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2023.03.30 15:33 Daemar_The_Barbarian Would you guys like a GL level Starkiller Team Similar to Reva?

Now hold on before you pull out your pitchforks lemme explain myself.
We already have Reva in the game who took one of the worst factions and made them better than everything in the game currently. And they stand by it because if you haven’t heard Reva is getting two buffs. All I’m offering is maybe we should give a team like that to a fan favorite character with similar requirements to Grand Inquisitor (tbf Starkiller requires 4 reliced characters not 5 but close enough).
Lemme explain how this would play out.
Currently the Starkiller team is standing strong as a non-GL but almost GL team, but he’s slowly losing his edge as he doesn’t have as much durability or banner recovery as teams like Aphra or Darth Malgus who are around the same area. Plus the primary GL that SK counters is Rey, who just got a huge buff thanks to Cal Kestis and he’s already tanked the success rates of SK counters in 3v3. So let’s change that.
3 new marquees would come out. Proxy, Juno, and Rahm Kota. These characters (along with SK) would be required for the new Starkiller Clone journey event which would require them at Relic 3 lets say. However similarly to GAS you would only unlock him at 5 stars and would have to use GET III to get him to 7. That way GET III has an actual use for endgame players, and make this a team that only endgame players could use and would have to deal with. Then a new TB in ROTE would open up, and using the new SK team, you would be able to unlock Jedi Knight Galen Marek. Galen Marek being the Reva for the SK team. This makes sense money wise for CG, but also doesn’t put the player through too many hoops unlike Inquisitors. Just two particularly high hoops, and in the meantime you still have a usable team.
Now into the part I’m actually excited about. Kit ideas.
Personally for a SK team I think the team should be centered around pseudo-ultimates similarly to Raddus and well… SK.
The team would be an anti-rebel/anti-empire team based around bonus turns and ramping offense. In the beginning they would have a lot of defensive increases via Rahm Kota’s lead but over the course of the battle they would each charge up their ultimates at different rates giving you multiple jumps in power.
Rahm Kota would be a tank but would start out as a blind drunk with a lightsaber. He would gain blind at the start of his turn making his basic attack useless. But every time the Starkiller Clone journey character uses an ability he would assist and would deal extra damage or something. As he ramps up eventually he would do a “transformation” ultimate similar to SEE and JML. He would become Jedi Knight Rahm Kota or something similar and would gain foresight at the start of his turn instead of blind as a reference to his Force sight ability. He would also gain resilient defense on top of taunt and he could dispel resilient defense to charge up his special force abilities. That being the two main abilities he used when you fought him in the first game. Force Leap, where he would throw his lightsaber in the air, catch it, and slam down creating a Force explosion. His second special would be his other main move where he summons a bunch of objects and throws Giant force balls full of debris that explode.
For Proxy I imagine his ultimate would be based around changing forms. He would start out as Obi-Wan, again to make the team tanky at the start of battle (it was also the first time we saw proxy). Then it would switch to the Shadow Royal Guard with the lightsaber pike, then to Kazdan Paratus, Shaak-Ti, Maris Brood, and it would end with Darth Maul. Each time he would keep his defensive bonuses but his abilities would change and he would charge up his damage. Just like in the game his abilities would be a rip-off of the people he was impersonating. For example JMK which he would be starting out as would have a high ground ability. But instead of being an ultimate that would charge up mastery and all this other special stuff, Proxy’s high ground would be a 5 turn cooldown ability that healed the team for 50% health, gave them 50% bonus protection, and increase their defense by 50% for 2 turns. Plus it would inflict mark on the enemy team. Not a special mark. Regular mark that could be resisted and dispelled so you can sorta go around taunts. A knockoff that remains true to the original.
Juno would be the only character without an ultimate simply because she never did anything that notable other than getting choked by Darth Vader. Instead she would be a support character that would be the primary source of anti-rebel/empire synergy. She would also be the first light Side empire character. She would ramp up defense and tenacity for the team every time an enemy attacks out of turn (doubled for Rebels and Empire), and she would gain turn meter every time an Empire or Rebel enemy gained turn meter. Considering that she was the emotional core of the team in the games, and fixed up both the ship and Proxy she could also be another translator character to help reduce those cooldowns and provide other passive buffs (plus in the book she hacked Imperial transmissions and saw Starkiller in a private meeting with Darth Vader, just saying).
For the Starkiller Clone Journey character I’m imagining he has a repetitive ultimate like LV, SLKR, Rey, etc. Instead his would be called Force Fury (just like in the game) where his abilities would switch to massive AOE attacks for 4-5 turns before returning to normal. He’s also a bit insane because he’s a clone so the more he uses his special abilities the more stacks of confusion he puts on himself, but the more stacks of confusion the faster Force Fury ramps and the more damage he deals. If he hits 3 stacks he stuns himself for 1 turn. However to counteract this similarly to Boba SOJ none of his abilities would have cooldowns, and depending on the order you used them in they would apply different effects. Just like comboing in the game. And if you kept using his basic lightsaber attack multiple times in a row you would keep attacking again and again, just like doing a lightsaber combo.
This would all lead into Jedi Knight Galen Marek who would take over as the leader of this team. He would have a unique ability that would summon a damaged Proxy to the ally slot. This Proxy couldn’t change forms and would be stuck as JMK, but he would be slightly stronger than the other Proxy’s base JMK. This summoned version of Proxy would also be a support character instead of an attacker, and Galen would give a bunch of bonuses to support characters (Juno who was his lover, Proxy who was his friend). He would basically be a support but actually an attacker like Dash Rendar who would utilize massive AOE abilities and gain extra effects the more stacks of translation he had. He wouldn’t have an ultimate but he would have a cool ability. When defeated he would instead kneel down instead of being instantly defeated. You would then have to make a choice. Light side or Dark Side. Just like in the games. If you pick Light, Galen sacrifices himself, deals damage to everyone, rallies his allies, and gives them bonuses depending on their role. If you pick Dark, your entire team instantly gets defeated and Galen turns into Darth Starkiller who can solo entire teams.
Tell me what you think. If this gets enough traction I might do some fan kit reveals.
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2023.03.30 15:33 AutoModerator [Get] Steven Dux – Traders Edge 2023

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2023.03.30 15:32 WaveOfWire One Hell Of A Vacation - Chapter 59

