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2010.03.27 12:31 Get Motivated!

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2023.03.30 20:19 TonyChanYT Didn't David pretend to be insane before Achish and not Abimelek?

1 Samuel 21:
10And David rose and fled that day from Saul and went to Achish the king of Gath.
Achish was a Philistine ruler. David was hoping that he could stay under Achish's protection but Achish didn't want him. David thought he was in danger.
13So he changed his behavior before them and pretended to be insane in their hands and made marks on the doors of the gate and let his spittle run down his beard. 14Then Achish said to his servants, “Behold, you see the man is mad. Why then have you brought him to me? 15Do I lack madmen, that you have brought this fellow to behave as a madman in my presence? Shall this fellow come into my house?”
Later, David wrote about this incident in (NIV) Psalm 34:
1 Of David. When he pretended to be insane before Abimelek, who drove him away, and he left. I will extol the LORD at all times; his praise will always be on my lips.
Didn't David pretend to be insane before Achish and not Abimelek?
this seeming contradiction is easily explainable when you understand that Abimelech would have been his title and Achish, his actual name.
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2023.03.30 20:19 ShiroSani Me [21F] with my boyfriend [19M] 2 years now. He's being distant. What do I do?

**TL;DR;** : I am in a relationship with my current boyfriend for 2 years now. He is becoming distant all of the sudden, keeps on saying busy, never gives me time, and hides from me, what do I do?
HI, I (21F) don't know where to say this than here because I don't have anyone to tell. I've been with my current boyfriend (19M) for 2 years now (like literally just now). He never miss greeting me a happy month (during our monthsarry) not until now. He just went to sleep and did not even care about today. But, this is not my main concern. We are in a long-distanced relationship and being together physically might not be possible for us now. We meet each other through common interest and there start our relationship.
Since his prom, he is becoming distant to me. Moreover, He keeps on telling me that he is busy and such. I understand that he might have something to do in his house and school so all I asked was a little update. I let him do his thing but a month later, he rarely chats me and updates me of what he does. He just sends a simple chat "Busy". He never calls me and I am the one initiating it. But, sadly, he never answers my calls. He even puts me on Mute most of the time. He told me that I was irritating and annoying for doing that. It was not a big problem at first but it was the start of worse things.
Before, we play a lot of online games as duo but he just suddenly said that he no longer wants to play and wants to take a break. I respected that given that he, as he said, is busy. I also stopped playing for a while because I want us to play together. Weeks later, I decided to open my account because a new season started. I updated him that I will try playing but he did not respond. What I saw sunk my heart. He was online and was playing with his friends. He even changed his avatar (we had couple's avatar) and removed our affinity. I was furious to know this. I have been so understanding of him and believed him that he was actually busy in his school works and in their house. I confronted him but he said that it was his cousin that was playing his account. Of course, I did not believe at his obvious lie. I asked his friend, who was his teammate, who was the one who was playing his account and he said it was my boyfriend and was confused I didn't know.
Since then, He never asked for my well-being. He never asked if I am okay. He never asked how was my day. It was like a switch flipped all of the sudden. I often asked him if he can talk with me before he sleeps but he just immediately goes offline after saying good night. He also never reads what I messaged him and just left them on read. He is also giving vibes that he does not want me anymore. I do not know what to do anymore. I love him so much that it hurts.
Bringing back to now, I do not know if I still want to continue my relationship with him. Here I am, crying again. All I wanted was a bit of his time. I only asked 30 minutes a day of his time but not even a second he cant give me. "Does he still love me? Does he still want me? Am I still his girlfriend?" This questions and more flood my head. He is also, sometimes, asked if we can break up. When I asked him why, he just said that he just wants to do it. He is also becoming cold in his chats and distant. What do I do? I love him so much. He was such a great boyfriend until now. I do not know what to do anymore. I do not want to end our relationship but I also don't want to be the only one holding. Can you guys suggest what I need to do?
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2023.03.30 20:18 mahmoudalsayed99 About the update

I removed my opensuse tumbleweed and installed another distro from 2 days but I backed today and installed it again then I wanted to updated the distro through terminal and showed nothing to download and then install the size from the cache about 1 gig . How didn't download anything although I deleted the partions of opensuse by gparted before installing the other distro ??
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2023.03.30 20:18 Mcpolar_bear Cant talk about it to anyone.

