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2023.03.30 18:44 boycott_nestingdolls AI Itinerary for 2 day stopover in Dublin - how did they do?

We've got a 2 day stopover planned while travelling to a wedding in May. I was curious to give Chat GPT a try to see if it could piece together a first pass itinerary. I asked it to make a 2 day itinerary for people interested in running and beer, with a stop included at the 40 Foot for swimming (top priority as regular swimmers and Bad Sisters fans).
How did Chat GPT do? Anything here that is totally inaccurate, not feasible, or a terrible suggestion? Anything you would suggest swapping in that's more worthwhile?
For reference, I haven't been through Dublin in about 20 years, so I'm treating it as essentially a first visit. My S/O has never been. We have not booked accommodation yet but are looking around Merrion Square Park.
Thanks for any feedback or suggestions!
Day 1: Morning: Start the day with a scenic morning run along the Grand Canal, which runs through the heart of Dublin. The path is flat and well-maintained, and you'll be able to take in the sights of the city as you jog. After your run, head to The Bald Barista for a delicious breakfast and coffee. This cozy cafe is known for its excellent espresso and pastries, and it's the perfect place to fuel up for the day ahead.
Afternoon: Take a tour of the Guinness Storehouse, where you'll learn about the history of Ireland's most famous beer and how it's made. The tour includes a tasting of several different types of Guinness, and you'll have the opportunity to pour your own pint. After the tour, head to the rooftop Gravity Bar for stunning views of the city while you enjoy your beer.
Evening: For dinner, head to The Porterhouse, a craft brewery that also serves great food. Their beer selection is extensive, and you can sample a variety of different styles, including stouts, IPAs, and lagers. After dinner, take a stroll through Temple Bar, Dublin's vibrant cultural quarter. You'll find live music, street performers, and plenty of bars and pubs where you can sample more Irish beer.
Day 2: Morning: Start the day with another run, this time along the scenic coast at Sandymount Strand. The beach is located just south of the city center and offers stunning views of Dublin Bay. After your run, head to Brother Hubbard for breakfast. This popular cafe serves up delicious, healthy food and excellent coffee.
Afternoon: Spend the afternoon swimming and sunbathing at the 40 Foot at Sandycove Beach. This popular swimming spot is a favorite of locals and visitors alike, and the water is surprisingly warm. After your swim, head to nearby Dun Laoghaire for lunch at The Old Punch Bowl. This traditional Irish pub serves excellent seafood and has a great selection of local beer.
Evening: For your final night in Dublin, head to The Cobblestone, a traditional Irish pub that's famous for its live music sessions. You'll find traditional Irish music and dancing, and the atmosphere is lively and fun. If you're feeling hungry, grab a late-night snack at Leo Burdock's, a popular fish and chip shop that's been serving up delicious food since 1913.
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2023.03.30 18:40 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Modded Weapons 🔰 Fire bullets Mod

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2023.03.30 18:02 BontoSyl Humans Don't Believe in Half Measures

3.9X10^16 kg 5.2 astronomical units 
The engine starts. With a stutter and a hum and a roar, the asteroid starts to move. A billion billion kilograms of stone and metal and ice. With the ponderous grace due to it, it comes around and takes aim at a distant point of light.
A glinting orb of water and stone warded by a membrane of wavering blue light, bright and fierce. A wall too thick to pierce with anything its builders thought reasonable.
The asteroid picks up speed and as it does, ships drop into existence around it. Harsh, angular, and utilitarian, they bear the heraldry of a dozen human nations. But they were just an escort.
The asteroid's orbit bends until it snaps, arcing out until it intersects one specific, glittering point.
A billion billion kilograms of stone and metal and ice.
A cosmic battering ram.
Humans don't believe in half measures.
3.9X10^16 kg 0.1 astronomical units 
The asteroid doesn't streak so much as scream across space. The Sensorium paints the orbital space in lurid shades of violet and aquamarine. Details too small to perceive are rendered obvious by clever tricks of lighting and thought.
Lysithea shifts and checks. Vectors spin out into space, weaving, crossing, entwining. Threads on a cosmic loom. They pick and snip until a choice few remained. The ones that mattered.
A battering ram and gate a planet large.
They whisper to the Sensorium. A billion voices whisper back. They whisper defiance and confidence and cold, hard math. Not fear. Never fear. That was not their station.
Lysithea listens to the shape of the whispers but not their contents. They could not. They had a duty to perform. So, they whisper out into the echoing space between minds.
Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.
And then they return themselves to themselves. The system sits waiting. An array of knives and claws and axes and clubs, pointed outwards. The industry of an empire writ large in the language of uranium and yttrium-aluminum lasers.
Everything they had.
Not everything they needed.
They take a breath and their scaly wings flare.
Missiles begin their dives.
3.9X10^16 kg 0.09 astronomical units 
The asteroid screams. In x-ray, in microwave, in radio. It screams with untamed radiation, with the agony of physical laws taken to what extremes they could be, with the fury of a ravenous beast of war. It screams with the full power of the engine at its back, spurring it into motion.
Next to the asteroid's war cry, its attendants seem inconsequential. Whispers in the dark.
But to Lysithea, they mattered.
Human warships pierce the void with lances of bright energy. Missiles flare and tumble or detonate on the spot as they meet the net of light.
The humans had prepared. Because the humans didn't believe in half measures.
Flashes of light pock the asteroid as a select few find their mark. Gamma ray fireworks filtered through a mist of hydrogen plasma and water vapor. Cracks spread, shearing off huge sections of mass to be left behind or evaporate to nothing in the vast engine's drive plume.
But the asteroid trundles onwards, carried on the back of simple inertia.
Lysithea reaches out across the Sensorium, running their claws along what was available to them. They listen to the whispers of their charges. And they nod, or they nod as much as one like themselves can.
They still had tricks left. They still had fury to spare.
3.6x10^16 kg 0.05 astronomical units 
The sun burns and the orbital platforms drink greedily of its fire. They stand vigil over their charge, an orb of water and stone and air. The blue patina of a planetary shield skates across the top of the atmosphere.
That was not their concern. Their concern was something wholly less grand.
Lysithea raises their arms and the platforms come to attention. They shift in place, orienting themselves. Lysithea can hear their little voices in the Sensorium as they ready themselves.
Lysithea gives they order, and the platforms sing.
Concentrated energy. The power of a dozen platforms tap-dancing in the photosphere, beaming untold power out to all who called this place home, all focused into ten thousand vigilant sentinels hanging in the void.
Plasma arcs into the void and Lysithea watches the asteroid come alight.
Bolts strike the surface and scatter. Hot hydrogen mixes with steam and metal vapor, cooling into great auroras smeared across the asteroid's sky. Coherent fury comes apart, boiling water and metal alike but never quite reaching the surface.
Deep in the asteroid's belly, a machine hums. Liquid nitrogen swirls, carrying away the heat of coils of metal alloy. The magnetic field generator hums to itself as it does its work.
Because the humans had prepared.
Because humans don't believe in half measures.
The Sensorium whispers in Lysithea's ear. Rage and hate and fear. The battering ram looms close, diminished, but still enough.
Lysithea was not done. Their charges were not done.
But still, they whisper to the Sensorium. Because what they had may not be enough.
Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.
1.3x10^16 kg 750000 kilometers 
The sentinels watch and Lysithea watches through their eyes. The Sensorium shivers with the furious song of their defense. They watch the distance to their target tick down and down and down and they make a decision. Close enough.
They gesture with their claws and the rain of plasma ceases as the sentinels rotate. Even through the hail of missiles, there's something that could be calm. The tense calm that preceded a hurricane, but calm anyways.
The sentinels unfurl like metal flowers, opening collectors to drink deep from all the power the solar platforms could feed them.
For a moment, the Sensorium is quiet. The quiet was nothing of awe or doubt. Nothing of the sort. Fear was heavy in that space, but like tinder catching a spark, something else spreads.
Lysithea channels it. The sentinels rotate, lenses clicking into place, electric eyes peering deep into the night.
Then they roar. Scream with fury, with love, with defiance. Lasers spark to life and radiators glow white hot as the sentinels push themselves beyond their limits.
The future was a possibility. Only the now mattered.
Lysithea fixes the battering ram with a death stare measured in exawatts.
The asteroid's attendants scatter. They dive for cover behind the asteroid's bulk or peel away, running for open space, chattering electronic nonsense to confuse the Sensorium. Those too slow simply evaporate as the beam of coherent light slices through them.
The asteroid burns. Mass sloughs away in a great comet trail extending thousands of kilometers as the surface boils away.
But there was more mass. More surface. No clever tricks or turns of ingenuity. Simple bulk did the trick where those would fail.
The humans had brought enough mass.
Because humans don't believe in half measures.
5.5x10^15 kg 100000 kilometers 
Lysithea watches the mass drop and knows that it won't be enough. One by one, the sentinels fail, melting themselves in their desperation to continue the assault.
They ready themselves as the battering ram prepares its first and final strike. And for the first time, they allow themselves the hear the planet itself. Their charge, their home.
They call into the Sensorium and the planet readies itself.
5.2x10^15 kg 0 kilometers 
Impact. It happens too fast for any mind to comprehend. One moment, a glittering barrier stretches from horizon to horizon. The next, it simply... doesn't.
Fifteen planetary shield generators consume themselves. Massive pyres reach high into the sky as energy with nowhere to go seeks the path of least resistance.
The asteroid evaporates in a great flash, gone in an instant.
Like scavengers to a dying beast, the human fleet twists around and closes. Additional ships flash from beyond the light barrier, shoring up their numbers, closing ranks into a solid sky of iron.
Lysithea reaches out into the tatters of the Sensorium and feels it reach back. They let themselves hear the voices of all who called their charge home. All those who had prepared and planned, just in case this moment came.
They speak to those voices and those voices roar back.
As the humans descend to do battle, a tide rises from the surface to give them just that.
Humans don't believe in half measures.
But this was their home.
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2023.03.30 17:55 zman9119 FYI: Central US Severe Weather Travel Waiver // March 31 - April 1, 2023

