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2023.03.29 11:41 Captn_Thatch Celtic and Rochester: A WoWsL Tier 7 Review

HMS Celtic

USS Rochester (CA-124)


These ships were given to me by Wargaming for review.
Welcome back. Sure, it does seem rather apt to jump into the first published review in sometime with the addition of two new Baltimores…well, one Oregon-City Cruiser, and another Baltimore. With both ships being so closely related, it seems fitting to tag them both together here. Per the norm, there will be lots of pretty charts, and a comprehensive breakdown of both ships; with the added benefit of showing exactly where these two wrap up into the bigger picture.
All stats are current to the best of my knowledge as of v5.1. Stats are subject to change in the future, and this review may not reflect those changes.
Celtic is a GREAT ship, with a MODERATE Skill Floor and a HIGH Skill Ceiling.
Rochester is an AVERAGE ship, with a LOW Skill Floor and a MODERATE Skill Ceiling.
Quite obviously, this review is going to be mostly centered on Celtic, with some Rochester slapped in there to show exactly how she stacks up to the competition. 2 for 1, or a freebie, you decide.
Nothing could honestly make me happier than to be able to bring reviews and writing to you all full-time. If this interests you and you enjoy reading my work, please support me if you can, as every little bit helps. My goal is to keep my reviews free and public for all to read; and by supporting my Patreon you can help keep me at my desk.

Matrix Rating


The design was first commissioned in the late 1930's, which adapted lessons learned from the preceding Wichita-Class and the currently under construction, lighter Cleveland Class. Baltimore's design featured an orthodox A-B-X configuration of 3 triple turrets of (8") 203mm guns. Fast and well-armed for the era, the fate of the project ended by cancelling later ships construction in favor of the Cleveland Class which were both faster, lighter, and quicker to build which meant more ships out at sea protecting US Navy Carriers. Baltimore Class Cruisers were built from 1941-1945 with some serving in various sub-classes until the 1970's.
With 14 completed ships of the class, the Baltimore-Class had the most constructed heavy cruisers built of any one class from nation during the war-time period. Generally considered a success, the class was preceded by the USS Wichita, and succeeded by the Oregon-City Class. With attached sub-classes, the Boston Class featuring the world's first Guided Missile Cruiser in the early 1950's USS Boston (CAG-1) and Flagship variations. The design was most notable for incorporation of surveillance radar, gun control fire systems which allowed for calculation beyond the horizon, 5'' Anti-Air, and 8'' Main Battery. This design was focused in on the ships ability to be a Carrier Fleet Escort Ship, capable of both Anti-Air Screening, Shore Bombardment, eventually being modified to serve as the world's first guided missile cruiser.
USS Baltimore (CA-68) herself was laid down in 1941, by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation at the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts. The ship was launched in 1942 and served until 1956 when she was decommissioned, and eventually scrapped in 1971. The ship served primarily in the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign, earning 9 battle stars.
HMS Celtic is a made-up ship that never actually existed but rests on the concept that would have been if the Baltimore Class had been sent to the Royal Navy. This was not an entirely foreign concept of the era either, with the two allied nations cooperating heavily with some ships being used by the other’s navy. It would be this cooperation that ultimately played a decisive role in every major theatre of World War 2.
USS Rochester (CA-124) was laid down in the same shipyard as her predecessor, in May 1944. She would be launched in August the following year, then commissioned into the US Navy in 1946. Succeeding the Baltimore Class, the Oregon City Class featured many similarities, with changes to her exhaust, superstructure and Anti-Air Suite. Rochester would serve throughout Korea and Vietnam, being decommissioned in the 1960s, and scrapped in the 1970s. 10 Oregon City Cruisers were planned, with only 4 completed.

Strengths: Celtic

Weaknesses: Celtic

Strengths: Rochester

Weaknesses: Rochester

The Basics

A Baltimore with a Super Heal and longer-range radar? Sign me up. Baltimore on her own is already one of the stronger ships in the game and in terms of utility, one of the stronger team players. Celtic takes an interesting concept and adds a new flair to an older line. She has her own strengths and weaknesses, all of which will be identified, some of which are likely to be seemingly splitting the finest of hairs. This ship has a bit less of a grudge against controlling caps than the traditional Baltimore but should be readily found in the same niche doing the same things, just slightly different. Radar support, anti-destroyer, area control are all tags that apply. Celtic is strong, strong enough to be thrown in with the likes of AL Baltimore, Mainz CE and Wichita CE.
Trashchester is tough. I’ll honestly do my best to not shred this ship into a bajillion pieces while pouring out the salt, but I’m only human. She was painful on release, and since she’s had work done, fitting for her review to be finally finished and published for you all to use as a dash of seasoning for dinner. On release, Rochester had a smoke fire concealment on par with her sister’s base concealment, meaning, her smoke was essentially pointless and served only to blind herself, and not her opponents. Lacking radar, Rochester presented as a clumsy self-blinding target unable to deal the things that engage her. What’s worse, Rochester trades her heal for her smoke, meaning, players are left purchasing a regular old Baltimore, with some fancy AA, or a deaf-mute without a heal. Yes. She was that painful; a concept that bumps in the worst of ways, both theoretically and in practice. While her concealment has been buffed, it’s still an awful kit as her smoke fire concealment is still too weak to present much of a force upon the caps. If we’re stuck to smoke firing spam, there are better ships than Rochester; even making good old Belfast 43 seem like a knight in shining armor.
Both of these ships do sport improved AP performance, in the shape of improved ricochet angles. We’ll tear this apart in the ballistic section, as per the norm. Baltimore’s ballistic performance has been studied quite extensively in the past, which has set up an excellent point of comparison.


