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Fucckkkk I really need to let go. FOMO kills me.

2023.02.20 05:31 overcast1766 Fucckkkk I really need to let go. FOMO kills me.

Clarity came today I guess.
I deleted my
I still have left
I had purged previous forum accounts like end of Dec, but I made them again, including the paid one. Through an image board I found a girl that I came across before had more recent content. And I ask about girls I've talked to before to see if anyone has nudes from them too. I have content from girls I've chatted with online from like 5-8 years ago. They've blocked me and everything, we don't talk but I still look at their pages and look for alias pages, you know "just incase" they've posted any nudes themselves. Recently, I've been waking up and checking the forums and image board too routinely, just hoping someone would post pics or vids or links to content from these couple girls. Or nights I would just be searching the half dozen or so girls name/locations looking for any chance they posted anything. I'm a weirdo, I hate myself for my behavior.
I know it's not healthy, but it's a habit. And the thought of deleting my folders, it's like well that'll be the last I ever see of them. It's making me so fucking anoixous today. I hate this so much.
With the other accounts, I have to delete, it's fine whatever, I can pay again and find them (though I shouldn't). But yeah the more personal girls, like how am I supposed to forget what they look like, their bodies are like.
Kinda ranty sorry,
Edit: as of 2023-02-24, it's all gone.
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