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2023.03.22 07:57 iceclown39 How can you tell if it’s bacterial or fungal infection?

A couple days ago, I flared up like crazy after doing so well. I burst out into hives (or so I thought) small red dots everywhere that haven’t gone away even with antihistamines. I also got these clear bumps all over my ears, jawline, and chin (dyshidrotic eczema?) my eczema is usually very angry dry red patches so this is all new to me. I tried zinc cream, hydrocolloid bandaids, hypochlorous spray, and none have helped.
I posted about this and some comments seem to think it’s an infection but my doctor, dermatologist, and allergist keep saying it’s eczema and try to put me back on steroids despite the fact that I’m currently in withdrawal.
What were your signs of infection? How did you figure it out?
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2023.03.22 07:57 Accomplished_Ad8339 Joy nerf/adjust

How is eveyones first thoughts? From reading the description a couple weeks back I thought she'd be completely unusable from losing speed up and shield on s1, I didn't see that they reduced the dash count though
I find her dashes do a ton more damage per on beat now, so she seems even more.eaely game deadly, unless the other team all comes and yours doesn't, obviously.
But so far I've played 3 games with 3 MVPs today, first game original build, JG boots, not finished, genius, concentrated and then realize the difference in regen so went oracle. Then build varied from born cause of enemy composition. Dominance, and winter to help with Esme, Balmonds and Hayabusa .
Second game start the same, but realized at water creep her dashes do a ton to enemies at level 2 so I went straight for oracle to Regen more early and have my.. way to escape sort of back. Also the cd reduce and def is always nice.
This worked wonderfully. Unsure if the enemy (mythic 655 at that game) was that bad or not but I ended ,12-1-15 mvp.
So did it again the next and it worked, not as well as the other team picked kaja, Franco and minsi. Which was only for me. So my team carried through that
I'm ranting, but I believe her nerf was, not to bad at all. We will see I'm coming games. What's everyone else's thoughts?
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2023.03.22 07:57 Whiteboygiraffe I’m in an odd situation and don’t know what to do

Howdy I’m a m21 that’s been in a relationship with my gf 22 for just under 8 years now. But the last two years we’ve gone from multiple times a week to if I’m lucky once a month.
We started dating in middle school and are still going today. She is an absolute amazing gf attentive to my emotional needs, loves PDA, and cuddles with me whenever we’re at home weather it’s in bed, on the couch everyday without fail. I am madly in love with her but we haven’t had sex on a regular basis in a few years now. So we lost our virginity to each other and after that we were a 4-5 times a week type of couple. Things started to taper off a bit once we got to our senior year of high school but still nothing to complain about. We stayed at a what I would say is pretty average level for a relationship up until 2021. In February 2021 her father passed away very suddenly (like from 100% healthy to having pass in around 2 weeks). This was naturally deviating to her and she handled it about as well as anyone could. She’s been in therapy ever since then and she’s made great progress. But (I’m really not trying to sound like an asshole but please tell me if I am being one) our bedroom life has come to a complete stand still ever since. After his passing I did everything I could for her and we ended up not having sex for around 4 months. I never complained during that time as I figured that was the last thing that needed to be brought up in a time like that. Trying to be an emotional rock for her was what seemed like the best corse of action and to try and help her adjust to life after this tragedy. I’ve been as selfless as a guy can be to try and help. But now im reaching my breaking point. I consider once every other month to be her lobito really picking up. I’ve tried to have conversations with her about this but it always ends with her just crying and saying sorry while not ever listening to what I say. No matter how I approach the conversation. All of this has caused me to ask her straight up if she’s asexual because whenever we do have sex unless she has smoked weed before hand it’s really bad. Just no effort on her side and she expects me to do all the work. She also keeps teasing me (which under normal circumstances I would enjoy) but doesn’t understand that it only makes my sexual frustration 100x worse and acts like I’m an asshole went I get upset after she teases me. She always just says that she’s just not in the mood. So I’ve just given up on trying but it still eats away at me daily. I feel really stuck and don’t know what to do. I’m sorry if this is incoherent or hard to fallow. I’m a terrible writer. Any advice is much appreciated
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2023.03.22 07:57 iceclown39 How can you tell if it’s a bacterial or fungal infection?

A couple days ago, I flared up like crazy after doing so well. I burst out into hives (or so I thought) small red dots everywhere that haven’t gone away even with antihistamines. I also got these clear bumps all over my ears, jawline, and chin (dyshidrotic eczema?) my eczema is usually very angry dry red patches so this is all new to me. I tried zinc cream, hydrocolloid bandaids, hypochlorous spray, and none have helped.
I posted about this and some comments seem to think it’s an infection but my doctor, dermatologist, and allergist keep saying it’s eczema and try to put me back on steroids despite the fact that I’m currently in withdrawal.
What were your signs of infection? How did you figure it out?
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2023.03.22 07:56 Equivalent_Abroad877 I feel like an objective failure.