Let’s start with the prodigal child and then work towards the bought rented mule. Celtic does well here, in terms of heavy cruisers (203mm) she sits nearer the top of the lists dropping more midfield when included with the rest of the pack. Apart from some of those silly DPM small caliber ships, Celtic packs a noteworthy punch. Rochester starts more midfield and holds her placing through the pack. For a 203mm cruiser, a 2s difference in reload is often enough to bump a ship up or down a rank, entirely. This translates to roughly 20k between the two, and about a full salvo difference.
AL Chapayev 2850 256 500
Cleveland 2300 254 769
Weimar 1700 244 800
Suzuya 2700 243 000
AL Montpelier 2300 220 800
Bayard 2200 221 200
Belfast 43 2450 207 529
Harbin 1900 207 273
Chapayev 2300 207 000
Mainz CE 1700 204 000
Kutuzov 2200 198 000
Mainz 1600 192 000
Ochakov 2200 182 069
Charles Martel 2800 151 200
Wichita CE 2800 151 200
Celtic 2700 145 800
Albemarle 3300 142 560
Wichita 2600 140 400
AL Baltimore 2800 137 454
Mogami 3300 132 000
Baltimore 2800 126 000
Rochester 2800 126 000
Atago 3300 123 750
Pyotr Bagration 2500 122 727
Azuma 5100 114 750
Hipper 2700 112 696
Riga 3050 106 625
Amalfi 3100 104 625
Prinz Eugen 2500 92 308
Sigfried 4400 60 923
Edinburgh - -
Perfect 10 - -
Plymouth - -
In terms of alpha punch, Celtic and Rochester are somewhat similar separated by the performance of firing different shells off different reloads from the same gunnery.
Weimar 3750 540 000
Mainz 3900 468 000
Mainz CE 3900 468 000
Plymouth 3100 457 846
Cleveland 3300 365 538
Perfect 10 2800 358 400
Bayard 3300 316 800
AL Montpelier 3200 307 200
Chapayev 3400 306 000
Edinburgh 3100 297 600
Kutuzov 3300 297 000
Suzuya 3300 297 000
AL Chapayev 3100 279 000
Ochakov 3300 273 103
Harbin 2500 272 727
Charles Martel 4900 264 600
Belfast 43 3100 282 570
Hipper 6000 250 435
AL Baltimore 5000 245 454
Celtic 4500 243 000
Wichita CE 4200 226 800
Baltimore 5000 225 000
Rochester 5000 225 000
Pyotr Bagration 4550 223 364
Prinz Eugen 5900 217 846
Wichita 4000 216 000
Riga 5750 200 323
Azuma 8650 194 625
Albemarle 4500 194 400
Mogami 4700 188 000
Atago 4700 176 250
Amalfi 5100 172 125
Sigfried 11 600 160 615
Celtic has among the better AP DPM values for a 203mm armed cruiser, only being outclassed by ships with meatier AP. In terms of overall, Celtic sits more midfield. Her overall AP ballistic performance allows her to unlock more of this actual number than many of her counterparts.
Range (Km) Reload (s)
Weimar 15.3 5.0
Harbin 14.5 5.5
Ochakov 15.5 5.8
Mainz 15.8 6.0
Mainz CE 15.8 6.0
Plymouth 15.2 6.5
Cleveland 15.3 6.5
AL Montpelier 13.9 7.5
Perfect 10 15.2 7.5
Edinburgh 15.3 7.5
Bayard 15.8 7.5
Kutuzov 16.0 8.0
AL Chapayev 16.0 8.0
Chapayev 16.0 8.0
Belfast 43 15.3 8.5
Celtic 15.5 10.0
Suzuya 15.3 10.0
Charles Martel 15.8 10.0
Wichita 15.5 10.0
Wichita CE 15.5 10.0
Pytor Bagration 16.0 11.0
AL Baltimore 15.5 11.0
Hipper 15.8 11.5
Baltimore 15.5 12.0
Rochester 15.4 12.0
Albemarle 15.5 12.5
Prinz Eugen 15.8 13.0
Mogami 15.3 15.0
Riga 16.1 15.5
Amalfi 15.4 16.0
Atago 14.7 16.0
Azuma 15.8 24.0
Sigfried 16.2 26.0
Overall, there’s not all that much to crow about here. Rochester sits a bit lower on the charts than Celtic due to reload. Both have improved ballistics to offer compensation for a lack of torpedoes. The DPM numbers are at their worst, workable, and at best, functional, neither being awful nor spectacular. Celtic takes the edge due to better numbers overall.


The tell-all ballistic chart. Royal Navy Cruisers and US Navy Cruisers sport among the best AP performance in their respective classes and tiers. Celtic has among the best HE DPM numbers of the Baltimores, but takes a hit on her fire chance percentage. Rochester SHAP hits like a truck, along with her Baltimore cousins. Things get interesting here the more you study this chart, captains. Celtic has arguably better HE, but worse AP. Rochester has SHAP and excellent AP performance, but poor shell count. AL Baltimore once again takes the cake with the best “happy medium” of the bunch, sporting a decent shell count, SHAP with excellent penetration and a lower muzzle velocity introducing slightly higher arcs yielding much more forgiving angles on the receiving end…
What I can say definitively, is Baltimore SHAP has much greater penetration than the standard AP. Wichita leans on HE at range, and she has the numbers to back it up, Baltimore hardly ever shoots HE in practice which is backed up by her AP performance and penetration values. Captains, it would not be entirely erroneous in terms of gunnery to compare Stock Baltimore to Celtic and Wichita or Elite Baltimore to Rochester and AL Baltimore.
Ricochet (o) Fuse Time (s) Sigma Velocity (m/s) Projectile
Albemarle 45/60 0.033 2.0 814 AP
AL Baltimore 60/67.5 0.033 1.8 762 SHAP
Balti-Stock 60/67.5 0.033 1.9 853 AP
Balti-Elite 60/67.5 0.033 1.9 782 SHAP
Celtic 60/67.5 0.033 2.0 853 AP
Rochester 60/67.5 0.033 2.0 762 SHAP
Wichita 60/67.5 0.033 1.8 853 AP
Wichita CE 60/75 0.01 2.0 853 AP
The major and palpable difference in performance here is between Celtic and the native Baltimores, is that Celtic lacks SHAP. This means Celtic’s AP shells weigh less, which translates to depleting velocity and thus penetration values faster than the Baltimores heavier shells. Fortunately, Baltimore has some of the best AP penetration in her class which means that Celtic can afford to lose some raw penetration value before she begins to suffer. Rochester wins the AP argument here, while Celtic takes the HE side. It’s almost literally splitting hairs, and Baltimore Mains will feel right at home in either ship.
Fire Chance % HE Pen (mm) Shell Count Velocity (m/s) Projectile
Albemarle 17 33 43 814 HE
AL Baltimore 14 33 49 823 HE
Baltimore 14 33 45 823 HE
Celtic 10 33 54 823 HE
Rochester 14 33 45 823 HE
Wichita 14 33 54 823 HE
Wichita CE 14 33 54 823 HE
If you’re looking to start fires, grab Albemarle. However, this is about the only such category she takes. Celtic manages better with access to a shorter reload and better overall ballistic properties. Shell by shell, edge Rochester, overall, solidly in Celtic’s favor by a full 9 shells.


Neither of these ships sport torpedoes, so this section is predicably blank.


Let’s jump into the major category of defense. Celtic arguably may be one of the best, Rochester, rather mediocre. From the top.
Celtic has among the best effective health pools, just edging out Edinburgh with a chunky 66k. It’s worth pointing out Albemarle tops both with a mighty 78k, though most Albemarle tend to be much more passive alluding to a different playstyle entirely. Baltimore is considered “tanky” at 56k, and Celtic adds in a super-heal. I wouldn’t chance to say Albemarle is particularly tanky, but she can heal quite well. A Baltimore is tanky enough to access that 66k EHP and is a scary thought. Baltimore can take a punch, where Edinburgh relies on defense by trickery, clever armor schemes and angling, Albemarle by range and angle. It’s also quite worth mentioning that Celtic rests with 36,7k base HP, meaning on par with most Cruiser Lights. Captains, you will feel getting hit in Celtic. Kit with 9.9km radar, sonar, a super heal, decent armor, excellent AA and workable concealment…captains, this is a literal no-brainer. Celtic is a slightly different twist off some of the most competitive ships in the game.
Rochester is rather tanky like most of her preceding Baltimore cousins. She has the same armor scheme essentially, and similar HP/EHP values. While this would normally be good on its own, Rochester has an Achilles’ Heel. Rochester must choose between having smoke or having a heal, and outright lacks Radar. While she has defensive AA, this is mostly a living meme rather than consistently as effective in combat as Radar. As said before, in terms of smoke cruisers there are just better options some of which don’t involve sacrificing your heal, or even radar. This relegates Rochester to just being a rather average 203mm CA, with very slightly better AA and decent enough armor.
The ranking seems a bit harsh, but that’s generally the difference between the hunter (Celtic), and the hunted (Rochester). Rochester initially will feel getting hit less, due to a larger health pool however, the table quickly swings in favor of Celtic, which gets most of it back.

