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Zanny singing Edgerunners last video got me like this. I love Home Depot!

2023.03.22 06:42 kono_dio_ga Zanny singing Edgerunners last video got me like this. I love Home Depot!

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2023.03.22 06:23 clippityclack From Home Depot 2017

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2023.03.22 06:19 Spiritual-Pause-328 Success sharing

Last year as a DH for only hardware (being with the company about 14 months at that point. Got a SS of $2200, this year, I have ran garden plumbing electrical and vanity packdown for over a year, and my SS is $1000.
O also plumbing department went to literally $1million in growth from the previous year. For pipes and fittings. Am I missing something here... or is home depot just screwing me over ?
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2023.03.22 06:14 Basicallyacrow7 The reason I believe in soulmates

So glad I found this group, I’ve been wanting somewhere to share my boyfriend and I’s story, buckle in, it’s a little long
Sometime at the end of January last year, I started playing video games online. Starting with a game called Counter Strike. I had only been playing a short time (probably less than 10 games) when I met a couple of people who invited me to queue with them next game. I agreed, and when we queued up for the next game, they added another player, RJ (not his real name, using for anonymity purposes). RJ asked who the new person was and I said hello. The first words he ever said to me were “Oh great, an e-girl, can’t wait to see how this goes.” We play one game together and I figured that would be the end of that. He had added me to his friends list though.
A few days later, we’re both online, and he invites me to play again, much to my surprise. We play a few games, and actually end up talking a good bit, and add each other on discord. This was February 7th 2022.
We start texting everyday, and gaming every night. This graduates to phone calls, which turn into FaceTimes. Eventually, we exchange numbers and move off the discord app as a means to communicate. We talked, Every. Day. We started getting closer, realized we had a lot in common. Honestly, it was just like we clicked, from the moment we started talking we couldn’t stay away from each other. I had just gotten out of a 4 year relationship and wasn’t looking to get into another. He had be hurt pretty badly by his last girl (won’t go into details) and borderline swore of females. So, there was no reason, after playing a few games, we should’ve become so attached to each other. I think one reason was because I could read him so well, even through text. He was more guarded than I was, but I’ve had my fair share of hurt (more so friends/parents) but I could see through his defense mechanisms, and call him out, and be understanding a patient and loving to him.
But. One issue. I lived in Pennsylvania and he lived in Florida. 900 miles apart.
I am a religious person, as is he. So I started praying on it, basically it consisted of “Lord, I feel like this man is right for me, in my soul he feels right, but I’m going to get hurt with us being so far apart. It’ll never work, please, if this isn’t what it feels like take him from my life because I won’t be able to do it”
That SAME week, my dad (I’m 21, but still live at home currently) stops me in the kitchen and just randomly asks “hey, how would you feel about moving to Florida?” My family has always wanted to move south, but it was always NC, never Florida. (And I hadn’t told them about the boy in Florida who I was falling for yet) Turns out his company had a job opening down there and he was considering taking it. The first thing I do is check how far the town we would move to is from RJ. My shock when it turns out I would be an hour away from him if this move happened.
So we start going through the process and my family decides to make a trip down to Florida to check out some properties. And I ask if we could possibly spend our first night in his city so I could meet with him in person. To my shock, and anyone who knows my parents, they agreed. This is now April. So two months after we started talking, we’re finally going to meet. I’m iffy on if I believe in Angel numbers, but out hotel room that night, after a 14 hours drive, was 222 aka the soulmate number. And at 11am the next day, we go to a nearby mall, and finally meet up in person. We were never awkward, it was comfortable from day one. We actually ended up kissing (more so making out, trying to keep this PG) in a dressing room in one of the stores. Literally had friends asking me what book I’m living in after hearing about it. We spent a blissful 2 hours together and then I had to go. We looked at property’s and then back to PA.
Another two months goes by, this time it’s even harder. I talk one of my girlfriends into a “girls trip” to Florida. But her and everyone knew it was just to see RJ. We go down for four days, I spent as much time with him as I can between his work. We would just sit in a car (he lives where he works, so we couldn’t hang out there) talking, lots and lots of talking and kissing until 3am.
FINALLY. In July of last year, my family made the move to Florida. We have a small farm (horses chickens etc) so it took us 19 hours to move all of them down there. And since we moved, seldom has there been a weekend we didn’t spend together.
And just this last week, RJ and I closed on a house we found together, I won’t be moving in with him for a bit, we have to build a barn and pasture for the horses, but I’m writing this after spending the last 3 days with him getting a few things set up, and cleaning and “playing house” with him. We also got a dog together. We still play games together every night. It just hit me on my way home from there, how crazy it is, a year ago, we were messaging 900 miles apart, after a chance meeting playing a video game (something I never did) falling for each other but thinking we were stupid for even letting ourselves get attached because of the distance to, now we have a house and are planning a wedding and a future. I also think back to his first comment, “can’t wait to see how this goes” and I make myself laugh thinking “well, you buy a house with the e-girl” Our story just makes me giddy, I never would’ve dreamed to have what I have with him, we have grown so much too, I could keep going on a thousand little details that mean something to me, but I don’t want to make this entirely too long. I just wanted people to share this with, if you made it to the end, thank you for reading❤️
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2023.03.22 06:12 Affectionate_Jump_61 My exbpd gf never hovered. Blocked me on FB 3 weeks after breakup and seeing me move on.

