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2016.01.26 12:51 bourscheid Gel Nails At Home

Gel nails are the latest fashion statement. Gel nail polish is more flexible and durable than typical nail polish. It also lasts longer, staying in perfect condition for three weeks or more. The idea of creating your own gel nails at home has caught up with women concerned about the amount of time and money spent at the nail salon. Read more about gel nails at home here!

2023.03.26 14:25 yourstoicfriend Peeling finger tips, unresponsive to topical steroids, treatment options?
Age:17 Weight:58 Height:175
Medication: cetirizine 20mg daily, vitamin D
I did some rough work back then that needed me to scrub my hands and after doing that, my finger tips started to peel, before that I never had any skin issues on my hands. The peeling was not flaky but just the tip of the finger peeling of skin in a matter of a few days and my finger would look red and sensitive, I then tried clobetasol and 2 months after stopping steroid, it came back, then i tried mometasone cream and same thing happen, I waited 2 more months before starting another course of topical steroid, I’m currently at the end of this course and I could see that the peeling is starting to come back as I taper my cream. If you check the picture, you can notice some weird looking cracked skin at the very top end between my finger and nails(not sure if it is normal), I also noticed brittled nails after showering so I’m not sure if this is a skin issue or some sort of vitamin defiency or anything else. Any help?
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2023.03.26 14:14 fakehappyzzz [STILL] FOR SALE: SM Women's Coordinates for 1,300Php

[STILL] FOR SALE: SM Women's Coordinates for 1,300Php
Hello! Trying my luck again! 😅 I am still selling my pre-loved SM Women's Coords because when I posted it before dito hindi nagpush through potential buyers. Anyway, here's the details:
  1. Bought it last 2019. I only used it once for my oath taking.
  2. The top size is MEDIUM. Bottom is SMALL. My waist is 30" but I think it could still fit up to 31" kasi may allowance pa siya sakin. As for the coat, I can't say for sure kasi my shoulder length is 19" now idk what size I am from before 😅
  3. I'm standing 5'1 foot tall pero kapag di ako nakaheels, floor length yung dulo ng bottom.
  4. RFS: masikip na kasi yung coat sakin, I gained weight
  5. We could do meet up of you're around Makati or Manila
  6. Good condition pa lahat ng buttons and even yung zipper ng pants
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2023.03.26 13:29 AbhiFT [REQUEST][STEAM] Gift card of $36 or £29.90 for MS Flight Simulator 2020 [FOURTH ATTEMPT]

This is my fourth try still asking for a GiftCard amounting to the same sale price of the game. I know copy paste is not appreciated here for re-attempts, but last time I really worked hard on the poem for three days (I Know the poem sucks) and people seemed displeased with it. Further I really don't have anymore to say. I have seen some old posts where this game was asked by people but was never gifted once, but some other games here are gifted again and again. I really don't know why this game doesn't get any love, but I would really appreciate you for gifting this to me. And I will one day pay you in some way or another.
What is MS Flight Simulator 2020 about?
Game (40th AE is the base game): MS Flight Simulator 40th Base Edition
Microsoft has a long history with Flight Simulators. Their first Flight simulator was released in 1982. While the previous games were fun, the new MS Flight Simulator does something incredible which no other game has ever done: It simulates the topography of the entire Earth as accurate as possible to real world through satellite data of Bing/Google maps along with Cloud Computing to generate better visuals and real data for air traffic and weather. Moreover, it also takes real wind and real-world time into consideration.
The game also has an active community-driven add-ons that only makes the game even more realistic and grander. If any game has the biggest world map of all, this is it. This game has the world map almost as big as the Earth itself. You can visit many of the world-famous attractions like Eiffel Tower, The Taj Mahal and even football stadiums! But you can also explore some famous landscapes as well, and if you fly low enough, you can experience some wildlife too. The game features Geese, Seagulls, Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Elephants, Giraffes, Flamingos. You can experience the beautiful endless sea, but make sure you have enough fuel; You surely don't want to end up like Chuck Noland, and to make matters worse, you won't have your trustee, Wilson!
Microsoft Flight Simulator features 25 handcrafted airports, 4 classic commercial airports, 14 heliports and 15 glider airports. There are over 37,000 total airports in the game along with 37 airplanes, gliders, and helicopters with unique flight models, the likes of A320 Neo, Boeing 747, Cessna, DA62, and the cutest CTLS and A5, with detailed interiors of the cockpit. Isn't that the ultimate definition of simulation?
Why I want it:
I love exploring the world, something I am not financially able to do in real world. Every Time I watch something on TV, it's 90% of the time travel channels. The first time I tried Flight Simulator on my friend's PC, I fell in love with it. What I love about MSFS is the grand scale of the game. While in games like ETS 2 even a 4,000 KM journey can be completed in 3-4 hours, with MSFS, it would take real world time. For example, it takes ~1h 15m non-stop flight from Paris to London (Average), so it would also take almost the same amount of time in the game too (that is real world 1h 15m). Even staying in the cloudy sky is so much fun with sunlight shining, thunder and rain. I love playing simulation, tycoon games as they are the pinnacle of freedom in gaming world with no bounds. I remember when I played Flight simulator 2000 back in 2003 and wondered, what a shitty game. Seriously, at that time I thought who would play this game with 65% of the screen occupied by the cockpit? And here I am today.
What I love about the FS 2020 game:
  1. There is nothing unlocked in the world. I don't have to pay extra or do specific tasks to unlock some part of the world. I can visit any place any time!
  2. The scale is grand. This has the biggest map of any game.
  3. So many different airplanes to choose from and they all act and feel different.
  4. This game is very relaxing. I can just unwind and soak the beauty of the world from the comfort of my chair.
  5. I love this game cause it takes up whopping over 150GB of Disk space.
  6. I love pushing and flicking buttons. Especially the flick switches. They are so yumm to touch. And the clicky sound it makes is better than any orgasm. Basically, I am flicking and pushing buttons while flying around in a tube.
  7. I can crash the plane without having to worry about anything.
  8. Landing! Landing in this game is like going to final exam without studying anything. If you nail it, that feeling is amazing!
  9. I can fly along with the birds!
  10. I can land the plane anywhere I want. Even in a grassfields or your ex's backyard.
  11. I am tired of playing the repeat levels of Fall Guys.
  12. The full detailed cockpit is amazing!
  13. Realistic ATC commands with interactions. If I am angry, I can choose to ignore the ATC.
  14. I need to find more things I like after playing the game.
I am in touch with the MSFS community on Discord and YouTube videos, with always waiting for max737Ifly video to show up as his videos are so good and realistic (even my mom loves watching it). I just cannot get enough from this game.
I can play this game even when I am listening to Podcasts and it makes such an immersive experience. The tiny details the game provides, like waiting instructions from ATC before you move a muscle, dialing the knobs, flipping tiny switches in the cockpit only adds to the experience which I enjoy a lot. This game is enjoyed by both, casual gamers and professional pilots as well. The game sends me to another world and is like a therapy for me. And playing MS Flight Simulator makes me feel like a bird. The game brings me a joy I cannot express through words.
Here are some content from the game:
  1. Some beautiful scenes (this is just a trailer)
  2. Beautiful clouds
  3. FS vs Real life
  4. Montage
  5. Hudson River
Here is me playing FS on my friend's PC:
  1. Potash Ponds
  2. Simpson Desert
  3. The deep hole near Antarctica
why I can't get it:
I cannot afford it to be honest. I have taken some surveys to earn a bit here and there to collect for the game but it's such a long process and the reward is generally not worth it. My bad luck is that due to a technical mistake, the game was selling with 80% discount but due to time zone difference, I couldn't grab on the once in a lifetime opportunity. I also tried other giveaways for steam gift cards, but I never win them, and they are so rare to come by. I am really struggling with money and hence I am here.
Because I cannot afford the game, I tried to look into alternatives:
  1. Xplanes really is the only contender, but it lacks the real-time aspect of weather, wind, terrain MS Flight Simulator provides. Moreover, it's more about planes and their simulation than exploration.
  2. DCS World, which is a full-on military combat simulation game. Even though that game is extremely hard to play with a keyboard, I still managed to play some couple of hours in it. However, it's really not something I am interested in as It's not a game where you can explore the world and the Jet planes are very speedy and hard to control. Compared to that, Flight Simulator is more of an arcade style game and controlling it is fun and easy even with keyboard and mouse.
An explanation of why GamePass and MS Rewards ain't the way:
MS Rewards: In India, we can only get an Amazon gift voucher for Rs. 250 for 4,000 points. So only 162 points are allotted per day to farm. Given that, I get mere Rs. 250 in 25 days. So a total of something around 64,000 points required for a total of Rs 4000. This is what the game costs now post sale. So it would take me around more than a year to accumulate so many points. By then I might just lose interest in the game.
Game Pass: I don't have a card that can work with game pass. And in the long run it will cost me far more than what the game would have cost me. I also won 2 month free game pass key on reddit which I wasn't able to redeem due to card issue. It's a game that I plan to play for a really long time.
Also, I am saving to get a 500GB SSD just for this game along with some add-ons. I won't be asking here if I could have afforded all of these. I cannot get both of them. And SSD costs more than the game.
why you should gift it to me:
I will be playing this game everyday and you won't feel your money is wasted. This gift will bring such a big smile to my face that even Joker would feel ashamed. I know many people hoard games and don't play them, or they play for a few times and stop. I can guarantee you that once I get this game, I will be playing it every single day! This game is the reason I am for the first time requesting for a game here. And I promise I will do justice to the game and gifter. I am not requesting for any deluxe version or anything, just the base game will suffice for me. I can say it from my heart that the day I get this game, will be the day I will be flying in the air of joy! As this community works on the principle of making others happy with no selflessness! But I can never be happy unless I own this game. This game is the only game missing from my library of happiness.
If that's not enough, let me tell you something: you will feel on top of the world if you gift this game to me, even more than me. Don't ask me how. Be the first person to gift someone MS Flight Simulator on this sub and feel proud. If you don't feel on top the world, I will make sure to pick you up free of cost from your home in one of your choice of plane and will personally drop you on the top of Mt. Everest. I will also let you touch some buttons in the cockpit or let you control the yoke. But only you have to figure out how to get down from the Mt., as I will be flying all that time exploring the world. But if you don't like cold places, I can show you a secret place (This Secret place is a part of a DLC and there is a way to unlock this place)!
To anyone who gifts this game to me, I will forever remember you and engrave your name on my grave thanking you that I died in peace. And when I meet God, I will personally tell him that if it weren't for you, I would have gone to hell.
My steam ID
Price of base 40th Anniversary edition in India: Rs. 3,999. However, I will still ask for the discounted price of 2,999 which is $35. The rest I will try to manage from somewhere or use the MS Reward for 4 months.
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2023.03.26 13:28 14Broadlands Frequency of use during my first casual run VS pantheon runs

I wasn't actually keeping track of the time I spent with them but I do remember what I held on to longer than others. A lot of these charms definitely changed position once I started grinding pantheons though.
And here we have the charms I use in my pantheon runs. I know it's weird to see some of these in their places considering the usual charm tier lists but the top tier is literally just my standard loadout so some are only there to fill the gaps of my one notch spaces. I know Mark of Pride & Quickslash are super strong but I rarely use them both together since I try to balance nail and spell damage.
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2023.03.26 13:19 FaultedToast45 The Tale of the Sleeping Stealth Ship

In Orbit around Europa, FOEN stealth ship X51 slept, cloaked and stealthed, to be undetected by radiation sensors, heat detection, any way to detect an electromagnetic way and invisible to sight, radar and any other detection method short of stumbling across it and bumping into it and touching it. It sat this way, powered down with only essential systems powered by the EDEN fusion reactor onboard.
It and it's sister ship, the X53 was smaller and younger were forgotten by all, their existences once known by most of the Federation of Earth Military top brass, an incident brought them to the Sol system public’s attention where what looked like was a failed coverup of the two vessels accidentally colliding at full speed while cloaked, silent and stealthed in the iiner belt, by the Earth Intellegence Agency, with data leaked to the News companies suggesting both were destroyed and their wreckage was being recovered before Mars, the Belt Corps or Mars could get to them.
This wasn’t the case, the EIA, faked the incident under Federation Navy top brass's approval to enact Project Kuffhauser(known to the Brass as Project sleeping Stockpile for all the fusion bombs the vessels carried) in 2899, to test the feasibility of Cryostasis for Military applications and for how long time stasis affects the human body. Following a study done by the Europan Scientific Institute, from 2888 to 2898 (Officially from 2889-2899) with the results being privately released before being publicly released.
This project had a part hidden from the top brass with the only ones to know were the Military Advisor to the President of the Federation Of Earth, the EIA head, a select number of EIA operatives, and the Captains of X51 and X53 who knew the location of their ships and the intended duration and other aspects but not the location of the other ship which the EIA head only knew.
X51 was destined for 200 years of hard cyrostasis where the participants were basically dead except they could be revived and still have brain functions intact as the cyrostasis acted like freezing someone in time and pressing play when reviving them with revival taking a week with medical help. X53 was destined for 100 years of soft cyrostasis where the Participents experienced a sleep state along wth REM states, didn’t age due to nanomachines repairing their cells, their bodies being frozen while their minds were maintained for revival that took seconds to a minute.
X51 slept, forgotten, it’s sister ship forgotten, the people who knew of their continuing existence, dead. One retired, not allowed to speak and then passing on, one assassinated in a cold war turned hot, the select number, ordered into secrecy with some knowing, having their mind wiped of the project.
X51’s auxiliary sensor system, sat, outside of X51’s protective Bulkheads and armour which allowed the primary one to be stored away. The auxiliary system sat under the cloak, watching everything going on. It watched the start of the Jovian-Belt war burn through the Belt and the Jupitersphere and Earth’s intervention on the side of the neutral Europa, a Cold War between Mars and Earth brought on by their opposing involvement in the war, then the Cold War turning hot, devistating the inner system, the War that it and X53 were made for and under Project Kuffhauser were supposed to intervene in.
X53 was supposed to devastate Mars from a direction away from Earth and X51 to act as the armament launched by a dead-man switch and wipe life off the Surface of Mars and the Martian fleet if it tried to stop it if the Earth Government fell so there would be no one left, who would be willing to prosecute X51’s creww for violating the treaties on fusion weapons and commiting genocide.
The signal to reactiva and revive the crew the auxiliary sensor system was waiting to detect never came, the files still classified and forgotten. The sensors watched as it’s sister ship was discovered by the EIA in the belt, 100 years after it was supposed to have originally been reactivated and when the project for X51 should have ended as well but the signal to reactivate was never sent.
The auxiliary sensors watched as Human civilisation collapsed across the Sol system as Planetary governments crumbled and as hundreds of thousands of craft left the system, jumping off into the void with sleeper colony ships fitted with a FTL system called a jump drive, flinging them past the light speed barrier but still in real space. This caused the Ship’s AI to activate and go into stand by mode.
X51 watched, silent, unmoving, cloaked and with crew in stasis as a massive wave of radiation and beaming cosmic rays ripped appart Venus’ thick atmosphere, seting parts alight, causing a mass extinction on Earth, killing off 75-80% of life on the planet, the destruction of Earth’s orbiting colonies, the depopulation of the cities of Luna and then the disinfection of life from Mars killing almost everyone on the surface. The Auxillary sensors detected belt stations, and other infrastructure that was hit has been fried, and as the X51’s semi sentient AI processed this, it was too late to move the auxiliary sensors behind the bulkheads and the only way to stop the ship being fried was to isolate the system.
The last thing X51’s auxiliary sensors recorded before they were fried by the radiation, was the AI of the ship sending a kill command and the cloak falling The AI who governed X51 with the captain and crew in hard cyrostasis pondered what should it do, it was cut off from the outside, X51’s thick armour, bulkheads and radiation shielding made from depleted Uranium and other materials protected the inside and the connection to the auxiliary sensors were cut. It knew that cloak was working so it was draining some power and the Captain was the only one with permissions to turn it off with it on an isolated system, away from it’s control. It also knew that it could open the bulkheads to use the primary sensors but that could compromise them and could end up killing the crew if the radiation was stil around.
The AI concluded that it would deactivate it’s self and before doing that, create a script to reactivate it’s self when the ship’s reactor was low on fuel so the crew would be safe as it considered them the only surviving members of the Federation Of Earth Military it knew about.
In Orbit around Europa, FOEN stealth ship X51 slept, silent, stealthed and undetectable to all except physical contact but no longer cloaked but almost impossible to see as a coating, that was almost as dark as a blackhole, and absorbed radar, light and heat, was layered over X51’s hull. It sat this way, powered down with only essential systems powered by the EDEN fusion reactor onboard. AI deactivated and crew in hard cyrostasis. It slept continuously orbiting for 50,000 Earth years…its
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2023.03.26 12:58 tetrahedralcathedral "Is it because I'm wearing pajamas?"