Health Effective Health
Azuma 52 500 78 960
Albemarle 43 800 78 840
Sigfried 55 000 70 400
Celtic 36 700 66 020
Edinburgh 36 400 65 520
Hipper 43 800 58 517
Plymouth 41 000 58 220
Prinz Eugen 45 000 57 600
AL Baltimore 42 400 56 646
Baltimore 42 400 56 646
Mainz 44 000 56 320
Riga 42 000 56 112
Rochester 41 900 55 978
Amalfi 42 800 54 784
Mainz CE 42 500 54 400
Kutuzov 40 700 54 364
Pytor Bagration 42 000 53 760
Atago 40 100 53 574
Mogami 39 100 52 238
Perfect 10 36 500 51 788
AL Chapayev 37 000 51 504
Chapayev 37 000 51 504
Belfast 43 38 400 51 302
Suzuya 38 000 50 786
Wichita 37 900 50 634
Wichita CE 37 900 50 634
Charles Martel 38 000 48 640
AL Montpelier 36 900 47 232
Cleveland 36 900 47 232
Ochakov 34 750 46 426
Weimar 32 000 42 752
Bayard 34 700 -
Harbin 26 500 33 892


This chart below sticks to the USN and RN CA/CLs for now... At some point, this chart will include overmatch and juicy other details for all the cruisers, but for now, it is simple enough to get the point across. Most Cruisers have their critical spaces directly abutting the hull, others don’t. Cruiser armor varies widely and is worth looking at because there are absolutely ships with specific advantages worth exploring and exploiting. For now, let’s keep it simple.
As summarized before, the Baltimore Class has relatively good armor, while it has its weaknesses, is generally functional enough to get by. They are neither needlessly weighed down by their armor, nor under-armored. It’s worth saying Rochester and Celtic have vaguely the same armor lay out and will handle 380mm Battleships.
Extremity Plating (mm) Belt Armor (mm)
Albemarle 25 152
AL Baltimore 27 152
AL Montpelier 25 127
Baltimore 27 152
Belfast 43 16 114
Celtic 27 152
Cleveland 25 127
Edinburgh 30 114
Perfect 10 16 114
Plymouth 16 114
Rochester 27 152
Wichita 27 152
Wichita CE 27 152

Anti-Air Suite

Rochester takes the cake here, with better and larger AA guns she’s rather resistant to airborne pests. Celtic ties in with the close second, along with her sisters. The truly beautiful thing about either ship is that captains will not need to waste any energy into building this into making this sector a functional kit. Captains, you can save some defensive energy by focusing into Celtic’s Radar and by leaving Rochester in port. The magic number here is being north of that 350/s line, Azuma scrapes by with a bit of focus, where pretty much all the USN ships will laugh off aircraft. A major point of contention that is worth noting; Rochester is immune, Celtic is quite resistant to CVs, where Albemarle gets by here, and Edinburgh is rather hindered. I suspect this will be massively impactful for competitive players.
Range (Km) DPS
Rochester 5.0 370
AL Baltimore 5.0 365
Baltimore 5.0 365
Celtic 5.0 365
AL Montpelier 5.0 363
Cleveland 5.0 363
Mainz 5.0 357
Mainz CE 5.0 357
Sigfried 5.2 354
Azuma 5.0 342
Hipper 4.5 288
Pyotr Bagration 5.0 280
Prinz Eugen 4.5 279
Plymouth 5.0 276
Perfect 10 5.0 276
Albemarle 5.0 272
Kutuzov 5.0 264
Amalfi 4.0 225
Wichita 5.0 217
Wichita CE 5.0 217
Bayard 5.0 212
Belfast 43 5.0 207
Al Chapayev 5.0 207
Chapayev 5.0 207
Charles Martel 5.0 204
Ochakov 5.0 196
Riga 5.2 188
Weimar 4.5 181
Edinburgh 5.0 175
Harbin 5.2 170
Mogami 5.0 127
Atago 5.0 90
Suzuya 5.0 67
Rochester takes the cake here, because everyone deserves to be really good at something. However, with CVs it’s important to remember everything is relative.


Technically these are the same values while stock, and their rating is the same. However, this is quite deceiving. Rochester is GOOD leaning on GREAT where Celtic is GOOD leaning on AVERAGE. The reason for this follows their available commanders, which Shelly Beapley offers a unique 4th row concealment skill unavailable to any other commander, or nation. The result of this, Rochester, like her cousins sits at a comfortable 9.3km, where Celtic sits at 9.9km. Rochester can do almost nothing with this concealment, as she lacks radar, and her smoke fire window is just a pale 1.7km below her surface concealment. However, that .6km is a palpable difference and can open huge strategic windows; particularly once south of that magic 10km line.
The obvious connotation here is that hiding a radar cruiser inside 10km is far scarier than hiding a smoke cruiser inside 9.5, provocatively when that same smoke cruiser can be spotted inside her smoke at 7.6km. Captains, this 7.6km is on par with her sisters, however, this is a very narrow margin even for a support cruiser. Smoke is infinitely easier to use than radar, however, infinitely less forgiving.
Stock Concealment
Amalfi 11.4
Atago 11.7
Harbi 11.8
Belfast 43 11.9
Plymouth 12.0
Edinburgh 12.0
Albemarle 12.1
Mogami 12.3
Suzuya 12.3
Cleveland 12.5
AL Montpelier 12.5
Celtic 12.6
AL Baltimore 12.6
Baltimore 12.6
Rochester 12.6
Wichita 12.6
Azuma 12.7
Weimar 13.0
Sigfried 13.0
Perfect 10 13.2
Bayard 13.2
Pyotr Bagration 13.3
Charles Martel 13.4
Hipper 13.5
Prinz Eugen 13.6
Mainz 13.7
Mainz CE 13.7
Kutuzov 13.8
Ochakov 13.8
Riga 14.2
AL Chapayev 14.3
Chapayev 14.3


Celtic sits almost smack dab of the upper midfield pack of heavy cruisers where Rochester sits more towards the end of the pack. Rochester feels clunky and handles like it, where Celtic feels more “native” to her respective class sharing the same stats. While this is rated good overall, its more average in the face of Lighter Cruisers, representing more of a bang-for-the-buck scenario.
Rudder Shift (s) Turn Radius (m)
Weimar 6.4 660
AL Montpelier 6.9 660
Harbin 7.2 660
Cleveland 6.0 680
Wichita 6.0 680
Wichita CE 6.0 680
Perfect 10 8.0 680
Edinburgh 8.6 680
Belfast 43 9.9 680
Plymouth 10.1 680
Amalfi 11.0 680
Charles Martel 8.9 690
Mainz 10.5 720
Mainz CE 10.5 720
Albemarle 10.7 720
AL Baltimore 7.0 730
Baltimore 7.0 730
Celtic 7.0 730
Bayard 9.3 730
Hipper 9.7 740
Suzuya 5.6 750
Mogami 6.4 750
Ochakov 7.4 750
Rochester 10.5 750
Kutuzov 6.5 760
Prinz Eugen 9.8 770
Atago 8.1 790
Sigfried 14.0 880
AL Chapayev 8.7 890
Chapayev 8.7 890
Pyotr Bagration 10.5 890
Azuma 12.3 920
Riga 11.5 920


