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Austin Locals- what would you say to Austin City Council abt how gentrification has affected your neighborhood?

2023.03.22 07:01 Confident-Tadpole-28 Austin Locals- what would you say to Austin City Council abt how gentrification has affected your neighborhood?

I’m working on an email to Austin City Council that expresses concern for the human displacement, decline in community, decline in diversity, and decline in Austin culture that gentrification has contributed to. If you or anyone you know has experienced the nasty side effects, please let me know how and what you would like to see change in the city/outlying neighborhoods to provide aid or relief to those struggling. Austin’s attempts to fight gentrification like regulating STRs (like Airbnbs) have already been shot down by Texas state courts, so I’m looking for any and all small ideas that would help build the community, provide support to those struggling with the affordability crisis, or anything else! Thank you!
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2023.03.22 04:50 lovbeav21 Hello, I need a little assistance deciphering the city name that is circled.

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2023.03.22 04:28 Rawtoast420 Long shot

So basic info up front
Live in Texas
Have very little funds, no insurance currently
I need 1 or more teeth replaced. I don't rly care what sort, but if I had my dream pick it would be implants of a sort
I know I'll need to own insurance for a bit before dentists can work with me. So I plan to get some kind of PPO insurance soon.
What sort of options does someone like me have ? I don't have thousands and thousands to drop on this but i can gladly pay thru a plan or something. I just feel lost. I feel like my only option will be to run around toothless and in pure pain.
What kind of affordable options exist in Texas ? Or in general? If a tooth fell out tomorrow, what would you do? Where would you go?
I sincerely appreciate any and all advice or help or suggestions here.
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2023.03.22 02:41 DingoWoman Female relative will be released in sept; wondering about job prospects for her

I am helping a female relative navigate the transition to life on the outside. She does not have a HS diploma or GED. She’s taking classes while inside but may not complete her degree before getting out this September. Her biggest goal is to finish this to help with job opportunities. However, in the meantime does anyone know what job opportunities there might be for a female RSO without a diploma? She will reside in Texas. We rent and our home doesn’t allow felons otherwise we would try to help her with rent. We can’t afford to provide for her financially but I’m worried she will have a hard time paying for basics working a minimum wage job - not even sure if she could find that. Will be listed for 10 years and then she is removed. Not sure what else to share or how to help her.
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2023.03.22 02:22 Immediate_Software83 28 $90k in debt 5200 a month income

I’ve actually come to the decision to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer asap I think this unhealthy cloud is going to kill me eventually.
I live in Texas and have so much debt. Covid happened close families past away girlfriend left Me. So I fell into clinical depression started to run up cards and then took out loans to pay for rent and those cards. Definitely learned from those mistakes and have much more respect for credit and money now. Fast forward now I found a decent job and trying to tackle all this debt I love very frugally. Got married just bought a car cause my other one was totaled spent 12k on it and owe some money. My rent is 1600 a month I make 3000 a month through taxable income 2200 a month in non taxable Just got into a non profit debt management program where I pay 1784 a month and 500 a month to another loan not approved Car payment is 287 insurance is 189 I would file bankruptcy in a heart beat I’m tired of constantly thinking about this eventually I’ll get to a point where I can’t afford. My main concern is family friends and wife I don’t want them thinking I’m a failure. I don’t want my employers knowing I filed for bankruptcy I will speak to my wife about it when I file so long as it does not effect her in any way. I have NO assets besides a little Cushion money of 4,000 in my checking. My wife has around 15k in savings
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2023.03.22 00:12 jotakusan My First DWI Story - Texas, F/28

I wanted to share my whole DUI experience in case it can help some of you just going through this. It is very long, so I split it up into parts to make it more digestible, and so you can skip a part of you aren’t interested in reading it. TLDR; at the bottom.
Some key info: I’m a female and was arrested at 28 with my first DUI charge and received it while living in Texas at the beginning of 2022. BAC came in at .21 and I had crashed my car into the curb when the cops found me. I hired my own attorney and the whole ordeal took 10 months.
Part 1: The Night I got Arrested
I went to a bar I had never been to by myself. I was recovering from COVID that I had tested positive for 10 days earlier. I had tested positive on my birthday and was feeling very bored and lonely and thought it would be a great idea to go out by myself and maybe make some friends or meet someone. Pro-tip for any of you new to San Antonio, the bars on the strip over-pour. I was not aware of this at the time and that was my second mistake. My first was going out without any friend.
Long story short, I left around close but I was so drunk that I blacked out. Usually when I drink heavily, I’ll sleep it off in my car before I leave, but I was so far gone, I didn’t sleep first. I don’t remember getting into my car or crashing it. The first time I came to consciousness, I realized my car was acting weird and pulling me to the left so I got out to look at it. The next thing I remember was having a cop standing next to me and the flashing lights behind my car. I tapped my damaged side skirt with my foot, looked at the cop, and said, “I dunno what happened.” I know, I should have claimed someone I had just met was driving because they said they were okay to drive, then crashed and ran off, but I was too drunk to think that clearly.
Next thing I remember, I’m being put in a holding cell. I didn’t come back to full awareness until I had woken up in the cell. I’m a little bitch, so needless to say, I spent the rest of the night sobbing. I learned that I had denied the breathalyzer and was taken to the nurses room to get my blood drawn. I tried to deny that one too but they had a warrant. Considering this was about 4 hours after I had left the bar and taking into account my sex and body weight, I was probably at around a .28 when I left. Around 9am I was taken to the magistrates office.

Part 2: Magistrates
I was taken to the processing room and asked by a male officer, “what do you have down there?”. Very professional way of asking if I'm a man or a woman... I look like a girl, but whatever. They set me up with a female officer and she had me strip naked, bend over and cough. One of the more humiliating times of my life. Pro-tip, if you plan on getting a DWI, make sure to bring a sweatshirt or jacket because it is absolutely freezing in both the police station and magistrates office. Also, maybe wear some sweatbands to shove under the ankle cuffs. I had a lot of bruises around my ankles when I left.
To save you all of the boring details of how the next 14 hours went, just skip to part 3 from here. Between waiting, watching whatever was playing on the TV’s, and trying to sleep in between fits of crying, I went through the whole processing process. First up was the judge where I was read my charges and given my bond. The bond amount came out to $1000, and thankfully I was eligible for a PR bond. I was bonded out with a $70 fee, but that didn’t mean I could leave like I was hoping.
Next up was getting processed. Finger prints, mugshot, the works. Then I had to sit down and go over my details with the bonds office so I could be accepted for the PR bond. After that was a trip to the nurses station where I had to take a pee test to check if I was pregnant (fun fact, I’m only attracted to women so... no), asked some medical history questions, and tested for TB. I was finger printed a second time for some reason and then spent the next forever hours waiting to be released. People with severe ADHD are not built for being locked up. I thought I was going to go insane.
Around 11pm they called my name for release where I was given my inmate card and told me this would be used as my ID since I wasn’t getting my license back. Then I was brought into the exit room and received my things from the desk. Wallet, keys, shoe laces, and phone. My phone was dead and no one had a charger, and with my car being impounded, I had no way to get home. Thankfully I made friends with another lady that had been locked up and her family was picking her up. She offered to get me a ride home.

