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[HIRING] Full-time Travel Content Writer

2023.03.30 12:28 types_in_airplane [HIRING] Full-time Travel Content Writer

We're looking to hire a content writer who can work primarily during American business hours, but you do not need to be in the US. The pay scale is $25k – $32k/year depending on experience—we're open to applications without formal writing experience, if you can write with a bit of flair.
More information & application form:
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2023.03.30 12:25 candidr00tsolution Unlock the full potential of your business with Odoo CRM Consultants

Unlock the full potential of your business with Odoo CRM Consultants

Are you struggling to manage customer relationships effectively?
Our team of Odoo CRM consultants can help you streamline your sales process, improve customer engagement, and increase revenue.
We'll work closely with you to understand your unique business needs and customize a CRM solution that fits your requirements.
From implementation to training, we'll guide you through every step of the process to ensure a successful deployment.
Contact us today at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and Visit Us at to unlock the full potential of your business with Odoo CRM Consultants.
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2023.03.30 12:24 EmergencyPause9491 "things look a lot different this year with our 7 kids."

Hello everybody! I have been making summaries of every video because not everyone watches their channel but still likes to know what’s going on. I have released a bunch already. If you want to read them, you can go to my profile and check them out.
Let's get to it:
"things look a lot different this year with our 7 kids."

What’s up fam?
Title: They have been busy and March is a busy month for them because of all the birthdays, the dance competition and football ⚽ season. Some of the kids have different spring breaks. Tommy and Caden have arrived. The other kids are not on spring break yet. She has been hanging out with Lilia, Chris took T&C to lunch and shopping the day before. The twins’ birthday is coming up. She justifies the fact that her posting on YouTube has been very irregular because she is very busy (Youtube is literally your job, how do you not have time for that?).
Flashback to when Chris was at the mall with T&C. He says that Caden is “not too fond of the camera”, he doesn't show Caden, they are buying shoes.
Back to current time, the kids are back from school. They got an Amazon delivery, it’s ramen (We all know who’s that for). “We couldn’t find it at stores, we go through it really fast and I have set to auto-delivery”. (HUH? Instead of buying so much, maybe you should buy and eat something healthy for once in your life, who the hell has a box of ramen on auto delivery?)
Jesss talks about the fact that Addie struggled a lot with the last dance convention because it was long hours (and because you made her take classes for kids above her age), so they bought her a toy to bribe her.
The “bus” still has some paint in it. She is taking the twins to practice; Lilia is already at dance. Jesss complains about the weather again. Also, “can we get a ohhh yeah for the time change?” The twins say “Ohhh yeah”. While they are at practice it starts pouring rain.
They get home, Chris made dinner. They talk about Little mermaid, it’s coming out the day before Chris’ birthday, that’s his favorite Disney character because of the red hair.
End of Video.
I'm glad they doesn't show Caden anymore. They are respecting his wishes. It won't be long until some of the other kids start asking to not be on camera anymore. I hope she respects them as much as she did with Caden.
He's not her child so she's got no other choice. She'll probably bribe them to be on camera if they ask to not be.
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2023.03.30 12:23 StarkWines Start Using These Fantastic Wine Tips Today

Start Using These Fantastic Wine Tips Today
Are you hesitant when it comes to choosing a bottle? Are you aware of the differences between Merlot and Burgundy? If you’re lost when picking wine, you need to expand your wine knowledge. The following information can help.
Store wine properly to maintain its flavor. Any wine can be negatively affected by temperatures outside its optimal range. The best temperature for storing your wine is around 55 degrees. If you have a cool basement, it is perfect for storing wine. You can also purchase a wine refrigerator for this purpose.
TIP! Attend all the wine tastings you can. They’re fun and can help you discover new tastes.
An amazing sauce for any beef dish can be made using wine. To make the sauce, just add a pat of butter to your preferred red wine in a saucepan. Simmer the sauce while it thickens and evaporates a little of the alcohol content. You should then drizzle your sauce over your beef dish.
All cheap wine isn’t bad. Chile is one great region for affordable wine options. A lot of their wines have a reasonable price. Cabernet Sauvignons and Sauvignon Blancs are especially tasty from this part of the world. Argentina, New Zealand and South Africa also offer great prices on great wines.
TIP! When you store your wine properly, you enhance the flavor it can produce. Temperatures that are really cold or hot may damage any kind of wine that you may be storing.
To make the most of each glass of wine, make sure you serve it up at its optimum temperature. Red wines are best when they are served at about 60 degrees. The wine will warm up in the glass, and you should pour into the glass at about 58 degrees. White wines need to be served at approximately 47 degrees. If it is served warmer, it may result in a dull tasting wine.
Never allow a sulfite warning to alarm you. There are sulfites in all wines, but distributors in America are the only ones required to put it on the labels. Sulfites have the ability to trigger allergies in some, though if you have never had a problem with them, you need not worry.
TIP! Buy yourself a wine cellar in order to maintain your wines properly over time. This can really be important when you spend a lot of money on a wine and you wish to have some later on.
Not all white wines should be chilled when served. Every white wine is not the same texture, so they may be better served at different temperatures. While serving saugvignon blanc cold is best, serving chardonnay and pinot gris taste better a bit warmer.
Sparkling wines and champagnes must be served very cold. The flavor is enhanced the colder it is, and it will not taste the same at room temperature. Put champagne in a refrigerator one or two hours before drinking it.
TIP! Cheap wines are not necessarily a bad choice. If you want to find wine that tastes great and costs less, give Chilean wines a try.
Wine country is a place to visit if you have a passion for wine. You will really appreciate your wine more if you get to be where it grows and ferments. It is also an educational experience about the business and process of making wine. Therefore, your visit can be both fun and educational.
Now that you’ve gone through this article, enjoying wine should be a lot easier. Keep this advice handy whenever you take a shopping trip to buy wine. This way, you can refer back to it when you are confronted by endless rows of wine bottles. Using these tips can help you select the perfect bottle.
Posts related to Start Using These Fantastic Wine Tips Today
Expert Tips On Choosing A Great WinePicking The Right Wine For Any SituationSimple Tips To Help You Make Sense Of Your Wine ListKnowledge To Help Make Wine Purchases Much More EasyTips For Honing Your Wine Knowledge And ExpertiseLooking To Enjoy Your Wine More? These Hints Are For You!Wine Tips To Help You BHetter Enjoy It!Top Tips About Wine That Anyone Can Follow.
source url -
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2023.03.30 12:22 Extension-Routine-90 SEO Agency in Nashik

