Truist bank hours saturday

How long from Mohela "Processed" to loan transfer from EdFinancial to Mohela

2023.03.31 17:57 Discombobulated-Dig3 How long from Mohela "Processed" to loan transfer from EdFinancial to Mohela

I'm going for old fashioned TEPSLF here. I have Direct Stafford Consolidated Loans from my consolidation event way back in 2005. I was in forbearance 2005 until June 2010. Started my 501c3 employer job July 2010 and still there now, and I started payments on my Direct Consolidated Loans July 2010. But my 117 payments from July 2010 to March 2020 just before the Covid freeze were Graduated payment plan which is why I'm banking on TEPSLF. But now we have some 36 Covid emergency months which I am looking to round out both the last 3 months and the final 12 months of "IDR like" payments to qualify for TEPSLF. So last Thursday I faxed my PSFL/TEPSLF form to Mohela and went from processing to processed literally in 24 hours by Friday. I asked in a message to Mohela what "Processed" meant and they wrote me that they have determined I have an eligible employer, eligible loans, and eligible payment plan but they need to bring my loans over to Mohela to verify qualifying payments. How long for this transfer? The reason for my concern is that I don't want to make it to September and have a new 'graduated' payment on the books to EdFinancial to kill my final 12 month TEPSLF qualification.
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2023.03.31 17:57 chippy_60 Feeling blindsided by being told I have GD

My OB’s nurse from the hospital just called me out of the blue to book a time to “come in and pick up your diabetes kit” and that I’ll have to attend diabetes classes 🤡🤡🤡 great. I did the 1 hour glucose screening test last Saturday and since then have been contacted by my GP and my OB’s nurse about my low iron but nothing else. No indication that I failed this test. I feel blindsided. I was told my result was “6.4” (A1C I’m guessing. Not sure about sugar levels)
I’m also confused because AFAIK that test is not diagnostic and if you fail you have to do the 3 hour test to determine GD - why are they jumping right to GD treatment and acting like I have it? Shouldn’t that news come from a Dr also, not a nurse calling me from the hospital? Also, the nurse asked me if I fasted before the test to which I replied no because I wasn’t told to. She then told me that I’d have to repeat the test if I didn’t fast??? I am so confused and anxious, really didn’t need this on top of the most stressful week of my life.
If I have GD I feel horrible and like it’s my fault. I’m so upset and discouraged.
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2023.03.31 17:55 chippy_60 Was told I failed the glucose test and diagnosed with GD.

My OB’s nurse from the hospital just called me out of the blue to book a time to “come in and pick up your diabetes kit” and that I’ll have to attend diabetes classes. I did the 1 hour glucose screening test last Saturday and since then have been contacted by my GP and my OB’s nurse about my low iron but nothing else. No indication that I failed this test. I feel blindsided. I was told my result was “6.4” (I’m guessing this is the A1C). Not sure what sugar levels were.
I’m also confused because AFAIK that test is not diagnostic and if you fail you have to do the 3 hour test to determine GD - why are they jumping right to GD treatment and acting like I have it? Shouldn’t that news come from a Dr also, not a nurse calling me from the hospital? Also, the nurse asked me if I fasted before the test to which I replied no because I wasn’t told to. She then told me that I’d have to repeat the test if I didn’t fast??? I am so confused and anxious, really didn’t need this on top of the most stressful week of my life.
If I have GD I feel horrible and like it’s my fault. I’m so upset and discouraged.
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2023.03.31 17:55 adumbdoom What syllabus change?

What syllabus change?
Thanks I can't even enjoy my holiday now.
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2023.03.31 17:49 graemeknows Welcome to someday

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2023.03.31 17:48 ourpseudonym US Banks Have $620 Billion of Unrealized Losses on Their Books, Most banks are strong enough to withstand the paper losses. Still, their finances could be squeezed for years to come.

