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2023.03.25 01:12 rbartlet Wyrmwood Prophecy Support

This is a long story. I am sharing this for anyone who is considering purchasing from Wyrmwood Gaming.
May last year, our family decided to convert our family room into a gaming room. After much deliberation, we settled on a Prophecy table as a centerpiece for the room. Time passed. We selected woods, fabrics, and other table customizations. In November last year, our table shipped. The story goes downhill from here.
The table was delivered November 30th, minus a bench. We had ordered two benches with the table: one of which had been misplaced during transport. It magically appeared four hours later, after being located in a nearby warehouse. Unfortunately, the table was damaged in several places. I would like to hope that the damage occurred whilst in transit, although this can cannot be proved.
One of the center panels of the table had several gouges in the wood, and one of the ends of the table had a scratch in the wood (this scratch looked like it occurred during transport). Immediately, I contacted Wyrmwood, and informed them of the damage. They promised swift resolution. Wyrmwood has a concierge for Prophecy tables, who took point on this.
Every week, I reached out to Wyrmwood to enquire about remediation. December passed. Nothing. January passed. Nothing. In February, after two months of no movement, a repair person of Wyrmwood's choice was found. A time was scheduled for repairs.
Repairs were made, the scratches are no longer visible... but... the table finish has proved challenging. The repair person has now visited five times. They have been unable to match the finish on the rest of the table. The Prophecy table has a low-gloss matt finish. As the scratches only appeared in a couple of areas, our table is now something of a Franken-table of finishes: none of which match unfortunately.
I have watched the repairperson work. They have now attempted refinishing portions of the table multiple times. I honestly believe that they are competent, and have done everything that can.
What is Wyrmwood's response to this? Well, their concierge escalated to their VP of Furniture (who also happens to be their Head of Executive Management (and their Head of Human Resources). I have received no response in weeks. I have emailed. I have called. It is a black hole. It feels like this falls under the category of "it is too hard to resolve", hence my communication attempts go to dev/null.
There more details to the story! Before escalating, the concierge offered one thousand dollars of store credit if I would accept the damage as is. I politely declined, which in turn triggered the escalation to the VP of Furniture. According to the concierge, "they really want to talk to me". This may well be the case, but I have yet to hear from them.

This is not my first interaction with Wyrmwood. In 2016, I purchased a deckbox from them, together with a hero vault. Since then, I backed their Sentinel Deckbox Kickstarter, then went on to purchase multiple purpleheart deckboxes, a gabon ebony deckbox, and several dice boxes, and sets of dice. In all of these other instances, I only once had an issue where I was sent a product made of the wrong wood, which was remedied within two weeks. Additionally, I leveraged the craftsman's promise twice, for repairs to deckboxes.

The interactions around the Prophecy table have me stumped. It is their premium product. The most expensive product they sell, by a large margin. Yet, 114 days since our Prophecy table was delivered, it remains in an unsatisfactory condition. The kicker: Wyrmwood seem highly disinterested in resolving the situation. Buyer beware!
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2023.03.25 00:59 Secret-Tomatillo5044 Queen's Hound

(Vague and brief descriptions of sexual activity, viewer discretion advised)
David took one more look through the window before shutting it. He couldn't have anyone see what was going on. Jack quickly tossed the bound individual through the door. They grunted out of annoyance as opposed to fear. Jack, almost appearing scared, flung the key David gave him to the side and slammed the door.
“Congratulations, you're out of the dog house.” David grinned, calmly walking to the keys, bending down to be at eye level with the individual on the floor. Their look was more neutral than expected, but a tangible spark of malice was present.
“Aw, what's wrong? Don't like being on the floor? I thought you were used to that.” David remarked with forced doe eyes. The person looked away, trying not to engage with the brunette. David dragged them across the ground, sitting them on the couch. They began growling through their cloth gag, gradually wetting it with spit as David stood across from them with the world’s most condescending smile.
“I'd like to say that it's good to see you again, but we both know that would be a lie. I don't have many strong feelings for you, which I think goes for everyone in your life.” He chuckled, leaning towards them to remove their gag. As soon as it was removed they attempted to bite him, though he saw this coming and backed up.
“Ugh, why the fuck did you bring me here?” they spat, wriggling in their restraints.
“I brought you here to clean you up before we meet with Zander again. He's forced me into a deal where I return you so my info won't be leaked.” They rolled their eyes whilst groaning loudly, confusing David.
“Goodness, for someone who’s escaping captivity and torture, you sure aren't very grateful,” David remarked while pulling out a comb from a cloth bag.
“Because I'm not escaping shit! You're the one choosing to get me out of my situation, I don't even get the dignity of leaving because of my efforts!” David took out a folded pink blouse and set it on the table between him and his captive.
“I understand how that can be frustrating if I was in your situation, which I never would be since I would have escaped months ago. I'd be pissed at someone playing doll house with my life too. But that's the thing if you were truly as capable as you claim to be you wouldn't have to wait for my interference.” David walked off to the small kitchen connected to the living room, not paying attention to the specific ways his victim’s hands were moving.
“Please, until you're in my position you can't say that you'd handle it better than me. You can make as many flimsy predictions as you want, but the moment you step into my world your scenarios won't reflect shit.” David shrugged, pulling out a half-empty cup of iced coffee.
“I'd argue against that but I won’t bother since I know you won't listen. I could explain my reasoning in a myriad of ways and you’d still block it out.” The bound individual scoffed.
“Like your one to talk about listening to others. Last I checked, you're the one who's been trying to fix the same milk toast guy since high school no matter how many people tell you it's a waste of time.” David didn't respond, taking a sip of his drink.
“Yeah that made you shut your trap fast didn't it?”
David set his beverage on the table and approached his captive. Joining them on the couch in uncomfortable proximity.
“For a moment yes, but only because I needed a second to word what I'm about to say in a way you’d understand.” he smiled to the chagrin of the captive.
“Zander isn't some random former classmate, I selected him in the same way a breeder selects a dog. I evaluated many others before choosing him. To people like you, my pursuit appears meaningless since you aren't gaining the knowledge I am. If you knew what I knew, you wouldn't be able to resist going further either. I've seen into the mind of this man further than he has. I've run my hands over every inch of his psyche and molded him into a silhouette even closer to my affection. Ideally, I’d create the perfect entity and we'd repeat the process together on another, but I no longer have the time for that.” The bound individual stared dumbfounded. Taking a breath before replying, needing a moment to process the mountain of words that had been thrown at them.
“Wow, you must be the most talented gymnast on the planet for all the mental gymnastics you just did,” they stated bluntly.
“I gotta give you credit, that's the most sensible explanation someone could give for this. Not that it’s saying much since this is completely delusional.” David rolled his eyes, pulling out a pair of light jeans from the same bag as the blouse. The captive looked down at the completed outfit with disgust.
