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a compilation of the ugly shit that mall ninja like

2013.04.01 23:56 cowboy-up a compilation of the ugly shit that mall ninja like

This is a sub for all the ugly mall ninja knives and fantasy retarded shit that the mall ninjas like. Converse combat boots, dragon knives, united cutlery........... all the knives and weapons and muffuggin bull shit that make you cringe. post links post your own ninjitsu tools be rude, obnoxious and belligerent

2012.03.11 19:20 ajsmithjr Digital Projector Help / Purchase Advice & News

The place to search for projectors, ask for Buying Help or Setup Help, News about upcoming releases, and technological advancements. Rules: #1 No racism. CCC in this sub stands for Cheap but Can afford Crap, any illusion to saying CCC to disparage another community or race will result in a ban from here on out. #2 All projector talk is welcome here even the cheap stuff. But like don’t post or push spammy products. Will result in a ban from here on out. #3 Just be cool man

2014.06.17 03:15 Respectfullyyours A subreddit to help you identify artists & works of art...

A place to find out if you have a lost masterpiece or if it's just a garage sale treasure! Please see below for submission guidelines, and related subreddits.

2023.06.09 08:47 Late_Switch1047 AITA for wanting to kick out one of my roommates?

AITA for wanting to kick out one of my roommates?
Sorry if this seems a bit all over the place. I have ADHD, and this is my first reddit post and I'm not entirely sure how to format it. I, 22f, currently live with three males. Pete age 21, Day age 20, and Aiden age 20 (names are fake). Aiden just moved in a day or two ago so he hasn't had any input on the situation yet, but Day and I are wanting to kick Pete out of the house and either replace him or just have it be the three of us. Pete isn't a very good roommate. We've been living with him for almost a year now, and we were hoping he would get better after we moved into the house (we all used to live in a one bedroom apartment and moved out at the end of last year). But nothing has really changed with living with him. A huge problem we have with him is the fact that he doesn't save money, and the only times he has the money for bills is usually around rent time. If we want him to contribute to utilities we have to ask him to help us otherwise he gets upset, but he still gets upset about what he has to pay for utilities because "he never has money to spend on himself." Which Day and I find to be a slap in the face. Day and I used to date and we have a car together that has a loan of about 7K, and we also have a car loan from a car that got totaled recently also for around 7K on top of our phone bill as we're on the same plan, and all the bills. So we are basically drowning in debt and never have money for ourselves sometimes we can't even buy groceries. Pete doesn't have anything he needs to pay for other than house bills. His parents pay for his phone bill. He also doesn't have a car so he doesn't have to pay for anything like that, but somehow he runs out of his paychecks after a couple days of getting it. Pete always so he has no idea where his money is going which is impossible considering I know he has access to view he bank account seeing as I helped him set up his mobile account. Day and I are pretty sure he is spending all his money at his job. He works at a grocery store and comes home almost every night with groceries like snack cakes, soda, ice cream, random food even though we can see he has plenty to eat. We also suspect that he spends money on video games although we cant prove that. Another thing he complains about are chores, or having to clean anything up that we know for a matter of fact was him because "he didn't do it." I have spent all of my days off deep cleaning the house for the past three weeks and a day after I finish the bathroom sink has a bunch of gunk all over it. We know it was him because he's the only one that has done stuff in the bathroom sink for the past couple weeks. (Day and I have depression and find it hard to take care of ourselves most days). Pete has not contributed to cleaning the house for months other then the dishes and I find it irritating to not be bothered to even rinse out a sink after he knows I've been deep cleaning. He also never rinses off his dishes and claims he's only been using one dish. Which is also impossible because Day has been eating pizza off the pizza pan he cooked it on and that's it, and I have eaten practically anything at all because its a symptom a new antidepressant I'm on. Pete also has a problem with hygiene. He rarely ever showers, never washes his clothes, and if you're near him or just standing outside his room with the door cracked it smells horrendous to the point I feel like I have to hold my breath or walk away or else I will gag. Last reason why I want to kick him out is because he seems very creepy and perverted. For 1. he is dating a 17 year old as a 21 year old and this is actually the second he's dating her. they used to date back when she was 14 or 15 and he was 19. And for 2. he has sent some insinuating pictures to a minor he just met. It wasn't nudes or anything like that. The girl he sent them to is the sister of one of our friends. She was about 13 or 14 when he first met her, she is now 16. The first pictures he sent were a pair, one was of gordon Ramsey looking down making a face and the other was an anime girl sucking provocatively on a finger. This was the first thing he had ever sent to her. No "hello" nothing. The next creepy thing he sent her was a weird meme about how she wanted to wear a maid outfit, thigh highs, and a skirt. But the way the picture is and because he sent it and past stuff he sent it seemed creepy. I added the pictures for more context. I have 14 year old sisters that like to come over to my house often and I am never comfortable leaving them alone near him. I'm barely even comfortable near him. Also before anyone says he's a predator or something he may be, but if he is it's because he's too stupid to realize what he is doing is wrong. Pete a lot of the times acts like he's still around 14 himself. I'm thinking it's due to how his parents raised him and the fact that he might be well into the autistic spectrum So after saying all this AITA for wanting to kick him out?
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2023.06.09 08:46 maderinayears Something doesnt feel right with my wig...

