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A place where you can post deals on running clothing, shoes, and accessories you've found online and in bricks and mortar retailers like Target, Sports Authority or Dick's Sporting Goods or discount clothing stores like TJ Maxx, Ross Dress for Less, Marshalls, and others.

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2023.03.25 01:26 Squishmallows888 TJ MAXX- Clearance on these cute squishmallows: Lyle and Sophie! 😀🤩

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2023.03.25 00:13 GamerballerREDDIT My kicker (or me) is the Cody parkey of retro bowl

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2023.03.24 22:01 Mattb4rd1 (pushy clerk went too far)

Folks, I love Kohls. I love the employees - generally - I know you work hard. I'll keep shopping there. The stuff is spendy. I don't care. It's a nice store and the quality of the clothing usually justifies the higher prices. Plus, it's a nicer store - like a Publix - so I don't mind paying a bit more. If I want Aldi clothes I'll go to Ross. I don't even mind you guys asking me to open a Kohls account 3 or 4 times every transaction. It's ok. I know you're told to do so. I'm polite. I don't get mad. I'm a nice guy. I'm a gentleman. I'm even dapper. I wear your clothes for Heaven's sake...
But today I got upset because I was treated badly by one of yours and I'd like to know if this is new SOP. Is it? This is the feedback I submitted to (some details redacted):
I'm fine with the overpriced shirts made in south Asia. I'll come back and buy more soon.
What I'm not ok with is being lied to at the register by your clerk whom I believe thought she was being innovative in her attempts to get me to open a Kohls charge account. She asked me to key in a cell phone number to get credit for my Kohls shopping points and suggested it may be my wife's cell phone number. She was probably correct so I dutifully keyed in my wife's cell phone number and she read my wife's name off her screen and said "Oh, I see you have a Kohls charge account, why don't we put today's purchase on that?" - to which I responded, "No, I don't think I do have an account and even if I do, I don't have the card". She explained that it was ok and if I just gave her my driver license she could use that to "authorize the transaction".
I politely declined, completed my transaction, and left the store. The more I thought about it, the more irritated I became. She attempted, I am certain, to open a new Kohls account in my name, and had I handed her my driver license to "authorize the transaction" that's exactly what she would have done.
Management should be ashamed. You push your people too hard to get them to push your credit accounts. It's silly. But today went well beyond silly. Today encroached upon fraudulent territory. If I were a man of ill temper I would be back in the store in person creating a bit of a scene up front with management, but I am not that person. Still, I am sending these electrons with hopes that they find someone that matters. I am doubtful. I don't think you care. In fact, I see these words making it onto one of your corporate Zoom calls as an example of the type of hard core push you want more of your employees engaging in. It's gross. You should stop. It makes me want to consider shopping at TJ Maxx or Marshalls or Ross instead, and who would choose that unless they were forced to do so?
Should you wish to investigate the transaction more thoroughly, the date and time of the transaction: 03/24/23 1:09
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2023.03.24 20:33 Pink-strawbeecow Screaming in TJ Maxx

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2023.03.24 17:00 nolagem Revolution Love Island Hideaway

Saw this at my local TJ Maxx, anyone have experience with this scent? I can't find much online. TIA!
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2023.03.24 16:42 Pop_Glocc1312 I found Mincha yesterday at TJ Maxx and then found Tim & Webb at Walmart!!

There were no Horace or Bubbas but I’m still very happy with my finds!! Idk why my Walmart doesn’t seem to get the clips though😭
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2023.03.24 14:33 hotelrwandawalker Tj Maxx Verizon Discount

Check out the link for Tj Maxx Verizon Discount. Once on the website, you'll have access to a variety of coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly to help you save on your purchase.
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2023.03.24 09:06 Patient_Challenge_27 Recent TJ Maxx haul! About 84$ total. [haul]

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2023.03.24 04:37 schnugglenschtuff PS gift ideas for my fiance's birthday

So I am planning on getting my fiance a ps5 for his birthday in a few months but I want to make it into a cute ps5 gift package. I already got these lights from TJ maxx that he LOVES that are in the shape of the control buttons. I was wondering what else can I get him? Clothes? Knick knacks? He doesn't need a headset or a chair. The newest Dead Space isn't out yet as far as I know because I wanted that to be part of his gift but he mostly buys games digitally now anyway. I'm also a gamer too and I LOVE PS but I'm struggling to come up with stuff that suits his style.
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2023.03.24 01:49 Top-Technician-6612 Whoever does her lashes must laugh every time she leaves because WTF

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2023.03.24 00:17 glitterandtears Was hunting at my local TJ Maxx and found this big girl 🥺🥰

Was hunting at my local TJ Maxx and found this big girl 🥺🥰
I didn't get her but she was $29.99
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2023.03.23 21:20 brittttpop Truly at TJ Maxx. Point Loma.