Part 3: Impounded Vehicle, Damage, and Hiring a Lawyer
The next morning, I called a lawyer one of my friends used for her DWI and set an appointment for that afternoon, then took an Uber straight to the impound lot. I got to my car and saw the full extent of the damage in the light. It was bad. I clearly got into a fight with a curb and somehow got damage on the top of my fender. I never got charged for hitting anyone, so who knows what happened there. Maybe a concrete barrier, considering how much the top of my fender was ripped up. My rocker panel was completely crushed in, stress cracks on my front bumper, front lip was hanging off a bit, both wheels were cracked and tires were flat, and my side skirt had been mostly ripped off. I called a tow truck and he dropped me off at a little family owned shop and they took the wheels off to find the tie rod was snapped, and the front lower control arm and rear control arm were bent.
Suspension repairs came out to $700. I ordered a new set of wheels and tires later that week and left my car sitting in front of the shop while I waited for the wheels to get delivered. It took an entire month to get my car back in a driveable condition because of how long it took to get the wheels. I didn’t have the money to fix the body and didn’t want to file it with my insurance due to the situation, so over a year later I’m still driving a busted up car, but at least it works. Total cost for the parts, labor, getting it out of impound and tow came out to around $2600. I had a friend’s ex look at the body damage and he told me to expect around $3400 in body repair. Pro-tip, don’t get a DWI, they’re expensive.
One more pro-tip, as soon as you get out of jail, go online and get your license replaced. It takes a couple months for your license suspension to go through, so make sure you get a replacement license in the mean time. The cops will not give you your license back. As for the lawyer, he was cheaper than the car and was a huge help. $2700 and he dealt with everything. My advice when it comes to lawyers is get one. Many will offer payment plans so you don’t have to provide cash up front. He made the whole ordeal so much easier and gave me a lot of helpful info, plus knew the prosecutors and had friends among them. I’ll get more into why you need to get a private attorney in later parts. Hiring him was simple. I went to their website and set up an appointment time. Went to his office the day after being arrested, and told him the story. He told me what to expect, let me know what he can do, and we set up the payment plan. The deductible was $200 and he set me up to pay $150 biweekly until the $2700 was paid off. I had trouble paying him back and he said no worries, just get him back by the end of the year.

Part 4: Court, License Suspension, and Legal Advice
If you just got out of jail, be prepared for many months and many court appearances. Thankfully, a lot of court in Bexar County has been moved to Zoom since COVID hit and that is still the case today. My roommate is going through it right now, but for a different crime and with a free public defender, so I will be making comparisons in Part 8.
The first court date is just you stating that you are there and willing to follow the orders of your bond, stay in the state, and all that fun stuff. They ask if you’re present and you say you are, then your attorney will introduce him or herself. The next couple court dates are a blur, just mundane conversations with the lawyer and judge. Thanks to having an attorney, I didn’t have to attend 2 of the dates and he took care of the license suspension court. I was suspended for 6 months and could request approval to drive to and from work with a Restricted Drivers License, but I didn’t want to pay for the SR22 insurance. I only drove to and from work over the next 6 months, mounted my front license plate instead of leaving it in my window, and always drove as carefully as possible. Happy to say I made it without any issues. If you do get caught, that could mean additional fees or even being arrested again if the cop is having a bad day.
During this time, my attorney gave me a list of things to do that would look good to the judge. Based on his conversations with the prosecutors, without doing those things I was looking at 18 months probation and 9 months with an interlock. These things included taking 2 different driving courses, getting my friends and family to write letters saying nice things about me, writing a letter saying nice things about myself, donating to the judge’s favorite charities, and I even went ahead and took a SASSI-4. That’s an exam you take that a therapist will review and screen you for substance use disorder and risk. My lawyer decided not to show that one to the prosecutors when my result for “Alcohol and other Drug Problem” was “High probability of substance use disorder”.
I completed everything he gave me and the prosecutors offered a plea deal for 15 months of deferred adjudication probation (which allows me to have my record wiped 2 years after completing probation) and 7.5 months with an interlock. If you live in Texas and are convicted of a DWI for the first time, you are required a minimum 12 months of probation and have to have an interlock installed for at least half of your probationary period. They say a mandatory three days incarcerated too, but this is not true. The likelihood of going to jail for your first DWI once convicted is extremely low. I talk to one guy at the bar a year ago who volunteered 30 days in jail instead of taking a plea deal. That didn’t seem like an option for me, but I wouldn’t have taken it because fuck that. He said he wished he hadn’t.

Part 5: Conviction
I voluntarily decided to get sober in September and started attending AA meetings. I received my 1 month chip the day before my final court hearing and I think this helped my case a ton. My final court hearing had to be in person. My lawyer met with the prosecutors one last time and they settled on their original deal of 15 months probation and 7.5 months on interlock, but agreed to drop me from a Misdemeanor A to a Misdemeanor B because of my voluntary 1 month completion of sobriety with AA.
Once I was called to the stand, my lawyer stood with me and spoke to the judge about my case and the plea deal. She asked me a couple yes or no questions. Make sure you always say “your honor” when you finish speaking as a show of respect. The judge will take your respect of them into account. When all was said and done, and this is why I say having a lawyer is very helpful, I pleaded no contest and the judge sentenced me to 12 months of probation because in her words, “that’s as low as I can go”, which told me she would have gone lower if she could, 6 months on interlock, and agreed to dropping me to a misdemeanor B. I wanted to bear hug my lawyer after we left the court. Thanks to him and to my efforts based on his recommendations, and my personal decision to attend AA and get sober, I was dropped from 18 months of probation and 9 months on interlock to just 12 months of deferred adjudication probation and 6 months of an interlock. I am so thankful to the judge for having some mercy on me.
After court, I went to the probation office to get registered, and my first meeting was scheduled for a month later.

Part 6: Probation
Since I had completed all of those things my lawyer suggested I do (all except the donating to the judges charity because I was broke), I had the certification already completed for the mandatory classes. Also, and this one is weird and totally up to the judge, because I was vaccinated for COVID, she dropped 20 hours from my 45 hours of community service. I don’t know why, but I’m not complaining.
My first probation meeting went well. I seem to have a good PO. She did make me aware that I had to give 3 months notice for any planned travel outside of the state, but I travel for work frequently, and usually only get 3 days to 2 weeks notice before I have to fly out, and I work outside of the country on occasion. I contacted my lawyer and he was able to get the judge to approve an Order for Travel, allowing me only 48 hours notice to my PO if I am traveling anywhere inside or outside of the country for work with a mandatory drug test within 24 hours of returning home. Once again, thank you lawyer. A free attorney would have taken months to get this approved, but it only took my attorney a week.
I’m nearly half way through my 12 months of probation, and so far I haven’t had any issues. Every drug test is clean, my certification was approved, she set me up to do my community service at the animal shelter, and that’s it! Almost… I did have to take an alcohol and drug evaluation and, like the SASSI, the counselor who evaluated me, said I have a high probability of a substance use disorder. Pro-tip, if you had a beer while on probation, even if it was just one, don’t admit that… She talked me up and was being super friendly, then asked when the last time I purchased alcohol was and my dumbass admitted to having a beer with some pizza earlier that month. Now, I have to complete a month long $500 outpatient substance abuse treatment program. I start that next week.

Part 7: Interlock
Per my plea deal, I have to have an interlock installed on my car for 6 months and had a month after my court date to get it installed. I shopped around and ultimately went with SmartStart because they had the closest location to me. That was the only reason. The reviews for every company are all equally bad. I’ve had it for almost 5 months, and I can genuinely say this is the worst part of the punishment. These thing drives me insane. I’m required to blow into it 3 times a day, even if I’m not going anywhere. I’ve had to have the technicians fix something with it twice now. The first time it locked me out even though I wasn’t in my car, the second time it kept disconnecting and I couldn’t start my car unless I fiddled with the wires.
I also had someone break into my car a couple months ago, and that dumbass stole the camera. They probably thought it was a security camera, but it is definitely not. The camera only turns on when you are blowing into the device, just to make sure you are the one blowing into it and not cheating the system by having someone else blow into it. You are responsible for any damages to the device, so that ended up costing me $300 dollars to replace plus an additional $90 for the install. That brings me to my next issue… You have to have the device calibrated once a month. Calibration means they download all of the data on the interlock device and send it to your PO. It will record any time you blew dirty, got a warning (this happens if you are close to .025 BAC), didn’t blow when it alerted you while driving, or got a lockout. And it costs $90 each time. I'm looking at 6 months of interlock costing around $1000.
This past month, I started having an issue with my battery and found that the car will completely lose power and I have to adjust the negative terminal to get power back. This wouldn’t be the worst thing ever, and it isn’t the fault of the interlock, but if I get into my car and it has power, and I blow, sometimes the car will lose power when I try to start it. This causes the interlock device to freak out when I get power back to my car, and it won’t allow me to start the engine even though it isn’t asking me to blow. I have to turn my car off, disconnect and reconnect the unit, then sit there for 10 minutes with the battery disconnected before I can reconnect it, blow into the interlock, and finally start my car. This thing is nothing but an expensive pain in my ass.
Just a little over a month left and I can say goodbye to this little piece of shit. Provided my PO doesn’t take a long time to get the request for removal and the judge doesn’t take a long time to respond. That’s my final issue. Even though there was the agreement made in court that I only had to have it for 6 months, I can’t just get it removed once I hit the 6 month mark. I have to get approval for it to be removed and this can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple months depending on how backed up the judge is. According to my PO, the judge is very backed up. It took one of my friends nearly 2 months to get approval to have hers removed. That whole time you still have to use it as normal and go in for monthly calibrations. Our court system is so convoluted.

