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Sewing - A community for people that sew

2011.03.06 16:36 regreddit Sewing - A community for people that sew

This is a community specifically for the hobby of sewing including, but not limited to: machine sewing, embroidery, quilting, hand sewing, tapestry, patchwork, and help/suggestion threads.

2012.10.30 12:51 DedeHallett MachineEmbroidery

Machine embroidery is an embroidery process whereby a sewing machine or embroidery machine is used to create patterns on textiles. It is used commercially in product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform adornment. Hobbyists also machine embroider for personal sewing and craft projects.

2010.02.02 03:09 dragonflygifts Embroidery: When you don't know whether to make art or stab something

A community for hand and machine embroiderers to exchange tips, techniques, resources, and ideas.

2023.03.29 12:16 robingamble Wedding Photographer in Northville

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2023.03.29 12:16 nakaryle Please help me optimize this config

Here is the config currently :
I'm sure you can help me bring the price down and make it a better price/performance ratio.
Obviously I need all parts to be compatible and as you can see I won't get a GPU for now, don't need it for my use (audio work).
Ideally, I would also need the machine to be as quiet as possible
Do you have some modifications you can think of ?
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2023.03.29 12:15 C2Batcave Pro X

Pro X
If you are looking for the opportunity to grow learn about the game. Pro X has a spot for you. We only ask that you be active and willing to check in for WAR and AQ. As we are looking to develop members for the future. All we ask is that you do your best. We had a few retirements recently and we aren’t an alliance that is quick to Kick. We aren’t asking for Line App and we understand that people have lives.
Feel free to look us up and your welcome to join us before the start of the new season.
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3 BHK flat near Porur TVS Harmony
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2023.03.29 12:15 Chief_Whizz Steering Clear of Legalism

Hi Christianity,
I hope you are very well today.
I'm writing as husband to a wife who suffers from scrupulosity (or Religious OCD) and anxiety, to request your guidance on a topic that worries me. I would be really grateful for your support.
In short, her anxiety and her Christian upbringing lead her towards a more legalistic doctrine and belief system. She believes in salvation by grace through faith, and not salvation by works... but she does thinks that works are necessary to prove one's faith and therefore to 'earn' grace. I think many of us would agree with this to an extent: salvation is through faith, but there are certain things that a truly faithful person would do, and some that he or she wouldn't. However, it's taken to an extreme in her mind that goes beyond this healthy understanding.
In the event, her faith and her goodness as a person lead her to wonderful works anyway: she is naturally kind, generous, caring, loving and loyal. It's just that her scrupulosity and past experience conspire to push her towards a maximalist interpretation of biblical laws - which seem to go beyond the core principles of living with love, goodness and righteousness, into a world of legalistic instructions that control how she has to behave and live her life. There is even a reasonable argument that this actually comes at the expense of her observance of her faith, rather than supporting it (in that she does things because she has to or because she's fearful of not doing them, rather than because she is feeling the intent and the Christian values underlying the action).
This isn't a comment about legalistic interpretations of Christianity generally, so I hope I won't cause any offence. It's the combination of those doctrines with her mental health issue, which is potentially dangerously anxiety-inducing. So, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to break free from legalism to observe faith in a way that may pose fewer risks to her mental health?
I hope this is a reasonable question as I ask with the best intentions, but please do correct any misunderstandings that I may have expressed.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.29 12:15 StatisticianDirect66 IDK if this is a hot take but lookism does not have good choreography.