I had a rubbish time in high school it was the worse I was a social outcast and the only people who would interact with me would be the bullies who made my life hell. My grades suffered for this in my A-levels the highest I got was a C (and a A at AS- Level) I then went to college and really thrived I passed every assessment i had with the highest grade possible first time and all my tutors said I was "the most university ready student in the class." I then kinda fell into the wrong crowd and soon after at 20 years old I had the first and worst psychotic episode of my life. I spent 8 weeks in a ward (they wanted me to stay for a year) got a diagnosis or Paranoid Schizophrenia and spent another 3 years at home trying to gather the confidence and self esteem to actually start living again. I referre to my early twenties as a limbo period. While The people I went to school and college went to uni and started living their life I was in a void a mixture of sedative medication and depression leading to just an absolutely sedentary lifestyle. Now at almost 26 years old I'm finally working I'll admit at a just above minium wage job. But still it gives a bit of joy to my life and I do give my all to everything I do these days. I went from 16 stone to a steady 13 ish. Yet still social media will suggest old acquaintances who finished uni 4 years ago clearly have a nice job are engaged and have their own place with a family on the way, and then almost on queue the miasmic serpent of comparison comes into my head. "They have this why don't you? You feel lesser don't you." It just really messes me up and makes me feel like an absolute screw up...
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2023.03.22 07:56 paddlepal Signs you're obsessed with pickleball (a list)

I'm sure folks have good ones to add to the list?
  1. You have a name for your pickleball paddle, and you swing it in the mirror at home.
  2. You look at people's backyard and wonder if it could fit a 20x44 foot rectangle. Admit it, you've done this at someone's BBQ!
  3. Your YouTube video sidebar is full of the PPA Tour channel. Bonus: The targeted ads are for orthopedic products and resorts in Florida.
  4. You've accidentally pegged your significant other with a ball and slept in the doghouse.
  5. You have rolls of lead tape or grip tape in your kitchen drawer.
  6. You chuckle every time you eat Vlasic or dill.
  7. You pretend you are dinking when you do squats at the gym.
  8. You have three dozen people in your phone named "(First Name) Pickleball." Half of the time, you can't remember who they are...
  9. You have a massage gun at home, and a pickleball machine on your wish list!
  10. You've started a pickleball club at work and coax people to play during lunch.
  11. You've got all your tournament medals dangling above the washing machine. Hopefully more golds than bronzes!
  12. Your idea of a nice first date is drilling backhand roll volleys and playing skinny singles.
  13. You can put together a portable net in under two minutes flat!
  14. You've gotten into heated debates about third shot drop versus drive.
  15. You don't ask folks about ask if they play with the Dura or Franklin ball.
  16. You daydream about launching a fun pickleball apparel line called "Picklehead."
  17. You've turned down an invite to something because it clashed with your pickleball game.
  18. You go through more pairs of pickleball shoes than regular sneakers.
  19. You comment on all of Ben Johns' or Anna Leigh Waters' Instagram posts.
  20. The word "bodybag" now has a positive connotation to you.
  21. When you think of the phrase "Shake and Bake," food doesn't come to mind.
  22. Your dream vacation is a pickleball camp with Tyson McGuffin and that glorious mullet.
  23. You've gotten many pickleball tattoos! Both the temporary kind (bruise from getting hit with a ball) and maybe even a permanent one!
  24. You drink a lot of Pickleball Cocktail and fear the Orchard Security Guy.
  25. You've memorized the USAPA rulebook and can quote it.
  26. You have more dry-fit shirts than regular shirts in your closet.
  27. You've had a birthday cake with a big yellow ball of frosting on it.
  28. You've woken up at 5am to play, but you've never gotten up that early for work or school.
  29. All of your driving is for pickleball. Pickleball has doubled your gas costs.
  30. You despise lobs. You have nightmares about them!
  31. You've said the phrase "Fastest Growing Sport in America!" recently.
  32. Your Facebook profile photo is you on a podium. Hopefully in the middle!
  33. You've drawn out your own pickleball lines before. They were very crooked, but you still played.
  34. You've hit a ball around in an airport or someone's living room, using chairs as a net.
  35. You have an epic farmer's tan and sock tan, maybe a neck and shorts and back tan too.
  36. You have a playlist of pump-up music specifically for pickleball.
  37. Your idea of a productive morning is doing drills.
  38. You wash and clean your paddle more often than yourself.
  39. You have a bumper sticker on your car that says "I Dink, Therefore I Am."
  40. Your dog has an entire collection of cracked balls.
  41. Erne is more than a Sesame Street character to you.
  42. The phrase "ball on!" echoes in your head at all times.
  43. You've seriously planned to quit your job and pursue a career as a professional pickleball player and travel the pro tour.
Comment some of yours! More here.
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2023.03.22 07:55 vikassharma7202 How To Change Your Life In 2023

This article titled "How To Change Your Life In 2023 (9 Easy Steps)" provides a comprehensive guide on how to achieve financial freedom through entrepreneurship. If you're looking to take control of your professional future and transform your life in the coming year, this article offers practical and helpful tips to guide you.
To start, the article emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for your own life. It then suggests writing down your goals to keep yourself motivated and focused, as well as creating a morning routine to set a positive tone for your day. Working on your health and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone are also crucial steps toward achieving your goals.
The article also advises eliminating any obstacles that may be holding you back, and involving loved ones in your journey toward success. Equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills is another key element of fostering change.
Ultimately, the article encourages taking action and just "doing it." By following these nine simple steps, you can make significant changes in your life and pave the way toward financial freedom and success in your entrepreneurial pursuits.
If you want to read the full article, you can find it on the Synkdup website by clicking here.
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2023.03.22 07:55 malis- If you had the choice, would you like to experience REmake 4 with no prior knowledge/experience of the original game?

