9300 pesos to dollars

Scuba Trip + Random Beta?

2023.03.31 18:13 Dhowe214 Scuba Trip + Random Beta?

First, thanks for this sub! Feedback and information in this sub has been really helpful for us while planning our last minute trip. We're booked and headed down April 17th. We're primarily coming for Scuba and booked an all-inclusive through PADI. (TBH, all-inclusive is not my first choice when traveling. However, it is incredibly affordable considering, food, lodging, and dives, when booked through PADI).
I have a couple questions and hoped this sub could help: -After reading A LOT of feedback about quality of food in the regular level, we upgraded to the Royal Level at Occidental. We heard/read this is worth the extra couple of hundred dollars for more a' la carte options, the smaller "private" royal level pool, additional reservations at the other restaurants, and access to all inclusive room service. Any opinions on the Royal Level, the Occidental generally, or any specifics about food/beverages that we should know?
-After watching a lot of YouTube tour videos of the resorts, diving, local area, it seems like everyone is drinking drinks with ice in them and also being served (purified) water at the table. Are we OK to have beverages with ice in them? Or should we be really careful regarding water and make sure we're only consuming purified water, bottled water, and ice?
-If we get time that we're not diving, we'd like to leave the resort, rent scooters, and check out some local taco spots or more authentic places to eat and potentially a cool beach. Are there any not-to-miss spots that you would recommend?

-Any absolute necessities to pack? (Outside of the obvious... like a traveler's first aid kit, sun hat, Save The Reef recommended sunscreen, and dive equipment).
While we are doing the all-inclusive thing on this trip, it's definitely not our first choice and we like to try and experience more of the island, culture, food, and practice our (terrible) Spanish skills. We'd love any feedback on what to do, where to go, and anything that's not worth it/things to avoid.
Thanks so much for any input. We're looking forward to this trip!
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2023.03.31 18:12 LlamaGaga Caring for emotionally scarred children following a natural tragedy

Our town was hit by a tornado in 2021. As a collective, we refer to this as "December 10th" or "Quad-State." We are not in Mayfield, KY, but we are about 30 minutes away, and the tornado ripped through 4 states, so a lot of places were hit. Although, admittedly, it wiped out Mayfield.
We were weather aware and prepared, but when we were woken up by the sound of the wind slicing through the air like a train, all we could do was run to the children (4&6 now, 3&5 then), throw them into the closet, and while I pinned them to the floor and covered their heads, my husband held the closet door shut with all of his strength. We were running on adrenaline. Miraculously, not even our toys in the yard were blown over. Half of our town looked like a bomb was dropped on us. Houses and power lines covered the streets. We didn't have electricity or running water for days, and it was December. We stayed with family out of state for a week following.
We're in tornado alley, so this is a year-round threat but especially during Spring. We try to stay prepared, even before then, but our house is tiny and fragile, and at-home shelters are thousands of dollars (we're saving for one). Anyway, so today, we've got some nasty weather rolling in. I have to travel for work in the early morning, so my husband is taking the kids to a family members home. School is letting out early, and the kids are terrified. The whole Heartland is extremely weather anxious now. Every time it rains hard, there is mass panic. People are scared all the time now. My daughter (6) came to me before school today and said, "Mrs. [Teacher's name] said there could be a tornado today." My son (4) asked if we will have to hide from the storm in the closet again.
All we can do is be prepared, be smart, and comfort them. This is just a general discussion about supporting young ones after they've experienced something truly terrifying and they see the adults around them are shaking over it. We don't discuss the seriousness around them at this age, but they see it and they know.
In an abundance of caution, we are packing their favorite stuffies today, the family documents, and the cat, and staying with family. They don't know I need a hug just as badly as they do.
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2023.03.31 18:11 Bright-String-7736 Ratings restarting right before the cut off for diamond

