Cybercore aesthetic

What place to start when designing a cybercore/2000s aesthetic design?

2023.03.01 04:34 toyAlien What place to start when designing a cybercore/2000s aesthetic design?

Link to example Images
I hate to be that person but I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to get started with a design like these. This style is super nostalgic for me and reminds me of my childhood, and I'm proficient in most adobe software as well as 3d design and illustration, but these designs seem so complex that I don't even know where to get started. Does anyone know what kind of software they even used to create these kinds of 3d shapes back in the 2000s? I could use any tips or advice, or any tutorial videos that anyone knows about! Thank you!
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2023.01.28 01:54 seoulxiii interest for aespa and my expectations for their next album

These days, aside from the groups I stan, I've been really thinking about aespa..
When they debuted, i really had no interest in them and i don't really dig their concept/lore. I don't really like how they debuted with a single followed by another single too. But savage mini album happened, so that really got me thinking of stanning them lowkey. I followed their accounts and all. From their recent mini, unfortunately, i only like girls and illusion so i was taken back and decided i'll just casually listen to them just like how i do with other ggs like twice, blackpink etc.
However, recently, I've been into cybercore aesthetic and such so my interest in them sparked once again. Everytime i see one, I hope aespa could do it. I don't know if their album will be mini album or full album but hopefully, they outdo savage/next level concept photos and better songs than illusion, I'll make you cry, yeppi yeppi, and lucid dream.
What are your expectations for their next album?
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2022.12.16 00:28 tsukiyumeluna reviewing Kikuo albums :D (Kikuo Miku 5)

Hi everyone, me again. While cleaning in decided to re-listen to some Kikuo albums I haven’t touched in a while. Today I choose KM5, so this is the one I’ll be reviewing. In would’ve done this I’m order, but since I started with 5 the next part will be a random number (so not KM6).
Please keep in mind that these are my CURRENT opinions. Any songs I dislike/like now I might like in the future, who knows.
Also please don’t get angry if I give one of your favorite songs a low score.
Some of you probably already knew this, but I’d like to get it out the way to prevent any possible drama.
With that being said, enjoy!

  1. Dive into the bottom of the dream
Nice! The beginning reminds me of Batsu Neko while the end reminds me of Cats Dining Table. (I think this was intentional?) Score: 7/10.

  1. Kara Kara Kara no Kara
Being the most popular from this album, I obviously liked it. The slapstick sounds effects are pure chaos which I love. Score: 10/10.

  1. Pino Polaris the Monster
Ehh not really my taste. I find it ironic that I can listen to Kara Kara with no problem, but I get impatient with this one because of the song length. I probably need to listen to it some more to get used to it, but currently I’m not a fan. Score: 5/10.

  1. Koushin Koushin Koushinchuu
Nice sounding and catchy. It reminds me of internet aesthetics like cybercore. Don’t have much to say except I like it. Score: 8/10.

  1. Oishii Tamashii
I’ll be honest, I when I first heard this song I was TERRIFIED. The whispering in the beginning made me stay away from it. Once I realized how catchy it was it didn’t bother me anymore. I really like it now and that’s all I’ve got lol. Score: 9/10.

I didn’t like this song either when I first heard it. Heard it again a few times, and here we are. I love this song, it’s so catchy that it feels like a fever dream. It would definitely be one of those songs I’d play at a dance party or something. Score: 10/10.

  1. First Cry
It’s pretty good. I like how it starts of slow and then picks up pace. It has a relaxing, catchy beat. Score: 8/10.

  1. La la la Rasen no Naka
Love it! I liked how the beat pauses at some parts, it completely caught me off guard. The song just sounds relaxing and almost magical to me. Score: 9/10.

  1. Sea is
Ahh this song is so relaxing. I could fall asleep to it any time if the day. Definitely a personal favorite of mine. Score: 9/10.

  1. Is it six - hexagon skew polyhedron?
Not to bad, but not a favorite. It’s definitely a more simple song compared to the rest. The lyrics are also pretty relatable to me- Score: 7/10.

