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2023.06.05 13:24 StatexfCrisis SIL’s Baptism

Longtime lurkecommentator but never posted my own story. There’s a lot of backstory that I’m not sure I want to get into. Summary: My mother rented to my MIL, and that’s how I met my DH. She joked about us dating but once we went out, she texted my mother about stopping me from going out with him. We began dating, and she began shit talking about me directly to my mother. I moved out into his apartment. We stayed until the lease was done and now moved back in with my mother. She left and bought a house with my mother’s help. Legend: OSIL = Older sister in law, YSIL = Younger sister in law, SFIL = Step father in law
With that out of the way, we had been dating for a year, and we decided to get married. We’re now married! Neither side has actually congratulated us, ever. Both sides are Christian but where my family is nondenominational, his is LDS. He has younger siblings. I’ll be fudging some details to keep this story more anonymous.
My SIL’s baptism was last weekend. I had decided that DH needed a white button down, tie, and some dress shoes for the occasion. Apparently, his mom had messaged him asking to wear green to match the family. I picked a dress, and we matched his outfit to mine. My outfit was pale green, and white. We managed to find a tie and pocket square to match my dress. ( I hadn’t been told about the matching until we had already purchased our clothes, so the matching family was entirely coincidental. )
We get there, and MIL/older SIL are wearing white. This was obviously coordinated yet no one told ME to wear white. I was immediately annoyed but brushed it off. We take family photos, OSIL stayed in the car to avoid us. DH made a joke about her being so loving. MIL acknowledged it but brushed it off. I’m ignored the entire time, we take photos. and help take the food from car into the kitchen. We end up going into another part of the church while we wait for the rest of the guests. DH and I help fold the program pamphlets. The baptism went well! I specially called MIL to sit with us. She played dumb and went to go sit with OSIL. YSIL was actually sitting with us, and was handholding DH because she was anxious about the water bit. That pissed me off but oh well. We go towards the kitchen to eat afterwards. DH went to go get food for us but was suckered into playing lunch lady for a bit. He went to go talk to OSIL as it’s been a tense relationship. I didn’t have my phone and was being ignored by the rest of the family so I went outside for a bit. DH joined me because he knew I was having a rough time with his family. We came back and a guest came over and talked to us. First person to talk to me after the service! We were in charge of bringing forks and a cake for YSIL. Found out that SFIL went out to get forks. Like they didn’t trust us to bring them? We ate and then got out the cake. We went out and sang happy birthday for our YSIL. We had cake and all. While this was going on, MIL and the rest of the family were in the kitchen gossiping. After the cake, a woman kept talking to DH and I was getting tired of being ignored. When we went to say bye to MIL, she said thank you for coming specifically to DH. Hugged him and then immediately started talking to someone else. I’m so tired of being treated like an outsider to this family. I have a close relationship with YSIL & BIL but then again they’re children. The family is a whole mess because they refuse to respect me and actually talk to me. I refuse to try with them because of the things that MIL has said about me. At this point, we’re only LC because of the kids. I don’t even know why I’m posting because I don’t know if there’s any advice that would even help us. I guess I want to rant because not many people know what I’m going through in terms of In-Laws. Not even my brothers know. Sorry for any formatting issues or mistakes, I’m doing this on mobile.
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2023.06.05 13:23 TELMxWILSON New Music! Pendulum, Metrik, Satl, Amoss, Workforce, DJ Sofa and more! Review include some Hiddem Gem bleeps & bloops as well as some deep liquid from Geostatic. [+weekly updated Spotify playlist] New Music Monday! (Week 23)

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Picks Of The Week (by u/lefuniname)

