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Animal Text Gifs is a subreddit for posts with superimposed text over moving images suggesting that the animal in question is speaking about the situation at hand.

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A subreddit dedicated to mature, academic style discussions about the Star Wars franchise. Named after Grand Moff Tarkin's secret Imperial research center, this subreddit is for delving deep into the intricacies of the Star Wars universe. Both canon and legends can be discussed here.

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2023.06.09 09:08 neirik193 When someone asks you to explain what your favorite Kamige is about

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2023.06.09 09:08 DismalBother7602 Using Gateway Commands to call External APIs in Magento 2

Using Gateway Commands to call External APIs in Magento 2
Gateway Command is a Magento payment gateway component that takes the payload required by a specific payment provider and sends, receives, and processes the provider’s response. A separate gateway command is added for each operation (authorization, capture, etc.) of a specific payment provider.

Gateway commands were introduced in Magento 2 to deal with payment gateways, but they can be used in other ways as well such as calling external APIs and processing their response in magento 2 applications.
Let’s take a look at how a Gateway Command actually works.

There are 5 main components of a Gateway command. They are as follows:
  • Request Builder
  • Transfer Factory
  • Gateway Client
  • Response Handler
  • Response Validator
    ExternalApiAuthTokenRequest Vendor\Module\Gateway\Http\TransferFactory Vendor\Module\Gateway\Http\Client\TransactionSale ExternalApiAuthTokenHandler Vendor\Module\Gateway\Validator\ResponseValidator
Let’s dive into each of the above points separately.

Request Builder

Request Builder is the component of the gateway command that is responsible for building a request from several parts. It enables the implementation of complex, yet atomic and testable, building strategies. Each builder can contain builder composites or have simple logic.
This is the component which gathers the information from different sources and creates the request payload for the API call.

Basic interface

The basic interface for a request builder is
\Magento\Payment\Gateway\Request\BuilderInterface. Our class should always implement the above interface. The BuilderInterface has a method called “build” which takes a parameter called “buildSubject which is of type array and returns an array as a result which contains the data which you need to have in the request payload.
The parameter “buildSubject” contains the data which has been passed to the API call at the time of call from any class.

Builder composite

\Magento\Payment\Gateway\Request\BuilderComposite is a container for a list of \Magento\Payment\Gateway\Request\BuilderInterface implementations. It gets a list of classes, or types, or virtual type names, and performs a lazy instantiation on an actual BuilderComposite::build([]) call. As a result, you can have as many objects as you need, but only those required for a request for your API call are instantiated.
BuilderComposite implements the composite design pattern.
The concatenation strategy is defined in the BuilderComposite::merge() method. If you need to change the strategy, you must include your custom Builder Composite implementation.
Adding a builder composite
Dependency injection is used in di.xml to add builder composites. A builder composite may include both simple builders as well as other builder composites.
Below is an example of adding request builders through BuilderComposite class.
   Vendor\Module\Gateway\Request\CustomerDataBuilder Vendor\Module\Gateway\Request\AuthDataBuilder    

Transfer Factory

Transfer Factory enables the creation of transfer objects with all data from request builders. Gateway Client then uses this object to send requests to the gateway processor.
Transfer Builder is used by Transfer Factory to set the required request parameters.
The basic Transfer Factory interface is Magento\Payment\Gateway\Http\TransferFactoryInterface.
The TransferFactoryInterface has a method called “create” which accepts an array parameter which has all the request data merged and sets the data as body of the API call and returns the created object for the gateway client to transfer.
Below is an example of the above method:
public function create(array $request) { return $this->transferBuilder ->setBody($request) ->build(); } 
In this example, the transfer factory simply sets request data with Transfer Builder and returns the created object
Below is an example of a more complicated behavior. Here transfer factory sets all required data to process requests using API URL and all data is sent in JSON format.
public function create(array $request) { return $this->transferBuilder ->setMethod(Curl::POST) ->setHeaders(['Content-Type' => 'application/json']) ->setBody(json_encode($request, JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES)) ->setUri($this->getUrl()) ->build(); } 

Gateway Client

Gateway Client is a component of the Magento Gateway Command that transfers the payload to the gateway provider and gets the response.

Basic interface

The basic interface for a gateway client is Magento\Payment\Gateway\Http\ClientInterface.
A gateway client receives a called Transfer object. The client can be configured with a response converter using dependency injection via di.xml.

Default implementations

The below gateway client implementations can be used out-of-the-box:
Below is an example of how a Zend client can be added in di.xml:
...   Vendor\Module\Gateway\Http\Converter\JsonConverter CustomLogger   ... 
The above Converter class must implement “Magento\Payment\Gateway\Http\ConverterInterface” interface which has a method called “convert”. We can implement that method in our custom converter class and process the data and convert to the desired form.

Response Handler

Response Handler is the component of Magento Gateway Command, that processes gateway provider response. In other words, it is used to process the response received from the API. The handler class can be used to perform any type of processing on the received response data. Some of the operations may be as follows:
  • Use the API response as source of data to provide response to an internal API call.
  • Save information that was provided in the response in database.
  • Use the information as data for a new request.


Basic interface for a response handler is Magento\Payment\Gateway\Response\HandlerInterface

Useful implementations

\Magento\Payment\Gateway\Response\HandlerChain might be used as a basic container of response handlers,
The following is an example of Response Handler class:
public function handle(array $handlingSubject, array $response) { $cacheData = []; $oauthTokenObject = $this->oauthTokenInterfaceFactory->create(); $this->dataObjectHelper->populateWithArray( $oauthTokenObject, $response, Vendor\Module\Api\Data\OauthTokenInterface' ); $cacheData[OauthTokenInterface::EXPIRE_TIME] = $expiresTime; $cacheData[OauthTokenInterface::BEARER_TOKEN] = $oauthTokenObject->getAccessToken(); $this->cache->save( $this->jsonEncoder->encode($cacheData), self::CACHE_ID, [\Magento\Framework\App\Cache\Type\Config::CACHE_TAG] ); } 
The above method is getting the oAuth token data in response and as part of the operation, it is storing the latest token in cache for further usage of the APIs.

Response Validator

Response Validator is a component of the Magento Gateway Command that performs gateway response verification. This may include low-level data formatting, security verification, and even the execution of some store-specific business logic.
The Response Validator returns a Result object with the validation result as a Boolean value and the error description as a list of Phrase.


Response Validator must implement Magento\Payment\Gateway\Validator\ValidatorInterface
Result class must implement Magento\Payment\Gateway\Validator\ResultInterface
An external API integration can have multiple response validators, which should be added to the provider’s validator pool using dependency injection via di.xml.

