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Rent a car Serbija, Beograd, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Subotica, Niš. Najam vozila u velikim gradovima Srbije. Rent a car aerodrom Beograd.

2014.12.17 08:27 atlasotokiralama Antalya Rent A Car

Antalya Airport Rent A Car Antalya Airport rent a car today that is outside living space for work or travel in other cities may be needed to travel a certain distance where you will be traveling on this bus is longer than Or private vehicle travel is tiring but also creates a waste of time or traveling longer journeys developing world such a very large proportion of people prefer air transport

2023.03.30 12:17 cheptan Did HL:Alyx break an unspoken rule?

TL;DR: we are ALLWAYS in control of the protagonist, except for a short train ride in HL:Alyx, maybe.
Since we first gaze at the world through his eyes on a tram in the Black Mesa research facility to the tragic (retconned) death of Eli Vance, there hasn't been a single moment where Gordon is conscience and we aren't in control of him or at least looking through his eyes. (Though this relies on the presumption that he was unconscious in G-man's stasis). Any jump through time (his trip to the trash compactor, the train derailment, ending up in rubble after the citadel explodes) Gordon was knocked out cold. I don't quite remember but I believe that same rule applies to Adrian Shepard.
Now to my "problem", early on in HL:Alyx (right after chapter one) alyx boards a train on a journey to Fairview Junction which ends up cutting short, we don't get to experience this short ride with her. There is a mattress in the train car and I suppose she might have taken a nap but it is at best implied because there isn't even a bit of dialogue to implicate this, just a cut to loading and immediately awake again as the train stops.
what do you think?
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2023.03.30 12:16 SufficientFroyo-661 Rapper Rick Ross rescues a turtle from being hit by a car » GhBase•com™-Everything & News Now

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2023.03.30 12:16 WarNinG86TV Fully LOADED UK/EU - Traders / Events / PVP / NO BOT

Fully LOADED UK/EU - Traders / Events / PVP / NO BOT
Type: PVP - EVENTS - BANK - ACTIVE ADMIN - 30 day Blueprints - BUILD ANYWHERE, if you can defend it, build it, No Safe Zones - REAL SURVIVAL, Not for the feint hearted
NPC TRADERS - Base raiding items removed from stock [Screws, picks, locks] Black market trade area for all base raiding equipment, farmers, auctions, storage locations and much more.
LORE LOVERS READ ON - We are aiming to provide a nod to the Lore of the game without any of those "non scum type" add-ons and Gun N Run Bots.
We like to keep it real. We do have a welcome pack but after that.. you are on your own.
Puppets - 64+ @ 2X DMG / Quantity: A few more than normal to keep you on your toes + Wild Spawning Hordes Animals - 50 Loot - 1.5X Loot respawn - Circa 1Hr Mech - 1.5DMG Drones - OFF AirDrops - 1 every 30 minutes Day/Night - 5.4hrs Day / 1.2Hr night RealTime Vehicles - Plenty & trader stock increased Planes - Soon™️ Hot Tubs - 0 Events - Always a popular weekend event and usually totally bonkers Trader - In-game player trader / Farmer / black market / Auctions Cash - In game cash & Discord Bank accounts + some other unique features, bespoke to Fully Loaded. Squad Limit - 8 @Lv5 Respawns - Random $100 Sector $500 Shelter 1 Gold Perma Death -$1000 Restarts (BST 0100 / 1300) PVP - Make your own rules up (within reason) It is a prison after all, mob rules. You rule your own castle and have all the tools available to defend it, the only thing we ask is that you're not a 🍆 about it. Defend your stash at all costs. 🫂 The community here is second to none... Can't praise them enough, but poke them and they will poke you back with force.. take your pick but don't say you weren't warned. 🏗️ Base Building allowed everywhere 👮 Admin here to help new players, not control the population or intervene in your game, the community do a good enough job of this. ⚙️ Settings are subject to change as population grows/ expands. 🗞️ Google -> fullyloadedscum
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2023.03.30 12:16 techpundit0 PBX Services in Adelaide: Hosted, Computer, and Cloud PBX Solutions

PBX Services in Adelaide: Hosted, Computer, and Cloud PBX Solutions
If you're looking for reliable and affordable PBX services in Adelaide & Brisbane , look no further. Our team of expert PBX technicians can help you set up and maintain a range of PBX solutions, including hosted PBX, computer PBX, and cloud PBX. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, we have the expertise to tailor a PBX solution that meets your specific needs and budget. Our services include PBX maintenance, PBX box installation, and cloud PBX provision from leading providers. In addition, we also offer PBX services in Brisbane for businesses in the area. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your communications and improve your business operations with our top-notch PBX services.
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2023.03.30 12:15 ThePunisherMMA What is the purpose of all these police chowkis in the capital??

