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absolutely not your selfies of the soul

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absolutely not your selfies of the soul

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2023.03.22 07:38 Foxxxy24 [Plug 'n Play] [Early 2000's] Rhythm Game

What I can recall comes from preteen me almost two decades ago, so I apologize if the info provided isn't enough. It was a music/rhythm-based game. Definitely plug and play as I recall just shoving the red/white/yellow cables into our old tv. The most I can seriously remember about the console/controller (it was all the same in this case) was that it was easily as big as a SEGA game gear. I clearly recall sitting cross-legged with it in my lap. There were no arrow keys or even a joystick that I can remember. Only four yellow circle buttons, two on the left, two on the right, which you'd press in time with the song being played.
I swear up and down there was a track in the game with "Babylon" in the title and it slapped hard even to kid me. So much so that its all I retained of the game, and have been off-and-on looking for it again over the last ten years. Discovering this subreddit left me wanting to give it a final chance. If, by some miracle, someone knows what this was....I'd greatly appreciate the answer. Thanks!
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2023.03.22 07:37 Ok_Rip_1567 bad day into worse day

hello - thanks for reading! its 2 am please excuse any typos
at about midnight last night my 60 mother (loves six hours away near my sister) was admitted to the er after having recovered from covid due to coughing up blood and black stool. i am trying to stay positive about that.
today was bad due to heat, i really dislike heat. and then after dinner i was wlcomed by a bad headache and stomach pain. no clue on the cause - we just had blts and i got all the seeds out of tomato slices i had.
roommates gather together and we discuss the bad rent situation we have (backlog of unpaid rent while waiting on rental assistance, no clue on what to due if it doesnt go through) absurd amount of money to think about with stomach pain, actually cannot stand due to anxiety knots caused by it.
cant sleep now - i might fall right asleep in about ten minutes, who knows. i wanted my birthday week to start uneventful and chill, but now this is gonna sit with me for a few more days
i hope youre all having good days, readers, we take em for granted sometimes
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2023.03.22 07:37 throwawaymiff How do I stop what ifs

I'm always saying what if he gave it another chance. What if I have learned about being a DA and I can help him. What if we try again and I can handle the anxiety. What if I message him and we work things out. Please convince me the what ifs are a waste of time.
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2023.03.22 07:37 ThiUsernametaken IF You Help Others, The Universe Will Help You

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2023.03.22 07:37 weus_0830 Can I talk to someone about my undiagnosed OCD?

I’m going through a really tough time right now mentally. I had a breakdown today and just couldn’t stop crying. I don’t know what I did to deserve the feeling of having the whole world on my shoulders. I think everyone hates me because of how much I have ask them for reassurance or confess something. I constantly feel the need to educate everyone on everything even if it’s little. I’ve heard social media makes this worse but social media is also where I talk about my interests (my interests being the things that are keeping me going). I don’t know what to do anymore. I have a doctor’s appointment next week but I am so stuck and feel destroyed. I may sound like I’m exaggerating but I’m exhausted. I can’t enjoy anything anymore and I can’t make decisions without feeling guilty. Someone please give me advice on what to do in the meantime :(
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2023.03.22 07:37 Deformist 22M How can I make your day better today? :)

Hello! This is a repost of a post I did a few days earlier, I had the opportunity to make some people smile and I felt very good about it. So here's me doing it again!
My name is Nush! I'm looking for a long term friendship, or if there's something I can do to make you feel better in the moment, I'm game! I can do anything from sending flowers to you, to making a gold playlist for you, or just being the best listener! There are a lot of people on here 'wanting' and not many people in a place to do the 'giving'. So maybe I can change that a lil bit ahahaha. No constraints on age/sex! I know these are tough times and I want to spread as much positivity as I can — so tell me, what can I do to make your day better? 🙇🏻‍♂️
Here's a little information about myself-
🖋 I'm an author and a poet and I like keeping things, ideas and people immortal in my work.
🤯 The only high class meme enthusiast. This is a consequence of being on the internet for far too long.
👟 I'm really passionate about the environment, and I'm very eco-friendly. I'm always open to having a healthy discussion/debate even on things I don't agree upon.
🍮 I love cooking! I'm always looking forward to learning new cuisines! I also like to grow most of my ingredients.
⭐ I really like anime, I've had this weird generational habit of collecting different rocks (Rockhounding), I gym everyday, I try to be spiritual, and one of my recent obsessions has been chess!
🏳️‍🌈 I'm bisexual and an LGBT ally! I've been in the worst depression and I've made it out. Here to give away all my love. ❤️
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2023.03.22 07:36 Character-Quality229 Importing a custom Maya 3D Level

Importing a custom Maya 3D Level
I'm trying to import a 3D model of a level constructed through maya, but always have trouble with two things: 1) not being able to scale it to size and 2) unable to actually play through it in Unreal due to the collision not working properly
I suspect that the collision box is surrounding the entire object instead of a collision that works around the actual layout of the level itself, could somebody walk me through how to import this? I'm a 3D artist who uses Maya and am completely new to Unreal Engine
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2023.03.22 07:36 Dear-Juice-6897 cycling codes on motherboard help

i built a brand new system the other day
intel i9-13900k Asus z790 maximus extreme on bios 0816 Asus rog strix Nividia GeForce RTX 4090 OC Gskill Trident Z5 RGB 64GB 2x32GB CL32-39-39-102 1.40v Windows 11 OS 2x samsung 990 pro 2TB m.2
1000W Asus thor PSU
The computer is working fine but on top right of mother board its cycling through codes every couple seconds, it will be in the 40's if im not doing anything but will get as low as 32,36. i heard cycling of these codes is normal ? but my concern is when i play games heavily (destiny 2) my game will freeze and i look over to my mother board and i see codes from 54-56 when it freezes it doesnt give me an error code which leads me to believe its hardware? now when i am playing the game i get codes cycling in the high 40's and sometimes 50's. at this point i contacted asus but they cant tell whats going on unless i send them the board for RMA. i want to avoid being out of a pc for a week or two im not sure what to do please help

things ive tried:
taking out ram reseating
updating the bios
clearing cmos
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2023.03.22 07:36 Dumdums267 Will I ( 24 F ) always have to take the hit for his ( 22 M ) inexperience in life and justify his wrongs cause of his immaturity since he is “still learning” ?

