Pastel yellow bed set

Has anyone mounted lights to their Gladiator bed or bed rack? Looking for advice and tips!

2023.03.21 21:15 AccomplishedHat1118 Has anyone mounted lights to their Gladiator bed or bed rack? Looking for advice and tips!

Hey fellow Gladiator owners!
I'm planning to add some lights to my Jeep Gladiator's bed rack and I'm looking for some advice from those who have done this before. I'm looking to purchase a set of BA-4 Amber LED Pod Lights and I'm curious to know how you all have tackled this project.
  1. How did you route the wiring? I'd like to keep it clean and protected from any potential damage. Did you run the wires through existing channels, or did you have to create new ones?
  2. What did you use as a power source for your lights? Did you connect them directly to the battery, or did you find an ignition-switched source to tap into? If you used an ignition-switched source, which one did you use?
  3. How and where did you mount the switch? I'd like to keep it accessible but also unobtrusive.
  4. Any other tips, tricks, or recommendations for this project? I want to make sure I get it right the first time and avoid any issues down the road.
I appreciate any input and advice you can share. I'm really excited to get these lights installed and improve the utility of my Gladiator bed!
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.21 21:13 Born-Recognition9298 Govee Lights for iRacing

I recently purchased a set of Govee Led strip lights that support govee desktop and the Razer synapse application and was wondering if it was possible to have a set of light strips show what flag was thrown, whether it be the yellow, green, or the checkered flag or white flag for the last lap. Then I was wanting a shorter section of the strip to be the shift indicator lights. Is this possible through the synapse software? I noticed the synapse already detected I had iRacing running on my system without any input from me, any help is appreciated, thanks.
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2023.03.21 21:07 SaviousMT My review of the Diablo II Open Beta

Hello, I have been playing Diablo I since 1997 and am here to review the open beta for Diablo II.
I started the download before I went to bed last night, as the beta was a beefy 150 MB and as excited as I was to check it out, I didnt want to get the download interrupted by my mom picking up the phone, and my 56K US Robotics modem maxes out at 5.4 KBps.
The download went through, and I was able to install the beta without issue. I considered starting before I left for school, but that would just entice me to play hooky for the day and I have a biology test that I dont want to have to make up.
As soon as I got home from school, I immediately connected to the internet and went to jump in. Unfortunately, many other people had the same idea and I couldnt get in.
After a few hours though, I finally got in, and was able to make a Barbarian, as that is the only class available for the open beta. I was most excited to make a Paladin, but that will have to wait.
I stepped out into the Blood Moor with a few other barbarians, some who were already level 3! My first quest was to kill the Den of Evil. This was not as easy as it sounded, as there were several monsters that revived other monsters, and I kept having to kill them. Hopefully these get nerfed in the full game, as it was extremely tedious to have to keep fighting them over and over.
Eventually, I made it to the final boss of the Den of Evil, Corpsefire, a zombie with a pack of minions. I died to Corpsefire and his cronies at least 5 times, although I lost track and almost quit in frustration. He is definitely overtuned, his elemental damage is deadly. I had to ask for help from one of the higher level characters in the game to help me kill Corpsefire, and then when he finally succumbed, his body exploded killing me again. For the first quest of the game this seems way too difficult.
I eventually made my way through the rest of the Blood Moor and found the next area, the Cold Plains. I was very disappointed to find that it had the exact same tileset as the Blood Moor. Just more boring green grass and stone walls. Its a little disappointing that Blizz took the lazy route and just reused the same graphics for an entirely new area, and I think players will eventually get bored of looking at the same thing over and over.
Additionally, there was a "Waypoint" at the entrance to the Cold Plains, which allowed me to teleport back to town without using a town portal. This is clearly catering to newer players as a "save point", which is also very disappointing. Not having to run back to continue your fight against evil kind of takes away from the point of going back to town to rest unless you are using a town portal.
The cold plains had a dungeon called "Caves" which seemed very uninspired, and was the exact same tileset as the Den of Evil, just a cave with a bunch of monsters in it. The Cave had two floors to it though, and the second floor was much smaller and filled with a ton of powerful monsters. After many more deaths and struggling with mana issues, I was able to open the magic chest that contained a "chipped sapphire". I was able to socket this in my helm and increase my mana significantly, which helped me use bash 3 more times before I ran out of mana, greatly increasing my damage output.
I continued my adventures through the Cold Plains and found "The Burial Grounds". Within the Burial Grounds was an absolutely unkillable boss named Blood Raven. This monstrosity raised zombies from the ground to protect her, and ran so fast I could never actually get an attack off on her. After many many futile attempts at killing her, I simply left and made a new game titled "Blood Raven". Some level 7(!) characters joined the game and we all used the waypoint to the cold plains and rushed to find the Burial Grounds.
On the way, we found a Gem Shrine, which one of the higher level barbarians clicked and out popped a Ruby. I asked them what that was and they said it upgrades a gem in your inventory to the next level. I assume this is what the end game will consist of, as these gem shrines seem to be quite rare, and only finding chipped gems (I had found a couple more in my adventures) means it takes several gem shrines to upgrade a gem fully. I am curious to see how much power the gems provide, as they seem to be the focus of items.
These high level barbarians quickly dispatched Blood Raven for me, and a yellow hand axe popped out, which I wasnt even able to loot because they took it. I felt a little miffed because I had spent a lot of time trying to kill Blood Raven, only to have my reward taken by someone else.
I asked the other players what was next, and they replied "ng" and all left the game. Confused, I ran around the Burial Grounds and found no exit, so I went back to the Cold Plains to explore some more. The Cave was still there, but still scuffed from my last adventure into the Cave, I chose to explore more of the Cold Plains. After about 15 minutes I had discovered the whole area and killed all the monsters, only to find there was no exit.
I went back to the cave and was able to clear it out without too many deaths this time, and even found some better items to help, including a yellow quilted armor tha tgave me 2 strength. I also found a LOT of blue items, it seems like they hand out those like candy. Some of them seem super over powered, I found a belt that increased my stamina by 5 which is the most important stat if you are looking for speed, as youll spend all your gold on stamina potions otherwise.
I felt comfortable enough now that I could start farming, so I made a new game and looked for gem shrines. I gained another level getting my bash to level 4, and looked at the rest of the skills. Many of them seem uninteresting. There is a shout called battle orders which increases your life by a %, but my life is only 150 and getting a % increase to life seems to not be worth all the points it would take to get to unlock battle orders. There is a skill in one of the trees called Increased Stamina though, which is probably the best skill, as running out of stamina constantly is a pain. Unfortunately it is level 18 and I dont think its possible to get that high, even when the game is released, as my XP gain really started to taper off after getting to level 6. Only the most dedicated players will make it to that high of a level.
I played for another 15 hours or so over the next few days, farming for gem shrines, which was pretty boring. Eventually I got a Flawless Ruby, but the level requirement on it was level 12 and I wasnt even level 10. I tried the PvP out, and that was really uninteresting, it basically came down to you and your opponent standing their clicking each other until one of you died.
I have to say, after Diablo 1, I was expecting a lot more from Blizzard. Gem Shrines are cool to find, but they are so rare I am not sure how they can classify gem farming as an end game experience. The levels all looked the same, either grass and rocks or a cave. Blood Raven is still too difficult, even at my high level I struggle to track her down and kill her, but she drops good loot, sometimes a yellow item, and I am still trying to beat one of the other barbarians in a duel.
Im not holding my breath on this one, the end game seems boring and repetitive and I am tired of seeing green grass.
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2023.03.21 21:03 JameGumb724 I Played a Secret Playstation Game From Japan When I Was A Kid and It Still Haunts Me Today - Part 1

