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2023.03.21 21:36 Bianca_Van_Rensburg Human centered design

Human centered design
Human-centered design looks at creating environments and spaces for the needs of the people where the end result must be considered. It is essential to understand the people you are designing for where the function is evaluated before the form. The area that you are creating has a direct impact on the people it is intended for, and the context is crucial because it shows the purpose and function of the design. The buildings that do not follow the principle of human-centered design are put at a disadvantage where the users of the space are not fully catered for, and additional changes will have to be made further along. However, the area will never indeed be ideal for the intended use. It is vital for designers to plan how a space will work before construction or final additions are made. This is why the main problems must be identified and focused on; the intended user is the basis of the design and must be considered, all aspects must be cohesive and mesh well together as independent systems will not work, and lastly, trials and evaluations are essential for it to be the best environment for the people. Designers should be fully involved in the designs they create, and the plans that are made must be socially and politically progressive, not just economically based (Björgvinsson et al., 2012). There are real benefits to human-centered design, and they can be implemented in different scenarios. The four areas focused on are human-centered design in businesses, public spaces, private spaces and homes where technology plays a significant role, and rural developments.

Fig 1. Human Centered Design Principles (Net Solutions, 2020)

Human-centered design in businesses is favourable because they target two groups of people which are employees and customers. Employees are looked after when the space is designed specifically for the duties that need to be carried out. The human-centered design also looks at making the workplace more inclusive, which in turn helps workers to feel the company cares and values them. Younger employees are less likely to stay at a job they are not enjoying. Millennial managers also play a role in how the business is constructed, and they are more open to a flexible work environment where the people who work for the company are thought about in the way the space is designed (Rosa & Hastings, 2018). Customers are also considered when carrying out human-centered design as they are fundamental for a company’s profit. Often existing buildings are used for commercial spaces where they need to be flexible for a variety of different tasks, but it is sometimes forgotten what people need to thrive in the area that they are in to maximize productivity. There are regulations set out for what needs to be adhered to in an office, such as the amount of natural light and ventilation required. It is so easy for businesses to overlook how to creatively use a room without reducing floor space when money is the main objective. Our employees are the direct link to customers, which will affect the profit made. Human-centered design is the future of the workplace as it will benefit the gain of the business and reduce staff turnover.

Fig 2. The power of human-centered design to understand customer journeys (Territory, 2022)

Public spaces can also use human-centered design and can overlap with the theory of urban design. Urban design looks at people and places, and it involves building spaces and landscapes with an integrated design and how they each affect the movement pattern of an area. Urban design combined with human-centered design can increase the social interaction of a space where it becomes more accessible for people to use. (Urban Design Committee, 2015) physical planning is essential, but how it will affect the people it is intended for is crucial to the success of the plan (Rand, 1969). Many public spaces do not end up working for many reasons, one of the biggest causes being that rooms were designed to be looked at rather than used. Often some features to look out for are when a space is not inviting to people; there are not enough places to sit, and not enough options both in the sun or the shade and having unclear or hidden entrances. As designers, it is so important to think about the user of the space and how they will interact with it, public areas must be easy to see, and the person must be able to get in. Places that are designed for people must value the function rather than solely focusing on the aesthetic. Lastly, why public spaces do not end up working as well as planned because paths are not designed for where people want to go; they either lead to a dead end, or they do not connect to the right places. In South Africa, to be more specific, our public spaces are not being utilized to their full potential and for the intended use; this is mainly because of safety issues as well as the majority of people using cars to get around, and these spaces are built around the dominance of vehicles. This leads to a lack of crossroads and sidewalks that are not wide enough. (Project for Public Spaces, 2009). People want life to be as simple as possible, and when an area makes it easier to get around in a car rather than walking, more people will choose that option. This ultimately deters people from wanting to use the space. This makes it very clear why human-centered design is so crucial in the planning stage of any design. The main aim is for a space to be used in the most efficient way. The human-centered design takes time because the use of the area needs to be determined, but issues like deadlines and budget eventually affect the final plan. When designing and planning, the physical conditions of space are vital to take into consideration, but the reason behind people's activities in the public sphere has a more considerable influence on how the space will be used in the future. Spaces need to be more approachable, which is why human-centered design is more valuable to spend time and money on for more public spaces.

Fig 3. Placemaking Through Public Infrastructure (Karnath, 2021)

The design has always been popular in homes to customize the space exactly how the client wants it. People come to their homes every day, and these spaces will influence us. They need to follow the function set out for them, but it should also be a healthy environment. The human-centered design allows positive long-term well-being. This way of designing is not a movement but rather a proposal to make designing better for the people using the space. Our environments are constantly changing, especially with the developments of technology. Our spaces need to support that. There is then a direct link between technology and human-centered design as they both make the user's life easier, so when it comes to designing homes, both need to be considered and work in conjunction (Purkayastha, 2022). The internet has changed the home environment, and people no longer need to leave their homes to be connected to the physical media; they can now stay home to view the news, magazines or even books. Homes directly link people to their devices. With the advancements in technology, designers must take a modern approach when planning how a space will work. Technology can also be used for older people who require assistance, and the way a space is designed for them is crucial. It is essential to make life easier for them, and housing is a basic need. A space can be designed with a specific user in mind. (Guihen, B. 2016). It is essential to look at what makes a worthwhile user experience. Functionality must be considered first so the interaction and usability can be focused on to achieve the intended objective in the most effective way. The next stage is to see how to design specifically for the user experience. The basic needs of the person must be fulfilled, and this happens when the designer keeps close communication with the client to find this out. Designers need to plan for experiences that are happening now and future experiences. This is why a combination of technology must be used but also empathy and emotion from the designer. Technology can control many design elements, for example, lighting, which has a significant impact on the mood of the user. Once you know what makes a design user-friendly and the needs of the client, the user experience must then be merged into everyday life. This is the challenge designers will be faced with because it deals with highly personal aspects, and it will directly impact the social dynamics of family life in a home. Intelligent devices can eventually lead to people competing for attention, and this is why designers need to create an environment where technology is not overpowering the home. Calm technology or calm design is where the technology and the user work together where it is in the user's periphery rather than constantly at the center of attention. Therefore, designers, through human-centered design, can better the everyday life of people and enhance their well-being (Eggen et al., 2016).