Our hotel has been operating under extremely diminished availability due to top-to-bottom renovations going on. Therefore I have maybe 8 rooms to sell, the rest are blocked off for construction and occupied by the crew doing the work. For almost 2 weeks we've only had around 5 check ins a day. I've been enjoying just babysitting the building on my shifts and haven't encountered the same problems I'm used to. But this also opens the door to problems I'm not used to and may never see again.
It's around 10pm and I'm finishing my checklist. When I rolled the mop bucket into position I noticed someone was parked outside, facing the opposite direction of traffic in the carport. Normally this wouldn't be so unsettling but I was currently aware of a few things: we had no arrivals left, they would have had to drive past literal miles of empty parking lot to get here, and the vehicle is a comedically on-the-nose representation of a "creeper van." I stood inside the doorway, outside their field of vision, formulating my next steps.
I waited for them to come in and announce themselves like a normal person but in they did not come. Close to ten minutes passed before I decided it was time for a power move. I slid my coat on and walked outside to "hit my vape," positioning myself directly parallel to the drivers window. My goal was to let them know I was aware of their presence and I dont trust them. In reality I was motionless, dead staring at the silhouettes in the front seats, likely not displaying the intimidating attentiveness I was aiming for.
From what I saw, there were two people in the van. One appeared to be a man, he sat in the driver's seat facing forward out the windshield. The passenger looked like a woman, she was in her seat turned toward the driver. There's no doubt in my mind she could see me. They were talking about something, their body language signaled a possible disagreement or stress over the topic of discussion. It didn't seem like their exchange was escalating, which was comforting. Once I thought I they got the message I went back inside.
I returned to my original vantage point just inside the automatic doors, watching them where they couldn't see. I tossed around the idea of calling the cops but our part time night auditor called so many times for no reason I think they started putting our calls on the lowest priority (she's a whole story, currently a WIP). If cops showed up and they were already gone I was surely in for condescending curtness and an insincere salutation, followed by a return to being alone. Instead I thought it might be better to call our sister property next door, just to let someone know I'm facing an uncertain situation. The idea of going back outside, approaching the vehicle, and telling them to go elsewhere crossed my mind. This, however, would be one of the most foolish and dangerous things to do. My final decision was to just begin mopping and allow them 10 more minutes before I called the law.
I was working on the stretch of floor just inside the entrance when I saw a female enter (and wALK ON MY FRESH FLOOR but I digress). She was skeletally thin with a face weathered from years of some kind of substance use. As she advanced into the building she greeted me with the kind of tone you use when you're about to ask a favor. She fidgeted with her hands as she asked what we were doing with all the furniture in the dumpster. I knew if I let slip it was all going to the landfill after being rained and snowed on, that would lead them to entering the enormous industrial waste container full of hazardous trash and shrapnel. Not to mention it was almost 10:30 pm so they wouldn't be able to see a thing in there, increasing the likelihood of injuries they would no doubt blame us for.
Thinking on my toes, I told her it was all going to a resale site. This implied it was worth something to us and taking anything would be legally actionable. Technically it wasn't a lie, it was the original plan until being left in the elements. She followed with asking where specifically because she really wanted some of the stuff. The only thing I was told about where they were going was some nondescript resale warehouse. I apologized and explained that I didn't know any details, smiling just the right amount.
Upon hearing my no, she turned slightly like she was about to leave. But some infernal specter took hold of her and she uttered the phrase that makes every service professional nauseous. "Can I speak to the manager?"
I gently stated there was no one available to talk to her as I was the only employee in the building. She chuckled at this and said "but there's ALWAYS someone higher up I can talk to..." Beginning to lose my patience, I shortly informed her that we don't have a manager here 24 hours. She continued to ask if I was really the only person in the building, like she thought I was making it up. I gave her an innocent smile and repeated that it was just me, as if to say "you're not gonna rattle me and get what you want, but I won't stop you from trying." This is a tactic I've learned that gets potential karens to ask themselves how rude they're willing to be to someone who's been nothing but nice. She went on to ask who I was and what my position is, with an inflection like she was trying to figure out how much to respect me. I activated my trap card and told her that since I was the only employee on site, that would make me manager on duty. The superiority I felt in this moment is unparalleled.
For a moment there was silence. Silence and smiling. This took the wind out of her sails and she walked out the automatic door. Right before it closed she shouted back at me "is it because I'm wearing PJs??" I barked no but I'm not sure if they heard me. I felt compelled to catch them before they left and give them a point by point breakdown of all the reasons I said no. Most of which being the fact that they spent the last half hour scaring the shit out of me with no consideration. But as peeved as I may have been, I was happy to see they were leaving, the best possible ending to this scenario.
I would love to know how they learned we were undergoing renovations, our hotel is off the beaten path and isn't visible from from any main roads. Guests call several times a week for directions, I even got lost on my way to the interview. If you're not looking you'd have no idea it's there. I wonder if they'd been there before, sizing the place up. Or maybe one of our employees told their friends. Where I stand at the desk we have a limited view of the outside and no cameras. For all I know they've been there before and I had no idea. I can't even begin to tell you how inconvenient that is, not to mention how unsafe. If they come back and get stuck in that dumpster, I may just conveniently not hear any cries for help. The way I see it, every minute they're in there is another reason to never do it again. Moral of the story is, if you know you drive a creeper van, try not to reinforce the stereotype.
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2023.03.26 12:58 deepvoicednerd [Motorsport] "They said to me, if you Peter Brock announce this car at the end of this week, we will withdraw all support. Well, I’ve gone ahead, and I’ve announced it.” How a box of crystals brought down Australia’s number one race team and its driver. The rise and fall of the Holden Dealer Team.

