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2023.03.30 19:04 SuperiorArty [USA] [H] Nintendo Switch, 3DS, DS, Gamecube, Wii/U games, Xbox Games, Playstation Games, Various Collectibles [W] Themed/Limited Edition 3DS consoles, Pokemon Switch Lite, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Xbone/PS4), AI Somnium Files Nirvana, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (PS1) Nintendo Games offers

*Items are CiB unless stated otherwise
Switch games DS/3DS
LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Deluxe Edition (Missing game, DLC code unused. Included Blue Milk Luke minifig) Shin Megami Tensei IV (Limited Edition) CiB (Outer Box sleeve is damaged)
Monster Hunter Rise Collectors Edition (Game and Amiibo opened) Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney CiB
Pokemon Sword w/ Expansion Pass (loose) Pokemon Alpha Sapphie (Nib, cut on seal)
Pokemon Violet (Digital) Pokemon Ultra Moon (Nib, cut on seal)
Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition Pokemon HeartGold (Loose, authentic)
Yurukill Senran Kagura: Deep Crimson Double D Edition (Nib)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna 2 w/ dlc code Pokemon Ultra Sun (CiB)
- Tekken 3D Prime CiB
No More Heroes 3 Style Savvy Fashion Forward CiB
Samurai Jack Battle Through Time (LRG release) Pac-man & Galaga Dimensions CiB
Disgaea 5 Tales of Abyss
13 Sentinel: Aegis Rim Warioware Gold (NiB, cut in seal tho)
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
Wonder Boy: The Dragon Trap Persona Q themed carry case for 3DS systems (Came with the Limited Edition)
Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure Dragon Ball Fusions
Disgaea 1 complete Hyrule Warriors Legends
Lost Child New Super Mario Bros 2
Jump Force Deluxe Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (Original DS version, No manual)
Monster Hunter Generations (Sealed) Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded
Little Nightmares 2 Kingdom Hearts 358/2
Balan Wonderworld Street Fighter IV 3D (Loose)
Katamari Damacy Reroll
Sonic Mania Plus (w/ Outer Box and Art Book)
Toki Retrocollectors Edition Wii/Wii U
Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers Xenoblade Chronicle X
Binding of Isaac (First print) New Super Mario bros U + Luigi U
Atari Flashback collection Mario Tennis Ultra Smash
Scott Pilgrim vs the World (Best Buy version, Sealed) Minecraft
Star Fox Zero w/ Star Fox Guard
LEGO: Jurassic Park, The Force Awakens, and City Undercover
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
SNES Hyrule Warriors
Super Mario All Stars (CiB) Breath of the Wild
Super Mario All Stars (Loose) Super Smash Bros Wii U
Wii Party
N64 (All Loose) A bunch of Wii motes (Most White, a few Black)
Super Mario 64
Excitebike 64
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Amiibo
Cruisin USA Gold Mega Man (Sealed)
Jet Force Gemini Luigi (Mario Series) (OOB, but I have the original Box)
Pit (Smash) (OOB)
Fire Emblem Tiki (NiB)
Super Mario Advance (Loose)
Pink GBA SP (AGS 101)
Gameboy Camera (Red)
Super Mario Sunshine (Black Label)
Super Smash Bros Melee (Players Choice, no manual)
Spartan Total Warrior (Missing Manual)
Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom (Loose)
Sega Soccer Slam (Loose)
Action Replay MAX (Disc only)
Crash Nitro Racing

Xbox One Xbox 360
Sea of Thieves (Sealed) -
Assasins Ceed Odyssey (Gold/Steelbook Edition) Injustice
Kingdom Hearts 3 Oblivion
- Fallout 3
Resident Evil 2 (Disc Only) Assassins Creed 3
Stardew Valley Battlefield 3
Minecraft Call of Duty 2 and World at War
Witcher 3 Far Cry 3
Titanfall Fable
Titanfall 2 Forza 2
Mortal Kombat X Sega Dreamcast Collection
Gears of WaRare Replay Red Dead Redemption
Overwatch Perfect Dark Zero
Assassins Creed Unity Hitman Blood Money
Killer Instinct Batman Arkham Origins
Battlefield 1 Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2
Skyrim Special Edition Fifa Streets 3
Forza 5 limited edition Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga!
Shenmue 1-2 The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition
Alien Isolation Assassins Creed Brotherhood
Diablo 3 Eternal Collection Assassins Creed
Crash Bandicoot N Sane trilogy Splinter Cell Conviction
Crash Team Racing Nitro Refuel Turok
Quantum Break Terraria
Limited Edition Gears of War 4 controller (Red) Spider-man: shattered dimensions
Limited Edition Gears of War 4 controller (Grey) Driver San Francisco
Dead Space 2
OG Xbox Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Destroy all Humans 2 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Legacy of Kain Defiance Assassins Creed 3
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Crackdown
Samurai Warriors Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition
- Darksiders
Spyro: A New Beginning Zone of the Enders Collection
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Call of Duty Black Ops 2
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 NCAA Football 12
Crash Twinsanity
King of Fighters Neowave Xbox consoles/Accessories
Jade Empire Xbox 360 Slim
Soul Calibur 2 Various Wireless Xbox 360 controllers
Morrowind Various wired Xbox 360 controllers
Mercenaries Xbox on controller (Gears of War Fennix edition)
007: Agents under fire Black Xbox One Controller
007: Everything or Nothing Xbox 360 Wifi Adapter
Slay the Spire (Digital)

Yakuza Kiwami 2 (Steelbook) Clock Tower 3
Lego Dimensions (Game & Case) Silent Hill 2
Psychonauts (LRG variant) -
Infamous Second Son (Limited Edition) Star Wars Battlefront 2
God Wars Crash BAndicoot: Wrath of Cortex
Walking Dead Complete Season 1 + 400 Days and Season 2 Dynasty Warriors 5 Extreme Legends
Trails of Cold Steel 3 Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Walking Dead: A New Frontier Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Playstation move controller Gran Turismo 3
Kingdom Hearts
PS1 Kingdom Hearts 2
Digimon World (Missing manual) Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
Gran Turismo Madden 10
Star Wars Rebel Assault 2 Nickolodeon's Barnyard
Twisted Metal Small Brawl Garfield: Lasagna World Tour
Grand Theft Auto 2 Atari Anthology
Star Wars Dark Force NBA Streets Vol 2
MDK Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3
Midway Arcade's Greatest Hits 2 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4
Rainbow Six Lone Wolf Black PS2 Slim
Micomaniacs Racing
Rayman Brain Games PS3
Dance Dance Revolution Konamix Ratchet and Clank: Crack in Time
Dance Dance Revolution Rango
Call of Duty Black Ops 2
PSP (All are loose unless stated otherwise) NBA 2k18
Hammerin Hero (CiB) Metal Gear Solid 4
The 3rd Birthday (CiB) God of War Collection
Metal Gear Acid (CiB) Alien vs Predator
GTA Vice City Stories (CiB) Ultra Street Fighter IV
Legend of Heroes (CiB)
Legend of Heroes II (CiB) PSP Movies (If anyone actually collects these)
Gran Turismo (CiB) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Def Jam fight for ny the takeover Elf
Metal Gear Solid (Peace Walker) (CiB) Jackass: The Movie
Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Wedding Crashers
Ridge Race (CiB) Narnia
Namco Museum (CiB)
The Warriors
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
GTA: Vice City Stories
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
Little Big Planet
Fifa 08
Sid Meier's Pirates
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes
NBA 06
Cars: Race-o-rama
Sims Pets

