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2015.03.20 18:12 drastick magnaball: a three day festival

Magnaball, Phish's tenth festival, will take place August 21-23, 2015 at Watkins Glen International in Watkins Glen, NY. Located amidst the rolling hills of central New York's Finger Lakes region, the site offers an abundance of campsites and is just a short drive from numerous Northeastern cities, and a much longer drive from New Mexico.

2023.03.30 14:21 Significant-Notice- The Government Conspiracy Against Crypto

A sharply worded whitepaper from law firm Cooper and Kirk accuses regulators at the FDIC and the FED of an illegal and unconstitutional attack on crypto done without cover of law or Congressional approval. Cooper and Kirk are one of the most powerful and influential law firms in Washington. The firm’s attorneys have frequently appeared before the Supreme Courtand as of 2021 “six former interns or associates of Cooper & Kirk [were] serving as U.S. Supreme Court clerks.” So this broadside isn’t coming from an obscure and unconnected law firm:
Recent stories in the financial press have uncovered a coordinated campaign by prudential bank regulators to drive crypto businesses out of the financial system. Bank regulators have published informal guidance documents that single out cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency customers as a risk to the banking system. Businesses in the cryptocurrency marketplace are losing their bank accounts, or their access to the ACH network, suddenly, and with no explanation from their bankers. The owners and employees of cryptocurrency firms are even having their personal accounts closed without explanation. And over the past two weeks, federal regulators have shut down a solvent bank that was known to be serving the crypto industry and, although it is required to resolve banks through the “least cost resolution” to the Deposit Insurance Fund, the FDIC chose to shutter rather than sell the part of the bank that serves digital asset customers, costing the Fund billions of dollars.
This pattern of events is not random, and we have seen it before. This is not the first time that federal bank regulators, working with their State-level counterparts, have abused their supervisory authority to label businesses unworthy of having a bank account and worked in secret to purge disfavored lines of commerce from the financial system. Beginning in 2012, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System carried out a coordinated campaign to weaponize the banks against industries that had fallen out of favor with the administration—including gun stores, pawn shops, tobacco stores, payday lenders, and a host of other brick and mortar businesses. That campaign was called Operation Choke Point.
Our firm successfully challenged Operation Choke Point, and it was brought to a halt. The current bout of regulatory overreach against the crypto industry is illegal for much the same as reason as its predecessor. Specifically:
• Operation Choke Point 2.0 deprives business of their constitutional rights to due process in violation of the Fifth Amendment. It is well settled that when a federal agency attaches a derogatory label to an individual or business, and this stigmatizing label causes the business to lose a bank account or broadly precludes them from the pursuit of their chosen trade, the agency has violated the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment, unless if first afforded the individual or business a right to be heard. This is precisely what the federal bank regulators responsible for Operation Choke Point 2.0 have done and continue to do by labeling crypto businesses a threat to the financial system, a source of fraud and misinformation, and a risk to bank liquidity.
• Operation Choke Point 2.0 violates both the non-delegation doctrine and the anticommandeering doctrine, depriving Americans of key structural constitutional protections against the arbitrary exercise of governmental power.
• By leveraging their authority over the banks to acquire the power to pick and choose the customers whom the banks may serve, the bank regulators have exceeded their statutory authority. The bank regulators are charged with supervising the safety and soundness of the banks; their effort to anoint themselves the gatekeepers of the financial system and the ultimate arbiters of American innovation and American economic life cannot be permitted to stand.
• The federal bank regulators are also refusing to perform their non-discretionary duties when doing so will benefit the cryptocurrency industry. State banks that are statutorily entitled to access the federal reserve system are being denied their rights solely because they serve the crypto industry. The federal bank regulators are not free to pick and choose which statutory obligations they duties they wish to perform.
• The federal bank regulators are evading the notice and comment rulemaking requirements of the administrative procedure act by imposing binding requirements on the banking industry through informal guidance documents. This is undemocratic, since it deprives the public of the right to comment on proposed rules, and it also runs contrary to the principle of judicial review, since courts lack the power to review “informal” agency actions.
• Finally, the federal bank regulators are acting in an arbitrary and capricious fashion by failing to adequately explain their decisions, by failing to engage in reasoned decision making, and by failing to treat like cases alike. It is difficult to imagine a more arbitrary and capricious agency action than simultaneously placing a solvent bank into receivership solely because it provided financial services to the crypto industry, while permitting insolvent institutions not tied to the crypto industry to continue operating.
…The persistent unwillingness of the nation’s bank regulators to follow the law and obey the Constitution calls out for Congressional action. Cracks are starting to form in the American financial system as its regulators increasingly abuse their power to achieve aims outside their authority and beyond their competence….We therefore urge Congress to perform its oversight role and hold these agencies to account.
I agree that financial regulation has been employed unconstitutionally, illegally, and covertly to control and regulate economic activity. One of my big fears is that a Central Bank Digital Currency would render nearly every transaction in the entire economy legible and primed for government monitoring and control. Thus, it is crucial to uncover, understand and debate the clandestine nature of financial regulation before the urgency of crisis is used to push us into an undesirable new equilibrium that will be difficult to escape.
Read the whole thing.
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]( - Sounds like somebody should invent a decentralized method of Sure