I met someone online 1.5 years ago. She lives in Mexico and me in Belgium. We hit it off from the verry start. After half a year we confessed our feelings to eachother. We had a special bond, we could talk about everything. We talked about the thing no one would talk about. We prommided eachother to meet this summer but she had busyer and busyer days because of her work, she did 2 jobs. There were days she couldnt answer me for couple of days. I was always worried. But every time she says she missed and loves me. 2 weeks ago she texted me she was unsure about my intentions with her and that i just play with her feelings. I freaked out a bit because it was so random. She wanted to split. I didnt understand why she would think that. She didnt want to talk anymore. After a couple of days of not texting i sended a message to her that i miss her. She texted me bach she misses me a lot and still loves me. But she still seems distand. The biggest problem is, i cant talk to anyone about her because we both wanted to keep us a secret. I feel sick i cant tell anyone about it. I got skin irritation because of stress. And i cant sleep. I nevr felt a broken heart as big as this. I dont know what to do anymore, it feels like i wasted 1,5 years of my life.
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2023.03.30 20:18 castalvania MMO/PvP to play with friends (please read all, tldr at the end)

Hello everyone. I've been looking for a good free MMO or PvP to play with my friend. I'll provide a brief list of games I've played, he's played and we've played to provide some insight into what we're looking for. We'd really appreciate if someone could point us the right way since we've been looking for ages for something our potato rigs can handle that we'd enjoy playing.
My preferences: - I've been playing Warframe a lot and I like the aspect of having the choice to either solo or play with others if you choose to do so. There's no "class system" and builds essentially boil down to the "character" (i.e. the Warframe) you choose, your weapons and how you mod them, which feels like a good freedom of choice as opposed to having classes. - I've played Path of Exile briefly but didn't like how complex the skill system seems to get, but I did enjoy the freedom to build and equip your character as you see fit. Although the lack of character customization from what I remember was a bit of a turn off. - I used to play Elder Scrolls Online a lot and loved the overall mechanic and gameplay design of it. Not to mention I'm a bit of a Bethesda fanboy and I've been wanting to buy Fallout 76 too but I'm just waiting for a sale and cash on hand. - I enjoy anything that has rpg elements but the combat/exploration/social aspects have to be engaging. I don't mind grinding as long as it's not too grind heavy or has content behind paywalls.
My friend's preferences: - He's played Albion Online for a good while, going as far as creating Tier 5 gear and doing a few guild raids and stuff. He took off from the game though because he got tired of the grind and felt like the game didn't have much more content to offer him. - He's recently played Undecember, which is a dungeon crawler hack and slash not too different from Path of Exile or Diablo Immortal imo. However I'm wary of playing it due to the vulnerability I've read it poses to your system and have warned him of this issue. - He prefers games like Minecraft, Terraria and Stardew Valley that have some sandbox elements, but he's fine with an mmo that doesn't have sandbox elements as long as he gets to squad up with me, go on quests/missions.
Games we've played: -Valorant was big for us for a while but we got tired of getting matched up with either hackers or simply bad players. I tend to get a bit competitive too so this got on my nerves, whereas he doesn't like unbalanced challenges (i.e. having a team of randoms who might be new to the game going against a team of smurfs, cheaters and/or people way above our skill bracket) -Terraria was another go to for a while but we wanted more of an mmo experience after a while. -Splitgate was big for us too because of the simplicity of it. It's a good pick for us when it comes to PvP but we just got burnt out from it and probably won't get back into it. -Dauntless was a game we sunk almost 100 hours into. Once again, we're burnt out from the game and it got a bit grindy for us later on. -Brawlhalla is another game we've easily put ~150 hours into. Once again, we basically got burnt out from it. -Payday 2 was good for a long while until we both felt like a lot of the better stuff was locked behind paywalls.
We'd really appreciate recommendations for something to play since we're either a little conflicted or indecisive about what to play. We also have somewhat outdated PCs so anything too heavy would be hard for both of us to play. Thank you for taking time to help us!
TLDR: Looking for a good free competitive pvp game and a good free mmo with good rpg elements and/or character customization to play with my friend. We don't mind grinding but nothing with ridiculous grind scaling. Highly prefer no P2W or content paywall.
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2023.03.30 20:18 seawoman87 What to prep for toddler staying with family while I'm at the hospital

