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Fender Ultimate Chorus

2023.03.31 18:26 No-Hat62 Fender Ultimate Chorus

Fender Ultimate Chorus
So, in my last post I asked advice about getting an hx stomp to use as an amp or buy and actual amp, and the majority of answers convinced me about going the traditional amp route. I found this fender ultimate chorus in a store that's kinda near me, just a few hours drive, and I'm planning to go and test it with my drive pedals (Boss OS-2, RAT and a big muff). I read some reviews online and most of them said good things about this amp, and since I really use the amp as a clean platform, i think It can be a great option. What do you guys think?
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2023.03.31 18:25 5458725280 Already have pulsatile tinnitus - Wellbutrin making it worse?

Hello all, week two on Wellbutrin and I've been thoroughly enjoying it so far. I was curious, though - I have had pulsatile tinnitus for many years, which is a physical form of tinnitus where I hear and feel a distinct "thumping" in my ears. When you feel that twitch in your ear when you yawn, it's like that, but that muscle uncontrollably contracts for me. I do not have it constantly, though. It usually only happens if I am in a quiet room and/or I am laying down. I have periods of time where it tends to worsen and trigger despite these, and ever since a few days ago, I've noticed my tinnitus is near constant while just sitting home with some background noise. Could this be a side effect? I am 99% not sure about what causes my pulsatile tinnitus, but sources online say it may be caused by high blood pressure while Wellbutrin can raise your blood pressure. Is that a possibility? I've learned to cope with it but it certainly is a major annoyance to hear thumping 23/6 for no explicit reason.
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2023.03.31 18:25 TheCapm42 Increase in TCGPlayer orders not arriving

I buy small orders in the $5-$7 range from TCGPlayer sellers quite often. I always prioritize the smaller individual sellers and stores because often they need order volume to hit that next level, I've never had any significant issues with fuckery from a seller, and frankly they often have the lowest prices.
In the last 90 days I've had 52 orders and all but one have arrived within the timeframe, and when I contacted TCGPlayer about the one that did not they were aware of an issue with the seller being unable to complete orders and refunded immediately.
But, in the last 30 days, I have placed 15 orders and there are 4 that have yet to arrive and are either at or very near the delivery window. In my experience so far, things have been showing up well before the end of the delivery window if they got shipped in a reasonable time and these did, so I'm leaning toward them just having been lost by USPS.
If I go to the sellers and/or TCGPlayer with complaints on 25% of my orders in the span of a few days, are they going to mark me as some sort of malcontent or scammer? I swear I'm not trying to rip anyone for 5 bucks and I think my extensive recent history of completed orders and positive feedback shows that.
Just wondering if anyone knew if there was some sort of flagging policy or something I might be running up against. I mean, I want my cards but not if it's at the cost of my account's good standing.
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2023.03.31 18:25 Hug_the_Curve I don't know how you put up with it.

This is a FSD rant. I live in an area of suburbs among many areas best defined as rural. The roads are all usually 35 to 45 mph and none have changed speeds in the two decades I have been out here. I don't live in a world of grid like roads you find in a city.
I cannot even make a FSD drive to a grocery store less than five miles from my house let alone the ten mile drive to my parents without disengaging FSD either out of frustration or to communicate to Tesla that it did something wrong.
I do leave some choice words when it prompts me for why I disengaged. I am not even remotely embarrassed by the language I use anymore. I want to participate in the beta but honestly at times I am aghast at how bad it is. I would be too embarrassed to show it off to anyone. I am certainly too embarrassed to use it anyone gets behind me.
2018 TM3 59004 2022.45.12
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2023.03.31 18:24 Chemical-Goat-7083 Kuba Cielen Online coaching

Hi , iam preparing for bodybuilding competition in future. So iam looking for a good coach to guide me. I was I have a few coaches selected, but I am most interested in cooperation with Kuba Sylvester Cielen , beceuse it seems like his coaching service is really on "level" and he approach every client individually , and also iam a big fan of his training and mindset approach. Does anybody know how much he is charging for coaching (i know i can jump on call with him before cooperation , but I don't want to fall out stupid after , if it was a bit too expensive for my capabilities atm.)
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2023.03.31 18:24 ryloft03 How Niantic Can Fix Pokemon GO

This is going to be a really long post. Sorry.
As I'm sure most of you know now, Niantic is increasing the price of the Remote Raid Pass to 195 coins (525 for a 3-pack) on April 6, 2023. I, along with many other Pokemon GO players, are deciding to step away from the game for varying lengths of time. I think at this point, the only way they will listen to us is if we destroy their profits.
However, if someone from Niantic is reading this, this post is not about how we can "take down Niantic." No, this post is going to go into detail about how Niantic can alter Pokemon GO to fit the needs of the users and the company. Without further ado, let's get into it, because I have class in 6 hours and its 4:30 in the morning.
1) Lower the price of Premium Raid Passes, or give out multiple free passes a day.
This one is self-explanatory. Instead of raising the price of one option, make the other options seem more desirable. Niantic can do this by bringing the price of the premium raid pass down to incentivize users to opt for one of those, or just give out multiple daily raid passes per day. Now, this would be better for users, but it would force Niantic to actually discount items and possibly make a little less money from them, which will never happen.
2) Make accommodations for rural/suburban players.
Everyone loves beating up on raids from their house, but for many people it is the only option they have. I think Niantic needs to wake up and realize that if you aren't in a huge city, there likely won't be enough people that can raid with you in person. The game is 7 years old at this point. That is around a third of my lifetime and probably around that for many PoGo players. The user base has dropped off. There aren't people running outside like in 2016. A literal pandemic has come and (mostly) gone since then. I live in a college town with gyms galore and I still need to use a third-party app to get anything done, and hiking up the price of remote passes isolates most of the community, and makes it a true pay-to-play situation for many.
3) Incentivize going outside again.
Throughout the years we've had to pull on Niantic's leg over and over again to get them to add a lot of features (trading, PVP, etc.), but while they have slowly added more and more over the years, everything is still centered around the same 2016 mechanics: spin Pokestop to get Potions and Pokeballs, put Pokemon in Gym, repeat. Now, they even have things like gifts and Adventure Sync where you don't need Pokestops, or to go out to get these items. So why would we care about going out to partake in raids? We just don't care about going out anymore because we've seen most of the things there are to see in this game, and we can get the items from Async anyway. They took an attempt to step in the right direction with the Daily Incense, but again, that's just stuff we have seen with a very slight chance that a rare thing spawns, and even then a very slight chance that you can catch said thing.
So how would I fix things?
Let me preface this by saying I am a 20-year-old college student who is not versed in business or economics. I know things about Computer Science/Programming but that's the extent of it. So with that said:
Let's start with how they can help out rural/suburban players. We're going to take something directly from the main series Pokemon games: Raid Dens. In the main series, these dens are in locations on the map that are either fixed in a location or change everyday. In Pokemon GO, they will not be fixed locations on the map. The way to find Raid dens is by walking around, but instead of seeing it far away on a map like a Gym, the Raid Den will spawn near you based on how far you have walked that day. For example, someone who stays inside will likely not see a den, but someone who walks a few kilometers will have an increased chance of one spawning. Once you click on this den, you will have the option to use a Raid Pass to battle the Pokemon found inside the den. You can also invite friends, who will need to use a Remote Raid Pass, but if you choose not to fill your raid party with your friends, NPCs will fill in and help you fight the Pokemon, just like in the main series games. This will allow rural players to stand a chance against 4-5 star raids without using a remote pass, and will give Niantic that sweet, sweet money that comes with the Raid Passes and even better, location data from walking.
Now, a few other things to spruce up the game. Add more overworld structures. One of the most essential concepts in Pokemon is the Pokemon Center, and I honestly expected this to be added in Fall 2016, and I won't lose hope now. Imagine you just got beat by a tough Raid boss, and you have to run down the street to heal your team up at the Pokemon Center because you don't have potions. It doesn't even have to be free, make it cost Stardust or even like 2 Pokecoins per Pokemon, up to 6. And eventually, it refreshes, just like Pokestops do. I'm honestly astonished they never added this, it would have been such a good addition to the game.
And what about something like Secret Bases like we see in the Gen 3 games? Players can set up a tent wherever they like and offer to battle you with a preset team for rewards. They could even make it a team-based "turf war" event, where you have to knock out rival bases and at the end of the week everyone on the team with the most bases gets some sort of reward. That would at least incentivize players to get out more and give teams more of a purpose, as I feel like at this point teams just make the game worse with how Gyms work now. And with these bases, Pokemon Centers, and Raid Dens, in addition to Rocket Stops and potential other additions, the overworld will hopefully start feel like an actual world, and not just a flat green field with occasional towers everywhere.
If all else fails, Niantic needs to cut its losses and sell Pokemon GO.
I know this will never happen. Maybe in 2017 after the hype started to die down, but not in 2023 when Niantic is using PoGo to keep itself relevant. But for a franchise like Pokemon, a game of this importance should be handled by a company who cares about the progression of AR and location-based technology, and not a company who's looking to squeeze every cent out of what is left of its dying fanbase. It's just a shame that a game with so much potential, with so many elements that could take inspiration from almost 30 years of bestselling games, has come to this.
Why do I care so much?
I love Pokemon GO. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon X in 2013, and I fell in love with the franchise. I was about to start 8th grade in 2016, and there was a lot going on in my life. Pokemon GO gave me an escape from dealing with watching my last remaining grandparent losing her battle with cancer that summer. It made me and my siblings feel closer, it made our acquaintance-like cousins into friends for life. While our parents were taking care of her, we would go out and play Pokemon GO at the local school, and meet all of the other kids around that area who played it too. My cousins and siblings, as far as I know, don't play Pokemon GO anymore. I do. Or I did. I'm going to farm some coins in the morning, get to 100, buy a remote pass before the 6th, and then delete the app for the foreseeable future for the first time since 2016.
And I didn't mean to make this into a "heartwarming tale" about how Pokemon GO comforted me, I don't think anyone is going to read up to this point. I just wanted to make clear why I am making this post, not because of the remote passes, that was just the straw that broke the camel's back after 7 years of waiting and waiting for innovation in a game that starved for it. I made this post because I love this game, and I really wanted to see it improve over time and that just did not happen. We eventually got trading, and PVP, and Team Rocket and missions, but there isn't one feature I can say, even today, is complete and fun to play around with. Even from launch, when everyone was having trouble getting on the app, and now today, where in a few days people are declaring the "death of Pokemon GO," there hasn't been a feature that felt complete. It was fun discovering new Pokemon and the Gyms because they were new and exciting, and Niantic hasn't done anything to keep the game fresh. And because of that, taking away a key aspect of the game that people enjoyed is going to bleed the fanbase dry. It may not be permanently now, but it will be eventually if they keep up on this track. Good job Niantic, you just lost one of the most loyal users of your game, at least for now.
TL;DR: Fix the game Niantic.
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2023.03.31 18:23 Noexit007 SSDI isn't enough. What do you do to earn extra money if traditional work hasn't been an option?