I'm asking because unlike RE1 to 3, this might be the first time I'll play a REmake game without having played the original.
I already have the original on steam, but feel it's too outdated to properly enjoy right now. So depending on the answers here, I might reconsider and give RE4 another try before the new game comes out.
Also in that scenario, would any of you ever be interested in experiencing the original game after being done with the remake? Is that a thing you see yourself doing?
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2023.03.22 07:55 NoPercentage7232 Does anyone else have intrusive images or is it just an OCD thing

Since I started high school 10 years ago (where my anxiety started), I sometimes have repetitive thoughts or images in my head that I feel I cannot control. I've been given some strategies in the past (e.g trying to ignore it, thinking of something else) but they only work for a minute before it comes back. The thoughts or images start when I'm really anxious or have just had a social interaction. Thoughts include repeating "die", "stupid", "I should be dead" or "kill yourself". The images are very violent things towards myself (so violent that I would never do them). It's mainly the images that distress me. Does anyone else experience this? I'm not diagnosed with OCD
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2023.03.22 07:54 6seasonsnam0vie Travelling for transfers?

Due to reasons, we can't get our embryos tested (PGT-A) where we live. We've had 2 losses before and at least one was definitely due to chromosomal abnormalities. So we definitely want to do PGT-A testing.
In order to do this, we have to send the embryos out to a place that can do testing and give us the results. Then we have two options: either send the embryos back to where we live and do the transfer here, or travel to the other place and do the transfer there.
Initially we wanted to do the first option because we're not very comfortable with travelling right after transfer. (It would be a ~1hr flight.) I also want to manage my diet and activities fairly closely after transfer, and it'll be harder to do so if we stay there for 1-2 days before coming back.
However, we were just told that for the first option (i.e. sending the embryos back here for transfer), there would be significant added legalities - most significantly, an added wait time of several months. This is very discouraging for us as we just don't want to wait unnecessarily. Our doctor also told us that she has had many patients who travelled for the transfer and it was fine.
So now we're reconsidering the second option. Does anyone have any experiences to share of having to travel for their transfer? How did you do it? Was there stress from travelling / being in an unfamiliar place? I'm aware that I have a tendency to overthink and over-worry about things that are actually going to be fine. Any tips for how to make it a smoother process would be so appreciated.
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2023.03.22 07:53 tacobellabean A friend of mine sucks as a human being

Everyone thinks that they're so nice and it's infuriating. I used to think they were super nice but now I'm seeing how self-absorbed, selfish, and downright mean they are. I just need to get this out.
So I'm in Show Choir and a while back we had to wake up early for a competition and I got up early and went. One of my besties comes and starts giving out Starbucks because he had woken up earlier and texted some of our mutual friends prior and got them Starbucks (A little salty he didn't text me but whatever) and the workers accidentally gave him an extra of the drink he got (A matcha latte) and he was giving it away and I asked if I could have it since I really like matcha stuff.
They gave it to me and I loved it! (I had only had matcha stuff from a specific place up to this point, and I didn't realize that Starbucks had matcha stuff and it was so good!) and so we're drinking our drinks on the risers and a friend of ours comes up and my Starbucks friend offers him a sip and then he says "Oh! I should've given you the extra matcha latte!" Right in front of me. Like, rude much? Right? I asked my mom if I was overexaggerating it but she said I wasn't.
He also kept repeating it and it made me really sad. Like, is that really what I mean to you? It's stupid to get upset about but I'm always under the impression that if something someone says or does hurts you, even in a small way, you're allowed to be really upset about it. It doesn't take away from the fact that it hurt you. But that was mostly the last straw of everything he had done up to that point.
There's also another thing they did that ticked me off. So, my friend has had a lot of crushes and like talking stage relationships and he's always getting into those types of deals and it's really annoying. It never goes anywhere and it's just so toxic because he's actually trans and goes by another name and she/her pronouns and for a while, he and another person were sorta dating and he went by his dead name and she/her pronouns with him. It's just so toxic and did he really expect it to go anywhere if he wasn't going, to be honest with the guy? He even ditched the guy at hoco to go home with a couple of mutual friends of ours without telling the guy where he was going.
So anyway, he doesn't have exactly the healthiest relationships with people he likes. But he has a lot of them compared to everyone in our friend group so of course, so of course, when a guy starts giving me attention he has to shut it down. I never liked the guy in that way and I was hinting at it a lot but I was scared he wasn't getting the hint so I complained to my friend about it, saying how I hope he knows that I don't like him in that way. And my friend was very adamant that he didn't, even though he doesn't know the guy! When I first showed my friend his Instagram he immediately disliked the guy because he had an American flag in his bio and which meant that he was a trump supporter. Like, WHAT?
But anyway, he was adamant that he didn't like me even though he had 1. flirted and talked to me every day 2. asked me to hoco, and 3 asked if I wanted to go to a Valentines' Day dinner at a fancy restaurant. I eventually asked him why he thought that the guy didn't like me, and he said that he had talked to the guy about how I only liked him as a friend and he said "Yeah I know" and how that was proof. Well, what else can a guy say in that situation?? Like, he could still have a crush on me, and I know he did. He wouldn't have done all that shit otherwise.
Personally, I think that he was jealous that I had a healthy relationship with a person who had a crush on me and that he didn't and that I was getting attention from a person who liked me and only he's allowed to have that.
There's so much stuff that he's done that's just so rude and jerky. I don't know what to do, I'm glad I wrote about this though, I needed to get this out. I kinda hope he gets some karma for the stuff he's pulled.
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2023.03.22 07:53 Bad-at-Coding How has it affected you over the years?