From bloomberg, there is excellent graphics in the article I would recommend viewing:
The investment losses that helped take down Silicon Valley Bank are a problem, to one degree or another, across the US financial system. In total, the industry ended last year with $620 billion of unrealized losses on its books from investments in low-yielding bonds.
For most banks, the issue is manageable.
Bonds held in investment books represented less than a quarter of the banking system’s $23.6 trillion of assets in December, and unlike SVB, lenders usually have a wide array of depositors who are unlikely to all need money around the same time. For the biggest banks, the risks are even smaller. They are perceived as too big to fail. What’s more, the recent rally in the Treasury bond market — sparked, ironically, by the jitters about the health of the banking industry — is helping to shrink the $620 billion of paper losses. (In the coming weeks, banks will start to post first-quarter data.) Banks’ Equity Could Take Hit If Paper Losses Had to Be Realized For most banks, unrealized losses are a manageable problem. But investors and depositors remain jittery about lenders sitting on huge piles of money-losing bonds
And yet as depositors keep gradually withdrawing their money and shifting it into money market funds and other investments, banks are facing a squeeze. They’re being pressed to pay more for funding while their revenue is limited by the investments they made in low-yielding bonds during the pandemic. That in turn could curb their ability to lend to consumers and businesses, slowing the economy.
“They’re paying more for deposits, and their earnings on bonds are fixed,” said Stan August, a retired bank examiner for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and a former bond analyst at Bank of America. “That’s where the squeeze is.”
When the pandemic hit, and the Federal Reserve pushed down rates once again by pumping unprecedented amounts of cash into the economy, many banks loaded up on long-term government and mortgage-backed bonds. There were some Treasury notes that promised to pay annual interest of just 0.6% over 10 years.
Then inflation surged and the Fed started urgently driving up interest rates. The value of those bonds plunged, because who would want to buy an old bond paying 0.6% interest when new ones were suddenly paying more than 3%?
Losses on bonds are a risk whenever rates go up, but banks’ holdings were bigger than usual in 2022. All that cash the Fed and the government pushed into the economy quickly found its way into the banking system, giving lenders trillions of dollars to invest. SVB’s domestic deposits, for instance, rose more than 150% from the end of March 2020 through the end of 2022.
Rising deposits on their own don’t necessarily represent a problem for banks. For SVB, they spelled trouble in part because its clients tended to keep large balances at the bank as a condition for receiving services like lines of credit.
That translated to a high percentage of customers’ deposits being bigger than US deposit insurance limits. Clients with high balances at a bank are often skittish about the safety of their funds. and more likely to withdraw money fast at signs of trouble.
There were at least three data points for SVB that worried depositors: the speed at which the bank’s deposits had grown, the high percentage of uninsured deposits it had, and the magnitude of losses relative to its equity. These factors helped create a perfect storm.
But even for banks that dodge the storm, bond losses are a problem. A large part of banks’ investment portfolios use an accounting method called “held to maturity” that ensures the firms don’t have to record any losses, or any hits to their balance sheets, from the declining value of their bonds. But they also have to hold onto the bonds until they mature. Banks Locked Up Trillions in Long-Term Investments Total holdings, at amortized cost, in held-to-maturity securities for banks with at least $25 billion in assets as of Q4 2022
As banks’ deposits started to grow during the pandemic, they initially plowed more money into bonds using a method of accounting called “available for sale.” For these securities, changes in the value of the bonds would affect their balance sheets but not their income statements. That accounting method can force banks to boost their capital levels, though, if their losses get too high.
In 2021, a growing group of banks believed the Fed would soon begin raising interest rates and began switching to counting more of their bonds as held-to-maturity. The biggest banks added about $1.7 trillion of the bonds to their books over the two years ended in December. In some cases, they switched bonds over from one accounting treatment to the other. In other cases, they just stopped buying new available-for-sale securities and only added to their held-to-maturity books.
Initially it worked pretty well. Profits ballooned. The US banking system’s return on equity, a measure of profitability, averaged 12.2% in 2021, the highest since 2006.
But now that inflation and rate hikes have come, banks have suddenly been finding themselves pressured from two sides. Higher interest rates forced banks to pay more money to win deposits, with average one-year CD rates rising to about 2.7% by March, according to DepositAccounts, from 0.35% in May 2022. Consumers and companies have been taking more of their money out of banks and investing it in assets like government bonds. Deposits in commercial banks fell last year for the first time since 1948, according to the FDIC. The worst pain here is for community and regional banks, which lost $109 billion of deposits in the week ended March 15, while the biggest banks have been luring funds.
Meanwhile, the value of banks’ bond holdings plunged on paper too. The $620 billion of unrealized losses in the system at the end of 2022 were for available-for-sale and held-to-maturity securities.
The combination of surging interest rates, high investment losses and heavy deposit outflows is new for most investors and executives in the banking industry. To many, this feels like uncharted territory.
“I have covered this industry for 20 years plus and I have never seen anything like this,” said Ania Aldrich, an investment principal at Cambiar Investors. “In all the stress testing we have done for at least the largest banks have never stressed for anything like this.”
Comments from banks
Charles Schwab Bank & Charles Schwab Premier Bank
“Focusing attention on ‘unrealized losses’ in our held-to-maturity (HTM) portfolio is very misleading. These ‘paper losses’ are unrealized and would only be realized if we had to sell those securities. The profile of our depositors is very different from regional banks. Given our significant access to sources of liquidity, there is a near-zero chance we’d need to sell any of our HTM portfolio prior to maturity. That would be akin to assuming a large retail bank would sell a substantial portion of its loan portfolio... Client deposits may move, but they are not leaving the firm. As is the case in every cycle, clients make choices about where to best allocate their assets. As interest rates have increased over the last year, our clients have made choices to reallocate assets within their Schwab portfolios, to reflect their preferences in this market. And in fact, we have actively encouraged them to do so. The important point is that those allocation decisions result in the assets staying at Schwab. Despite the events of the last two weeks, we have not seen any meaningful change in client behavior regarding their cash… Comparing unrealized losses across firms with different business models can be misleading. Schwab Bank has a different business model than traditional banks. Our deposits come from transactional cash in clients’ brokerage accounts that is swept to our banks. We use about 10% of that cash to fund loans to our existing clients and with the remaining 90%, we buy securities – the vast majority of which are backed by the U.S. Government. With rates moving up, the fair value of all fixed rate assets — loans or securities — has gone down. But given that our securities are very high quality, we fully expect our securities to reach par at maturity, which means the unrealized ‘paper’ losses will decrease over time. Because a much higher percentage of our assets are securities — and traditional bank loans are not disclosed the same way — our paper losses may appear larger than those of traditional banks. But that assessment lacks the appropriate context. In reality, our portfolio has less credit risk and is actually less sensitive to changes in interest rates than many large banks,” Co-Chairmen Charles Schwab and Walt Bettinger said in a statement.
First National Bank of Pennsylvania
“Due to FNB’s conservative balance sheet and interest rate risk management leading into this higher rate environment, the duration and fair value marks of our AFS and HTM portfolios were more favorable than others in the industry. Even after fully incorporating these marks into our Common Equity Tier 1 Ratio, we would remain well capitalized. In addition, FNB has a stable and granular deposit base and maintains a strong liquidity position with uninsured deposits excluding fully collateralized balances at only 27% and has available funding sources in excess of those balances,” CEO Vincent J. Delie, Jr. said in a statement.
Prosperity Bank
“Prosperity Bank has a fortress balance sheet that is well suited for times like this. In fact, we were a source of strength in the 80’s and 2008, participating in six FDIC assisted transactions. We are a traditional community bank with a diverse loan portfolio and a granular deposit base amongst the many communities that we are in. We have close to 800,000 deposit accounts with an average balance of $36,000, our uninsured and uncollateralized deposits only make up 32% of our total deposits, we have access to large amounts of liquidity, and we are extremely well capitalized. We maintain higher tangible common equity ratios than many of the large money center banks and remain well capitalized even if you include any unrealized losses in the held-to-maturity portfolio. It has been our pleasure to serve the communities we are in and help our customers navigate and understand all that is happening in the banking markets,’’ Cullen Zalman, senior vice president for banking and corporate activities at Prosperity Bank, said in a statement.
USAA Federal Savings Bank
“USAA is a fundamentally different bank than those that have struggled over the past few weeks. Our bank is consumer based, 93% of deposits are within the applicable FDIC insurance limits, and we have access to substantial liquidity to serve the needs of our members. USAA FSB also goes through rigorous stress testing to help us best support our members. Focusing on any single asset class is misguided, given additional ways to evaluate bank balance sheets, like net interest trends, which highlight the efficiencies or inefficiencies across a bank’s entire balance sheet. The degree of changes in USAA’s unrealized bond holdings is a reflection of a relatively low loan-to-deposit ratio, which means investments are a larger part of our balance sheet and accounting value fluctuations are more noticeable. But not all banks and not all investment portfolios are the same. Unrealized bond losses do not create excess risk in institutions with a stable base of customers, a strong capital position, the ability to hold such bonds to maturity and access to the liquidity necessary to meet their depositors’ and borrowers’ needs.” First-Citizens Bank & Trust Co.
“First Citizens is a well-capitalized bank, and our post-acquisition capital ratios remain within or above our target ranges. In addition, the transaction is structured to maintain our position of strength with ample liquidity and credit loss protections. Our liquidity remains strong and stable driven by conservatively managed investment portfolio, and it is enhanced by this transaction.” First-Citizens Bank & Trust Co. acquired Silicon Valley Bank from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., though the sale did not include $90 billion in securities and other assets. Huntington National Bank
“Per the company’s 10K, 68% of deposits at Huntington are insured / 32% are uninsured as of December 31, 2022. This is the lowest % of uninsured deposits among all US based publicly traded banks with $50bn+ in deposits (excluding those classified primarily as card issuers). Huntington has an active hedging program for securities, and total FV marks net of hedges for all securities are in line with peers.”
Northern Trust Co.
“Northern Trust is a global provider of wealth management, asset servicing, asset management and banking to corporations, institutions, and individuals. Northern Trust has offices in the United States as well as 23 locations in Canada, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region… Our clients leave large amounts of deposits with us not because we offer higher rates, but because they have significant payment activity. Over 60% of our institutional deposits are considered operational by regulatory standards… Northern Trust’s business model focuses on two core markets: institutions and wealthy individuals/families. These have been our historic strengths for generations. Retail banking represents a small percentage of our client base and an even smaller percentage of our assets on deposit, which in part accounts for the low percentage of insured deposits when compared with other banks that have significantly larger retail portfolios. Northern Trust is a Category II institution under the Federal Reserve’s regulatory framework. As a result, we are the only non G-SIB required to do daily liquidity testing and report unrealized losses in regulatory capital reporting. We consistently are assigned the highest long-term credit rating of any comparable U.S. institution. Northern Trust maintains a high-quality securities portfolio. Highly liquid assets constitute 62% of total client deposits as of Dec. 31, 2022. 81% of Northern Trust’s securities portfolio is composed of U.S. Treasury, government sponsored agency and triple-A rated securities. Regarding unrealized, mark-to-market HTM investment security losses as a percentage of tangible equity, it is important to note that our balance sheet composition has a lower proportion of loans, and thus our investment securities portfolio will be larger on both an absolute and percentage basis than banks with similar asset sizes.”
Banks that declined to comment:
Bank of America, First Republic Bank, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Truist Bank, US Bank, Valley National Bank and Wells Fargo Bank Banks that didn’t respond to requests for comment or did not have immediate comment when reached:
Associated Bank, City National Bank, Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co., Santander Bank, Signature Bank, Simmons Bank, State Street Bank & Trust Co., UBS Bank USA and Webster Bank
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2023.03.31 17:47 galacticaqt FYI - Those who haven’t gotten their BAH for April.