I am a Stage IV incurable (technically terminal) cancer patient in my 30s with an accompanying syndrome that is utterly debilitating. The primary symptoms are severe fatigue, severe nausea, consistent bowel troubles, abdominal cramping/pain, and flushing which can spiral into heart racing and passing out and is triggered by any sort of stress (physical, emotional, mental).
The fatigue and the flushing complications have severely impacted my ability to work. I am in a research hospital at least once a month for treatment and will be for the rest of my life. Before going on SSDI but right after diagnosis, I had lost 2 jobs (passing out at work/being a liability). My doctors encouraged me to apply and to my surprise, I was approved within a month (I had heard horror stories about how long it would take). And so for the past couple of years, I have been on SSDI.
However, I get only about $800 a month which is lower than the cheapest rent anywhere remotely near my treatment center (which I have to stay close to). For the last few years, I have been making ends meet by selling some art I created (well under the limit for SSDI for earnings) and by trading stocks to try and make some money for other life expenditures like food, medications not covered, and the like. Plus by effectively living off the generosity of others letting me stay with them. But right now things are tough, particularly with the costs of living, and quite simply, I am feeling the pinch.
I am curious about what people do when on SSDI when the check isn't even enough to cover basic needs for the most part. I am physically incapable of holding any sort of traditional job or even untraditional one if it involves stressors of any sort (welcome to a job) or cannot be EXTREMELY flexible schedule-wise (I effectively have to work my own hours hour by hour in case I have to go lay down plus be able to attend my treatment appointments).
Without my prior savings (which are slowly dwindling) and without my partners/parents' backup for any emergency costs (which is a drain on them)... I would be absolutely on the streets already.
How do you make ends meet? How do you earn enough to live on when you can barely work for whatever reason? What other options do I have to supplement my SSDI without potentially losing it and the Medicare which saves my ass as far as medication costs?
Feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer quickly.
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2023.03.31 18:23 mangst33n Need tips for using Blaster in Splatoon 3 Turf Wars

So, for some time I have been having a hard time finding a main weapon that works for me. In Splatoon 1, my main was a mix of the N-Zap 89 with the occasional Mini Splatling (though I don’t remember which version). In Splatoon 2, finding a main was a bit harder, so I ended up using a mix of weapons including Dualies, the Carbon Roller Deco, and occasionally the Undercover Brellas. You may notice that most of these weapons are more oriented toward Turfing than Splatting (or at least have good ground coverage). However, as I have played Splatoon 3, I have not been able to find a single weapon that works for me, even temporarily. I eventually noticed with my previous weapons that my play style was starting to become more aggressive than was warranted. Namely, I was a terrible painter, and when I was actually playing well with the weapons I had, I seemed to do better at fighting. At that point, I decided that I should try to go all in on the fighting. I didn’t feel like I would be good at a traditional sniping weapon, so I chose the Blaster since I liked the Autobomb for crowd control and the Big Bubbler for defensive play, as well as seeming like a good balance between a shooter and a sniper (at least at the time). However, I soon realized that team synergy (or lack thereof) was a major problem. As a blaster, painting isn’t a priority, and I focus on trying to get to the center quickly. However, the other players tend to also race for the center even though at least one player should be painting near base. This causes the other team to have a higher chance of winning when they remember to paint their base, especially when no one decides to paint base after getting Splatted, opting just to Super Jump back to the other players are. Even when I get a team that remembers to paint base, I’ve noticed that I still have a hard time actually winning. Granted, I’m no top player, and I’m pretty rusty since I haven’t played the game in a while, but I have noticed that I have a hard time aiming (like I will think I’m aiming point blank at a perfectly stationary target and yet I don’t get the one shot kill, or even somehow miss entirely), and I tend to forget to use my sub and special. I really don’t want to try to adjust to a different weapon again right before a Splatfest, so if anyone has any tips for a struggling Blaster main, I’d appreciate the help. Thanks in advance
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2023.03.31 18:23 BufuuEgypt April 1, 2023

