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2016.10.03 22:23 CentrOfConchAndCoral Hurricane Matthew links

All Things related to Hurricane Matthew welcome. This includes Memes, Gifs, Personal photos, and discussions about Hurricane Matthew

2023.03.30 17:03 WeAreFanatical Release — The Great War: Western Front (-18%)

Title DRM Fanatical Discount USD GBP EUR
The Great War: Western Front™ Steam 18% $28.69 £24.59 €28.69
The Great War: Western Front Victory Edition Steam 18% $32.79 £28.69 €32.79
The Victory Edition includes:
The Great War: Western Front is the definitive WW1 strategy game. Play a deciding role in history with this real-time tactical experience as you take charge in the pivotal Western Front from 1914 to 1919.
Pick your faction and lead your forces to victory, by directing your armies in gritty real-time battles and by guiding high-level decisions in turn-based strategic gameplay. Dig detailed trenches, research new technologies such as poison gas and tanks, and make decisions that will have a profound and lasting effect on your success. Think like a Commander to either relive history - or redefine it.

Dual-Role Commander

Discover unparalleled levels of strategic choice as you step into the role of both Theatre Commander and Field Commander.
As Theatre Commander, experience enthralling turn-based grand-strategy as you direct the deployment of forces, perform research and carefully consider how you disseminate your resources across the Western Front in a war won by inches. Alongside this, take up the mantle of Field Commander in dynamic real-time battles as you direct units to defeat your opponent, build trenches and perform direct assaults by sending your infantry over the top. Pick your battles and fight them your way to shape the course of history.

A Living World

Battlefields are persistent, and as you continue your push across the Western Front, you will revisit previous battlefields which will still bear the scars and destruction of earlier encounters.
Artillery bombardments leave behind craters, tanks, gunfire, and trenches desolate the once lush French countryside, and any trenches (or fortifications) you build remaining in play should you return. Shifting weather also plays a role; as the months draw on in the conflict, you’ll encounter weather changes such as snow and rain which will affect things like artillery performance and unit movement. To secure victory, you’ll need to carefully consider your strategy depending on the conditions.

Historical Authenticity

Revel in an authentic historical strategy game that captures the gravity and intensity of The Great War. Partnering with the Imperial War Museums, their expertise enables us to accurately portray these pivotal moments in history.
Choose true-to-life infantry, weaponry, artillery and tanks of the time and get into the mind-set of a WW1 Commander as you employ considered tactics and deploy your army across the Western Front.

Choose Your Side

Play as either the Allied Nations or the Central Powers as you make tactical and strategic decisions to earn victory both on the battlefield and in the overarching theatre of war. Both factions have unique abilities and gameplay styles for you to discover and wield.

Limitless Replayability

No play through is the same as you make decisions great and small to change the outcome of the war. Introduce new military technologies earlier in the conflict depending on your advancement of the tech tree, or change pivotal moments in history to alter the outcome of the war.
Play your way with four deep and compelling modes. Experience the unfolding saga of World War I in the Campaign, relive iconic moments with Historical Battles, create your own battles in Skirmish or test your strategies against others in memorable Multiplayer action - your journey through this enthralling conflict is unique to you.
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2023.03.30 17:02 ih331 Please help me understand and love Vilnius.

I'm from Austin, Texas and just spent 3 days in Vilnius and I feel bad for saying I did not like the city. It was beautiful and maybe it was the cold that got to me but I really wanted to love it and I did not. The weather was -4c to 1c so maybe that was the case. I stayed at a nice airbnb close to the train station. I saw the castle on the hill, took a few bus lines to the end in the north of the city. Saw the national museum yet last night as I walked through the section with all the skyscrapers it seemed cold and unwelcoming. There was no one around at 11pm and I was shivering. Around 1:00 am still walking I decided to walk into some bars yet didn't feel like it was easy to interact with anyone. I'm 42m so maybe I had a bad attitude or something but I just came from Poland and LOVED it. I'm now in Riga, Latvia and somehow feel more cozy here. I think I was also annoyed that every time I got on the bus I had to pay 1 euro and could not figure out how to buy a bus pass for a few days. On top of that I tried to get a membership at GymPlius and was denied because I did not have a Lithuanian phone number.
Maybe I need to go back and explore the city when it is warmer? Also it maybe doesn't help that I talked to 3 people, 2 locals and 1 foreigner who told me they did not like Vilnius. Please help me understand because I wanted to love this city.
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2023.03.30 17:01 mylifeisathrowaway10 I found a roach. How worried should I be?