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2023.03.30 14:20 myoscaralexander Virtual Mailbox Rental For Individuals And Businesses In New York

Virtual mailbox rental is a service that allows individuals and businesses to receive their mail and packages at a virtual address instead of a physical location. This service is especially helpful for those who travel frequently or have multiple locations, as it provides a centralized location for all mail and package deliveries. Contact today to learn more!
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2023.03.30 14:20 dreftzg [Daily News] Grand Seiko Gives Us A Watch We Didn't Ask For, Patek Proves Why They Are The Best, Chopard Drives A Thousand Miles And Angelus Goes Green

It's Thursday and here are some interesting news updates. Let's dive in:

What's new

Grand Seiko Releases Another Version Of A Diver We May Not Really Need
Grand Seiko has a polarising year at Watches and Wonders 2023. First they showed off the wonderful hand-engraved SBGZ009, only to hear the collective groan of fans not being to ever afford an almost $80,000 Grand Seiko. Then, for a moment, they washed the sour taste out of everyones mouth with the Rose Gold Grand Seiko ‘Hana-ikada’. A stunning watch with a light pink dial, it is destined to be a huge hit. If GS didn’t decide to make only 100 of them. This got them more internet hate.
Now, on the fourth day of W&W, Grand Seiko introduces another model - a follow up to the SLGA015 "Black Stream" diver - the SLGA023 "Ushio" diver, the latest from the Evolution 9 collection. And the almost universal reaction seems to be: do we really need this watch? Can we please buy the Hana-ikada?
And this is no fault of the Ushio diver, which is a fine watch. Unlike the Black Stream, this has a blue bezel insert and a beautiful nice blue dial. It is huge, though - 43.8 mm wide, 13.8mm thick, and 51.5mm lug to lug, but made of titanium. Inside is the 9RA5 Spring Drive caliber, with a five days of power reserve and a monthly accuracy rating of +/- 10 seconds.
It’s beautiful, it’s built for nerds, but it also costs $11,600. While it will surely find many owners, I’m willing to bed many would prefer other Grand Seiko watches to be more accessible before we get a nerdy diver.
Two New Chronographs From Chopard - One Shrinks Down In Size, The Other Goes Very Vintage
Patek Is Not Done With Their Releases - Here’s A Spectacular 5531G Grand Complications With A Tribute To Geneva And An Interesting Pink Calatrava
Angelus Introduces New Variants To The Chronodate
The Angelus Chronodate is a tribute to the brand’s 1942 model of the same name and now they are updating it with three new versions - a black dial in gold or titanium and a fern green dial in titanium. The Chronodate is a cool watch - a bi-compax chronograph featuring a central pointer date - which was previously available only in blue and silver, so this fern green dial really lifts it up.
While it looks cool, many will complain about it’s size: the case is 42.5mm with a height of 14.25mm. That probably works well in titanium, but must be a beast when had in gold. The watch is powered by the calibre A500 made with La Joux-Perret, a sister company of Angelus, which is an automatic movement based on the tried-and-tested 7750 architecture.
These new Angelus Chronodate models are not limited. Price is set at CHF 22,900 (incl. taxes) for the titanium version on a rubber strap, CHF 24,700 (incl. taxes) for the titanium version on a titanium bracelet, and CHF 42,900 (incl. taxes) for the red gold version.
Really, Roger Dubuis? What In The World Happened Here?
Nobody has ever accused Roger Dubuis of creating subtle watches. They make what they call “Hyper Horology”. The rest of us call them monstrosities. But at least they’re very fun monstrosities. Their new model, the Monovortex Split-Seconds Chronograph actually has some interesting horological twists and turns - an entirely new winding system, a 360-degree tourbillon, and a retrograde chronograph display, housed in an avant-garde case made from ultralight materials.
It actually might be worth it to click through the article and see what they have packed into the watch. If only it didn’t look like Iron Man crash landed onto earth. The brand did not release pricing, but keep in mind that their watches start at $41,000 and go all the way up to $815,000.