1. Niallo - Dreamland EP 💎 [DIVIDID]

Recommended if you like: [BORDERS], The Caracal Project, Tom Finster
It's no secret I'm a big fan of the innovative, all-around strange sounds that come out of the newschool movement, spearheaded by the likes of IMANU and The Caracal Project. While these two, especially the latter, already come up with some truly puzzling sound design that would cause your nan to lose the last bits of hope she might have had for future generation's music, the up-and-coming artists inspired by them arguably push the envelope in that regard even further, making even millennials scratch their head sometimes. Or should I say millen-nial-lo? You guessed right, we're once again talking about Bristol-based badboy Niall Overend, better known as Niallo!
After talking about his introspective debut EP in 2021 and taking a closer look at his unsettlingly good follow-up EP in 2022, it has basically become an annual (an-niall?) tradition to expose you guys to the weirdest of bleeps and bloops that the scene has to offer. However, since we last talked about him, he has been expanding his sound even further! After an excursion on Incurzion and a double tracker on Surveillance Music, he realised how hard it was to find a home for his most out-there stuff, eventually leading him down the path of self-releasing earlier this year. Still not quite creatively satisfied, he even started another alias called Everdone just last month, for the less club-oriented side of the Niall. In the midst of all this (positive) creative turmoil, he managed to reinvent himself and his sound once again, this time dreaming up a whole new, more uplifting aesthetic, while still retaining the otherworldly alien-esque sound design he has become known for at this point. That unique combination of flavours got the attention of an imprint Niall has been looking up to since basically forever, DIVIDID, promptly resulting in label manager ABIS signing him on for a full EP! Let's see what the fuzz is all about then, shall we?
We ascend into the ethereal sky islands created from Niall's wicked sound design wizardry, with the title track Dreamland. After easing into it all by synths so dreamy they immediately earn the track its title, a most wonderful, distinctly retro-futuristic and otherworldly choir makes it clear that this release is different from most others. I can't quite explain why, but this whole intro gives off such strong retro-futuristic dystopia vibes that I just can't help but picture BioShock Infinite in my head. Following this unique introduction to it all is an equally, if not even more so, eccentric drop, driven forward by a syncopated, ever-changing flow and brought to life by all sorts of different bleeps and bloops.
As residents of the sky islands, we of course don't have any clouds blocking out the sun, so we end up becoming early risers and Niall already has the perfect anthem prepped for us: Holding On (6AM). With slightly dissonant chords, injected with strong white noise, creating a real sense of unease in a matter of seconds and the heavily processed, high-pitched vocal expanding on this experimental atmosphere, the rather strange journey continues. While I already kind of love this intro, the real highlight is what follows. Slow-moving, swinging drums act as the foundation for an incredibly catchy melody, whose each and every hit carries multiple waves of dissonance with it. Might sound weird, but it absolutely works. Throughout the drop, Niall effortlessly switches back and forth between this swinging, multi-layered madness and the chords from the buildup, with the occasional fake-out thrown in for good measure, really pushing the levels of dissonance to their limits. I absolutely love it.
With what sounds like a Japanese vocal sample, which has of course been slammed through various processing pipelines, and dissonant piano chords, Niall welcomes us to the next level of existence: Hyperreality. Even more syncopated than before, with little rolly bois chiming in every now and then, and an avalanche of melodies falling over each other, somehow forming a coherent rhythm in the process, this third stop makes you feel like you are living inside the glitchiest but simultaneously also prettiest videogames out there. EP closer Blue Snake takes this glitchy idea and runs with it. You know that sound you get, when you are watching something and your OS crashes on you, that millisecond-long snippet of audio just looping forever? That's what the buildup is like, but somehow melodically pleasing! As if that wasn't enough, we continue by hopping on a fast-paced joyride up and down the bleepy bloopy scales, with seemingly randomly appearing gaps in the melody creating an unpredictable yet well-flowing rhythm that will wrinkle your brain. Not only do we get loads of variation in the same tempo this way, Niall even pumps the brakes in the second half so hard we end up in a Half-time rhythm!
I have been a fan of Niallo's sound from the start basically, but this new direction is such a bold departure from the norm and just so wonderfully strange that I can't help but be even more ecstatic about his future projects than I already was before. Undenia(llo)bly one of the most unique releases of this and probably also previous years.
Other bleepy and bloopy things from this week: - skantia - Politics - A.way, Moment - Inception - B3D3-R, Asli, SEMPLE. - Summer Bounce EP

