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Discussions about the writing craft.

2012.07.09 18:57 thetoethumb Estimation

Ever wondered what the rate of gummi bear combustion needed to power a lawn mower is? How fast do you need to throw a burrito to make it spontaneously ignite? A subreddit dedicated to one of the most useful skills in life. Estimation.

2008.10.01 14:05 INFP

INFPs never seem to lose their sense of wonder. One might say they see life through rose-colored glasses. It's as though they live at the edge of a looking-glass world where mundane objects come to life, where flora and fauna take on near-human qualities.

2023.03.30 12:43 MyRectumIsTorn My now ex girlfriend (20 F) initiated a break up with me (23 M) but is trying to go back on her decision

I’m not even sure where to start with this but essentially my now ex girlfriend told me that she doesn’t see our relationship working in any circumstance and she wanted to break up. I told her to stand on her decision if it was truly how she felt and she did for all of basically today but now she’s trying to act like nothings happened. I should add that I’m in agreement with the decision to break up as the relationship is toxic and this isn’t the first time something like this has happened, we live together at the moment so I feel it’s hard to avoid whatever feelings I have for her and to follow through when she’s doing stuff like this. I guess I’m looking for some insight or advice from anyone that’s been through this sort of situation before.
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2023.03.30 12:43 david21dim Not saying good morning [m19] [f18] long distance relationship

Not saying good morning
Today is the first time my girlfriend did not say good morning to me. We had a deep call about not using snap chat and turning off location there. We only text now and call if we can. She told me she was mentally exhausted and I'm doing everything i can to lift her spirit. We had been texting each other good morning and good night now for 4 months at least. When I woke up now I texted a genuine good morning and I followed up with a short question, she was awake before me and did not send a good morning nor did she respond to mine, should I be worried, I'm feeling very stressed and upset about this. Does anyone have any advice to me? Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.30 12:43 chippybook My (25F) boyfriend (28M) of 3 years doesn't sexually satisfy me anymore now I have come off contraception. Advice needed.

My (25F) boyfriend (28M) have been together for 3 years, we met just before the pandemic. Once lockdown started we couldn't see each other, so when restrictions lifted we had a great sex life, probably from the build up of not being able to see each other! 3 years down the line, we have been living together 9 months, and everything is pretty perfect. He is caring, understanding, funny, affectionate etc. I have had no complaints about our relationship, and would always say how happy I am and that this is the man I want to marry.
We decided this year that we feel ready to try for a baby, so I stopped taking my contraceptive pill in late December. I have been on it since I was 15 due to acne etc, so I wasn't sure what it would be like to come off of it. Everything is the same except my sex drive is through the roof! I have always been the one with the higher sex drive, but we would have sex fairly regularly, at least once a week so I was satisfied. But now I can't get enough, and the sex we do have doesn't seem to be hitting the spot like it used to.
He is a loving guy, but he doesn't look at me like he wants to rip my clothes off. I ALWAYS initiate sex, and even then it's me being the giver. I'm just struggling as this wasn't something I ever expected to worry about, I feel like I am a completely different person sexually. I have tried to communicate this with him, tell him what I would like our sex to be like (bit rougher more crazy etc), but nothing really changes. I can't stop obsessing about it, I feel like such a bad person as there is more to a relationship than sex. But it's gotten to the point where I am fantasizing about other people, watching porn and masturbating, and even now and then I've questioned cheating. It sounds terrible I know, but I don't find him as attractive as I used to for some reason either.
I'm not sure where to go from here... I don't know if I even want a baby anymore, as if sex will be like this forever I don't know if that's a life I can live with happily. But at the same time I don't know if I should throw away a perfect relationship over sex. Any advice would be appreciated.
TLDR; Happy relationship of 3 years, came off the pill and it has made my sex drive intense. My boyfriend no longer satisfies me.
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2023.03.30 12:43 MrCaramelz Arctis 7 won't turn on unless plugged in

This issue started just yesterday. I factory reset it and I have tried to re-pair it. I cannot connect the headset when it is not plugged in with the charing cable. And in the Steelseries engine it says that it is full battery.
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2023.03.30 12:43 sableheart Norn9: Vars Commons Megathread

Norn9: Vars Commons will be released for Nintendo Switch on March 30!