TL;Dr What can I (24F) do to help myself with coming to terms that my first actual relationship is not working due to my partner’s ( 22 M) inexperience in life and lack of dicipline, no boundaries and very low self-esteem ?
We are both freshmen, studying different majors, and the reason we started dating was cause he was obsessed with me (or idea of having a gf) and wouldn’t stop dm-ing, and I found his stubbornness cute at first, just to realise that he is in-fact limerencing over me.
I appreciate his good heart but sometimes I find myself teaching him manners/respect and playing a parent-like role.
He is the only child of a single-narcissistic (per his words) mother and I am tired of making excuses for his behaviour and my unfulfilment.
He is seeking therapy after he a threw a tantrum that ended up hurting me to an emotional numbness… yet I still feel like it is not fair that Ive worked on myself before taking on a relationship while he hasn’t. He does not view this as a problem as he is willing to work on himself.
Is it fair that he gets to drag down the version of me that I’ve worked hard for while he is presenting to me an ungrown version of himself ?
My GPA did not turn out so well over the first simester as I was trying to also maintain this relationship but unlike him…he failed all his courses!! I am failing to understand a lot of things.
My goal in a relationship is partnership, marriage and becoming a mother but I don’t know if he can bring anything to the table by the time we graduate.
( I also enjoy healthy amount of solitude while he can’t stand being on his own). I’ve grown hopeless when it comes to relationships from what I’ve seen in my family but I chose to give this a shot to see where it takes us, maybe his stubbornness gave me some reassurance at the beginning.
He is attentive to a certain extend and is caring but the above mentioned is becoming too heavy on me.
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2023.03.22 07:36 Individual-Lime-4246 Airy, wet, full sounding headphones with good high and mid?

Over the past few years I was able to go through a few headphones searching for one that would allow me to enjoy music the most. I bought a Meze 99 Classic, Hifiman Sundara, M50x, Denon AH-D7200, Beyerdynamic DT 770 and was able to see how each of them portray music but I think I found out how I want to listen to music. I wish for my headphone to be detailed but at the same time sound as if it's in real life with every of its details. I think I can't have the best of all worlds but having the qualities above would allow me to enjoy music much more. I would rather have something that sounds like pure, radio like but full, than a headphone with good bass, but dull sounding. I had a hearing test done and my hearing is fine althought I have minor low frequency loss so I think some of my headphones sound dull. Is there a good headphone that is like this? I'm aiming for a Grado Hemp since it's fairly affordable under 500 but it was also said to have lesser highs? It would be great if it's comfortable since my Denon AH-D7200's pads make my jaw feel quite uncomfortable.
Here's my opinion about my past gear I don't remember exactly how these headphones sound but these are my impressions of them.:
- Meze 99 Classic: I had it a few years ago and I can't remember exactly how it sounded. I tried taking off the damping and it sounds much clearier, like my Denon AH-D7200, but without the damping it makes my ears feel really uncomfortable after a few minutes of listening. With the damping on as designed, the Meze sounds meh to me. Nothing really stands out though I still remember its soundstage quite small and strange. About comfort, it's a small and light headphone so it didn't cause me much pain to wear it on long. The reviews on the internet are pretty hyped about this headphone and I can see the hype building up when someone comes from worse mainstream headphones.
- ATH M50x: It's my firsty entry into the headphone world. At first, it sounded really good because all I had before are bloomy apple earpods, then, my perception changed and it sounds like it has a very small, thin sounding soundstage with basic and quite mediocre technicality compared to the Meze.
- Hifiman Sundara: This pair sounds quite airy and all but it still sounds pretty thin to me. As I have used the Denon AH-D7200, the Sundara feels like an open back version of the Denon with similar qualities but with with worse bass,a bit bigger soundstage, thinner and a bit ethereal sounding. The Sundara also has better highs but I feel like it's not enough for me. I want to feel the vibrations when the notes get higher, when the singer sings higher.
- Denon AH-D7200: This is my current pair of headphones after I've sold other pairs. I think it does everything very well but just well enough to still be stuck in mid-fi hell. It has punchy bass, good mid but blunted high, making everything sound duller. The Denon however sounds pretty full but quite clearer, and I can feel the singer's voice's thickness that I can't compared with my other headphones. I guess that's what sets its price much above the other headphones. This headphone does very well against other mid-fi headphones but I don't expect it to rival high end headphones. Comfort wise, Its jaw fitting pads and slightly heavier weight often causes me strain on my jaw. This is also another reason why I'm searching for another headphone.
- Beyerdynamic DT 770: The first thing I remember about this headphone that I demoed a long time ago is its dirty treble. The treble is definitely there, but along with its mid and low, it all sounds quite blurry and dirty, but more with a bit more clarity than the Meze 99 and a bit less clarity than the Sundara? the DT770 also has a pretty large soundstage but it doesn't fit well with the sound's dirtiness for me.
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2023.03.22 07:36 deadbedconfessional I obsess over the littlest dumb shit

He’s out of town for work, he’ll be gone for the next month.
We have been face-timing each other every night before bed. Which is an improvement from the years before when he’d go out of town. Our therapist also suggest we send each other videos and voice notes during this time as well, which so far we’ve been doing.
Anyway, tonight we face-time and I tell him I wish I could kiss him and he says “I wish I could get a kiss.” And my dumb ass monkey brain is like:
  1. Here I am once again, the first one to make a comment like that. (Ie. how I miss him, want to kiss him, hug him, that I love him).
  2. He doesn’t say “I wish I could kiss you” he says he wishes to have a kiss. which I know, it seems like a very non-issue comment. But it’s just makes me think, “damn, he doesn’t even want to kiss me, but he’ll take one”
This is the kind of shit that I know if I say out loud I’d be looked at like I’m overthinking things or like he can’t do anything right or I’m just flat out crazy!
But for me, it’s these small things that just add up over time.
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2023.03.22 07:36 InternalNarrow5806 AITA for not wanting my fiance's mother in my daughter's life?