This post was originally a reply to a question on one of my other posts here, but it really deserves its own more detailed post simply because even over 30 years later it just makes me and a lot of others go “Eeh? How did that actually happen?”
When it comes to sporting rivalries in Australia, Ford vs Holden is one of the longest. Today, it’s hard to believe with Ford no longer making cars in Australia and Holden no longer even existing but there was a time were what car Australians drove really mattered. Were you a Holden family with Monaro’s, Torana’s and Commodores or a Ford family with a Falcon in your driveway? It was one or the other. No in between. There are stories of Holden-driving fathers refusing to allow their daughters to date boys simply because their dads drove Fords. The battles were fought on every level: advertising, dealers and from the mid-1960’s on the racetrack. And that’s were our story kicks off…
It's 1967 and for the first time, an Australian-made car has won the Bathurst 500. A Ford Falcon XR driven by Harry Firth and Fred Gibson wins the race and Ford Australia are ecstatic. A phrase commonly used at the time is “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.” Winning Bathurst was a big deal and Ford reaped the benefits with sales and foot traffic into their dealerships. Crucially it really hurt their main rivals Holden.
For 1968 Holden wanted revenge on the racetrack. They had a great car in which to get it too, the Monaro. There was however, a bit of a problem. You see Holden despite being proudly Australian was owned by General Motors and at the time, GM had a blanket ban on their manufacturers going motor racing.
Pretty much everyone within Holden wanted to go racing though, so the Holden heavies looked for a loophole that would get them on the Bathurst grid and they quickly found one. They realised that there was nothing to stop them giving some money to their dealers and telling the dealers to then give said money to an idependant race team and voila! You’ve got yourself an all-but-official factory race team that gets around the GM ban. The man at the head of this team is David McKay, Australia’s first touring car champion. He’s ready to take on Ford’s leader Harry Firth.
For the 1968 Bathurst 500, the Holden vs Ford battlelines are drawn. And Holden gets its revenge as Firth’s Ford’s flounder. Strangely though, it’s a privateer Monaro that takes the chequered flag first. McKay brings his factory-but-not-really-factory-just-in-case-Detroit-gets-wind-of-this Monaro’s home second, third and fifth. And then he made an error. He failed to protest against the winning Monaro that some alleged ran with an illegal brake system. Holden’s heavies weren’t happy at all. They were in it to win with their own cars not their customers. And then for McKay, things got worse.
After Bathurst, Holden and Ford would face off again in the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon, the most epic car race ever staged. Almost 100 teams from all over the world took part but Australia was only focused on Firth & McKay. They were evenly matched. 3 Falcons for Firth and 3 Monaro’s for McKay. And just like Bathurst, neither of them won.
But in the Ford vs Holden battle, Ford came out most definitely on top, finishing 3rd, 6th and 8th and taking the best performing team award for their troubles. McKay’s Monaro’s came home 12th, 14th and McKay’s lead car DNF’ed after rolling in the Australian outback. And that was the last straw for Holden. McKay had failed them.
Ford Australia meantime was going through a restructure. The restructure involved refreshing their racing team. And incredibly, that meant showing Harry Firth the door. Big Mistake. Huge. You’d think after his marathon efforts, Ford would be pretty chuffed, but they got rid of him. Holden pounced. Within a fortnight, Harry was a Holden man. All his mechanics and engineers went with him. This was the start of what became the Holden Dealer Team.
Despite nicking all of Ford’s mechanics and tech know-how, Firth failed to poach their drivers. That forced him to go searching for young talent. He eventually found Colin Bond a promising rally and circuit driver and then noticed a driver of a little blue Austin A30 that was giving almost every competitor a complete belting. His name? Peter Brock.
For Bathurst 1969, Firth did what McKay couldn’t: Deliver the Holden factory a Bathurst win. Bond won, Brock was third and just behind was Ford’s new lead driver. He was an ex-pat Canadian who looked like an angry maths teacher. His name? Allan Moffat. A rivalry had just started.
For 1970 & ’71, Moffat dominated the Bathurst enduro in the mighty GTHO Falcon but in 1972, Brock struck back for Holden. That win made him the golden boy of Australian motorsport. Brock wore the white hat: hippy-handsome, a great driver and a man of the people, driving the Australian car. Moffat wore the black hat: cranky, methodical, withdrawn and representing the American manufacturer.
For 1973 the ante was turned up. The Bathurst race went from imperial to metric. 500 miles became 1000 kilometres. The regulations changed from Improved Production (stock-standard production cars with minimal upgrades. Some were even road registered) to the more liberal Group C Touring Cars. Moffat cleaned up in ’73 but it wasn’t all doom and gloom for Holden when at the end of the year, Ford pulled the plug on its factory race team. From 1974 Moffat was forced to go it alone in his own team with only back-door support from Ford.
But Holden wasn’t without its troubles either. At the end of 1974, Brock had a blow-up with Firth and left the HDT. Some say Firth fired him. Others say Brock grew tired of Firth’s iron fist approach to running the team and dipped out.
In two years both the white knight and the black knight were out on their own. And yet…they excelled. Despite driving a shoestring budget Holden, Brock won Bathurst in 1975. Moffat was a constant front-runner. The back-door support from Ford helped. The Holden Dealer Team though remained THE Team. Firth still ran it efficiently and he still had Colin Bond. Like Brock though, Bond was growing tired of Firth. He was paid next to nothing for his driving and expected to be on spanner duty in the workshop. So when Allan Moffat made him an offer at the end of 1976, Colin accepted.
In 1977, to quote Moffat: “We blew the doors off Holden”. With the HDT now minus their two star drivers, Holden floundered on the track. Moffat’s Ford team was well-backed and well-organised and as a result, Moffat in Falcon #1 and Bond in Falcon #2 dominated the year. The crowning glory was their 1-2 formation finish at Bathurst. Ford got an insane amount of mileage out of it. Nearly 50 years later, it remains one of the most iconic images of Australian motorsport. At the end of the year an exasperated Holden official approached Moffat and in desperation asked: “What can we do to beat you?”
Moffat shrugged and replied “Simple. Re-employ Brock”
With Harry Firth retiring, that’s exactly what they did. For 1978, Brock was back as a driver for the HDT. Moffat’s honest reply to that Holden official came back to bite him in the clacker. With money from Ford drying up, Moffat began to flounder and Brock dominated for the next two years, culminating in the 1979 Bathurst 1000 were he won by a whopping 6 laps and broke the lap record on the final lap. What a show off.
But then right after that epic performance…Holden pulled the plug. They were done.
Brock however refused to give up. He assumed ownership of the team and over Christmas, embarked on a whistle-stop tour of the Holden dealerships offering them a deal. The deal he offered them was a tricked-up road-going Holden Commodore built by the HDT. Any Holden dealership who helped fund the race team got exclusive access to sell the road-going car. The campaign was a success. Over 100 dealerships signed up putting the ‘Dealer’ right back into the Holden Dealer Team and HDT Special Vehicles was born.
In the early 1980’s, the HDT lead by Brock was a juggernaut both on and off the racetrack. Bathurst victory after Bathurst victory and the road car business boomed. Initially, Holden were reluctant but seeing the demand, they supported the program. By 1981 the first HDT road cars were delivered to the clamouring dealers. As Brock’s number one lieutenant and teammate John Harvey put it “Demand was so high, we couldn’t make them quick enough!”
The Group C Touring Car era ended at the end of 1984 and the Holden Dealer Team looked every bit like champions. Multiple Bathurst and other race wins, a road car arm that was fast becoming a great Australian success story and the best and most popular driver in the country at the head of it.
What next?
For 1985, Australia adopted international Group A Touring Car regulations. With every touring car series all over the world running to these regulations, you could take a car all over the world and race it. Pretty cool right? Brock certainly thought so and started planning...
But before we get to the HDT takes on the world part, let’s back up a bit. At the back end of 1984, Peter Brock was absolutely knackered. On top of driving, running the race team, an unsuccessful Le Mans campaign and the road car division, he liked a drink and a smoke or ten. Heck the HDT’s main sponsor was Marlboro. There were rumours he was really, really crook.
Ultimately, Brock found a chiropractor called Eric Dowker who got him back into shape. Dowker also got him off the grog and the cigs and even got him to go vegan.
For 1985, Peter Brock rolled out ready for the Group A era. He was in much better health by now thanks to Dowker’s interesting therapy (we’ll get to that in a minute). Mobil replaced Marlboro as the main sponsor on the race cars and Brock set about plans to take on the world.
First thing he needed to do was to sell enough road going HDT cars to satisfy the Group A rules. Once he had done that, the race Holden could be based off the HDT road car with all the tricked-up bits on it. By the end of 1985, he had done just that.
1986 was going to be a big year for the HDT. Their new car was ready to take on not just Australia but also Europe. Brock was looking ahead to 1987 and the World Touring Car Championship that going to take place. As well as his regular Australian campaign he was going to take the HDT to Europe for a partial campaign in the European series as ‘dress rehearsal’ for the WTCC a year later.
And then Brock did something unthinkable. He invited Allan Moffat to morning tea at his workshop. At the time, Moffat was unemployed. After his Ford support dried up, he became a Mazda man which didn’t make him more popular. In fact it made him less popular. Signs that read ‘no Jap-Crap’ were prominent around Australian racetracks in the early 80’s. He had delivered them a reasonable amount of success but when the Group A era started, Mazda didn’t have a car that would fit the regulations. Moffat was out of a job when the phone rang with Brock’s morning tea invite.
According to Moffat “Morning tea turned into long lunch, long lunch became afternoon tea and I drove home in a HDT Commodore, my new company car.”
All of Australian motorsport chocked on their breakfast when they read the headline ‘Moffat joins HDT’. Superman had just hired Lex Luther. “What the actual f**k?” said literally everyone.
With everyone still in shock, Brock & Moffat started off 1986 with a win in New Zealand, their first race as teammates. They both looked at each other after the race and almost simultaneously asked “Why didn’t we do this a decade earlier?” And then everyone got it. The best driver in Australia had hired the second-best driver in Australia. A pretty good duo to take on the world, yeah?
The first half of 1986 was a busy one for the HDT. The Australian championship, the partial European campaign that culminated in the Spa 24 Hour in Belgium and the ever-expanding road car business, Peter Brock was a man who looked to have it made. As Moffat put it, “Peter was well on his way to becoming a millionaire while the rest of us were just journeymen”.
And then…
Then came the Energy Polariser.
This is when things turn to sh*t.
As I said Eric Dowker was a key part of Brock’s life. Along with going smoke and grog-free, part of his treatments involved crystals and all sorts of stuff that would be considered “New Age”. Noticing how well it had worked on him, Brock became a full-on convert. He was bordering on being obsessed with these damn crystals and then he had an idea: If crystals and help human performance, what about car performance?
The idea seemed innocent enough, but most would have written it off. Brock didn’t. According to some from within the HDT, crystals were getting dangled around the engine dyno and other areas of the workshop. Dowker started appearing at every race meeting in full HDT uniform. He was mockingly referred to as “Doctor Feelgood”.
Ultimately, Brock and Dowker came up with a small plastic box filled with a pair of magnets separated by some crystals embedded in epoxy resin. It was held to the firewall of a car by a single self-tapping screw. The Energy Polariser.
According to Brock “It’s a magic cure. It makes a shithouse car good.”
Brock had already been quietly fitting them to the race cars without telling the other drivers. John Harvey only found out when the polariser broke off its mounting point during a practice session and almost went under his brake pedal.
Brock then started offering them to customers. For just $467AUD you could have this little box of magic fitted to the firewall of your car and it would cure all its ills (allegedly).
Now put yourself in Holden’s shoes. You have an image to maintain right? And then you find out your golden boy is with no scientific basis, putting a box of crystals in cars that have your name and badge on them claiming that they’re “Aligning the molecules of the engine”. Hmm…
So very reasonably, Holden at this point is saying “Uh Peter? This Energy Polariser thingy? What’s the thinking behind it? Seems a bit fishy to us.”
Brock and Dowker respond to Holden with a press release. It was essentially one page of complete and utter gibberish were Brock and Dowker crap on about “vibrations” and how the Polariser will “align the molecules in its sphere of influence”. Want to give yourself a migraine? Here it is in all its glory (apologies for the quality):
Remember, this isn’t a cult leader or a pyramid scheme sales pitch or a Byron Bay “Instagram influencer” coming out with this. This is coming from a racing car driver.
The real concerning thing for Holden and anyone who knows a thing or two about cars was the recommended tyre pressures for a Polariser-equipped car: 20 psi. For those of you who don’t know, that’s all but flat. But according to Brock, that’s okay because “the molecules will be aligned, and all will be well…”
At best it was all pseudoscience and at worst it was downright dangerous. Holden were alarmed and insisted on properly testing it. To nobody’s surprise it was found to be simply what it looked like: a box of crystals. Brock then went over Holden’s head to General Motors thinking that surely the mothership would hear him out. They didn’t. Still though, Brock rejected the perfectly reasonable findings that his box of crystals was useless. He even lied to Holden that when GM tested it, they thought it was brilliant and were considering making it a standard feature in all their cars. A quick phone called from Australia to America proved that to be false. As far as Brock was concerned, the Energy Polariser was so advanced, there wasn’t a way to properly test it. Holden were NOT happy at this point.
Brock though didn’t care. Even when the Australian Sceptic’s Society awarded him their ‘Bent Spoon Award’, he pushed on determinedly creating a road car that in his mind would be his and the HDT’s crowning glory: The Director.
All this culminated in February 1987.
The World Touring Car Championship that the HDT were going to take on? Nope. Brock pulled the pin leaving co-drivers Moffat and Harvey (who were both finalising sponsorship deals) out in the cold.
And then he really, really shot himself in the foot when he launched The Director. As an aside, The Director was one badass looking car. Based on the Holden VL Commodore with a low body kit and flared rear wing it still looks the goods today. But Holden took a dim view of it for two main reasons:
  1. It came with the Energy Polariser fitted as standard.
  2. It featured a new independent rear suspension system developed by the HDT that Holden hadn’t tested or approved.
Holden had asked for more time to evaluate the suspension, but Brock ignored them and refused to even allow Holden to test it. On top the Energy Polariser, it was the last straw.
At the launch of The Director Brock stood in front of The Director that sat on a rotating platform and said the words that put the final nail in the HDT’s coffin:
“We have a motor car which you can probably see circulating behind me which is capable of gaining us some much-earned export dollars and Holden are trying to stop me and I’m a pretty determined sort of person and I’m pressing on. They said to me, if you Peter Brock announce this car at the end of this week, we will withdraw all support. Well, I’ve gone ahead, and I’ve announced it.”
After that, Holden were officially done. They terminated their partnership with the HDT. The dealers cut the support to the race team and the money dried up. The road car business was finished and the race team was decimated. Allan Moffat and John Harvey resigned.
Here's a news report that sums up the events:
Moffat summed it up best in his autobiography: “I have been through the corporate wringer myself. I have railed against bureaucracy and been frustrated by people who simply won’t be reasonable and do things my way. I have, in my view, been severely let down by people I’ve trusted-although possibly they don’t share that opinion. But if I’d been in a position where I had General Motors in my hip pocket, I would never, never, never have put myself above them. That’s not corporate cowardice; it’s just common sense.”
The HDT was done. Or was it? You see although Holden didn’t want a bar of Brock, his main sponsor Mobil reasoned that he was still the fan favourite and therefore, still money in the bank and agreed to sponsor what was left of the team. He just needed a bit of extra cash to keep him racing. And it came from an unlikely source.
He had three race cars left in his workshop. Two were for racing in Australia and the third was for the aborted World Touring Car campaign. Three men showed up to look at that car. They told Brock they represented a huge fan of his who wanted to own a bit of Brock history. They wrote a cheque for $125 000, gave it to Brock, put the car on their trailer and took it straight to the car’s new owner: Allan Moffat.
Moffat and John Harvey ended up doing what Brock was going to do: Have a crack at the World Championship. It was only a partial campaign on a shoestring budget, but they took a victory at Monza and an outstanding 4th outright at the Spa 24 Hour, driving as a two-man team when everyone else had 3. For me, as an Australian motorsport nutcase, this remains one of the biggest ‘what-ifs’. I mean just imagine if Brock pulled his head in and they had a proper well-financed crack at it. The HDT could have been world champions…
But that’s all hypotheticals. For 1987, Brock ran a much leaner operation. He had a quiet Australian championship. No wins and no podiums. He was even lapped in several races. He cut a dejected figure. And then…
He went out and won the Bathurst 1000.
Against the world’s best (Bathurst was part of the World Touring Car Championship), and in a shoestring budget sh*tbox of a car, he won the damn thing! (I’ve covered that race more thoroughly in a previous post here. Just check my profile for the “Nice wheel arches mate” story. Highly recommend, great read 😉)
After 1987 though, Brock really was in the wilderness. He spent 1988 in an uncompetitive BMW and 1989 & 1990 in a, wait for it, in a Ford. He did win a handful of races but was far from the force he once was. At the end of 1990 the team was officially closed down.
For 1991 Brock went back to Holden, albeit as a privateer, again with minimal success. For 1994 though, Holden took him back in a factory capacity. After the HDT was wound down, Holden backed a new factory squad run by the Tom Walkinshaw Racing empire, the Holden Racing Team. For 1994, the HRT reasoned that commercially, having the people’s champion and the money from Mobil that came with him was a good thing. Brock was back albeit just as a driver. He had no say in the running of the team. Still, he became more competitive again, but he never quite rediscovered his untouchable brilliance from the late 70’s and early 80’s. The younger generation was taking over. By the end of 1997, he retired from fulltime driving.
The problem for Brock, was that retirement didn’t suit him. He was restless and kept on having little comebacks. Some were successful, others less so. He also got right into tarmac rallying which would sadly be the death of him. Ask any Australian motor racing fan where they were and what they were doing on the 8th of September 2006, and they will be able to tell you. I know I can. Driving in a Targa Rally in Western Australia, Brock’s Daytona Coupe went driver’s door first into a thick gum tree. He was killed instantly. All of Australia went into mourning for the second time in just a couple of days. Steve Irwin had died earlier in the week. September ’06 sucked if you were Australian.
It's been over 15 years since Peter Brock died. Many books, documentaries and podcasts have been made about him. There’s no doubt that he was THE fan favourite of Australian motorsport and his legacy and success is still revered today. And yet, when you bring up February 1987 and the events leading up to it to a Brock-diehard even they’ll admit it wasn’t his finest hour. Good people sometimes make bad decisions.
To finish up, here’s an ironic twist to the story. Since Brock’s death, the value of the HDT road cars has spiked due to their heritage and rareness. But the most valuable of all? That would be The Director. Only 9 were made before the HDT road car division was shut down so their value has soared. Originally priced at $87 000 when launched in 1987, one of them sold at auction for well over $300 000 in 2010. The same car that brought the company down is now the most valuable car that it produced.
And yes, it came equipped with the Energy Polariser.
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2023.03.26 12:47 CreditMission A Day with a Dog ( a HwP fanfic)

Howdy, thought I'd write a fanfic in its purest form. Taking characters which are not mine and bending them to my will.
Ever since Slanek's little dog problem, always wanted him to have a meet up with the honeybadger. So here we are.
Special thanks to u/Banancake for permission to use Vikri.
Thanks to SP15 for Slanek and the universe.
Warning potential spoilers for Hunting with Predators.
As for Slanek, assuming shore leave post successful evac from Sillis.
Thanks for reading.

