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2011.04.23 16:57 Terraria

Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. The world is your canvas and the ground itself is your paint.

2023.03.26 23:02 CyberFox2795 Opinions on My Early Game Manor?

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2023.03.26 13:10 Odd_Ad_1556 Games where you play as a summoner

i loved terrarias summoner, its really fun and probably my favorite thing in video games before katanas and parrying.
other games with summoner playstyles are: grim dawn, it was alright but i stopped playing after i reached the desert area (i think second). so games like these top down are probably not my thing. boneraiser minions recently and it was really fun
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2023.03.22 05:12 JohnTronco A summoner class rebalance idea I created for fun

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2023.03.15 07:06 SeeingAnAbsoluteWin Senator Armstrong Vs. Every Terraria Boss - Part 1 - King Slime and Eye of Cthulhu.

(I will put this post into multiple parts. I am rather unfamiliar with this sub's etiquette, so advice for future parts is greatly appreciated.
Simple as that. The Senator has landed in Terraria, and must defeat every boss to escape back to Earth, to continue his plans of rebuilding America. Each Round, Armstrong must face another boss, scaling in difficulty. Armstrong always has access to an arsenal of Healing Potions, increasing in amount and tier as progression increases. The Senator does not need any of Terraria's native weapons, so he uses no mana. Each boss, he is not aware of their movesets, but DOES have as much time as needed to prepare. The Arena will always be a flat, grassy plane unless otherwise stated.
Armstrong has X Healing Potions (will specify in each round), his brute strength and resilience, and finally, HIS NANOMACHINES, SON! LET US BEGIN!
R1: Armstrong vs. King Slime. Armstrong has 3 Lesser Healing Potions, and must wait 60 seconds between use. Let us assume 1 Lesser Healing Potion will heal 1/8 of Armstrong's Max HP. King Slime has the ability to summon minions upon losing health, leap up high, and teleport to it's target upon them getting out of range. With Armstrong's Nanomachines, let's assume when they are active, he has what is equal to 500 Terraria defense, so King Slime can only do 1 damage at a time when they are active, but he cant move much (To my understanding, they deactivate if he begins moving a lot.)
R2: Armstrong vs. Eye of Cthulhu. Armstrong has 5 Lesser Hearing Potions. The Eye has two phases, one where it flies around, summoning smaller Eyeballs known as Servants of Cthulhu. The Eye will occasionally attempt to ram into Armstrong for the duration of it's first phase. Upon reaching half health, The Eye will reveal a gaping mouth under some of it's flesh, and begin attempting to rip apart Armstrong with it. The Eye stops summoning it's servants, but begins dashing much more often and erratically, eventually even dashing so fast it leaves after images. Armstrong's Nanomachines can keep up with it, but for how long?
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2023.03.11 06:23 jaundiceHunny Opportunity to improve minions

I have great respect for the designers and technical minds behind this game, so however they choose to solve this issue, I'm sure it will be an improvement.
Summoner is fun in theory but in practice there are loads of frustrations, mostly stemming from the minion AI. The addition of whips should have solved this problem, but it almost makes it worse when the minions don't actually follow through with attacking the struck enemy.
For example, you can whip an enemy, but your minions won't attack if they don't have direct access to the enemy, effectively taking their attention off whatever they were attacking to do nothing instead. Minions have no issues flying through walls to reach me, but the minute I need them to do the same to an enemy they refuse.
You may think the ability for minions to freely pass through walls would break them, and I agree, but remember that I've already whipped this enemy, meaning I have direct LOS and am within whipping range. Because the player has to engage the enemy in order to whip them, it doesn't seem unreasonable to temporarily give the minions the ability to pass through walls in order to reach the enemy. The moment they have access to the enemy, they're fixed to solid blocks again.
The other problem I've noticed is that when whipping an enemy, some minions will first return to my location, then target the enemy. In the heat of battle, if I tell them to attack something I'm counting on them to do it. If they have one routine to return to me, and another to focus an enemy, why are they running the routine to return to me? It's more than frustrating because my main source of damage gets confused when I need it most, and by the time they target the new enemy (if they ever do), it might be too late.
A summoner build is only as reliable as the minions. Combat in Terraria is wonderful because it's often very fast and decisive. If the minions aren't, then they struggle to keep up, and the potential fun of leading an army ends up more like infighting.
I understand that summoner is the black sheep of classes, but if I have to end up doing all the work myself, it doesn't feel that different than a melee build with less damage, less defense, and with a bit of bonus crowd control. I would rather push summoner further into its own playstyle with the minions being the main focus, but it will take some reworking of their code to get there.
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2023.03.09 21:36 I_eat_beans_bruh Terrahax