Useful implementations

  • \Magento\Payment\Gateway\Validator\AbstractValidator: an abstract class with ability to create a Result object. Specific response validator implementations can inherit from this.
  • \Magento\Payment\Gateway\Validator\ValidatorComposite: a chain of Validator objects, which are executed one by one, and the results are aggregated into a single Result object.This chain can be set to terminate when certain validators fail.
  • \Magento\Payment\Gateway\Validator\Result: base class for Result object. You can still create your own Result, but the default one covers the majority of cases.
The following is an example of Response Validator:
public function validate(array $validationSubject) { $isValid = false; $failedExceptionMessage = []; if (isset($validationSubject['response']['error'])) { $failedExceptionMessage = [$validationSubject['response']['message']]; } else { $isValid = true; } return $this->createResult($isValid, $failedExceptionMessage); } 
The above class is extending the \Magento\Payment\Gateway\Validator\AbstractValidator class which has the “createResult” method that returns a ResultInterface as the response of the method.
To summarize the above operations, we have used Magento’s Gateway command feature which was initially developed for implementing payment gateways and utilized it for a custom API call to an external system from our Magento application. We used virtualType and type in di.xml to define the CommandPool which defined our set of commands, GatewayCommand which was the actual API command, RequestBuilder which created the request payload for the API, TransferFactory which merged all the request data and sent to gateway client, the we used the Zend Client to convert the data to JSON format. Response handler, which was used to save the response data in the cache for further use. Response Validator, to check the data received for integrity.
Below is an example of the source of the API call where the API call starts its procedure:
public function execute(array $commandSubject) { /** * Setting a default request_type if not present * * @var string */ $requestType = (isset($commandSubject['request_type'])) ? $commandSubject['request_type'] : \Zend_Http_Client::GET; /** * Setting no extra headers if none defined * * @var array */ $headers = (isset($commandSubject['headers'])) ? $commandSubject['headers'] : []; $auth = (isset($commandSubject['auth'])) ? $commandSubject['auth'] : []; $transfer = $this->transferFactory->create( $this->requestBuilder->build($commandSubject), $commandSubject['url'], $requestType, [], $headers, [], $auth ); $response = $this->client->placeRequest($transfer); $this->setResponse($response); if ($this->validator !== null) { $result = $this->validator->validate( array_merge($commandSubject, ['response' => $response]) ); if (!$result->isValid()) { $this->logExceptions($result->getFailsDescription()); // throw actual error response $errorMessage = $result->getFailsDescription(); throw new CommandException( __(reset($errorMessage)) ); } } if ($this->handler) { $this->handler->handle( $commandSubject, $response ); } return $this; } 
All the classes required for a Gateway command to work need to be present in the Gateway Folder in your module. E.g: Vendor\Module\Gateway\. The folder structure can be as below:
  • Vendor\Module\Gateway\Command\: The base class for the command resides in this folder.
  • Vendor\Module\Gateway\Http\: The classes for TransferFactory and Client resides in this folder.
  • Vendor\Module\Gateway\Request\: The classes for RequestBuilder resides in this folder.
  • Vendor\Module\Gateway\Response\: The classes for ResponseHandlers resides in this folder.
  • Vendor\Module\Gateway\Validator\: The classes for Validators resides in this folder.
The above process can be used to call any external or internal API for that matter. This method is alot more structured way of calling an external API and it uses curl as the base as well.


Hariharasubramaniam B

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2023.06.09 09:08 AlfredoThayerMahan Overlooked Capabilities and Limitations of Kansen

Overlooked Capabilities and Limitations of Kansen
Despite the game’s inherent silliness, I think it’s worth considering some realistic advantages and disadvantages Kansen would provide.
I want to specifically focus on things I think are overlooked. More obvious things like that Kansen are small targets are fairly self-explanatory.


To me this is their single greatest advantage. A ship may require anywhere from a few dozen crew, such as on a U-boat, to thousands on Battleships and Carriers. A Kansen requires only one person, reducing the considerable operating expense and possible bottleneck on trained personnel associated.
Something Something, Decisive Battle:
To put it simply, a Kansen is more portable than a comparable warship. Depending on interpretation one may be able to transport them by air with little difficulty. For some reason I do not think this is currently SOP in the USN. This Strategic mobility allows for one to very quickly concentrate forces to contest an enemy’s sea control or generally respond to situations in a timely manner, amplifying certain elements of power-projection.
Data Fusion:
If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, smells like a duck, tastes like a duck, and you conclude it is, in fact, a duck, you are utilizing data fusion. A Kansen could utilize similar principles with radar, optics, and other sources. A real WWII warship could do this, the key being it takes time. A Kansen could do this far quicker, employing a shorter cycle OODA loop when responding to threats as they have a direct connection between the observation, decision, and action portions of the ship.

A diagram of the OODA loop.

Signature reduction:
Most low frequency (L band and lower in IEEE) will generally struggle to pick out a Kansen from the clutter of even small waves due to their small size. This isn’t without limitations and a high-frequency radar, say in the X-band could be expected to pick a Kansen out to a reasonable range (This is why most surface-search radars are high frequency), provided you have a competent operator and suitably advanced filtering system.


These elements here aren’t to say Kansen are worse than their comparative ships, they are better, but there are some striking limitations that they may face that are consistently overlooked by people.
They’re short, even FDG:
Unless the fluoridation (PBF/POE) has been reprogramming my mind, I’m fairly certain we live on a roughly spherical planet. Regardless of potential Communist infiltration and subversion (I mean seriously, have you ever seen a Commie drink water?), this has the annoying effect of limiting line of sight to a distance largely dependent on the height of the sensor, be it the Mk1 Eyeball or an AN/SPY-6 Phased Array. Now radars can see a bit past this visual horizon due to refraction and some other complicated physics like Ground Wave Propagation that I really don’t feel inclined nor qualified to try to explain here. Still, the height of the sensor largely dictates the detection range for low altitude objects like ships or sea-skimming missiles. With a Kansen this range is somewhere between short and “Jack Shit” with a theoretical range for radar visibility of around 17-18 nautical miles for a particularly tall Pagoda mast.
This isn’t to say a surface-search radar on a Kansen would be useless but it would be limited by the horizon and probably, more importantly, by the clutter produced by a Kansen bobbing up and down in waves as tall as them (I will get to this later). Some radars like the SG may not see much, if any, limitation on range against conventional ships because the tall objects stick up above the horizon and they are relatively short range (about 15 nautical miles), but filter settings may reduce this to well below the maximum depending on sea-state. Additionally, higher frequency radars like the SG see little if no refraction though again, this really depends on many variables beyond the scope of this post.