On hand - a selection of review

Hodinkee reviews the titanium Yacht Master and has some very nice things to say
And here’s a review of the new Rolex Daytona

Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

The Bovet 1822 Virtuoso XI Might Be The Weirdest Watch in a Newsletter That Includes A Roger Dubuis
Bovet always made an effort to make watch movements visible so that we could enjoy the beautiful mechanics. This year, surprisingly, for the first time since the House of Bovet was taken over and led by Pascal Raffy, the high-end manufacture presents a fully skeletonised timepiece, the Bovet 1822 Virtuoso XI.
If you would like to receive some additional watch-adjacent content, as well as this news overview, every morning Monday-Friday in the form of a newsletter feel free to subscribe. However, there is absolutely no need for you to subscribe, as all the news from the newsletter is posted here. It is only if you want to receive a couple of daily links that are not strictly watch-related and want to get this news overview in your inbox.
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2023.03.30 14:20 safelyhq-com Unordered Package, Keto Gummies Scam, US Postal Service, Delivery - New York - It’s for Keyo advanced weight loss pills I never ordered now what do I do with this I'm in San Antonio #unorderedpackage #ketogummiesscam #uspostalservice #delivery

Unordered Package, Keto Gummies Scam, US Postal Service, Delivery - New York - It’s for Keyo advanced weight loss pills I never ordered now what do I do with this I'm in San Antonio #unorderedpackage #ketogummiesscam #uspostalservice #delivery
It’s for Keyo advanced weight loss pills I never ordered now what do I do with this
I'm in San Antonio
Read full report here
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2023.03.30 14:20 zalam83 Deal or No Deal?

Friends, shall I take this deal?
I need a 2nd commuter car for my short 10 mile each way commute to work and am ok driving an ICE for a year since the other car is EV. Used car market blows here. Affordable cars have low bars & high miles and reliable cars are as expensive as new EVs minus $7,500 tax credit. The other option is a cheap new ICE 0% apr deal.
A large Nissan dealer here is offering the following:
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2023.03.30 14:19 Mcurrieauthor [Complete] [130000] [Thriller] The Men In The Shadows

Lurking in the shadows, stands people that watch the world unfold from afar, but somehow, also found themselves right in the middle of it, making the planet spin on their finger.
Wayne Cohen could barely look at himself in the mirror any longer. His memories were outrunning him. Living in a world where the threat of a new global war looms over the United States of America and Russia, the police officer will soon face tough choices. Failing his mission would have horrific personal consequences, but succeeding could send the world into the worst era humanity ever known.
Shane Keaty sows chaos everywhere he goes. He is untouchable. His employer makes sure of it. The former mercenary travels all over the world, silencing anyone standing in their way. But his usual surgical ways of doing things will soon become rattled. For his latest assignment will make him wonder who is wrong and who is right, and where he stands in this deadly game of chess.
What should one do when asked to protect what one love most? Run and hide like a coward or fight against all odds until there is not a drop of blood left in their mangled body?
The interested beta reader should send an email to [email protected] (or. Reddit private message). They will be sent a list of question I would like feedback on once they are done reading the manuscript.
I am not available for a critique swap at the moment.
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2023.03.30 14:19 flashbangcoc [Recruiting] Team Reddit Yankee #QJ8YQG2 Rockin' Clan Level *25* Recruiting TH12+ CWL M2 Clan Capital Champ3 Our Focus : Farming / Clan Games / Clan Capital / CWL Reppin' & Farm War Alliance