“Well, I described it in the most digestible way I could, but I suppose that doesn't matter since you don't want to give what I've said serious thought. Regardless, I still need to make you look presentable for this exchange. I assume you wouldn’t want me to dress you so I'll untie you and allow you to do it yourself, but don't try to run off because trust me I’ve prepared for that.” They looked down at the garments with disdain. David observed their expression further, there was a hint of sadness. He found it odd at first but soon understood what was wrong.
“I know it's stupid but do you have anything else I can wear? This stuff feels wrong to me.” They commented as David untied their wrists.
“I don't have a lot of masculine clothes in my wardrobe that I think you'd like but I can look. I know that this outfit doesn't reflect your current self but it's what I was provided.” The captive rubbed their wrists and began to free their ankles.
“It’s alright, honestly I didn't expect you to do anything especially after I insulted your logic, so this is a nice surprise.” They said, spreading their legs so they could sit more comfortably.
“I understand the importance of gender affirming clothing, you deserve to wear something that represents you.” Their eyes widened upon hearing the mention of their gender.
“W-wait you know about my identity?!” they asked defensively.
“Yes, and don't worry, I respect it. Jack filled me in on everything involving your gender identity including that your current pronouns are they/them and that your preferred name is Mad Dog. Though even if he didn't make me aware of that, I would have asked about it upon seeing your masculine appearance. Your completely flat chest and stubble didn't go unnoticed by me.” They calmed down, loosening their posture.
“Oh wow, alright, I didn't expect you to take that so well. A lot of people don't understand and just right me off. So I sort of expected the same from you.” David frowned while approaching them.
“That’s unfortunate, I know you have little reason to trust me, but at least trust that I won't purposely misgender or use the wrong name for you.” The feminine individual’s understanding in tandem with his appearance made Mad Dog have questions.
“Alright I trust you with that and it's appreciated but I have to ask. Do you see yourself as something that isn’t male?” David sighed, folding his arms and glancing at the floor.
“I don’t express it to anyone apart from Jack and Jackson, but yes. I see myself as a woman and feel most comfortable when I’m perceived as such. IIt’s been hard since Sophie has actively punished me for being the way I am. Even setting my injectable hormones on fire in front of me” Despite Mad Dog’s heavy dislike of the woman they couldn't help but feel sympathy for her in this instance. For a moment they were even tempted to say sorry, but they couldn't bring themselves to do it.
“Well you're out to me, and I’ll respect your identity as well. You might be a bitch but you still deserve to be addressed correctly.” She laughed, unfolding her arms.
“Hehe, thank you, Mad Dog, now help me get you something to wear.” She responded in a lighter tone than earlier. They followed her into her bedroom as she looked through her suitcase.
“Hmmm, I have a purple button-up, would you like that? I don't think my jeans will fit you well since your legs are noticeably thinner than mine, but you can try them on if you'd like.” They looked around the room as she spoke, as they expected, it was rather barren. They knew that David didn't stay in one place for long so it made sense that she never got time to settle in.
“Were you listening?” she asked, appearing at their side with the dress shirt in hand. They flinched at her sudden appearance, shifting their gaze to the item.
“Oh, nah I'm good just wearing my pants, even though they could probably use a wash.” They rubbed the back of their head, the grease in their hair becoming prevalent as they pulled their hand away.
“You could use a wash too, the stench that surrounds you is quite dreadful. If I was going off scent alone I would really think that you're a stray dog.” She joked, tossing the shirt back onto her bed.
“I'd like to say you're wrong but unfortunately you're spot on,” they responded putting their hands up, she giggled at the gesture.
“I’ll take you to the restroom and let you know what stuff you're allowed to use. I might be feeling merciful but I don't want you using my good shampoo. I won't see you after tonight but I live with my curls every day.” she remarked, poking her textured hair for emphasis.
“Heh, you know I’m starting to get why so many people fall for you. You’re pretty charming when you want to be. With a face like that, I'd almost call you cute.” She was suspicious of the partial compliment, questioning the motive behind it.”
“Awe, you're such a sweetheart, giving me half a compliment after I've shown you kindness.” she crouched slightly and patted her legs.
“Do you want a treat for doing the bare minimum?” She mocked. Mad Dog’s face turned sour in response.
“Ugh, I take it back, guess you can't take a win unless it goes in the exact way you want.” She adjusted her position and shrugged.
“In my eyes, the less you have to compromise the greater the victory.” Before Mad Dog could respond she started walking to the restroom, motioning for them to come along. Once they were inside, David hung up a fresh towel and opened the shower door. Turning the knob clockwise while describing how to adjust the temperature.
“See that 3 in one bottle? That's what I’ll have you use, I’ve never touched the stuff but I keep it as a last resort.” Mad Dog watched her as she explained everything, her body language was relaxed and inviting. Seeing her in such a mundane situation was fascinating. They wondered how someone like her could appear so normal.
“That's good with me, I'm not picky about that kind of thing,” they spoke, removing their raggedy shirt. Her eyes widened at the sight of their nipple piercings and tapered abdominal hair. They smiled at her expression, she looked at them with an embarrassment they couldn't have pictured on her face.
“Jeez calm down lady, I know this isn't the first time you've seen nipple piercings.” they playfully winked, taking off their pants.
“I don't need to be calmed, trust me I've seen better. I’m just surprised by how comfortable you are.” Mad Dog removed their chest jewelry, a subtle smirk developing on their face.
“Nah, at this point my stomach is made of steel, it takes a lot to make me uneasy. Hell, you could see me with my whole cock out and I wouldn't care!” they jested, setting the metal pieces on the countertop. David was taken aback by the crude comment, awkwardly looking away.
“Oh, alright then, anyway I’ll let you get clean. Just don't take too long. Also, the blue washcloth is mine, use the red one.” She responded, trying to hold her composure after Mad Dog’s words painted a strange picture in her mind.
“Heh, I'll make sure to remember that and don't worry about me taking long, I've practically been conditioned into taking short showers.” David nodded, leaving them alone to tidy up. When the door was closed, the woman took a deep breath. Things with Zander were coming to an end whether she liked it or not. She flopped on her couch, allowing the festering dread inside her to take hold. She’d been bottling it up for those around her, but she couldn't take it anymore.
“This is it,” she told herself quietly, staring up at the off-white ceiling.
From the moment she got Sophie’s message about Zander needing to die, cracks began to form.
She couldn't be weak in front of Zander, especially not during their final showdown. She couldn't cry in front of him, she couldn't show how much she’d miss him, she couldn't hold him, she couldn't ask him what he thinks she should do after the game is over. The more she thought about the upcoming meeting the more she dreaded it. Whatever she’d say to him would be heavily condensed and sanitized, which hurt her in a way she couldn't explain. David put her hand in between the couch cushions to retrieve her lucky shirt. A striped tee she'd stolen from Zander’s room towards the beginning of the dare.
“I wish I could be weak around you, you don't understand how much I want to weep into you.” she shakily stated, hugging the cloth.