A basic diagram of how curvature effects radar detection.
On a flat calm your average speedboat or RHIB will easily exceed the speed of most naval vessels. However, this changes once you get into rough conditions. With a low displacement Kansen are bound by these same limitations. Their excellent strategic mobility is detracted by, if not poor, limited, tactical mobility.
Where a full-sized ship can cut or just bash their way through waves, a Kansen is liable to catch air and smash into the next wave, killing forward momentum. This makes sustained endurance, as may be the case when trying to catch an enemy, incredibly hard. However, Kansen do seem to be very maneuverable, which does compensate to a great degree, but this is almost exclusively a defensive advantage and can’t be applied in offense to the same degree as speed.
Generally, Kansen operations in rough weather seem somewhere between pointless and purposefully inflicted misery. It would be slow going, completely miserable, and good luck spotting things when you have a wave over your head half the time and kiss being a stable gun platform goodbye.
A useful chart for sea conditions. keep in mind these are general rules and can vary heavily.
Station Keeping:
Kansen on their own cannot reasonably perform long-endurance missions. Where a ship can post watches 24/7, a Kansen can’t. This isn’t an insurmountable obstacle, indeed assigning a fast transport or light warship to act as a Kansen tender would be very easy, it simply requires consideration.
Steam Sucks:
Most of the ships in AL use Steam Turbines and boilers for power. This is not great.
In case you didn’t know, with steam turbines it takes hours, sometimes even days before the systems can reach full power or they risk damaging the pipes. Time to build up steam pressure could easily invalidate the advantages in portability that a Kansen has
This gets to the second element of this. Kansen, even if they can summon their rigging on land, would face a power issue. Steam systems require condensers. These use relatively cold sea water to turn the steam back into liquid so it can be used again. Without this process the steam turbine sees back pressure build up and will generally cease to function.

A diagram of a Steam Condenser.
To Illustrate how much of a problem this is, let's look at USS New Jersey. Generally ship’s power used an octet of smaller steam turbines that drew from the steam of her main power plant. These generated around 1.25 Megawatts of Ship’s Power each, depending on surrounding environmental temperature. She also had a pair of diesel generators. These generated a total of 500 kilowatts. That’s not good.
Let's look at the power requirements for one of her turrets. Training was handled by a 300 horsepower (220 kW) motor, each gun had a 60 hp (45 kW) motor for elevation, three sets of rammers of 60 hp (45 kW), three shell elevators of 75 hp (56 kW), three powder hoists (100 hp/ 75 kW), and two motors for her shell rings with a power of 40 hp (30 kW) a piece. This is a total of around 940 kilowatts per turret, almost double her non-steam ship’s power. You can also kiss using radars on land goodbye because of these limitations.
Paralysis by Analysis:
To what degree a Kansen can process and respond to multiple threats is unknown. Still, I think it is fair to assume that tunnel vision that may not occur on a conventional ship, is far more likely to happen to a Kansen. There is a reason why one-man tanks are not a thing and the comparison to tank warfare is apt because in many ways Kansen perform more like tanks than traditional warships. Even if one is incredibly perceptive, individuals are generally inclined to distractions, and this could have “suboptimal” consequences.
Are there any advantages/disadvantages you could see Kansen having in an operational setting?
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2023.06.09 09:08 Daniele86 Obagi 360 Retinol 1.0 1oz 28g BRAND NEW IN BOX FAST SHIP

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2023.06.09 09:07 tamagotchu91 Just came to terms that I was trafficked and taken advantage of

I was raised in every sense of the word abusive household. While I wasn’t at home I was being bullied in school. Also, I was in a high control religion. I’ve since left. I’ve left a lot of things, places and people behind that we’re controlling, abusive, half-safe, narcissistic and repressive. Especially in the last 7+ months. Always been called weird, sensitive, ugly, over-analytical and nerd. Only when I was older did people call me beautiful, creative, quirky, talented etc. Then they end up resenting me for being me. Even now I can’t hate. I always try to understand and empathize.
I was married once and my ex-husband cheated on me. He was manipulative, lying and narcissistic and his family backed me into a corner. I was lashing out at times. Would get so angry that I hit him. 3x. Not proud of that. But I was always trying to do better but he told me I did nothing to help. I was severely depressed and suicidal. He couldn’t handle it and cheated. We separated. He was cheating from the beginning. I can’t tell you all the things he’s done covertly. It would take a novel.
On the nights he would come back and forth to our apartment, he was drunk. Somehow he ended up throwing me on the bed. I ran away he grabbed me. This happened 2x. I became numb. Turned into the little me that laid there and took it. I remember him asking me why are you yelling? I couldn’t believe it. But a part of me wanted him to love me. But I didn’t want what was happening.
I told a mother figure and an elder. The elder said, that’s not like him. The mother figure said if you wanted to fight him off you could have ran. You could’ve called me. I let it go and blamed myself and swept it under the rug. My ex even texted me the next day and said sorry, that’s not in his character to do that.
Fast forward 1 year ago, I met a horrible person. He ended up forcing me to do certain activities with other people. And even blackmailed me. Both of them used blackmail now that I think of it.
My mom confirmed for me, that I was r****
I’m in a weird space right now. I’m in shock. I don’t know how to feel. Idk how to move forward with this realization. I’ve had so many realizations even with the distancing or cut offs with my family, friends and partners. So much more that I can say about what I’ve been through.
I feel used. Like no one cares about me. I want to meet new people who are pure and true. Not perfect. Just kind. Unconditional. Open. Honest. See me for my strength, see me and not be annoyed if I vent. I’m so lonely. I don’t want to spiral or self-harm.
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2023.06.09 09:07 JAckboi78 What should I say

There is this girl I like and instead of throwing all of the “evidence” I have at whoever is reading this I’ll just say I’m fairly confident she likes me. However, I’m not the best at striking conversation with those I have a crush on since this would be my first relationship if it were to happen. However, I do have her phone number and I have texted her a few times and we played 8 ball here and there. But one day I struck up the courage and asked her out. But she instead of a yes or no her response was my “sorry my parents do not let me hang out with guys” I’m not sure if that is a rejection though I am sure it’s a strong possibility. However, maybe it’s not. What should I say to keep conversation with her? Or what should I do to get a clear yes or no that she is interested in me. I will accept a No if she makes it clear but this doesn’t seem clear. However, I still like her and want to pursue a relationship if she is interested.
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2023.06.09 09:07 dakc44 Brooke my Sagittarius’ birthday twin

I just seen the few post on this sub asking what Brooke is looking up at and people said it was weird she looks at herself in the view finder and I instantly went to check her sun sign because I do the same thing if I’m in front of a mirror or camera I’m looking at myself AND WERE BDAY TWINS which makes so much sense. And it’s not weird at all she’s hot af I’d look too. Also adhd can cause you to constantly check on yourself without even noticing especially if it’s literally right in front of you. Brooke if you’re reading this I absolutely love you Sagittarius queen and I hope you are having the best night 🩷
Edit: forgot to add she was looking in the view finder
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2023.06.09 09:07 ARandomDouchy Is it normal to feel like you don't understand monolingual definitions?