I've heard that ex bpd gfs hover after breakup, but wasn't the case with me, I don't think. We actually had a great relationship until her mental health got so bad, to the point she was getting burning chest pains and having to leave work early. Sleeping when she gets straight home from work and even going to work late, which she never does. I got the breakup text out of nowhere and I didn't even respond to it. I wonder what effect that had, that I never even reacted or replied to her long breakup text. I've never talked to her since and been in NC since. I posted pics of me moving on on FB, going out having fun, moving on with my life life pretty much. She must've seen it and blocked me 3 weeks later. She always accused me cheating with a female friend of mine and she and her best friend blocked her. A month after breakup, her best friend unblocked my female friend, I'm sure to see if that's my new girl, etc. She's still unblocked, so I'm not sure if my ex is using her friend to check my FB since me and her aren't blocked, since I have no beef with my exes friend. But, my exes last post the other day was a quote by artist Joji-glimpse of us with a ❤️‍🩹emoji at the end. I looked up song meaning and it's about a guy whose with his current gf, but still thinks about his ex. So I'm not sure if she means me or is that another guy she met 3 month's after we broke up. We went out for 6 months, so wasn't sure who that was meant for. It wasn't bad breakup we had, but her mental health messed it all up. I just couldn't see her falling that hard for someone or that significant for her to be that heart broken a couple months or so after breakup? For her to post in public. She's never posted bad negative stuff EVER until about a month after she broke up with me. It seems her posts were going downhill after the breakup.
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2023.03.22 05:43 tankerdudeucsc Need t on find 1/4” Baltic Birch Plywood, B/BB or BB/BB quality at 4’x8’

I live in the LA area and need to find this to make my drawer bottoms for a project. Rocker doesn’t carry it due to their supplier being Russian. Same as Ganahl Lumber.
Home Depot is C right or worse for both sides.
Anyone else have a hard time finding this?
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2023.03.22 05:40 ladyxpdx Squid, the permanently half flopped boy

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2023.03.22 05:29 asaharyev Matchday Thread 3/22

Lamar Hunt US Open Cup

Home Away Time TV
El Farolito International San Francisco 5:30 PM YouTube
Appalachian FC NC Fusion U23 7:00 PM YouTube
Manhattan SC FC Motown 7:00 PM YouTube
Club de Lyon B Nona FC 7:00 PM -
Chicago House AC Bavarian United 8:00 PM YouTube
Beaman United FC Des Moines Menace 8:00 PM YouTube
Tulsa Athletic Brazos Valley Cavalry FC 8:00 PM YouTube
UDA Soccer Park City Red Wolves 9:00 PM YouTube
Project 510 Crossfire Premier 10:00 PM -
Ventura County Fusion Capo FC 10:00 PM YouTube

USL League One

Home Away Time TV
Central Valley Fuego FC North Carolina FC 10:00 PM ESPN+
All Times Eastern
Don’t see a thread for the game you want? Try requesting one from the MatchThreadder bot!
Here is a pre-filled message to the bot.
Bot not working? Here is a guide to making match threads.
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2023.03.22 05:03 squirreldodger 1/64 Packaging

1/64 Packaging
Carded Hotwheels only look right from one direction...on the peg directly in front of you, at eye level, and you can never see the whole car.
By rotating the car in the packaging like this NASCAR twin set, you've now got a 3d birds eye view of the cars from anywhere in the room.
If Hotwheels packaged their cars like this, I could have a cool parking lot on a shelf and not a tornado cleanup simulation.
The cars in this package look to be free'd AND yet they are still protected.
What do you think?
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2023.03.22 05:01 AlexBellPhone Repaint a Pool with Me