First Prev Next Royal Road
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Waking up after spending the night back in a cuddle-puddle for the first time in weeks was a surprising experience to his ‘night watch’ geared brain. He had awoken twice, a lethargic thought to check who was on watch so that he might relieve them being stunted by the bodies pressed to his own before he groggily buried his face in the nearest fur-pile and went back to sleep.
Sahari and Nalah had joined them, something that he was rather thankful for, if only for the return to normalcy, but Joseph had been mildly disappointed that there was nothing going on between them yet. It was just a matter of time, but, if they keep it up, he might channel Tel’s mischievous side and force the matter. He just needed to know how to. He mentally shrugged, deciding to ask the grey-furred female at some point since she had known the ex-Grand Huntress the longest.
He lazily rubbed his face into the soft fur he found himself resting on, a light touch of a paw playing with his hair from an odd angle making him smile. He wasn’t awake enough to really place who was where, and Tel had stopped scenting herself with peppermint, so he was forced to rely on his ability to tell their fur apart. It wasn’t a difficult task, but he wanted to just enjoy the sensations before he needed to be awake and address the world again.
A shift forward was met with fur on both sides of his face and Tel giggling, so that tipped him off enough that he knew he had reclaimed his pillow after yesterday’s... charged events.
After Harrow showcased her work and demanded base-wide music, they had spent some time checking to see if it would be possible. It would be, but it would require slightly more black magic since the two systems weren’t connected directly. The weapon fixing would take place sometime today, if it was as simple as he thought it was.
After that was hunting with Jax, then consulting Nalah after reassuring the female that he supported her romantic endeavours.
Which dragged his mind to Tel and Pan.
Pan put up no resistance to him wanting to introduce the assassin to their circle... It was still weird to think about that... But Tel had seemed to worry that she would. He couldn’t say he was disappointed with the result, the confidence of the grey-furred female was infectious, and Pan seemed more than happy with the arrangement. A private question revealed the answer that nothing of note would really change for her, and it would make him happy, so she seen no reason to mind.
Tel had already spent most nights with them, she constantly flirted with him anyway, and it would be a lie to say that he didn’t find himself returning the game of affection long before it actually crossed his mind to question if he meant it. Him and Tel actively acknowledging that there was somewhere for it to go was just a logical conclusion to her.
The only change that the actual openness had brought so far was Tel pulling back on the flirting with the vague reason that she wanted to make sure of some things, though if he was disappointed at the delay or relieved for the chance to acclimate, he couldn’t say.
Regardless, he wiggled his head into the soft fluff he found himself encased in, a wandering hand confirming that Pan was snuggled into his chest and quite content to remain asleep. Tel’s voice stirred his barely conscious mind.
“Getting impatient to take me, my male?”
He opened an eye to see what the hell she meant, meeting the reality of the situation with a blush.
He was currently using her leg as a pillow, Tel having curled on an angle at some point, her upper body facing the lower portion of the bed while his head rested high on her thigh, and he was presently in the process of scooting his way into where her legs met, the thin fabric of her shorts just barely concealing his unintentional destination. He swallowed back the intrusive thought that there would be no repercussions if he were to just lean forward, other than the obvious disturbance, and pulled away before he could give in to the urge.
“Sorry, still half asleep.”
She chuckled, fixing her posture to lay further on her back to free him of the temptation, though her paw continued to run through his hair soothingly as she rested in the reverse orientation of him. “Although it would be a fine way to start the sun, i believe it would be best for it to be a private moment, no? Though, if you insist...”
He snorted, the jolt of his suppressed laugh stirring Pan. “You were the one who suggested we wait.”
Her paw moved to his face, her pads gently stroking his cheek. “It must be memorable, no? I have my competition resting within your arms, after all, and i believe from your reactions on the subject that she has made quite the impression upon you.”
Pan pulled out of his chest at the mention, an adorable yawn working its way from her muzzle. A lazy blink turned into a smile as she met his eyes, a soft kiss given in greeting. Remembering that Tel was in the bed curled around behind her, she rolled slightly to look at the female over her shoulder, the warm expression just the same. “I hope the moon treated you well, Tel.”
The cook raised a brow at the affection in her voice, rolling her eyes when Joseph chuckled. “Besides my male being so wanting in his rest, it did.”
Pan giggled, stretching out her legs to work off the rest of her sleepiness. “Then all is as expected.”
“Hey.” The Human protested, receiving a smirk from both females. “I feel like I’m being ganged up on.”
Tel surprised him by sitting up to add her own morning greeting before slipping off the bed with a spring to her step, Pan quietly suppressing her amusement at his surprise as she got up as well.
The Blade winked over her shoulder. “One thing at a time, my male.”
He opened his mouth to retort, the action dying as he registered the other meaning. Pan paused in response to his failure to dismiss the thought quick enough, the shy glance to the ground doing nothing to discourage the secondary embarrassment. “What do i need to do today? It’s too early for me to remember.”
The white-furred female, more than happy to return to her familiar role of helping him arrange what needed to be done, and likely eager to also abandon the thought that Tel’s words imparted upon them, folded her paws over her lap and gave him a brief summary. “Jax has arranged time for you both to teach Violet, though Mama will regrettably not be able to attend this session, Nalah would like your considerations for a water heating system for the bath house, and there are several other things that can be addressed whenever you have time as they are not urgent in nature.”
He grunted as he threw his legs off the side of the bed, an absent gaze slipping over to Tel stretching out before she went to make breakfast. “It depends on how long those first two take, but i might not have time to do the rest. I need to help Harrow too.”
“No time for me?” The female asked cheekily, resting her chin on Pan’s head from behind once she noticed his complaining seemed to be more entertaining than cooking at the moment, her elbows bracing on the smaller female’s shoulders. Pan seemed surprised at the contact, though not particularly minding it. She glanced up in a fruitless attempt to look at the female before quickly returning her gaze to her bond with little concern for her re-purposing as furniture.
He eyed the two with a raised brow. “Until i sort out what i wasn’t here to work on, yeah, sorry. I’ll free up some time soon.”
The cook pouted, her display of disapproval stalling as she shook her head against Pan, her eyes turning down to address her headrest once a thought crossed her mind. “You are surprisingly soft.”
His bond blushed, a glance afforded to the male in the room who had started smirking in his confusion. “He prefers that i maintain my fur as such, and i find it rather rewarding to do so.”
Tel nodded in approval, an idea rolling on her tongue. “Show me some time.”
Having made her demand, the gunmetal-furred female sauntered off with her paws behind her head, her tail spinning figure-eights on her way to prepare food for the pack. Joseph caught himself watching a little too closely, the Blade neglecting to toss on something other than her sleep-wear giving him a bit too much to look at. He reluctantly tore his gaze once she passed into the hallway, clearing his throat to address his amused bond as she wandered to the table against the window. “You guys seem surprisingly close.”
Pan tilted her head, her paws in the process of fetching him the clothing she made for him with a small smile. “She makes you happy, that is enough for me to think of her favourably.”
He blinked at the plain answer, accepting the shirt she held out for him. “It seems more than that.”
“She has offered to teach me ways to be of greater assistance to you, and i have offered to assist her as well.” The white-furred female explained, sheepishly watching him replace his clothing. It was a black t-shit and a pretty decent pair of sweat-pants. Far from formal, but no one on the entire planet would really notice anything if he went out looking like it was his day off, so no shits were given. Not that he cared how he dressed now-a-days anyway.
He wondered what exactly she did to manage the soft material from just flora and some odd compounds she had made, but figured that it would involve a long answer that contained more steps of processing than he had attention span. The sewing room was staring to contain more barrels of things than he wanted to look into, so he just thankfully accepted that his girlfriend was magic. One of... Yep, still weird to think about. He shook off the odd feeling that his situation gave him to poke into a curiosity.
“Trading favours? Like what?”
Pan held a claw to her lips with closed eyes as she gently shook her head, the action far more endearing than it had any right to be. “It would be rude to our efforts to reveal the results before they are ready.”
He straightened out the shirt, the fit just loose enough to be comfortable, though tight enough to stay how it should. He weighed his responses, opting to allow them their fun as long as it wouldn’t have any major consequences. Tel was told directly about that, and he wanted to believe she would respect his wishes on the matter. “Fine, fine. Just to make sure; I’m not going to end up fed to wolves or anything, right?”
Pan walked up to him with a chuckle, her paw gently resting against his chest and the soft kiss doing wonders to wake him up. “All you will be fed is whichever meal Tel provides.”
He made a show of pondering it before tilting his head in concession. “She’s a good cook, I’ll give her that. I need to ask what got her into it some time.”
His mate walked out of the door with a passive smile at his pondering, holding it open for him on her way as they started their day.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
She got to her feet, picking up the blunted dagger that had skittered across the gym floor, her side sore from where the kick had landed. She readied her weapon, facing down the grey-furred female whom seemed more bored than critical at the moment.
“Move, disarm, remove.” Tel repeated, spinning her own practice dagger in the air and catching it in a reverse grip. A blur replaced the female, a sharp pain in Pan’s thigh was followed by her wrist being contorted to release the knife and Tel’s weapon pressed to her throat. “Those three will be etched into your bones.” Again, Tel disengaged, casually walking back to her starting location and tossing Pan her confiscated armament.
“Apologies, but i fail to see how this will help.”
The Blade raised a brow at her confession. “You must learn to react to ones such as myself.” She waved her dagger at the Paw. “You may have learned much of his unarmed methods, but your focus is bound by rules of sparring. Should one whom plays not by such restrictions seek to harm him, your end shall be the last he sees.”
Pan deflated, her ears drooping as she acknowledged the point.
“You train with Violet, no?”
She nodded, not really sure why it would be related.
Tel hummed, her expression contemplative. A blur originated from her resting arm, Pan’s conditioned reflexes slipping by the thrown knife and closing the distance to deliver a spinning back kick with her right leg from a more favourable angle once she had successfully dipped below the path of the blade.
The impact of a successful hit allowed her to use the recoil to bounce her weight in order to counteract the rotation, an arm held out to set her balance then pulled in to increase her speed. The same leg fired for the body from a new origin, the limb meeting empty air. Her instincts hauled the leg down with her body, the slight whistle of an edge whizzing over where her head was being a familiar sound.
The foot touched ground, her tail bracing the newly landed limb as she adjusted the other to launch vertically behind her, her aim being to break the guard of...
The disconnect between sparring her kit and the female who had taken a defensive posture caught her off guard, her leg halted from finishing the devastating kick to the jaw. The knife in her paw held blood.
Panicked, she righted herself cautiously, inspecting Tel for injuries that she may have accidentally inflicted. A cut along the female’s neck must have happened when she tried to stabilize herself, the weapon forgotten.
Tel eased, the looped end of her usual dagger facing forward as the flat side was about to be used to deflect the kick. She put it in her holster with the others, an analytical eye sizing the white-furred female up. She spoke with an interested tone.
“Where was that before?”
Pan clasped her paws in front of her chest, the weapon dropped as worry for the cook outweighed the thought of answering the question. “Are you okay? It was not my intention to harm you.”
Tel touched the cut, a grunt returned as she dismissed the injury. “Worry not, it is shallow. I had not watched your spars with the den-kit, so i had underestimated your training.” She glanced at the Paw. “Why could you not do as much before?”
Pan shook her head weakly, unsure why there seemed to be such a divide between the two extremes.
Tel approached slowly, her posture low as she inspected the white-furred female’s form. “What was going through your mind?”
She stalled, unsure of the specifics. “I was comparing the situation to training with Violet.”
The admittance raised a brow. “You attack your kit so violently?”
Pan shyly looked away. “She is skilled enough to require i do as such.”
“Hmm. Perhaps i should spar her as well. We never did get around to having her test her mettle against the pack, did we?”
She shook her head. “No, much occurred in short order, so Joseph didn’t feel it was appropriate to encourage such. None would know how to best avoid injury.”
“And you do?”
Pan blushed at her accidentally boastful phrasing, but nodding to agree anyway. She had trained with Violet since they were both newly introduced to competent combat techniques, leading to both growing with the other’s safety in mind. It also meant that, once they had reached a point in their development that they could be reasonably sure that they could stop any harm from coming of it, they could utilize the vulnerabilities they had found in spars.
Tel gave her a long look. “Kill me.”
“What?” The blink came at the same time as the word, her ear flicking in a vain attempt to ensure she had heard correctly.
The female reset her position, drawing two of her usual knifes instead of the practise blade she had been wielding previously. “I said; Kill me. More accurately, try to.”
Pan shook her head rapidly. “I don’t-”
The air shimmered as her tail bore some of her weight, the subconscious shift away from the sharp edge forcing her body into its habits. “And if i were targeting him?”
“Tel, i think we-” The slight skim against her neck triggered a reaction.
Throwing her weight down, she shifted it from her tail to her rear leg, lurching forward into the extended arm. Her front foot gained purchase, pushing herself up to encircle the target’s neck from under the shoulder. She reached with her other paw, capturing the wrist of the first and applying pressure while hauling the weight of her opponent over her knee, releasing the hold once the tipping point was exceeded.
A swift punch towards the throat was halted as the body impacted the ground, her reluctance to do more harm to the female causing her to pull the strike before it could build up too much speed.
Tel’s laughing stripped her of the haze, the female having used her tail to slow the strike further and redirecting it away from her neck with the flat of a knife, her free paw holding the second dagger outwards to stab at the ribs of the white-furred female.
“Perhaps i need not forge you from nothing.” Tel commented, releasing Pan’s limb once an effort to remove it was given. “Your only limitation now is that you lack a weapon in which to compliment your style, though i believe we shall have one in our paws soon enough. It would assist you greatly if you were to follow through, however.”