What the title says. It's small and dead. I haven't found any others. The weather is warming up and a stinkbug or two have come in from outside so I'm not sure if it just wandered in or if I should start worrying about an infestation.
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2023.03.30 17:00 cavemanku One-way road trip results

I took a road trip from NC to Orlando with a paddleboard in the bed. I thought it might be helpful to post my results to help others planning trips. I don't think this involves a lot of elevation change. Weather was ~65 F and I don't think there were any crazy winds. It looks like the bed cover and flat SUP on a bed extender had minimal impact, but speed makes a huge difference. All stops were planned out in advance. We arrived within 10 minutes of the expected time. Also - going slower with BlueCruise is awesome for long trips...Very relaxing. Enjoy!
Link to results
My setup
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2023.03.30 17:00 Lilfoxylady Bought with the tag tropical foliage in FL... Is it some type of bromeliad?

Bought with the tag tropical foliage in FL... Is it some type of bromeliad?
Wondering what type of plant this is so I can get it out of it's glass prison and into a new pot better suited for it's size. If it is a bromeliad I know they need different soil than standard houseplants and I want my baby to live!
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2023.03.30 16:57 Other_Temperature_95 Looking for a plug of meth or coke in south fl

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2023.03.30 16:56 memehomeostasis How would I go about recording my own oneshots (a finger snap or a knock on my desk) for later use in the channel rack or in fpc?

Is there any faster way than recording them into audacity, cutting them up and exporting as wav files to later find in the file browser in fl?
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2023.03.30 16:51 Adinan98 White American dudes wearing shorts in cold weather

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2023.03.30 16:51 Antique_Newspaper215 ⁹ ways people can make it

On every level and stages in life, we measure our accomplishments and results by a ticking time BOM. if this is isolated in early stage of development, there is still hope in a counter sequence using digital patterns or a set of patterns that spans to manifest a 12 hour frame..
Controlled bilateral key patterns implicitly unlocks(checksum) to a tick. Thus creating a drawback tension if not to accumulate aggressive tunes until it's exhausted and demands the next random tune in wavering it's feelings. If all the conditions are met, 🤖 could pass a green [email protected] to 👾 and 😈 could then assert a natural sense of feel and relief of freedom. Which would be the first proto-type of the 21st century cures and healings to many unknown disease in this social medias socialology.
Author - UNKNOWN
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2023.03.30 16:50 MantasChan Ukrainian recruits provide cold-weather survival tips to Australian instructors in UK

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2023.03.30 16:49 BreezyDan [help] Get index from array

Hi All
Feel like it's a bit of a noob question but I'm getting stuck with extracting data from an array. Maybe the Syntax is different in Tasker?
I'm making an API call to a weather service and storing the response data in a JSON file. I then read the JSON file into an array variable called %res.
forecastday is an array of objects with weather information for... you guessed it, each day.
If I flash %res.forecast.forecastday it flashes the whole array as expected.
If I flash %res.forecast.forecastday[0] to return the first index it flashes "%res.forecast.forecastday[0]"
Am I missing something?
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2023.03.30 16:48 Top_Fly2523 Help with pruning please

I live in zone 10 I think(FL) and I have a plumeria with only 3 branches. I wanted to trim two of the branches to make it more full but they are starting to green at the tips and little leaves are starting to sprout. I wanted to prune before it got to late, did I miss my chance? Also if it matters I believe I've had these about 4 years and I have never pruned them before. They have bloomed but they are still a little small, I've been scared to trim them. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance for the help.
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2023.03.30 16:48 Gandoofadoof Best way to stay informed on a tornado’s whereabouts

While sheltering in your safe space, what is the best way to get information on if a tornado has touched down and where that tornado is?
I have a weather radio, but i don’t believe it gives real-time information like that (if it does, please let me know!).
Do people use radar apps? Or live feed from storm chasers (assuming your cell phone still works). Radio? Any way to know exactly where the tornado is?
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2023.03.30 16:46 elcrack0r Looks like they've recently cleaned this A380. It's shiny even though the weather is bad. Taken just now with a Huawei P20 in FRA.

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2023.03.30 16:44 StepwiseUndrape574 Another exciting possibility for GTA 6 is the inclusion of a more dynamic and interactive

Another exciting possibility for GTA 6 is the inclusion of a more dynamic and interactive environment. From destructible environments to more realistic weather and day-night cycles, fans are hoping for even more immersion in the game's world.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.30 16:44 intrestingbrowse Shoutout to Bernie for standing up against multi-billion dollar corporations

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2023.03.30 16:44 scentlesschemist7 >510 scorers -> How to use AAMC material effectively?