In today's digital age, having a solid online presence is essential for businesses to stay competitive. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a critical role in improving a website's online visibility and driving traffic to it. That's where Media Shark comes in - the leading SEO agency in Nashik that helps businesses boost their online presence and stay ahead of the competition.
Media Shark is a leading SEO agency based in Nashik that specializes in providing top-notch search engine optimization services to businesses of all sizes. The agency has a team of experienced SEO experts who are dedicated to helping clients achieve better online visibility, higher search engine rankings, and increased website traffic.
Media Shark understands that SEO is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every business is unique and has different SEO needs. The agency works closely with clients to understand their business goals and develop customized SEO strategies tailored to their specific needs.
Media Shark has a team of experienced SEO experts who understand the complexities of SEO and the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies. The agency offers a wide range of SEO services that are tailored to the unique needs of each business, including:
  1. Keyword Research: Media Shark conducts extensive keyword research to identify the keywords that potential customers are using to search for products or services. By optimizing a website's content for these keywords, businesses can improve their search engine rankings and attract more traffic to their site.
  2. On-Page Optimization: Media Shark optimizes a website's content, structure, and design to make it more search engine friendly. This includes optimizing meta tags, headers, and images to ensure that they contain the right keywords and are optimized for search engines.
  3. Link Building: Media Shark helps businesses build high-quality links from authoritative websites to improve their website's credibility and search engine rankings.
  4. Content Marketing: Media Shark creates and distributes valuable and relevant content to attract and engage a target audience. This includes creating blog posts, infographics, and other content that helps businesses establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry.
  5. Local SEO: Media Shark helps businesses optimize their website for local search by creating and optimizing local business listings, managing online reviews, and optimizing website content for local search terms.
  6. Technical SEO: It involves optimizing a website's backend for better search engine performance. Media Shark's team of SEO experts has the technical knowledge and expertise to ensure that a website is optimized for maximum search engine visibility.
Media Shark's comprehensive SEO services have helped numerous businesses in Nashik and beyond improve their online presence and grow their business. The agency is dedicated to providing customized SEO solutions that are tailored to each business's unique needs and goals.If you're looking to boost your online presence and improve your search engine rankings, contact Media Shark today.
Their team of SEO experts will work with you to develop a customized SEO strategy that helps you achieve your business goals and stay ahead of the competition. In conclusion, Media Shark is a reliable and experienced SEO agency in Nashik that offers a wide range of services to help businesses succeed online.
Whether you're looking to improve your search engine rankings, increase website traffic, or boost your online visibility, Media Shark has the skills and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Contact them today to learn more about their services and how they can help take your business to the next level.
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2023.03.30 12:21 mcarthurlocksmith21 Storm Door Handleset Replacement Baltimore - MacArthur Locks & Doors

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2023.03.30 12:20 FoldedCows [25m] What to do when she [24f] seems to lose interest, fails to communicate and then reaches out with no explanation

So I met this girl on a dating app and we moved onto WhatsApp. For like three weeks we were getting along really well and were making plans for me to visit her city in the next month, we were calling every day and she was very forward with her interest.
Suddenly she stops driving her end, she replies after many hours/after a day doesn't want to call, etc. I ask if anything's going on and she said no she's just busy. I offer to leave her alone for a while until she's free again, she said no I want to talk to you. She called me that night after I addressed it and she said she missed me; I responded but I also said it's fine if you're busy but it would be easier for both of us if you communicate.
Thing is, after that night she goes to radio silence for a week and a half. Then she sends a message "How are you doing", I reply and ask, then she goes radio silent again for 4 days.
I know she said she's busy, but she's ignored my request to communicate and I can tell the difference between busy and something else going on. Perhaps she's having second thoughts. Starting a conversation with me then not continuing is just plain disrespectful.
Now she's reached out again. No apology, no explanation. We're currently having a basic conversation. And my question is: do I address the issue again even though I already did? Do I continue to be responsive but not pushy, to give her time to think at her own pace? Do I give 100% enthusiasm even though she's not giving it back?
Her behaviour is giving me doubts about her generally but I'm not ready to go nuclear and just block her or anything, when it's not totally necessary yet.
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2023.03.30 12:20 AutoModerator [Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course