Celtic essentially has one commander that is head and shoulders ahead of the rest, while the rest kind of just work. HotRod offers the best fit here inarguably, along with Radar Edinburgh and Radar Minotaur. This sets Celtic up to be a near par build with the USN CA Queen Shelly Beapley. While her 4th row skill’s absence here is certainly felt and results in a 9.9km concealment, the build is largely similar and works well for any radar focused cruiser. While there are other builds out there, this is the gem of the lot and helps unlock that sacred mantra of utility that surrounds the Baltimore Class. Inspirations should focus on concealment, Mikawa and Swirski, to bring Celtic’s detection to pair with her Radar.
Nothing can be easy with Rochester, and naturally, building her was to the same effect. Essentially there are two trains of thought for this ship, build into dispersion or build into utility.
AL Montpelier seemed to mesh the best, which then turns Rochester into a little flamethrower capable of merging all her shells into a single pixel. However, this build is rather finicky to use and has a fair number of weaknesses. The build heavily relies on team spotting and is itself a second-line cruiser. Something like a 19-20% fire chance and a nasty dispersion circle. Rochester already has excellent gunnery performance as discussed; Montpelier really sharpens the sword. Pair with AL Scharnhorst and Scott to reduce dispersion and sigma, respectively, even further.
AL Montpelier
It's a rare day when Shelly gets sat down in favor of another commander in the USN CA tree, but I kept falling into the same pitfalls using the same build for similar ships often being able to use radar. Shelly will help bring out Rochester’s utility, but she’s arguably not as well fit in on Rochester as AL Montpelier is. Pair Beapley with concealment inspirations from Mikawa and Swirski and enjoy a very beautiful 9.3km concealment. Rochester has SHAP and excellent penetration values, meaning she can readily ambush and critically strike ships quite larger than her, all without torpedoes.
Shelly Beapley


Ok, rather than spell out everything, everywhere, all at once; I’m going to keep it simple here.
  1. Damage Control: Standard, unlimited uses. 60s cooldown.
  2. Sonar: 3km Torp, 4.2km Ship detection. Lasts around 98s when kit with Hot Rod and reloads in 132.
  3. Radar: 9.9km range and lasts about 28s when built.
  4. Heal: 733/s over 20s. Yep, that’s over 14k HP. Reloads in less than a minute too.
Celtic has a near ideal consumable suite. There are some differences off the mainstream, such as slightly less sonar range or shorter radar duration. Glossing over the minor differences, the bigger picture reveals something better. Built, Celtic can regenerate a LOT of health.
  1. Damage Control: Standard, unlimited. 60s cooldown.
  2. Defensive AA: +200% average AA damage. This is memes, it's sort of like a bug zapper for planes.
  3. Sonar: Standard 3.3km/4.4km detection over 96s. The average sonar found on everything.
  4. Smoke/Heal: 30s duration, 104s dissipation time for the smoke. 251/s over 28s for the heal.
Rochester is rather standard in her access to her consumables, with the killer choice between smoke or a heal. I’ve gone back and forth, generally landing on the heal. Rochester is essentially a decent cruiser hampered by her rather average consumable suite.


  1. Aiming Systems Mod 1: -7% Dispersion
  2. Steering Gears Mod 2: -20% Rudder Shift
  3. Concealment Mod 1: -10% Detectability
  4. Main Battery Mod 3: -15% Gun Reload
Ok, so the modifications section is super easy because both ships share the same builds. Aiming Systems mod 1 for the dispersion, player’s choice on slot 2 with either propulsion mod 2 or steering gears mod 2. Concealment Mod 1 for slot 3 and finishing off slot 4 by increasing DPM with main battery mod 3.




Celtic is a joy. Rochester is work.
I can see Celtic becoming a popular contestant in competitive play with the access to that 9.9km radar and her super heal. I rather lamented her HE performance, more due to her lower fire chance then her DPM or ballistic performance. While it would be nice to see her have ¼ pen HE, she doesn’t need it. I find her nicely balanced and well measured to take on Tier 7. She is just unique enough to warrant her own review, whilst similar enough to stay nearer the beaten path. While she may not comfortably and outright usurp Wichita CE and AL Baltimore from their spots, she’s worth mentioning with the group. That’s saying something.
Rochester, well, let’s just say that not everyone can be the best. This ship is tough but can be rewarding in a sense of overcoming the demands of a challenging ships. My issue with Rochester is 2-fold, her smoke and her heal. She ideally needs both to function in this current meta, and running the ship’s gimmick leaves her with abysmal EHP in a plummet from pretty good to 3rd worst overall, which only trumps Harbin and Bayard while being out-healed by Weimar. With a smoke-fire penalty in the mid 7’s km, smoke is hard to use effectively that is not relegated to back line, HE spam. As said before, if we’re really going to be stuck to this, there are ships which do this better. While I love the perspective of a USN CA without radar just to offer something more unique, a USN CA without Radar is like a cart without a horse. Hilariously enough, Rochester seems to avoid CV games like the actual plague, so I suppose that’s one strong point. Otherwise, and largely, captains are left with a rather average 203mm CA.
Written By: Capt Thatch
submitted by Captn_Thatch to WoWs_Legends [link] [comments]

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2023.03.29 10:34 Nazta JP - FF13: Visions World #9 Event - 03/29 ~ 04/16

JP Version Only
FF13: Visions World
  • Duration: 03/29 17:00 ~ 04/16 23:59 [JST]
  • Official Announcement: Link

Related Content:

Event Videos

Tag me to have your video linked here! (max of 10 videos)


  • Uses the Dark Visions system.
  • Ranking Rewards (See Below)
  • Defeat Bosses from different worlds (See Below)
  • Obtain rare mats to upgrade equipment from boss drops
Bonus Units (Drops):
EX Bonus (Drops)
EX Drops
EX+1 20%
EX+2 50%
EX+3 100%

Scoring System

You will be graded from B to SS based on 5 criteria:
Type Max Points Notes
ATK 30k Damage Dealt in a single turn Max = Damage Cap (2.147~B) Scoring: 5000 + (DMG/85899)
WAC 10k Weakness Attacks 1700 Points per Attack (6 = 10k) Dmg done to the target's vulnerable element.
DOWN 10k Number of Deaths -2k Points each
DMG 10k Damage Taken Max = No Damage Dmg Taken/Points scaling is unknown
CH. 10k Max Chain 100 Points per Chain (100 = 10k)