Fig 4. Do We Need Human-Centered Design in Data Products? (Panchenko, 2022)

When it comes to implementing a human-centered design in rural developments, the first thing to consider is precisely what issue or problem will be targeted. There are many more significant issues found in rural areas, like sanitation and agriculture, compared to the private sector that can't be solved as quickly. However, human-centered design is all about improving spaces for people, even on a smaller scale, for it to be more user-friendly. Some more common issues that are faced in rural areas are restricted access to health care, poor infrastructure and cultural stigmas. This may be challenging for designers as it may limit them from making specific design choices. When entering rural communities, designers need to understand that they live pretty differently compared to people living in urban areas or cities. The problems they face are different in many ways. Their basic needs need to be fulfilled first. All of the issues community members face in rural developments directly impact their health and wellness. Most designers avoid these areas because of the extreme difficulty of lack of resources, impractical working conditions, and the methods of construction where it may require the need to train people locally in the area, which takes time and limitations in budget. Designers must understand the history of the place they are designing for. It is not about replacing what is already there but rather improving existing systems. It is essential to understand the lifestyles of the rural community members (Gaur, 2022). Communication between the designer and the people you are designing for is vital because when specific issues are brought up, solutions can be created which end up being more sustainable and cost-efficient as they target the direct issue. Design can change lives when it answers the problems real people are facing. By going to rural communities, we give people a voice where their future will be positively impacted. The possibility human-centered design can provide is why it should be used. The information gathered can be highly beneficial for not only future plans but existing systems as well (iDE Using Human-centered Design to Discover Solutions to Poverty, 2022).

Fig 5. village background illustration (Luchimargar, 2022)

When it comes to human-centered design, the most significant reasons not to execute this problem-solving technique are time and money limitations. After looking at the four areas of businesses, public spaces, private spaces and rural developments, one can see human-centered design would benefit each scenario. Some areas are harder to control or implement this design tool, but with each sector, straightforward ways to improve people's lifestyles will help. Human-centered design looks at constructing and planning for the people and understanding their issues is vital for an effective strategy. The design makes innovation and productivity possible. It is now determined that problem-solving and knowledge about the generation you are designing for are key (Hobday et al., 2012). The issues of money restrictions can be solved if more time is spent considering the user as the design becomes more cost-effective and sustainable. Often structures are too complex for the issue they have been tasked to solve. Simple techniques work out the problems people face on a daily basis. For the future to thrive, design needs to revolve around the people that use them.

Fig 6: Business team, company staff meeting (Anastas.Gisin170333, 2022)
Björgvinsson, E., Ehn, P., & Hillgren, P. (2012). Design Things and Design Thinking: Contemporary Participatory Design Challenges. Design Issues, 28(3), 101–116.
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Hobday, M., Boddington, A., & Grantham, A. (2012). An Innovation Perspective on Design: Part 2. Design Issues, 28(1), 18–29.
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Urban Design Committee. (2015, June 4). Human Centered Design for the Public Realm. Urban Design Committee. Retrieved March 21, 2023, from

figure 1:
Net Solutions. (2020, July 9). Human Centered design priciples. Net Solutions.
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Territory. (2022, October 6). The power of human-centered design to understand customer journeys. Territory.
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Karnath, A. (2021, February 3). Placemaking Through Public Infrastructure. Gannett Fleming.
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figure 6:
Anastas.Gisin170333. (2022). Business team, company staff meeting. Vecteezy.
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2023.03.21 21:35 mtnbkr1880 Help Needed Stopping Land Swap in S. Utah

TL;DR - If you're familiar with or have been to southern Utah, then you may have been to Sand Hollow or Sand Mountain in St. George, UT. There's a land swap proposed between the BLM and a land developer that would trade 1050 acres of BLM land for 89 acres the land developer currently owns. If you have time, please submit a public comment via email to blm_ut_sgfo_[email protected] and express your concerns.
The Issue:
BLM and the Washington County Water Conservancy District have proposed a land exchange that would involve swapping 1050 acres of the Western Edge of Sand Mountain near Warner Valley with 89 acres of land in Washington near Green Springs, apparently owned by His Family/Brennan. Washington County is designated as the Facilitator of the Exchange. You can learn more at the BLM E Planning website, EplanningUi ( You can also see the Public Scoping Notice which is attached.
We also obtained plans by the City of Washington to annex much of the acquired area into their City, which may be a significant influence in the exchange.
The proposed action just entered the Public Scoping phase, which is scheduled to conclude at 5:00 PM on April 13, 2023. UPLA, DRATS, Mayor Nanette Billings (Hurricane), BlueRibbon Coalition, and Tri State ATV have been meeting with BLM, Water Conservancy, and the City of Washington to learn more about the project.
We were previously informed when the reservoir was done, we would lose the lower parts of Fault Line and Sandcutter, as well as the camping/staging area near Hwy 7, but when we learned that, we constructed the Ridgeline Trail at substantial expense to maintain access from Warner Valley.
We are extremely concerned for many reasons, including the following:
We have been working hard on this for 4 weeks to get this information. This is the part where we need you!
What we need you to do:
  1. By email sent to [blm_ut_sgfo_[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with a copy to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
  2. Visiting Blueribbon Coalition’s Action Alert at
  3. The deadline has been extended till Midnight April 19, 2023.

Following is a brief description of the Scoping process in the NEPA Review that may guide you in formulating your questions/comments for the meeting. We will have a handout for you when you enter the meeting.
The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), to involve the public in the planning process and seek their input through a scoping process. Effective NEPA scoping comments for BLM should pose the questions or issues to be looked at, not provide answers.
  1. Specific information about the proposed project and its potential impacts on the environment and local communities.
  2. Identification of any alternatives to the proposed project that could mitigate or avoid potential negative impacts.
  3. Discussion of the potential cumulative effects of the proposed project in combination with other past, present, and reasonably foreseeable future actions.
  4. Analysis of potential impacts on wildlife, water resources, cultural and historic resources, and other sensitive environmental resources.
  5. Request for meaningful public participation throughout the NEPA process, including opportunities for public comment and involvement in decision-making.
  6. Request for transparency and disclosure of all relevant information, including scientific data and analysis, underlying assumptions, and potential conflicts of interest.
  7. Discussion of any potential economic impacts of the proposed project, including impacts on local jobs, property values, and tax revenue.
  8. Recommendation for monitoring and mitigation measures to minimize or address any adverse environmental impacts.
  9. Discussion of any potential long-term impacts of the proposed project on the environment and local communities.
  10. Request for BLM to consider the full range of alternatives and potential impacts, rather than limiting the analysis to a narrow set of options.
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2023.03.21 21:34 dogsruledaworld Saving up for Plastic Surgery! Trying to Talk me out of It! [NAW!]