I (24f) took a trip in march due to family emergency and left for a month out of state. My fiance (26m) came down to visit and help me move back home. A few weeks later we found out I was pregnant and we decided to tell strictly immediate family due to how early along I was. His mother instantly made the remark stating that our child wasn't his. After arguing for a few weeks she dropped it.
As my pregnancy progressed she would either make comments about me either not looking pregnant enough or I looked too pregnant. Saying things such as " you aren't showing yet, you're just fat" or "after you lose all that weight then we can look for wedding dresses."
Due to how she was during my pregnancy I discussed with my fiance I absolutely refused to have her in my delivery room. Instead I wanted his stepmother as she had helped me every step of the way in my pregnancy and was my largest support system. He fully supported me in my decision saying it was my body my choice and we told his mother. Later on that night she called us at midnight and stayed on the phone for 2 hours.
Instead of trying to understand why she completely reversed it on me saying I'm not considering her feelings and I'm hurting her. Telling me it's completely unfair and proceeded to tell my fiance' he had until the day I give birth to change my mind. Completely ignoring my decision. And had told us the whole family is on her side and saying that we were inconsiderate.
She decided to throw a baby shower to "put the past behind us" and to "make amends." To state this ahead of time I do not mind anything from thrift stores or anything that is a hand me down. It's time for us to open the gifts and I kid you not everything I opened was torn or so old it was falling apart. My daughter received books for her library that were falling apart with every touch. Clothes and headbands that were torn, withering, or molded. After everything we went through we left instantly.
I went into labor 6 weeks early. And had visitors until I was getting ready to push. During that time she made comments about my weight once again saying I can't go dress shopping until I lose my birthing weight. Trying to ignore it due to the excitement of meeting my daughter. After my daughter came out she was more than than my fiancé and I and she instantly made comments saying she wasn't his daughter until it turned more into a yellow due to her jaundice. After the doctors explained what was going on she immediately discussed watching our baby and how much she loves her grandbaby.
I refuse to take my daughter to her house. I tell my fiancé I want nothing to do with her but he wants me to make an effort because she doesn't see her often. Am I the Asshole?
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2023.03.22 07:36 ItonybarkI Am I Balding or is this just a cowlick? Had a bathroom light right above me as well and my hair is prob round half an inch rn I just got it cut, hasn’t been this short since, shit I can’t remember honestly I was probably little.

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2023.03.22 07:36 ZilGuber Was scrolling through Reddit, and this gave a me stop. Best thing about Reddit. Surreal infused through the flicks of regular posts.

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2023.03.22 07:36 AnonymousShortCake Need relationship advice. I can’t accept that my boyfriend isn’t into my interests

I’m not diagnosed autistic, but goddamn I really match up with a lot of the symptoms. I’m gonna bring it up with my therapist and psychiatrist soon.
Anyway, me and my bf have this issue. I tell him about my comics and art, and he’s like “cool” and I’m like Omg isn’t it awesome and amazing and I talk about it forever and he’s like “yeah?” But he just isn’t that into it. We’ve talked about it before, he said he wishes I just accepted that he didn’t have much to say about it, it makes me cry.
Today I showed him some of my art and he was trying to take a nap. Tbh, it was kinda my bad, because I wasn’t respecting his feelings. (He had a long day and needed the sleep) I get so into my art and comics I tend to disregard everything around me. I asked if I could show him more, he said no and that he can’t be interested all the time and went to sleep, but then we were asked to go downstairs so he never actually slept much.
I was really hurt by it, irrationally so. When we got back upstairs I just burst into tears and started hyperventilating. My emotions are so…large. This small little thing and it made me feel like I was dying. He comforted me and I cried off and on for about an hour.
We talked about it, and I cannot get over him not being equally enthusiastic as I am. I don’t know why. I don’t feel the same about his hobbies, I’m not that invested. But when he isn’t invested into mine it feels like my heart is shattering. It’s so trivial but it makes me so sad. It’s not just my boyfriend, I struggle to find people to talk with (because I tend to go on and on and people find it annoying), but it especially hurts with him.
What do I do? I wish I didn’t react so much to every little thing.
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2023.03.22 07:36 derolle My Fixed B5 SOPMOD solution

I’ve found there are a lot of really dumb solutions out there for pinning these stocks.
Well this mod costs 50 cents, doesn’t alter your rifle, requires a small hole drilled in a hidden area where you’ll never see it, and can be removed in seconds. You can also lock it in any position you want, from shortest to fully extended. Since it converts this into a fixed stock it’s fully compliant, though IANAL.
You’ll need:
Step 1, drill the 4mm hole in this little hidden pocket underneath the stock:
Step 2, drop your M4 nut into the position you want to fix your stock to.
Step 3. Eyeball your M4 screw length by lining it up with the stock section you drilled through and the deepest part of the hole in your receiver extension. You want it long enough to fit into the receiver slot but not too long that it won’t screw in all the way. Remember to account for the thin section the screw will pass through where you drilled the stock.
Step 4. Slide on your stock, and align the hole in your stock with the nut. Insert your screw and tighten.
To restore freedom functionality, just use a 3mm Allen to remove the screw. Slide off the stock and pop out the nut from the receiver hole, and reassemble.
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2023.03.22 07:36 ThrowRA_lavender333 I think i might love one of my friends.