Part 8: Private Attorney vs Public Defender
Whatever you do, do not use a public defender. If there is any possible way you can afford an attorney, do that. Even if you have to take out a loan, HIRE AN ATTORNEY. My roommate is using a public defender for the trouble she’s in, and it has been nothing but a pain in the ass. They are overworked and will only do the bare minimum for you. My attorney was so easy to contact, went out of his way to help, covered court dates for me, got a great deal with the prosecutors, and gave me tons of helpful advice. Plus he was able to help with the work order and have it approved in a week after I completed court.
My roommate’s attorney is nearly impossible to contact, and when she finally does get a hold of him, he has no idea who she is or what is going on with her case. He’s always asking her to remind him of what happened last, and asking his assistant questions too. He got the prosecutors to agree to consider dropping her case after her first court date and all they needed was her hospital records to review since she was arrested on domestic dispute charges for taking the fall for her abusive ex. She was also arrested on a warrant for missing her court date, which means she is currently on full house arrest. For the past 3 court dates, her attorney has forgotten to give the prosecutors her hospital records.
She also requested partial house arrest so she can return to work but the attorney is dragging his feet on that too. She has now been out of work for 5 months and can never get a straight answer from him when she asks if she can go to work yet. Her place of employment has rehired her twice now, but she keeps getting removed from their system because it is taking so long. It seems this second time was the last straw, because now they won’t contact her back, and she can only get approved for partial house arrest if she has employment and a schedule to prove. It feels like going in circles with this guy, and she’s extremely depressed and defeated, and I’m footing all of the bills because I’m nice and love her. But holy fuck I am BROKE.
Please, for the love of all that is good, hire a private attorney, otherwise you’re probably going to get a shit plea deal, the absolute minimum amount of help, and be stuck to navigate the court system on your own. I regret not hiring an attorney for her, because she would have had her charges dropped back in January if it wasn’t for this shitty public defender, could have gone back to work, and she would have made back what the lawyer cost a month later. Don’t put yourself through that if you don’t have to.

Part 8: Conclusion/TLDR
Anyway, if you made it this far, congrats. If I was helpful in any way, I am glad I could share. This took me a solid 3 hours to write. If you didn’t make it through, here’s the TLDR or a summary for those of you who did read most, if not all of it;
I got in an accident with a curb after blacking out and was arrested for a DWI. I declined to blow, but was given a blood test about 4 hours later, resulting in a .21 BAC. My license was suspended for 6 months because I refused the breathalyzer, although I would still recommend refusing just in case. It’s easier for a lawyer to get a dismissal on a blood test, plus there's a chance you’ll sober up enough to be under the legal limit by the time they get the warrant for the blood test. Make sure to get a replacement license as soon as you get out of jail, because it’ll take a couple months before your license is suspended.
Push for a PR bond if this is your first time being arrested and you have a clean record. The county will pay your bond and you just have to pay a fee. My bond was $1000 and I had a $70 fee. Do not accept a public defender if you can avoid it. Hire a lawyer. If you want all the details of why, you can read that in Part 7. Thanks to my lawyer and his recommendations, my charge was dropped from a Misdemeanor A to a Misdemeanor B, went from 18 months of probation and 9 months on interlock to 12 months and 6 months, and got a work travel order permitted in a week.
He was also able to get me a plea deal for deferred adjudication probation, which means you don’t get officially charged until you complete probation, and can have your record expunged after 2 years of completion. That’s great, because having a DWI on your record can be extremely limiting. You can’t go to Canada for 10 years, can’t rent a car, might not be approved for TSA PreCheck, employers will see it on a background checks, landlords and universities can see it too, and your insurance goes up. Get that expunged as soon as you can.
And finally, I wanted to put all of the costs together, including my extra costs and possible costs for anyone curious of the total.
Car Stuff - $11 for license replacement, $400 to have removed from Impound and towed to a shop, $700 on suspension repairs, estimated $3400 for body work. Total = $4511
Court/Probation Fee's - $70 for PR Bond, $2500 in court/probation fees, $120 for DUI courses, $10 a service hour, so $250 total if I don't do community service, outpatient therapy is $500. Total = $3440
LawyeInsurance - $2700 in lawyer fees, $250 for Restricted Driver License, around $800 for SR22 insurance for 6 months Total = $3750
Interlock - $540 for 6 months of calibrations, $390 for stolen camera, $90 for removal. Total = $1,020
Expunging Record - $600
Total cost when all is said and done - $13,321
Needless to say, I should have taken a $30 Uber. But hey, I've learned a lot because of what I did and there is nothing I can do but make the best of it. You can do this too. This is just one shitty hurdle in life, but you can overcome and move past it with time and effort. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.21 22:41 GentleGiantGus RED ALERT for legal gun owners... The FBI and ATF have teamed up to conduct illegal warrant-less surveillance and tracking of every gone owner through their purchases as explained below. Class action law-suits are being organized since the method is illegal and in violation of the 4th amendment...

Gun Buyers Alert — ATF Gains Financial Info For Warrantless Tracking

ATF agents requesting warrantless surveillance by the FBI
Post by Tyler Durden Written by Emily Miller via The Epoch Times

The federal government has been using Americans’ income and gun purchases to conduct warrantless tracking and deny Second Amendment rights. Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) gave salary estimates to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as the reason to have people’s firearms purchases monitored.

Erich Pratt, senior vice president of Gun Owners of America (GOA), told The Epoch Times that the ATF’s activities “monitoring innocent people” is a serious problem. “Congress needs to rein in this rogue agency by either exercising oversight over it or abolishing the unconstitutional agency altogether,” said Pratt.
📷 (Scott Olson/Getty Images)
These revelations come from new documents, viewed by The Epoch Times which it received from its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit. The latest production from the FOIA has hundreds of pages—many redacted—showing ATF agents requesting warrantless surveillance by the FBI for lawful reasons such as low salaries, past firearm purchases, and sending “bizarre” messages.
The Epoch Times exclusively reported in January about the FBI’s secret monitoring service that tracks people by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) for gun purchases for mere “potential violations of law.”

Too Poor to Buy Guns

According to the documents, a man in Arizona was put into the NICS’s daily monitoring because he has a “reported income” of only $2,839. The ATF agent wrote, “In my experience, someone with this amount of income would not be able to afford 20 firearms.”
An Asian man in Texas was put on the manual background check because the ATF said he has “no work history” which “could possibly indicate” that he is “straw purchasing.”
A special agent in Kansas emailed ATF’s liaison at the NICS to flag two purchasers for “potential trafficking.” The agent wrote: “My targets are purchasing an abundance of firearms without a license or known financial means to obtain the product.”
The FBI’s NICS expert instructed the agent in Kansas on what to include to ensure approval for tracking the suspects. “I would suggest covering the lack of income versus expenditures and also if there is substantial make/model duplication,” wrote the FBI. The ATF agent emailed back with the incomes for each man, acquired by the Kansas Department of Labor.
All the cases in the documents are related to the ATF investigating dealing firearms without a license and straw purchasing, which is buying guns for people prohibited from owning a firearm.