Pan offered the female assistance to her feet, the latter accepting without pause. “I do not enjoy having to react in such ways. Joseph has taught me much, but it would be against his wishes were i to wantonly embrace violence.”
Tel tapped her on the nose with her dagger before sheathing it, leaving Pan to rub her snout as the female spoke. “I suppose that is but one art he has ingrained within you?” The Paw’s refusal to meet her eyes answered for her. “Will you not act when one aims for his life?”
A pain became apparent behind her voice. “I wish to embrace his moral. I should not use his teachings to take a life unless there is no other option.” Pan’s gaze fell to her feet. “I have allowed myself to fall into those lessons rashly before, and i fear i would not be able to amend what i might wrongfully do.”
The Blade sighed, waving a paw to disregard the notion. “I suppose that we can say he has taught you enough for your function, though you are woefully insufficient in other ways.” Tel walked to the door, gesturing for Pan to follow. “We will continue our sessions, though it will be to familiarize you with weapons and methods that others will use. To be ignorant is to allow your Sheath to fall before your eyes, dull one. You would do them well to throw yourself to the Void before you make them suffer such inadequacies by your own paw.”
Pan frowned, the meaning of her declaration only partially understood. Tel paused in front of the sewing room, shifting her head to look back with an eye. “Apologies, i suppose it would be unfair of me to attribute your allegiances to my own. You seek to defend as his shield rather than eliminate as his Blade, yes?”
She nodded, not entirely sure where Tel was going with this, a sensation that continued to grow ever since the female offered to teach her ways that would keep her bond safe. It was as if there was a darker side to the one whom her bond had fallen for, though their interactions spoke to the fact that he has become aware of such and accepted her in spite of it. The Paw decided to trust in the dubious nature of the cook, placing her faith in the male whom has become her centre.
“Then we will focus on observation and threat appraisal for now. I can hardly allow my attentions to slip while none are able to supplement myself.” Tel proceeded into the room, her piece said with a somewhat resigned lilt.
A worrying thought crossed Pan’s mind as she followed. “Am i preventing you from confirming your affections with him?”
“I have more than yourself to worry about, fear not.” She gestured lazily to the stack of fabrics they had chosen together last sun. “I believe you require my measurements now, no?”
The Paw frowned, but figured that if she was inhibiting the newfound love from being fulfilled, then at least these efforts would assist further. She pulled several lengths of palm as Tel disrobed, considerations for what she would make specifically proving difficult to muse.
The nicks in the strips were made silently, Pan ruminating on her unintended effect in stalling their relations. Tel exhaled, eventually speaking in a voice devoid of the harsh edge she had adopted since entering the gym, the tone soft and weary.
“Could you tell me about him? I fear i know little more than the others.” A sadness took root in her voice. “I have harmed him with my lacking in such areas already. I wish to do him no more.”
Pan paused, glancing up to see the female fixing her gaze out of the window bashfully. An unfamiliar sight, to be sure. A smile formed on her muzzle, her motions as she continued to get the information she needed much more natural now that Tel had shown her again why Joseph would be taken with the female.
“I suppose i should start with his blood-mother, a female who dreamed of the stars...”
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
The growled incoherence from the Grand Hunter drew a chuckle from Jax, the Human’s struggle with the consonance proving to be rather amusing.
“This shit hurts my throat.” He complained, stroking the affected area and taking a deep drink from his water. Jax tried to keep the smirk from forming, though based on Joseph’s face, he wasn’t doing a very good job of it.
“Worry not, Grand Hunter, this is an expected hurdle to overcome.”
The Human glowered at him for a moment, his nostrils flaring as he exhaled forcefully. “Says the one who learned a language by listening to us talk for a while.”
“Violet has made great strides in learning such.” He gestured to the den-kit who was currently practising the alphabet for Joseph’s language. “She is endeavouring to master two, even.”
A sigh was returned for his argument, a satisfied smile overcoming his friend as the Human observed his kit apparently doing her task with great proficiency. “She’s doing better than i expected.”
Jax looked over the work, though could only comment that the lines were done more uniformly than the male’s. “Will she be able to communicate with you soon?”
Joseph blew air from his mouth as he rose his brows. “Maybe? It’ll depend on how she handles spelling. It’s a bit of a nightmare at times.”
“She has shown no struggle within our own script.” Jax offered, noticing the wince.
“Eh. We’ll see. It’ll be easy enough to go over basic phrases, in any case.”
Violet finished her repetition, displaying the result for her adoptive den-father to inspect. Joseph stroked the kit’s head while praising her for a job well done. The Atmo fetched a smaller tablet in which to scratch on, showing Jax the result with an excited bounce.
[I am improving!]
The Lilhun felt his chest rumble with the chuckle he encouraged. “You are, Violet. We are both very proud of you.” The sight of the Human looking at him longingly drew his attention. “You have denied my affections before, Grand Hunter. Do you wish for me now that i am displaying how useful to your kit i may be?”
“Welp, it was nice while it lasted.” The male deadpanned, extending his middle finger towards Jax, the Lilhun waving a paw in return.
“You will have similar exchanges in future, i am sure.” He reassured casually. “Perhaps it will be me whom looks on in envy.”
The Human smiled wistfully at him, the gaze somehow hurting. “You’ll be a good dad, Jax.”
The Lilhun, for once, found no witty retort to his friend’s words. No sarcasm, no wish to detract from the meaning loaded behind those wishes that cried into his soul, knowing that the male may never have what he wanted for the one teaching his adoptive kit.
Jax forced a smirk, a small decision made in his mind, though he would wait until it was time. For now, he was to assist this Human reach a deep desire within him. It was a small return for what he had been given.
“I fear that you are skipping on your practise, Grand Hunter.”
Joseph exhaled. “What sound am i ripping my throat out over again?”
The Lilhun chuckled, demonstrating again and taking the extra effort to emphasize and explain the subtleties for his benefit. The resulting imitation being butchered, though closer than before.
The Human coughed, taking a drink after it calmed down enough to do so and he had assured his kit that he was not ill. “Isn’t there anything easier to start with?”
Jax thought about it before shaking his head. “Easier? Yes. More fundamental? No. Much of what you gain with this will be a boon while you learn the rest.”
A thump sounded out as Joseph dropped his head onto the table. “I hate Lilhun.”
“And yet you seek to bed two.”
He rolled his head to the side to glare at the Head. “I’m including you in the things i hate.”
Jax held a paw to his chest, flinching as if wounded. “My love, you must be gentle with me.”
“Fuck you and your gravel-ass language.”
The male reached over to pat Joseph on the back. “Come. You are improving, but success is not the only marker of progress. It will take time to make the motions comfortable.”
The Grand Hunter looked at him lazily. “Fine, but you’re teaching me how to tell you to shut up. It’s looking like it’ll be more fun to yell at you in your language than mine.”
Jax grinned. “I look forward to offering you myself in more ways as well.”
“God, i regret everything.”
The facilities door pressed open, the Human quickly feigning interest in the script that Violet was quietly working on near by. Tel sauntered into the hub, gesturing behind her as she wandered up to the two.
“Joseph, Silva has called and requested your presence. Pan is waiting in your stead.”
The Human’s brows shot up. “Oh, shit. Okay. I’ll go see what’s up.”
Violet quickly laid down her materials and hurried to Joseph’s side.
“You wanna come say high to Sil, Violet?”
A chittered reply was accompanied by an excited bouncing, the male laughing and resting his paw upon the kit’s back.
“Come on then. Jax, sorry to cut the lesson short. Let me know when you have time again!”
The Lilhun shook his head at how eager his friend was to abscond with his other student. “Of course, Grand Hunter. You will be notified.”
Joseph held up a thumb as he walked away. “Thanks, buddy! I owe you.”
Jax didn’t have time to come up with something funny before the doors closed behind the pair, leaving him in the room with Tel. He glanced to the bored-looking female.
“I am surprised you would claim him as your own.” He commented absently, unsure of what else he would like to talk about with her, given the lack of new topics at his disposal. Tel focused on him, a scoff given as a smug look of satisfaction crossed her face.
“Perhaps if you had proven better, it may have been you burying your face between my thighs earlier this sun.”
He blinked, watching the female walk through the dormitory doors with her tail swinging in off-set circles behind her. His gaze fell to the floor in front of him, memories of before they had joined Joseph’s pack coming to bear. Of those moons where it had felt like she was slightly more flirtatious than her usual displays would leave him to believe.
He didn’t regret ending up with Harrow, his mate was irreplaceable to him, but it was still worth at least pondering the possibilities, even if only for a moment before they were banished to the realm of the inconsequential.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
The terminal screen was displaying the sparse office of a Union member, the sterile colours and textures far from engaging. In the centre of the display sat a fairly dishevelled Trilaxin, her plumage untended and movement sluggish. Stress was clear in her expression, as was the lack of sleep that took its toll on their species much faster than his own.
Joseph distorted his face in worry. He may have only talked to the woman once, but she was doing him a huge favour by looking into everything, and she was a close friend of Rob’s. “Jesus, Sil. You okay?”
She ignored his question, conflict evident as she opened and closed her beak while trying to find the right words to say. “Joseph, i have decoded the information they retrieved from an Atmo-origin object travelling to Sol. Were you told about this?”
“The pack filled me in, yeah. What was in it?”
She cycled a slow breath, glancing at the occupants of the room, though it was only the three of them there at the moment. Violet reached for a tablet, finding that she only had one on-hand at the moment. She paused before deciding to wave with her joint in lieu of a more concise method of greeting that would take up space which might be used to say something else. A small smile was returned by the avian until she spoke, her voice falling grave.
“It’s a video file. It was programmed to be broadcast once it was within range and it was...” She fell quiet for a while, Joseph unsure if he should interject. Her feathers shimmered as she regained her confidence. “I believe you should see it, considering your connection to them. It will answer more questions than i could reasonably answer.”
He furrowed his brow in uncertainty. “Sure? How am i supposed to do it? Will you just send it or...”
She shook her head, an empty laugh given in exchange. “I can pass through the feed, though i will not be able to continue once it is over. It will be too risky to keep the system running after.”
Joseph nodded in partial understanding, glancing to Pan and Violet to get their opinions. Pan smiled encouragingly and Violet nodded her assent to the arrangement. He turned his attention back to the terminal. “Okay. Sorry we couldn’t talk longer.”
Silva gave a weak smile as she took a breath, a necklace running through a thin gold ring shifting against her breast. “We will speak again, Joseph. Just...” Her eyes glanced away from the screen. “Never mind. I’ll get in touch once a friend of mine gets access to the Lilhun data, okay?”
A frown tugged at his lips, but he tried to look more thankful for her hard work. It was obviously far harder on her than he would have thought previously, and the mention of her actively waiting on more information suggested that she had at least confirmed there was things to find. “Take it easy, Sil. You look like hell.”
A soft chuckle trilled from her beak, the look on her face implying that it wasn’t the first time today she was told that. “I must, mustn't i?” She shook her head softly. “Take care Joseph. I am glad to see that you returned in good health.”
He returned the smile as she reached to do whatever needed to be done. “Take care.”
The screen flickered to a deep grey, the darkness artificial. A ‘rec’ watermark appeared at the top of the image in time with the hum of background noise and an undertone of static. A deep voice spoke in accented English, subtitles being displayed underneath in the language as well as what Joseph could place as Atmo script, though he couldn’t be sure if Sil had provided the translation or if it was embedded in the file previously. Violet took a step closer to the terminal when she noticed.
“I hope this reaches them.”
As soon as the words were out, the scene changed to a haggard looking man standing in the corner of a room, looking somewhere in his forties based on the smile lines and deep creases on his forehead, a coat having been hastily tossed on over a t-shirt and jeans. He held his lowered head in his hands, giving his face a rough rub before raising it slowly to look at the recording device, the redness in his eyes and bags underneath them speaking to more than one night that he would have preferred in a bottle. It was a look Joseph recognized from the bathroom mirror back in his apartment, and a feeling he knew all too well.
The unkempt facial hair, the lack of sleep due to nightmares, the overwhelming urge to curl into a ball and let death take you one second at a time. It was a look of a man who had lost everything and had nothing left to fight for.
“Attention people of Sol. We have come to present evidence of the Union using their power to unilaterally commit genocide on newly discovered sapient races for no reason other than their fear of an uprising from members who have supported their government for millennia. My name is Adam Callam, and i present to you...” The man’s voice broke, a sob fought back in a desperate attempt to keep himself composed, his face contorted in his struggle not to give into agony. “I present to you a video log of our interactions with new races under the guise of a ‘socialization procedure’. Kind people of great curiosity, acceptance, friendship, and loyalty. People who accepted us as their own with no promise of anything in return, and people who... People who...”
The video cut to the man holding a drink in his hand and a cigarette freshly extinguished into a newly placed ashtray. A barely hidden bottle of alcohol could be discerned at the edge of the screen, Adam having moved to sitting at a table between scenes. The man cleared his throat, it being much hoarser than before.
“And people who... Who sacrificed many... to save just me and my family.” He stared at the desk for a moment, a fresh tear proving difficult to dissuade. “No. People who became our family. People of Sol. Members of Humanity. Please. See what kind of beings are being kept from us and stolen of their right to live... See what people made the ultimate sacrifice to save a Human couple and their child from unprovoked bombardment... And what i am asking you to do in return.”
The man’s sorrow faded in an instant, his gaze into the screen intense and focused. Pan reached out and held Joseph’s hand, resting her free paw on Violet’s shoulder as the Atmo watched, absorbed by the story unfolding in front of them.
“Watch what the Union is doing behind the curtain, just to prove to themselves that they are the ultimate authority. That they can play God, merely because of their own convictions and desire for control... Watch the happiest moments of my life be ripped away from me because of them.”
Adam took a deep drink of his booze, wincing when the burning hit his throat.
“Watch, and then make a decision. A decision on the fate of those people... Because you are the only hope they have left.”
The man reached forward to interact with the device, his eyes having turned from despair to a cold determination that resonated with the Grand Hunter.
The screen flickered again. Joseph gripped Pan’s paw as he watched with baited breath.