Get the course here:
The LinkedIn Ads Course
The ultimate course for business owners and marketing managers of larger organisations to learn how to generate a ton of demand for their businesses using LinkedIn Ads.
Why do this course
By the end of the course, you will know your way around the LinkedIn Ads platform and you will be highly confident to start generating leads consistently for your own business or for other people in a matter of days. We hold nothing back in this course, you will be an absolute pro.
80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn
LinkedIn is by far the most valuable source of leads when it comes to B2B – in fact 80% of B2B businesses say they are getting leads from the platform each month. LinkedIn ads are the best way to bring in a torrent of consistent new enquiries about your consulting, coaching or saas services.
I have condensed all my knowledge after spending tens-of-thousands on the platform into a few hours of video, showing you the exact systems we use as an agency, so you will save a lot of time. Everything I have learned is neatly organised for you to learn from, step by step, organised in a way which is designed to make you learn fast. You will go from zero to hero quickly.
You will save a lot of money. We have tested and experimented with pretty much every strategy out there, we have learned a lot on what works and what doesn’t, so skip the learning curve and jump right in at the deep end. You will get access to all our learnings. There are so many different ways you use the platform to drive down the cost per lead significantly, and if you are looking to gain many leads a month, this will add up to a saving of 1000’s of pounds each onth – much more than the course costs.
…and now we have taken tens-of-thousands of pounds worth of testing and condensed this knowledge into a course which anyone can start generating new leads for their business within days. We hold nothing back.
What will you learn in the course
Tried and tested B2B demand generation strategies which you can implement right away and start generating a ton of new leads for your business.
Confidence in the ads platform so you know how to target the right people, how to test your ads and drive down your cost per click.
How to organise your account like a pro.
How to use LinkedIn tracking, the Insight pixel, how to implement it on your website, and how to use it to analyse your audience.
Remarketing for ninjas – remarketing is essential to stay top-of-mind, and to keep every prospect that interacts with your business interested in you and your products or services.
How to get the lowest cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL) and cost per scheduled phone call.
Mastering the follow-up. Learn what the big sales teams do with the leads they generate and how to turn the MQL to a SQL (Marketing Qualified Lead to Sales Qualified Lead) to a paying customer or client.
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2023.03.30 12:19 Faithhal Spanish tutors in London

If you are looking for Spanish tutors in London, there are many options available. You can conduct a basic Google search or explore website directories that list qualified Spanish tutors. Alternatively, you could ask for referrals from friends or colleagues who have used the services of a Spanish tutor in the past. Before settling on a tutor, ensure that they are experienced and knowledgeable in the Spanish language. You should also consider their teaching approach and availability to ensure that it suits your learning needs and schedule.
You may also want to ask for their rates per lesson and check if they offer discounts for multiple lessons or group sessions. With the right tutor, you can gain confidence in your Spanish speaking, reading and writing skills, and excel in your language education journey.
For more:
Nice tutor London-based private Spanish tutor. provide one-on-one instruction for students of all levels, from complete novices to advanced ones.
Over the past three decades, I have taught all over London, frequently in Central London.
Students can choose when and where they take classes, which can take place at my home-office in Dulwich, South London, at home after work, or at their office during business hours. Classes can be tailored to a student's changing schedule thanks to their complete adaptability.
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2023.03.30 12:18 Daikonran Coaches - Why did you become a coach and why do you still do it?

So I am a coach, 3 years+ now at my Box and Crossfitter for 6~ years. I originally became a coach because I wanted more flexibility in my training hours and I have always enjoyed helping others lift/improve and thought it would be a good fit.
I enjoy coaching quite a lot on some days and then on others the WOD can be very low skill and I spend hours as a cheerleader in some form and this I enjoy a lot less. It's a hobby for me as I have a full-time job and a family and I am getting to the point now where I wonder why I continue to do it as it by no means pays the bills or anything.
I coach somewhere between 4-8 hours a week depending on the week but there is a bit of pressure from the owner to do more but I have little incentive to do so.
Curious about others out there, especially the part-time coaches who have full-time jobs. What is your long term goal and motivation?
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2023.03.30 12:18 justgotittt [For Hire] VA

Hi all! I do Virtual Assistance especially with small business owners and professionals. Starts at 8$ per hour and package is also available. If you need one pls don't hesitate to message me here or in telegram. Thank you!
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2023.03.30 12:18 Anuj_Gupta_123 Sobha Kokapet Hyderabad: A Luxurious Residential Experience

Sobha Kokapet Hyderabad: A Luxurious Residential Experience
Sobha Kokapet Hyderabad is a luxurious residential project located in the prime location of Kokapet, Hyderabad. It is a joint venture project by Sobha Limited and Pashmina Developers, two of the most renowned real estate developers in India. The project is spread over 4.7 acres of land and offers 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments ranging from 1370 sq.ft. to 2343 sq.ft. The project is designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle to its residents, with amenities that are unmatched in the city.