Total Album Score: ★★★★☆ (4/5)
Favorite to Least Favorite:
  2. Kara Kara Kara no Kara
  3. Oishii Tamashii
  4. La la la Rasen no Naka
  5. Dive into the bottom of the dream
  6. Koshin Koshinchuu
  7. Sea is
  8. First cry
  9. Is it six - hexagon skew polyhedron?
  10. Pino Polaris the Monster

That’s it for today, stay tuned for the next part!

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2022.02.24 20:03 Puzzleheaded-Eye4213 Need sum help

I'm trying to find out a subculture/ aesthetic where it has things like cybercore but very glitchy and hacker like? Sorry it's a idea I've had in my head but can't really place it. With music it's very glitchy like a simulation but the visuals are kinda trippy and glitchy with like Code running down the picture but also like the matrix kind of? Jesus help if you can I'm really trying to figure out this idea this might not even be a subculture fr
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2022.02.21 15:40 SilentFoxProductions Genderhoard time. It's still growing...

Names: Eden, Aren, Aion, Astral, Nebula, Ethan, Korat, Seishin
Pronouns: He/Him/His, They/Them/Theirs, Ze/ZiZirs, Rose/Roses/Roseself, Div/Divs/Divsself, Yi/Yin/Yins/Yinself, StaStars/Starself, ⭐️/⭐️s/⭐️self, 🦊/🦊s/🦊self, vul/vulps/vulpself, kit/kits/kitself, nonors/norself, en/ens/enself, neo/neos/neoself,
Sexual Orientation: Asexual, Yumesexual, Chaoticsexual, Omnisexual, Toric, Vincian, Opalian, Minsexual, Aegosexual, Apothisexual, Orchidsexual, Nocturnalsexual, Placiosexual,
Etc. Identities: Demian, Angled Aroace, Burst, Trixic, Neopronoun Gay, They/Them Gay, Bambi Gay, Voidpunk, Alterhuman, Furry, Softcollector, Cutecollector, Kaeicollector, Pan-Vincian, Xyric, Freak Pride, Xenogender Gay, Non-Binary Gay, Genderfluid Gay, Fox Pan, Artemis A-Spec, Enbies of Eternity, Chimerian Xenogender Clan, Inclusionist, Pronoun Fluid, Lammergeier (anti-exclusionist), SAGA, Pocket Genders, Dualrose, Trident Toric, Radical Inclusionist, Paradoxpunk, Nomifluid, Namehoarder, Moonlight Gay (coined by me), Lovepunk, Lovequeer, Pillowlove, Omni-Vincian, Omnipanflux, Rat Ace, Omni-Opposum, Forestpunkic, Gaybian, Foxhoarder (coined by me), Vulpiscollector (coined by me), Sapphic Achillean, Omni-Vincian, Duoplur, Xenohoarder, Multi-Bambi, Xenoscum, Rabies Pride, Dovehoarder,
Dysphoria: Chest, Vocals, Social, Mind, Species,
Furry Subsets: Taurs, Avians, Cetaceans, Scalies, Sparklefurs,
Kintypes: Fox, Kitsune, Dragonelf, Enfield, Moros, Ena, Grell,