I'm a guy, 27 recently made a comment on a thread that made me think about it for the first time in a long time.
10 years ago we got together, everything was fine for the first few months but then she became paranoid, controlling, and physically abusive. It started when I would visit her while her parents were out and she would hit me if I cooked something the wrong way, and after deep conversations about our insecurities she would make fun of them. One time I had a cold and couldn't meet her in town 3 miles away to walk her back to mine so she turned up at mine, came upstairs, and poured fresh coffee over me while I was still in bed. I really did love her though and she would always say sorry.
I got a place at a university on the other side of the country (UK) and would visit her on weekends. I came back with bruises and scratches. My flatmates knew the cause and tried to make me see sense but I didn't listen.
I was on fluoxetine (Prozac in America I think) and my sex drive plummeted. If I wasn't in the mood she would choke me, scratch my neck, and hit me with books or anything nearby, or threaten to call 999 and tell them I forced myself onto her. Afterwards she would threaten to go to the authorities if I left her as there would be recent evidence of intercourse.
After over a year of this I somehow made some good friends and one day just ghosted her completely, then spent months feeling like I had made the biggest mistake of my life until I could look back on it objectively. I made a promise to myself that I would never be hurt again, got into self improvement and started following a lot of PUA gurus and redpill, just before the media picked up on its controversy. I built my confidence back while trying to enjoy random hookups, every time I felt like I was winning some sort of mind game with the random girl and getting back at my ex when really they probably just liked me.
Unfortunately theres some things I can't get rid of sexually - a girl dug her nails in too hard once and I almost had a panic attack, same with lip biting, or any sort of pain in the bedroom that's supposed to be kinky. My current partner asked me to be less gentle the first time we slept together and I had to explain why I felt sick thinking about intentionally causing any sort of pain to someone I have feelings for.
It's been 10 years and every now and again I look her up on social media. She's doing well in her career, and she has a new boyfriend every now and again. I hope she's different now and isn't causing them pain, though I would be lying if I said I didn't sometimes make all her threats over FB public for everyone to see.
It took years for me to get past what she did and though I accept what happened and wouldn't be the person I am today by getting through it in one piece, I can't help but imagine where I would be if I had never asked her to go with me to a fireworks display on bonfire night.
Anyone else want to vent? Ive always been vague with people when talking about it so this is the first time I've put it into words, mods please delete if it's irrelevant/innapropriate
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2023.03.22 07:53 zando_calrissian I think I fucked up… screamed at a customer, chased them out of my dive bar with an empty bottle ready to smack them…. But he fucking deserved it.

This guy has been coming to my place for about 6 months. At first he’s trying to get on my good side but when I lay down the law and tell him it’s last call or closing time it’s a different story. He kicks off with “I’ve met the owner” “I’ve had a drink here after hours before”
Last time he was here, he went behind the bar after we stopped serving and claimed it was to get a napkin, I screamed at him then but I forgave him ultimately cuz he was drunk.
Today, he came back for the first time since that going behind the bar incident. He was a passive aggressive dick. At one point saying “you’re only getting a dollar today” and tipping me exactly that.
Deja vu, I’m trying to get him out and he’s trying to explain why he knows he is allowed to stick around after hours. He wouldn’t budge so I just exploded.
Anger leaves me feeling shame. And I hate the fact I got my bar a bad yelp review. But fuck that guy in the eye hole.
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2023.03.22 07:53 ThrowRAfrito My (27f) boyfriend (24m) wants friendship with women, but it always goes badly.

I should start by saying, I don’t hate how I look but I am pretty average looking and have never been hit on. My boyfriend gets hit on quite often and is generally attractive.
I have always struggled with the fact that my boyfriend wants intimate friendships with girls. I think it’s normal to want intimate friendships. He says he is more comfortable talking to women than men since he was raised by a woman and had no real male role models. He says it is hard to talk to his male friends about anything deep, but it’s much easier to do that with female friends. I let him know he can always talk to me but he says he sees me every day and there’s only so much we can talk about.
My biggest issue with these friendships is that they involve conversations that are no different than those that you’d have with someone you were trying to date or have sex with and they are different than conversations he’d have with male friends. He likes to ask deep questions like “what’s something you regret in life?” And just general get to know you kind of questions. In almost every friendship he has had with another woman, either she has had feelings for him and he had to cut it off because of his relationship with me or he crossed a line in some way that made me uncomfortable. Here are some examples:
He once asked a female friend to take a “sexual fetish quiz” so they could discuss their results and find out what the other was into. He claimed he was not at all interested in this girl and he just likes to talk about topics like sex.
He had a close friend who was very obviously into him and he called me crazy for over a year because I kept trying to tell him she liked him. Eventually after they stopped being friends because she was a psychopath, he admitted that after some reflection, he had come to the conclusion that I was probably right about her attraction to him. When he first met this girl he’d make comments that she was ugly. Later on it became “she’s not THAT hot” and eventually he told me that if he had been single and this girl hadn’t been dating his friend, then he probably would have slept with her.
Recently an old friend from college added him on snapchat. He told me that she asked him out back then but he made it clear that he wasn’t into her. He asked me if I was okay with them talking, and I said yes since she’s married now. After a couple days she started hitting on him and he blocked her. This left him really disappointed because he really enjoyed having a girl to talk to other than me.
He also has made a couple of friends who have body types that he’s into or fetishizes and then claims that he definitely doesn’t want them like that, but it’s hard to believe that you “just want a friend” when that friend happens to be a 40 year old recently divorced mom who only dates younger men.
I have caught him in several lies in the past, especially when we first got together, but never caught him cheating. Recently he has been more honest with me and more open especially about who he talks to. He is also in therapy and really working on himself and seems to really be making progress. I don’t want to deny him the opportunity to have intimate friendships, but how do I navigate this when it always goes so badly? After writing all of this out I know I must seem incredibly stupid for staying in this relationship. He is my best friend and he truly is doing better, but I guess I’m wondering if it’s even possible for a guy like him to have normal friendships with girls or if I should ever trust him to do so.
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2023.03.22 07:51 Sumve [BOTW] I refuse to believe people actually like this game