Sobha Kokapet Hyderabad
The apartments at Sobha Kokapet Hyderabad are designed to cater to the needs of modern living. The apartments are spacious and well-ventilated, with large windows that provide ample natural light and air circulation. The flooring is made of premium quality vitrified tiles, and the walls are finished with high-quality emulsion paint. The kitchens are designed with a modular layout and come equipped with a granite countertop and stainless steel sink. The bathrooms are fitted with premium quality sanitary ware and fittings.

One of the standout features of Sobha Kokapet Hyderabad is its luxurious amenities. The project offers a range of amenities that are designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable living experience to its residents. The project has a state-of-the-art clubhouse, which features a gymnasium, swimming pool, indoor games, and a multipurpose hall. The project also has a landscaped garden and a children's play area, making it an ideal place for families with children.

Sobha Kokapet Hyderabad is also designed to provide a secure living environment to its residents. The project has 24-hour security and surveillance, ensuring the safety and security of its residents. The project also has a power backup facility, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to its residents.

The location of Sobha Kokapet Hyderabad is another major advantage of the project. The project is located in Kokapet, which is one of the most prime locations in Hyderabad. The location is well-connected to the rest of the city, with easy access to major commercial and residential areas. The project is also located in close proximity to major schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, making it an ideal place to live.

In conclusion, Sobha Kokapet Hyderabad is a luxurious residential project that offers a range of amenities and features that are unmatched in the city. The project is designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable living experience to its residents, with apartments that are spacious, well-ventilated, and designed to cater to the needs of modern living. The project also offers a range of amenities that are designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable living experience to its residents. The location of the project is another major advantage, with easy access to major commercial and residential areas. If you are looking for a luxurious and comfortable living experience in Hyderabad, Sobha Kokapet Hyderabad is the perfect choice for you.

For More Information Visit Here :- Sobha Kokapet Hyderabad
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2023.03.30 12:17 PrityDubey Experience Your Lifestyle At Prestige Pali Hill

Experience Your Lifestyle At Prestige Pali Hill
Prestige Pali Hill offers luxurious 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments in Mumbai's upscale Bandra locality. These spacious homes are designed to provide residents with a comfortable and elegant living experience. The apartments come with state-of-the-art amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, clubhouse and landscaped gardens. Additionally, the building has facilities for electricity backup and 24-hour security. With easy access to major business and entertainment hubs in Mumbai, Prestige Pali Hill is the perfect choice for those looking for a premium residential option in the city.
Prestige Pali Hill
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2023.03.30 12:16 justgotittt For Hire VA

Hi all! I do Virtual Assistance especially with small business owners and professionals. Starts at 8$ per hour and package is also available. If you need one pls don't hesitate to message me here or in telegram. Thank you!
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2023.03.30 12:15 Objective-Rip2563 how to tell anki to bold each line ending with "?" in a specific field on the back of the card template?

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2023.03.30 12:14 THROWRA_heartache (22m) and my girlfriend (20f) I have done everything I can, can I still save it?

Hello,I hope you all are well. So I've been dating my girlfriend for 1 yr and about 6 months and we've definitely had ups and downs. I have severe compound PTSD and a Panic disorder, but I for the most part I do well to keep it in check just for a little knowledge about me. So our first our first 8 months were good but had many outside of our relationship problems for both of us. I handled them in a worse way than her and it drove us apart so we broke up for 6 months. We told each other we both wouldn't move on from each other because we loved each other. For me that didn't change and I had no relationships or hook ups during that time nor could I even try without feeling gross. For her however she did not keep that mindset and later found out she hooked up with someone. We weren't dating so I can't say it was wrong but it hurt me, But she got cold, stopped talking and all around distanced herself in my opinion in a harsh manner but couldn't blame her. Then in July we started seeing each other again, and it was great until she had to leave her mother's home because of a certain fight, while I lived with my grandparents at the time.
She called me at midnight because she had no one else to call and I couldn't leave her to be homeless. So on my way out of my house I was told that if I choose to help her that my family would disown me and if I leave to never come back. They did not like her but I had to do something so I chose my girlfriend. Fast forward we had to sleep in my car for 3 months which was hard, but I made sure we had food a mattress and everything her cat needed. It could have been worse but at the same time she had no motivation but also understandable in my eyes.
I found us a place and paid for everything rent, food, random things she wanted, and all her cat needed. Which is basically her daughter for reference, for about 7 months I paid for everything which I don't mind but it was very hard on me. So I was not always in the best of moods and I am pretty old schooled when it comes to relationships. So I do have certain standards like don't lie, don't cheat, and both of us shouldn't have opposite gendered friends because it never ends well. So I know a lot of backstory but here is the things that I can't figure out, I am nowhere near perfect but I can be insecure sometimes from being hurt by every relationship I've been in so when I notice things that bother me I tell her. I have gotten better at picking my battles and to let more things go.
I have continued to try to better myself for us which is hard but it's something I know I have to do. I recently found out she lied to me about her hook up it was actually a relationship with another man, and lied about his name and all the details she told me was wrong. I only found this out because the man texted me on Snapchat to gloat to me that he fucked her all while they made fun of me at first I didn't believe him. But screenshots of their messages prove me wrong it was heart breaking, I tried to bring it up nicely asking if she knew this guy but again she lied to my face 6 times. While we were cuddling she looked through her messages and I saw his name texting her the same month we got together and for context the reason she broke up with him is because he cheated and gave her an std. She has never opened up to me about this and I have forgiven her which I'm sure was right or not. She tries to use breaking up with me as a threat for example she tried to break up with me because I asked what she bought at the store and she wouldn't tell me. I thought it was secretive and strange, she goes to visit her family which is where all her exes and her "hook up" live. My only issue with that is she never texts me back for about 3 or so hours at night and when I ask her what she was doing, she tells me things that don't add up. Also refusing to ever send pictures when she is there, and always says she is going to bed early at 9 or so but she always goes to bed around 2 or 3am.
Anytime I confront her with issues she gets filled with rage and always turns it on me somehow. She also tells me she needs male friends even though I set that boundary when we started dating. Then this month she wanted to move away with her sister which I understand and am worried but okay with it. But before she left she spent 3 days in the town all of her past lovers live and texted me maybe 10 times in 3 days and always said she is busy. The things she says she is doing never add up to the time she doesn't text back, and what hurts me is I proposed to her 3 weeks before she left and she said yes but has never worn her ring, doesn't wear it in public and still says I'm just her boyfriend. When I asked her why she doesn't wear it when she left she said she didn't want it at all and she wants to give it back. I spent money I didn't have on that ring and was so excited to take this step with her and it hurts how she is treating it.
And a few side notes she only has sex with me 1 time every 2 months which I find kind of insane but it's not the biggest deal either for me and it's not like I'm lacking in that department either when we do. I've never known her to be a cheater or a liar but honestly I'm not sure what to think at this point. There is more to this but I can save that for a follow up or questions. Any advice or input is appreciated thank you 😃
Also I'm not a writer so I'm sorry if this is hard to read or understand
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2023.03.30 12:14 StarkWines 2013 Caymus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

