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A place for individuals (however they identify) with vulvodynia to share stories, give and receive advice and support. This subreddit is dedicated to providing information and being a supportive space, as well as raising awareness. Please note that this subreddit is not a substitute for a proper diagnosis. If you are experiencing vulval pain, please see a doctor specialising in vulval conditions. You can find advice in the sidebar about diagnosis and treatment.

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For the broken, malfunctioning, pained people of the world and their friends/family. Got pain? This is the place to be. Bitching, complaining, whining, and otherwise venting about your condition is encouraged. Stop by the chat and say hi!

2023.03.29 11:40 ElephantOk9785 Do i give up? or do i keep trying?

Hey so im new to this all and just dating in general.
I met someone a few months ago in august and i never thought id be the type of person to fall in love except her she literally walked in and i knew i loved her.
i found a way to talk to her somehow and it went amazing she liked me i liked her we may have gone too fast but it felt right? we felt connected. i went from talking to her casually to us saying we liked each other in the matter of not even a week, then it was bam love in 2 weeks we was in a relationship she was practically moved in i know fast but it was love? or i thought it was. my whole view of life changed, i used to go out a lot d i was a smoker and drinker previously until i had a stroke, my gf new the life i had before, i would go out practically every night but i never even talked to girls? was just to drink and have a laugh with friends, i never even hit on anyone over the 2 year period, never kissed someone i mean hell i never even spoke to a girl. and after i thought id never find anyone, well not even before ! but i did and i was literally given a second chance and there she was it felt like my second chance. She gave me a purpose in life, i never had one until now.we talked a lot about our future together and we both had the same goals or thereabouts and i found out we're expecting our first child together, we found out just after Christmas. then literally BAM it all started going wrong? i have a dog which she does not like there were discussions on if we ever did have a baby? that she'd prefer the dog not here, She did not want to move in until the dog had gone. i wasn't exactly over the moon about it because my parents passed away and it was their dog, ive had this dog for over 12 years, she was the last living thing of my mum? But i always chose our baby first, i never hesitated i never said no, i just said if that's the case id like to make sure she's in a safe place, i asked friends and family but unfortunately they could not have my i looked into places from reputable shelters so RSPCA, Dogs trust, blue cross , faith, just basically any respected shelter. She was on lists for those places i think i was in contact or on a list for around 12-17 places. She said put her on gumtree, i was hesitant i said no, i heard stories about that growing up and it didn't feel right, i heard they use animals for bait and breeding etc, and i didn't feel comfortable with it, we had arguements over it but i didn't feel right doing it so i said no. Then this lead to a problem where she said i didn't care about her or our baby, i didn't think they're a priority that i would rather chose my dog over the chance to be a family? this lead to countless arguements, and eventually it was to the point she would not come round unless the dog was not here, i used to be able to get her a way for a night now and then, but then this lead to her not coming round at all.then more problems, she told me she was not feeling affectionate , we barely kissed, held hands, cuddled anything romantic or physical, I gathered maybe the hormones? the pregnancy maybe? her body is going through something i can't understand and i wish i could, but i just said im here still for everything, just talk to me.
i had friends from work, who were females it was a very female oriented place, but they had other partners and kids, i would like a picture of them and their other half with their kids in it or speak to them say oh they look nice in a photo, but she thought i was into them? I told her ive never had any romantic feelings for anyone other than her tbh, and im not even lying i never really found myself to be in love or even like anyone tbh, i was very alone just friends. ive never once flirted, or talked to another girl unless they were a friend. I was the type of person growing up to say oh hey lovely, or alright beautiful, or hey trouble i would say this to anyone regardless, from my age to 70s i call my neighbor beautiful and she is in her 60s with more of a beard then me, i never meant it romantically or to flirt i was just being too nice i guess, maybe i shouldn't have when i was in a relationship? but it was what i was used to, and i knew and she knew i never meant it to be in a romantic or flirt way. she wasn't happy with me i told her i wouldn't do it again, and i meant it because i never wanted to be disrespectful or ever make her insecure she was my world, my eyes were on her where ever we went , we were all over each other.
this lead to her saying i think we need a break, and i pushed it i should've said look ill give you space ?but i didn't want to abandon her? I felt like a break was just another word for im leaving you and i didn't want that, i wanted to be there to help her , go through this together so she wasn't alone. I know i pushed things i did the whole routine of but do you love me ? do you still care? do you want us still? I know im an idiot i was being selfish but i was very insecure, she would not tell me anything about her she would say im not telling you my plans. My head manifested and i became very down and insecure id ask if shes okay? she wouldn't tell me? id ask if she has plans? she wouldn't say, id ask alot and get no answers, until one night she was like im out i have plans, i asked and asked who she's with and what she's up to if she's okay? and she wouldn't tell me at all then i get into my head why is'nt she saying? which lead to the "are you with another guy" i know im an idiot but with everything going on i just didn't even know what to think my self anymore, i knew she wasn't that person but it was in my head and i couldn't get it out.
the night we broke up i answered a call from someone from my old work, she was with her partner and she has kids, no romance what so ever we were actually the type to be like oh you alright dick head i hate you etc type relationship we were mean to each other as friends, she asked me how i was, how im getting on after my stroke and what im up to we had a long conversation. I told my gf at the time that i was talking to her, i hid nothing.
i woke up from a text from my gf saying how long was i speakign to her for? i showed her the call log, and she went mental saying how dare i speak to a girl the night of our breakup/break , like i was cheating on her? Like i did it to hurt her? no she was a friend, and she knew this, She hated me she didn't want anything to do with me, im a c**t im an a**hole im everything under the sun, she despised me i make her sick, she stopped talking to me.
This lead to us barely seeing each other , it stopped completely unless it was a appointment for our baby or her
she told me were no longer in a relationship and we're not trying at the moment , but who knows what the future holds. Which gave me hope? but then it still got worse from there.
i would forget things so dates, plans , i met a friend when i went to town and we went for a drink, i forgot to do something for her, she made out like that's the ultimate betrayal , like i wasn't reliable or trust worthy she couldn't trust or believe me. i changed a lot of my dogs habits when she arrived, and it was pointed out, which is true i wouldn't of changed my dog without her, it wasn't in a bad way? but because i didn't defend her saying it wasn't true that she things im unreliable i don't have her back.
she swears at me calls me such harsh words, like you're a c**t and f**k off i don't want to speak to you ever again, and im just like are you okay? is everything alright, what's the matter? I don't lash out at her, i don't swear at her i just... i care and love her too much to be an as*hole.
She didn't speak to me for a week, she told me were over completely she wants nothing to do with me and to f**k off , she just no contact, nothing, not one thing. i promised her i wouldn't drink, and i had a drink, over that period of the week because i felt the lowest i ever felt, i had given up really, i felt like nothing mattered.
she then contacted me asking if i spent money and what i spent it on , i could have lied? she wouldn't of known, but i told her the truth i said i had a drink, i brought take away's i didn't know what to do or how to function to be honest, i sort of reverted back to my old ways so to speak, she kept me level headed and made me want to better myself, then she left i felt like it didn't matter, she didn't care i felt sorry for myself. And i shouldn't have because im having a baby and i knew i was letting myself down but i was so depressed.
so i told her the truth and then she just basically said , you broke a promise, you are such an evil person you're scum you're nothing to me, she said we wasn't broken up but we was on a break ? But i told her no that's not what you were saying you said you didn't love me you didn't care about me, you hated me you this and that basically, and she was like no we was on a break.
now dude to all of this she is now telling me that im never getting a chance to be back with her, she wants nothing to do with me in a relationship never again , and no matter what i say or do it'll never change her mind. She wrote a pro and cons list and there's too many cons, ive done too much wrong and im such a bad person? She told her friends and they all agree that im bad for her, im such a nasty person and they see who i truly am??
but i don't think ive done enough to deserve all the hate and the harsh words? I spoke to some of my family and friends, and they don't think ive really done anything to deserve all this? Yes i made mistakes im not perfect no one is. But is this all deserved? do i deserve to be hated this much over this? I don't think ive left anything out but if i have ill add to it.
i think im just looking for an unbiased answer and an honest answer, if ive done wrong? ill accept that but i don't know? its all friends so they have a sort of duty to agree?
she is now only 15 weeks pregnant and i know i made mistakes, but i love her too much to let go? i can't abandon her, and i will never abandon our child, but i don't know what to do? Do i just give her time? or I just cut everything off and just be there for our child, because im lost.
she's younger than me, im m30 and she is f22, we have been together now for 7 months.
TL;DR; i feel like im being made out to be someone im not, i get abused but all i do is care and love her, and i don't think ive done anything to deserve this much hate, i don't want her to go and i don't know what i can do my heart is set on her but she feels im someone im not.
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2023.03.29 11:40 m2dentalvancouver Early Wisdom Tooth Extraction: What Are the Benefits?