Memory transcript: Slanek, Venlil Space Corps
Date [standardized human time]: December 22, 2136
The sky was grey, with white powder raining relentlessly. Thick snow was piled up on the sides of the road which itself had a fine coat; the layered black lines carved by other traffic the only effort keeping it clear. In this weather they would be quickly erased, leaving the long power cable strung between frequent poles the only indicator of the road’s existence. The UN driver accompanying me had been quiet for a while now, focusing hard ahead, gripping the steering wheel despite the autonomous nature of our ride. All I could do was look out and survey the scenery, trying to calm my beating heart as our destination grew closer.
The landscape was muted in shape by its icy covering, only broken by the dark shapes of imposing trees; sometimes sparse, sometimes grouped to form a forest. Despite their stillness, they put me on edge. There were wolves out there, hiding in their shadows. Dogs were terrifying, despite Marcel’s frequent reminders that they were loyal and would not harm me, I could not shake that fear. But wolves, they were big, they were wild, and they were skilled at the hunt. Their existence would not have been tolerated on any other federation planet. Speh! They shouldn’t be tolerated here.
My concern when voiced was brushed off. Just stay in the car they said. Don’t stray from the town. But I had made the mistake of looking them up on the internet and had seen their hideous form. Compared to the terror of their fangs, this car felt awfully flimsy.
Regret once again began to seep in, but I shook it from my head. I refuse to disappoint Marcel again. Time and again my stupid fear of predators gets in the way. I loved Marcel, I accepted his nature. But that wasn’t enough. Tillis proved I had a long way to go before we could be on equal terms. Once again, he forgave me. Understood me. But surely there is a limit. I can’t rely on his kindness forever. I must be better.
As we drove a green sign caught my eye, standing out against the monotonous background. “HAMILTON 17”
A small town, deep in the wilderness. Since the bombing, it had lost a lot of its population due to the collapse of the supply network. Even those far from the bombing were still turned into refugees. However, it had recently served as a rendezvous point for some survivors from the battle of Earth. One, in particular, I had arranged to see.
Driving through town, it was clear some life had returned to it, though you could hardly call it bustling. A lit window here, a pedestrian there. Cars were few and far between. The house that was our destination was on the outskirts, part of the last remnants before the wilderness began. Why would a venlil choose to live in such a dangerous place like this? Is this not the definition of straying from town? A month ago I would have diagnosed this guy with predator disease but now I knew that to be somewhat ignorant. Stars, according to Marcel, I would have predator disease. That label stung, though I couldn’t dismiss it. But I wasn’t broken, was I? Defective? Surely not. Not to him at least. No, I was the best venlil, his words. ‘bout time I actually lived up to that high praise.
Upon pulling up at the house, a venlil came out to greet us. I was thankful to see that his…companion was elsewhere, hopefully secure. His tail curled around him slightly with unease though his ears were relaxed, dipping slightly to acknowledge my approach.
“Greetings Vikri, I’m Slanek. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me,” I gave a respectful ear flick in greeting.
“The pleasure is mine,” he replied, returning the greeting, his lips parting slightly revealing teeth though they were quickly hidden. “I am honoured to meet someone of your acclaim.” Acclaim? Me? “Sorry you had to come all this way but I’m reluctant to travel with her at the moment.”
His companion was why I was here, but to hear such casual reference to it was discomforting. I felt my ears press against my head in response, consciously moving them back to a neutral position.
“Would you like to come in?” He moved to open the door.
“Is…she…” I stammered. He gave a reassuring tail wag.
“She’s in the barn over there,” he said gesturing to a large wooden building some distance away. “Thought we might want to take this slowly. I know how terrifying dogs can be.” He gave a shudder.
Wait, he was scared of dogs too? This doesn’t make any sense. Didn’t he have predator’s disease?
“You’re scared of her?” I asked, incredulous.
“Not now, no. But I was. Terrified.” He looked out to the woods. “We were hunted by them you know. Wolves. Lucky was one of them.” His arms and tail wrapped around his body. “They are terrifying. Their persistence, their violence. They attacked my friends. Nearly ripped their arm off…I can still hear his screaming. See the blood.”
I was at a loss for words
“Then how…why…”
“Why did I befriend her?” He laughed softly. “It’s a long story. Come in. Are you familiar with human tea?”
“I have heard of it,” I replied, moving past him into the building and out of the cold.
The room I entered was sparsely decorated, the furnishings that did fill the meagre space were mismatched and well-worn, with most being of wooden construction. On one wall was what appeared to be a strayu forge constructed of brick, though its opening was at ground level and covered with a metal plate adorned with simple imprints of Terran animals. I sat on a chair made of wood and cloth, perched upon two wooden arches that were unstable by design. Without care it would rock violently, risking the contents of the hot cup handed to me. Vikri occupied the only other chair in the room, notable for having a more respectable 4 legs.
“Have you seen humans hunt?” Vikri asked too casually, causing me to fumble the cup of steaming red liquid I was bringing to my lips. A scorching drop hit my leg.
“Uh, p-persistance hunting correct? Sounds terrifying,” I stammered, rubbing the sore, damp spot on my thigh.
“Not always,” he spoke steadily. “They are…adaptive. Tell me, how do you picture them, as they prepare to kill?”
The image of sharp teeth penetrated my head, moist lips drawn up in a snarl. Their binocular eyes locked on the living creature with hunger as it desperately tried to avoid its gruesome fate. I shook my head to clear it. These visions had finally disappeared after spending so long with Marcel. Why would Vikri reconjure them?
“Fearsome,” I replied. “Delighting in the hunt…like the Arxur.” Even though they still chose to eat meat, I’m glad they had done away with this savage past. Growing it was not dissimilar to plant farming in execution, though the mere thought of it still turned my stomach.
He nodded slowly, staring at me in the eye. A very human gesture.
“Yes, that’s what I expected too. Surely a people built around death would delight in it no?” His gaze softened. “But when the moment came, they were afraid. No blood lust, no savagery. Only quiet resolve” Vikri’s eyes broke contact as he reminisced. “I was scared too. But for them. They needed to do this to survive, and I feel that was the only reason they persevered.”
“You saw them hunt?” I interjected. His ears flicked the affirmative.
“And cook. And eat. It was necessary.” He appeared to study his drink. “But the meat, they enjoyed it. That was confronting. A part of me hoped they wouldn’t. But who was I to speak out against their simple pleasures in the snow and ice. After all they’d done for me.”
“I came to understand the hunters, but that means nothing when you are the prey. Wolfs set upon us, hunting us for hours. Their attacks viscous. Humans were one thing, but these were monsters. It was everything we were taught about predators and more.” He shuddered again.
“In the attack, many were injured. Quarek lost use of his arm. Tenga received life-threatening injuries too.”
I recognised Querek’s name but “Tenga?”
“Uh, he’s a…he was my human. If you understand.” I did.
“We killed a lot of them too, and good riddance I thought. But even after we escaped one kept following. If we had the rounds to spare I would have asked it be shot. But Tenga, he wasn’t like me. He pitied it. She was only trying to survive, like us, he said. Imagine that.” He scoffed. “Compassion for the predators that almost killed you… But he wasn’t wrong.”
“The dog just kept on following us. Devouring any snacks we threw her way but never attacking. It was stressful but if Tenga said she was safe, then I could only believe him. She apparently wanted a pack and the humans welcomed her. Named her Lucky.”
“I was still nervous but then we got attacked by an even bigger predator. A bear. It had me trapped and Lucky ran in to protect me. That dog chose me as someone she needed to protect. How could I dismiss her after that?” He stood up and walked to the window, staring at the barn in the distance. “She’s my partner now. As silly as that sounds. Part of my herd.” He turned back to me, his tail flicking in excitement, his ears showing apprehension. “So, do you still want to meet her?”
Walking through the snow was an odd sensation. It stuck to my legs and penetrated my fur. My feet were quickly sapped of their heat but at least the air temperature was quite tolerable. My posture was hunched with my tail curled around me, but not from the cold.
Vikri ambled ahead, an ever so slight limp to his gait but otherwise confident, a small pouch was attached to a strap around his waist. It wasn’t long before we stood before imposing wooden doors. I heard a faint scratching and panting from the other side.
“I’ll go in first and keep her calm. I’ll call you when we’re ready.” With familiarity, he unlatched the door and cracked it open. A moist snout quickly appeared through the gap which he gently redirected inside before squeezing himself in.
“Good girl, good girl. We’re going to meet a friend so best behaviour alright.”
The sound of panting intensified as I heard movement from within.
“Ok, when you are ready,” he called out.
“Oh, Stars!”
With tentative movements I approached the gap, squeezing my head in to survey.
Next to Vikri sat a fearsome creature reaching up to his chest in height, covered in gray and white fur. Its maw hung open showing its moist pink tongue and many sharp teeth. The only thing restraining it was a thin strap held firmly in Vikri’s paws.
“Arf!” it barked.
I stumbled backwards, falling into the snow. The impact sent sharp pains through my injured shoulder, a seeping cold reaching my rear.
“You okay?” A concerned voice called out.
“Ah, yes, I’m fine. Ju-just stay in there okay,” I whimpered. Get a hold of yourself Slanek! You’ve faced down arxur for stars sake.
Gingerly righting myself, I approached again. With a few deep breaths, I shut my eyes and hastily stepped into the barn, closing the door behind me. No retreat!
Upon opening my eyes, I was greeted by the sight of the pair in the same position I left them.
“Just walk up to me Slanek. You’re completely safe,” Vikri encouraged, gently stroking the dogs head. The dog’s eyes remained locked on me.
Alright, confidence soldier. Forward march.
Keeping them both in focus I approached, the dog pivoting its head as it tracked me.
Reaching Vikri I froze. I could touch the dog if I wanted.
“Okay, reach out and place your paw on the back of her neck,” Vikri prompted.
I slowly complied, gently making contact with the dogs fur. It was coarser than I expected. As I dug in deeper I could feel the body heat. The dog craned its head back to look at me, making a quiet whine in their throat.
“Very good, she likes it. You can touch her head too.”
I moved my hand up, the softness of the scruff giving way to the more solid bone. Their ears depressed slightly as I pushed them down, but I was very gentle, ears could be sensitive. I was resting my hand on the top of a predator’s head, just above their golden binocular eyes that were staring into mine. I was ok.
“Good girl,” I said tentatively. I caught Vikri’s approving tail flick.
“Want to hold the leash?” he offered. “Take her for a walk.”
This was progressing fast. Could I control a predator?
“I’ll try.” Vikri pressed the strap in my hand and took half a step away.
Despite the slackness in the strap, the dog remained seated, her head snapping to follow her master.
“Up!” he said, and she rose to all fours. “Good girl,” he praised, pulling a small item from his pouch and offering it to her with open paw. The dog moved towards him, jolting my arm slightly as I moved to follow. Their pink tongue shot out and secured the morsel, their jaws closing and chewing with an audible crunch.
“Is that bone?” I asked, disgusted.
“Just a biscuit,” he replied, offering one to me. I grabbed it and on inspection, it was a small dry square that was a dark red colour. It appeared to have been baked hard, but not so much that it couldn’t be broken by teeth.
“It does contain meat though, so don’t eat it.” I felt my stomach shift, as I held it as far away from me as possible, barely resisting the urge to throw it away. The dog saw this as an opportunity and deftly snatched it from my paw before I could even register what was happening.
Crunch, crunch
All that remained was a slightly damp patch on my pad as a shiver went up my arm and resonated throughout my body.
“All right! Let’s go!” Vikri headed towards the door, his tail wagging in amusement. Lucky followed him, dragging me stumbling behind. The answer was no. I could not control a predator.
Vikri walked with purpose, casually waving greetings to anyone we passed, be they in car or on foot. Lucky paced along beside him with me on her other flank, the leash slack between us. He was in a different league from me in embracing human customs, even after I had come so far with Marcel. A feeling of defeat crept in, but I kept it at bay. I was expecting this. It was why I had pursued this meeting.
The fallen snow thickened and the thinning signs of civilisation fell behind us, trees becoming more common. This was definitely straying out of town.
“Aren’t there wolves out here?” I asked nervously, ears high and alert.
“Not this close to town. To many humans,” he replied matter of fact. “Just wild enough to have fun.” He stopped, surveying the surroundings. “Want to set her loose?”
“Huh?” He gestured to lucky with his tail.
“Unclip her leash and let her frolic,” he clarified. What a terrifying notion, but if I didn’t trust him what was the point of me coming? My paws fumbled with the mechanism attaching the leash to her collar, eventually disconnecting it. For a few seconds she sat there, indifferent to the lack of restraint until Vikri gave her an energetic pat.
“Go!” he barked, and a grey-white blur shot off into the snow, remarkably quiet considering the speed. Suddenly she faltered, tumbling into a bank, sending white powder flying. Rolling around to right herself, she sped off again until she found another suitable snow bank to throw herself into. Vikri watched on with a relaxed expression.
“Care to join her?” He asked. I marked my incredulity to him, but he dismissed it. With a loud yelp he ran after her, throwing himself into a previously disturbed snow pile. Instantly the dog was upon him, digging and barking, Vikri’s limbs flailing as he contended with his attacker. My heart leapt into my throat as the nightmare unfolded. Reaching instinctively for my sidearm, my fear began to turn to panic on realisation it wasn’t there. What do I do? Run? No! I’ve got to help. But how? I was frozen.
After a short tussle, Vikri easily pushed her off, sending her running in another direction. The now patchy white venlil returned to my side, breathing heavily.
“She’s so full of energy,” he wheezed, ignoring my frozen expression of terror.
“You’re incredible,” I responded, trying to regain my composure. To shrug off an attack like that. Even if Marcel did something similar to me I fear how I’d react, and I knew him to be sapient and kind.
“Hardly,” he dismissed, “I’ve just had to learn.” He took a moment to catch his breath.
“Thank you for coming Slanek.” His sudden gratitude caught me off-guard. “It means a lot.”
“You’re the one helping me,” I reminded.
“Yes, but you reached out. To a broken venlil like me.” He looked at me and bared his teeth in an attempt at a human smile.
“You’re held in high regard, it’s how I heard about you.”
“By humans maybe,” he clarified. “Doubt most venlil will be understanding. Only the bravest.” He nudged me with his tail.
“Marcel seems to think I have predator disease, so I don’t think anything I do should give you much comfort,” I confessed.
“Do you think you have predator disease?” he asked, staring at me.
“No…I… uh…it’s complicated. I thought it. I was normal, I think.” He didn’t break his gaze. There was a pit in my stomach, Marcel’s recent criticisms stinging anew.
“I don’t know anymore. I want to believe I’m the same, normal venlil that left Venlil Prime, but I know that can’t be true. It hurts.”
Vikri stopped staring, focusing more on the dog as it played.
“I always thought it was something you were born with, a defect,” he paused. “Now I fear it’s more a contagion.”
“Exterminators were always concerned about predator corruption spreading,” I added, images from Tillfish flamethrowers worming their way into my head. “Hang with predators and you’re bound to catch something.”
“Do you think I have predator disease?” He asked. Despite the seriousness of tone, it almost made me smile. That was my diagnosis from the start. But maybe not the worst thing.
“It colours your fur. Too much human’s rubbed off on you.” This time I gave him a playful nudge. Despite my indication of joking, Vikri remained pensive, still just watching for the dog. Trying to catch his eye, I flicked an apology, “Sorry, I don’t think you’re sick…really.”
“No, no,” he responded, moving an eye back to me. “To be honest I want that. To acknowledge them changing me and all. Otherwise, what was the point?” His gaze drifted back to Lucky. “No, I am different now. He changed me and I can never go back. It’s all I have left of him now anyway.” The last part almost disappeared into a whisper. I sidled up to him in support, wrapping my tail around his. I felt sick at the sorrow he must be experiencing, for it was what I feared most.
“I’m sure he’s proud of what you’ve become.” I encouraged.
“Un” Vikri gave an affirmative flick.
“Raising a dog for star’s sake. He’d definitely think you are the best venlil.”
“And for the little it’s worth, I do too.” He didn’t respond directly to that one, but he did press in closer.
“I do miss my old life though,” he continued after some time, his voice recovering. “Though I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Prime. Not with her.”
I shrugged. “There are currently thousands of humans on Prime. We can only pray to the stars that predator disease is as contagious as we’ve experienced,” I chuckled softly.
“Wouldn’t that be something,” he mused.
I was hopeful. Humans had lived up to our greatest fears. They were manipulative, changing whatever they touched to their own ideal. And stars if they weren’t persistent. Once you were their prey, they would not stop until they had you. The evidence was here. Two venlil, standing on an alien world, happily watching an apex predator play before us. Changed forever by the nature of predators.
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2023.03.26 12:22 stlatos Uralic Animal Names, etc.