2. Geostatic - Worth Fighting For / Unpredictable [Celsius Recordings]

Recommended if you like: Sub:liminal, Invadhertz, Alix Perez
While he's slowly gaining a more sizeable audience and thus technically not a Hidden Gem™️ anymore, Geostatic is still incredibly underrated in my eyes. So, let's talk about him a bit!
Straight outta Austria's second largest city and one of its many DnB hotspots Graz, Philipp Hochegger aka Geostatic has been making geological, expressedly non-static waves in the DnB scene for years now. As part of the ehrliches BUM BUM or EBB crew, he is responsible for all sorts of ablaze Dancefloors not just in the area, but also at festivals like Outlook, Break & Lake and LakeSide. Inspired by the likes of Alix Perez, Phil of course also eventually wanted to fill up his playlists with tunes of his own. Around 2020, it was then finally time for the Geostatic project to ascend to the next level, with debut releases on Italian imprint Delta9 and its sister label DLT9. In the same year, Phil also participated in a competition for Graz-based artists, organised by springfestival graz, and managed to become one of the winners, with his track New Horizon even being used to promote the project on national television! After this first, already quite successful year, the Geostatic project swung into the next few ones with quite a lot of momentum, leading to releases on Transparent Audio, where he became a pivotal part of the ensemble, Ekou, Incurzion and, of course, Delta9, and collaborations with fellow Austrian talents Moekel, Screamarts and Anthropic.
After his arguably biggest EPs so far earlier this year, the Power Of Knowledge EP on Transparent Audio, which I kind of regret not covering here, Philipp continues his hot streak with some double trouble action on legendary Dutch label Fokuz's sister label, Celsius Recordings. And that's what we're here to talk about today! For the opener, Worth Fighting For, Phil recruits a certain someone, who has been making some serious moves in the scene lately: Dresden-based Scurrow. Together, the newcomer powerhouses craft a rather lovely roller of a tune, with soft pianos tugging at your heartstrings, a gentle vocal allowing your mind to drift away from the dreadful problems of day-to-day life, and warm bass to soothe the most anxious of souls. Speaking of bass, the flipside Unpredictable shows the polar opposite side of the Geostatic sound: Uncompromisingly huge, goosebump-inducing basslines, with a menacing atmosphere and forward-driving, rolling drums for maximum effect. What remains from the opener, albeit amped up to 11 here, is the soulfulness of it all, thanks to the wonderful vocal sample and its sublime processing.
Magnificent vibes, precise production, simply great! This is your invitation to also jump on the Geostatic hype train. Trust me, you won't regret it.
Other liquid and deep stuff from this week: - Trail - Resident EP - Satl, Brandy Haze - Today - Duskee, Deadline, Slay - CHICA - Reburf - In Deep EP 💎 - Amoss - A Stroke Of Luck EP - Waeys - Objection VIP / Simula Remix - Apparition - Guardian EP

New Releases

General DnB / Mixed



Deep / Tech / Minimal

Jump Up


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2023.06.05 13:23 toanewbeginningwithu I (21F) am leaving my long term relationship with fiancé (33m)

To make a long story short, we’ve been together for almost 4 years. We are both recovering addicts who welcomed out baby twins last year.
When I was on drugs still (about 8 months into our relationship, I was 18 at the time) we both went to jail. My family bonded me out and I ended up “latching” onto another guy that would feed my habit and not try to hurt me like so many other men in the drug world do. I felt horrible for cheating, but ultimately thought we would be able to get past it. Fast forward a couple of years to now, and the romance is dead and has no signs of life.
“Steve” has been distant for a long time. I mean, zero physical affection other than sex, zero words of affirmation, nil. I have talked to him about this and how I receive love several times but it always ended up with me in tears, even more frustrated than in the beginning. So I stopped begging for love and affection a long time ago.
We got into a fight about using corporal punishment on our 16 month old twins a couple of weeks ago. I told him I was against it and wouldn’t stand for it. It turned into him yelling and screaming at me, berating me, talking to me as if I’m a child which is per usual.
Last night he bit our son, thinking that he bit the other twin. I didn’t say anything about this, I was not in the place mentally to fight with him. I did, however, let him know that the baby did not get bitten, but he scratched his arm on a jagged edge of the trim around the doorframe. He starts screaming and berating me again. I let him know that I didn’t appreciate him talking to me in that way, and he says he doesn’t appreciate how I judge his parenting. I let him know that I feel the same way when he comes home and starts acting live I’ve done absolutely nothing, or starts implying that I’m neglectful to our kids which stems from an argument about night time diaper changes. I told him if he hears the baby cry and I’m still sleeping, I expect him to go check on him as that’s the one thing he’s responsible for at home, checking on the kids when I’m not available to do so, as raising the kids has fallen completely on my shoulders. I told him that choosing to work himself to death doesn’t absolve him if his responsibility to parent his children when he is home. He seems to think that because he supports us financially, he doesn’t have to change diapers, give baths, make the bottles, etc.
Then he goes into a long list of how I’m failing as a wife. The house isn’t clean, I don’t cook, etc. etc. I let him know that I’m aware but I have a deadline of a few weeks to finish an entire year of math classes in order to finish my HS Diploma and I’ve been prioritizing that over everything else because I want to get an education. He didn’t care. To be clear, our house is cluttered. I don’t want to point fingers but I have strong feelings about that, as well. We do not live in filth.
This irks me and I go into how he’s unloving and unsupportive and sometimes even hateful. I feel lonely when I’m with him and it’s hurting me. He says he’s cold and distant because he grew up around a lot of DV but that’s a lame excuse that he’s never even sought outside help for.
Anyways, I’m just tired. I’m tired of feeling like a single parent doing this on my own when I’m not. I’m tired of it all.
I guess I’m just looking for some affirmation or for someone to tell me that I’m wrong before I make this decision.
TL;DR : Partner has no regard for my personal goals ; refuses to take care of kids when at home ; talks to me like I’m a child and I’m over it. Is leaving the right decision?
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2023.06.05 13:22 theclumsystol Who is Clark Hunt, son of Norma Hunt and Kansas City Chiefs owner?