Alterhuman Types: Therian, Otherkin (Mythkin, Divinekin, Faekin, Musickin), Fictionkin (OCkin, Rolekin), Factkin (Unknownkin), Copinglink, Constelic, Beforan, Morphen, ND-Inhuman, Trauma Alterhuman, Otherspin, Antihuman, Identity Anarchy, Otherhearted, Dreamkinnic,
Corics: Adventurecore, Animecore, Babycore, Bardcore, Bloomcore, Cabincore, Candycore, Caninecore, Carnivalcore, Cartooncore, Changlelingcore, Catcore, Cloudcore, Comiccore, Cottagecore, Craftcore, Crowcore, Cryptidcore, Crystalcore, Cultcore, Devilcore, Dragoncore, Dreamcore, Drugcore, Earthcore, Fairycore, Fawncore, Firecore, Gamercore, Ghostcore, Gorecore, Happycore, Honeycore, Junglecore, Kidcore, Kimoicore, Lovecore, Metalcore, Miniaturecore, Naturecore, Nostalgiacore, Queercore, Rainbowcore, Rangercore, Roguecore, Ratcore, Ravencore, Sleepycore, Slutcore, Smilecore, Spacecore, Sparklecore, Spiritcore, Spiritualcore, Stripcore, Tinycore, Toycore, Traumacore, Trendercore, Unicorncore, Villagecore, Voidcore, Weirdcore, Witchcore,
Presentation: Selian, Freedressing, Femboy, Biird, Softboy,
Reclaimed Slurs (that I use): Fggot, Cntboy,
Genderfusics: Foxfusic
Attraction Orientation: Nia/Nin, Mia/Min, Lia/Lin, Xia/Xin, Fia/Fin (excluding binary cis women),
Alterous Attraction: Panalterous (coined by me)
Xenoidentities: Vulpisid, Inclusid,
Xenonatures: Vulpisnatured (coined by me), Mythnatured (coined by me)
Romantic Orientation: Aroflux, Yumeromantic, Bellusromantic, Panromantic, Pomoromantic, Nocturnalromantic, Cupioromantic,
Aesthetic Orientation: Panaesthetic
Sensual Orientation: Pansensual, Demisensual
Platonic Attraction: Panplatonic
Relationship Orientation: Ambiamorous, Pomoamorous,
Gender Identity: Non-binary, Demiboy, Transgender, Transmasculine,
Plurality: Adaptive (Traumagenic), Willowgenic,
Plural Identities: Systemfluid, GenderNH, Divinive, Inworldgender,
Gender Systems: Mystian System, Singender System, Vulpinigender System, DDLCgender System (coined by me), Scene System, Magicae System, Therian System, Nostalgia System, Bedtime System, Card Deck System, CC System, Eeveelutiogender System, Element System, Gothic System,
YumefoxgendeYumekitsunegender (coined by me)
Feralgender (coined by me)
Softfoxgender (coined by me)
Wonderlandic (coined by me)
Swinggender (coined by me)
ElectroSwing Gender (coined by me)
Panfoxic (coined by me)
Foxfluid (coined by me)
Lupusvulpic (coined by me)
Foxhoarder (coined by me)
Riogender (coined by me)
RWBYgender (coined by me)
Amarevulpic (coined by me)
MadgendeGendermad (coined by me)
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2021.05.01 14:03 sad_emy i feel like i act like an old person therefore I changed my whole personality. am i fake?

