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Colorado husband arrested for murders of pregnant wife and children

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This community exists to discuss the murders of the Watts family and the subsequent arrest of Chris Watts. This sub is for factual information, mourning, and speculative discussion only - no harassment of the victims or family members.

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Live PD was a television show broadcast on the A&E network. The non-fiction program followed police officers in the course of their duties and was broadcast in real time

2023.06.09 10:22 felix__baron I can't wait to get home and rip of my wife's bra...

These straps have been killing me all day.
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2023.06.09 10:19 LankyMouthfu Doug Tompkins Wife and Children: Who Are Susie And Kris Tompkins?

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2023.06.09 10:18 Special_Koala_1093 Husband making comments to make me feel bad for divorcing him

Hi there
We were married for about 4 years, together for longer. I asked for divorce 2 weeks ago and we have already filed.
In no way was it because I didn’t love him. I love him dearly and in a perfect world I would stick by him. But it’s not perfect world and I just got fed up with the crap he pulls. I have suspected him of cheating (and he has made no effort to even act in a way that would dissolve my concerns). He has planned exact same vacation times with the suspected AP, people have seen them hanging out together, going to gym together, I have seen AP around jn town and then later my husband has told me he was in the same area around the same time (didn’t know I saw her there). Their coworkers have told me how they hang out together all the time at work and every work function they are at, they are together. One person even told me that if she didn’t know they were married to someone else, she would think they are a couple. The only reason why I say suspected AP is because while their behavior and actions say A LOT, I don’t reallt have any proof about any if this. When I ask it’s always someone stirring up drama, it’s a coincidence they were st the same place at the same time, etc.
On top of that he has veen lying to me about money. He has significsnt debt but still spends money like there’s no tomorrow. I’m not even joking when I say that he could probably live 1.5-2 months without doing his laundry and wearing everything once. Including underwear and socks.
So two weeks ago he got a speeding ticket which was 1/3 of his income. I got fed up. Before having the talk with him about the divorce someone else came up and told me they saw him with the sAP in town again. Well he took it surprisingly well at first. The next day when I asked him about when does he think he can move out he went batshit. I suspect he thought I would just rethink my decision and we can wipe it under the rug again but reality hit him.
We filed rightaway and after that he has been making comments like “you don’t divorce the person you love so you must not really love me”, “it sounds so F’d up when you ask me if I have looked for a new place!!!” And ofc the manipulation about him not having a reason to live because he has been such a F up throughout his life and just a dissapointment in general. Otherwise he is being very friendly and loving, looking for contact. The other day I even started doubting and then I found he has purchased a 3-day festival ticket coming up this summer and I think the last of my love just dissapeared. You go around telling me how bad your financial situation is, that you don’t have any money to move out, you won’t have any food money in general after moving out and so on.. and then you buy stuff like that?
Just makes me feel like I made the rightest decision I could.
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2023.06.09 10:18 throwaway12309889032 Potential Divorce - Wife Renting

Hi, Using a throwaway account. Also, I understand I need to speak with a solicitor however can't until the week after next for various reasons, hence just wanting a bit of information if possible.
My wife has out of the blue announced she wants to split. We have no children but have a house which is nearly paid off. We both earn broadly similar salaries and have broadly similar individual savings. We've not started the divorce procedure yet but are effectively "separated" but living under the same roof. We're in England.
Her plan is to move into a rented property in the near future whilst we go through proceedings. However as we're both named on the current mortgage she will obviously need to continue her contribution to that (I'll be living in the house).
The thing I'm concerned about is that she's looking at rental in a reasonably expensive area, and there's no way she can afford it whilst paying her share of the mortgage here. Which means until we're settled, she'll be paying it out of her savings. Let's say that is costing her £1000 a month, if the divorce takes say 6-8 months to go through, she's going to have effectively been spending 6-8k of her savings on that - and as we have similar levels of savings now, she'd potentially be entitled to half the difference of mine, i.e. 3-4k? She's also talking about going on holiday too with friends, which again will be from savings.
I know there are rules about trying to "hide" money in these situations to avoid a fair split, but are there any rules about just spending the money on non-tangible stuff like this? I am not looking to screw her over but similarly don't want that to be done to me.
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2023.06.09 10:18 mowgliollu My 3 year old Havanese is aggressive with bigger dogs

Does anyone else have this issue? And it's only around my husband and I. He's fine around big dogs if he's with his sitter or at the groomer. We have no idea how to change this behavior. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
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2023.06.09 10:18 Not-Jessica Is there a link between political views and misogyny?