Tracking Income

Gun rights activists say federal law enforcement is missing the mark.
“The poor usually live in areas with the most crime and thus have a strong need to arm themselves heavily,” Pratt said. “So targeting the indigent is simply another avenue for gun grabbers to implement a backdoor gun ban.
ATF headquarters will not disclose how it acquired the other suspects’ incomes, employment information, and past gun purchases found in the FOIA forms.
“We are unable to discuss specific techniques utilized in criminal investigations,” ATF spokesman Erik Longnecker told The Epoch Times. “ATF utilizes a multitude of legal means in our criminal investigations to protect our communities from violent gun crime.”
Longnecker referred The Epoch Times to the National Tracing Center website for information about “several overt programs such as multiple sales and demand letters that can be helpful in identifying illegal firearms trafficking.”

Buying Too Many Guns

A black man in Florida was monitored daily by the FBI for at least 90 days in 2020 because an ATF agent wrote: “Based on my training and experience, I have not seen a legal firearms purchaser purchase approximately 30 firearms in a 120-day window for their personal collection.”

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2023.03.21 22:30 washingtonpost I write The Washington Post’s Climate Coach column, where I help people figure out what they can do to help curb climate change. Ask me Anything!

EDIT: Thanks all for dropping in your thoughtful questions. That's all the time I have for today's AMA, but we will be on the lookout for any big, lingering questions later on.
The Climate Coach column and newsletter host an honest discussion about the environmental choices we face in our daily lives. The Climate Coach digs into data and gives evidence-backed advice and thoughtful analysis about what matters in protecting the planet, the environment and one another.
I've covered a range of topics such as green funeral options, better ways to use your appliances, how to install a heat pump and more. My latest column talks about how Apple's new "Clean Energy Charging" feature previews how we can reach net-zero emissions by using our devices to help manage the electricity grid.
Before joining the Post in 2022, I spent nearly two decades as a reporter and editor covering climate, technology, and economics for outlets such as Quartz and, and served as managing editor of Cambodia’s Phnom Penh Post.
Thanks for having me here. What questions do you have about personal efforts to combat climate change?
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2023.03.21 20:32 Jo3yJ3tt Bill introduced in Texas to boost local Bitcoin economy & protect the rights of holders, miners, and developers

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2023.03.21 17:53 yrnmigos Need help planning 8 day trip to Spain.

After debating for weeks about where to go for our first trip to Europe, my girlfriend (33f) and I (37m) decided to go to Spain in Spring of 2024
She knows a Texas version of Spanish and we love the culture, food and architecture. Not only that it is also one of the more affordable options.
We both picked a favorite location and we will be planning our trip around that. I picked Granada to see Alhambra and Moorish history and she picked Barcelona for the architecture.
I've explained to her that an itinerary like this would most likely involve skipping Madrid which is a hard pill to swallow.
I need help with what else to skip.
Day 1-3
The itinerary I had in mind involves flying into Barcelona in the morning and visiting the city center when we get there. Then explore for the next two full days.
Day 4-8 Andalusia
Here's where the question marks pop up.
Day 4. We could fly into Seville in the morning which would give us the afternoon to explore.
Day 5 Explore more of Seville
Day 6 Rent a car and drive to Ronda. Then arrive in Granada.
Day 7 Explore Alhambra.
Day 8 Arrive in Malaga and relax before flying out.
Andalusia feels rushed to me and I feel like we would need to adjust our itinerary. I've thought about skipping Ronda on Day 6 and instead of renting a car, train hopping from Seville to Cordoba for a day trip then hopping on a train to Granada that evening. But we would have our luggage with us while exploring Cordoba. At least with a rental we can leave or luggage in the car.
I know everyone says to avoid a rental car but they said the same thing when we went to Yucatan MX and we love having the freedom. If we rent a car I would see if there was an option to park at a bus or train terminal in the bigger towns.
I know I'll need to make sacrifices but what are the right ones!? Should I skip Seville and go straight to Cordoba and Granada? Should we just do less days in Barcelona?
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2023.03.21 16:36 Bitcoin_Maximalist Bill introduced in Texas to boost local Bitcoin economy & protect the rights of holders, miners, and developers

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2023.03.21 13:15 SanAntonioMtg How much you can afford to borrow? Check San Antonio Mortgage’s mortgage calculator!

How much you can afford to borrow? Check San Antonio Mortgage’s mortgage calculator!
If you’re planning to buy a home in Texas, one of the most important things to consider is how much you can afford to borrow and a mortgage calculator Texas is required.

mortgage calculator
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2023.03.21 12:44 Faction_Chief @USATODAY: RT @usatodayDC: President Joe Biden to declare Native American ancestral homeland near El Paso, Texas, and sacred burial ground in Nevada as national monuments.

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2023.03.21 10:19 PurplMaster I binge-played the three Bioshock games (+DLC) for the first time

So, ok, this game series is pretty important. Bioshock was one of the most celebrated games of 2007 and even though I had never played it, I knew about Rapture, Big Daddies and such.
Years went by, I didn't have financial independence back then and couldn't afford to play them. Something happened when Bioshock Infinite came out that sort of drove me away from the series (I'll delve into that later), but now, after many years and a remastered collection made available with PS+, I had to see what the fuss is all about. Coincidentally, we're right around the corner of Infinite's 10th anniversary, so it's a wonderful time to jump in.
Ok, this game feels dated in some parts, it's a 15+ years old game, but in a FPS world that at the time was made of Halos and COD, it's refreshing to see somebody taking a more "classic" approach. I had tons of fun exploring, finding recordings, just soaking in (heh) all the vistas. The whole game was a pleasure to play, a lot of variety in weapons and plasmids. I'd say that most of my complaints with the game were widely fixed with Bioshock 2. One thing that remains, to some extent also until Bioshock Infinite is the lack of memorable boss battles, because bosses are just reskinned normal enemies with a bigger health bar. The "Would you kindly" twist was also pretty nice.
Bioshock 2 + Minerva's Den
Ok, I don't know what the general consensus is, but this game, while definitely a step up gameplay-wise from its predecessor, kinda feels pointless in the grand scheme of Bioshock plot, after playing Infinite. As a sequel it's fine, it's giving you more of the same, with new locations, a couple new enemy types, weapons and plasmids, a much better hacking minigame and photo research, the ability to wield weapon and plasmid at the same time. The plot is fine, Sofia Lamb is a nice new villain and they were able to not recycle any old locations from the first game, which is something you should never give from granted. I had tons of fun with it, mind you, but it really felt more like a Bioshock 1.5 than a full fledged sequel. Yes, you have a couple new enemy types, but no real bosses, not even a Fontaine-like fight at the end, just a wave of splicers. Also, I remember that the big selling point at the time was "You play as a big daddy!!!" except yeah, you do, but besides having a drill and brief underwater sections, the character plays exactly like Jack, so I really didn't feel like a Big Daddy. Don't get me wrong, the game is still beautiful and much more playable, but sort of underwhelming as a sequel. Minerva's Den doesn't add much, but it was a nice diversion to say goodbye to Rapture. Until Burial at Sea, I mean
Bioshock Infinite
Guys, I'm so sad I didn't play this game for 10 years. I can tell you the reason why. I was heavily spoiled, when the game came out, from a random youtube comment, so I knew that Booker was Comstock and also Elizabeth's father. Which were basically endgame spoilers, so part of the plot was ruined for me. I didn't know how everything was tied together so I still had a lot of fun trying to fill the gaps in my knowledge. So there were still surprises, such as the fact that Anna was Elizabeth and not Booker's wife, the Lutece siblings true origins, how the city came to be. Everything was just stellar, the city was incredible, gameplay was fluid and responsive even though my complaint about the lack of memorable boss battles remains. Yeah, it borrows some stuff from more modern shooters, such as the shield and 2 weapons at a time, but it didn't hinder the experience at all. All locations were varied and beautiful, the Hall of Heroes had me in awe. The game doesn't shy away from the super racism and bigotry of Columbia, and the ending section, while a bit meta, really stuck with me. "It always begin with a man and a lighthouse", so yeah, Bioshock 2 is almost non canon now? I also saw Crowbcat's video about "the Bioshock Infinite we never got" and I admit that I would've been pretty bummed if I saw all those gameplay videos of stuff that was blatantly missing from the game, the same way I was bummed about Final Fantasy XV when it came out. Still, what we got was stellar and I'm so happy I was able to play it and enjoy it even after I was spoiled.
Burial at Sea
Hear me out.
Burial at Sea was definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite part of the whole Bioshock trilogy. I knew that there was a DLC about Booker and Elizabeth in Rapture, but I thought it was just a simple "what if" plot to have some fun. I was not prepared to have my heart shredded while at the same time experiencing a detailed prequel leading to everything that happens in Bioshock 1. Witnessing the fall of Rapture was something that I wanted to see in Bioshock 2 and never got. Gameplay wise it's fine. More of the same for Episode 1 and a stealthier approach for Episode 2. But the plot, man. The opening of Episode 2 will probably forever be in my list of most beautiful moments in gaming, the ending is so friggin sad and beautiful, the lobotomy scene was disturbing and I want it in VR now. Also small stuff such as seeing Suchong impaled by a Big Daddy while recording, having the recording fresh in mind since I played Bioshock 1 just a few days before, wow. This was a really worthy DLC and I'm so glad I wasn't spoiled for anything that happened in it.