*h2loupehk^- > G. alṓpēx, Arm. ałuēs, Skt. lopāśá-s, A. luumóo ‘fox’, Ni. livaša, Kt. řavéki, Kv. vříka, *-aka > Is. urvesok
*rompek’ > *rompec’ > *repomc’ > *repäns’ > F. repo, Es. rebane, Mv. r’ives’, Hn. raasz

These have been seen as loans, but no Iranian word matches completely (various Dardic ones also given for comparison), so either not a loan or some changes in PU obscured its origin. The *-ns’ (if original) would match G. as a C-stem (with -C > -0 in nom. for PU). If related, evidence that u was w after V, vp > mp (maybe like A. luumóo, other ev. that Dardic m \ v alternated). In *h2loupehk^- > G. alṓpēx, *ovp > *o_p > *ōp (like dáphnē \ daukhnā- ‘laurel’, with u disappearing before ph but not kh showing it was *v even in very old dialects). The k^ : c’ found in so many words seems to support their relation.

Skt. caṭaka- ‘sparrow’, Hi. ciṛā, Ben. côṛai, B. čOṛkuṛi ‘bird’, Rom. čiriklo
*či(n)čä > Sm. cicce ‘sparrow / small bird’, *či(n)čikä > Skp. čičik(a)
*c’iNc’V(kV) > Nen. s’inc’ek ‘small bird’
*c’Vlc’V > Mi. c’ül’c’ ‘wading bird (redshank?)’
*čäčkä > Z. čakčej, Mv. šekšej ‘spotted woodpecker’
*čac’kV > Sm. cisku ‘falcon’
*s’äRkc’e > Z čikči, F. sääksi ‘kite’, Es. sääsk

It is hard to think all these words are unrelated. Only a small group of Indo-Iran. languages have the basic word for ‘bird’ contain č-k-R. Dardic languages often show assim. of affricates (c-č > č-č , etc.) if *ki > *c’i in *čaṛkiṛu > čaṛc’iṛu etc. It is again likely r > R > k in some.

*k^h2anku- > Skt. śaŋkú- ‘twig/peg/post/stake/spike/stick/arrow’
*čxeŋkV > Sm. *cэŋkē prop/strut/support’, Ud. čog ‘nail’, Hn. csegely ‘wedge-shaped field/meadow’

This supposes *cseg ‘wedge’ >> csegely. The cs- instead of s- in Hn. might be caused by a cluster instead of plain č (reasonaly it would be čx or c’x ) and the IE words have -a-, meaning h2 should be there. This is unlikely to be chance.

Skt. nā́man-, G. ónuma, Lac. énuma-, Arm. anun, TA ñom, TB ñem; *nime > F. nimi ‘name’

This is a hard one. There’s a vague similarity, but what kind of strange changes could have brought this *nime about? It’s a little too much for me. I’ll have to come back to this later, using all my faculties to their fullest.

*dhuh2tó- ‘shaken / fanned’, *dhuh2ti-s ‘smoke’ > Skt. dhūtá- \ dhutá- ‘shaken / agitated’, B. dukti ‘soul / last breath’; *dhuxti > *dhwati > *lwali > *lewle > F. löyly ‘spirit / steam from the sauna stove’, Hn. lélëk ‘soul’

More t > l. That it is closest to Dardic with Toch. uh2 > ua > wa would be important.

*-es, *V-:s (pl); *-t

This would make the most sense if s > θ in some environments in PU (after V but not before C, for ex.). If s could merge with t, the odd treatment of t in PU, like t > l, could be from the same change. This would mean t > l could come from t > θ > l. This means s > l would be possible between V’s (that is, for -s- and -s, the difference is > l but not after C, not word-final).

*wes- > OE wesan ‘be/remain’, Skt. vásati ‘dwell’, TB woloktär ‘dwells’; *wole- > F. ole- ‘be’

This is what would be required if they were related; the similarity to TB is clear, but this is usually taken as contamination with koloktär (below)

*kWelh- > G. pélomai ‘move’, Skt. cárati ‘move/wander’, TB koloktär ‘follows’; F. kulke- ‘go/walk/travel’

If they were related; the similarity to TB is clear. Toch. had k / 0 (which I say came from *x in
*memsuxā- > *pesukā- > TA puskāñ
*memsuxā- > *pesuā- > *peswā- > TB passoñ ‘muscles’

*lewax^- > *lewa(k)- > TA lu, pl. lwāk
*lewax^- > *lewa(s)- > TB luwo, pl. lwāsa ‘animal’

*gWHoluwxo- > *guluxo- > Arm. glux ‘head/summit/end / chief’
*gWHoluwāx > *golwā > R. golová ‘head’, Li. galvà

*mxulto:(n) > *mxëlto > TA mkälto ‘young’, malto ‘in the first place’

Toch. and Arm. having some *x > k / 0 would match *k > *x > 0 in:

Skt. srákva- \ sṛkvaṇ- ‘corner of mouth’, TB *sǝrkwan- > *sǝrxwan- > särwāna (pl. tan.) ‘face’

L. dingua, TA käntu, TB kantwo; *kääle > F. kieli
Li. liežùvis, Kh. ligìni ‘tongue’ (reanalyzed with *leig^h- ‘lick’ ); *leikwi > *läike > *kääle > F. kieli

If close to Toch., similar to *mntis > L. menti-; *manti > *menle > *meele > F. mieli ‘reason/understanding’). That it is closest to Toch. would be important.
If close to Dardic, the long *ää would correspond to *ei (which would need to be shortened before CC elsewhere). That it is closest to IE with reanalyzed forms would be important.

*h2anti- \ -o- \ -0- > Skt. ánta- ‘end/limit’, Go. andeis, H. hanz() = xant-s ‘front’, TA ānt, TB ānte ‘surface/forehead’; *anli > *ajŋe ‘brain/temple’ F. aivo(t), H. agy

This seems to show nt > ŋl then l > l’ before front, l’ > j after N (before nl > _l ). A similar case, with no fronting in tu vs. ti

*pett(u)ro- > Arm. pHetur ‘feather’, Skt. pátatra- ‘wing/feather’, pátra- / páttra-
*pewturo > *pimtulo > *piŋlule > *piŋul \ *piŋe > Es. püvi, F. pyy ‘hazelhen’, Mv. povo, H. fogoly \ fogor-\fogu-madár

In which dissim. of l-l in *piŋlule > *piŋul prevented loss of ŋ. The opt. change of tt > wt in Arm. is similar (see Skt. aṃ-vitti- ‘not finding’, Arm. an-giwt ‘not found’; *wid-ti- >Arm. giwt -i- ‘finding / invention’, git -i- ‘finding / gift’). The alt. of w \ m \ ŋ seen in others (*pilŋ- \ *pilm- \ *pilv- ‘dark, cloud’; *xaŋ’t’a- > ŋ \ n’ \ m > X. âŋǝt ‘horn/antler’, Mi. ān’t, Nen. n’amtǝ). Other met. might have created:

*pimtula > *limputa > *linta \ *lunta > F. lintu ‘bird’, X. lont \ tunt ‘goose’, Hn. lúd

in which the alt. of 2 V’s in i \ u come from *i-u in the older form, just like i \ u for ‘fly’:

*pimtula > *pimlula > *limpula > *limplä \ *lum(p)lä > *lum(p)ä(l)- \ *lim(p)ä(l)- > H. libëg- \ lebëg- ‘float’, libben- ‘fly up / flutter’, levegöö ‘air’, Ud. lob-, lobal- ‘fly’, Z. leb-, le.bal-

*polh1o- ‘broad’ > OCS polŭ ‘side/shore’; *päxlä > Mv. päl’ ‘side’, Sm. bælle ‘side/half (lengthwise)’, F. -piele

If h1 = x^ this palatal would opt. change V > front. Met. of lx > xl

*pah2g^s(a)lo- > G. pássalos ‘peg’, L. *pakslos > pālus ‘stake’; *paaK^lo > *pääK^lo > *peele > Es. peel ‘pole/post’, F. pieli ‘(door)post/jamb’, Hn. ajtó-fél

If native, h2 = x would prevent xg^ from becoming xd^; after VxC > V:C, this palatal g^ would opt. change V > front. It’s possible the double K(^) here caused both length, then long V before a C > 0 was raised. This explanation would be unavailable if a loan from L. (or indirectly).

*gWrh2ur- > Go. kaurus, G. barús, Skt. gurú- ‘heavy’; *gWraxur > *gWraurǝ > *läwlǝ > F. läyli ‘heavy’

As in Arm., old *-ur in u-stems. If final -V added after all -r, it might only remain in those words that would become monosyl. if lost. It’s also possible -x- was lost in Vxu and Vxi first ( > Vwu and Vji ), hard to tell. Looking at this, it’s possible that TB krāmär did not come from a derivative in *-mr or *-wr but instead directly:

*gWrh2ur- > *gWraxur > *gWrawur > *gwrawur > *grawur > *gramur >TB krāmär ‘weight’, kramartse ‘heavy’

with w-w dissim., then w > m by u.

*wedo- > Arm. get ‘river’, *do-are-wedo- > W. darwedd ‘bubbling/fountain/spring’
*wete > F. vesi, g. veden, Mi. wit(’), Hn. víz, acc. vizet

*wediko- > *wed’iko- > *woð’kV > Z. vol’ ‘small river’

Now, if *wete means ‘water’ and *woð’kV ‘small river’, doesn’t that imply the existence of *-kV as a diminutive? As in F. poika ‘son/boy’? The alt. of e / o here would show either ablaut or optional rounding; whichever you pick, both seen in IE in this word (*wodo:r > *wudo:r in G.). The sound that became either *t or *ð’ implies either d > t / ð’ in different environments or ð > t / ð’ (and voicing as original would be preferred, since *tk > *dk would not be ususal).

Skt. putraká- ‘little son/boy/child’, *pütRak^á > *pöxäc^a > Kt. pe-éts \ pe-éz, Dm. paai, A. phay- / phoó ‘boy’; *polraka > F. poika ‘son/boy’

V-harmony u-a > o-a again. The change of t > l after V as before could give *polraka > *porlaka > *porlka > *pojka > F. poika (with no more ex.), but the palatalization in Dardic could be responsible instead (it could be that the suffix was *-akx^a- not *-aka- , etc., hard to tell).

*webh- > OE webb ‘web/weft/woven work’, *webhto- ‘cloth’ > Av. ubdaēna-; *wepte- ‘catch with a net’ > Mr. wapte-, Ud. votes

If this shows the existence of PU *weptV- ‘net’ to a verb *wepte- ‘catch with a net’, it would be hard not to see IE.

*syuh1- ’sew / stitch’, L. sūtor ‘shoemaker’, OPr schumeno ‘shoemaker’s filament’
*syuh1to- > OHG siut ‘suture/seam’, Skt. syūtá-, Li. siútas; *s(j)ukto > *sukse > F. suksi ‘ski / snowshoe’

If t > θ first, kθ > ks before θ > l. The many matches of h : k don’t seem like chance.

G. kurtía ‘wickerwork shield’, kúrtē ‘fish-basket’, Skt. kuti(:)- ‘hut’
*kuta > *kota > F. kota, Sm. goatte ‘tent / Lapp hut’
*külä > F. kylä ‘village/dwelling’, Mi. kül ‘house’

If rt only opt. > rl, it would fit. There are too many words with the same meaning showing front vs. back harmony to be coincidence. Some are caused by *jV (jalka ‘foot / leg’ vs. *jelkä > jälki ‘footprint’), this would require opt. u > ü > u / i as in Arm., Dardic. The same in *wülä below.

*ud- > Go. ut, Skt. ud-; *wülä \ *wilä \ *wile > ylä- ‘uppehigh(er)’, yle-mpi

With d > l, u- > wu-; if not a derivative, it would require opt. u > ü > u / i as in Arm., Dardic. The same in Skt. kuti(:)- ‘hut’; *kuta > *kota > F. kota, Sm. goatte ‘tent / Lapp hut’, *külä > Mi. kül ‘house’)

*ud-t(e)ro- > Skt. úttara- ‘upper’; *udteRo > *uðtego > *tuðego > *tuð’ka > F. tutka ‘tip/peak’, Mi. tal’ǝk

Met. before any further changes of dt (if the same as tt).

*(s)kermn- > Skt. cárman- ‘skin/hide’; *k’er’man > *c’eð’mä > *c’ämd’e > *c’äpte > Sm. čävddë ‘skin/bark’, Nen. s’āpt

The same change in G. pérdix ‘partridge’; *perdā > *pað’ta > Mi. pal’tā ‘black grouse’, Hn. fajd, then met. (maybe d’m > md’ > bd > pt was regular).

*septǝmó- ‘7th’ > G. hebdomós, OPr sep(t)mas, L. septimus; *s’eŋ’c’emä > F. seitsemä- ‘7’, Z. s’iz’im

The great similarity and possibility of Ce > C’e being so strong makes a relation nearly certain. Now, if this might come from a word with -pt- and it contains -ŋ’c’- there instead (or whatever cluster you prefer), shouldn’t this be taken as evidence that pt could change into mt \ ŋt before palatalization? This is because of he alt. of w \ m \ ŋ seen in others (*pilŋ- \ *pilm- \ *pilv- ‘dark, cloud’; *xaŋ’t’a- > ŋ \ n’ \ m > X. âŋǝt ‘horn/antler’, Mi. ān’t, Nen. n’amtǝ; *petturo- > *pewturo > *pimtulo > *piŋlule > *piŋul \ *piŋe > Es. püvi, F. pyy ‘hazelhen’, Mv. povo, H. fogoly \ fogor-\fogu-madár). That tt and pt could become mt matches Arm. (with tt / pt > wt(H) all possible). This kind of coincidence is not believable.