Something doesnt feel right with my wig...
Hi all, recently I've purchased a human hair wig from a local medical wig shop, and I feel like something could be done to improve the overall experience of wearing this wig. I was really excited to start wearing this wig to work but I'm struggling to wear this unit out.
In general, the hair itself is very nice to the touch, is light weight, and the cap fits quite well. My concern is regarding the way the hair lands in the front of my face, and the overall density of the hair. It is highly uncomfortable for me that the hair keeps covering my whole face, and even pushing it to the sides don't help it stay. I also feel like the amount of hair that's on my head is a little overwhelming, and I'm constantly having to tie up half of my hair or put multiple pins to keep it tidy.
I have raised these concerns to the wig shop, but they were hesitant to thin/pluck it, because it may apparently cause a lot of tangling. The stylist also mentioned that this amount of hair is normal for younger women(?) and to not be concerned about it, but just through observing those around me, I know thats not exactly true. I've also been told that it's too much hair by multiple people around me. They offered to cut bangs for me but I really don't want that. My country only has a handful of wig stylist, so it's a little hard to get a second opinion.
I have never had much hair on my hair since birth, and do not use hair care tools such as blow driers, curlers, etc, so I don't know if these would improve the situation.
So my question is: 1. Is there anything I can do to make the front of my hair be more "spread apart"/"to the sides" and keep it from falling to the front without having to pin it (I've tried, it looks goofy). 2. Do you have any low maintenance/effort styling tips? 3. Will thinning the wig really damage it?
Picture guide: Image 1 & 2: How the hair looks like now, after several weeks. I've only used it out twice so far. (the wig looks a little bent/wavy here as it just came out of the bag I store it in. Its usually straight). Image 3 - 5: The wig Image 6 & 7: When I first purchased the wig. I tied half of it up and tucked a good amount of the remaining hair behind my ear. I also had to keep pushing my hair away every two minutes.
Thanks for reading and I would be extremely grateful for any advice I can get!
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2023.06.09 08:45 goodboydhrn What are your thoughts on an ecommerce platform selling both new and old products?

Hamrobazar does have sellers who sell new products, but I cannot find a sense of trust in them, as I would find with platforms like Daraz. I always feel like products in Hamrobazar are a bit scrapy and stuff.
I want to set up an ecommerce platform to help reselling of old products. I have some ideas of how I want to do it that would differentiate it from Hamrobazar. But I don't think Hamrobazar makes a lot of money doing what it does now. And for that reason I want to sell new products as well.
Will the reselling thing affect the sales of new products? If so, how would you take the traffic from "reselling customers" and make them buy new products?
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2023.06.09 08:44 SwimGood22 I think I screwed up my career - a project I made got imploded by the artist and I don't know what to do?

I came across a really beautiful song a few years ago and reached out to the artist to ask for permission to adapt it into a music video. I shared a concept I wanted to make with narrative and performance elements. The artist and her partner (they make music together) was so excited and I worked on treatment, script, casting and locations to pull it together. It was going to be a passion project telling a narrative that we all felt very passionate about (so it seemed) and my cinematographer came in to help. We pulled on friends and connections and fly into Los Angeles to shoot. I and my friend who was DPing were going to cover talent, crew, food, rental vehicle, and lodging but because of all the work I'd been doing by myself - the artist and her husband said they'd cover it all.

