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A subreddit for anything relating to wild TV show host Karl Stefanovic, who is best known for his videos **long stabby thing** and for being really drunk one morning on air. **[Long Stabby Thing](** [Daily Today comic strip [FB]](

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Boys' Love (BL) is by origin a genre of Japanese manga produced mainly by women for women that features romantic and sexual relationships between men. Nowadays, all manner of art, comics, anime, novels, games, and dramas from many different countries operate under the BL genre heading. All of the above can be discussed here.

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A place for your favorite vegan recipes! Please read the sticky thread before posting or commenting, thank you!

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2023.03.22 07:51 BlueSteelCyber Why Your Business Needs Cyber Security Assessment Services

A cyber security assessment is essential to protect your business from digital threats. In today's world, data breaches and cyber attacks are on the rise, making it more critical than ever to secure your organization's digital infrastructure. With cyber security assessment services, you can identify vulnerabilities in your systems and develop a comprehensive strategy to prevent attacks.
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2023.03.22 07:51 PotentialLychee8590 The Importance of Proper Preparation for the Challenging FE Exam

The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam is one of the most challenging examinations in the engineering field and requires a great deal of preparation and dedication. The exam, which is administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of recent graduates in the engineering field. For those who are preparing to take the FE Exam, it is important to understand the importance of proper preparation. In this article, we will discuss the importance of studying for the FE Exam and provide some tips on how to properly prepare for the challenging examination.
Study For FE is an essential component of preparing for the challenging FE Electrical Exam. Those who take the time to properly prepare for the rigorous exam often have the most success. It is important to understand the various content areas covered, such as calculus, engineering, mathematics, and electrical engineering, as well as the necessary testing strategies and study techniques. Additionally, familiarizing oneself with the content ahead of time and utilizing practice exams can be invaluable. Ultimately, those who put in the time and effort to adequately prepare for the FE Electrical Exam typically realize the greatest rewards.
Study For FE is an important part of preparing for the challenging FE Exam, as it helps to ensure that students have the knowledge and skills required to pass the test. Proper preparation for this exam includes having a thorough understanding of the material, devoting adequate time to studying, and ensuring that all topics are covered. Developing a study plan can be beneficial in organizing materials and tasks so that adequate time is allocated to each subject. Additionally, working with a tutor or mentor can help to develop the necessary skills needed to pass the exam, while also providing important feedback that can be used to identify areas of weakness. Therefore, proper preparation for the FE Exam is an important step in ensuring successful completion of the exam.
In conclusion, taking the time to properly prepare for the FE Electrical Exam is an essential part of obtaining success. It is important to understand the material covered, such as calculus, engineering mathematics, and electrical engineering, and to utilize practice exams and testing strategies. With the right approach and diligence, those who dedicate themselves to studying for the FE Electrical Exam can prepare for a rewarding outcome.
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2023.03.22 07:51 tonyshoe100 3 Pairs Classic Fake Air Jordan 1 From Tony Shoes

3 Pairs Classic Fake Air Jordan 1 From Tony Shoes
Fake Air Jordan 1 series is one of the most iconic shoe collections from Nike, and the three most classic shoes are "Chicago", "Bred", and "Royal Blue".
Fake Air Jordan 1 "Chicago"
"Chicago" is one of the most classic colorways in the fake Air Jordan 1 series. Inspired by the Chicago Bulls team uniform, the combination of black, white, and red makes the shoes full of vitality and fashion sense. Since its first release in 1985, it has been loved by fans and fashion enthusiasts and has become the dream shoes of many.
Fake Air Jordan 1 "Bred"
Secondly, "Bred" is also one of the most classic colorways in the fake Air Jordan 1 series. This shoe is famous for its black and red color scheme, which complements Michael Jordan's red style, exuding power and confidence. It is one of the most representative shoes in the fake Air Jordan 1 series and is loved by fans and fashion enthusiasts.
Fake Air Jordan 1 "Royal Blue"
"Royal Blue" features a royal blue main color, complemented by black and white, showcasing an elegant and stylish temperament. Although this shoe is not as classic as "Chicago" and "Bred", it is still loved by fans and fashion enthusiasts and is an undeniable classic in the fake Air Jordan 1 series.
Overall, the classic of the fake Air Jordan 1 series lies not only in the outstanding design and color scheme but also in its influence on basketball shoes and fashion culture. These three shoes have become the darlings of fashion enthusiasts and have made the fake Air Jordan 1 an immortal classic in both sneaker and fashion culture.
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2023.03.22 07:49 thespuzz ‘Valuations of Indian stock market are not expensive from a long-term perspective’

Doshi: It’s very interesting that whatever is happening globally is just reinforcing our thought process and our belief that India is on the right track. We could never have expected such sort of accidents in our system. While we always think that we have regulatory challenges in India, today, I think it is a very big blessing.
I think whatever is happening globally, is just start of a cycle where you will see the pain going on for many years. These are all warning signals for us. But India stands out very well.
Jain: The way monetary policy and banking regulation in India has worked over the last few years has been a typical first world style of functioning, which unfortunately did not happen in the first world. It’s quite an irony.
About a decade ago, perhaps post GFC, in India, we saw fairly volatile times, with weak balance sheets at an aggregate level with huge NPAs building up and current account crisis as well. Post that we’ve seen – both at the government and at corporate level – steps taken to strengthen the structural fabric of India. I think we are just seeing the benefits of that come through. It’s a good thing that we did not let the crisis go waste.
I believe that the next decade is ours for the taking.
Mukherjea: I think every 10 years, America blows up. I don’t think that’s the story of the moment.
You will remember 2023-24 as the year in which the world went to war without weapons. What’s happening between America and China is very serious. And it has huge implications for us as a country. Let’s take two developments.
ASML, a company headquartered in the Netherlands, is the only company to produce ‘extreme ultraviolet lithography’ technology to produce integrated circuits, which play a key role in the global chip supply chain.
The Dutch government, basis the pressure from US, stated a few months ago that there will be no exports of ASML machines to China. The western world, in a way, is saying we will send China back to the stone age as quickly as possible by making sure this semiconductor manufacturing comes to a halt.
The other dimension is in the Pharma industry. When we speak to the western pharma major companies, in which we invested in, all of them say there are clear orders from the powers that be in America to buy less API from China and buy more API from India. Fly to Baroda, Surat or Vapi in India, you will see a whole new industry coming up, which is ramping up API production.
Even if China’s 10% of API production moves to India, our API industry will be doubled.
Also Read : What are the rules that qualify any property as ancestral?
Indian stock market valuations
Doshi: It’s not that our premium has gone up. But it’s just that the valuations of the other countries have gone down. So, our valuations look a bit expensive. But India is charting a growth path of its own.
Could you have imagined that the inflation rate in India would be lower than many parts of the West. I couldn’t have dreamt of it 10 years ago. Further, in the last five years, we are enjoying a corporate tax rate of 25.17%, absolutely undisturbed. Now, isn’t that a very strong promise from our government, to provide consistency and stability?
Shah: Indian stock market valuations are undoubtedly not cheap on a one-year basis. But take a five-year view, and suddenly we are the cheapest among the emerging markets.
Today Maharashtra’s GDP is equal to what whole of India’s GDP was in 2005. The combined GDP of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand is what India’s GDP was in 2001. And three states—Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Karnataka—combined GDP is where India was in 2000. Can we assume that over the next 15-25 years, these states will produce what India is producing today, if all of us continue to work as hard? I think it is eminently achievable. Now, in which part of the world would you see states becoming as big as the country, with reasonable amount of assurance. People who buy into that story will not find India’s valuation expensive.
Jain: In the calendar year 2022, Nifty 50 gave about a 4%-5% return, which sounds unexciting, of course.
But you should analyse the performance of that 50-stock basket by removing the outliers. And you will find that the difference in returns between the best performing and the worst performing stock is 90%. The best performing stock gave you 50%, the worst performing stock was down 37%.
I think it’s important to be able to identify those companies and take advantage of stock selection in order to create alpha and not overly obsess about aggregate valuations, aggregate growth, etc.
Mukherjea: Do a simple analysis. You look at companies that have a double-digit revenue growth and double-digit ROCE (return on capital employed) in the last 10 years. India has 140 such companies and China has 130. Remember, China’s economy is 4-5 times larger than us and still has fewer companies with the growth I mentioned. And there is no other emerging market in that picture.
The Indian companies filtered would have compounded wealth at 24% over the last 20 years, while the Chinese companies would have compounded at 12%. This is the best that China has to offer .
The decade of manufacturing
Shah: The train which we missed in the 80s, where China became a manufacturer to the world and we became back office to the world, is likely to get reversed, in my opinion. It’s not a 1-3 year journey, it’s probably 10-30 year journey. For China, the manufacturing is about 40% of the GDP. India’s manufacturing should grow from below 25% of the GDP towards first 30%, then 35% and hopefully someday to 40%. That’s the story of manufacturing in India.
Be watchful of:
Mukherjea: We need to push up the ante on corporate governance. We have improved vastly from the days of Satyam and the DHFL debacle etc. But I think given the rate at which our country is going, also the rate at which domestic money is coming into big mutual fund houses, we owe it to the investor community both in India and abroad. To push up the ante on accounting, quality and corporate governance is imperative.
Shah: From the economic point of view, we can’t afford to make a self-goal. In 1947, we were at par with Japan in terms of per capita GDP. In the1960s, we were at par with South Korea. In the 80s, we were at par with China. Today, all these countries are way ahead of us. And that’s because they have done many good things. But we have scored self-goals. The best example of Indian self-goal is when Singur, a state in West Bengal, opposed Tata group’s automobile plant in an essentially backward area. They tried for five years, couldn’t do it and finally moved out. They went to Sanand in Gujarat, which is now growing at a healthy rate. If all of India is going to follow a Singur model, it is time to short India. If all of India is going to follow Sanand model, it’s time to go double long India.
Doshi: India runs one big risk of continuity of reforms. We have had extraordinary leadership at the country level, which need to carry on for another one or two terms, I believe. There are a lot of unfinished reforms in many fields such as agriculture, defence, divestment of PSUs. etc. These are some of these big-ticket items that will actually take India to the next level.
Jain: I like to think that we don’t have control over what is going to be the political climate in India over the medium term and also on how regulations will be shaped. But what we can control is identifying companies that will be able to traverse these differing political scenarios, macro-economic situations, and so on and emerge stronger. So, I would as an investor and as a fund manager, only urge that we need to put effort into identifying companies and winners that can go through variables that we can’t control or which we can’t predict.
Read More The
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2023.03.22 07:47 PracticalEffective38 How Watch "Scream VI" (2023) Online For Free Reddit