I ( F 21) have feelings for someone in my friend group ( M 23 )let’s call him Tim. Background: I met one of my now closest friends ( F 23) about three months ago. Let’s call her Emma. We’ve become very close very quickly. To the point where everyone around us assumes that we’ve been friends since diapers. Because of this I really cherish our friendship and I don’t want to compromise it in anyway.
Emma introduced me to her friends, and I’ve introduced her to my friends which resulted in a fun little group. We’ve taken weekend trips together, and we always go out on the weekends and everyone gets along. it’s a really fun dynamic. Which is exactly why I don’t want to go screwing anything up by having feelings for someone in the group.
Emma is also extremely close with Tim. We are in fact her two best friends. And in passing conversation ( about two other people in the group) both of them have made it very clear that having feelings with or hooking up with someone in the group would ruin everything.
My feelings: When I first met tim, I was immediately panicked, he’s my type and he was so shy at first of course it peaked my interest. I knew I had a crush on him the first time we met. But I assumed it would fizzle out or something as most of my crushes do. But after getting to know him more, my feelings have only grown.
Every time we go out and we are drinking he gets really touchy and because I am drinking as well I play into it, there’s been two nights where we’ve had to share a bed and we ended up cuddling a little but that’s as far as things have gone. He’s somewhat protective when we go out, always making sure I’m OK and if some guy is being creepy or getting too close, he’s very quick to hold me and pretend he’s my boyfriend. Every time he does this he gives me butterflies, and the first few times he did it I just assumed he was being a good friend. He has sisters so I assumed he was just a big bro type. But then I noticed that after whatever creepy guy was gone, he would still be holding me. There are dozens of pictures of us drunk on a night out, holding onto each other smiling. most of my friends tease me that we look like we’ve been in love for years.
Me and my friends often go to country bars, and he complained that he didn’t know how to dance, so I taught him how to 2 step. He’s not bad if the song is slow enough, and now whenever a slow song comes on, he asks me to dance and it makes me wanna melt every time. I’m the only person he’ll dance w and he even had one of our friends take a pic of us dancing to show his mom. HIS MOM. He told me his mom thought I was so pretty.
I know he’s very adamant about not crossing lines in the friend group. But I can’t help but feel like he might have the smallest crush on me too. Whenever one of us is driving, there’s always that prolonged eye contact in the rearview mirror and I’m probably reading way too far into it but the way he watches me sometimes gives the vibe that he’s in the same situation I find myself in. I don’t want to come out right and say I’m in love with tim. I don’t think doing that would do me any good regardless of whether or not it’s true. But at the very least I have feelings for him. And his actions aren’t helping my case.
The last time we shared a bed together, we were on a weekend trip. Everyone was going to bed, and we were both pretty tipsy. he needed help taking off his boots, so I helped him. But after he asked me to stay w him and cuddle and of course…I did.
this caused a riff between me and emma. she was worried we were crossing boundaries and possibly ruining the friend group. I wasn’t mad at her. We are her closest friends and she just wants to make sure that no one gets hurt. I told her nothing physical was ever gonna happen between him n i cuz of the friend group. And it’s true I really don’t want anything physical to happen between us, that would be super messy.
But at the same time I have other friends in the group telling me how great Tim and i would be together. we get along great , i’m always laughing and smiling whenever I’m with him. there’s this sense of familiarity, that is so comforting to me, that I’ve never experienced with someone before. I can sit here and go on about his smile or his laugh and how they give me heart palpitations. Or about how whenever I’m around him, I have to constantly remind myself to stop staring at his eyes because they are so captivating. I keep finding myself thinking about him at almost all parts of the day. Wondering what he is doing, wanting to send him something that reminds me of him but I never do. I know he’s very adamant about not crossing lines in the friend group so I plan on telling no one my feelings. I plan on not acting on them. I would never want to cross a boundary that both he and emma made very clear.
I re-downloaded dating apps just to distract myself from him, because he’s simply not an option. but every profile I see, simply does not compare to him. I went on one date, and I was constantly looking for qualities that he has in my date. He’s often the subject of my dreams, and both the last thing I think of before bed, and the first thing I think of in the morning. I don’t know how to get him out of my head. I don’t want to stop spending time with him or the friend group but I might have to, for my sake.
I know nothing should happen between us. But I keep finding myself wanting something to. Longing for him to at least like me back. At this point, I’m telling myself that I am completely delusional and I’ve romanticized all of this and that he will never like me back because we are simply too good of friends. And if I’m being 100% honest with myself, this is probably the truth of the situation. If I don’t tell myself this, I’m worried that he will be all I can think about. He already is truth be told but I need him to not be. This entire situation is starting to make my heart heavy. I hope that my feelings are reciprocated, but I don’t think they are, and regardless of whether they are or not I will more than likely never know. I need to somehow figure out how to move past my feelings and all this bs
He’s supposed to go out of town for a few weeks and I’m hoping time apart will be a good thing. I feel so stupid for even finding myself in this position honestly. I’m not a 10/10 but I know I have a good amount of other options. I just simply don’t want them. I want him….. I’m hoping as time goes on feelings will fade and I’ll look at this post and laugh someday or question who it was about. but for the time being, I really needed to get this off my chest.
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2023.03.22 07:35 3WaySD Funny / Confusing Story

So, I had something VERY unexpected happen recently.
A POT SB I had spoken to about 3 weeks ago reached out again... but there's some context that makes it funny, but also WEIRD.
Summary of the convo 3 weeks ago:
She reaches out, we start chatting, both find each other attractive, seem to be on the same page about wanting something mutually beneficial, etc. So, we move the convo to text.
I then proceed to ask about the details of the arrangement and she says she she's looking for a Virtual arrangement. Nothing in the profile or opening messages indicates this. She then mentions that there is a tag on her profile that says she wants something platonic.
I kindly and respectfully let her know I'm not interested in anything virtual or platonic, and am looking for a unicorn to create a throuple with me and my partner. We amicably end the discussion there.
2nd Reach Out:
"Hey, I changed my mind and am now open to an in-person arrangement and sex. I'd love to see you. Are you free at 6pm today?"
She then also attaches a picture with the date, her name, and Leolist. cc (an escorting site) written on her phone.
The first thing I did was went to site and searched for her, and I found a collection of pictures and a posting looking for clients!
So... 3 weeks ago this girl wasn't interested in being an in-person SB. But 2 weeks after that she decides to become an escort rather than trying sugaring!? Am I missing something, or is this just weird and odd?
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2023.03.22 07:35 No_Chocolate_6455 [M4F] The Knight and The Assassin [Medieval-Fantasy]