Sega Genesis Sega Dreamcast
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (CiB) WWF Royal Rumble
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (CiB) Dreamcast Generator vol. 2 (New)
Ghostbusters (CiB) Virtua Tennis
Ghouls n Goblins (CiB)

PC Games (Non-Digital)
Panzer Dragoon (CiB)
Sonic's Schoolhouse (CiB)
Warcraft 2 (CiB: Original Big Box. Bonus: includes $5 off any Blizzard action figure!) (Note, coupon is two decades old, redeem at your own risk)
Riven (CiB; Big Box)
While I do enjoy playing on the Xbox one, I'm mostly looking for Nintendo stuff. But I'm open to whatever list you may have, but these are games I am interested in:

Nintendo Switch Wants 3/DS wants
Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive
AI The Somnium Files 2: Nirvana Yokai Watch Blasters Red
Trail of Cold Steel 4 Shin Megami Devil Survivor 2 and Overclocked (3DS versions perferred)
Danganronpa Decadence SMT Soul Hackers
Samurai Warrior 5 Dragon Quest IV and VI
Dynasty Warrior 9 Empires Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks
Ace Attorney Trilogy Kirby: Planet Robobot
Ori Collection Persona Q2
Metroid Dread Mario & Luigi Dream Team and Superstar Saga (3DS Remake)
Octopath Traveler Metal Gear Solid 3D
NEO The World Ends With You Ever Oasis
Neptunia Games Project X Zone 1 and 2
Gunvolt Chronicles luminous avenger ix (low want) Corpse Party
Koei Tecmo WarrioMusou games Star Fox 64 3D
Various Limited Run Games (prefer opened/CiB but dont mind sealed) Luigi's Mansion
Nintendo Switch Lite (Pokemon edition preferred) Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Neptunia X Senran kagura Rhythm Thief
Blue Reflection Hatsune Miku
NiS Presents Vol 1-3
Xbox Wants:
Killer Instinct Definitive Edition
PSP Wants Playstation Wants
Final Fantasy I/IV Remakes Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (PS1)
Power Stone Collection Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise
Persona 3 Portable Berserk PS4
Persona 1 (Case and Manual) Yakuza 0, Kiwami 1, 6 and 7
Metal Slugs Danganronpa: Another Episode (PS4)
Collections/Compilations/Anthology Games PS Vita system (Slim Only)
RPG Games Ultimate Marvel vs Capcomc 3 (PS4 version only)
Manuals Cases
Pokemon White 2 Pokemon White 2
Pokemon White Pokemon White
Pokemon Heartgold Pokemon HeartGold
Castlevania Order of Ecclesia Castlevania Order of Ecclesia
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon SilveCrystal
I am also open to looking at your list, as there's tons of stuff that interest me asides from what I have listed. However, I am not interested in digital items as I prefer to collect/own games physically if possible.
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2023.03.30 18:46 ire1738 biggest tip i can give to class of ‘24 (from ‘23)

apply to several safeties to make sure u actually go somewhere. chances are u will get quite a few app fee waivers and u might as well apply to a fes of them. i got waivers from central michigan, emu, western michigan, bowling green, grand valley, northwestern (for my African American recognition award) and msu. accepted by all (except northwestern) which was to be expected. i don’t really want to go to these places (except maybe msu) but at least i know i have the choice between any of these if something unexpected happens. i’ve read a few stories on here of people who only applied to top schools and got/nearly got rejected by all of them. after getting in to several safeties i was able to just chill knowing that even if something odd happens and all of my midrange and reach schools reject me i will still be going to college.
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2023.03.30 18:41 AffectionateAnt956 Discover the Top 10 Best Nightclubs in the World

📷hey chatgpt, tell us about world's 10 best night clubs
Sure, here are ten of the world's best nightclubs based on popularity, reputation, and reviews:
  1. Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin, Germany - Known for its techno music and industrial architecture, Berghain is considered by many to be the best nightclub in the world.
  2. Hakkasan, Las Vegas, USA - This multi-level, high-end club offers a luxurious atmosphere, world-class DJs, and a stunning sound and light system.
  3. Pacha, Ibiza, Spain - Pacha is a legendary club on the party island of Ibiza, known for its epic parties and performances by top DJs from around the world.
  4. Fabric, London, UK - Fabric is a top-rated nightclub in London, renowned for its cutting-edge music, impressive sound system, and unique lighting displays.
  5. Octagon, Seoul, South Korea - This high-energy club is known for its state-of-the-art sound system, large dance floor, and some of the best DJs in the world.
  6. Green Valley, Camboriú, Brazil - This Brazilian club is one of the largest in the world, with multiple stages and a massive dance floor. It's known for hosting top international DJs and attracting a young, vibrant crowd.
  7. Ushuaïa, Ibiza, Spain - Ushuaïa is a popular open-air club in Ibiza, known for its pool parties, beachside atmosphere, and superstar DJs.
  8. Zouk, Singapore - Zouk is a premier club in Singapore, offering multiple rooms, a stunning sound system, and performances by some of the world's top DJs.
  9. Cielo, New York City, USA - This intimate club in the Meatpacking District of NYC is known for its high-quality music and sophisticated atmosphere.
  10. Output, Brooklyn, New York City, USA - Output was a legendary club in Brooklyn that sadly closed its doors in 2019, but its legacy lives on as one of the most influential clubs in the history of New York City's nightlife scene. It was known for its cutting-edge music, top-notch sound system, and underground vibe.
nightlife travel #nightclubs #parties #music #travel #clubbing #nightlife #worldtravel #EDM #techno #housemusic
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2023.03.30 18:39 No_Personality7290 How and when can I have access to cheap tickets to Cambridge and Windsor from London

How and when can I get advanced tickets for traveling to Cambridge and Windsor from London?
I will be visiting London with my family 3 members including me) in June, and we’re planning to visit Oxford, Cambridge and Windsor Castle by train. I figured out there are advance tickets for “London Paddington to Oxford”, but not the other two. The cheapest price I found for them were: London Liverpool Street to Cambridge £ 31.35 (Super Off-Peak Day Return) London Paddington to Windsor & Eton Central £ 26.85 (Off-Peak Day Return)
I am wondering whether these are the cheapest ticket options available, if not, how and when can I get access to ones with lower price. Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks!
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2023.03.30 18:15 Loud_Photo886 dream about luxor egypt high tech society