So, in the end this was a brief series, but chock full of awesome moments, vistas, characters and plot. I'm definitely a fan now and I hope it gets revitalized at some point. With this whole remake business going on, I'd say it should be fair to give the first Bioshock this treatment. It still holds up incredibly well, but ironing out some of the rougher edges could introduce the game to a more modern audience and tie into the inevitable Netflix movie that is now heading towards us. I will now read some stuff here and there to see if my opinions are hot takes or if I fall into the majority. If you read up until here, thanks for your time!
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2023.03.21 08:24 No-Flounder8730 Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition

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2023.03.21 07:46 The_Bibliophile Private Education for kids worth it in the Philippines?

Hello, I am married to a Filipina. We want to raise our future kids in the Philippines for Dual Citizenship for Philippines and United States.
I am a Filipino-American, and I love the Philippine culture. American culture has gotten toxic and is at such a degraded state currently--nationwide loss of ehtics and morality is the norm right now. The rose tinted glasses of what foreigners see of USA is not true.
We have ALOT of problems--not saying all countries don't, but you would think the most powerful and richest country would be able to tackle simple problems for their citizens but I digress. Sorry for rambling.
I can afford the get my future kids a private education in the USA, but with nature and nurture mindset in regards to raising a child, I refuse to let my kids be exposed to the toxic culture in USA. A healthy/safe household and good private schools are good environments but you can't filter out all of the negative.
As a Catholic, a private Catholic school in the Philippines makes perfect sense (though a Catholic school is not mandatory). I was just wondering, generally, do private schools in the Philippines offer high quality education?
I'm not going to compare to USA or European standards--just want to know if private education in the Philippines will correlate (not absolute terms, of course, just higher chances) success in career undertakings in either the Philippines or USA if the kids decide what they want to do?
I just want my child to have a good education, learn good values, morals, ethics, manners (in school and of course in the house).
Price is not an issue as private education in USA is exponentially more expensive.
I am not a helicopter parent in which I will force my child to follow a certain path, but I will provide my child the best environment I can possibly find--and whatever path he or she chooses, I'm all for it--I just want them to be in a supportive milleu.
Thanks and I'm sorry for rambling. Just putting what's on my mind directly to the post. If the United States culture was that of the 80s and 90s I wouldn't be asking this question, but it is what it is unfortunately.
How good of an education are private school educations in the Philippines? Is it worth it?
ADDENDUM: Sorry for the grammatical mistakes. It is almost 2 am here in Texas.
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2023.03.21 06:30 RuralRasta Support sub for people whom the person they were closest with died suddenly and tragically (mother)

Yeah this is long I'm sorry. I'm not good at TL;DRs so I'll just say most of these paragraphs are mostly a story I need to tell. Don't worry about reading them if you don't want. The last couple paragraphs of this post more objectively explain what kind of sub I am seeking.
For starters, I know the obvious answer: therapy. I saw a therapist regularly for a few months a few years ago and he did all he could to address it, but I still was not able to fully express my emotions about my loss. I could explain what happened, talk about it, but there was zero crying or true emotional release. I was just circling it. I now am trying to find an affordable way (betterhelp, student pro bono session etc.) to be in therapy again and start fresh.
Secondly I'm not seeking sympathy or some sort of sad story jerk circle, I'm just starting to realize I seriously need to find some other people who've been through what I have, and get some tips on how to blend in with society when you're carrying such emotional pain.
For context I, a currently 31 year old man, was always extremely close with my mother. My parents were separated though remained friends but truly after my brother moved out and it was just me and mom things really molded between us in a way of household partnership rather than typical average mom son dynamic.
This next part might be a bit long for this sub so I'm sorry but it just summarizes what happened so others can relate on a more detailed level.
Basically I was a good son, passionate, unique, good balance between work/school/sports/hanging with friends. And she would eventually start calling me her "rock" towards grade 12. We both worked, and I was in school, all through first year college, then that summer she died of a brain aneurysm. I got home from work and found her collapsed by the toilet. She did not regain consciousness, I called 911, they took her to the hospital, told me my dad and my aunt what happened, my aunt collapsed in on herself, my dad just put his head in my shoulder, and I just stared at the doc. I remember thinking "this is it" floating like a cloud through my brain. We got my brother out of bed to the hospital and a few other immediate family of hers, and my brother and I had to make decisions that took like 24 hours (we donated her body to those waiting for transplants) and it was all just auto pilot. She was cremated and buried a week later, July 13, 2011, just after my brother finished his undergrad and I finished my 1 year college program. I was 19 at the time. I was plunged into my nightmare but was numbed out. And riding on all of the people reaching out and just... Who knows.
She was the life of every party but not in that snobbish annoying way people can be. She was adored by her brothers sisters nieces nephews neighbours coworkers. She was so popular without trying. We had our fights and disagreements but all I remember now is that through it all, my bravery, sense of relevance, sense of belonging in this world, connection to all that was good about life was her.
It seems the one thing I never could truly imagine was what I'd do if I didn't have her. That was the one thing my brain just wouldn't fabricate; it was incomprehensible. But now, it has entered my brain and I've finally realized I have no choice but to try to accept it as a reality. And not just something my brain is projecting. In order to actually move forward, this needs to happen.
I'd go to the house and cry sometimes but I think they were just "sorry for myself" years, not really tears of grief. I could not talk about it with my friends, who I moved in with in September (was plan before Mom died, had to decide if I should stick with that plan, or cancel and stay in hometown with Dad. I decided to keep going forward).
I was just so carried along by being in the city and having a girlfriend at the time and sensing my youth and personal momentum and a new full-time job with some new good friends and everything just kinda carried me, I was driven by it - I, in my head, was like "oh this happened. Ok, you're 19. This is awful for you. You do whatever you want in order to ignore it, and all of your dreams will come true now because your nightmare did."
And so I did just zoom forward, relentlessly, extroverting myself to the point where I was obnoxious sometimes probably, but still a good person I hope, taking all the opportunities and working my ass off trying to make music and work and just have as much fun as possible. All while renting Mom's house and keeping my room there the same. I didn't sleep in or spend more than 15 minutes every few months in my childhood bedroom between July 2011 and May 2019 during visits. May 2019 was when I was finally ready to move in, face the past, and decide what to do with the house (person renting was leaving so I made the call to bring it on home after what felt like a 7 year long party bus road trip). It became clear that I was going through worsening mental health which I always attributed to other things than my obvious PTSD and incomprehensible heartbreak, but guess I continued pushing it away thinking it'd all make sense after I went back to get closure on the house. Which I felt like I did, after spending a summer there and just being back fucking home and going through all my stuff again and condensing and sorting and just picking back up where I left off 7 years ago. We sold the house. I took some money and moved to another apartment. Then COVID happened. Everything was jumbled, my plan to engage in life and try to assimilate back into society after gaining closure on the bureaucracy of my mother's death was tainted since... Society stopped. I still couldn't feel anything. The pandemic timed out to sort of distract me again.
But now that COVID has been contained(?), And I start to at least see a virtual depiction of what the world was like before the pandemic with full stores no masks or gathering limits etc. going back to "normal", and my mental health worsens, I start to understand what's happening: I miss my mom.
This is the first time I am experiencing "normal" society with nothing else to do now about her passing other than move forward. But she made me feel "normal", as in, a part of this world. And no youthful imaginative self righteous journey of soul exploration can change that. At the end of the day, no matter what I was up to, she was what grounded me. And boy am I ever floating away it feels like.
And now that I'm feeling my age, my lack of balanced social life due to constantly distracting myself with my passions, and the regret of my 20s just being one endless Friday night, I'm just really struggling with piecing myself together and finding a sense of understanding and belonging with my fellow man again.
It is just increasingly difficult as I've been having some insanely rough days, and I wish I could tell coworkers about it and feel so anxious and depressed that my misery is rubbing off on everyone else and it's just a spiral. I am visibly depressed but trying to push through shifts of work to keep some structure going. But it's getting so embarrassing as I'm just so miserable at work and can tell it's bothering my coworkers. To the point where I feel like quitting would be a relief to everyone there. I can't talk to them about it though, it would be far too deep. I don't even know how to talk about it to anyone. Or talk to anyone about anything else without having it crowding my thoughts. And that's why I'm here.
I am seeking a Reddit sub for support from others who have experienced traumatic losses of extremely close loved ones. I'm hoping for tips on how to blend in with society again. How to see the world as something that good things can happen in, that you belong in, and see yourself as a part of society again, not as a heartbroken, alienated PTSD sufferer.
I'm very thankful if you read this whole thing this far, and am sorry if my story has surfaced any unpleasant memories. But this is my piece, and if you have a similar one, and have any advice on coping with it while trying to engage in a society after having lost the one person that truly helped it all make sense for you, it'd mean a lot. Thank you.
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2023.03.21 05:13 yackzsznn Mock Draft 2.0 with Explanations