Horror Movies! Here are options for downloading or watching Scream 6 streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch the Paramount Pictures horror movies at home. Is Scream VI 2023 available to stream? Is watching Scream 6 on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option/service.

Watch Now✅ Scream VI" (2023) Online For Free Reddit

The Scream franchise continues to deliver some of the best horror movies in the business. Thanks to great character development, amazing set pieces, and an engaging story, our Scream 6 review gave the film a rare 9 out of 10. If you're a fan of any of the Scream movies, this one is a must-watch.

Ghostface is back! There was an 11-year gap between the fourth and fifth installments of the Scream films — and it looks like the ultra-long waits for new chapters of the hit slasher movies have come to an end as Scream VI is set to hit theaters this week.

Starring Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera, Scream VI picks up where its predecessor left off — with Tara and Samantha moving from Woodsboro, Calif., and starting over in New York City. However, they soon become the target of a new Ghostface killer.

So where can you watch Scream VI? Is it on Netflix? What about HBO Max? Here's your guide to everything you need to know about how to watch slasher franchise Scream 6 where to watch it.

When Is Scream 6 Release Date?
If you're wondering when the next Scream movies is coming out, it's in theaters tonight. The wider release date is set for March 10, 2023. The film will supposedly feature the "most agressive and violent Ghostface we've ever seen".

It will not be available on any streaming platform, nor will it be available to rent or buy via any digital or VOD service such as Amazon Prime.

Where To Watch Scream 6:
As of now, the only way to watch Scream 6 is to head out to a movie theater when it releases on Friday, March 10. You can find a local showing on Fandango.

Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for it to become available to rent or purchase on digital platforms like Amazon, Vudu, YouTube and Apple, or become available to stream on Paramount+.

When Will Scream 6 Be Available to Stream Online?
We don't yet know when Scream 6 will be available to stream at home. We do know, however, that it will most likely be coming to Paramount+ rather than Netflix or HBO Max. If Scream 5 is any indication of what we can expect for the latest film, we could possibly see it getting a digital release just 45 days after it hits theaters. That would put the date sometime around late April potentially.

Will Scream 6 Be On Netflix?
No, Scream 6 will not be on Netflix — at least not anytime soon, since it will go to Paramount+ after its theatrical run.

Scream 6 will likely not release on Netflix, as it should be exclusive to Paramount Plus when it releases on streaming. Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group are the companies behind the horror flick, so it would be a very strange move for them to allow the movie to stream elsewhere.

Will Scream 6 Be On HBO Max?
No, Scream 6 is not on HBO Max since it’s not a Warner Bros. movie. Last year, the company released its films in theaters and on the streamer on the same day. However, they now allow a 45-day window between the theatrical release and the streaming release.

Will Scream 6 Be On Paramount?
While a Paramount+ release date for Scream VI has not yet been announced, we can make an estimate based on a previous Paramount Pictures movie. Babylon, which was released in theaters on Dec. 23, 2022, came to the streaming platform on Feb. 21, 2023 — about two months after its debut. If Scream VI follows the same trajectory, we could be watching it from the comfort of our homes by mid-May 2023.

Is Scream 6 Available On Hulu?
Viewers are saying that they want to view the new horror movie Scream 6 on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. It will be exclusive to the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.

How to Watch Scream Online:
The Scream franchise debuted in 1996, with a screenplay by Kevin Williamson (then best-known for creating Dawson’s Creek) and director Wes Craven, a lifelong horror fan who created the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. The film was a huge commercial and critical success, bringing in almost $200 million at the box office worldwide, while helping to revive the “slasher film” genre (just see all the other horror films that were made after the success of Scream). The opening scene with Drew Barrymore remains one of the most memorable — and most-spoofed — scenes today.

If you want to watch the original Scream online, you can find it on Paramount+. A Paramount+ subscription starts at just $4.99 a month and will let you watch the 1996 Scream online on your laptop, TV, tablet or phone. You can stream Scream as many times as you want with your Paramount+ login.

How to Watch Scream VI Online For Free?
Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top Rating, Top IMDb movies online. Here we can download and watch 123movies movies offline. 123Movies website is the best alternative to Scream VI (2023) free online. We will recommend 123Movies is the best Solarmovie alternatives.

There are a few ways to watch Scream 6 online in the U.S. You can use a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. You can also rent or buy the movie on iTunes or Google Play. You can also watch it on-demand or on a streaming app available on your TV or streaming device if you have cable.

Scream 6 Cast and Characters
Scream 6 was written by James Vanderbil, Guy Busick, and Kevin Williamson. It was directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett and stars the following actors:

Following the latest Ghostface killings, the four survivors leave Woodsboro behind and start a fresh chapter. In Scream VI, Melissa Barrera (“Sam Carpenter”), Jasmin Savoy Brown (“Mindy Meeks-Martin”), Mason Gooding (“Chad Meeks-Martin”), Jenna Ortega (“Tara Carpenter”), Hayden Panettiere (“Kirby Reed”) and Courteney Cox (“Gale Weathers”) return to their roles in the franchise alongside Jack Champion, Henry Czerny, Liana Liberato, Dermot Mulroney, Devyn Nekoda, Tony Revolori, Josh Segarra, and Samara Weaving.(-Mashallah-)
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2023.03.22 07:46 AISecurius Hook technology for offensive and defensive confrontation

Hook technology for offensive and defensive confrontation
The principle of sameness and struggle of contradiction applies to almost all offensive and defensive confrontations.
In the last issue, we published How to ensure the uniqueness of device fingerprints when hardware attributes are no longer used as the identifier of device fingerprints". In the article, we introduced the evolution of hardware ID as the basic attribute of device fingerprint - that is, when hardware attribute is no longer used as the unique attribute of device fingerprint, in order to ensure the uniqueness of device fingerprint needs to add more identification criteria and dynamic variable algorithm based on hardware ID, in fact, this is a typical example of attack and defense confrontation .
Let's take another example. For example, in the offensive and defensive confrontation of device fingerprinting, the black and gray industry must "disguise" itself in order to bypass the device fingerprint to carry out attacks. At this point, there are two main ideas for bypassing the black and gray industry.
  1. How to turn a device into multiple devices.
For example, in a swipe scenario, making the app repeatedly think it is a new phone and thus repeatedly receiving the newcomer bonus.
  1. How to turn a device into another device.
For example, in an authentication scenario, the attacker's phone is spoofed to the victim's phone, allowing the app to log into the victim's account and steal funds, user information, etc.
But there is a spear, there is a shield, black and gray industry bypass ideas naturally can not escape the "eyes" of security researchers.
Today, we will talk about the idea of offensive and defensive confrontation with the theme of Hook.