I am trying to find the download link for Terrahax, I tried looking on google and I dont really know where to download it. Many sketchy sites and scam youtube links... I just need a legitimate version of it. If you can link it in the replies that would be great
Terrahax is a modded game client for Terraria that lets you change different aspects like how many minions you can summon to the fire rate on guns. It bassically lets you manipulate the game to make it a little more wacky.
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2023.02.28 22:43 XSuperJaxX this is not my art but I would like to see this happen

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2023.02.28 15:05 SmilyCookieBone Kaka v420 iceberg

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2023.02.20 01:18 DrGamesley Thoughts on the mistlands

Atmosphere & aesthetic
For music and scenery this is my new favorite biome everything is just so literally magical, i know some people complain about it as if its a platformer game but idk man just...get more stamina i would not sacrifice how epic this biome looks to get around a bit easier.
The mobs and dverger are overall pretty good...i thought there might be a bit more variety and that we wouldn't see literally every enemy just in the trailer but whatever, the seekers can be a bit annoying but i still don't hate them as much as greydwarves, ticks are kinda dumb and easy to fight, gjall are just cool as hell, seeker soldiers were initially scary and they're real beefy but i found they were actually quite easy to parry when i stopped trying to run from them, and as for the dverger i really like them and i don't like how you have to piss them off in order to progress in the game...also they're a bit ridiculous to fight against without magical resistances.
The initial tier of new weapons i like for the most part, i love crom and i used it the most of any weapon for quite awhile, the carapace spear is...okay its probably better against lower-tiers of pierce resistant enemies but i haven't tried it, skoll and hati idk i don't do daggers, the arbalest is a fun addition and i used it alot against the gjall. with refined eitr the weapons are a bit of a mixed bag..the axe is fairly disappointing but i like the looks of it much more than the black-metal one, spinesnap is kinda underwhelming..sure it looks cool as hell with the red glow but more stamina usage and most enemies in them istlands not really taking shit for damage from it is kinda sad, the demolisher looks kinda ridiculous but its great to use for aoe, himmin afl is one of my new favorite weapons based on aesthetics the fact that it deals electrical damage aswell and i never much cared for polearms before trying it out, mistwalker is bae.

Armor & shields
There's nothing really to be said about the shield & buckler stats-wise they just work as shields the same as always so i'll just mention the aesthetics, the carapace shield looks great and the buckler looks...okay. now for the armor...i'm actually...really underwhelmed, aside from the lackluster stats
due to the limited black forge level it just doesn't look like it should provide more armor anyways...for a heavy armor set there is just so much damn bared skin and flimsy rabbit hide...and the helmet just looks like a bunch of the previous ones and kinda lame.
After the disappointment that was the carapace armor i found the eitr-weave set to be pretty cool looking aside from clipping through capes like mad, speaking of capes the feather cape is like a gift from jesus and it looks good with everything too, the magic system was pretty darn fun although even with the armor and mead eitr regeneration felt sluggish alot of the time, the staff of frost shreds through seekers and is good for slowing enemies down, the staff of embers looks sick and the effect it has is fun to use and very effective And basically how i took the queen down, the staff of protection became essential i saw people complaining about how squishy mages were with the armor istg they never even touched this staff, the dead-raiser is great in every scenario except inside the mistlands or against the queen.
The queen herself was...a rollercoaster of emotions, although she pissed me off numerous times i wouldn't change much about her, people complain about her health but she has to have more than yagluth and the long fight feels of epic proportion, people complain about the foggy chamber and say that its bullshit that she can attack you without you seeing her but i think it adds to the effect the fight doesn't have to be forgiving and not everything is always super fair realistically, people say her minions are excessive but still manage to avoid them and beat her in the end so i think its fine, she was difficult as shit but i've dealt with more deaths playing terraria calamity mod, overall the boss was actually an amazing experience the most terrifying boss-fight in the game and with the ominous music that plays in the chamber coming on when you defeat her it just felt like a real accomplishment...despite the place-holder item.
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2023.02.15 17:33 SmilyCookieBone After so long haha yes! The first ever kaka v420 iceberg

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2023.02.04 22:22 Hectro_unity No Guarenteed items in anglers quest.

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2023.01.29 19:08 HelpfulGolden The Stardust Summons/Minions from Terraria

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2023.01.26 22:10 Sandwich_dad96 Tmodloader bug?