Despite the early afternoon hours, the jovial Iron Tankard tavern was packed full with noisy patrons. Mostly regulars, craftsmen, artificers, merchants, off-duty guards, though an occasional mercenary misfit could also be spotted, scurrying around the bounty board or chatting down the innkeeper for job suggestions. The walled town of Ashenfort was relatively small, it being a passing, yet reputable, trade-post along the main road that connected the capital city and the coast-line settlements. Travelers came and went by the hour, never staying for long, turning over goods and coin, but also services. If one was in search for an uncanny set of hands to help along a most arduous task, then this was certainly the place to look.
The joyous, drunken and merry chattering continued through the crowded chamber, with the tavern workers doing their utmost to squeeze past the countless customers and bring the desired orders to their tables. Everyone seemed so keenly busy, to the point nobody noticed the unseemly figure push their way through the front door.
Taking but a single step further, Sir Andrew of the noble house Medellin, had to visually keep himself from recoiling. Unused to the tavern stench, the fickle smell of alcohol, combined with sweat, grease and perhaps even vomit, assaulted his noble nostrils and almost triggered a gag reflex "By the king.." He grumbled under his breath, fixing that ragged traveling-cloak that flapped over his chest and hiding the armored plate underneath. His deep-sea eyes peered across the board, eyeing for someone it seemed, before his gloved hand rose to his lips, covering them as he adamantly cleared his throat. Ignored. Taking a deep breath, the knight stepped forward, brushing his wave-like, sand-blonde hair behind his ear before trying again "Excuse me, gentlemen-"
Dismissed, again, with only a few pitiful glances being thrown his way, more out of irritation for being too close to the table than anything else. The young knight huffed in annoyance, briefly closing his eyes, before opening them as his stern, dramatic voice cried out
"Hear me, men and women of Valeron! I am Sir Andrew Medellin, sword-paladin to the arch-duke of the western-fold, banner-man to his holy grace- Augustus Percivalus Drakefort the third. I was quested by our noble king with slaying the terrible dragon that's been ravaging our western borders, laying waste to our precious serfdom and leaving nothing but scorched earth behind. Though I accepted the task honorably and in good faith, my sword yearning to pierce the foul dragon's wicked heart, I will admit that I find myself outmatched. The dragon's vision is far and great, its breath a flaming sundering.. I have no hope of meeting it face to face in the open. For this, I require to enter the lair of the beast and catch it off-guard.. I require assistance, from one of you, noble characters, someone versed in the art of.. Stealth and deceit, whom could perhaps assist in shrouding my noble approach into the jaws of evil?"
Silence, attention, all eyes on him. The tavern had its breath taken away by the man's speech, but just as a smile of triumph crept onto his tender lips, Andrew was bombarded by a chortling choir of laughter. Amused, some within the crowd nearly choked on their drinks, while Andrew's grumbling expression faded in excitement. After another moment of silence on his side, he added, though with far less enthusiasm in his sighing voice, enough only for a select few to hear- Or rather, anyone that paid attention still.
"I am also willing to compensate you for your troubles.. 2000 coins up front, plus another 8000 when the quest is done. Additionally, the king has given me leave me with issuing amnesty to any.. Unsavory characters that had a run in with our law in the past, pardoning all of their heinous crimes in return for assisting me."
Simple and, relatively short, premise to a medieval-fantasy prompt that revolves around a pair of unlikely allies teaming up to stop a much bigger, looming threat! If you have any ideas/suggestions or thoughts of your own that you'd like us cleared in advance, feel free to let me know. World-wise this is more or less a blank slate, so in regards to races, magic, politics, geography etc. we'll be able to include a variety.
For this story I'd really like to explore the relationship between a noble, religiously truthful, honorably overzealous, naive knight and a deceitful, witty and playful sort of rogue-like character contrast. My own pitch idea would be an assassin character, perhaps someone who already had a close-encounter with the lord of Medellin in the past, a fact that will be brought up and/or revealed at a crucial moment to intensify their situation or perhaps even strengthen their bond? I have a soft-spot for enemies-turned-friends-turned-lovers sort of dynamics, so this is what I was trying to go for with- Judge me all you want~
I'd preferably not know much about your character in advance, wanting to explore their pasts and stories through the RP, but if you feel it crucial and/or want to take your character in a completely different direction- Do let me know.
I normally write 2-3 paragraphs of detail, with the range mostly varying from how fast the scene is progressing. I prefer quality over quantity and will never nag you if you require more time to reply. I will, however, be nit-picky if you respond to a full-fledged, action-packed, word-exploding essay with a meager 3 line reply -.-
I mostly prefer writing on Discord and Reddit PM's (easiest for me to manage and read), and use chat only to make contact so we can exchange ID's
I am alright with including NSFW themes in regards to story progression and character development, but they are *completely* optional and in no way necessary. Feel free to let me know in advance, otherwise I will assume they are to be omitted.
Hope to hear from you wonderful writers soon!~
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2023.03.22 07:35 PeppyMoss Potential Additional Features that would make Transformers: Tactical Arena a Lot Better.

In this post, we are going to discuss any cosmetic, functional, or gameplay-related features that could be added to Transformers: Tactical Arena to improve the players’ experience while playing the game. Red Games Co. nailed the gameplay itself and have already proven their ability to deliver great new cards, arenas, emotes, and music tracks in almost every update, but this list will include features that will improve this game in general, either improving the feel of the gameplay or adding more things to do in the main menu screen. These are going to be the types of additions the game needs to have before it can grow any further and expand to a wider audience. The list will be numbered in order of most wanted to not as most wanted, but still wanted (based on my personal preferences). Brace yourselves, here it goes:

  1. Add a selectable Landscape mode for mobile users:
There are two perspectives available to play the game in: Portrait mode and Landscape mode. Unfortunately, these perspectives are locked in to the system a player uses, with Portrait mode being limited to iPad and iPhone devices while Landscape mode is limited to Macs and Apple TVs. It would be impossible to implement Portrait mode to Macs and Apple TVs as that would limit the player’s perspective, but players on iPhones and iPads should be given a new option in the Settings that would allow them to choose whether to play the game in Portrait Mode, Landscape mode, or Both, depending on the device’s orientation. I would love to have the option to try playing this game in Landscape mode as it would totally change the perspective and the way I play along with it. You have no idea how frequently I miss while using Graviton Nexus because of the current portrait perspective I am limited to.