Lookism does not have good choreography and that is one of the last flaws the series has. Most of lookism's fights can be summerised to guy lands cool hit then talks. The last well choreographed fight was Gun's domination on workers and the best overall to me was Ui Daniel vs everybody. A few flwas I could verbalise were like
After all that ranting what annoys me the most is that we have actually seen some well choreographed fights in lookism such as the beginning of Daniel and Ui Daniel vs Gun. The hit and blocked each other with things in their environment, we followed all the moves and a variety of techniques were used to land the best techniques they could at the moment. There were no interuptions and the conversations ended when things got serious. PTJ has shown that he can give us genuinely good fights and I've even brought up examples of when these problems were fixed on each point.He already has the writting around most of the fights tied down well that is why we all enjoy the fights that we get.
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2023.03.29 12:15 uslatests1 Dancing Classes in NYC

Pole dancing is a fun and exciting form of exercise that helps you burn calories, tone muscles, and get fit. If you’re looking for the best pole dancing classes in NYC, then we've got you covered!
Pole dancing is a form of dance that involves balancing on a vertical bar called a pole. It's typically performed by women, but men can learn to do it too! There are many different styles of pole dancing, including acro-yoga and aerial silks.
Whether you want to learn how to dance or just want to lose weight while you burn some serious calories, these top 10 best pole dancing classes will help you achieve your fitness goals.
For more information visit :
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2023.03.29 12:15 Carretcrypto Matic vs Solana: Which One is Better for Blockchain Developers?

Matic vs Solana: Which One is Better for Blockchain Developers?
The emergence of blockchain technology has revolutionized the digital world, bringing new opportunities and challenges. However, as more developers enter the space, they face scalability issues that make it difficult to create decentralized applications (dApps) that can handle large volumes of transactions. Matic and Solana are two blockchain solutions that offer a range of features designed to solve this issue.
In this blog post, we’ll provide an in-depth comparison of Matic vs Solana, exploring their features, differences, and benefits. We’ll help you understand which blockchain solution is best suited for your project.

Matic: A Layer 2 Scaling Solution for Ethereum

Matic is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that aims to provide a faster, cheaper, and more scalable network for dApps. Matic uses Plasma and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms to achieve high throughput, low latency, and low fees.
Plasma is a scaling solution for Ethereum that creates a child blockchain (also called a sidechain) that runs in parallel to the main Ethereum blockchain. This sidechain is capable of processing transactions faster and more efficiently, without needing to wait for confirmations on the main blockchain.
PoS is a consensus mechanism that allows network participants to validate transactions and create new blocks by staking their cryptocurrency. Validators are selected based on the amount of cryptocurrency they hold, which incentivizes them to act in the best interests of the network.
Matic’s Layer 2 solution is built on top of Ethereum, which means developers can easily migrate their dApps from Ethereum to Matic. Matic’s aim is to provide a more cost-effective and efficient network for developers, which enables them to build dApps that can handle high volumes of transactions.

To Continue Reading: Click Here
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2023.03.29 12:15 Negative_Currency_26 Swimming Pool Companies

Swimming Pool Companies
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2023.03.29 12:15 brownsabbeth I've been watching hell on wheels and have a question about frozen steam trains.

In one episode a steam train has been frozen solid over winter, bohanan digs out the loco, and lights a fire in it then jump cut to it steaming away happily. There must be more of a procedure to starting a frozen train than lighting a fire and hoping for the best? How do you even prep a loco for sitting frozen all winter?
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2023.03.29 12:14 aurorabonn My bloat just won’t go