Ranking Rewards

Rank Dark Matter Other
1 2000 50,000 Lapis* 10x Cactuar Emperor 2x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 10x SP Tickets 2x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
2~10 2000 30,000 Lapis 10x Cactuar Emperor 2x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 10x SP Tickets 2x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
11~50 2000 10,000 Lapis 10x Cactuar Emperor 2x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 8x SP Tickets 2x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
51~100 2000 5,000 Lapis 10x Cactuar Emperor 2x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 8x SP Tickets 2x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
101~300 2000 4,000 Lapis 10x Cactuar Emperor 2x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 8x SP Tickets 2x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
301~500 2000 3,000 Lapis 5x Cactuar Emperor 2x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 5x SP Tickets 2x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
501~1000 2000 2,000 Lapis 5x Cactuar Emperor 1x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 5x SP Tickets 2x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
1001~2000 2000 5x Cactuar Emperor 1x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 5x SP Tickets 1x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
2001~3000 1000 5x Cactuar Emperor 1x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 5x SP Tickets 1x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
3001~4000 1000 1x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 5x SP Tickets
4001~5000 1000 3x NV SP Tickets 5x SP Tickets
5001~10000 1000 2x NV SP Tickets 5x SP Tickets
10001~15000 800 2x NV SP Tickets 3x SP Tickets
15001~20000 800 1x NV SP Ticket 3x SP Tickets
20001~30000 800 3x SP Tickets
30001~50000 500 1x SP Ticket
50001~100000 300 1x SP Ticket
100001+ 100 1x SP Ticket
* If the amount of players who are ranked 1st exceeds 100, 5M Lapis will be split evenly among them.
Also contains FF13 Emblem rewards.
Note: SP Tickets are month-limited, contains both NV and Fest units.

Individual Milestone Rewards

Points Reward
25,000pt ダークマター×50
50,000pt トラストモーグリ
75,000pt ダークマター×50
100,000pt 100ラピス
125,000pt ダークマター×50
150,000pt 飛翔の珠
175,000pt ダークマター×50
200,000pt 100ラピス
225,000pt ダークマター×50
250,000pt ALL輝源
275,000pt ダークマター×50
300,000pt 天翔の珠
325,000pt ダークマター×50
350,000pt トラストモーグリ
375,000pt ダークマター×50
400,000pt 100ラピス
450,000pt トラストモーグリ
500,000pt NV SP召喚チケット2023/4
550,000pt ダークマター×100
600,000pt 200ラピス
650,000pt ダークマター×100
700,000pt 200ラピス
800,000pt ダークマター×100
900,000pt 300ラピス
1,000,000pt 励輝晶
1,100,000pt メタルジャボテン見参!
1,200,000pt 1000ラピス
1,300,000pt ダークマター×150
1,400,000pt 1000ラピス
1,500,000pt ダークマター×150
1,600,000pt 2000ラピス

Event Equipment (Upgraded)

勇者のアミュレット(FFXIII) [Accessory] +84 ATK, +50% ATK, +50% P/M Machine Killer 導師のアミュレット(FFXIII) [Accessory] +78 MAG, +50% MAG, +50% P/M Machine Killer 魔神のタリスマン(FFXIII) [Accessory] +82 MAG, +50% EQ MAG w/ TDH/TDW 源氏の小手(FFXIII) [Accessory] +63 ATK/MAG, +50% LB Damage 闘志のタリスマン(FFXIII) [Accessory] +36 ATK/MAG, +57 DEF/SPR, +30% HP, <30% HP Guts パニッシャー(FFXIII) [Spear] +223 ATK, 5% MP/Turn, 4 LB/Turn, +100% Jump Damage 

Area Summary

Monster Skillsets: (Thanks togeo)
Area Wk Ele Name/Tribe
A1/2 [-] --- 重攻撃騎マナスヴィン [Machine]
B1/2 [-] --- ゲパルト烈爪 [Beast]
C1/2 [-] --- PSICOM特殊戦術士 [Human]
D1/2 [-] --- ベヒーモス改 [Beast]
----- ----- ----------------
E [-] --- 機甲兵クリーガー [Machine]
----- ----- ----------------
F [-] --- ガスト [Undead]
----- ----- ----------------
G [-] --- ファルシ=アニマ [Machine]
Note: [P] is Phys / [M] is Magic.*
submitted by Nazta to FFBraveExvius [link] [comments]

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$ASML Trading Ideas Awaiting Buy signal. 60% Profitability based on 5 trades. Profit factor is 1.34. Learn more at #ASMLSTOCK #stockmarket submitted by PatternTrader2 to StockTradingIdeas [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 10:29 PatternTrader2 $TM Trading Ideas Awaiting Short signal. 100% Profitability based on 4 trades. Profit factor is 100. Learn more at #TMSTOCK #stocks

$TM Trading Ideas Awaiting Short signal. 100% Profitability based on 4 trades. Profit factor is 100. Learn more at #TMSTOCK #stocks submitted by PatternTrader2 to StockTradingIdeas [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 09:38 nico95140 Breeding efficiency

Breeding efficiency
Hello I just restarted the game and saw the vitamin changes. Is there a link like back then that says which pokemon is best in breeding efficiency region by region?
As I found in the history of the old wiki
submitted by nico95140 to PokeClicker [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 09:29 Boostaroo 🦘 Boostaroo 🦘 🌎 NA - EU - OCE 🌎 Unranked → Grandmaster Solo - Duo - TFT - Wild Rift - Coaching ❤️ Loyalty Program ❤️ EST. 2017

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A team of 37 boosters ranging from Masters to Challenger
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Our discord community currently has 800+ members, 250+ reviews and we provide services for:
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Need help climbing ranked and going past barriers which you may have faced? Well search no more! You came to the right place.
We have dedicated hard working boosters which are at your disposal.
Overall boosting statistics
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Challenger, Grandmaster and Master+ Boosters
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Servers: NA, OCE, EU, JP
Coach requirements:
Diamond 1+ with coaching experience (Any regions)
Any questions or information not covered here can be answered on discord.
submitted by Boostaroo to LoLServices [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 08:55 Mean_Square_6690 harm reduction??

i lost around 37 pounds in a short span of time (4-5 months or so) and went from BMI 25 to BMI 17.9. these days i've been experiencing really painful chest pains, low heart rate (according to apple watch), and fainted several times. i tried upping my intake to>! 800-1000 kcals!<, but i'm still experiencing these symptoms. its so painful and i feel like i might die... should i try eating at maintenance in order to lessen these symptoms and for harm reduction??
submitted by Mean_Square_6690 to EDAnonymous [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 08:10 alcatraz250 So...did anyone else get this email or was it just me

So...did anyone else get this email or was it just me submitted by alcatraz250 to GaState [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 08:06 CesarB2760 Possible simple Samurott strat?