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2023.03.31 17:45 Moonman2024 GI Bill email received this morning

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2023.03.31 17:43 SkyScoutGaming Voicemail and iCloud.

Hello Everyone.
I have to complain about few things. I have been with t-mobile for about 6 years. I have never had any issues. Recently ported over two other lines from visible by verizon. Since visible was cheap i could use it as my work phone. The experience I had at one of the stores was horrible, I have never had a deposit on any phone. The sales rep first went into my account, never asked for my ID or asked me what phones i wanted. Just went to the back, grabbed two phones and told me to sign. I told him those were not the phones i wanted. When i told him which phones i wanted he told me “we don’t have those in stock” i stated “is there a way we can order the phone”. He responded with “ I guess.” From there he he asked for my id to upgrade my mom’s phone since they did have it in stock. He stated “to pick out any accessories that they were included in the price he told me” He didn’t know i used to work as a store manager at Sprint 3 years ago. I told him i didn’t want any. He stated that it didn’t matter that i could select any accessory. I didn’t like how he was speaking to me. I was so close to just canceling everything, but my mom already had the phone in her hand and i was like ok.. I’ll just finish this transaction. And move on. Well I added another phone and upgraded another line on my account at a different tmobile store that is like 200feet away. This experience was so much better. They went into detail about how much my bill will increase, set proper expectations, very nice.
The main issue arose when I ported over one line over. one ported over very well. No issue what so ever. Mine has been having issues since i ported over. The phone ported “successfully” (from tombile website) but I was not able to use my phone. It would go in and out of service. I called in that morning because the sales repo told me it would take 24-48 hours. I already felt weird about this, because usually when ports get canceled from another service provider it may take like 1 hour and usually everything works fine.. I’ve never had issues like this before. Well the sim card had a temporary number. The service would go in and out, of service. I messaged t-mobile and they told me to wait for the following day. I felt as if when i woke up it was going to be the same issue. Well.. I was right, same issue in the morning. I then called and they had to send me to 2 higher ups. Who reached out to porting and removed the sim, added the sim, like 4 times. They finally got the sim to work with my number, but 2 issues arose from this. One is that i can’t get short codes, and the other is that voicemail is not working. I got locked out of my apple id because I couldn’t get the short code apple is currently submitting a ticket for it to get it unlocked. My banking information isn’t working because it has to send me a code so i don’t have access to my banking info. Apple asked me to make another apple id but it won’t work because the short code won’t send either in messages or calls. The other issue is t-mobile submitted a ticket for the voicemail issue.. I turned on and off my phone. Called 123 but it says there is no mailbox. I dailed * then added my cell phone but it states “number is invalid.” I’m really tired of dealing with this since Sunday. Do yall have any idea on what I can do?
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2023.03.31 17:43 J-hiphopSubs First Time Moving/Living to Japan

