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Subreddit for WWE NXT 2.0 Superstar, Nikkita Lyons

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YEET! My fav Sexy Aphrodite Nikkita Lyons, Scarlett Bordeaux, My Snowhite Goddess Mandy Rose, Saraya FMK PAIGE, and mi Reina Thunder Rosa are my fav in PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!!!

2023.03.25 01:08 JoeAsh97 Universe Mode One Of My Custom Storylines

Hi all, thought I would share one of the storylines I’m running in my universe mode at the moment and if you would like to hear more, please let me know.
As we can’t do create a story anymore please imagine this being like it would be in real life with promos and backstage segments etc
Now for context there’s a new stable I’ve created which is basically going to take over the entire women’s division including NXT called The Passage of Sisters which features:
Bianca Belair Sasha Banks Jade Cargill Rhea Ripley Nikkita Lyon Shayna Baszler Bayley Naomi Kana (not yet featuring)
Here’s how the show starts out as
On SmackDown all the members of The Passage of Sisters come out and declare that they are banding together to dominate the women’s division. Each get on the mic and declare which titles they are going for but unfortunately Shayna is the last one to speak leading to the following to happen.
Shayna Baszler takes the mic and states she’s the toughest woman in the women’s division and as her sisters have already laid a claim to the women’s belts; well she has eyes on a title that hasn’t been around another woman’s waist since August 27th 2000. The Vacant Intercontinental Championship!
Just as she announces this, Teddy Long comes out to say that a lot has changed since then and if she wants to compete against the men, she’ll have to beat 3 opponents of his choice starting tonight.
<< Later on in the night >>
A group of loud voices can be heard pushing and arguing their way into GM Teddy Longs office led by R-Truth, LA Knight, Reggie, Commander Azeez and Elias Samson on who’s going to fight Shayna. Teddy states that tonight R-Truth will be her first opponent as he came into the room first, and the other four will fight it out in singles matches with the winners of each being her final two opponents.
Teddy also states that if anyone is able to beat Shayna, they will have the opportunity to face Dexter Lumos for the vacant Intercontinental Title against Dexter Lumos at MITB.
Note. will also lead to a storyline between all 5 men after the Shayna matches
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