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2023.03.23 19:35 IndependenceLumpy294 BSB…. Zach looks soo over it lol also that bag is $25 ?? I can go to Walmart, TJ Maxx or even Marshall’s and get it for like $10 without shipping. Anyone buy their products? Is the quality good ? They are so over priced

BSB…. Zach looks soo over it lol also that bag is $25 ?? I can go to Walmart, TJ Maxx or even Marshall’s and get it for like $10 without shipping. Anyone buy their products? Is the quality good ? They are so over priced submitted by IndependenceLumpy294 to BringingUpBates [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 19:09 Alexthebowler Palace X Calvin Klein jeans found at TJ Maxx

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2023.03.23 17:16 mitchmatch26 2023 32 Teams/32 Days: Pittsburgh Steelers--Replacement Refs Style

Pittsburgh Steelers

Division: AFC North Record: 9-8 (3-3 Division), 3rd place AFC North Playoffs: Never rely on Joe Flacco to get you in.
First, thanks to u/ehhhhhhhhhhmacarena for letting me sub in on this for the 2nd time in three years. Maybe next year we'll get it right the first time. 😘 LINK TO HUB
General Season Review
The 2022 Steelers season was seen largely as a rebuilding year. No Ben. TJ missing a lot of time. OL not really a work of art. Offensively there are only 3 starters on their 2nd contracts, so the team is very young there. The Front seven on defense was/is severely lacking depth behind TJ, Cam, and Highsmith. The DBs outside of Minkah and Edmunds were largely unknowns, gambles, or value signings. Nothing about this team screamed “playoff chances until the last second of the season”. But that’s exactly how it went. They were alive until the clock struck zero on Jets-Dolphins in Week 18.
Mitchell Trubisky won the starting QB job out of camp, and as the veteran with the most starting experience on the roster, that makes sense. He was the safe choice. The staff has seen what they get with Mason. KP was a rook and you don’t want to shellshock him too soon. But you know what you get with a QB like Mitch. An uninspired offense that doesn’t move the ball quickly at all. Once KP arrived at half in Week 4 vs the Jets, the team was his. Sure the box score doesn’t look all that different. But if you have a choice between a vet who doesn’t do much, and a rookie who at least looks the same and improving? Take the upside.
KP improved every week and limited his mistakes. He ended up taking more control of the offense and had 4 fourth quarter comebacks/game winning drives, in weeks 9, 11, 15, and 16. Talk about improvement.
But the team still started 2-6. Finished 7-3 to go 9-8. Missed the playoffs. Nobody is “happy” with missing the playoffs or a barely .500 season, but given the situation, it wasn’t a bad season. Lots to love about this year. Some nice role players stuck out, the stars did what they do, and the franchise’s future showed lots of good things.
Draft, Free Agency, and Trades:
Draft: (I get into most of these guys in the roster breakdown later on)
Free Agency:
Midseason Trade:
* no conditions satisfied with WJ3 hitting IR like 2 weeks after arriving, Washington basically flew him to the Steelers.
Stats: per pfr and football outsiders

Offensive Stats:

Stat Value Per Game Lg. Rank
Total Yds 5484 322.58 26th
1st Downs 345 20.29 15th
Total Passing Yds 3411 200.64 24th
Total Rush Yds 2073 121.94 16th
Pts Scored 308 18.12 (ouch) 26th
TDs Scored (Pass) 28 (12) 1.64 (.71) 29th 🥲
Turnovers (INTs) 19 (14) 1.11 (.82) 4th (17th)
DVOA -0.3% n/a 18th
DVOA after BYE 6.6% n/a 10th

Defensive Stats:

Stat Value Per Game Lg. Rank
Yds Allowed 5617 330.41 13th
1st Downs 314 18.47 5th
Total Passing Yds 3779 222.29 19th
Total Rush Yds 1838 108.12 9th
Pts Scored 346 20.35 10th
Turnovers (INTs) 23 (20) 1.35 (1.18) 14th (1st)
DVOA -3.5% n/a 12th
DVOA after BYE -14.6% n/a 4th
Weekly Game Review:
Week 1, @ Bengos: WHAT A WIN. WHAT A WIN. Okay, so I was at this game (6-0 all time baybayyyy) and felt gross after. An injured long snapper being the difference maker is crazy. Oh and Minkah going completely fucking super saiyan on the kitties from Eastern Kentucky Ohio. 14 tackles. 10 solo. 1 INT/TD. AND A BLOCKED XP TO SEND IT TO OVERTIME. Boy went crazy. Mike T started the game by stuffing everyones lockers with blacked out Air Force 1s, and Minkah brought that energy. Ja’Marr Chase felt it too when he gave Mink the bird and got 15 yards for it hahahahahahahahahaha.
Mitch Trubisky sucks at football.
Side note: Cincy fans, your city is known for its god awful chili/meat sauce/who cares what it's called. But PBS serves the fucking Walmart brand of it in stadium?? What up w that??
Week 2, vs. Patriots: First week of seven without TJ 🥲. Bill Belichick activated sleeper agent Gunner O to fumble that punt in the third quarter and then the Patriots scored.
Mitch Trubisky sucks at football.
Week 3, @ Brownies: Jacoby “Brisket” Brissett sliced and diced the defense to hand the Steelers this L. Best Browns QB on the roster, hands down.
Mitch Trubisky sucks at football.
Week 4, vs. Jets: Distractions from WRs who weren’t getting the ball and QBs fucking moms should distract the Jets and allow the Steelers defense to take over and win this one pretty handily right? Nope. Wanna know why?
Mitch Trubisky sucks at football.
Subbed at half. ITS TIME FOR THE PICKLER TO SHINE. No? Maybe next week in Buffalo.
Week 5, @ Bills: Ron Howard: “He did not shine in Buffalo the next week.”
Week 6, vs. Bucs: Kenny got slapped in the head and left the game in the 3rd. But guess what?? MITCH TRUBISKY DOESN’T SUCK AT FOOTBALL AND HE BEAT TOM BRADY AND THE BUCS.
Week 7, @ Fins: This SNF game was honestly not bad despite the box score. Despite the L there was a lot of positive to take from Kenny and his growth, which is what mattered most this year.
Week 8, @ Eagles: I don’t wanna talk about it.
Week 9, @ UPMC Rooney Sports Complex: This is around the time the reports that KP8 had an “office” at the team facility to grind extra tape. Turns out it’s just a desk in the team room. Sorry Russ haters, not today.
Week 10, vs. Saints: Ho hum. Steelers beating Andy Dalton. What’s new? TJ back after missing weeks 2-8 and healthy-ish. Najee finally gets kickin and the offense with it. Not a world beater, but better all around.
Week 11, vs. Bengals: 🚨🚨 30 POINT OFFENSIVE EFFORT ALERT 🚨🚨 Buuuuuuuut the Bengos transformed to the Dark Bengos over their bye and Dark Bengo must have his sacrifice. Top 5 Uni matchup on the year too hands down. Maybebe ever.
Whiteinbred Bengo vs Blacked Out Block Letters. Chefs Kiss.
Week 12, @ Colts: Steelers love beating the Colts. I don’t know what it is about them, but there’s blood in the water. My logic is Indiana is next to Ohio. Steelers hate and historically own Ohio teams. Indy by nature of being near Ohio is basically Ohio. So, the team just treats them like they do any other Ohio team.
Week 13, @ Falcons: The coolest part of this game was the similarities of Connor Heywards first NFL touchdown and his father’s first NFL receiving TD.
Week 14, vs. Ravens: KP got hurt on like the 8th play of the game bc he came down with whatever disability Tua has that doesn’t allow them to properly go down when being tackled. I don’t know if it’s the body weight sack rules, QBs not knowing how to fall, or the spinning twist tackles, something’s gotta change.
Mitch Trubisky sucks at football.
Week 15, @ Panthers: This was a win but it certainly wasn’t because Mitch Trubisky is *good* at football. The Panthers had 21 rushing yards. Even for pass heavy teams that’s bad. So when The Darnold is your QB, you’re gonna suffer.
I mean uhhh the RIGGED NFL STOLE this game from the GEQBUS.
Week 16, vs. Raiders: A lot of us Steelers fans were nervous for this game. The Raiders have been a thorn in Coach Ts side for years. He was 2-5 entering this game against them. But we weren’t gonna let that ruin the Immaculate Reception 50th anniversary game, especially after Franco passed. And in 1972 football fashion, the Steelers won a 13-10 barn burner on a TD pass from KP to GP with :46 on the clock. And then Cam Sutton made that diving INT to seal the deal. Merry Christmas Yinz.
Week 17, @ Ravens: Naj delivers his first 100 yard performance of the year. TJ Watt says this is the first time all year he’s been injury free. Mitch Trubisky is not allowed to suck at football. Life is good.
Week 18, vs. Browns: All the team had to do is win against a division opponent, and pray to god the Bills don’t phone it in against the Patriots. Oh and rely on Joe Flacco to beat the Fins. Never rely on flacco for anything.
Overall Record: 9-8
High Points:
Low Points
Low Points for Yinzers
High Points for Yinzers