Please keep an open mind after all no one knows what’ll actually happen
1.01 CAR: C.J. Stroud, QB Ohio State
Despite the current lack of receiving talent, Carolina is a team ready to compete right now. They were active in free agency, signing Miles Sanders, Vonn Bell, Hayden Hurst, Bradley Bozeman, and Shy Tuttle, among others. They’ll need to find more WRs, but it feels like the main core is here now. Stroud is tall and accurate, with a good blend of poise and playmaking ability. He’s pro-ready. New QB coach Josh McCown raved about Stroud on Underdog Fantasy’s channel before he was hired in Carolina, and compared Stroud to Joe Burrow. My gut feeling is that they prefer Stroud.
1.02 HOU: Bryce Young, QB Alabama
IND Receives: 1.03 ARI Receives: 1.04, 3.79, 2024 Rd4
1.03 IND: Anthony Richardson, QB Florida
The Colts are in a dangerous position behind the Cardinals who could very well trade the 3rd overall pick to a QB needy team. I have the Colts playing it safe and jumping up one spot. I would love to see Richardson with the coach that helped turn a total project QB in Jalen Hurts into MVP runner up. Obviously Hurts himself had the most to do with that, but if Indianapolis is confident Richardson will put in the work to learn, they should absolutely take him. At the very least Steichen and Richardson would turn the Colts into a top 5 rushing attack in football, at best Richardson turns into a shiftier Hurts with a more powerful arm. Scary to think about. The Colts are one of the only teams reportedly interested in signing Lamar Jackson, which almost certainly will not actually happen, but it goes to show that Steichen is justifiably very interested in that mobile QB archetype.
1.04 ARI: Will Anderson Jr, ED Alabama
With Jalen Carter’s stock falling fast, Anderson might be the only real blue chip player in this class. Anderson also happens to fill a position of dire need for Arizona, as their current best defensive lineman is probably Cameron Thomas? The 87th overall pick last season. It’s bleak. Theres not much to say other than they need help on the DLine and Anderson happens to be the best player for that.
1.05 SEA: Tyree Wilson, ED Texas Tech
The Seahawks sorely need talent on their defensive line. Late in the season, Seattle’s run defense totally fell apart, prompting Pete Carroll to remark that the defensive issues were “killing him.” Seattle allowed the most rushing yards in the league from week 12 onward. Tyree Wilson is a long, powerful edge rusher from Texas Tech who was productive stopping the run and rushing the passer despite his technical flaws. Wilson is a 6’6 freak of nature and it sounds like some teams may even have him above Will Anderson on their boards; with all the bad press Jalen Carter has gotten recently, it’s not unthinkable that Wilson is selected ahead of Carter, despite the talent gap.
1.06 DET: Jalen Carter, DL Georgia
Selecting Carter is getting riskier and riskier, but he may be too talented to pass up here. Detroit had an explosive offense, but the defense couldn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Detroit desperately needs a difference maker next to Alim McNeill inside. Houston and Hutchinson were a productive edge duo last year, and with the complete overhaul in the secondary, DT is the most glaring need on the defense. Detroit seems to have the strongest culture in the league. Maybe they could help Carter get back on track. It could very well be a worthy gamble. Carter is the best player in the draft.
1.07 LV: Christian Gonzalez, CB Oregon
Aside from Nate Hobbs, this CB room does not have a reliable corner. The Raiders aren’t afraid to play some aggressive man coverage. Vegas doesn’t really have the personnel to play this way though, as they were 30th in the league in EPA/pass attempt. Gonzalez is a fantastic corner prospect with easy long speed and elite change of direction ability. His extreme versatility + a healthy Nate Hobbs could help Patrick Graham’s vision come to life.
1.08 ATL: Devon Witherspoon, CB Illinois
Atlanta needs more help in that secondary. AJ Terrell is a top corner, but one side of the field being locked up doesn’t help much when offenses can just throw somewhere else. Atlanta was still the second worst defense in the league vs the pass, allowing +0.11 EPA/dropback. He measured in pretty small at only 181 pounds with a 73 inch wingspan, and on tape he doesn’t necessarily look like a top top tier athlete. However, it’s tough to argue with the results. Witherspoon was as lockdown as it gets in 2022, allowing a 25 passer rating when targeted. He’s physical with a great burst coming downhill and outstanding ball skills.
1.09 CHI: Paris Johnson Jr, T Ohio State
It seems like the Bears believe in Fields as their guy. Johnson Jr had experience playing guard and tackle at Ohio State. He could play right guard year one, and move to tackle later. He’s very raw, so he’ll need time, but he has the perfect frame and the movement skills to match.
NE Receives: 1.10 PHI Receives: 1.14, 3.76, 2024 Rd3
1.10 NE: Peter Skoronski, T Northwestern
The projected starting tackles for New England are Riley Reiff and Trent Brown. With many teams needing Olinemen ahead of them, it could be a good idea to trade up to get your guy. Brown has some right tackle experience if you want to keep Skoronski at his college position of left tackle. Skoronski could also be a guard, which could help in the future. Many are concerned about his small arms, but here’s a direct quote from legendary New England offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia about arm length. “that shit is overrated.” Skoronski is a flexible and intelligent tackle prospect and if you can stomach the short arms, I assume he’d be high on your board. Scarneccia is retired now, but I’m sure his philosophies still matter in New England.
1.11 TEN: Broderick Jones, T Georgia
The Titans sorely need to create some displacement in the running game. NextGenStats has them allowing 1.17 yards before contact, 25th in the league. Derrick Henry was running into brick walls snap after snap, especially towards the end of the season. Henry isn’t the type of runner who can really make guys miss in the backfield. The line isn’t looking any better post free agency. Dillard-Radunz-Brewer-Brunskill-Petit Frier isn’t moving anybody. Jones has a five star, SEC pedigree with ideal size, good footwork, and a nasty streak. He can help build up this really bad line.
1.12 HOU: Quentin Johnston, WR TCU
With the recent trade of Brandin Cooks the Texans don't really have a surefire number one receiver. They brought in a Shanahan guy with DeMeco Ryans, that means monster skill position players. I’m more sure Addison and JSN will end up being good pros, but Johnston has the ability to take a slant to the house, or take the top off the defense, opening up space for crossing routes. With hardly any starter worthy receivers, picking one here is probably necessary.
GB Receives: 1.13, 4.112, WR Elijah Moore NYJ Receives: QB Aaron Rodgers, 5.149
1.13 GB: Lukas Van Ness, ED Iowa
Smith, Van Ness, Gary, and Clark would be a great group with so many different skill sets, body types, and versatility there. The knock on Van Ness is his pass rush plan. He has one! But it’s only one. Bull rush bullrush bull rush. Van Ness is just a power rusher at this point, but I’ve seen flashes of high level coordination with his hands, and he’s just so strong.
1.14 PHI: Myles Murphy, ED Clemson
With the resigning's of both star cornerbacks Darius Slay and James Bradberry, CB is no longer a position of need at pick 10 or in this case, 14. Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox are getting old and are due to regress sooner than later. I think NFL teams will be higher on Murphy than the draft community seems to be. At 270 pounds with plenty of explosiveness off the line, Murphy has a lot of potential as a power rusher and the frame that would fit with what the team likes.
1.15 GB: Dalton Kincaid, TE Utah
After letting Tonyan walk in free agency they have no answer at tight end. Kincaid is probably the best tight end on the board, a smooth runner with soft hands and a lightning quick transition from catcher to runner. Jordan Love will be under a lot of pressure and it's best to give him as much help as possible. Kincaid is too wiry to be a great inline blocker, which may hurt his case a bit. Although he does give good effort there so he could always line up in that spot
1.16 WSH: Will Levis, QB Kentucky