2013 Caymus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Image may not match vintage for sale. Please check the vintage information to the right.
2013 Caymus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Winery Caymus Vineyards
Style Red
Grape Cabernet Sauvignon
United States / Napa Valley
Vintage 2013
Sold by:
Because of alcohol shipping restrictions, please review the states we can ship to before placing your order.
Restrictions & Policies
State Restrictions
We can only ship alcoholic beverages to the following states: AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NC, NE, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV, WY.
Age Restrictions
The purchase of alcohol by persons under the age of 21 is prohibited by law. You must be at least 21 years old to purchase wine or spirits. By placing an order through us, you are representing yourself to us as at least 21 years of age and that the person to whom it is being shipped is at least 21 years old. We cannot ship wine to PO Boxes or APO addresses.
eBay Alcohol Policy
As a participant in this category, Spirited Wines – Lenox had to be pre-approved by eBay prior to listing wine on the website. For more information, please visit
Shipping Policy
Age Requirement
The purchase of alcohol by persons under the age of 21 is prohibited by law. You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase wine or spirits. By placing an order through our website, you are representing yourself to us as at least 21 years of age and that the person to whom it is being shipped is at least 21 years of age. We reserve the right to ask for proof of identity before processing an order.
Title to the wine you order passes to you as soon as it leaves our doors; it is up to you to know the relevant laws in your state.
An adult signature with proof of age verification is required at time of delivery. Please be aware that someone over the age of 21 must be available to sign for the package. If no one is available at the time of delivery, the package will not be left. We cannot ship wine to PO Boxes or APO addresses.
Carrier and Delivery Times
We ship Ground via FedEx:
Ground Service – approximately 1-6 business days in transit
All orders will be confirmed via e-mail and processed within 1 business day. We will contact you by the end of the next business day if there are any problems with your order. You will be promptly notified by email of any unexpected delays in processing.
Restricted States
Please note that some states have laws on the shipment of alcohol that prohibit us from shipping to addresses in those states or may require an additional tax.
Click here to see list of states and the types of products we can ship to those states.
Return Policy
Return policy is damaged product is insured, full credit to client for product and shipping. Incorrect product shipped will receive full credit for product and shipping.
source url -
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2023.03.30 12:14 definiv367 Designing the Future: Expert Graphic Designers in Las Vegas

Designing the Future: Expert Graphic Designers in Las Vegas

Graphic Designers in Las Vegas for Iconier Inc: How to Choose the Best

Iconier Inc. is a rapidly growing company in Las Vegas that specializes in creating unique and innovative digital products. To maintain their reputation, they need top-notch graphic designers who can deliver high-quality design solutions to their clients. But with so many graphic designers in Las Vegas, how do you choose the best one for your needs? In this article, we will discuss the key factors to consider when choosing a graphic designer for Iconier Inc.