If the ‘7th’ > ‘7’ change was shared in the higher numbers, the clusters *-tt- in both ‘5’ and ‘6’ would be from *-CCto- in ‘5th’ and ‘6th’ in IE. Some also added *-ti-, which might be closer.

*y(e)mho- > ON Ymir, Skt. yamá- ‘twin’; *jaxma > F. jama \ jaama ‘joint’, Sm. juomek ‘twin lamb’

If this is a loan, it would show metathesis and IE *h > *x in reconstructions, good evidence for its existence for those who have made a case for Vx vs V: or V > V: in the past.

*wag^- > G. ágnūmi ‘break/shatter’, Skt. vájra-s ‘Indra’s thunderbolt’, Av. vazra- ‘Mithra’s club’; *vas’ara > F. vasara ‘hammer’, TB bhaśīr ‘lightning’

These seem like loans into both PU and Toch. The V’s in both probably come from *vadz’ǝra- with various V’s (ǝ > i is expected in Indic, Skt. vs. Pkt). Likely Iran. *vadz’ǝra- > *vaz’ǝra- > PU *vas’ara, Indic *vadz’ǝra- > *vadžǝra- > *vadžira- etc. A loan of this age does not show that *Kr would become KVr in PU in native words (or earlier loans).

*k^oh3no-s ? > G. kônos ‘(pine-)cone / spinning top? / bullroarer?’, Skt. śān(.)a-s ‘whetstone’, MP afsān, Shu. pisēn, Os. insōn(ë), Kh. usàn, Rom. (y)asan; *päxnV > Ud. penon, Hn. fen- ‘sharpen/whet / whetstone’

If a loan, it is closest to Shu. pisēn which would show CVC- > CC- (like Skt. pāṃsulá- ‘dusty’, Ni. pasalä ‘dust’, *psulá > Dk. phúla ‘ashes’; *psora > Hn. por ‘dust/powdeashes’). If native, it would show the unexplained *pk^- or *nk^- \ *mk^- in Indo-Iran. was old (many different affixes attached to a noun make little sense). Note the *h causing opt. n > ṇ (maybe a similar hn > nHnH in Dv.).

*hanhtukāh \ *hanhtikāh > Li. antuka ‘snipe’, Slavic *ontĭka > R. utka ‘duck’; *s’oðka > F. sotka ‘scaup (diving duck)’, Mv. s’ulgo

If utka ‘duck’ : sotka ‘scaup (diving duck)’ is wrong, it would be odd. If right, it would show V > 0 creating *tuk > *θuk > *ðk or similar in the middle syllables. If syllabic h > a, a sequence


might work. It depends on the nature of the first *h- (whether x or x^ > s^ (or dissim. of x-x earlier)). If *x^ > *s’ here, *Cn- > C- at some point. In H. lahanza(n)-, it’s possible that *h- > *R- > l- (instead of n-n, which did not exist in PIE at least).

Since *toktaŋ’ > X. taxtǝŋ, F. tohtaja \ tohtava ‘Arctic loon / black-throated diver’ seems to be met. of the form that also gave *s’oðka > F. sotka ‘scaup (diving duck)’ (both similar diving birds), it’s likely:

*x^anxtukāx ( = *hanhtukāh )
*x^aŋaθokā u-a > o-a
*x^ŋaθkā *x^ŋoθkā

with V1-V2 > either when middle V > 0 (like *pimtula > *limputa > *linta \ *lunta > F. lintu ‘bird’, X. lont \ tunt ‘goose’). Then, the very odd form would undergo several cases of met. and assim., which were regular would be hard to tell:


*θ^ŋoθkā fric-assim.
*θ^ŋokθā met.
*t^ŋoktā reg.?

This also seems to be behind the various words for types of duck, all very similar and showing met., assim., even if not IE:

*xaŋV(t’)- ‘polar duck’ > Sm. haŋŋā, Nen. ŋāŋū, En. ŋau, Nna. ŋaŋod’a ‘duck’




The likeness of these words to each other and *xaŋV(t’)- to IE *hanht(i)-, etc., seems like more than chance. Some of the likely changes:

*kaŋ’c’V > *k’aŋc’V > *čanc’V

*k’aŋc’V > *k’amc’V > *k’awc’V > *wak’c’V > *wajc’V

with some of the developments not certain due to the unique clusters.

*mangyo- ‘man’ > Slavic *monžjo- > R. muž; *man’c’V > F. mies, Mi. man’s’i, OHn. mogy-, H. magy-

This has been seen as a loan; whatever source would still show a change within PU.

Iran. *muxšti- ‘fist’ > Avestan mušti-, *müRšti- > Kv. mř'üšt, *muxštika- > Ni. mustik; *mučkV > Ud. mïžïk, Mv. mokšna

This has been seen as a loan; whatever source would still show a change V > 0 in mid. syllable, št(‘) > č.

*peu- / *pau- ‘cut / divide’ >> L. putāre ‘cut/trim/prune’, *ambi- > amputāre ‘cut off’, *pautsk^- > TA putk- ‘cut / divide/distinguish/separate/share’, TB pautk-; *päčkä- > Mv. pečke- ‘cut’, F. pätki- ‘cut into pieces’, *püčkV- > pytki- ‘cut into long slices’, *pučkV- > puhkaise- ‘pierce/puncture’, Mr. püškä- ‘sting/bite (of insects)’

The alt. in PU could show *au / *aü > *äü etc. That *pautsk^- > pautk- : *päčkä- : *püčkV- : *pučkV- might not be true, with all the other similarities between PU and Toch. (*kWelh- > G. pélomai ‘move’, Skt. cárati ‘move/wander’, TB koloktär ‘follows’; F. kulke- ‘go/walk/travel’; *pedyāx > TA päts, TB patsa ‘bottom’; *potsjä > *pesä > F. pesä ‘nest’; etc.) requires some explanation; the alt. within PU would need *au or *aü independent of this, but its match is telling.

*g^hans(o\i)- > OHG gans, E. goose, Skt. haṃsá- ‘goose / swan’, OIr géis ‘swan’; *jomkc’e(n) > F. joutsen ‘swan’, Sm. njuk’čâ, Mr. jükšǝ; Y. jaŋdže ‘goose’

These are much too similar to be unrelated. The nasal in Nkc’ can’t be determined from internal ev., but either IE or Y. would require a > o by m. The changes to k^ in *h2ag^- > L. agō ‘drive/act’; *aja- > F. aja- ‘drive/chase’; *h2ak^ma:h2 > G. akmḗ ‘point/edge’; *äjmä ‘needle’; show that k^ > x^ or γ^ / V_V or V_N were matched by g^h > j (except before i ). Palatalized nT > ŋT’ also in *h2anti- > TB ānte ‘surface/forehead’; *anli > *ajŋe ‘brain/temple’ > F. aivo(t). This differing from *mangyo- : *man’c’V might show different timing of pal. by y vs. i or alt. in the pronunciation of n’ (like for m / ng, etc.).

Likely that this includes:

*γ’ansi- = *g^hansi-

with the same changes seen elsewhere (ŋ > m opt., rounding by P, pal. before front); it’s likely n’ > ŋ’ after a V, ŋ’- > n’- word-initial, if reg.).

*yuhs(o)- ‘soup’ > Skt. yu(:)s.á-, Li. júšė, *yuhmo- > G. zū́mē ‘leaven’, zōmós ‘broth’; *jamV > Mv. jam ‘soup’, Nga. jamâ ‘gruel of blood/meat/flouwater’

This would show uh > wa as in *dhuh2ti-s > B. dukti ‘soul / last breath’; *dhuxti > *dhwati > *lwali > *lewle > F. löyly ‘spirit / steam from the sauna stove’, Hn. lélëk ‘soul’; then *jwama > *jama.

*gWiyó- > G. biós, Skt. jiyā́-, Av. jyā- ‘bowstring / sinew’; *jijä > *jäji > *jäje > je ‘broad strap’, Skp. tjyy, Kam. t’ī; Y. juo ‘girdle/belt’

*gWiy(e)tlo- > L. fīlum \ fīlus ‘string/cord’, Li. gīsla ‘vein/sinew’; *jetlax > *jätnex > *jäntek > F. jänne ‘bowstring / sinew’, *jätnex > *jänne > jänni ‘frenulum of tongue’

*gWiyó- : *jäje is not in need of great thought. Obviously these words look very much like IE ones (a 2-syllable word with j-y vs. y-y in such a specialized meaning would be unlikely, and this is unlikely match # 45), and the existence of extensions with t in both (or s > t or t > s, if needed) would be hard to explain. This shows merger of g^h and gW before front (if not an assim. of C-j > j-j after palatalization). Some of this could depend on opt. gW > gw (as previous). Again, for CVC- > CC-, this would give *jij- > *j- in *jetlax (or similar depending on timing); both *-etlo- and *-tlo- are seen in tool-words, maybe ablaut in IE. Other words show n / l within PU, so if tl > tn was not regular, the same here. The fem. *-āh > *-ax seems needed to explain ev. of other words in Samoyed with -’ (glottal stop) where the rest have -0.

*sh2ai- > H. ishiya- ‘bind’, ishuzzi- ‘belt/sash’, *sh2aito- > L. saeta ‘coarse haibristle’, Arm. haytHem ‘attach’; *sitV > F. sito- ‘bind/fasten’, side, gen. siteen ‘bandage’

Either original ai > i(i) or ablaut.

More opt. ŋ > m in

*y(e)mho- > ON Ymir, Skt. yamá- ‘twin’; *jaxma > F. jama \ jaama ‘joint’, Sm. juomek ‘twin lamb’

*jäsŋe > Mv. jäz’n’ä, Mr. ježǝŋ, F. jäsen ‘joint/limb’

which might show ŋ’ > n’ in some (if *ymho- = *ymx^o- > *yax^ma- with met. of palatalization after x^ > s^).

The existence of alt. within PU is clear; these words require an explanation no matter what their source:

*yah2giyo- > *yagi- \ *yago- > OIr aig ‘ice’, ON jaki ‘piece of ice’, Wx. yaz ‘glacier’, Kh. yòz ‘ice’; *jäxŋje > *jäŋxe > F. jää ‘ice’, Sm. jiekŋa
*jaŋka ‘ice hole’ in Samoyed (showing *ja- ( > *jä- ) was opt. in all )
*jäxkšV > Mr. jükše- ‘become cold’, F. jä(ä)hty- ‘cool (down)’
*jänte- > Mi. jant-, Z. jed- ‘freeze’

If g or γ > ŋ in *jäŋe, the lack of a nasal in *jäxkšV is explained as the oldest form. This shows opt. *ja > *jä (*jäŋe ‘ice’, *jaŋka ‘ice hole’), matching other *a-i, *a-j. PIE *ya(h2)giyo- giving the *eh > *ah ( > *a ) and opt. dissim. of y-y > y-0 (to explain o- vs. i-stems) would allow similar variants in PU with *x and *j > C to be related. As in opt. j > s’ previously, this would show kj > ks’ > kš (like xj > xs’ > š for *pekW-ye\o- > *pek’-yo- > *pix’yo- > *pišä- ‘bake/roast’). The 2 C’s in *jaŋka vs. *jänte- also come from changes to j; since this shows γ > ŋ in *jäŋe, j > γ’ would also be able to become ŋ’, and other words show this. If some of this created ŋŋ’, a change > ŋŋ > ŋk is possible (other paths exist). With g^ > d^ > t^ > t in others, *jänte- could come from ŋγ ‘> ŋg’ (and a shift of palatalization to ŋ’g might be the source of ŋk also, hard to tell). This would also show that *ä-o > *ä-e occurred, and if for all front V, it would explain the many *-e and *-a in PU as partly from *-o-.

These same changes in F. jalka ‘foot / leg’, jälki ‘footprint, etc., seem to show more ev. of ja \ jä (and fronting caused by j or front V’s in general). With the l > n in *gWiy(e)tlāh > *jijetlax > *jetlax > *jätnex, it makes sense that these words were related (some say loans):

*g^heh1- > *gēn- > E. go, G. kikhā́nō ‘reach/find / overtake’, Alb. ngah ‘run/hasten’, Skt. jáhāti ‘*leave > abandon / renounce’

Skt. jáŋghā- ‘ankle/shank’, Os. zëng(ë) ‘shin/stalk’ >> L. zanga \ zancha ‘Parthian shoe’, It. zanca ‘leg’
*jalka > F. jalka ‘foot / leg’
*jelkä > F. jälki ‘footprint / track/trace/trail’
*jVCka > *jokkV-tta > *jo:h-ta > F. juohtua ‘come up / arise’, Mv. jaka- ‘walk’
*jänxe- > *jäŋV > F. jää- ‘remain’, Hn. jön \ jő \ jöv- \ jö- \ győn \ gyün(n) ‘come’, Mi. ji- \ jäj- \ jüw- \ jin’kve ‘(be)come’
*jekkV- ‘dance’ > Mi. jēk-

The many changes are, again, needed even if not a loan, not related, but only within PU. Since a root is often called by the word for ‘foot’ in other languages (even zëng(ë) ‘shin/stalk’ is part of this range of meaning), the similar changes in these words are likely ev. of other alternation:

*jekkVrV ‘root’ > Ms. jükäär, Hn. gyökér
*jälŋV ‘stump’ > Sm. jâlŋes

*(s)kermn- > Skt. cárman- ‘skin/hide’; *k’er’man > *c’eð’mä > *c’ämd’e > *c’äpte > Sm. čävddë ‘skin/bark’, Nen. s’āpt
*k’er’man > *kelmä > F. kelmä ‘membrane/surface’, kelme(e-) ‘white surface layer of birchbark’, Z. ken’
*kal’we > F. kalvo ‘membrane’, Mi. khal’p ‘*skin (flakes) > dandruff’, xal’ǝp ‘white surface layer of birchbark’

It is not reasonable that so many words for ‘skin/bark’ with the same shape be considered unrelated. I’ll add that in many languages, simply translating these as ‘skin’ not ‘membrane/surface (layer)’ is done, but since the distinction exists in English I avoided this to keep from appearing to only give data favoring my interpretation. These show m > w (as previous), and probably k’-r’ > k-r’ before k’ > c’ (compare opt. n’-l’ in *n’el’ja \ *nel’ja ‘4’ )

There are many examples of metathesis of K-P and P-K in Balto-Slavic. This has led to a loan being used to explain some of:

*pekW- ‘cook’ > Skt. pácyate, L. coquere, R. pekú, Li. kepù
*pexje- \ *pexije- > Mv. pije-, Hn. fő- ‘cook/boil’, En. feri’a-
*pišä- > Sm. bâsse- ‘roast on a spit’, Ud. pïž ‘bake/roast’, Mi. pīt- ‘cook/brew’
*kewje- \ *keje-? > F. keittä- ‘boil/cook’, Hn. köved- ‘boiled down’
*kips’ä > F. kypsä ‘ripe/cooked/baked’

I do not think 4 different IE languages happened to give 4 different loans at 4 different times into Uralic. There is no IE with e-y > i-y, p > w / 0, etc., needed for all (or maybe any) of these. The met. in R. pekú, Li. kepù is tempting, but this would still need pj > wj ( > j ), pj > ps’, e-j > i-j or some set of changes to explain all this. Since some of these are ‘ripe’ vs. ‘cook’ by itself, the odd cluster in *pekWwó- > Skt. pakvá- ‘cooked/baked/ripe’ might be responsible for met. to fix kWw, creating 2 sets. The alt. of e \ i in both groups is unlikely to be from separate causes; no IE with e > i here could be responsible, and there aren’t two IE with e > i AND k-p < p-k in one, not in the other. The same alt. in both groups then shows both groups were native, with a change not seen elsewher, more V-harmony. What I think happened:

*pekW-ye\o- > *pekwye- > *pekweye- > *pekwiye- > *pexije- ‘cook/boil’
*pekW-ye\o- > *pek’-yo- > *pix’yo- > *pišä- ‘bake/roast’
*pekW-wó- > *kWep-wó- > *kWep-yó- > *k(w)ipja > *kips’ä ‘ripe/cooked/baked’
*kWep-yó- > *kWew-yó- > *kewje- ‘boil/cook’

This requires alt. of kW \ kw and p \ f \ w (elsewhere), with j > dz’ > s’ opt. This p / w is required here in PU even for the alt. in F. keittä- ‘boil/cook’, kypsä ‘ripe/cooked/baked’. No matter what the source is, it exists, and has never been applied to other words. Knowing that p > w (or p > 0, depending on the timing and which reconstruction of PU is right) is possible, but never looking for matches of p : w when checking for cognates is not a useful method. The other examples of alt. also are needed within PU, even if ALL of these are loans, due to not being found in known IE languages. This means that we can get *witte ‘5’ from *penkWto- (as *septǝmó- ‘7th’ > L. septimus; *s’eŋ’c’emä > F. seitsemä- ‘7’). If the ‘7th’ > ‘7’ change was shared in the higher numbers, the clusters *-tt- in both ‘5’ and ‘6’ would be from *-CCto- in ‘5th’ and ‘6th’ in IE. This *(k)swek^sto- > *kutte ‘6’ might show a common set of changes:

*penkWto- *kswek^sto-
*fenxWto- *xswex^sto-
*fenxWto- *xwex^sto-
*finxWto- *xwex^sto-
*finxWto- *xwox^sto-
*finxWto- *xwox^xto-
*finxWto- *xwojxto-
*fixWto- *xwojxto-
*fitto- *xwojtto-
*fitto- *xojtto-
*witto- *xojtto-
*witto- *xujtto-

Though the details are not clear due to clusters like nkWt and k^st only occurring here (more on the other changes below), Cxt > Ctt probably is best.

Other oddities created by *kWw in IE include:

*pekWwó- > Skt. pakvá- ‘cooked/baked/ripe’, *pekWpó- > *mekpo > TB map(p)e ‘ripe’

with the same kWw > kp > p in *leikW- > Latin (re)linquere, *likWwotor > *likpotor > TB lipetär ‘is left over’. Usually, p-p > m-p would seem odd, but with the other changes of m > p in Toch. for no reason, the opposite caused by dissim. fits.

In the same way, PU makes other changes in Toch. understandable. The closest match of:

*pedyāx > TA päts, TB patsa ‘bottom’; *potsjä > *pesä > F. pesä ‘nest’

*ped(y)o- \ *pod(y)o- ‘place, ground, soil’ > G. pedíon ‘plain’, pédon ‘ground’, OCS podŭ ‘ground/foundation’, Ni. pad ‘foundation’, *eni- > MIr ined ‘place’, *enpodyo- > *yäpoy > TB yapoy, TA ype ‘land/country’

shows that PU dy > s (not s’ or c’ ) which seems to be from the difference of T before front V vs. j. It is easiest to explain if te > t’e, tj > t’j > ts’j first, before any other palatals > affricates, ts’j > č (deleting j ), later č > š > s before ṣ > š etc. (Skt. mákṣā- ‘fly’; *mekše > Mv. mekš ‘bee’). This same type could occur before loss of voicing, so dj and tj might differe in some way if only dy > ǰ > s. If the same sequence happened in Toch., then č or ǰ as an intermediate leading to ts would allow the apparent loss of d in *enpodyo- > *yenpoǰo- > *yäpoy to be explained y the same assim. of y-ǰ > y-y that I see in:

Skt. prayuj- ‘yoke/join/harness to / unite with’, also fem. noun ‘team’ >> *prayuyo- > *pyauryo > TB pyorye (fem.) ‘yoke’

which is probably an early loan before devoicing in Toch. It is unlikely a complicated sequence like this could be made more clear by PU data if patsa : pesä were unrelated.

*puk^syo- > Av. pusa-, NP fuš, Skt. púccha-m ‘tail/rod’, Hi. pūñch ‘tail/rear’, B. punzuṛO ‘tail’, *pačhoóḍ > Dk. p(h)ačoó \ čipóoy.
*po(n)čoxa > Mr. pač, X. poč, Mi. ponš-pun ‘tailfeather’, Nen. panco ‘tail’, En. batu’o

The *-x- is retained in Samoyed, others > 0 (opt. or between unstressed V’s?). Sine the suffix in Dardic and Dk. is probably -ula- > -uḍa- (as in Skt. lāNgūla-m & Sh. lʌmúṭi ‘tail’), probably analogy added it. This would require either a loan or a shared descent within IE. The similar words would then show met. in:

*poksyora > *pksyora > *poryaks > *pol’akš > Mi. pōl’ǝx ‘tail of reindeers’, Mh. pula ‘tail’, Mr. pulŭkš *behind/back > ‘shoulder(joint)’

The opt. p > w might merge with w > m in

*mä(n)c’Vx > Mi. man’s’ik ‘tail of reindeers’, Skp. mätjä

The origin of -N- in the Indic words (Hi. pūñch ‘tail/rear’, B. punzuṛO ‘tail’) being shared by PU would require either a loan or a shared descent within IE. The origin of this seems to be y > y~ (nasalized). This is seen in Indo-Iran.:

Bu. kHakHā́yo ‘shelled walnut’, Shina kHakHaái~

*h2loupehk^- > Skt. lopāśá-s > *lovāyá- > Kh. ḷòw, Dk. ló(o)i ‘fox’, Sh. lo(o)i~

*madhy~a- ‘middle’ > Braj māhi~ ‘in’, Hi. māñjh

*puk^syo- > Skt. púccha-m ‘tail/rod’, Hi. pūñch ‘tail/rear’, B. punzuṛO ‘tail’

This seems to become n in causatives like *kōreye- > Dk. (g)uráa- \ (g)uraaná ‘make _ do’, and apparent old causatives like *lōgheye- > Dk. lukh(ā)na ‘hide’. Also, old loans from Dardic (or related) to Bu. show y > n also:

Skt. méṣī- ‘ewe’, *méṣiy- > *méṣiy~ >> *méṣin > Bu. meénis ‘ewe over one year but not a mother’

Skt. videś[í]ya- ‘foreign’, Kv. vičó ‘guest’, Ni. vidišä, Kt. vadašó, *vadišiy~a >> *waišin > Bu. aíšen \ oóšin

This could come from intermediate y > ŋ^ > n^ > n. Other PU words show y > ŋ (and opt. ŋ > m, as previously). It is impossible for such an odd set of changes to be independent in supposedly unrelated languages that seem more like sub-branches to me.
submitted by stlatos to u/stlatos [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 12:16 StellaeEran Daisy Jones & The Six crochet patterns?

Hey, all. Has anyone found any patterns similar to the crocheted garments that Daisy wears in the “Daisy Jones & The Six” show? I’ve googled and searched Ravelry and Etsy to no avail. In particular, I’m trying to find a pattern for the white floral lace motif crop top Daisy wears in Episode 4 right before she goes onstage with The Six in Hawaii and the black bodysuit she wears under the long brocade coat at the beginning of the final episode when she runs into Billy and Camila in the hotel hallway.
submitted by StellaeEran to crochet [link] [comments]

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2023.03.26 12:11 femcelh [F4F] [OC] Sci-Fi Romance Roleplay.

Ill start off with my basics, I don't have limits to the roleplay besides death, but if you do express them to me clearly and when roleplaying, if you find yourself uncomfortable tell me to stop what I'm doing wrong please. I usually write around semi to adv literate, but i can go even longer if i get super into it, otherwise i really do try to match my partners length. Im chill with anything from the shorter end of semi-lit to longer end of adv-lit. I am in the GMT time zone if that is of any help, i write in third person only and do so on discord.
The OC Im going to use for this is named Jade. She's 6'1, 29F, has white curly/fluffy shoulder length hair. Typically wears a tight fitted top, dress pants and gloves, trench or lab coat is depending on the weather. She has bright green eyes, is pretty pale and wears round glasses. She's extremely smart, and works on and off in the biochem industry (both her now dead parents were wealthy enough to give her inheritence thats left her not needing a full time, consistent job). Personality wise, she's quite closed off and naturally hostile, not extremely expressive besides when her anger issues spike, rarely trusts anyone she isnt fully sure she can actually truly trust. Not a lot of people know personal details to her life.
I like a lot of different genres, scifi, modern, fantasy, you name it I'd probably do it. I'd love to slot Jade into a "ethnically&morally questionable (mad) scientist" kind of role if you'd enjoy that, and I'd like to do the roleplay in a sci-fi space travel kind of setting but im open to anything else if youre interested in my OC but dont like Scifi. Theres lots of different kinds of things/plots/ideas within that kind of universe i enjoy, but if you need anything to go off of I enjoy mainly weird power dynamics, opposites attract, meeting by fate and toxic relationships kind of stuff. On the opposite attracts kind of topic, I think I think from Jade's description its clear what id be looking for in your OC. I think pairing an OC whos smalleshoter, sweet and a little naive with Jade would suit my tastes, and make how Jade interacts with the OC more pleasant. We could start off right from how they meet, or them in an already committed longterm relationship, so really we could come up with pretty much anything together.
If you're interested in, dm me. Include your OC+ details in your dm if thats possible, along with what kind of plot you'd be interested in/if youre not interested in anything sci-fi.
submitted by femcelh to RoleplayPartnerSearch [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 12:10 femcelh [FXF] [OC] Sci-Fi Romance Roleplay.

Ill start off with my basics, I don't have limits to the roleplay besides death, but if you do express them to me clearly and when roleplaying, if you find yourself uncomfortable tell me to stop what I'm doing wrong please. I usually write around semi to adv literate, but i can go even longer if i get super into it, otherwise i really do try to match my partners length. Im chill with anything from the shorter end of semi-lit to longer end of adv-lit. I am in the GMT time zone if that is of any help, i write in third person only and do so on discord.
The OC Im going to use for this is named Jade. She's 6'1, 29F, has white curly/fluffy shoulder length hair. Typically wears a tight fitted top, dress pants and gloves, trench or lab coat is depending on the weather. She has bright green eyes, is pretty pale and wears round glasses. She's extremely smart, and works on and off in the biochem industry (both her now dead parents were wealthy enough to give her inheritence thats left her not needing a full time, consistent job). Personality wise, she's quite closed off and naturally hostile, not extremely expressive besides when her anger issues spike, rarely trusts anyone she isnt fully sure she can actually truly trust. Not a lot of people know personal details to her life.
I like a lot of different genres, scifi, modern, fantasy, you name it I'd probably do it. I'd love to slot Jade into a "ethnically&morally questionable (mad) scientist" kind of role if you'd enjoy that, and I'd like to do the roleplay in a sci-fi space travel kind of setting but im open to anything else if youre interested in my OC but dont like Scifi. Theres lots of different kinds of things/plots/ideas within that kind of universe i enjoy, but if you need anything to go off of I enjoy mainly weird power dynamics, opposites attract, meeting by fate and toxic relationships kind of stuff. On the opposite attracts kind of topic, I think I think from Jade's description its clear what id be looking for in your OC. I think pairing an OC whos smalleshoter, sweet and a little naive with Jade would suit my tastes, and make how Jade interacts with the OC more pleasant. We could start off right from how they meet, or them in an already committed longterm relationship, so really we could come up with pretty much anything together.
If you're interested in, dm me. Include your OC+ details in your dm if thats possible, along with what kind of plot you'd be interested in/if youre not interested in anything sci-fi.
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2023.03.26 11:45 Firegoat1 TOC4 --- the early watch, discussion and spoilers ..... The Super 16 Survivors