Repaint a Pool with Me
I wanted to share my experience with you guys and show you how I repaint my pool. Now, let's get this out of the way first: this is probably not the best approach, nor the easiest, nor a long lasting one, yadda yadda. BUT, this is a 500$ method that will do the job for a few years.
By the way, I have not finished this yet so will keep posting as I complete the project :)
Here is what I am dealing with.
- Pool built in 1995 - Spa has 4 jets that are primary return; this then overfills and flows into the pool - Pool has 14 Caretaker pop-ups that don't work well - Main drain (double entry), skimmer and spa drain (double entry) - Currently running a 3HP Pentair IntelliFlo® VSF Variable speed pump - The current paint is chlorinated rubber (on top of plaster)
The main reasons why I wanted to repaint:
- Dog scratched up all the stairs and anywhere he can hang out (shallow end walls) - The spa paint chipped out (I assume due to previously bad paint job + heat)
Step 0 - Pick your paint
If you wanna paint, you need some paint. Duh! There are three types of commonly used paints: epoxy, acrylic and rubber. I am using Smart Seal paints and they have a nice guide of why choose one paint over another.
Here is what I understood from my research that can hopefully help you:
- If your pool is painted, you typically MUST repaint it with the same type of paint - For Rubber, the above is true exceptfor the conversion that they offer (see below). Not sure how well that works... my pool guy friend told me he has never done that. - The longest lasting one seems to be epoxy followed by rubber then acrylic. I was suggested to use acrylic on an unknown previous paint... shrug. - Calculate about how much paint you'll need... I guesstimated and mine took 2gallons per coat. Do what you want with that information hah

Step 1 - Empty the pool
- I bought a 50$ submersible water pump. I got a 1HP 3700GPH off Amazon (Prostormer) - I attached my regular (cleaning) vacuum hose to it (with some electrical tape around the hose male part to assure it goes IN the pumps' female connector really tightly)
Step 2 - Remove all pop-ups, covers and lights
- Unscrew the covers for the main drain and the spa drain - Remove pop-ups using a caretaker pop up tool (this one was about 75$ from ePool Supply) This one was pricy. I suggest asking a neighbor or a pool guy to borrow it. It takes 10seconds to use per po-up... So spending 75$ for 5min of work might not be worth it. - To remove the light covers, I used two small screw drivers and one larger one. Insert the small ones in the holes and then use the big one to rotate the two smaller ones counter clockwise. (Not sure that made sense but I saw someone doing it on another type of light: https://youtu.be/SnzwC8a9NVM?t=78
Step 3 - fix the lights (nice lil bonus)
When I removed the lights, I realized they were actually fiber optic bundles. Flashback to when I bought the house, I was told the lights don't work. All I knew is there was a box with "stuff" in it that controlled the lights... and it wasn't working. So I never thought anything of it.
So! I went and opened up the box with "stuff", and saw that it was quite a simple design actually. 110V power comes in - transformer steps it down for the light (19.7V halogen HI-111 lightbulb) and a small motor that moves a tiny color wheel. Then a fan that runs on 110V that cools the whole thing. That's the basics of it.
The system I have is Firberstars; model is so old that I have no idea what it is. Fiberstars since then has been renamed to SRSmith, FYI. Spare parts can be found here, here or here.
I bought the bulb (HI110/HI111) from eBay for ~20$. A set of o-rings from Harbor Freight was 5$. (You need two for each light cover).
The fan worked (thankfully) as most places sell it for an obscene amount (250$!!) but if you look into it, it is a PAPST 8500N type. You can find OEM for ~38$ here or 41$ here plus 52$ here.

Step 4 - Start scrubbing... everything, everywhere, all the time
An important step BEFORE you start any kind of painting activities is to prepare the surface! I will not go into all details as each surface has slightly different requirements. Start with a solid pressure wash.
Overall, you want to scrape any old paint and bumps off from existing surface. For me, since I am working with a previously painter with rubber surface, I used a set of metal scrapes and putty knives to get any major paint chips off and try to loosen any other pieces that might be easy to remove. This takes FOREVER. Especially in the spa as things seemed to "peel" off easily, which to me means I need to remove it (see pic).
If you paint over a loose previous layer, your new layer will not hold. That much I know hah
I then repeated this process through the whole pool. Yeah, took me two weeks after work and a painful shoulder... but hey, no pain no gain? As you can see around the pool, there are less areas that required heavy removal. Most paint in the pool seemed to hold really well.
Nonetheless, I did make sure every single inch of the pool was scraped with a putty knife/scraping tool. I then used a pressure washer again to see if anything else comes off, and to clean up.
Finally, I used a 40 grid sandpaper on an orbital sander and went around everything to smooth out final bumps that I might have missed. This one was much faster.
Step 5 - Perform any repairs now
Since things are dry and easier to access now, it's a good time to look for any fixes you might need to make. Small cracks, irregular surfaces, area around the drains or skimmer... take a look and see if anything looks off. I applied some silicone around the inside of the skimmer as it looked a little worn. An ounce of prevention and all.