The term wisdom tooth extraction may seem scary to most people. Usually, wisdom teeth or third molars appear in early adolescence. In most cases, wisdom teeth should be removed to protect your oral health and smile. Removing your wisdom teeth is a common experience that many people face at some stage in their lives. Fortunately, the process of wisdom tooth removal is much easier these days thanks to the advancements in dentistry and the expertise of dentists. Many people visit our professional dentists at M2 Dental as they are significantly skilled and eligible to provide the best wisdom tooth extraction services. Ignoring your wisdom teeth while they should be removed can lead to severe complications and oral health issues. Tooth misalignment, infection, pain, dental abscess and tooth decay are some expected consequences of not removing your impacted wisdom tooth at the right time. Even if your wisdom teeth don’t cause symptoms, extraction is still recommended. Here we explain the benefits of wisdom tooth removal to make you understand the importance of it. Continue to read and gain more information about this treatment and the risks of leaving it untreated.
You won’t need orthodontic treatments later.
One of the most serious complications of not removing your impacted wisdom teeth is tooth misalignment. An extra set of wisdom teeth can lead to overcrowding, making your smile unattractive. These days, cosmetic dentists provide different orthodontic procedures that are usually quite expensive, like Invisalign treatment or braces. Therefore, it’s recommended to remove your wisdom teeth to prevent the need for orthodontic treatments and keep your teeth aligned and beautiful.
Your oral hygiene will be better.
A partially erupted wisdom tooth can make your oral hygiene routine significantly challenging. It’s hard to clean wisdom teeth perfectly, increasing the risk of dental emergencies like tooth decay. Even if you have no symptoms of having your wisdom teeth grown, your oral hygiene routine will be disturbed. You may not detect oral hygiene problems, which is why regular visits with your dentist are helpful. When you visit your dentist for regular dental cleaning and checkup, they can tell you about the damage caused by poor oral hygiene.
Your other teeth will remain healthy.
The eruption of wisdom teeth can put much pressure on nearby teeth. The roots of wisdom teeth can damage your other teeth and gums as they are very large and unpredictable. Other complications like infection, tooth decay or bone loss are possible, forcing you to have complicated treatments like bone or gum grafting, root canal, etc. Specialists at a dental implants center in North York, Toronto emphasize that you may also lose your tooth and need to replace your missing teeth with dental implants.
You will get rid of facial pain.
The growth of wisdom teeth can bring you a lot of pain and discomfort all over your face. Wisdom teeth usually make your gums severely inflamed, distributing your everyday routines. In such cases, the risk of periodontal disease is high, especially if you leave your impacted wisdom teeth untreated.
You can visit your dentist for a dental examination to understand whether you need wisdom tooth removal to prevent further problems!
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2023.03.29 11:39 m2dentalvancouver What Are the Important Health Benefits of Dental Implants?

In general, not replacing your missing teeth is the biggest mistake you can ever make. No matter the cause of your missing teeth, it’s necessary to replace them as soon as possible. Many people lose their natural teeth due to a variety of reasons and don’t know how to start the process of replacing them. Fortunately, there are many different options available to replace missing teeth in the most natural and effective way possible. You can visit our experienced dentists at M2 Dental, using their professional recommendations to find the best way to restore your smile. People who overlook replacing their missing teeth face severe problems later, problems like shifted teeth, tooth infection, tooth loss, bone loss, etc. These days, dental implants are significantly popular due to their unique features and benefits. By visiting an implant dentist, you can understand whether you are a qualified candidate to start the treatment. Dental implants help keep your mouth and jaw healthy and prevent possible complications. Here are some main health benefits of getting dental implants to show how amazing they are.
Dental implants can prevent tooth cavities.
One of the most common dental emergencies that almost everyone experience is tooth decay. When you lose a tooth, the risk of dental cavities, periodontal disease and other dental problems significantly increase. Not replacing your missing tooth can make your other natural teeth shifted and crooked, more prone to dental cavities. It explains how dental implants can prevent tooth decay and dental cavities.
Dental implants protect your other teeth.
Besides dental implants, you have other tooth replacement options like tooth bridges or dentures. Typically, dental bridges require filling down your neighboring teeth before cosmetic crowns get placed. It can make the natural structure of your teeth weak, which many patients don’t find interesting. On the other hand, dental implants don’t damage the structure of your other natural teeth and keep them as healthy as possible.
Dental implants can help you chew and speak more effectively.
As we mentioned, you have other tooth replacement options like dentures and bridges available. It’s so important to be able to speak like before after replacing your missing teeth. Generally, dentures can slip and slide around, which significantly affects the way you speak or chew. Fortunately, dental implants keep your dental restorations steady in place and make you able to speak without feeling weird or ashamed.
Dental implants can prevent further tooth and bone loss.
Your teeth are steady in their places by their roots. So, losing a tooth can make neighboring teeth loose and significantly damaged. Furthermore, tooth loss can damage your jawbone and weaken it over time. Your implant dentist can take X-ray images to understand how severe your condition is and whether you should be a bone and gum grafting candidate.

Dental implants make you feel confident.
Missing teeth negatively affect your confidence and make you feel shy when smiling. After replacing your missing teeth with implants, you start to feel more confident and not ashamed of showing your teeth. However, remember to have regular checkups and professional cleaning with a professional dentist to keep your implants shiny and healthy.
Contact our cosmetic dentists for more information!
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2023.03.29 11:39 Senior-Southh How do you deal with repeated rejection?

For context, I am in the start of my 30's, late discovered and it's been hard accepting it. I have felt grief, sadness, anger, fear and just thinking about the all missed opportunities.
From my perspective I experienced rejection early on, from my parents (They have emotional issues and weren't really available or compassionate). I guess that primed me to feel like there is something inherently wrong and unlovable about me.
That believe got reinforced at school as I got excluded and bullied. Wasn't bullied that much, mainly couldn't keep up with conversations, said the wrong things, was blunt and too honest etc so people distanced themselves from me.
I recall having two very close friends, one of them I got separated from when I was young. The other friend passed away about 7 years ago. I remember both of them being very compassionate, accepting, loving and fun to be around. None of them ever reacted negatively to me, and I really, really miss them.
In romantic settings, most of the time I am attractive as a short term partner but rarely if ever as a long term partner. With the exception of few emotionally abusive relationships. That has really been painful, not to find a partner that loves me, accepts me, or respects me/see value in me.
I did eventually complete my education with a lot of struggle and work, I however haven't had luck finding stable employment.
Can't help but take all the feedback personally. I feel filtered out of society, excluded and very, very unwanted. I don't really go out much anymore, and I don't really try to date or make new friends. I have few friends that I have known a long time, but I don't feel any emotional connection to anybody.
So my question is: How do you deal with rejection without having it take over your soul and crush the very core of who you are? Whether that rejection is real or perceived.
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2023.03.29 11:38 hiddengirl8786 He (37m) asked for space. I (35f) reacted impulsively. Can our relationship be salvaged?

Hello. I'm hoping someone see's this can help with clarity.
Edition add: Sort of long distance relationship (90 mins travel). Been together 1 year. My ex/partner (not been defined) asked for space, and originally I panicked, removed him from socials, and was in full fight or flight mode. Impulse control was lacking. I asked him to block me, otherwise I wouldn't get over him, he did so immediately. I then text him asking to unblock, since my emotional state had stabilised.
I ask does he love me. Yes. Do I still have a boyfriend. If I still want him.
He still asks for space, to figure his head out. I ask for a time frame, and get no answer. I ask for clarity, closure or some sign of where we are at. I get no hint.
He revealed has been fighting depression for awhile now, and is unsure how he feels in general. So I suggest we go our separate ways. He says ‘only for now, until he figures things out’.
It's been this way 1 week now. I reached out once to apologise for my earlier reaction, to let him know I care and love him and that I will wait for him. He has not read the message. He is online daily. How long do I wait? I do not intend to message him again, and have left the ball firmly in his court. Help?
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2023.03.29 11:38 artifydubai "Maximize Efficiency and Productivity with Qatar's Best Payroll Software"

As your startup grows, managing employee attendance can become increasingly complex. This is where Qatar's best payroll software and HR software can help. With advanced features like biometric attendance tracking, shift scheduling, and leave management, you can easily manage your workforce and ensure that everyone is working efficiently and effectively.
best hr software qatar
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2023.03.29 11:38 Apple256256 Cluster feeding all day?!