We all flew out and filmed the music video for 2.5 days. It felt like it went so smooth, but there were times where the artist would "hover" over monitor and make comments about feeling like the talent's performance take "wasn't good" or that compositions we shot "were weird". Her comments were prominent enough that after the shoot my DP called me and asked how I felt about her saying those things. For the non-performance pieces, I told the artist that she and her husband did not need to accompany if they didn't want to, but they insisted on being at every shot - including the last night where we had to scrap a major scene because it was late and she didn't want to stay up late and "needed her sleep".

The performance piece we filmed with her took place in a studio. She and her husband viewed monitor after takes and approved and "loved" what they saw.

After the shoot I made the mistake of sharing the first rough cut with her and my DP. My cinematographer was super supportive but she wrote out over 30 complaints about what she didn't like - mainly, all her performance shots because she felt like "her eye-liner" and make-up was too dark (she applied it herself). She and her husband spent about $4,000 on the project and said she didn't want it to release publicly because while she "loved all the narrative shots", her performance was "just bad". The problem is her performance element connects directly with the narrative, and pulled out the entire thing falls apart.

My and my DP tried to argue back and forth, and we ended a long, 2 hour conversation with her, her husband, myself, and DP settling in that "We could release it ONLY if her song had a prominent and creative place in the video, without her performance, and she had final approval on whether or not she liked the narrative only version. If she didn't then we still wouldn't be "allowed" to put it into the wild.

Since then the pandemic happened and it's been about 4 years sine we shot. The crushing reality is the footage is some of the best stuff I've ever shot, and all the actors keep asking me for the footage for their reels. I reached out again to the artist asking if we could release the narrative version and she said "You do not have permission to put this out and use for your own portfolio, but you can give the footage to the actors for their reels."

This was such an indie shoot, and no production company or producers - I'd really like to put it out publicly, so myself, DP, and actors have something for our reels. There was no paperwork or agreements regarding the payments outside of the artist and her husband saying "We'll take care of it" over a phone call and then paying people via Venmo. Because they spent $4,000 I don't want to be sued putting it out into the wind, but it's been almost 4 years now.

I feel like I've screwed up my journey immensely as a filmmaker and wish I wouldn't never worked with the artist. Do you think if we put the video out, we'll get sued after vehemently telling me "I don't have permission"?
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2023.06.09 08:44 thequeensaff Social services won’t leave me alone

I’m 32 weeks pregnant and social services have been visiting my home for the past couple of months. I had to take a conference call with the chief executive, social worker, midwife, and health worker. They’ve placed a child protection plan for my unborn child and stated that they fear that my partner and I will be negligent to our child due to our problems in our relationship. My husband and I got into domestic dispute a couple years ago, the police were called but the charges had been dropped due to lack of statement from myself. More recently I had left home to live in a shelter due to problems with my partner, again a domestic case was opened and my partner was arrested for less than 24 hours though his phone was taken. He was released with no further charges and lack of evidence, except a marijuana charge to which he had to complete a course to clear off his record. The course was taken and to my understanding this means that no further action is required. A few months ago I had a scan appointment and my husband had an argument with the nurse due to a misunderstanding. The argument was very civil, however, a month or so later I received a call from a social worker who wanted to talk to my husband and I. At the time my husband was at work so I told her I couldn’t meet with her, but she insisted that I must meet within 48 hours so I went to see her. She commented on me appearing healthy and happy, but once again insisted on meeting with my husband and myself, so I agreed. I assumed she would want to meet within the next few weeks, and I called and texted to confirm but she didn’t answer until a couple weeks ago. She came and assessed our home then stated that she must check upstairs to where the baby would sleep. But we said we were moving home, in the next couple months so we have nothing set up. I didn’t know that this will be a problem, as a report was emailed to me a few days after she left stating that our home was clean, we were financially stable but they fear that we are moving home to avoid them?? I think more than anything I’d like to find several ways to avoid them. I want to know whether I can refuse to comply, as the child protection plan they have created is all speculation. They have stated many positives and the social worker who had set up this conference call had promised that after the call they would basically get out of our lives but this couldn’t be more further from the truth. The social worker will be visiting me every 10 days and they wish to set up another conference call in the following months. I want to know what I can do to get out of this nightmare!
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2023.06.09 08:41 OkGap5167 dreams