Hi all
I think this might be the most appropriate flair…
For months now I [27F] have been suffering from bloating of the upper abdomen. It started as a “stay a couple days, and goes away” type thing but now it’s constant. I have additional symptoms which are: A constant dull ache in the centre probably best described as where my xiphoid process is - sometimes this changes to a very, very sharp sensation. Pain on the upper left hand side of my body, under the left breast and slightly off to the side. I sometimes vomit about 10 hours after I’ve last eaten and you can identify the food still. Occasional sensation that food/watemedication is stuck in the oesophagus.
The bloating and pain isn’t brought on by eating certain types of food, or eating at all sometimes. I can suffer immense swelling and pain after a couple mouthfuls of water.
I’ve had some tests done and they’ve come back as: CRP and ESR blood levels elevated (15mg/L and 29mm/H respectively). Serum alkaline phosphatase slightly raised at 139iu/L. FBC and UEs otherwise normal. Negative for fecal H. Pylori. Abdominal ultrasound “essentially normal” according to my doctor but the report states 2 areas of changes they think are FNH of the liver and the rest of the gastric tract was difficult to see due to ascites (perhaps this is the “bloat” I’m experiencing?). Borderline splenomegaly at 13cm.
I’ve been referred for an urgent liver MRI but the doctor has said this should not be causing my symptoms.
Medical/relevant history-wise, I’m Type 1 diabetic and don’t drink alcohol or smoke.
Any ideas of what might be happening would be brill… this seems to be dragging on a long, long time!
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2023.03.29 12:14 angeltoes333 Should I take a pay cut to exit the mental health field and prioritise wellbeing?