The game was an unmarked disc. Not even a color. Just a plain piece of plastic. Yet, I was horrified when I saw it in my dream.
I popped up in the middle of the night and there was no way I was going to be able to go back to sleep. I laid in my bed and thought about why that Playstation game was so terrifying to me.
The game appeared at Corey’s house when I was 13. He had moved down the street from me shortly before and I made fast friends with him because he always had all of the best games. Corey’s dad worked for an electronics distributor so he got the games early.
Corey was waiting for me when I got home from the school bus one day. His dad had gotten a crazy new game “from Japan” no one else would ever have. He had spent the day playing it over and over again.
He showed me the unmarked disc before he put it in the Playstation. The game had no opening credits or menu. It just went straight into the gameplay - spitting you into a P.O.V. game in a murky building which seemed like an army base.
I’m hesitant to describe the game too much. One - because I don’t remember it perfectly because of the way it shredded my brain. Two - because I don’t want to pass on any of the trauma the game gave me to anyone else.
From what I remember, the game was relatively unfinished, and that made it more eerie - the monsters were just blank outlines without faces which would kill you, the music was low and humming and barely audible, everything was dark, the controls were jerky.
Yet, the game was incredibly addicting. I played it over and over and over again until my parents made me come home.
I stayed up almost all night thinking about the game. When I did sleep, I felt like I was just in the game in my head.
Corey wasn’t at school the next day again. I didn’t think anything of it until I walked out of class at the end of the day and saw local news T.V. trucks parked out front.
I heard what they were talking about, interviewing students and parents. An unnamed student had killed himself and his family that day at their home. I found out it was Corey on the bus ride home.
Very few details came out. All I ever found out was Corey took the dad’s shotgun and shot both parents, and his older sister, all in bed, all still sleeping. I didn’t want to know much more.
I stopped playing video games for a while. Yet, the game wouldn’t get out of my head. I just kept wanting to play it.
I eventually went to the video game store at the mall. It was lorded over by a man named Morton. Obese. 20s. Shoulder-length hair, and an air of odd arrogance, he made video game shopping at a suburban town in Ohio feel like you were trying to buy records in Brooklyn.
I approached Morton with fear. He was a hulking figure to my 13-year-old self and he had his own little empire at the only game store in town.
“I’m looking for a game, I, uh, um, my friend had it, but I can’t find it,” I started in.
“Ta-ta-ta-today…junior,” Morton mocked me with a line from Billy Madison.
The other guys in the store chuckled, turning my face to beat red.
“Have you ever heard about an unmarked Playstation game ‘from Japan?”’ I asked.
Everyone about Morton changed. He looked around the space to see if anyone was still listening then he motioned me closer, and spoke quieter.
“Where did you see that game?” He asked.
Now it was my turn to get closer and talk quietly. I explained it was Corey, and who he was, and what he did.
Morton looked even more interested, and stressed out.
He took me to a back room. Dark, the only light coming from an arcade machine in the back and a lit cigarette dangling from the teenage lips of another kid.
I knew the kid. His name was Nat. He was 15 and was known in the area as a video game prodigy. He had won just about any tournament for any game ever held in several counties and he had an interesting style - he had long hair at a time when everyone had short, he wore tight clothes at a time when everyone wore baggy, and there were rumors he did professional video game testing in California during school breaks. Nat hanging out in the secret back room of the video game store was very on-brand.
Morton had me sit down at a table as he started demolishing fun size candy bars while he told me the backstory of the video game “from Japan.”
The game wasn’t from Japan. He wasn’t sure where that mythology came from. The game was very much from the U.S. It was created by the U.S. government. When school shootings started becoming a thing there was a panic about video games, specifically first-person shooter games being the cause.
The C.I.A.’s solution was to work with a video company to create a first-person shooter game to release and hype up but to subliminally program as to control the player’s mind and steer them to non-violent thoughts.
“How do you know all this?” I asked Morton.
“The game is a real thing,” Nat said while never stopping banging away at the latest version of Mortal Kombat on the machine in the corner.
I let Morton go on. Nat was the ultimate authority to me. His girlfriend, Calyn, was my first love, even though she didn’t know who I was. She was a year ahead of me in school and I didn’t even know how she existed.
But back to the game. The game didn’t keep kids from being violent. Video games couldn’t fucking do that, but something they programmed in the game destroyed the kids who tested it - they couldn’t focus on anything else and it terrorized their minds - making them think monsters were coming to kill them, basically making them severely schizophrenic.
The worst part was something in the game seemed to make kids really want to share it. All of the test kids snuck the game out and made copies of it.
Unless someone was skilled enough to make it through the game and beat it, the game seemed to ruin their brains, and their lives, Morton explained before saying he was out of information.
“Have you played the game?” Morton asked me.
I affirmed.
“Where is the game now?” Morton asked.
I explained I had no idea. I assumed it was with Corey’s family and their stuff. No way I could get access to it.
At that point Morton explained that he wished me luck, but he could offer me no help.
“Do you know who has ever beaten the game?” I asked Morton as I could feel his body energy beg me to leave.
“I have,” Nat’s voice rose up from the corner of the room.
Nat left the room before I could ask anymore questions.
The game permeated my brain. All I wanted to do was play it even though I had no way to. I would see the monsters hiding in the shadows of my parents’ house and I’d stop - wait for them to jump out and attack me. I heard that terribly ominous musical score of the game in the back of my mind all the time.
If I slept, all I dreamed about was the game, and getting killed in the game, and it all felt real.
This went on for a couple of days and kept getting stronger and stronger. I had to keep playing the game.
I lost control. I got out of bed in the middle of the night and snuck out my bedroom window.
I made it to Corey’s house in a flash. There was no police tape or anything you’d expect in a movie. It was just there. The way it always was.
I went to the back of the house, where I knew there was a door that went directly into the basement, where Corey’s gaming setup was. I took the longshot that it was left unlocked.
Now this all might sound crazy, but as a severe drug addict for a good chunk of my life, trust me that my desire to play that game that night was stronger than any desire to ever do drugs, that’s how intoxicating and addicting it was. Nothing was going to stop me.
The door was unlocked and if you want to doubt that small town cops 25 years ago were that lazy…try me.
I got into the basement. The house was cold, dark, and empty, but Corey’s Playstation was still set up right there in the basement. I checked the disc inside. It was the game.
I turned on the Playstation and the game came to life. I started playing.
My feet felt like they were welded to the floor. My fingers superglued to the controller. My eyes couldn’t leave the screen.
There was no getting away from the game. I played for I have no idea how long.
I can’t remember anything until I was standing in that dark basement, playing the game, and I felt strong hands wrap around the back of my neck. Then a powerful force pushed me to the ground.
I was on the ground and I looked up and saw endless shadows filling the room around me. Dark and faceless. They looked just like the monsters in the game.
The monsters were moving in on me. They were no longer in the game. They were no longer in my head. They were now living breathing with me and dangerous.
And they were going to be on me very soon and the power they radiated at me communicated to me that I wasn’t going to last long against them.
I also got a powerful sense of something they wanted me to do. They were telling me to go to school the next day. They were telling me where my dad kept his gun. I was losing myself in their messages.
Then all of these feelings started to fade. Then the TV cut out - the game no longer broadcasting.
Someone else was in the room. Not just me and the monsters. They were dressed in all black. I couldn’t make out anything identifiable about them, other than they were human like me, and they were pushing away the monsters and they took my hand.
They got me out of the house.
Then they disappeared.
I looked back into the basement of Corey’s house - there was nothing but darkness inside.
But then, I saw a blue light come to life inside the basement room.
The game had come back on again, and it was calling me back inside with its siren song…
I was ready to go back in, taking my first steps that way when…
Someone grabbed me from behind and pulled me away. They drug me all the way back to the sidewalk where they stopped and whispered into my ear:
“Go the fuck home. I won’t help you from here.”
They let me go and were gone in the night.
I walked home.
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2023.03.21 20:59 TheFerydra If I were to make my first full RPG Maker MZ game, which idea should I do?