"That will be all for classes today. See you all in the next class."
The end of another school day had come to an end. The students began leaving, which also included Youhei who got up, taking his own things with him without saying anything, already leaving the classroom.
"..." Sakura could only stay in her seat. She wanted to talk to him, but he'd only ignore like he had days before. A sigh escaped her lips.
"...He's still doing that, is he?" Okazaki was now standing near her desk, already packed up to go as well.
"To think that he'd be like that towards you. I'm honestly surprised."
"I could also say the same as well, Tomoya. But I can also see why…"
"Really? Why's that?"
"...Never mind. Forget I said anything, please?"
"If you say so."
Two figures entered the classroom on their side of the classroom. It was Ayame and Nagisa.
"You're both still here, I see," said Nagisa. Then her eyes went towards Youhei's desk. So did Ayame's.
"But it looks like he's not." Ayame folded her arms and frowned. "...That honestly irks me to see him acting like this after what I've told him. After what he said he'd do."
"I'm sure it's not easy for him as well, Takami," responded Tomoya, looking out the window and below. Perhaps Youhei was there but when Sakura looked, that was not the case.
"He's right, Takami-san," Nagisa added with a sympathetic nod. "I'm sure Sunohara-san doesn't want it to be like this either."
"I gathered that. Either way, he's still doing it. Going against his word. Just when I was starting to trust him…"
"Let's just head home, Ayame. It's better than just staying here…"
"Yeah, we should get going." Okazaki began heading out first.
. . .
After heading down the school hill, Tomoya left with Nagisa down another path while Ayame was with Sakura like usual. On their way home, the male dormitory for the students of their school was in their sight. Youhei was probably there.
"Planning to talk to him?" Ayame asked, seemingly taking Sakura's gaze as if it were making such a statement.
"He didn't want to go all day. What would make a difference now?"
"...I don't get him. Does he just expect you to handle this as if it's fine? Saying that you shouldn't go back to Kouyou? Does he have to ignore you on top of it?" Ayame once again was getting pissed.
"It would just be awkward if he tried to play it off like nothing. But I don't want to be another class rep…"
"Another what?"
"Remember what I told you about how he had this friend back in his first-year?"
"Oh the Misaki girl. You really are taking that in, aren't you?"
"Because I understand how it feels. Except unlike that, history will not repeat..."
"Sunohara has a real problem if he even thinks of wanting to do that. And I won't let him hear the end of it, should he actually do it."
"Youhei. It's not him that wants this, right?"
"I would believe so."
"Then, it's probably Makoto, then…"
"Makoto? Are you saying he did something?" Ayame responded with disbelief, evident in her tone and overall expression.
"...Maybe? I mean, Youhei has been open to the idea of me going back home. But then Makoto came here a few days ago and all of a sudden, Youhei changed his mind…"
"...I see. Are you going to try and talk to him?"
"...I feel I have to. Can you tell him to meet at the park? He should still be at home."
"...You must be serious, then."
"I… I guess I am?"
"...Alright. I'll head home and tell him."
. . .
It practically felt like forever as Sakura waited in the park. At first, she was just sitting down but then she resorted to walking around. It was cold to be out here since it was November. The winter season was coming which was yet another mark of another year being over.
"Yo, Sis." Makoto finally came into the park. Left hand in his left pocket while his right hand was up in the air waving. "Ayame was telling the truth that you were here."
"Yes." Sakura approached him and tried to be stoic and firm. Probably more than she ever had been before. She had to be. "That's because I have to talk to you."
"Talk to me? Why out here and joy at home?" He pointed behind himself. Her brother seemed so casual and happy like usual, but something about it felt superficial. Sakura's assumption about him being the reason why Youhei changed played no small part in it.
"Because I need it to be just you and me."
"Just us two?" Makoto brought his right hand to his own chest and closed his eyes. "I see. So the time for you to ask me for true love advice has come, right?"
"That's not it."
"...I figured. So. What is it, Sis?" Makoto's facade seemed to flicker. He had a smile on, but there was a different air.
"Did you tell Youhei that it's better off that I don't come home with him?"
"...It took you long enough to approach me about it. As expected of you, Sis. I'm still proud, though."
"Is this a game to you...?" Sakura felt hurt by how he was talking.
"Not at all. If anything, I'm serious. This matter about Dad has always been that. That's why it's like this."
"Let me go back home."
"I said you shouldn't before and it's the same now." Makoto still kept his smile.
"Why not...?" Meanwhile, Sakura was already struggling to keep herself together. But she held on.
"Why should you? It's been seven years since you've seen him. Since I've seen him. Why go see him now? What's the point, Sis?"
"It's not sudden, Makoto. I've always wanted to see him. Ever since we left. You know that's why I've been struggling to move on."
"Yes. I know that much."
"But I'm not alone. Aunt Ruri wants that as well. Ayame thinks I should, too. Even Hiro-san and Asuka-san think so, too. Even you, too, right?"
"How can you really say that so confidently?"
"Have you forgotten how Hiro has been against Aunt Ruri even visiting Dad?" Makoto folded his arms as he looked down at her
"...Yes, you're right about that…"
"And I don't think that at all. Not after what he's done. Again, why do you think I'm doing all of this, Sis? Because it's for the better, you just stay here in Hikarizaka and away from that old man."
"How about what the others said…?"
"Do you ever wonder if they mean it? Don't you think that they're just saying that so everyone's together, sharing the same opinion? So that you don't get your own precious feelings hurt?"
"M-Makoto…" Sakura could only barely say his name. Her own eyes were starting to become misty.
"Sis. You've always been uncertain. You've always kept your distance. All those days whether it be back in the countryside or when Aunt Ruri was telling time to quit soccer, all you did was watch and keep yourself away."
"You're afraid of getting hurt by hearing something you don't want to hear. By having someone think the opposite of what you do. Of what makes you uncomfortable. Do you think anyone would tell a person like that what they really think? Someone who's wishy-washy with everything they do?
"...?" Sakura blinked and suddenly felt a stream of tears rolling down her cheek. It fell into the palm of her right hand which she had just brought up. Now she couldn't even look at her brother.
"Look at what you made me do…" Makoto sighed. "I'm truly impressed. For once you look like you've grown a spine for once but now it's gone."
The tears began to drop even more from Sakura's eyes, flowing to her uniform. She turned away and tried to wipe it away with her sleeve. As the tears began to flow she began to whimper, which she couldn't stop.
"...I'm really sorry that it had to come this way, Sis. Believe me. It's just better off that you let things be the way they're going right now. Let stuff from the past, be that. The past. It's only luck that you have Youhei here. I mean, without him, where would you be?"
Sakura wasn't sure how long she had been crying anymore. But it had gone to the point where no more would come out. Makoto hit her right in the heart with his words. They were true. Sakura had always known this. But to hear it from her brother was too much.
Why did Sakura do this again? Did she manage to say what she wanted? No. Definitely not. It was true. She always would follow the flow. Let things be as they would be and let it carry her through life. It was just easy that way. So that the weight of a decision didn't need to be carried by her. But she didn't feel that she could do the same here. Something had to change. She had to change.
"So, what do you think? It's all still rough, of course," said Usagi, finishing what she had written.
The Sakaekita High School Library. Sakura was sitting at a table with Ayame and their fellow student library attendant.
" extreme scenario, that is…" Sakura muttered.
"What she said…" Ayame nodded.
"I think it's in-character," replied the attendant, looking at the stacks of paper she held in her own hands, "Makoto-san as a big bad but within reason. He's doing it for you since he still has yet to let go of the past."
"But he's just so mean, Moriyama-san!" disagreed Sakura with a shake of her head. "He wouldn't ever say anything like that to me. Not to mention of how bold I am. Not mention that I apparently get a boyfriend?"
"That last part hurts my ears" added Ayame. She motioned at the attendant. "By the way, Moriyama."
"How do you even know any of Sakura's past with her father? We only met you like three weeks ago. We never told you anything about that. Right?"
"I haven't said anything either." Sakura nodded.
"Um, that's a good question, actually…"
"That's right. Why is she the one making up this scenario?" A guy slid into the vicinity of the table and pointed at the attendant. It was Kazuki.
Then a girl with a clover hairpin followed. It was Yukip. "Kazuki and I have been with these two for even longer, so we should be the one to make the story."
"What is this even?" Sakura looked around. "Where did you two even come from?"
"Good question actually." Yuki turned to Kazuki. "How did we get here?"
"Don't ask me. I only know as much as you."
"This is what happens when an author procrastinates on a story to do some other silly thing!" Ayame raised up her hands.
"But this is fun, too, isn't it?" said Usagi.
"In some weird way, yes."
"I think so, too." Sakura agreed. "It feels like it's been so long since something official that I've appeared in has come out."
"Doesn't this count as something official?" Yuki asked.
"Probably. But not canon, right?" said Kazuki.
"That's one way of putting it. Well, it's a good thing that the future won't be happening anytime soon because I won't be able to stand that Sunohara guy."
"I'm just waiting for anything to happen," Sakura shrugged.
"So, um, is that it for this, then?" Usagi asked, looking at everyone. "Then with that said, the end."
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2023.03.31 18:23 elmegthedataanalyst Ryman N1 Encore Debate, Time to Start, Set Times - Some Data