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2023.03.30 17:53 StepwiseUndrape574 Rockstar Launches GTA+ Subscription Service With Member Exclusive Benefits But Is It Worth It?

Once upon a time, it was commonplace for online games to have subscription fees. The earliest popular graphical online games, including Ultima Online and EverQuest, all had recurring service fees, as did many games that came after, such as Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft.
That model has largely given way to the "freemium" model where the publishers give the game itself away for free, but much of the game's content is locked behind the choice of either extended play times "grinding" for materials, or the option of skipping that grind with a real-money payment.
However, some games have both, and that usually includes the longest-lived and most-successful ones. Sega's ten-year-on Phantasy Star Online 2 is free-to-play, but has extensive cash purchases and also has a "premium" subscription available. In Final Fantasy XIV and the venerable World of Warcraft, the subscription fee is still required despite the presence of a cash shop.
Grand Theft Auto Online has a lot of similarities to what we usually think of as qualities of "MMO" games. While it isn't "massively multiplayer" on a local scale—sessions normally include a maximum of 32 players—there are tens of thousands of players online at any given moment. It has named player characters with persistent progress and all of the other things we think of from MMO games: equipment, appearance customization, player housing, difficult multiplayer "raid" events, and so on.
With that context in mind, it probably shouldn't be a surprise that Rockstar is launching a subscription service for GTA Online. It's called GTA+, and it costs $6 a month. Ponying up for the premium subscription earns you a cool $500,000 in the in-game GTA$ currency every month and extra GTA$ on "Shark Cards," as well as exclusive benefits. Here's the list of benefits for the first month: The Principe Deveste Eight — along with a complimentary Hao’s Special Works upgrade for it before it is made available to purchase by the general public — plus the HSW Orange Trip and HSW CMYK Glitch Liveries. The Auto Shop located in La Mesa, introduces an assortment of gameplay updates from Los Santos Tuners. Current Auto Shop owners can relocate to La Mesa at no additional cost. Waived LS Car Meet Membership fees. Current LS Car Meet members with GTA+ will be reimbursed GTA$50,000 during this event period. Yacht owners can upgrade to the Aquarius Super Yacht at no additional cost. The Gussét Frog Tee and Broker Prolaps Basketball Top and Shorts automatically added to your wardrobe. The Conveyor Livery for the Mammoth Avenger, HVY APC, and TM-02 Khanjali. A selection of free paints and emblems for the Auto Shop. 3X GTA$ and RP on Hao’s Special Works Race Series. 2X Car Meet Rep on the Street Race Series. It would be easy to criticize Rockstar for this move because the company has already taken $60 of your money for the game. That's to say nothing of the grind-heavy nature of GTA Online that practically forces players to purchase Shark Cards for in-game currency if they want to make progress at any kind of reasonable rate. There's also the fact that the company is charging money for what is honestly an extremely minor update on the current-generation consoles.
In the interest of fairness, though, we'll note that many players who bought GTA V (including GTA Online) purchased it nearly a decade ago. Just like other major online games, GTA Online has seen years of additional content and improvements through continual updates, and that stuff does cost money to create.
deveste eight The Principe Deveste Eight, one of the rewards for subscribing this month.
If you own GTA V, you don't actually have to pay Rockstar anything to play it for the rest of eternity, so giving players an option to spend a little every month to support continued development is fair. However, the list of benefits, at least for the first month, is pretty weak.
There's another caveat, too: this program is only available to players on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. We've asked Rockstar if GTA+ will be coming to the PC version, and will update this post if we get a response.
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2023.03.30 17:51 DivineUK Upcoming Titles

Upcoming Titles
The latest upcoming horror titles, updated monthly.
Not intended to be an exhaustive list.
Any books you wish to be included please post in the comments and I'll endeavour to add them in the next update.