  1. Add a Match History feature with a controllable camera for Photo Mode:
This game needs a Match History of some sorts. Perhaps have the option positioned in the main menu between the Crates and Practice options. Not to crowd a respective device’s memory, the Battle Log should have 10 slots, which would fill in every time a Battle is played, sorted from latest at the top to recent at the bottom (preferably with times and dates indicated). If all 10 slots are filled, the recent game (10th in the list) would be automatically permanently deleted and the slot filled in with the next recorded game in queue, and so on. However, users would be given the option to Favorite or Save match replays of their choosing, which would go into a menu next to the Battle Log, have this option called Saved. The number of slots could be either infinite or a maximum of 30 saved replays. This is where the fun begins: the match replays would work in real time similarly to how the tutorial videos for the cards work. This would allow players to do the following: 1) Change perspective, viewing the match play out from their side or from the opponent’s side; and 2) Have a free cinematic camera mode that would give the players two cursors that would allow them to fly the camera around the arena and position it in ways like we have seen only in the trailers for TTA, almost like in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. This would allow players to create cinematic shots, get clips of cool moments from various perspectives, follow Megatron or Scorponok around as they ravage through the arena. Imagine the amount of advertising it would allow for if players started posting videos of Bumblebee Super Punching a turret from a close up shot, or Starscream swooping in in jet mode.

  1. Add more game modes:
A lot of people ask for a story mode to be added to the game. Though a story mode would be incredible, it’s a lot to ask for, considering how much work it would take to make. However, we as players have been stuck battling each other or the A.I. solo for more than a year now. I love this game for what it is, it has incredible gameplay that keeps holding it up despite its cons, but it can get boring and repetitive fast, and sometimes I have trouble pushing myself to play through five games every day. Giving players the option to play more modes would highly increase the replayability of this game. For example, when pressing on the Battle button from the Main Menu, instead of a wait queue immediately starting, players would be greeted by another menu, asking them which mode they want to Battle in. The options would be 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and perhaps Story Mode as the lower option (which would be an entire menu in of itself). Yes, you read that right, Red could go so far as to add a 3v3 mode. A while ago, I used to play a game called Mini Guns – Omega Wars. It’s dead now (servers shut down), but it was a unique Clash Royale-inspired mobile game with impressive visuals and fun original gameplay, similar to Transformers: Tactical Arena. It was later added to Steam as well, something I would love to see happen to TTA. There were 4 ways to play the game: it had a story mode, 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3. 3v3 was chaotic and at the same time the best way to play the game, because if your cards were underleveled, you had two teammates who could carry you if they were maxed out, and you were thus more likely to win in 3v3 than in 2v2 and 1v1 modes. I want Transformers: Tactical Arena to have such similar features from Mini Guns – Omega Wars because it’s going to make the game so much more replayable.

  1. Add more profile customization:
Giving us the option to purchase and choose from a variety of Banners and Avatars was one of the most brilliant things the developers added to this game. However, being able to customize only three things (our names, portraits, and banners) is not enough. How about adding customizable Frames to our tags, such as Bumblebee or Sunstreaker sitting on top, or a boombox around our profile tag, or Scorponok’s claw, Starscream’s Seeker armada, or Soundwave’s minions in every corner of our profile tag? How about adding unique Effects to highlight our tags, such as flames, pink plasma, dripping blue Energon, etc.? How about allowing us to customize our names with unique Fonts? This will monetize the game further and allow us to buy more things with our hard-earned ORE-13.

  1. Add skin selection for unique characters:
Shortly after being first released, Trailbreaker had his eyes changed from the color red to the color blue. Megatron recently had his entire appearance changed as well, from a more G1-inspired one to a more IDW-inspired one. This got me thinking about how more different skins like that could be added to the game for players to purchase with ORE-13 and use to slightly customize the appearance of their favorite characters. For example, Trailbreaker could be given a blue skin with red eyes, while Megatron could be given his G1-inspired skin back, with the players choosing which they want their Megatron to wear, the older one or the newer one.
NOTE: Do not turn unique characters from Transformers lore into simple reskins of cards already in the game. I.E. Do not make Cliffjumper a red reskin of Bumblebee. Cliffjumper and Bumblebee are two totally unique characters with different fighting styles in Transformers lore. Doing so will also confuse the players. Not everyone will be able to tell that a Bumblebee is coming for their turret if he is painted blue, red, or white instead of bright yellow that will immediately jump into the players’ eyes and warn them. Do not turn Skywarp and Thundercracker into Starscream reskins when they are extremely different characters with unique abilities. Not even Nemesis Prime should be an Optimus Prime reskin. The reskins should be limited only to the unique, named characters in question.
Instead, what you could do is make skins of the characters based on their Shattered Glass versions, which would make sense since it’s something the recent update hinted at. Or have the skins be the Generation 2 (G2) repaints of the characters, or their original Marvel comic book appearances, like the red-eyed, blue-painted Trailbreaker, or remodels of the characters based on the IDW comics, like the recent Megatron reskin we got. Keep the skin selection limited to the named characters selected by the players while customizing their looks.

  1. Add skin selection for Main and Secondary Turrets.
Similarly to the unit skins presented previously and the turret skins from Clash Royale, Transformers: Tactical Arena can have something similar by allowing players to customize the way their main and secondary turrets look. It would be nice if the main turret could be customized separately from the secondary turrets, or, better yet, *have all three turrets be independently customizable*. The turrets could be labeled Left Turret, Main Turret, and Right Turret during the customization process. Such customization could include festive themes, holiday themes, or, my most wanted proposition, have unique characters become the turrets. Have the main turret be Sky Lynx, who sleeps before being activated, or Tarn sitting on a throne, or Fortress Maximus (with the Secondary Turrets being his extra city mode limbs), or a cloning vat with a Predacon in stasis inside (a reference to Transformers: Prime). Add whatever your imagination tells you to! We as players will love these additions.