Honestly, like, what purpose do they serve other than stopping cars such as mine for 25% window tints and a 70db loud exhaust (as per law, a car shouldn't be louder than 84db) yet they stop me, threaten that "gari toh thaanay jaegi" not that i've ever really cared for that, gari ne aajana hai baahir and then giving me chalaans etc.
Do these chowkis (esp the new one at F-10 margalla road which hinders the traffic) serve any purpose?
All i've seen in recent years is the traffic congestion that comes along with these chowkis and the tints that come off of cars. That's all I've seen.
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2023.03.30 12:15 canadiantitlestore1 Get You Money You Need Now With Car Title Loans Moncton

Car Title Loans Moncton offers same-day funding with no credit checks. The Company Offer Competitive Rates and terms, with a fast and easy application process. We provide services like Title loans in Moncton, Bad Credit Loans, Same day cash loans as well as Collateral Loans. Canada Car Cash Makes it Easy for Customers to get their money needs in a timely manner. To know more about us you can call us now at 1-844-598-7631
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2023.03.30 12:15 StepwiseUndrape574 Looking for anyone who can help me with ending of a conversion of car, and can convert to OBJ.

Well, due to lack of time, i need help with someone who can help me with what i said behind, if i someone can help me, text here.
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2023.03.30 12:15 BreakdownBrent Oh sweetie. I'm gonna do all the things a husband should do for his wife. I'm gonna get fired from my dream job, rent your body out to strangers, and sell your dirty panties on the internet. We could live in someone else's house and do drugs all day long.

Oh sweetie. I'm gonna do all the things a husband should do for his wife. I'm gonna get fired from my dream job, rent your body out to strangers, and sell your dirty panties on the internet. We could live in someone else's house and do drugs all day long. submitted by BreakdownBrent to howardstern [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 12:15 RemoteRocketship Verkada is hiring a Enterprise Account Executive - Indiana in the United States

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2023.03.30 12:14 THROWRA_heartache (22m) and my girlfriend (20f) I have done everything I can, can I still save it?