A first look at Hook technology
First, a brief introduction to Hook technology.
Hook technology is a technology widely used in computer offensive and defensive confrontation. It can monitor various event messages in the system or process and intercept messages sent to the target window for processing.
We can simply compare the person using Hook technology to an angler, and Hook technology is like his fishing gear, the events constantly passed in the system is like a swimming fish, the angler through Hook technology will catch the target events he wants (Hook technology is generally directional), then you can modify the events, and then let it run normally, to achieve the purpose of the technical staff. technology is often used in hotfixes online, API hijacking, software cracking and other technical operations.
For example, we commonly use mouse and keyboard, if your computer is Hooked, then it also means that any operation you do is in the hands of the other party.
Hook technology is not only applicable to x86 systems, but also to mobile platform systems based on simple instruction sets, such as cell phones and other devices. Among them, Hook technology for mobile devices mainly focuses on cell phones.
For Android Hook framework, there are three main categories, one is for Native layer, i.e. system layer Hook framework, using PLT/GOT Hook or inline-Hook framework, such as bhook, xhook, yahfa, etc., one is for Java layer Hook framework, such as Xposed, and one is more special Hook framework - Frida, which is designed for the full platform Hook framework for x86 \ x86_64 \ arm \ arm64 architecture of the system, Hook on the iOS side of the main technical implementation through the Frida framework, and Frida in Hook technology implementation on Android also has a lot of audience, but mainly still Xposed class framework, the main reason is that Xposed on Andorid stability is better, and features are easier to hide.
Next, we'll talk about how to use Hook for offensive and defensive confrontation with Xposed and two other Hook frameworks (Edxposed and Lsposed) that iterate on Xposed as the core.
How to do an attack without knowing its attack - how to do an attack with Hook technology?
With the iterative update of Android version, Xposed framework also iterated with the new Hook framework.
At present, the main Hook framework for the Android platform is based on Lsposed, we will use Lsposed to Hook Android applications to see how to use Hook to attack.
First, the normal use of Lsposed requires several pre-requisites.
  • A phone capable of unlocking BootLoaderLock.
  • Prepare the boot.img of your own phone system.
  • Preparing the Lsposed module installation package with the Magisk installation package.
  • A computer with ADB tools installed.
After the above conditions are prepared, you are ready to install and use Lsposed.
Once the installation is complete, we can use Hook to carry out the attack.
The specific process is as follows.
1. Decompile and analyze the target app.
To get the fish on the hook you have to know the properties of the fish. So the first step to successfully install Hook is to decompile and analyze the target app. Here we use jadx-gui to decompile and analyze the app.
actf decompile
Using jadx-gui we can see the decompiled source code. As shown in the figure below, by decompiling the app we arrive at the action it wants to pass the Flag, but note that this information is an uncertain value and we need to verify it further.

actf run results
As you can see from the verification, no matter how many times you click the button, it will only show "Do you really believe in flags when you click?". This message. So, the next step is to take control of our own "catching" process.
2、Write code plug-ins to attack the "weakness" of the target app
At this point, we need to write a Hook plugin, modify some of its parameters, and then you can directly obtain its already calculated MD5 value (MD5 is an encryption algorithm. Also known as: irreversible encryption algorithm. The MD5 value is the password of any file after encryption of the plaintext password, also known as "digital fingerprint", anyone who has made any changes to the file, its MD5 value is the corresponding "digital fingerprint" will change. (Any changes made to the file will result in a change in the MD5 value, the corresponding "digital fingerprint".) What is it.
First we can use Android Studio or Idea with the Android plugin already installed, open a new project and select a project without an interface:.

New hook project
Note that when writing Xposed Hook modules, in order to be recognized by the Xposed framework, you need to create a file called xposed_init in your project's assets directory (if you don't have one, you can just create a new assets directory) and with the following contents for your package
name + your main class name.

Package name and main class name

xposed_init configuration
Next, open the AndroidManifest.XML file and fill it with the following content.

AndroidManifest.xml project location

AndroidManifest.xml configuration
After configuring AndroidManifest.xml, we can start writing Xposed Hook module. The details are as shown in the figure.

The location of build.gradle in the project

build.gradle configuration
In Xposed, there are two methods of Hook, one is before and the other is after, and the principle of its implementation is realized by the slot of art, which can add two slots before and after the originally called method, and then go to execute our hook, which can be understood figuratively as the following figure.

Changes in method calls before and after Hook
As we can see from the figure, the target App is mainly composed of two parts, the first is the MainActivity main class, and there are two methods in the class, one is the onCreate method, which is a method of MainActivity initialization, and the second is the getFlag method, this method is also our target, by Hooking this method, we can Through this method, we can know what the MD5 value representing the flag is.
Our idea is to Hook the getFlag method first. Assuming we Hook the getFlag method, we are naturally most concerned about the incoming string value, and the specific Xposed module code is as follows.

Hook module code
In this way we can get the MD5 value we want, and then modify the parameters to achieve control of the app.
How to fight Hook attacks?
As the saying goes, if there is a spear, there is a shield. In response to Hook's attack, a defense has also been derived.
Since Xposed will call a specific ClassLoader when Hooking, then it is possible to detect the Xposed framework by loading the ClassLoader again, for example as follows.

Find ClassLoader
1、Use the system API getInstancesOfClassesMethod to get the ClassLoader, through this way can only get once CL, we can traverse the Classloader used within the App.
  1. After traversing all CLs, we can detect its Hook by its member cache (target Hook method cache).

Get the members of the Hook

Hook members
This detection method relies on the VMDebug.getInstancesOfClassesMethod() function provided by Android system, which only exists on Android 9-11, limiting the application of the solution. Moreover, as a counter-detection method, this key function can also be hooked by Xposed, and you only need to control the return of this function to complete the counter-detection.
In addition to the ClassLoader way to fight against Xposed Hook, there are other kinds of more traditional countermeasures, but they all have corresponding countermeasures, and the top image product has a unique countermeasure, and additional anti-detection and countermeasure technology, which can more accurately identify Hook risks.
Of course, at a deeper level, we can also use Hook technology to bring traditional Web attack techniques to the mobile side, and conduct offensive and defensive exercises in the mobile side to complement the skill tree as a red team, as well as against Hook technology and attackers to safeguard their own App security.
Overall, the offensive and defensive confrontation is a protracted war, requiring the continued efforts of security vendors.
In terms of offensive and defensive confrontation, based on years of technical accumulation, Top Elephant has achieved comprehensive security protection for Android, iOS, H5 and applets, effectively defending against debugging, injection, multiple opening, memory Dump, emulator, secondary packaging and log leakage and other attack threats. The unique "honeypot" function protects 16 kinds of data and files of Android, provides 7 kinds of encryption forms, and takes the lead in supporting source code free reinforcement for iOS.
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2023.03.22 07:46 Kalistrad JS modules

I recently finished Jonas' JS course on Udemy and the last project was big. Everything he showed and did looked really professional and it got me wondering, should I do everything the same way. To even get a jr. position job, do I need to know from the beginning how to make my project's files look like this:
How would I even start learning how to do this? Make small projects and put non related JS on different files? Would I have to use this method even on smaller projects?
I had a plan on getting his Node course next, but I am having doubts. Perhaps I should "master" JS first?
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2023.03.22 07:45 douglassdimmadome Am I crazy?