Testing in a month and wondering if I am going through these too fast?
Any particular order that anyone goes through these? Im thinking Qpacks, SB, Offcial Guide, Flashcards, SB AGAIN?
Finished: Bio qpack 1, Physics qpack, Chem qpack
FL 3, 4, 5 (new free FL)
Bio qpack vol 2 (100 Q)
BB SB, CP SB, PS SB (300 Q)
Official guide (120 Q)
Independent/Flashcards (150 Q)
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2023.03.30 16:43 packagedmemes ChatGPT not being able to read URL's properly?

ChatGPT not being able to read URL's properly?

1st response to question
2nd response to the same question
Both of the responses are wrong, as the topic of the actual link provided is about a gene that's linked to neurodegenerative diseases. In other instances, ChatGPT thought it was reading a link about COVID-19 (2 different times).
Here's the link to the actual one provided:
Another instance, I asked GPT to summarize the same article, but it had the chat titled: "Weather forecast requested"
Why is it doing this?
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2023.03.30 16:43 MakeMeLaughPlssss Sorry for phone quality but can someone help with PoB?

Sorry for phone quality but can someone help with PoB?
Can't get it to run, not very pc savy
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2023.03.30 16:41 Andre3000RPI Yahoo Morning Briefing

In the weeks since Silicon Valley Bank's collapse and associated crisis in the global banking world, the U.S. Treasury market has been ground zero for dramatic price moves shaping investor sentiment.
And the standout within this volatility has been the swing in the yield on 2-year Treasury notes.
As we noted earlier this month, the yield on Treasury notes and bonds can be thought of as the average of the Federal Reserve's benchmark interest rate over that period.
As a result, the 2-year is often seen as most representative of the near-term path of interest rates, capturing what traders think the fed funds rate will be, on average, over the next two years.
Since peaking at 5.05% on March 8, the 2-year yield has dropped more than 100 basis points, or more than 1 percentage point, in the last few weeks while trading as low as 3.76% on March 24.
With the 2-year yield settling closer to 4.1% on Wednesday and the Fed's benchmark target range standing at 4.75%-5%, we can comfortably say the market is pricing in a hefty cut in interest rates by March 2025.📷But in the view of some economists, pricing in three or four rate cuts from the Fed over the next two years splits the difference on what a longer, fuller banking crisis would or would not mean for markets.
"There is no middle ground in [a] banking crisis, it either happens or it doesn't," wrote Neil Dutta, chief economist at Renaissance Macro, in an email on Wednesday.
"This means the bond market is either pricing in too many rate cuts or not enough."
So as the dust clears on the initial burst of bank failures, forced takeovers, and rumored next-to-falls, it seems investors are again facing a risk that has plagued the fixed income markets for the better part of a year. The risk the economy stays stronger than expected while the Fed raises rates for longer than expected.
In a note to clients published Wednesday, rates strategists at Bank of America Global Research led by Bruno Braizinha flagged the recent banking sector stress triggered by Silicon Valley Bank and pulled forward expectations for the Fed to pause by about 5 months.
"The economic impact of recent banking stress is highly uncertain and rate markets removed about six hikes from the expected fed funds rate priced into the December 2023 FOMC meeting," Bank of America's team wrote. Notably, investors have been betting that an end to the Fed's rate hiking cycle could come in about 6 months for the last 9 months.
In other words, the bond market has been too pessimistic about the economy and optimistic Fed Chair Jay Powell would stop hammering fixed income investors.
"We see downside risk to our forecasts if the credit cycle turns, but if data proves resilient and banking concerns subside, the market may unwind some of the recent rally and focus back on the re-acceleration risks that were arising just before the confidence crunch started in the banking sector," BofA's team wrote.
Or as Dutta said: "[The] main risk is that conditions are fine."
"Medium-run, the Fed assumes [a] sudden stop in the economy," Dutta wrote. "Assuming current tracking estimates are in the ballpark, to hit the Fed's GDP estimate implies real growth contracts [at a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 0.5%] in each of the next three quarters."
Last week, the Fed's latest economic forecasts suggested officials see GDP growing just 0.4% this year, down from the 0.5% expected in December. Next year doesn't get much better, with GDP growth expected to clock in at just 1.2%.
Data from the Atlanta Fed, however, suggests the economy has grown at an annualized rate of 3.2% in the first quarter of the year. Hence the consecutive quarters of negative growth Dutta cites as being needed for the Fed's forecasts to come to fruition with Q1 that strong.
Forecasts that also called for rates to end the year slightly higher than where they stand today. Meaning it won't take much more than holding steady from the U.S. economy for 2023 to look like 2022 for those betting on the Fed to call it quits.
"Thus, the main risk is that conditions are fine," Dutta wrote.
"Not reaccelerating, not gangbusters, but just okay. That's a low bar to clear, in my view."
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2023.03.30 16:40 Sad-Banana-9200 Intrepid Women-only Morocco trip -- anyone been? any advice?