It's 2023 and I finally decided to try the best game of all time according to thousands of people.
After years of playing almost exclusively competitive multiplayer games, I decided to buy a Nintendo Switch with a handful of relaxing games that were consistently recommended by everyone just to remind myself why I played video games in the first place.
Let's start off by saying, no my view of this game was not the byproduct of hype poisoning.
Mario Odyssey was hyped by everyone and the bar was set unreasonably high, yet that game still impressed me even with the high expectations people created for me.
With that out of the way, Breath of the Wild so far has been the most mind numbing, tedious, drawn out and sluggish journey I've ever tried to enjoy.
Because that's really what it is. I'm trying to enjoy it rather than the enjoyment coming naturally.
Breath of the Wild is a game that makes you feel like you never have enough time to play it, even if you do.
  1. The massive open world only feels massive because of the sluggish and time gated character
This game only truly feels like an adventure because it's an adventure to walk 20 feet without
feeling like you deserve to unlock an achievement for having the patience.
You can literally drown by swimming, and I'm not exaggerating even slightly, 15-20ft in the water.
As supposedly a reincarnated hero from legend destined to save the world, you would think
running or swimming for more than 8 seconds would be a reasonable feat.
I'm genuinely deterred from exploring because I know it will be at minimum 20 minutes for me to
reach my destination, especially when that destination is highly vague.

  1. The weapons break sometimes if you even think about equipping them.
This game uses a neural network interface, and if you even so much as consider a weapon to be
interesting, it instantly shatters into a million pieces before you even equip it.

Finally conquered that dungeon and found yourself a cool new weapon?
Don't even think about using it because that would actually be fun, and the masochistic
developers who designed this game are allergic to fun.

  1. BOTW controls are designed by and for people who have never played another video game.
The immersion of fighting an enemy is usually ruined, because the true battle is always against
the controls.

Managing my inventory feels like I'm playing through the fire and flames on guitar hero, and
simply adjusting my position while climbing a mountain requires a PhD in quantum physics.
I'll try to jump on my horse, and before I know it I've accidentally thrown and detonated a bomb
and dropped 3 weapons from my inventory.

  1. Speaking of the horse, I feel like I'm going to get a DUI every time I ride one.
Just when you think the controls literally could not get worse they manage to pull it off by
introducing the horse mechanics.
I have to choose between walking slower than my dead grandparents or riding a horse slower than
my dead grandparents. There's no way an actual programmer designed this. They allowed some
random office employee because it was his birthday or something to feel like they contributed to
the game by designing the horse mechanics.

  1. The motion control puzzles are public experiments designed to recruit surgeons.
If you manage to solve these motion control puzzles within the temple without breaking
everything in your house, you need to drop this game immediately and become a world renowned
surgeon, because that's what the tests were designed for.
Post about this online and I'm sure they'll reach out to you.
On a serious note, I would give everything in my bank account for 30 seconds in the cage with
whoever designed these torture devices.

  1. To put so much emphasis on exploration, the game genuinely punishes you for exploring. After
stumbling upon a shrine located at the top of a mountain, the puzzle was genuinely unsolvable
because I apparently visited the shrines in the wrong order.
Make the game linear and structured, or make the game explorative and free, not this bastardized
hybrid that does neither particularly well.

  1. There's no immersion in a single player RPG when I'm googling every 5 minutes where I'm
supposed to go.

The game doesn't feel navigationally intuitive, and naturally figuring out where to go has so far
been the hardest boss in the game.
Exploring naturally is possible, but once again this process is so tedious and drawn out that the
average intelligent person would just rather have some type of clear objective and path.

  1. The dialogue consists entirely of HO HO HO, HE HE HA, OHHH, and Huehuehuehue.
That was cool on Banjo Kazooie for N64 about 20 years ago.
You cannot honestly consider this game a contender for the GOAT of gaming history when we
have fully voice acted games. This isn't clever, or original, or whatever excuses the fanboyism
comes up with, it's literal and objective laziness disguised as a design choice.