i started writing sentences with lowercase, changed the way i edit my photos, started following cybercore and other alt aesthetic people on insta, write "edgy" captions, stopped using emojis like 😂 and now i feel like i am a fake person, but i also feel like i act my age which is better i guess. now i'm trying to change the way i look irl by wearing gothic makeup. (sorry for my bad english lol)
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2020.12.15 23:00 tokenkinesis The “-punk” suffix should be reserved for things that are THEMATICALLY punk. The “-core” (or similar) suffix should be used for things that describe an AESTHETIC.

For example, ‘cyberpunk’ would be aptly named, but ‘solarpunk’ would be ‘solarcore’. And ‘raypunk’ would describe say, Flash Gordon, but The Jetsons would be considered ‘raycore’. Johnnie Mnemonic and Netrunner are clearly ‘cyberpunk’, but media with just the cyber aesthetic without ‘rejection of the status quo’, etc. themes would be ‘cybercore’.
Edit: I am speaking about media in general (books, movies, games, art, etc). I wouldn’t consider music genres part of this opinion, though the conversations/considerations of specific ones are interesting!
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2016.09.12 11:20 the-bro User Review - Black Ops 3

Hi, So I started a review on Steam and kinda hit the character boundary so I figured I'd just post the full thing here and link it on steam later. Anyway, my bro recently bought black ops 3 so I thought i'd give my two cents on and.. well, it's a lot more than 2 cents, just take a look :)
I don't really condone jumping on the hate train and sh*tting on Cod like everyone else, I've always been quite optimistic about games, adopting a "figure out whether you like it yourself" approach.
However, this steaming pile of crap changed my mind and I can't help but join in.
I read a review that said something like "This game inspired me to play other games". F*cking spot on, couldn't have said it better myself. That's the TL:DR version of this review right there. So if you don't read any further than this, do your wallet a favour and DON'T BUY THE GAME
Buy Mankind Divided instead, kappa
For the longer version where I deservingly get to crap on the game a lot more for paying full price and because I don't feel the sentence above alone does us justice to this sht show for yet again another sht PC port, the most dire multiplayer in the entire series and the zombie mode that everyone bought the game for which ended up being either totally underwhelming or just plain dreadful depending on perspective.
So, grab a drink and some popcorn, then strap yourselves in for the most hate-fuelled, yet informative review you're likely to ever read.
Before Black Ops 3, The Zombie mode was treyarch's most popular feature (closely rivalled by MP in BO2) in each of their games. After the events of Moon in Black Ops 1 I feel that the story doesn't live up to my personal expectations as well as many other people's because let's be fair - it took a turn for the worse. But, the maps and gameplay were still as fun in Black Ops 2 as they were in previous titles - especially the Origins Map. The gameplay would consist of original and simplistic objectives, yet mingled with challenging and unrelenting themes. Buy Doors. Buy Guns. Turn on Power. Buy Perks. PaP. and if your team wanted a greater challenge, Begin one of the Easter eggs.
Post Black Ops 1 I've only completed 3/4 Easter eggs in BO2 and 0 for BO3. In BO1, beating the Easter eggs required teamwork, skill, a small bit of luck and perseverance. The objectives really weren't that difficult to complete with an experienced team of players and with a good leader co-ordinating the team, you'd have a whale of a time. Black Ops 2 built on the success of Black Ops 1's Easter egg feature by thoroughly increasing the difficulty of Easter eggs. This was done by making them longer and more convoluted, drastically decreasing the chances of completion at higher rounds for the more difficult eggs - especially if started late, leading to the players forming plans of attack to complete the Easter eggs. Playing zombies became less about enjoying the gamemode and more about completing the eggs, more task-focused. But for Veteran players like my team, it provided a relishing challenge and we had many close calls trying to complete them, but they were still enjoyable and as I stated above - I still haven't done them all because the first two Easter eggs (Tranzit and Die Rise) were VERY formidable but I managed to complete Die Rise after much trial and error. New Players must have had great difficulty with these, but I digress.