Hey guys, I'm from Canada and have been studying Japanese for 10ish years but have been to Japan until now.
It's literally my 5th day moving here to Tokyo for work and hopefully I'm able to have time to explore after all the red tape with juminhyo, bank account, health check up, etc..
Btw, each of them took over 4 hours to finish and the bank account one especially a headache since I first travelled to whole branch by mistaking "Asakusa" for "Akasaka" and had to travel to a new branch after the Akasaka one was gone only to have to apply an account twice since the first time the lady didn't accept my document 🫠
Anyways, I'm basically an Asian nerd interested in everything Japanese 😂 so please feel free to hit me up if you're looking for someone to hang out, thanks!
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2023.03.31 17:42 spinningbarbie [20F] do these shorts make my ass look big?

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2023.03.31 17:40 The_13th_Legend [Online][LGBTQ+][DND 5E][Heavily Homebrewed][EST 7:00 P.M+] Experienced DM & A Heavily Homebrewed Campaign - The Legacy of the Saints (LotS)

Greetings LFG! I am 13th, short for The_13th_Legend.

I'm an avid Homebrew D&D DM that is always experimenting with 5e mechanics and the what-not to make combat and roleplay more immersive and exciting. I currently have an ongoing campaign and my players have finally reached LVL 3. The next two sessions are traveling and downtime sessions; This means that this Saturday and next Saturday is the perfect time to introduce new players and characters to the group!
I am looking for two enthusiastic players to join my current group. Provided that the form you’ll fill out looks good, and we have a great first contact with my other players, you will also start at LVL 3 with a background session. This background session will take place before you actually play in the campaign, and it will be where we determine who you are, where your family are, and if you have friends on other continents.
This is my second LFG post and I had a great experience with the first one, having interviewed more than 40 potential players over the course of a few days. This, however, is something that I’m trying to avoid now, since I no longer have ample amounts of time to conduct 2+ hours of single interviews. The form provided will be the basis of if you receive a response or not, as telling people that they weren’t accepted for an interview required adding them on Discord and rejecting them (which felt cruel and took even more time away!)

The game time will be Saturday Nights at 8:00 P.M EST - 12:30 A.M EST. I'm usually in VC at 7:00 P.M EST for any questions or unresolved subjects before the session begins.

Pitch: An Interlude to the Legacy of the Saints

An Age of High Fantasy Exploration, In-Depth

The world of Tyalhan has witnessed both chaos and peace ever since its existence. Many things are not known and not explored, as history and land changes like the sands upon a beach. Countless creations from long ago are buried beneath the mountains and earth to either be lost forever or be found by curious explorers around the continents. It is here that Adventurer Guilds thrive, having set themselves free of any burden under any nation and operating mostly independently under their own regional branches. It is under their leadership that the histories of nations, saints, and mythos of the long past are once more gazed at for any lost knowledge.
Saints in specific drives most of the humanoid races, as, instead of the general D&D pantheon, there are instead saints devoted to either objects, elements, or anything in between, such as time or dreams. The most popular saint would be the Sword Saint, with over a million followers wanting to follow in his footsteps as a hero to the world. Less known saints include the Saints of Salt or of Feasts, with many Saints in conflict with one another such as the Saints of the Sun and Moon. This will be explained in depth later, as it is only one of four major religions in Tyalhan. The other three are of the Dragon King’s, Beast King’s, and Demon King’s religion, all of which are to be explored in game, with exceptions if you wish to choose those paths instead. Alongside the religions are heresies and cults, most of them being secretive excluding the most known, which are the Lost Saints and the Five Scourges of the World.
There has been a calm in the most recent decade. With every calm, however, it is likely that an equally or much more devastating storm follows. During the last century, it was common for the Holy Hyarmenian Empire to invade the Free Cities of Atyla, to either gain ground and threaten the independent kingdoms of the North or for the Red and Blue Dragonflights to battle above the Minya continents for their own gains in manipulating the nations of both continents. Elsewhere, the Elysian Coalition, a nation formed from many races and groups of the “free world”, yet again set about on another crusade dubbed the Incubus’ Bane Campaign, and the Demon Continent itself stirred from something unknown.
Your role, adventurer, begins in either the cities of Harmenel or Aston, both located in the largest kingdom of the Free North, Mideon. Whether it be destiny, circumstance, or random coincidence, you find yourself in the company of others who share in your fate on that peculiar day. You may often look back at this day, remembering that it was when you all met, and that it was when your own story begins. Your destiny depends almost wholly on you. I do not railroad; I give you several choices, and it is up for you to take charge and seek your own fate. There will be times when things seem inevitable, but know that fate itself is fickle, and is only more changeable when you add friends who will follow you to the ends of the world.