Step 6 - Pressure wash again
Again, before doing anything else, make sure you are starting with a clean, dust free (as much as possible) surface.
///// I am currently here ... it's been raining last few days so couldn't do much \\\\\
Step 7 - Wash with TSP > Muriatic Acid > TSP
Note: this is what my paint manufacturer suggested I do, so I am following their recommendation. Please follow the one you pick. Also, please wear protection anytime you are handling any kind of chemical, mkaayy? thanks!
Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) is used before paint. The compound prepares pool (and deck) surfaces for painting by removing dirt, grease and oils. I got mine from Home Depot for 7$ and a sponge from the dollar store for 99c. Use a 5 gallon bucket and dilute based on TSP instructions. Use a sponge and wash all the pool surfaces thoroughly. Rinse it all off.
Now you have to acid wash the whole shabang. My paint recommends 10% solution of muriatic acid in water. Spray the mix with a multipurpose garden sprayer (bought off harbor freight for 8$). Rinse with water immediately and then repeat the TSP wash to neutralize the acid. Then allow surface to dry completely.
So ... TSP > Wash > Muriatic > Wash > TSP > Wash > Dry
Step 8 - Pre-paint the bare spots
My paint recommends that on a painted surface, the bare spots (like the ones I have in my spa and some spots in the pool) be painted with a 10-20% diluted paint solution. I will then wait for 4-6 hours, and proceed.
Step 9 - First coat
After spot priming, I will apply one full strength coat of the paint using a 9" premium roller from Home Depot (got a pack of 2 with the base for 16$). I will wait again 4-6 hours (or longer, depends when I paint it) .
Step 10 - Second coat
Once first coat is done, I will check for any irregularities and use an 800 grit sandpaper to fix anything that is sticking out too much.
Then, I will use the 9" rollers and apply a second coat at full strength.

Step 11 - Fill & Enjoy
Will let you know how that goes :)
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2023.03.22 04:59 Savings_Conclusion_4 Can Supervisors and ASMs Trash-Talk Regular Employees to other Regular Associates

Just curious. My store has had a recent change in management with a penchant for cruelty towards associates.
Today, I found out that a supervisor or ASM was trash talking one of our treasured associates.
I also found out that this ASM was claiming that the previous store manager “fucked the store” when we all thought he was great.
Isn’t this considered a violation of Home Depot policy?
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2023.03.22 04:48 GruesomeJeans So far, probably one of the best modifications I've made!

So far, probably one of the best modifications I've made!
I'm pretty new to printing, and I've heard of using a paver and some foam to quiet the motors and travel noises but I was pretty skeptical of the effectiveness of it. I finally got the stuff to do it, about $12 at home Depot and the difference is pretty amazing! The only noise I hear are the fans now, even when I'm right up close to it!
If anyone sees this and you are fairly new to printing, I highly recommend picking up a paver and some foam and seeing how you like it! Some day I'll look into fan mods to make it even more quiet, but for now, this has satisfied the want to change things up!
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2023.03.22 04:43 rjboles Pavers

Hi - Just ordered our first tub. Will be here in a month. Between now and then, we have to prep a portion of our back yard for the new tub.
We decided to go with pavers instead of an Easy Pad or concrete. Our back yard has a bit of a slope and we want to get a Covana, so the Easy Pad isn't right for our yard. And we couldn't find a good concrete company that could do the job any time soon.
So, we've got someone who is going to excavate about 5 inches deep, tamp down the soil, fill with polymeric sand, and lay pavers. The tub is 94" by 94", and the paver area will be 14' x 13'. The tub is a Master Spas Clarity Balance 8. My question is about the pavers...
We know we can find wnty of pavers at Lowes or Home Depot or Menards, and they'll be fine, 1.5" thick, etc. Does anyone out here have any experience with doing pavers for their own tub? What kind of pavers did you use? Where did you get them? I'd there anything we should specifically avoid? Etc.
Thank you for your insights.
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2023.03.22 03:55 What_2000 Is LMC's Investment partner right in front of our eyes? Do we see an ad for this company every other day? (I'm speculating)

The Home Depot, Inc is it!!!
  1. They have 2324 retail stores in the US, Canada and Mexico that could rent out the Endurance, charge the Endurance, service the Endurance and sell the Endurance! (LMC van when in production also)
  2. With $157.4 billion in revenue, they have the cash and I don't think they would mind a little more. They're just not aware that a diamond in the rough called LMC awaits them.
  3. I want the LordstownMotorsGroup members to comment on how to make this partnership work!
  4. We need to take ideas from the comments and work them into an email that will be sent to Ted Decker - chair, president and CEO of The Home Depot!
(All comments welcome)
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2023.03.22 03:50 wranglerbynight Best place to meet a man.