Overall Roster Review:


Pro Bowl Selections:

Position Group Reviews:

QB: This is why everyone is here. To read about Mitchell Trubisky. Who sucks at football. He is the definition of a “he can change for me” signing. Uninspiring, not the reason those Bears teams won, and definitely the reason some of these games were lost this year.
But the real real reason we all are here. Kenny Fucking Pickett. The box score is not favorable here. But look a little deeper. 2nd best deep ball passer this year!! Crazy. Watch the games. Watch him progress each game. Not making the same mistake twice. 11 turnovers in his first 5 games. 2 in his last 8 games, which came after the bye. Boy was IN THE LAB. Three 4th quarter comebacks and 4 game winning drives. He may not be on the same trajectory of that young class of elite game changing QBs like Mahomes, Burrow, or Allen. But he good. Oh he goooood. And that flow?? Nothing can stop THE PICKLER.
RB: Naj started the year slow and never really kicked off in a major way. He had a Lisfranc injury from camp that had him wearing a metal plate in his foot until Week 6. But he was still solid on a relatively mediocre offense.
The real story of this group is Jaylen Warren. UDFA from Ok. St. Had to compete with 3 other RBs in camp who all had been on the roster the previous year. Coach T likes to say “2 dogs, 1 bone.” Well Jaylen is the dog with that bone in his mou--- actually not gonna finish that one.
WR: Yinzers will focus on the fact that Diontae Johnson had 86 catches and no TDs. Which is objectively bad. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater on DJ. Pretty much every route he ran was a sideline route, comeback, curl, or something else that yields little to no YAC. He yet again had a great year separating from DBs better than anyone in the NFL. He also continues to show that he never really earned the name Diontae Dropson with his 4.8% drop rate which ranks 75th highest among pass catchers in the nfl.
Pickens just made highlight after highlight this year. He’s a freak. But he suffered from a somewhat limited route tree this year same as Diontae.
Steven Sims was a nice surprise out of camp this year too. Reliable returner mostly, solid in the slot. Carved out a nice role in the offense for himself.
Everyone else here was a body (Boykin, Cody White, Gunner) or injured (Calvin Austin III).
TE: Muth is about as reliable as it gets. Best YAC on the team at the moment. Fights for yards. Had a solid year and looks to continue his growth in year 3.
Zach Gentry was just a body in his first two years in Pittsburgh. Albeit he’s just a 6’8” 270 lb body. But the last two years he’s been a reliable and improved blocker, as well as a solid 15-20 catch type of target. Not gonna light it up, but definitely worth a roster spot.
Connor Heyward was not drafted because he’s Cam’s brother! He’s a solid H-Back type that was used in a lot of different ways this year. Really big fan. He may never be a top end player, but has long time beloved role player written all over him.
OT: Chuks Okorafor continues to be underrated. He plays the less glorified OT spot and isn’t a top 5 in the league, so he must be trash right? Nope. Dude is solid. Worth the extension last spring/summer.
Dan Moore Jr. (DMJ) in year two was about the same as year 1. A big bodied, athletic, raw, and not great LT. He’s gonna get a third year to start, maybe with a camp competition body. Yinzers are sick of him and want a high profile turnstile like Orlando Brown Jr. to replace him. I say wait for year 3.
The Orlando Brown joke was written before the Bengos signed him and I think that it's even funnier now hahaha
iOL: James Daniels was the big signing of the year for the Steelers, and despite a rough start he was really solid. Definitely the best OL of the year for the team, but nobody was exceptional.
Mason Cole's signing inspired none but he played a little better than expected. Tomlin really seems to like him and his communication skills. I think the value he brings may just be stuff us fans don’t see or know since we don’t know the calls.