“I wanted things to end differently, I truly did, but I don't have a choice.” Tears began to develop in her eyes.
“You were so close to reaching me, the way you used your audience was impeccable! If given just a year or so more to live we could have finally been on the same level. Acknowledging the demented elements intrinsic to each other, but still finding happiness.” Water flowed from her eyes as she clung to the clothing item.
“It’s no use though, you’ll be gone before I can even explain any of this. Fuck, I wish I could just have a real conversation with you!” she threw the shirt to the ground, almost throwing herself off the couch along with it. Despite all the time she’d spent with him, she felt like she’d never spoken to him as herself. Come to think of it, she never spoke to anyone as her authentic self. Despite multiple people claiming to have strong feelings about her, in reality, they only felt that way about a fraction of her or a character she’d played. Once Zander was gone, she’d lose the closest thing to a genuine connection.
“No, no, no,” she sobbed, it was all crashing around her. Images of the things she’d done up to this point overlapped in her mind. Highlighting how much she’d put herself through to get to where she is. Years of planning, multiple human lives, all sacrificed for nothing. Each heinous act she’d taken part in was now a meaningless act of violence, making her no better than a bloodthirsty monster. She was content with being morally in the wrong, but she couldn't bear her efforts lacking purpose.
The faint noise of pouring water dissipated as she curled into a ball. She ignored it, sinking further into her sorrow. Zander had told her that she'd need to meet him at a particular time, but at this point, she’d lost track.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” Mad Dog rudely asked, kneeling before her with a towel tightly wrapped around their waist. She slowly turned to face them with a distraught expression. Barely processing their presence in the midst of her breakdown.
“These walls ain't that thick, I heard what you were weeping about.” She was upset with their insensitivity but didn't have the energy to respond.
“You’ve done nothing but destroy this man’s life and now that he can finally be free from the hell you’ve created, you're having a hissy fit!” they chastised, with more vitriol than she’d ever heard from them.
“At this point death is a sweet release! If you had even a shred of sanity or real feeling you’d be happy for him!” Her face scrunched up further, she was not equipped to handle their words. She just wanted to process in peace, but they wouldn't let that happen.
“God lady, why the fuck are you breaking down over this?!” they yelled at her, it was too much and she screamed throwing a pillow at their stomach.
“BECAUSE I CAN’T HAVE THIS ALL BE FOR NOTHING!” she shot up and pulled them closer to her by their hair.
“I CAN’T HAVE THE PAST SEVEN YEARS OF MY LIFE BE USELESS! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M GOING TO DO AFTER THIS, SO AT THE VERY LEAST I SHOULD BE ABLE TO PROPERLY FINISH THIS! ” she screamed out, spitting into their face. They stared dumbfounded at her as she relinquished her grip. They’d heard about how skilled she was at faking feelings, but they could tell this was real. Regardless, they had little sympathy for her.
“There you go, admit what we both knew. You only care about him dying cause it's not what you’d envisioned in your sick little fantasy. All this pseudo-psychological bullshit is just an excuse to disguise what you actually are. A soulless sadist who doesn't have anything to her outside of fucked up games!” She sobbed, putting her hands over her face to catch her tears.
“That’s how I have to interact with people! I can't feel them so I have to analyze and try my best to find joy! It's no secret I'm fucked up, but this is just how I function.” She responded, gaining some more composure. Mad Dog held back a smile when staring at her reddish face. Seeing the usually confident woman weakened satisfied them in multiple ways. Prompting them to continue prodding at her.
“You're still selfish for mourning experiences instead of people. Only giving a shit cause of what you can no longer get out of them.” David’s expression was grim as she gazed back at the long-haired individual.
“I never said I wasn't, besides you do realize that everyone mourns people for experiences right? Just like you’ll be upset that you can't spend time with a family member once they’re gone, I’ll be sad I won't be able to spend time with Zander. My relationship with him is not healthy by traditional standards, hell it's hardly a relationship at this point. But I’ll still miss the time we spent, and sulk over what was taken.” Mad Dog calmed their stance, sitting down at the edge of the couch. Their legs dangled near hers since they were facing toward her.
“You along with most people hate that I can't express real emotions, but when I finally do you get hyper-critical of my reasoning? I’m not asking for sympathy, I'm just asking to be allowed to feel. I don't think you’ll ever understand how crushing it is to sacrifice so much only to fail. Mad Dog, my mother is dead, I gave up the last of my family for this.” They looked down at her, the gleam in her eyes pulled at their heartstrings, a mix of sadism and empathy kicking in. On one hand, they did feel sad seeing someone in such a state, on the other, it was David King. A woman who had set them on a dark path by allowing Sophie to keep them captive. A woman with little respect for them, evidenced by her using them as a bargaining chip with Zander. In that instant, the desire to comfort was matched with the desire to humiliate.
“Okay, that was a pretty good act, you got me a little there honestly. Now, what do you want?” They inquired with a notable drawl.
“If you insist on staying, can I lay with you? I get that it's weird especially since you aren’t dressed yet, so it's fine if you don’t. I just need the feeling of being held” she requested quietly, with her knees to her chest. For Mad Dog, it was hard to say no when she, in their opinion, looked so pathetic. Secretly, they thought her desperation was attractive. So now that she was expressing the need to be touched, they took advantage of the opportunity.
“That's a lot of words to ask for a hug.” They kidded, making her crack a modest smile.
“But yeah, I can do that, at the very least you'll smell better than the last person I laid with,” they commented, trying to sound wholesome to hide their true intentions.
“And who was that?” she questioned, a slightly warmer tone emerging. They picked her up, throwing her over their shoulder. Enjoying the feeling of grabbing her. She was a bit heavy but they didn't complain.
“Hate to break it to you, but Zander, bro gets sweaty as hell during summer nights, meanwhile I have a high tolerance for heat. It was pretty awkward.” She scoffed, tugging on a bit of their wet hair.
“Ah, alright sorry for bringing him up. I know this ain't the time.” They opened the door to her bedroom and dropped her on the bed. The landing was a bit harsh but the plush of the mattress made up for it. The woman got under her comforter and Mad Dog joined her, wrapping their arms around her waist. Their damp body was cold but she didn't care, she just wanted to be held. They gradually got warmer as they stayed by her side and shifted their position. She was still crying as they cuddled her.
“Hey, it'll be okay, you're a skilled lady, you'll land on your feet,” they assured her as her body shook. Her heavy breaths were apparent, she was making them out of distress, but they triggered inappropriate images in Mad Dog’s mind.
“A woman as beautiful as you could probably start modeling.” they complimented, the words catching the woman’s attention.
“Really?” she asked softly,
“Of course! If I didn't know better, I'd start spoiling you the moment we lock eyes,” they playfully answered, wrapping their arms around her waist. She turned to face them, there was a shift in their demeanor. The way they spoke was almost sensual.