So for the last several raids the community has tried to settle on a relatively simple strat, one that doesn't require too much coordination from our random online allies. Obviously we don't yet know what tricks Samurott will have, but I came up with something that I think will work barring something crazy. For those who don't want to read further, the gist is that one person brings a Koraidon that knows Helping Hand, and the other 3 bring Iron Moths that know Acid Spray and Overheat. There is a backup plan (in case Samurott has a Ground type move) where the other 3 use Armarouge. Koraidon uses Attack Cheer turn 1, then Helping Hands whichever Iron Moth is healthiest. The Moths use Acid Spray turn 1, then only use Overheat if Koraidon used Helping Hand on them.
I know that these pokemon choices seem odd, but I'll explain. I wanted pokemon that could threaten a OHKO without needing to buff themselves, only debuff the enemy. I also wanted a relatively small number of different pokemon involved, where everyone's job would be pretty self-explanatory. Since Sun provides a huge boost to Fire moves, I started there. Overheat, Flare Blitz, and Pyro Ball stood out as strong moves. Among the pokemon with access to 1 of those moves, Iron Moth, Armarouge, Miraidon, and Koraidon were the only ones that also learned the appropriate debuffs.
Koraidon looked promising, but even with Samurott at -6 def it JUST BARELY misses the OHKO. It looks like a great option to solo, but a full group of them may end up waffling between Screech and Swords Dance and accidentally trigger the shield. So if we're aiming for a OHKO with strangers, Koraidon will have to settle for bringing the Sun and Helping Hand support. Miraidon also doesn't quite have the juice, though there would be a good argument for bringing it instead of 1 Iron Moth to provide Electric Terrain.
Iron Moth and Armarouge, obviously, suffer from their weakness to Water. However, Sun reduces the damage by enough that both comfortably survive any 2 non-crit Water moves that might come their way. They both also outspeed Samurott and we get the KO on turn 2 so they shouldn't even need to survive a 2nd attack unless Samurott throws one out in the pre-fight. Iron Moth is pretty clearly superior as it has notably higher SpA and 4x resists Bug. It is less physically bulky, but it hits so hard that you can actually invest more in defenses and still hit the KO. The only reason to consider Armarouge is that Iron Moth takes a TON from Ground moves, where Armarouge can take 2 of anything Samurott knows.
Now, there are still things that would turn this sideways. Samurott resetting its stats turn 2 would be bad but manageable with a change to turn 1; Armarouge could Calm Mind or set up screens, Iron Moth could Light Screen or Electric Terrain (for Quark Drive), and Koraidon could Defense Cheer. This is riskiest for Armarouge, which takes big chunks from Megahorn regardless. The scariest thing for me though would be Rain Dance. Any of these pokes could easily run Sunny Day but the fight becomes less and less predictable if a weather war breaks out and most of the team is 1 rain-boosted Hydro Pump away from death. Speaking of making the fight unpredictable, Samurott has access to both Taunt and Encore, but honestly if it does that I'm probably only running it with friends.
Now for some damage calcs so everyone can see that we get the KO and aren't KOd ourselves. Our Iron Moth is actually oriented heavily toward bulk, as a paltry 48 SpA EVs are enough to guarantee the OHKO.
48+ SpA Life Orb Iron Moth Helping Hand Atk cheer Overheat vs. -6 0 HP / 0 SpD Tera Bug Samurott in Sun: 9982-11745 (100.5 - 118.2% of 30x hp boss) -- guaranteed OHKO0 Atk Tera Bug Samurott Aqua Tail vs. 0 HP / 252 Def Iron Moth in Sun: 102-122 (33.8 - 40.5%) -- guaranteed 3HKO0 SpA Tera Bug Samurott Hydro Pump vs. 0 HP / 216 SpD Iron Moth in Sun: 96-114 (31.8 - 37.8%) -- 85.6% chance to 3HKO
Armarouge needs a good bit more SpA investment and takes much bigger chunks from almost any move that isn't Drill Run, but it still survives as long as we actually need.
164+ SpA Life Orb Armarouge Helping Hand Atk cheer Overheat vs. -6 0 HP / 0 SpD Tera Bug Samurott in Sun: 9954-11714 (100.2 - 117.9% of 30x hp boss) -- guaranteed OHKO0 SpA Tera Bug Samurott Hydro Pump vs. 0 HP / 252 SpD Armarouge in Sun: 114-134 (36.6 - 43%) -- guaranteed 3HKO0 Atk Tera Bug Samurott Megahorn vs. 0 HP / 96 Def Armarouge: 118-139 (37.9 - 44.6%) -- guaranteed 3HKO0 Atk Tera Bug Samurott Aqua Tail vs. 0 HP / 96 Def Armarouge in Sun: 86-104 (27.6 - 33.4%) -- 0% chance to 3HKO
So there we have it. A pretty simple yet effective strategy that strangers could pull off without coordination. They might even have the power to punch through the shield if an Iron Moth gets antsy and attacks without the Cheer or Helping Hand, depending on exactly what surprises Samurott has in store. So what do we think, does it have potential?
submitted by CesarB2760 to PokemonScarletViolet [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 07:57 Short_Algo $WAT Trading Ideas Awaiting Buy signal. 100% Profitability based on 2 trades. Profit factor is 100. Learn more at #WATSTOCK #daytrading

$WAT Trading Ideas Awaiting Buy signal. 100% Profitability based on 2 trades. Profit factor is 100. Learn more at #WATSTOCK #daytrading submitted by Short_Algo to StockTradingIdeas [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 07:19 BambooFun So this my first time playing Rune Factory and these guys are just standing here like this, no animation nothing. Is this supposed to happen. I also don't know how to start the event was the game supposed to explain that or?

So this my first time playing Rune Factory and these guys are just standing here like this, no animation nothing. Is this supposed to happen. I also don't know how to start the event was the game supposed to explain that or? submitted by BambooFun to runefactory [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 06:27 thx_for_the_f_shack MCU shutdown: ADC out of range