Understanding the Role of a Graphic Designer

Before we dive into the details, it's important to understand what a graphic designer does. A graphic designer is a professional who creates visual concepts using computer software or by hand. They use typography, images, and other elements to communicate ideas and messages to the target audience. A graphic designer's role is to create designs that are visually appealing, easy to understand, and memorable.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Graphic Designer

  1. Experience: When looking for a graphic designer, it's important to choose someone with a good amount of experience in the field. They should have a strong portfolio of past work, demonstrating their ability to create high-quality designs.
  2. Design Style: Different graphic designers have different design styles. You should choose a designer whose style matches your brand's personality and target audience.
  3. Communication Skills: Good communication is essential in any business relationship. You should choose a graphic designer who is easy to communicate with, listens to your needs, and responds promptly.
  4. Budget: Graphic design services can vary widely in cost. You should choose a designer who fits within your budget, but keep in mind that quality design work can be an investment.
  5. Technical Skills: A good graphic designer should have strong technical skills in graphic design software and technology. They should also be familiar with different file formats and be able to deliver files that are compatible with your needs.
  6. Turnaround Time: A graphic designer should be able to work efficiently and deliver designs within a reasonable timeframe. You should choose a designer who can meet your deadlines.
  7. Reviews and Recommendations: Look for reviews and recommendations from past clients to get a sense of a designer's reputation and level of satisfaction with their work.

Where to Find Graphic Designers in Las Vegas

  1. Online Job Boards: Websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and have a pool of talented graphic designers who can work remotely.
  2. Local Design Agencies: There are several design agencies in Las Vegas that offer graphic designer services
  3. Referrals: Ask for referrals from other professionals in your network or from past clients of the designer you are considering.

How to Evaluate Graphic Designers

  1. Portfolio: Look at the designer's past work to get a sense of their style and quality of work.
  2. Communication: Evaluate their communication skills and responsiveness to your inquiries.
  3. Samples: Ask for samples of their work that are relevant to your project.
  4. References: Ask for references from past clients to get a sense of their satisfaction with the designer's work.


Choosing the right graphic designer for Iconier Inc is crucial for creating a successful product. By considering the factors we discussed, evaluating their portfolio and communication skills, and choosing a designer whose style matches your brand's personality, you can ensure that you are hiring the best graphic designer for your needs.
Iconier Inc
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2023.03.30 12:13 A_dozen_lizards I’m losing my best friend…

I’ve been friends with my (20m) best friend (20f) for almost four years. (Just ok friends for about half that time) and even before she broke up with her now ex, we would spend a ton of time together and basically call every day and goof off for some good fun (we live in different states in the US and met online). We realized that we got along REALLY well and agreed that we were best friends in the cheesiest way possible it was a lot of fun.
Her relationship was incredibly toxic on her though and despite all the red flags, I would never say anything more than “maybe you should consider breaking up with him” but it always ended there due to her insistence that he would change. Obviously it was just an awful cycle.
Regardless, she got out of that relationship on a stroke of luck, and is in a new relationship now. And it is taking all of her time. To the point where I’m lucky to actually talk with her once a week. The relationship could be better and we still talk every day over text but I’m a very… clingy person. I know this and I just don’t know if I can continue a friendship that feels so one sided.
My breaking point to posting about this was tonight (of posting this ofc) when we had plans to hang out tonight because her boyfriend would be busy… And she cancelled last second on me because his friend bailed last second so they’re currently in a call together probably asleep by now.
I miss her like crazy and I’m gonna lose my mind if I can’t figure out what to do.
A few things to clarify before any comments
it’s nothing romantic. I know the difference in feelings. We’re just best friends.
I have talked to her about this before. They’ve been in their current relationship for six months as of this past weekend (where she spent 36 hours straight on a single call with him in celebration). Nothing changes when I tell her that it bugs me that we don’t spend much time together. He is also a very clingy person and she said she’d talk to him about their time spent together but as I expected when I heard that the first time, nothing happened or changed.
I do not mind being second priority to anyone’s significant other. I would expect that even, but I’m just an afterthought to someone who still considers us best friends. I have no expectations of taking half her time or anything. Just… maybe more than once a week isn’t too much to ask?
We’re both very free people rn, so free time is not the problem. She talks to him 5+ hours a day at least.
Any advice that isn’t just “talk to her about it” would be so helpful. Even if that advice is to leave the friendship. I’m too close to the problem to think about it rationally.
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2023.03.30 12:12 ImmortalJormund Chronicler's Notes: Final Frontier