Greetings. So, I've played around the engine and its predecessors for years, always wanting to make my own proper RPG game, but never got to finish the ones I've worked with because I always grew anxious on whether the idea could work. So I decided to ask online which one of these concepts I should aim for:
  1. Deseo Island: Semi-Lineal (You unlock harder dungeons doing earlier ones in any order they're currently in, think how unlocking levels work in Mario 64) game about a town of varied species finds itself in bad times, when they hear that in the isle of Trella, a treasure hunt will be done, and whoever finds more treasures will get a wish, so they send five characters who will secretly work together. The game has Five Elements: Red (Fire and Thunder), Green (Plants and Wind), Blue (Water and Ground), Yellow (Light and Healing), and Purple (Shadow and Poison), and each character represents one of them, so they all have offensive techniques of their element.
  2. Sea-Archangel: More lineal but story-driven game, taking cues of the older Final Fantasy games but in a underwater, marine setting, about Caleb, a sea angel knight with a difficult past that finds himself in a disastrous incident where he's accused of betraying the Azure Order, and has to run to find how to clean his name, and finding in his way both allies, and clues that the very origin of his kind hides a dark secret. There are Four Elements: Heat, Cold, Bolt, and Venom. No PC represents neither so they're mostly limited to the designated "Black Mage" and "Summoner" of the group.
Is any of these ideas good? Which one is better? What tweaks should I do? And about the engine I chose, it is because I'm working alone in this and doing all the sprites myself (Which you can see some of them here, where I tried to answer this same question, but haven't got enough feedback to make a choice)
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2023.03.21 20:58 McSix Poisoned Home

The ants started in the summer. Nothing unusual, just a few that crawled their way into the kitchen to snack on bits of food. Penny had been working extra hard in the garden that year, trying to transform flower beds into something that might produce food. I didn’t think she was going to have a lot of luck with it, the weather being as unpredictable as it was, but it was worth a try, given how unpredictable everything else was. In between that and the compost pile, we got a lot of attention from the wildlife, scroungers and feeders and everything else that was being pushed out by the new development. I suppose in all that digging and planting we might have stirred something up.
The days started to get shorter, but still the ants came, the once tiny bands of scouts turning into small riots of black wriggling that surrounded any food dropped on the floor. It wasn’t long before there were trains of ants marching their way up the counters to rob the kitchen of whatever they might find there.
I admired their industriousness, but them getting onto the counters was the last straw for me. Penny just said to wait until the weather got colder, so I did, but that only made things worse. The colder it got, and that autumn it got cold fast, the more ants we found. Soon it wasn’t just in the kitchen, but any place that they might forage.
So I bought the poison, something not dangerous to humans, but a spreading toxin to ants and insects, something new called Terra Meta Borax. You put a few drops of the liquid somewhere you knew the ants would be and its sweet scent would lure them to it. It wouldn’t kill them straight away, but rather let them lift little toxic globules back to the colony so it would kill the nest instead of a single ant. I wasn’t exactly sure how it worked, but it somehow involved a molecularly enhanced boric acid, so I can’t imagine it was a pleasant way to go.
It worked, though. The ants stopped. We’d still see a few in the bathroom, which didn’t make sense to me – I don’t think ants eat waste. It was the warmest room in the house, though, sitting above the water-heater and HVAC units in the crawlspace.
Eventually, the ones in the bathroom really started to bug (ha ha) Penny. The rare long bath she took was one of the few luxuries in a busy life, and the ants were upsetting that small comfort. So I cleared some space and put down poison, spattering more droplets than I had ever used before. Finished, I backed up quick, startled at the number of ants that came streaming out, tiny black bodies, antenna wiggling, searching and fevered for the toxic archipelago I had created.
Their excitement unsettled me, seeing so many swarming to embrace a slow, chemical death. I put that aside as childish, though, telling myself that the poison was designed to attract them, and that’s what it was doing.
Their numbers in the bathroom dwindled until one day Penny finished filling the tub and moments later I heard her scream. I rushed in, an unexpected level of adrenaline quickening my feet, but it was only Penny having quickly retracted a toe from the ice cold water of the bath she had just drawn.
I told her I’d check the water-heater in the morning. She wasn’t happy about it, but she was a kind enough that she didn’t press it that night. The crawlspace might be big enough that you didn’t have to go hand and knee into it, but it was a low, earthen cellar. We’d put in a sump pump and gutters to route the waters that came down in the torrential winter rains, but it was still wet and muddy.
There was only a single light down there, and it wasn’t reliable, and the water-heater was far beyond the reach of whatever shard of light might sneak in past the entrance. So in the morning I took a light when I stepped outside and circled the house, coming to the cellar entrance, a half-door set into the house’s brick foundation. I had to lean hard into it, pushing the wooden boards through a shelf of mud that had built up on the inside, black muck seeping from underneath it.
Inside was as dark as the soil. I shined the light around, but it only lit a few yards. Our house wasn’t a big one, but under it, the cellar was like its own cavern system.
I stepped in, my feet sinking into the sludge, causing me to curse the handyman who had installed the gutters, certain they and the sump pump must have failed. Grateful I had rubber boots on, I moved forward, pointing my light in the direction I knew the water-heater should be, but not seeing anything. There was nothing but an inky darkness, with occasional ripples, like fragments of light reflecting from the bottom of a deep well.
I struggled to find my way to the nearest structural pillar, hoping to use it as a guidepost. Each was solid gray cinder block, steady as the rock it was made of, but they all had vanished in the dark. I found one by slipping in the mud and blindly catching myself on it, barely balancing on the uneven ground.
My heart rate and hair rose as I tried to pull my hand away. The ooze around the pillar held me firmly, and my eyes widened in the lightless cellar as I felt my hand sink further into the ooze around it, exuding a familiar sweet smell. I yanked my arm, trying to free myself, but the dark held me fast. I lifted one foot, then the other, trying to wriggle loose, but I couldn’t move.
I breathed through my rising panic, cutting through the growing pressure of my own pulse to raise the flashlight to get a better look at my trapped hand. As I did, though, the beam swept over something deeper in the cellar.
I was far enough in that I should have been able to see the brick that marked the other end of the foundation. Instead, what I had taken for darkness rippled and moved, giving a sense of immense size, like a bull from one of the local rodeos.
It didn’t move like a bull, though. It rolled like mudslide, a wave of sediment, a lightless composition of rot. I felt the call for help forming in my throat turn into a scream as it got closer. I saw its surface wriggle with tiny black stalks, ants’ black bodies. But there were other things as well.
There were bits of fur and a raccoon skull, skin like a toad, a pair of antlers, all of them tumbling over each other as the dark suspension rolled forward. My panicked arm struggled to get free even as the necrotic melange swept across my feet. I dropped the light to use both hands to pull against the pillar. It hit the ground with a wet pop, releasing more of that sweet smell, its light shining onto an unblinking, inhuman eye before sinking into darkness. Behind me, something shut the cellar door.
I’m not sure who’s writing this now. But I can hear my Penny in her bath, and she isn’t complaining anymore.
You may here an audio reading of this story at
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2023.03.21 20:58 BestDogeNA2021 Sad and tragic beginning, but beautiful ending