Great team that's been together for a long time (9+ years of history)! If you're looking for a new home .. You found it!
Does it get any better then Farm Wars with CWL M2 working on M1? Clan Capital level Titan III working on Titan II. Looking for an experienced home for Clan Capital? Give us a shot! Farm wars for das loot with real war during CWL.
We easily max clan games (Over 140k TOTAL Clan Games points last round!), rock out in CWL, 2/3 of the clan is above TH13, run by adults, and partner with many other clans in our community. Stop by our Discord - and say hello!
Clan Name Reddit Yankee (#QJ8YQG2) Clan Level 25
Clan Entry Requirements: Request to join stating you're from Reddit or chat with one of us on Discord. :)
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CWL League Level: Masters II Boys!!! Farmers rise up!!!
Our clan culture is around BUILDING each other up -- NOT putting each other down
We can offer YOU:
Are YOU the right fit for US? Our Requirements:
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2023.03.30 14:19 Casino5Royal How to clean with an F-attachment

I’ve had my new trombone for a while but don’t know how to go about cleaning it/giving it bath since I’d rather not destroy the trigger assembly cause idk what I’m doing.
I’d take it to be professionally cleaned but the nearest shop is about an hour and a half drive. So how do all suggest cleaning an f-attachment trombone?
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2023.03.30 14:19 flashbangcoc [Recruiting] Team Reddit Yankee #QJ8YQG2 Rockin' Clan Level *25* Recruiting TH12+ CWL M2 Clan Capital Titan III Our Focus : Farming / Clan Games / Clan Capital / CWL Reppin' & Farm War Alliance

Great team that's been together for a long time (9+ years of history)! If you're looking for a new home .. You found it!
Does it get any better then Farm Wars with CWL M2 working on M1? Clan Capital level Titan III working on Titan II. Looking for an experienced home for Clan Capital? Give us a shot! Farm wars for das loot with real war during CWL.
We easily max clan games (Over 140k TOTAL Clan Games points last round!), rock out in CWL, 2/3 of the clan is above TH13, run by adults, and partner with many other clans in our community. Stop by our Discord - and say hello!
Clan Name Reddit Yankee (#QJ8YQG2) Clan Level 25
Clan Entry Requirements: Request to join stating you're from Reddit or chat with one of us on Discord. :)
We Offer 9+ Years of Clash History In ONE Place (2013 - Present) - Check us Out:
CWL League Level: Masters II Boys!!! Farmers rise up!!!
Our clan culture is around BUILDING each other up -- NOT putting each other down
We can offer YOU:
Are YOU the right fit for US? Our Requirements:
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2023.03.30 14:19 TheFrugalMonk How would you hedge this?

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2023.03.30 14:19 AlphaCentauri369 NYS Grandparents Visitation Rights - Titled for search purposes only

New York State Grandparent Visitation Rights.
This post was created for key word search purposes only. If you're a parent in NYS that has been violated by this law, please contact me. Together we can help restore parents rights. NYS legislature has been trying to pass a bill through the senate for years now, however it continues to stall. Join our mission. Let this be your justice!
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2023.03.30 14:18 swizacidx i just discovered lorn and came straight to reddit, im amazed and lost

ive never felt such a feeling, i forgot the first track i listened to but i went to Acid Rain and then anvil and sega sunset.
i wanted to describe the feeling they gave me, my grandfather died two days ago, im also going thru hell in lmy life with becoming disabled, heart issues otu of my control and constant pain

somehow lorn hit me in a spot i didnt even know i had, its like between despair and bliss and i love it, even if i dont know if its healthy for me
i feel like is it making my emotions sadde more realistic or depressed or am i just in a slump right now kniowing i have to attend a funeral monday/tuesday coming

i dont know, but i know this music is amazing, and ive never ever felt this way from a song, ever, this exact feeling, and in so long, general feelikng from music
thankyou lorn for giving me a feeling, even if its one im not comfortable with.
i dont know why it hits so hard, but it fucking does. im driving my car listening to it at night 20 mins ago and holy fuck
thankyou, this is a realm of music i never normally touch. (im only hardstyle and metal mostly) and this opened my brain to a ridiculous new level.

take care everone here, i wish you the best
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2023.03.30 14:18 baked-banana69 Why? Any reasons?