Longtime listener, first time caller - created this account just to post on the debate over the Ryman encore with all the folks complaining they didn't get what they paid for, time mismanagement, etc. To look at this systematically, I collected time data from setlist threads since the Cap run. Two caveats: (1) I did this very quickly and may have made mistakes and (2) it assumes times are accurate as entered on the setlist threads.
First, the Ryman encore. People complaining about the lack of an encore per se should stop. Who cares if they exit the stage and come back? What we care about is how much music they played. In fact we should prefer they ditch the encore pageantry altogether and just play more music. Given how fan friendly this band is I'm concerned someone will see these silly complaints and adjust by taking out music to make sure fans get an encore. The Wysteria was 27 minutes and epic, but it smooshed the rest of the set. I'll take that deep Wysteria and the rest of the set over leaving the stage and playing a "proper encore" every time. This is an improvisational band - let them explore and not be bound by goofy perspective on encores. So please stop that nonsense.
But talk about time more broadly is valid so let's take a look:
For the last 10 shows, we're averaging about 32 minutes from scheduled start to start, with a standard deviation of 10 minutes and range from 20 minutes (3/25) to 48 minutes (3/11).
For first sets, we're averaging about 79 minutes, with a standard deviation of 8 minutes and range from 64 (3/23) to 91 minutes (3/28).
For intermissions, we're averaging about 38 minutes, with a standard deviation of 6 minutes and range from 29 (3/25) to 51 minutes (3/10 - presumably due to working on Mustang Sally with Fallon, as well as Fallon being unsure about whether to do it as Peter mentioned the next night).
For second sets, we're averaging about 74 minutes, with a standard deviation of 6 minutes and range from 68 (3/12) to 84 minutes (3/9).
For total time, we're averaging about 152 minutes, with a standard deviation of 8 minutes and range from 142 (3/11) to 170 minutes (3/9).
Some takeaways:
We're getting a lot of music - thanks boys! Congratulations in particular for attendees at Cap N2 and Athens for the two longest shows, which to my mind were perhaps coincidentally also the two best during this period. A nearly 30 minute gap in music time between the shortest and longest show is a lot, though.
If there's a consistency problem, it's time from scheduled start to start. It would be nice to have more predictability here - the data are fairly dispersed and 21 to 48 minutes is big gap. Interestingly, though, time to start isn't much correlated with total music times so longer waits doesn't necessarily mean less music, perhaps because they're making up for it with shorter intermissions though I haven't checked that. However, 3/11 got the least music and had the longest wait to start as well as about a median intermission time.
Intermission times also vary but not quite as much and not too bad if you take out the Fallon show. If Fallon was a problem, in my mind, it was because it messed up the flow of that show, not because of the actual sit in. I don't think there's any concern here because we should expect differences based on variation in first set length. I don't want the band to tighten this up if it means less flexibility to jam.
If there's something that could be tightened up it's time from scheduled start to start. DeadCo runs like clockwork and that's nice for planning purposes. A 28 minute difference from shortest to longest is pretty big but the 10 minute standard deviation isn't too bad. It would be nice if this were as predictable as with DeadCo for planning purposes but not a huge deal.
I may not have time to respond to requests to check this or that, but let me know if you're interested in something and if the community builds a database with times going further back I'm happy to do some analysis.
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2023.03.31 18:23 aproyal Have You Lived in the House on Oakwood Lane?