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2023.03.21 20:56 Khannah924 $200 changer? GTFO. $80 Moses basket? Why? And why a $200 stroller? Is her $1,000 one not good enough?

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2023.03.21 20:50 NightAreis1618 Mike NZ's Bizzare Adventure's: Johto Saga: Part 9

As I passed by Mt Mortar I decided to bypass the whole thing by means of the small creek adjacent to it. As I did I ended noticin somehin that was glimmerin in the tree's, but I didn't have Royals with me so I couldn't get a closer look. I took note to come back later and kept on my way to Mahogony, makin land a bit after and continuin east to Mahogany, along the way catchin a Mareep. It was a bit closer than I liked, being half the level of my own Mons, but luckily I just needed The Chain to put em to sleep and then toss a Ultra Ball to nab it. Once caught I named her
Electrc Avn
She was way more chill than even Bohemian, Lax even, and all that cotton made her pretty good at taken hits too. I thought about addin her to the team, but not now, right now she needed to wait in the box, the next two Gyms wouldn't be too good for her. I made it to Mahogany Town and couldn't help but notice somethins were off. Firstly, the Gym was blocked off by some guy who was guidin people to the Lake of Rage up north, which while I wasn't plannin on goin in there yet, his familiar look to that guy sellin them overpriced slowpoke tails, and the subsequent later connection to Team Rocket shenanigans, had me on all sorts of edge. Then there was the fact that my chill blues got replaced with some funky interpretive whatsit as soon as I walked into town. This and the absolutely fake tree next to the suspicious shop had me come to one conclusion, something was goin on up at the Lake of Rage, and I was about to make my way there to find out what. I healed up, and headed north, tryin to avoid any wild Mon encounters and instead findin duo of Rocket Goons holdin up the waypoint, forcin tolls onto people. If my guess wasn't clearly right before, this is more than enough proof that Rocket's up to somethin. Once I get there however, I end up findin what they were talkin about, a massive Gyrados, red and furious. I tried catchin it, but Bohemian decided to crit it with it's second Petal Dance, causin it to knock the big boi out. I guess calmin it down would suffice, but despite Rockets whole thing here bein ruined, I still hadn't found the head of their operations here, luckily, someone else had...
I froze in place as he walked up and started givin out the details on what's been goin on here. His Dragonite standin right next to him, and loomin right over me. Eventally, I'd have to go toe to toe with that thing, but it wouldn't be the first big Dragon I'd have to get past so I'll have experience, and a plan. I then heard him call out to Dragonite to fly him back to Mahagony Town, meanwhile I had to walk, this time skippin the impromptu toll booth and passin through the Grass. As I passed on through I found a Girafarig, gave me a bit of a scare in flinchin and critin The Chain, but I put it to bed and then nabbed it in a ball. Named the little guy...
And he was a Mellow one, Gentle in nature, until he got excited, then he was thrashin about the place. I'd box him but also kept him in mind for later. I made to it Mahogany and headed towards the Pokemon Center, healed up my Mon and then headed to the suspicious shop, and what do I walk into, but a near murder of one of the guys as a beam of white hot energy slams him against the wall. The other guy quickly moved out of the way, and as he turned to me I froze again, but he just casually mentioned that the hidden passage was bellow the cabinet, moved it out of the way, and then headed on down. I took a second before followin down there. As I do I end up runnin into their security system, but the guards are so weak compared to my mon now that I decided to use them for E.V farmin, as well as free Poke. One floor down and I end up catchin up with Lance, where he explained that we had to find out a password in order to reach the Rocket Exec runnin this show, and after that we needed a password from the Admin to open the door to some Electrode who were runnin the generator for the device that was throwin the signal across the radio. Now the plan was set, and we set off to work. Beat up some goons, some scientists, got the passwords, and then headed Downstairs. There I end up runnin into Paul, but apparently Lance got to him first cause he wasn't even lookin to fight, and gave him a good lecturin too about how he treated his Mon, lettin them die off left an right with not a care in the world, callin em weak and worthless... I might not have been the latter two but, I've had plenty of deaths on my own here, and I was wonderin if I might risk endin up like Paul... what was Paul even like. I didn't have time to ask him cuz he stormed off while I got lost in my own thoughts, but I had my own things to worry about beyond that, like the Executive behind this up comin door...
Parents musta known who they were raisin cuz this man looked as slick and slimy as his namesake, and sounded it too as he told me the password right away, only to then brag that it only responded to his voice. He snickered like a Hyena, and started a fight with me in hopes of wipin me out. His mon were pretty scummy as well; His Zubat was a Flinch Fusion monster (though thank god Starships was able to wipe the floor with it before it could get started), his Raicate was mostly fair, sucker punch being the cheapest thing on the field, and then came the Koffing. I had a sneaking suspicion, what with his smug grin cracked by the sweat on his face, so I threw in DaBleedin and, well it made it boom. Out of mon and out of options, he decided to run, and I was at a bit of a blank spot. Maybe I'd get lucky and Lance would catch em as he was runnin out, nope, got luckier, the nearby Murkrow started screamin the password, and it sounded a lot like Petrel while doin it. All of a sudden it runs off, and I give chase; I managed to chase that thing screamin all the way to the Electrode room. Before I could stroll on in however, I ended up runnin into another Executive...
A fiery red head who gave me some serious deja vu, and another rocket friend of hers. Before I could start what looked to be a tough 2v1, Lance came in to back me up, with his own Dragonite. Even funnier than that is the fact that Arianna's mon were also fairly under leveled compared to my own, so what seemed like a hard double battle turned out to be easy, and then was made easier by the man Lance and his Sudo-Legendary Mon. Needless to say, I was more than a bit humored. We both cleaned those two up, and got to dealin with the Electrode problem. Because of the way they were hooked up, we had to knock them out to deal with them. I nabbed one of them for myself, and called it...
No surpise it was Naive, neither the fact that it had a sturdy body, though I'd box it for now, instead leavin and headin to the Pokemon Center to top me and the Mon off before fightin Pryce.
To Be Continued...
Previous Chapters
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8
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2023.03.21 20:50 MArtaLnd PEST CONTROL BLOG and Questions Answered