No, I do not look anything like that meitu picture in real life. After surgery, I am going to look like a totally different person and see my own drastic results. I am 31 years old. My looks are ruining my life! Live my life without bullying and judgement. No, I am not going to act like I am the only one that's been bullied, but there are others who have been teased. I get it. My case is severely bad though. I know I am an ugly girl. I know there are pretty girls enough to model, but that doesn't mean that's not an excuse for me not to go under the knife to become an attractive girl for a change. Some kind of guy on meet me told me that "I could be worse" and another guy on an dating site said to me "finally you admit you're ugly to me" before surgery. Believe me, I am self-aware to know it... I am ugly, but surgery's going to fix my ugly face for good. I am not an idiot. I am so low on the looks scale. I was hanging out with a girl who knows she looks good. I saw this guy that was cute and she said "yeah right!" Made me feel like shit and knowing she's a good looking enough girl to get a guy like that. :/ Yeah, I felt like complete garbage. I am not going to pretend I am attractive yet when I am not. In public "offline" and online, I am treated so badly. It's gotten to the point where I can't take it anymore. If I am out somewhere, I get laughed at. I get treated so much differently than my beautiful counterparts. After surgery, I will notice a big difference in how others treat me. I am over watching the beautiful people live lives I crave. Looks are a big factor in how people treat you. This girl on reddit had like 20 procedures. She became pretty. It took her time. She received the pretty privilege. People treated her much differently. Why should it be any different with me? She increased her pickiness in terms of looks when dating men, then why can't I be picky too? I was way picky way before I read her post. Improve my mood. How I look is making me more irritable, frustrated, I don't want to keep crying hysterically, breaking my stuff, and how I look is tied to my mental state. Been past my breaking point. Land Dates and perhaps partners. One of the reasons I am having work done is to be in relationships and date like other people get to do. I want to be one of the girls guys would kill to have. I want a guy to go "oh she's so pretty make her my girlfriend type!" I want to date, but the reality is that I need to save up for my surgery first before another relationship (before growing with somebody else) especially the kind of guy that I want and he wants me too. (vice versa) I feel like my looks are just not there (up to par yet) and my face is holding me back from dating men and aren't interested in me yet. After surgery, men will be lining up to date me for sure.. in the future. Go from ugly to pretty...drastically alter my outer exterior. I decided to up my game ton. People have had surgery to get partners. Nothing's wrong with it. People tell me "how looks aren't everything" I know looks aren't, but I can't I get them out of my mind, especially if I am planning to go out there becoming attractive on purpose with effort in on my part. I am not going to be one of those girls who think women are entitled to attractive people and for them to love and accept them for who they are. Smh. 🤦‍♀️ I am not going to be like those people. When I definitely get plastic surgery and increase my attractiveness this means I can pick a partner who is more attractive as well. Looks are going to define a part of me after surgery. My looks are what I am looking to craft. <3 I can be a genuinely a nice person, but I admit I do have my conceited ways. I am not conceited all of the time. I try to think of others and help out whenever I can. I can't change my personality. It just cannot be done, sorry. Looks are on my mind a good bit, but I don't neglect personality in me let alone in a guy. The guy I'm with next will be one lucky person to have me in the future. An attractive dude with a good personality.. maybe a guy into fitness like I am 💪, not mandatory, but would be awesome. I don't see why not after surgery. He does not have to be a genius, but he's intelligent. He treats me well. He's successful and is goal-oriented like me. Once I am committed to you, I am very loyal. You can have your friends. I am not insecure like that. I will comfort you when you need me because that's what a good girlfriend does.
Tired of Feeling Way Below Others:I am Always Singled Out and Feeling like an Outcast: I just feel like I don't exist and feel like a ghost and it's upsetting me so much!People will want to come up, start conversations with me, and want to get to know me:
Ways to Up my Game, Goals, and Expenses to Alter my Looks Drastically on the OutsideThings I NEED to Save Up 💲 for! 🌏❤️
New tattoo ink: my future german shepherd sleeve.Dye my hair blue. 💙Work on my body. Good looking abs.My future working line german shepherd puppy.High energy dog like me. Not imported. Find a breeder in the US.Change my wardrobe. Find my clothing/style.Surgery. How many procedures
I will be saving up for plastic surgery. Go from ugly to pretty and land me some temporary jobs, getting the pretty privilege, benefits in terms of opportunities, mental health, and all of that good stuff, but not when I get my working line german shepherd. How many procedures? Drastic full face makeover. If I have to do that to become a pretty girl, I will. What procedures I am going to NEED on my face not my body? Total cost for everything? There's going to be hope for me! Every bit of my "hard earned cash" is going to be worth it!
How long will it take me to save up?^ All very expensive, but I work I hard enough, I can pay everything off. No problems.
I don't want people to be disgusted by me. I want people to be happy that I am in their presence and Be in the Center of Attention:
I don't live out on my own yet that way I am going to be able to save up money for surgery. I don't have to pay major bills or rent, so this is the only way this is going to work out for me. I don't have anything wrong with my face, but I am sure that I have bad features. My goal is to go from ugly to pretty without my glasses on. I know surgery is risky, but I have a good feeling everything's going to work out and my journey is going to be a positive one. I don't have any confidence because of people. I deserve to see myself look stunning after all the insecurities that I have. I have a ton of insecurities which are not permanent because I will be doing something about changing my face. I don't think I am being shallow, but if you think I am being shallow, then so be it, I don't care. You don't know the struggles I face every day. I was born ugly. I want the benefits in society. I am not going to do without and I never get to experience any of the shit I never got to had to begin with. Sorry. I want and need to go out there, get what I want, and deserve in life. I deserve a second shot. I really do! I really want to get the pretty privilege so bad. Surgery is going to give me the Boost of Confidence: 😀 After surgery, my confidence will start to skyrocket. I don't believe in changing how you think. All the sadness will go away after work done. I have very poor low self-esteem.