  1. The amount of free time you have is directly proportional to the amount of praise you could
potentially give this game, which is the opposite format of what I'm used to.
It's almost not possible for a normal person with a normal schedule to sit down and enjoy BOTW
because of how tedious everything without exception in the game from beginning to end feels.
I'm playing it right now for free because a friend let me borrow it after claiming he never felt like
he had the time to make progress within the game.
After wandering for 20+ minutes straight one of those Octorok decided to Chris Kyle me in the
back of the head from across the map and I just closed the fucking game because I lost all
progress and wasted another half hour accomplishing nothing.

  1. The game is in 30 fps.
I know some of you are actually okay with this, which is honestly superiority complex inspiring,
but I'm sorry you cannot place this as a contender for greatest game of all time without it being
For context, the Sega Genesis was 60 fps in 1988 and 30fps for a real time combat game is
extremely jarring for someone who has used a 240hz monitor for over 5 years.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk
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2023.03.22 07:51 Extra_Speed_1844 I am feeling so much guilt about a situation regarding my relationship. F19 M20

Okay, let me start this off with saying I am feeling so guilty and ashamed about this situation. I have not been able to eat for over a month, lost 5kg, on lexapro now and struggling with negative obsessive thoughts about this situation.
Okay. Me and my boyfriend have been dating since we were both 16. We are in a very loving relationship, but I have lost of all my friends and was not feeling attractive and was feeling very insecure. It is lovely hearing how beautiful I am by him, but i genuinely felt disgusting and horrible and also lonely. So, I downloaded discord to try and talk to people to make myself feel better and less lonely (as friends of course). I started talking to this guy on discord (NOTE: I ALWAYS PREFACED TO the guy THAT ME AND HIM WERE FRIENDS, NEVER ANYTHING MORE.) for about a week. To my regret, the conversation got flirty and I mentioned a few sexual comments in which I DEEPLY regret, I sent him a bikini picture too. When I was in this conversation, I didn’t realise what I was doing and genuinely didn’t realise this would hurt my boyfriend. I was talking to him for about week as friends and we called once before i realised what I had done. Our conversations mainly consisted of him talking about another girl he liked, but I stupidly never told the guy I had a boyfriend because at the start of the conversation I wanted to talk as friends. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks and I stopped eating, got prescribed lexapro for my anxiety, would wake up in the morning with the most gut wrenching anxiety, vomit in the morning due to the anxiety and have countless obsessive thoughts about the situation and about every possible scenario that could happen when I told my boyfriend about this. I couldn’t even be alone, I was constantly thinking about suicide as well. (THE FLIRTY CONVERSATIONS WERE ONLY ONE OR TWO, MOSTLY LEAD BY HIM.)I didn’t tell my boyfriend for a month about this, deleted discord and cut off all contact AS SOON as I realised what I had done. I did download discord once more two weeks after I quit because I was so paranoid he would find my socials and tell my boyfriend before I did. Fast forward a month of hell, I have just told my boyfriend three days ago and to my surprise he is NOT MAD AT ALL. Not one bit, he says he knows it was a mistake and FULLY forgives me for this, and our relationship is 100% fine. I still feel so guilty and am still having these obsessive thoughts. My boyfriend has been so mature about the situation but I am feeling SO GUILTY. Our relationship is 100% fine and I have just started to eat again. I am thinking that my brain will never get back to normal and will have this anxiety forever. I am making myself believe that I am a horrible person. (NOTE: I told my boyfriend EVERYTHING that happened and he is still okay with it). I just don’t know what to do from here even though everything is fine in our relationship, I just feel like a horrible person. I did tell him his voice was nice which could be perceived as flirting as well, but the part of the earlier conversations that got sexual i deeply regret. I love my boyfriend with all my heart and I think i just got wrapped up in feeling attractive outside my relationship and getting some attention. I just wanted an outsiders perspective on this and to know if I am a horrible person or not.
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2023.03.22 07:51 enricojr Eating fruits and sometimes veggies makes me nauseous

For as long as I (34M, 5'4", 225 lbs, living in the Philippines right now but I'm from California) can remember, I've never been able to eat fruits and most (uncooked) vegetables because the taste makes me nauseous. Like, when the food hits my stomach I get REALLY nauseous, and feel like I need to binge on something like potato chips to "cover up" the taste because if I were to burp after that the aftertaste will come back up and make me retch all over again.
My parents would say that I just need to "get used" to eating these kinds of things, but I fail to see how you get used to something that's making you sick.
This is relevant now, because I've gained weight and the thing everyone here zeroes in on is my refusal to eat fruit and veg, and their refusal to acknowledge that it's absolutely disgusting to me.
Is there any possible medical explanation for this? I've been to a doctor already, and she said pretty much the same thing and I'm honestly not any closer to a solution. I'd rather not force myself to eat this stuff because it's, honestly, really traumatizing no matter how much weight it makes me lose.
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2023.03.22 07:51 Consistent-Hurry-689 How to get rid of someone