They may come suddenly
Just like a cool breeze quenches my thirst
You might wake up groggy
Just like the rose that slept in the book
I wish you would say more than the orchards of spring
This drought is painful
And the cloud that came to us
He began to gather his limbs and leave towards fading
bit i hope not
Even hardly visit me pipe dreams
Very similar to that mountain standing in the desert
Only the wind passes through it
You have to wait until I find me to tell you who I am, how I was, and where I'm going

I go like a cloud that cannot be attached by a nail to the walls of the sky
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2023.06.09 08:40 AutoModerator [] ✔️ James Marshall – Dating Accelerator (The Natural Lifestyle) ✔️ Full Course Download

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Why isn’t everybody dating beautiful women?

Before I explain the course, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that men don’t talk about.
Most men spend their lives living with ‘oneitis’, an obsession with one girl they know (and often repeating this pattern with another girl every year or so).
They have their eye on a girl who’s ‘special’. Which means she’s not like the rest, in fact she’s better than any other girl out there. He hopes that one day he’s going to finally confess his love for her, and she’ll fall head over heels in love with them.

The brutal truth about your dating life

Meanwhile, some guys have managed to convince themselves that they’ve got their dating life ‘under control’. Things are going ‘according to plan’.
Girls sometimes check them out when they’re at a bar with friends, they have a couple of options they could ‘make a move on’ in their social circle, and of course, the ace up their sleeve – Tinder.
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2023.06.09 08:40 TheRealPDrizzly Cold (War) shower thoughts.

I'm not on here often so I dunno if anyone has brought this up. Someone probably has. But do we know why Ravenovs portals are red in the 2nd outbreak EE? Does it have something to do with the red dark aether from Vanguard? And if so, how is it even there when the rest of the dark aether has already been purplefied?
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2023.06.09 08:39 HelpLower9042 I sure love these *NOT CLICKBAIT* thumbnails!! 🤦‍♀️

I sure love these *NOT CLICKBAIT* thumbnails!! 🤦‍♀️ submitted by HelpLower9042 to robloxjailbreak [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 08:37 rachelrileyiswank I have some doubts about flight safety after reading up on MH370 tragedy.

Hello. I'm very late to this but I've been wanting to ask some basic questions about flight safety.
  1. Why can't airlines have a video feed in the cockpit which can by relayed to the airlines to be monitored? Like a wall of CCTVs we see manned by guards for sensitive buildings on the ground.
  2. The black box pings which die after 30 days, can't they have better batteries to last longer? Or at least have some way to give out more accurate/stronger signals. And also have multiple of them. Not the black box itself some small equipment to relay/store location/altitude data in the landing gear or some other part too. And why doesn't the bloody thing float. :/
  3. Flight plans/paths are preprogrammed into the plane right? If the plane deviates from it can't the ground be automatically alerted of this regardless of the transponder status? Or if it's flying too low? Or if the auto-pilot is used for too long or at points it shouldn't be used? Because MH370 did deviate a lot and the flaperon found was in a position which indicated that it just glided/flew and was not ditched. So it flew on auto pilot for so long.
  4. Would the flight attendants/pilots not have their mobile phones with them?
  5. Why isn't there a way the flight attendants can call the ground or flip a switch to indicate trouble to ground and close-by planes?
  6. Can't there be a system for flight mechanics and cabin pressure to be monitored on ground? Like set a range and if the flight parameters go out of that range there'll be some warning on the ground. Especially cabin pressure and low fuel.
  7. Is the co-pilot sabotage ruled out? Because I read theories only on the main pilot.
  8. Many people on this sub subscribe to the main pilot murdesuicide theory. For this plan to succeed wouldn't the co-pilot need to be in on it? Or at least out of the cockpit? In that case can't they contact the ground because the place flew for a long time. The co-pilot goes out. The main pilot locks himself in and mucks up the cabin pressure. In the few minutes before everyone passes out would they have a way to contact anyone on ground through their mobile phones? This point has to be at first little right turn and the eventual hard left.
  9. Considering that out of 239 total, 153 were Chinese, why wasn't there more noise/hullabaloo from them? Or am I misreading this.
  10. Have you seen the National Geographic documentary 'Drain the Ocean'(I've seen it.)? Is it more legitimate because you guys trashed the more recent Netflix one(I've refrained from watching it.)? But it’s from 2018!
Thank you.
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2023.06.09 08:36 ihavedickcheez How do army compositions work?