What I'm looking for:

Enthusiastic players who like to roleplay more than “rollplay.” Maturity matters more than age, but an age of 18 - 30 is preferred if it comes down to it due to the content inside this universe.
A friend recently asked me what kind of players I would want in a campaign. My answer was for my ideal person: Talkative but not interruptive, active but not hogging the spotlight, willing to listen and learn but not always follow as if you were an NPC. In this campaign, however, I seek those who are strong willed in not being peer pressured into always following another’s personal character plot. This doesn’t mean to always actively oppose something, but rather to spark conflict and resolve it, as unlike other D&D games, there is not one unified goal. There are five personal goals, each being very different. In the end, however, you will find that you must work together to achieve any one of these goals, as it may be impossible otherwise without fellow comrades.
If you only want to dungeon crawl, this isn't the campaign for you (But I do make kick-ass dungeons in RPG-Maker, Inkarnate, or Dungeon Draft so my players can adventure in it for plot purposes.) If you’ve made it this far in the wall of text, then you have the attention span or interest that I’d like to see in the session.
If my campaign interests you at all, please fill out the somewhat daunting application. Filling out the application is already proof of the commitment I would expect from you, as I will commit my best as a DM for you to explore the universe I have set up. Again, like the start of this post, I can not reply to every application. Please assume that you were rejected if I do not add you on discord or if the date of 04/08, next Saturday, passes without a response.

What I provide:

My philosophy on DMing a game is that the best preparation is both none and everything. By that, I mean that everything you do - the path you take, the choices you make, or the lives you save - will be entirely on you. I do improv based on your actions, and I move the world while considering whether or not your actions will impact the future.
This is what I mean by “none,” in which you are not railroaded heavily into a plot, but rather have free will in my universe. By “everything,” my preparation includes said universe. I have prepared a full on interactive map using Inkarnate, a calendar system, and an incomplete wiki, mostly because the style of finding out about things in LoTS is through exploring and adventuring.
Additionally, I will provide a premium experience online including dynamic lights, castles or housing you can build (no, literally, I can seriously make a map via RPG-Maker if you decide to build a house or live in a castle), dungeon maps with environmental hazards and unique, homebrew mechanics such as teleportation squares or a chandelier above a fragile yet evil sorcerer, and professional battle / RP maps made by Patreon mapmakers.
Lastly, I can guarantee a unique, one of a kind experience in my homebrew campaign that will feature nations at war, lords of all kinds you will meet, fantastical creatures you may battle, one-on-one sessions for those rogue players that want to explore a sewer for treasure but can't because they feel bad for wasting the group’s time, and just a good time in general. You will receive a character-only discord channel for personal plot related questions as well as questions for me that you don’t want anyone else to see.

Important Information:


This is a good to neutral campaign, with a very hard exception for anything evil-aligned provided that you prove your experience with playing those types of characters while also playing near perfectly with the group that is formed.

Communication & The Platform Used:

Our main form of communication will be Discord, and we will be using Roll20 as our D&D platform.

Homebrew Elements:

You can expect nearly everything to be homebrewed aside from the core 5e mechanics, with a few examples below. The combat examples in specific can be macroed easily with roll20; in other words, don’t worry! I am willing to teach and help you with all the new homebrew mechanics introduced.

Combat Examples:


By aiding an ally in combat by flanking (being in the direct opposite of said ally) an enemy, you and your ally gain +1 to all attack rolls as long as you are in the position to flank.


By surrounding a unit with three other friendly units, you and the surrounding allies will gain +2 to all attack rolls and +1 to all damage rolls.

Five Foot Step:

By using all your movement, you may take a five foot step by moving 5 ft. anywhere without provoking an attack of opportunity(AOO) on you.

Roleplay / Out of Combat Examples:

Downtime Expanded:

My version of downtime is severely more powerful than the 5e variant or suggestions. I will recommend a list and will always encourage you to do something while the day goes by. With this said, I am providing an in-game calendar with holidays or known events in both the discord and the VTT platform. Feats, languages, training, magical spell creation, and research in general are all fair game. They will cost money and time, however, and there are always consequences for your actions.

Magic in General:

Magic is slightly different in the universe of Tyralhen. Most mages will graduate from D.K.M.U (Dragon King’s Magic University) but there are other, smaller colleges around the world. There are leylines around the world, and custom spell creation is encouraged in later levels or on character creation. Before you have any insane ideas, the spells will be balanced and will make sense with your background if you do play a wizard.

Homebrew Classes

Unlike my other campaigns, there are no homebrew classes. Instead, there is the Saint system that may replace some class features. This will heavily affect paladins and clerics with entirely homebrewed class features. Other classes may slightly change as well, such as fighters or rangers. One such example is that a ranger worshiping the Dragon King will receive a change to Feywild Magic, becoming much more in flavor to the Dragon Aspects instead.

Politics: Low-Medium

Roleplay: High

Combat: Medium

Exploration / Mystery: Very High

Player - DM (Me) Arrangement

Starting straight from after you filled out the application linked below, I will consider and interview you with the intent to see if your attitude, personality, and mentality is a good fit for our group. Being new to a VTT (Virtual Tabletop) or D&D is not a disqualifier or an issue if you obligate yourself to learning 5e mechanics as well as my homebrew elements before, during, or after our sessions. I will say that my best player was actually someone who had only watched Critical Role and had never actually played D&D before.
Within a few days to a week, I will handpick good fits from the applications filled out to go towards the interview stage. This may include you meeting the other players already in the campaign. Provided that you pass the interview, we’ll eventually break the ice with the other three or four players that I find as a good fit for my campaign and plan a background session.
Lastly, if you are too humble to apply with fear of thinking you might not be good enough or take someone else's slot in my D&D game, then you are similar to my own mindset. All I have to say is that, in both life and my campaign, you will need to take control of your own fate.
Thank you for taking the time in reading the huge wall of text, and have a great day in LFG. Hopefully you will find a group you deserve.

Final Note:

This campaign will be LGBTQ+ friendly. Homophobic and racist persons will not be considered as applicants.
I have an Asian accent. Worry not, for English is my first and only language.
This campaign is based off of 5e rules with several homebrewed elements as well as major to minor changes in classes that I will be happy to explain.