Please post all questions and minor discussions about Norn9 in this thread and please use the search function as well.
Please also use spoiler tags when talking about details that are only revealed when playing a particular route. >!spoiler text!< spoiler text

Norn9: Vars Commons Play-Along

Whether you have just bought the game, played the Vita version or in Japanese, you are welcome to participate in our play-along! There will be a new post once a week for a different route in the following order:
  • Common Route and General Impressions - April 6
  • Heishi Otomaru - April 11
  • Senri Ichinose - April 13
  • Sakuya Nijou - April 18
  • Kakeru Yuiga - April 20
  • Masamune Toya - April 25
  • Itsuki Kagami - April 27
  • Akito Shukuri - May 2
  • Ron Muroboshi - May 4
  • Natsuhiko Azuma - May 9
Each post will be linked here for easy reference.
You do not have to play in the above order at the rate of two routes a week, you can binge it all in a day if you wish.
  • You must play as Koharu for Kakeru, Senri and Masamune's routes.
    • Masamune is locked until one of the other two routes is completed.
  • You must play as Mikoto for Natsuhiko, Sakuya and Itsuki's routes.
    • Natsuhiko is locked until one of the other two routes is completed.
  • You must play as Nanami for Akito, Ron and Heishi's routes.
    • Ron is locked until one of the other two routes is completed.
Comments unrelated to Norn9: Vars Commons will be removed - please post in the Weekly Questions threads or the Free Talk Friday threads instead.
Please use spoiler tags liberally as people checking this thread may not necessarily want a lot of information. Save your route thoughts and discussions for the play-along threads or the What Are You Reading Wednesday threads.
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2023.03.30 12:43 corktreesurgeons Gardener Cork Removal Services at Cork Tree Surgeons

Cork Tree Surgeons offers a unique gardener cork removal service to help you remove unwanted cork in your garden. Our dedicated team is equipped with industry-leading tools and expertise needed to provide fast, efficient, and safe results when it comes to cork removal. Whether the area needs regular pruning or specialized diagnostic services our highly experienced arborists are on hand at all times throughout the year. With us, you can expect an exceptional customer experience as we deliver top-tier quality without fail. Contact us today for more information about our Gardener Cork Removal services!
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2023.03.30 12:43 Theresivy AITA for asking my professor for a different assignment I can complete as compensation?

I (20F) am currently a second year college animations student from the Philippines, a little about me and my familys background, things havent been going so well for both my mental health and family finance for a while and it only went downhill from 2019 and again just this month, 2023.
My mom (64F) had just had surgery this march 3rd, 2023 because of a a cyst of sorts growing in her right ovary. Long story short, the surgeons and doctors decided to remove that, plus all of her internal reproductive organs. She has been confined in the hospital since Feb 27 to March 21 and me and dad (65M) were required to take care of her 24/7 just in case.
As a result, I wasnt able to go to school both physically or online because of my circumstances and because I can only do so much with the weak wifi and limited resources at the hospital (I immediately contacted my teachers about this but literally none of them responded). After mom was discharged, I hurriedly finished and crammed as much of my assignments as I could and barely passed them on time for my other subjects. But, the thing is, my last and biggest hurdle was my animations assignment.
Our assignment was supposed to be a group collab amongst four students to create a one minute animation involving our original characters. My problem, meanwhile (and in laymans terms) is that i need to make a “puppet” rig for my character in Toon Boom, and animate that alongside my groupmates with their characters and such. Our teacher originally set the due date as March 31st but extended it to April 2nd, when asking my groupmates about their progress, to my surprise they only just finished their own characters rigs and their characters voice lines, meaning none of them decided to animate anything at all.
We went over some stuff a bit and agreed to finish up our parts and the leader even decided to offer and help my rig, while she delegated me to finishing the backgrounds. After i finished them, just today she DMed me saying she and the other two agreed to just remove my character completely because of time constraints so i went “sure”, as long as we could hopefully finish the animation in due time.
But, the thing is, our teacher, after listening to my situation, told me that he still expects me to submit my fully rigged character, while still having to animate some parts of the whole thing as well, and Submit them both on time, because accdg to him, “it wont be fair to my classmates” when i explicitly asked if there is literally anything else i can do as compensation for both my grades and for my classmates sake.
Ive been trying my best to complete everything in both my school works and in helping my family, but i cannot stress enough how mentally taxing it is to work with my emotionally abusive family, emphasis on my dad and my uncle and aunt in law who visits everyday and does nothing but berate me, someone whos had to suffer severe depression and can barely take care of myself or get up in the morning.
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2023.03.30 12:43 iah_c What's happening to my coleus?