I had a dream that has left me stumped. I had never heard of Luxor, Egypt before my dream last night. In the dream I was traveling to Luxor on dirt roads. But the path to get there was on a map displayed in my head. I recall thinking the path was convoluted. I traveled from the north of Egypt to the west, south, and the finally followed the Nile north-east to get there. When I arrived there was a parade and festival going on. The people of the city were walking through small cobblestone market places and carrying purple banners. When night came the sky was a swirling purple and you could see more galaxy trails and stars than I've ever seen now. I was admiring the stars when I noticed a huge skyscraper and realized there were a ton and they all had this glow around them. They were very spire-like but not quite obelisk. They had to span up to 700 feet in the air if not more. Then I got an offer to get a closer look at them on a tour. The guide took me on this vehicle that had the front end of a chariot and the back end of a pickup truck. He started driving and I realized the vehicle was floating between these metallic looking rails but wasn't touching anything. When I got closer to the towers I noticed the towers were glowing with this led esque lighting that seemed almost like a power source. The tour ended with this observation Lookout point that was high up on a man made structure that over looked a valley in the Nile and on all of the ridges of the valley there were giant power factories that had massive water wheels on them spinning slowly with the flow of the river. The factories were white with red trimmed accents. I am so confused on this dream I was wondering if anyone else had a similar dream are knows any interpretation to this dream. Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.30 18:03 Tbabyftw2 27 [M4F] Michigan Looking for a real relationship

I’m 27M in the Ann Arbor area and I am hoping to find my other half. I’ll put a little about me below.
-6’1 240, been going back to the gym recently to get back on the grind. As a single guy with no kids, I’ve been rocking a dad-bod a bit too long!
-Love all Detroit sports, but I’m a big Tigers and baseball fan.
-Electrical Engineer
-I’m a nerd on top of being a sports fan. I like video games and super heroes and fantasy.
-Love good movies and tv. I wouldn’t call myself a cinephile, but if there’s even a chance at enjoying a movie, I’m going to try to watch it. Would love to enjoy a good movie with you!
-I really want to travel more. Just got back from my first vacation in 5 years and definitely need to do it more.
What I’m looking for:
-Age 22-31
-Within reasonable driving distance, but could be convinced to do LDR if we really click.
-Good sense of humor
-A good outlook on life. Just be down to earth!
-A few mutual interests. An open mind would also work! I will be just as interested learning about your hobbies/interests as I hope you would about mine. Thats part of the romance, no?
If you got this far, please feel free to message me! I look forward to talking with you.
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2023.03.30 18:02 CriptoAvances Aptos está expandiendo su base DeFi con la intención de aprovechar las dificultades experimentadas por los intercambios centralizados (CEX). Marzo 30, 2023

Aptos está expandiendo su base DeFi con la intención de aprovechar las dificultades experimentadas por los intercambios centralizados (CEX). Marzo 30, 2023

La red de Aptos se está esforzando por mejorar su base DeFi y enfrenta los retos inherentes al ecosistema DeFi.
Aptos [APT] está trabajando arduamente para mejorar su base DeFi mediante su colaboración con Econia Labs, con el objetivo de atraer una amplia variedad de productos DeFi de última generación a su plataforma.
\Nota importante:* la información proporcionada no debe ser considerada como asesoría financiera o de cualquier otro tipo. Es únicamente la opinión del autor y que le sirve como punto de partida para que usted realice sus propias investigaciones.

El objetivo del movimiento de Aptos
Es aprovechar las turbulencias sostenidas en los intercambios centrales (CEX), pero también se enfrenta a una competencia feroz y otros desafíos en el espacio DeFi. Los DEX han experimentado un aumento en el volumen de negociación durante la crisis del Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) en marzo de 2023, y Aptos busca beneficiarse de las tribulaciones de CEX aumentando su base DeFi.
Para atraer a más desarrolladores de DeFi, Econia Labs, una startup que construye una infraestructura de libro de pedidos descentralizada en la red de Aptos, ha recibido $ 6.5 millones en fondos iniciales para mejorar la base Aptos DeFi. Econia ya tiene un diseño a través de su protocolo Econia que permite una amplia gama de aplicaciones en la cadena de bloques de Aptos, desde operaciones al contado hasta futuros perpetuos apalancados.

Aptos se ha ramificado en NFT y música espacio también, y la expansión a los sistemas DeFi podría ser beneficiosa, especialmente para la sostenibilidad a largo plazo. Sin embargo, existe una competencia feroz en DeFi, ya que algunos protocolos optan por estrategias de múltiples cadenas. Aptos debe lidiar con una dura competencia rival además de atraer a más usuarios a las aplicaciones DeFi en su red.
El valor de APT aumentó ligeramente después de la noticia, pero experimentó un rechazo en el promedio móvil exponencial (EMA) de 50. La acción del precio todavía trabajaba por debajo de la EMA 50, la EMA 200 y la línea de tendencia descendente en el gráfico de 4 horas, lo que muestra que APT cotizaba por debajo de su tendencia a mediano y largo plazo.

El valor total bloqueado (TVL) aumentó en un 15,8 % en las últimas 24 horas, pero el anuncio de aumento de DeFi puede haber sido eclipsado por el movimiento de precios de BTC. La red de Aptos debe lidiar con la feroz competencia de Ethereum, BSC y otras redes de cadenas de bloques en el espacio DeFi. El movimiento para aumentar el sistema DeFi de la red Aptos podría prepararlo para atraer a más jugadores y mejorar la sostenibilidad a largo plazo.
" Si quieres aprender y ganar dinero con criptomonedas todos los días de una manera segura, te invito a visitar nuestra página web Cripto Avances un sitio especializado en brindar información actualizada y detallada, tenemos cursos para principiantes, y también encontraras estrategias de trading, análisis de mercado y muchas otras áreas del mundo de las criptomonedas".
¡No dudes en visitarlo y descubrir todo lo que tiene para ofrecerte!" 🚀
▶️ Youtube Twitter Instagram Discord Telegram
¡Creando Oportunidades!
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2023.03.30 18:02 Magvanox Based out of Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, First card recommendations, limited credit history, ideally travel rewards

MEMBERSHIPS & SUBSCRIPTIONS (delete lines that don't apply)
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2023.03.30 17:56 phmae Agente de viagens suspeito: possível sonegação fiscal?