Hello,I hope you all are well. So I've been dating my girlfriend for 1 yr and about 6 months and we've definitely had ups and downs. I have severe compound PTSD and a Panic disorder, but I for the most part I do well to keep it in check just for a little knowledge about me. So our first our first 8 months were good but had many outside of our relationship problems for both of us. I handled them in a worse way than her and it drove us apart so we broke up for 6 months. We told each other we both wouldn't move on from each other because we loved each other. For me that didn't change and I had no relationships or hook ups during that time nor could I even try without feeling gross. For her however she did not keep that mindset and later found out she hooked up with someone. We weren't dating so I can't say it was wrong but it hurt me, But she got cold, stopped talking and all around distanced herself in my opinion in a harsh manner but couldn't blame her. Then in July we started seeing each other again, and it was great until she had to leave her mother's home because of a certain fight, while I lived with my grandparents at the time. She called me at midnight because she had no one else to call and I couldn't leave her to be homeless. So on my way out of my house I was told that if I choose to help her that my family would disown me and if I leave to never come back. They did not like her but I had to do something so I chose my girlfriend. Fast forward we had to sleep in my car for 3 months which was hard, but I made sure we had food a mattress and everything her cat needed. It could have been worse but at the same time she had no motivation but also understandable in my eyes. I found us a place and paid for everything rent, food, random things she wanted, and all her cat needed. Which is basically her daughter for reference, for about 7 months I paid for everything which I don't mind but it was very hard on me. So I was not always in the best of moods and I am pretty old schooled when it comes to relationships. So I do have certain standards like don't lie, don't cheat, and both of us shouldn't have opposite gendered friends because it never ends well. So I know a lot of backstory but here is the things that I can't figure out, I am nowhere near perfect but I can be insecure sometimes from being hurt by every relationship I've been in so when I notice things that bother me I tell her. I have gotten better at picking my battles and to let more things go.
I have continued to try to better myself for us which is hard but it's something I know I have to do. I recently found out she lied to me about her hook up it was actually a relationship with another man, and lied about his name and all the details she told me was wrong. I only found this out because the man texted me on Snapchat to gloat to me that he fucked her all while they made fun of me at first I didn't believe him. But screenshots of their messages prove me wrong it was heart breaking, I tried to bring it up nicely asking if she knew this guy but again she lied to my face 6 times. While we were cuddling she looked through her messages and I saw his name texting her the same month we got together and for context the reason she broke up with him is because he cheated and gave her an std. She has never opened up to me about this and I have forgiven her which I'm sure was right or not. She tries to use breaking up with me as a threat for example she tried to break up with me because I asked what she bought at the store and she wouldn't tell me. I thought it was secretive and strange, she goes to visit her family which is where all her exes and her "hook up" live. My only issue with that is she never texts me back for about 3 or so hours at night and when I ask her what she was doing, she tells me things that don't add up. Also refusing to ever send pictures when she is there, and always says she is going to bed early at 9 or so but she always goes to bed around 2 or 3am. Anytime I confront her with issues she gets filled with rage and always turns it on me somehow. She also tells me she needs male friends even though I set that boundary when we started dating. Then this month she wanted to move away with her sister which I understand and am worried but okay with it. But before she left she spent 3 days in the town all of her past lovers live and texted me maybe 10 times in 3 days and always said she is busy. The things she says she is doing never add up to the time she doesn't text back, and what hurts me is I proposed to her 3 weeks before she left and she said yes but has never worn her ring, doesn't wear it in public and still says I'm just her boyfriend. When I asked her why she doesn't wear it when she left she said she didn't want it at all and she wants to give it back. I spent money I didn't have on that ring and was so excited to take this step with her and it hurts how she is treating it. And a few side notes she only has sex with me 1 time every 2 months which I find kind of insane but it's not the biggest deal either for me and it's not like I'm lacking in that department either when we do. I've never known her to be a cheater or a liar but honestly I'm not sure what to think at this point. There is more to this but I can save that for a follow up or questions. Any advice or input is appreciated thank you 😃
Also I'm not a writer so I'm sorry if this is hard to read or understand
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2023.03.30 12:14 Bulawa Cars with good loading capacity

I am looking for my next car to have decent space for cargo, defined by these characteristics:
Level loading at the back, no drop after the rim. Generally the lid should open as much of the cross-section of the trunk as possible.
By removing or folding down the rear (and if possible front passenger) seat, a flat surface must be obtained, ideally 1.8m long (or at least in the diagonal).
I know the Ford Focus Active with the stretched body can do exactly that, but I would like to find some alternatives too.
Finding these specs in things like a Caddy or ID buzz is surprisingly hard too and they are utility vehicles, lacking many of the comforts other cars lack. This is why I have turned towards things like a Focus.
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2023.03.30 12:14 Dan-Kioria Are Your NFT Assets Safe? Why are non-fungible tokens built on a platform designed for fungibility? 2023

NFTs provide a way of claiming and registering ownership.
For intangibles such as image files they serve the same function as a registry of deeds does for tangible real estate, or a motor vehicles department that issues and records the title to your car.
But the “registry” of an NFT resides on a blockchain, a public ledger system whose authority consists of merkle tree algorithms. That means that whoever has the private key to the token owns the property.
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2023.03.30 12:14 tsyl 2023 Accord LX Sound System

So this is my first brand new car I've bought maybe ever, I love the car, how it looks, how it drives etc. BUT, my mistake for not really testing the sound system. It's atrocious. I'm a big music guy too. Did I just make a terrible mistake by not doing everything in my power to afford the EX?
Is there anything that I can do to improve it? Or am I just completely fvcked.
Ugh. Definitely not the feeling I want to have after such a big purchase.
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2023.03.30 12:14 Katara_1 How common is it that people own properties through companies in Finland? And is it smart?