There is a race lock of the following (meaning you can only choose these races for lore reasons) - [Humans] [Elves] [Half Elves] [Halflings] [Dwarves] - Additionally, there will be races never seen before in typical D&D, and orcs are outright changed from any standards of “common” fantasy.


This campaign will feature discrimination, racism, and a few other abhorrent horrors that makes this campaign preferably 18+. However, this does not mean details into things such as gore will happen. In the application, if you mark down that you do not want a certain element into this campaign then I will take it to heart and avoid the subject.


Lastly, I give credit to “Mushoku Tensei” for providing both content and inspiration for the creation of this D&D universe.

Application Link
submitted by The_13th_Legend to lfg [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:40 bbringmemymoney UPDATE ON GI BILL DELAY

UPDATE ON GI BILL DELAY submitted by bbringmemymoney to VeteransBenefits [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:38 Tall_Disk_5375 My friend who is a nanny deserves more and I can’t convince her to quit or stand up for herself. Advice on what she should be making??

Y’all. My bestie lives in Charlotte NC. She used to work for a wholesale company that sold vapes and vape cartridges. The company was sold and the owner of the company asked her to be his nanny/assistant. He has (at the time a 5yr old girl) she’s worked for him for 4 years as a nanny/assistant now. This is all she does: - cleans the house regularly - cooks meals regularly - takes NK to and from school, to and from dance, Nk regularly stays at her house overnight during the week and weekends - takes care of NKs dog - errands related to NK, DB, household
Now after hearing all of her duties I asked her what her hours are.
She said they can vary with us usually starting at 7am and ending between 6p-8p unless NK sleeps over. Saturdays and Sundays can vary as well and often include overnights. Sometimes NK will go 5 days in a row without seeing her dad.
Here’s the kicker. She makes 20/hr at 50GH a week. If she works more than 50hrs it doesn’t matter. She still gets paid for 50hrs.
This is wrong on SO MANY LEVELS yet she says “well he only charges me 400/mo rent for his 3 bd house when he could easily get 1500-200/mo, and I drive his new car all week and weekend if I’m working.”
Y’all. Those little perks do not outweigh what she’s doing. Please tell me she deserves much much much more. I am beyond upset for her! I know she’s the only one that can change things but damn.
submitted by Tall_Disk_5375 to Nanny [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:35 monstermusicchas Vinyl Saturday at Monster Music - 20% off all Records

As we do the first Saturday of every month, this Saturday, April 1st, we will have 20% off all new & used vinyl in store and online - Sale is live as of midnight, good on preorders too. Most in-stock orders will ship within 24 hours, & we use Whiplash mailers. Happy trails!
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2023.03.31 17:34 XlickBait 297 Simsports is looking for drivers to create a 2nd team

297 Simsports is looking for drivers to create a 2nd team
297 Simsports is looking to expand their operations in ACC, and because of that are looking for new drivers to represent them in both sprint and endurance events.The team is currently running one car, but is looking to build one more car for endurance events (currently the AMR V8 Vantage, but experimentation will begin after the 1.9 patch with the new cars and changes to setups). Drivers are free to use their own preferred car for sprint events, but are encouraged to stick with the teams choice of car.Primarily based in EU (CEST & EEST), the team is looking for drivers in similar time zones, but are open to any applicants as long as time zone issues and/or ping doesn't cause serious issues.
  • For the drivers "skill" the team is looking for drivers with similar pace as their current car ( 2:18/2:19's at Spa, 1:48's at Monza, 2:03's at Bathurst, etc.)
  • Driver have to have a pretty open schedule, especially on weekends, so that they can take part in a wide range of events, especially endurance ones (as these most commonly happen on Saturdays/Sundays)
  • Drivers have to have an open mindset, be willing to learn and improve, by putting in hours on practice for events
If you may be interested or have any additional questions, feel free to drop me a message here on reddit, or add me on Discord: ClickBait#2899
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2023.03.31 17:23 wjo20 Just Passed with 145 .. 3rd time taking it

The most important thing about going to this exam is to boost your confidence, know you will pass, and believe it. During the exam, I keep telling myself that I will pass and that is my last time taking it.
What I did differently from 2 two first times taking it
1) The first two times, I used Uworld, ATI review book, and it did not work for me. Uworld might work for a lot of people but not for me because the questions from Uworld did not look like the real exam but I took a lot of notes from the rationales
2) This time, I realize my problem was content, anxiety, and changing my answers. I used Archer and it's legit. I bought the combo which gives you on-demand video and notes, which I used to study. they have a 20-hour Nclex review video on demand which is included with the subscription, I watched it 2 days before the exam and take notes, so they can be fresh in my brain. I watched the Mark K video and I also bought the pdf notes to review which was helpful. I know that I was weak in Pharmacology, so I bought this NCLEX Pharmacology made by simple Nursing. I did not finish the whole quiz bank (Archer), I only completed 80% of it, and I took 9 readiness assessments ( 8 high chance of passing and the last one was borderline).
If anyone needs any of those pdf materials, text me in private and I will send them to you. I hope this can boost the confidence of someone else. You got this guys...
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2023.03.31 17:23 behraoui77 EazySitePro AI OTO - 1 to 5 OTOs links Below - EazySitePro AI Bonuses

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2023.03.31 17:22 Orgeo I (M28) don't know what to do to fix the situation I've caused with my now very recent ex (f22) and really need some advice