Enter Black Ops 3, the Pay-to-win Bastard Child of activision with Call of Duty World at War's shadow to overcome and a lot to prove. I had hope for Zombies after watching the trailers, the Devs stated that they'd "Take it in another direction" (i'm paraphrasing here.) Which I could agree with many that it was what Zombies needed in terms of story. I'd rather they do a "Cod multiplayer" and keep the gameplay as original (I'm stressing original and not bland) as possible throughout the series in order to further the story, than them implementing some annoyingly complicated new game mechanics with a pay-to-win liquid divinium system in order to unlock "Gobblegums". The game was far too prominent in emphasising the use of gobblegums to the point of great irritation. I've tried using some divinium to get the better gums but many of the best gobblegums are simply nigh on impossible to get without buying divinium with real money. Divinium and "Cod Points" are simply a middleman between your money and the gums. It's a better looking way of pricing the gobblegums rather than pricing them individually which would mean a more openly shown pay-to-win feature. Which would mean, for Activision the public outroar would be far greater.
Let's sink our teeth into the maps of our latest abomination before I strangle something thinking about P2W.
Shadows of Evil.
The name in itself is kind of foreboding - the map being a shadow of what it could have been due to just plain bad ideas and far too complex concepts. Also, bad mapping. The map starts out easy enough, but immediately I notice this feature that you can turn into a strange monster, reminiscent of afterlife from Mob of the Dead. You go around the map and open up areas/move collectables for other players to pick up, and you can turn on perk machines. The final point about perk machines is probably the most prominent, as you can only turn into the monster once per round in co-op or twice per round solo. This is no minor annoyance because if you want to open up the map early, you're quite limited in what you can actually do during your time as the monster. Time, being a great factor in this map specifically because in order to get to pack-a-punch - a very necessary milestone to surpass the round 20 barrier you actually have to do [u]Half of the entire Easter egg[/u] which is by no means a small feat as this Easter egg is the most difficult so far (excluding DLC). I've only got to pack once or twice due to the mere complexity of the map design, let alone the 4 rituals that need performing. It's a really sht idea by someone who was quite obviously trying to revolutionise the way zombies maps are mapped. They failed really fcking miserably as the map was a total flop IMO, shared by a great deal of the community. that's not even to mention the design. Apart from a total of maybe 2 areas that you can train in (1 large area and one smaller area requiring great skill from one person) the map practically always keeps you moving, which is not feasible if you want to progress in the map with more than 2 people - wasting further time and resources, greatly lessening your chances of opening pack. That being said, this map is very difficult with only 2 people and the training areas are horrible to work in as it is. The map gives off a very amateurish vibe, as if many ideas and concepts were only half thought through, leaving the areas in the map in an unacceptable standard for players to actually survive in at high rounds. As a very experienced zombies player at this point, I have no earthly clue how a newbie would survive past round 10 on this map. It is overbearingly tough without relent because on top of all that, there's no place you can camp the rounds out. God Awful.
The Giant. Haven't played it but many say it's bo3's only good map. Which isn't strictly speaking true because it's a remake of a cod 5 map so technically i wouldn't say it belongs to black ops 3. It's just a bit of cushioning for the devs in case Shadows of Evil was a F*ck up... which it was... I've played Der Riese and it's a fantastic map with plenty of balance and open areas to work in and there's also the well known camping spot above quick revive. But, this isn't a cod 5 review...
Der Eisendrache, Zetsubou No Shima, Gorod Krovi, Revolutions. I didn't waste £40 on the Season pass this year thankfully, so I haven't played these maps. I have, however, seen gameplay footage of them and the Easter eggs so i'll just be speculating on what i've seen. Each map seems interesting to the eye but I can't see anything more interesting past aesthetics. Gorod Krovi Re-introduced the PPSH-41 which was a good move but i couldn't help and see it as pandering to us players to try and make up for some of the previous maps' pitfalls. I honestly didn't see anything worth buying in the vids so I haven't bothered, and likely won't unless the price vastly reduces which is unlikely.
I think that covers zombies pretty well so let's move onto MP
Christ, Where to start on this one? Do I start with the Crappy Specialists? The Duplicated MP experience since Cod 4? the deplorable jetpack, sliding and wallrunning features? Pay to Win? the awful maps?