Whenever I look up a new word, I look at the Japanese definition, then make cards out of the words in it I don't understand (J-E) then add the initial definition but even after doing that I still feel like I don't understand the definition. Or maybe I do, but I keep trying to translate it into something that makes sense in English. Has anyone else experienced this?
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2023.06.09 09:06 allives1028 For the [Creative Arena] event - Astraia Sipra and Achlys Alice Line-up building explanation, heroes review, and beginner guide

For the [Creative Arena] event - Astraia Sipra and Achlys Alice Line-up building explanation, heroes review, and beginner guide

Introduction: Your favorite writer (or not) is back for another guide post about the latest two new heroes in MLA, Sipra and Legendary Alice. I will focus more on Sipra though since as of writing, the Legendary Alice is limited for free-to-play players and only has it at 8-star on average so Soul vessels and other features aren’t unlocked yet. Meanwhile, many players have Sipra at 9-star on average which means those who participate in this current mirage event have her soul vessels unlocked.
Let’s review Sipra’s skills first: (read TL;DR for the summary and you may skip the long descriptions)
TL;DR: Her ultimate skill makes her summon a support hero. Her passive reduces a random enemy’s attack. And her active skills makes her summon a common support character and provides buff like energy regen, cc immune, and atk plus def buff.
Astral Wish Ultimate
Sipra summons a support hero who inherits 100% of basic attributes from her and fights for 30s. While casting this skill, Sipra is immune to charm. Only 1 support hero can exist at the same time, during which Sipra cannot use her Ultimate.
Lv.2: The support hero acquires 300 points of Initial Energy when coming out.
Lv.3: The support hero acquires 400 points of Initial Energy when the arrive.
Lv.4: The support hero acquires 500 points of Initial Energy when the arrive.
Help at Hand Skill
Summons a common support character for 12s, who inherits 100% basic attack and 50% basic HP from Sipra. Up to 3 common support characters can exist at the same time.
Lv.2: Allows the common support character to can an Ultimate when they arrive.
Lv.3: Increases inherited HP to 60%.
Lv.4: Increases inherited HP to 70%.
Aiding Chant Skill
When there's a support hero, all support heroes and support characters gain 30% attack and defense, stacking up to 3 times.
When there's no support hero, Sipra gains 200 points of Energy.
Lv.2: If there are no support heroes, Sipra gains immunity to control effects while casting the skill. If there are support heroes, Sipra grants support heroes and support characters immunity to most control effects while casting the skill.
Lv.3: Increases Energy that Sipra gains to 300 points.
Lv.4: Increases Energy that Sipra gains to 400 points.
Elven Acumen Passive
Debuff Buff
Every time a support hero deals a total of 600% attack damage, Sipra reduces a random enemy's attack by 30% for 6s, stacking up to 3 times.
Lv.2: Every time a support hero deals a total of 600% attack damage, Sipra reduces a random enemy's attack by 30% for 6s, stacking up to 3 times.
Lv.3: Increases Damage Increase to 35% and Attack Reduction to 35%.
Lv.4: Increases Damage Increase to 40% and Attack Reduction to 40%.
Skills review: What is weird about Sipra is that she is a support hero that more on supports her own support heroes and characters summoned than allies. Her passive is great though despite it being random and her summoning heroes is also random. This makes her heavily RNG need to be favored and thus in PVE like camp, expect to retry a lot.
Soul Vessel, Orlay, Gems
(you may skip to TL;DR too)
TL;DR: SV reduces the dmg output of enemy while increases dmg of ally based on highest atk. Also gives dmg reduction to support heroes and characters. Orlay gives Sipra shield and damage-triggered energy regen. Gems give shield to an ally whenever she ults and provides healing.
Wishing Crystal Soul Vessel
Dodge: 30% HP: 22% Attack: 20% Defense: 24%
LV0: Soul skill: Crystal Gleam
Support heroes gain Soul Skill bonuses. The bonus level is decided by that of Sipra’s Soul Vessel
LV10: Support heroes and support characters gain 50% Damage Reduction when coming out, which decays by 10% every 5s.
LV20: At the start of the battle, reduces the damage of the enemy with the highest attack by 40% and increases the damage of the ally with the highest attack by 40% for 8s.
LV30: At the start of the battle, reduces the damage of the enemy with the highest attack by 80% and increases the damage of the ally with the highest attack by 80% for 8s.
Orlay: Romantic Benefactor - Pyxis’ Guide
O3: Support heroes gain Orlay Skill bonuses. The bonus level is decided by that of Sipra’s Orlay Skill
O6: Sipra gains a shield equal to 50% of her Max HP and has Damage-triggered Energy Regen when the shield is active.
O9: Sipra gains a shield equal to 100% of her Max HP and has Damage-triggered Energy Regen when the shield is active.
Glory Gems - Spirit Class
200pts: Heart of Solace - When casting the Ultimate, adds a shield equal to 300% attack to the ally with the lowest HP, the shield lasts 8s (can stack)
400pts: Spell of Healing - Increases the healing effect by 3.5% every 5s in battle, stacking up to 5 times.
600pts: Heart of Sanctity - Gains 4.3% Extra HP, 4.7% Extra attack, 4.7% Extra defense
800pts: Arrival of Holy Light - When the ultimate is cast, selects the area where the most allied heroes stand to restore their HP by 60% attack and deals damage equal to 60% attack to all enemies in the same area. Has a 20s cooldown once triggered.
Summary: To be fair, her Glory gems makes her support her allies more now at least. SV10 and SV20 effects are good power spikes. Orlay 6 effect is also a powerspike. Gem 1 is also a powerspike. So I’d say her minimum investments will be around SV10/20 which are both quite easy to do, orlay 6, and then just 1 gem for 200pts. SV30/O9 gives more spike of course but other heroes might also need those investments. I’ll prioritize investments on Silvanna, Selena, Pharsa, and Clara first before Sipra to name a few.
First line-up: Triple A plus Pharvex comp
Triple A coz Legendary Alice is AAlice xD and Sipra is Astraia. Pharsa is a great partner with Sipra because of Sipra’s SV20 effect synergizes with Pharsa’s Crow Feathers and ultimate skill.
Crow Feathers Skill
Pharsa lets the Crow fly in the air when the battle starts. The Crow attacks a random enemy once every 3 seconds, dealing damage equal to 150% Attack and silencing them for 0.5s.
Lv.2: For each allied hero whose current Attack is higher than their base Attack, the Crow gains 10% Damage Increase and 10% more Attack Speed.
Feather Storm Ultimate
Pharsa temporarily gains Attack equal to 25% of the total Attack of all allied heroes, dealing damage equal to 140% of the Attack to random enemies 4 times one by one.
Lv.2: For each allied hero whose current Attack is higher than their base Attack, Pharsa deals damage 1 more time.
TL;DR: The attack buff is amplified.
Argus is the choice of tank and Vexana is also here because this is intended for Dark Tower. This means the other team’s core will be Selena plus Lylia with Clara support which balances the core-support distribution.