The Lonesome Hunters: The Wolf Child (Dark Horse)

The Lonesome Hunters: The Wolf Child #1
(W) Tyler Crook (A/CA) Tyler Crook
From Russ Manning award-winning and Eisner-nominated Harrow County co-creator Tyler Crook comes this supernatural fantasy about loss, power, and destiny. Howard and Lupe find themselves stranded in a small town pitted in the middle of a conflict between townsfolk and the supernatural creatures in the woods, while members of Howard's cult hit the road to hunt him down.
In Shops: Jun 28, 2023

Animals (Invader)

Animals #1
(W) Keith Foster (A) Ed Condon (CA) Carlo Romero
New horror from the twisted mind of writer Keith Foster! A hunter in Olympic National Park dies from what an eyewitness insists was a long-dead elk coming back to life to exact revenge. Next, a bear stalks a camper with human intelligence and determination. Animals are killing people, and it's up to Sheriff Jack Bertrand to figure out why.
In Shops: Jun 28, 2023

Tenement (Image)

Tenement #1
(W) Jeff Lemire (A) Dave Stewart (A/CA) Andrea Sorrentino
From the Eisner-winning creative team behind GIDEON FALLS, PRIMORDIAL, and TEN THOUSAND BLACK FEATHERS comes the biggest and most essential project yet in the bold and ambitious new shared horror universe of THE BONE ORCHARD MYTHOS!!!
In this extra-length first issue, JEFF LEMIRE & ANDREA SORRENTINO bring you the story of seven residents in a building and the dark secrets that bind them together...beginning with a death that feels much more sinister than natural.
TENEMENT is the newest entry into THE BONE ORCHARD MYTHOS from LEMIRE & SORRENTINO. This universe features self-contained graphic novels and limited series about the horrors waiting to be discovered within the Bone Orchard.
In Shops: Jun 21, 2023

Lunar Lodge (Dark Horse)

Lunar Lodge #1
(W) Tyler Marceca (A/CA) Mirko Colak
Marriage ain't easy, especially when your spouse is hiding a monstrous secret. Just ask Rob Moreland, who knows things aren't great lately with his wife, Fiona, but is hoping to fix that... until the Lunar Lodge calls to confirm her stay. Rob decides to shadow his wife to the hotel but what he finds reveals even more horror than he thought. Rob will soon discover there's much more to the Lunar Lodge-and to his wife-than meets the eye.
In Shops: Jun 21, 2023

Haunt You to the End (Image)

Haunt You to the End #1
(W) Ryan Cady (A/CA) Andrea Mutti
In a not-so-far future rife with climate disasters and worldwide instability, an eccentric billionaire and his crew-a disgraced journalist, a radical doctor, a TV demonologist, and a squad of hard-bitten military contractors-set out to prove the existence of life after death. But even if their mission is a success, the truth behind the "most haunted place on earth" may not be the comforting revelation the world is hoping for.
In Shops: Jun 14, 2023

Brynmore (IDW)

Brynmore #1
(W) Steve Niles (A/CA) Damien Worm
From the creators of The October Faction, Steve Niles and Damien Worm, comes a new horror tale, Brynmore! Recently divorced and sober, Mark Turner has returned to his hometown looking for a second chance. He'll rebuild the old church into a new home... if the locals let him. But Turner Island has a secret, one tracing back to when it was named after Mark's ancestors. Who, or what, is Brynmore?
In Shops: Jun 14, 2023

The Sickness (Uncivilized)

The Sickness #1
W) Jenna Cha, Lonnie Nadler (A/CA) Jenna Cha
Feeling sick? The Man may be following you... 1945: Daniel Buss, an anxious teenager living in small-town America, has been experiencing strange symptoms: mood swings, increased sensitivity, and terrifying hallucinations, threatening to ruin his summer vacation before freshman year. Worse, a stalking presence watches Daniel's every move. 1955: George Brooks-war vet and tireless doctor-nears retirement from his decorated past. When a local housewife murders her entire family, her son-the sole survivor-is put into his care; George grows obsessed with uncovering what could drive an ordinary person to such brutality. Though they live a decade apart, their fates intertwine through a horrifying illness and the haunting figure who follows wherever they go.
In Shops: Jun 14, 2023

The Monster's Cleanup Guy (Blood Moon)

The Monster's Cleanup Guy #1
(W) Drew D Lenhart (A/CA) Rowel Roque
Terry works for the monster community. He's their cleanup guy, covering up their misdeeds in order to keep monsters a secret. Terry operates by only two rules: 1) listen to the Lycan King's orders, and 2) don't kill any monsters!
In Shops: Jun 14, 2023


Red Room: Crypto Killaz (Fantagraphics)

Red Room: Crypto Killaz #1
(W) Ed Piskor (A/CA) Ed Piskor
The media won't leave Brianna Fairfield alone since her father was arrested and identified as the Steel City Cannibal. But what more sinister forces are also following her? Mistress Pentagram and the Red Room Players return in this all-new, four-issue miniseries from Ed Piskor (X-Men: Grand Design)! Splatterpunk never looked so good! As seen on YouTube's Cartoonist Kayfabe!
In Shops: May 24, 2023

Dark Spaces: Good Deeds (IDW)

Dark Spaces: Good Deeds #1
(W) Che Grayson (A/CA) Kelsey Ramsay
Scott Snyder's Dark Spaces anthology line returns with an all-new story and creative team! In search of a fresh start, teenager Cheyenne Collins and her mother, Rebecca, move to St. Augustine, Florida, where they cross paths with Jean McKnight, a disgraced big-city journalist determined to pay her dues and rebuild her career, starting with a fluff piece on the town's upcoming 450th anniversary celebration.
When the quaint community's festivities give way to bloodshed and Cheyenne is the sole witness, Jean begins an investigation and the women find themselves at the heart of a supernatural conspiracy linked to St. Augustine's colonial past. Together, they vow to expose the town's historical sins, but the deeper Jean digs, the less clear it becomes: Who is Cheyenne Collins, and when does a quest for truth become a thirst for vengeance?
In Shops: May 17, 2023

Ghostlore (Boom)

Ghostlore #1
(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Brian Hurtt (A/CA) Leomacs
We've all heard of ghost stories... but what stories do the ghosts themselves tell us?
An estranged daughter and her pastor father wander a haunted land; they only have the restless spirits, each with its own story to tell, as company along the way.
After a deadly accident of which they were the only survivors, Lucas and Harmony Agate can see the dead-an overwhelming amount of the deceased, all with their own warnings, cries for help, and malevolence alike.
But Lucas and Harmony aren't the only ones with this ability; there are other nearly-deads, some of which have malicious motivations...
Cullen Bunn of Basilisk and The Empty Man acclaim is joined by superstar artist Leomacs (Basketful of Heads) and guest artist Brian Hurtt (The Sixth Gun)-the first in a haunting lineup of artists featured in each issue-to bring readers the most eye-opening spectral story since The Sixth Sense!
This 12-issue series is the newest BOOM! Studios collaboration with Cullen Bunn, with issue #1 featuring a special Spot UV Ghost Variant!
In Shops: May 10, 2023