Why would they restart our ratings right before the cutoff for diamond? I was 4.85 based on 100 ratings then they restarted last week and now it’s based off the last 30 ratings and this dumb $2 dollar tipping spring breaker bitch gave me a one star yesterday and took my ratings from 4.75 to 4.6. today is the cut off day to keep my diamond status so basically she took my diamond status away from me. I personally think it shouldn’t restart if it’s less than a month for the cut off because shit like this can happen
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2023.03.31 18:11 NorthTangerine614 Went to sleep as a nobody, woke up a member of the 5 dollar club

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2023.03.31 18:10 OkSir912 NS Sposa prepares to open branch in UK

NS Sposa, which operates in the wedding dress and evening wear sector, which is one of the brands that managed to survive by integrating with digital transformation during the pandemic period despite being established shortly before the pandemic, continues to grow with its 4 stores operating in Istanbul, Izmir and Adana and more than 80 employees. Announcing its goals as "to be one of the first preferred brands worldwide", NS Sposa has also started preparations for the new London branch to be opened in England. While the blow of the pandemic period to almost all sectors caused many brands to be deleted from the market, the fashion sector was also affected by this blow. The brands that suffered the most in this process were those that could not integrate into digital transformation processes and e-commerce activities. According to the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, the export figures of the ready-made clothing and apparel industry in 2022 increased by 13.8% compared to the same period of 2021. Ready-made clothing exports, which reached 3 billion 441 million dollars, broke the record of all time. NS Sposa, which is one of the important brands of the sector with its specially designed wedding dresses and evening dresses, has also managed to become one of the brands that contribute to the sector thanks to e-commerce.
Fashion industry will be the shining star of e-commerce in 2023
Considering Statista data, the fashion sector will constitute the largest segment of the global e-commerce market in 2023. According to the research conducted by Harris Interactive on consumer behavior, 80 percent of consumers prefer to buy the products of brands with which they are close with their own values. NS Sposa, which has managed to attract the attention of consumers in both domestic and global markets with the motto "Everything you can imagine is actually real", is among the brands that have achieved growth in the fashion sector. Although it was established shortly before the pandemic, NS Sposa, which managed to survive by quickly and accurately integrating into digital transformation during the pandemic period, is one of the rare stores that has achieved significant growth in the wedding dress and evening wear sector these days, when the pandemic started to lose its effect.
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2023.03.31 18:10 Holgrin How Capitalism makes policing and public policy worse - DUIs Edition