  1. Add skin selection for structures:
Similarly to the unit card skin selection and turret skin selection, there should also be skin customization available for the various structures in the game, including the Decoy (players can choose the character model being projected by the Decoy as well as the Decoy base itself), spawners, Teleporters, smaller turrets, and other deployable building cards. If skins are added for units such as Sharkticons, Minions, and Autobot Troopers and Infantry, their skins should be customizable separately from their respective spawners/Teleporters when customizing the appearance of the structure cards themselves, but also included into the customization.

  1. Add in-game death animations:
There is nothing more lame than struggling to destroy Scorponok in-game just to see him pop into some Energon bits on death. It would have been so much better if Scorponok would fall back on death, fall apart, or explode into Energon bits. This could add more elements to the game such as Scorponok dealing damage after exploding on death, similarly to how the NOD Avatar explodes on death in Command and Conquer: Rivals. However, this does not apply to Scorponok only. Other characters should have death animations, such as Jazz getting ripped in half (a reference to his death in the 2007 Transformers movie), Megatron falling to his knees and landing on his chest due to how big and bulky he is, Crosshairs and Spinister spinning out of control and crashing into the ground, Optimus Prime falling back (a reference to his death in the 1986 Transformers movie), Windblade getting blasted back and her sword sticking into the ground (similarly to how Clash Royale’s Knight’s sword sticks into the ground when his is killed), Starscream transforming into his jet and flying away, not actually dying because he is a coward, etc. Minions and Drones would still have their current death animations, while Autobot Infantry and Troopers could have something more unique like breaking apart into parts on death. And keep these death animations relatively short and simple, no longer than 2 or 3 seconds, similarly to the way Metal Slug soldiers die when you shoot them.

  1. Add units emoting at the end of the game:
This may sound confusing but bear with me. Do you know how there is a 1 or 2 second delay between a winning turret being destroyed and the victory screen coming up? Ever played Metal Slug? Ever seen how the enemy troops cheered and celebrated when you died, taunting your death? Ever played Red Alert 2 or 3? Ever seen how the units on the map would start cheering if you achieved victory? Seeing something similar to that in this game would be downright INCREDIBLE. Not only would it taunt your opponent, but it would look fun and good from an entertainment perspective. Autobot Troopers could start throwing their pistols in the air. Autobot Infrantry could dance and jump around. Megatron could strike a victorious pose, hands on hips and straightened out. Optimus Prime could lower his Energon Axe similarly to how does it in the squad selection screen. Grimlock could stomp the ground and release a burst of fire into the air to celebrate. Sunstreaker could start firing rockets into the sky as fireworks. Trailbreaker could start firing at the sky as an act of celebration. Moonracer could holster her sniper rifle similarly to her squad selection idle animation. Bumblebee could start clapping. Brawn could crack his knuckles and fold his arms. Starscream could transform into a jet and fly off. Soundwave could transmit a radio signal. Shockwave could return to plotting his schemes the way he does during his idle animation in the Squad selection screen. Windblade could slowly holster her blade. On the contrary, if the game is lost, the units would have unique scared animations, either shivering in the same spot or panicking and running away. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Add new daily and weekly objectives with higher rewards.
Right now, the game cycles between about 10 different daily challenges that are fairly easy to complete, but the lack of uniqueness is very boring. Add more daily and weekly objectives that involve using newer cards such as Chromia instead of Bonecrusher, for example. Such objectivates would help out newer players and add more spice to more experienced players.

  1. Add more Squad slots:
3 Squads is not enough. Simple as. In comparison, Clash Royale allows players to create 10 different decks at once. Giving us the option to make 5 would be way better than limiting us to 3, even though a similar system to CR could be implemented and we could be given the full 10 Squad slots in TTA as well. I had to overwrite many fun and unique Squads with more practical ones in the past since I had only 3 slots to work with, and I can’t really experiment with making new Squads since I’m trying to stick with the 3 I already have.

  1. Add Squad randomization:
On the topic of Squad creation, it can be difficult for new players to create Squads that work, so creating a button that, once pressed, would auto-generate a random Squad would be great. Every randomly generated Squad would have at least 1 random tactical support card, at least 1 random tank car, at least 1 random win condition car, at least 1 random structure card, at least 1 random ranged unit card, at least 1 random melee unit card, and so on.

  1. Add more Crate types (a greater Crate variety for players to unlock):
The current four types of Crates we have are very good (Common, Rare, Epic, and Arena), but wouldn’t it be better if we had more options to unlock and upgrade cards and get ORE-13? Adding a greater variety of Crates would give players more reason to grind and would make leveling up slightly easier and more fun. You could add a Legendary crate that contained only Legendaries, a Giant crate which would contain the most cards of any other Crate, etc. Anything you could come up with would be better than us being stuck with the same old four (mostly three) types of Crates.

  1. Add more A.I. decks and fix the A.I. itself:
It’s nice to have the current A.I. decks memorized to allow for easy victories, but at the same time this should not be the case. Rather than having the A.I. use randomized decks, simply create more decks for it cycle through than u/Picopede already listed in the following post: ( Add decks with the new cards, have the A.I. use decks with cards like Starscream, Scorponok, both Chaser cards in one deck, Trailbreaker, Sharlticon Portal, Shockwave, Railgun, and other unused cards that never show up while fighting the A.I. at upper levels. Fix the old decks so that the A.I. knows how to use actual strategies and strong card combinations instead of spamming units like crazy, hoping to overwhelm the human opponents. The A.I. should be more interesting and rewarding to fight.

  1. Add a camera mode in the Squad screen that would allow us to look at the 3D models of the characters closer:
Sometimes, instead of playing the game, it feels good to sit back and take in its beautiful art style, which includes looking at the characters, reading through their bios, and watching their tutorial videos. It would be nice if there was more, if there was an option once you entered the Squad screen and clicked on a card, to press on a button for some sort of Camera Mode and look at the cards in greater detail, from different perspectives. Maybe we could even be given the option to play specific animations for the card we chose, such as first deployment, regular attack, idle animation, and any other animations that card has. This feature would also allow players to look at unique character, structure, and turret skins (proposed to be added in points 5, 6, and 7) from different perspectives before or after purchase in the Supply Shop.