The Commanders are currently rolling into the NFC East, where 3/4 teams made the playoffs last season, with Sam Howell and Jacoby Brissett. Brissett played fine last year, but is he enough to avoid the basement of this division? That might not be a bet Rivera can afford to make. If he is here at 16, they should sprint to the podium. Will Levis played in a pro-style system in college, has easy arm strength, some mobility, and great toughness. Eric Bieniemy helped harness Patrick Mahomes’ raw talent, and Levis’s down 2022 is somewhat reminiscent of Justin Herbert’s situation his last year at Oregon. I doubt front offices are this low on him but maybe this can work.
1.17 PIT: Joey Porter Jr, CB Penn State
The Steelers let recent breakout CB Cam Sutton walk in free agency to the Lions. In return they signed 32 year old Patrick Peterson. While the signing isn't terrible it likely won't last long. Joey Porter Jr to Pittsburgh feels like such an ideal fit. After all, he is the son of former Steelers LB, Joey Porter. Porter’s wingspan is over 80 inches long, putting him in the 97th percentile for cornerbacks. He is exactly the kind of player to be lining up opposite Peterson. His length, speed, and play strength scream Steeler, it would be hard to pass on him.
1.18 DET: Deonte Banks, CB Maryland
With both Jeff Okudah and Moseley in the final year of their contracts, the Lions could use this opportunity to draft an elite-level corner without feeling the need to rush him to the field. Banks only allowed a 43.3% completion rate in coverage last year and crushed the combine. He’s 6’0 with 4.3 speed and a 42 inch vertical. Easy first round CB who could very well go higher than this.
1.19 TB: Brian Branch, S Alabama
Although offensive line is probably the biggest need, Tampa simply doesn’t have many functional defensive backs under contract. Branch is more of a nickel/box safety than someone who’s going to be ranging over the top, but he has great instincts to cover up his zones and the movement ability to mirror slot receivers in man. As long as Bowles is in charge, you may be asked to line up anywhere and do anything on any given snap. Branch feels like a good fit.
NYG Receives: 1.20 SEA Receives: 1.25, 3.89, 2024 Rd3, 2024 Rd6
1.20 NYG: Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR Ohio State
The Giants have been lacking a WR1 since OBJ left in 2019. With arguably the best WR in the draft still on the board, I could see them jumping the many other receiver needy teams to take JSN. Smith-Njigba is my personal WR1 because of his ability to shake man coverage with his change of direction ability and uncanny sense of where to settle in the open zone. His long speed is not good as we see on his tape, but he’s crafty, balanced, and smooth, more of a slot guy. He'll step in and be Daniels Jones' most reliable receiver right away.
1.21 LAC: Zay Flowers, WR Boston College
Zay Flowers is exactly what the Chargers need. They don’t need a huge piece, they’ve got Keenan Allen to exploit zone and Mike Williams to win contested catches and dominate in the red zone. What Justin Herbert and this offense could really use is someone who can take the top off the defense and turn underneath passes into explosive plays. Flowers isn’t great at everything, but he’s great at that. LA doesn’t
1.22 BAL: Jordan Addison, WR USC
Todd Monken won’t be able to get the desired results in the passing game without better pass catchers. Despite an underwhelming combine, Jordan Addison is still a good prospect. He’s smooth, he doesn’t give away his breaks, he can win deep, and he has some wiggle after the catch. Addison doesn’t have the play strength to ever be considered a “tier one” threat that you can build an offense around, but he’s a very safe bet to be a nice piece for years to come.
1.23 MIN: Nolan Smith, ED Georgia
Nolan Smith is a good player. He could probably even move off ball and replace Kendricks, but I think the tape is good enough that you could keep him at EDGE. Especially in Brian Flores’ scheme that gets people flying through gaps, tracking down QBs as a free rusher, and dropping into coverage no matter what position you play. I can’t think of someone more dangerous as a free runner than Nolan Smith. With his 4.3 speed and elite change of direction ability, not many players could reliably make this guy miss. Smith’s athleticism makes him a great potential dropper when they get in those zero looks. Nolan Smith feels like their guy.
1.24 JAX: Darnell Wright, T Tennessee
With Jawaan Taylor leaving in free agency this team is in need of a replacement. He plays with great balance and is outstanding as a run blocker. Wright has issues with his hand placement but his size and phenomenal movement skills leave you tantalized about what he could be. Wright did well vs top competition this season and won the offensive line practice player of the week award at the Senior Bowl. He’ll be an upgrade over Walker Little
1.25 SEA: O’Cyrus Torrence, G Florida
While there are other needs, specifically at the WR and Center positions, by the way the board has fallen, Torrence is the best option. With Gabe Jackson being cut and Damien Lewis entering the final year of his deal next season, they're gonna look to upgrade at guard. O’Cyrus Torrence is a massive interior lineman who dominates down blocks, doesn’t commit penalties, and holds up well in pass protection. It feels like he’d be a good match.
1.26 DAL: Bijan Robinson, RB Texas
With Zeke getting released the team should look for a second RB. The generational running back talent has obvious ties to Dallas as a Texas Longhorn. Even with Pollard under the franchise tag, that’s just a one-year deal. The future of the Dallas ground game can be an elite pairing between Robinson and Pollard in 2023. Robinson finished the 2022 college season as PFF’s second-highest-graded rusher in the FBS, tallying 18 rushing TDs and 1,575 rushing yards. He forced 104 missed tackles (40% broken tackle rate) – a metric that has shown to be super predictive of success rushing at the NFL level.
1.27 BUF: Michael Mayer, TE Notre Dame
Buffalo’s supporting cast was exposed in the playoffs. They had no second tight end worth playing, so all year they had to live in 11 personnel even though the receiving core wasn’t that deep. Buffalo was 32nd in the league in frequency of 12 personnel looks. They didn’t have much personnel versatility, and by the end of the year, the offense seemed stale and totally reliant on the “Josh Allen go do something” play. Michael Mayer has been super productive for a major school from a young age. He’s got the route running savvy to create separation, and the physicality to make contested catches and key blocks. The Bills should just be looking to add any kind of real second threat next to Diggs. Mayer could be that guy.
1.28 CIN: Anton Harrison, T Oklahoma
La’el Collins will never be the same. He looked completely washed this season after injuring his back. The addition of Orlando Brown was a good deal and will hopefully pan out well for them. Harrison is an extremely young, yet technically proficient pass protector with quick feet to stay balanced and a strong punch to stile and stay connected to rushers. My only issue is that he only played LT in his college career. Orlando Brown seems 100% serious on staying at LT which could go badly if Harrison can't keep his same production on the right side.
1.29 NO: Calijah Kancey, DL Pittsburgh
The Saints struck early in free agency by signing former Chiefs DT Khalen Saunders and former Jets DT Nathan Shepherd. However, neither of those offers the interior pass rush ability that Calijah Kancey does. Kancey is arguably the best pure pass rusher in the draft when you consider just how deep his bag of moves is, and his ridiculous 22.7% pass rush win rate. Should be a no-brainer her for the Saints
1.30 PHI: Bryan Bresee, DL Clemson
A bit of a project guy here but worth taking the risk. At 6'5" 300lbs he's a monster on the line. He plays with unique speed, length, and power giving him a shocking burst to throw the lineman off his balance. His versatility might be his greatest strength. He has the playstyle to play anywhere along the line and still perform the same. His injury risk is a bit concerning but the eagles seem to have a good medical staff to keep him healthy.
1.31 KC: BJ Ojulari, ED LSU
The Chiefs need a replacement for Frank Clark who simply is not getting it done. Carlos Dunlap is also not a lock to return, and Mike Danna is a free agent after the 2023 season. George Karlaftis looks solid, but there’s not much after him. B.J. Ojulari has the speed to complement Karlaftis’ power. He has an explosive first step and has demonstrated numerous swim moves to attack offensive tackles
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2023.03.21 03:27 liiilmeowwws Ouija board helped me create an egregore?