DUIs, or DWIs, (Driving Under the Influence [of alcohol] or Driving While Intoxicated) are criminal offenses in all US states, and while individual state law may vary on definition and punishment, there isn't a whole lot of variation on the basic premise: if you drive while drunk, you can be cited for that offense, and if you have any alcohol present in your system while violating other traffic laws (such as getting in an accident) that is usually going to make your citation worse, even if you are under the "legal limit" (0.08 BAC most places - this distinction is all about burden of proof, if you're interested in that).
DUIs can bring in thousands of dollars per incident:
They get over 120,000 convictions per year in California alone:
That is up to about $240M in state revenue, without considering additional fines for repeat offenders.
For the state highway patrol with a $2.5B budget, that is still a significant added chunk of revenues: about 10%. So this is no small amount of money going to the various law enforcement and justice entities.
I can hear the libertarians shouting that "that's not capitalism, that's government!"
There are two ways that capitalism contributes to this. The first is by framing money and revenue as highly individualized problems: everybody has to get their own income/revenues/etc. The second is by treating literal property and land as privately-owned things, therefore making higher barriers to create better infrastructure.
Let's look at the revenue aspect.
State police departments can get money two ways: through government budgets and through taking a portion of fines or even seized assets (civil asset forfeiture, anyone?) throughout their duties. Budgets are somewhat static, and so revenue from fines feels like more of a variable input, and this incentivizes departments and individual officers (often directly through quotas) to go out and get citations. The argument for these fines and citations to begin with is that if we cite enough people, then people will stop, but do we know that DUI citations will eventually stop all DUIs? The trend is down overall, but this varies by state and things like education, infrastructure, and ride-sharing also play some role here. It's dubious to suggest that if we keep citing DUIs then eventually we'll stop them all for good.
Then there is the property aspect. In the US we are highly dependent on personal vehicles to get around, particularly in suburbs and rural areas. Creating infrastructure where people don't have to drive requires more rail, as well as designing town and city centers to better accomodate both the rail and foot traffic, which means utilizing more land for public use and spending a lot of money up front, which can be difficult politically.
If we think about how to stop DUIs, we can stop them by creating much easier ways for individuals and groups of people to get to places that serve alcohol and back to their homes without having to pay some premium for it in some way. Designated driver systems don't work well because it necessarily subjects one member of a social group to behave differently from the rest of the group, a significant social premium for drinkers, and ride sharing doesn't solve the problem because it still costs a premium relative to the expense of your own vehicle and gas. So many people roll the dice and drive after drinking and most don't get caught. Don't forget the statistics above only apply to those who drank and drove and were caught. A great many more people simply take the risk and "succeed."
Individual police could prevent far more DUIs than they currently do by parking in the lots of bars and restaurants and offering free breathalyzers and rides home. But that doesn't get them $240M a year in extra budget for their department: hiding a few miles down the road and pulling over potential drunk drivers does. This "personal responsibility" attitude that permeates our culture leads us to argue for policies which ostentibly do not work and prevents us from creating situations which we know with near certainty would dramatically improve those criteria we want to improve.
If you told me that a modern light rail network and more walkable town centers wouldn't dramatically cut down on DUIs I would stop taking you seriously.
Then of course there are other factors, like the massive influence of the private, for profit fossil fuel and personal vehicle industries. These private enterprises not only have spent and continue to spend billions on lobbying, PAC donations, and swaying public opinion, but the very presence (and ubiquitousness) of vehicles has contibuted to our approach to infrastructure for about a century. With or without any "government influence" cars and fossil fuels were going to make their mark.
In summation, we don't always police to stop the behaviors we want to stop because the financial incentives of our capitalist system make it nearly impossible to change our approach to policing, and the privatization of land, corporate profits, and personal responsibility for everything makes large projects like rail infrastructure much more difficult to implement. These factors all but ensure certain risky behaviors will continue to exist indefinitely even though it only exists due to our specific dependency on specific forms of transportation.
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2023.03.31 18:09 DMTViynl School safety: As parents, can we do more?

This is not a post about gun control. This is not a post about politics.
This is an authentic post from a parent who has a child starting school this fall. I hope to open a dialogue with other parents.
I say we have to. I don't believe we can be reactive to these situations any longer. All is lost by then. We must be proactive to protect our kids. No one is doing anything to protect our kids. I can't drop of my child and cross my fingers and hope everything will be okay. I can't live that way. Can't we do more? I say we have to.
Can parents raise funds to provide for private trained security to be present at the school? Possibly an off duty police officer? Maybe there are even retired security, military, or police that would donate their time? They have kids and grandkids. As a parent, I am willing to sacrifice financially to provide this. Aren't you? The only solution I see is to have a professionally trained person present, onsite, just like they do at a bank or elsewhere. I know this opens a can of worms for some, but imperfect situations require imperfect solutions. I feel the only thing that makes a real difference is a quick response. That is what saves lives.
Parents need to take action. Should this be our burden? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe as parents, we can be the needed catalyst to drive action. Maybe we raise the money and it embarrasses the local government and the state. This is Colorado. Currently, since the legalization and taxation of marijuana, the state as collected almost $2.4 billion dollars since 2014. Where is this money? The point is, their is money to be had. Action must be taken, and if that falls on me, so be it. (source: https://cdor.colorado.gov/data-and-reports/marijuana-data/marijuana-tax-reports)
As a parent, what are you willing to do?
Do you have any ideas that could help?
I understand this is a complicated issue with imperfect solutions but we have to do something. Please don't make this political or about gun control, though I value people having opinions on these topics, it doesn't help today.
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2023.03.31 18:09 ayaylad357 I was asked for money to get employed