I recently got terraria and tmodloader on pc. I have played vanilla before, but that's besides the point. When I boot up tmodloader, none of the options on the title screen work. I started playing modded recently, and have run into NO issues before now. I haven't changed controls on pc or in-game. The mods I have installed (according to memory) are:
Fargo's soul
amulet of many minions
more zenith items (or something like that)
more whips (again an approximation of the name, I can't view the workshop menu)

and that's about it. HELP PLEASE!!!
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2023.01.26 00:12 Ok_Cicada3676 Some suggestions for items and mechanics for terraria 1.4.5

I don't know anything about reddit, so feel free to direct the post to the right place. These are some suggestions that I noticed to be missing mainly in the late game of terraria for some classes, feel free to give suggestions. Starting with the Pygmy Necklace, it could combine with items from the Old One's Army event, such as "Squire's Shield, Apprentice's Scarf, Huntress's Buckler and Monk's Belt" plus some hardmod items such as the mechanical glove and create an item with the following stats " + 15% summoner damage and attack speed, +10% range of whips, and +1 number of sentries/minions. As for the mechanics, it could be possible to refine the armor to a certain level, for example +4 gold armor, to refine it would be necessary to use gems such as diamonds, topaz, rubins. Each gem would give some low base stat, for example diamond could give 1% of critical to each refining, in addition to diamonds it would take metals of a certain level to be able to refine a level above type, demonite to put the armor at +1, hellstone to + 2, hallowbar to +3, apart from the considerable increase in the number of gems, in addition to strengthening the mechanics of cultivating gem tree. A super pack of balloons, made with all the balloons in the game at least with the Fart in a Balloon and the Sharkron Balloon, with a new achievement " priest of the balloons" a guy from my country who had the idea to fly in a lot of balloons and fell into the sea.
I look forward to everyone's suggestions.
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2023.01.22 10:05 CandeezNutsFitInYou The community not scaling.

The community not scaling.
I recently got the community and even though ive killed many bosses it doesnt scale at all, i should have a lot better buffs from it.
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2023.01.12 18:35 IGiveTrustIssues A Terraria Crossover item idea

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2023.01.12 18:34 IGiveTrustIssues My random suggestions for a DRG Crossover update

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2023.01.03 18:16 Aviarn If there's one last update I want... it's weapon/accessory tooltip clarity.

Ever since I started playing terraria back in 1.2, these 2 things annoyed me to hell.
So for a final parting update in 1.4.5, could we PLEASE have a rework on item tooltips? For example;
Powerful Vortex Beater (when wearing a Menacing Ranger Emblem and Chlorophyte bullets as top ammo selected, with an Ammo Box, for example) 80 Ranged Damage 9% Critical Strike Chance 5.5 Use Speed (Insanely Fast) Very Weak Knockback 86% chance to save ammo 'The Catastrophic Mixture of Pew Pew, and Boom Boom'
When holding Shift
Powerful Vortex Beater (when wearing a Menacing Ranger Emblem and Chlorophyte bullets as top ammo selected, with an Ammo Box, for example) Numbers in order: Base + Ammo (+ Weapon Modifier + Armour + Accessories incl modifiers + Buffs) 50 +10 (+7 +0 +10 +0) Ranged Damage 4% +4% (+1% +0% +0% +0) Critical Strike Chance 5 +0 (+0.5 +0 +0 +0) Use Speed 2 Knockback (Very Weak) 66% +0% (+0% +0% +0% +20%) chance to save ammo Fires a homing rocket once each 4 attacks dealing 70 +10 (+11 +0 +15 +0) Ranged Damage
As well for accessories that don't stack
Celestial Stone
Celestial Blessing - Grants a minor increase to damage, melee speed, critical strike chance, life regeneration, defense, mining speed, and minion knockback.
then clearly indicating it shares the same ability as:
Celestial Shell
Lunar Lycantropy - Turns the holder into a werewolf at night.
Aquatic Transformation - Turns the holder into a merfolk when entering water.
Celestial Blessing - Grants a minor increase to damage, melee speed, critical strike chance, life regeneration, defense, mining speed, and minion knockback.
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2023.01.03 07:50 ThatsBruhMomento Sort of almost finished

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2022.12.26 07:03 Wonderful_Artichoke8 My win8.1 start screen setup. This looks way better than the start screen of win10

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2022.12.22 17:35 Gurgle_Nurgle Finalized the player character base sprite for our Terraria-like game. :) Gonna create some basic animations next to start prototyping our combat system, which is minion-based. Think Jojo's Bizarre Adventure meets Pokémon with realtime combat, with the minions sort of acting as your weapon.

Finalized the player character base sprite for our Terraria-like game. :) Gonna create some basic animations next to start prototyping our combat system, which is minion-based. Think Jojo's Bizarre Adventure meets Pokémon with realtime combat, with the minions sort of acting as your weapon. submitted by Gurgle_Nurgle to indiegames [link] [comments]

2022.12.19 03:40 Light-----Yagami Singleplayer games where I have the control to focus on a specific build archetype, generally replayable and in short bursts

Examples include:
Loop Hero
League of Legends
Clash Royale, ideally singleplayer Clash Royale if there are any games like this
BTD6 with the various different towers
Slay the Spire
Looking for a game where I have the control to make some build that I want to do, bonus points if I can have lifesteal DPS or HP regen tank builds for RPG-ish games or unit swarming for strategy-ish games. I don't mind lengthy games, but I would prefer more short burst games.
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