Pay to win definitely takes the cake. Before P2W was even implemented, you'd earn a certain number of "Cryptokeys" after playing matches which could be used to unlock skins for guns and stuff for your specialists. No weapons or melee weapons were even in the packs at first so they were pretty harmless. Then came the MX Garand and HG-40 Updates which meant you could unlock these guns if you opened a case with them. The chances of doing this were incredibly low. Like take the chances of winning the UK lottery and halve your odds, seriously. The only way you had a hope in hell was to buy cryptokeys with "Cod Points". Not to be confused with Black Ops 1's cod points system used to buy guns, with no P2W schemes what-so-ever. No, these Cod points are only, ONLY used to buy Keys and Vials in the game to unlock in-game items. As mentioned before, a middleman between your cash and the ingame stuff. Think of it like CSGO. You buy a Key to a case with real money and then you get a chance of winning a rare item, except with CS, Valve are Upfront with costs. Activision took a different approach to make it look more 'kid friendly'. Instead of asking mummy and daddy for money to buy case keys in a gamble for a weapon, they ask for money to buy 'cod points' which sounds far less likely to draw attention from many parents. These cod points only have one purpose - to be spent on in-game items thus increasing the chance of unlocking the "Epic" items. Another Reviewer stated that most weapon skins and equipment items are actually quite ugly and I agree with that. The better looking stuff is much rarer, and you're far more likely to be stuck with a horrid looking skin or a dupe of said skin. It may not be advertised like or even appear as mainstream gambling but don't be fooled. They're only after your money and like in the casinos - the house ALWAYS wins. Especially here because it's a false economy. They lose no money by giving you the epic weapons but they have extorted you out of a fair pile of cash before you get them. Ludicrous. If you try earning enough keys through gameplay to unlock said cases, you'll be playing for a long, long time to earn them because they take an absolute age to unlock. I think it's 3-5 matches for one of the higher tier cases, depending also on the XP earned per game. It was much easier to unlock cases before the P2W update but it's in their interest to make it tougher to unlock them as to encourage people to buy the cases. It's a good strategy for the waves of new and younger players that don't know any better but it's careless and to a degree - unethical to exploit gamers like that. The Weapons themselves are far, far better than the Vanilla guns. I can't count the number of times I got my arse handed to me by someone using the MX garand or the Famas. Even when I picked one up, it was like taking blinders off.. Extremely unbalanced and overpowered, as are the Melee weapons. Again, in their interest for it to be that way.
Let's move onto the Weapons and Specialists. The vanilla weapons follow the trend of SMG dominance that almost every other cod post MW2 MP does, With weapons such as the VMP or Vesper being the most used weapons in the lobbies, followed by 1-hit kill melee weapons obtained in cases, followed by P2W guns, finally, followed by Skill weapons ie. Snipers. Each weapon is customizable very similarly to BO2 as treyarch kept the same system. Except this time, They've added "Black Market Variants" for almost everything, further emphasising that P2W presence. It's so pointless and leaves me feeling almost like the weapon's incomplete if you don't have the variants. Picture buying a new bicycle after being told it comes with all the appropriate parts in great condition, then learning that the brakes don't work, the paintjob sucks and the tires are worn. You'd be mad, rightly so. Then you'd ask for a replacement right? a replacement you didn't even know you needed because you were blatantly lied to about the bike's condition. Then being told you gotta pay more for it. That's how I see the weapons variants, they shouldn't be charged for - unlocked at high weapon levels seems fairer. It's insult to injury that every single attachment on every single weapon has a black market variant. so picture the bike, but imagine everyone else has one and each one different from the last but in the same position as you in terms of being lied to. Activision are scum. If that's not enough, some weapon skins are now blatantly ripping off csgo - an ESL skin has 4 stickers in the EXACT same positions as they would be on souvenir weapons in CSGO. I wonder if the business team decided that they'd just stop pretending not to copy other games and just flat out do it (don't even get me started on the copying of "Augs" from Human revolution's success). Many of the specialists are underpowered. Spectre is rendered totally useless by the heavy implementation of one hit kill melee weapons and they all take an age to charge up. It's like having a really sht 4th perk that you can change, but it's like changing one shade of sht for another as many specialists can be easily countered or manoeuvred around ie. Firebreak's Flamethrower. When you activate the specialist and get killed maybe 5 seconds into it, which is likely considering how fast paced the games are, you have to re-build up the "power" or whatever to reactivate the specialist from scratch. You can unlock Different skin patterns for your specialist in a far more simplified fashion than that of Halo : Reach, if you include clothing patterns and colours. Again, the best looking ones are the rarest and can only be collected from cases, showing more P2W dominance.
Every single vanilla map sucks. I really don't think i need to build on that because it's pretty obvious if you've played the game or even seen gameplay.