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2023.03.30 14:18 The-SillyAk I've been sim racing for nine months, and today I did my first ever iRacing rookie race. It was one of the best gaming experiences I've had!

I think the reason why it was so awesome was because it was a culmination of a childhood dream come true. Competitive racing in VR with a human spotter.
I've been playing racing games since I was 6 years old with GT3, and since then I've played countless titles.
Earlier last year I bought a new wheel for GT7, and shortly after I made a new friend who helped me dive into the world of sim racing, bit by bit. With his guidance and judgement I moved away from PS4 and made modifications to my system/rig slowly over time whilst downloading new titles. I have been on AMS2 for quite some time, getting better and better.
He convinced me that now with VR and more experience it was time to jump into iRacing.
He explained to me everything about iRacing and helped prepare me for my first rookie series race. We practiced together, shared telemtry data and discussed tactics for the first race.
I was actually very nervous for my first race knowing that spins, crashes and off track impact your rating and that I can be quite a twitchy driver. I also wanted to win.
I set a PB in practice with a slow qual time - due to nerves and sweat haha.
I qualified 5th.
The race starts and I had my mate as my spotter guiding me and assisting me. It was a clean start.
I moved into 2nd place after the end of lap 1. 3rd and 4th place were pulling back and the battle for 2nd was incredibly close. It stayed like this with the last 4 laps being neck and neck. I've never raced so close before.
Everyone was respectful and clean.
Adrenaline was pumping.
I was in 2nd place and was overtaken on the back straight of the final lap to end up 3rd.
I was shaking with so much adrenaline.
My mate congratulated my success and spoke highly of my driving and race. He was very happy for me!
I'm normally quite accident prone so to survive, fight and end up so well was a great achievement and I am proud.
I pay massive thanks to my mate for getting me into the sport and helping me achieve this momentus feat! I'm very glad to have met him.
I'm hooked!!
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2023.03.30 14:18 Flame280 Who broke the weather machine again? It should not be so damn cold

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2023.03.30 14:17 based_trad3r I'm a republican on national issues most of the time, BUT I firmly believe UBI is coming, Wanted to share my vision of what it could look like and curious to see if there's any common ground.

I came here to be genuine, not trying to piss anyone off or say anything ridiculous. I am rare in my party looking for UBI and seeing the big picture in how it is *definitely* coming in the not-too-distant future. So since it's coming, it's a good idea to talk about what it will look like and how it will work. If I said something to upset you, I'm sorry, but I don't mean to mean it. I came here to share and learn. In any event, cheers, and I'll keep tabs on this subreddit, as I have no doubt it will grow. And grow big.