I'm doing the Intrepid women-only 8 day Moroccan trip in early May. I'm struggling with what to pack for the weather. Trip is 1 night in Marrakech, then 5 nights hiking between villages in the M'Goun Valley area. How cold will it really be outside of Marrakech? I am packing only carry on, and want to be able to have a couple of non-hiking outfits for my time in Marrakech and Lisbon (where I am spending 2 days after Morocco). Do I really need to bring a puffer coat or thermals? I know Marrakech will be mid 20s at least (if not way hotter), so I'm really struggling with that balance of "cold mountain clothes" and "hot city clothes". Help!
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2023.03.30 16:39 Various-Fly7704 $EPAZ highlighted here: North American Military Drone Market's Dominant Export Of Military UAVs Worldwide Is Booming

North American Military Drone Market's Dominant Export Of Military UAVs Worldwide Is Booming
Published: March 30, 2023 at 8:50 a.m. ET
PALM BEACH, Fla., March 30, 2023 (PR Newswire Europe via COMTEX) -- News Commentary
PALM BEACH, Fla., March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Military UAV Drone market just keeps expanding with seemingly no end in sight! The growing use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in the defense and security industry for several applications such as surveying, mapping, transportation, combat operations, and monitoring will fuel the demand for military UAVs in the coming years. The rise in defense expenditure of various countries to procure modernized & technologically advanced military drones/UAVs for intensified combat capability is expected to support market growth across the globe. The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is modernizing military drone technologies by picking targets autonomously with precision. A report from Fortune Business Insights projects that the global military drone market size was valued at USD 10.25 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow from USD 11.73 billion in 2022 to USD 30.86 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 14.82% during the forecast period. The report said: "Drone technology has witnessed strong growth in the past years due to continuous research & development and innovation enhancing the capabilities. The numerous drones are incorporated with modern sensors, LiDAR, GNSS, high-tech cameras, and thermal, and infrared imaging systems. The most advanced drones are equipped with multiple sensor systems such as communication intelligence sensors, and air-to-air missiles, and a global system for mobile communication (GSM). Active companies in the markets this week include: EHang Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: EH), Epazz, Inc. (OTCPK: EPAZ), Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: KTOS), Mobilicom Limited(NASDAQ: MOB), Raytheon Technologies (NYSE: RTX).

Fortune Business Insights continued: "Nowadays, the most advanced unmanned aerial vehicles can carry several payloads attached to large sensors and internal weapons bay. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being adopted commercially for autonomous flight systems for high-altitude military UAVs. This is expected to predict well for the global military drone market growth in the forthcoming years. The weapon payload includes missile and guided bomb units. The air force, navy, army, and other security agencies have been using unmanned aerial vehicles for applications such as transportation and logistics for the past few years. The increase in demand for logistics and transportation is projected to fuel the market growth in the coming years."

Epazz, Inc. (OTCPK: EPAZ) BREAKING NEWS: Epazz Holdings: ZenaDrone, Inc. 1000 AI Predictive Received a Letter of Support from the US Air Force for Drone Cargo Delivery and Intent to Use ZenaDrone 1000 Platform- Epazz Inc., a mission-critical provider of drone technology, blockchain mobile apps and cloud-based business software solutions, announced this week that ZenaDrone, Inc. received a letter of support from U.S. Air Force to use ZenaDrone 1000 for drone cargo delivery, which includes blood transport. ZenaDrone is invited to work with the U.S. Air Force at an overseas base to test the ZenaDrone 1000 platform under battlefield conditions. ZenaDrone will be assigned a team from the base to conduct the test.