Popular right wing Indian sub (won’t mention the name here because it might break the rules) had a post about how to help a Hindu woman who married a Muslim man who turned out to be physically abusive. Some gems from the comments (none had been downvoted into negatives):
“She deserves it, karma bites back”
“She deserves everything she gets”
“Deserved lol”
“Fuck around find out”
“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”
“She kinda deserves this”
“She made a choice she faced the consequences”
“She got what she deserves”
“She deserves it no need to help her”
“That dumb girl deserves this”
“If it isn’t the consequences of your own choices”
“She had it coming”
“So she’s getting what she deserves. Happy ending for the rest of us”
And on and on and on…
Best (worst) of all? “I have no sympathy for her at all and will not even if her husband murders her in the most cruel way possible” (+10 upvotes)
I just don’t see this happening on more left leaning subs like India.
Women across the political spectrum, have you noticed a correlation between right leaning men and extra dosage of misogyny or was this just a coincidence?
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2023.06.09 10:18 deanominecraft Something happened here

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2023.06.09 10:17 james340555 Constant food poisoning worry! Can someone help ease my mind?

My wife is 4 weeks pregnant. We are new to all of this and this is our first pregnancy.
I can't stop worrying and overanalyzing everything that she eats. I'm terrified she will get food poisoning or eat something that's not good for the baby.
If she does get some type of food poisoning, it does not mean the baby is doomed does it? Like some people get food poising when pregnant, get through it, and the baby is fine?
Pregnancy websites make it seem like if you eat contaminated food your baby is doomed!
Can anyone please ease my mind?
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2023.06.09 10:17 james340555 Constant food poisoning worry! Is all the advice out there super precautionary?

My wife is 4 weeks pregnant. We are new to all of this and this is our first pregnancy.
I can't stop worrying and overanalyzing everything that she eats. I'm terrified she will get food poisoning or eat something that's not good for the baby.
If she does get some type of food poisoning, it does not mean the baby is doomed does it? Like some people get food poising when pregnant, get through it, and the baby is fine?
Pregnancy websites make it seem like if you eat contaminated food your baby is doomed!
Can anyone please ease my mind?
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2023.06.09 10:15 br_near I'm so scared and I don't know what to do

I'm amab. I am married and wife knows and is supportive my brother knows I told him. Haven't told my mom and 2 sets of friends who are the only people worth telling.
I'm scared. I'm scared that I'm faking it if that make sense I know it's not it my dysphoria hits when I'm not me. But it feels new like I just found out. Been like almost 2 years. I thought I just liked to cross dress. I've done it since I was a kid.
I'm scared what my wife's family will say since they are super conservative I'm pretty sure her brother an dhis wife would ostracize me and my wife. And my wife loves our nephews they very Christian.
I'm scared of the world and how it be to come out as me fully. Im in california and not looking to leave though.
I'm sure the people who love me would get it. But fuck I just want to be happy and I'm in my 30s and I'm not.
I hate what I see in the mirror but why is it that that's easier to deal with then the rest why do I feel like my life would be better with this feeling of sadness then to be me.
I'm sorry I just crying and I don't known anymore.
Ps. I'm safe I just lost.
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2023.06.09 10:15 PeterM1970 AITA for saying my family’s so called “funny joke” is in fact not funny?

Buckle up, ‘cause I’m stating right out of the gate this is ridiculous.
First i have to give some history. My wife and I had a dog, Lucy. Greatest dog in the history of the world, but she had short little corgi/dachshund legs. So we put an ottoman at the foot of the bed so she had an intermediate step. As she got older even that wasn’t enough so she’d put her front legs up on the ottoman until I boosted her on it, then I’d boost her onto the bed. Easy.
Well at some point a routine developed. My wife and I would be lying in bed reading or watching TV or whatever, and Lucy would come in and want to get on the bed. So I’d get out of my nice warm bed and boost her up onto the bed. At which point she would immediately hustle up and settle into the warm spot right up by my pillows. Because in addition to being the best dog in the world, Lucy was also a little shit.
Every time this happened - every single time - my wife would laugh, and laugh, and laugh. “Lucy’s funny joke,” she would call it. I learned to live with it, because I’m a man and that’s what we do. We lose a race every night to our dog and our wife laughs at us. Tale as old as time.
Well, we had to put Lucy down last winter. Hurt like hell and still hurts but it was her time. For a little while I had my spot on the bed all to myself, and of course I missed Lucy’s funny joke.
I was a fool. One night I went to the bathroom, and when i came back our cat Chloe, who likes to lay on top of my wife, was sitting in Lucy’s spot with a look in her eyes that said, and I quote, “What are you gonna do about it?”
And my wife laughed, and laughed, and laughed.
It happens all the time now. Our other cat Zuko does it, too. Which is ridiculous because he is a very dapper and serious boy! I keep telling all three of them that this is not funny, but they do not believe me.
I feel like this is more serious than they will accept. Am I the asshole for saying that I do not like this “funny joke?”
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2023.06.09 10:14 jesusislord77777 Told by pastor to question my salvation