Let me preface with i have been dealing with a lot of mental issues recently such as (anxiety, depression, PTSD, and as of today bipolar disorder) and writing this down really helps me process my emotions and think about how I could’ve been better.
The story begins when I [M23] matched with some cute girl wearing elf ears on bumble [F20]. At the time she seemed fun and different and I actually thought I might like her, which was rare because practically every other girl I’ve matched with I never really had too much interest in and was only talking to to pass the time or maybe get lucky. We talked for a little and I felt like we really hit it off. Eventually i got her number / snapchat and we proceeded to talk and try to plan a date. This went on for about month but my crippling anxiety kept getting in the way and I always chickened out because of the fear of being rejected or even worse the fear of falling in love. I knew that i would be moving in the near future and didn’t want to get attached to someone that would be living 300 miles away.
I then moved and went on with my life but still sometimes snap chatted or texted her on occasion. Eventually she started showing more and more interest and over the next 2 months our conversations got longer and more personal. We started chatting on discord and holy shit I don’t know if i was just desperate and craved the attention from a woman or what but she made me feel special. Over the next couple of weeks we played started playing some video games together such as Call of duty and Sims, where we were decorating a house together. It was so strange because she would show me all this attention give off all of the signs that she was interested and then go spotty for an evening or a couple days and leave me on delivered. I get it people have real lives and I know women can play games sometimes but I kind of thought she liked me enough to be like “hey can’t talk tonight” or “I’m busy”. So there I am falling head over heels for this girl frantically waiting the next text and getting emotionally attached too when I still wasn’t sure if the feelings were reciprocated.
Eventually the time comes and I ask if she wants to do something over the weekend and that I was going to drive the distance to take her out on a date. She agreed and said she’s free on Sunday so I grew some balls and actually committed and drove down that Friday afternoon to hangout with a friend. I asked her if she was busy that night and she responded with no because she was sore from the gym which I thought was a lame excuse and got me overthinking. Saturday comes and she’s not answering at all and I have a mental breakdown and drive home that night. During my drive she answers but I was already halfway and told my friend who’s couch I was sleeping on that I was going home, so I made up an excuse and said there was a family emergency and needed to go home.
The next week was even better was talked more and I told her that I coming back specifically so I can finally meet her and take her on a date. I asked when she was free and she said Saturday and Sunday so I was like cool I’ll be there, booked a hotel room with some credit card points and on drove down there on that Friday night. Saturday morning rolls around and I’m super nervous we talk and she asks to postpone the date a couple hours I immediately thought the worst and was already considering going back home.
BUT IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, we met up at a local mall, talked on a bench for a while, then went and got smoothies, then continued talking in my car for another several hours before she had to go to some previous commitment. She was pretty open about previous traumas so I really wanted to respect her boundaries and not try anything that would come off as too aggressive or like all I wanted was sex because it wasn’t. Right before she got out of my car she said “can I kiss you” and I literally lunged at her from my seat to hers kissing her multiple times before she left and I stayed in my car smiling for a good 10 minutes thinking well I guess the date went well.
I went back to my hotel room and eventually texted her that I had a great time and I want to see her again tomorrow. she responds with the worst thing imaginable “I’m drunk can’t hangout with you tomorrow.” So there I was I just went from the happiest I’ve been in years to thinking well I blew it and I’m never going to see this girl again in my life. So I did what any desperate man would do and I told her exactly how I felt, saying that she was pretty much my favorite person that I talked to and legitimately just wanted to make her happy. and she responded with that’s cute but I like you too, but then said she wanted to see me again, then wouldn’t answer again. This was not very reassuring so I went kind of manic and drove home listening to angry music wishing I was dead. I actually got pulled over and the cop asked if I was ok because I was going 25 over in the pouring rain.
Monday comes and we go back to our normal routine of talking and playing video games together, Tuesday she ignored me for most of the day, and Wednesday back to normal. So on Thursday I told her how I felt again and she said I was being insecure. I apologized and was like ok not gonna be so obsessive because it’s not attractive and makes me seems needy. But fuck all I wanted in this world was her and she knew that. I actually sent her a message on Snapchat pretty much saying that exact thing and she ignored it for 20 hours……
At this point I was sure she didn’t have feelings back so I blocked her on snap so I could have some peace of mind and get out of purgatory. We then got into an argument over text and started name calling each other and being very personal with our attacks. I tried to apologize later that night but she was not having it at all and was still very angry with me understandably since I blocked her first and yet needed closure. The next day I said some things that I really really really wish I could take back but said it anyways and then blocked her on text so we had no more ways to communicate. I then sat on it for a couple of days and apologized again and pretty much fessed up to all my wrong doings and admitted that I acted out and that I had mental illnesses, but know I will not get a response and that it is time to move on. I have so many questions though since I’m still confused, upset, and sad.
Based on all that, Did I get too attached to someone I barely knew? Does it seem like she was ever actually interested in me or was she just leading me on? How can I prevent this from happening again? Would you give me another chance if you were her?
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2023.03.22 07:45 thespuzz Here’s the fixed income portfolio that can tackle rising interest rates

Investing in fixed income has never been so tricky. After a period of muted returns, fixed income investors are offered higher bond yields, but investors are faced with a fundamental question—is it the right time to build a fixed-income portfolio? What if bond yields go up further?
A key element we need to understand regarding the fixed income market is–we are nearing the peak interest rates in the economy. Let us understand this in a systematic way:
Peaking of interest rates
The Covid-19 pandemic changed the investment landscape a lot in a brief period of time. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) cut the repo rate by 140 basis points between February and May 2020 to stimulate the economy. These cuts pulled down bond yields. Interest rates remained unattractive. Thereafter, supply side bottlenecks aggravated by geopolitical issues resulted in inflationary pressures across the globe. Central banks across the globe focused on reining-in inflation. Inflation shot higher than the upward acceptable limit of 6%. To deal with this, the RBI increased repo rate by 250 basis points over a period of time.
Repo rate, which touched 4% in April 2020, rose significantly by 250 basis points to 6.50%. However, now, things are changing slowly. In recent weeks, inflation has come down in most parts of the world. There is an expectation of an economic slowdown as well. The Indian economy may not go through a recessionary phase like its developed market counterparts. But it may see some slowdown in some segments of the economy.
Generally speaking, the central bank’s monetary policy has twin objectives—to target inflation as well as stimulate economic growth. Central banks generally walk a tightrope as they have to maintain balance. Lowering interest rates may lead to higher growth and higher inflation. And increasing interest rates may lead to lower inflation and lower economic growth. In this context, to ensure growth, the RBI may not increase interest rates for some time. Most market experts point out that we are nearing a rate hike cycle. Though the RBI has not officially changed its stance to neutral from ‘withdrawing of accommodation’, bond yields in the secondary market indicate that we are nearing the peak interest rates in the economy.
Also Read : Stock Market Live: SGX Nifty up 30pts; US Fed’s interest rate decision eyed
Staying flat
Now, let us understand the other side of the story. There may be a few investors who may be worried about interim volatility. A pertinent question which may be weighing on their minds may be: What if interest rates go up further? And this is a valid concern. It is important to understand that no one can spot a peak of bond yields. It is possible only in hindsight. There is a possibility of a rate hike in the next monetary policy. A sudden spike in inflation such as the one reported for January 2023 may rattle bond markets. In tandem, yields too may move up across maturities. But the broad trend indicates that we are nearing the peak.
The RBI may keep the repo rate unchanged for longer than expected. There may be bouts of volatility. Smart investors should capitalize on such volatile phases and spikes in yields by investing in well-managed portfolios. Such a staggered approach works in favour of investors as it will help them average out their yield on the portfolio. Each time yield spikes, there will be some mark-to-market losses on a fixed income’s portfolio. But they are worth taking. Investors staying out of the market hoping for volatility to go down are exposed to the risk of investing too late. Such investors may walk in only after yields go down considerably, which may not be remunerative at all.
What you can do?
In the context of these facts, fixed income investors will have to analyse current bond yields. Current yields are attractive and as inflation is expected to come down, investors too should pocket positive real returns (nominal return minus inflation) on their bond investments.
Investors can consider locking in their money at this juncture. Current yields-to-maturities of bond fund portfolios indicate attractive accrual income for conservative investors. It makes sense to remain invested and stagger incremental investments in bond funds to pocket accrual income and further benefit from any downward movement in bond yields. Importantly, investors should ideally select schemes with duration that matches their holding period.
Read More The
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2023.03.22 07:44 busines-knowledg U-Bolt Manufacturers

U-Bolt Manufacturer in India

Looking for a reliable and trusted U-bolt manufacturer to meet your specific needs? Look no further than our comprehensive guide! From custom fabrication services to high-quality materials and fast turnaround times, we’ve got the inside scoop on all things U bolts.
Whether you’re working on a construction project or need specialized hardware solutions for your business, we’re here to help you find the perfect products at competitive prices. So why wait?
Check out our top tips and tricks today and start exploring the world of U-bolts like never before!