I can't tell you how excited I am about the prospect of being more beautiful. I am so stoked!! I can't wait! I have yet to speak to the doctor yet. I am going to. As far as the price tag 💲 goes for surgery, I may or may not have to do a lot. I am not sure yet. I am not a doctor. 🤷‍♀️ Just the thought of having surgery is making me grin from ear to ear. Find a surgeon with excellent credentials. Agrees to do it and knows that I will look way better after surgery. I am going to look so much different after surgery. I am not tall enough to model, but I want "an attractive" face. I believe people who were born ugly should be given credit because they've worked themselves up to where they need to be. Not everybody was so lucky in the looks department. Attractive is attractive whether it's through surgery, makeup, healthy lifestyle, or genetics. I don't know why people get so hung up on how people get there. 🤷‍♀️ If people don't like me going under the knife, well I don't give a damn. I'm not hurting anyone in the process. If I didn't think surgery wouldn't help me, I would even consider it. I wish I was a pretty girl! I obviously want it so bad! Dammit. I just hate being very ugly. My looks mean so much to me! 🌎 I am not going to let my looks slide. My time and energy will be spent altering my looks on the outside, but not when I get my working line german shepherd. Have a Good social Life and Have Friends: People will find me attractive because it's going to make me feel good! I need people complimenting me on my looks. Receive Compliments: I don't want to die knowing people didn't find me attractive. I do not want this heartbreak. 💔 It's really disrespectful when people tell me "you don't need a makeover" or "you don't need filler." when it's my body my choice. These girls have had their spray tans, filler, makeup, surgery, etc. I am supposed to get nothing done and somehow be happy about it.. Pftt... 🙄 Yeah, no! That's not fair to me! I deserve to live the rest of my life happy! I have every right to be a happy girl in life! I deserve it! I really do! This is my life and I am choosing how I live it!
I want a guy that is into me for my new "pretty" looks. I want a guy to be drooling over me and a guy would kill to have me because of my appearance and personality. I want to feel wanted and to be dating material just like other girls are in relationships and get to do what other people get to do. I am not going to be left out and dead last. Sorry, but I want that "pretty privilege" and I obviously want it so god damn fucking bad! What I didn't get to experience since the beginning, I am getting now as an adult and for the rest of my life. I am going to love and cherish my new face! Looks matter to me! Land you dates and get you through the door. My future surgeon is going to get the job done. I can get the privilege with the right work done. I can and I will. There's no doubt about that! Nobody is going to take this away from me! Perform a miracle for me please! I am going to feel happy for my new looks. Just thinking about my new looks is making grin from ear to ear and I know surgery is the path to take for me. One hundred percent. I want those looks dammit. Not just personality. Even though, it's not the greatest. I can be conceited, blunt, and a b**ch! I am nice, but all of the time. I am not letting my looks slide, nor will I ignore them. Date model men after surgery. I am getting an extreme blown makeover like these other girls get because it's only fair to me. I promised myself this face and I am not breaking it.
Surgeries I want to become an Attractive Person for Once (Changes my features and has to be a good surgeon and what ones are going to fit my face right.)
Surgeries I Can do Without, But Considered
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2023.03.21 21:34 defares Versatile character?

I'm new to the game, and I've been looking around for builds to get more into things. But the problem I've encountered is that everyone says to pick a build a follow it religiously at first. Get these skills, look for this item, and play the exact same way until I make another character.
I've been playing a Witch for a bit and enjoyed trying out all the various skills she has available. And I think that's kind of what I'm looking for, a character that is a bit more versatile than a single build centered around a single source of damage. I want to be able to reconfigure a bit without using a hundred Orbs of Regret, not to have all skills and master none but at least be able to juggle a few skills and preferably playstyles around.
Basically is there any builds or directions that for instance have more versatile passive trees that are useful for multiple builds while still being decently good? Some build, class, passive tree where I can just prioritize x, y, z attributes in passives and items and have a decent character that can go trough the game trying skills in a gem color or two. If the passives tree was easily reconfigurable I would just jump in head first, but now I think I want a solid foundation to explore from.
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2023.03.21 21:32 seachel44 Corrections facility in Hawaii?

Hi there! I'm a new nurse (2.5 in- all in long term care) and I'm almost finished my first 13-week travel contract in BC, Canada.
My sister is also a nurse and is wanting to join the travel nurse train because she sees how much I've been making. She just sent me some links for travel nursing in Hawaii & asked if I'd be willing to join her. I have no hospital experience & there seems to be no LTC travel postings. I do see some posting for corrections- which is absolutely interesting to me. However, with it being in a different country & on an island - I'm not too sure if I should shoot for something like that. The posting states there is no prior experience required, however, they prefer having experience in the main nursing streams (med/surg, mental health, ltc, etc).
Has anyone worked corrections in Hawaii or just in general in America? Does this sound like a super bad idea? 🤣
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2023.03.21 21:32 Djoka1994 Care to explain ?

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2023.03.21 21:32 pdw1731 Livestream Setup help

Hey everyone, just looking to get a bit of your tech expertise here. I'm looking to livestream on Twitch and having issues with figuring out how to get sound from my mixer to the feed using an iRig. I am using a stream cam that has Audi but it's picking up all the sounds in the room instead of what's coming out of my mixer. Although I can beat match and mix a little, all I want to do with this just to push myself out of my comfort zone and play with the music for family and who ever else stumbles onto the feed, flaws and all; I have zero intention of doing anything other than that. With that, any help at all you can give me would be so much appreciated!!
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2023.03.21 21:31 snaggletoothloppy 1.12 Dashel Wilde is Live!

1.12 Dashel Wilde is Live!
Hi adventurers! We have a small update for you all this month to usher in the spring season.
We've rewritten the event "Hunting Ambrosia", now named "Trade Secrets". A couple combat modifiers have been buffed: Fortitude now grants +2 Temp Health, and Cunning now deals +2 damage on flank. Lots of adjustments and fixes for translations, and, of course, a couple of bug fixes!
Additionally, the winning designs from our Artifact Weapon Design Contest are now available to be found in game. The Wraithword Knife and Dreamer's Crook were designed by Discord users Wracketeer and LadTheFox. (Join our Discord for a new contest launching soon!)
In Translation news, Russian has entered the Localization QA phase, while French is just shy of that stage.
Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for some big announcements!
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1.12+469 Dashel Wilde

Rewritten Event: Trade Secrets (from: Hunting Ambrosia)
New Artifact Items: Wraithword Knife and Dreamer's Crook
Translation fixes
Adjusted combat modifiers:
* Fortitude now grants +2 Temp Health
* Cunning now deals +2 damage on flank
Adjusted Erratic Movement description
Increased UI priority on a few theme attacks
Celestial tiles now disappear at end of enemy turn
(So it won't disappear under your Archery hunter, etc)
Crystal Chrysalis explosion now uses the range and damage
you had when you initially used the ability
Fixed possible crash with incorrect text style tags
Fix a bug where wolf frenzy and two-handed crow scratch
wouldn't use piercing shots, ember arrows, etc
Fix a bug with frog head duplicate ability button
Fix a bug where Mossgirdle persisted over legacy
Fix a bug where some deepist shrine images showed up unlit
Fix a bug with star dance history line
Fix a bug where celestial region didn't work for pet Sommelier
Fix a bug where Skunk Spray didn't work with Sharpshooter
Fix a bug where some lake tiles would have lowercase names
Tools: Added "parameterValues" field to Aspects Outcome,
to add pre-evaluated numbers as parameters for an aspect
Tools: Added "autoFlip" option to particle scripts, which will
flip particle images horizontally if position2 is to the left
Tools: Added "facingDirection" variable for particles, which
returns 1 if position2 is to the right, and -1 if to the left
Tools: Added "offset_V(x)" particle function, which can be used
to get data from other particles (e.g. "offset_rotation(-1)")
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2023.03.21 21:30 marky_anthony_ Medium frustration