So my wife and i recently started going to a new church. I had set up a meeting with a pastor thinking it was about joining a small group. I get there and he proceeds to tell me his testimony for about 45 minutes about how he thought he was a Christian but realized he still had sin in his life, then he made Jesus his lord “for reals this time” and since then he…hasn’t sinned i guess?
I told him my story of how I came to faith later in life and have a history of anxiety depression and drug addiction. He told me that when we are saved we become a “new creation” and these “patterns of sin” shouldnt be happening in a real believers life once we are saved, even though I have confessed and repented. According to him, a relapse is a good reason to question my salvation. He told me that i should have no assurance of my salvation and that i should go through some book with him to find out if im actually saved.
This theology raised major red flags and reeked of self righteousness and elevating certain sins over others. He singled out sexual sin and drugs and alcohol as those that shouldn’t be in my life if im actually a new creation.
I felt condemned and discouraged leaving that meeting. Has anyone ever run into this sort of horrible exigesis of the bible that conveniently leaves out Pauls struggle with sin, 1 john and other passages that show that Christians still sin? I was blown away…apparently all the leaders of the church feel this way. He told me that I wouldnt be able to join a fellowship group until I go through this book with him
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2023.06.09 10:14 Fine-Tomato-6298 Rescue or puppies for first time owner?

Hello everyone!
Me and my husband are looking into getting a dog! Although I grew up with dogs, my husband has 0 experience in pets and we will be first time owners!
We currently are DINK and have a house with a back garden. I work from home most of the time and only go into the office once a day.
Now, we are in a dilemma at the moment:
We both LOVE the Bernese Mountain Dog breed - their temperment, looks and personality just fills our heart. However, this breed is not a popular breed in the UK and it will cost at least £2k to get a BMD puppy. We also think it's not right to spend that amount of money on a puppy when there are so many lovely dogs in resuce centre waiting for a forever home. We would love to adopt, but we are worrier that we won't be experienced enough to train/help a rescue dogs, which most of the time comes with some issues. We are also thinking about having kids in a few years time and from what we have seen most of the rescue centre states their dogs can't live with babies .
Can anyone gives some advice or share their experience if they have a rescue as their dog?
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2023.06.09 10:12 organicDONuT789 New atheist needs some advice.

So a little bit about myself. I was raised in a Presbyterian household. My grandfather was a missionary and ended up starting a church. My whole family was very active in the church and as I got older I did too.
I always had doubts, even when I was young but was so scared of going to hell that I believed what I was told. I grew up with a lot of fear and shame. Whenever I “sinned” I felt like I disappointed god and deserved to go to hell. This is how I grew up.
I was very active in the church and even wanted to be a missionary or go to seminary at one point in my life.
Later in life, I really started questioning my faith and my beliefs. I couldn’t accept that I was going to heaven, but most of my friends (who weren’t “believers) would be suffering in hell for all eternity. I started to study the bible more and realized how much horrific stuff was committed by god.
I had kept my atheism to myself to keep from disappointing my family, but after lurking in this sub for about a year, I realized that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my beliefs.
My wife was raised catholic and only went to church because she was forced while growing up. We’ve been married almost 10 years and she has recently (the last year) started attending a pentecostal church regularly.
I’m happy that she is on her own journey to find the “truth” and I always try to explain that she should always question why she believes. I try to explain what I believe and why, and she listens openly and never judges.
What I need help with is that we are planning to have lunch with the pastor of the church that she is going to.
I know that he is going to question my beliefs and I want to try to be prepared to defend them.
Are there specific questions that you think he will ask and how do I answer them?
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2023.06.09 10:12 General-Emu-1016 Plain car plates holder

Hi, I don’t like the plastic for the plates on my car, it’s silver and has the dealership name on it. I want to get plain black, do they sell them anywhere?
Alternatively I just put screws through the plates on my wife’s car and put those white covers over them, but they eventually broke and now the screws are visible and it looks bad. I saw other older cars with the white screw covers intact, do you know the good ones?
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2023.06.09 10:12 Emil8ner depo shot effectiveness?

my husband and i have been trying for a baby, but after a recent pregnancy scare i stupidly took the depo shot. we were fighting and it just didn’t seem like a good time to get pregnant and this option appealed to me then. immediately, i regretted taking it and i’ve regretted taking it every day since.
i’m scared that the shot will make it harder to try for a baby again. i was birth control free for about three years and i only had one injection of depo, back in april.
will this ruin my chances of implantation for the next year? i read online that it takes 8-10 months to fully leave your system. i don’t want to wait a full pregnancy term to get pregnant.
thoughts? advice? has anyone here gotten pregnant on or immediately after depo?
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2023.06.09 10:10 cjnshrmpoby Angirans, the not so bad "orcs" of my setting.