I don’t even know what to search up if someone can point me in the right direction lmao. I’m confused as to how many termagants I can have max or any other restrictions. Brand new but looking to learn :)
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2023.06.09 08:35 BitterflyBrittany Suicide & Self Pity

Flaws: overly sensitive towards criticism, stubborn, seek validation, approval, reassurance often, procrastinating, self pity, self obsessed, dwell in the past, timid and cowardly, violent fantasies, immature
How can you find the good in yourself and cultivate an attitude of gratitude?
Some days it can get exhausting thinking of everything wrong in yourself, others, and society.
I want a day to rest my mind and not be obsessed with self improvement.
I compare myself a lot. I don't feel strong enough.
The answer is simply to change
I would like to commit suicide but the truth is I need to grow up, forgive the harsh things family members have said, develop thicker skin.
These sort of changes don't happen overnight so I can feel discouraged
I would commit suicide but I know it is wrong.
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2023.06.09 08:34 Nelrid How to transfer current data from Docker-Container to Homeassistant OS Addon

Hey there,
I'm currently running Grocy on my Raspberry Pi as a Docker Container, since I first wanted to try it out a little bit. Currently the Raspberry Pi running on raspbian primarily serves as a Pi Hole for ad blocking, but I want to switch to Home Assistant OS, where I can use Grocy (and several other things) as addon.
Since I've already added a lot of things to grocy, I would like to export the current data and import it, when I've set up homeassistant OS with the grocy addon.
Is there any way to transfer the data?
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2023.06.09 08:33 Objective_Purpose970 [F writing M 4 A] [21+] Looking for an engaging Star Wars/SWTOR RP!

Hello lovely people! I'm female in my 20s looking for other writers at least 21+ for a good Star Wars plot. The Old Republic is one of my favorite eras, but I've got plenty of inspiration for the Imperial and post-civil war era too. If you aren't familiar with the Old Republic era but might be interested, I would love to infodump on you - the very brief tl;dr is the galaxy is at war and there's about as many Sith as Jedi. I prefer to write Imperial characters, but have a handful of Republic and unaffiliated/underworld OCs, too.
I'm hoping to find someone who loves helping to plot and plan and is willing to help with writing side characters and fleshing out the world around our characters. I'm fairly laid back about reply length and speed, and prefer quality over quantity always: sometimes dialogue or a fight scene only takes a paragraph to drive action forward, but a new setting and character intro requires a dozen. Give me enough to work with and move the plot and I'll usually roughly match length. I'm also ghost friendly. Communication is always appreciated, but this is a hobby and life happens sometimes.
I love slow burn romance and enemies to lovers, but prefer not to force chemistry that isn't there and don't require romance in an RP. I also don't write smut. MxF preferred for romance, but any sort of pairing is welcome if we're not going that route. I also dearly love unlikely allies, morally gray characters (but also genuinely good characters - I dearly love Jedi characters who are truly devoted to the Jedi code, even the "uncool" parts), strongly held ideals (whether good or bad), characters who do good things for bad reasons or bad things for good reasons, realistic strengths and weaknesses and characters who do fail and fall and struggle but get back up.
If any of this appeals to you please shoot me a message with just a little bit about yourself and some character and/or plot ideas! I've got plenty of ideas as well and an exhaustive list of OCs, but I'd really love to create something new with a partner and make these ideas our own. I can't wait to hear from you!
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2023.06.09 08:32 evil_consumer How did you find your community/collaborators?

I’ve been stuck in the worst possible way on a few scripts for just as many years. I have the ideas there, mostly in my notes and outlines, but when it comes to getting the skeleton onto the page, I freeze up. And I’m not sitting down twiddling my thumbs; I spend a solid 2 hours in the morning and at night to make progress, but I’m moving at a glacial pace.
Have you ever been in a position where you felt you needed someone to bounce ideas off of (more so in a one-on-one capacity), and if so, how did you find those people? Do people hire writing partners/coaches? Is that even a thing?
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2023.06.09 08:30 lionbutt_iii Analyzing how much harder it is to get a tradable TW Octane... Or is it?