Couple hours after I left the Devourer campfire, I gave up searching for the Ecologist outpost in the darkness. There was an old Ikarus bus by the road that I had passed by earlier during my wanderings. It was covered in rust and had lost most of the seats, but it would shelter me for the night. Thankfully the door could be opened, and I crawled inside, hiding on the aisle's furthest point from the door. I set up my machine gun pointing towards the door, made sure the gun was off safe and slowly tried to calm down. Not an easy task, considering there might be a pack of weird cannibals after me, but I needed some rest.
I fell into uncomfortable, far too light sleep, and woke up many times during the night as mutants or simply wind passed by the bus. Each time it took me dozen or so minutes to steady myself to the point of returning to my sleep. I greeted the first rays of day with adulation that would make Sinners or Flame worshippers look like Sunday schoolers. Getting out of the bus, all my muscles tangled up and aching after the night on its floor, I took a first look at my surroundings. Not much to tell. There were some marshlands around the road, with pines and spruces growing from the wet soil. Rocks and puddles dotted the landscape, and by the riverside a lone carcass of a dog sat, rotting in the water.
Taking in the scenery, I realized that I was none the wiser of where the hell I was. I was not even sure where I had come from, as in the dark I could've walked in circles for hours. Abandoning all plans of reaching the ecologist outpost, I decided to trudge on, down the road into what I presumed to be west. If nothing else, finding the river would lead me back to Seriy's Guard outpost. The day was beautiful, especially by Zone standards, and my rucksack felt lighter thanks to it. I passed humming gravitational anomalies, stopping only momentarily to check the area for artifacts. None were forthcoming, so my journey continued. After roughly an hour of walking, I came to a burned hamlet. To the south of it, the Torfprom factory stood alone. I had missed the Ecologist outpost, damn it.
I couldn't dwell on this for long, however, as a bullet whizzed past my head and struck a tree not far from the road. Instinctively, I lunged to cover, preparing to sell my life dearly. My Type 73 was once more filled with deadly bullets, but it was not to dispense it that day. A shout came from the village ahead to lower my gun as it had been a mere warning shot.
"Identify yourself before I follow that order. Far too many bandits in these parts to be that naive, bratan!", I shouted back.
"We're from Final Frontier, lad! Fellow stalkers like you. Listen, stay there, I'll come closer.", the man shouted.
I saw a stalker emerge from a ruins of a farmhouse, holding a rifle that to me looked a lot like Mauser 98k. The optic on it was a bit different though. The man's trenchcoat was deep red, sort of burgundy colour. He came closer with no threat in his body language, and I holstered my machine gun. Still, as this was the Zone, my hand hovered over the pistol on my belt just in case. As he got closer, I could see the patch on his jacket, depicting three bullets side by side. The man saw my Radiation patch, and lowered his weapon.
"Sorry lad, we've had trouble with the Punishers and the camp is quite anxious. Anyway, you have any business here or are you just passing by? I'm Noah Blacklung, by the way.", the man introduced himself.
"Chronicler, and no hard feelings, things are rough these days. I'm passing by, I was meaning to reach the ecologist camp but ran into Devourers in the night. I'm writing a book on Zone's factions, is your faction welcoming enough to allow me to write another entry on it?", I asked.
"Chronicler, eh? One of the Guard fellows passing by mentioned you, told us that you might come pester us with some smartass shit. And Devourers? Boy, those are a tall-tale, that's all. Either way, our bossman, One-Eye, is in that large ruin over there. Go ask him questions, he fucking hates it.", Blacklung said with a grin under his black beard.
I was a bit hesitant to bug the leader of unknown faction's unit, and slightly offended by Blacklung's dismissive tone regarding the Devourers, but I'm not one to miss a chapter on my book. As such, I wandered into the large ruined farmstead. The tallest surviving walls were at my shoulder-height, and the rest were at knee to chest height. Not much of a fortress, but not the worst defensive position either. There were crates on pallets, bunkbeds and a dugout in the largest room, where all the ammunition seemed to have been piled into. The place had roughly a squad worth of Frontiersmen, most in trenchcoats with various military helmets, gasmasks and even ammunition belts crossed on their chests and backs. Some had modified Hunter suits, painted in that very same burgundy colour but seemingly even more stripped of armour than the base Hunter suit.
The Frontiersmen eyed me as I passed by, but most of them seemed merely curious. They were a ragged bunch, clearly men who had led hard lives. Not necessarily men of criminal past, however, as they seemed more adventurers and daredevils, the types you see when looking at photos of cowboys, Cossacks and Tuareg peoples of Sahara. I asked one of them for directions to One-Eye, and he grunted something while pointing his thumb towards one of the "rooms". A guard in deep red colour exoskeleton let me in after I stated my business, and I squeezed past him and his massive RT-20 antimaterial rifle. Old-Eye was sitting on an old chair, an old man with grey hair, beard and only one eye with the second socket completely empty. He raised his eyebrow at me in a form of silent question, and I hastily introduced myself.
"A chronicler? I remember Kostya mentioning you as he passed by. You helped Seriy with the Pirate problem? Good. I'm One-Eye, name for obvious reasons, and I lead this detachment of Final Frontier. If you have any questions, which I presume to be the case by your chosen title, ask away, we are not shy", One-Eye said and took a bottle of vodka out of the drawer behind him.
I began my usual barrage of questions. First, I asked about the faction's name, as I associate Final Frontier personally as space. One-Eye replied that the name reflects their entire philosophy. Final Frontier believes that the Zone is truly the last frontier region of the world, a place where the hardy, cunning and strong survive and the weak wither away. The faction wishes to explore this location properly, to truly relive the glory days of Wild West or the Cossack lifestyle. In essence, they were all hard-working adventurers according to One-Eye. Always racing ahead of the curve, exploring lands no other stalkers had yet expanded to.
"Interesting, so you're essentially a faction of pathfinders then?", I asked, and One-Eye nodded, taking a shot of vodka.