U Bolt Manufacturer in Punjab, India

We are the leading U-bolt manufacturer in Punjab, India. We have been manufacturing U bolts for over 20 years and have a well-established reputation in the market.
We offer a wide range of u-bolts that are made from high quality materials and are available in different sizes and specifications. Our u-bolts are used in a variety of industries, such as automotive, construction, and industrial.
We have a team of skilled workers who manufacture U bolts that meet the highest standards of quality. Our products are known for their durability, strength, and corrosion resistance.

Best U Bolt Manufacturers

There are many different types of u bolts on the market today. Here is a list of the best U-bolt manufacturers that can provide you with high-quality products:
  1. Dorman Hardware: This company offers a wide variety of u-bolts that are made from high-quality materials. They have a large selection of sizes and finishes to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.
  2. Stanley Hardware: Another great option for high-quality U bolts is Stanley Hardware. They offer a wide range of sizes and finishes to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.
  3. National Hardware: National Hardware is another excellent choice for high-quality U bolts. They offer a wide variety of sizes and finishes to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.
  4. Ace Hardware: Ace Hardware is another great option for high-quality U bolts. They offer a wide range of sizes and finishes to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.
  5. The Home Depot: The Home Depot is another excellent choice for high-quality U bolts. They offer a wide range of sizes and finishes to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

U Bolt Need

There are many U-bolt manufacturers out there, but how do you know which one you need? Here are a few things to consider when looking for a u bolt manufacturer:
-The size of the U bolt you need -The material the u-bolt is made from. -The finish of the u-bolt -The quantity of U bolts you need.
When considering these factors, it is important to find a reputable and reliable u bolt manufacturer that can provide you with high quality products that meet your specific needs.
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One of the good things that came out of the pandemic is our upgraded cooking skills. Being on lockdown with all our favorite cooking shows and plenty of time to dream about our first post-pandemic meal inspired us to cook. And that’s what we did!!! We became bakers. Did everyone you know learn how to bake sourdough bread this year.
The adventurous among us learned the science behind sauces and the nuances of working with flavors and seasonings. The rest of us got into a routine of cooking fan-favorite comfort foods.
We devoured everything from homemade mac and chess, your mom’s meatloaf, to your favorite ethnic foods. We searched down family recipes with the zeal of academic historians, cooked together on zoom, and planted summer herb gardens to supply us with our favorite herbs and spices.
The kitchen became our own “Grand Central Station, “the true hub of our lives. We cook and share meals with family and friends. We attend zoom school and office meetings and gather for family puzzles or game night. Maybe your favorite time in the kitchen is late at night when you can enjoy some quiet time with a cup of tea or hot cocoa before bed.
If you feel the need to renovate or upgrade your kitchen now that you are using it for more than reheating takeout, you are not alone. With interest rates still favorable, homeowners are reaching out to kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles and researching kitchen remodeling and renovations ideas by renowned contractors. We have researched the top Los Angels Design Ideas from our favorite Kitchen Remodeling Contractors, Los Angeles, for you.



When you watch cooking shows, they provide the contestants with a perfectly set up workspace cooking island. The range top, oven, dishwasher, microwave, sink and counter prep space are all on one island. There is even extra storage space. Adding a workspace/kitchen island to your kitchen will make you fast and efficient. Make sure you have plenty of prep space for chopping, mixing, and kneading. Cleanup will be quick. And keeping your kitchen neat will be a breeze. You will be ready to serve your guests and make it all look easy.


If your cabinets are in good shape but feel like they need an upgrade or color update, try painting them and replacing the hardware with a more contemporary look. The kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles we consulted suggested that you stick to neutral tones or a bright white for a clean, sophisticated look. Take a trip to your favorite kitchen supply store and hunt out the perfect hardware. Bring a few choices home and see what you fall in love with. The new fresh color with new handles and pulls will feel like a new kitchen. Enjoy adding some unique accents, towels, plants. Candles, etc., and enjoy your kitchen remodel, Santa Monica.


Nothing feels better in a kitchen than new appliances. One of the most popular kitchen updates is installing new energy-efficient appliances, such as a new range, a microwave, an ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator, and a water-saving dishwasher. Not only will your new appliance update the look of your kitchen, save you money and time, but they are way more fun to use.
With innovative technology features and artificial intelligence, your appliances will interact with each other. The refrigerator will regulate the temperature and keep your food fresher longer. You can have your refrigerator update your grocery list, choose a recipe, and go online to place an order for any missing ingredients. The fridge can also communicate to your smart stove to start preheating for the recipe you choose, just a few of the things to look forward to.


When redoing your kitchen, focus on some fabulous new flooring. Your kitchen remodeling contractor can guide you through the many choices now available-from hardwoods to tiles and stones, bamboo, and green alternatives. There is now vinyl that looks so much like stone, tile, or wood they can surprise anyone. One of the most important things to remember when creating an open floor plan is to choose the flooring that works throughout the connected rooms. This will give you the expansive feeling that you are looking for.
If you’re looking for a durable, easy-to-clean option and love the traditional appeal of hardwoods, consider a wood-look alternative, such as vinyl. Designer tip- also use on the wall as a rustic backsplash.


When you work with your kitchen remodeling contractor in LA, see if you have the space to create a cozy hangout. A corner of the kitchen where you can hang out on your laptop by day and with your family at night for long dinners and endless conversation. Build in a booth, add some benches, and include plenty of comfy pillows and cushions. Sit down with your morning coffee, and you will never want to leave.


One of the best ways to update your kitchen is to redo the backsplash. As soon as you enter the kitchen, it grabs your attention lets you display your creativity and design talents. When we interviewed the kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles about the lasted design ideas and trends for kitchens, they recommended these hot trends-
  • Subway tiles are trendy right now, and you can custom design your own pattern.
  • Shiplap -for that cozy farmhouse look
  • Patterned tile- gives your kitchen a very bold and European look.
  • Mosaic- large tiles and bold patterns create drama.
  • Wallpaper- for endless patterns.
  • Glass Backsplashes- are more popular than ever. Easy to understand why. Sparkly and gorgeous


Most kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles concur that countertop choice is crucial for your kitchen design and remodel. Take the time to do your research to find the perfect countertop fit for your kitchen style, functionality, and budget.
  • Quartz is a non-scratch and very easy to maintain surface
  • Granite will give you the one-of-a-kind custom look. Each slab is unique.
  • Solid surface countertops are an affordable and practical option. Made from nonporous acrylic, solid surface countertops are easy to clean and resist stains and bacteria
  • Laminate offers an easy and low-maintenance option for your busy kitchen. It’s also the most affordable countertop type. You can find endless color choices.
  • Butcher Block counters are a great, environmentally friendly choice for non-prep areas. Use them for dining spaces. These countertops look more and more beautiful with age.


Completely change the look of your kitchen by taking down the upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelving. Create architectural interest. Show off your new gorgeous backsplash and highlight your favorite art pieces
Whether you are looking for a complete renovation or to renovate an aspect of your kitchen, reach out to the top kitchen remodeling contractor in Los Angeles. Structura kitchen remodeling and Renovations Design.
Now is the perfect time to connect with Structura Home Remodeling and Design Team. They are the top kitchen remodeling company in the Los Angeles area. No job is too big or too small. Structura’s clients say that the Structura contractors are true artisans and deliver on every detail. Call today to schedule a free in-home or virtual video consultation.
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2023.03.22 07:44 heightsinstitute Best Interior Designer, Owner and Contractor Relationship