Hi all, my daughter is now 7 weeks old and has been mostly exclusively breast but has had top up formula feeds when I have been unwell with an c-section wound infection.
For the first 6.5 weeks there has been no issues with her feeding, however the last few days she has been extremely fussy whilst at the breast which I assumed was her being overtired or building supply. Yesterday she did not stop feeding! From 10 am she started rooting and holding her hand to mouth wanting to be fed, she would then feed for about 20 - 40 mins each hour with a few very short naps. This finally stopped at 10 pm last night and she then slept for a 6 hour stretch.
Is this normal and is it cluster feeding? When she has cluster fed previously she has only done so for no more then 4 hours and in the evenings. Yesterday when she was not feeding she was mostly inconsolably crying until she was fed again. She had no signs of wind/ gas / pain, her nappies quite normal. Daughter does not like to be put down in general and normally contact naps, but yesterday would scream and cry even in the pram or car seat, she only appeared settled during or right after being fed.
Not sure how normal this is and if she is cluster feeding or is this something else? Any advice would be great, thanks!
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2023.03.29 11:37 asksSATessayprompts I'm sorry but this is an INSANE line from KOC hahahahaha

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2023.03.29 11:37 subomiOluwalana Convoy (v0.9.0) - Open Source Webhooks Gateway - Ingest Events from Amazon SQS & Google PubSub, Switched to PostgreSQL as backend store and many more! 🥳 🎉

Convoy (v0.9.0) - Open Source Webhooks Gateway - Ingest Events from Amazon SQS & Google PubSub, Switched to PostgreSQL as backend store and many more! 🥳 🎉
Hey Friends,
Convoy v0.9 stable release has landed 🎉. We’ve been working on these improvements and are excited to share this release. This release includes a migration to PostgreSQL as our default datastore store, includes integration with message brokers such as Amazon SQS & Google PubSub, a new client CLI and an improved Dashboard experience. Let's go


In the past, we’ve shared our pain of dealing with MongoDB and how using it as our primary datastore hasn’t been the best architectural decision. But we can summarise them with the following:
  • The lack of a good schema and data migration tool for self-hosted users reduced our velocity to ship new features without fear of breaking their deployment.
  • Again, for self-hosted users to run Convoy successfully, they needed a replica set because MongoDB doesn’t support transactions on a single node instance, and bootstrapping a replica set does not provide the best experience for our users.
  • Lastly, tweaking queries in MongoDB is hard. Even in the short time of our migration, we’ve found Convoy’s API & Dashboard to be noticeably faster.
We finally got around to switching from PostgreSQL to MongoDB in Convoy v0.9. For new installations, this has no impact other than you have to specify a PostgreSQL DSN. We are working on a migration script for old installations to assist with your data migration. We will share updates very soon.

Message Brokers

Convoy can now consume webhook events off topics and queues on Amazon SQS and Google PubSub. We did this to improve the deliverability guarantees of ingesting webhook into Convoy compared to our REST API interface because Message Brokers are stateful services that provide more guarantees as long as a message has been committed, it will eventually be read off the queue and delivered as a webhook event. To achieve this over HTTP is a combination of retries, building an async dispatch system etc. which can all be side-stepped with a direct message broker integration. To do this, we introduced the concept of Sources to an Outgoing Webhooks Project. This means you can now configure multiple webhook ingest sources, as shown below:
Then run the convoy ingest process to spin up workers dedicated to consuming messages on the queues and publishing webhook events to client endpoints.

Client CLI

In the past, we talked about local debugging for Convoy. Yes, we had to re-launch this because our previous implementation wasn’t intuitive enough for our users. To achieve this new implementation, we
  1. We decided to ship this only for our Incoming Project users, while we ship this in a more intuitive fashion for Outgoing Projects.
  2. Shipped a new CLI entirely called the Client CLI. See the full docs here.
We wrote a full blog post on how to get started with our new CLI here - Please let us know your thoughts.

Improved Dashboard

Several aspects of our product experience weren’t intuitive enough for our users in previous releases. In this release, we worked hard to rethink several pages including
  1. Our onboarding pages included several steps that weren't quite necessary; this created significant confusion and user drop-off. In this release, we've eliminated redundant steps in the onboarding process.
  2. Several forms had redundant fields that weren't necessary to the function. E.g. Endpoint description. In this release, we did a complete audit of our forms and improved the experience all-round.

What’s Next?

For Convoy v0.10, we have planned the following features: Kafka Integration, Webhook Idempotent Keys, Meta Events and the first release candidate for our Enterprise Edition. For Convoy EE, v0.10 will include Role-Based Access Controls. If you’re interested in our early EE release, please reach out to us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.29 11:36 OnforuLED How to Choose Office Lighting Fixtures?

How to Choose Office Lighting Fixtures?
The comfort of the office environment has been greatly associated with the efficiency and quality of work and even the health of workers. The office light environment is actually one of the factors that affect the comfort of the office environment. Reasonable lighting can not only meet the needs of office lighting but also improve the enthusiasm of employees, so as to better serve the work.
In the past, office lighting is mostly functional lighting, often choose to use incandescent lamps to complete the lighting work, but in the long run, this high illumination of the light will gradually affect the work status and efficiency of employees. The modern office building's interior space is generally composed of office space, public space, service space, and other ancillary facilities and other parts, different work scenes have different needs for light.

What conditions does office lighting need to meet?

1. Color Temperature
Color temperature, generally expressed by the value K, the lower the color is warmer, red; conversely, the higher the colder, blue, there are generally warm light, neutral light, and cold light three points. In the past, many companies in order to pursue the overall warmth of the office will choose to use such as incandescent lamps, decorative chandeliers, and other warm light sources, to create a warm and comfortable office atmosphere.
But in excessively warm light, it is easier to relax the mind and produce the intention of sleepiness, resulting in the inability to concentrate on work.
So office spaces as people's daily production and work in one of the most frequently used places, it is recommended that the main lighting color temperature is between 3500K ~ 4500K more appropriate, at this time, neutral light or cool light refreshing will make people more focused in the office.

2. Color Rendering Index

Color rendering index refers to the object irradiated with the light source and standard light source irradiation, its color meets the degree of measurement, that is, the degree of color fidelity. Generally speaking, the higher the color rendering index, the better the color rendering. Conversely, the lower the value of the color rendering index, the worse the color rendering performance.

3. The Lighting Methods
Office space is commonly used lighting is direct lighting and indirect lighting. Generally speaking, today's offices are divided into large space office and independent office two.
Large space office is currently the largest proportion of office space in the region, only to provide uniform general lighting, lighting should be uniform, and comfort, usually using a uniform spacing of the layout of the lamps and lanterns method, and combining with the ground functional area using the corresponding lamps and lanterns lighting. In a large space office, you can choose to use some surface light fixtures, so that the brightness of the light is high and not too harsh, and the irradiation range is also relatively uniform.
Independent office areas use general lighting and local lighting more and need to pay more attention to the brightness than the problem, for independent office areas, in order to meet the basic lighting work, but also combined with office decoration style to add some ambient lighting, and show corporate culture.

4. Illumination
Illuminance refers to the degree to which the object is illuminated, office illuminance refers to the office lighting brightness. High illumination low color temperature space will feel very hot, while low illumination high color temperature space will produce a gloomy and tired mood.
In the high color temperature but low illumination in the office environment, people tend to feel gloomy and tired, reducing work efficiency. Usually, the illumination of the office area is at least not less than 300lux. general space illumination brightness of not less than 100lux, local lighting brightness of not less than 600lux.


With the development of the times and the progress of technology, people's demand for a better life is rising, office lighting is gradually gaining attention, it is not only a place to work, but also become an external social, colleague relations, corporate culture and self-recognition of the resource gathering place.
Therefore, in the office lighting design for enterprises, you can first from the visual comfort, interior decoration, and other aspects of demand, synchronized consideration of corporate culture, work style, and another environmental atmosphere, in order to meet the basic lighting in the office area at the same time, is committed to high quality, healthy light efficiency to help employees efficient office, to inspire employees to work with a positive attitude to create, to create a good office culture atmosphere.
Onforu's most popular office lighting, browse the led floodlight and strip light pages to shop, now is the best time to get the best deal.
More Resources
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2023.03.29 11:35 Incognito_Meow_Meow Future-proof, Avada to what? or WP to what?

As a graphic designer. I sometimes do WP websites for small clients. Wordpress was a godsend for me as a non-coder. Many years ago I started with some themes, but gradually they all went out of business and I had to move the websites. Was a pain!
So I looked around and went with Avada (user base numbers and reviews at the time). Since then, I made many websites using Avada. Made a reasonable amount of money and clients were very happy.
I don't hate Avada as some here do and I find it very easy to use, maybe muscle memory. I can use my creativity to mould the website completely away from the theme-template look most go for.
My main crit of Avada-
- Bit bloated, but the performance thing that they introduced, does help a bit by turning off unused elements.
- Desktop performance numbers excellent, but mobile numbers drop like stone!
So, I want to put some of my eggs in a new basket. The important question for me is-
1) Which WP theme is better and can be moulded to any graphic needs and has user numbers, I don't want to go with some theme that will be here today gone tomorrow.
2) Great performance on Mobile and Desktop + no SEO issues.
3) WP or no WP? One designer was telling me that Squarspace is the future?*? I like control, and not sure that I like the whole concept of Squarespace and the likes. Would still appreciate your input.
Thanks for your time.
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2023.03.29 11:35 Fabulous_Scholar_639 Created an sequential Custom Anki Card with 10 questions and answers and notes in one card.