Hi everyone! I'm a STM, with a c-section scheduled for April 24th. As you can imagine, I'm in full nesting mode LOL and starting to prep for the hospital stay. Our 23mo will be staying with my parents while my husband and I are at the hospital with our newborn. This works out well because my parents keep her two days per week and she is very comfortable with them and at their house - we are super thankful that she will be with them during this time! I'm just wondering if there is anything special I need to pack for her in addition to the expected stuff (clothes, diapers, bath and bedtime routine stuff, etc.). I'm definitely leaving them with a copy of her health insurance card in case it's needed, but do you think I need to provide a lettepermission for my parents to make medical decisions for her in our absence? I know the likelihood of them needing this is slim, but I am a planner :) This will be the longest we've been away from her so I'm not sure what's necessary. Any tips are much appreciated!
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2023.03.30 20:18 K_Kash_Score Thursday's plays

Yesterday 4-3. Lets start something today.
Ottawa in regulation minus 1/2 goal 115/100
Edmonton in regulation minus 1/2 goal 125/100
NYR team total over 2.5 goals 155/100
Montreal team total over 2.5 goals 145/100
Chicago team total over 2.5 goals 150/100
Vegas team total over 3.5 goals 120/100
TB/Carolina parlay 100/108
TB/ Boston -1.5 goals parlay 100/124
Seattle -1.5 goals/Vegas parlay 100/168
Grand salami under 72.5 goals 110/100
Stay thirsty my friends!
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2023.03.30 20:18 Ilerminerty What the hell am I doing?

I (29f) have been dating this guy (30m) for about 2 months now. We laugh together we have inside jokes, we talk on the phone almost every night, we see each other often and i think theres a real emotional connection. But we havent had sex in over 6 weeks and he kisses me but he doesnt "make-out" with me per say. We cuddle and kiss each other hello and good bye and kiss throughout the time were together but he'll turn away or say something as the kiss gets more passionate.
We've spoke about and agreed to be exclusive but, i noticed he was still on tinder. I broached the subject and he said he doesnt use it, a couple days later he got some notifications from bumble, i asked about it and he said he talks to people then it fizzles out and he likes the validation. He said hed delete it and i had to ask him about it multiple times and he would say "i haven't deleted it but i haven't used it!"
Last night i got flustered and made him delete the apps or i was done. He deleted the apps but now i feel so torn because i dont want to be with someone that didnt choose me on his own. When i told him to delete i said you can make your choice, he said the choice was easy and that hed delete it but he didnt know why he couldnt delete it whenever i asked him to.
What the fuck am i doing here reddit, im stuck between being tired of giving up and starting over or actually seeing if this worth it or not. I dont what kind of answer i'm looking for because i should have just watched and waited to see what hed do on his own. Im just feeling a lot of inner turmoil because i did want this.
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2023.03.30 20:18 double-happiness A few pics from my garden today (Scotland, zone 8b)

A few pics from my garden today (Scotland, zone 8b) submitted by double-happiness to GardeningUK [link] [comments]

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[REQ] ($50 USD) - (#Salt Lake City, Utah, USA), (June 24th, 2016), (Google Wallet)

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Looking for a small loan to help out with some unexpected car repairs. Pay back $60 on Friday. Google Wallet only.
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2023.03.30 20:18 MungDaalChowder What are the differences in how 501s fit from the 80s to today?

I know how some of the older selvedge models fit because of the LVC line plus a lot of online guides, but most of them stop documenting the 501 fit after the 70s. Are there any differences in how 501s and other models fit between the 80s, 90s, and up to today?
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2023.03.30 20:18 AutoModerator Introducing The "Useless Review" Flair On FashionReps!

Introducing The

New Flair Alert 🚨 (mod assigned only)

Typically applied to Tik Tok Kids
A new flair has been added to Fashionreps to help save YOUR time when browsing the sub.
The "Useless Review" will be given to low-effort/spammy "reviews" that kids often post on here.

Flair Criteria

  • Not using in hand pics.
  • Slideshow full of memes.
  • "Review" contains basically no information about the product itself.
  • No attempt to identify flaws for LC purposes or general wear.
  • Useless title.
  • Shipping information NOT included (Shipping line/Price/Declaration/Country).
  • Everything is "10/10" or "9/10."
  • Uses Pandabuy links as W2C (if W2C is even included).