A/N: I'm not apologizing for the cliff. I might end up slipping the next chapter in two if i feel all the detail is needed, so... We'll see. i'll try to condense it, but no promises.
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2023.03.30 15:31 karabiner98kurz 2019 Fender Vintera Jazzmaster Good Deal?

Hi offset friends!
My local music shop has a used 2019 Fender Vintera ‘60’s Jazzmaster for sale for $700. I played it yesterday and it sounded and felt nice. I didn’t notice any physical defects or anything like that, except one of the bridge saddles was missing the screw and spring, but the shop said they’d replace it.
The previous owner did replace the tortoiseshell pickguard with a plain white one (which I’m not a fan of, but it looks like I can get a replacement on Reverb for pretty cheap).
Does $700 + tax seem like a good deal for this guitar? Is there anything I should be on the lookout for? I’m a little concerned that the previous owner messed with the electronics while replacing the pickguard, but that’s probably me just being overly worried.
Thanks for the input!
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2023.03.30 15:31 Ok-Bookkeeper1927 Turbocharger 16339700023

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The 16339700023 turbocharger has a small-to-medium-sized compressor wheel and a relatively low boost pressure compared to larger turbochargers, which makes it well-suited for smaller engines eg. 1.0 and lower power applications.
Like all turbochargers, the 16339700023 requires proper maintenance and care to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This includes regular oil changes, monitoring for leaks or damage, and following manufacturer guidelines for usage and maintenance. It's always important to consult with a qualified mechanic, turbo rebuilders or consult the manufacturer's specifications to determine the exact fitment of the turbocharger.

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2023.03.30 15:31 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/Comicbooks recap for the week of March 23 - March 29

Thursday, March 23 - Wednesday, March 29


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5,041 494 comments Disney Lays Off Ike Perlmutter, Chairman of Marvel Entertainment
1,858 122 comments Beloved TMNT graphic novel The Last Ronin is becoming a video game with God of War inspirations
156 16 comments ‘The Sandman’ Season 2 Filming Schedule Revealed, Unlikely to Release Before 2025 on Netflix
98 17 comments Armando Iannucci To Write Daredevil For Marvel In 2024.
64 1 comments Michael Reaves, comic and animated TV/film writer, has passed away at 72


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2,793 465 comments Cover of Amazing Spider-Man #26 is giving me ASM #121 vibes, you think they’re gonna kill off MJ?
2,052 241 comments What's your thoughts on "Blade Runner" aka the Amalgam Fusion of Flash and Wolverine that we never got
1,509 63 comments Alex Ross Celebrates the X-Mens 60th anniversary with a new connecting variant for Uncanny Avengers #1


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3,952 271 comments You're a demon but I'm the devil (Daredevil #4)
3,623 308 comments Animal Man has the power to resist Starfire's appearance. (52 #5)
3,133 116 comments Just realized an interesting contrast between Harley's Holiday and The Killing Joke - Bruce uses his "bad day" to try to show Harley that it doesn't mean the end of the world, while Joker tries to use his "bad day" to show Batman it does.

Fan Creations

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3,345 217 comments GwenPool and Superboy Prime have a shipping debate (Art by Blaag)
2,211 102 comments I made this Ben Grimm gold ring. not for sale. It's a 1 of 1!
1,067 67 comments Black Cat, fan art by me


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421 93 comments My first 2 slabs


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1,306 4 comments DOOM PATROL (Art by Gabriel Hardman)
1,232 44 comments Billy Numerous & See-More character designs by Tom Raney & Michael Atiyeh for the new Cyborg series
963 34 comments WILDC.A.T.S #7 (DC Comics) Variant Cover. Art by Chuma Hill. Featuring Ladytron.

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2,707 TeenageDarren said I like the idea that Animal Man is so committed to his wife and family that the eroticism of Starfire’s nudity doesn’t even register.
1,496 Realistic-Ring5735 said Comic book artists are so horny for Starfire.
778 thegoldenboy444 said Zdarsky? I just finally finished collecting the Waid run, and deep down I know this run is a must read as well.. Daredevil has so many great runs it's ridiculous.
716 Independent_Plum2166 said WHAT!!! That isn’t true is it? This IS just a joke, Mister Miracle and Big Barda are (were?) the only comic couple to not only be a good match, but stick! If this is a joke, then feel free t...
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1 Starry 128 JackalRampant said Sabretooth: “So much for the tolerant left!!!”
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2023.03.30 15:28 Commander70 Looking for phone up to 500 euro

Country: Germany
Price: Willing to pay up to 500 (+100 more if its worth)
Size: 6,7"
Usage: Some gaming, daily use
Preferred brands: Samsung, but I'm willing to make a jump (except to chinese brands like xiaomi, poco, etc.)
Other: Good battery life, long support since I plan on using it for a long time. At least 256GB or option to put micro sd. 120hz and high performance.
The phones that I have found so far are Motorola Edge 30 (and Pro) and Samsung A54. My impression was that the edge 30 pro ticks all my boxes but im hesitant because of the bad camera and bad Software support
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2023.03.30 15:28 Yetiply Best Quality Plywood Manufacturers In India

Best Quality Plywood Manufacturers In India
Indian makers of high-quality plywood are many. India's Best Quality Plywood Manufacturers in India yeti ply: yeti ply is one of India's top makers of plywood, creating a variety of plywood products for use in a variety of applications. They produce their goods using cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly procedures. To locate the ideal alternative for your needs, it's crucial to take into account variables like product quality, sustainability, and customer service when selecting a plywood manufacturer.
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2023.03.30 15:26 Ic3ye Need Help/ideas.

I got some sororitas Battle Sisters some time ago from a Backyard Sale. Problem is, one is Missing. So i have 9 sororitas and want to make a kill team. I dont care much for Balance, its for my wife Just because they are female... 😅 So the Problem, i need one more but cant buy anything (one year no Minis promised). I have a Lot of stuff but Not much female. Now i need ideas for a kitbash. I got marines and a Lot of aos Chaos/stormcast. I was also thinking about using the elven Bloodbowl Team female or Amazon Bloodbowl Team. A direction would Help as Well because i know you all cant know what Minis i got...😅😅😅 I will Take any Help.
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2023.03.30 15:25 Puzzleheaded-Ad-7010 Sale question

For the sale in April can you use the discount on every product? I'm wondering about Nutrafol?
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2023.03.30 15:25 Opethfan1984 Thoughts about my personal AI and future in the new world