“You’ve spent a lot of time working, I say you just become a sugar baby. You're one of the few people in this ugly-ass world who’s hot enough for some rich dude to shower you with gifts.” they partly kidded, moving their arms up to rub her shoulders. At this point, she knew what they were doing. Still, she chose to hold off her comment since she was a sucker for praise.
“Thank you Mad Dog,” she replied, she was no longer crying, which Mad Dog had mixed feelings on.
“Hey, I want to apologize for what I said earlier, I should have left you alone. You deserve better treatment than that and I’ll make an effort to make it up to you.” They smiled, moving their arms to her lower back. Despite the sweet words, their tone was audibly sleazy. It was clear to David what they were holding back.
“Do you think I’m pretty?” she asked innocently, they took a deep breath before responding.
“Are you kidding me? You're so much more than pretty. You're smart, determined, focused, brave, and yeah, pretty sexy.” She smiled smugly, a distinct sheen appearing in her eyes. Confusion overcame Mad Dog as she began giggling.
“What, not used to hearing me say sexy?” The woman’s giggles soon grew into cackling. Mad Dog looked away from her, taking it as a reminder of her insanity.
“Hahaha! I’m sorry, I just think it's so funny that you're blunt about everything, but when it comes to this you feel the need to ease me in! You're so quick to say what’s on your mind, but now you’re trying to be a charmer. It's simply hilarious!” They let go of her and sat themselves up, though her position remained the same.
“What the hell are you talking about? I’m not trying anything, what led me to this point is simple. I made you feel worse when you were crying, felt guilty about it, and agreed to give you sympathy snuggles. That’s it!” Her expression turned serious as she twirled a strand of their long hair.
“You're not good at subtlety, I understand your entire scumbag strategy. First, you’ll try to break down my self-esteem by saying my feelings aren't valid. Second, you’ll swoop in and shower me with compliments so I’ll warm up to you. Lastly, you’ll apologize so you can look like a good guy and convince me to sleep with you. I might be vulnerable but I’m not stupid.” They rubbed their temples, looking down at her with a newfound resentment.
“Okay fine, maybe I saw that you were feeling down and took advantage of the situation. But it's not malicious, it's something to cheer you up. I think it would be a nice experience to take your mind off things. Not much room to use your brain when you're giving it right?” She cringed at their joke.
“Don’t waste my time with these lovey-dovey lies if you just want to get your rocks off. I get it, you think you’ll be such a badass for shoving your dick in the thing that ruined your life.” She pulled the blanket down, exposing the lower half of their body.
“You're a shithead, but honestly, I’ve slept with people worse than you. I’ll do this, but only because I want to see how long your weak ass will last with me.” She pulled off their towel and crawled to the lower half of the bed, pressing her head against their crotch. Mad Dog took a deep breath before she started stroking their genitals. The first few minutes were pleasurable but awkward.
They thought they’d feel strong having such a feared, well-respected woman sleep with them, but they didn't. Sure, physically it was stimulating, especially since this was the first time they were intimate since their bottom surgery, but outside of the catharsis that came with that, it was a rather dull experience. They thought she’d have a lot more energy than she did. David felt entirely neutral, it wasn't awful but there was no chemistry present. She could tell they were disappointed, which added to her annoyance. In truth, she was only doing this because she doubted that she’d get the opportunity to sleep with someone for a while. She never stayed anywhere long enough to form a relationship and her options were limited as a trans woman. There was a hint of additional bitterness knowing that Mad Dog had been in a relationship with Zander.
Why did they get to go on fun movie dates and hang out with his friends? She’d kill to have one more positive interaction with him. He was vanilla personified, which is what she loved about him. He was so malleable, just a couple of well-mixed ingredients and he’d be something entirely new. Still, the base of his identity was endearing enough on its own. The more she thought about him the more she wished she was being intimate with him instead. She never thought of him in a lewd manner before, but the idea was beginning to sound enticing. She knew he didn't have long, so wouldn't it be nice to pleasure him before his inevitable loss? It was morbid, but it was preferable to reality.
“God I miss you~” she murmured with her eyes shut as she thought of him. Mad Dog looked down at her with confusion. She laid on her back and pulled them in deeper, they shivered from the feeling.
She could picture it clearly, him gazing at her with a mixture of arousal and disgust. An ounce of frustration let out with each movement. The conflicting thoughts that would run through his mind were already enough to motivate her. It was such an intriguing prospect that she began to yearn for it. Almost entirely blocking Mad Dog’s presence from her mind, imagining her favorite little purebred instead. Mad Dog didn't know why she suddenly became so passionate but it didn't matter to them. They were getting a better experience so the reasoning was irrelevant in their eyes. The long-haired individual got harsher as they continued, getting animalistic with how they handled her. She said some strange things that didn't apply to them but it was easy to ignore in their lustful pride-infused haze. The bigger the reaction, the more successful they felt. Though, in the end, they had run out of stamina faster than her.
“Oh fuck, we did it.” they huffed, laying down in a sweaty heap. She got off them, stretching her back. Her bottom was sore, the fresh bite marks stung, and her skin was still reddish in certain areas.
“You're lucky I wasn't thinking about you, or else this would have ended a lot faster.” she snarled, hopping off the bed. They smirked, as unflattering as it was to admit, this was the best time they’d ever had.
“Yeah whatever, I put in work, and it paid off, so you could be picturing my ex for all I care.” they laughed weakly, coughing midway through.
“Good to know, 'cause that’s exactly who was on my mind,” she responded smugly, knowing it would upset them. Their laughter stopped, turning into a disappointed groan.
“Fuck lady, you seriously can't get this guy out of your head for a millisecond.” they chastised, she looked back at them while pulling a teal dress out of a bag.
“I’m not sure if you have the right to complain since you're the one who tried to emotionally break me down so I’d let you fuck me.” they darted their eyes away with a hint of guilt.
“Thanks to you both of us will probably arrive half an hour late, now get dressed.” she sternly commanded, her voice displaying the power they wish they’d gained from the experience long term. They got their clothes back on while she ironed her dress. Once the wrinkles were out she went into the bathroom to wash the smell of sex away. Mad Dog sat on the couch and flicked on the TV while waiting for her. As they channel surfed fatigue settled in, making them drift off to sleep.
In their slumber, they relived the day they met David. Up until this point they’d heard of her but had never interacted with her. When she came into their holding cell she appeared soulless, an unfeeling machine disguised as a human. Anger clouded over them when they saw her. If they weren't chained up, they would have lunged and bitten her face off like a rabid dog. Not because they hated her, but because they hated that she put them in such an inferior position. Throughout their life, they were forced to be a victim in many regards. So being the kidnapped love interest in a cage was the last straw. From that day onward, they promised themselves that they’d do something to assert power over her when she was at her weakest.
“Anything you want to say to me?” David asked, wrapping duct tape around their wrists. They jolted up, peering down to find that their ankles had gotten the same treatment.