  1. Add a controllable camera to the Crates selection screen:
When it comes to unlocking Crates, it can get a bit boring and repetitive to do so. Despite us getting the Open All button, I am the type of player who unlocks the Crates one by one to visually see the things I get and any milestones I reach with my card levels. This feature is definitely not a must, but it would improve the immersion of the game so much more if we could look at the different types of Crates from different perspectives, especially the unique Arena ones, or any other Crate types the developers might add.

  1. Add sound effects to emotes:
This has the danger of making the game more toxic, but it’s pretty lame to see an emote without actually hearing it. I love the emotes as they are, the way they look and the way they play. However, this addition might take a lot of work to implement, so it should not be a priority.

  1. Make the gameplay feel more smooth:
Now this point is a bit more techy than the previous ones, but this is a complaint about the gameplay itself. There is a certain edge to it, like there is always a delay to the things you do, or the gameplay itself feels choppy, like you are playing at 30 fps instead of 60 fps. I would say this may have been done to conserve battery power, but changing the graphics quality of the game does not improve its flow, in fact it makes the gameplay even more choppy and laggy. If there was an option added to the Settings that would allow to increase the smoothness of the game at the cost of battery usage, that would be great, because the game does not run on mobile the same way it does on the Apple TV, based on watching u/Picopede ’s videos.

  1. Add a wait time for unit deployment.
In Clash Royale, when you want to deploy a card but do not have enough Elixir to do so, being 1 cost point short or so, the game deploys the card wherever you placed it on a certain wait queue that lasts a second or a millisecond before you accumulate enough Elixir, finally deploying the card later than you initially “planted” it. This can be both harmful, if you don’t plan ahead or misplace a card, and powerful, allowing for well-timed clutches and close calls. Transformers: Tactical Arena currently does not have this. You can either deploy a card if you have enough Energon, or you cannot. As a result, you have to hover your finger over the spot where you want to deploy a card while keeping your eyes on the Energon meter, which hinders your vision and allows you to make serious mistakes. Though depleting your Energon is a bad game strategy, this game should still have the same option of deploying your cards on millisecond-long queues, because I missed a lot of close calls and clutch moments due to either not being able to see the screen under my finger or the card I wanted to deploy not being deployed at all.

  1. Allow the deselection of cards in-game.
There is nothing more frustrating than misclicking on the arena after selecting a card but after changing your mind, and deploying a card you did not want to deploy at a random spot on the arena, for example at the bottom of the arena, right above the card selection bar. The only way of deselecting the card you currently have selected is to click on a different card, and you better not accidentally click somewhere randomly on the arena, or else the game will be lost. Players should have the option of deselecting the card they currently have selected. This can be done by either swiping down on the same card (since the card you have selected is raised up), or pressing a new x button added to the selected card, anything would be better then just hovering over what we have selected without being able to click anywhere else on the screen. It would also clear the screen up of the checkered pattern that appears every time you select a card, which would allow for better control of players’ vision.

  1. Fix ranged units not firing at enemy units within melee range.
There is a very annoying bug that happens whenever units approach ranged units really closely - the ranged units just simply stop firing at them. For example, if Optimus Prime enters Charge in his truck mode and Shockwave is standing right in front of him as he passes, Shockwave won’t fire at Optimus and will just allow him to pass without stunning him. This is true for all ranged units, including Sunstreaker, Trailbreaker, Arcee, Jazz, Starscream, Rotorstorm (he won’t fire at units directly under him), etc. The only exception is Megatron who uses Backhand in melee range. Either add melee attacks similar to Megatron’s Backhand to all ranged units or just simply allow them to fire at targets right in front of them.

  1. Add a new leaderboard.
This is an idea proposed by the other people on this Subreddit, such as u/Boosetro. Though I agree with the idea of having more than two leaderboards for a general ranking and the number of turrets destroyed, I don’t know if I agree with this idea in particular. Diving out PvP from PvE would force players to wait to play the game in PvP mode, which is rarely fun, competitive, and thus rather frustrating. People are free to disagree though, and I will leave it up to the developers to think about this point. Perhaps add a new Ranked leaderboard that would be limited to PvP matches.

  1. Add a new Spectator Mode that will allow players to attend and observe other real-time matches.
This feature follows the feature proposed in Part 2. Once a Battle Log feature is successfully added to the game, a Spectator mode should also be added, which would allow players to join and view a random or selected game happening in real time between two other players or between a player and a bot. This addition would be similar to what Clash Royale has. Players playing the game would be able to view how many people are spectating them, and the spectators would be able to use minimized emotes and cheer for the players they are spectating (or the opponents) without distracting either player. The reason I placed this feature so far down in the list is because I don’t consider its addition that important, though other people here may disagree. I never liked the spectator feature in Clash Royale and thus don’t think Transformers: Tactical Arena needs one. However, it’s up to the developers to decide whether they want to implement this or not.

Thus, that amounts to a total of 23 items (and counting) to improve the feel of the game. It is up to the developers to decide whether they want to add these features or not, but I can guarantee they would make the game feel so much better. Please consider some of these. If you have any extra ideas, make sure to comment them down below! Thank you for reading through this list!
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2023.03.22 07:35 Ihatemyselfffffbro 21M [chat] - read my post and textt meee😩

How are things going for everyone? I'm a college student from Massachusetts. I want to meet new people, maybe make new friends. I'm open to anything, including new ideas. If you happen to be in Massachusetts, please text me because I'd love to hang out. Hopefully, we can connect, and you don't have to share my interests. Ghost free :)
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2023.03.22 07:35 chromedbooked1 I am sick of being blamed for my mom's actions!

Everything negative thing my mom does my family punishes me for it. I don't know why they think we are the same person. I have my own thoughts and opinions and even get on her when she gets out of line. My neice moved in with us in 2021 and everything was fine at first. Then my mom got mad at her when she wouldn't help her mom (who's an addict) and she became passive aggressive to her face but downright nasty when she talks about her to others. Now my neice is moving out and we're both getting blamed for her moving. Even though I was the one helping her and going out of my way to make sure she's ok after my mom insults her, now my cousin asked me why me and my mom are so mean to her when it's just my mom. I'm sick of it! Hopefully I'll be the one to move soon away from them! My mom included.
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