Rachel staudte

Staudte Family Murders

2022.08.27 18:00 Jalthex Staudte Family Murders

In 2012 a mother and daughter killed their husband/father and son/brother and also attempted to kill their daughtesister.
I personally found out about this case while in the waiting room during one of my wife's OBGYN appointments while living in Seaside, CA. I was just looking for something to read but saw someone I went to high-school with in Springfield, MO on the front cover of a magazine.
I graduated the same year as Rachel Staudte and my older sister knew Sarah to a degree. It's wild.
The details of what Rachel had written in her diary in the time leading up to the poisonings is chilling.
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2022.02.26 07:58 anonhumanontheweb Diane and Rachel Staudte give me the chills…

I hadn’t heard of the case before tonight, but as soon as 20/20 aired the first shot of Diane in prison, a shiver ran down my spine. Her large glasses hid most of her eyes, but what I could see felt… icy and evil. I could tell from the get-go that this multiple murderer had no remorse, no feeling for others whatsoever just by her mannerisms and tone.
And Rachel… wow. I have no doubt someone as purely evil as her mom would draw her in.
I hope the deceased family members are resting in peace because if anyone deserves freedom from pain, it’s them. It’s just a shame they aren’t alive today.
Who else watched the special?
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2022.02.03 16:39 actuary90120 Actuarial Hall of Shame

Below is a list of Fellows that have likely taken far less examinations (in some cases none) than the average actuary yet they are still entitled to call themselves “Fellows” as designated by the IFoA Royal Charter.
They are entitled to use the letters FIA or HonFIA and have the same rights as any so called Fellow of the IFoA.
The Royal Charter goes on to state that the title can be used if qualification is achieved by satisfying the regulations of the IFoA.
It is specifically mentioned that:
  1. When the Council determines that another actuarial association has equivalent qualification standards to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, the Council may enter into a mutual recognition agreement with that association.
A recent court ruling determined there was no educational equivalence with many European qualifications not even reaching the standard of associateship.
Initially the IFoA have proclaimed that mutual recognition did satisfy any educational equivalence requirements and even sworn that this is true on oath. Courageous actuaries have blown the whistle to demonstrate this was not true and evidence which the courts criticised the IFoA for concealing emerged, demonstrating that mutual recognition agreements did not demonstrate educational equivalence.
The IFoA then changed their story to claim that the educational equivalence mappings were not determined by them and blamed the Actuarial Association of Europe. It then turned out that the Actuarial Association of Europe was run by the IFoA with the former IFoA director of education and IFoA board member being assistant and chair of the AAE education board. The IFoA General Counsel also approved the agreements, as did the IFoA Council. As can be seen above Council is responsible. A member of the IFOA regulation and management board as well as council member was also the AAE chair of their education board.
Upon this discovery, the IFoA changed their story yet again, claiming that Fellows were not Fellows but Fellows with a star. This qualification simply does not exist.
While swearing on oath that there was educational equivalence, they simultaneously held meetings with foreign qualifications bodies and accusations of blackmail were made as the IFoA tried to twist the arm of foreign qualification bodies into conforming with the IFoA.
When this failed, mutual recognition agreements were supposedly cancelled.
Senior Executives of the IFoA (some of whom are facing disciplinary action via their own regulatory bodies) stated in court that all MRAs were suspended or cancelled, however as we can see from the list below, the IFoA has been awarding more fellowships via mutual recognition than ever before.
50 individuals were awarded fellowship in 2021 via supposedly cancelled mutual recognition agreements. How is this possible?
Why are these individuals also allowed to perform regulatory functions in the UK, hold the title of Chief Actuary at Lloyd’s, as well as enjoy the high salaries and career opportunities enjoyed by Fellows of the IFoA?
The individuals on the extensive list below should be required to take the appropriate examinations (like anyone else) to be called a Fellow and not rely on mutual recognition agreements which have been deemed educationally inequivalent as a finding of fact.
They should cease practice immediately until they have completed the necessary examinations, especially those with a practicing certificate as they pose a risk to the public.
Employers should also ask why these fellows have been employed in senior actuarial roles when they do not satisfy the requirements that any other fellow is required to meet.
In most cases this is illegal race discrimination as those applying via mutual recognition are non British nationals.
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