2nd Line-up: Fanny Sipra jokes to sleepers
Get the pun in the line-up name? xD Odette core here since the other Light tower team will be Silvanna plus Mecha Layla. Natalia supports Odette too with her hypnosis while Uranus is the choice of tank ‘til the player already has a decent second copy of Silvanna.
3rd Line-up: Sipra is camping with supports
Camp line-up cores and structures are already established like Odette-Lylia, Esme-Apostae, Shar-Lunox, and Mono martial teams. So Sipra can only camp and squeeze in the Pharsa Akagela comp which looks perfect! Again, Pharsa is a great partner coz their abilities synergizes. But instead of having another damage dealer with Pharsa, Pharsa here is the damage dealer with bunch of supports.
Achlys Alice is featured in the first line-up and here is a quick skill review about her.
TL;DR: Her ult deals dmg while healing allies and weakens random enemies. Her active skills deal dmg while her summon makes her untargetable when she is about to die. And her passive gives her attack buff and lifesteal plus dmg reduction when her hp is low. The realm effects are easier to understood and has diff effect per line so makes sure to read those too.
Eternal Darkness Ultimate
Summons a circle that lasts 5s, dealing damage equal to 110% of her Attack per second to all enemies and healing all allies equal to 55% of her Attack per second.
Lv.2: Weakens two random enemies, preventing them from dealing damage for 3s. Weaken effects ignore most Control Immunity and Resistance.
Lv.3: Increases damage per second to 130% of her Attack and healing to 65% of her Attack.
Lv.4: Increases damage per second to 150% of her Attack and healing to 75% of her Attack. (Requires Ancient Twilight Level 3)
Abyssal Sanction Skill
Deals damage equal to 180% of her Attack to two enemies. The damage next time is increased by 50% of her Attack each time she uses Abyssal Sanction. Stacks up to 4 times.
Lv.2: Base Damage is increased to 215% Attack.
Lv.3: Deals damage to one extra enemy after it is cast 3 times.
Lv.4: Base Damage is increased to 250% Attack.
Crimson Call Skill
At the start of the battle, summons an Abyssal Messenger at the cost of 30% HP that continuously grows and deals damage to enemies. The Abyssal Messenger returns to her side the first time she is about to die, nourishing her and making her untargetable for at least 1s.
Lv.2: The untargetable effect provided by the Abyssal Messenger is extended to 3s.
Lv.3: Reduces the HP cost to 25%.
Lv.4: Reduces the HP cost to 20%. (Requires Ancient Twilight Level 1)
Blood Fiesta Passive
Achlys Alice acquires 200 points of Lifesteal, and gains 20% extra Damage Reduction when her HP falls under 50%.
Lv.2: Every 5s in battle, Achlys Alice gains 5% extra Attack Bonus, stacking up to 505 Attack.
Lv.3: Increases Lifesteal to 250 and Damage Reduction to 30%.
Lv.4: Increases Lifesteal to 300 and Damage Reduction to 40%. (Requires Ancient Twilight Level 2)
Abyssal Realm Realm Effect
[Realm Skill I] Achlys Alice deals damage equal to 100% of her Attack to a random enemy once all allied units have been healed equal to 100% of the team's Max HP average. The effect can only be triggered once every 1.5s.
Lv.2: [All HP Boost] All allies in the same team gain HP +3%.
Lv.3: [Realm Skill II] Skill Damage is increased to 150% Attack. (Unlocks at Star level 8)
Lv.4: [Realm Skill III] Weakens the target while dealing damage to them. Meanwhile, prevents them from dealing damage for 1.5s. The Weaken effect ignores most Control Immunity and Resistance.
Lv.5: {All Attack Boost] All allies in the same team gain Attack +3%.
Lv.6: [Realm Skill IV] Weakens the target while dealing damage to them. Meanwhile, prevents them from dealing damage for 2s. The Weaken effect ignores most Control Immunity and Resistance.
Skills review: She also has attack buff which makes her great partner to Pharsa and Sipra too. She is tanky and can provide healing which synergizes with her own first realm skill. Once Sipra unlocks her Gem 2, her synergy will AAlice will be better as it provides extra healing which also means more damage potential for AAlice.
That’s it for my post. Hope the line-ups and my heroes review helps. I'll do a more in-depth review once I got to learn more about these two heroes so see y'all later!
Account ID: 8554763
Server: 30152
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2023.06.09 09:06 Shoddy_Law_8531 Kivy is creating multiple ScreenManagers

I am writing a DPR (damage per round) calculator for D&D characters. Because there are lots of variables involved I wanted to use Kivy to provide a GUI for the user input. The actual logic of the program isn't difficult, but I am having problems with the interface. The program adapts an MVP design patter but for some reason two instances of ScreenManager are created which then both create their respective MainScreens and AttackScreens and only one of the screens are updating which causes issues with the display (it took me ages to figure out that this was the cause of the display issues to begin with). Here're the relevant codes:
Parts of DprCalculator.kv:
WindowManager: MainScreen: AttackScreen: : name:"main_window" id:main_window ... : name:"attack_window" ... 
Parts of
from kivy.uix.screenmanager import Screen,ScreenManager from kivy.lang import Builder ... from typing import Protocol,Tuple,Dict class PresenterProtocol(Protocol): #Protocol class for the Presenter class MainScreen(Screen): pass class AttackScreen(Screen): def __init__(self,**kwargs): super().__init__(**kwargs) self.weapon_fighting=False self.weapon_master=False print("Attack screen instantiated") #callback methods of the attack screen class WindowManager(ScreenManager): def __init__(self,**kwargs): super().__init__(**kwargs) print("Screen manager instantiated") #methods of the ScreenManager to read user input def kv(): """ read the kv file here to keep the UI classes seperated from the main file """ print("KV file being loaded") return Builder.load_file("DprCalculator.kv") 
This is some of
from __future__ import annotations from typing import Protocol,Tuple,Dict,List from collections import defaultdict #functions and exception definitions here class ModelProtocol(Protocol): def add_attacks(self,attacks:Dict[str,int])->None: ... def calculate_dpr(self)->float: ... def get_num_of_attacks(self)->int: ... class ViewProtocol(Protocol): #methods of the ScreenManager class Presenter: def __init__(self,view:ViewProtocol,model:ModelProtocol): self.view=view self.model=model print("Presenter instantiated") #validation and display control methods 
And this is my file: from import App from view import kv from presenter import Presenter from model import Model
class DprCalculator(App): def build(self): self.model=Model() self.presenter=Presenter(view=self.root,model=self.model) return kv() if __name__=="__main__": app=DprCalculator() 
I did not include the Model because it only contains internal logic and no interaction with the display. I could also provide the full code of the other files as well if you guys want, but I really think the issue lies somewhere in the code I shared, because right after running the application, I have this output on my console:
"Screen manager instantiated Attack screen instantiated Model instantiated Presenter instantiated KV file being loaded Screen manager instantiated Attack screen instantiated" 
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2023.06.09 09:05 ravnsulter Rotate view in sheet?