The following transcripts were obtained from the Cedar Rapids Plumbing HR department. The recordings were obtained as evidence and are now being shared with the public in an effort to aid in an ongoing investigation.
Transcript #1: Meeting between Jade Hollet (HR and Customer Relations) & Ellis Beckert (Senior Plumber) Recorded Monday, January 16th, 2023 6:00PM:
Jade: Evening, Ellis. Grab a seat.
Ellis: Hi, Jade.
Jade: Thanks again for agreeing to do this. I know you had a busy last week.
Ellis: Ahh, It’s been crazy. All of it.
Jade: I hope the weekend helped you process everything.
Ellis: It really didn’t. I feel the same. Things are just as murky as they’ve ever been.
Jade: Sorry to hear that, Ellis. I really am. I want to hear everything, so let's get into it. I just want to disclose first that I am recording this. Kind of an unusual situation we have here, so I just want to make sure I don’t miss any information when documenting and updating our records.
Ellis: Understood.
Jade: Normally I wouldn't be asking for this level of detail, but you understand the circumstances more than anyone. I’m picking at this post-mortem and everything.
Ellis: I totally get it.
Jade: Let’s dive in then and get you home to Shirley and the kids. Remind me again, how long have you worked for CR?
Ellis: Haha. Kind of sad to admit this, but it’s been nearly ten years.
Jade: And with Dave, specifically?
Ellis: All ten, for sure. Dave’s the most senior guy we got.
Jade: And how would you describe him as an employee, generally?
Ellis: Davey boy? Oh, an absolute rockstar. That’s why it’s just so hard, what went down.
Jade: Could you elaborate?
Ellis: Hard worker, man. Busts his ass every day. He would cover shifts for you at the drop of a hat. Always willing to lend a helping hand. I have an affinity for the guy, us being the old pups around the block here. The guy is a gem and a good friend, at that.
Jade: Thanks, Ellis. Okay. So let’s get into what happened on the thirteenth.
Ellis: Okay. Well, I get the call from dispatch last Friday at around 2:00 AM. It’s a house on Oakwood Lane that’s complaining about a leaky pipe in the basement. Real emergency by the sounds of it. Megan sends the two of us: Me and Dave. Dave picks me up in the van and we head over right away.
Jade: Did he seem fine?
Ellis: Who? Dave? Oh, yeah. A little cranky, but so was I. Nobody likes these early morning visits. Working on call sucks.
Jade: Haha. I won’t argue with you there. I’ll stay quiet in my cushy cubicle. Anyways, I hope you don’t mind, I’ll also be taking some quick notes. If I'm not looking at you, just know that I'm still listening.
Ellis: No problem.
Jade: Okay. Continue.
Ellis: We get to the house and there are no lights on. It’s a sixties bungalow-style home, pretty standard for that neighborhood. Massive trees in the front yard. To be honest, we’re not even sure it's the right place at first, so Dave calls dispatch to confirm. We’re twiddling our thumbs for fifteen minutes with no response. I’m cursing the whole time, telling Dave to turn the van around and head home. He wants to wait another five, just to be sure. So, we do. Just as he starts the engine to leave, the porch light turns on. A middle-aged couple walks out and waves for us to come in. We get to the porch, and the lady confirms they made the call, so I head in first, and Dave heads back to the van to grab some tools.
Jade: Can you describe the couple for me?
Ellis: I mean, normal looking. White suburban family. They were just dressed odd, like an episode of ‘Leave it to Beaver’. The wife’s got a flower print dress on and one of those beehive hairdos that is hair sprayed solid. The husbands got on these god-awful plaid slacks and a yellow polo shirt. I don’t normally notice this kind of thing, but it reminded me of what my parents used to wear when I was a kid. Total blast from the past.
Jade: Seems like strange attire given the hour of the day.
Ellis: No kidding. Try coming to my door at that hour. I’d be in nothing but my briefs. No one deserves to see that.
Jade: Haha. Okay. So what happens when you get inside?
Ellis: I take a few steps inside and you can tell right away that something is off. The place looks like a bomb went off. There are stacks and stacks of newspapers, books, clothing, records, tube TV’s. We’re talking towers of this stuff right to the ceiling, lining the avocado-painted walls, littering the dusty shag rugs. The chandelier is black with crud. Extreme hoarder's level of crap. The lady offers me a coffee, so we walk through the foyer to the kitchen. It smells like mildew and rot. I’m trying my best not to be rude, but it’s a challenge holding back my gag reflex. I just can’t understand how people live like this. Anyways, I think she notices because once we get there she apologizes. She says they are in the process of deep cleaning the house or something. I don’t buy it for one second, but it is what it is. That amount of clutter is collected for years and years. But they seem like nice enough people.
Jade: Where is Dave during all of this?
Ellis: I hear him enter a couple of minutes later. He gives me the eyes, like ‘Holy shit. We are in for a fun one’. He drops off my tool bag and leaves with the husband to inspect the basement. I tell him I’ll be down shortly.
Jade: You don’t go with him?
Ellis: Not right away. Mainly because their story has changed. The wife tells me she now thinks the leak is coming from the bathroom on the main floor. The husband is adamant the issue is in the basement. It shouldn’t be that hard to pinpoint. I know from both of our perspectives, we just want to get the job done and get back to our warm beds, so it made sense to divide and conquer.
Jade: Hmm…okay.
Ellis: So, I finish my drink and that’s when things take a sharp turn. The wife grabs my coffee cup and starts washing the dishes. She points me in the direction of the washroom and says she’ll be right with me. I head toward the hallway through the forest of teetering junk, and there's a flicker of something that crosses my path up ahead. A shadow. I hear this little pitter-patter of feet. I keep walking. I figure maybe a toy or something fell from one of the piles. But it happens again just before I get to the hall entrance. I look back, and behind a pile of bell-bottom pants, a tiny head pops out.
Jade: Who was it?
Ellis: It was a cat. Midnight black. Big piercing yellow eyes. It climbs the tower of wrinkled clothes and sits perched at the top like the king of the castle. It freaks me out. I turn back around to leave, but I hear it hiss. It’s scratching at something stuck between one of its claws. It’s frantically digging away, and then finally the object releases and it tumbles down the clothing pile, floating toward me.
Jade: What was it?
Ellis: It was a newspaper clipping from 1967. Faded, yellowed, crumpled at the edges. But I swear to God, it was a local news article about my softball team winning the city championship. I was just a boy in the photo.
Jade: Wow. Incredibly strange…
Ellis: Sorry—I went off on a tangent there. I guess I’m just saying that to show you that this wasn’t a normal job.
Jade: I totally get it. The more context here the better. So, go on.
Ellis: I’m shitting bricks at this point. I’m calling the woman’s name, Victoria I believe it was, but I don’t hear anything back. The cat scurries down the hall, and I don’t know what else to do but follow it. I figure just diagnose the leak as quickly as possible, find Dave, make the repair, and get the heck out. I get to the bathroom and have a look around.
Jade: And how bad was it?
Ellis: There was a small pool around the toilet. It’s not uncommon for a bathroom that dated to have an issue with the wax gasket. Nothing to write home about and definitely far from the major disaster alluded to by dispatch. Everything else looked solid. No other signs of dripping or corrosion. It was an easy fix.
Jade: How long does it take to fix?
Ellis: Not long at all. It’s pretty simple. It made me think Dave was probably dealing with the real shit show downstairs. No pun intended.
Jade: Haha. So after you fix it, what happens?
Ellis: I never fixed it.
Jade: What do you mean?
Ellis: After I was confident with my assessment, I went looking for Victoria just to give her a rundown before I make the repair. We typically need some sort of sign-off before we can complete the work.
Jade: And did she okay it?
Ellis: The short of it is, I never found her. I stumbled through the mess of junk back to the kitchen. I walked back toward the washroom and then further down the hallway past a couple of the bedrooms. The doors were closed and the lights were off, so I didn’t want to intrude.
Jade: Unbelievable. So she just left?
Ellis: Yeah…so I don’t really know what to do at that point. I’m lingering by the washroom, contemplating whether I should just complete the repairs or head to the basement to help Dave. My guess was she got bored and went down there with her husband anyways to check on them. I start walking until I hear something.
Jade: Something? Like what?
Ellis: It’s moaning coming from the washroom. I step back inside and place my ear near the toilet seat. Down the pipes, I swear I hear Dave.
Jade: Oh my God. Dave? What’s he saying?
Ellis: He’s crying for help in these deep howls. Like a wounded dog trapped in a well. Ahh…
Jade: Take your time.
Ellis: Thanks. Sorry. It still fucks with me, Jade. I’d never heard anyone sound like that before, let alone Dave.
Jade: Your sure it was him?
Ellis: One hundred percent positive. Without a doubt.
Jade: So I assume you went downstairs to help him?
Ellis: I grab my tools and start running. I wasn’t careful about it either. I storm through the mess, mountains of videos games and comic books topple to the floor. I hear things crashing, glass breaking. I didn’t care anymore. I needed to find him and get us the hell out.
Jade: And how was he?
Ellis: Oh my God, Jade. It took me forever to find him. It felt like hours. I keep passing heaps of sweatshirts and newspaper bundles that I could have sworn I’d seen before. So I run faster, my arms sore lugging the toolbag around in circles. The whole time, I don’t see the lady. I don’t see anyone for ages. Only the black cat I saw earlier, with its sharp eyes, and a couple of his friends. They keep hissing at me. Snarling. And new ones keep popping up out of the woodwork, behind piles of plastic containers filled to the brim containing God knows what. There were too many to count. All of them, hissing at me.
Jade: Jesus Christ, Ellis. Corey never mentioned any of this.
Ellis: Ha. I’m not surprised. When Corey’s mad, he just doesn’t want to hear any of it. There was a bloody good reason for what we did.
Jade: So, eventually you find him?
Ellis: I do. The stupid cats end up huddling by the door. I follow them, using the toolbag as a sort of weapon to shoo them away. I’m convinced one of them is going to claw me down and give me rabies.
Jade: Well, I’m glad they left you alone.
Ellis: Stupid excuse for pets. They want nothing to do with you unless you have food. Anyways, I digress. I find the door and it’s pitch black down the steep decline. I fumble through my bag and flick on my flashlight. All I hear are the creaks from my footsteps as I enter. It’s cold. The stairs are brittle, they look like they can barely support my weight. I get down there, and the whole place is unfinished. The wood framing is done, but the electrical wires are still strung up. There’s no drywall, no nothing. Just a furnace and a couple of hot water tanks and concrete. Dave is down there. He’s sitting with his back toward me, cross-legged by the drain hole. He’s not responding. It’s like he can't hear me.
Jade: Was he okay?
Ellis: He has this blank expression on his face. He’s muttering something under his breath, but I can’t understand any of it. His hand is pressed up against the mucky drain hole. I try to shake him out of it, but he’s lost man. He’s gone.
Jade: Did he look hurt?
Ellis: No, he looked physically fine. He just looked rattled.
Jade: And was the leak bad?
Ellis: That’s the most messed up thing about it. The basement was bone dry. The pipes, everything. No sign of a leak at all.
Jade: And they weren’t down there?
Ellis: The owners? Nowhere to be found. We would have saw them too. Like I said, it was a wide open space.
Jade: So, what did you guys do next?
Ellis: I grab Dave under his armpits and drag him toward the stairs. We trudge our way up, but he was listless through all of it. He just keeps muttering gibberish. It’s not until we make it to the car and start driving that he snaps out of it.
Jade: So he was okay?
Ellis: He still looked stunned, but at least he was responsive. I mean, responsive, but none of what he was saying made any sense.