My partner has a house containing three sections. We live in one of them while there are two tenants in the other two sections. We are discussing if I should buy into the house/owning it together. The house is owned by a company (that he owns), meaning I would have to buy shares in that company to own the house. It is set up as a company because of the tenants and the tenants will keep being there even if I buy into the house.
My partner is doing a lot of paper work, has a book keeper and has of course tried to explain the best he can what all this would mean for me. He says it's quiet common to invest in property that way and rent out when people retire.
But how common is this and is it smart? What pros and cons are there? I have been a bit scared that when we have paid our loans out all the money will be stuck in the company and it would be very costly to get them out - is this the case? Or is this the way to do it? (We are of course talking with the bank/book keepetax office already).
I have lived here for about 4 years, but I am originally Danish so obviously I don't know the Finnish company laws that well. We live on Åland, I don't know if that makes any difference.
Thank you/kiitos
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2023.03.30 12:14 newcastleguy1995 Older sister ebony walked in on me whilst on phone 27M Aus

So this was a few months ago my busty older sister walked in on me m27 with my massive cock out jerking off on the lounge home alone, I put it back in my pants and she said to the person on the phone I just seen something I didn’t wanna see and hung up I think she went and played with herself over me ? do you think she liked seeing me wanking my big hard cock out? She come over a few times since In a sexy dress and sat on the lounge in the sat spot I blew my massive load. How can I ask her for sex ? Im hoping she lends the car to my girlfriend tomorrow and comes over first thing so I can ruin her for a good few hours with some massive cumloads
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2023.03.30 12:14 patchmau5 Would buying an uneconomical car, high tax, low MPG, in this climate be an utterly stupid thing to do?

I’ve always wanted a big engine, high power car, and I’m at a point now in life where I can afford it.
Sadly though the world’s gone a bit downhill and cars with low MPG are obviously costing a lot more than they ever did to run.
On top of that, car tax seems to be going up all the time. Some of the cars I’m looking at, depending on when they were registered, can cost £600+ a year to tax.
I’m also conscious on what people’s thoughts are when reselling such cars. For instance, if you buy a 2006 350Z on around 90k mikes for instance, put about 10k more on it before you come to your senses, and a year closer to the ban on petrol/diesel cars, is this going to become impossible to sell?
Would appreciate being told to either indulge or a wake up call!
Thanks all
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2023.03.30 12:14 intui-travel Cheapest Geneva Airport Transfers Services at Intui Travel

Intui Travel is your best choice for the cheapest Geneva airport transfers services. They provide a range of transportation options including private cars, vans and taxis which offer safe, comfortable and reliable transport service to or from the Geneva Airport. Additionally, they have more than one million professional drivers worldwide making their pick-up process easy and stress free. Booking an airport transfer with them also offers attractive discounts if prepayment made in advance. Their prices are affordable, giving you great value for money when booking international trips with them. With years of experience providing quality airport transfer services across Europe, trust Intui Travel as your go-to provider for cheap geneva Airport Transfers Service!
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2023.03.30 12:13 OkPomegranate616 Does my Portfolio Website come under the Hobby Plan? (Details Below)

Does my Portfolio Website come under the Hobby Plan? (Details Below)
My Portfolio website contains my projects(ofcourse), form for clients to fill (I am a freelancer), a blog (blog has no ads just plain text and images). I hope all of this comes under non-commercial. I want to connect it to my custom domain. Please let me know guys. Thanks in Advance and Peace.
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2023.03.30 12:13 Asthmatic_Gym_Bro Anyone know what happened on Archwood Avenue yesterday (March 29)?

I was driving home (east) on Archwood yesterday around 4:30 PM and the street was closed at Brown for a few blocks. There were several cop cars, many officers, and at least one ambulance. I only live a few blocks away. I’m hoping it was just some non-lethal accident. Does anyone know?
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2023.03.30 12:12 OsoOsoOo Qobuz is an absolutely horrible music app

I’ve used this app for maybe 3 years now and holy shit it just keeps getting worse.
Earlier tonight I was having problems downloading music I purchased off the app so I uninstalled and reinstalled to see if it would help move things along. I was incorrect. I look into my Fiio music app afterwards and all of the previous albums I downloaded were gone. I had to re-download everything, and that didn’t go to well. 14 tracks to an album and maybe 12 would actually download into my music player. Sometimes the download option isn’t available; I can only import, whereas previously I could download it. High Definition albums refuse to download but I can download their CD-equivalent. An absolute mess.
We need to spread the news that this app is complete garbage. They never update it or try to fix known bugs. I think the staff at Qobuz feel that they make enough money and just don’t care about solving problems anymore.
Does there exist a music app where I can simply download an album (an own the album for the next 5,000 years - no renting/importing) without jumping through hoops? I hate that I spent money on these albums. I don’t even know if own these albums since apparently Qobuz can just delete music that I’ve downloaded directly into my music player? I’m frustrated and fed up.
Besides Apple, does Amazon/Tidal actually allow you to (buy-own-download) albums?
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2023.03.30 12:12 PinFabulous Power Rangers Beyond The Grid Episode 48 (Final Episode) Reupload