  • If you see this flair when scrolling, you will know it is probably a waste of time.

"Amazing Review" Flair (mod assigned only)

Consecutively, we also have an "Amazing Review" flair.

Flair Criteria

  • In hand photos that actually show the product.
  • Detailed text explaining the product.
  • Clean title.
  • Shipping information included (Shipping line/Price/Declaration/Country)
  • Realistic ratings
  • Rep vs retail is a bonus.
  • W2C's included.
Below are some examples of great reviews. I can promise you that writing a decent review is much less time consuming than a meme-filled slideshow.
8.7kg Haul Review w/ Great Title
6.7kg Haul To Canada
Nike Tech Fleece Husky vs Retail
That is all for now. If you see the Useless Review flair, at least you know what to expect now.
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2023.03.30 20:18 meo6e NYC 10 year M-visa

Just sharing my experience in case still helpful for anyone.
We were on a serious time crunch and the agency we used for help filling out the application and checking materials couldn't turn around the actual submission in time, so we submitted the application and booked two applications onto one appointment ourselves. We hired a second agency to actually take the applications under the assumption that the consulate knows the agents have everything correctly organized. We had some supporting documents in case of questions that weren't asked for, and we picked up our 10 year M-visas 3 days later.
Our M visa states that the number of entries is.....M. Anyone know that this means? :D
I didn't do the appointment but did wait in line - NYC lets people start going through security around 8:50am for 9am appointments. Morning seems much busier than afternoon and if you're going to take an early appointment, get there even earlier to wait; arriving *at* 9am for a 9am appointment seems to result in the longest wait times of the day. I arrived just before 8am to hold a spot for the agent (this wasn't necessary, I was micromanaging/stressed) and I was 3rd in line. My failed attempt to pick it up at the 2 day mark instead of 3 day mark was fairly quiet, with no wait to pick up. My actual pickup I arrived around 915, waited probably ~10 minutes for them to restart entrances due to crowding inside, and had passports in hand by 10 - but the line for the appointment windows was super long and slow.
We had great service from It's Easy in the MetLife building, though the phone number to call and ask questions is their general 866 number and I waited over an hour. If you need to talk to a human before placing your order, go in person toward the end of the day when the agents are back from appointments, as they're the ones that have all the answers. Otherwise, just order online.
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2023.03.30 20:17 Top-Reindeer-4878 AITA for fist-fighting my dad

I can barely write now since my hands are shaking. long story short my parents have wanted me out of the house since I was 16. I am 19F now and I can’t leave the house because I am studying and getting my career it is finnacially imposible. I need answers ASAP. I am currently starving myself everyday because everytime I go an cook something in the kitchen I always tend to leave something unattended (forgetting to wash a plate or anything) they tend to yell at me severely for it, I have ADHD, My way of dealing with it is not cook entirely hence I am now pre-diabetic. I avoid being in the kitchen. yesterday I was starving after a long day of working and I decided to make a meat in the air frier. once finished I went to my room and ate it I did not washed it inmediately bc it was hot and I forgot.
today morning my dad went to make himself something and screamed at the top of his lungs very mad, angry, crazy-like and told me to wash it. I am tired of letting them scream at me so when he came upstairs to keep screaming I told him I will not respond or go down until he stops screaming at me, he came at me with his hand raised. I am abt his same height I am not a helpless little girl anymore so I defended myself and punched back. I am having a severe attack now. please tell me AITA????
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2023.03.30 20:17 FinickiTV The Apex The Podcast Episode 33: Interview with Lyr1c , Day 5 of ALGS

Hello Competitive Apex reddit,
On this episode we get to interview Lyr1c of The Dojo CC team comprised of Osivian, Lyr1c and Timmy. We talked about his controller days, and early on ALGS on CLG and EUnited. We talked a lot about how his mindset set him apart from the rest of the competition, and his plans as he gets back into ALGS.
The boys also talk about day 5!
Who would you like for us to bring on the show? Tell us in the comments!
Hope you guys enjoy it as much we enjoyed making it!
Link to the podcast:
Apple Podcast
Google Podcasts
Thank you for listening to our show,
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2023.03.30 20:17 taco_bell_advocate 29M - Worsening UTI symptoms despite negative culture