Hey I have created an sequential Custom Anki Card, but this does not work as desired.
Does anyone have any idea what the error is? Or can someone help me to create this card, if it is possible?
I want to create a sequential card that displays 10 questions and answers and notes in one card.
To navigate through these, there is a "Next", "Back", "Show Note" and "Show Answer" button that you have specifically for this card.
The order in which they are asked should always be the same.
I want to use the card to learn the sequence of steps to calculate linear and quatratic equations.

The Chat GPT 4 Promt:
The created fields for our newly created "Sequential Map" are displayed in a mess when learning, after scoring (Hard, Easy, etc.),
respectively, the newly created fields are assigned to another question of a Sequential Card in the same deck.
Because of these problems, I want to start the process all over again. I want you to help me, write new codes if necessary and tell me where to insert them,
and how I have to proceed
Current functions
- When a card comes up again, you must first tap one of our created "Next" or "Show Answer" buttons for the "Show Note" button to work.
- When a card comes up again, you must first tap on one of our created "Next" or "Show Reply" buttons to make the contents of the "Color-differentiated note 1-10" and "Hidden note 1-10" fields work.
and "Hidden note 1-10
Desired status and function of the note type template:
- The functions shall be preserved if this note has been in the learning process in a deck Dran Kam, has shown the answer and this has been judged afterwards with "Again" ; "Difficult" ; "Good" or "Easy".
or "Easy".
- It should be a note template, where you can use this template again and again, for new notes for a deck and the functions are preserved.
New desired 31 fields and associated properties:
1 "Main question" field for a main question with the following properties:
- Only the content should be displayed
- The content should be displayed permanently, independent of the other buttons and functions.

10 fields "Question 1" to "Question 10" with the following properties:
- Only the content should be displayed.
- of this respective field 1 to 10 shall be displayed only if the field is not empty and if it is not empty, then the content shall be displayed.
Permanently (Continuously) be displayed.
- A "Next" and "Back" button, to change the questions (1- 10).
- A display "("Field1a"/"Field2a")" in "Field 1a" should be the number of the current question 1 to 10 and in "Field2a" should be the total number of the questions
The total number of questions that have been used.
10 fields "Answer 1" to "Answer 10" with the following properties:
- Only the content should be displayed.
- The content of each field 1 to 10 should only be displayed if the field is not empty and if a button "Answer" is clicked.
- The button "Answer" should only be displayed if the content of the field is not empty.
- The fields "Answer 1" to "Answer 10" should be linked to the fields "Question 1" to "Question 10" and should always be displayed together if the conditions are met.
10 fields "Note 1" to "Hidden Note 10" with the following properties:
- Only the content should be displayed.
- The content of each field 1 to 10 should be displayed only if the field is not empty and if you click on a "Note" button.
- The button "Note" should only be displayed if the content of the field is not empty.
- The content of these fields 1 to 10 should be linked to the respective fields "Question 1" to "Question 10" and should always be displayed together with the rest of the content,
if the respective conditions are met
- The content of this field 1 to 10 should be displayed only if the field is not empty and if a button "Note" is clicked.
- The "Note" button should only be displayed if the content of the field is not empty.

The Code for Front Card:


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2023.03.29 11:33 jhanad123 Galileo Ticketing Software

Galileo Ticketing Software

Galileo Ticketing Software – BookingXML
Galileo Software
The evolution of Internet has made travel simple and attractive. This is the cause for the development in the competition within the travel industry. It is imperative to provide exceptional services to continue within the industry. You can do this using a Global Distribution System (GDS) which gives your business to outshine the competition while maintaining a steady improvement.
If you are an upcoming travel industry and are looking for a trustworthy platform to begin with or move your business to the next level, Galileo GDS API integration can be an attractive option for you. BookingXML integrates Galileo software, a classic global reservation, which you can use for business management as well.
Why Choose the Galileo Software?
Galileo’s API integration is effective in transacting airline data management and data intelligence solutions for global air services. It has other contributions like:
· E-ticket system.
· Passenger management.
· Facilitates online shopping.
· Bookings and reservations.
· Business management system.
Galileo Reservation System
BookingXML is the leading travel technology provider who offers Galileo Reservation System for travel agents. Galileo GDS is a single platform that offers services like flights, rooms, cab service, etc. Galileo provides a supporting hand to the movement (travel) sector by giving a reservation system because it has an online reservation system.
Galileo is a trustworthy aggregator of travel listing, committed toward helping its customers in every situation and through them, developing decisions for travellers around the world.
Galileo is one of the world’s major computerized reservations systems handle by the travel business. It provides authority to tour operators or OTA to make a booking of flight, booking seats, issue tickets, book cabs, and hotel convenience. BookingXML offers a front-line Galileo Reservation System for flight booking, hotel booking, transport booking, holiday booking, vacation rentals etc.
Here are the few features of Galileo Flights Module.
· Advanced Search departure/arrival time, air carrier, class
· Detailed search by Filter air carrier, class, price etc
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· Book airline tickets
· Use Frequent flyer programs
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Galileo GDS Integration Services we offer
· Flight Reservation System
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· Single or Multiple interface
Integration of Galileo GDS API with a Travel Website
Galileo being the most sought-after GDS system is important for the global distribution services in the travel industry with advanced computer reservation software and other web services. Galileo GDS System hosts the best integrated system for the clients by giving a wide variety of inventory, related to flights, hotels and vacations.
Galileo offers bookings of airlines, hotels, and car rentals with options of B2B travel portal and B2C travel portal. The Galileo GDS travel software acts as a bridge between the travel representatives and the service providers in a single platform. BookingXML provides the travel agents with necessary information about seats, availability and fares.
Galileo (Travelport) API Integration
Travelport is one of the largest global providers of travel products in the world and they now give the Galileo global distribution solutions system. Galileo is an application program interface (API) that enables clients to build an interface such as a website, connected to the Galileo.
The Galileo GDS API can be used for Airline, car, hotel and cruise accessibility and booking. The data transfer is held via Galileo XML Select and Travelport Universal API. We have greatly skilled professionals in travel technology at our development centre, The team is qualified to deliver top class reservation systems and well trained in web services integration, usesub-user modules and XML live certification process.
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Galileo GDS Booking API
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How Does Galileo GDS API Integration Work in Travel?
Galileo is an application program interface (API) that authorizes clients to create an interface such as a website, linked to the Galileo. The Galileo GDS API can be managed for airline, car, hotel, and cruise availability and booking. The information exchange is carried via Galileo XML Select and Travelport Universal API.
It integrates all the services at a place and this, in turn, aids travelers to find the best deals which are available across the world. We are the world’s leading Galileo API Integration supplier who has long and successful customers across the world who are satisfied and take the services of the company.
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Key Features of Our Galileo Booking System:
· Flight XML API Integration (International & Domestic)
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What Are the Benefits of Galileo GDS?
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· Filter search results for flight arrival and departure time.
· Galileo comes with the benefit of viewing flight fares
For more details, Pls visit our website:
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2023.03.29 11:33 icex7 withdraw passport application?

we changed our toddler’s name this year, and even though she already has a valid passport i decided to apply for a new one with her changed name. my wife told me not to do it since her passport with old name is still valid and we are going to europe on 5/28. stupid me wanted her to travel with her new name and matching passport. 🤦‍♂️
applied at city hall on 3/18(5-7 weeks expedited with 2 day shipping back), application was received 3/24(now processing times changed to 7-9 weeks as of 3/24. our luck)
person who helped us sent in her valid unexpired passport with the application(which i questioned a few days after)
anyways, im getting really nervous now that the passport wont be ready until 5/28 and i wonder if i can just withdraw everything and have them sent us back the whole application including her passport. does anyone know if this is possible ? thank you
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2023.03.29 11:32 Austine_K Consequences of lack of sleep on a student's academic performance.