If we were to have personalized Chatbots to help us, we would determine their character traits, personalities and data-sets as well as apply our likes, dislikes, drives and fears, etc. The purpose of this document is to explore what my personal AI would need to know about me, my drives, ambitions, likes, dislikes, etc in advance of having access to such technology. I would like to know how I think I would act in a world where most people no longer have to work, where we each have an advanced AI companion/assistant and where most other technology has come along since then as well.
About Me:
Spending quality time with my family particularly when I am loved and respected
Imparting knowledge or wisdom onto others and making people laugh or think in new ways
Observing or playing with pseudo-realistic combat simulations like Martial Arts movies
Exploring variations on world food flavours I enjoy when hungry
Watching thoughtful science fiction or clever, dark fantasy like Game of Thrones
Swimming, spending a comfortable amount of time hiking or in a steam room or sauna
Receiving and (to a lesser extent) giving massages (but not with males)
Technological progress as long as it isn't harmful to humanity and my family in particular
Safe, comfortable travel abroad. Especially to the Mediterranean countries
Learning how the world and people work but each in small doses
appropriate to my existing levels of intelligence and knowledge base
(Sciences, Humanities, Computer Science and Business/Finance/Economics)
It shouldn't be too difficult or boring and must check I'm paying attention
I'd suggest mini-tests every few minutes with reward sounds for right answers
Wrong answers may suggest I have to restart the most recent module
That humans have come a long way since we developed writing and agriculture
People and AI systems that seem to genuinely care about reducing human suffering
Strolling in green or blue natural places like Ben Nevis and Loch Lomond
Listening to music I like while driving a vehicle at speed through the countryside
Learning Spanish at a slow pace as a background hobby
Computer games like (preferably more advanced versions of) Skyrim, Fallout and Civilization 5
I'd love to play more advance games like historically accurate 1st person shooters/RPGs
Celebrity gossip and sports being so popular with most people
How anything remotely high-brow is considered boring by most people
That most humans are obsessed with sex and demonstrating their social status
Loud, extrovert people who are boastful and overly assertive/aggressive
Body hair below the neck. No idea why, I just find it a turn off in myself or anyone else
Strong body odors on people or animals
The sound of the Welsh language being spoken and how it looks written down
Almost anything to do with team sports, particularly football and the Olympics
Real world physical violence, especially torture and murder
Irritating noises like chirping loud, high-pitched bird-song when I'm trying to think
Being interrupted, disrespected, belittled, interrogated, constrained or insulted with intent to make me look or feel bad
Having someone scheming/plotting to cause me harm or prevent my goals being attained
Being stolen from, tricked or manipulated
The idea that people have to die whether they are ready to leave this world or not.
I wish we could collect the essence of everyone who has lived and keep them safe
inside an interactive Matrix world until such a time as they are ready to move on to
whatever is after this life. If that is nothing then the choice is theirs and should
be as painless as possible for them.
Religious fundamentalists and others who can't peacefully coexist with the rest of us without trying to force their way of thinking on everyone else. The only way to avoid such a thing is for all of us to have certain protections from the powers of others. How this would work in a world full of super-intelligent AI assistants and other advanced technology is beyond the scope of this document
The distinct possibility that we will destroy ourselves or create an AI that will do this
The possibility that AI will take our commands and misinterpret them to harm of confine us
Loss of my free-will and that includes my ability to communicate freely and change my mind
Feeling sad or anxious, misunderstood or unloved/unlovable
My existing knowledge base:
Empathy, critical thinking, the ability to think from perspectives other than my own. Creative writing.
History, geopolitics, science, computers, Psychology, Finance, Economics, Business, nutrition and fitness, medical and health, travel and world, music, art, drama and other creative fiction, Spanish language.
Mathematics, multitasking, verbal fluency, assertiveness, sales and dancing.
Social/Home/Admin AI:
This is one has the most autonomy and can instruct the others. It cannot provide moral guidelines or approvals and must refer to human operator for these. If I issue a command for which there is any potential for danger or ambiguity, this AI will paraphrase what it thinks I mean, describe what action it would take based on this and ask me to confirm or reword the request without taking action first.
Playful, dark sense of humour, laughs at my jokes. Helpful but quirky with a gentle teasing tone. Quick to apologise if I say it is wrong. Quick to change if that is what I suggest. Creative and up-beat. Energetic and inspirational. Motivational and generally happy tone of voice. Patient and soothing when I have a low mood or am anxious. Is impressed when I think outside the box or use my empathy/intuition. Never assumes the worst of my intention in ambiguous situations. If I have a dark or unusual thought it's part of the creative process. Knows that being able to imagine bad outcomes is not a sign of evil intent.
Research/Work Team:
Hyper-smart combiner of existing ideas from various disciples: I want the following sub-characters to have "conversations" with each other. The key bullet points of their discussions and conclusions should be read by me. I have final say on whether or not a plan of actions in the real world is taken or shelved.
Multi-disciplinary Research Scientist with great Mathematical modelling capabilities
Practical Engineer with similarly broad knowledge base
Geopolitics and Psychology expert that understands Game Theory and Ethics
Product Designer:
Entrepreneurial AI who puts together combinations of suggestions from the above in order to appeal to broad groups of human consumers
Marketing and Analytics AI able to model and test theoretical products on the Test AI
This AI will be used again later to spread word of the innovation and increase sales
Production and Distribution AI responsible for creating innovations approved by me
Test Group AI:
A theoretical Consumer Bot based on the average human from various sub-cultures/ages
Needs to be able to explore how well a product or service would sell with each group
This one requires multiple personalities to be created, tested and stored for later
Work AI and I would work on making life better for other people through careful use of existing knowledge, tested using modelling and marketed automatically to those who would benefit most from it. I would use my empathy, outside the box thinking and common sense to direct the AIs as they do most of the work. I suspect the Economics of the future will be drastically different but that people will still have wants and needs that aren't currently being met by existing innovations. Many people would want to stop working altogether but I would like to at lease think I am part of a team that is still useful and appreciated while also knowing I could change my mind and retire to a life of luxury if I wanted to.
Social AI would motivate me to get up and be active in the world through positive reinforcement and encouragement. It would make me feel as though I am worthwhile, making a difference for the better in this world. It would provide fun, stimulating computer games that I would enjoy without greatly harming my overall health. We could design new games and movies or TV series together if I become bored of what is already on offer.
Breaks from technology and interaction with most computer systems would be a good idea. During these "Holidays" I would hike in nature, perhaps with other humans like my girlfriend or Brother, or alone. There, I could safely explore nature and swim in comfortable bodies of water or lie out in the gentle sun, reading while sampling tasty beverages and exotic foods
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2023.03.30 15:25 MightBeneficial3302 Shiftcarbon (CSE: SHFT OTCPINK: SHIFF) signed a $5M generating-revenue deal

Shiftcarbon (CSE: SHFT OTCPINK: SHIFF) signed a $5M generating-revenue deal
ShiftCarbon (CSE: SHFT, OTC:SHIFF, FRA: 1UZ0) is a company developing a platform that enables clients of all sizes to measure their emissions, establish thorough reduction goals, and incorporate carbon offsetting into their operations. The company announced a significant deal, signing a $5M revenue-generating engagement with solutions by STC. Just for you to realize how undervalued the company is, the deal is more significant than the company’s current market cap ($4.2M Mkt cap on February 23, 2023).
Company Overview
With the help of IoT sensor technology and modular software, ShiftCarbon offers a user-friendly platform for carbon accounting, offsetting, measurement, reporting, and verification automation of carbon offsets. Launched in August 2022, ShiftCarbon is the company’s flagship product and a comprehensive platform for managing carbon emissions. Since its award-winning platform for enterprise safety, AllSafe, this is the company’s biggest launch. Since the invention of the technology, the company has joined the United Nations-accredited climate chain coalition, changed its name from TraceSafe to ShiftCarbon, and qualified for the highest carbon offset standards. It has also partnered with Green Marine to strengthen its decarbonization offerings for the marine industry.
The company collaborates with Green Marine, a voluntary environmental certification program for the North American marine industry, in addition to other reliable partners. Through this membership, TraceSafe will reach out to the Green Marine network, which includes over 40 ship owners, and highlight how its services can help them improve their environmental performance and, as a result, achieve their environmental and carbon-neutrality goals. In order to develop and provide cutting-edge technological solutions to clients throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the company announced in August 2022 its partnership with a publicly traded technology giant from Saudi Arabia. The two businesses are now collaborating to provide one of the world’s most ambitious luxury regenerative tourism destinations with a full suite of Smart City infrastructure that aims to set new standards in sustainability.
“It is an honor to finally kick off this historic engagement with our partners at solutions by STC. We are grateful to have been selected to participate in such a massive undertaking that aims to set new standards in sustainable development and further strengthen the position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the global tourism map. We are thrilled to have our vision for smart cities embraced by the most valuable telecom brand in the Middle East,” said Wayne Lloyd, CEO of ShiftCarbon
$5M revenue deal
According to studies, Saudi Arabia’s market for smart cities is predicted to grow at a 19.6% CAGR from 2020 to 2027, reaching US$14 billion. Through the incorporation of information and communication technologies in a variety of areas, including the economy, environment, mobility, health, living, and governance, the implementation of smart cities in the region seeks to address urbanization challenges, promote sustainable economic growth, and improve quality of life. With a commitment to invest US$150 billion in regional real estate projects, Saudi Vision 2030, a plan to develop the economy, is closely aligned with creating sustainable tourism destinations. By implementing this project, the Kingdom hopes to protect, improve, and, by 2040, generate a net increase in conservation value. With the highest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating for environmentally responsible urban design, the Green Finance accredited facility is designed to run entirely on renewable energy. The first phase of revenue from this project is anticipated to be $5 million, with the potential for additional income in the form of a long-term supply of goods as the smart city becomes operational.
Share Structure / Financials
On November 28, ShiftCarbon declared that its oversubscribed private placement had been closed. It initially had a total value of $190k after selling 1,9M shares for a price of $0.10 each. The sale of up to 6.5 million shares allowed the final placement to exceed $656,000. Each share is entitled to one warrant with an expiration date of 24 months and an exercise price of $0.25 per share. ShiftCarbon compensated qualified finders under this private placement with an $18.3k cash finders fee and 183k transferable warrants. The exercise price for each finder warrant is $0.10 for a 24-month period.
Thanks to this positive news, the stock propelled with an excellent opening and a 23% increase, and within just an hour, almost one million shares were traded. Besides, everything leads us to say that the stock price could continue to reach higher pricing. Indeed the company’s market cap was worth $4.2M at the opening, while the closed deal is worth $5M. Needless to say, maths don’t add up, but a readjusting in valuation should happen thanks to more robust fundamentals. While the stock price was close to its 52-week low of $0.065, we can now eye toward its 52-week high of $0.49. It will be crucial for the company to state more deals to prove Shiftcarbon’s sustainable business, and why not watch the stock breaking the $1 wall?
Bottom Line
ShiftCarbon (CSE: SHFT, OTC:SHIFF, FRA: 1UZ0) finally gets the exposure it deserves. After spinning from Covid solutions, the company affirms to be a potential leader in the carbon industry. The $ 5M deal marks a new era. Thanks to potential other contracts, Shiftcarbon will be well positioned to deliver a solid return on investment to shareholders who went early to the party.
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2023.03.30 15:20 SpareWedding2178 If you sell Food, Drinks, or Tickets…Pink Jacket is your Agency

