration?

[...] You'll begin each new split unranked, but you can jump back on the ladder by playing ten placement games. Once those are finished, you should find yourself at just about a full tier below your final rank the previous split [...]
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2023.06.05 11:19 jeromebtches In my opinion

I'm still watching the stream, but I have to admit, at least she admitted that she came back to get an income. I mean yeah, it's not right I guess to ghost your fans and just come back for the money, but at least she said it. It's out in the open now and to be honest, anyone donating to her now knows what they're donating towards.
Also I'm glad she admitted she was stupid.
Also, I don't agree with some people suggesting that she's fake crying. How many times have we seen fake youtuber apologies. That's real tears, and I know this is "my life is over prt 3" but who cares. I think why people get upset with her is that she doesn't listen to her fans. She keeps on telling everyone that their support means the world to her, but she show kindness back to them when she fucks up.
Imo, I do believe she is a victim in all of this. She's a victim of abuse, cheating and lying. She's just kind of a stupid victim for falling for this man once more.
But then again... I've never been in a 15 year marriage and only later after a miscarriage finding out that my husband was a lying piece of shit.
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2023.06.05 11:19 Battlera Returning to Warframe after a month.

I stop playing for a bit and focused on school for month and was playing mobile games in the free time I had. After coming back all my settings changed and now the game looks relatively bad now. Did the setting change happen to everyone?
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2023.06.05 11:19 sernexussimmi Canada Immigration Consultants In Jalandhar

Canada Immigration Consultants In Jalandhar

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants from all over the world. The country offers a high quality of life, a multicultural society, a stable economy, and a welcoming environment for newcomers.
However, moving to Canada may be a difficult and complicated procedure, particularly for people who are unfamiliar with the laws and guidelines that govern the country's immigration programme. Because of this, a lot of people go for the assistance of qualified immigration experts who can walk them through the many procedures and prerequisites of applying for a Canadian visa.
Based on their needs and goals, we provide our clients with individualised and tailored services. To assist our potential customers in understanding their alternatives and eligibility for immigration to Canada, we also offer free consultation and assessment services.
The requirements for immigrating to Canada depend on the type of program or category you choose to apply for.For diverse types of applicants, including skilled professionals, family members, entrepreneurs, students, refugees, and more, Canada has a variety of immigration programmes and categories. Each program or category has its own eligibility criteria and application process.

What are immigration consultants and what do they do?

Immigration consultants are experts who have the knowledge and experience of dealing with different types of immigration applications and programs.
For clients who desire to move to Canada for a variety of reasons, including job, study, family reunion, business, or permanent residence, they can offer guidance and support. Immigration consultants can help clients with:

Why choose Canada immigration consultants in Jalandhar?

A significant portion of the populace in the Indian city of Jalandhar wishes to relocate to Canada. Many of them have family members or friends who have relocated to Canada and can attest to the advantages and opportunities the nation provides.
Finding a trustworthy immigration consultant in Jalandhar, though, can be difficult because there are so many dishonest and dishonest agents out there that seem to offer immigration services while actually taking advantage of their clients' time and money.

How to contact Canada immigration consultants in Jalandhar?

If you are looking for Canada immigration consultants in Jalandhar who can help you achieve your dream of moving to Canada, .We are a group of skilled and knowledgeable immigration experts that hold both ICCRC and Punjab government licences. Through a variety of programmes and categories, we have assisted thousands of clients from Jalandhar and other regions of India in successfully immigrating to Canada.
We are dedicated to giving our clients honest, ethical, and professional services and making sure that the entire application procedure is simple and hassle-free for them. We also offer our clients who arrive in Canada post-landing services and settlement assistance. We are sure that we can fulfil your desire to settle in Canada.
Some of the common requirements for immigrating to Canada are:

How to Contact Sernexuss Immigration?

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– Office: You can visit their office at 1208, 1507 Chiranjiv Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi, 110019
You can realise your Canadian immigration aspirations with the assistance of Sernexuss Immigration, a reputable and trustworthy company in the immigration sector. Get in touch with them right away to take a step towards your immigration objectives.
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2023.06.05 11:19 SanePsyco17 I had the craziest dream. There was like a 10 foot python in my house, as well as another snake...

I was freaking out , hearing snake hissing and the small snake came at me. I saw the python lurking around then it attacked the small snake,constricted it and ate it. Then turns out the python HAD IT OUT FOR ME. It chased me everywhere, found every hiding spot I was in. Nearly got me a few times. After like 30 minutes I managed to hide and it went back into the hole in the ceiling.
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2023.06.05 11:19 skiplodocus My housemate has bed bugs, how worried should I be about them getting into my room?

I know how what I’m about to say might sound incredibly self-centred considering the situation but I really need some consolation. I’m deathly afraid of bed bugs, and ever since my flatmate told me he‘s got them I’ve been so mentally drained.
I can barely sleep, I’m having panic attacks at the sight of any lint or debris that looks even slightly bedbug-like. A couple times I’ve woken up TERRIFIED and crawled onto all fours to search my bed for hours. It’s awful but I even feel scared to be around him, I won’t go near his room, and I’ve stopped going into the lounge.
Crazy part is: he’s not even fazed! In fact he often jokes about it, and loves to show off the million welts that now cover his torso.
Do you think I should be this worried about getting them? If yes, is there any kind of prevention I can use to make sure I don’t?
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2023.06.05 11:19 bonanoinsurance ATV Insurance Louisiana

ATV Insurance Louisiana
Bonano Insurance are help you choose the right ATV insurance policy in Louisiana choosing the right insurance policy can be a daunting task, but it's important to take the time to find the right policy for your business don't settle for the first insurance policy you come across. Shop around and compare rates and coverage options from multiple insurance providers. This will help ensure that you get the best possible coverage at the most affordable price. Understand Your ATV coverage needs before you start shopping for ATV Insurance Louisiana, take the time to assess your coverage needs. Consider the size of your business, the nature of your work, and the potential risks your employees face on the job this will help you determine the level of coverage you need.
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