Everyone here might hate me; I’m a republican and vote republican in national elections. That said, I am a staunch supporter of UBI, not right this minute, but very short. You have to be ignorant of the world around you, tech, and everything that’s happening, NOT to think UBI will be here in the following decades. I could go for so long why this is very obvious to me. I personally want to be on the right side of the debate; I think this is not something to be depressed about but something to be encouraged by. If we need UBI, it means AI and autonomous robotics have come so far that most basic labor has been replaced. There is no need for human work, as all the goods, resources, and experiences we want to pay for and enjoy are readily abundant and provided to us by artificial entities. Some people may doom and say this is the end of the world, but this is the opposite; it’s the beginning of a new world, labor as a construct will be crushed, and capitalism will be crushed. We will live in a society where everyone can live a quality life and express themselves in ways they never could before. We will see a huge explosion of artistic creativity and talent, a massive surge in content makers, and, more broadly, a non-labor industry of self-determined desire to create content and experiences for other people. Our lives revolve around our jobs; our identities are so attached to our labor; it’s been that way for thousands of years. And here we are on the cusp of a revolution that could entirely or nearly eliminate that construct. I think 15-25% of the population will still work; I think you will still have some very driven people that choose to pursue the CEo type of positions, joke on them. They will miss all the fun, but I think a small group remains in human labor. Especially as time goes on. In the near future, electricians and plumbers will have excellent job security, and some physicians too. But in a few devices, much of this stuff won’t exist as it does now.
I think people’s minds are going to be blown. It raises a fascinating existential question, without labor, what are we? Throughout history, we have primarily reflected and been defined by our labor. Now, without the shackles of labor or the life or deat5, h need to labor to put food on the counter, people can truly flourish. Maybe not for this audience, but the metaverse is deeply intertwined with this. With all this new time, people will want to do new experiences and socialize with people in ways they maybe never have. I think this is going to be a tremendous period for humanity to enter in, there are some risks and concerns, of course, but I’m choosing to be optimistic.
To show the Republican part of me in answering the question I saw. If I had the honor of ruling this country by fiat, I would eliminate every net welfare program. Medicare, Medicaid, social security, all of it. But, I would replace those 9+ bureaus and departments of government with one streamlined office with one simple job, which would furnish universal basic income to the citizenry. The UBI needs to be done so that some of it can be saved and that there is enough in UBI to afford health issues when they arise. This program could be more fiscally possible if we just said, " Look, the government isn’t writing you 13 checks anymore. You're getting one really big check each month, and we will help guide you so that you are prepared for health events. you have to have some cushion program for people that still mess it up and have no money for health care, but the numbers could be done unnecessarily. My healthcare plan, which I've been playing with and love, goes hand in hand with this. Shut down all entitlement bodies of the government. freeze all federal payments, shut down those agencies, and shift the employees elsewhere or out if there is no space. in return (again, here are my republican stripes with democrat stars), we say ok, we can’t fully socialize the healthcare system; there are just too many issues with it, as can be seen aboard; sure, some things are better, but at the end of the day when dictators are dying, where do they fly to for surgery. So my solution is that private insurance companies remain; however, they must enroll in a federal program for designation that would require they offer plans for some things and that patients can’t be excluded for certain pre-existing conditions. Why would insurance companies agree to join this program? Because I, as chief ruler, have ordered a new sister agency to the UBI agency that remits an 8k voucher to every American, old you, rich-poor, that can only be used as payment for health insurance at one of the insurance companies that have met the government’s standards and are on the list. This allows insurance cos and people freaked out about social medicine to say, " Well, hold on, nothing has been socialized; other than that, the gov is giving us money to pay for insurance but were still buying private insurance. I have no problem with insurance companies also offering 30k a year health insurance programs, do what you want, but at the baseline, to be eligible to receive patient vouchers for insurance, you have to offer plans at the 8k level that covers everything reasonable, no short cuts, genuine real insurance. As another part of this initiative, I would order that hospitals become utilities, no longer allowed to be profit-seeking institutions. and I would 10000% ban insurance companies from owning hospital systems, ala UPMC and others. Hospitals would become utilities, and to produce revenue, private practice physician groups would reverse auctions for privileges at the hospital. So a doctor might have to pay 20% of his revenue from a procedure to the hospital to use the hospital space and servcies. Additionally, the Federal government should set up a public health lending facility where hospitals could go and borrow large sums of money at 0 to very little interest so that the hospital can continue to grow and upgrade its facilities. I would treat them as a new form of nonprofit, they can have a private board, sure, but they own the infrastructure where the medicine happens, they get paid as a portion of what surgeons get paid, and that money then can go to pay for overhead, maintenance, etc. For bigger issues, they can tap the federal lending facility to make that big upgrade they need for cardiac. I think it’s really important to keep private medical practices private and the insurance companies in place, I want government help, but the government has a bad history of doing poorly in micro-management. Allow the government to set standards, create the structure, issue 8k vouchers, approve recipients of voucher dollars, and let physicians do what they do best. So that’s how I would do it. There would be one large office that processes UBI and a medical department that facilities 8k payouts, maybe more I’m just starting there and handles lending duties to the hospital. We have so many programs now that5 don’t even coordinate well with each other. this is a much cleaner solution, and i think it could work. Also, it's not mentioned until the end because its controversial, but the reality is that by 2030-2035, the United States will have a CBDC. Once the CBDC is in place, all of this becomes much easier. Each Thursday, the government (it wouldn’t even have to be a huge agency) executes despoiling UBI into checking accounts, and within a few seconds, everyone has their income. Same with the health insurance component, on February 15th, you are issued CBDC units. However, they have a smart contract that can only be tendered at a health insurance company that meets the government’s coverage criteria. The last I will add to help further drive health costs down; for one thing, the government IN healthcare creates problems; I have many friends who are RNs, MDs, and others who have complained and complained about stuff the government gets all involved in that creates more problems than it fixes. id like to see less of that. the only other thing I have to add is the insurance companies. If money is coming from the federal government, and there is a federally approved list of insurers to work with, what’s the point of state lines? Just allow health insurance companies to compete for wholesale against each other nationally. It will create a deflationary battle between the carriers until 1 or 2 reach a point where others can’t compete, and we have successfully driven health insurance costs down as much as the market will allow. Anyways, that’s all a lot, just some thoughts from a friendly Republican,
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2023.03.30 14:11 EchoJobs Datadog is hiring Software Engineer - Database Reliability USD 130k-300k New York, NY US [Go Cassandra PostgreSQL Kafka Elasticsearch Redis Python]