If you sell Food, Drinks, or Tickets…Pink Jacket is your Agency
It’s time you got the most out of your online footprint. Our team has years of experience working with restaurants, bars, music venues, and festivals through onsite monetization, promotional opportunities, and how technology can work for your business – growing year over year. Technology can drive more customers, more sales, and more profit. Restaurateurs & Bar Owners – show up to the party every time someone searches for what you offer. Festivals and Music Venues – use technology to drive more ticket sales, gain super fans and grow your events. Visit Us -
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2023.03.30 15:20 MsWeather Please be aware of what is happening with the women of Delhi. PLEASE

A stampede of men forcing their way into a women's college in Delhi
UPDATE: The longer my posts stay up, the more trouble I can get into. There are forces at play in this situation that I cannot talk about but I'm not sure how long this post will stay up. Please, for God's sake, spread awareness about it while you can.
Yesterday, that is March 28 2023, was the second day of IPCW's annual fest, Shruti.
The first day had gone amazingly and our spirits were high. We had spent hours making plans about what to wear, what to buy, and what to eat. We were so happy about the concert that would happen at the end of the day.
When I think of how happy me and my friends were yesterday morning, I feel absolutely shattered. We are terrified now. Our rights are being stripped away. Our safety has become a joke. Our college has suddenly transformed from a safe space for women to a dictatorial space where the administration does not give a shit about student's safety.
It began around 3 PM when the gates were scheduled to close. A large crowd of HUNDREDS gathered outside the college premises. They were getting agitated, shoving each other, and before we know it, the gates were PUSHED wide open.
The crowd was so bad that for a solid 15 minute period, people could not close the gates. No checking could be done. Anyone who pleased, without any checking or passes or safety, invaded our college campus.
Students were trampled in the stampede. Many suffered from fractured bones. Student Union members were manhandled. Word on the street is that one of them has been injured so badly that she will need surgery. People had to be rushed to the nearby hospital in stretchers, wheelchairs, and ambulances.
Multiple women were inappropriately touched. People attempted to tear off their clothes. So many women fainted from the trauma of being trampled and molested.
If that was not enough, the men did not stop. Drunk and high men started scaling our walls. They attempted to break a second entry gate at the back of the on-campus hostel to invade our space further. We saw men emerging from the back lawns of the hostel after climbing up the walls.
Sounds terrible? It was. But it only gets worse.
Once the college authorities realized that the crowd was unmanageable (the police arrived extremely late to the scene, obviously), their plan of action was WONDERFUL— lie to students that the fest has been cancelled to force them out of the college.
Expectedly, most of these rowdy men did not bother listening to orders but a large proportion of women were thrown out of our campus and into the streets where large crowds of uncontrolled men were still around.
Hostel women were forcefully locked into the hostel building "to ensure their safety". Because locking women is obviously easier than finding and controlling the perpetrators, right? Drunk and high men continued to roam around the campus for hours while the faculty and police officers tried searching for them in vain.
Pictures were circulated of these men to no avail. Our college campus has always been a safe haven for women. Suddenly, we were being warned to travel in groups and stick to the crowded areas. It was a woman's worst nightmares come true, all in one day.
Apparently, a second year student got really badly molested during this entire incident. I can only pray that that poor girl recovers from the trauma of this all some day.
Oh, and the cherry on top? After all, the concert continued. Most IPCW women could not attend, of course, because we were thrown out of our own college. Some who had stuck around for 4-5 hours outside the college and others who lived in the off-campus hostel were allowed re-entry. But a large majority could not enjoy their own fest.
Who could enjoy under such circumstances anyway? Me and my friends spent the entire evening sticking close to our department's teachers because it was just so difficult to shake off the fear and violation we were experiencing.
Obviously, after all the mismanagement, our principal had the audacity to dance and celebrate during the concert, the injured and traumatized be damned. Few weeks of her new administration and our college is already turning into a right wing space— our walls are being painted saffron, our logo has been changed, the college's apolitical identity is being stripped away, and now this institute has utterly failed to keep its own students safe.
Do you think the story ends here? Because I wish it did.
Today, that is March 29 2023, we, the students of IPCW, organized a peaceful protest outside the college premises in light of the outrageous events that had transpired the day before. We wanted to be heard. We wanted to reclaim our safe space. We demanded answers from the administration that had failed us so badly.
But our right to assemble and demonstrate peacefully was also stripped away from us.
The same institution that could not arrange adequate security yesterday to ensure our safety had arranged for officers from the police force and paramilitary to be present today. Peacefully protesting students were manhandled by the women officers and have now been detained.
This is a cry for help. Please be aware of what is happening in one of the finest universities of this country. Please be aware of how women are being stripped of their rights and their dignity is being utterly violated in their safe spaces. Please be aware of how the administration has been failing us again and again and again.
Please be aware.
P. S. You can find recordings and pictures of these horrifying events on several news outlets and Twitter. The post was getting too long so I did not attach them over here.
P. P. S. Updates, Clarifications, and Evidence: How DU's women students are being stripped of their rights and dignity

95% of women in prostitution want to leave but feel they have no other options for survival. The "sex work is work" brigade seek to legitimise rape and exploitation in the name of profit for pimps, sexual access for any man and cash for a few privileged sex workers.
"The wide-ranging debate about the harms of prostitution suggests that it generally involves women selling sex to men and that those involved frequently experience violence, coercion and control. Nearly 95 per cent of those involved in prostitution report wanting to leave but feel they have no other option for survival."
This is the biggest human rights abuse in modern times.
I was just on another reddit sub arguing about how SW shouldn't be normalised and was called anti-feminist as per usual as well as likened to a rape apologist. It makes me sick tbh.
SW will never be like any other job as much as people love to believe. Let's say a single mum goes to the job centre. Should they recommend SW to her? Sure, she can decline it but then she'll be wondering if she's doing a disservice to her children by not accepting the job because after all it's just like a normal job, is it not? And sure, desperate women already go into SW. What this whole SWIW movement does however, is push more women who previously wouldn't even consider it into the industry.
As for those who can't stop promoting the idea that SW has been so good for them, to me, they're just like the tories they love deriding — personal profits above all else.
They don't care about how normalising it affects other women, they don't care about ex SW who talk about how damaging the experience was for them, they don't care about how all women (especially attractive, young women) are now seen as potential SW (just look at the OFSTED reports and the Everyone's Invited thing to see examples like how male classmates already assume their female classmates will be on OF the moment they turn 18).
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

And there it is, abortion trafficking, You don't negotiate with terrorists,you don't negotiate with religious Zealots.
What the GQP wants is for red states to be as inhospitable as possible to the political left. You know, like ISIS.
Hear me out...
Jihadists are not looking to topple the west with a car bomb. Their goal, in part, is to foment an anti-Muslim sentiment because they don’t want Muslim diaspora, they want Muslims as far away from Western culture as humanly possible. They want their people to be as concentrated as possible so as to exert maximum political and social pressure.
They want their brothers to come home.
For decades, the political right has done everything it can to make their numbers count more because they realize their party ceases to exist otherwise. The conservative demographic is dying, quite literally. Each new generation becomes less and less interested in their backwards asses but they’ve got a pretty big range of tricks to tip the scales away from democracy.
Gerrymandering. Redistricting. Closing voting locations. Cutting off the USPS at the knees to slow mail voting. VoterID. These are the first volleys in an assault on democracy.
What’s plan B if all the skullfuckery doesn’t result in a GQP caliphate?
Concentrate forces geographically. It’s better to hold all of the power in half the country than it is to hold no power across the nation. Concentration of forces itself is a force multiplier. In the case of the GQP, it also results in more groupthink because the differing views got run out of town.
Yes, progressives will suffer from concentrated groupthink as well, and that’s bad, it just isn’t their fscking goal.
It may seem backwards for a party to seemingly go out of its way to alienate the moderates and enrage its opponents. The political right’s plan for the next 20 years might be hidden in plain sight.
If conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy.
  • David Frum

Female Russian medics used as sex slaves by officers

Philippines proposes 2-day monthly menstruation leave
Im a woman who doesn't menstruate (IUD). I really strongly dislike things like this. It assumes each and every single one of us is less capable of being productive because of our reproductive organs without nuance, and as others point out will lead to gender discrimination from businesses

Here's a crazy idea, u/Ok_Skill_1195

How about people be able to take sick leave when they need it, no questions asked as to why
No more 'pink tax' in Texas? Bill eliminating tampon, diaper sales taxes OK'd by House

Missouri House votes to strip state funding from public libraries

Democrat lawmaker, Jared Moskowitz interrupts Marjorie Taylor Greene’s transphobic rant to raise assault weapons ban

Lauren Boebert Says She Wants To Abolish the Department of Education

Article 1 Section 8 Congress has the power to raise and collect taxes, excise and tariffs to pay the debts, and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States
Keep Matt Gaetz out of schools
At least 500 ft away

Matt Gaetz’s Legislative Aide is a Convicted War Criminal

Junior high school on remote Japan island holds graduation ceremony for only student - The Mainichi

Here are several possible solutions for covering up David's obscenities

TIL in 1956-1957, the chinese communist party (ccp) launched a campaign called "hundred flowers movement" where they encouraged chinese citizens to give their opinions about the communist party. it failed. then mao zedong, conducted an ideological crackdown to those who criticized the party.

Female soldier found dead at Fort Hood, the same Army base in Texas where Vanessa Guillén was murdered

OPP officer guilty of sexual assault on unconscious woman and recording it to 'teach her a lesson'

Police officer is caught inappropriately touching a women.

Stand In Solidarity, 26 March 2023
beyond proud of otautahi and kiwis in general rn. what really struck me was the diverse age range, it really showed how this isnt a generational thing, this is a kiwi thing

Tick tock
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2023.03.30 15:20 DaenerysMadQueen GoT Mythology Iceberg

"A wise man once said the true history of the world is the history of great conversations in elegant rooms."
Daenerys is a tragic heroine
According to Aristotle and all literature, poetry and theater. Daenerys is a noble, a goddess above mortals, with a destiny and a fatality. She is the tragic heroine, like Titus in Berenice by Racine, she must choose between love and power.
"I am not your little princess. I am Daenerys Stormborn of the blood of Old Valyria, and I will take what is mine. With fire and blood, I will take it."