In PDF viewer I can rotate how I view the page by pressing Ctrl +/-.
I am working with a sheet where I need to cross check columns and rows where text is horisontal in rows and vertical in columns. Is there are shortcut for rotating the view?
I tried searching the help, but really don't understand the help or I'm not searching for the right topic.
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2023.06.09 09:04 fryguypins The World of Limited Edition Disney Pins: Rarity and Collectibility

The World of Limited Edition Disney Pins: Rarity and Collectibility
Welcome to the enchanting world of Disney pin collecting! Disney pins have become a popular collector's item among enthusiasts around the globe. Whether you're a fan of Disney princesses, classic characters, or iconic attractions like the Disneyland Castle and the Haunted Mansion, there's a pin out there to suit your taste. In this blog, we will explore the fascinating realm of limited edition Disney pins, their rarity, and the thrill of building your own Disney pin collection.
The Allure of Disney Pins
Disney pins are not just small pieces of metal; they are cherished mementos that capture the magic of Disney. Each pin represents a unique character, movie, or theme, allowing collectors to express their love for Disney in a tangible and wearable form. From colorful enamel pins to intricately designed figpins, the range of Disney pins available is vast and varied, catering to collectors of all ages and interests.
Disney Pins
Understanding Rarity and Collectibility
The world of Disney pins is filled with limited editions, and rarity plays a crucial role in their collectibility. Disney employs various techniques to create limited edition pins, such as exclusive releases, commemorative events, or seasonal collections. Pins with lower edition sizes or unique features tend to have higher collectibility and value.
Exploring Disney Pin Collections
Disney pin collections come in different themes, allowing collectors to curate their own personal Disney experience. Whether you're captivated by the charm of Disney princess dolls or fascinated by the iconic Disneyland Castle, there are collections dedicated to almost every aspect of the Disney universe. By focusing on specific themes or characters, collectors can create cohesive and visually appealing displays that showcase their passion for all things Disney.
Disney Pin Collections
Enamel Pins: A Colorful Delight
Enamel pins have become incredibly popular among Disney pin enthusiasts. These pins feature vibrant colors and intricate designs, often capturing beloved characters or iconic scenes from Disney movies. The enamel coating adds a glossy finish, enhancing the visual appeal of the pin. Enamel pins offer a great entry point for new collectors and provide a versatile canvas for artists to express their creativity.
Enamel pins
The Disneyland Castle and Haunted Mansion Pins
Among the most coveted Disney pins are those depicting the Disneyland Castle and the Haunted Mansion. These iconic attractions hold a special place in the hearts of Disney fans, and pins featuring them are highly sought after. Whether it's a limited edition release or a special variant, pins showcasing the Disneyland Castle or the Haunted Mansion can quickly become prized possessions in any Disney pin collection.
Disneyland Castle and Haunted Mansion Pins
The Thrill of Disney Pin Trading
Disney pin trading is a popular activity in Disney parks worldwide, providing collectors with a unique opportunity to interact and exchange pins with other enthusiasts. Trading pins allows collectors to enhance their collections, find rare gems, and forge connections with fellow Disney fans. The excitement of discovering that elusive pin and the joy of completing a sought-after set make pin trading a thrilling experience for Disney enthusiasts of all ages.
In the magical world of Disney pins, rarity and collectibility go hand in hand, driving the passion and excitement of collectors. Whether you're an avid pin enthusiast or just starting yourDisney pincollection, the vast array of pins available ensures that there's always something to capture your imagination. So, embark on your pin-collecting journey, explore the enchanting themes, and embrace the joy of building a unique Disney pin collection that reflects your love for the magic of Disney.
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2023.06.09 09:04 Karpason Cool ideas for the ways to give DM inspiration?

Basically title. When I DMed Curse of Strahd I made my players pick a numbered tarot card they could later add to any dice roll within the session. It seemed interesting and thematic, players loved it. Looking for something similar for my upcoming campaign in Sharn. Sadly, it's an online campaign, or I would've made them pick a random crystal shard lol.
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2023.06.09 09:04 Express_Ad_254 Looking for a Touchscreen Laptop to use for professional photo editing, will mainly be uploading photos from my camera to the laptop and using Lightroom and Photoshop . I live in the US. Budget $800 - $1100 USD

* **Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. Please do not use USD unless purchasing in the US:**
$800-$1100 USD . US will also be country of Purchase
* **Are you open to refurbs/used?**
Yes, as long as a warranty is included
* **How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life?**
1.Would prefer a 2 in 1 if possible but open to any touchscreen. 2. Performance is pretty important to me. I just want something that can batch edit photos quickly and work with the newer AI tools in Photoshop and Lightroom. 3.Build I would like something that's somewhat solid and doesn't break easily 3. Battery life isn't super important
* **How important is weight and thinness to you?**
Neither are really important to me as I'll mainly use at home
* **Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A.**
* **Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run.**
I'll be doing photo editing and mainly using Lightroom and Photoshop.Possibly other AI powered photo editing apps like Topaz
* **If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want?**
No gaming
* **Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)?**
-Touchscreen is a must . Would love a 2 in 1 but open to other touchscreens as well. Good Screen/Display with accurate colors is also a must for photo editing. Also would like thunderbolt 3 or 4 ports. Lastly Intel 12 or 13 preferably but not a must
* **Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion.**
I've never been super tech savvy or knowledgeable about computers, so for a few months now I've done tons of research trying to figure out what to buy and I'm just overwhelmed at this point. As mentioned above I will mainly use for professional Photo editing, so I need a touchscreen laptop that's great for that, with a good display and that can easily run Lightroom and Photoshop, possibly some AI powered editing software like Topaz. Something that can handle those programs and run fairly quick and has decent storage. Thunderbolt port if possible, so I have the option to buy a dock and add more storage and better External Graphics card too . Any help is MUCH appreciated. I've spent months trying to decide and need to just find something and buy it at this point.
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2023.06.09 09:04 ValeVPNapp As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, it's crucial to prioritize the security of your home office

As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, it's crucial to prioritize the security of your home office
Here are some top cyber tips to help you securely work from home:

1️⃣ Use a Secure Network: Connect to a trusted and encrypted Wi-Fi network. Avoid public Wi-Fi networks that may expose your sensitive information to potential threats.

2️⃣ Strong Passwords: Create unique, complex passwords for all your accounts. Consider using a password manager to securely store and manage your login credentials.

3️⃣ Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Enable 2FA whenever possible. This adds an extra layer of security by requiring a second form of verification, such as a code sent to your mobile device.

4️⃣ Keep Software Updated: Regularly update your operating system, applications, and antivirus software. These updates often include important security patches to protect against vulnerabilities.

5️⃣ Secure Video Conferencing: When hosting or joining video conferences, utilize platforms with built-in security features. Set strong passwords for meetings and be cautious of sharing sensitive information during calls.

6️⃣ Be Wary of Phishing Attempts: Stay vigilant against phishing emails and messages. Be cautious of suspicious links or attachments and verify the legitimacy of requests for sensitive information.