Well, it's Sunday morning and another early drop of TOC 4 by Discoverplus. You know the drill ... I'll talk the line up, the food the judges and scoring, but won't reveal the winners here, but they will likely be in the comments so read at your own risk. It's a bittersweet review for me, as my beloved Kansas State Wildcats just tumbled out of the real March Madness yesterday. But.... the TOC must go on! And tonight's TOC is going to be brutal as I have way too many favorites in the game on this side of the bracket.
So here we go. All the chefs walk in as usual and Guy shows what happened last week on the bracket board. Here comes the audience!
Round One: "Mayday" Mei Lin vs. "Tiff" Tiffany Derry. Seed three: Mei Lin vs. Seed two Tiffany Derry. Wow. Guy is REALLY solid on this "May Day" nick name. Randomizer is still two proteins with surf and turf and the time is still 35 minutes. Tiger prawns, double cut pork chops, campfire pie iron, holiday supper and double move down. Tiffany and Mei have to agree together to move two categories down one. They now get flat iron steak instead of the pork chops and get weeknight dinner instead of holiday supper. Also these Prawns are HUGE.... they are like giant lobster tails with legs. Tiffany is making a Suya-crusted flat iron steak with prawn and couscous stew. She draws Simon. She explains what Suya spice blend is. Sounds delicious. Mei is making a Vietnamese rice bowl with fried tiger prawn egg rolls and Thai chili sirloin steak. She draws Justin. Mei is using the pie iron for her garlic while Tiffany uses it to char her tomatoes. We get a shot of Sasto, Shota and Hunter in the stew room watching. That would be a fun group to hang out with. Weirdly one of my favorite parts of this show is when they show you little bits of the judges like legs walking or hands buttoning a cardigan and I try to guess the judges. ....
And now, here come the judges: Michelle Bernstein, Jonathan Waxman and Rocco DiSpirito. Justin presents Mei's dish first. Michelle loves it because she eats something like it once a week. She likes the crunch on the prawn. She thinks the meat may or may not have too much sodium. Jonathan thinks it has the right amount. Rocco loves the steak. He says he isn't disappointed at all other than maybe she could have made a better use of the pie iron. Scoring is the same.. 50 points for taste, 30 for use of the randomizer and 20 for presentation. Simon presents Tiffany's dish. Rocco says it is a thoughtful and considered dish. And a great job on the steak. He seems to want more seasoning but likes it a lot. Michelle thinks the couscous is overcooked. She thinks it is fun. She doesn't like the dill. Jonathan says the steak is perfect. He doesn't think the couscous is overcooked but thinks it is a little bland. Scores are 85 vs. 92! The winner of this round will take on either Shota or Sasto next round.
Round Two: First seed Tobias Dorzon vs. fourth seed Karen Aknowicz. He beat Karen last year in TOC by a two point difference. Nicknames here are the Fox for Karen and the Huncho for Tobias. Randomizer: Crab meat, filet mignon, rotisserie oven, candlelit dinner, and high score respin. Tobias gets the respin. He spins equipment and gets rotisserie oven! Tobias draws Simon and he is cooking a seared filet mignon with crab and white wine cream sauce. Maneet and Stephanie are watching in the screening room. Karen is doing a play on a classic old-school steakhouse. She is making a spanakopita style crab bearnaise and butter basted filet mignon. She roasts onions in the rotisserie and then adds scraps of the steak into the basket to flavor the onions. Tobias finishes his steaks in the rotisserie oven after searing them. Karen is putting the crab into her creamed spinach. Justin seems to like what karen is doing. Okay this round is just making me freakin' hungry. Tobias was plating til the end so had no time to clean his plates. Judging: Justin presents Karen's dish first. They do a shot of Tobias in his trailer watching and he says "is that a candlelit dinner in a cereal bowl?" Michelle said looking at it it did not speak to her until she had a bite. She says it has a seductive romanticism. Jonathan says the spinach is exquisite, he thinks the steak is a little too thick cute. Rocco says it tastes like a candlelit dinner more than it looks and loves the onion. I'm guessing she's gonna get dinged on presentation points. Simon presents Tobias's dish. Michelle says the cook has a good grasp on meat cooking. She doesn't think it is the most creative. Rocco liked a plated dish. He thought the filet was undercooked. Jonathan thought his dish had too much meat. Score: 80 vs. 82 close round. The winner of this round will take on either Stephanie or Maneet.
Round three: And this will be my heartbreak round because I love both of these chefs from watching them on Top Chef. Eighth seed Shota Nakajima vs. fourth seed Mustache Joe Sasto. Mustache Joe's outfit is giving me giggles. Guy's nicknames are the Ninja and of course Mustache Joe. Guy says Shota would get the nicest guy award but Joe Sasto is also the nicest guy. (this sure seems true at least from what I've seen of them both in the past.. I don't want either one to lose.) Randomizer: halibut, hanger steak, cast iron multicooker, go to take out and move one up. Both chefs have to decide a which to move. They agree to move the multicooker to the meat tenderizer. Shota draws Justin (who apparently can speak a little Japanese) and is making a spin on Katsu Sando a Japanese fried pork cutlet sandwich -- he's doing a beef Katsu Sando with halibut twist inside. Joe draws Simon and is making Hanger Steak Dan Dan noodles with a halibut egg roll with duck sauce and Chinese hot mustard. Joe hits the garlic with the meat tenderizer and later uses it on the apricots. Shota uses the tenderizer on the steak. Katsu stands for "winning" in Japanese. We'll see if it holds up here. Shota is using both the steak and the halibut in two ways to try to win the randomizer points. Both chefs are using Kewpie mayo. Joe is doing some creative plating but is worried he doesn't have enough steak on the dish. It appears Shota is plating down to the wire. Judging: Justin presents.... Guy calls him the Wolfman. ? He does Shota's dish. Rocco says it is all working and he nailed the take out style. Jonathan loves it, his only downside is not enough ginger. Michelle says it is cravable. She says if she was super picky you can't find the halibut. Simon presents for Joe. Rocco saysit is a fun play on take out, but doesn't see it as a real take out dish. Jonathan disagrees and says it is take out. He doesn't get the use of the meat tenderizer. Michelle says it is a great take out dish and does get the tenderizer on the halibut. She isn't getting enough hanger steak. Score: 84 vs. 80.
Round four billed as the highlight of the night... altho how it will beat the last two rounds I don't know. Three seed Stephanie Izard, the OG Iron Chef vs. second seed Maneet Chauhan the only TOC champion still in the tournament. Randomizer: Calamari tubes and tentacles, rack of lamb, mortar and pestle, lunch special and surf or turf respin. They respin the surf. and.... get dover sole which both of them said they did not want. The dover sole is whole, so they have to break it down. Maneet is making a lamb meatball and tikka masala bunny chow with dover sole fish soup. Stephanie is makin a roasted lamb and cover sole sandwich with ceviche with a jus on the side. Stephanie says she's never broken down a dover sole before. Justin is presenting for Stephanie and Simon for Maneet. Maneet uses the mortar and pestle to grind spices. stephanie is using a sauce made by Shota which is kind of a fun shout out. Stephanie uses the mortar to make guacamole. Maneet's sandwich is very cute. Stephanie seems to struggle a little at the end. Judging: Simon presents first for Maneet. Rocco thought making soup out of the halibut was ambitious. He loved the soup and sandwich special. Michelle thought the fish chunks were too small but she thought it was creative. Jonathan said it was delicious but not the best use of the sole. He loved the lamb meatball. Justin presents for Stephanie and tells them to pour the jus on the sandwich. Michelle says the dipping gravy is messy but the flavor is ahome run. She says the lamb is very rare, she likes the cruchy hand made tortilla in the middle of the sandwich. Jonathan says he's missing the sole flavor. Rocco says it is cravable and balanced and "bad ass." Scoring: 86 v. 84.
That's it for tonight. I picked 3 of the 4 winners so it wasn't too bad. I'm definitely looking forward to the elite eight round next week. But this was a great match up from beginning to end. I think you will enjoy watching it.
submitted by Firegoat1 to foodnetwork [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 11:37 ayemematey Advice needed: foggy uv top coat

Advice needed: foggy uv top coat
Hi all!
Shown here is: 1x Pink Gellac Peel Base 1x Pink Gellac Beautiful Black 1x Pink Gellac Chique Red 1x Pink Gellac Top Coat Shine Cured each layer for 240 seconds with a Meanail UV LED lamp. Wiped with Herome acetone free nail polish remover.
For some reason the top coat always fogs up and gets streaky :(
Any ideas what I could improve to avoid this? Never had this issue before with Meanail (switched from Meanail to Pink Gellac to avoid HEMA).
Many thanks!
submitted by ayemematey to RedditLaqueristas [link] [comments]

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As the two girls headed for the house, hand in hand, Yvette looked at her friend and said, “Did you just French-Kiss my boyfriend?”
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She also has a huge crush on Steve which makes the whole thing interesting. Steve doesn’t know what to think of it. Yeah, he likes her a lot. But opening up to her, showing his true self would change her for sure. Not that he has a skeleton buried in his backyard. For him, Marie is just too innocent and he is as much of a kinky pervert as his sister seems to be.
Snake: Wait, so Kyle Wade is in play? On Bookworm’s end, for now, but in play?
On Sunday, Michelle and I went to Regal. I bought her tickets and snacks and everything. I knew I wasn’t going to get any action today, but why not try for the future?
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True story. So for security purposes the girl will be named 'Amy'. Also if I go off track by just describing her, I'm not sorry. If you met her you'd be in the exact position as I was and I am in now.
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The crazy thing is Chris use to date her sister! I couldn’t believe she was going behind her sisters back.
With an excruciating amount of concentration, he kept his words organized and did not allow them to spill out at once. “I figured you must have been starving, I knew I was, so I only got up to grab some food from the lobby for us to eat. When I told you that I didn't bring you there to sleep with you, I meant it. I wanted to see you again; that's why I went back to the bar looking for you.”
Simultaneously they both emitted loud noises of shock and terror jolted their whole bodies. Andy’s involuntary action swung his free hand forward and he struck the strawberry cushion with enough force that it flew to one side of the room whilst Alex’s jump saw her throw her phone to the other; her reaction also loosening her towel such that it dropped in one quick motion to the floor.
Upon arriving at the fourth floor, Sam burst through the door and ran out into the hallway, scanning the area for which apartment would be Greene’s.
'Where’s James?' she asked with an annoyed tone.
"Of course, I would love to find out." She said. Then she looked over at John, and could tell that he was trying to hold back tears of joy as he saw his child on the monitor. Kelsy smiled, knowing that she has giving him the best gift in the world.
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"What?" Charlie asked.
I sighed and rolled away from her onto my back. Why couldn't I just feel one thing for her? Just like her or hate her, or just stop caring altogether? I couldn't hold onto any solid emotion when it came to her.
“Josh, I. . .Oh my god!”
"Bill, you've got to cum at the same time as your brother," Alice instructed. "Can you do that?"
“No ma’am…” I hung my head and sighed. “I mean No Miss Maggie, thank you.” I looked at Penny as she chuckled a bit. I had my hands clasped together in front of me on the table top, mostly to keep myself from fidgeting. Maggie reached out and covered my hands softly with her right hand. The long elegant fingers tapering down to shiny polished nails the same blood red color as Miss Penny’s.
He moved down a little in the bed and I felt him slip his hard peter between my thighs. “Is this okay?” he asked.
“Take your seat, please.” Miss Mallory said.
I let in a gasp. And felt my toes curl.
He took away his daughter's hands She was just crying softly.
hoarder. She had five huge binders of cards and a couple of
“Do you want me to?” I asked evenly.
point than was actually deserved.
Then one night after dinner, Mom was cleaning the kitchen, Dad was settled in front of the TV and Amy moved close to me and whispered, “My room in ten minutes.”
The girl revealed pearl white, straight teeth and deep dimples on either side of her pink lips as she voiced the proposition to Damian.
She glanced back at me. "Sorry, I just wanted to take this off. Her hands fumbled behind her back and her bra fell forward. She leaned back into me. Very carefully, I put my arms back around her.
My breathing got heavier and deeper and I got goose bumps all over.
Kitty said, “I’d like to thank you all for the best sex ever…but please stop…I can’t take anymore.
“W’Sup DOOM” shouted kyle as he slid the door closed and threw the latch back down into locked position.
She looked back up to see Oliver sitting on the bed and Lily standing next to him. They both looked very surprised.
‘Come on now Ron,’ said Hermione as she took hold of his hand, ‘we have to go and defeat these Death Eaters.’
The Captain of the soccer team was afraid to ask the question, but out it tumbled in a rush nonetheless, "And what do you want?"
Having finished building their distress call, they sat side by side on the shore, his arm around her, looking to the ocean. The beginning of a sunset made the sea glimmer, like a golden bridge was built across the water.
I went to my photo library to find a good picture to send. I’m not a bad looking guy, but I wanted to send her one that might make her even half as happy as I was with hers. I’m 17 years old, about 5”10 and 160lbs. I work out when I can, but I’m not weight-lifter size. I looked for a picture that would show off my arm muscles, and one where my dark brown hair looked neat instead of its usual mess. My eyes are green, but in no way comparable to Violet’s. I selected a picture, and sent it to her. A few seconds later, she responded in the IM.
“This is your last warning, boy! Sit down or I will shoot!”
We drove on, with dawn approaching, I pulled over the Hummer, into a warehouse that had made it through bombing. The next morning we awoke, and continued driving. That was until the Hummer broke down.
She ran her thumbs back and forth over her sister’s nipples, then she pinched them. Madison had slid her hand back into her panties and was playing with herself.
"Come again my love for me." he said as he kiss and sucked on my neck.
At a dance at school, both of us were dateless, I for my obvious reasons and him because he just got over his last girl who wanted to use him for popularity or bragging rights. So, since he had to go to get a school reward for the football team, he took me, even though I was planning on lazing around. I took a dress from my moms closet and went and we danced like we usually would at a party at a friends house. But then they put a slow dance on and something from out of a fairy book happened.
Happy to oblige, Charlie arched his ass back and slid out until just his head was still inside. Pushing in again, this time was much easier. A layer of lubrication had washed over him, making his cock cut through her like warm butter. He dared not think about how good it felt.
“Uhhh there wasn’t one near the register at all, and no one gave me anything today. Maybe ha gave it to my father, I’ll ask him when I go get your food.”
“Holy fuck,” Anthony groaned.
Hachibi turned around and looked at Zetsu, who was on the ground, he lifted his arms and in the process of waving them down he said, “Twin Blades” both swords came down from the sky spinning making them look like saws. The swords had chakra coming out of them making them as sharp as possible.
I met her increased passion with a greater degree of control than I had been able to manage in previous sessions. As I adjusted my speed to meet Cathy's urging, I began to feel the stirring of another climax. I tried to slow its progress by slowing my strokes, but Cathy suddenly wrapped her legs around my waist and began slamming into me as hard as she could force her sex against mine. I exploded into her in a shuddering climax, feeling Cathy's arms and legs squeezing me as if she were trying to pull me all the way inside her. I pressed in as hard as I could while trying to hold her from moving. The pleasure was so exquisite that it was almost painful. Moments later, I collapsed onto her, aware that my sweat was sticking us together like glue.
"That's so good," said the principal. "I remember when you first started here, barely a day over 18, you barely knew one end of a cock from the other. Look at you now though."
“Well then lets go!” Mindy said as she got up.
"About what?" I asked with dumb look on my face.
2011-06-05 23:23:41
With raised eyebrows, I replied back. "Really? I thought you weren't really into that kind of thing."
Her mindset was that of an adult. She was brilliant; she conducted herself with prudence. She outsmarted everyone in her classes and was seen as the ‘smart girl who was pretty,’ since those two descriptions do not commonly work in tandem.
Kat figured that Matt would pick her up, go back to his house, hang out for a while and he would take
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"What happens now?" Jake asked after a few minutes.
Then, after over a hundred attempts, I was Furious.
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