Survival (Dark Horse)

Survival #1
(W) Sean Lewis (A) Bryndon Everett (CA) Tom Coker
When Emma Reed journeyed back to her hometown in Alaska, she was expecting little more than a tense family reunion at the annual military alumni get together. But early that morning, a plane crash landed in the thick woods near the mountain. And the creature within brings an ancient terror to the last American frontier, and will turn this unspoiled wilderness into a killing ground.
In Shops: May 03, 2023

Lamentation (Oni Press)

Lamentation #1
(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Hillary Jenkins, Simon Bowland (CA) Maan House
From the mind's eye of master storyteller Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun, Basilisk) and rising star Arjuna Susini (Made Men) comes a darkly glamorous tale of bone-splintering terror at the intersection of shadow and light... dream and nightmare ... life and the grim specter of Death himself.
After weeks of grueling rehearsals, a new production is set to begin at the famed Requiem theatre: Razide's Lament, three acts of gothic horror set inside a haunted castle with a story that some say is more than mere fantasy. Under the stern rule of a dedicated but temperamental director, the script seems to be ever-changing, and, more mysterious still, our lead actress has found herself cast in the role of a lifetime without so much as an audition. Her grand debut is fast approaching-and, with it, a barrage of razors in the night that will terrorize audiences and actors alike. There is no exit, no escape, and when the curtain finally rises, Razide himself will take center stage to cross the threshold into the unholy darkness that lies just beyond ...
In Shops: May 03, 2023


Terrorwar (Image)

Terrorwar #1
(W) Saladin Ahmed (A/CA) Dave Acosta
Eisner-winning writer SALADIN AHMED (Miles Morales) and superstar horror artist DAVE ACOSTA (Elvira) make their Image debut with this sci-fi horror series about working people fighting mind-bending monsters.
Blue City was the last livable place on Earth. Now it's crawling with Terrors-creatures that transform into their victims' worst fears. Humanity's last hope? Muhammad Cho and his overworked, underpaid crew of freelance Terrorfighters.
"We're not heroes-we're contractors."
In Shops: Apr 19, 2023

All Eight Eyes (Dark Horse)

All Eight Eyes #1
(W) Steve Foxe (A/CA) Piotr Kowalski
In the forgotten corners of post-9/11 New York City, skittering shapes in the darkness prey on the people society leaves behind. College dropout Vin Spencer floats through life in a drug-and-party-fueled haze, until one terrible night sweeps him into a drifter's reckless war against the giant eight-legged horrors stalking the city.
Jaws meets Arachnophobia in a new vision of creature-feature terror from Eisner-nominated writer Steve Foxe (Razorblades: The Horror Magazine) and dread-inspiring artist Piotr Kowalski (Bloodborne)!
In Shops: Apr 19, 2023

W0RLDTR33 (Image)

W0RLDTR33 #1
(W) James Tynion IV (A) Jordie Bellaire (A/CA) Fernando Blanco
In 1999, Gabriel and his friends discovered the Undernet, a secret architecture to the Internet. They charted their exploration on a message board called W0RLDTR33.
Then they lost control. Someone broke into W0RLDTR33-someone who welcomed the violent hold the Undernet had on them. At great personal cost, Gabriel and the others thought they sealed the Undernet away for good.
They were wrong. And now they will know the meaning of PH34R.
The next major horror outing from multiple Eisner Award-winning writer JAMES TYNION IV (THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH, The Nice House on the Lake) and FERNANDO BLANCO (Detective Comics), along with Eisner-winning colorist JORDIE BELLAIRE and Eisner-nominated letterer ADITYA BIDIKAR, begins here!
In Shops: Apr 12, 2023

The Seasons Have Teeth (Boom)

The Seasons Have Teeth #1
(W) Dan Watters (A) Sebastian Cabrol (CA) Qistina Khalidah
In a drab, colorless world, the seasons bring change... and also destruction.
Andrew, a retired conflict photographer, lives a life steeped in regret after an unthinkable tragedy, but everything shifts when the seasons arrive-each one a personified, god-like creature.
As he risks everything to track down Spring, Summer, AutumnFall, and Winter, will capturing the perfect picture of each be enough to find redemption... and ultimately bring color back to his world?
Dan Watters of Sword of Azrael and Home Sick Pilots writing acclaim is joined by artist Sebastian Cabrol (Anthony Bourdain's Hungry Ghosts, Maestro: World War M) for a tale that is both down to earth and supernaturally apocalyptic in its pertinence.
In Shops: Apr 12, 2023

Hairball (Dark Horse)

Hairball #1
(W) Matt Kindt (A) Tyler Jenkins (CA) Matt Kindt
A brand-new supernatural nightmare that's Junji Ito meets Hayao Miyazaki from the Eisner-nominated creators of Fear Case and Apache Delivery Service.
A young girl with a black cat begins to suspect the innocuous beast is behind all her troubles: her parents' fighting, family plagues, and innumerable supernatural horrors. As she tries her best to rid herself of this creature, she discovers that maybe the cat is not evil after all and a greater terror may be behind these horrific events harming her life.
Variant cover by Department of Truth's Martin Simmonds!
In Shops: Apr 05, 2023
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2023.03.30 17:41 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 teaser posted online, is swiftly deleted

50 Cent: What are you up to, my man? The entirety of the Grand Theft Auto fanbase is waiting on tenterhooks. We surely cannot be too far away from the long-awaited reveal of GTA VI. Honestly, every time I get a Twitter notification from Rockstar Games, my heart skips a beat and now, 50 Cent is playing with our emotions.
Last week, 50 Cent dropped what appeared to be a major GTA VI teaser. He posted a Vice City logo, captioning it, “I will explain this later. GreenLightGang, this s**t bigger than POWER, trust me. BOOM.” Dr Dre starred in GTA Online’s ‘The Contract’ DLC so many have speculated that 50 Cent could be lending his likeness to a GTA VI character. Well now, the plot thickens because the rapper has dropped yet another tease - deleting it swiftly after. Very suspicious.
Take a look at this mod which allows you to play as The Boys’ Homelander in GTA V.
As spotted by Reddit user worldlovespain, after posting a second reference to GTA, 50 Cent deleted both posts from his social media accounts. The second tease featured a photo of a Vice City neon sign from shopping site AliExpress. Due to the deletion of both posts, many are assuming that the rapper may have broken an NDA he had with Rockstar Games.
As previously mentioned, 50 Cent could be teasing a GTA VI collaboration but what’s perhaps more likely is that he’s working on a GTA-inspired show, focusing on Vice City by the looks of it. In the original tease, 50 Cent included the TV emoji. He also said, ‘This s**t bigger than POWER.” Well Power is a crime drama series that aired from 2014 to 2020 that, you guessed it, starred 50 Cent. The rapper also helped create the series.
Big budget game adaptations are all the rage right now. You need look no further than HBO’s The Last of Us. I’m surprised GTA is yet to get the adaptation treatment given the immense love for the franchise. For now, take all of this with a pinch of salt until anything is confirmed but 50 cent is undoubtedly up to something.
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2023.03.30 17:39 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA Online Fans Discover Possible Hidden GTA 6 Assets Rockstar Added Years Ago