PEST CONTROL BLOG and Questions Answered
PEST CONTROL BLOG and Questions Answered

How To Get Rid of Rats in Drains: Expert Tips & Solutions

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The History of Bed Bugs

Locate and Destroy the Bugs: Bed Bugs

Heat Treating for Bed Bugs: Pros and Cons

How to Identify Bed Bug Bites and Recognise the Signs

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Treatment of Bed Bugs – Effective Solutions

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Wolf Spider UK: Bon Accord Pest Control, Wolf Spider Control Experts

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Wasp Nest Removal Near Me

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Biscuit Beetle Control

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Say Goodbye to Pests with Bon Accord – London’s Best Pest Control

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Cockroach Killer London: Bon Accord Professional Extermination Services

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Bon Accord Ant Killer -We Deal with Ant Infestations

How Common are Bed Bugs in London Hotels

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Bed Bug On Mattress – How To Get Rid Of Them

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8 Bed Bugs Treatment Options

How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home from a Hotel – Bed Bugs Killers

How to Get Rid of Ants and Keep Ants Out of Your Home

False Widow Spider Control offered by Bon Accord Pest Control in London

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2023.03.21 20:50 redditDealers NODNAL CO. 3 Fitted Pink Mini Crib Pack n Play Playard Portable Crib Sheets Set - 100% Oeko-TEX Cotton Baby Girl Nursery Bedding - Chevron, Polka Dot, &; Stripe Travel Pack and Play Playpen Sheet

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2023.03.21 20:49 Famous_Owl_ What's worse Cannabis or no Deep Sleep?

I used to use marijuana almost everyday for over a year until I heard Hubermans podcast on cannabis. Since then it's been around 4 months of getting high only once or twice per month.
A little while ago I got a Fitbit to track my sleep and I get lots of REM and sleep an adequate amount of time however my deep sleep is usually under 30 minutes and sometimes closer to none. This is a concern for me because lack of deep sleep is linked to Alzheimer's and Dementia later in life and I want to maximize my recovery from working out.
I bought red lights to use instead of normal lights to help with my circadian rhythm in the evening and I wear yellow lense blue light glasses for a couple hours leading to bed time. I go to bed same time every night. I take magnesium L-threonate, l-theanine , fibre, tart cherry juice before going to bed all to help with sleep but my deep sleep is still very poor and often times I don't feel overly rested.
I noticed that on the few occasions I would get high my deep sleep would be in the normal range and above an hour. My REM would also be in the normal plus range even if it was a little less than I normally get.
Maybe im just looking for an excuse to get high but what is worse for me no deep sleep or a bit of marijuana before bed? (edibles as to not affect my testosterone and lung health)
Also open to any other suggestions.
thank you
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2023.03.21 20:49 PintCEM12 TIFU By overhearing my niece crying about her sex life.

This happened over the weekend after a little to much St. Paddy’s day celebrating.
A little back story, my niece is 33 and single after a 9 year long term relationship that we all thought was heading towards wedding bells. But covid lockdowns really took its toll and showed her that he was never getting down on one knee. Since then she has been on numerous dates with what seem like great guys, my wife and I even tried to set her up with a couple of people but it never comes to much. A month max then she ditches them.
Her and my wife (36) have always been super close, sharing everything with one another. She has broke down to her on a couple of occasions, that she will die alone, never have kids etc.
So let’s get to the fuck up, last weekend we invited her and her new love interest over to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day. But she arrives alone and told us that it wasn’t working out with her new man. Same old story as before and an overly emotional niece starts throwing back drinks like there’s no tomorrow.
Fast forward a few hours, we had dinner, went to a local bar and spent the evening drinking. When the night is coming to an end, my wife and niece decided to keep the party going back at our place. They open a bottle of wine and get to the drunken girl chat, I leave them to it and head to bed. An hour or two pass and I get woken by sobbing coming from down the hall, my niece is in a full on break down and I get up to try settle things down and get them to bed.
As I walk down the hall way I hear her crying out, “it feels like nothing, I need more” between her wails. Not thinking much of what she’s saying I swing the door open to she my wife holding my sobbing niece in her arms as she continues to cry “I need to feel stretched, why can’t any of these guys satisfy me”.
I lock eyes with my wife who is giving me the get the fuck out look as my niece hasn’t noticed me yet. I reverse out the door and down the hall again, but no before hearing her final cry of “Is it to much to ask that a guy has a big cock to fill me deep and hard”.
Next morning my niece didn’t wake until the AM with the worst hangover, I can’t look her in the eye anymore and I struggled to make conversation without thinking about her very big demands in her relationship.
I walked in on my wife having a drunken heart to heart with my niece confirming she is a size queen and why she never sticks with a man.
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2023.03.21 20:48 waitmate2 What exactly are crates for?

I will be getting a pomeranian puppy in 4 months and I am over the moon waiting for it to happen! I want to be prepared in all possible ways because after a while I will be leaving home for 7 hours a day, therefore I want to set all the basics as soon as I get the puppy.
I am currently thinking about things to buy before I get the pup like toys and beds and whatnot, and I realized crates are a thing. Where I am at (Germany) we don't have crates, or more like they are really uncommon. So I was wondering do I have to get one because if I'm being honest I'd prefer for my puppy to sleep either on it's little bed or maybe on my bed but I am still unsure about that. I don't want the pup to sleep in a crate but maybe they like it.
Additional question: what do you recommend the size of a playpen be? As I mentioned above I have to leave the house 7 hours a day 5 times a week for work, but I still want a pup. I asked around and people said that a playpen is perfect for leaving the dog alone, but to train them about separation anxiety before hand.
I am planning to start leaving the room for a couple of minutes a lot but I still am unsure. I will also start training it to use a pee pad for when I'm gone so any tips for that are also appreciated.
Additionally, there IS going to be one day of the week where I will be gone for 13 hours BUT there will be someone else at the house after 7 hours. So I'm hoping it will be fine still.
Please don't try to dismiss any chances of me getting the puppy juts because I work. Most dog owners work and most try to do their best with what they have. I will be available 90% of the time in the first month and a half aside of one day a week but someone else will be there too so as for the start of me having the pup there will always be someone.
submitted by waitmate2 to dogs [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 20:46 SeaCucumber442 Partner really struggling, I need advice/resources