7️⃣ Secure File Sharing: Use encrypted file-sharing services or virtual private networks (VPNs) to securely share sensitive documents with colleagues.

8️⃣ Lock Devices: When stepping away from your work area, lock your devices with strong passwords or use biometric authentication (such as fingerprint or facial recognition) to prevent unauthorized access.

9️⃣ Regular Data Backups: Back up your important work files and data regularly. Store backups on external devices or secure cloud storage platforms.

🔟 Use ValeVPN: Add an extra layer of security to your remote work setup by using ValeVPN. With ValeVPN, your internet connection is encrypted, protecting your sensitive data from potential eavesdroppers and ensuring your online activities remain private.

By following these cyber tips, including the use of ValeVPN, you can create a secure work-from-home environment and protect your valuable data from cyber threats. Remember, cybersecurity is a collective effort, so share these tips with your colleagues and help build a safer online workspace!


#WorkFromHome #Cybersecurity #SecureRemoteWork #StayProtected #ValeVPN
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2023.06.09 09:03 Raiden127456 Introducing my incredibly stupid P5 OC (I can't draw, so i unfortunately don't have any art for him, sorry) Also long wall of text warning!

Also, quick explanation, this character was made more in turn with the story and world of P5 instead of gameplay, so while i did try to add a couple gameplay mechanics into this post, he wasn't made in that way. Just so you know (Also, the character names don't actually mean anything, i just realized that i didn't have any and quickly used a name generator just so i would have something for this post).

Character information

Real name: Hiruma Hachiguro
Codename: WIP (I considered "Demon" or "King", but didn't like either enough to actually choose them)
Firearm: None
Weapon: Chained arm blades (I don't know what it's called, so i improvised)Hiruma's weapon is a single blade attached to the side of each of his arms (Imagine the arm blade from Doom Eternal, but less bulky and on both arms), which are attached to chains and can be launched towards enemies. This fills in for his lack of a firearm, resulting in a much higher ranged attack count in exchange for much lower average damage output.
Persona: Shuten-DōjiHiruma's Persona takes after the "Demon king" of Japanese mythology, Shuten-Dōji. It holds a large Kanabō club in its right hand and large Gourds in its left hand and waist, which it uses do deal Fire damage to enemies.


Born into the famous Hachiguro family, Hiruma grew up surrounded by brilliant minds, and of course, he was no different. His older sister, Mitsuyo, was one of the greatest engineers of her time, having designed and engineered his filtering mask and special locks only usable by him. You see, Hiruma was born with a strange disease that made him lethally allergic to certain chemicals which are highly common in today's air, which has forced him to wear the special mask designed by Mitsuyo in order to have a chance at living a normal life. The mask covers his mouth and nose, and has many visible fans and filters all around it. As for how it's powered, Mitsuyo calls that an engineer's secret. Having loved watching his sister design and engineer her ground-breaking projects, Hiruma decided to follow in her footsteps, and after she left Japan to work abroad, he eventually transferred to Shūjin academy.
There, Hiruma met the Phantom thieves, and after only a couple weeks, was confronted with the Metaverse, and his first palace, which looked like an ancient temple combined with large amounts of heavy machinery. In this strange realm, he experienced the Phantom thieves' skills first-hand, and was eventually confronted with his first Palace ruler - A Shadow form of his older sister, Hachiguro Mitsuyo. The Shadow explained that she used to be the smartest engineer alive, but when Hiruma was born and everyone discovered how much smarter he was than her, she was abandoned by many companies, and eventually even by their own father. She designed his mask and then left the country to prove to their father he still needs her, and that she was sick and tired of hearing about Hiruma's life over and over.
Having heard those words for himself, Hiruma was able to unleash his Persona, but as it came into sight, it was clear that something wasn't right - The Persona appeared "incomplete" of sorts, like a canvas without a painting, or a song without a melody. This type of Persona would become known as a "Shattered Persona", a strange phenomenon in which someone releases is capable of releasing their rebellious spirit and unleashes a Persona, but still remains bound by something, which prevents their Persona to achieve its full power.
Despite this, the Phantom thieves defeated Shadow Mitsuyo, and Hiruma officially joined the group, yet still unaware of what is holding him back from unleashing his true power.
After some time, the Phantom thieves and Hiruma come across another palace, yet this one was beautiful. The further they pushed into the palace, the more obvious it was that this one was different from the others. After some time, they finally came face to face with its ruler, but just like the Palace, they were different from all the others. The Shadow was oddly kind to them, showing next to no hostility and treating the Phantom thieves with respect and addressing them as "Honored guests". After some time, the figure apologizes for its lack of manners, introducing itself to the Phantom thieves as Hachiguro Naizen - Hiruma's father.
Upon hearing this, Hiruma yells out at his father's Shadow, demanding to know the reason for this Palace's existence. He explains that when Mitsuyo was revealed to be a genius, he was as proud as a father could ever be, but when she left abroad, the company's associates began pressuring him about when she would return, and eventually, the company was at risk of bankruptcy. Then, just as he was about to give up, Hiruma was born, and they soon found out that he was even smarter than his older sister. Naizen was overjoyed with his son, but after the pressure of his company got under his skin, he was prepared to do whatever it took to keep him by his side.
To achieve this, he took advantage of a pollen allergy Hiruma had when he was young and forged a medical report to make it seem like he was unable to breathe regular air, hoping that he would be able to use this to keep Hiruma dependant on him.
After realizing that the mask he has been forced to wear his entire life is pointless, Hiruma loses it and begins ripping the mask off his face with all his might. But since his sister truly believed their father's story, she made sure the mask could never be taken off, essentially fusing it with his skin (Not literally). Despite this, Hiruma continued to pull at the mask, and when the Phantom thieves noticed blood coming from his face, they begged him to stop - But Hiruma just continued to pull the mask off, tearing his skin off with it.
His blood sprayed everywhere as he tore the mask off, yelling out in pain with all his voice. But he knew that if he stopped now that it would only get worse, so he continued pulling at the mask, until he eventually managed to tear it off his face, the mask taking half of his face's skin and most of his bottom jaw along with it.
Through the intense pain, he summoned his Persona, placing his mask on its face, which was a perfect fit with the Persona's shattered face. Upon placing the mask, blue flames erupted from both of them, and Shuten-Dōji was finally whole, Hiruma having abandoned the thing he held onto for so long. As the Phantom thieves watched in awe and terror, fearing for Hiruma's well being after what he'd done, he turned around to face them, his face having somehow been repaired, as they saw his real face for the first time.
Having fully awakened to his new power, Hiruma had now fully joined the Phantom thieves, and with his the Demon king Shuten-Dōji at his side, they managed to defeat the Shadow of Hiruma's father, and upon leaving the Metaverse, Hiruma finally takes in his first breath of fresh air in over a decade.
"Heh... It's absolutely hideous. I love it"
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2023.06.09 09:02 hokayews I can't enjoy life