For a bit of context we were together for nearly 2 years and we have a 6 month old together and I have a 7 year old from a previous and relationship.
So this has really all started at the beginning of the year in January as on some weekends I have to go to my mum's to have my 7 year old just due to travel restrictions on certain weekends and to cut a long story short I didn't call to speak to either of them and didn't come back the day I said I would. This caused us to have a failing out but we're able to get past it and it did bring up some things that she wasn't happy with which were me smoking the amount of weed I was smoking and also just to make an effort to keep the house clean compared to the effort I was doing in the past. I had cut down smoking alot compared to what I was and tried to be cleaner but honestly I could of done more.
Then the weekend before mother's day (UK) again I had to go to my mum's for my other child and was supposed to travel back Sunday/Monday depending when she got picked up and I got very ill being bed bound from Saturday night to about Wednesday and obviously could not travel back I started to feel a bit better Wednesday but I was told it was too late as our sons bedtime is 8pm the next day all trains were cancelled completely due to strikes and then Friday I was working late so it was no possible to get the right train on time (I don't drive and don't really have anyone around me who would take me as it's a 2 hour round trip by car. After this I was told she didn't want me to come back at the weekend and that she probably wouldn't speak to me on Mothers Day as we were clearly not in a good place.
Come Monday she had messaged me basically telling me it was over and that she was left heartbroken she had nothing to wake up to on her first mother's day (had everything with me for her but this makes me hate myself for making her feel this way) and that I hadn't even sent her a nice message. I did send her a message but was really anxious what to put to her understandably because she was really heartbroken.
The next week and I have made a very big effort and will always continue to do to call my son everyday, ask how he is and what he's doing and also tried to talk to her about all of this but she just feel so hurt and angry and just has nothing to say to me.
Since all this it has really made me think about what it is I want in life which is us a family and I can't believe it's taken this for it to actually get through to me, this has also made me quit weed completely and have been sober since.
The following week she invited me to come and stay at her (in the guestroom ofcourse) so I can be with outlr son which I jumped at as I've missed him so much and also missed her and wanted to see her.
The 2 days I was an emotional wreck but kept it together with our son it was just when he went to bed and it's just us to so I told her in a short form that I'm so sorry ive disappointed both her, her family and our son and that all I care about is them and I know I haven't shown that and I will do anything to show her than I am changing to be the person firstly I want to be but also the dad/partner I should of been. That I've quiet smoking weed completely and I've never been so straight thinking in my life as to what I want and that is to be with them.
The following day which was the Tuesday at night after our some went to bed she put her head on my leg and I ended up giving her a back tickl3 as I normally would. When we were going to bed she asked if I wanted to cuddle for 5 mins which turned into 30min so I asked if she wanted me to leave which she said "I don't know" I ended up spending the night there and we also ended up making love that night which happened out of no where and was no my intentions at all.
The next day she asked me to sleep in the guestroom again as she was tired from the previous night and I didn't want to go against her so agreed of course.
This brings me onto last night where I could tell she had gone back to being cold with me so I tried to speak to her about all of this and she had said "she loves me but she doesn't know what she wants, she is used to doing it on her own now and that she just doesn't believe or trust anything I have said and that she just doesn't know what to say. She regretts the other night and since can't even hug me" which is something she has done before that night.
I just don't know what to do or say I mean there isn't much more I can say without repeating myself and I do truly mean everything I have said and its really fucking me up. I'm here for I would imagine another 2 or 3 days. I'm never going to stop proving to her that I want to make this right and that I am making changes to myself that should of been done a long time ago. we do work well together and get on so well I just hope someone can help me by giving me some advice as I have no one to confide in about this.
submitted by Orgeo to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:21 AppleBG Downstairs neighbor is making our lives a living hell

Hi everyone, so for the past year we’ve been dealing with our downstairs NFH and it’s driving me insane. I’m not sure what to do anymore.
Background: We live in a suburb in NYC, in a 13-floor building with multiple neighbors above and below us. my fiancé and me moved into our apartment last March. We don’t have pets, and at the time when we moved in, I was about 20 weeks pregnant with our daughter. We don’t have any other children. My boyfriend works in banking and leaves at 7 am every day and returns at 7 pm. I’m in PA school, so from March - December I left for school at 2 pm and returned at 10 pm. During the day I would study. Now I’m on rotations, so I’m gone M-F from around 8 am - 5 pm. Our daughter is 7 months old and doesn’t walk or crawl yet. My mom takes care of the baby during the day, but they usually leave to run errands, park or library.
Our downstairs neighbor started placing multiple noise complaints very shortly after we moved in. Security would come to our apartment weekly and tell us that she was complaining about children running and playing. At this point, I was still very pregnant and our apartment barely had furniture. My fiancé would answer the door and tell them that we didn’t have children yet. By the third time, my fiance asked me to open the door so that they would see my belly. Security felt bad and told the neighbor that there were no children in the apartment.
The complaints stopped for a bit and then they started again when we bought our dining room table. She started sending security again and started making calls to management about the chairs moving. Once my fiancé called me frantically while I was studying to ask me what I was doing. He had management on the other line saying that I was making noise in the apartment for hours. I was studying for an exam and occasionally standing up to use the bathroom. After that, we put little felt pieces under the chairs.
At this point, I had a conversation with management to explain our work/school schedules. Management was understanding and said they would have a talk with her. Management asked me if we had carpeting in our apartment. I told them we have area rugs in the living room, with the couch and coffee table, a rug in the baby’s room, and one in the bedroom under our bed. Security was still being called almost 2x a month.
Once I delivered I had to return to school since my program doesn’t offer maternity leave so my fiancé took paternity leave to care for the baby. She was still sending security to the apartment while he was home caring for a newborn. Often times he would be napping or on the couch with the baby when security would come over. One time he woke up to NYPD knocking on the door over a noise complaint and he was napping in the bedroom. The police officers were visibly very upset, according to my fiancé when they saw that the apartment was dark and he had a sleeping newborn in his arms. They left and said to ignore her.
At some point when my daughter was about 3 months old and security was still being called, I got very frustrated. I asked security to accompany me to speak with her myself. They took us downstairs. She was extremely aggressive from the beginning while I was trying to calmly explain to her that we don’t know where the noises she hears are coming from. She kept mentioning a screeching sound from the table. We told her we placed the felt pieces. She asked us if we had carpeting in our apartment, we told her no, but we had rugs and didn’t have one under the table because we felt it was unsanitary to have one there in case food fell on it. I gave her my number and asked her to text me when she heard noises so we can try to fix the issue. She said she still heard children running. I pointed to the baby and said that she was the only child and she was only 3 months old so it was not possible that it was her. My neighbors in the apartment next to mine (we share the living room wall) have children that do run a lot. She was complaining about the noise in her living room. She was on the phone with her boyfriend, who said “he can hear the noise too” 😒. She apologized briefly and told me she’d text me.
So sometime later, she texted me when she thought she heard the noise. We ran some noise tests and couldn’t reproduce the noise she was talking about using any furniture in our apartment. The only time we could hear something is when I actually slammed the chair. I told her I was sorry she was hearing those sounds but it was not coming from our apartment.
She texted me again when I was on rotation all the way in another borough, and I told her no one was home so the noise wasn’t from our apartment.
She texted me again yesterday to complain of balls dropping in our bedroom (over the master bedroom) and about footsteps at 6 am (that one was definitely my fiancé walking around in his work shoes). She was very nasty this time and stated that she was going to call management and set up a meeting to inspect our apartment because of the noise.
I spoke to management again and they got upset with me. They stated that she hasn’t called since July 2022. I told them she was texting me the complaints and I had no explanation for the noises she was hearing and that it was becoming too much for us bc we feel like we can’t even walk around our apartment without a possible complaint.
I said: “it feels like she wants us to carpet our apartment and I’m not doing that. I have allergies and it’s out of our budget.”
Management said: “well per your lease, you’re supposed to have carpet in 80% of the apartment, except the kitchen and bathroom. We usually don’t enforce it, but if the noise complaints are excessive, we do enforce it. Also, since she hasn’t called since July, it looks like YOU are starting the complaints now.”
I was confused because it feels like this woman has been harassing us for over a year now. I looked at the lease and the lease did state that there needs to be carpeting in 80% of the apartment, but here is what I’m confused about:

  1. The apartments come with hardwood floors and no carpeting
  2. The lease states that any carpeting must be removed before releasing the apartment back to them when moving out
  3. If we don’t remove the carpeting, we lose our deposit AND they charge us $15/sq ft to remove the carpet.
  4. If the wood floor is damaged from carpet removal/installation, we must pay to repair the wood floors.
So all in all they would want us to spend thousands of dollars out of our pocket carpeting and removing to appease this neighbor if she chooses to escalate it this way and it seems that this is the route she’s taking. She’s aware that our apartment is lacking carpet and only has area rugs bc security told her when they visited our apartment.
She texted me again today at 3 am to say she heard balls dropping. We were sleeping at 3 am and the baby sleeps through the night without toys in her crib. I responded at 9 am saying it wasn’t us bc we were sleeping at that time.
We’ve tried to call remove sources of noise in the following way:

  1. No shoes in the apartment. I asked my fiancé to put his work shoes on only when he was about to leave.
  2. We don’t sit at our dining table. So often we sit on the couch to eat or sometimes the floor
  3. My fiancé likes to listen to TV loud, he’s been avoiding that for months, and when he plays videos games, he uses headphones
  4. The baby only plays with her toys on our bed or on the couch so she can’t hear her playing
At this point, I don’t know what to do. Our options seem to be:

  1. move out, but that’s difficult bc money is a little tight.
  2. The leasing agent who helped us get the apartment is good friends with my stepdad and we were thinking of asking him if he could help us switch apartments
  3. I don’t think there’s anything legally we can do, especially because we are the upstairs neighbors. My stepfather’s lawyer could maybe look at the lease and give us advice. I might go this route before doing anything
  4. place a carpet large enough to cover the majority of the living room area with some foam padding under the table and see if that solves the issue. Although, I'm not convinced it will, because now she is complaining about a noise in the bedroom that she wasn't before. I feel like she is going to complain until every inch of my apartment is carpeted, and even then, still complain
If there are any suggestions anyone has, anything would be appreciated.
submitted by AppleBG to neighborsfromhell [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:19 rkf27 Second date advice

Hey y’all. I’d appreciate some advice.
So I (23M) went on a date last week with (20F) at a coffee house. It was alright I’d say, the conversation was generally smooth with some moments of silence and awkwardness, but that comes with any first date at a coffee house I’d say. The date lasted approximately 1.5 hours.
So after the date I tell her I had a good time and she says the same and I say that I’d love to do something again if she does. And she agrees, likely out of pressure to not make me feel bad on the spot. However, as we say our goodbyes I kinda just stand there awkwardly with my hands on my pockets and say I’ll text her. I don’t hug her but I could tell she was about to hug me. I’m such an idiot. (We hugged when we greeted each other in the coffee house.)
So I get back home and tell her I had a good time and she says “yeah I had a really great time!” Cool seems promising. So I text her to see if she wants to see a movie next weekend and she says yeah I’ll let you know if that works with my schedule. Conversation basically dies for the week until yesterday night. I text her asking her again if Friday or Saturday would work to get dinner and a movie. No response last night which is odd because she normally responds to me at night.
I assume this means no but I’m wondering if I should send a follow up text to just ask to confirm that she’s not interested in another date. If so how long should I wait to do this? And how should I frame the message to not come off clingy or needy? I know it seems pathetic but I really like this girl so I’d be disappointed if I didn’t at least try. Thanks!
submitted by rkf27 to dating [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:17 North_egg_ Tested positive/got symptoms 7 days ago. Now testing negative, still contagious?

I tested positive last Saturday morning after developing a minor sore throat and nasal congestion Friday night.
My symptoms are gone except for a bit of congestion, but I’ve tested negative with a nasal swab antigen test twice in the last 24 hours.
Am I likely to still be contagious? I’ve been sleeping in a spare room in the floor and wearing a kn95 mask around my spouse and baby. I don’t want either to get sick.
My spouse and I have had the first series and two booster vaccines, baby has had none and is breastfed.
submitted by North_egg_ to COVID19positive [link] [comments]