I (24 F) A and my husband (26 M) Zee have a mutual friend (23 m) “Alex” who recently moved his now roommate (22 M) “john” across the country into a 1 bedroom apartment.
Before that John told Alex to break up with his then boyfriend, so they can be together instead, so Alex broke off his relationship, flew across country to help John move in with the belief that they would be together, split the bills, and the chores.
On the way back Alex Paid for the U-Haul, Gas, food and snacks, while John paid for nothing because he “didn’t have the money” (which was lie)…. John has a criminal record (his story keeps changing about what it is) plays video games 24/7, no money, and no real job.
Two days after John moved in he got into a new relationship, brought the guy over to spend the night, and kicks Alex out every time someone comes over (even though it’s his apartment, johns name isn’t on the lease), John doesn’t pay bills, rent, or groceries.
Any time John wants something he manipulates Alex into buying it, it’s gotten to the point where he’s working almost 15 hours a day, 6X a week and now considering getting another job on top of that just to be able to afford everything.
My husband and I have talked to him multiple times saying we don’t trust him, nor do we like him.
Zee and I live in the same complex as Alex, and John so we see them pretty often. John started working at a place that was paying him pretty well, he quit 3 days later now saying he wants to work with Alex, Now Zee and Alex work together in the same company which does work for the government.
This company is very strict on any sort of drugs. before you get an interview they will drug test you, after you finish the interview they will drug test you again, and they also do random drug tests.
Because of the random drug tests Alex and Zee tend to not smoke in order to not loose their jobs, John bought fake urine for the first drug test, and passed now he has an upcoming interview.
Alex is a very sweet loving guy who gets taken advantage of a lot, by family, and friends, so we tend to be protective over him since he doesn’t know how to say no, nor does he ever stand up for himself. Alex has gone through a lot, never really knew his father, and he was best friends with his mom who sadly passed last year.
Alex has a twin sister who also takes advantage of him, because of her he is in a lot of debt and has a super bad credit because of all of this Alex tends to give everything he has to people so they won’t leave him, he’s extremely depressed and suicidal.
John keeps breaking his heart every time a new man comes (he basically rubs it in his face) he’s making Alex loose a lot of money, working basically 24/7 and that in return has made Alex unstable. Now brings me to the part where I need advice in, zee and I have been trying to find ways to get rid of him and can’t seem to figure out what to do so please help!
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2023.03.22 07:51 WomenActuallyLoveMe I'm 19 and my abusive stepdad is stalking me

Since I was 4 or 5 this pos abused me on a daily basis, I wouldn't say thank you fat enough and he would slap me across my face Or I would make to much noise and have to apologise and go too bed and look at my wall he even threatened to kill me multiple times strangling me and saying things like "I can push you down the stairs right now and say you fell. I could tie you up and cut you up and Bury you in the back yard tonight and just say you ran away"
Not to mention he molested me multiple times touching my privates grabbing my nipples and twisting them and getting aroused he was a junkie. Addicted to cocaine and more too
You can see how I would have trauma from this About 6 years ago I got away from him and every night I have had thoughts about him nightmares almost every day. Lucid dreams where he would try and kill me or I would have to submit to him.
Yesterday a man came to my door after walking around my house he knocked on the door rang the bell and stood still even with the dog barking he was unfazed just stood still listening for a couple minutes then walked around to the back of our house I went upstairs to look out but he wasn't there.
I am almost 100% sure It's him I haven't seen him since I was 12 I got rid of everything similar to him and I couldn't even say his name without crying
But to get to the point. We have moved house I remember seeing a car follow me a few months ago and now I think it was him. I also think his brother tried to talk with me around the same time I think he has been stalking everyone in the house for a while now and I think he wants to kill someone we have never tried to contact him and changed all our information.
He came to the door with wide eyes and tight like he was going to punch someone the second the door was opened. He was also known for carrying weapons.
It is surreal like something from. A horror movie.
I don't know what to do or how to feel. I am waking up at 2 am covered in sweat unable to sleep properly and now I want revenge But at the same time I don't want to ruin my life I Don't know how someone could do this.
Torture their family and come back years later still pissed off for no reason trying again. It enrages me. I want to make him feel how I felt all those years ago
at the same time worrying what he or his friends will try to do to us I think this trauma will never end
Junkie stepdad somehow found our new address. Came to house high don't know what to do.
He went to prison for drug charges that's the only reason we got away btw. I have a small amount of evidence of the abuse but unsure I will be taken seriously or if I can even do anything since it was 6 years ago.
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2023.03.22 07:50 crayonz02 My vet did something to my childhood dog while euthanizing her

This happened in July last year but she had a stroke which left her not being able to walk and had to be carried which eventually ended up with her having discharge coming out her nose and privates. We (my mom and I) took her in and the vet said she would’ve likely passed soon either way so with no warning he had injected her and moved her to the weighing table, he then proceeded to tell us to leave the room and wait. Me and my mom gave each other looks and she left while I stayed with her and the vet told me to leave 2 more times after that which regretfully I did and he closed the door once I got out. After coming back in she was already bagged and had her big ole eyes open so while we were crying the vet was trying to pinch her eye closed. They took her to our car, bag open so her head was bobbing around staring at us since we were behind, after getting home we got her harness and realized that there’s blood on her name tag so we won’t ever know what actually went on in there.
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2023.03.22 07:50 soulpotentialacu 10 Common Myths About Acupuncture