Analyzing how much harder it is to get a tradable TW Octane... Or is it?
There have been various changes to the Rocket League item ecosystem throughout the game's lifespan, but nearly six years ago one was a true "game-changer," the expansion of the trade-in system.
Until now, you’ve only been able to trade in your Uncommon and Rare online drops, leaving many of you stuck with a stockpile of Very Rare Rocket Boosts. We’re now expanding the system to allow you to go all the way up to Import and Exotic quality!
Trading in five of your Very Rare drops will net you one new Import Painted Body or Boost. These items are painted versions of the classic cars and boosts from the original game and they always come painted.
As with many Painted items, not every color will be available for every boost. Paints that are too close to the default color for a Rocket Boost are excluded from dropping, though fans of the Standard boost will be happy to know that “Crimson” Standard Boost is indeed available.

What exactly was added to this pool?
Only 15 different items, but a grand total of 168 painted variations were in the initial import trade-in pool. And there was one in particular that became one of the most sought after in the game. The Titanium White Octane.
Take the most popular car, take the most popular color, add in some rarity and you've got a high demand status symbol. Demand by far outpaced supply. But just how difficult was it to get one of these before free to play?
Using some lazy probability, you can make an estimate for how many times trade-ins you would need to make before the odds get in your favor of finding one.

How long would this take?
Each Import trade-in attempt required 5 Very Rare items. I started playing a couple months before Free to Play, and you used to get a random item of Uncommon to Very Rare quality after each level. (Apparently, even before that, item drops would just be random!?) How many level would you need to get the 5 Very Rare items for a trade in? I wasn't able to find exact numbers, but there's data for the current drop rates used in Rare drops and it is corroborated by a post that estimated the item rates from level-ups:
  • Uncommon = 60%
  • Rare = 30%
  • Very Rare = 10%
Using expected value, you can use a formula to estimate the average number of Very Rare items you can expect to have depending on the number of levels you have.
Levels * (Uncommon-rate / 25 + Rare-rate / 5 + Very Rare-rate).
What is 1 level worth?
1 * (.6 / 25 + .3 / 5 + .1) = 0.184 Very Rare items
Cost of entry for the Titanium White Octane sweepstakes?
5 Very Rare items / .184 Very Rare items per level = 28 levels
Knowing it would take 125 attempts to have a 50/50 chance of getting at least one, you're looking at 3,500 levels to reach that number of attempts. Get grinding.

What happened to the Titanium White Octane with Free to Play?

The announcement of Rocket League shifting to a "Free to Play" model brought many changes.
Rocket League is expanding the variety of free items players can receive with free to play. Drops can contain items from Blueprint (or previous Crate) Series, including everything from Champions 1 Series all the way to Vindicator Series. This means you can get Zomba Wheels, Dueling Dragons Goal Explosions, Heatwave Decals, and so much more.
Free items earned from Challenges and Drops can still be traded in following the update (trade in five items for one item of higher rarity). Free items you receive after free to play won't be linked to a specific series, and these items can all be traded in together as long as they share the same rarity.
Because you can receive so many new items from Trade-Ins, current items will naturally appear less often. So, if there are specific items from that group that you are looking for, say, a Titanium White Octane, be sure to trade in your items prior to the launch of free to play.

What exactly happened to the drop pool?
That's quite a few more, 56 more items in the pool to be exact. You would be going from a 1/15*1/12 = 1/180 chance (Octane chance and white paint chance) to a 1/71*1/12 = 1/852 chance.
But at least you'd be getting some classic crates in beautiful colors, right?
Pretty bleak. And not quite what was expected. I think most assumed the new items would continue the painted and certified rates in the blueprints. But the experiences and data suggest that is not the case.
They unexpectedly gave some previous non-crate items different rarities as well. A few import boosts from before were in this change. The new Import pool is currently 64 items. Your chances of getting the Octane are 1/64 and the paint remains a 1/12 for a 1/768 chance with each trade-in.