It's only been a few days since some interesting GTA VI gameplay was leaked. The leak, which was authenticated by Rockstar Games, confirmed the location to be Vice City, and that there would be male and female protagonists. Some eagle-eyed viewers noticed something about GTA Online, though. What they found was an art asset that seemed quite familiar. A texture asset specifically.
Those viewers of the leak video noticed a Vice City Metro sticker in the Arena War update for Grand Theft Auto Online that hit a while back. ViceCityMetroMule GTAO White Back Art Asset from Grand Theft Auto Online showing the Vice City Metro Mule Logo
The original tweet no longer displays the side by side imagery, unfortunately. The Arena War Update for Grand Theft Auto Online was release four years ago after all. While this is interesting, it is not uncommon for developers to re-use assets, especially if there isn't a significant change to the artwork. Asset re-use can shorten development time in most cases and it is not limited to video games. Many people are familiar with the "Pixar Easter Eggs" in that film studio's pieces. It's an excellent way to not waste development cycles on things like debris and common texture work that is repeated throughout the virtual worlds -- whether in games or movies.
It is also not uncommon for Rockstar to hide Easter eggs in their games that may reference other games in the same series, or different titles altogether. Bully even included a Grand Theft Auto vehicle asset in its shop class. Sometimes the developers just throw in things to drive community interest, such as the inclusion of Bigfoot in a later patch of GTA V. Another fun Easter egg is known as the "Mount Chiliad Mystery." When it was found, players suspected it meant there was a jetpack somewhere in GTA V -- there wasn't -- but one eventually appeared in a GTA Online Mission
gta online arena war t shirts T-Shirts from the GTA Online Arena War Update
It's definitely an interesting inclusion, but it's certainly not the only reference to Vice City within GTA V and GTA Online. There's an entire wiki article on Vice City related Easter eggs on the fan wiki for Grand Theft Auto. Still, this particular metro logo was not seen until GTA Online, and now in the unauthorized leak, so in a way, players had confirmation Vice City would be used in GTA VI, if they were paying attention and connected the dots.
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2023.03.30 17:34 AloneInTheWhole [LTR] 25 [M4F] Europe/Anywhere - 🛎️ A strong woman is needed at the reception 🛎️

It's hard to find your soulmate in the mass, your needle in the haystack. 🌾

How can you stand out enough for your better half to recognize you? Most conversations stop in the middle, without either party starting it up again. I'm a firm believer in the adage that opposites attract, that complementing each other is what balances us out. So I did my critical assessment: I am sweet, a bookworm, I lack confidence, I like flowers. A strong, confident woman is therefore required at the reception.
Of course this ad is to be taken at an n+1 degree, it is not a shopping list. I don't have precise criteria and I remain open to any note that could be in harmony🎶 with me. However, I am only looking for something serious and romantic, nothing short term or sexual please (I know, I know, sorry ladies).
Let's take the time.
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2023.03.30 17:07 indulgent_taurus Mom imposes her choices over mine