Apparently the legendary Guide had been an inspiration for the faction's creator and primary Hetman of the Final Frontier, Khmelnytsky. They had since the creation of the faction always pushed boundaries, fought barriers for stalker activity like large mutant herds, Monolith or Sin forces or military units. One-Eye recounted one particularly nasty conflict over a closed city similar to Limansk, named Pripetyarsk-4. During the battle, Khmelnytsky had died alongside many of his men as they had fought alongside Patrol, Braveheart, Duty and Diver forces to attack the city's emitter during cooldown before Monolith could use it again. Mission was a failure, and the next Hetman, Razumovski, heavily influenced the faction's future.
"How so? Has your organization heavily changed? New alliances or something?", I asked.
"Yes. That mad dash to stop the emitter failed, and Razu realized that we are not fighters as much as we are explorers. He made some deals with bandit splinter factions, notably with the Contrabandists to get us some gear and with other minor ones like Scum, Raiders and Marauders to leave us alone until we could regroup. It wasn't easy, and many in our ranks disagreed with him. Some left, most stayed, and we rebuilt slowly.", One-Eye continued, somber tone in his voice.
"And today? You are still pushing for the boundaries of known Zone?"
"To an extent. The veterans who survived Pripetyarsk-4 are out there in the north, working with pathfinders from Clear Sky, Redemption and Bravehearts. But rest of us, many new recruits, are preparing for the return of our faction in full strength. We're gathering artifacts, escorting or guiding stalkers, hunting mutants. Simple things. Sometimes a lab or colony raid, sometimes an attempt to discover new routes.", One-Eye sighed.
I nodded, and asked a few more questions. First, about the weapons they used, which One-Eye answered to be mostly Yugoslav surplus gear acquired from the Contrabandists, with some Zastava or Croat guns thrown into the mix. Second, I asked him about their command structure, which was simple. Hetman was the main leader of the faction, while Osavuls like One-Eye led squads or platoons of 10-20 men. Sotnyks were their patrol or squad leaders. However, the faction was highly decentralized, and discipline was not similar to Duty's or Order's hierarchical command structure. One-Eye remarked that the men were far too rowdy for such, and absolute command was only granted to those who could prove worthy of it. This put Final Frontier's faction relations in a tight spot too, as the faction's men despised factions with strict command structures and authoritarian conduct.
"We're at war with the Order after one of our co-operation missions ended with Osavul Brimstone hitting an Order captain in the face, as the captain had tried to give him orders. Vendetta, Storm and Union are also our enemies for similar reasons. And we're better for it, this is the Zone, not some army garrison, anyone larping the military here can go and do army drills in a Burner pit for all I care!", One-Eye noted and let out a bellowing laugh.
I chuckled at the mental image and thanked the commander for this information. Knowing that nothing was free in the Zone, I queried about what I could do in return for the Frontiersmen. One-Eye looked at me with cunning in his surviving grey eye, and grinned. He noted that I clearly knew how things work here, and offered me a job. Apparently a bandit splinter faction called Punishers was nearby, guarding a river outpost, and for some reason, they would not let Final Frontier pass onto the other side of the river. Normally, One-Eye would have stormed the place, but the renegade bandits had three Dushkas set up and those would rip Frontier's force to shreds.
"So let me get this straight. You want me to waltz into a Punisher outpost, ask them why they don't let you pass, and then waltz back here to report that? With three heavy machine guns staring me down? Are you perhaps off your medication?", I questioned.
"Thing is, you're a loner. A free stalker. We are not, we are close but have our own relations. Punishers are neutral to loners, but clearly not to us. I want to find out why this is, we've seen Diggers and free stalkers pass through there many times. Go talk to their leader, Oleg Warmonger, under the guise of getting information for your book, and ask him what's the matter.", One-Eye ordered.
"All this for some information on your faction?"
"You'll get a reward alright, don't worry. I have a Mica artifact with me that you can get once the job is done, a writer needs something to remove toxicity after all.", One-Eye replied with a grin.
I sighed and took his offer. It's not every day that you get to interview bandits, and if this faction, Punishers, truly was neutral to us loners, it would be an unique chance. I holstered my Type 73, prepared my Walther and set on the road towards the river outpost. There were pairs of Frontiersmen in multiple crumpled houses along the way, keeping an eye on the bandits through the scopes of their M76 rifles. I saw heavy trenchcoats on them, helmets far more advanced than those of regular loners. These guys were no joke, which made it far less appealing to trudge towards the outpost. If they feared it, what chance did I have? When it came to view finally, after ten minute walk on the dirt road running through overgrown fields, I gulped.
A rusted hulk of a bus was the main part of the checkpoint. On it, floodlights had been mounted on the roof, and a Soviet heavy machine gun pointed its black eye towards me. A flag with a big red stain, a crudely drawn skull in the middle of the painted part, flowed on top of the outpost. For better or for worse, I would soon learn who the Punishers were. Would I survive? Only they knew.
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2023.03.30 12:12 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

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2023.03.30 12:11 Space_age_explorer Just a little vent

Been weight training 2 hours a day and eating good for about a month but's been really tough sticking to my routine lately. Some days I enjoy eating clean and guilt free, other days I want to go back to my old habit of binge eating whatever food I want. I almost broke today. I'm also struggling to push myself into adding an hour of cardio to my fitness routine. I know it's what's best but I have a difficult time with cardio. I can hardly do a light jog for a minute and that's very discouraging. I understand that the more I practice it the more I'll perfect it but I just can't find the motivation to get started. Things are especially difficult when I'm not seeing progress as fast as I want to......I know this is just one of the many uphill battles I'll face during my journey to better myself, It's hitting pretty hard though. Once I reach my goals I'll know damn well that it was all worth it.
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