Jade: What do you mean?
Ellis: He was adamant that he lived in that home. He kept begging me to turn back. He was pulling on my shoulder so hard that we damn near hit the median. I told him to get bent, there was no way I was heading back to that place. But he keeps persisting. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out this bundled-up wad of paper. I smooth it out and it’s a picture of a little boy in overalls. There are banners on the wall, and a cake on the table off in the distance. He claims that the photo is of him. He found it in one of the piles.
Jade: No way…
Ellis: You’re telling me. I look at the photo and I tell him it’s all wrong. The placement of the kitchen relative to the hallway. The wallpaper color. The height of the ceiling. He wasn’t hearing any of it.
Jade: So…do you guys turn back?
Ellis: Hell no. I think Dave is pissed at me, but I don’t care. I dropped him off at his place and told him to get some rest.
Jade: And you?
Ellis: I headed home too. I was exhausted. But you wanna know what the most messed up thing is about this whole situation?
Jade: What?
Ellis: I call Corey when I wake up and tell him everything. And you know what he says?
Jade: I think I do.
Ellis: Yeah, you’re smiling. I get it. But there ain’t nothing funny about it. He can label it whatever he wants—abandoning the job, no-showing—whatever. Put the red strike against my name. But I’ll quit before I ever go back to that house.
Jade: I hear you. Sorry, I didn’t mean to make light of it.
Ellis: Promise me you’ll talk to him? That house is not a safe work environment. It needs to be blacklisted.
Jade: I’ll do what I can. Thanks, Ellis.
Transcript #2: Meeting between Jade Hollet (HR and Customer Relations) & Mike Coswell (Journeyman Plumber) Recorded Weds Jan 18th, 2023 5:53PM:
Jade: Hi, Mike.
Mike: Jade. You look lovely this evening.
Jade: Oh, thanks. Thanks again for meeting with me.
Mike: No problem. Where is Corey?
Jade: He won’t be joining us after all. He got pulled away on another job.
Mike: You’re kidding, right?
Jade: I’m not. I’m sorry…
Mike: Look, I’m happy to shed some light on this situation, but this all feels like a waste of time if he’s not here to hear it.
Jade: Please, Mike. I know you’re upset. You have every right to be. You, Dave, Ellis—everyone involved. But I can’t help if I don't know the story. It is really unfortunate that he’s not here, but I promise that I’ll relay the information.
Mike: It’s not you I worry about here, Jade. He needs to listen. He needs to start taking this seriously.
Jade: I completely agree. And I promise I will do my best to catch him, sit him down, and get him to listen. But I need your side of the story, Mike, in order to do this.
Mike: Alright.
Jade: Thank you. Before we start, I just want to let you know that I am recording this. This file seems to be a contentious one, so I just want to make sure I document everything.
Mike: All fine by me.
Jade: Perfect. So, walk me through what happened yesterday at the house on Oakwood Lane.
Mike: Corey calls me, livid, right at the start of my shift. He says he needs me to make a repair right away and Tony will take the job I was previously scheduled for. It’s a simple job, he says, replacing the wax ring around a toilet. I tell him yes and I drive over.
Jade: Does he tell you that Ellis and Dave had already been on-site the day before?
Mike: He doesn’t. And now I know why.
Jade: Can you describe the house once you get there?
Mike: Yes. It’s a single-story home. Pitched roof. Older. It looks well-maintained from the outside. The inside, though, was a nightmare.
Jade: How bad was it?
Mike: Oh, you know, just charming. It looked like they had never thrown anything out before. Ever. Mountains of CD’s, cassette tapes, phonebooks, magazines, and bottles of spray paint. All this crap sat in piles and piles. The house had these brown stains along the walls and this awful yellow floral wallpaper, maroon sofas with velvet sweaters and parachute pants cast upon them. And the smell…that was something else. Like cat piss and shit.
Jade: Really? Are you sure about all of those details?
Mike: Oh yeah, positive. The whole place was like a fucked up time warp.
Jade: Okay. So what happens once you get there?
Mike: They lead me to the main floor bathroom, but they say that someone else has already fixed it for them. I check it out, and it looks like the seal is new. The rounder fellow with the beard, he says the problem is in the basement. The drainage hole is plugged.
Jade: Wait…hold on. There were two guys?
Mike: Yes. Young guys. Maybe in their twenties. I didn’t want to judge or anything, but it seemed like they were a couple. They were pretty handsy with each other, anyways. There was a bigger guy with a thick beard and a skinny, clean-shaven guy with a baseball cap. They were dressed in these matching bright neon jackets with blocks of color. Comically eighties.
Jade: Are you sure they were the owners?
Mike: There was no one else there, besides the stupid cats. And they seemed to know their way around the place. I guess I made the assumption.
Jade: Hmm…Okay.
Mike: Anyways, they lead me to basement. I take a couple of steps down, and I’m asking them about what they think caused the blockage. I don’t hear a response back, just the slamming of the door. The whole room goes black.
Jade: Oh my God, Mike.
Mike: Exactly. This is why I’m so bloody pissed at Corey. This was Ellis and Dave’s mess to clean up, not mine.
Jade: They came and got you right?
Mike: They leave me down there. The door is locked.
Jade: Holy crap, Mike. I’m sorry.
Mike: So, I’m panicking. The two guys never respond. Luckily, I find the flashlight in my toolbox. I try to batter down the door with no luck. The bastards must have moved one of the couches or something to block it.
Jade: So you can’t go back up. What do you do?
Mike: I head down. The basement looks like some kind of construction project. I spot the drain hole, and there’s a pile of things beside it. I walk over and it’s a bunch of old toys that look familiar. Some Care Bears, an Etch-A-Sketch, a Fisher Price tape recorder. I owned all of these as a kid. They’re all in a pile facing me in this weird sort of memorial.
Jade: Jesus. That is disturbing.
Mike: I know. Chills still run up my neck at the thought of it.
Jade: How bad was the clog?
Mike: That’s the craziest thing, there wasn’t one. I’m inspecting the toys and I hear something coming from the drain hole. I place my hand on the metal grate and it’s cold but dry. I place my ear to the metal and I definitely hear voices. It’s a lot of gasping and wheezing. It sounds far away. I think I hear a tired cry for help. I can hear water running too, surging. But I don’t see anything building, it’s just blackness behind the grate. It didn’t make any sense. And then I hear the scratching, the claws scraping at the door.
Jade: My God, Mike. I hope you got out of there.
Mike: Oh, I did. At this point, I was completely freaked out. I take one of my wrenches, smash the window, and climb out of that basement as quickly as possible.
Jade: I’m glad you're okay, Mike. That story is terrifying.
Mike: Thanks, Jade. Just so you know, I called the cops. I don’t know if anything will come of it, but that place wasn’t right.
Jade: I think that was smart. Keep me posted if you need anything. I’ve got a meeting scheduled with Corey this week. I’ll make sure to include all of this.
Mike: Don’t let him send another one of our guys down there.
Jade: Agreed. I’ll let him know. Thanks, Mike.
Transcript #3: Meeting between Jade Hollet (HR and Customer Relations) & Megan Rodriguez (Dispatcher) Recorded Mon Jan 23rd, 2023 7:42AM:
Jade: Hi, Megan.
Megan: Hi, Jade. How was your weekend?
Jade: Oh, you know, quiet, so good. Sorry to grab you so early here. This will be super quick, I just need to hear it from your lips.
Megan: No problem. I don’t start for another fifteen or so.
Jade: Perfect. This shouldn’t take long at all. Have a seat.
Megan: So, what’s up?
Jade: A lot of people are talking about the Oakwood house jobs lately. I spoke with Ellis and Mike already. I just need to know your perspective.
Megan: Mmmhmm. Okay.
Jade: Also, before I forget, I’m recording everything. Just so you know.
Megan: Um…okay.
Jade: Not to be used against you or anything. I know, it’s weird. This whole thing is weird. But I’m getting some conflicting stories here that I need to verify, and I just don’t want to forget any of the details.
Megan: I guess that’s okay.
Jade: Awesome. Thanks for understanding. So a couple of weeks ago, Friday January 13th to be exact, Ellis said he received a call that morning from dispatch. He said you made the call. Then he said Dave made a call back to confirm the address was correct. [REDACTED]. They waited fifteen minutes, but they claimed they never heard back from dispatch.
Megan: Ellis is wrong. You can check the records yourself, I already have. No call was made to him that morning. We did receive a call from Dave that we returned. I don’t know when it was sent exactly, but we were dealing with another issue at the time. I know for sure that the call went to his voicemail though.
Jade: You’re sure about that?
Megan: I’m positive. That job ticket # was also for a job completed last year, it’s a completely different address.
Jade: Okay. Can you check if we’ve ever completed work at [REDACTED] in the past?
Megan: I did check. That address isn’t in our records.
Jade: Hmm…okay. Thanks, Megan. One more thing—
Jade: Shoot. It’s Corey. I need to speak with him. Thanks, Megan. You’ve been a big help. I’ll reach out if necessary.
Megan: No worries, Jade. Have a good day!
Transcript #4: Meeting between Jade Hollet (HR and Customer Relations) & Corey Nanton (Operations Manager) Recorded Mon Jan 23rd, 2023 7:51AM:
Jade: Hi, Corey.
Corey: Hey, Jade. How’s it going?
Jade: I’m doing okay. Can you close the door?
Corey: Definitely.
Jade: Any word yet?
Corey: Nothing yet. But I think it’s pretty clear that we need to do something. I’ve left voicemails. I’ve tried reaching out to his girlfriend. No one has seen or heard from him.
Jade: It’s more serious than that.
Corey: What do you mean?
Jade: No one has contacted you yet?
Corey: For what?
Jade: I was contacted by law enforcement this morning. I’m sure they will be speaking with you shortly. They’re looking for him too. Do you know if anyone has seen him since?
Corey: No. This whole situation has been such an utter pain in the ass. He’s been a no-show since that job. I spoke with the guys. No one has heard from him. It’s not like him.
Jade: You know, Corey, Mike and Ellis’s stories don’t line up at all. I have a really bad feeling about this.
Corey: What do you mean?
Jade: When they claimed that the homeowners weren’t the same, I looked up the house online. There’s no sales history at all since the house was built in 1961.
Corey: Okay?
Jade: I…I don’t know why, but I’ve gone down a rabbit hole with this one. I called in a favor with one of my friends at the city. He pulled everything he could on the house. There were permits in place to demolish it years ago. It keeps getting delayed and held up in court. But no one has lived in it for years. It was deemed a safety hazard by the community. Unliveable. Pull up your phone and search the address. Tell me the first story you see.
Corey: Hold on. Holy crap…
Jade: I told you. You see all the cats?
Corey: This place looks like absolute shit. The ceiling looks like it’s about to cave in.
Jade: And the poor cats. Look at them all. Starved, rolling around in their own filth.
Corey: You’re sure this is the same house?
Jade: I’ll play you back the tapes of what the guys said. The description matches perfectly.
Corey: No bloody way. This makes no sense!
Jade: I know. I told you, Corey. We should have spoken sooner! That’s not even the worst part. I…
Corey: It’s okay, Jade. Here.
Jade: Thanks, Corey. Ahh, my friggin’ makeup. Anyways, I…Just wait until they speak to you.
Corey: Jade. Just tell me now. Please.
Jade: I don’t even think I should be speaking about it…but…
Corey: I know this must be hard for you. With Dave and everything…
Jade: That was a long time ago, Mike. We’ve been with other people for years.
Corey: I know. It’s not my place. I’m sorry. I just know from my own experiences that you never stop caring for them. I guess that’s all I’m trying to say.
Jade: Corey. You don’t get it. They’re trying to say he went back to the property. They’re saying he broke in and burst one of the pipes. The house is completely flooded. They found bodies…
*knock* *knock*
Jade: Well, I guess you can hear it from them yourself.
If you or anyone you know has been in contact with David Weiss or has visited the property on Oakwood Lane, [REDACTED], we urge you to please call the local authorities.