Hi all,
I know this group can't diagnose and isn't really the best place for "does this sound like narcolepsy??" type posts, but I'm at a loss for where else to ask. It's clear to me that my partner (33M) is struggling with a sleep disorder of some kind and I'm trying to figure out how best to help him since he's consistently too exhausted to pursue any kind of help/diagnosis himself.
He's always been fatigued throughout the day and needed frequent naps, but over the past couple of years it's gotten much worse. If nobody wakes him up, he will sleep from midnight until 3-6pm (with several awakenings in between, sometimes hours long). When I do wake him up in the afternoon, he's often snoring again within minutes. After he finally get out of bed for the day, he gets back in bed frequently and falls asleep quickly listening to podcasts or scrolling on his phone. He sleeps on average 12-15 hours a day in total, but insists there's no way he's sleeping that much because he's so tired all the time that he thinks he must be in sleep deficit. He has been disoriented and groggy for most of his waking hours for the past year or so. Obviously, he is unable to work because of this.
He does have a diagnosis of depression, but he's tried several antidepressants and TMS therapy over the years without success, which makes me suspect there's more going on. I also have depression and it makes me super tired, but nothing like what he's experiencing.
Some notes:
- His sleepiness was at its worst in his teens (it caused arguments with his family a lot) and peaked again starting about a year ago
- He does not have cataplexy
- He never falls asleep standing up or in the middle of things like driving (he only drives a few times per year though)
- Exercise seems to help a little, but it's extremely hard for him to start
- He is newly (as of a few years ago) obese and snores, but I never hear him stop breathing in his sleep

I'm someone who's very cautious of overstepping boundaries in a relationship, but he clearly needs help and he's not going to pursue it himself. He's simply too exhausted all the time to do things like making appointments unprompted at this point.
Having done some research, my current plan of action is to push for a sleep apnea test and multiple sleep latency test, are there any other specific tests I should be trying to help him set up? I'd appreciate any advice or resources, it's so hard watching him struggling so much. I just want him to get a diagnosis and treatment for whatever this is so he can get more enjoyment out of his life.

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2023.03.21 20:46 Froxx00 Enclosure wiring

Hello! I have made an enclosure for my printer, ( Ender 3 v2 Neo) and have printed a box for the main board and mount for the power supply and currently have them both outside of the enclosure with all of the wires running into the enclosure to power motors, switches, heaters, etc. The problem I am having is that every time that I need to take my printer out of the enclosure for maintenance it is such a pain to have to unplug everything from the main board.And then to put it back have to re-feed the wires back through the cable pass to reconnect.
So my question is what type of connector could I use to make a quick disconnect and reconnect setup?
I have recently tried using a D sub connector with a screw type terminal. But after setting up the “ quick connect” my Y axis makes a terrible grinding sound. I have checked the bed, belt, and roller wheels and haven’t seen an issue. I have also checked that the cables leading to the connectors are good and secure aswell as I have taken apart the motor and don’t see anything wrong. So I’m guessing it just doesn’t like the connector?
Any advice would be much appreciated !:)
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2023.03.21 20:44 ChillKiwiFruit Would it be a good idea to get multiple crates for training?

My husband and I are on day 3 of having an Australian shepherd. We got him at 7 weeks. I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to have multiple crates set up around the house? We set up a big crate in our bedroom with a partition. I didn’t get a ton of time to properly warm him up to it but still tried to see if he’d be okay for a short duration in there. He ended up totally panicking. My fault for trying the cry it out method before I knew better. I ended up setting up a playpen area in our living room and sleeping with him in there that first night. The next day he’d freely go in the pen for a nap.
The second night we ended up moving the pen to next to my husbands side of the bed, put down pee pads and a blanket. I sat next to him and soothed him to sleep. Stayed for a while then went to sleep on my side. He woke up and howled and cried out a ton. My husband would put his hand in the pen to comfort him. He’d bite and chew. But would go back to sleep. He did okay until 3 AM where he started gnawing at the crate destroying the pee pads, digging at it, chewing it, etc. I tried redirecting him with a chew toy, which helped for a bit…
Cue night 3 where we just caved and put him in the bed with us. He did great. Slept without a problem. When he started chewing at the blanket at 1 and 5 AM, I figured that was his cue that he needed to potty/poop.
A few things: He won’t settle in our room. We actually have the room blocked off until it’s dinner time and bed time. He only settles in the living room right on my feet or next/on me if I’m on the floor with him. I scooped him up and brought him to our bed and that was the only way he was calm. After each break, I had to do the same thing.
Today, any time he settled for a nap, I’ve scooped him up and moved him to the crate. And I’ll sit outside the crate while he naps. First with the door open then I’ll move to close it (not locked). He’ll wake briefly from time to time and see I was there and fell right back to bed. This only lasted for 30-45 minutes before he started crying, even though I was there. I feel like I’m messing up big time. Is this a bad idea?
So I got to thinking. What if I had multiple crates. Possibly one smaller one that I could transport while he’s still small? One in the room, living room, and my office. It feels difficult to crate train when the one crate is in the bedroom. And there’s so many distractions in there, especially our older dogs bed and the space under our bed.
I took off work until Friday to set up a routine but so far it hasn’t gone smoothly. Sorry for the all over the place message. I’m just running on so little sleep. I don’t know what to do. Especially when I go back to work. I’ve actually cried 3 times with how overwhelmed I am. I would appreciate any support/advice/alternatives in my situation.
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2023.03.21 20:44 kalanayswtaw Absurd horror

John woke up with a start, his heart racing as he tried to make sense of what was happening. He remembered going to bed, but the room around him was unfamiliar, almost like it wasn't real. He got dressed and went to work, but something nagged at him. It was a feeling he couldn't shake off, like he was in a dream that he couldn't escape from.
As he sat at his desk, staring blankly at his computer screen, it hit him. He was in a simulation. His entire life had been a lie, a creation of some malevolent force that wanted to control his every move. With a sigh of relief, he closed his eyes and tried to come to terms with his newfound freedom.
But his relief was short-lived. As he opened his eyes, he realized that he was still in a simulation. Panic set in as he frantically tried to find a way out. Was this a never-ending cycle? Would he be trapped in an endless loop of simulations for all eternity?
John screamed, but no one heard him. He was alone, trapped in a digital world that he could never escape from. The thought of it all being for nothing filled him with dread. His life had no meaning, no purpose. He was just a pawn in someone else's game.
As the simulation continued, John could feel his grip on reality slipping away. The lines between what was real and what wasn't became blurred, and he couldn't tell the difference anymore. The horror of his situation was all-consuming, and he knew that he would never be able to escape it.
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2023.03.21 20:43 Airanuva Free from Nectarmerger!