The Scene Begins at The City The Legendary Rangers are Battling Monsters Dark Maul's Corrupted Monsters and doing everything to keep them safe
Brendan is seen using his Urano Deck to shoot Down Monster Freddy use the Chubra Sword to slash Professor Slithers uses his Serpa Stick
Frank uses his Prime Blaster Jack uses his Ruby Defender Defender Blaster Christina and Joshua Team up with Ron and Brett Kaz Christine with Mae Danny and Bernard And Corrie Calvin Rick Garrett and the rest
Freddy: come on everyone this way
They rush all the Town's people to safety
Daisy: is That all of Them?
Dartanyan: not sure
But Then More Meevixes come
Jack: Damn it This is gonna be a Tough One!
They all Fire at them
The Spidix then come in
Corrie: crap!
Kaz: everyone fire when ready!
The Scene Cuts to All 24 Rangers Getting Ready to Throw down with Chaos
Dark Maul: Which one of you rangers are willing to die
Jay Jay: No the Only who is willing to Die is you!
Kevin: Say your Prayers Jerk
Jeff: Because this is the Last Day your ever gonna exist
Dark Maul: Shut your Mouths!
Dark Maul Fires a Huge Blast Then The Rangers come running up to him fighting all Unmorphed
Milo Sammy and Angus Kick Dark Maul Then they Morph Tasha Hayley Beth and Christi do a high kick to him in the face then Morph Damien Kraig Daniel and Marky punch him then Morph Stork Donnie Dante Glenn Then rush him Punch him then Morph Winston Nick Benson Erwin and Jeff Punch him then they Morph also Angelo Cartman Kevin Jay Jay Morph
Jay Jay and Stork Slash him then double kick him in the chest Cartman and Kevin then Shoot him with their blasts Tasha and Hayley shoot also
Angelo uses his wasp stinger to fire at him Jeff uses his Pharaoh Prisim Blaster to shoot at him Daniel Then uses his Seth Staff Then Spins it Around
Marky Glenn and Dante with Donnie Then Blast at him
Dark Maul: you think your useless weapons can stop me!
Winston Milo and Samny and Erwin blast at him with everything they got
Benson and Christi slash and shoot him then Beth Nick and Kraig with Damien also Attack
Dark Maul: you ignorant fools Nothing will stop me nothing!
Dark Maul Rages and unleashes a Whole Entire Dark Energy causing the rangers to power down again
Dante: Damn it he's too powerful what do we do?
Benson: we Pray I guess
Jay Jay: no Nick you still have that Cannon you built?
Nick: I think so I'll spawn it now
Nick Spawns in his Cannon that he build from the base
Nick: There
They all Hold on to it
Jay Jay: Ready!? Fire!
They all Fire But it Doesn't Work
Dark Maul: ha I knew you couldn't behold a great power seen before you
Tasha: oh shut up!
Dark Maul Releases more Energy Then it Knocks out all the Rangers
Rangers: Aaaah!
The Scene Cuts to The Legendary rangers still Fighting The Spidix Monsters
Garrett: These beasts are gigantic
Joshua: yeah no Kidding
Corrie: Ancient Greek Mode! Feather Fury!
Corrie uses his Feather Fury Blue Mode and Fly's over and slashes the Spidix but it whacks him
Kaz: you ok?
Brett Then uses his Polar Saber to strike at it luckily cutting its head off
Ron: That was Easy!
Freddy and Brendan with Dartanyan charge at the Meevixes Slashing Them all
Brendan: Die!
Bernard: Damn these guys think there immortal huh?
Danny: you said it
Then Suddenly a Kaizark Beast comes
Rick: oh my lord!
Christina: what is that?
Freddy: a Kaizark Beast
Jack: well it's dead meet Fire at it!
They all Fire at it
Daisy: it's no use
All The Kaizark Beasts are around the City as they get Bigger
Dartanyan: looks like it's time to get out the big artillery
Marty: you mean the zords?
Dartanyan: yes
Frank: Good idea
Professor slithers: Splendid!
The Legendary Rangers Summon Their Zords for a Battle
The Scene cuts to the 24 Rangers attempting to Fight Dark Maul
Dark Maul: you dont get it dont you when are you going to realise that you puny rangers are too powerless to stop me universe I am the man that rises before you now hand over the power stones to me so I can see this world crumble
Dark Maul Starts to make an Earthquake
Jay Jay: your the universe? No true at all