10 Common Myths About Acupuncture

Myth: Acupuncture is painful
The needles used in acupuncture are solid (as opposed to hollow) which makes them as thin as a strand of hair or cat’s whiskers. Because of the thinness, some people can’t feel them on insertion. Once the needle is inserted there is no pain. Sometime heaviness or dullness is felt. This is actually a good sign. It is called “de qi” and signifies energy or qi moving in that location.
Myth: Acupuncture is only used to treat pain
Acupuncture is well known for treating all kinds of pain from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and hip pain to name a few. Aside from pain, acupuncture is also effective in addressing infertility, digestive issues, allergies, side effects of cancer treatments, headaches and pregnancy discomfort. Many fertility clinics recommend acupuncture as an adjunct to their treatments.
Myth: Acupuncture is outdated and not recommended
Far from being outdated, acupuncture has been proven in controlled trials to be effective for over 20 conditions. As a result, acupuncture is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for those conditions. These conditions include many pain conditions as well as morning sickness, hypertension, malposition of fetus, nausea and vomiting and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few. The WHO have gone even further to recommend acupuncture for conditions where therapeutic effect has been seen but more proof is needed.
Myth: Acupuncture interferes with medication or other therapies
Acupuncture is effective alone or as an adjunct to support other therapies. Acupuncture is commonly used to support IUI and IVF for fertility, to speed recovery from surgery, and to reduce nausea from surgery or chemotherapy.
MYTH: A doctors referral is needed for acupuncture
In MOST cases no referral is needed. There are some occasions where a referral might be needed. Some examples would be if you plan to use health insurance to pay for acupuncture and your insurance company requires it (which is rare), or if you are a veteran and use TriWest health insurance. A referral is required for TriWest to pay for the treatment. Many Veterans Administration doctors refer veterans out for acupuncture to decrease dependency on opioids for pain and for PTSD.
Myth: Acupuncture is not science based or evidence based
Scientists still aren’t quite sure how acupuncture works. As a result, there are more and more controlled scientific studies about how effective acupuncture is and how it works.
Myth: Acupuncture and dry needling are the same
Acupuncture and dry needling may appear to be the same but they are different. The practice of acupuncture involves viewing the body as a whole and deciding what organ or meridian may be the cause of the problem. In this case, a treatment plan is created to bring about healing by addressing the root cause of the problem. As a result, the treatment plan may not necessarily involve needles inserted into the area of pain. Dry needling is also referred to as trigger point needling. This type of needling involves inserting a needle into the area that is causing the pain. Dry needling is only used for pain whereas acupuncture can address a variety of issues in addition to pain.
Myth: Acupuncture needles are single use sterile needles.
Acupuncture needles are never reused. Once they are removed from the patient they are disposed of in a sharps biohazard container.
Myth: Acupuncturists don’t need to know your medical history
Acupuncturists absolutely need to know your history. Acupuncture views the body as a whole system. When considering a treatment protocol the acupuncturist reflects on the history of the patient. The acupuncturist may ask you about conditions that have absolutely nothing to do with your current problem. For instance, if you are seeking help for back pain, you may be asked about your bowel movements or what you eat for breakfast, or how much energy you have during the day and what your sleeping habits are like. Your history gives a bird’s eye view of how your body functions. That helps the acupuncturist to create the right treatment plan for you.
Myth: Acupuncturists aren’t well trained and don’t know much about anatomy, chemistry, pharmaceuticals.
You might be surprised to know, in Colorado, to become an acupuncturist you are required to earn a Master’s degree. Required courses include anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biochemistry, western pharmacology, and western nutrition in addition to many hours spent learning Chinese medicine.
Myth: You can’t tell if acupuncture is working.
There are many ways to practice acupuncture. One of the methods I use in my clinic is called Balance Method. I typically use balance method when a patient presents with pain. As I am inserting needles in specific areas I am expecting the pain to change. After I insert a few needles, the patient will notice that their pain is diminished or completely gone. Also, most people notice a sense of euphoria at the end of their treatment. This is because part of the treatment of acupuncture is to get the patient out of sympathetic dominance otherwise known as “fight or flight”. Creating a relaxing, quiet place encourages the patient to move into parasympathetic dominance, known as “rest and digest”. This is the time when the body can do the work of healing.
If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment or you’d like more information, please contact us.
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2023.03.22 07:50 legendsofold Werid grim though there of hwere the Blacksmith could ahve come from.

As it seems like the timeline is wonky for the character falling into the ever after, i had thought of how certain things could have come into being.

the mysterious blacksmith woman. A woman made of scraps of metal, a creator. And with apparrently immense power as she was able to distort space and make her forge appear before Ruby the moment she she alone. Course the ever after is already spatially wonky and all but it likely means she's incredibly powerful.

Where could se come from?

In the ever after, reincarnation is prominent and such a central aspect to it that its not even considered a proper 'death' as we know it, simply a reboot or being remade. "Reforged' even.

And something dead fell into the ever after. Though likely not for long. It was taken into the world and remade, the soul called to its recycled vessel once more. A soul of great purity and strength... and perahsp gained greater strength, for it was a soul unshakable and difficult to corrupt or mislead.

PErhaps unknowing of her prior life, but her heart lingers with feelings and half memories. The feeling of a warm hug. The feeling of being treated like she was rael long before she had flesh, if flesh lost after but a brief moment. The perils that brought out the absolute worse in men. The challenges that brought out the absolute best.

Once a puppet. For but a moment, a real girl. And now a body of iron and steel, but perhaps the heart within is still warm. And perhaps drawn to agirl that brings back those feelings of warmth and acceptance, who needs her help, to be reforged anew.
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