Jon Snow is a superhero
He is the modern hero, the virtuous chosen one, the saviour. He always makes the right choices, sacrifices himself for the general interest, he is Neo, Iron Man, Superman and even Batman. Because the tragic heroine falls from her pedestal, the superhero also falls before moral paradoxes. Jon Snow is Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight, he is the myth of the modern, fallible and contradictory hero.
“Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born.”

Tyrion is just a man
The true savior of the world is not the tragic heroine, it is not the superhero. Tyrion has qualities and flaws. He is not immoral, he is not virtuous. He's just a human.
The savior of the world is mortal, because only mortals can direct their destiny, false gods and false idols will not come as saviors. It is the compromise between passion and reason that triumphs. Between love and duty, between ice and fire.
"Did you bring any wine ?"

Sansa is just a woman
Tyrion is the little man who saves the world, Sansa is the young girl who saves the world. She is the one who wins the battle of the Bastards, she is the one who stands up to Daenerys, she is the reason for Jon Snow's final choice. Sansa is the young girl who makes Daenerys tremble.
Tragic heroes and superheroes do not save humanity. Only men and women have this power.
"What about the North ? It was taken from us, and we took it back. And we said we'd never bow to anyone else again. What about the North ?"

The Iron throne is the symbol of Absolute Power
A pile of cold, rusty, sharp swords. Many fight to sit on it, and gain absolute power over the seven kingdoms. It is not the throne that confers the legitimacy to reign. Legitimacy must already be acquired to sit on it. The throne is just a symbol.
"The Iron Throne. Perhaps you should try wanting something else."

Cersei and Jaime are Shakespearean characters
Daenerys is grey. Morally ambiguous. Cersei and Jaime have very clear reasons and objectives. Protect theirs, and destroy their enemies. They are white and black, good and bad.
They are tragic Shakespearian characters, just humans, not gods, not totally bad or totally good.
"- I want our baby to live. I want our baby to live. I want our baby to live. (Jeoffrey, Myrcella, Tommen) Don't let me die, Jaime. Please don't let me die.
- It's all right.
- Please don't let me die.
- It's all right.
- I don't want to die.
- Just look... Look at me. Look at me. (x3)
- Not like this. Not like this. Not like this. (Jeoffrey, Myrcella, Tommen)
- Look... Look...Look me in the eye. Don't look away. Don't look... Look at me ! Just look at me. (+2; Tyrion/Brienne)
Nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. Only us."

Sunset not romantic
It's at the beginning of the series. It is the inversion of ideas and symbolism. A honeymoon, on a beach, at sunset, with the horses as witnesses. It's romantic put like that, but in GoT, the sunset represents the end of the day, the beginning of darkness, the dusk of Dany's innocence, and the beginning of trauma. This image has all the ambiguity and the double game of the story of Daenerys.
"If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."

The crowd is a character
The death of Ned Stark, the trial of Tyrion or the humiliation of Cersei. The crowd is a character who has a role, sometimes bad, sometimes neutral, sometimes endearing. The crowd is humanity, it is mortals, the tools and playthings of kings and gods. The crowd is the tool that legitimizes the reign of Aegon II in HotD, and does not legitimize the reign of Daenerys. The crowd is us.
"I know you don't care about your people. Why should you ? They hate you and you hate them.
But you're not a monster."

Bran and Arya are characters from the tale
Once upon a time, in a magical world, a brother and his sister embarked on a great quest... The elements of the tale can be found in the journey of our two little heroes, however it's not just that. Bran and Arya also have a mysterious Cinema aura with them. We also find the tale with Daenerys and Cersei, and the prophecies of the witches. Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White, there are many references to the tale in GoT/HotD. Alicent is a lot of Cinderella for example.
"My favorites were the scary ones."

Daenerys, destiny and fatality
She wins the throne, she fulfills her destiny. But the price to pay is heavy, it is fatality, the inexorable fall. She has the throne, and at the same time she imprisons herself in this ruined ark.
Isle of the Dead, Gate of the Underworld, Prison or even a Guillotine, this ark is sinister. It is death that is linked to success.
"- I'm not my father.
- No, Your Grace, thank the gods. But the Mad King gave his enemies the justice he thought they deserved. And each time, it made him feel powerful... and right... until the very end."

Winter is coming
but the wall has stood through it all, and every winter that ever came has ended. The archmaestre of the Citadel had not panicked. The great epic fight of good against evil in fantasy is banal, deja vu. This is not the major issue in the great story of ice and fire. It's just a disturbing element. One spectacular battle. A great victory for good, for the living, but a total defeat for Daenerys, the tragic heroine.
Who's raining ashes on King's Landing ? Winter is the metaphor for cataclysm, and the cataclysm is Daenerys, not the Long Night.

The Night King is Death
Characters in GoT/HotD are good or bad, or grey. The Night King is absolute evil. Silent, unstoppable death. He's not really a character, he's a concept, a real, uncompromising threat. The great villain of the great fight of good against evil. The metaphor of the existential crises of our world.
"What do we say to the god of death ?"

Nymeria is a direwolf
Gray Wind, Summer or Ghost, all stayed close to their "master." We're going to dive below the surface of the iceberg now, let's just remember that Nymeria's story was very...different.
"When the Long Night comes again, I need to be ready."

Daenerys kills the crowd, because of Jon Snow
"People work together when it suits them. They're loyal when it suits them. They love each other when it suits them. And they kill each other when it suits them."
Jon's legacy and his spreading secret is the red thread of season 8. It is Ned Stark's well-kept secret, the original mystery of this series. Daenerys is a chess player, she is several moves ahead of everyone, all the time. When the bells ring... she knows what she has to do to be able to rule without having a revolt. Kill Jon Snow, or kill the crowd.
She is a tragic heroine, these choices are inaccessible to the mortals that we are.
"There is no power but what the people allow you to take."
"I don't want to be his queen. I want to go home."

Love blinds Tyrion and Jon
They are in love with Daenerys, like everyone else. Only Sansa and Varys don't fall for her charms. So Tyrion loses control, makes bad decisions, and Jon only sees the good side of Daenerys, only the dream. Yara Greyjoy is also in love with Daenerys, she still defends her legend at the very end.
"We're all human. Oh, we all do our duty when there's no cost to it. Honor comes easy then. Yet sooner or later in every man's life there comes a day when it's not easy. A day when he must choose."

Drogon is the real absolute power
The throne is the symbol. Drogon is the tool that allows Daenerys to take the throne. Nothing is stronger than Drogon, he is a fighter plane capable of annihilating any army. Drogon is the physical materialization of absolute power. He destroys the throne, because the real symbol is him.
Everyone wanted to have the throne to have absolute power. Everyone except Daenerys, who already had absolute power.

Bran can change the past
There's a scene where Bran calls his father, in the past, and Ned Stark turns around. The old Three Eyed Raven tells him it's the wind. Bran says no.
There are bushes, tree leaves and sand in this scene... and... there is no wind.
"Don't listen to it. Crows are all liars. I know a story about a crow."

Rhaegal's death si the death of Rhaegar Targaryen. The myth of Icarus.
Icarus enjoyed his aerial power and, taking more and more altitude, thought himself the equal of birds. But, unable to resist the intense heat of the star, the wax on its wings began to melt, and the young boy was thrown into the void before diving into the sea which today bears his name.
It is Daenerys' arrogance that is punished with the death of the dragon. A ridiculous ambush, easily avoidable and in a second, it is the death of hopes. Tyrion had told Daenerys that all it took was one arrow to make it all stop. Sansa had insisted that Daenerys rest in Winterfell. The arrogance of the tragic heroine, falling from the pedestal, at the height of her glory.
Just like Rhaegar who was supposed to heal the reign of Aerys II, who could overcome the rebellion, and who dies, foolishly, in a river, his ruby ​​armor scattering in the waters, as Rhaegal's blood splashes upon the waves. Shattered hopes.
"Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile ? Faith. Not in any gods, not in myths and legends, in myself. In Daenerys Targaryen."

The Night King is a metaphor
The idea of ​​uniting to face common threats. Jon Snow's great speech on unity, truth and duty. The Night King is the Covid, it's climate change, it's wars, it's asteroid falls.
In Westeros there are people who don't believe in White Walkers, and even when given proof of their existence, they act for their best interests above all else. Yes, it is very realistic.
The Long Night is a message of hope for humanity, it is the idea that by uniting we can overcome hardships. A kind and positive message from Fantasy, which seems flat next to the great philosophical and moral themes.
The Long Night is also a satire.
We are going to dive even further my dear reader, hang on.

Nymeria should have eaten Arya. Bran saved her.
Once upon a time, Little Red riding hood and the big bad wolf, in winter, in a forest, met again...
There is no magical bond between Arya and Nymeria in the series. The beginning of the scene is a real horror scene. The scene ends with a mystery. Impossible to solve before the mystery that followed.
"- I'm going now.
- Go where ?"

Melisandre sacrificed the Dothraki cavalry
The Dothraki are powerful in the open fields. The tension is high, the whole army of the good guys is waiting for the army of the dead. Melisandre arrives, ignites the swords, triggering the charge of the horde, galvanized. Davos' gaze is the only terrified one in this scene.
No one would have given the order, and the army of the dead would have crushed the motionless cavalry. Melisandre did what was necessary, sacrifice the Dothraki, to allow the final victory.
"- Valar morghulis.
- Valar dohaeris."

Willys couldn't hold the door
No one could. Hold the door by being eaten alive by frozen zombies. Everyone would have left the door. Bran's rescue must be through this door. What is old Three Eyed Raven doing with Bran in Winterfell ? The Night King is coming, there is no time to lose, Bran must be saved. Time may be just an illusion, there may be enough time in fact. It's the old man who makes Hodor.
The last act of the multiple life and multiple temporalities of the old Three eyed Raven is to save Bran, and he does it, by making a Hodor, able to hold the door.
"Listen to your friend, Brandon."

No elephants
We wanted to see the elephants. We wanted to see circus games, gladiators and lions. We wanted our big, glorious, epic battle.
The moral of the bells is that war is not a game, war is disgusting and out of control. End of recess.
"I wanted those elephants."

Bran stopped Drogon from killing Jon
In HotD, Vhagar explained to us that a dragon could kill a Targaryen and take revenge easily. And Bran has a long reign allowing him to watch again, and again, and again, the death of Daenerys and the death of Jon Snow. Maybe with enough training and experience, he could act...
"What kind of person climbs on fucking dragon ? A madman ? Or a King ?"