Finally went and did what will likely be my last playthrough of Nectarmerger. Got my slime relic up to 9, and my trophy room looks so neat and clean again.
I don't see a reason to return; an extra 5% slime would be useful sure, but that'd be 8 fantastic runs in a needlessly stressful mode, only reduced if I shelled out in each of those runs and played flawlessly enough to get a level 7 trophy every run, which'd make it so I only have to run it 4 additional times. Neither scenario appeals.
Nectarmerger has some very annoying flaws in its design which Sibling Rivalry answered better. The fore most of which is that it is a timed event that, if you are trying to play optimally, you cannot sleep the first day you play. You need a high level hive and a fully upgraded storage capacity to not lose efficiency when you go to bed, and doing this is bad because then you are massively behind in efficiency unless you have godly RNG with the bees, and do not gain as many bees throughout the day.
The base game of course can't be left alone 8 hours without an efficiency loss either, but it isn't timed, and you aren't penalized for it.
Sibling rivalry lets you, relatively out of the gate, set it up so you can go to bed and continue in the morning with minimal to no efficiency loss. It is far less stressful, and consequently more fun.
That alone has me not want to touch Nectarmerger ever again, because you should be playing the events off cooldown for best results, but you cannot passively or occasionally pop in to Nectarmerger. Sibling Rivalry, while still rewarding good active play, can more feasibly be set up so you don't have to babysit it all day.
If Nectarmerger were modified to decouple storage from production, and enable one to be able to sleep without wasting efficiency in some manner through good planning, then it could be more appreciated and I'd consider doing those last 8+ runs for maxed Slime. Now though... I'm content that I am free, and await next Tuesday when I can play Sibling Rivalry again.
submitted by Airanuva to NecroMerger [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 20:43 SeizeThemMemes Visited by something, I think it's pretending.

Long story ahead.
It started when I was just a kid. I'm in my mid 30s now, but that's when it started. I'd like to preface most of this with an obligatory, to the best of my knowledge, I'm not making any of it up. Whatever definitive knowledge I think I've got is based on speculation and heresay. Nothing has identified itself at all, let alone directly. For my own sake, and the sake of related parties I'm going to edit all names from the story(ies). Especially since I'm not using a throwaway or anything. This is going right up on my personal account. I fabricate or hold back nothing this time. Ill be doing my best to cultivate as much accurate information as I can remember, but I'm getting old and don't remember as well as I used to. I can't even tell you how genuinely I consider religion, supernatural whatever, all of it to just be some stuff made up by white men to continue on with the patriarchy. I don't buy into ghosts or any of it.
It started as shadows. The feeling of being watched. My childhood wasn't that great, it was full of physical and emotional abuse from my mother. We lived in my step father's own childhood home, so it wasn't haunted by any ancient ghosts. It was a dark place though, with their history already blotting the air with it's thickness.
I guess before I really go on, I should explain that, too.
My step father was twenty something years older than my mom. So he was in his fifties during my teen years. He wasn't bad, he wasn't great. I guess technically speaking he was a bad step father. We didn't have much of a relationship, let alone a even bad "fatheson" one.
The home itself was an old New England starter home. It was small, as far as modern houses go. Three bedrooms total. One bath, a large basement spanned the entire length and width. By the time we had met him and moved in, he had already mostly paid the house off, buying it from his own parents. Outside of four years in the coast guard, He, his brother, and older sister had all lived there(while they moved away, he stayed)
Their family dynamic was dated, and weird. His mom and dad were the type to call each other "mom and dad" respectively. His sister, even after joining the navy and marrying an officer was required to maintain a joint bank account with her dad so he could have uptime decision making. She had her own creepy qualities when we'd visit. She collected Barbies, never opening them. That in itself isn't weird. Hell, I collect action figures myself. But she had a voice for some of her favorites, and they'd talk amongst themselves if she was in the room. My Step father's brother, was actually an inventor and invented something I can't remember anymore. He wasn't Bezos rich, but had a nice house in Florida when we'd visit. Mom and Step dad both always warned me though to be careful. He was on a lot of drugs.
My Step father himself was a weird man. He was never taught hygiene. And he was never really nurtured or loved, and unfortunately it showed. He didn't know how to do those things, either. He was a nice guy, but had no idea what to do from there. He grew up in the fifties, and as a kid, I just imagined that's why he was the way he was. From a different time.
The legacy of their combined tragic legacy lived on in a ghost that I do believe was in the realitively new house. We lived there total for twelve years with him, however the time is broken up into two different six year stints. Half way through, my mom for whatever reason, moved us out. We lived in a one room efficiency apartment together for exactly one year, before they reconciled and moved back in together. While we were moved out - we adopted a stray cat. Well, he adopted us. We actually found him the very first day we left him on our own. He was a white cat, nearly completely blind. He was just outside our motel door. We took him in with us. He was actually great. We named him Doofus, because he was kinda fun and goofy. He stayed with us the entire year departure, and was reluctantly allowed back with us.
My Step father was a dog person. Awkwardly so. He loved his dog(s). To the point where I'd still say he more made out with them, as a form of affection. It wasn't okay. I'm sure of that. Let me clear something up, while I say all of these negative things about him. It's not like that. While we don't have any sort of relationship now, I believe that's more us both healing from my mother more so than each other. But anyway, let's keep going!
Within a year after introducing the new cat into the house, he had himself quite the affinity for the basement. It was cool in the summer, and kept itself warm enough to be down there without freezing in the winter. It was my home base as a teenage boy in the late 90s, early 00s with AOL internet access. Doofus would often lounge around, and we'd leave him to his own devices while down there. He never disappeared and always came running when we'd shake his bowl of food. That first summer back though, we were, even my step father was, convinced he had worked his magic on a neighborhood feline friend, and had a litter of kittens down there. It wasn't the mousy cries of fresh babies. Certainly a meow that wasn't his though. We thought maybe he had found his way into the walls, or was simply stuck. Inevitably one day it happened with him fast asleep on his window perch in the kitchen. Finally my step dad fessed up what comes to be an important story.
When he was a kid, himself and his younger sister, found a cat. They, with some kind of sitcom understanding of how the world works, brought it home and tried to hide it in the basement to keep. Their father found it and brutalized the animal to punish them and simply disposed of it like it was nothing.
I can't stress it enough how… from that point on, things changed. The meowing from the basement stopped. Forever. It never happened again. However I never felt alone down there again, honestly.
I want to take another brief intermission to point out that at the current point in my life, I've been in therapy and anger management both. I haven't spoken to my mother in over seven years, and I'm barely any contact with my family at all. I had a very good therapist that helped me through my trauma with my mom as a child that continued into adulthood. Most of the information I'm going to share here, and continue to share here are things that modern medicine and science have since explained away. Sort of. I didn't just feel not alone while in the basement of my childhood home anymore, I felt actively pursued. Someone wasn't just always watching, they wanted to be known. I also started to experience night terrors that felt lucid.
I eventually moved out as soon as I could, and moved to Florida. Unfortunately my abusive mother followed. However, years passed from there. Through circumstance, I maintained a relationship with her. I was young and dumb, and didn't know how to set or enforce boundaries. Anyway.
Fast forward to my mid 20s. I had just ended a long term relationship with what was essentially my first "real-life" girlfriend. Things went sour the way things do when you're young, and I ended up moving back in with my mom and her now new husband. It was a very short stay, but while there I fell on hard times with my health. That's where the story here really takes an interesting turn.
Their house wasn't just bad, it was absolutely the worst. It was literally just a shack. The way some of those poor places in Florida are really like. I was home alone. I did have my own private bedroom. It was small, couldn't even hold my bed and the dresser. There was no door. It was an old curtain pinned to the outside wall. The illusion of privacy. It all went from easy enough to explain, to outright bonkers that day.
I was in bed. Doorway clearly visible. The sheet had been pinned to the space above it so it stood open for me to come and go easily. In the doorway was a teenage girl. Shoulder length brown hair. Conservatively dressed, yet modern. She didn't speak. It was over. She was gone.
The same girl came to me two or three days later, same setting. Just standing in the doorway. She seemed far less relaxed. Even agitated. She was holding something but I couldn't make out what. Whatever it was just wouldn't manifest, but it was important to her. Whatever that item was I can't help but feel like it'd all make sense now, but who knows. She stayed for nearly a full five minutes, fidgeting eithcthecitem before leaving. It was only a couple of more days before she came back again, but wasn't alone. An older man. Older then I was at the time, at least. He seemed like her father. They were bickering and fighting about something and she, in her tantrum disappeared. But he stayed and said nothing to me. He made no motion or charades. He did however glare at me this empty, menacing eyes and then vanished.
I didn't see the girl again until the night before I moved out. By this point, I had been drained of the small savings I did have. I was literally starving. Stealing food from Walmart just to keep myself going. I had aloowedcmy mother to drain me of everything. The apparition came to me that night, and the sensation was different. She glowed a warm orange tint. it felt like we were together forever. She still never spoke to me, but shared knowledge. She told me things about myself I didn't know yet. Actual, real life things that wouldn't come to fruition for over a decade, but they have indeed come true. Not even as a warning. It was a parlor trick to prove her abilities to me. I didn't see her again, for nearly 12 years.
It was last year she came back. I wasn't startled, she communicated like we were old friends. By just, giving me the information. I had probably six or eight months prior to that, reconnected with an old friend. The girl told me matter of fact my, "reach out. They aren't okay." Which was weird because we were talking mostly daily at that point again. I knew things weren't perfect but not being okay raised alarm bells. I reached out to find out their dog had passed just that morning. Again not a huge flex of their ability, just enough to keep me hooked.
I was bewildered at this point. I knew nothing of psychics or spirits or demons. Outside of what I seen on TV of course. I didn't even believe in that shit, but I love reading and learning.
Because of the history with my newly rekindled friendship, it was actually my childhood crush - the love of my life. That was actually the context of us becoming friends again. I wanted to work on fixing the things between us so we could be there again. The situation felt ripe by description for either Dr. Phil, or Lilith. Though I didn't know what that was even supposed to mean.
My own research and learning has brought me here, to you. This sub. This long story of ghost cats, and dark places, the meddling of what I thought was Lilith, but I believe to be something else entirely.
You see I've reached out to the girl who manifests. She hasn't been back, but I can still feel her around. So I've worked up the courage to confront her. I ask for identification, and my ears fill with this droning white noise and it'll eventually tell me that shes Lilith, but I'm not convinced. But from the difficulty in expression, neither are they. I believe it's something that latched onto my belief at first of it being Lilith and won't let up on that. I do believe it's "male" in nature. Has a knack for tricks, and knows that pretending to be something it isn't is bad for him, so he's trying to keep it under cover. I also don't think it's here to help me in any capacity. It clearly wants something either from me, personally, or is trying to use me as a vessel.
I think something masquerading now as Lilith has been involved in my life from the house I grew up. It didn't leave me alone, it learned to be less obvious and scary outright. But it's here. It's always here.
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2023.03.21 20:40 Apocapop Musical analysis of Boyhood