Guys always wonder how to meet women, and women wonder where the good men are at. Well I am telling you ladies that you should stop into your local Home Depot or similar store. Ask some guys a question about anything there.
That's where you'll find a good man with priorities. Who thinks so?
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2023.03.22 03:47 Ralts_Bloodthorne First Contact - Chapter 920 - Edge of Twilight

[first] [prev] [next] - [wiki]
Even Hell has its battlefields.
The War in Heaven needs soldiers. - Unknown
I move from low awareness to nearly full wakefulness. It takes me almost 1.3542 seconds to realize where I am.
A Dark Crusade of Light maintenance bay.
Nekonya wakes up slowly, her eyes drowsy and soft as she slowly and languorously stretches and yawns.
We are not linked together. There is no need, yet I can feel her slight yearning, matching mine, to link together into a shared gestalt, to be complete and intertwined.
Technicians of the Dark Crusade of Light are moving around me slowly. Checking my weapons, my armor, my projectors, my running gear, my sensor systems. Automated systems whir and click as they move to remove sections of my armor.
The technicians, despite their robes and masks, which protect them from gasses and other contaminates my battered hull might excrete, hold the correct maintenance codes and authorization. Their ministrations feel more like a comfortable massage than the attack of an Enemy.
Damaged superstructure components are removed and replacements are machined to fit my massive bulk. Knowledge of myself, taken from my own construction blueprints, lets me know that forward impact compensation strut 183C4e was not engraved with twisting and burning runes, yet the replacement strut bears those marks. It fits in comfortably, locking down, and I feel as if a knotted muscle has relaxed.
"Are you all right?" Nekonya asks me, her expressive voice full of heartfelt concern.
I ponder the question for a moment, even as several barrels of infinite repeater array #4 are removed and replaced with new barrels.
Another knotted muscle releases.
"I will be," I reassure her.
I had expected there to be adjustments or modifications to my psychotronic arrays and positronic systems. Instead, additional shielding is added, fitting in spaces that I had not known existed yet had plagued me with a phantom ache I was only dimly aware of.
My pain sensor input drops as the maintenance technicians continue to work.
Nekonya climbs out of my hull, exiting from the top via the Tank Commander elevator. She stands on top of my hull, a skull-like breathing mask on her face, hands on her hips, her hair stirring in the breezes created by the heavy warsteel forges within the bay. She watches over the technicians as they work on repairing years worth the heavy damage that was inflicted on me.
Track #3 is completely replaced, the formerly featureless track sections now sporting burning red runes that snarl with silent malevolence. Hellbore #2 has its barrel replaced by one wrapped with chain and barbed wire, engraved and inlaid. VLS, mortar, and artillery tubes, magazines, and reloading systems are replaced.
Every part, every piece of armor, every bit of physical equipment, is burnt and blackened warsteel engraved with runes or sigils or strange, twisting patterns.
One by one my pain sensors go dormant and the knots relax.
The sudden connection to the Regiment of the Damned Battlefield Tactical Network is startling. I can feel dozens, nearly a hundred, other entities connected. I can tell that over half are engaged in open combat, filing combat updates and strategic plans.
I realize that the Regimental Channel is primarily used for updating tactics and strategies while the Brigade Channel is used for communication of a more personal sort.
There are multiple avatars of other Bolo in the Brigade Channel. Most are asleep, but one moves over to me.
I am not startled to realize that the avatar is the merged consciousness of another Mark XXIX Bolo. It is merged, not with a Kentia Commander, but a restrained Terran that struggles against the burning chains, screaming against the iron gag over its mouth.
"Welcome, brother," the other says.
I realize it's Chains. A rather infamous Bolo that, in the end, chose to fire on humans rather than let them fall to the Mar-gite. A mercy, and, if I am honest, something I understand now. It no longer fills me with horror that he would attack humanity, who we are pledged to protect.
I have come to know and accept that there is a fate worse than death. That death by Hellbore is preferable to being devoured over long minutes.
"I greet you, Chains," I reply.
"A Kentia Commander. Things are indeed dire," Chains says.
"Yes. They estimate less than 10,000 humans are left. There was no choice," I said.
I feel slightly defensive, even though I am talking to another Fallen Bolo.
Chains gives a shudder. "I do not know if I would have had the courage, brother," he turns and waves at me to follow him, deeper into the Brigade channel. "Come, brother, let me introduce you to the others."
I follow him.
After all, I should get to know those I will be fighting next to.
Even in Hell.
Captain's Personal Log
Stardate: 8543.138
We have left Crusade Space, heading for Starfleet and Federation territory. Specifically, New Terra.
I have reviewed my old logs and have realized, with some startlement, that this all began in 8532.
For eleven years I have commanded the Dakota in what is now known as the Second Precursor War.
An 11 year mission.
No wonder I feel so bone weary.
The Dakota is radically different than the LARP ship she had been in 8532. A whole new class, then whatever she has become, and finally, marked and touched by the energies of Hellspace.
It's not a question of how far out of canon my ship is, it's now a question of just how illegal the weapons, shielding, and tactics I have been forced to embrace are.
It's been six years since we've been to New Terra. The last time I was there, I was put on trial for treason against the Federation.
I might be pushing my luck, going back, but I have to know.
How stands the Federation?
--Admiral Jeff Picark 8873
Captain's Personal Log
Stardate: 8543.148
The New Terra-Sol system is...
well, it's different now, I guess.
It's dead.
The buildings are there. The vehicles. Skeletons and desiccated bodies litter the streets and are inside the buildings. Power is out across the planets. Satellites are dead. Space stations are dark and lifeless. The shipyards around New Pluto and New Saturn are cold and silent.
It fell victim to four things.