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2023.06.05 13:22 TorgoEntertainment Ep. 206 Discussion: The Lost Love Letter of Captain John Smith

The one that begins "Dear John".
In the mid-1600s, the Algonquian Indians captured the governor of Jamestown: Captain John Smith. He was carried struggling into a clearing and thrown upon a great boulder before Chief Powhatan. Four men held him down, and the executioners lifted two great rocks to crush him. Suddenly, there was a shriek and the sound of running feet. Pocahontas, the daughter of Powhatan, threw herself over the head of the captive. "Do not hurt him, father! I love him!"
Powhatan spared the life of the Englishman John Smith. All winter long, Pocahontas visited her boyfriend at Jamestown, bringing the colonists' food and warning them of danger. All of them were grateful except one: Prunella Pemberwick, who had a crush on John Smith herself. Legend has it that when Smith was suddenly called back to England, he left a love letter for Pocahontas, but Prunella threw the letter away and told Pocahontas that John Smith had died.
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2023.06.05 13:22 Flizzash561 “Tell Me When To Go” - Flizzash

Experience the electrifying fusion of raw drill energy and soulful R&B vibes in the ultimate musical concoction! Introducing 'Tell Me When to Go,' the scorching new anthem that sets the streets ablaze with its irresistible beats and captivating lyrics. Embark on a sonic journey where gritty drill meets the smooth embrace of an R&B sample, creating an unparalleled fusion that will leave you craving for more. Prepare to be hypnotized by the rhythmic flow and soul-stirring melodies as 'Tell Me When to Go' takes you on a thrilling ride through the depths of urban soundscapes. Get ready to surrender to the irresistible rhythm and let the music guide you. Are you ready to embrace the next level of musical evolution?
Tell Me When To Go
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2023.06.05 13:21 Lucky-Club6726 Jordan and Ari

So you all know how Jordan is very to say the least a misogynistic conservative type of male. Wife and family has to submit to him type of cult 1940s shit. I don’t understand how he isn’t more hands on with raising Ari, his ONLY son. They don’t seem to have any father son bonding. No fishing trips, car repair things, yard work, fake army fights with toy nerf guns, sports, anything. They didn’t even take him to the RACES!!! And M1 usually keeps him ungroomed bc she never wanted a boy, and leaves his hair long and dresses him in “gender neutral” but actual girls clothes. Jordan is so anti gay, anti trans, anti strong women, I figured he would at least try to force that on his only son through father son based trips ya know? I’m happy he doesn’t and lets him do normal boy with only sisters things. But why is my question.
My husband works 5-5 sometimes longer during the week and every Saturday he is up early with my son(3) packing lunch for them to go fishing. And when they get home they mow together and he gives our son a couple bucks for his “hard work” to go in his piggy bank.
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2023.06.05 13:21 PhlightYagami ITAP of my wife and newborn son [Portrait]

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2023.06.05 13:21 HandBanana666 Disney+ Special Presentation that resolves the Quicksilver and Magneto plot thread from the X-Men series

I've seen some people complain about some of the unresolved plot threads in the X-Men film series. Particularly, the plot thread about Quicksilver telling Magneto that he is his son. This reminded me of Mantis revealing to Starlord that she is his sister, which happened in a Disney+ Special Presentation.
That got thinking...what if Marvel made a Disney+ special starring Even Peters' Quicksilver that resolves this plot thread once and for all. What do you guys think?
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2023.06.05 13:20 lunasworldx Where is Cristina Bergua? 16 year old who disappeared after seeing her boyfriend.