Ender 6 + Manta E3EZ + CB1 + EZ2209 Drivers + Micro-Swiss NG DD

Hey folks!
Just swapped out the board on my Ender 6 with a Manta E3EZ. I'm at the point now where I'm trying to connect to Klipper, but keep getting:
MCU 'mcu' shutdown: ADC out of range
I have gone over and over my config, but can't seem to figure out the issue. Can anyone take a look and see if they notice anything that I missed? My config is below, and I'll comment with a link to my klipper.log.
Thank you!!
# This file contains common pin mappings for the BIGTREETECH Manta E3EZ # To use this config, the firmware should be compiled for the # STM32G0B1 with a "8KiB bootloader" "8 MHz crystal" # and "USB (on PA11/PA12)" or "CAN bus (on PB12/PB13)". # See docs/ for a description of parameters. [stepper_x] step_pin: PA14 dir_pin: !PA10 enable_pin: !PA13 microsteps: 16 rotation_distance: 40 endstop_pin: ^PC4 position_endstop: 260 position_max: 260 homing_speed: 50 [stepper_y] step_pin: PC8 dir_pin: !PA15 enable_pin: !PC14 microsteps: 16 rotation_distance: 40 endstop_pin: ^PB0 position_endstop: 260 position_max: 260 homing_speed: 50 [stepper_z] step_pin: PD2 dir_pin: !PD4 enable_pin: !PD3 microsteps: 16 rotation_distance: 8 endstop_pin: ^PC6 position_endstop: 0 position_max: 400 [extruder] step_pin: PD5 dir_pin: PD6 enable_pin: !PB3 microsteps: 16 rotation_distance: 8 nozzle_diameter: 0.400 filament_diameter: 1.750 heater_pin: PB11 #HE0 sensor_type: EPCOS 100K B57560G104F sensor_pin: PA4 #TH0 control: pid pid_Kp: 21.527 pid_Ki: 1.063 pid_Kd: 108.982 min_temp: 0 max_temp: 200 #[filament_switch_sensor material_0] #switch_pin: PC5 #[extruder1] #step_pin: PB7 #dir_pin: PB6 #enable_pin: !PB4 #heater_pin: PB10 # HE1 #sensor_pin: PA5 # T1 #microsteps: 16 #[filament_switch_sensor material_1] #switch_pin: PB1 [heater_bed] heater_pin: PB2 #HB sensor_type: EPCOS 100K B57560G104F #Generic 3950 sensor_pin: PA3 #TB control: pid pid_Kp: 327.11 pid_Ki: 19.20 pid_Kd: 1393.45 min_temp: 0 max_temp: 100 [fan] pin: PA8 kick_start_time: 0.5 off_below: 0.10 [heater_fan fan1] pin: PB15 max_power: 1.0 kick_start_time: 0.5 heater: extruder heater_temp: 50.0 [heater_fan fan2] pin: PB14 kick_start_time: 0.5 heater: heater_bed fan_speed: 0.5 [mcu] serial: /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Klipper_stm32g0b1xx_3C004D0012504B4B38383620-if00 [printer] kinematics: corexy max_velocity: 500 max_accel: 2000 max_z_velocity: 10 max_z_accel: 200 #TMC2209 configuration [tmc2209 stepper_x] uart_pin: PB8 diag_pin: PC4 run_current: 0.800 stealthchop_threshold: 999999 [tmc2209 stepper_y] uart_pin: PC9 diag_pin: PB0 run_current: 0.800 stealthchop_threshold: 999999 [tmc2209 stepper_z] uart_pin: PD0 diag_pin: PC6 run_current: 0.650 stealthchop_threshold: 999999 [tmc2209 extruder] uart_pin: PD1 run_current: 0.800 stealthchop_threshold: 999999 #[tmc2209 extruder1] #uart_pin: PB5 #run_current: 0.800 #stealthchop_threshold: 999999 ######################################## # TMC2130 configuration ######################################## #[tmc2130 stepper_x] #cs_pin: PB8 #spi_software_miso_pin: PC11 #spi_software_mosi_pin: PC12 #spi_software_sclk_pin: PC10 ##diag1_pin: PF3 #run_current: 0.800 #stealthchop_threshold: 999999 #[tmc2130 stepper_y] #cs_pin: PC9 #spi_software_miso_pin: PC11 #spi_software_mosi_pin: PC12 #spi_software_sclk_pin: PC10 ##diag1_pin: PF4 #run_current: 0.800 #stealthchop_threshold: 999999 #[tmc2130 stepper_z] #cs_pin: PD0 #spi_software_miso_pin: PC11 #spi_software_mosi_pin: PC12 #spi_software_sclk_pin: PC10 ##diag1_pin: PF5 #run_current: 0.650 #stealthchop_threshold: 999999 #[tmc2130 extruder] #cs_pin: PD1 #spi_software_miso_pin: PC11 #spi_software_mosi_pin: PC12 #spi_software_sclk_pin: PC10 #run_current: 0.800 #stealthchop_threshold: 999999 #[tmc2130 extruder1] #cs_pin: PB5 #spi_software_miso_pin: PC11 #spi_software_mosi_pin: PC12 #spi_software_sclk_pin: PC10 #run_current: 0.800 #stealthchop_threshold: 999999 [board_pins] aliases: # EXP1 header EXP1_1=PC1, EXP1_3=PC3, EXP1_5=PC0, EXP1_7=PA2, EXP1_9=, EXP1_2=PC2, EXP1_4=, EXP1_6=PA0, EXP1_8=PA1, EXP1_10=<5V> #[bltouch] #sensor_pin: PA6 #control_pin: PA7 #[output_pin PS_ON] #pin: PA9 #[output_pin pb9_pin] #pin: PB9 #[neopixel my_neopixel] #pin: PC7 #[adxl345] #cs_pin: PC15 #spi_software_miso_pin: PC11 #spi_software_mosi_pin: PC12 #spi_software_sclk_pin: PC10 [bed_screws] screw1: 30.5, 37 screw2: 30.5, 207 screw3: 204.5, 207 screw4: 204.5, 37 [display] lcd_type: st7920 cs_pin: EXP1_7 sclk_pin: EXP1_6 sid_pin: EXP1_8 encoder_pins: ^EXP1_5, ^EXP1_3 click_pin: ^!EXP1_2 [output_pin beeper] pin: EXP1_1 
submitted by thx_for_the_f_shack to klippers [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 04:59 Fafafafita Dry Bones Pasión 🔥

Dry Bones Pasión 🔥
My personal best score ever!
Even though I barely hit anything with the green shells, 3 frenzies are fire.
I effing love this little skinny mofo.
submitted by Fafafafita to MarioKartTour [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 04:13 okCDG New Legends and Supremes!

New Legends and Supremes! submitted by okCDG to MLB_9Innings [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 04:09 Uselessbuddy [Store] Brudda's Store of TI6/TI7/TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's/Diretide 2022 Collector's Caches Sets

Selling my sets for below mentioned price in items.
Feel free to add me/discuss.
Why u should trust me ?
Sold over 1000 TI6/TI7/TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's/Diretide 2022 Collector's
Proof of gifting Caches Sets?
Check comments on my profile & check their inventory for my sets gifted by me.
Buyer always goes first or we can use middleman from this Sub.
Also, why would scam ? I got like 800+ cache sets to sell.

Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Shadowleaf Insurgent Hoodwink 20+ $15
Scarlet Subversion Riki 20+ $15
Whippersnapper Snapfire 20+ $10
Hounds of Obsession Chen 20+ $10
Seadog's Stash Clockwork 20+ $10
Starlorn Adjudicator Dawnbreaker 20+ $15
Spoils of the Shadowveil Spectre 20+ $15
Chines of the Inquisitor Faceless Void 20+ $10
Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt Ursa 20+ $10
Crimson Dawn Phoenix 20+ $10
Forgotten Station Terrorblade 20+ $15
Dirge Amplifier Undying 20+ $15
Champion of the Fire Lotus Monkey King 20+ $10
Deathstitch Shaman Witch Doctor 20+ $10
Blue Horizons Marci 20+ $30
Angel of Vex Invoker 20+ $35
Dark Behemoth Primal Beast 20+ $50

Aghanim's 2021 Collector's Cache

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Silverwurm Sacrifice Dragon Knight 22 $20
Scales of the Shadow Walker Phantom Lancer 23 $15
Perception of the First Light Dawnbreaker 22 $15
Apex Automated Clockwerk 22 $15
Test of the Basilisk Lord Razor 25 $10
Secrets of the Frost Singularity Ancient Apparition 23 $8
Perils of the Red Banks Chen 22 $10
The Chained Scribe Grimstroke 24 $10
Widow of the Undermount Gloom Broodmother 23 $10
Forgotten Fate Mars 22 $5
March of the Crackerjack Mage Rubick 24 $10
Cosmic Concoctioneers Alchemist 23 $20
Days of the Demon Axe 22 $10
Blightfall Abaddon 23 $15
Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected Ogre Magi 25 $35
Wrath of the Celestial Sentinel Chaos Knight 8 $60