Okay, so I don't know if this is the right sub for this. I thought about posting in the shopping addiction sub but I feel like the crux of this matter is more emotional/relational than material. I feel kind of ridiculous even writing about it but it really bothers me so I decided to share. There's a tl;dr summary at the bottom in bold.
My mom is a hoardeshopping addict (as am I, whoops) and frequently has Kohl's Cash to use (basically coupons you get for shopping there so you keep going back and getting more stuff). She had a ton of it that was about to expire, so she asked me if I wanted anything. This alone made me a little uneasy, as I do not like when she gets things for me, because it makes me feel guilty and nervous. But! Kohl's Cash is Kohl's Cash. So I selected a denim jacket in an "ecru" shade (off white).
Two weeks go by....nothing. I'm afraid to ask about it because I'm scared of her and I'm always afraid to follow up or ask any questions about anything with her.
Yesterday I got home and there was a denim jacket sitting there. I could tell right away it was not the one I chose - a bright white color, and a different brand, still very nice though. I decided not to mention it because, again, I'm terrified of her.
She actually brought it up - "The one you wanted was ugly, like a pale beige color. The stitching looked odd. I took it back and got this one for you instead."
What I wanted to say was: If the jacket is for me, I'm the one who will be wearing it, why didn't you let me look at it and decide if I liked it?
What I actually said: Nothing. I stood there frozen like the proverbial deer in the headlights, with a sensation of ice crystals in my chest. I felt dysregulated and "off" the rest of the evening. I had a narrative in my head of "You can't contradict her! She shared Kohl's Cash with you! Just be grateful she offered to get you anything!" But still the whole experience felt off.
Is this is a big deal? No. Does this matter in the grand scheme of things? No. I've got tons of denim jackets and don't need another one. This whole thing is exhausting. Why am I like this? Why is she like this? I'm so tired of living like this.
Tl;dr: It bothers me because she took my choice away, and imposed her own preference on something without even asking me. She's done this many, many times over the years. Not sure if this is emotional neglect or something else. I'll be working on this with my therapist this week but in the meantime, I hate myself for being so pathetic and spineless. Ugh.
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2023.03.30 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Thu, Mar 30 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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Putin admits sanctions may hurt Russia's economy
Comments Link
US has replaced Russia as Europe's top crude oil supplier
Comments Link
President of Hungary: Russia must withdraw troops from Ukraine to achieve peace
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High egg prices send profits at largest US producer soaring more than 700%
Comments Link
5-year-old fatally shoots 16-month-old brother at Indiana apartment
Comments Link
FDA Makes Overdose-Reversal Drug Narcan Available Over-the-Counter
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Children exposed to indoor cats and dogs during foetal development and early infancy have fewer food allergies, according to a massive study of more than 66,000 children up to the age of three in Japan. Children exposed to cats were significantly less likely to have egg, wheat, and soybean allergies
Comments Link
Firearms deaths involving preschool-aged children had increased at an alarmingly high rate in the United States in the past decade, but state laws may help curb shooting deaths among young children.
Comments Link
People, and especially women, are more willing to harm men rather than women for the "greater good", even in (traditionally female) caregiving domains.
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Today's SpaceX launch, as seen from the causeway between Merritt Island and the base
Comments Link
The supermassive black hole Abell 1201 BCG was 32.7 billion times heavier than the Sun, and the event horizon accommodates six solar systems
Comments Link
The brightest gamma-ray in human history hit our planet this past Fall
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Tech leaders urge a pause in the 'out-of-control' artificial intelligence race
Comments Link
if AI replaces middle class jobs, buyers may not have money to purchase products, and the economy & innovation will decline, is this suicide?
Comments Link
If you're wondering what AI will do to your job, look no further than the translation industry
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What’s the hottest thing a guy can say during sex?
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What scientific fact scares the absolute shit out of you?
Comments Link
What is a subtle sign that someone is a GOOD person?
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TIL about the Davy Crockett - a tripod mounted gun developed by the US during the Cold War. It fired a tactical nuclear warhead with a range of up to 4 miles and a yield that caused fatal radiation within a radius of a quarter of mile
Comments Link)
TIL In 2012, a solar Coronal Mass Ejection that might have taken the world 4 to 10 years to recover from missed Earth by about 9 days
Comments Link
TIL Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony was initially his tribute to Napoleon, whom he admired. But when Napoleon crowned himself emperor in 1804, Beethoven angrily declared that Napoleon had become a tyrant, and he erased Bonaparte's name from the score’s title page.
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European Electricity Mix by Country [OC]
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[OC] U.S. Home Ownership Rates by Age
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[OC] Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) - IMDB Scores 2023
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What's your cuisine's "Jewish penicillin"?
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Does anyone have a canned foods "dump and stir" recipe that actually tastes delicious and turns out great?
Comments Link
Are tomatoes and onions in a bowl with salt and pepper a "thing"? It's great on a sandwich.
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Corned beef hash with corn [homemade]
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[Homemade] Pizza
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[homemade] instant noodles with air fryer chicken and soft boiled egg
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New Poster for Ben Affleck's "Air"
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Michael Fassbender & Alicia Vikander Set For Thriller ‘Hope’ From ‘The Wailing’ Director Na Hong-Jin
Comments Link
‘Squid Game’ Star Hoyeon Joins Michael Fassbender & Alicia Vikander In Korean Thriller ‘Hope’
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"Behold! The Wizard!", Me, Digital Collage, 2023
Comments Link
Chester Bennington, me, string art, 2023
Comments Link
Wicked Beauty, by me, pen, copic marker and white pen, 2023
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Disney Lays Off Ike Perlmutter, Chairman of Marvel Entertainment
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'Jackass' Star Bam Margera Arrested for Public Intoxication
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'Fargo' Season 5: FX Unveils First Look at Jon Hamm, Premieres in Late 2023
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Mildly Terrifying
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Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) wearing an AR-15 tie pin after the Nashville shooting.
Comments Link
Can you believe this is all you can get for $1,089 worth of groceries
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Rowdy pig zoomies
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Comments Link
Purple flowers and a Beeee
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Rocket Engine Plumbing Overview - How they get the fuel to the engine nozzle
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Bird laid a nest in our holiday wreath and had babies
Comments Link
My wireless charger charges my aluminium mug
Comments Link
My coworker is still using the same post-it-note for 2 years to check his pens
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Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missile moments before it destroys its target.
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Modular Hand Grip
Comments Link
Protests in France are intensifying.
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McDonald's getting aggressive trying to hire those 14 year olds
Comments Link
Found a strange animal in the shower, this can't be a cat
Comments Link
Came across this when souvenir shopping in Tokyo
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Does anyone here know what breed this is?
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My girl just gave birth to these beauties! So proud of her!
Comments Link
Chopstick thief caught in the act
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2023.03.30 16:59 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 18 Jobs in ND Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Border Foods Diner Manager Dickinson
Delivery Drivers, Inc. LTL Driver Souris
Doherty Staffing Production- Wood Assembly Abercrombie
Doherty Staffing Pasta Production Associate - Direct Hire Carrington
Red River Commodities Supply Chain Manager Fargo
Doherty Staffing Industrial Painter - Manufacturing Grand Forks
Doherty Staffing Manufacturing Tech Manufacturing Grand Forks
Doherty Staffing Production - Day Shift Wahpeton
Doherty Staffing Packager- Day Shift Wahpeton
Doherty Staffing Production Specialist - Day Shift Wahpeton
Red River Commodities Supply Chain Manager West Fargo
Doherty Staffing Lean Coordinator West Fargo
Acuity International Medical Technologist - MSSI Bismarck
Acuity International Medical Technologist - MSSI Burlington
Acuity International Medical Technologist - MSSI Fargo
CHI Living Communities Library Assistant Fargo
CHI Living Communities Library Aide Fargo
CHI Living Communities Immediate Openings Dining Attendant Fargo West Fargo
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nd. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.30 16:51 StepwiseUndrape574 Rockstar Launches GTA+ Subscription Service With Member Exclusive Benefits But Is It Worth It?

Once upon a time, it was commonplace for online games to have subscription fees. The earliest popular graphical online games, including Ultima Online and EverQuest, all had recurring service fees, as did many games that came after, such as Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft.
That model has largely given way to the "freemium" model where the publishers give the game itself away for free, but much of the game's content is locked behind the choice of either extended play times "grinding" for materials, or the option of skipping that grind with a real-money payment.
However, some games have both, and that usually includes the longest-lived and most-successful ones. Sega's ten-year-on Phantasy Star Online 2 is free-to-play, but has extensive cash purchases and also has a "premium" subscription available. In Final Fantasy XIV and the venerable World of Warcraft, the subscription fee is still required despite the presence of a cash shop.
Grand Theft Auto Online has a lot of similarities to what we usually think of as qualities of "MMO" games. While it isn't "massively multiplayer" on a local scale—sessions normally include a maximum of 32 players—there are tens of thousands of players online at any given moment. It has named player characters with persistent progress and all of the other things we think of from MMO games: equipment, appearance customization, player housing, difficult multiplayer "raid" events, and so on.
With that context in mind, it probably shouldn't be a surprise that Rockstar is launching a subscription service for GTA Online. It's called GTA+, and it costs $6 a month. Ponying up for the premium subscription earns you a cool $500,000 in the in-game GTA$ currency every month and extra GTA$ on "Shark Cards," as well as exclusive benefits. Here's the list of benefits for the first month: The Principe Deveste Eight — along with a complimentary Hao’s Special Works upgrade for it before it is made available to purchase by the general public — plus the HSW Orange Trip and HSW CMYK Glitch Liveries. The Auto Shop located in La Mesa, introduces an assortment of gameplay updates from Los Santos Tuners. Current Auto Shop owners can relocate to La Mesa at no additional cost. Waived LS Car Meet Membership fees. Current LS Car Meet members with GTA+ will be reimbursed GTA$50,000 during this event period. Yacht owners can upgrade to the Aquarius Super Yacht at no additional cost. The Gussét Frog Tee and Broker Prolaps Basketball Top and Shorts automatically added to your wardrobe. The Conveyor Livery for the Mammoth Avenger, HVY APC, and TM-02 Khanjali. A selection of free paints and emblems for the Auto Shop. 3X GTA$ and RP on Hao’s Special Works Race Series. 2X Car Meet Rep on the Street Race Series. It would be easy to criticize Rockstar for this move because the company has already taken $60 of your money for the game. That's to say nothing of the grind-heavy nature of GTA Online that practically forces players to purchase Shark Cards for in-game currency if they want to make progress at any kind of reasonable rate. There's also the fact that the company is charging money for what is honestly an extremely minor update on the current-generation consoles.
In the interest of fairness, though, we'll note that many players who bought GTA V (including GTA Online) purchased it nearly a decade ago. Just like other major online games, GTA Online has seen years of additional content and improvements through continual updates, and that stuff does cost money to create.
deveste eight The Principe Deveste Eight, one of the rewards for subscribing this month.
If you own GTA V, you don't actually have to pay Rockstar anything to play it for the rest of eternity, so giving players an option to spend a little every month to support continued development is fair. However, the list of benefits, at least for the first month, is pretty weak.
There's another caveat, too: this program is only available to players on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. We've asked Rockstar if GTA+ will be coming to the PC version, and will update this post if we get a response.
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2023.03.30 16:39 StepwiseUndrape574 Rockstar Launches GTA+ Subscription Service With Member Exclusive Benefits But Is It Worth It?