So, we've come to Jetpacks, Sliding and Wallrunning. 3 totally pointless features this game could have done without, as they are an absolute pain for many players. Borrowed directly from Advanced Warfare, the watered-down jetpack has been mastered by some players to the extent of being extremely difficult to hit. It's depressing to empty an entire clip of the VMP at a guy and not even hit him once because he decided to fly 10m above you the second he saw you. Or walk into a teammate whilst wallrunning and fall to your death whilst on a killstreak. Or slide away from the frying pan and into the fire. What was wrong with black ops 1's Dolphin Dive?
Apart from all that, you've basically got the exact same cod MP as black ops 2, albeit a few reskins and different scorestreaks. Same Awful Engine, Same Exploitable tactics, Same Terrible connection and latency issues of which it escapes me how 3 or 4 fairly competent developers haven't been able to fix for almost a decade since mw2's release. Same Stupid "accolades" and "Callsigns" and weapon skin unlocks... and the perks get worse every year since WAW. It's really not original at all anymore and it seems like the devs are trying in all the wrong places to fix problems that don't exist in order to ignore the preexisting ones with the engine(s).
Another Year, another generic Cod Campaign. Named Black Ops 3 with a story that has absolutely no ties to the original two games whatsoever, even though it's set in the same universe. So we get no continuation on David Mason or any of that legacy which kept me going through Black ops 2. With Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer trying to get another successful campaign story out there to kick start their next Call of duty series, this was a little unwarranted as black ops 2 didn't exactly close the book. As with every other cod since BO2, the story goes no-where - Hence the phrase : "Nobody buys cod for the story", which I've heard so many times. Even with the Re-integration of campaign co-op, it couldn't save the story damned from the beginning. Campaign Co-op is a shadow of it's former self - no competitive scoring or anything of substance really. It seems unfinished, with the lack of features shown. Dead Ops makes a return as Dead Ops 2, which is arguably the most original part of the game. accessible as a secret and not through the zombies menu for some reason, even after initial unlocking, it's the game's ONLY hidden gem. For those of you that enjoyed the first game, it's a lot more challenging but a good play nonetheless, with the implementation of new powerups and enemies - the game keeps you engrossed. 18 Rounds longer than the original, it's questionable whether anyone's actually completed it yet as the cod wiki's description for the last arena lies empty. A challenge, waiting to be completed.
The Campaign mode boasts some new features - 3 different cybercores, each with different upgrades such as domination to control turrets, etc., one tailored to fighting robots and another tailored to fighting humans. the weapons customisation is more like Black Ops 2 MP with a greater customisability. It's nothing special, just includes more options for play. There's not much of a challenge in the SP area due to the placement of Ammo Crates nearly everywhere. Brutal difficulty, where one shot kills you is unfairly difficult and again, borders on Lazy for the developers just like every other thing that's been copied and pasted so far.
Finally, UI
I'll keep this short as there's not much to say anyway. I could have perhaps forgiven some of the campaign and zombies' faults if not for the unreasonable demand for a constant internet connection. likely to do with zombies and the campaign now having an EXP system for ranking... which is another unwarranted addition to the game that only causes more problems. If you play offline then no progress is saved for zombies and there's an entirely different campaign slot for offline, so if you played online until the last level and lost connection, you'd have to either restart the entire story in a different save slot or wait until your connection's back. Really f*cking awful, I absolutely hate it. The Game is poorly optimised for PC as even with a high end graphics card (GTX 970) I still experience some FPS drops and lag even at the main menu. Another example of a shitty port. And Preloading. I've been stuck at the menu for upto 5 minutes before because the game is "Checking". No other cod does this and I can't work out or understand the need for it to check my PC every time I launch. Why is this in the game?
Overall, this cod was the kiss of death for me. I didn't like ghosts, didn't buy advanced warfare and only bought this one because treyarch developed it. Not buying Infinite warfare (even though cod 4 remastered looks good but they should've sold separately. Bad business move there.) or any cod after this unless they hit the "under £5" mark which is unlikely to ever happen, but IMO it's all they're worth.
This is the end of the review thankfully, If you read this far you're a trooper! Replies are welcome, let me know what you thought.
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