Consequences of lack of sleep on a student's academic performance.
Lack of sleep is a problem that affects millions of students across the globe and, unfortunately, can have serious consequences on their academic performance. Sleep can impair alertness and memory, lead to stress and burnout, hinder concentration, reduce class attendance, and lower grades.
Alertness and Memory.
Sleep is important for our brains to function properly. During deep sleep, our brains are replenished with energy to perform at their best during the day. A lack of sufficient deep sleep leads to cognitive decline in attention span, reaction time and working memory – all essential skills for successful academic performance.
Stress and Burnout.
Studies have found a correlation between high levels of stress due to lack of sleep and burnout syndrome in students; this means that even if those studying manage to stay awake for long periods, it does not mean that they will be able to keep up with their studies effectively because physical fatigue may affect their ability to focus or learn optimally. On top of this, exhaustion increases irritability which can lead them into an emotional rollercoaster which then translates into reduced productivity, eventually leading to burnout syndrome.
Concentration and Class Attendance.
Lack of adequate sleep has been linked with significant decreases in attention spans among college students - making it harder for them to pay attention during classes or lectures, thus further deteriorating academic performance. Moreover, several studies show evidence linking inadequate amounts of sleep with lower academic scores due to poor concentration levels but also due indirectly through poor attendance, which is quite common amongst tired students as well as general disinterest in attending classes or missing assignments deadlines on time due partly to being too exhausted from a deficiency in vital hours necessary for optimal functioning both physically and mentally throughout the day.
As stated above, bad sleeping habits could contribute heavily towards poorer grades by either directly affecting concentration levels resulting in lower scores on exams, quizzes and tests, or indirectly through, lowered class attendance by reducing opportunities available for learning the material presented through lectures or simply from an increased amount of stress associated w/sleep deprivation causing impairment along other related cognitive domains eventually translating into reduced grades overall.
To have adequate time to relate to your social life, have enough sleep, and focus on your revisions, always remember to seek the help of a professional online writing service provider from assignment forum to make your academic journey a cakewalk.
In conclusion, a lack of sufficient restful hours can drastically impact students' academic performance, leading to severe repercussions if left unnoticed and untreated, such as difficulty progressing academically. That being said, proper care should be taken regarding sleepy habits since getting enough quality shut-eye each night is essential for optimal functioning throughout your days whilst pursuing higher education successfully!
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2023.03.29 11:32 scabiessuck Migraine affecting nose ?

Does anyone have migraines that primarily affect their face and does not respond to OTC pain killers ? Lately I’ve had a lot of “pressure” on the bridge of my nose and it also makes my teeth feel a bit numb. I’ve visited an ENT that ruled out a sinus infection and she believes it’s a headache. I’ve had this “headache” for 3 weeks and it doesn’t go away with ibuprofen or Tylenol. I did take Gabapentin last night and I believe it helped to get rid of the pressure in my nose but then I was left with a headache. This morning the pressure is back as well as the headache. Anyone have similar symptoms ?
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2023.03.29 11:32 Elon__Ge Banking Crisis: A Possible Antidote to Inflation, Rather than a Recession Trigger - Goldman Sachs Claims.

When faced with instability, banks often become more conservative, becoming more selective in issuing loans, raising loan rates, and holding more cash to protect themselves from the worst-case scenario of a bank run.
These stricter loan standards may lead to a credit crunch, making it difficult for consumers and businesses to obtain necessary funding, potentially having a significant impact on the economy. Some predict a looming recession.
However, Jan Hatzius, Chief Economist and Head of Global Investment Research at Goldman Sachs, believes that banks' recent issues and the ongoing credit crunch may actually help the Federal Reserve cool the economy and combat inflation.
In a report released on Tuesday, Hatzius wrote, "Our baseline expectation is that reduced credit availability will prove to be a headwind that helps the Fed keep growth below potential…not a hurricane that pushes the economy into recession and forces the Fed to ease aggressively."
Hatzius is not alone in this view. At a press conference last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell also stated that stricter loan standards could have the same anti-inflationary effect as raising interest rates.
To curb the highest inflation levels in 40 years, Fed officials have raised interest rates at a faster pace over the past year than at any other time in history.
As banks reduce the amount of loans they provide, businesses find it harder to invest in their growth, and consumers find it harder to obtain loans to purchase new homes or cars, ultimately cooling the economy.
However, if loan standards are too strict, similar to the Fed raising interest rates too much, the economy could slow to the point of recession.
Hatzius does not believe that recent banking issues, such as the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, will cause banks to reduce their lending to that degree. Larger banks will continue to provide loans because they have "higher capital and liquidity standards than smaller banks and are subject to more stringent stress tests" from regulators, which makes them more resilient in times of financial stress.
Hatzius added that it is too early to judge the long-term impact of the banking crisis. Nevertheless, he raised the prediction for the probability of a US economic recession in the next 12 months, stating that it is now at 35%, up from last month's 25%.
First, he warned of the potential for another bank run due to consumer wariness after SVB's collapse. "The most effective way to reduce this risk would be an unlimited deposit guarantee. But that probably requires an act of Congress, which is unlikely to materialize barring a more intense crisis," he said.
Meanwhile, Hatzius argued that the need to pay higher interest rates to attract depositors is a longer-term issue for banks in the age of social media and digital banking, where depositors can quickly move funds by tapping an app.
"This is the first bout of turmoil of the truly digital age, in which residual concern about bank solvency may interact with frustration about low deposit rates," he wrote. "This could put more significant upward pressure on bank funding costs and create greater downside risk to credit availability than our statistical analysis would suggest."
Get the latest market information here.
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2023.03.29 11:31 WarmStew23 The War of Tears - Chapter 2

File - Journal Entry Report - Elias Dexter
Species - Human
Date Stamp - December 2, 3023, Standard Union Time
Location - TAS LockHaven, in deep space