Nemestice Collector's Cache 2021

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Twilight Hex Dark Willow 23 15$
Litany of the Damned Doom 24 15$
Astral Terminus Enigma 23 10$
Caerulean Star Enchantress 22 8$
Arcane Inverter Gyrocopter 22 20$
Creed of the Skullhound Lycan 22 25$
Desert Bloom Nature's Prophet 23 20$
Silence of the Starweaver Oracle 23 10$
Eyriebound Imperator Skywrath Mage 23 10$
Anthozoan Assault Tiny 23 25$
Vision of the Seraph Scion Vengeful Spirit 23 35$
Defender of the Brumal Crest Winter Wyvern 10 10$
Red Sands Marauder Shadow Shaman 23 20$
Indomitable Legacy Sven 23 60$
Footfalls of the Sporefathers Witch Doctor 12 60$

Collector's Cache I 2020

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Ravenous Abyss Underlord 20+ $10
Apocalypse Unbound AA 20+ $10
Beholden of the Banished Ones Warlock 20+ $5
Fury of the Righteous Storm Disruptor 20+ $5
Lineage of the Stormlords Juggernaut 20+ $35
Silent Slayer Silencer 20+ $10
Mindless Slaughter Pudge 20+ $20
Heartless Hunt Bounty 20+ $10
Herald of the Ember Eye Grimstroke 20+ $10
Fissured Flight Jakiro 20+ $5
Flashpoint Proselyte Husker 20+ $15
Signs of the Allfather Nature prophet 20+ $15
Glory of the Elderflame Lina 20+ $25
Lineage of the Stormlords Juggernaut 6 $35
Origin of the Dark Oath Night Stalker 6 $25
Songs of Starfall Glen Enchantress 20+ $5
Ancient Inheritance Tiny 20+ $30
Forsworn Legacy mars 20+ $50

Collector's Cache II 2020

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Evolution of the Infinite Enigma 20+ $6
Beast of the Crimson Ring bristle back 20+ $10
Clearcut Cavalier Timber 20+ $6
The King Of Thieves Keeper of light 20+ $10
Horror from the Deep Tide 20+ $20
Ire of the Ancient Gaoler Arc warden 20+ $25
Talons of the Endless Storm chaos knight 20+ $15
Carousal of the Mystic Masquerade Rubick 20+ $6
Crown of Calaphas Shadow demon 20+ $10
Wrath of the Fallen doom 20+ $20
Blacksail Cannoneer Sniper 20+ $10
Secrets of the Celestial 📷 Skywrath mage 20+ $5
Blaze of Oblivion Phoenix 20+ $6
Steward of the Forbidden Chamber Templar Assassin 20+ $25
Claszureme Incursion Void 20+ 70$

Collector's Cache 2019

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Echoes of the Everblack Abaddon 19 15$
Paean of the Ink Dragon Grimstroke 18 10$
Scorched Amber Dragon Knight 20 20$
Allure of the Faeshade Flower Dark Willow 1 M* 25$
Priest of the Proudsilver Clan Chen 18 10$
The Arts of Mortal Deception Enigma 21 10$
Poacher's Bane Tidehunter 20 10$
Soul of the Brightshroud Death Prophet 21 10$
Curse of the Creeping Vine Undying 21 20$
Appetites of the Lizard King Slark 18 25$
Riddle of the Hierophant Oracle 20 10$
Defender of Ruin Disruptor 22 25$

Collector's Cache II 2019

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Sight of the Kha-Ren Faithful Drow Ranger 31 15$
Tribal Pathways Warlock 30 10$
Directive of the Sunbound Clockwerk 31 10$
Endless Night Abaddon 30 10$
Dapper Disguise Pudge 27 15$
Fury of the Bloodforge Bloodseeker 30 10$
Automaton Antiquity Broodmother 31 10$
Grim Destiny Wraith King 29 10$
Distinguished Expeditionary Tusk 30 10$
Verdant Predator Venomancer 31 10$
Prized Acquisitions Batrider 31 5$
Fowl Omen Necrophos 34 30$

The International 2018 Collector's Cache I

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Trail of the Sanguine Spectrum Bloodseeker 20 8$
Insights of the Sapphire Shroud Dark Seer 18 4$
Pillar of the Fractured Citadel Spirit Breaker 21 $5
Stonemarch Sovereign Wraith King 21 $15
The Murid Divine Necrophos 22 15$
Primer of the Sapper's Guile Techies 22 10$
Molokau Stalker Venomancer 21 $10
Morbific Provision Witch Doctor 22 10$
Raptures of the Abyssal Kin Queen of Pain 20 15$
Grasp of the Riven Exile Weaver 20 5$

The International 2018 Collector's Cache II

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Pitmouse Fraternity Meepo 37 10$
Fires of the Volcanic Guard Ember Spirit 37 10$
Shackles of the Enduring Conscript Axe 37 6$
Shimmer of the Anointed Nyx Assassin 29 5$
Loaded Prospects Brewmaster 39 15$
Ire of Molten Rebirth Phoenix 36 10$
Pattern of the Silken Queen Broodmother 26 5$
The Rat King Chen 28 10$
Raiments of the Obsidian Forge Underlord 22 20$

The International 2017 Collector's Cache

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Eternal Testament Death prophet M* 19 15$
Rumrunner's Carronade Brew master 20 15$
Abyssal Vortex Enigma 27 10$
Samareen Sacrifice Huskar 22 10$
Pressure Regulator Clockwerk M* 24 20$
Spoils of the Vodou Rover Witch Doctor 27 10$
Shadowforce Gale Luna 24 10$
Mechalodon Interdictor Gyrocopter 27 10$
The Dread Prophet Nature's Prophet 23 20$
Cunning Corsair Riki 24 20$

The International 2016 Collector's Cache

Set name Hero Quantity $$
Rising Glory Magnus 1 M* 20$
Nightsilver's Resolve luna 2 M* dtygod* 20$
Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror Chaos Knight 2 dtygod* dopey* 20$
I am no longer entertaining joy riders so I prefer you give $3 in items when u add me as deposit.
Those $3 will be subtracted from you're total sets cost.
Don't add me if you don't like the prices.

*if you don't reserve the sets.
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2023.03.29 02:48 sketchfag Buying an investment property for £300k (no mortgage) on a limited company, is my maths right?!

I'm buying a property in the South West for £300,000, and being in a fortunate enough position to buy purely through savings without a mortgage. The rent will be £1400 pm / £16800 pa
Current Tax Implications:
Personal: 20% income tax, salary only from rent of an existing property
Ltd Company: 19% corporation tax, salary only from rent of an existing property
So technically with the limited company I would earn more, and have much greater flexibility.
I plan to buy another property in the next 2 years (remortgaging this property once interest rates are favourable) and I think creating a ltd company now makes the most sense financially as I'll go into the higher rate tax band with the next purchase, and the Ltd company will establish a history alongside this purchase.
What are your thoughts?
Also, does the 8.8% apply to the dividends value withdrew or your OVERALL salary? i.e. if my salary increased to >50k from my other employment, would I pay the higher rate of 33% on my dividends from my limited company even if it's £13.6k?
Lastly, since I'm new to Ltd companies, I've read that if the company gets dissolved for whatever reason, any assets go to the Gov, what are the odds of this happening?
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