What does this change look like compared to before?
Psyonix was true to their word, you should have traded in those NCVRs before Free to Play. But wait. Trade-ins are now just one of many ways to get a shot at the coveted car. With Free to Play came the introduction of drops. As you can see from the chart above, there's a chance at getting the White Octane with each thrilling opening of a drop.

How many of these drops do you need to open to get a TW Octane?
I guess those posts you see once a month on the main sub about pulling a TW Octane from a Rare Drop actually are pretty special.
Throughout the season you can earn a finite amount of these drops:
  • 8 Uncommon Drops from Rocket Pass
  • 30 Rare Drops
    • 4 from Rocket Pass
    • 13 from all weekly challenges
    • 12 from seasonal challenges
    • 1 from completing 22 seasonal challenges
  • 7 Very Rare Drops
    • 6 from Rocket Pass
    • 1 from completing 22 seasonal challenges
  • 1 Import Drop from completing 22 seasonal challenges
The rarity levels of the items from each drop appears to follow the 60/30/10 rate that was previously used for a level-up item. You can use the concept of expected value to get an estimation of what rarity of items you would obtain by the end of the season:
Exotics are at 0.3, and Black Markets at 0.1
You can trade-in those Rare items to get more Very Rares for more trade-in attempts as well. With that included, you're likely getting around 9-10 attempts at a TW Octane for about every 110 levels you complete each season. Before Free to Play your were only getting enough items for a trade-in about every 28 levels. So if you played to a similar level of 112 you'd only be getting 4 attempts per old season. The difference from odds back then of 1/180 compared to 1/768 today still means you were better off then. Where it also hurts you now is that you do not get any more items or drops for going beyond level 110. Before Free to Play you could just keep leveling and getting more items as you leveled. Now, if you really wanted to get that TW Octane you're better off making multiple accounts. But maybe that was their plan all along? It is free to play.
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2023.06.09 08:27 ayetre47 [waybound] nobody is talking about the mad king???

The Mad king left a piece of himself to deal with the convicts from Haven. Could he still be alive? When Li Markuth tried to surrender to the Wei Grand patriarch he mentioned having information that the Abidan would want. Could this be set up for a post cradle book, wherein the reaper gang go around saving worlds from Haven escapees with the mad king as the big bad once again?
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2023.06.09 08:25 H-encore More Information Regarding Blackout

/HunterCollege is set to go dark a/k/a private with relevant messages from June 12-14th (beyond if Reddit do not fix their API). During that time I have set up an alternative place (similar to Reddit) students can ask questions still. Click me to go to it. You have to create an account and verify your email (to keep it spam free). Make sure to read the small amount of rules. If for some reason you do not like that alternative site, you can always ask questions in our Discord. Thank you for reading!
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2023.06.09 08:23 Famous-Tumbleweed-98 What’s with the gatekeeping? Never experienced this IRL but y’all make it so

I’ve met dope writers who’s pieces make 99 percent of what’s on this sub look like chicken shit. I trust that these guys know what they are doing because I’ve seen it and learned from them.
On here there is a lot of hate for different forms of art vandalism. I get the whole letters are the og graffiti but the guys I know are down with all of it. They started doing graffiti but now do all kinds of stuff, never just ‘strictly graffiti’ as people here call it.
I just think it’s funny that some dude who can throw up a killer piece was talking about how he was newly learning about stenciling and how to make small but detailed art. It made me think that damn these guys are artists in their core.
So what gives? Some people out here must be killer writers who hate on other forms of art vandalism while others are interested in the whole lot of it.
Sometimes when I read comments I wonder how many people on here hide in their black books and how many have actually been out on the streets. What part of it is the eco chamber and what part is overblown egos. Enlighten me
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2023.06.09 08:23 ceohub321 From Balance to Boundaries: A Fresh Approach to Achieving Work-Life Harmony