Side note: I'm an author and freelance writer in my passtime, so forgive me if this seems too fantastical. I remember everything that happens to me -when it's spiritual or traumatic- with peculiar clarity.

Warning: Very Long!

I've always been into the occult and witchcraft from a young age. Growing up with movies and shows like, The Craft, Practical Magic, Skeleton Key, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Tales from the Crypt and Goosebumps.

I've been seeing ghosts from a really young age, the first spirit I ever spoke to was my mother's dead uncle form her remembrance. Hell, my mom even remembers being tormented by a ghost while she was pregnant with me. She had herself afraid to take photos because she could always see an old lady's withered hand reaching for her stomach, but no one else could.

As a child, I even went through a brief point in time when I couldn't distinguish spirits from actual people, until I was told what ghosts were by my older sibling and cousins.
Sometimes it's like they would use me as a beacon, making me sit with them while they talked about ghosts and played with a ouija board.

So by 8 years old I already knew what an ouija board was and that I could talk to ghosts using it.
It had been a long day in the middle of autumn in a small county outside of Fort Worth, Texas. I had just came inside the house from school and my sister started in on me. Neither one of us remember what the heck we were arguing about that made me so frustrated and angry, but I remember stomping to my room and slamming the door.

I'm guessing I was really overwhelmed because I remember hating the hell out of that room and never liked being in it alone -sometimes falling asleep on the couch instead of my very comfortable bed.

That room was always eerily dark no matter what time of day it was, thanks to the large bushes that grew outside the windows. It always felt empty and too large for my liking, I still have a fear of the dark and wide open spaces.

But I closed the door anyway, didn't bother with the light and slammed myself face first onto my bed.

I was a bit of a dramatic child.

I then got the bright idea to use the fake ouija board I dug out the garbage after my sister and her friends trashed it and look for a friend who could scare my sister... It was funny to see her get all riled up after acting mean to me all the time.

I scrambled to my dresser, a heavy mahogany one that's been passed down through 4 female generations - I still remember the tiny carved details in it that I liked to trace with my fingertips- and grabbed the candle I used when the power would go out. I lit it with a match and carried it as I squatted down to the ground and pulled the ouija board out from under my bed.

I knelt on the parquet flooring of my room and placed my hands on the makeshift planchette which was an old glass jar that used to hold salt.

"Hello. is there anyone here with me?" I asked aloud with hope in my heart.
The jar didn't move. I huffed in annoyance...
"Is anyone here with me?!" I practically squeaked.

The jar shot to 'yes' while a shiver ran up my spine. I gulped, "Are you good?"


I gulped again, "I hate my sister, can you scare her?"


Suddenly, I heard my sister let out a scream followed by the slamming of the glass door to her room, which was the old garage.

I dragged the glass jar to goodbye and ran out of my room, running into my mom and sister in the kitchen. My sister was practically hyperventilating as my mom held something close to her face.

it was my sister digital camera. she was flipping between two pictures, zooming in and out.

I peeked around the corner and my sister cried, "It's a face see?!"

I giggled to myself before running back to my room and shutting the door before diving for the ouija board, "Was that you that scare dher?!" I asked a smile on my face.


"Huh? Are you a different spirit?"



It moved away from the 'yes' then back.

"Do you have a name?"

It repeated the movements.

"I'm M, What's yours?"

'Sebastian' It spelled out.

I smiled.

I talked to Sebastian almost everyday, telling him about my days at school, the horrible things that would happen after our family get togethers -if I was forced to stay the night- and my favorite books or dolls. And in turn I found out he used to own the land our house is on, was around 30 years old, and used to have a dog like mine.

On a particularly sad day I was crying during our session and asked to see him. He agreed and spelled out 'up'. I looked up near the closet I dreaded was a tall black silhouette. I gasped and it disappeared.

My tears had dried up during our conversation that day and he was always there for me then on.

A week before I had to move, he manifested to me in actual visual form.

I could see him.

Like really see him, he appeared to me shirtless---

With shoulder length blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, sharp blue eyes, and standing at maybe 6 feet tall?

He was sweet, attentive, and really cared about what I had to say...

He did have a weird attraction to my curly hair... Like, dude couldn't be next to me without touching it and I could feel the touches too.

Well, we had to move because whatever scared my sister was wreaking havoc on her so we had the house blessed and we moved. I thought Sebastian had moved on...


About a year ago I was living with my sister; we were a week away from being evicted from our apartment so we had to squeeze in at our grandmother's house. I stayed in the apartment as long as possible because I have a very bad pet allergy --my grandmother's house is a petting zoo with how many cats and dogs she has.

Anyway, I was really stressed about where I would be going, how I would afford food, where my next job was gonna be, will I survive my grandmother's house --all types of things to make me overwhelmed. I went to shower the thoughts away, after calming down just a bit I got dressed. When I went to leave the bathroom, the door knob was yanked from my grasp.

It has been about 14 years since the first time I met Sebastian and out of nowhere something yanked the door knob away from like he used to every time I'd wanna slam my door, knowing I'd get in trouble for it.

It felt like he was there again, but I couldn't see him.

I could feel his eyes on me, I could faintly hear his voice sometimes an I could still feel him touch my curls comfortingly.

Did I create my own egregore at 8 years old or did I actually invite a spirit into my life?
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2023.03.21 02:48 Vampiric_Kai How do I finance a Wheelchair Vehicle when I can't even go to a job?

I'm 22, from Texas (if that helps answering) and wheelchair bond(SMA). I've barely been out of the house since graduating High School. That is primarily because my only means of transportation, outside of my wheelchair, is hitching a trailer to my family's van. I'd REALLY like to get a steady job that isn't freelance but I really can't go to the job currently. It's a hassle to get me from point A to B currently because of the trailer. If I had a wheelchair accessible vehicle I could more feasibly get out of the house. Because then my friends, siblings or relatives who don't know how, or aren't comfortable with me could take me places.
How do I finance a accessible vehicle? I've been trying to figure this out and at my current rate it'll take me decades to be able to afford one.
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2023.03.20 23:15 JeffSzn How do you want your death to be handled?

Cremation or burial where you get suffocated and pressurised by soil?
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2023.03.20 21:57 ysut New 100% chapter 35 and ChampVa question for 20yo son

I just got 100%. Have a 20 year old son who we claimed last year in taxes. - do we have to to make him eligible for Ch. 35 and Champ Va insurance? I do not get a paid as a dependent since he turned 18. He is about to go back to college since we can afford it now. But only with CH 35. Also he doesn’t have any insurance and I need to know if he needs to be claimed or on monthly payments from va to get champva. Thank you in advance. I tried calling a vso but they didn’t answer. Also, DEER ID card- he needs one of those too correct, but has ti be in school before I can get him one. Is that correct? Lastly, I do not qualify for GI bill or the Texas Hazelwood so no free education that I know of.
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