Olá, redditors!
Meus pais e mais uns 20 parentes compraram uma viagem para a Europa com um agente de viagens "independente" (entre aspas pois não é nenhuma agência de viagens, e também não sei se ele possui CNPJ, talvez esteja apenas intermediando todo o processo). As passagens já foram emitidas, temos o localizador e tudo mais. Tenho parentes que já usaram o serviço do cara e de fato é legítimo, então não é um golpe.
No entanto, ele exige que o pagamento dos hotéis e serviços complementares seja em Euro em espécie. Ou seja, ele quer que os passageiros comprem Euro em espécie aqui no Brasil e dê para ele em mãos antes do embarque.
Na hora isso me acendeu alguns alertas por diversos motivos:
- Se este dinheiro é para pagar os fornecedores na Europa, como ele vai mandar esse dinheiro pra lá? Em uma mala? Ele deve saber que a Receita Federal exige declaração de valores em espécie acima de USD 10k, assim como a União Europeia exige acima de EUR 10k.
- Se ele vai pagar os fornecedores através de remessa/transferência bancária internacional, de qualquer forma isso passaria pelo Banco Central, certo? Então por que exigir que os passageiros paguem em dinheiro em espécie? Ele teria que vender os Euros (convertendo pra Real) para então fazer a transferência (convertendo para Euro novamente).
- Uma vez que toda compra de moeda no Brasil é registrada no Banco Central e fica vinculada ao CPF de quem comprou, mas o pagamento em espécie a ele não gera qualquer tipo de registro, seria esta uma forma de sonegação de imposto ou evasão cambial por parte dele?
Enfim, estou levantando essas questões pois acho tudo isso muito estranho. Nós poderíamos simplesmente pagar o cara em Real, ou usar serviços tipo Wise/Remessa Online para mandar Euros para uma conta europeia e economizar $$, mas ele está exigindo o pagamento em uma moeda estrangeira em espécie, o que sai muito mais caro pois comprar moeda em espécie custa bem mais.
Isso é uma prática comum no setor de turismo?
Agradeço contribuições.
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2023.03.30 17:55 zman9119 FYI: Central US Severe Weather Travel Waiver // March 31 - April 1, 2023

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2023.03.30 17:41 michigansabermetrics Ad-Free Season Preview Articles for All 30 MLB Teams by the University of Michigan's M-SABR

We've done it again. M-SABR has released season preview articles for every team in MLB. This year, we feature a unique author for each team. As such, the length, tone, and analytical depth vary.
What does not vary, however, is that we are all students at the University of Michigan looking to find our baseball people. There should be something for everybody in these articles, and we're proud of the work we've done. The full album of articles can be found here.
New York Yankees: PREVIEW
Toronto Blue Jays: PREVIEW
Tampa Bay Rays: PREVIEW
Baltimore Orioles: PREVIEW
Boston Red Sox: PREVIEW
Cleveland Guardians: PREVIEW
Chicago White Sox: PREVIEW
Minnesota Twins: PREVIEW
Detroit Tigers: PREVIEW
Kansas City Royals: PREVIEW
Houston Astros: PENDING
Seattle Mariners: PREVIEW
Los Angeles Angels: PREVIEW
Texas Rangers: PREVIEW
Oakland Athletics: PREVIEW
Atlanta Braves: PREVIEW
New York Mets: PREVIEW
Philadelphia Phillies: PREVIEW
Miami Marlins: PREVIEW
Washington Nationals: PREVIEW
St. Louis Cardinals: PREVIEW
Milwaukee Brewers: PREVIEW
Chicago Cubs: PREVIEW
Cincinnati Reds: PREVIEW
Pittsburgh Pirates: PREVIEW
Los Angeles Dodgers: PREVIEW
San Diego Padres: PREVIEW
San Francisco Giants: PREVIEW
Arizona Diamondbacks: PREVIEW
Colorado Rockies PREVIEW
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2023.03.30 17:39 CheJunSev Can you live comfortably in Managua with USD $1000?

Hey guys,
I've spent the past few days looking for a good "home base" for my future travels across Central and South America. Boy, everything I've read so far about Nicaragua seems great: low cost of living, coastal cities, dating, extraordinarily friendly people, etc.
Anyway, I'm planning to head to Managua and Leon and I'm wondering if I can live comfortably on USD $1000 a month.
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2023.03.30 17:00 nycnewsjunkie Are Soms, critics and store recommendations in danger from generative AI

Note the following is all written by Open AI based on a simple prompt "I love pinot noir what can you tell me about the grape and wineries I should consider buying from"
How do you feel about its responses

Pinot Noir is a red wine grape variety that is highly valued for its delicate and complex flavors. It is considered one of the noble grape varieties and is primarily associated with the Burgundy region of France. However, it is also grown in other wine-producing regions across the world, such as the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and Chile.
The Pinot Noir grape is thin-skinned and highly sensitive to climate, soil, and viticulture practices, making it challenging to grow. The resulting wines can vary greatly in style and quality, but when grown and vinified with care, Pinot Noir can produce some of the most highly regarded wines in the world. Typical flavors and aromas found in Pinot Noir wines include red fruits (like cherry, raspberry, and strawberry), earthy notes (such as mushroom, forest floor, and truffle), and spices (like cinnamon, clove, and allspice).
Some notable wineries known for their Pinot Noir production include:
Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (Burgundy, France) - This prestigious winery produces some of the most sought-after and expensive Pinot Noirs in the world, renowned for their incredible depth, complexity, and longevity.
Domaine Leroy (Burgundy, France) - Another highly respected Burgundy producer, Domaine Leroy crafts exquisite and intense Pinot Noirs that are highly collectible and age-worthy.
Williams Selyem (Sonoma County, California, USA) - This winery is renowned for its small-batch, artisanal approach to winemaking, producing high-quality, expressive Pinot Noirs from various vineyards in California's Sonoma County.
Kosta Browne (Sonoma County, California, USA) - Known for its lush, fruit-forward, and opulent style of Pinot Noir, Kosta Browne has a dedicated following and consistently receives high ratings from critics.
Felton Road (Central Otago, New Zealand) - This winery has garnered international acclaim for its elegant and refined Pinot Noirs that showcase the unique terroir of New Zealand's Central Otago region.
Domaine Drouhin (Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA) - Established by a French winemaking family, Domaine Drouhin brings Burgundian expertise to Oregon's Willamette Valley, crafting elegant and sophisticated Pinot Noirs.
Yabby Lake (Mornington Peninsula, Australia) - Located in the cool climate region of Mornington Peninsula, Yabby Lake is known for its expressive and structured Pinot Noirs that capture the essence of the Australian terroir.
These are just a few examples of the many wineries producing exceptional Pinot Noir wines. Depending on your taste preferences and budget, you can find great options across a range of price points and styles. Don't be afraid to explore and try different producers to discover your personal favorites.
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2023.03.30 16:58 ABlueEagle11 Rules for the Sterling Void: The Valley of Gods and Monsters