Kevin Dotson, a fan favorite in the past, lost a lot of fans this year. The left side of the OL was pretty bad overall but there are some who think DMJ may improve with a better running mate at LG. KDot had a good to great rookie year. Oft injured in year 2 and down year 3. He’s probably on his last legs here if something doesn’t change in 2023.
DL: Cam is great and aging like a fine wine, I don’t need to really expand on that.
The rest of the group was interesting to watch. Ogunjobi was nice, especially as a late June add to the roster. I hope he can re-sign in Pittsburgh.
DeMarvin Leal was a tweener coming out of the draft and it showed in his usage. Only ticked up after TJs injury and shuffling of the DL. He was IR’ed for a bit and never really topped 25% snaps in a game but once maybe. He’ll be an interesting developmental piece to watch in 2023.
The rest of the guys did their jobs. Alualu was benched in favor of Montravius Adams. Chris Wormley has been a good rotational guy. Isaiahh Loudermilk made little to no noise this year after a decent rookie year in 2021.
OLB: Everyone likely wants to hear about TJ, but Alex Highsmith gets the first mention here. TJ being out for like half the season called for Highsmith to step up. And he did. 14.5 sacks. A true breakout year and silencing the yinzers who say “just plug anyone opposite TJ and they’ll eat”. He’s in a contract year in 2023 and deserves to be paid. Alex Highsmith was an absolute baller in 2022 and deserves his respect.
TJ was banged up and made didn’t make too much noise this year.
God dammit they need a third EDGE guy to spell TJ/Alex. It’s a bunch of JAGs in that room behind them.
ILB: Speaking of JAGs. Nobody here impressed. People will tell you Mark Robinson made a splash in the Ravens game, to which I respond that he played 26 snaps that game. The ILB group was so mediocre this year I’m not going to expand on any individual past that bit above. Big draft/FA need. Maybe 2x.
CB: Cam Sutton 🥲 was given the outside CB job full time this year basically. And he thriiiived. After being a role player for most of his career thus far, he bet on himself, and is now paid in Detroit. He got to watch Joe Haden play outside for a few seasons and I really think that Steelers era Joe is a good comp for Sutton. Smart, tackles well, versatile. Enjoy him Lions fans.
The rest of the group did well enough I guess. Levi was a solid inside outside guy and took the bulk of the CB2 snaps. A bargain at $4m/year. Thanks Commies for really screwing up Buffalo’s plans there. Ahkello Witherspoon greatly cooled down from his 3 INTs in the last 5 games of 2021. He got some time outside and wasn’t great. Not the worst CB in Tomlin’s tenure, definitely not the best.
I also want to take a side note on Arthur Maulet. He’s not a great NCB. But he brings a lot of energy and fire to this team. He apparently got in some peoples faces in the locker room after a 2022 loss that I refuse to talk about. He really seems to value that accountability and brings a level of leadership that is good on an otherwise young team. He’dnever get a mention otherwise, but I think he deserves some love for what he brings.
S: Minkah Fitzpatrick.
Terrell Edmunds continues to show he is Mr. Consistent. He wears a lot of hats for the defense, is always available, and largely a mistake free player. Yinzers still hate him because he’s a first rounder that isn’t an all-pro, but if every first rounder was at least an available, consistent, career starter, most teams would be fucking loaded.
Damontae Kazee is that third safety Mike Tomlin has been searching for the last few years. Tre Norwood looked like he may be it last year, but Kazee beat him out for the job. He’s a human missile. A violent player. And a full, healthy season ahead should do him well amongst the fans.
2023 Draft Picks:

Free Agency/Draft Needs:

Key Free Agents:

Preface: I’m not making predictions on contracts because that’s a useless practice. I know fuck all about what’s going on behind closed doors of NFL offices, so who cares about contract predictions.


Oddly, None? I guess Mason Rudolph but HE GONE.


Potential Cap Casualties, Retirements



Coaching Staff/Front Office review
\ * Tomlin *: “Haha fuck it we ball.”