The Terran Xenocide Event. The Terran Vanishing Shade Night The Flashbang
We're moving in-system slowly. Any transmissions have proved to be nothing more than automated pleas for help.
We're too late.
--Admiral Jeff Picark 8873
Captain's Personal Log
Stardate 8543.162
We're enroute to Romulus and other star nations within the Starfleet LARP worlds.
Every system we've stopped in. Every system we've done long range scans in, it's all the same.
They're all dead.
Four times we've been boarded by DS entities that have been driven mad. Once they did severe damage to the ship's computer systems.
From here on out only low bandwidth, low-rez, red tint will be used.
We should be at Romulus in three days. After that, we'll try the Klingon and Cardashian worlds.
--Admiral Jeff Picark 8873
Captain's Personal Log
Stardate 8543.187
It's over.
Crew morale is shaky, but deciding on a new mission has bolstered it enough I'm no longer worried about the mental health of my crew leading to suicides or mutiny.
We're going to shut down the servers.
I've spent my entire life, well, nearly, LARPing here in the Starfleet LARP worlds. Centuries of experiences, good and bad. Entire lifetimes.
I guess... well... I guess we've hit the point where the last one to leave should turn off the lights.
I've checked the Gestalt chats. The Federation and the LARP world Gestalts are listed as in-active now.
I'm trying to figure out what to do after we shut down the servers. Part of me doesn't want to let go of my crew, we've been together for eleven years and it's hard enough without the away teams and the security/military forces. The idea of us all going our separate ways is almost painful.
I'll try to decide what to do.
--Admiral Jeff Picark 8873
Captain's Personal Log
Stardate: 8543.219
It's done.
The servers are offline for the first time in six thousand years.
Last one out, turn off the lights.
Now I know how Captain Morgan Moonscar felt.
We are ghosts at the banquet. We've been welcomed at the starports and stations of humanity's allies, but there's always a slight undercurrent of sadness at our presence.
I'm part of an extinct species.
The crew and I aren't sure what to do.
I'll figure something out.
--Admiral Jeff Picark 8873
Captain's Personal Log
Stardate: 8543.226
We checked in with the main LARP world servers to see which games were active. All but a few were shut down. Meratarrian, under Queen Radosalvov is still active. There is a Starzwarz LARP world listed as active, the Harmonus Empire. Lastly, there's an older public domain world out there at the edge of Confederate Space. The Dark Crusade Worlds are still listed as LARP, but I know that is merely their cover.
Lastly, it looks like the majority of our species are heading for either Meratarrian or the Harmonus Empire.
I've agreed to drop crew off where they want to go.
Morale is low, but with the bittersweet sadness of a long running mission being over.
We were all part of something unique, something legendary. Now it's over and part of me doesn't want to let it go.
Dropping Attila off in the Crusade Worlds was tough, as was leaving behind the combat teams that suffered neural scorching finishing our fight with the Omniqueen.
I need to consider what I want to do. Both with myself and with the Dakota, since it's not exactly a ship I should leave laying around in a depot or reclamation yard.
I've given serious thought to joining the Crusade, if they'll have me.
I don't know. I'll think it over some more.
--Admiral Jeff Picark 8873
Captain's Personal Log
Stardate: 8543.256
I had some disagreement with my senior officers, who wanted to stick with me. I was touched by their personal loyalty, but denied their request to stay with me.
It's strange, knowing I'm the only living thing on the Dakota, but at the same time, there's a symmetry to it, a rightness to it, sitting on the bridge while the automated systems do all the work. The ship is being run by eVI and VI systems.
Is it strange that I don't mind the isolation? That it feels right somehow that I'm the only one aboard?
I've made my decision on what I want to do.
It's something everyone always jokes about, but nobody ever does. It's a journey of a large distance, with unknown threats.
I'm going to the Galactic Center, to get a look at the supermassive black holes. I won't do anything but orbital scans on any system I stop at to take on mass, and I'll run under stealth when I can. I'll keep the Prime Directive as I make the long journey.
There's always been rumors of scientific expeditions to the Galactic Core, but there's never been any records or data on what they found.
I think I'll go see it with my own eyes.
--Admiral Jeff Picark 8873
Captain's Personal Log
Engines all ahead.
See you, space cowboy.
The landing cradle slams down in the middle of the landing zone, where already the forces of the Dark Crusade of Light are defending against the Nevmakian Empire. While there are no humans left on this world, nor in this section of space, this is Human Territory and the Hellsteel Brigade and the Dark Crusade of Light will defend it.
The cradle unfolds, beginning to reconfigure into a static fortress to provide fire support, supply, and point defense for Dark Crusade of Light troops.
Power armor troops, most three to four meters tall, move around me, pushing back the wild Nevmakian infantry assault.
My systems interlink with the local Lord Marshall's tactical battlefield network as I file a condition report and receive the warplan in return. The Hellsteel Brigade Tactical Network is alive with data as the six other Hellsteel Bolos on the planet rapidly exchange data.
The Nevmakian troops depend on particle projection and plasma packet technology for their small arms, with heavy particle projection and hypersonic missiles for their heavy weapons. Vehicles are large, in the 2kt range, agile and swift, but unable to suffer more than a single Hellbore shot or a handful of infinite repeater shots. Their power armor troops are slower and weaker than the power armor of the Dark Crusade of Light.
Even the Crusader Light Infantry outmatches the Nevmakian military forces.
None of that matters.
The Nevmakian Empire has invaded Human Space. Has declared war upon Humanity.
I am fully linked with my Kentai Commander.
We are Nekonya/Attila.
It is good to be home on the battle field, facing the Enemy once again.
The Nevmakian are the Enemy.
And the Enemy only exists to be destroyed.
Because war...
...war never changes.
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2023.03.22 03:32 throwRACollegeAchyBr Still Heartbroken About College Admissions, Seven Years Later