You need a change. You need some excitement. Your life feels like it’s been mis-sold to you. Damaged goods that you’re desperate to return, but sadly, you were born out of warranty. You hate your job. You hate your home. You don’t have any family or friends that you feel you can connect to. Student loans, mortgages, bills overdue. You left your dreams to gather dust and crumble like some ancient artifacts in a museum’s stock room. When did it all go so wrong? Nothing has turned out the way you hoped it would when you were a kid. It’s all just been a series of compounding mistakes. Why did nobody tell you, after a certain point that life just seems to get worse and worse? It’s not that you want to die. No, that isn’t it at all. You want another throw of the dice. You want to start again, at a different place, in a different time. You want to go somewhere where you can begin anew, with a completely clean slate. That’s when you first hear about the Sterling Void: The Valley of Gods and Monsters.
A mysterious valley that was said to be home to powerful gods and terrifying monsters. Despite the warnings of the locals, you just cannot resist the allure of the unknown and decided to seek out the valley. After many days of arduous travel through rugged terrain, you finally find yourself at the entrance to the valley. There, you see a sign with a seemingly otherworldly language that makes you uneasy and a lectern with a blue scroll on top of it, a sense of dread washes over you and, just as you take a step forward, it hits you, literally, a note hits you in the face, it contains a set of petrifying rules, but your curiosity gets the better of you. You take a deep breath and step into the valley, fully unaware of the horrors that await you. As you walk further into the valley, the you begin to notice strange things. The colours of the plants and rocks seem to shift and change, and the sky above you is a deep shade of purple. You hear whispers in your ear, but when you turn around, no one’s there. Suddenly, you feel a tug at your feet and look down to see tendrils of mist wrapping around your ankles, pulling you down.
You tried to fight it, but it’s no use. You are dragged down into the mist, and when you finally emerge, you find yourself in a completely different world. The sky is a shade of silver, and the ground beneath you is made of shimmering white crystals. The air is thick with the scent of burning incense and the sense of unbelievable petrifying dread, and you can hear chanting in the distance. This is the Sterling Void, explorer and the you are now trapped there, but you wanted this and you are to blame. You knew that you had to follow the rules if they wanted to survive in this strange and dangerous place. And so, begins your journey through the Valley of Gods and Monsters, where you might face unimaginable horrors yet discover incredible secrets that may change your life forever.
Take a deep breath, adventurer, and savor the scents of burning incense and warm air. Listen closely to the wyverns chirping, inviting you to join them in eternal flight. But beware the staring imps, giants, ogres and griffins, ready to pounce at any moment. An insolent stare and you’ll be in their grasp, a glob of flesh. Remember the note you found, its warning ringing in your mind: 'Follow the rules or perish.' You shudder at the thought, but you're determined to make it through the Valley alive. You pull out the crumpled note as a reminder and steel yourself for the journey ahead.
Rule #1: Do not look at the gods or monsters, some of them are incomprehensible to humans in their "natural form" and, their mere presence can drive a person insane. Although it's not the case for all of them, it's better to be safe than sorry.
Rule #2: Make as little noise as possible. The gods and monsters can hear even the slightest sound and, if you're too obnoxious or, noisy, you might be stripped of your soul.
Rule #3: Do not touch or disturb any objects that appear out of place, as they may be cursed or possessed by malevolent entities. These objects may include ancient artifacts, unusual stones, or unusual markings on the ground. If you encounter such objects, it is best to avoid them altogether and move on. Attempting to interact with them or take them may lead to disastrous consequences, such as being possessed by a vengeful spirit or cursed with a never-ending torment. Always exercise caution and respect for the supernatural forces that inhabit the Sterling Void. The objects in the valley can bring forth unspeakable horrors.
Rule #4: Only eat fruits and vegetables, as they are provided abundantly by the plants. Do not harm any animals unless they attack you first, as they are protected by divine grace. However, if the elementals or gods provide you with meat, you may eat it. It is important to follow the rules of supernatural hospitality and show gratitude for their generosity. Breaking this rule will result in severe consequences and you will forfeit the right to your soul and flesh, as it is a sign of disrespect towards the beings that have granted you protection and shelter. Remember, survival is possible without meat, but it is impossible without the protection of the elementals and gods.
Rule #5: Do not breathe in the mist. The mist in the valley can cause one to hallucinate and lose their sense of reality.
Rule #6: Do not touch the water unless it is orange in color. The water in the valley is cursed, and those who drink from it will suffer a fate worse than death. If the water is orange in color, feel free to drink it, it is called "gilded water" by some and, has regenerative abilities.
Rule #7: Do not make eye contact with the statues. The statues in the valley are cursed, and those who look into their eyes will be trapped in a never-ending nightmare.
Rule #8: Do not trust your senses. The valley can play tricks on your mind, and what you see may not be real.
Rule #9: Do not speak to anyone . The valley is home to creatures that can mimic human voices, but they are not to be trusted.
Rule #10: Do not try to actively leave the valley. The gods and monsters will not let anyone escape easily..
Rule #11: Try to minimize use of light especially if you're out in the open. The creatures in the valley hate it and, and may hunt those who use it.
Rule #12: Do not step on any cracks. The valley is cursed, and those who break the natural order will suffer dire consequences.
Rule #13: Do not open any doors that look out of place. Some doors in the valley lead to places best left unexplored. Although not a guaranteed death sentence, it is a risky endeavour.
Rule #14: Do not climb any trees. The trees in the valley are alive, and those who climb them will become trapped.
Rule #15: Do not use any form of technology. The valley is a place of ancient magic, and technology will only anger the gods and monsters.
Rule #16: Do not pick any flowers unless they're orange, pink or red. Most flowers in the valley are cursed, and those who touch them will suffer a fate worse than death.
Rule #17: Do not enter any caves. The caves in the valley are home to creatures best left undiscovered.
Rule #18: Do not follow any "weird" sounds. The sounds in the valley are often a trap set by the creatures that inhabit it.
Rule #19: Should you spot an Inn with a sign or a placard reads "The Guardian's Grin" on the road-side, you’re in luck! You’ve found a traveller’s Haven. Feel free to spend as much time as you want here and even stock up on supplies and, if you have need something, feel free to ask the staff for help. However, try not to be a nuisance and, don't overstay your welcome, the owner doesn't take kindly to those who abuse his hospitality. If you make a mess or, are a nuisance, don't stay for more than a day. And, in case you're wondering, none of the inhabitants of the inn are human no matter how human they look or, act.
Rule #20: Do not stay in one place for too long. The creatures in the valley will track and hunt those who remain in one spot.
Rule #21: Do not attempt to communicate with the gods or monsters unless you have a concrete reason to or you really think you need to. They do not like pointless chatter, and attempting to communicate with them without any concrete reason so will only anger them.
Rule #22: Do not walk in patterns, it can draw unwanted attention.
Rule #23: Do not look at the sky, the sky looks like it’s made of silver alloys and, it is utterly incomprehensible to humans because of how “perfect” it is. And, can drive them insane, it is called the “sterling void” for a reason
Rule #24: If you see wooden signs or, milestones, do not read them or look at them for too long, they are memetic hazards.
Rule #25: If you hear screams of help, don't answer them. Don't move, you can't run or hide. Simply pray for salvation for heaven's divine grace. Only move when help comes, you'll know when help comes.
Rule #26: If you see an animal that has gone extinct in your universe, don't fret. It's neutral. It won't attack you unless you attack it.
Rule #27: If you see a loved one or, an object that you cherished but, lost, you are in a different plane of reality. The beings in this reality will try to convince you that you are home, and that everything is back to normal. They will try to keep you there, so be careful not to let your guard down. If you stay too long, you may forget who you really are and become trapped in this false reality forever. Keep in mind that even though the beings in this reality may look like your loved ones or your cherished objects, they are not the same entities and cannot be trusted. Stay alert and focused on finding a way back to your own reality. Look for blue-colored entrances and, exits for they are the only way out.
Rule #28: If you find scrolls, pick them up, they're going to be useful. Unless they're black in which case, they're best avoided as they're memetic hazards.
And just as you put the note back in your pocket, you remember the blue scroll, you take it out. It reads "The Nameless One is a fearsome creature that roams the deepest and darkest corners of the Valley of Gods and Monsters. Its origins are shrouded in mystery, and its true name is lost to the ages, but one thing is certain: it is a force to be reckoned with. Towering over its prey, the Nameless One is covered in an impenetrable layer of obsidian armor, and wields a massive hammer that can crush even the strongest of warriors. Its eyes glow with an otherworldly light, and its roar can shatter the very ground beneath your feet. Few have dared to face the Nameless One and lived to tell the tale, but those who have speak of a creature that is relentless, cunning, and utterly without mercy. If you ever find yourself face to face with the Nameless One, pray that you have the strength, the skill, and the luck to survive its wrath. If you see any of his minions, you will know. Stay away from them, if you harm them, you will anger the Nameless one. And don't fall asleep out in the open unless you want to become food for his minions
Remember, these rules are not to be taken lightly. They're more than just words on a piece of paper. They're like the Nameless One's eldritch serpentine minions, crawling underneath your skin, snaking through your blood and flesh, like a caterpillar playing host to thousands of wasp larvae. Although you may feel weakened, tired and disoriented, it's crucial to push through. Shake off the feeling and continue with unwavering determination. Your survival hinges on your ability to persevere. And, do keep in mind that sometimes you might have to violate these rules but, only when a non-black scroll or, a God asks you to do so. You will know when you have to." And, do not forget the rules. Forgetting even one of the rules can lead to a fate worse than death. Do not break any of these rules unless explicitly told to ignore a given rule. Only trust notes from me( You'll know if a note is from me) and, non-black scrolls. Do not trust any other source of information. But, not all rules neccessarily have to be correct.
You keep exploring.
A voice in the back of your brain keeps chanting "Don’t fall asleep" as you walk.
You keep exploring.
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2023.03.30 16:51 StepwiseUndrape574 4Chan Leak Allegedly Exposes GTA 6 Lead Characters And Key Map Details