Hey 👋
I am a Femboy (maybe trans, not sure yet) started streaming last year, completely missed NEW tag on CB 😩 and quckly realised, how slowly subscriber number grows. After few weeks of streaming i stopped because ive meet someone. I threw away (and gave away) everything i had. After few months we broke up and i decided to give it another shot with streaming. I bought cheep equipment (im on budget), new lingerie and cute clothes (still adding to collection) and started brainstorming how too approach it. I quickly realized Reddit account is probably the thing i need (among million other things). I made it a year ago, but never bothered with it. It was just to frustrating. But i came back and after few days my 💡 started to shine. I started to understand it, but still swimming in deep watters. Now, if i want to post on any subredit 18+, they usually demand verified account (which i am) and karma points (which i am currently, at the time of writing, stuck at 1 and i believe its mine 😅 ) Im keep geting stuck at every step.
So good luck to me! 😅❤️
P.s. Its just, what grinds my gear at the moment and it seems to be group to share it... Im more than open for any advise!
Best wishes,
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2023.03.21 21:30 Philosopher83 Socialist Enterprises

Is there a list of explicitly or non-explicitly socialistic economic enterprises?
What are the most successful?
I think of B corps, co-ops, and non profits. Im aware of Mondragon and The Cleveland Model. I’m wondering what works well and would like to understand the business models better and ideas for how to start - interest in starting an intentional community centered around one or more enterprises of this type if that isn’t too much of a dream.
How hard would it be to build a town with a few local scale businesses and one or more core industries? I have a degree in urban planning and have some designs and a degree in philosophy which informs my social and political interests
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2023.03.21 21:29 BarbequeDude Has anyone found this or better yet know where to put this relic I found with the Vexcalibur mission? 1. I completed the Vexcalibur Mission 2. Beat the mission on Legendary for the catalyst. 3. I'm doing the Bring lake down mission and I found this relic just before the drop to the first boss.Ideas?

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2023.03.21 21:29 gwallgofi Thoughts on a Tesla Model Y RWD vs a C60 AWD Plus

From a salary sacrifice scheme, I could get either the following cars at the same cost:
Now I know the Model Y RWD comes with a smaller battery, isn't as fast, but its efficiency vs the Volvo's poor inefficiency means at motorway speeds, both are estimated to have similar ranges. However that's based on what I can find for a Model Y RWD vs results for the pre-update C60 (new one now have better motors that's meant to be more efficient with more of a RWD bias, slightly bigger battery, some drag improvements, higher charging speed, but as of yet have not found any tests based on the upgraded model yet).
Reasons for Model Y: Massive cargo space, it's around double that of the C60. Camp mode (I would actually make use of it - drive to the Dales night before, sleep overnight, and in morning go for a run up the hills and return home afterwards). The cargo storage would also give me a lot of flexibility. It is more efficient and with high price of electricity, cheaper to run.
Reasons for C60 AWD: It's fast. While it's not as efficient at motorway speeds, I can imagine the battery would give longer range for back road driving where speeds are lower - ie in the Dales, the Lakes or in Wales etc although I don't imagine the Model Y would be a problem range-wise either? I don't think it have anything like a Camp Mode or a way to keep heating on overnight should I want to camp. It's better looking than the Model Y too. Interior probably is better quality (having said that, I also like the minimalist approach of Model Y). Cargo space isn't as big as the MY, but it's not that tiny so still quite useful.
In either cases, they will get used for the occasional road trips couple of times a year - ie distances of 250+ miles and potentially once or twice or even 3 to Europe (easily over 1500 miles) in the 4 years I'll have the car for.
I wonder if anyone have their views or pointers that I might have not thought of. I'm interested to hear what other's experience are etc. I have no doubts that either are excellent cars in their own way. For what it's worth I am based in the UK so charging infrastructure probably means the Tesla have a advantage with the supercharger network, but how much of one?
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2023.03.21 21:28 zZ6- whoever designed the strike reworks and the new strike deserves a promotion

last time i posted something like this it got removed by mods even though it complied with every single rule but ill do it again for strikes :)
We all know that Bungie changed Arms Dealer and Lake of Shadows because people were doing them too fast right? Changing them is fine IMO, but changing Arms Dealer to this extent is just a load of bullshit. When Lightfall released it came out with the Hypernet Current strike. Last week I was grinding the hero difficulty and was able to get my runs down to under 7 minutes, BUT the new Arms Dealer takes like 15 fucking minutes because of all the deaths from the fucking threshers and harvesters. Bungie takes away a good strike and makes it painful in all ways to farm. I can't even imagine what it would be like on master or as a GM
I just got back into Destiny for lightfall because bungie gives me hope every time a DLC comes out and I get slapped in the face every. single. time.
TLDR - Hypernet takes like 7 mins with brain turned off, Arms Dealer takes like 15 mins with brain turned off. W
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2023.03.21 21:28 Affectionate-Hat-982 FACEBOOK MEDIA BUYER

Media Buyer: Job Posting
Job Title: Experienced Facebook Ads Media Buyer For Physical therapy centers
Compensation: $600 - $1,000 /month /client
Location: Virtual/anywhere
We run a specialized marketing agency called LB media helping physical therapy center owners to get more leads, appointments and clients with Facebook ads. While most other marketing agencies help everybody with everything, we’ve decided to only focus on Facebook ads for physical therapy center owners. This gives us a competitive advantage and our clients love it.
About the Job:
We’re looking for a Facebook ads manager to work with us and deliver amazing results to our clients. As our Facebook ads manager you will work with us on per client basis and be responsible for the following tasks:
*Setting up and launching Facebook campaigns *Setting up retargeting pixels, custom conversions etc. *Daily management of Facebook campaigns once they go live *Build & A/B test high-converting landing pages.
* etc, etc
As the title says, we’re looking for an experienced Facebook ads manager for physical therapy centers and this doesn’t mean anybody… You must satisfy all of the following requirements to be considered for this job:
*Having experience in the physical therapy industry or similar healthcare markets. *Experience setting up, launching and managing effective Facebook campaigns for physical therapy center owners. *Proven track record that you’re able to prove . *Knowledge of landing pages, funnels, conversions, testing etc. *Ability to check on client campaigns and report results into a Google Spreadsheet daily.
*Knowing how to use gohighlevel will be a plus.
*Fluent english writing/speaking.
How to Apply:
To apply for this job please send over a brief 1-2 minute loom video about why you believe this job is for you. Please confirm that you meet all the requirements and send as much proof as possible to back it up. Finally, why should we hire you over all the other applicants?
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2023.03.21 21:27 SaXaC Really psyched winter is over. Fixed and rebuilt some old friends last week, enjoying them today on this beautiful NY spring day.