Hi everyone, I made a video analysing Boyhood's music and how it might relate to the song's themes. I'd love to hear your thoughts and theories about the song, especially anything I've missed!
Here's the link in case you'd prefer to watch rather than read:
‘Boyhood’ begins with a series of four soft synth chords, each pulsating in the same symmetrical rhythm: three sixteenth notes, plus two, then another three. That’s not the only thing these chords have in common. We’re in the key of F major, so F is the tonic – the note that feels like home. This note is a constant presence at the top of each of the four chords, a technique called an inverted pedal point. C – another important note in this key – is also repeated. This repetition has a symbolic importance in relation to the lyrics, which we’ll return to shortly.
The first chord we hear is a B flat sus2 chord. In this context, it sounds melancholy, setting the scene for what we’re about to hear. It seems like it wants to resolve to the tonic chord, F major. That movement would sound especially satisfying if F were in the bass, with the third of the chord heard as well. The bassline does move to an F, but we’re missing that third. Later, we do get all the notes of an F major chord, but the F isn’t in the bass.
The verses include a line about the narrator going ‘out looking for me’, a sentiment that suggests soul-searching. This is related to the artist’s reflections on gender, as they explore and embrace their masculine side and wonder what their boyhood might’ve been like. The progression loops around, striving for resolution but not quite reaching it. That ties into another line about trying to chase one’s self, but being unable to catch up. Likewise, the narrative switches from past to present tense and back. The search is ongoing, the questions yet to be wholly answered.
As the song progresses, the arrangement becomes more varied. First, we get a four-on-the-floor kick drum, then a number of clean, jangling electric guitars and vocal harmonies that sit in a gentle bed of reverb. As the texture fills out, there’s also greater variation introduced to the bassline. But those synth chords are still at the heart of the mix. The line ‘I wanna change but it's nothing new’ seems relevant here – that side of the narrator’s been here all along.
The song does seem determined to question that idea. After the instrumental passage, with its string interjections and its charming, squiggly synth line, the texture is stripped back, now focusing on the guitars panned to each side of the stereo field. The synth chords are nowhere to be heard, but that doesn’t last long. A drum fill pushes us into the second half of the chorus, where the synths return. Notably, this coincides with the line about change.
The abrupt outro suggests that there’s still searching yet to do. All that remains is a ghost of the opening synth chords – those two notes, F and C – as closure has not yet been found. There’s a parallel here to the song’s music video, as the projected film fades away, leaving the narrator with only their own thoughts for company.
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2023.03.21 20:39 NoFish1016 JS For Loop not displaying correctly in the template.

JS For Loop not displaying correctly in the template.
I have been learning JS for a week because I want to do pagination that does not require the entire page to be loaded. I have successfully accomplished this task. However, the display in html is not as expected as everything is crumbled together, and it seems my For loop in JS is not working as expected.
I am fetching the data from a Flask/Python view function and pushing it to the JS before displaying in the HTML template. The orange part should take the photo (this is not in the code), the blue part should have the names, the green-yellow part should have the announcement, and the grey part should have the publisher's name. My pagination displays two persons and as you can see in the output, the two are crumbled together. I seeking assistance in rewriting the code for it to display appropriately. Thank you in advance.
Here is the code.
view function
def data():
`deaths = current_user.followed_deaths().filter(Deceased.burial_crenation_date >=` [``](`().date()).order_by(Deceased.timestamp.desc())` `latest_deaths = jsonify( [{ 'first_name': i.first_name, 'middle_name': i.middle_name, 'last_name': i.last_name, 'announcement': i.death_announcement, 'publisher': i.publisher.username } for i in deaths ])` `return latest_deaths` 
html and JS code