Dark Maul: what?
Kevin: you see god put us all in this universe
Dark Maul: huh?
Cartman: and its ugly creatures like you that make it look bad
Nick: also he put us in this Universe to stop the likes of you
Angelo: why dont you just face it
Angus: that your the one who's puny
Dark Maul: Silence!
Donnie: every time we were hit we still got back up again
Stork: we will not be your puppets!
Marky: ya know I'm lucky to be alive I got everything around me my bros my family and these guys
Daniel: you seem like the type of monster who was never loved by his beings
Tasha: so sad
Winston: Very
Beth: so matter what you say
Dante: we'll
Hayley: always
Milo: Defeat
Jeff: you!
Jay Jay: its Morphing Time
They all Get out There Morphers and get ready For the Last Battle and Morph
Dark Maul: it wont work!
Jay Jay: Try us!!
The Scene Cuts to The Zord Battle
Brendan uses his Uranus Megazord to Fire a huge Blast at the Spidix Then Jack using his Ruby Defender Megazord sword mode to Slash the Mothras in Half Genie Then uses the Insect Wasp Megazord to lift up the Kaizark Beasts and Throw them into the Ground and Fire
Danny and Bernard are seen Fight Rockrods and they use the Atom Quantum Steel Zord to blast at them
Professor Slithers: is everyone Alright?
Kaz: Never Been Better
Ron: come on we can't give up now
Dartanyan: he's right
Marty: for the People of this planet
Citzens start to cheer for the Rangers Even The PD and the Kidnapped Rangers who cant Morph
Citizen 1: you can do it Power Rangers!
Corrie: looks like we have a crowd
Christine: come on everyone
Rick: let's not buck this up!
The Scene Cuts to The Rangers Fighting Dark Maul Again Kevin and Angus use their weapons Kevin uses his Fire pecker dagger to Shoot while Angus uses his String Claw to grab maul by his neck
Nick Tasha Damien and Erwin use Their Weapons to blast While Nick uses his Fox fighting cutters and Damien does his Frost Wave
Jeff Angelo Marky and Daniel both blast at him 33 times Stork Sammy and Donnie Then Jump Slashing and Blasting him
Winston Beth Christi Milo and Kraig use Blast at them and slash also
Glenn Dante Hayley Benson frontflip then slash and blast him Jay Jay and Cartman do the Final move on him injuring him badly
Dark Maul: you monsters
Dante: Says the one who looks like a Devil
Jay Jay: looks who's puny now
Kevin: the tables have turned now Maul
Stork: Shall we Finish him?
Jeff: I like the sound of that Storky
Jay Jay: Finish him we shall!
The Rangers get out There Weapons aiming it at Dark Maul
Then Jay Jay Activates his armour Meanwhile Kevin Does as he secretly has Feather Golden Mode like his core team mates
Rangers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12c13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24!
Jay Jay Now!
Rangers: Fire!
They all fire a huge blast at Dark Maul Killing him instantly
Dark Maul: nooooo!
He Explodes
They stand still
Marky: he is dead right?
Glenn: I hope so
Winston: maybe we did it
Benson: maybe we did
Damien: shall we go home?
Kevin: not sure
Daniel: this is awkward
Milo: guys look!
Dark Maul rises once again
Dark Maul: you haven't Defeat me that easily
Kraig: hes alive
Angus: damn it!
Dark Maul turns into his Being Form again
Angelo: and yet again I actually thought we were gonna have our victory
Erwin: Anyone for Suggestions?
Jay Jay: you guys stay I'll go
Cartman:you sure about that?
Jay Jay: I'm sure
Kevin: go for it
Jay Jay: Wyvern Glory Zord Arise!
Jay Jay's Zord comes in then he jumps in
Nick: he can do it! I know he can
Dark Maul sees his Zord Then Blasts at it but he dodges
Jay Jay: Is that all you got!?
Jay Jay uses his Zord to Blast him
Dark Maul: you never give up do you!?
Jay Jay: I can say the same to you
The Legendary rangers see the Zord
Mae: who is that?
Freddy: its Jay Jay
Calvin: Alright Jay Jay
Dark Maul: you wont receive a from this battle!
Dark Maul Blasts him again
Jay Jay: neither will you Jay Jay Activates Dragon Knight Super Armour
Kevin: come on Jay Jay
Dark Maul: its over
Jay Jay: *says silently it's never Over