Once upon a time, it was commonplace for online games to have subscription fees. The earliest popular graphical online games, including Ultima Online and EverQuest, all had recurring service fees, as did many games that came after, such as Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft.
That model has largely given way to the "freemium" model where the publishers give the game itself away for free, but much of the game's content is locked behind the choice of either extended play times "grinding" for materials, or the option of skipping that grind with a real-money payment.
However, some games have both, and that usually includes the longest-lived and most-successful ones. Sega's ten-year-on Phantasy Star Online 2 is free-to-play, but has extensive cash purchases and also has a "premium" subscription available. In Final Fantasy XIV and the venerable World of Warcraft, the subscription fee is still required despite the presence of a cash shop.
Grand Theft Auto Online has a lot of similarities to what we usually think of as qualities of "MMO" games. While it isn't "massively multiplayer" on a local scale—sessions normally include a maximum of 32 players—there are tens of thousands of players online at any given moment. It has named player characters with persistent progress and all of the other things we think of from MMO games: equipment, appearance customization, player housing, difficult multiplayer "raid" events, and so on.
With that context in mind, it probably shouldn't be a surprise that Rockstar is launching a subscription service for GTA Online. It's called GTA+, and it costs $6 a month. Ponying up for the premium subscription earns you a cool $500,000 in the in-game GTA$ currency every month and extra GTA$ on "Shark Cards," as well as exclusive benefits. Here's the list of benefits for the first month: The Principe Deveste Eight — along with a complimentary Hao’s Special Works upgrade for it before it is made available to purchase by the general public — plus the HSW Orange Trip and HSW CMYK Glitch Liveries. The Auto Shop located in La Mesa, introduces an assortment of gameplay updates from Los Santos Tuners. Current Auto Shop owners can relocate to La Mesa at no additional cost. Waived LS Car Meet Membership fees. Current LS Car Meet members with GTA+ will be reimbursed GTA$50,000 during this event period. Yacht owners can upgrade to the Aquarius Super Yacht at no additional cost. The Gussét Frog Tee and Broker Prolaps Basketball Top and Shorts automatically added to your wardrobe. The Conveyor Livery for the Mammoth Avenger, HVY APC, and TM-02 Khanjali. A selection of free paints and emblems for the Auto Shop. 3X GTA$ and RP on Hao’s Special Works Race Series. 2X Car Meet Rep on the Street Race Series. It would be easy to criticize Rockstar for this move because the company has already taken $60 of your money for the game. That's to say nothing of the grind-heavy nature of GTA Online that practically forces players to purchase Shark Cards for in-game currency if they want to make progress at any kind of reasonable rate. There's also the fact that the company is charging money for what is honestly an extremely minor update on the current-generation consoles.
In the interest of fairness, though, we'll note that many players who bought GTA V (including GTA Online) purchased it nearly a decade ago. Just like other major online games, GTA Online has seen years of additional content and improvements through continual updates, and that stuff does cost money to create.
deveste eight The Principe Deveste Eight, one of the rewards for subscribing this month.
If you own GTA V, you don't actually have to pay Rockstar anything to play it for the rest of eternity, so giving players an option to spend a little every month to support continued development is fair. However, the list of benefits, at least for the first month, is pretty weak.
There's another caveat, too: this program is only available to players on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. We've asked Rockstar if GTA+ will be coming to the PC version, and will update this post if we get a response.
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2023.03.30 16:36 karinalynn98 lil flower shop & a view of an orchard! suggestions & constructive criticism always welcome! 🌸

lil flower shop & a view of an orchard! suggestions & constructive criticism always welcome! 🌸 submitted by karinalynn98 to ac_newhorizons [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 16:22 Berry_Busy Getting back into a little recording

Hi there. I hope my post isn't out of place. I don't post on reddit a lot, but I think I'm within the rules here and didn't see another post quite matching what I'm asking.
After a pretty long break (foster parenting, adopting, trying to keep my head on straight), I want to get back into a little bit of home recording.
I do not currently own an audio interface,a nd I've been shopping around and researching a little bit.
In my ideal price range ($500 or less), the big conclusion I've come too is that the difference in qualtiy between manufacturers and models really isn't that big.....at least not so big that there is a choice to make that's really that much worse than any other for my needs.
The Presonus USB Studio C series stuck out, because of the DAW / other tools that they comes with. Being bus powered isn't really a requirement for me.
From the 24c/26c to the 68c, there is a jump (price, number of inputs, type of pre-amp). Do you think that jump is worth it? And I guess from there, is some of the additional DSP/mixing that the 1810c offers worth it?
While I dont' need a lot, I do want to have some flexibility.
Thanks all.
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2023.03.30 16:17 Boss452 TBT: The Grand Budapest Hotel opened on March 7, 2014. It is Wes Anderson'd highest grossing film and was a huge critical success with 9 Oscars noms and 4 wins.