“Oh, shit, we’re leaving now?” They asked sleepily, meeting her gaze again. She was wearing sleek dark makeup that complimented every one of her facial features. They were surprised by the elegance that radiated from her.
“Yes we are, and I’ll have to tape your mouth soon so if you have anything to say you have to say it now.” they frowned, there were a lot of things they wanted to say. They’d experienced so much emotional whiplash with her that it was hard to condense their thoughts into a few parting words. She rolled more tape, attempting to apply it to their face.
“Wait, I have something! They yelled, causing her to abruptly jerk her hands away.
“When this is over you should start focusing on yourself. Not Sophie, not psychology, not any crazy dares. I think your main issue is that you build your life around achieving goals or getting answers to questions that apply to others. If you spent some quality time finding yourself, I think you could not only be a better person but happier overall too.” She was speechless, she hadn't expected something so profound from them. The words cut deep, making her realize how little she knew about herself. Maybe that was the core reason why she didn't want to be alone, ‘cause if she was, then she wouldn't even have herself to keep her company. She fell into a slight haze while taking in their words, snapping back to reality when the roll of tape fell out of her hand.
“Oh shit,” she murmured, bending over to grab it. Mad Dog smiled at her moment of clumsiness, wishing they’d gotten to know that stripped-back, human version of the woman more. David ripped off the piece she first unraveled, applying it to Mad Dog’s cheek with embarrassment upon realizing how short it was. They let out a final snicker, finding her mundane error to be the most endearing thing they’d seen from her. David sighed while wrapping the multiple layers of duct tape around their head. Soon their face was replaced by a gray adhesive cocoon, with nothing more than their hickory brown eyes visible. Gazing into her reflection in their sclera, she uttered her final words to them.
“This whole night has been a roller coaster, and while I can't call you a friend, I can thank you for the experience. You made me address issues that have been festering for years, something I didn't think anyone could do. I might not like you, but I don’t hate you either. If you know anything about me, you know I love seeing people develop their own type of strength, which you’ve done. So for that, I give well wishes, goodbye Mad Dog.”
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2023.03.25 00:49 ArchiveSlave Stained Glass Ch. 2: House Guest.

(All my stuff is here)
Richelieu had other duties than to her faction and her faith- in this case it involved sitting in at a briefing involving the commander and some of the other shipgirls. This time it even included Implacable, seeing as she was a powerful carrier as well as... Everything else that she was. And Implacable wasn't really about to let her forget about all of those other things, seeing as she was practically making bedroom eyes at her from across the table while the meeting was going on. Richelieu's response was to cough into her hand while keeping eye contact.
Besides, there was a growing amount of evidence that's just generally how Implacable tended to look at people.
The saving grace was that it wasn't really about anything particularly urgent, just how fleet organization was going to change slightly with the current ocean situation, so she didn't miss anything despite Implacable's flirting. She had also already read the skirmish reports ahead of time, so there wasn't much need for her to go over them again in the same meeting.
Once the meeting came to its natural conclusion, Richelieu left with the others, but found that Implacable had decided to wait for her outside. She was smiling, and had her hands behind her back. "If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to borrow you for a moment. I'd like to think I'm more attractive than a meeting~"
The cardinal wasn't too surprised, now that she thought of it, but shrugged it off. "I think I can consent to your company, though I wonder what you might want me for."
"Despite what you might think, I'm mainly interested in talking to you, at least right now." She walked alongside Richelieu. "It's interesting seeing you at work, so serious all the time, but that makes me wonder what you're like when you're at home. Do you charge all of your hours to heaven?"
Richelieu pouted a little. "I know that you met me when I was cleaning up my church, but I do other things that don't involve the fleet or the faith. There are times when I am off the figurative clock."
Implacable giggled a little at that. "Now, don't get upset. As I said, I want to learn more about you, is all. And not in a way that involves me going through your garbage. In that matter I have some restraint. Besides, I'm not in a rush. We're going to be living at the same base for some time."
Richelieu looked over at her busty companion. "This is true, but you seem to be fascinated with me in particular. There are hundreds of shipgirls here, so I would be naturally curious about why I occupy your attention."
The royal carrier exaggerated the sway to her hips as she walked alongside the cardinal. "Hehe... It's hard to believe that you don't occupy more attention in the first place. You have to have some idea of how pretty you are- at least, I hope you do. If you don't then that's a shame, if you can't appreciate yourself."
Richelieu couldn't conceal a slight blush, but also knew that she had been given a non-answer. "I don't feel I have anything to be ashamed of when it comes to comparing myself to the other girls, but it isn't something I dwell on too much." She looked to the side a little. "I wear what I feel comfortable wearing."
"I've been shown pictures of the beach days here. You're at least comfortable enough to wear that swimsuit, so it's not as though you don't have a little pride." She paused a moment. "Ahhh... But that's not important really. All of the ladies here are so beautiful, that you have to look at other things to distinguish between them. Of course, when you say it like that, it sounds too much like a lament~"
Richelieu considered this. "...You know, if you are honestly this curious, I could invite you over to my home so you can see things for yourself."
The carrier's smile grew even wider. "Hehe, really? Just inviting me in, are you? Are you prepared for anything that might happen if you let me in your door?" She suddenly spotted something. "Oh, hold on, I want to get something."
Richelieu followed Implacable to a hot dog stand being run by Cleveland, who was trying to drum up some extra cash for some reason or another, probably related to some sports activity. Cleveland went right to work. "Just the biggest one?"
Implacable closed her eyes, and stretched. "Mmm~ And everything you can put on it."
Cleveland cheerfully went to work, and Richelieu went on with the conversation. "I don't feel I have any reason not to trust you. After all, you had all the opportunities in the world to make a mess of things the first time we met."
The carrier giggled. "Maybe just seeing you like that made me excited. It's not someone I see someone in your position be so hands-on. I know you weren't performing like that just because I showed up, anyone could've seen that display."
"As I said to you, it's something I feel is right to do, even if some Royals might consider what I was doing to be low work for a lady of high status." She nodded. "Sometimes you just need to seize things in your own grasp and hold on until the subject is finished."
Implacable smiled as she looked Richelieu up and down. "Isn't it exhausting to take on that much yourself? You are only one woman, with many competing for your attention."
Richelieu shook her head. "It can be exhausting, yet satisfying, and it also shows I'm not to be underestimated. I do have the stamina for it, anyway, as it would be strange for a battleship not to."
Cleveland eventually held out a loaded hot dog, the cruiser having turned beet red as her imagination ran away with what they were talking about. "H-Here you go!" She said in a voice loud enough to try to drown out her embarrassment.
Implacable smiled as she took the treat, and paid Cleveland what she was owed, the cruiser almost fumbling the money in her trembling hands. She then turned her attention back to Richelieu. "All right, we'll arrange for me to pay you a visit so you can show me what you do for fun behind closed doors. Until then~" She then slowly swirled her tongue around the tip of her hot dog, licking off some of the toppings before taking a slow, teasing bite off the end.