Crosman Phantom .177
Crosman hollow point 7.9
~30 yards freehand
Rusted shut 4x centerpoint
All jokes aside, love this gun. Haven't shot it in years, I leant it to my dad and then left it in the garage for a few years. Decided to fix up all my old/broken airguns last week... still a work in progress lol. Cleaned all the rust off (which was on 100% of the metal), rattlecanned, lubed, greased, seals.
Not a popular gun, but it still outshoots me. Maybe I hit lotto on it.
Bought it from a gunstore over a decade ago for $60. Never understood why the previous owner sold it for what was probably $20-30, given what I paid for it.
Couldn't tell you how many thousands of pellets I've put through it, 2 reveals, same shitty scope I bought it with. One of the few airguns I would never sell or part with. All it does is work.
Shot was center and it's dialed in. Have an appointment for a new prescription tomorrow for glasses I don't even wear. Feel free to roast me in comments 🙂
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2023.03.21 21:27 ripple420 Advice sought to replace very old boiler/burner for heat and water in NYC area

Seeking advice on a boiler replacement before I start digging into research- I am in the lower hudson valley, wood frame 1967 raised ranch with finished basement and additional family room off the dining room. Today the home is heated with hydronic baseboard: * 1967 Thatcher boiler with hot water coil (no tank!) * mid 80's low speed oil burner * 3 heating zones (1 main level and 1 addition on main level totaling 1700 sq ft, plus 1 finished basement of 500 sq ft) * 1 zone pump feeding all 3 zones * 500 gallon in-ground oil tank installed 1999
I have one through-the-wall AC unit in the center of the home and window units go in bedrooms/extension room for the summer months.
The biggest issue we face is hot water- the hot pressure in all faucets is crap (cold is fine) and I suspect it's the 55 year old coil clogged with scale/etc. So we have low-pressue showers which are warm at best because we can only mix in a little cold at the shower otherwise it's too cold due to the weak hot flow which isn't hot for long anyway- maybe a minute before its just warm.
The Thathcher boiler label says * 147k btu/hr gross * 132300 btu/hr [email protected]% * 110250 btu/hr [email protected]% it seems pretty efficient for our use, averaging 900 gallons of oil per year over 20+ years.
Should I consider mini splits as a replacement? I love the idea of having these units for heat and AC so I can ditch the window units, as well as no more oil. I could retire 4 ugly heavy drafty window units plus the one in the wall! I roughly figure I need 6 heads- 1 in the addition, 1 in the main room of the house, 3 bedrooms, 1 basement. My main concerns with such a system are up-front cost, running cost with electricity being high now, reliability of heat in below zero winters, reparability, and backup power required to use them.
I would still need a hot water source.
The backup power is less of a concern the past few years but with the 110v oil burner I can heat the home with my backup generator in the winter. I can also power the in-wall 110v AC to keep temps down in summer. I'd need a significant generator upgrade to power any splits for heat or ac or give up on backup for that. I could also leave the old beast in place as a backup system, only turning it on for heat when needed and even have the hot water coil removed. I mention reparability because I have become quite familiar with my simple old beast and have replaced many parts on my own over the years that are quite standard- transformer, fire control, zone valve heads, zone pump.
Space is also a concern if replacing with a boiler plus hot water source- the current area is a framed/sheetrocked room with bifold doors within the basement but it's very tight- 5.5 feet x 4 feet with 1 block wall where the stack vents to the chimney.
So, should I even consider mini splits? Or should I just stay with an oil burner and a hot water solution? If a boilewater solution, then what combo? Indirect fired storage tank? Direct fired? Electric? Tankless?
Please share your opinions/ideas/suggestions/experiences/pros/cons and other things I am not thinking of. Recommend reliable brands too, please if you can.
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2023.03.21 21:27 twiggs462 $IDVV - How AI Is Changing The Marketing Industry - Press Release 03/21/2023

How AI Is Changing The Marketing Industry - Press Release 03/21/2023
LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 21, 2023 / Artificial Intelligence (AI) is among one of the top conversations these days. What is it? What can it do? Who does it affect. The truth is everyone is affected in some way shape or form. Recently International Endeavors Corporation (OTCPINK:IDVV) entered the AI Sector as it sees the potential for growth in somewhat of a turbulent economy. IDVV has started to implement a strategy to become involved in the AI sector in several areas including Marketing, Retail, and professional services. In this article we will be focusing on some of the impacts AI is expected to have in Marketing.