We have to talk about Cristina Bergua.
Her case still remains open till this day.
Cornellá, Spain.
The last time her parents, Luisa and Juan, saw her she was sitting on her brothers' bed trying to play his guitar. Her mother asked her "aren't you going out?". She replied "Yes I am waiting for you to leave so I can get ready". Her parents went for a walk. She left with 2000 pesetas and her ID.
After 10 PM her parents started to worry as she hadn't come back yet. According to them she was very responsible and wouldn't disappear for that long. She would phone her parents to let them know where she was. As this was strange, her parents phoned her friends and they told Cristina's parents that she went to break up with her then boyfriend Javier Román.
Half an hour later Juan went to the police to file a missing person's report. They didn't accept the report until some hours later as the Spanish protocol didn't allow it. After he came back from the station, his wife, son and himself started looking for her through the town. They yelled her name many times and ran up and down the same streets in the hopes to find her. The following days they spent about 3 million pesetas (18000€) in printing posters with her picture and disappearance notice on it. Her face was around the whole of Spain. Her disappearance was all over the national news and many tv programs. Every one made an effort to find her, except for one person, Javier Román.
The man admitted during the trial that he had been with Cristina that evening, but he had accompanied her to the door of the building where she lived. Then he went to have dinner with his uncle and aunt.
Luisa recalls that they were always on and off. They were not stable and she never really wanted a relationship with him. She wanted to be independent and buy her own house with her own money. Her dream was to be a flight attendant. He was her first boyfriend. Luisa did not agree with Javier's way of life in general. He had many "weird" tattoos and no aspirations as to the future. She saw her daughter as a more mature and independent person that didn't really match with him. He was also older than her.
On the night of her disappearance, Cristina's brother went 2 times up to Javier's door to ask for her sister. But he said in both occasions that he didn't know where she was, that he had left her at the door of the building where they lived. He never worried about her and never joined the family in the search.

The start of the investigation
As the investigations started, Javier Román immediately became a suspect. He was the last one to see her. He tried to divert the attention and called his investigation a stupidity. He claimed that she had escaped voluntarily and would come back when she was 18. Or that's what she had told him.
Investigators did not believe his allegations. The family had money in their home as Cristina's brother was going to buy a flat. They said that if she wanted to escape she would have taken some of the money as she knew it was there. She would have also taken more things but she only disappeared with a little amount of money, her ID and keys. Her mother claimed that those things would not take her anywhere.
They interviewed Javier in several occasions but he always maintained the same version of events and the same expression. He was cold and direct. They searched up to 3km of a sewer that was beneath his house but did not find anything. They also investigated many phone calls he made before, during and after her disappearance but there was nothing related to the case. They never stopped investigating him but they didn't have enough proof to actually sentence him for her disappearance.
As he was being chased by many people he decided to leave the country and travel to Santo Domingo. Meanwhile, Cristina's mother was constantly awaiting any sort of calls or news about her daughter standing permanently next to the phone.

The last 25 years
During the last years Juan and Luisa have lived all kinds of things.
Many people have called claiming they were Cristina and that she was kidnapped. Or asking for money in exchange of her daughter. Others called to inform them that they had seen Cristina in a theme park or retained inside a brothel. Nothing was real.
What really hit them was the anonymous letter her parents received that stated that her body was inside a dump in Barcelona. This drove the police to search for her corpse in the landfill, but nothing was found.
Till today the case remains open. Nothing has yet been found. Where is Cristina?

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2023.06.05 13:20 SpicyBiscuit129 Better fitting experience?? Golf exchange or GolfTec

Paying for my father to get fit for new irons. He’s had hand-me-down sets his entire life and wants to purchase some new irons. Was wondering if anyone had ever been fit at Golf Exchange or GolfTec. Golf Exchange is 50 bucks for 45 mins, GolfTec is 135 for an hour.
Wondering if anyone knew anything about these stores and if the price difference is really worth it.
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2023.06.05 13:19 technitoudromou The Twelve Apostles as a type of the Twelve Aeons Matthew 10:1-4