What's happening to my coleus?
There have suddenly appeared these green stripes on the leaves and I noticed the stem is browning in places. What could be the cause of it? It's been growing very well and fast, it produced big dark leaves after the introduction of a grow light. I don't have a watering schedule, I water it when it looks like it needs it.
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2023.03.30 12:43 stupidratbitch So sick of the hypocrisy

I swear some muslims always choose to die on the hill of homosexuality being a sin(which at this point I’m telling people is up to interpretation because of the old language of the Quran and it NEVER being exclusively mentioned as a sin in all the Ayas speaking about the sins) but literally never give a shit about child marriages, pedophillia, zina/drinking from straight people, not praying, hateful speech, and most of all FORCING YOUR VIEWS OF RELIGION ONTO OTHERS IN THE NAME IF GOD. And even if it was a sin, these people always rush to push them out of Islam and tell them that God hates them and they’re going to hell and that they’re not Muslim (which btw is a sin to speak on behalf of God)
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here had a good source that spoke about why being gay is not believed to be a sin. I understand myself why but I’m looking for something to offer to my ignorant but willing to learn friends when they ask me why I don’t think I’m going to hell for being gay
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2023.03.30 12:43 mudtires03 Looking to start and answering servicd

Anyone have any thoughts about what specifically would make a great awnsering service? I personally am tired of robotic awnsering services and non-native speakers whom I have trouble communicating with picking up the phone when I call a business.
I also, have a a couple people that would be willing to do this with me if it takes off sooner than expected.
For myself, I have a side business that is CPR and First Aid training but missing phone calls on my end means lost work. Same with friends who own there own side business...for them though they have more work than they need so they do not return calls or check voicemails.
So I ask you all, would this be a business worth starting up and if so what tips, advice, or concerns would you be willing to share with me.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.30 12:43 Charming-Room-1434 The library and the auditorium

I went to the library yesterday to check out the auditorium. They showed Peter Pan on Tuesday, Chronicles of Narnia yesterday, and Ferdinand the Bull today, Thursday. Lots of kids! It was about half full, but that was enough. The auditorium is long and narrow; you would want to sit in the first ten rows I would think. The screen looked about 8' tall and 10' wide and when they started the movie it looked like the display from a standard DVD player; it had play, main menu, said Blu-Ray at the top, etc, then the movie started. There's four speakers on the left and four on the right. It was pretty good, but I sat in the last row, so it was like watching TV from 20' away. The sound was pretty good. What was not good was they have free popcorn, so all I could hear was the constant crinkling of popcorn bags!
I still don't know who decides what they show, but it seems to be kids stuff only. Too bad they don't take suggestions!
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2023.03.30 12:43 Hollow_YK It really bothers me when sisters continuously don't bother with small acts of kindness within family

I live with my fiancée and her two sisters which I know for more then 10 years. I love them and I think of them as a family. They're awesome people who I would trust with my life. However the longer I live with them, the more I'm bothered by their lack of common kindness for each other (and it's only worse for me since I'm not their sibling). For example when the older sister of the two gets home it's often accompanied by "what's for food?". Which wouldn't really be anything bad per se, but when my fiancée cooks for them they don't thank her for her work or praise her if it's good. They just eat, put dishes into dishwasher and then go to their rooms without a word of appreciation. The same with me brewing a tea for younger sister in the morning. Most of the time she just grabbed it without a word and left. They also don't really bother with saying "good morning" or "good night". They're using "bye" when going out at least, but don't really look at me when saying it even though I'm right there. They close the doors very loudly even if it's 2AM, even though I talked about how it wakes up their sister (and me) several times. They're using "please" somewhat, but not really enough.
Those are just small things which I would normally ignore. But after years of experiencing this, I didn't really get used to it and it began to bother me more and more. It really sours my mood now and unfortunately lately it began to give birth to negative thoughts about myself... Especially because I cannot fathom that they would act similarly to a friend. That friendship wouldn't last a month. I think it may be a bit because my fiancée and me are not people that would cut them off ever and they deep down know it. We are always there for them. They don't have a need to nurture that relationship since there is basically no chance of deterioration (much). But that's only a theory of mine...
The bottom line is: I'm sure they're good people. It's just that they lack a sense of letting that know... to a family. And it's still just painful... probably more than it should be.
TLDR: Sisters are not bothering with small acts of kindness within family and it really affects me
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2023.03.30 12:42 SirDehBeh Interactable Billboard (?)