Final Thoughts

Draft and free agency are looming. It’s exciting. New GM/AGM, new QB. Tomlin does what he does. There’s a lot of things to be excited about as a Steeler’s fan for the foreseeable future.
Kenny is the focus of the team now. Everything done should be done in furtherance of his development as the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise QB. Better Defense to support him on his bad days. Better OL to keep him upright. Better skill guys to make his life easier. It’s all for him. As it should be. If he’s right, the teams right.
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2023.03.23 06:48 _flavortown_ saw these at TJ Maxx. i actually laughed out loud, couldn’t believe my eyes. retail price was $120-$130 ish 🥴 i don’t know her content very well but i’d presume she’d be upset to see this

saw these at TJ Maxx. i actually laughed out loud, couldn’t believe my eyes. retail price was $120-$130 ish 🥴 i don’t know her content very well but i’d presume she’d be upset to see this submitted by _flavortown_ to nycinfluencersnarking [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 04:21 Cleokatrah Are either of these close to Boscia Sake Water Treatment?

Are either of these close to Boscia Sake Water Treatment?
The Boscia is something I lucked out at TJ Maxx with. It's like a water based serum (no oil). Super hydrating and absorbs into skin right away. It is heavenly. I've been waiting for a similar replacement. Has anyone here tried it, or one of these pictures products?
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2023.03.23 04:01 fireflyeyes Wedding Recap: March Wedding in MA 2023

Buckle up, this is a long one! I personally loved pouring over the budget/recaps during the planning process so I knew pretty early on I’d want to write a detailed one of my own. Hopefully someone out there finds this helpful!
Disclaimer: Full transparency I want to start off by saying my parents paid for our wedding. It was a very unexpected offer but we are both very grateful for their generous assistance. My parents covered the venue and vendors and we covered the bar tab and tips.
Our wedding was in March and we booked all of our vendors in late 2021/early 2022 so our pricing will be different from current offerings (still included pricing). We invited 127, 104 RSVP’d yes, and 102 actually came.
Budget: My parents set a budget around $25-30K and I truly tried to stick to the lower end of it as much as possible. I would say the biggest part of the budget went to the venue.
Venue: Crestwood Country Club
Crestwood recently restructured their tiered package pricing (we signed in late 2021) so I can't speak of the current value, but since we were grandfathered in I think we got a pretty amazing deal on the Platinum Package with an off season discount.
Our package included:
Food & Beverage: We both come from aggressively large Italian families so the food had to be good and the bar had to be open.
We went with a classic Caesar salad to start followed by family style Portuguese soup to warm those bones on a very chilly March day.
For dinner our guests could pick either a stuffed chicken breast with sage stuffing, a grilled NY strip with red wine demi glace, pasta primavera (veggie), or salmon in a lemon butter sauce. Dinner was served with seasonal vegetables and parmesan whipped potatoes. I know wedding food can be "meh" but I need you to know a groomsman licked his plate clean and everyone is still gushing about it to me.
Our late night snack was a sliders and fries bar and that went over so well. I saw people run from. the dance floor to the bar area to get some.
Dessert came from Vienna Bakery in Barrington RI. We did a pastry buffet with chocolate mousse cups, cannoli, cream puffs, assorted fruit tarts, cheesecake bites, etc. and not a crumb was left over.
Photography: Jacquelina Paiva/ Jackaaalack Photography ($2,050). Seriously, if you are in New England and are looking for a wedding photographer Jackie should be at the top of your list! We already have a sneak peek gallery and I am OBSESSED.
Florals: In Bloom at Quality Fruitland in Seekonk MA ($2,790). Unconventional but worth every single penny. For that price we received 1 medium bridal bouquet, 5 bridesmaid bouquets, 9 boutonnieres, 3 bundles of roses for the moms, 2 flower crowns for the flower girls, 2 flower girl baskets with petals, 10 varied floral centerpieces, 1 floral garland for the head table, 1 large floor arrangement for the welcome area, 2 medium ceremony arrangements, and tulle on the sweeping staircase.
DJ: Music Mixers Entertainment. $1,850 for 5 ½ hours of music coverage (ceremony/cocktail houreception), uplighting, wireless mics for ceremony and toasts, planning sessions, and unlimited use of their wedding planning website and music catalog.
Stationery & Paper Goods: Save the Dates and Invites were from The Knot and Zola with coupons. I created some signage in Canva and had it printed through Walmart and then bought a seating chart template off Etsy (EastAlchamy) and had that printed onto foam board through Staples. I intended to DIY a lot but then gave up when stress got to me.
Decor & Extras:
Here is a quick breakdown of the decor we brought in
Groomsmen Attire: The groom, groomsmen, and dads all wore three piece black suits from Men's Wearhouse with a platinum tie/vest. It was incredibly easy to set up a profile and have the guys go to their local stores for measurements and adjustments leading up to the big day. The suits were accessorized with custom Star Wars pocket squares.
Bridal Party Attire: All of the bridesmaids purchased their dresses from Azazie. All I asked was that they picked something floor length and in the color "Ink Blue" preferably in a chiffon fabric. They all wore silver shoes and everyone used the celestial pins from their bridesmaid gifts in their hair.
Gifts included matching satin pajamas, diamond earrings, and warm wraps in a neutral color.
Bride's Attire: The dress was purchased from Alexandra’s Bridal Boutique in Fall River MA (as for Meghan! She was a gem). The overall cost of the dress and alterations ended up being around $3K. Alterations were a flat fee of $795 and I will say now that it is over they didn't do the best job. They neglected to hem my dress a second time so I was tripping over it a lot on the day of but that would be my only complaint.
My wedding shoes were the Betsey Johnson Cady booties and then I changed into a pair of Jessica Simpson platform flip flops to dance in. Veil, earrings, and tiara all are from Etsy (LadySolomia and RoseRedRoseWhite).
My hair was masterfully crafted by Erin Asciola at Dirty Blonde Salon in Bristol RI and I did my own makeup using the following products: NARS Light Reflecting Longwear foundation, Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r powder, KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner, Urban Decay All Nighter Spray, Benefit Precisely My Brow pencil, ULTA Beauty brand clear brow gel, ULTA Beauty brand shadow primer, MILK Makeup Hydrogrip primer, Embryolisse moisturizer, Too Faced Milk Chocolate bronzer, Fenty Beauty contour stick in Amber Rare Beauty liquid blush in Hope, Rare Beauty pressed highlighter in Enlighten, ABH Mini Glam 2 Go shadow palette, Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk liner and lipstick, and some magnetic lash strips from TJ Maxx cut into half lashes.
If you made it this far I have to admit that it was the best night of my life and I would easily do this again next year despite all of the stress and drama leading up to it. Now that it is all over I'm going to put the wedding binder deep into my closet and take a very long nap on the couch with my new husband. Thanks for reading, if you have any questions I'm happy to answer them!
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2023.03.23 00:46 Medusa_Medusa_Medusa TJ Maxx perfume mini haul