the twelve apostles are seen as symbolic of the twelve Aeons of the Dodecad. Here is a breakdown of how each apostle may be associated with an Aeon:
Paracletus (Comforter) - This attribute could be associated with the Apostle Peter, who is often seen as a representative of the divine Comforter, providing support and guidance to believers.
Pistis (Faith) - The attribute of faith can be linked to the Apostle Andrew, who displayed faith and trust in the teachings of Jesus.
Patricas (Paternal) - This attribute, representing fatherhood and protection, could be associated with the Apostle James (son of Zebedee), who was one of the prominent disciples and had a close relationship with Jesus.
Elpis (Hope) - The attribute of hope can be aligned with the Apostle John, who emphasized the hope and expectation of eternal life through Jesus' teachings.
Metricos (Maternal) - This attribute, symbolizing motherhood and nurturing, could be associated with the Apostle Philip, who is said to have cared for and nurtured the early Christian community.
Agape (Love) - The attribute of love can be linked to the Apostle Bartholomew, who demonstrated selfless love and devotion in his discipleship.
Ainos (Praise) - The attribute of praise can be aligned with the Apostle Thomas, who is often remembered for his expression of praise and devotion to Jesus.
Synesis (Intelligence) - This attribute, representing intelligence and understanding, could be associated with the Apostle Matthew, who was known for his background as a tax collector and his ability to comprehend and articulate Jesus' teachings.
Ecclesiasticus (Son of Ecclesia) - This attribute, symbolizing community and belonging, could be linked to the Apostle James (son of Alphaeus), who was part of the close-knit group of disciples forming the early Christian community.
Macariotes (Blessedness) - The attribute of blessedness can be aligned with the Apostle Thaddaeus, who is believed to have experienced the joy and blessedness of being a follower of Jesus.
Theletus (Perfect) - This attribute, representing perfection, could be associated with the Apostle Simon the Zealot, who dedicated himself to the pursuit of righteousness and perfection in his discipleship.
Sophia (Wisdom) - The attribute of wisdom can be linked to the Apostle Judas Iscariot, who, despite his unfortunate betrayal, may be seen as representing the potential for growth and redemption through the pursuit of wisdom.
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2023.06.05 13:19 banzay_33 Tatiana Nikolaevna Sumarokova (September 16, 1922 — May 28, 1997) was

Tatiana Nikolaevna Sumarokova (September 16, 1922 — May 28, 1997) was
Was a Soviet pilot, during the Great Patriotic War she fought as a crew navigator, flight navigator, and squadron navigator of the 46th Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment. Hero of the Russian Federation (11.10.1995). Guard Lieutenant (1943).
At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, Tatiana's father went to the front. She herself also repeatedly applied with reports on the direction to the front, but was refused. Participated in the construction of defensive structures near Moscow.
Having learned about the order of the People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR I. V. Stalin No. 0099 dated October 8, 1941 on the formation of women's aviation regiments, on October 13, 1941 Tatiana Sumarokova and a classmate Chiuaz Dospanova made an appointment with M. M. Raskova, who was engaged in the formation of women's aviation regiments, with a request to enroll them in one of such regiments. A few days later, the girls were accepted as volunteers into the ranks of the Red Army and sent for training.
On October 26, 1941, the future pilots arrived at the place of formation of the regiments in the Volga city of Engels. There, in February 1942, Sumarokova completed an accelerated course of study at the Engels Military Aviation School of Pilots. In the same month, she was enlisted as a bombardier in the 588th Night Light bombardment Aviation Regiment.
On May 23, 1942, Sergeant Sumarokova flew to the front as part of this aviation regiment. On May 27, the regiment arrived at its destination. As part of the regiment, she fought on the Southern Front, from July 1942 on the North Caucasian Front, from September 1942 in the Northern Group of troops of the Transcaucasian Front. Participated in the Donbass defensive operation of 1942 and in the Battle for the Caucasus.
After three months of fighting, in September 1942, Tatiana Sumarokova was presented with the first award — the Order of the Red Banner.
This is how Tatiana Nikolaevna herself describes that time:
"In 1942, I was awarded the first Order of the Red Banner…
...It was in September. And then came a wet, rainy autumn. The rains have charged. But the regiment flew without interruptions. Those were difficult flights. Often the target was obscured by clouds or fog. But the task must be completed at all costs. Each sortie in these difficult conditions added to our experience, helped us develop tactics to fight the enemy."
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2023.06.05 13:19 Active-Violinist-521 I [31F] like him [30M] much more than he likes me. How do I see past that?