A.P. Royal
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2023.03.31 18:22 console_dot_log I can't believe I slept on punch boi for so long!

I pulled Heizou a while back, and I'd kind of been wanting to try him out. I just hadn't because I was focusing on building my established teams. I decided to invest a bit in him this week, and it did not take long AT ALL to build him to a point where he's driving the strongest team I've played so far.
He's level 75 now, with all his talents at 6. The team I've got him on is Heizou/Xingqui/Beidou/ (currently Kuki for the healing, but better damage with Fischl). Xingqui is C6 level 80 with 4piece emblem, so obviously he's doing most of the off-field DPS, but even the other teams I've put Xingqui on haven't been nearly as effective as this one. When I'm able to get Beidou's and Xingqui's bursts out simultaneously, then get 4vv Heizou out shredding res and proccing the effects, I feel like the enemies are just melting away before me. The damage is insane. And it doesn't hurt that I'm often getting 20k+ crits with his E.
Also pretty exciting for me because I've always loved Beidou, but hadn't yet found a team where she felt like the best-in-slot.
I also recently pulled Thoma, so once I've got bandwidth to level him up I'm gonna try Heizou-driver-burgeon as well, since that one looks pretty fun.
Anyway, that's it. Just wanted to share how excited I am about my new main.
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2023.03.31 18:22 Substantial_Ship_175 College Admissions and the Asian American experience

I come from an Asian-American immigrant family. We are not a wealthy and don't have connections. My mother is 50 and works a near-entry-level job. My father lost his job recently.
Recently, my brother was rejected from all colleges except a couple safety schools. He had a 4.50+ weighted GPA, a near-perfect SAT score, was on the executive board of a national non-profit, played a varsity sport, and had good recommendation letters. My mother purposely decided not to get promoted since she wanted to spend more time helping my brother during COVID with his high school career. She has been nothing but supportive all these years, filling in the absence of my father since he was somewhat depressed about his job and COVID. She saved vacation time and sick days so she could use it to tour colleges with my brother. But my parents tended to fight and argue a lot, and I think this took a toll on him mentally, since I had graduated college and was away from home and COVID struck.
I really do believe my brother is smarter than me. I was lucky and got to attend a top-ranked school, but that was 7 years ago. Amidst a high school that has progressively become more competitive and toxic (a high school teacher quit teaching and managing our school's nationally ranked debate team due to toxic parents and students), he was a truly good person. He never cheated and never tried to manipulate the system to his advantage. He took his responsibilities toward his commitments seriously.
But it all seems for naught. My brother cried for the first time when he learned of his rejections; I think he feels the weight of expectations of Asian-American culture on him and that he thinks he failed. My mother cried too, and on the phone to me she said something I never heard her say before: she was tired, and she hated herself for not being better and more capable of supporting my brother, like other educated, moderately successful Asian-American parents are. I felt like dying after hearing that.
My brother had his own dreams about studying certain subjects, ones that unfortunately are the most competitive at most schools. I am not sure if I should have pushed my brother to pursue another simpler major - part of me wants to support his dreams, but another part of me wants to show him the reality of his situation.
I don't know what to tell my brother now. I want him to know that life is much more than just college admissions. I remember him as a fun, sociable, and trustworthy person that got beaten down by isolation and academic competitiveness during COVID; I want him to remain true to his personality, one that is optimistic and not jaded like mine. More than anything, I want him - and my family - to be happy, but these past 3-4 years have made a irreversible mark on us. I feel guilty for not being there for him and for not doing more, and it's hard to sleep now. I worry about his and my mother's mental states.
I can't help but wonder how things may have been different if we weren't who we are. Maybe we wouldn't have to compete against each other so much. Maybe we wouldn't have to hold ourselves to such high cultural standards. Maybe life would be happier for everyone.
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2023.03.31 18:22 djp279 Selling a collection (I did work)

Selling a collection (I did work)
A few years back I inherited a collection of uncirculated Morgans and full set of Unc Peace Dollars.
Coins have always interested me but ive never cared much for the intricacies of grading and searching for the rarest coins. I've always intended on keeping a few I found interesting and selling the high value coins that I never was interested in getting super involved in curating.
I looked through PCGS and NGC for the last few years trying to figure things out and have a private collector near me that I am meeting with tomorrow. My coins are all ungraded but all uncirculated. My question is this...
I really liked how easy the NGC coin explorer was in building a general value.... I understand most of these were graded coins but how close to these values should I expect?.... I went to a coin shop and obviously their quotes were nowhere near these but us it possible to expect 80% of what this guide says?... 90%?... 53%?
I've attached the original invoice when he bought the Peace Dollar set. Enjoy!
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2023.03.31 18:22 Fumblingthroughlife2 lEt Me TaLk To A sUpErViSoR pt 2

So to preface this I woke up today very very cranky and in no mood to deal with shitty people today. As such I nearly told a customer to go shove his supervisor request up his ass. Ok. Here we go.
As y’all know my company reprimands you for the amount of supervisor calls you get. Since it’s your job to De-escalate the calls. So this guy will be my second transfer in two days and that makes me look bad. I tried to handle it myself telling him I spoke to my supervisor and yeah he wasn’t having it.
So why is this fucker calling in? We had the wrong address listed for his property, we put in a request to verify the property and he didn’t like the way we were doing it.
He wanted us to not contact his county clerks office and instead he wanted us to just take his word for it and do it ourselves (haha like we actually have permissions to change your legal address)
I explained to him we would contact them yes, but we would also look at public record, street names, property location, mapping locations etc. and I told him I verified with my supervisor and she agreed.
He asked me for a supervisor 5 times during this call. Once at the beginning when I told him I need to assist him first, he yelled at me for saying that and said I’m being argumentative and not listening.
I knew I’d get push back from my supervisor so I told them the situation and my supervisor argued with me not allowing me to transfer the call after I told her 3 times he won’t speak to me any longer.
The guy told me since I was speaking to my supervisor directly I can transfer him to her, and when I told him I cannot do that as my supervisor supervises a team she doesn’t answer calls he screamed at me to just get him a fucking supervisor.
I placed him on hold for 5 minutes to argue with my supervisor and instead he hung up.
God I fucking hate people
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2023.03.31 18:22 djlyh96 [FL] someone crashed into me, ruined my life. I have medical bills and proof of injury. Lawyer says because the defendant only has $15k liability, I can no longer pursue medical care from the case and a have to take the settlement.