The Union accepted our plea for a war declaration. We should have been happy, right? The truth is none of us were happy. Video footage of the Grim’s attack on our expedition spread through the Union media like a wildfire. It was practically impossible not to see it. The Union stated there was going to be a mandatory draft. Something like that didn’t affect us, the Terran Alliance had already met their quota within a week after the draft announcement.
I was already a First Lieutenant in the Terran Alliance’s Army, so any draft already didn’t apply to me. It just meant the most likely scenario was our immediate deployment into no man's land. The Terran Alliance, or TA for short, wasted no time drawing up battle plans. While the rest of the Union drafted and trained their militaries, the Terran Alliance, along with the Luthal Commonwealth were set to launch a coordinated preemptive invasion on the Grim territories. Little is actually known about the Grim, other than the fact that they have the ability to consume us. They have some kind of technology that would allow them to drop us out of FTL in a moment's notice.
But I suppose I should start at the beginning of the battle, I’ll try my best to remember as much as I can. During the briefings we were given we were told we were about to take the planets most likely to be their outer worlds. Planet hopping a few of us even called it. The plan was derived from what the old United States did over a millennia ago in one of their major wars. But what most of us overlooked in the history books was how bloody those battles were.
The first mission would put us on a Grim planet you could say bordered the sol system, it was the closest habitable system to sol inside no mans land. The planet, we would later find out, the Grim called Drug. I'm not sure why the Grim gave one of their planets such a bland name but that was the least of our concerns. Our top priority was to eliminate all military assets on and around the planet. We would conduct orbital bombardment to soften up the anti-air defenses we knew had to be there, then we would drop in all sorts of assets. Tanks, armored vehicles, portable command centers, anything we should need in case of a long, drawn out war.
However, our first mistake was assuming we would make it to Drug easily. I know I mentioned we knew about the FTL disruptors, but the TA must've overlooked that key piece of intel. Hell, we all watched the video of Captain Hugh Adam’s crew. They experienced the FTL disruptors first and even warned us about them. Even the commons soldiers knew that.
I was in the mess hall when it happened, attempting to down what I speculated would be my last good meal for the foreseeable future. My closest friends in the service, Christian Newman, and Julian Smith sat across from me on the other side of the table. When the FTL disruptor hit us, there wasn’t much the Inertial dampeners could do to soften the blow. The table, along with myself, flipped over my two friends. I ended up landing on top of the table, which crushed them both. I rolled over, noticing I spilled some of my dinner on myself.
I quickly helped my friends push the table off of them, both of them rubbing parts of their body that the table must have hit. An alarm started blaring just in time for us to regain our sense of reality.
“That’s the battle sirens,” Julian spits out, “Bastards must have intercepted us, they must really not want us to make it to their planet.”
“Whatever, lets just head to the armory, I’ll fucking kill the bastard who made me spill my potatoes all over my uniform,” I mutter. We jog down to the armory and fit ourselves with our vests, knee guards, helmets, and our weapons of choice. Personally, I prefer a rifle, but Julian has always preferred the shotguns. Whenever we would go to the range to practice our shooting, he always boasted about how he puts bigger dents into the targets, especially at close range.
After I finish grabbing the last magazine of ammo I need, I have to push through a dozen other soldiers who need to grab their gear. I walk back out into the hallway, where Julian and Christian are already waiting for me, and secure my final magazine in my vest.
“All units, prepare for a Grim boarding party, I repeat, prepare for a Grim boarding party!” the loudspeaker shouts to all of us. “Grim forces are docking from airlock 3-C on the starboard side!”
Airlock 3-C? That should be right below us, I think to myself.
“Let's go,” Julian shouts to me and Christian. We follow him to the stairwell, where we can already hear intense gunfire.
“God damn it,” Christian says, “How the hell did they catch us with our pants down this far?”
“Relax,” Julian says, as we fly down the stairs. “Let's just focus on getting out of this alive.”
I open the door to the hallway, when we open it, one of our soldiers flies past us and lands hard on his back. When he landed, the three of us could clearly hear the snapping of some kind of bone in his body. The soldier shrieks out in pain. Christian quickly rushes to the soldier, while me and Julian turn our attention to the direction of the airlock.
There has to be two or three dozen Grim already on our ship, with several more barreling their way in. Several dead Grim soldiers blanket the floor in front of the airlock, their fellow soldiers walking over their bodies as if they couldn’t give a second thought about them.
I rest my rifle on a storage crate and begin to unload my ammo onto the Grim soldiers. I attempt to save several Terran soldiers who have gotten themselves cut off from retreating to us, but there is only so much I could do. I watch as one of the Grim appears to absorb one of our dead comrades. It's as if their skin opens up to allow the human into their body, and their body immediately breaks down everything. I put a bullet into the shoulder of one, missing the headshot that I was aiming for. Reinforcements pick off the remaining Grim soldiers from behind. Roughly two dozen soldiers stand on the other side of the dead Grim boarding party. Julian is the first one to point his shotgun in the storage room.
“Get the hell out here you bald headed piece of shit,” he shouts. The Grim soldier walks out with his hands above his head. Amazingly, the wound on his shoulder has healed.
“I shot you,” I shout, “Why the hell isn’t there a gunshot wound on your shoulder?”
The Grim soldier smiles, “It is the energy I stole from one of your pals, my body converts energy much faster this way, and the more energy I have, the quicker my body heals itself.
Julian shrugs, “Alright, let's test that out real quick,” he lowers his shotgun to the Grim’s knee, I grab the barrel of his gun and point it away.
“Relax, we captured one, we can’t go executing prisoners. Just detain him and help gather up our dead and wounded. Me and Christian will help board their ship. Clearly they underestimated us.”
Julian nods in agreement. Clearly watching our fellow soldiers getting eaten like slaughtered cattle was something that bothered him, hell it clearly bothered all of us. But it was clear he needed to process the situation on his own. I glance over to find the other soldiers had already abandoned us, all but two, who detain the Grim soldier while Julian watches.
“Christian,” I say, getting his attention, “me and you will catch up to our boarding party and back them up in the event they need it.” He gives me a nod and we head for the airlock.
The sheer smell of the Grim ship is overwhelming, we can smell it before we even reach the airlock. I quickly clear the airlock, even though Terran soldiers entered less than five minutes ago, we were taught never to assume an area is cleared unless we were the ones who personally cleared it. The other side of the airlock is dark. Given the Grim’s physical appearance, both their lack of body hair and pale body, I estimate the Grim must prefer dark environments. Me and Christian flip down our night vision goggles and enter the ship.
The hallways were probably three or four times the size of ours. It is clear from out initial observations the Grim must really appreciate personal space. We hear a couple of gunshots echo from the left side of the airlock, so we begin to make our way down towards the sound. We quickly pass few rooms, so far all of them appear to be storage rooms.
After another minute or so walking down the hallway, we catch up to the Terran group, who stand posted up aside from a large steel door.
“God damn it Dexter, we almost shot your ass, don't ever sneak up on us like that again,” Sergeant Morgan Chang states. “Several Grim soldiers are barricaded inside this room, the door is too thick for us to open it. What should we do?”
Since I am technically the highest ranking officer among us, It makes sense they would look to me, even if it did catch me off guard. “Honestly, depending how thick the door is, I say we weld their asses in there. But that probably isn’t the smartest tactical solution. Just use some C4 to blow the door in and we’ll just pick them off.”
The soldiers nod in agreement and begin deploying a large amount of C4 to the door. After they are finished, they hand Sergeant Chang the detonator. “These bitches are about to find out exactly why you dont fuck with us,” She says, then she squeezes the detonator, blowing the door inwards. Five pops from Chang’s soldiers, then silence. Myself and Chang enter the room last, with Christian keeping post outside, to inspect the damage.
Six Grim soldiers dead, which is odd because I only remember hearing five shots. “I thought I only heard five shots?” I ask Sergeant Chang.
“That is my fault,” one of her soldiers says with a smile. I look at the nameplate, which reads Fraizer. “They lined themselves up, so I guess one bullet went through both of their skulls,” he says.
After confirming all six Grim soldiers are dead, we move on. We still don’t know much about the layout of the Grim’s ship, but we ignore our ignorance and continue to make our way down the hallway. After another 100 feet or so, we reach the end of the hallway, only a secured door sits at the end of it. I sit back as Chang’s forces follow the same procedure from before to blow the door open.
This time, me and Christian sit back as they clear whatever is on the other side of that door. “Uh, Lieutenant,” I hear Chang’s voice shout, concerningly, “You might want to come take a look at this.”
I leave Christian behind as I enter the doorway. On the other side however, it appears to be some kind of holding center for prisoners. Blue light emits from the shield that holds its prisoners inside. I lift my goggles up to inspect the holding area. Four out of eight cells are in use, and the prisoners are all of the same species. The prisoners appear to be almost rat-like. They seem smaller than us humans, comparable in size to the Luthal.
“Who are you?” I ask one of the creatures, but get no response.
“I already tried that,” Chang replies, “They must not have neural-transmitters like we do, so we probably won't be able to speak with them, unless you have a portable translator device.”
“No, we don’t, we’ll have to get them back to our ship, I’m sure we have something back there,” I reply. “Free them, make sure you make no threatening gestures, if they struggle, then detain them. Our safety comes first, but just remember they are prisoners to a species that eats other creatures by touching them, so they are probably scared.”
Chang’s soldiers nod in agreement and begin smashing the controls to each cell, releasing the blue shield keeping them locked away in their cells. The frightened creatures follow us out of the holding cell.
“All Terran forces fall back to the LockHaven,” We hear over our radios. That order can only mean one of two things. Either the Grim are retreating, or we are. We secured the alien prisoners with cuffs, which I hated to watch Chang and her soldiers do, and began to head back onto the LockHaven. After securing the airlock, we watched the Grim ship disconnect from ours. Out the airlock’s window we could witness our ship and the Grim’s exchanged plasma fire. After we put a good distance between us and the Grim ship, dozens of missiles rocketed towards the Grim ship. The missiles collided in an explosion, leaving only debris where the ship once stood. I look around the space near us to see we were the last ones to ward off our boarding party. I don’t know if we all succeeded, but it definitely looks like we kept most of our fleet intact.

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2023.03.29 11:31 ParaMoon42 Angry Now And Just Venting...