In my setting, Angirans are a humanoid race native to the north of the continent; preferring to dwell in the mountains, taiga forests, and the southern tundra. They're taller than humans (males averaging 6'3-6'6 and females 5'10 to 6'0) with ruddy brown skin, muscular builds, hair that can be black, grey or white, chiseled features, and short pointed ears similar to the Djinn (humanoid fey which I'll reveal at a later date). Angirans are a proud, independent people with an iron age level tribal society that emphasizes unity and familial bonds. Although seemingly primitive, they are expert smiths (being one of the few outside of the Djinn capable of forging Adamant weaponry) and are highly skilled in natural medicine and alchemy, using animal and plant oils to craft leather armor that rivals steel chain mail in durability. Tribes are lead by a chief and a council that includes their version of a Seior (a Nordic sorceror priest similar to a Celtic druid) the head warrior, and the head of the women's council, usually the wife or mother of the reigning chief. Male and female Angirans are both taught to fight and while the Tribal council oversees major decisions, the Women's Council has reign over day to day affairs. They are brutal and merciless in combat but abide by a code of honor that forbids killing the weak and defenseless and are equally fierce allies to those who earn their trust and respect. Angirans prefer weapons that play to their immense strength and reach such as axes, iron clubs, spears, and hammers. Thrown weapons like Javelins and tomahawks are their preferred ranged weaponry though bows are also used for surprise attacks. Despite their size, Angirans can be surprisingly stealthy as hunting is a key part of their culture, taking advantage of surprisingly little cover before seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Angirans living in human cultures typically work as mercenaries, hunters, scouts, trackers, and smiths. One of the potential backstories for my protagonist is that in his youth; bandits, drowe (human sized goblins) or some other enemy attacked his family's farm and left him the only survivor before he stumbled into the territory of an Angiran tribe who took him in and raised him until he reached adulthood.
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2023.06.09 10:09 topicbiowar9 I (M28) am Confused about WW Wife (F29) Actions

I (M28) am confused about my (F29) WW wife actions. About a month ago my wife told me about her affair. You can look at my past posts but essentially she blamed me for a bunch of stuff, and left me for her affair partner. He started coming around so I went to stay somewhere else. She became very difficult to deal with holding my stuff hostage, and then eventually keeping our daughter from me. She told me about a week ago I could come get our daughter for every other weekeend starting today (June 9th), until a court order is made. The issue is we had each other's names tattooed on ourselves a while ago (atleast 4 years) last night before bed she sent me a picture of my name out of the blue after a week of no communication. I dont understand why. Is she trying to confuse me before I get our daughter? Is she telling me she still loves me? I did try reconciliation to no avail, but this was out of the blue and a complete 180 of the way she's been acting. Can someone give me their input because my head is offically spinning..
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2023.06.09 10:09 Kaytofu This is a photo of me (lady) and my dad (man with hat on). I'd like to use it for a father's day card but my ex-husband is in it (man without hat). Please could somebody gently remove him. I understand that it is a big ask and might not be super slick but just something easy on the eye? Huge thanks.

This is a photo of me (lady) and my dad (man with hat on). I'd like to use it for a father's day card but my ex-husband is in it (man without hat). Please could somebody gently remove him. I understand that it is a big ask and might not be super slick but just something easy on the eye? Huge thanks. submitted by Kaytofu to picrequests [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 10:08 dj_ordje Didn't he die at the end of BrBa?? What is this sorcery

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2023.06.09 10:08 No-Yogurtcloset8960 Begali guy rasagullad on me.

Yesterday while I was returning from my JEE coaching one idiot begali guy on the road rasagullad all over me. It doesn't matter but that fellow destroyed my MS Chauhan book. Now there are ants eating away my book pages and my wife is also depressed. Help.
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2023.06.09 10:08 mrjaj32 Youtube Subscriptions list empty PS5

Youtube Subscriptions list empty PS5
Hi may someone please help me with this I do not have a list on my subscriptions tab only videos. What I tried Google search I deleted all 150subs Cleared cash and Rebuild database Delete youtube and save Reinstall youtube Reset network Logged in with my wifes profile and her youtube account and everything works fine.
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