People online tell me that women like men more than men like women, in a more well rounded way and across the world and throughout history
I gave some examples of what I read online to my parents, sister and psychologist and they told me:
That most people believe that sexism is more common towards women than men, but not sooo much more common. Maybe 70/30 or 60/40. And that most people believe that sexism towards men is not just a thing as backlash because of sexism towards women
That most people believe that sexism is not about hating women, it was about men exerting physical strength to get roles of power through history. But that women were not seen as inferior nor lesser. That traditional roles were seen as different, but equal. So women raised families and had an important role doing that. While men worked. And women weren't seen to be catering to men, serving men, owned by men nor defined by their relationships to men. Because men were expected to marry and serve their wife by working too
That most don't believe that men objectify women while women don't objectify men. Nor that women respect and treat men better
That most don't believe that women are attracted to men in a more well rounded way than men are attracted to women nor that if you took sex away, men would prefer men in all other ways and see them as superior
That most don't believe that women in Muslim countries or women through history like men more than the men like women nor treat them better
That most think violence towards women is not about hating women but about power, control, testosterone, and women being easier targets due to being physically weaker. And that the same men who commit domestic violence would also be the types to start pub fights with other men, or to target kids.
That most people don't think that women hate each other, compete and get jealous while men have stronger bonds, friendships and camaraderie. They think that women mostly support each other too
That most people don't think that men who do female jobs/hobbies roles are held to lower standards and praised for the bare minimum, while women who do male jobs/roles are held to higher standards and have to prove themselves. Also that most think workplaces like the police may be a big boy's club but that there are also ones that are a girl's club. Also that most don't think that women are held to higher behavioural standards/expectations than men nor judged harsher, etc. Nor that female celebs and characters are trolled/threatened, bullied and hated more online than male ones are
That most people don't think that men prefer father figures, male role models and male idols and lead characters, while women can appreciate either gender in all of those things. Nor that women support and praise the men of LGBT more than the women of LGBT, gay men more than lesbians, etc. Nor that women support gay men much more than men support lesbians
What do you think?
Why does the online world say differently? And also how do women and f eminists stay attracted to men while believing that women like men more and in a more well rounded way and that take sex away and there's not much left keeping men interested in women? That's the biggest turn off to me, reading online put me off men for life. I mean why would you be okay with unrequited love or imbalanced love from one gender to another? Being okay with finding the needle in the haystack is pathetic. People online made me reclusive/avoid people and not wanting to associate with people ever again. I won't accept being surrounded by a society where most believe and accept it.
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2023.06.05 13:18 theclumsystol Who is Clark Hunt, son of Norma Hunt and Kansas City Chiefs owner?

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2023.06.05 13:18 Pointlesswonder802 Gay Rights Laws Rant

Prefacing this by saying it’s mostly just a rant brought on by sales bin Piecznik saying he’d love to institute the death penalty for LGBTQ people and Alex being Alex.
I’m a bi male in a long term hetero relationship. So I vociferously support the LGBTQ community but have not always found my place within it outside of just simply calling myself an ally. And frankly that’s fine. I’m happy to do that.
Recently I went to a Hailey Kiyoko concert with an out, queer friend. And it was incredible. For those of you that don’t know she is a gay pop performer very influential in that scene. I wasn’t aware of her but if you like that type of music check her out, she’s a pretty great artist honestly.
But the concert was incredible. I found myself many times looking around at the couples in the audience vibing to the music and lyrics, waving pride flags, just being happy to have this space to appreciate this artist they love and the community as a whole. But every time I got brought back down to Earth seeing this and knowing how shitty it is for people like Alex, and DeSantis, and MTG, etc etc, to regularly say these people are disgusting and broken, and deserve the death penalty. Sure some pride events are over the top and not the best place to bring a family but that’s true for society in general. Can these people just fuck off please. I know they’re a dying breed but god it can’t happen fast enough
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2023.06.05 13:18 Upstairs-Winner6107 mother and son porn

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2023.06.05 13:17 super4babacool Why did Milchick woke up Dylan at his home ?