I am trying to make an object interactable in my VR game. The object can be interacted with a push of a button. When the button is pressed I would like it to play two animations with sound. One appears each time the button is pressed (not looped, only a few frames and is more like an effect) and the other is playing once the button is pressed and is turned off once its pressed again (looping until turned off).
I have been looking at tutorials on YouTube to figure this out but I am a complete noob and am not sure what to look for exactly nor how to go about it.
Can anyone help?
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2023.03.30 12:42 Serious_Goose_865 (30F)I feel as though my arm/hand will never come back

It’s been a year now and my leg/foot have made a beautiful recovery so far, meanwhile my left arm sits curled and useless! no progress since acute rehab so no progress for most of my year, is this normal? In acute rehab I got to the point that I could lift my shoulder a smidgen and twitch my fingers both off which take all of my concentration and effort, doctors made it sound like I would never get use back of the arm/hand (also foot/ankle) if I saw no progress in the first year. I’m getting increasingly frustrated and scared as I move further past the year mark now. I lost health insurance when I moved states to be with my boyfriend and I lost my exercise sheets so any photo/text description-pdf style exercises anyone may have and are willing to share would be so helpful, I do what I can with what I remember as I practice on my own at home but I miss therapy
How long before you saw results in your arm as a whole and also in your wrist/hand and ankle/foot if you remember? I know I may have to wait years and may never truly get them “back” But I could use just an ounce of hope if anyone has an ounce to spare
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2023.03.30 12:42 OfficAlanPartridge Residential Builder Breach Of Contract

In 2018 I purchased a plot of land in Tasmania. I independently found a draftsman to design the house which then got approved by local council in Dec 2020.
I was recommended a builder at the start of 2020 and he accepted the job of building my house. We signed a HIA standard build contract in March 2021. At this time he mentioned he had a gym to fit out, another house renovation and then my house would be next.He gave me a verbal start date of Tuesday 14th June 2021.
The builder did not break ground until Dec 2021 - it came to my attention that between June and December (6 months) he had been attending other jobs other than those mentioned above, whilst blaming COVID for the huge delays in starting (this was only ever mentioned over the phone after I chased him up).
Approximately 5 days after the builder had broke ground, works had to stop as the building permit had lapsed by 2 days- this was reissued in March 2022. He sent through the invoice for the deposit of $24000 and this was paid immediately.
In August 2022 he eventually sent through an invoice for base stage completion - I acknowledged to him that I received the invoice and asked him whether this meant base stage was complete in which he replied “yes base stage is complete” (this is in writing). I then sent this through to the bank who then got an independent valuer to value the work, who stated that base stage was in fact NOT complete. During this time I also discovered that he was having huge cash flow issues as his suppliers were no longer dealing with his clients.
Throughout all this he has never communicated with me in writing about the significant delays. He has never supplied me with an actual start date nor a date for when the house would be completed. In the contract he had 150 business days to complete the build from the start date. Whenever asked he would just ignore the questions or just brush me off.
The bank will not release the funds for base stage as he has not completed it and is over the 150 days. The builder is claiming that the work he has done to date is worth $65000 (which I believe is incorrect). I feel that the deposit amount of $24000 covers the amount of work that has been completed to date.
The contact has been terminated due to breach of contract, however, the builder is now threatening to claim for his financial loss. Rather than myself claiming for damages and financial loss I was happy to just walk away.
Where do I stand in this matter? Does he have a chance in claiming that money back? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
TL;DR Builder breached contact. Contract terminated. Builder now trying to claim for losses. I believe that I should claim for losses but I’m happy to just walk away. Any advice would be much appreciated
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2023.03.30 12:42 niemertweis my cpu randomly started to overheat like crazy playing games like CSGO and clash of clans

sooo my cpu get over 100*C when i check on GPU-Z and i dont quite know why.
its a i7 10th gen with the lian li 360mm AIO cooler with 6 fans. the aio is firmly mounted. when it gets really hot when i play a game like CSGO which should not happen it also dose not cool down after i close everything. only shutting my pc off and waiting 15min helped. once i turn it on again and check for temp its still hot like 85*C but the AIO actually works now the temp is going down fast within 2 mins it back at 40*C.
so the AIO works but only up to like 95*C and if no game is running. now im wondering is maybe the pump broken and not moving as much volume as it should? or is it maybe only the thermal paste is the problem or is it even the cpu? im really confused and do not know where to begin with trouble shooting. also worth noticing is when i open task manager and look for a cpu heavy task which maybe running in the background i dont find anything.
Thanks for your Help.
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2023.03.30 12:42 StarkWines Advice For Enjoying A Great Glass Of Wine