After she left, Cleveland dared to speak. "So... Were you, um..."
Richelieu sighed. "It wasn't about what you think it was."
Cleveland immediately bounced back to her usual self. "All right! So, will you be having anything?"
She looked up for a moment, and then back at Cleveland. "...I think I will."
After the fact, Richelieu decided to consult with Saint Louis.
The cruiser was something of a crusader, hoping that in some way, her efforts might well pave her way towards a promised land. In time she began to wonder if the part was in fact the promised land that she wished to earn by deeds of arms, and this made Saint Louis a rather contemplative sort of person, wondering what world she may have made when she finally laid down her lance.
So, she was precisely the kind of person one would ask what was on her mind, as there was so much on her mind at any one time she was bound to have an answer rattling around somewhere in there.
Richelieu found Saint Louis near the confession booth, patiently waiting for Le Terrible to show up, and the cardinal couldn't help but say something. "You were here only a few days ago, Saint Louis."
The cruiser nodded. "I am going out on an operation soon, so I felt it would be best to do any required penance beforehand. We are to trust in the protection of our faith, but also we do not know when we may be called back to His side."
"I see. I can't fault your way of thinking, but I have something else to ask. You have encountered Implacable, have you not?"
"Indeed." She said. "She has some ways about her that can test one's faith, but the only true response to a test of faith is to strive to ensure that it is not found wanting. I assume that because you're asking me this, you've had more than one encounter yourself?"
"More than that." She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes for a moment, opening them before adding her response. "I have encountered her a few times, and she seems to have taken a shine to me. She called me kind when we first met, but one can find many kind people and not automatically pursue a deeper connection."
Saint Louis put her hands in her lap as she remained seated, toying with her gauntlets. "You don't believe she's doing it to tease you?"
"If I believed she was trying to mock me, I wouldn't allow her to get so close. I would certainly do my best to steer her into other ways of behavior, perhaps even consult with her majesty, but I also wouldn't roll over and let things be done to me." She replied. "...I believe her desires are genuine, in that she's looking for some kind of connection."
"...Perhaps she is searching for her own promised land." She shook her head. "Maybe that's merely my point of view, your holiness."
Richelieu sighed a little. "The truth of the matter is that if she was merely looking for someone to sate her carnal urges, there are probably any number of people here she could merely ask and then be done with it in an evening or so, but she is more complex than that. I find myself being curious, so I think I will spend more time with her."
Saint Louis blinked. "There may be rumors, your holiness. Not that I mean to challenge your decision, since you have always acted with a certain amount of clarity, but..."
The cardinal shook her head. "It's not my fault if other people wish to misunderstand me. If they would like to believe I am being "corrupted" or "falling into sin" when I strive for greater understanding and compassion for others I don't entirely understand, then they will believe that. However, whatever others choose to believe, the truth cannot be changed."
"Of course." Saint Louis replied. "I'm sure you have considered this yourself. My own matters are of the lance and shot, so I will leave you to your own... But I will look to the living example of your compassion to follow in affairs that involve neither of those."
Richelieu took a moment to think about what else to say. "I'm just curious- do you have any opinion of your own on my choice?"
"I have already spoken my concerns, your holiness." She replied. "I will, of course, defend your honor if it must be done."
"I don't believe that will be necessary. You have a more pressing enemy to fight than our friends." Richelieu continued. "At the most, I think people may gossip for a moment, and then move on quickly to some other subject of interest."
"Of course." She said. "However, I am at your service."
"Thank you, Saint Louis."
Of all of the kinds of visitors that Joffre could have expected to see waltz into the Iris dorms, Implacable was not one of them. Her own attachment to the tenets of the Iris church demanded faith and patience in the face of unusual sights, to interrogate and understand what was placed in front of one in the world. Joffre's eyes narrowed as she wondered exactly what heaven wanted her to make of what was in front of her.
Implacable put on her teasing smile. "Come now, Richelieu knows I'm coming." She slid a finger into the upper band of her white stockings. "Or... Did you really want to have me all to yourself today? I don't want to disappoint her lovely holiness, so if I'm what you want, you'll have to wait your turn~"
Joffre frowned a little as she looked Implacable up and down, wondering exactly what to make of her. She claimed to be Richelieu's guest, but there was something about the way that the carrier presented herself that made the inquisitor twitch a little on the inside. Richelieu did urge patience with Implacable, but there were some things that triggered an immediate response. "...I'm not interested in keeping you from her holiness, but do remember to comport yourself well."
"I think it is clear that this is more of a casual visit, it's not like I'm beseeching her for some kind of ordination." She put her hands together. "...I have my own ways, you know."
"It appears you do." Joffre replied in a tone so flat it could be used for laboratory work. "...I'll ask you again to be on your best behavior in front of her holiness. Aside from that, you may go."
"Good day to you, then." And then she went on her way, without seemingly any care at all as she went straight for Richelieu's home, either oblivious or immune to Joffre's disapproval.
Richelieu had been anticipating this visit, so Implacable had been allowed to let herself in, as soon as the carrier closed the door she heard a voice come from deeper inside the house. "Come over here and have a seat, I have been expecting you."
The royal carrier passed through the living room and kitchen, noting that Richelieu was not especially a fan of opulence in her furnishings- it was built to be a place where the cardinal could find some amount of sanctuary from her duties to the faith. The cardinal's voice had come from a special sitting room, and a rather large one, too, and its purpose became immediately apparent as soon as she heard the meowing.
While cats were generally free-roaming sorts, Richelieu had a special room for her and any fortunate guests to spend time with her various cats in her off hours. Implacable didn't bother to count the number of kitties roaming around, but though there were more than usual, it wasn't an absurd amount. Richelieu wasn't someone who collected cats out of some state of trauma or madness- the cats were well taken care of and attended to, without a hint of neglect common to compulsive hoarders of animals.
Implacable took a seat on a free couch, and soon enough a coal-black cat hopped up next to her and began pawing at the bare skin of her thighs. She smiled at the touch, and pet between the curious kitty's ears, reaching over slowly so as not to spook the critter- she had a gentle touch meant to be appreciated by anything alive. "Hehe... Looks like this one knows what it wants~"
Richelieu smiled. "I think we're just going to take the fact that Lucifer was immediately curious about you as more of a coincidence than any sort of symbolism. He's fond of visitors generally, but so is Soumise, who will roll over- literally- for anyone."
"Mhmm..." She seat, easing the black cat into her lap, though the feline had enough dignity to act like it was his own decision rather than the inscrutable temptations of the creature occupying the couch. "You have amassed quite a few. Do they trouble you very much?"
"Not especially." She said. "...I wouldn't keep them nearby if they were truly a bother. My home is where I mean to relax after pulling my double duties as leader of the Iris here at Azur Lane.