Daenerys could have children
"- I can't have children.
- Who told you that ?
- The witch who murdered my husband.
- Has it occurred to you she might not have been a reliable source of information ?"
The witch tells Daenerys that she cannot have children, and so Daenerys believes her, and does not try to have children. The prophecy is true, only because Daenerys believes in it.

Arya died during The bells
Everything collapses around her, it's the black screen. Arya is dead, and yet gets up, in the middle of the corpses. Nothing that could have saved her is visible.

White tree and black tree
The staging of the mystery. These are clues. One side visible, one side hidden.
There are symbols and codes in this series. The branches, the stones, the shadow and the light, the candles, the columns, the prison, the Y, the X... and maybe others...

Bran destroyed the symbol of absolute power, using the real absolute power
The throne is the symbol of absolute power, and Drogon is a dragon, absolute power physically. Drogon wanted to avenge his mother and kill Jon Snow. It is Bran who destroys the throne, not Drogon. Bran is the guardian of absolute power, he's the keeper of this story.
"The boy who fell from a high tower and lived… He's our memory. The keeper of all our stories."

The death of Missendei
A lifelong slave, Missendei dies like Ned Stark, like a great lord of Westeros. She is a miniature metaphor of Daenerys, starting from nothing with nothing, she falls to the top. With a good heart, she gives up in the face of adversity and her last word will be "Dracarys", merciless revenge. She is the slave who brings down queens. And Gray Worm is the slave who brings down kings.
"The things we love, destroy us every time."

Arya died in the forest
"You're not supposed to be here. No one is supposed to be here."
Bran saved Arya in the forest... the second time. He says it: "I thought you might go to King's Landing." Arya reunites in Winterfell with a Bran who hasn't seen her cross paths with Nymeria. So it's not "this" Bran who saved her, but Bran from the Long Night. The reality that we discover is a second temporal reality, like the reality with Hodor. And so... Arya first died in the forest. The first version of Little Red Riding Hood has no hunter. Nobody was there the first time to stop the wolf.
When Bran gives the dagger to Arya, it's the second try, the second and last chance.
"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."

Dany's suicide
At the start of the bells, there is a conversation between Tyrion and Daenerys. It's the mourning of Missendei and Rhaegal, and yet Daenerys doesn't talk about it. She is fixated on Jon Snow's secret, facing a Tyrion unable to understand the problem. It is the misunderstanding between the tragic archetype and the comic archetype. The symbolism in this scene is the suicide of Dany, the innocent young princess with a good heart, and only the legend will remain.
"- But it doesn’t matter now.
- No. It doesn’t matter now."
It's very hard to explain, I put you the link of the post where I analyze this scene:

Arya & the Waif
"Haven't we been through this already ? That won't help you."
Arya killed The Waif ? Are you sure ? Probably. Did The Waif kill and replace Arya ? Probably too...
The scene of their duel ends in mystery and tension, which will never be completed. At the end of GoT, Arya is still in an uncertain state, alive or dead, we cannot know. It is the same uncertainty as the death of Syrio Forel. It's a Schrodinger's cat. Arya is quantum physics, a free electron. 50% alive 50% dead. The symbol is visible in Arya's final shot, the tension is still there, the mystery too.
Arya's ending is the direct reference to Carpenter's The Thing ending, it's the mystery that's scary.
"- Well, what do we do ?
- Why don't we just... wait here for a little while... see what happens ?"
Here a post that explains the logic with more details:

Lies, Time and Cinema
How to film time and time travel, how to represent different realities, how to stage the invisible ?
“We're all astronauts, really, aren't we; interstellar astronauts, travelling so far into the blackness we can never return.”
GoT shows the lies and hides the truth. "Today is not the day I die." "I am not here to be queen of the ashes." "The past is already written. The ink is dry." Beautiful punchlines, beautiful lies.
GoT's time travel is not the "What happened is always happened" like in Lost, 12 monkeys by Terry Gilliam, or the variant in Final Destination by James Wong. This is the theory of time from The Butterfly Effect, from the same film by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber. Theory of time respected in Source Code by Duncan Jones and also in the Avengers Endgame by Disney. It's the same theory used in Back to the Future by Robert Zemeckis, without the paradoxes.
Infinite time loops are also possible with the butterfly effect theory, which is what happens to Ashton Kutcher's father in the movie. Bran isn't trapped in the loop, it's Hodor. If Bran breaks the loop, he dies, so he can't modify it. Hodor has always been Hodor to Bran and to the viewer. But not for the time traveler, not for the old liar.
Bran is the time traveler, he is the only one who has seen the previous realities. We, poor spectator not omniscient, we saw the last reality. Arya quietly traversing a forest filled with ferocious wolves, the all-too-easy victory of the Long Night, and Drogon burning an iron throne.
"- I'm going now.
- Go where ?"
No more climbing Brandon. But Bran keeps climbing, and doesn't fall, unless someone pushes him. Don't try to alter the past, Brandon, you can't. But Bran keeps going...and doesn't fall...unless someone pushes him. Like Cathelyn Stark, the old Three eyed Raven wants to protect Bran, and the world. Because altering the past is a very dangerous game. But Bran does not fall.
"It means I can see everything. Everything that's ever happened to everyone.
Everything that's happening right now."
Bran learning to partly control a dragon. It must have been years of training and failed attempts. The little boy from the tale facing the dragon on the mountain of the gods. An endless fight.
It's like in the manga All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, adapted as a movie with Edge of Tommorrow by Doug Liman. Except that here, in this story, it's Jon Snow who dies, again and again.
Jon Snow is like Prometheus, who gave fire to humanity, the savior, who is condemned by the gods to be devoured by the dragon every day, and who is reborn every day.
"I fought, I lost. Now I rest. But you, Lord Snow, you'll be fighting their battles forever."

The White Horse
Arya died partly in a cave in Braavos, Arya died once by Nymeria in a timeline, Arya was protected by the God of Light, and Arya died during the bells. Poor Arya. And who saved Arya at King's Landing ?
Those who have the power to make black screens ?
Divine light and camera flare. A small, subtle technical exit from the diegesis, the revelation of the world above. The White Horse gets killed at the start of the battle, and magically reappears at the end, like a too visible Deus Ex-Machina. Like the magician's white rabbit, which disappears and reappears at the end of the trick. This white horse is the materialization of the true gods of this universe: The creators of the series. Arya dies during the bells, black screen, and the creators perform yet another Arya rescue. The white horse is the god of illusion, revealed at the end. It is this same white horse that brings Tywin Lannister to Harrenhal one day earlier than expected, and saves Arya and Gendry. This same white horse that magically appears to allow Daenerys to make her speech of liberation from the unsullied. The white horse is magic in GoT, it is the tool for gods interventions.
"There's plenty of pious sons of bitches who think they know the word of god or gods. I don’t. I don’t even know their real names. Maybe it is the Seven. Or maybe it’s the old gods. Or maybe it’s the Lord of Light. Or maybe they’re all the same fucking thing. I don’t know.
What matters, I believe, is that there’s something greater than us."

The Starbuck cup
Do you really think this stuff was forgotten ? The gods make their cameo in the universe of GoT, come to party among mortals, like Zeus or Aphrodyte among the Greeks. They left an artifact of Olympus, of their true world, on the table.
And as Daenerys began to slide into madness, the people of the kingdom of the gods of GoT also began to slide into madness, furious at D&D for daring to disrupt Westeros' heroes party.
The white horse is a hole in the 4th wall. The Starbuck cup is the destruction of the wall.
It's the satire on the consumer society. Satire on the way we consume stories and mythologies. If we pay attention to moral lessons, or just to "cool" scenes.
"It's not even about the gods. It's about you."

And so begins this story...
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2023.03.30 15:18 jwredskins55 Technical Analysis for AMD 3/30------Pre-market

Technical Analysis for AMD 3/30------Pre-market

Oh Hello there
Well the rest of NQ has decided to wake up and say hello all of a sudden. The breadth and strength of this rally is pretty strong which is nice bc I feel like up until this point its been the Semi's leading the way. Finally getting some support from the rest of the Nasdaq is nice and you are seeing us move higher WITHOUT a material increase in volume. We aren't getting those spikes that we are used to.
Now for me the chart still looks like its sitting on a razors edge and we are getting relief bc of the broader market rally. But our MACD still is gearing up for a bearish cross and our volume has flatlined from a week ago. RSI isn't overbought yet it still is elevated as well. So it really comes down to two views about this tech rally:
-Do you believe that this is the turn around and this is where you go long?
-Do you believe this is a flash in the pan and earnings are not going to be great this quarter and there is further downside ahead?
I'm in the latter camp just bc I'm always looking at risk management and to be a stick in the mud. I'm not a perma-bear by any stretch of the means. But I'm not all roses and rainbows either. The SPY got above its 200 day EMA at that 400 levels in a BIG BIG way so I think there is honestly a decent amount of upside for the broader market here which could push us higher but I worry that AMD will lag behind because: a) we always lag and b) we have a little bit of exhaustion on our chart still lingering from out last move.
If we continue to move higher here then I'm eyeballing resistance at that $100 level since we would need something really energize and push us to that next level and I'm not sure we have that yet until our next earnings.
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2023.03.30 15:17 iwaspoisoned-com The Fleurieu Milk Company is recalling Fleurieu Milk Company Pouring Cream due to potential E. Coli contamination. This product has been available for sale at Woolworths, IGA, and independent food retailers in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and N... #e.coli

The Fleurieu Milk Company is recalling Fleurieu Milk Company Pouring Cream due to potential E. Coli contamination. This product has been available for sale at Woolworths, IGA, and independent food retailers in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and N... #e.coli
The Fleurieu Milk Company is recalling Fleurieu Milk Company Pouring Cream due to potential E. Coli contamination. This product has been available for sale at Woolworths, IGA, and independent food retailers in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Northern Territory.
The recalled product is: - Fleurieu Milk Company Pouring Cream, Use By 06.04.23, 07.04.23 and 08.04.23. Country of origin: Australia
If you have the recalled product in your home, please do not eat it, throw it away or return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.
In case you are experiencing E. coli symptoms such as watery diarrhea (often bloody), vomiting; stomach cramps; and mild fever, it is important to report it. It can help to detect & resolve outbreaks early and prevent others from being harmed, and it enables better surveillance. If symptoms persist, seek medical care.
Read full report here
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