Advice For Enjoying A Great Glass Of Wine
There are many things to learn about wine. While there is a lot to learn when it comes to wine, the following article will serve as a great starting point. Continue to read to expand your knowledge about wine.
Go to as many wine tastings as you can. You will have a lot of fun, discover new wines and meet people who are passionate about wine. This can even be a fun social event for you and your family and friends. Bring some friends along and make sure to have a designated driver. You can build your social ties and well as enjoy the atmosphere and cheer that a wine tasting offers.

TIP! Make sure you attend several wine tastings. These events can be a lot of fun and can expand your horizons in your wine experience.
Add some red wine to beef dishes. Just add some butter and red wine in a saucepan. Let the sauce simmer and thicken to diminish some alcohol. Finally, lightly drizzle the sauce on your beef entree.
Inexpensive wine can be quite tasty, contrary to popular belief. Try looking at Chile for great wine at great prices. Many of their varieties have affordable prices. The best wines to look for from that area are Cabernet Sauvignons and Savignon Blancs. You can also get wonderful wines at terrific prices from New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa.
TIP! Try out a single bottle of wine before committing to it. There are many different wines, and it is hard to know which ones will meet your approval.
Don’t be afraid to join a forum or two to discuss your new hobby. These forums are a fun way to learn a lot about wine, as well as making new friends. Determine if the content discussed is something you want to be a part of before you join.
Do not drink wine every night if you frequently get headaches. Wine has sulfite, an ingredient that increases the chances of headaches. If you are prone to sulfite-induced headaches, it is wise to be moderate in your wine consumption.
TIP! Trust your instincts when you purchase wine. A lot of experts say that one wine is superior because of the winery or region, but ultimately it’s up to your own tastes.
If a tailgate party is on the horizon, and you plan to bring wine, consider a screw top bottle. You won’t have to trouble yourself with opening corks or remembering bottle openers. If any wine remains after the party, a lid seals more effectively than a cork.

You should know how to peel the label off of a bottle of wine. The simplest method is to get the glue good and hot so it peels easily. You can fill it with boiling water to get it going. Once it is hot enough, use oven mitts to get a corner started.
TIP! If you are getting many headaches after you drink wine with your meal, cut down on the amount of wine that you are drinking that week. This is because wines contain sulfites.
It’s not always easy to be a wine aficionado. Use the advice you’ve learned when approaching your next wine decision. In no time, you will be a wine connoisseur.
source url - http://starkwines.com.
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2023.03.30 12:42 Lower_Topic_485 Korean Wax Candles, Eternal Flowers, Floating Flowers and Workshops: A Complete Guide

Korean Wax Candles, Eternal Flowers, Floating Flowers and Workshops: A Complete Guide
Korean Wax Candles, Eternal Flowers, and Floating Flowers are some of the most popular decorative items in recent times. These beautiful and aesthetic pieces have been gaining popularity not just in Korea but across the globe. The intricate designs and artistic craftsmanship of these items make them a must-have in any home or office space. Moreover, the rise of workshops catering to these items has made it possible for anyone to create their own personalized pieces.
Korean Wax Candles, also known as Hanji Candles, are made from a unique type of paper called Hanji, which is handmade from the bark of mulberry trees. Hanji paper is well-known for its durability, and when it is used to make candles, it produces a warm, soft light that is soothing to the eyes. The candles come in a wide range of designs and colors, making them perfect for any occasion or space. From small tea lights to large, statement-making pieces, there is a Hanji candle for everyone.
Eternal Flowers, also known as Preserved Flowers, are natural flowers that have been treated with a special solution to maintain their shape, color, and freshness for an extended period. These flowers have become increasingly popular due to their long-lasting nature and the fact that they require very little maintenance. Eternal flowers come in various types, from roses to hydrangeas, and can be arranged into beautiful displays that make for a perfect centerpiece in any room.
Floating Flowers, also known as Jellyfish Flowers, are unique pieces that are a combination of flowers and technology. These flowers are placed in a glass container filled with water and special jellyfish technology, which makes them float and move around in the water. Floating Flowers come in a wide range of colors and designs, making them perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and fun to any room.
Workshops that cater to the creation of these items have also been gaining popularity in recent times. These workshops offer the opportunity for anyone to create their own personalized Korean Wax Candles, Eternal Flowers, and Floating Flowers. Participants are guided through the process, from selecting the materials to creating the final product. These workshops provide an opportunity to learn a new skill while creating something beautiful and unique.
In conclusion, Korean Wax Candles, Eternal Flowers, Floating Flowers, and Workshops have become increasingly popular due to their aesthetic value and unique qualities. The intricate designs and artistic craftsmanship of these items make them a must-have in any home or office space. Moreover, the workshops catering to these items have made it possible for anyone to create their own personalized pieces while learning a new skill. Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere with Korean Wax Candles, add a touch of nature with Eternal Flowers, or have some fun with Floating Flowers, these items are sure to elevate the look and feel of any space. Visit us at https://gorigor.com/
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2023.03.30 12:42 AcousticBalrog Ecstatic to join you -- 7 months!