A pair of leaks have turned up on 4Chan that claim to outline details of Rockstar's forthcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. Fans of the franchise would do well to take these rumors with a grain of salt as there's no way to know for sure if any of these details are accurate. The leaker on 4Chan goes by Rhanadeng and claims to have been a friend of a disgruntled employee working on the game during 2019.
The source claims that this employee allegedly asked him to anonymously leak information about GTA 6. However, things later improved, and he lost contact with the Rockstar team member. One key detail is that this person also claims the game has been in active development since 2016 or 2017, with pre-production starting shortly after GTA V was ported to current generation consoles in 2014. The new GTA VI game world map is also claimed to be the size of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 combined.
gta v mission One of the odder bits that this 4Chan user details is a minigame where players control a stream of urine from a protagonist using motion controls. On the protagonist front, there are said to be four in the game, including a driver called Walther Wallace and an unnamed former Israeli IDF person. Another, Thomas Branigan, is a smuggler who owns an aircraft called the Raven, and Marcus Burke is a drug dealer and father to a young boy.
The area is said to be based in Florida, with Vice City among the three major cities with one smaller city in the far northwest of the map. The game reportedly jumps around in time with part of the timeline set in the 1980s and other parts set in the present day. Missions aren't as linear as they are in GTA V or RDR2, notes the proclaimed leaker. Players will briefly visit a small central American island, but it's reportedly not Guarma. The game starts with gamers playing the role of smuggler, Branigan.
gta v car Supposedly there are multiple child characters in the game that mainly interact with Burke and his son. Switching between the protagonists isn't said to be instantaneous, but the camera reportedly zooms out and travels quickly to where the protagonist the player wants to play is located. Sleeping Dogs-inspired parkour is involved in the game as well, but to a lesser extent without wall running. The leaker claims that weapons function more realistically in the game than they have in past titles. An example noted is rocket launcher back blast that ends up taking out an NPC in one of the missions, where the goal is to destroy a helicopter.
Hand-to-hand combat is supported and is said to be similar to Red Dead 2, with the leaker noting it's harder to fight hand-to-hand GTA VI than in GTA V. Player characters can also gain weight in the game, and it affects character attributes as it did in RDR2. Mori Kibbutz is also reportedly in the game, but not much else is detailed about his character.
This leak isn't the first that has surfaced about GTA 6. Last December, a user on reddit claiming to be a beta tester, leaked a bunch of alleged details of the game. In January, another leak claimed that the game would launch in 2021.
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2023.03.30 16:49 EnkiduFox What You Need to Know About Bitcoin