Best Interior Designer, Owner and Contractor Relationship
The relationship between the parties involved in a construction project can be complex, and it is important to understand the roles and responsibilities of each party. Generally, the Designer, Contractor, and Owner are the primary parties involved in the construction process. The Designer is responsible for designing the work, preparing detailed drawings, coordinating and supervising the work at the site. During the design phase, the Designer serves as an objective professional, endeavoring to carry out the Owner's wishes. In the construction phase, the Designer acts in a dual capacity, serving as the Owner's professional advisor and agent, and an impartial interpreter of the Contract Documents upon written request of the Owner or Contractor.
It is important to note that the Interior Designer signs a Contract with the Owner, the Owner-Interior Designer Agreement. The Contractor signs a Contract with the Owner, the Owner-Contractor Agreement. There is no contractual obligation between the Designer and Contractor. However, the Designer is responsible for administering the Contract between the Owner and Contractor as a result of their contractual agreement with the Owner.
The Designer's responsibilities include interpreting and enforcing the provisions of the Contract Documents upon the written request of either the Owner or Contractor. They are responsible for determining if the Contractor's work is in accordance with the Contract Documents and rejecting defective work. However, the Designer's authority does not extend to directing construction techniques, the time in which the work is done, safety procedures, or sequences of construction. They are not responsible for construction means, methods, techniques, or safety precautions for the project. Nor are they responsible for the acts or omissions of the Contractor. The Contractor is responsible for construction means, methods, and techniques unless the Contract Documents give other instructions concerning these matters.
In addition to their responsibilities as outlined in the Owner-Interior Designer Agreement, the Designer is also the Owner's professional adviser throughout the project. The Owner furnishes the relevant information concerning program requirements and the site, pays for the cost of professional services, and pays for the cost of the work associated with the development of the project.
Heights Jaipur offers comprehensive interior design courses in Jaipur for students who want to pursue a career in this exciting field. Our courses provide students with the knowledge and skills required to create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. With experienced faculty, industry-relevant curriculum, and state-of-the-art facilities, we provide our students with the best possible education and training. Join us today to unleash your creativity and become a successful interior designer.
Changes In The Work
The construction process involves several parties, including the Designer, Contractor, and Owner. The Designer is responsible for designing the work, preparing detailed drawings, and supervising the work at the site. The Contractor executes the project in accordance with the drawings, and the Owner provides relevant information about the program requirements and site. Throughout the project, the Interior Designer serves as the Owner's professional adviser, helping to carry out the Owner's wishes during the design phase and administering the Contract between the Owner and Contractor during the construction phase.
It is important to note that the Interior Designer signs a Contract with the Owner, outlining their duties, including the administration of the Contract between the Owner and Contractor. The Designer has the responsibility to interpret and enforce the provisions of the Contract Documents and determine if the Contractor's work is in accordance with the Contract Documents. However, the Designer is not responsible for directing construction techniques, safety procedures, or sequences of construction.
Change orders may occur during the project, which are written instructions to the Contractor authorizing a change in the scope of the work, Contract sum or Contract time. These orders are based upon agreement among the Owner, Interior Designer, and Contractor. The Designer must obtain prior permission from the Client before issuing Construction Change authorization to the Contractor and must not make changes without consulting the Client.
Heights Jaipur is one of the best interior design colleges in Jaipur that offers a wide range of courses for students interested in pursuing a career in interior design. With experienced faculty, industry-relevant curriculum, and modern facilities, we provide our students with the best possible education and training.
Fire safety
Fire safety is a critical concern in interior design, and designers must take appropriate measures to prevent fires. Overloading electrical wiring and lavish furnishings are common causes of fires. Lack of maintenance of electrical wiring, blocked fire exits, and defunct fire extinguishers also contribute to unsafe building interiors. Interior Designers should educate their clients on the necessity of automatic fire detection alarm systems.
During a fire, heat produces expansion and contraction of the affected material, leading to serious damage to the structure. Therefore, Interior Designers must pay close attention to door frames and shutters to ensure they meet fire safety standards. Fire-resistant doors must automatically close by floor spring or overhead door closer, and door frames should be secured to the wall by holdfast and not by screws, which can give way during a fire. A fire escape staircase door should not have any locking device from inside or outside to enable easy escape during a fire.
False ceilings
False ceilings are a common feature in buildings and can be made from a variety of materials. However, wood framing and wood panelling should be avoided as they can pose a fire hazard. Instead, aluminium sections are preferred, particularly in public buildings.
AC ducts
To prevent the spread of fire in AC ducts, fire dampers should be installed. These prevent the spread of fire by closing off the ducts.
Water sprinkler systems
Water sprinkler systems are another effective way to control fires. Pipes connected to water mains in the ceiling are provided with melting bulbs at the junctions. If a fire breaks out, the bulbs will melt, and the automatic sprinkler system will activate to control the fire.
Automatic smoke detectors
Automatic smoke detectors are essential in detecting fires. As soon as the temperature rises, the detector will sound an alarm. In some buildings, detectors are set up to notify the fire department automatically.
Fire Alarm System
A fire alarm system is a common method of alerting people in the event of a fire. The alarm is usually set up to sound on a specific floor or throughout the entire building.
Emergency lighting
Emergency lighting is another important safety feature in the event of a fire. It is connected to a separate generator and smoke detection system, ensuring that it will still work even if the power goes out.
Fire Detection System
A fire detection system is a network of thermostats or other approved sensors that can detect the presence of fire and automatically signal an alarm.
Smoke Detector
Smoke detectors are electronic fire alarms that are activated by the presence of smoke.
Fire Extinguisher
Fire extinguishers are portable devices used to put out small fires by ejecting pressurized water or special chemicals. They are classified based on the type of fire they can extinguish.
Sprinkler System
Sprinkler systems are apparatuses that can automatically extinguish fires in a building. They consist of a network of pipes installed in or below the ceiling, connected to a suitable water supply, and supplied with valves or sprinkler heads that open automatically at a certain temperature.
Wet-Pipe System
Wet-pipe systems are sprinkler systems containing water at sufficient pressure to provide an immediate, continuous discharge through sprinkler heads that open automatically in the event of fire.
Wet-Pipe System
Dry-pipe systems are sprinkler systems containing pressurized air that is released when a sprinkler head opens in the event of fire, allowing water to flow through the piping and out the opened nozzle.
Fire pumps provide the required water pressure in a standing pipe or sprinkler system when pressure in the system drops below a pre-selected value.
Finally, hydrants are upright pipes with one or more nozzles or spouts for drawing water from a main, especially for fighting fires.
It is important to consider all these fire safety features when designing building interiors to ensure the safety of occupants in the event of a fire.
Heights Jaipur is a leading fashion design institute in Jaipur that offers comprehensive courses for students interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry. Join us today to turn your creative passion into a successful profession.
Class 'A' Fire
A Class 'A' fire involves ordinary combustible materials such as wood, paper, and cloth. In these fires, the cooling effect of water is crucial for extinguishing the flames.
Class 'B' Fire
A Class 'B' fire involves flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil, and grease. These fires require the exclusion of air and inhibition of the release of combustible vapors to be extinguished.
Class 'C' Fire
A Class 'C' fire involves live electrical equipment, which requires a non-conducting extinguishing medium to be used.
Class 'D' Fire
A Class 'D' fire involves certain combustible metals such as magnesium or sodium. To extinguish these fires, a non-reactive, heat-absorbing extinguishing medium is required.
Fire Separation
Fire separation refers to any floor, wall, or roof-ceiling construction that has the required fire-resistance rating to confine the spread of fire.
Fire Wall
A fire wall is a wall that has the fire resistance rating to prevent the spread of fire from one part of a building to another. It extends from the foundation to a parapet above the roof and has all openings restricted to a certain percentage of the wall length. The wall is also protected by a self-closing or automatic-closing fire assembly.
Fire Door
A fire door assembly includes all required hardware, anchorage, frames, and sills, and has the required fire-resistance rating for its location and use.
Fire Damper
A fire damper automatically closes an air duct in the event of a fire to restrict the passage of fire and smoke. It is required where a duct penetrates a fire wall, fire-rated shaft, or other fire separation.
Heights Jaipur is a leading interior design institute in Jaipur that offers comprehensive courses for students interested in pursuing a career in interior design. With experienced faculty, industry-relevant curriculum, and modern facilities, we provide our students with the best possible education and training. Join us today to unleash your creativity and become a successful interior designer. Heights Jaipur offers comprehensive fashion design courses in Jaipur to help aspiring designers turn their creative ideas into reality. Our courses provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the fashion industry. Join us today to unleash your creativity and pursue a fulfilling career in fashion design.
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2023.03.22 07:44 ClearCounter Malazan Book of The Fallen Analysis and Reactions - House of Chains - Chapters 5-11


Welcome or welcome back! I have decided to tackle the Malazan Book of The Fallen series. Because I think veteran readers will enjoy it, I will write down my reactions and speculations as I move along.
NOTE If I pose questions, I am just sharing the questions I'm thinking in real time at X scene or book. I don't actually wish for commenters to answer them for me unless it is an extreme circumstances (Mixing up characters, misremembering events in previous scenes.)
Gardens of the Moon Deadhouse Gates Memories of Ice House of Chains Prologue - Chapter 4
Wowee, to make up for basically only being with Karsa in the first section, we jump around A LOT in the second one. If I forget to hit a character or event or skip it, remember to please nudge me in the comments so we can talk about it!