CW: Child abuse, suicidal thoughts, mention of life-threatening illnesses in the family
Should I have moved on by this point? Duh, yeah. A 25 year old still emotionally stuck, not even on college, but on the stupid applications process? How pathetic is that? And yet, it's true. So i'm gonna word vomit about it here, in hopes of finally getting it off my chest. (Or at least starting to, anyways.)
My background's probably similar to a lot of yours. Always was top of my class in elementary school, with absolutely no effort. I was lucky enough to go to a magnet high school with all the other smart kids in my region whose parents couldn't afford to send us to private school. I took all the hardest classes my school offered-- twelve APs, and almost all the rest honors classes-- and pulled almost straight As. I had three Bs in my entire high school career!
And I had that most precious of aces up my sleeve: nepotism. My mom worked for an Ivy League university-- not as a professor, not as any kind of high-ranking position, just a lowly support staff in an obscure department most people at the school wouldn't have heard of, but still.
So from the time I was a kid and it became clear how smart I was, my mom had just assumed I'd be going to the school she worked at. And me, being young and impressionable and still thinking Mommy had all the answers in the world, just took it as an article of faith.
And boy, did I need faith. My childhood sucked for a lot of reasons. To be clear, I had a lot of privileges: I grew up in an upper middle class suburb with upper middle class parents, got to attend great K-12 schools, all that good stuff. But my mom was abusive: usually emotionally / psychologically, occasionally physically. (Shout out to the time she screamed at me for four solid hours, told me she hated me, and then put me in a headlock / chokehold type thing because I politely disagreed with her about the best summer job to apply for when I was fourteen!) I was an awkward, nerdy kid who was bullied a lot in elementary school and struggled to make friends in high school.
And oh boy, the insane workload I was under! Y'all, I was waking up at 6:30 AM and going to bed at 1 AM, and spending every waking hour either attending class, attending extracurriculars (many of which started out fun but became increasingly cuthroat and demanding as college approached), or doing homework. Not only did I have no social life, I didn't have any downtime, any chance to rest or relax. Even on school breaks, I'd maybe take two or three days off tops before plowing right back into my homework.
Sometimes, the only way I got through was by reminding myself soon I'd be going to the university my mom worked at. Bombarded on all sides by "best four years of your life" propaganda, college grew into more and more of a paradise in my imagination, a never-ending summer camp crossed with Hogwarts crossed with heaven. I daydreamed about college the way evangelical Christians daydream about the Rapture. And it was so close-- just two more years-- just one more year-- just a few more months--
You can already probably guess I didn't get into my mom's university.
I also didn't get into any of my reach schools, either.
I got into one of my targets, but I couldn't afford to attend.
All I got into was my safety school. So, after much crying, I went there, figuring, how bad could it possibly be--
Oh, you almost immediately realize you don't fit in with the campus culture at all?
Oh, you realize one semester in you hate your major, but you can't transfer out of your program or you'll lose your scholarship?
Oh, an immediate family member develops a life-threatening illness and you spend every waking moment dreading the phone call that tells you they--
Oh, when you're home for breaks, mom's abuse ramps up as she realizes she's losing control of you?
Oh, all this plus never having developed any kind of social skills due to having no life in high school means you make no friends? None at all?
I spent my entire adolescence daydreaming of college. I sacrificed my entire adolescence, because I thought it would all be worth it once I got to college. I was told college was where I'd make my true friends, find myself, maybe even fall in love. And instead, I-- someone who's optimistic to the point of irritating the people around me-- was driven to the brink of suicide, twice. Once in junior year, once in senior year.
(Speaking of senior year: by the time COVID hit in my last semester of college, I was so numb it was just like, okay, throw it on the pile.)
And now here I am. Twenty-five years old. Still working in the career field of my major, because I don't know what else there is. Still no friends. Still haven't had an SO, not once. (I had no time for relationships in high school and was too emotionally dead to summon that much energy in college.) I come home from a job that's thoroughly meh to an empty apartment, surf reddit for the simulacrum of human contact it provides, go to bed, wake up and repeat the cycle the next day.
I've made massive progress, don't get me wrong: I went NC with my mom, three years and counting of therapy have rebuilt my shattered self-esteem, my work-friendship with some of my coworkers is the closest thing I've had to true friendship since high school. I'm getting back into my hobbies I'd abandoned due to lack of time or mental energy. I finally have the time, money, and energy to travel, one of my greatest dreams since I was a kid. I've even been on a few dates, and some have gone quite well! (Remember what I told you about being an insufferable optimist, lol?)
But I can't stop thinking about how different my life would have been if I'd just gone to my dream school. Or any of my reaches or matches, really. If I'd had freedom to explore different majors, if I'd gone somewhere where I fit, where I could have made friends-- if there'd been people there to support me through the hard times, give me a safe place to stay during breaks or at least a shoulder to cry on when things got unbearable...
I was so bright. I had so much potential. I think that's what hurts the most. My entire childhood, I was told I was special, that I was going to be someone, that all I had to do was Be Good, do what I was told, and the entire world would be mine for the taking.
And there's a part of me that's still holding on. That's still waiting for the moment someone tells me there's been a horrible mistake, I am accepted to my dream school after all. I move into my dorm, and there's my friends, my lover, my potential, my future, all right there, waiting for me. I have four years to figure it all out-- four years to finally, finally, finally get to be the kid I never got to be.
If you made it this far down this wall of text, thanks for sticking with me. As a reward, here's some doggos snuggling. Hope y'all are doing okay.
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2023.03.22 03:31 StrikingMagazine6536 How’s my psych rug look? 11”x30”