People From The Galaxies watch Jay Jay including Olen , Porcolio Kia Kog The Morphing Warriors
Benson: he's gonna do it
Dark Maul: give up!!
Jay Jay: Never!
Jay Jay does the Final Strike with his Zord killing Dark Maul finally
Then Suddenly all the Corrupted Monster Fade away
And the Citzens cheer
Freddy: They did it we won
Jeff: we won we won
Kevin: I knew He could do it!
Jay Jay suddenly comes back from earth
Beth: Jay Jay!
Jay Jay: Hey!
Sammy: so does that mean
Jay Jay: yep I believe the battle is over
Suddenly the Citzens of the Town go and cheer for him including Kevin's dad
Citizens: Free cheers to the Rangers!
They all Take off Their Helmets
Marky: looks like were famous guys!
Jay Jay Smiles
The Scene Cuts to The Town Being Rebuild again and The Rangers Meeting up with their teammates
Ty: gotta say you were awesome man
Jay Jay: why thank you Ty
Joseph: so Kevin finally working back in the Force
Kevin: yeah I'm just everything back to normal
Nikki: so where are you gonna go now
Jay Jay: Back to Khrafkon
Sam: Again?
Jay Jay: yes I need to ask the Morphing Warriors to restore my home
Xander: well I respect your decision
The Other Rangers Come
Jeff: so this is it huh?
Benson: our final goodbye
Jay Jay: seems like it
Sammy: so wheres the Others
Jay Jay: out living there normal lives again
Angelo: yea we should too I got my dumpster job again
Sammy: I I gotta go back to school to finish 6th grade
Jeff: got lots of video games to play
Christi: finally got into college
Erwin: my business got back
Benson: gonna find another job at a iPhone store
Nick: mr Lonestein finally gave my job
Beth: I just called that ik being the Consular of The Summer Resort
Jay Jay: I'm happy for all of you
Jeff: well see ya
They all Leave
Jay Jay: well good friend looks like we finally part ways
Kevin: yeah I remember like it was yesterday when we first met
Jay Jay: goodbye and keep your city safe from criminals ok?
Kevin: ok
Jay Jay Goes back to his ship
Randall: come on son I'm making you top cop of the year
Kevin: Thanks dad
A Montage of The Rangers lives going back to normal is seen
Cartman cooks with his aunt
Daniel and Tasha Get together and invite there teammates to
Marky Goes back to his job as a Park Ranger
Kraig goes back to the football team
Milo goes to an art school
Damien doing yoga with his Brother
Angus and Stork live freely in the forest chatting
Hayley wins her video game Tournament
Winston finally works at a library
Donnie visits his wife and child
Glenn Starts Fixing Cars for others
And Dante Cleans up his act and starts a rehab session for criminals
Beth being a camp consular
Jeff Playing games with his siblings
Nick working back at the lab
Sammy does his exams and getting good grades
Angelo Working at his Cycling job
Kevin Being Cop of the year and kissing Amy
Benson working at a I phone store but being manager
Christi going to college
Erwin's Business discussing with his clients
The Ending Scene cuts to Jay Jay visiting the Morphing Warriors and places the Power Stones back to them
Jay Jay: there all here
Morphing Warrior Red: Thank you young one
Morphing Warrior Yellow: is there anything you want
Jay Jay: one thing for my Home Planet to be restored
Morphing Warrior Blue: as you wish
Jay Jay's home Planet gets restored again
Jay Jay: home sweet home
The End
That's all There Is there isn't anymore
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2023.03.30 12:11 Dan-Kioria Are Your NFT Assets Safe? Why are non-fungible tokens built on a platform designed for fungibility?

NFTs provide a way of claiming and registering ownership.
For intangibles such as image files they serve the same function as a registry of deeds does for tangible real estate, or a motor vehicles department that issues and records the title to your car.
But the “registry” of an NFT resides on a blockchain, a public ledger system whose authority consists of merkle tree algorithms. That means that whoever has the private key to the token owns the property.
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