How have you all survived the final hurdle of toxic workplace before entering your new career? What are your thoughts on taking a pay cut to make a career change?
I graduated with a degree in mental health nursing aged 21, coming from a family of mental health nurses and having hopes of making a genuine impact on peoples’ lives. I obtained my first nursing post as a Community Psychiatric Nurse. Within the first day of working in the NHS I quickly sobered to the idea that mental health services are extremely underfunded, and that most of my colleagues did not have the same positive intentions when working with service users. I was lucky to be paired with a female mentor who practiced with integrity, respect and supported me through my 4 years working in the service. Most other nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, and administrators were evidently burnt-out, resentful, cynical, bitter, and unwilling to acknowledge this. They refused to develop professionally or change career paths due to the security of NHS contracts, pay, pension and sick leave entitlement. Workplace bullying and micromanaging was rife, lunchbreaks were timed, consistent staff conflict and on long term sick leave. I witnessed sexual harassment from male nurses towards patients during injection clinics, cynical and judgemental attitudes towards particular trauma-based diagnoses such as personality disorders or suicide attempts. Senior charge nurses would claim “Typical PD Behaviour, let them jump, if they were serious they would have ended their life already”. Any excuse was used to speed up the discharge of chronically unwell patients, the entire field is more focussed on service statistics and litigation than providing safe, effective nursing care. I survived the experience as I was young, introverted and raised in a narcissistic abusive family so very clued up on coping with challenging personalities. I obtained a job within a college aimed at supporting students with their wellbeing during their studies. The office took the news of this very badly, comments were made indicating that I would never be welcomed back into NHS, I was not cut out for a “Specialist” position working within Education etc. I remained calm and professional, it was humorous to witness 50 year old women becoming genuinely upset and fixated on a colleague progressing. I understand that rejection from others is a projection of their own emotions, and protection from a path that is not meant for us.
I have worked in my current job for many years in a service aiming to support disabled students. Education is just as toxic as the NHS. The team has had approx more than £1million in misplaced funding and it has made little to no positive difference to the student experience. Bullying is evident on a daily basis in the office, I do not partake in office gossip of bullying and this makes me an outsider. Management are avoidant, cliquey and openly gossip. In the past months we lost multiple long term receptionists as they were crying daily due to verbal abuse from students and their own manager. They outsourced more receptionists, both were bullied and left within a number of weeks. Office gossip is rife, it seems to be the norm to disrespect and discuss colleagues openly. Staff attitude towards the aim of the service is horrendous; service users attending to voice thoughts of suicide are treated with panic despite clear processes being in place to ensure their safety, colleagues are burnt out and see no issue in statements such as “tell them to go and kill themselves then, if they were serious about it they would have done it”. Managers have been witnessed referring to disabled students as “retarded”, many people attending the service are vulnerable and present with symptoms of self-neglect, our receptionists feel it’s appropriate to gossip about this, cover their noses and spray febreeze in the waiting area. It is a dangerous, immoral, and scary place to work. Senior management are fully aware of the state of the service, do nothing and continue to hire their own friends and family members into positions in the team irrespective of their experience, qualifications, or interviewing process. Many of the service users, due to their circumstances and symptoms, often push boundaries, misunderstand the limitations of support that can be offered (we cannot refer into NHS services, no access to crisis team, bed managers or medical reviews etc). I cannot count the number of times where students with complex needs have harassed staff members, who have been left unsupported. Despite always practicing with dignity, respect, upholding professionalism, and boundaries; chronically unwell service users have threatened to kill me, stalked me, placed complaints over situations out with my control such as academic decisions. Senior management are not clinical, no awareness of the mental health field, risk assessment, the equality act, mental health act, and have no boundaries relating to this. They throw money at new positions believing that 1 staff member will change the culture of an entire Institution. Every colleague that has left due to mental health crises has recovered since leaving.
I regret training in mental health due to the lack of genuine opportunities to engage with clients in a meaningful manner. In the office staff walk around like Zombies, most days I witness a colleague upset or tearful, the others are numb and silent, counting their hours until they can clock off. This has impacted my health significantly, due to work related stress I am repeatedly physically unwell (headaches, anxiety, viruses, chest infections, sinus infections, insomnia). Most people in the office take repeated 6-12 months periods of sick leave with no issue, as absence management and return to work interviews do not take place. Managers are absent, avoidant, do not set standards, take months to reply to basic emails, there are no routine team meetings or communications. I raised all issues noted within the 1st year in post, organised a meeting with the Senior manager and formally documented my concerns. Nothing changed, I was gaslit. I learned quickly that the more competent and caring I was, the more my own team would use this against me to overwhelm me. In a team of 50+ people they would assign the most complex cases to me, no care for my current workload. I released that I have to leave the job this year as likely nothing will change and I will not allow myself to stoop to their low of treating vulnerable people with disrespect due to their unhappiness in personal life and their career choice. I have upskilled myself to obtain qualifications and experience in other fields.
My hope was that documenting this experience on Reddit would support me to evidence the malpractice, negligence, and toxicity of the field and gain advice on how best to proceed. I am introverted, the experience has lowered my self-esteem and I often worry that I am the problem. Recently morale in the office has hit an all time low, I admit that I have been slower to complete admin-based jobs and lost motivation to make a meaningful difference. My life has changed dramatically over the past years. I left the NHS, survived an abusive relationship, survived and escaped an emotionally abusive home, moved in with my new loving partner and created my own peaceful home. Change can be daunting, but I now see that staying in toxic situations of any kind is not an option and that I can and will create my own reality. My current salary is over 44k per year, most jobs I am applying for are approximately 30-35k per year, permanent contracts, better working conditions and less stress associated with the role. Family discourage me from leaving a well-paying and secure job despite the chaos and negligence, they have remained in toxic unhappy work situations which directly impacts their health, relationships, and life satisfaction as they fear the unknown. My loving partner recently left a toxic workplace and reassures me that there is more to this life than this - seeing him progress and feel valued in work inspires me.
I am applying for approximately 2 jobs per week, in the Learning Development field. Please, can anyone provide tips of how to survive in the bleak period between deciding to move and obtaining a job? I am researching good working practices, office etiquette, email etiquette and only applying to companies that I have fully researched employee reviews. Thank you for your time and any advice or guidance that may help.
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2023.03.29 12:14 Shalby-hospital 5 Secrets for a successful Shoulder Recovery Dr. Vijay Bang SG Shalby Hospital

Dr. Vijay Bang, an experienced Consultant Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon at SG Shalby Hospital reveals 5 secrets for a successful Shoulder Recovery. Subscribe to our channel for more health information tips. Book your consultation with our experts at Shalby Hospitals today to get the best results.
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2023.03.29 12:14 gothboi98 Creating an Apocalyptic style Campaign