Male, 29 y/o, no prior urinary issues or STIs
I’m struggling with UTI symptoms despite a negative test/culture. Hoping for some insight between now and when I’m able to be at the doctors office. Timeline below:
3/19: woke up in the middle of the night to urinate. Still felt like I had to go after finishing and experienced light burning sensation and extreme discomfort when stopping (lasting ~20 minutes)
3/20: prescribed Macrobid
3/20–3/26: took macrobid as directed. Only symptom was frequent urination until final day when there was light pressure in pubic area
3/27: started taking Bacrin as prescribed and Pyridium (2 days only). Urine sample taken for analysis and culture.
3/27 onward: ongoing constipation
3/28–3/29: symptoms seemed to be slightly improving during day time, only to worsen in the evening (slight and brief stinging feeling when beginning to pee, but only at night). Intermittent penis and pubic discomfort preventing me from falling asleep. Occasional very mild side ache (no back pain)
3/30: culture comes back negative - no growth. Tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia both negative. First day of actually feeling a little bloated initially amid ongoing constipation (relieved following flatulence)
3/30 cont.: Issue persists in the morning. Physical discomfort no longer fading during the day time. Peeing even more than usual.
Other maybe relevant note is that I was carelessly taking Tums for a few weeks prior to all of this. I wasnt exceeding the label’s per day limit, but I was hitting that almost daily. I stopped prior to starting Bactrin.
Could it be a kidney stone?
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2023.03.30 20:17 kiwikthemlgpro [q] What happened to the dreams and nightmares case

The case dropped from 1.32€ to 0.80€ in like half a day
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2023.03.30 20:17 mystikez Savannah! Heading down from Raleigh today. Which events are going on this weekend?

All suggestions welcome, will be traveling with our toddler.
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2023.03.30 20:17 hands---free DISABLED Dr. Vicars: I am giving an informative speech to my class this Sunday, November 11, 2007. It is going to be on a day in the life of a deaf person. It will be taken from a compilation of sources, including actual interviews. I know that deaf persons do not consider themselves disabled....

DISABLED Dr. Vicars: I am giving an informative speech to my class this Sunday, November 11, 2007. It is going to be on a day in the life of a deaf person. It will be taken from a compilation of sources, including actual interviews. I know that deaf persons do not consider themselves disabled.... submitted by hands---free to learnASL [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 20:17 RefrigeratorFar1684 I wanna become a full time driver and have a more reliable paycheck.. Does Amazon really care about weed? I wasn’t sure if I should quit smoking before applying but also wasn’t sure if they gave a shit m as I’ve heard mixed things about it..

I wanna become a full time driver and have a more reliable paycheck.. Does Amazon really care about weed? I wasn’t sure if I should quit smoking before applying but also wasn’t sure if they gave a shit m as I’ve heard mixed things about it.. submitted by RefrigeratorFar1684 to AmazonDSPDrivers [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 20:17 darthkimie I drew 31 Mad Max characters in 31 days. Requests came from this sub. It was quite fun to draw and learn about some characters I knew nothing about. I'm a huge Fury Road fan, but this challenge gave me a new appreciation for the other movies in the franchise.

I drew 31 Mad Max characters in 31 days. Requests came from this sub. It was quite fun to draw and learn about some characters I knew nothing about. I'm a huge Fury Road fan, but this challenge gave me a new appreciation for the other movies in the franchise. submitted by darthkimie to MadMax [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 20:17 OvenChikin Chronic Shoulder Pain

Hi everyone, I have been suffering with anterior shoulder pain on my left arm for some weeks now and need some help. Exercises that workout my chest or shoulders (push day) seem to aggravate it even more, with pain being more sharp when doing the exercises and more dull the day or 2 after. I have taken a break fr the gym for almost 3 weeks and there is still some everyday pain like its sore after waking up (I suspect because I sleep on my side most nights). I don’t want to go to the gym and make it worse and I have seen a PT, but they just said use Tylenol and ice for a couple weeks but that didn’t help either. I do use a laptop a lot and my posture is probably not the best most of the day.
I have done other research and found that it may be due to rounding of the shoulders while benching, a rotator cuff tendonitis, shoulder impingement, or biceps tendonitis. I have tried switching up my grip (I do dumbell bench) and when I do a reverse grip so palms facing me the majority of the pain goes away. There are so many PT exercises online that I have no idea which are good and which are bad. Any help? From people who have experienced the same thing :)
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