Tavore Paran

There isn't much to talk about here because we don't get a lot of reactions out of her, even when Ganoes was revealed to be not a traitor, but also dead, making some of Tavore's questionable actions ultimately unnecessary. I like the way she handled her Fist's at her briefing, giving her orders then dismissing them when they might seek to undermine her, but it also worries me because Fiddler criticized his company commander for refusing to hear his sergeants' thoughts. There seemed to be a bit of a mirroring between the Lieutenant and the Adjunct, both nobleborn untested commanders dismissing their veteran subordinates contributions.
We do see that she is worried about Felisin, so I'm giving her a tentative pass on the whole execute your mother and send your sister to a prison-camp thing.

The Fists

Gamet seems to be suffering from an inferiority complex and/or is being ill used by Tavore, being treated like a household guard captain still, despite being named a Fist. He has a bit of a good moment when he accuses Blistig of orchestrating the omen, then backtracks when he hears Blistig's response.
Blistig is broken from witnessing the end of the Chain of Dogs and his faith in his superiors is probably cracked. He might be a problem.
Tene Baralta - the Red Blades commander, now Fist, seems to be basically the only grounded Fist here, he just wants to get out there and prosecute the war, though in the previous books, Red Blades were acting like raging psychopaths, so he might be a problem too.


Fiddler is back and he is coming off better than I remember him being in Deadhouse.
He is now basically the Whiskeyjack for a whole new squad of Malazans and he is working hard behind the scenes to make sure the Adjunct Tavore is successful. He has decent moments with everyone, gelling well with all the soldiers.
The best moment was probably when he and Cuttle (an old sapper friend) "drew a line in the sand" and got the recruit-army in formation by blowing up munitions in their faces. Paraphrased from Cuttle "WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS RIGHT OR PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE". Lol
OH and its hinted that if Fidder (or any Bridgeburner) makes it back to Raraku, the dead Bridgeburners will play a role in whatever Ganoes Paran is doing now.

The Quest Storylines

This is basically what I'm calling many of the plot elements introduced in this section. They are
Lostara Yil + Pearl : Quest to find Felisin. Pearl gets credit for digging up the Talon, Lostara is being dragged along for the ride.
Kalam Mekhar : Quest to kill Korbolo Dom and (Reloe)? Cotillion has him do it and he accepts because his wife is mad at him. (He meets the Malazans that escorted Karsa most of the way to Otataral Island, and in the time honored tradition of Malazans, they murdered their officers.)
Apsalar + Crokus/Cutter : Quest to (secure?) the Throne of Shadow, located on a moving island located in the mortal realm. Shadowthrone apparently does not sit it, so it is a fragment that might not be in his possession. I almost thought that ApsalaCrokus was going to fade out of the story, given a happy ending / normal life, but looks like we have more to go. I like the divorce from Crokus to Cutter, in order to protect himself Crokus has crafted a new him to lay all his sins on. All is not well in loveland.
Onrack + Trull : Quest to get the fuck out of this warren (This is the 3rd or 4th time we've had to watch characters try to escape from this shit warren.) Onrack introduces the concept that statues/icons can be inhabited by the powers they represent, then later releases two Hounds of Darkness, who might be the two Paran sent into the Warren of Dark in Gardens. Oh and we finally meet some Tiste Liosan (Light) and they are certain High Elf archetypes (aka dicks).
Karsa Orlong : Quest to do something for the Seven, but really he is probably just looking for a horse and its conveniently in the same direction. Ostensibly Sha'ik's only trustworthy bodyguard, he is leaving her to a pit of snakes. Also we discover that he isn't a Whirlwind follower like he seemed to be in Deadhouse, and he is also getting pretty done with the Seven, if he finds out they are Imass, it might be the last straw.

Book of the Fallen and Death

So I've basically decided at this point that anyone who has died is not really dead until I forget they exist. A LOT of characters have come back from the dead, in full, in spirit, or partially. If a god still wants to use you, you don't die, sometimes you get to become a god, or magic saves you.
List of people who died but are not dead off the top of my head - Tattersail, Bellurdan, Nightchill - Duiker - Ganoes Paran - Toc the Younger - Baudin (If he is the Knight of Death, im 99% sure) probably more but its very late for me, and I'm sleepy

The Whirlwind Rebellion

Things are looking very very very very very bad for this rebellion tbh. Every "officer" except MAYBE L'oric is conspiring to kill each other and/or Sha'ik. Bidithal isn't worth an ounce of slimy scum. Felisin Elder doesn't seem to be commanding well. And its home to the weirdest most complicated conspiracy I think I've seen in a book.
Korbolo Dom's plan A. Betray Malazan forces in Seven Cities, slay half your legion, assist in the uprising B. Allow High Mage Febryl to assassinate Sha'ik C. Allow Tavore Paran to defeat and kill High Mage Febryl and all Whirlwind forces not loyal to Korbolo D. Kill Tavore Paran and her army E. Destroy the rebellion and everyone who resists and return Seven Cities to the Empire F. Return to the Malazan capital, assassinate the Empress, be Emperor.
wow...just wow. I mean, good for you shooting for the stars but....what?????
Speaking of slime, even Felisin Elder couldn't stand Mallick Rell, the Jhistal Priest of Mael, so he has been sent packing. He'll pop up elsewhere, he has to get his just desserts.
The storyline going on between the two sisters opposing each other is cool and I'm down for it. I wonder what Tavore is going to do when she figures out her opponent is Felisin Elder.
Korbolo Dom does have an idea that starts off as good and then tapers off into bad. He wishes the world would be free of gods and magic so that the common man can take control of his own destiny, but then goes on to fantasize about exterminating all the other races and making his way to live the only way to live.

Shadowthrone + Cotillion

I noticed a recognizable lack of Shadow in Memories of Ice but they are back and sticking their fingers in everything again. Cotillion is straight up asking people to go on quests for him, Lostara Yil, Cutter, Kalam, so he is invested in the outcomes of their storylines. He also implies that Shadowthrone is not the master in the relationship and that they are not as unified as previously perceived in the books. There are also implications that their claim on the Shadow Warren is being contested by someone, though Anomander Rake has proprietary claim on the Throne of Shadow, he is protecting it for some reason.
I'm really lost on what their objectives are now, none of these questlines seem to be able to hurt Empress Laseen. Has the Crippled God's recent moves changed their objectives?


Ahhhh favorite parts are probably the tangled and sordid conspiracies happening in the Whirlwind. We had A LOT of characters this section, and there is a bit of a pattern with the books being mostly a slow burn that ramps up to several major conflicts where all the characters kind of eventually mash together, so this one is sure to be a mess for all involved. In Deadhouse we got character pairings in, in this one we get individual quests and two mega collections of characters heading towards a fight.
TBH though, this was kind of a weaker section compared to all the other ones, a few of the POV characters from previous books don't seem to have any motivation other than "Cotillion asked me to do him a favor and despite no one liking him or Shadowthrone, we said yes." Maybe I'm just cranky.
Favorite character THIS BOOK so far : I don't know, uh, Cuttle, Karsa Orlong, The sergeant that broke a shovel on Karsa's head, Shard or Cord.
Until next time!
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2023.03.22 07:43 Particular-Sea9760 What are the roles of a Data Scientist?

What are the roles of a Data Scientist?
Data Science Training.


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What is a Data Scientist?

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The roles of a Data Scientist

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What skills do you need to be a Data Scientist?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the skills required to be a successful data scientist will vary depending on the specific industry and company you are working for. However, there are some key skills that all data scientists should possess.
Firstly, you will need strong analytical and mathematical abilities. Data scientists must be able to effectively analyze complex data sets and draw accurate conclusions from them. They must also be comfortable working with statistical software packages and using various modeling techniques.
Secondly, you need to have excellent communication and presentation skills. Data scientists must be able to clearly explain their findings to both technical and non-technical audiences. They must also be able to work effectively in team environments and collaborate with other members of their organization.
Thirdly, you need to be proficient in programming languages such as R or Python. Data scientists use these languages to clean, manipulate, and visualize data sets. They must also be able to develop custom algorithms and programs when needed.
Lastly, it is important for data scientists to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in their field. They should constantly learn new methods and techniques so that they can more effectively solve problems and find insights into data sets.