5 minute read
Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin has nearly doubled in price, making it a hard topic to ignore, considering it seems to be on everyone’s mind, from companies and institutions to lawmakers and governments.
Quickest summary. Bitcoin is digital money , except that it is not owned by any government or institution, unlike dollars, euros or gold. Its digital nature makes it very useful to transact from any point in the world in a borderless, permissionless fashion.
So what’s the big deal? We get it, money is already digital, being no more than ones and zeros in your bank account, with nice paper versions of it which we carry around and refer to as cash. However, we rely on institutions such as banks to perform and more importantly validate these payments.
When it comes to digital assets such as vacation photos, your book report on Moby Dick or virtually everything in your hard drive, files are very easily copied and replicated. This is very problematic when it comes to creating digital money that should only be spent once, so we trust third parties to carry out these transactions.
An example of this is paying for your coffee in cash: you give the cashier money and unless you steal it back, you stop owning that money. But when you send your coworker a Powerpoint presentation, what you are actually sending is a copy of that file, and they can make unlimited copies of it. This is why we need banks to deduct the cost of your coffee and (digitally) give that money to Starbucks.
Bitcoin solves this, the protocol is not owned by anyone and operates by mathematical rules, so every ten minutes the entire network agrees on what transactions have happened and who currently has the money. These are listed in the Blockchain, a decentralized, replicated database which will be explained in a different article.
So what’s in it for me? Remember when you had to book your flights and hotels through a travel agent? Neither do we, but the Internet has the habit of changing things for good, and it doesn’t seem we’re going back to landlines and cable television anytime soon.
Cryptocurrencies allow for any person on the planet to transact with any other person on the planet, eliminating the need for middlemen such as governments, banks and financial institutions, making it extremely efficient but also very threatening to these agents. Also, as with stimulus bills in the US, the constant printing of money has a devaluating effect on currency, with drastic effects on the economy, whereas with Bitcoin, the supply is fixed at 21 million coins.
So Bitcoin allows you to move value digitally, without the control of governments or institutions, in a relatively private manner, and because central banks cannot create more of it, it will likely increase in value over time.
This is very useful when crises and inflationary monetary policies reduce national currencies to fractions of its value (think Venezuela); when totalitarian governments force people to flee the country carrying gold and other valuables physically (think Nazi Germany); and for the billion people on the planet who do not have access to banking or financial products (think sub-Saharan Africa).
So what do I do? The cryptocurrency industry has been around for a bit more than a decade, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. As more products and services become digitized and dematerialized, digital assets are bound to become more and more relevant. Though it is up to you to decide whether to partake in it or not, we recommend you keep an eye out for the evolution of the industry.
Written during April 7-8 2021
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2023.03.30 16:45 StepwiseUndrape574 Latest GTA 6 Leak Tips A Return To Vice City

Is a trip to Vice City in your near future? There have been many Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) leaks over the last few years, but the most recent suggests that players will return to a classic GTA location. Rumor has it that Grand Theft Auto VI may take place in Vice City.
This particular rumor started through the usual sources -- Twitter and Reddit. Twitter user Vector Hold, also known as Peter Brian Rice, claimed that Rockstar Games’ music rights representatives have been contacting Synthwave artists. Rice is a synthwave artist himself and has reportedly heard this information from fellow musicians. Rockstar Games hopes that the artists will contribute music for a radio station in the upcoming game. The tweet was posted earlier this week, but Rice has since deleted it.
There was also a reddit post that was created several months ago by user “markothemexicam.” The user claimed that their information was from their roommate. The roommate supposedly formerly worked for Rockstar North. They contended that GTA 6 will be set during an “unspecified” time in Vice City. This post has also been deleted, but has been saved elsewhere on the internet.
It would be tempting to discredit this reddit post as these kinds of claims are a dime a dozen on the Internet. However, another GTA leaker also recently suggested that GTA 6 would be set in a location familiar to players. Both markothemexicam and the GTA leaker have a fairly decent track record with regards to GTA predictions.
Other information on the internet suggests that the storyline of GTA 6 will be focused on drug smuggling. Players will reportedly travel between Vice City and Central or South America. This theory was originally suggested by YouTube channel “The Know” and has since gained quite a bit of popularity.
grand theft auto vice city 2
It is important to keep in mind that all of this information is simply speculation. There have been plenty of fake GTA 6 rumors in the past. For example, a Twitch channel called "GTAVI" appeared this past spring. The channel promised it would provide information about the game during a livestream on April 1st. However, this channel turned out to be an elaborate April Fools’ prank.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released in 2002 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC. It was the best-selling game of 2002 and received a number of awards. 17.5 million copies of the game have been sold and it has now been ported to several other platforms. It is easy to see why so many players would be thrilled to return to Vice City. Unfortunately, we will know nothing for certain until Rockstar Games decides to make a formal announcement.
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2023.03.30 16:33 predictany007 Stocks are highly likely to crash in the next 2 months as investors are still too distracted by fads to price in credit risk, Larry McDonald of "The Bear Traps Report" predicts. Do you agree?

That's as investors continue focusing on market fads like artificial intelligence and neglect the losses that banks are sitting on since the Federal Reserve's rate hikes slammed prices of debt.
"Those are massive losses under the surface. Our 21 leading systemic risk indicators are pointing at the highest probability of a crash or a sharp drawdown in the next 60 days. It's the highest probability since Covid," he said on CNBC.
The Nasdaq, which has outperformed the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average this year, is ignoring this credit risk, McDonald added.
A similar pattern has played out before, with stock investors failing to assess risks as early as other investors do, he said.
"What happens is, as a shock comes in, credit markets start to price in the risk but equities don't — they focus on things like AI or things like the dot-com revolution in the '90s."
Characterizing today's situation as a "rolling credit crisis" — one that started among regional banks and has moved on to threaten other sectors, such as commercial real estate loans — McDonald said the unrealized losses in the bond portfolios of banks and insurance companies have not gone away, but will continue to reduce lending capabilities.
And while McDonald acknowledged that the central bank's efforts to infuse liquidity into the banking system has helped stem a greater issue, he said that the credit risk is enough to "veto" the Fed's focus on inflation.
Earlier this month, he predicted the Silicon Valley Bank meltdown may cause the Fed to cut rates by 100 basis points by December to prevent contagion in the financial system.
In recent days, others have also warned of a stock market crash. Last week, Jeremy Grantham said the implosion of an "everything bubble" could tank the S&P 500 by up to 50%, and plunge the US economy into a painful recession.
And Macro Mavens founder Stephanie Pomboy said the stock market could plunge 30%, as the current pressure on banks could spread to commercial real estate, corporate credit, municipal bonds, and other markets.
Source: https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/stocks-crash-mcdonald-credit-risk-market-ai-inflation-lending-recession-2023-3
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2023.03.30 16:20 StepwiseUndrape574 4Chan Leak Allegedly Exposes GTA 6 Lead Characters And Key Map Details