TJ Maxx perfume mini haul
I love Red Door, but the Gold Couture is a blind buy.
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2023.03.23 00:02 K4RM4CODE Surprise find at TJ Maxx

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2023.03.22 23:51 55forever buy ur own syrups!!!!

oh my FUCKING GOD - the syrups from starbucks taste the same as most other syrup brands. please for the love of fuck stop asking where you can buy a starbucks syrup. torani has their own website with DOZENS of flavors. so does monin! go to literally any (cost plus) world market and they'll be an entire WALL OF FLAVORED SYRUPS. you can even find syrups at fucking tj maxx!!!! world market even sells a little pump to put in the bottle!!!!
you can get raspberry! vanilla! sugar free caramel! for cheaper than whatever expired shit amazon or eBay sells for an insane price. they all taste the fucking same and if they don't - pls reevaluate ur life immediately.
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2023.03.22 22:36 paris1nicole ♡ S1E3 Happy Birthday Kendra Summary ♡

E1& S2
The Cheeto Fiasco
Three episodes in, and there is already a bit of tension between the girls on the commentary. It's a little awkward. Idk whether they didnt like Destiny or something but they kept emphasising how gross eating the cheetos was to the point where it was like ok girl..its kinda awkward because Kendra is silent a lot of the time.
Holly: This is Destiny's first major guest spot
Bridget: Ew with the cheetos. That's SO. GROSS.
Holly: Laughs
Kendra: I thought she was watching me do it, so hey.
Bridget: You guys were being antisocial sitting in the back without us
Kendra: Oh no, oh no, we were having a lot of fun back there. You guys were being antisocial sitting in the front (laughs)
Holly: But eeeeeveeeerybody was sitting in the front.
Bridget: I know.
Kendra: We wanted our space. I'm kidding! To get crazy.
Kendra [in the episode]: The party is at the back of the bus!
Bridget: No, the party was in the front of the bus.
Holly: laughs
Destiny eating the cheetos
Bridget: So disgusting. Ugh. That's gross. I wanna wretch.
Holly: It turns my stomach when I think about it.
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