"It's easy for me to see why you might want a group of little playmates close to home. After all, there are days and nights when a leader can't leave the office." She said as she started to tickle one of the Cardinal's fuzzy critters. "I should have expected something like this. You don't seem so uptight to believe that fun is a sin."
"We are allowed to have normal lives. Even someone in my position." Another of her cats, Ludovic, jumped up to seek attention from Richelieu, and she gladly gave it. "I am allowed to live outside of my position, but I think that is the same for all of us, seeing as we were originally conceived of as weapons."
Implacable giggled as she picked up and utterly spoiled the black cat that had found his way to her, taking her sweet time just to enjoy the presence of the friendly kitty. "Mmmm.... there are so many ways we can do things that involve more than just that, aren't there? I want to explore all of them, and I know I'd rather not do it alone."
"I figured as much." She said, idly petting the nearest cat. "I think that, at least, is something that we have in common."
Implacable idly played with a few loose strands of hair, wrapping them around one of her fingers. "Hehe, now you're making me use my imagination. Who knows what might come of it~"
Richelieu was at least partly aware of what was almost always on Implacable's mind at this point. "Speaking of imagination, you have chosen some... Unusual trappings for yourself."
"I am a woman of strong sentiments, after all." She freed a hand from cat-tending to stroke the inside of one of her thighs, all the while her eyes staying on Richelieu. "Faith, lust... More besides, but none of these are inherently sinful. After all, were we not also created out of faith and love?" She cooed a little. "Why not indulge in this new world?"
Richelieu managed to remain steady, glad she had practice keeping confidence as a leader- She could imagine someone less fortified folding under Implacable's wiles. She smiled somewhat. "I do believe that there are ways that both of us are intemperate at times. We are, after all, human."
The carrier's eyes brightened just a little, and Lucifer hopped away to find something else to play with other than the cardinal's guest. "Hehe, saying something like that so easily... But it's true... We all have so much to offer, especially to each other~. In fact, why don't I show you something."
Richelieu wasn't sure what would come next, but she had a hunch it would have something to do with Implacable's body. "Go right ahead."
"Hehe, watch carefully. It's just a rousing distraction." Implacable lay on her front, lounging all over her chosen couch like she was imitating one or more of Richelieu's furry friends. She smiled at the cardinal as she got comfortable, wiggling her hips just a little.
What followed next drew Richelieu's eyes for longer than she could have thought, because Implacable began to stretch in ways that the cardinal was only really familiar with when it was being done by one of the normal residents of the room. Implacable closed her eyes, and slowly pulled her knees underneath her, raising her ample rear into the air. Richelieu tensed and blushed as she got a peek at the rather minimal underwear that Implacable wore under the flaps of her dress, and then Implacable smiled, as she somehow just knew the effects that she was having on the cardinal by stretching out despite not being able to see them. She let her legs lay almost flat, and then she pushed herself up by her arms, doing a long back stretch that presented her abundant assets perfectly to her audience of one before slowly laying back down.
She wore that warm and teasing smile, and left Richelieu to say something... Or even say nothing if she chose.
Saying nothing was Richelieu's first choice- no one had ever made that kind of display to her on purpose, and it was a bit of a surprise that it was inside her own home. She took a quick, deep breath as she understood that anything erotic, anything at all, was as natural to her guest as breathing. The cardinal shook her head as she decided she needed to find words to respond so she didn't seem as off balance as she may have felt. "If there's anything you'd like in order to get comfortable, you are my guest. all I can ask is that you be reasonable."
"Ahhh... Well, I won't ask you for anything now, of course. I'm not here to make extra demands on my lovely hostess. I think I'm just going to enjoy this couch for a while." She slowly lay completely down. "Mmm... If there are things you will need to do, I'll let myself out, but if you need me for anything, then you know where I am. And if you want me to stay longer... I won't say no~"
"Enjoy this...?" Before she even had a chance to complete her thought, Implacable had followed through on a decision to nap right on the couch. Richelieu slowly stroked over the cat in her own lap, until he decided to run off and find something else to do, leaving the cardinal effectively alone with her napping guest.
Richelieu felt compelled to watch her. Taihou, while also lustful, tended to keep to herself when the commander wasn't involved, so having someone like this in her own home presented an opportunity to see someone like this up close and undisturbed. She watched Implacable slightly rise and fall with her slow breathing, and at that moment, she didn't seem that different from any other girl one might see sleeping at the base.
The cardinal blushed as she heard those moans come from the napping carrier, and saw Implacable's hips shift this way and that. As startling as it was, Richelieu couldn't help but wonder what pleasant but indecent dreams her guest was having. It wasn't as though such things were rare, but she wondered what they might be like for someone who had such heightened urges as that woman sleeping on her couch, and what realms of fantasy such a libido might take her to. It wasn't on her to ask, but...
Richelieu took off one of her gloves to try something. She reached underneath's Implacable's hood with one bare hand to gently stroke her hair, and that didn't wake her up, but it did draw a response.
"Anh~....!" Came the sharp moan from between Implacable's soft lips, the snoozing carrier slightly arching her lower back at the touch.
Richelieu's blush deepened a little, and she slowly withdrew her hand from her guest. Even after that, however, she couldn't stop herself from smiling at her dreaming guest. She was comfortable, and there was no reason to get in the way of that.
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2023.03.24 23:58 EternityOnDemand The personification of over-dramatic

Today my mother said that, "I feel like the grandfather in Grimm's fairytales"...
Here is the short story she's referring to:
Once upon a time there was a very, very old man. His eyes had grown dim, his ears deaf, and his knees shook. When he sat at the table, he could scarcely hold a spoon.
He spilled soup on the tablecloth, and, beside that, some of his soup would run back out of his mouth.
His son and his son's wife were disgusted with this, so finally they made the old grandfather sit in the corner behind the stove, where they gave him his food in an earthenware bowl, and not enough at that.
He sat there looking sadly at the table, and his eyes grew moist. One day his shaking hands could not hold the bowl, and it fell to the ground and broke.
The young woman scolded, but he said not a word. He only sobbed. Then for a few hellers they bought him a wooden bowl and made him eat from it.
Once when they were all sitting there, the little grandson of four years pushed some pieces of wood together on the floor.
"What are you making?" asked his father. "Oh, I'm making a little trough for you and mother to eat from when I'm big".
The man and the woman looked at one another and then began to cry. They immediately brought the old grandfather to the table, and always let him eat there from then on. And if he spilled a little, they did not say a thing.
Just wow. This is how she feels and this couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth. Honestly I don't think I've ever met anyone as dramatic and melodramatic as her. This is just ludicrous.
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2023.03.24 23:51 loud-and-quiet Life is too quiet? Come join my coffee break Tuesday next week ☕️ (location TBD, Campbell or Los Gatos)

Some people may recognize me. I am Loud Introvert in San Jose. I engage with people anonymously online through writing and find two new people to meet every week. I'm looking for the 12th fellow neighbor to join me Tuesday next week
☕️ Loud Introvert's Coffee Table
After 6 years of living a very quiet life, I started "Loud Introvert's Coffee Table" last February. LICT is my personal social networking experiment to bring fresh air to my social life. Before LICT, I tried numerous social networking, but none of them worked out very well.