I just finished severance, I found it very well made, but there this thing I do not understand: why did Milchick woke up Dylan at his home, making him aware of the "remote control" and taking risk of him founding out about his outtie's life, instead of just waiting for him in the morning in front of the elevator like he normally does when there is an issue ?
The card does not seem that important and he seem to fetch it in the morning after inspecting the new doors so just prior the employees arrival.
If he just asked Dylan in the morning, threatening some breakroom for cooperation, Dylan would have easily given up the card, and would have never know about neither his son and the emergency awakening protocol, and the innie rebellion would surely have not happened.
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2023.06.05 13:17 Glum-Ad7527 New Hampshire woman and her 18-month-old daughter fatally shot; father found dead near bank of Merrimack River

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2023.06.05 13:17 Glass_Leg8789 New Hampshire woman and her 18-month-old daughter fatally shot; father found dead near bank of Merrimack River

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2023.06.05 13:16 Southern-Citron-9350 I really need help

This is quite an average story , but it's really disturbing me so I decided to write it down and get some opinions and advices . To get started, i (18F) with my family, used to live in our grandparents house but my uncles decided to sell it . So it was pretty hard because of the family problems , and my father that was barely making any money and the amount that was given to him wasn't enough to buy a house for 6 people . I lost my friends , and we spent a year in a tiny apartment (2 rooms) , the new school was creepy and people were not friendly at all , i got bullied and didn't have someone to talk , so i spent the entire time alone and crying. I had depression and lost 15kg , everything about me changed and i became so weak and unable to face or do anything. Eventually after more than a year my father managed to buy the house we're currently in, it's a big house in quit a nice neighborhood. Everything seemed to be good again , i started going to my new high school, i made friends and felt a little happy even though I didn't entirety heal from my depression . And that's were the actual story starts , so i after a couple months I got to know this girl (17F) , she's in the same neighborhood so i met her sometimes on my way home but we weren't friends , our discussions were basic ones , i didn't even know her full name . So one day while I was coming back home from school with 2 other friends, they started talking about her and that she is dating someone, as soon as they mentioned the guy's name (18M) i realized that it was the same guy that's been flirting with me for the past week , i felt bad about it and decided to tell her . When I did she asked me if I could test him for her , so whenever he messaged me i told her and she would tell me what to answer . A few days later , he told me that he didn't have a girlfriend so i rushed and told her , but to my surprise she wasn't mad at all and she asked me to just stop talking to him . The next day I asked someone about it and was told that they broke up a month ago, she's the one that asked him to be together, he never loved her and she knows it , i then realized that she actually used me and got jealous. For the next days he kept on messaging me and i wasn't answering, but I did cuz he insisted, i told him that I don't wana talk cuz she wouldn't like that and he said that he has the right to talk to whoever and however he wants . Meanwhile she messaged me saying that she doesn't want me to tell her anything about him anymore, and that she doesn't care about him and that i'm free to talk to him if I want . So i was like "why not?" Him and i started chatting everyday, we felt attraction and were so confortable with each other. We decided to meet for the first time and we did it at school , his ex saw us and she came to me asking what's between him and i and how could I do this to her and stuff . On the way home she followed me and hit me , she grabbed my hair and pulled me down . I managed to escape and went home . The next day she started telling everyone how horrible i am for "ruining her relationship" and that I have stolen her boyfriend from her meanwhile they were together . Everyone started avoiding me and seeing me as a bich , refused to believe me since they knew her for a longer time. I personally didn't really care about anything and started dating this guy which I'm currently still with , but she never stopped disturbing us . She keeps on looking at us with her poisonous eyes , she tried multiple times to fake conversation to make one of us seem like he cheated, she keeps on making rumors about me , posts TikToks about my bf and send her friends to create problems . She started copying my style , and "accidentally stepping on me and pushing me in the hallway" . But what annoys me the most is the way she talks to me , since I never did anything to her from the beginning, she realized that I'm actually not able to do anything, so one time while I sent her a message asking her to stop her BS, she started insulting me and trying to look strong. She's always starring at my bf when she knows I'm looking, she tries to talk to my bf even tho I'm there and tbh I just gave her this impression but in fact I have done worse . I hacked all her social media , found her intimate pics , and her parents number "divorced" , i also found proofs of my innocence in some conversations and many more .... The thing is that I don't know what to do now , i don't wanna post any of her pics cuz that would be fuckd up and i also don't know what to say to her since I'm not healed yet , please guys give me some advices about this situation and what should I do to make her stop forever
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2023.06.05 13:16 BadBadViking My son and I gave new life to my dads 50+ year old workbench

My son and I gave new life to my dads 50+ year old workbench
My dad bought this table in the early 70ties (properly used at the time). It have been sitting in my open garage for the last 10 years. It was originally painted blue and had several modification with different types of wood. My son needed a table for his workshop (watchmaker) so we decided to give it a shot. We sanded it down and gave it some oil. Good as new. Very happy that it will be used again and that it turned out so good.
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