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2023.03.22 03:30 Ok_Television233 Butcher block countertops?

I'm trying to source a couple pieces of 5' long butcher block countertops to build some desks. I checked out Lowe's, Ziggy's and Home depot, but is there somewhere else I should be looking? I don't need anything fancy, just looking for a good deal. I know the Huntwood outlet used to have them years ago...just tired of driving all over town
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2023.03.22 03:25 Dr-No- [H] eBay/Walmart/Home depot/other GC [W] Moosejaw GC

I'll look at other GC swaps as well, but ATM highly prefer Moosejaw GC.
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2023.03.22 03:25 akamrroboto Correct wire size for Ninja FD402 LP3 “Foodi Delux Cooker”

So my wife got this thing for free. She said it was only used once and looks brand new. It wasn’t until I looked at it that I saw the power wire was cutoff at the base. No idea why. I figured I could just replace the cord. But, I’m a little confused what size wire to buy. It is stranded.
The back of the machine says “120v 60hz 1760W” which I believe is 1760/120=14.7 amps. This would make me guess that a 14 AWG wire is needed. Am I wrong?
The reason I’m confused is the original wire seems to fit my wire strippers at 16 AWG. I measured the strands and tried to calculate it and came up with about 16 AWG. And I could just make out a “1.31” on the wire which happens to be the equivalent mm2 of 16 AWG. Am I overlooking something? Is my math wrong? Or is the cable undersized for the wattage it has on the label?
Also if anyone knows any place to get a replacement cord please let me know - otherwise I’ll probably just get a generic one from Home Depot.
Thanks for any advice!
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2023.03.22 03:06 BroMandi [Home Depot] RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V Brushless Cordless 3-Tool Combo Kit with (2) 1.5 Ah Batteries, Charger, and Bag PBLCK33K2N - The Home Depot $149 [Deal Price: $149.00]

[Home Depot] RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V Brushless Cordless 3-Tool Combo Kit with (2) 1.5 Ah Batteries, Charger, and Bag PBLCK33K2N - The Home Depot $149 [Deal Price: $149.00] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]