LinkedIn, too professional. Meetup, too crowded. Bubble BFF, too vague. (Everyone has almost identical self-introduction) I even tried therapy, but I didn't find a good match.
I thought what if I do something different and create my own social network?
🙃 Who I am
I'm a foreign transplant, married woman, tech worker in San Jose. As I walk into my 30s, I found myself becoming selectively social. Oftentimes, I go very quiet when I just listen and observe, but if there's anything that interests me, I can talk for hours.
👋 How to Join
I meet two new people every week. For next week, I have one slot open for 3/28 Tuesday. It could be either early in the morning or sometime in the afternoon. I'm thinking of Manresa Bread at Cambell or Great Bear Coffee Roasting at Los Gatos.
If you'd like to join, check out this link to find more details. I shared a bit more about myself and left a few questions for you.
Again, LICT is NOT for dating. LICT is all about finding local people near us to bring some whimsical fun and expand our social circle.
🤝 Creating a small community
So far, I've had 9 rounds of coffee breaks. Met 11 people in person, and now talking to 3 new people to schedule time in early April. When I connect with new people, I take the time to read people's stories carefully and see if we share matching vibes.
All the people I've met are incredibly diverse, yet we share a great common ground. We all enjoy introspective thinking, cherish exchanging our honest thoughts, and value being heard by others. Most of us look very quiet at first, but once we start talking, we continue chatting until we run over the time. We started building a small community through this whimsical experience and enjoying many unexpected fun stuffs along the way. I'm imagining what could happen if I have 100 people in this community.
✍️ Note
I recently started journaling my experience on Medium. I originally started LICT to get over my quiet life, but later it turned out to be my self-discovery. To observe my changes, I wanted to write down each moment and follow the progress I've made.
Don't worry, I do not include any details about people I've met. This is my open diary and I purely focus on my self-discovery. I'm now writing for Round #3 and #4. Still trying to catch up on my overdue writing queue.
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2023.03.24 23:47 loud-and-quiet Life is too quiet? Come join my coffee break Tuesday next week ☕️ (location TBD, Campbell or Los Gatos)

Some people may recognize me. I am Loud Introvert in San Jose. I engage with people anonymously online through writing and find two new people to meet every week. I'm looking for the 12th fellow neighbor to join me Tuesday next week
☕️ Loud Introvert's Coffee Table
After 6 years of living a very quiet life, I started "Loud Introvert's Coffee Table" last February. LICT is my personal social networking experiment to bring fresh air to my social life. Before LICT, I tried numerous social networking, but none of them worked out very well.
LinkedIn, too professional. Meetup, too crowded. Bubble BFF, too vague. (Everyone has almost identical self-introduction) I even tried therapy, but I didn't find a good match.
I thought what if I do something different and create my own social network?
🙃 Who I am
I'm a foreign transplant, married woman, tech worker in San Jose. As I walk into my 30s, I found myself becoming selectively social. Oftentimes, I go very quiet when I just listen and observe, but if there's anything that interests me, I can talk for hours.
👋 How to Join
I meet two new people every week. For next week, I have one slot open for 3/28 Tuesday. It could be either early in the morning or sometime in the afternoon. I'm thinking of Manresa Bread at Cambell or Great Bear Coffee Roasting at Los Gatos.
If you'd like to join, check out this link to find more details. I shared a bit more about myself and left a few questions for you.
Again, LICT is NOT for dating. LICT is all about finding local people near us to bring some whimsical fun and expand our social circle.
🤝 Creating a small community
So far, I've had 9 rounds of coffee breaks. Met 11 people in person, and now talking to 3 new people to schedule time in early April. When I connect with new people, I take the time to read people's stories carefully and see if we share matching vibes.
All the people I've met are incredibly diverse, yet we share a great common ground. We all enjoy introspective thinking, cherish exchanging our honest thoughts, and value being heard by others. Most of us look very quiet at first, but once we start talking, we continue chatting until we run over the time. We started building a small community through this whimsical experience and enjoying many unexpected fun stuffs along the way. I'm imagining what could happen if I have 100 people in this community.
✍️ Note
I recently started journaling my experience on Medium. I originally started LICT to get over my quiet life, but later it turned out to be my self-discovery. To observe my changes, I wanted to write down each moment and follow the progress I've made.
Don't worry, I do not include any details about people I've met. This is my open diary and I purely focus on my self-discovery. I'm now writing for Round #3 and #4. Still trying to catch up on my overdue writing queue.
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2023.03.24 22:50 genjimonogatari Random Thoughts (82 Days Sober)

Hi all - I was going to post this as an answer to another thread, but thought I'd put it as a separate one. I wrote this up for a friend a few weeks ago. It's incredible how much momentum the NA/Sober Curious movement has developed. There are countless resources and people who have been helpful to me - here's an attempt at synthesizing some of them. I tried to format - apologies if any of it got lost
Random Stuff * I'm not trying to proselytize at all! This is just a decision that I made. It's served me well for the [82] days that I've stopped drinking, but everyone is different! Just sharing my thoughts/some things I found useful. * There are a number of alcohol-free liquor stores that are opening up. One of them is called Spirited Away - website [here]( The About Us page is a brilliant piece of writing. There's no shortage of discussions out there on the alcohol-free life (that's the point of this email!), but he really touches on the central point: alcohol and social lives are so deeply intertwined, and not for good reason.
Books I tried to rank these in order of how much I liked them. This genre is called "Quit Lit", which I found funny. I've read a few more, but I put the top few here. I honestly suggest reading as many as of these as you can. As you'll really start to appreciate, the amount of marketing alcohol has gotten is immense. So to unravel some of those deep-rooted beliefs you may have towards, you just need to read a lot to counterbalance it. So read these books, check out social media channels (listed below), and search around on the Internet - it's a big movement.
HOWEVER, I say stick with it. Her "bluntness" is actually also what hammers home her message. It's a nice contrast to some of the other books here - she does not try to portray ANY positive aspects of alcohol, so really helps with the rewiring of your beliefs towards them. She also sets forth the science behind in a very straightforward manner which helps.
Other Helpful Reads/Channels
Personal "Tips"/Recs
Random: I'd recommend starting with a type of beer you don't really like the alcoholic version when you're starting. That way, you're not comparing it to a high-water mark. For instance, I like IPAs, and every NA IPA disappointed at first. For me, Heineken 0/Clausthalers were good at the start (since I never really drank lagers) - scratched the beer "itch" more easily while my taste buds were recalibrating.
Let me know how things shake out for me. This is personally the best decision I've made in years, and the only regret is not cutting out the booze sooner! But like I said, everyone has their own life to live!
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