I'd be glad if anyone have time for to read this and I don't know if this will help but I just said why shouldn't I try to write it down on somewhere so here it is.
As a teenager (20yo in this october) who lives in Turkey and have learned just enough english to write something down in from school and self teaching. I feel like I'm not for this world to live, like, I don't like nor handle people around me If I dont like them. I mean, how do people even work in such jobs that you have to tolerance people and serve them in some way. I can't handle that.
My dad works for his job but his shop is for rent like our home (me, my dad, and my grandma) and we pay our rents by my grandma's salary. And the country is going to be worse next years, turkish liras is getting worthless and worthless day by day. I just can't handle being poor and have no money in my wallet as I see anyone having no issues with money or coming from rich family which you can understand that I'm not that lucky.
For this reason, I've met someone and he teached me how to make money my selling league of legends accounts. As someone who don't have and specific talent or don't want to deal with people I liked this idea to way make money. It was good at first, the money I made was my first earned and it was my money. I forgot to mention that my dad is wasting money on himself as he wishes and we don't have something common, It really hurts that I don't like him and we rarely talk...
So I try to work in his shop but I really don't know if its the worst job ever or am I just autistic and can't handle it. He doesn't giving me money until I mentioned about this money issue but still, ever since I knew him, he was always in debt. And this never changed.
As I made money by selling league of legends accounts, (making it 30lvl and selling it on website) even though I don't know what to spend on my money, I tried to make it more by crypto. I traded in and used "futures", like, the leverage and long-short one. At first I made 40 dollars to 250 around dollars.
Then I deleted binance and kept going on my life without risking it. But, my ex texted me and she was so toxic and bad to me idk why did I texted back to her. We met and went to theme park and had one day together. I spent some money as normally, around 35 dollars. I don't usually spend this much money so I panicked and got back in crypto shit...
As you can guess I've lost all my money and then went into depression for 1 week
Then after 1 month, I was telling myself to not get in crypto again and at least stay with what I lost. But one night my dad came in to my room and saw the airpods I bought for myself and I haven't told him because he'd ask me with which money did I buy it. So I made him believe that it was fake airpods and told him cheaper price and that I saved some money to buy it, he believed but still got mad to me because not telling him.
So I got mad too and downloaded back again binance. had 40 dollars again and made it 500 dollars
Omg I can't really believe that HOW DID I lost that money without ever realizing what could I do with that money it really hurts me because it was my money and Ive earned it and lost it in the same way I know its not the end of the world but it actually is
-I can't hande the same things happening all day all night all week all month all year
-I don't have anything from my family so I have to work on myself
-Turkey and its economy are getting worse and worse, rich gets richer, poor gets poorer
-I have 1 guy friend that I talk to and really thinks for me and there's a girl too who thinks for me but she's studying and will go to college exam so we can't talk a lot.
I guess I'm gonna go in military which is obligatory for 6 months and if you do 6 more months (12 months total) you get paid for the second 6 months which is 2200$ and then I'll see where it goes.I hope I can keep going that far.
Thanks for reading and your time
any comments and advices appreciated...
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2023.06.09 09:02 TricycleCheeta Making a custom gameboy for a friend of mine

Making a custom gameboy for a friend of mine submitted by TricycleCheeta to Gameboy [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 09:02 Valkyrieles 32 [M4F] Wa/PNW lf LTR KTP ENM

About me:
I’m married with kids. All live together. Thus the KTP is highly important to me.
New to the life.
I am 100% disabled from my time in the US Army.
Recently got into learning to become self sufficient. Currently growing: Peaches, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, plums, green onions, red delicious and Granny Smith apples, cherry tomatoes and jalapeños on our land. Looking to grow more.
I’m into video games. Mainly pc.
I also enjoy listening to lectures or podcasts around the following topics: biology, history, animals, physics/astrophysics/astronomy.
Love to watch movies, highly dislike talking through them the first time watching it. One of my favorite places to go is a drive-in theatre.
I tuck in all of my loved ones every night.
I’m a dog person, have two currently. Looking to get another to train as a service animal for me.
If I could have one superpower for a day, I’d choose the ability to open/close portals. See the world for free.
Working on quitting smoking. I also rarely drink. If curious, feel free to ask. Not a recovering alcoholic, I don’t mind when others drink.
Covered in tattoos. Want more.
5’8” dad-bod. I’ve started training to run a marathon.
What I’m seeking:
Someone who is reliable and understanding. Dog and kid friendly. Safe and nerdy. Lastly, hopefully nearby, but not against a LDR. As long as it’s understood that I’m not willing to relocate. Got roots down where I’m at, figuratively and literally.
I am willing to swap pictures as I’m aware that there’s a physical attraction component to most relationships. I also would like video chats, I find it hard to convey emotions through text.
DMs are open. Thanks you for reading this. If you’d like to know more, DM me ‘bubblegum’.
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2023.06.09 09:02 Beautiful-Acadia7840 F28 - He basically told me she is freakier than me in bed

So I guess overall my question is, what are some things I can do to make me freakier in bed. Feedback from men would be very helpful but to all my ladies out there who have any tips as well, I am all ears! Long story short I like this guy. We are not together. We were actually friends for 4 years before being intimate, so we are definitely pretty honest with each other…I think. These days you can never be too sure. I am fully aware he is still playing the field even though I like him because we are both single. It’s a weird dynamic but surprisingly, us being friends is what makes me feel comfortable with being honest with him about this stuff. So anywho, one day we were chillin and I noticed he was texting back and forth with someone. I recognized the name from multiple times before when we would hang out. I asked him if that was someone who he was talking to seriously and he downplayed it. He said no, although for the sake of my feelings I feel like he lied because of how often they communicate. I told him the only reason I’m asking is because if he did like her, or was talking to her seriously I just wanted to know like what he liked about her that was making him take her seriously if that was the case. He proceeds to tell me he isn’t interested in her in that way and that they were only intimate once. He said he entertains her out of boredom essentially. He proceed to make a comment saying he doesn’t like her more than he but she is freakier than me. I thought that surprising considering I ate his ass earlier that day and supposedly no one had ever done that to him before. ( huge kink of mine btw) Like, what is freakier than a female to male rim job? Few things in my opinion, but apparently not. So here I am. Asking my good friends here on Reddit what tops rim jobs and what I can do in the future, whether it be him to someone else, to be “freakier”?
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2023.06.09 09:01 PigletTemporary2807 Pits are illigal in Norway.. yet.. who dis?

Pits are illigal in Norway.. yet.. who dis?
‘’Police are searching for the owners of this dog running loose in Oslo’’
No one is claiming it. I wonder why. Article text says it appears to be a staffie mix. In my eyes it looks straight up pit. Comment sections running wild on this one. Either people are going crazy saying they will take the dog if not claimed, or its a breed fight.
Must add: strays are not common in my country. If someone finds a stray, there will more often than not be an owner claiming it.
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