A pair of leaks have turned up on 4Chan that claim to outline details of Rockstar's forthcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. Fans of the franchise would do well to take these rumors with a grain of salt as there's no way to know for sure if any of these details are accurate. The leaker on 4Chan goes by Rhanadeng and claims to have been a friend of a disgruntled employee working on the game during 2019.
The source claims that this employee allegedly asked him to anonymously leak information about GTA 6. However, things later improved, and he lost contact with the Rockstar team member. One key detail is that this person also claims the game has been in active development since 2016 or 2017, with pre-production starting shortly after GTA V was ported to current generation consoles in 2014. The new GTA VI game world map is also claimed to be the size of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 combined.
gta v mission One of the odder bits that this 4Chan user details is a minigame where players control a stream of urine from a protagonist using motion controls. On the protagonist front, there are said to be four in the game, including a driver called Walther Wallace and an unnamed former Israeli IDF person. Another, Thomas Branigan, is a smuggler who owns an aircraft called the Raven, and Marcus Burke is a drug dealer and father to a young boy.
The area is said to be based in Florida, with Vice City among the three major cities with one smaller city in the far northwest of the map. The game reportedly jumps around in time with part of the timeline set in the 1980s and other parts set in the present day. Missions aren't as linear as they are in GTA V or RDR2, notes the proclaimed leaker. Players will briefly visit a small central American island, but it's reportedly not Guarma. The game starts with gamers playing the role of smuggler, Branigan.
gta v car Supposedly there are multiple child characters in the game that mainly interact with Burke and his son. Switching between the protagonists isn't said to be instantaneous, but the camera reportedly zooms out and travels quickly to where the protagonist the player wants to play is located. Sleeping Dogs-inspired parkour is involved in the game as well, but to a lesser extent without wall running. The leaker claims that weapons function more realistically in the game than they have in past titles. An example noted is rocket launcher back blast that ends up taking out an NPC in one of the missions, where the goal is to destroy a helicopter.
Hand-to-hand combat is supported and is said to be similar to Red Dead 2, with the leaker noting it's harder to fight hand-to-hand GTA VI than in GTA V. Player characters can also gain weight in the game, and it affects character attributes as it did in RDR2. Mori Kibbutz is also reportedly in the game, but not much else is detailed about his character.
This leak isn't the first that has surfaced about GTA 6. Last December, a user on reddit claiming to be a beta tester, leaked a bunch of alleged details of the game. In January, another leak claimed that the game would launch in 2021.
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2023.03.30 16:16 Mwazomela Perks of Moving To Hampton Roads VA

If you love to travel, fly, or just visit family as often as possible, consider relocating to Hampton Roads!
Centrally located on the East Coast, it provides easy access to major markets such as Washington D.C, New York, Charlotte, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. About 40% of the U.S population (around 128 million people) can be reached within a day's drive.
If you prefer to fly, Norfolk International and Newport News/Williamsburg airports are both just a 30-minute commute from most areas, so you can get to the airport in less time than it takes to watch your favorite show. With over 250 daily flights to 26 destinations on nine major airlines, there's plenty of options for travel. From the coastal charm of Virginia Beach to the history and culture of Williamsburg, Hampton Roads offers a great lifestyle, work-life balance, and business opportunities for growth.
Find your next home in this incredible region. And don't miss out on the chance to explore new adventures and make unforgettable memories!
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2023.03.30 16:10 PopeUrbanVI Travelling from Napoli Centrale to Pompeii

I booked a train from Rome to Naples at Napoli Centrale, but now have no idea how to get from there to Pompeii. My booking information for my tour says to go to "the main entrance of Pompeii ruins Porta Marina Superiore" but so far ive been unable to find a bus or hire a cab. Google has proven useless, and I can't seem to find any information on travel, or even addresses I can use for gps.

my train ticket

Roma Termini March 31, 2023 09:25 CET
Frecciarossa 9603 1h 8m
Napoli Centrale March 31, 2023 10:33 CET

I'm stumped on how to get from here to the tour starting point. I've never really dealt with city travel before. I need to get there by 1:30.
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2023.03.30 15:59 dnnqovljrp 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





Processing gif hktzgmnduvqa1...
"Always sharing your belongings, just like when you were a child." Brenda responded, pulling her in for another hug.
As I went back to my room and climbed into bed, I kept trying to figure out how they started sleeping together. Who went after who? It had to have been slutty Emma. My imagination went to work, showing me that she probably started hitting on him – she started touching him here and there and then she showed him her boobs making it look like an accident.
"Fine but you better have one hell of a plan to beat 12 minutes." Jessica said as I straddled her ass cheeks.
“Are you ready to fuck me?” I bit my lip a little, imagining that thick cock thrusting inside me.
She nodded slowly. “Mmmm.” Rebecca's white panties were transparent except for the pink butterfly wrapped around her pubic bone. "Very nice, but I thought you got them for me."
“Oh come on Miss, it’s just harmless fun. And no-one’s gonna know.”
"Were I what? Oh shit no! How dare you?"
It occurred to me that she must have watched me jacking to this video before. It also dawned on me that she had known exactly where to look on my computer to find it. She must have wanted to see what I was jacking off to, and searched to find one she recognized from the sounds she had heard through the webcam. I wondered if she had masturbated to the porn too, imagining me jacking as she watched it. She might have even done it right here, sitting in my chair. I resolved to ask her about it later.
My cock was getting hard again, hearing her talk like this.
"Whoa, you are falling in love with my boobs already," she let out a nervous laugh which if I was a little experienced at that time would have interpreted as her becoming turned on."Can I" as I reached for her top button. She nodded her approval.
"Let's bang after I smoke." He had no chill. He was so into himself.
"So I'm going to be your first?" he asked.
“AH!” Lynn yelped with joy, “Ohmigod! Have you told Will?”
As the game went on; the dares got more sexual. I moved onto daring her to a blowjob. As she pulled off my boxers; Trent sat there watching her as she sucked my hard cock. I could tell he was almost at the point of stroking his cock. Katie then came up from stroking my cock and gave me a look as if she was asking my permission to suck his cock. I nodded my head yes; as she continued to suck my cock looking up at me. A few minutes later, she casually moved over to in front of Trent. Pulling his boxers off slowly and exposing his hard cock. She started to suck it as I watched Katie pleasure Trent. I was more turned on then I thought I would be. I didn’t have any thoughts of jealousy because it was a huge turn on for me. I moved in behind Katie’s arched body; and begin to rub her pussy as she was leaned over in his lap sucking him slowly. I slid my finger inside her and went back and forth slowly. I continued fingering her a few minutes until she stopped sucking his cock to moan and she laid on her back then said “we better stop before we all start fucking” (meaning Trent has a girlfriend).
I was leaning on the hood of the Benz, smoking a cigarette. The site was a beehive of activity, with Gwen leading Guy and Allan from the exhibits company around, explaining how she wanted the exhibit trailers and their porch and deck placed, while Bailey and Jennifer were telling Darryl and Lonnie the truckers exactly how the motor homes and travel trailers would be situated.
He wanted tits. A curvy body, a round ass, big bouncy tits, a cute smile, and a tight, wet, willing pussy.
“It’s all my fault” Will said as he lowered his head, “She tried to help me, and I let her down.” Brook, who was sitting next to Will, put her hand on his. He rotated his hand up and held her hand, looking up to look into her eyes, he kissed her cheek, and he felt a little bit better.
hardening through the material of the blouse.
I worked my tongue vigorously in and out of her mouth, trying to bring the contrast of my tongue’s warmth to her mind. Our heads snaked back and forth and I wrapped my arms around her, I would bring self-generated heat to my goddess. For some reason I just had to vocalize myself to her then and there, I was quite a romantic when I was young(er). I pulled away and told her what I had learned form Owen and Tom.
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“What a soap opera,” she commented.
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