AI in Marketing
What's Occurring: One of buzziest forms of AI, generative AI, has the ability to produce digital images, conversational text, code and summaries of lengthy documents from a simple prompt. While it's still in its early days of development, it has big implications for jobs that include writing, coding and marketing products.
AI advances in marketing: In 2022, software development platform GitHub debuted GitHub Copilot, a tool that uses OpenAI models to write code based on a prompt. According to GitHub, Copilot is able to suggest methods, unit tests, boilerplate code and complex algorithms.
Some authors are using generative AI tools such as ChatGPT to co-write and illustrate books to sell on Amazon, and one legislator used it to help draft a law aimed at regulating AI. This isn't limited to startups, companies such as Microsoft and Google are integrating generative AI tools so office workers can do tasks like write emails or create presentations faster within their apps.
Jonathan Nelson, senior digital marketing manager of growth for the American Marketing Association, said marketers are experimenting with ChatGPT to write articles, including optimizing them for search engines, though they're not yet publishing those items.
"You have AI write a 1,000-word article, and then go through and edit it to make it sound human again," he said. "It's a framework for articles."
Jeff MacDonald, social strategy director at ad agency Mekanism, said he uses generative AI to brainstorm images for illustrators and designers. He also uses it to scrape TikTok comments and analyze reactions, ideas, and similarities and differences between brands.
Bill Martin of IDVV stated "We have recently begun making acquisitions in the AI sector to start implementing existing generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Bard to create content marketing content and videos for specific industries. There's still a slight human element involved, but we're working to resolve that. We recently brought on our first client in the finance sector and they are seeing the desired results. We're bringing on more clients in other areas very soon, it's exciting!"
How jobs could evolve: Generative AI tools have the ability to help people become more productive, especially with content creation. That could mean using AI for a first draft and social media posts to solve simple problems or provide summaries of complex topics.
Though much is still experimental, marketers have a sense that they'll soon work with AI if they aren't already, even if it's just to help determine the success of a campaign. But it will be important for the industry to keep human creativity front and center.
Human involvement will most likely always be required in some ways, otherwise everything will repeat itself, and nothing will stand out.
Jeremy Smith, Founder of SF Corp, a company recently acquired by IDVV stated "Jobs will change, but in a positive way. The uses for AI that we're developing enhance human performance. Similar to how Steve Jobs used to state that the personal computer is like a bicycle for the mind. The AI Tools we're creating are like a bicycle for marketers to be able to increase productivity and stand out in competitive areas. Today Google just released BARD, it's getting interesting"
We encourage everyone to follow us.
About Us
International Endeavors Corporation ("IEC") is a technology holdings company focused on Clean Energy, Crypto and A.I.
Specializing in solar technology, battery storage, as well as clean energy crypto mining options for both on & off grid.
We're currently implementing EV2G / Bi-directional charging options, thus allowing you to use your electric vehicle as a means of a backup battery, or to sell power back to the grid.
In 2022 IDVV started to offer its clients a Clean Energy Crypto mining solution. Our Plug-n-Play mining rigs can be installed in existing or current systems and allows the option to sell power back to the grid or mine crypto currency with any power surplus.
In 2023 We acquired WITech as part of an expansion into the AI Sector. We are incorporating AI technology into our crypto offerings, and developing a platform for AI Content Marketing.
The Company currently is reporting its financial information on OTCMarkets.
Our filings can be seen at
About SF Corp
SF Corp, formed by Jeremy Smith in 2020 is currently operating in Nevada. It has developed automated and artificial intelligence technologies for several industries including Auto, Medical, Robotics and Financial.
Forward-Looking Statements are included within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. All statements regarding our expected future financial position, results of operations, cash flows, financing plans, business strategy, products and services, competitive positions, growth opportunities, plans and objectives of management for future operations, including words such as "anticipate," "if," "believe," "plan," "estimate," "expect," "intend," "may," "could," "should," "will," and other similar expressions are forward-looking statements and involve risks, uncertainties and contingencies, many of which are beyond our control, which may cause actual results, performance, or achievements to differ materially from anticipated results, performance, or achievements. International Endeavors Corporation (IDVV) is under no obligation to (and expressly disclaim any such obligation to) update or alter our forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise.
Bill Martin, Vice President Phone: 1-619-343-3199 Email: [email protected]
SOURCE: International Endeavors Corporation, Inc.
View source version on
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2023.03.21 21:26 Known_Bowler_2154 Am I being conned?

Ok, so let me give my situation:
I met this girl a last week on a Thur, and it went really well. We got along great and made out nice. She gave me her allowance requirement and I didn't debate it. We agreed we would start Sunday. She even offered to be one of my "employees"
And, this is where it gets curious:
Over the weekend she continued to send me a stream of texts telling me she wanted to make sure we were clear on money, because she really needs it. I mean, dozens of texts. Several long
She told me about her previous arrangement that:
  1. Paid an allowance (same we agreed, except this time, it was NET what we agreed)
  2. Paid for her health insurance
  3. Paid for her apartment
  4. Paid for her grooming
  5. Gave her a CC and clothing allowance
  6. Paid for misc. travel.
All-in-all, doubling the original offer she made to me. This is what her previous arrangement, allegedly, gave her. We agreed on slightly more than the original, but nowhere near her number
She also asked me for money to get a manicure and wax for a dinner event we have on Thur. I violated my own rule and gave her the money. The "manicure" was just a powder dip with no color or anything. Very vanilla, if she got them done at all.

As for the waxing, that story is developing, but I think she's lying about that too. When I asked her where is was at, she couldn't remember, vague about location ("Oh, you know, they're all very generic sounding"). I offered to take her straight there, but she sweetly declined because I "had already done so much". I looked up the name of the place she gave me, and the general location she gave: There aren't any salons near there at all, period. Are there are none in the entire Seattle area with the name she gave. I texted her asking if she had left yet. No reply. I told her if she brought a receipt, I'd pay for it (even though I already gave her money). I am betting she "forgets" to get one.
Then, there are the last minute surprises:
  1. Date night Sunday: Literally, she sits down in my car and tells me "My period just started". She had also told me she's on an IUD and has been for years. Now, while it's not a FACT, every woman I have known to get an IUD has their period totally cease. So now, sex is off the table for days. How coincidental, now that's she's getting paid
  2. Turns out, she has a car, but it doesn't run. Oops, thought I told you that
  3. Turns out, she also has dogs at her house - Oops, thought I told you that
  4. She doesn't have a bank account, but really needs to get one. Venmo only
Now, here are the plot twists:
  1. As part of becoming a W2 employee, she has to give me proof she can work. And, she does: She gives me her passport and allows me to photocopy it!
  2. Her passport has an entirely different name that what she gave me. The first name difference was that she assumed her sisters name until she could trust me (uh-huh). The last name I have yet to get an explanation for
  3. She knows I want a submissive, and she has been taking copious notes and waiting on me hand-and-foot (even washing my dishes and cleaning my kitchen, thought I didn't ask).
  4. She's always eager to meet me.
  5. She's spent the night at my house 2x. And although there was no sex, there was a brief blowjob.
There have been lots of tears along the way about her financial hardships, etc. That she's living on canned food (but, in a pretty decent apartment). She's basically unemployed, as far as I can tell.

Right now, I have already violated 2 of my rules and I suspect she's still chatting with dudes, but she otherwise seems sincere. I mean, what con artist would give me her passport?
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2023.03.21 21:26 closedmouthsdonteat Adding interview projects to your resume

Has anyone ever added a project that they completed for an interview to their resume?
I have 18 months of unemployment but have completed some freelance projects, a couple that don't really have much merit. But I have completed some interview projects that were quite difficult and am pretty sure the content was centered around an actual problem that the company was having. I'm thinking of adding these these projects under my freelance experience. The only problem is that I don't know what results were yielded (assuming that they were actually used).
What are your thoughts?
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2023.03.21 21:26 konumo Can you sue USPS for misdelivering passport?