In 2021 Someone crashed into me and totaled my car. I had no transportation to any medical facilities and was originally told that If I can ever afford To find transportation, I could continue my case.
Because I don't have friends or family, and I was living in a new state, i had no way to get to my medical appointments. The pain in my back caused me to be basically homeless for the past few years. I've also not had transportation in that time, and holding a job was nearly impossible and still is very difficult.
I work as a cook, and even though I'm trying my hardest, the majority of my days are filled with extreme pain and inability to move, along with extreme fatigue.
Because of this one man that crashed into me, I have 4 herniated discs and a concussion. I didn't even know you could have long term concussion.
I literally cannot work anymore without extreme pain, and I'm only 26. I want this man dead or in prison, But instead my lawyers tell me he's not liable for anything past his insurances 15k insurance policy max.
My life feels ruined, and it feels like he doesn't have to suffer any consequence. I don't even know how to get on disability or if it's even possible, And even if I get on disability,? I feel like i'm gonna be stuck with a disabled person's income and barely be able to afford food and rent.
Do I actually not have options? Is he really not liable for any and all medical debt? I also hit my face on the steering wheel, and can barely breathe through my nose. My life has turned into hell trying to sleep through low oxygen and still wake up to try and work, And this entire process has made me feel so hopeless and suicidal.
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2023.03.31 18:22 Individual_Pitch4251 Female 30 medication induce sexual disfunction

Hey so I’ve been on cymbalta now for a week. Had a few side effects here and there but most have leveled out at the moment. My biggest one I noticed is a delay or inability to have an orgasm. I am beyond frustrated, I’ve had issues previously where it isn’t always easy for me but this has made it nearly impossible. It takes twice as much time and energy now. I haven’t even had this experience with my partner yet and I’m afraid of it just ruining our sex life. I’ve also had a significant decrease in libido and interest as well. Has any other ladies experienced this? Does it improve or am I going to have to switch meds.
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2023.03.31 18:21 Davo300zx Looking for a part-time weekend job and having trouble

I currently share a vehicle with my partner and I only have access to it during the weekend. Trying to find some type of part-time job for Weekends Only here in town, but I'm having a lot of trouble as a lot of the retail jobs won't hire people just for weekends.
Constantly seeing stuff in the news about how younger Generations don't want to work anymore yet I've been talking to pretty much every grocery store in town and they all basically accused me of being lazy for wanting to work weekends only even though that's when I have transportation. I live out near the Budweiser brewery in a pretty remote area of town and the bus system out here is pretty bad so it makes it hard to reliably get to a job during the week.
Anybody have any advice on finding a weekend only job in Fort collins?
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2023.03.31 18:21 Comprehensive_Pea142 psych np or acute care np

I have been debating on whether to choose between psych np and acute care np. i have been a nurse for 3 years now. I have been interested in psych for the longest but I don’t feel as if there are many places near me that hire psych np’s and don’t want to be without a job if I do plan on pursuing that option.
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2023.03.31 18:21 Sufficient-Froyo9110 A Little Win

I’m new to the group but I wanted to share some positivity for anyone who is struggling with a stone, stent, or infection right now! I’m 28 and have been struggling with stones since I was in middle school. I’ve had many stents, many surgeries, and have now been septic three separate times as a result. I was stone free for nearly four years and was rushed to the hospital in early February for what felt like the worst stone of my life. The first one to cause me to fully black out from pain. My husband was terrified as this was his first time seeing this happen. To my surprise, there were 3 of them passing back to back to back. What started as normal day turned into surgery, a stent, two hospital stays and unfortunately sepsis for the third time. I was hospitalized for nine days in mid March and have had a very rough two months. Now to the good news! I was scheduled for surgery early this morning and was told from the start they would be replacing the stent. I would almost definitely wake up with a new stent in and another 2-4 weeks of blood, pain, and nausea. Well, I woke up from surgery a few hours ago to be told that luck was finally on my side and they were able to safely do the lithotripsy AND remove my stent without concern of further infection or swelling. I am now home and stent free with only two more days of antibiotics before I am home free. I am excited and feel better than I have in nearly 8 weeks. To anyone having a particularly hard time right now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will get that “good as new” feeling soon. Just keep pushing through, following medical advice, and drinking plenty of water! Stay strong kidney stone sufferers.
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2023.03.31 18:21 Random-Occurrence365 The Cost of Success

Fame, recognition, and celebrity have been a part of the books since CC when John Bristow chose Strike because he recognized the name and ended with “I am become a name”. In fact, Strike has had to deal with it his entire life in the form of curious classmates and assumption-making strangers while enjoying few of the benefits of being Jonny Rokeby’s son. For Strike, anonymity was one the army’s great attractions. It was a place to develop his own talents and live his life away from the shadow cast by his parents. Back in civilian life, Strike thinks his growing name recognition is linked to Rokeby’s willingness to claim him now and that Rokeby is trying to avoid bad publicity. It feels to me that there is a developing story about success, its costs, and its unexpected pitfalls. It’s a bit two-faced, like Janus/Janice. I think one of the things that drives Strike is a desire to show Rokeby and the world that he can make it on his own, that he needed Rokeby as little as Rokeby wanted him, but at the same time the agency, his means of proving that, is threatened by its success.
If the partners continue to solve high-profile cases I don’t think they will be able to avoid the consequences of their success indefinitely. I think it’s only a matter of time before Strike, and maybe Robin, too, can’t take part in investigations the way they like to. In IBH we know Strike is concerned about his own fame and physical recognition. It was central to both the Charlotte and Madeline storylines. Robin was in the news for her heroics and when Anomie sent Zoe/Worm28 their pictures from the paper, Zoe recognized Robin. I don’t imagine that Strike and the agency will fade from public interest now they caught another killer and his getting stabbed in the process. I realize JKR can magically avoid the consequences of the agency’s fame if that’s her wish, but it’s starting to feel that they will soon face limits on what they can do, and maybe that’s JKR’s intention.
I suspect it will become impossible to go out into the street without risking recognition, and maybe it will actually happen, thereby blowing a big case. Fame and success have a way of getting out of control and being a destructive force, just look at Edie and Josh in IBH and Lula’s distrust of nearly everyone around her in CC. I wonder if Strike’s inability to control his own celebrity will gain him some understanding of Rokeby’s life and if he and Robin will need to reassess the future of the agency, specifically their role in it. This scenario also fits into my belief that the end of the series will somehow bring us back to the beginning when Robin walks through the door for the first time, beginning their partnership. Perhaps the series will end with some kind of exit.
What do you think? Do you think their own success will lead to major changes or will they manage to avoid the pitfalls?
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2023.03.31 18:20 Filmfan345 Should I use a physical journal or a digital journal on my iPad for my dream journal?

I am about to start my lucid dreaming journey. My first step is to increase my dream recall by dream journaling. I have both a physical journal and an iPad near me where I can write on. Which one do I use? Does one offer an advantage over the other? Are they about the same?
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