Over the past couple of months, ZenaDrone 1000 has been presented and showcased in front of the U.S. military. The company has been getting traction from the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army. This test will be the first time ZenaDrone will be actively used in a military environment. Additionally, the test allows ZenaDrone to move to Technology Readiness Level 7 (TRL). Technology readiness levels (TRLs) are methods for estimating the maturity of technologies during the acquisition phase of a program. TLR's are measured on a scale of 1 to 9 with 9 being the most mature technology.

ZenaDrone is now qualified to submit a Phase II SBIR grant for external funding of this cargo delivery solution. Phase II SBIR grants are generally up to $1.2 million for a two-year period and a nondilutive source of funding. This will be the second direct to Phase II project for ZenaDrone 1000.

CEO Shaun Passley, Ph.D., said, "We are excited to see ZenaDrone 1000 the subject of so much attention in multiple military branches. The Air Force clearly sees value in this platform and is pushing the envelope of new testing to find out the extent of its capabilities. We are anxious to receive critical feedback from the Air Force as we transition to mass production operations. We are currently in the process of evaluating a number of suitable sites while balancing the potential commercial uses. We also hope shareholders see how we are trying to move the technology forward through the use of nondilutive funding sources." CONTINUEDaEUR Read these full press releases and more news for Epazz at:

Other recent developments in the markets of note include

EHang Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: EH), the world's leading autonomous aerial vehicle ("AAV") technology platform company, recently announced that its EH216 passenger-grade AAV has completed its first passenger-carrying autonomous flight demonstration within Japan, which also marks the first passenger-carrying flight for an autonomous eVTOL aircraft in Japan. Today, the EH216 flew with two passengers and no pilot onboard for a trip along the stunningly beautiful coastline of Tanoura Beach in Oita city, under the approval of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism ("MLIT") of Japan.

Sato Kiichiro, Mayor of Oita, Oita Prefecture, Japan, attended the event and delivered a speech saying, "Last July, EH216 completed its Japan's first point-to-point trial flight in Oita, receiving overwhelming responses. Today, EH216 takes on the challenge of passenger-carrying flight here, and I am very pleased to witness this moment. I hope that today's passenger-carrying flight test will accelerate autonomous aerial vehicles to take a further step toward practical use cases, so that this industry full of opportunities could be in full swing."

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: KTOS), a Technology Company in the Defense, National Security and Global Markets and industry-leading provider of high-performance, jet-powered unmanned aerial systems, recently announced that it is further increasing its UK-based capability by the addition of key, seasoned engineering and programme/project management personnel highly experienced in jet UAS / Drone systems.

Stacey Rock, President of the Kratos Turbine Technology Division, said, "This strategic and tactical decision and action we have taken helps position Kratos to be a part of key uncrewed aircraft system programs here in the UK and abroad. We're excited about this expansion and strengthening of our technical and programme team in this rapidly growing global defence focus arena. Joining us and supplementing the team are two experienced defence personnel who, between them, have 50+ years of successful complex programme delivery experience within the uncrewed systems arena and an unrivalled understanding of the development and delivery of uncrewed aerial systems."

Mobilicom Limited(NASDAQ: MOB), a provider of cybersecurity and robust solutions for drones and robotics, recently announced that it has been selected to represent the uncrewed autonomous systems (UAS) industry at the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International's(AUVSI) Hill Dayin Washington DC on March 22, 2023. Mobilicom is a member of the AUVSICybersecurity Working Group.

Engaging in face-to-face meetings with policymakers, Mobilicom will present the critical importance of cybersecurity for the drone industry's evolution and for the safety of UAS users including in military and civilian use cases. The aim of these meetings is to support laws and regulations that allow and encourage the deployment of uncrewed and autonomous systems to better serve business, society, and defense.

Raytheon Technologies (NYSE: RTX)recently delivered all 23 contracted Joint Precision Approach and Landing Systems low-rate production units to the U.S. Navy on time or ahead of schedule.

JPALS is a software-based GPS navigation and precision approach landing system that guides aircraft onto carriers and amphibious assault ships regardless of sea state or weather conditions, bolstering safety and operational capability. It is integrated on the F-35 and was recently sold to the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

"This is a significant milestone for the JPALS team and highlights the incredible efforts of hundreds of our teammates over the past decade who developed and now have fully delivered these critical systems that our Warfighters and International Partners need," said Capt.Kevin Watkins, program manager for Naval Air Traffic Management Systems (PMA-213) at the Naval Air Systems Command. "This team overcame many barriers over the past several years, successfully achieving the required outcome to deliver all of the capabilities needed, on time and affordably."

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