I had tried posting this when I first joined (again) but it seems like my account was too new (again) and it never actually made it onto the sub. Today marks 7 full months of daily commitments to sobriety and I thought I'd share this (again) since it was important for me to let you know how you all have positively affected me.
When I first started my sobriety journey, I heard that having a community to be a part of was an important tool for a lot of people. I didn't exactly like the idea of meeting up in person and since I was familiar with the /stopdrinking community from previous attempts, it seemed like the perfect place to join and preserve some level of anonymity. As a long time browser of Reddit, but never having an account, I rushed through the account creation process and quickly began responding to the daily check-in and various other posts on the front page. In hindsight, this was all done in the period of minutes and was likely picked up as spam or something to that effect and I think I was shadow banned. The net result was that none of my posts ever showed up, my request to the badgebot went unanswered, and I think I was just talking to myself. That was the exact opposite of what I wanted to do. I felt rejected and relegated myself back to lurking.
I was still a participant though, albeit passively, and have kept my commitment to sobriety just the same. I would read everyone's comments in the daily check-ins and while they committed publicly that they wouldn't drink with me today, I checked a box in a habit tracker that IWNDWYT. Yesterday, I decided to give creating a Reddit account another shot and it seems to be working like I hoped originally. This morning I was able to make a public commitment for the first time to not drink with you, and I got upvotes from the community. That meant that someone saw my commitment and acknowledged it. How cool?! I congratulated someone on their milestone and they congratulated me on how far I've come. Wow! This is the community I've heard about and longed to join originally.
My journey thus far has had its ups and downs like many of you. I am introverted and am comfortable living in my own head. The journey up until this point has been my own, and that's perfectly okay, I'm doing it every day. I have family and friends that support me and my decision. I gotta say though, damn does it feel good to share it with a community who understands because they are living it daily with me!
TL;DR -- Tried unsuccessfully to create a Reddit account early in sobriety. After months of lurking passively, I can finally join you all and it feels great.
IWNDWYT friends!
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2023.03.30 12:42 Major_Tactics when you meet a new person what is a single sentence that they say that makes you instantly dislike them?

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2023.03.30 12:41 Snoo37734 Moondeck Keyboard Input

I have set up the MoonDeck Buddy Plugin on my deck because Steam Remote Play does not work well for me. I don't really have any problems with Moonlight. However, it seems that no keyboard input is sent. When I put a keyboard key on the back paddles it does not work in the game. I then used the WASD controller layout and saw that no keyboard input is sent at all. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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2023.03.30 12:41 kc93_ I didn't incorporate soon enough - please help!

Hi everyone, I started an online ecom business at the end of November 22 and since then it has made £450k in sales and around £130k in profit. I had absolutely no idea it was going to be so successful and I have not incorporated, so the income is in a personal bank account.
I stupidly thought I could backdate the sales when I did incorporate and have just found out I can't. I will obviously be incorporating as soon as possible, but will sadly have to pay around £44k tax as a sole trader as it stands due to not incorporating and I feel sick.
Does anyone have any idea of how I could reduce this or any way around it? I wanted to keep the money in the business and I'm absolutely kicking myself that I would be paying only 19% if I'd just incorporated.
I would so appreciate everyones feedback and advice, thank you so much in advance.
Side note - I have another LTD company which has very low sales volume going through it. Do you think I could run these sales through that and only pay the 19% corporation tax?
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