Hello, everyone. It's me, Dani. :-)
I'm the 42-year-old sibling/anime nerd/writer, who's trying to care for my 57-year-old brother named Rob with a brain tumor and a badly infected leg (due to diabetes, thanks to the brain tumor). Along with my sister, Ace, who is the true rockstar and angel in all of this. And Rob's wife is a SAINT! She's put up with this madness for over a year and deserves all of the flowers possible! =p
So, it's been *checks notes* NINE days since I made my first post here, which started out with me venting about the horrible state of Rob's leg, the difficulty in changing his bandages (and peeling chunks of his skin away in the process, because the infection was THAT BAD!), about me going into a room to silent cry after those changings - before putting on a happy face again and approaching Rob with empathy and compassion again.
And just like the erosion of his leg, so is the state of our sibling relationship - as I've reached the point of screaming, cursing him out, and blocking phone calls altogether from Rob! I'll explain...
So, Ace took him to the best VA hospital in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Once the medical staff saw the state of his leg, they IMMEDIATELY admitted him and set up a whole team of specialists for him. Two wound-care specialists, a new endocrinologist, a GP (that Rob loved and kept praising a lot), a head nurse named, uh... let's call him Calvin - that took to him as a fellow ex-soldier himself, a psychologist (as he voiced that he was feeling a lot of anxiety and wanted to talk with someone), a social worker, and a group of nurses to tend to his every need and whim.
This dream-team would football huddle together and work quickly with the goal to save Rob's leg from being amputated from the knee, as that was a real possibility on the table. (Keep in mind, this isn't on his Veteran benefits - no, it's on his wife's private insurance). And the treatments were super effective, with every one of his doctors pretty much giving the green light that he'd likely be released from the hospital by Monday. Meaning the Monday that's already passed now...
By Saturday, Rob decided, "My leg is healed enough! I want to go home!" He meant that he wanted to go back to our apartment for my sister and me to resume playing nurse-maid to him. Every doctor was adamant in their professional opinion that it would be unwise for him to leave the hospital in the middle of the treatment that will save his leg! So many times, the phrases "not recommended" or "I wouldn't recommend it" was repeated by every doctor and specialist. They would tell Rob this directly and oftentimes with Ace in the room to witness it.
Somehow, Rob heard, "Something-something... you can go home now if you want to." Every. Single. Time. And when Ace went home from her visit with him, he'd get the doctor to get on his phone, to relay to Ace that he can skip out on his treatment, but the doctor would repeat over the phone, "I don't recommend that your brother signs out of treatment prematurely, in my professional opinion." Then Rob would take the phone back and shout to my sister, as if he was vindicated, "You see? Doctor says I can go home!"
Calvin tried to warn him, "If you leave this hospital, you'll lose the leg for certain!" Rob tried to argue with the head nurse that his leg wasn't that bad, so Calvin stated the truth, "Dude, I can smell the infection, as we speak." I had experienced that smell for two days before he went into the VA... it smells of rotting flesh! No lie or "no cap" as the kids say these days.
Rob got angry and decided that it was all his wife's fault that he was losing his leg. He called her up on the phone, screaming at her, and asking for a divorce, as poor Ace tried to calm him down. His wife's account was, that she gave him his antibiotics - he refused to take them and the infection got worse. And that's an observable truth, as Rob has a habit of not taking his medication when he's at home and it's left up to him to do. And, he's too prideful to let anyone else manage his medications for him.
Either that or too paranoid. I don't really know.
Before Saturday, on Friday, Rob decided that Calvin was at fault and should be fired. He blamed Calvin for "lying" to him about the risk of losing his leg, deciding that it was never that serious at all, and that Calvin was purposely trying to get him to divorce his wife. And then, more bizarre conspiracy theories against the hospital and staff occurred. (see the previous post, if you're curious.)
So, it's been days of nonstop gaslighting and emotional blackmailing from Rob! And... for some crazy reason, he believes I'm the "weakest link" (even though, Ace has openly admitted that she's the weaker of the two of us and has been leaning on me for support to not cave into his mind-games), and his presumption that he's somehow "smarter" than me and that he can easily get his way from me only pisses me off MORE so! :(
And the worse thing is - the leg thing is situated now... It's not great, but they managed to stop the infection. Rob took it upon himself to flood my phone with photos of his bloody mess of a leg, to "prove" to me that his leg is fine. Even though it looks like a shriveled and dead tree limb with huge gaping bloody wounds, that are actively staining the white linens within the photo. Yes, there is no more liquid and pus, just lots of blood flowing now, but... Seriously, any special effect artist would be PROUD to recreate the way his "leg" looks now, for any horror movie!
BUT, on Sunday, his brain tumor swelled up so much that his eye is drooping, because it is pressing on the optical nerve. Rob's vision is impaired by the tumor and the surgeon wishes to schedule him for brain surgery as soon as possible. They're trying to get a spot for him in the OR and everything set up, but... you know, COVID, so the systems are still bogged down, and the soonest they could get it was in a few days from now. He has to STAY for a few more days to get the brain surgery that he most certainly needs.
And he will... because he has no other choice. =p
In my last post, I explained that Ace and I set an ultimatum to him - if he signs out AMA, he'll have to figure out on his own how to get back to our apartment and how he's going to climb the stairs to the second floor alone. Fat chance of him being successful at either - because he's too weak to sit up on his own, let alone stand on two legs without any help, and he's not been in Minnesota long enough to learn how to travel it yet. (FYI, we're far away from the hospital, in a suburban town many miles away! And he doesn't have any money to pay for that kind of cab fare, even if he wanted to!)
Ace and I are doing a little "tough love", refusing to take him out of medical care, which would be actively helping him to die on our sofa if we did. Nope.
His wife is in FULL and EAGER agreement with this too, along with Rob's social worker as well. The social worker will speak to his new GP about getting a psych eval for him (because the doctor that he praised so much before was harassed and driven up a wall so much - he switched rotation to another floor, just so Rob could stop insisting that he speak with Ace on the phone several times a day and say that it's okay for him to leave the hospital with a huge swollen BRAIN TUMOR in his head!!!)
It's okay... I'm taking a breath. LOL.
So... in order to stop getting his gore-fest photos and his constant calls, still trying to convince me that I'm a better nurse to him than, you know, nurses who went through medical training and all. And trying to hit every pain point in me to get me to cave into what he wants, I blocked his number. Leading up to the blocking, I DID blow up at him on Monday and shouted, "No, you listen to me! Your leg is f**king falling apart! I was peeling off your skin, every time I changed the bandages! Why do you think I'd immediately go back to my room, every time? I went to my room to CRY!" Rob paused, but he didn't care at all, he continued to argue that his leg was NEVER that bad and now that the infection was gone, he should come home... ignoring the swelling BRAIN TUMOR!!!!
I had enough and erupted with, "You're not going to manipulate me, you mother****er!!!" I don't use that swear, usually, as it was my mother's favorite swear. Perhaps, I was channeling a bit of her short temper, at that moment.
Then Rob tried to argue that I can't see very well (trying to use my eye condition against me - I am visually impaired with Keratoconus, yet in my constant blurred vision, I could see his skin sloughing off his wounds anyway. And so did my sister, who isn't visually impaired... nor were his doctors who were shocked and stunned at the state of his leg too, and poor Calvin the head nurse too), that I was seeing his leg "wrong" and "imagining things"... and that's when I hung up and blocked him.
For the past two days... of blissful peace! XD
I went about my day and life as usual while checking in on my sister, from time to time, who was still taking his calls and being driven up a wall.
And the phone block on Rob should have remained...
Tonight, he used the nurse's desk phone to contact me and leave a message on my voicemail. Before he went into the hospital, I had happily presented him with a "house-warming gift". You see, I suffer from PTSD and night terrors (will not get too much into that, just mentioning it for clarity's sake), and my sister bought me a tank with osculating jellyfish in it, to help me sleep better at night. It's a lot pretty, and calming, and it does help me out a lot.
When Rob came to visit us the first time (in far better health than he is currently in and not at all the asshole that we know him to be as now - I know, I know... it's the tumor.), he saw it and thought it was the coolest thing ever. So, I asked my sister to send the link to where she bought the tank, so I that could buy one for Rob when he came back to live with us/seek medical treatment in Minnesota. (That was THE PLAN, after all, that Rob would move in with us for a while and seek medical care here in Minnesota, as he said that our state had better doctors here than in Maryland.)
So tonight, Rob decided to leave me a message, saying that he was sorry and that if he was to go back to Maryland - would it be okay if he took along the jellyfish gift with him? No matter how much of an asshole someone is to me, a gift is a gift. I don't take back gifts, NOT EVER. That's not my style at all. And so, I took him off the phone block to text him just that. Word-for-word.
He wrote back - his words jumbled and misspelled heavily, because of his vision impairments, that was along the lines of "I know that you hate me now." And I replied back, "I don't hate you. I'm just not willing to put up with emotional blackmail bullshit." So then he called me and I kind of KNEW it was a bad mistake to answer, but I did answer...
Immediately, he tried to convince me that he can come home now because there was a "scheduling error" and the doctors said that he can leave for two days and come back for the brain surgery this weekend! This began a shouting match between him and me! LOL! Ace had talked to the doctors and social worker YESTERDAY, who said no such thing. And they keep stressing, if Rob leaves now, it will take at least three whole weeks before he would be able to get in brain surgery. Because, COVID, things are stressed and short-staffed in every hospital.
He will not last that long. He will either die of starvation (as he's not eating meals - and that's not anything new. Ace and I noticed that for a while now, before he went to the hospital, and had asked his wife about it too. She confirmed that Rob wasn't eating much in Maryland either. It may be time for a feeding tube to be introduced soon), or the pressure of the tumor may cause him to have a fatal stroke or other grizzly brain horrors and he'll die on our sofa.
I said to him (and please excuse my swears), "Stop being such a bitch-baby and stay for the surgery!" And he grumbled, "Stop calling me a bitch-baby..." And I literally punched the air, because I was so pissed off, and I snarled, "Okay, I will when you STOP acting like one!!!" Then I realized that I was screaming my head off past midnight, caught myself, and said, "You know what? Ace is in the next room, trying to get some sleep, so she can work in the morning... I'm NOT doing this with you, Rob!"
Then he asked, "B-but... do you still love me, as your brother?" I answered, "Yes, I love you, Rob... even though you're f**king nuts right now!" And he sulked, "I'm not f**king nuts..." Then he said, "Okay, I'll let you and your sister rest tonight then." And... he's back on phone block. I don't think I'll unblock him until AFTER his brain surgery. =p
Fool me once...
Anyway, sorry for this crazy long post! I did try to edit it down, but... so much has happened in the last... *checks notes again* OMG! TWO DAYS, since I last posted here. Seesh! :(
I'll update - AFTER Rob has gone through surgery and is situated. I just needed to vent and blow off some steam... at, currently, 4:30 AM in the morning. I'm hoping that this long af post was at least a little entertaining and provided a few chuckles, at the very least. ;-)
Be excellent to each other. And peace out!
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2023.03.29 11:31 Shashi_tharooor_7 q: what is adharmi as per bhagvad gita mentioning relevant verse.