This is a serious question. I have a family emergency in China and USPS misdelivered my passport somewhere after it received a visa from the Chinese embassy. I spent two weeks contacting them and trying to track it down through various means, but they had zero tracking or confirmation on it, so now it seems I have to reapply for a new passport. Except that it would take 5-7 weeks even on expedited service (and costing me $400+) but no center is even available for me to submit documents to.

My grandmother is dying and I can't even see her due to USPS. This is so bs on so many levels.
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2023.03.21 21:26 Nestledrink GTC 23 Megathread - NVIDIA to Bring AI to Every Industry


Main GTC 2023 Link -
Keynote Link -
Keynote Wrap Up -

Announcement Links

Announcements Article
NVIDIA Announces New System for Accelerated Quantum-Classical Computing
Signed, Sealed, Delivered: NVIDIA AI Achieves World Record in Route Optimization
AT&T Supercharges Operations With NVIDIA AI
NVIDIA Announces Microsoft, Tencent, Baidu Adopting CV-CUDA for Computer Vision AI
Medtronic and NVIDIA Collaborate to Build AI Platform for Medical Devices
NVIDIA, ASML, TSMC and Synopsys Set Foundation for Next-Generation Chip Manufacturing
Green Light: NVIDIA Grace CPU Paves Fast Lane to Energy-Efficient Computing for Every Data Center
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Chooses NVIDIA BlueField Data Center Acceleration Platform
CloudNVIDIA and Microsoft to Bring the Industrial Metaverse and AI to Hundreds of Millions of Enterprise Users via Azure Cloud
NVIDIA Launches DGX Cloud, Giving Every Enterprise Instant Access to AI Supercomputer From a Browser
AI Speeds Insurance Claims Estimates for Better Policyholder Experiences
NVIDIA Brings Generative AI to World’s Enterprises With Cloud Services for Creating Large Language and Visual Models
Mind the Gap: Large Language Models Get Smarter With Enterprise Data
Moving Pictures: NVIDIA, Getty Images to Accelerate Media With Generative AI
Shutterstock Teams With NVIDIA to Build AI Foundation Models for Generative 3D Artist Tools
Adobe and NVIDIA Partner to Unlock the Power of Generative AI
NVIDIA Unveils Large Language Models and Generative AI Service to Advance Life Sciences R&D
NVIDIA Launches Inference Platforms for Large Language Models and Generative AI Workloads
NVIDIA Hopper GPUs Expand Reach as Demand for AI Grows
AWS and NVIDIA Collaborate on Building Next-Generation Infrastructure for Generative AI
NVIDIA Expands Isaac Software and Jetson Platform Availability, Accelerating Robotics From Cloud to Edge
NVIDIA and Partners Release New Omniverse Connections, Expanding Foundation for Artists and Developers to Advance 3D Workflows
BMW Group Starts Global Rollout of NVIDIA Omniverse
NVIDIA Expands Omniverse Cloud to Power Industrial Digitalization
Omniverse at Scale: NVIDIA Announces Third-Generation OVX Computing Systems to Power Industrial Metaverse Applications
NVIDIA Redefines Workstations to Power New Era of AI, Design, Industrial Metaverse
BYD, World’s Largest EV Maker, Partners With NVIDIA for Mainstream Software-Defined Vehicles Built on NVIDIA DRIVE BYD, World’s Largest EV Maker, Partners With NVIDIA for Mainstream Software-Defined Vehicles Built on NVIDIA DRIVE
From Concept to Production to Sales, NVIDIA AI and Omniverse Enable Automakers to Transform Their Entire Workflow
Mitsui and NVIDIA Announce World’s First Generative AI Supercomputer for Pharmaceutical Industry
From Training AI in the Cloud to Running It on the Road, Transportation Leaders Trust NVIDIA DRIVE
NVIDIA Metropolis Ecosystem Grows With Advanced Development Tools to Accelerate Vision AI
NVIDIA Studio at GTC: New AI-Powered Artistic Tools, Feature Updates, NVIDIA RTX Systems for Creators
Fresh-Faced AI: NVIDIA Avatar Solutions Enhance Customer Service and Virtual Assistants

Developer Blogs

Announcements Article
Modulus on Base Command Platform
Utra-Realism Made Accessible with RTX Path Tracing and DLSS 3 Technologies
Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit
Building Generative AI Pipelines for Drug Discovery with NVIDIA BioNeMo Service
NVIDIA TAO 5.0 - Meet your new Training Assistant
Long-Read Sequencing Workflows and Higher Throughputs in NVIDIA Parabricks 4.1
Supercharging Production AI Everywhere with NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.1
Supercharging AI Video and AI Inference Performance with NVIDIA L4 GPUs
Morpheus Defends Against Spear Phishing with Generative AI
Accelerate your edge AI journey with the NVIDIA IGX Orin developer kit
BlueField-3 Innovations featuring DOCA DPA
MONAI Reaches 1 Million Download Milestone Driven by Research Breakthroughs and Clinical Adoption
Create Real-Time Simulations with NVIDIA and Bentley Systems

Highlighted GTC Sessions

Title GTC Session Link
Connect with the Experts: Announcing the Jetson Orin Nano devkit for Edge AI – Deep Dive Q&A w/ Jetson Engineers [CWES52132] Session Link
Fireside Chat with Ilya Sutskever and Jensen Huang: AI Today and Vision of the Future [S52092] Session Link
3D by AI: Using Generative AI and NeRFs for Building Virtual Worlds [S52163] Session Link
Change the World With a Career in AI [SE52162] Session Link

Enjoy GTC 23!

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2023.03.21 21:26 throwawayn016 What do I do if I'm just not interested in anything career-wise?

I (25F) have been largely unemployed for three years. I had a job briefly but they laid me off and I haven't been able to find anything else since. Like, *anything else,* not even retail jobs or call centers or anything like that. I've gone back to school but I don't even like the program I'm in, I just didn't know what else to do. I could drop out but that would look bad and I don't know what I'd do instead.
I ask for help finding a job and people ask me "well, what do you want to do?" and I never have an answer, so they tell me they can't help me. I go to career fairs and networking events and everyone expects me to be eager about whatever industry the event is about, but I'm not. I can't even pretend to be. I don't really *want* to do anything, I just need a job, hopefully one I don't hate and that will give me stable income. All my friends have at least some idea of what sort of work they want to do (to the extent that people in their 20s do at least) but I don't have that. Even my college major I chose based on what I was good at, not what I'm interested in. Because again, I'm not interested in anything so what else was I supposed to do?
I just have no career ambitions at all and people are treating me like I can't do anything until I have them. But I can't just sit around waiting to suddenly be interested in something. I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
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