Data Scientists play a crucial role in the ever-evolving world of technology. They are responsible for extracting, analyzing, and transforming data into meaningful insights that can be used to drive business decisions and create more efficient operations. Data science is an important field because it allows companies to gain valuable insights from their data which can help them make better strategic decisions, improve operational efficiency and increase profits. In short, data scientists are essential for unlocking the potential of data-driven businesses and taking them to new heights. So, do enroll in the Data Science Online Training in India to know its whole functionality and in order to pursue your career in this specific direction.
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2023.03.22 07:43 icytzu [Merging] EVCELIA #2Y828VV09 Level 8 Independent

We are a CWL Crystal 2, CH8 clan of mostly TH 11 and 12.
We've fallen into a dry spell with a lot of inactive people recently and I've been having a hard time recruiting new members, so I thought looking into merging might be a good idea.
I am honestly basically clueless as to how merging works but would be interested in merging with a smaller clan of mostly TH12+. We probably have around 15 (20 max) active members to bring. I also have a TH9 mini that I want to be able to keep in the clan just so I can donate to it.
Honestly my only absolutely negotiable starting rule is just that the clan chat and discord have a rule against offensive nonsense in the chat (racism sexism homophobia etc). I am a girl so I've experienced my fair share of all that in these kinds of games and seriously have reached my breaking point. I really just want to be able to play the game together in peace. If we're on the same page with that and you are interested in talking more, send me a message or respond here!
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2023.03.22 07:41 TheEternalGazed PSA: Nvidia GTX 900 series need Nvidia Driver 516.94 for Infinite to run properly

Maxwell cards have an issue where the performance in Infinite is terrible if you have the most recent Nvidia driver update.
Cards affected: GTX 960, GTX 970, GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti
On the latest driver, these cards will get between 25-30 fps. 516.94 gives a nearly perfect 60 fps.
Nvidia Driver 516.94 fixes this issue instantly. The hard part is you having to rely on an older driver every time you want to play this game.
Download link:
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2023.03.22 07:41 rtlkw If men should pay a wage to SAHMs, women should pay compensation if they purpouefully deciet men into fatherhood

I've recently read about a court ruling in Spain, where a husband was ordered to pay his ex wife 200k euros as a compensation for her wage for a domestic labor for 25 years.
If that level of the commertialization of the family relations is a new pattern we're going on, I don't see a reason why a woman shouldn't be ordered to return all the child support a decieted man paid not for his child, by her lie she caused a financial harm for him, which should be compensated.
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2023.03.22 07:40 seofrisbee Digital Marketing Services to Help Your Business Grow

Digital Marketing Services to Help Your Business Grow
The Benefits of Choosing a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency
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  1. Cost-Effective
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2023.03.22 07:40 AutoModerator [Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023

[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023
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[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023
What You Get: Day 1: Create A New Vision For 2023. What would this year look like if nothing was holding you back? We’re going to dig in and create a vision and unlock one of the most important resources that you already have within you for achieving it. Day 2: Become The Person You Were Made To Be How do we get new results? We take new action. We become the type of person that takes consistent action in the direction of the results we want. Today is about expanding your identity and becoming MORE! Day 3: Take Control & Create Your Own Economy What if none of the headlines about recession and inflation affected you? When you are able to step out of the chaos and create your own economy, you can support yourself and your family no matter what else is going on. And it’s simpler than you might think… Day 4: Create Extraordinary Relationships This is the area of life that can be the source of our greatest pain or our greatest pleasure – and in times of stress, it’s even more important to bring our conscious and intentional selves to our relationships. Today, Tony and Sage share the keys to creating extraordinary relationships. Day 5 : Create Your Blueprint For 2023 This is where everything comes together. You’ve spent 4 days gaining the tools you need to thrive in the coming year, and today, we will integrate what you’ve learned into WHO YOU ARE, so that when these 5 days are over, you don’t just go back to your old habits and identity. Today is where inspiration becomes TRANSFORMATION.
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2023.03.22 07:39 rboprenr Best Robotics, AI, Coding Summer Camp 2023

Best Robotics, AI, Coding Summer Camp 2023
As we move further into the 21st century, technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, changing the way we live, work, and interact with one another. In today's world, code is becoming more prevalent than English, with a growing number of jobs requiring proficiency in programming languages and hardware expertise. According to some estimates, programmers and hardware experts are set to make up 80% of all professionals on earth in the years to come.
This shift towards a tech-driven job market is creating a growing demand for skilled professionals who can navigate the complex world of robotics, artificial intelligence, and coding. To prepare our children for this future, it is crucial that we provide them with the necessary tools and training to succeed in this rapidly evolving field.
At Roboprenr, we believe in the importance of getting our children ready for the future by introducing them to the world of robotics and AI. We are conducting a two-week summer camp that will provide your children with a hands-on experience in building and programming robots using the latest technologies.
Our industry-leading instructors are experts in their fields, and we focus on practical learning and creation rather than simply memorizing concepts. Our goal is to ensure that children not only have a clear understanding of the concepts they are learning, but are also able to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.
This isn't the type of camp that will make your child curse you for ruining their summer. Instead, we believe that our summer camp will help your child unleash their inner robogenius, with amazing ideas on tech that might one day change the world. We work with a small number of students to ensure that everyone receives personal attention and guidance, and our focus is on providing an engaging and enjoyable learning experience for all.
By bringing your child to our center, we will evaluate their readiness for tech learning and provide them with the necessary skills and training to succeed in the future job market. Our summer camp is a unique opportunity for children to explore the exciting world of robotics and AI, and gain valuable skills that will prepare them for the tech-driven job market of tomorrow.
In conclusion, we believe that it is our responsibility to prepare our children for the future, and that the best way to do so is by providing them with the necessary tools and training to succeed in a tech-driven world. If you want your child to be ahead of the curve and ready for the job market of tomorrow, we invite you to join us at Roboprenr for our Robotics, AI, and Coding Summer Camp 2023. Hurry, there are only a few seats left!
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2023.03.22 07:39 BenQ_Lion 【BenQ Test】MOBIUZ EX270QM x Destiny 2 New DLC: Lightfall 🔪

Hello MOBIUZ fam!
It's been a while since we play on our MOBIUZ EX270QM gaming monitor, and I know you guys definitely miss this kid 😎
Guess what? I bring it back today! And we are going to play the new DLC of Destiny 2 on EX270QM 🔫
I did hear some comments about this game, but still, let’s give it a shot! I will also recommend some settings for you guys 💻
Destiny 2: Lightfall on EX270QM ✨
After trying several settings, I would say the most recommended mode is Game HDRi with default settings.
Game HDRi setting recommendation: Default (left) and more saturated (right)
The default setting of Game HDRi is color vibrance 10, light tuner -6. You can adjust the brightness when the B.I.+ is disabled, but I would say the default brightness is enough for me.
BenQ's HDRi technology helps you adjust the color for the best gaming experience. As you can see, the picture above has different color performance. If you prefer a more saturated color, you can always increase the color vibrance and adjust the light tuner (see right picture).
Light Tuner comparison: -8 and -3
Another important setting is the light tuner. It is functioned as a combination of contrast & brightness, and very useful to show more detail in darker scene. Here's the comparison between different light tuner settings.
If you like a deeper black level on your image, you can decrease the light tuner to -8 and you will have clear and deeper elements of the objects.
Game scene: Default Game HDRi
Here's another picture using the default Game HDRi. As you can see, the color, contrast, and everything on the screen are well-balanced.
Next, the audio!
Audio Mode: Cinema
I would recommend using Cinema Mode. This audio mode produces stereo sound with more woofers and brings out the husky voice. You can compare it with the FPS Audio mode in the video below.
Audio Mode: FPS
Comparing these 2 different audio mode, you can feel that the Cinema Mode fit this game better. FPS Mode sounds a little bit ‘flat’ and it can’t bring out the rich sound of this game.
Here’s our setup summary!
Model Color Mode Light Tuner Color Vibrance Audio Mode
EX270QM Game HDRi -6 (default) or -9 (more saturated) 10 (default) or 12 (more saturated) Cinema
It’s time to share my thoughts. This new update has been long awaited since The Witch Queen. I would say this update is a bit lacking content and the narrative is not the best (shocked by the low rating on Steam).
BUT! I feel the gameplay and the combat experience is getting more exciting because of the new subclass: Broodweaver (yes, I'm a warlock main) . The Grapple ability adds extra mobility to your character and make the combat even more fast-paced! 💥
That’s all for today’s gaming test, feel free to share your best setting in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for the next MOBIUZ updates and I'll see you next time!😆
BenQ EX270QM Australia
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