Achieving work-life balance is a goal shared by many individuals today. We all strive to find harmony between our personal and professional lives. Surveys indicate that 98% of New Zealand employees consider work-life balance to be important. However, in our fast-paced and interconnected world, achieving this balance can be challenging. With work becoming more accessible outside of traditional hours and personal devices serving as gateways to work-related tasks, it's easy for the line between professional and personal time to blur. This is where the concept of work-life boundaries comes into play.
Rather than fixating on the elusive notion of work-life balance, it is more effective to focus on setting clear work-life boundaries. According to SEEK's Resident Psychologist, Sabina Read, the pursuit of balance is often futile since it varies from person to person and evolves over time.
By establishing boundaries with the people in our work and personal lives, we can define the parameters of these domains, determine how they interact, and allocate time and effort accordingly. Instead of waiting for others to create a sense of balance for us, it is essential to identify our own needs and take action by setting clear and reasonable boundaries.
Here are five practical steps to help you set better work-life boundaries:

1. Know yourself and what matters to you:

The first step in setting effective boundaries is to understand your values and priorities. What aspects of your life are most important to you? By identifying your core values, you can establish meaningful boundaries that ensure these aspects receive the attention they deserve. For instance, if spending time with your family is a priority, you might set boundaries that allow you to participate in afternoon pick-ups and bedtime routines, adjusting your work hours accordingly. Similarly, if your health is paramount, your boundaries could involve leaving work on time to attend an evening fitness class or refraining from responding to emails after hours to maintain your mental well-being. It is also beneficial to consider the conditions necessary for your professional success, such as flexibility, collaboration, feedback, autonomy, structure, or consistency, and develop boundaries accordingly.

2. Share your boundaries with others:

Communicating your boundaries is crucial to ensure that those around you are aware of your needs. Whether it's your manager, team members, or business owner, don't assume that others understand your boundaries unless you explicitly express them. When discussing your boundaries, use language that conveys your desire to thrive at work and your commitment to achieving the best outcomes. For instance, you could say, "I know I thrive at work when…" or "To give you my best, I need more/less of…." By clearly communicating your needs, you set the stage for others to respect your boundaries. It is important to remember that boundaries may require compromise, and it is essential to discuss what is achievable and what isn't, avoiding assumptions that others can read your mind.

3. Use smaller actions to maintain your boundaries:

Once you have established your boundaries, it is crucial to reinforce them through consistent actions. Implement small, achievable actions in your daily or weekly routine that support your boundaries. Some examples include taking breaks or getting outside during the workday, setting a strict end time for work and engaging in a specific activity afterward, blocking time in your calendar for focused work, informing your team about your early finish on specific days for personal commitments, turning off computers and work phones at the end of the day, establishing guidelines for communication outside of working hours, regularly reviewing your workload, and adjusting your work schedule when possible. These actions help reinforce your boundaries and ensure they become an integral part of your routine.

4. Have a plan for when your boundaries are challenged:

There will inevitably be occasions when demands or requests arise that fall outside your established boundaries or conflict with them. It is important to have a plan in place for such situations. Prepare a toolkit of strategies to help you respond effectively when your boundaries are challenged. This toolkit may include mindfulness practices, reaching out to a trusted colleague or friend for support, or taking a physical break to recharge. When faced with a situation that challenges your boundaries, try to differentiate between what is within your control and what is not. Consider how you can respond in a way that aligns with your boundaries and values. For instance, if you find yourself drawn into after-hours work discussions about a problem, you might decide to address the issue promptly but prioritize finishing earlier the following day to restore balance. Alternatively, if the problem is beyond your immediate control, you can communicate to your team that you will handle it during the next available work session. Recognize that there will always be external forces testing your boundaries, and learn to push back when necessary or find compromises that maintain your overall balance.

5. Keep communicating and adjusting:

Setting boundaries is an ongoing process that requires regular review and adjustment. Continually evaluate whether you have sufficient time and space for the things that matter to you in both your personal and professional life. Experiment with different strategies to help you maintain your boundaries effectively. Additionally, maintain open lines of communication with your manager, team, or colleagues. Seek guidance and support from them, making boundaries a topic of discussion within your team. By fostering a culture that acknowledges the importance of work-life boundaries, you create an environment where everyone can thrive. Remember that the journey of defining and meeting boundaries is not always easy, and setbacks can provide valuable insights. Reflect on past experiences where your boundaries were breached, and use those lessons to refine and implement stronger boundaries. By setting and communicating your boundaries, you are taking control of your working environment, empowering yourself to thrive, and inspiring others to do the same.
Also Read : India's Potential Unicorns: Driving Innovation & Growth
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