!gitagpt "what is adharmi" .
Arjuna, listen carefully as I explain to you what an Adharmi is, as per the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.
An Adharmi is one who does not follow the path of Dharma or righteousness. In Chapter 16, the Bhagavad Gita describes the qualities of an Adharmi, also known as a person with demoniac nature. Lord Krishna says:
"Arrogance, pride, anger, conceit, harshness, and ignorance—these qualities belong to those of demonic nature, O son of Pritha." (16.4)
Adharmis are attached to the material world, driven by desires, and are ignorant of their true spiritual nature. They are characterized by negative qualities such as hypocrisy, deceit, and cruelty. They do not respect the divine laws and do not live in harmony with the universe.
In Chapter 2, Lord Krishna also speaks about the importance of performing one's duty in accordance with Dharma:
"Perform your duty equipoised, O Arjuna, abandoning all attachment to success or failure. Such equanimity is called Yoga." (2.48)
An Adharmi disregards their duties and responsibilities, seeking only personal gain and satisfaction. They are not concerned with the welfare of others or the consequences of their actions.
So, Arjuna, an Adharmi is a person who does not follow the righteous path and is driven by negative qualities, causing suffering to themselves and others. It is essential to cultivate virtues and perform one's duty with detachment to rise above the Adharmic nature and attain spiritual growth.
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2023.03.29 11:28 Abject-Budget4994 Reviews on the Anker Soundcore q35? Should I pick q35 or q45?

Hi! I've been searching for headphones around the price of Anker Soundcore.
I'm new to these things, so I need clarification on what makes headphones suitable. Though, here's my playlist that I always listen to every day. I shuffle the playlist. Every day, I can listen to music for up to 5 hours. And I always listen to it while studying at my desk. Though, I live in a dorm with a lot of people around. I need noise-cancelling ones to help me focus more on my studies.
This is the playlist that I always listen to, and it's a bit random...
Though I also have a playlist for my fav songs that is:
I use apple music to hear songs, though I share the Spotify playlist to make it more... accessible (?) So, I sometimes consider headphones that support Dolby atmos. Though, does it make a lot of difference?

I found many people recommending the Anker Soundcore q35, though is it comfortable for hours of use? And, compared to the q45, which will suit better for a user like metter? Or, is there any other options of headphones that you can recommend?

Because I'm still a student, I am searching for noise-cancelling headphones under $150, prioritising music listening and audio quality. Thank you so much for any reviews and advice!
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2023.03.29 11:28 stlatos Linear A na-ma-ma-t; G. mnêma, Dor. mnâma, Thes. nmâma ‘memorial / remembrance'

Duccio Chiapello has written another paper on Linear A:
As always, the implications of his findings go far beyond his words. My remarks are based on the similarity of the LA symbol *319 to *24 (NE). Since ne is written with what looks like “ I ” with a small bar in the middle, removing this would create a variant that did not hinder understanding (no 2 symbols would be the same, no room for confusion). This can be checked by its use in the future, if other examples are found. Younger also considered it could be for ne ( ). This allows me to analyze the LA words as compounds with -ti-ne, not derivatives.

He mentions that Doric changed th > s, but there is more evidence this was more extensive, even beyond Greek.
G. thálassa, Dor. sálassa ‘sea’, *thalamxa > Mac. dalágkha-; = or ~ Salamī́s ??
G. thalámē ‘cave/den’, ophthalmós ‘*socket > eye’, salá(m)bē ‘vent-hole / light opening’
(could be < *dhol-; Go. dal(s) ‘valley’, MHG tol(e) ‘drainage ditch’, G. fem. thólos ‘vaulted room’, Slavic dolŭ ‘pit/hole/valley’ )
and py > pθ > pt / ps (also in Ph. if pserkeyoy, Marsúas : Márphsos, etc.). Even IE in which k^ > t^ > θ ( > th ) exist, making θ > s in those with k^ > s(^) possible.

Sū́mē on Mt. Dicte, formerly a Cretan sanctuary where the burnt remains of many animals have been found, shows evidence of both animal sacrifice and many bronze figures of men and women. These might represent those buried in place of the dead, and the many more men than women might show that infants were not given these. Instead, these might represent the gods given offerings, etc., and a popular male god received many more.
The possibility that Sū́mē is related to -su-ma- found in LA there (Younger mentioned this, too) seems strengthened by G. thûma, Lac. sûma ‘sacrifice/victim’. If the derivation allows *suma ‘sacrificing / place of sacrifice to the gods’, and Sū́mē : sûma :: mnā́mā : mnâma then the presence of both in LA:
a-ju na-ma-ma-ti-ti-ne
(at a height that allows the containers of records (found elsewhere in the sanctuary, with seals used in this still remaining as evidence within) to be placed below) makes these words both ending in -ma-ti-ti-ne in need of some explanation. Since the G. words both end in -ma(t-), a compound with ti-ne is likely. Since these could mean ‘container’ (for records of _ (the preceding word)), it is likely this corresponds to:
LA ti-ne : G. tína
This would allow: G. tī́nā \ tītís ‘bath tub’, LA *tī́nē > ti-ne ‘chest? / coffer? / receptacle? / container?’, confirming Chiapello’s theory that some kind of box of records was kept beneath each “label”. This also allows the words before -ti-ne to make sense. Since Symi had animal sacrifice and many bronze figures, it could be that (close to Chiapello’s work in many aspects):
na-ma-ma-ti-ti-ne : nmāmat-tī́nā ‘container of records / memorials (in honor of the dead)’
This does not help in analyzing the meaning of the bronze figures, since G. mnêma, Dor. mnâma, Thes. nmâma ‘memorial / remembrance / record / monument (in honor of the dead)’ can refer to ‘memorial (to gods)’ or ‘monument (in honor of the dead)’. Either might be expected to have records in a temple, whatever the meaning.

The word a-ju before this likely is from *ayo-s, related to *ay- > OIr. ái ‘a saying’, G. aînos ‘decree/tale/praise’, ainéō ‘tell of / praise/approve / promise/vow’, which might show LA a-ju ‘praising/vowed / with a funeral ritual of praise?’, without complete certainty, though the meaning is clearly related to nmâma ‘memorial / remembrance / record’ in some way, whatever the specifics.

Since Chiapello’s work shows (to my satisfaction, at least), that *dyeus > jo-u I’ve looked for other examples of Greek words with *dy- > *y- ( > í- ). This might allow *dwy- and *dw- > wy- and y- also, so it seems that :
*dahw- > Skt. dav- ‘kindle/burn’, *d-h-av- > Khw. thw-
*dahwy- > G. daíō ‘kindle’, Pashto *dway- > alwoy- \ alwey- ‘scorch/roast’
which already shows met. in thw- & alwoy- (probably more common due to hw and wy breaking up), when forming the common G. verb in *-ny- it would almost require more met. to avoid *hwyny and create:
*dahwy- >> *dahwy-ny- > *dwyah-ny- > *wiyanny- > G. iaínō ‘heat/warm / cheer’ (probably related to īā- ‘heal’ ?)
(that *dahwy- was a unit at the time this formed, whatever, its PIE origin, seems likely) which makes it clear that
wi-ja-su-ma-ti-ti-ne : *wiyā-sūmat-tī́nā ‘container (of records) of burnt sacrifices’

With -ma-ti-ti-ne found in both, the other parts referring to the same aspects (expected at the sanctuary due to archeological findings), the G. words in -mat- matching these and other aspects, the improbability of sequences like na-ma-ma-ti-ti- existing and eithe not representing nm- or -mm- and -tti-, etc., which is unlikely to be found in a language in Greece unrelated to Greek when Greek has words with these very sequences, any other analysis would not explain nearly as much with as much probability.

I’ll add that Chiapello only let me know he had finished this hours before I wrote this, and I don’t think I could have done this work with such exact matches, all parts fitting together, if this was somehow yet more chance that just happened to favor Greek words in LA. If they are unrelated, why does this continue to happen?
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