Datadog is hiring Software Engineer - Database Reliability USD 130k-300k New York, NY US [Go Cassandra PostgreSQL Kafka Elasticsearch Redis Python] submitted by EchoJobs to rustjob [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 14:11 EchoJobs Braze is hiring Senior Full Stack Engineer, SDKs USD 170k-200k New York, NY [Go TypeScript JavaScript MongoDB PostgreSQL React API Ruby]

Braze is hiring Senior Full Stack Engineer, SDKs USD 170k-200k New York, NY [Go TypeScript JavaScript MongoDB PostgreSQL React API Ruby] submitted by EchoJobs to ReactJSJobs [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 14:11 AutoModerator [Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course

[Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course
Get the course here:
The LinkedIn Ads Course
The ultimate course for business owners and marketing managers of larger organisations to learn how to generate a ton of demand for their businesses using LinkedIn Ads.
Why do this course
By the end of the course, you will know your way around the LinkedIn Ads platform and you will be highly confident to start generating leads consistently for your own business or for other people in a matter of days. We hold nothing back in this course, you will be an absolute pro.
80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn
LinkedIn is by far the most valuable source of leads when it comes to B2B – in fact 80% of B2B businesses say they are getting leads from the platform each month. LinkedIn ads are the best way to bring in a torrent of consistent new enquiries about your consulting, coaching or saas services.
I have condensed all my knowledge after spending tens-of-thousands on the platform into a few hours of video, showing you the exact systems we use as an agency, so you will save a lot of time. Everything I have learned is neatly organised for you to learn from, step by step, organised in a way which is designed to make you learn fast. You will go from zero to hero quickly.
You will save a lot of money. We have tested and experimented with pretty much every strategy out there, we have learned a lot on what works and what doesn’t, so skip the learning curve and jump right in at the deep end. You will get access to all our learnings. There are so many different ways you use the platform to drive down the cost per lead significantly, and if you are looking to gain many leads a month, this will add up to a saving of 1000’s of pounds each onth – much more than the course costs.
…and now we have taken tens-of-thousands of pounds worth of testing and condensed this knowledge into a course which anyone can start generating new leads for their business within days. We hold nothing back.
What will you learn in the course
Tried and tested B2B demand generation strategies which you can implement right away and start generating a ton of new leads for your business.
Confidence in the ads platform so you know how to target the right people, how to test your ads and drive down your cost per click.
How to organise your account like a pro.
How to use LinkedIn tracking, the Insight pixel, how to implement it on your website, and how to use it to analyse your audience.
Remarketing for ninjas – remarketing is essential to stay top-of-mind, and to keep every prospect that interacts with your business interested in you and your products or services.
How to get the lowest cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL) and cost per scheduled phone call.
Mastering the follow-up. Learn what the big sales teams do with the leads they generate and how to turn the MQL to a SQL (Marketing Qualified Lead to Sales Qualified Lead) to a paying customer or client.
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2023.03.30 14:10 tonnie_taller NY church launches suit against ‘discriminatory’ law banning guns in houses of worship but not secular sites