TBT: The Grand Budapest Hotel opened on March 7, 2014. It is Wes Anderson'd highest grossing film and was a huge critical success with 9 Oscars noms and 4 wins. submitted by Boss452 to popculturechat [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 15:59 messdgqdhb 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





Processing gif q40yg7yeuvqa1...
The woman furrowed her brow at them, then peered into the closet. “Y’all are doing the makeup demo, right?”
Matthew issued a grin before pushing forward with intent. It was an effort and painful too for both but gradually the little hole began to yield unwillingly, causing Hannah to scream out. Exchanging glances, Meg and Beth moved quickly to their mother's pussy to offer succour. Meg drove her fingers in and out of the crack with purpose whilst Beth teased the clit with her tongue tip. As Matthew's cock head disappeared in the ring, he took a breath and a moment to compose, allowing his mother brief respite.
I was always a quiet guy, never really into fighting, or being mean, or hurting others. Despite that I found this to be amazing. I laughed a little to myself as I silently thanked the old guy in the woods as I came so hard into Mady's pussy that I almost passed out. Without him I may have never awoken this side of me.
“Tom, noo! Please I want you all to myself and…ehr…if she busts in on us it’ll ruin it for me.” She kissed me lightly on the lips and ran a hand lovingly over my cheek, looking me in the eye, “You don’t want that do you?”
“Hi Madison” I said as I returned the hug.
"What do you think Corey? Do we need these on?" She asks, starting at Corey's deep green eyes, but not missing the rosy blush beginning to spread across his flustered face.
"I was attacked by one of the boys," I said. "He stole my uniform."
Another brief pause.
Scott drove me home and he was rambling on about how hot that was and how horny it had made him and he stopped the car behind the convenient store two blocks away from my house. He took out his cock and pulled me down to it and said one word, “Open,” and next thing I knew I was sucking his cock. I didn’t really even want to do this and I hurried and worked him as hard and fast as I could. He was so hot and horny that it didn’t take very long before he exploded. Just as he was starting to cum he again said one word, “swallow,” and began to spray his seed down my throat. I gulped and swallowed and obediently took his seed down my mouth. It made me feel more like an object but it was what it was. He put his cock away and drove me the rest of the way home and made me kiss his cheek goodnight as he didn’t want to kiss my mouth still tasting of his cum. I just rolled my eyes and headed inside and had to suffer through a lecture from mom for getting home so late without calling. I apologized and said I would try not to let it happen again and scurried off to my room.
She told me about when she used to sleep with her father, when her brother used to sleep with her mother, and when they both got pregnant. They were pretty sure that my father was grandpa and that my cousin Valerie’s father was Uncle Dick but that they really didn’t know since both men had sex with both women anytime that they wanted too.
.....to be continued x
‘Harry, I’ve come to say thank...O,’ said Luna suddenly as she looked upon the scene before her. Harry and Ginny were laid on top of the bed naked, with Ginny straddled across Harry’s hips. The two of them were covered in a light sweat and Harry’s cock was balls deep in Ginny’s pussy as the two of them looked upon their intruder.
that beautiful booty, the
"J.t what are you doing? OOHH my god J.T you have to stop!" my sister gasped.
Ross was just about to go for a bath when his door flew open and a bouncy Cathy came bounding in and threw herself on his bed,
time it came out of her mother. Trudy loved this position.
“What?” he replied, “I have to do your chores and mine too?”
“Why aren’t you enjoying your party,” she asks as her boyfriend, Brett, hangs back.
John grabbed my hand as he said, “Let me show you the bedroom.”
I lay still scarcely daring to breathe.
She went silent for a moment, and when she spoke again I could hear the start of tears in her voice.
“You better not stop or I’ll make you feel real pain.” Kelly growls when Claire’s fingers falter and stop moving in and out of her.
I was excited, I was about to fuck two girls at once, and my girlfriend was not only letting me, she was with me. I reached in to the glove box and grabbed the box. I had to know my limits and guess Becky’s; I did not want to do anything that would piss off Becky. She was something I did not want to loose. I walked in to the house, Becky and Sam were already naked.
“N-noo..” she murmured, “Pl-ease…”
My brain whirled around in circles, out of control.
I slowly sat up, holding her body. She let herself be moved, and when I was upright she was still leaning all her weight against me. For a second I wondered if she'd passed out.
He chuckled. “I usually go by the rule, ‘I asked you first,’ but I’m willing to make an exception. When you turned away the first time, I thought you didn’t want to. And when you tried to, I thought it was just because you felt bad about rejecting me. Not because you really wanted to.”
When we got home, I lifted her out of the car and and carried her up to her bedroom. As I laid her on her bed, she woke. “I feel like I need a shower” she mustered. “My head feels like it was hit by a train.”
"Really?" She looks at me, hope sparkling in her eyes. We're getting wild!
"Yes! Yes!" I shouted, simply agreeing to whatever she'd said.
I followed with mine.
“First one there gets to be Luigi!” She shouted behind her as she bolted out of the room. I chuckled and got up slowly. I learned around the third time that she always got there first.
…...The next morning…..waking up I could still feel the sticky residue of cum on my cock, the light of the morning was just streaming through the window. Looking over at Marie, her eyes were closed, my eyes roamed lower and I noticed areas of her shirt were stuck to her body where my cum had dried to her skin.
Winter came early and fierce that year, we shivered in the cold wind blasting our bare bodies one night. We thought our hot exercise could fend off anything but I got the flu after. After I recovered she said: 'May be you can come to my room. I'm in the basement.' I've been to her home many times but never seen her room and wondered since she has older sisters and younger brother. She noticed my hesitation and said 'we can go after dinner and just keep quiet.' I jumped up and said why not!
Jenny looked at Angie, who nodded in agreement.
“You bad, bad boy” she said while laughing softly.
Natalie shakes her head, "Daniel already told me that I have to clarify these things or people might think I'm not serious."
and he still found the time to laugh and make jokes.
“Alright, now you’ve seen it. So, strip”
“We’ll be on our own in a new city we know nothing about, we’re far away from family, bills and other finances, those are the only main cons I can think of right now.”
“Rita do you agree with any of this,” I asked looking for a difference of opinion.
"Please, James, stop!" I hissed but it was too late. He stopped mumbling, his hands gripped hard onto my waist, and his cock thrust deep into me, harder and faster. The tears now rolling freely down my face, falling from my chin onto my tits where they tickled their way down my body. I tried to stroke the tears off my chest but as my hand brushed my nipple a ripple of pleasure burst through me straight from my perky tits down to my pussy. Again I stroked my nipple and waves of hot pleasure raced through me. I started to pinch my nipples, biting my lips and tasting my salty tears as James continued his slow assault on my virgin pussy, his tight grip on my waist hurting a little.
“Later, I’m so hungry, you do know we never ate breakfast, first I want to eat dinner…lets get Chinese. Spicy hot, mild…??” She said picking up the phone.
"Alright kids, let's give Tyson some time to relax, while we wait outside." My mom said as she ushered everyone out of the ward. In the midst of it all, I completely forgot that the other family next to me had left, and the boy was sitting there watching me.
“You’ve done it TWICE? Seriously? I mean…how? How bad is it?” she asked.
She said nothing, and seemed surprised when I stopped in front of her. I said, "My name is Danny Johnson. I play soccer in college and that is why you see me torturing myself every morning to stay in shape for next season. This beach is always deserted this early in the morning so I guess we can say it is 'our beach' for the rest of the summer."
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