So I've been working on a campaign world for a while now, and I'm trying to find the right way to establish the theme of the game.
I love the gritty / gothic technology of Dead Space and its horror vibe, accompanied with the chaotic apocalyptic nature of Mad Max. I want to build the tension for the players that every situation is a fatal one.
The campaign will start as they enter their cryochambers, travelling to a planet for reasons they believe is a recolonisation effort - in essence it is, but they are not told of what hostile forces exist on the planet. They awaken with the ship in disarray, as they will have to evacuate their chamber off the ship and crash land. They will be forced to rebuild in a demon diseased apocalypse, but consider the weaponry available akin to Horizon, forced to find ruins of a civilization which once existed as technologically superior, now regressed due to the invasion. Almost like a Walking Dead / Fallout style
What's the best advice for building and retaining the tension that Alien: Isolation has, where most threats are perceived as far too powerful for them, keeping the creepy horror feel.
Has anyone else tried something similar, and what sort of resources have you used which could help?
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2023.03.29 12:14 VarietyFantastic5258 best test tube baby centre in hyderabad

best test tube baby centre in hyderabad
best test tube baby centre in hyderabad : Test Tube Baby Center, we are careful when it comes to fertility treatments. Only after a series of detailed tests will your treatment actually begin. And then the doctor in charge of your case will choose the treatment at an affordable cost that is most likely to succeed, but also best suited to you.
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2023.03.29 12:14 Finster_maddy Protect Your Manufacturing Business with Commercial General Liability Insurance in Alberta

Hey everyone! If you're an insurance broker, check out this informative blog on protecting manufacturing businesses with Commercial General Liability Insurance in Alberta. Learn valuable tips and best practices for ensuring your clients are fully covered and prepared for any potential risks.
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2023.03.29 12:14 Loyalist4ever Linda Build

Posted on Daily Advice Thread but no Answers so i will ask here again.
Want to build Linda since i got her from LD Scroll today. But i am confused on how to build here. Runes used by others are all over the place when looking. What I see most common is Speed/CritDmg/Atk.
But when I see her i think she is not DPS but just a Debuff Stacking Machine due to 3rd and 2nd Skill. So on that notion i would go for Violent/Focus with Speed/HP%/HP%.
But why are people going for DPS on her that much, can anyone explain or give advice on how to build her properly?
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2023.03.29 12:14 Cooper_up nevertheless, we met such crafts, these are bought accs by someone or how it is possible. I think a person who has saved up for a punisher will not collect such

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2023.03.29 12:14 True_Bodybuilder8095 XRP Price is Exploding! May Reach $0.7 in the Next 48 Hours!

Since the beginning of the week, the crypto markets have been on a roller coaster ride as token volatility has increased significantly. The price has previously broken above the crucial pattern that it had carried since the highs in 2021. The bullish breakout suggests that significant price movement is on the way for the asset, with the final verdict in the Ripple vs SEC case serving as a major driver.
The XRP price increased by more than 10% on the latest trading day, bringing the month's total gains to more than 40%. The token was the best performer this month, while the broader market also saw a big increase. While the price has begun a massive ascent on the assumption that Ripple will win the case, a monstrous rally might commence, sending the price past $1 when the judgment is produced.
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2023.03.29 12:14 r_jenkins1 How to feel more gratuitous in everyday life

I recently read an article about mindfulness, and gratitude and their effects on mental health. Was wondering what are the best ways to be more grateful, as i often i feel bad when i take my life for granted.
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2023.03.29 12:13 thedigitAI Best Trading Platforms for Beginners? Low Fees 2023 List

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2023.03.29 12:13 Ok-Prompt-9107 Lash lift recommendations

My long-trusted lash-lift person is going on maternity leave so I’m looking for the best lash lift + tint in Brighton & Hove.
I’m neurodivergent and find these kind of interactions a bit tough to navigate, so I’m looking for someone with a lot of experience who comes highly recommended.
Tell me who to go to, please!
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