A New York church is challenging an allegedly unconstitutional ban on firearms in houses of worship which they allege discriminates against religious establishments and makes them vulnerable to outside violence. First Liberty Institute, a non-profit public interest law firm, and law firm Clement & Murphy filed a lawsuit on behalf of His Tabernacle Family Church, … Continue reading NY church launches suit against ‘discriminatory’ law banning guns in houses of worship but not secular sites
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2023.03.30 14:10 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Report Details Rockstar’s First Bonnie And Clyde-Like Female Protagonist

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most profitable entertainment franchises in the history of games. It came along as a return to form after what many fans would argue was a misstep with the more gritty and realistic GTA 4. Originally released back in 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3—yes, it spans three console generations—developer Rockstar has supported the game's online mode with continual updates adding new content, new areas, and even all-new mechanics.
GTA V was such a runaway success—and GTA The Trilogy: Definitive Edition was such a dumpster fire—that Rockstar gave up working on a Red Dead Redemption 2 DLC, and has now reportedly abandoned plans to remaster more of its beloved older titles to instead focus on both further GTA Online content as well as the development of GTA 6.
gtaonline fukaru
Naturally, expectations for GTA 6 are incredibly high, and given the advanced age of GTA V, fans are chomping at the bit for any bit of news. That's why there's so much buzz around a report at Bloomberg that focuses on Rockstar's new corporate culture. Company co-founder Dan Houser left Rockstar in 2020, and ever since then the development house has been trying to reshape a corporate culture that the report refers to as being "like a frat house".
Given the nature and tone of the humor in the Grand Theft Auto series, it's really not surprising to hear that the atmosphere inside Rockstar was juvenile and chauvinistic. The report remarks that the workplace culture at Rockstar was "full of drinking, brawling, and excursions to strip clubs." That may sound like a good time to some, but it's admittedly not very professional.
gta1 katie Katie from the OG Grand Theft Auto (1997) on PC (left) and Game Boy Color (right).
As part of the report, author Jason Schreier casually reveals that GTA 6 will have at least two playable protagonists, and that one of them will be a Latina woman. This technically isn't the first playable woman nor even the first playable Hispanic woman in the GTA series; the very first GTA game featured a Latina named "Katie" as one of its eight playable characters.
Still, very few of the series' modern fans even remember the old DOS-based Grand Theft Auto, so we can forgive everyone for forgetting about poor Katie. Regardless, the new girl will apparently be part of a Bonnie-and-Clyde-like crime duo, calling to mind the partnership between Claude and Catalina in the beginning of Grand Theft Auto III. Hopefully the partnership between the new player characters in GTA 6 doesn't end the same way that one did.
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KOwen 29 July, 2022
Release the PC version at the same time as the consoles please!
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2023.03.30 14:10 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Setting: Could It Be Outside the US?

One of the most exciting aspects of any new GTA game is the setting. Fans have been speculating about where GTA 6 could take place, and one popular theory is that it could be set outside the US.
While the GTA series has always been set in a fictional version of the United States, there are several reasons why Rockstar Games might consider setting GTA 6 in a new location. For one thing, the series has already explored several major American cities, from New York (Liberty City) to Los Angeles (Los Santos) and Miami (Vice City). It's possible that the developers are ready for a change of scenery.
Another reason why a non-US setting could work is that it would allow Rockstar to explore different cultures and lifestyles. For example, a GTA game set in Tokyo or London could provide a fresh perspective on crime and the underworld. It could also introduce new vehicles, weapons, and gameplay mechanics that are specific to those regions.
Of course, there are also some challenges to setting GTA 6 outside of the US. One major obstacle is that Rockstar would need to do a lot of research and work to create an accurate and believable version of a new city. They would need to get the details right in terms of the geography, landmarks, and culture. Additionally, some fans might be disappointed if the series moves away from its roots in America.
Overall, it's unclear whether GTA 6 will be set outside of the US or not. However, it's an intriguing possibility that could open up new possibilities for the series.
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