I'm an international student, i posted this in another thread and got labeled a troll by good folk. See international students, they can look for a job and work at the place for 3 4 years to get good at it expereinced and apply for a skill based PR after clearing a skill test.. Similarly i'm looking for a job at a restaurant. I approached some restaurants, i told them that these are my intentions, I told them sir i'll start at the bottom get me in for cleaning or doing whatever it is you need done at your place, give me some opportunity to grow and I can be a good worker for your workplace for 3 to 4 years. This way, i can get PR and settle in australia.
Now here is the shocking part, the part that got me labeled a troll and was told i had intentions to get aussie people riled up. I have no such intentions fellars, this out there is happening. I got asked to pay 30,000 to 40,000 australian dollars for learning the work and getting a sponsor while i don't work at the place. This is real, at one place near brisbane I got an offer for working at 60 dollars for 2 years. I don'tknow why this thing is so hard to believe. I quit my job as a courier driver to find a job at a restaurant, been asking around for almost 2 months now. I'm gonna uber and save some money and fly home, some things are just not meant to be and the most disheartening fact is that all those restaurants were from my community and instead of supporting people they exploit people, i'm not saying they should not exploit me because im from their community but not to exploit anyone like this.
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2023.03.31 18:07 FluffyRecord426 Anyone Doing This?

I’m looking at buying and holding some smaller parcels of raw, vacant, undeveloped land. The intent would be to buy it for cash at .50 cents on the dollar and hold it. I’d be doing no improvements on it, just wanting to sell it via owner financing in a few years.
Thoughts? TIA
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2023.03.31 18:02 AutoModerator [Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Full Course 2023

[Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Full Course 2023
Biaheza's Full Dropshipping Course
Exactly how I started a multi-million dollar business from my bedroom.
In this course I don’t talk about regurgitated strategies that should work “in theory” and “mindset” like most. Instead we go through step by step and build a real live dropshipping store that does over one thousand dollars it’s first full day of being live (profitable right from the get go). I explain everything along the way and talk about how I scale much further from there!
FEATURES OF THE COURSE The main focus of this course is to help beginners build a store on Shopify and market it through Tik Tok ads. As Facebook ads got more strict, expensive and less effective, a lot of dropshippers have silently moved over to Tik Tok.
Due to the pandemic, people are more used to longer shipping times than ever. Combined with how effective and profitable Tik Tok ads currently are, I truthfully don’t think there has been a better time to get into dropshipping. This is the most revealing piece of content I have ever put out, as I even reveal some of my personal best selling products
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Course Curriculum
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Pillar Three
Where to get Content for Advertisements Creating a Real Advertisement Tik Tok Organic Marketing Creating Company Social Media Pages Finished Winning Tik Tok Page Layout Pillar Four How Tik Tok Ads Work Setting Up a Tik Tok Ad Account Running the Store to $1,000 in One Day Dealing with Common Issues/ Disapproved Ads Scaling the Tik Tok Ads Other Forms of Social Media Marketing Everything Else How to Mass Fulfill Orders How to Use the Fulfillment Software Step by Step Taxes and Legal How to Set up Customer Support Conclusion
Bonus Content
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2023.03.31 18:02 treehuggerboy (WTB) BFG Triple M4 MC + Covered MOLLE TQ holder MC

Must be multicam. Not super picky on a TQ holder.
$35 dollars-ish shipped for BFG shingle and $15 dollars-ish for the TQ holder.
Extra brownie points if you have a genuine CAT gen 7 you are willing to part with. I'll consider that as well.
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2023.03.31 18:02 AutoModerator Access the Best Courses: 2023 Premium Courses Collection Available Now

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2023.03.31 18:02 ggilley 👽 🔊 ISO Original Concert Prints 👽🔊

What's up Reddit? I have been working on completing my collection of original Nectar concert prints. I have done a few deals on here with some great people lately and they have all gone very smoothly. I am still ISO a few prints that I am hoping to add to my collection and I am willing to pay top dollar for any of the below:
NYE 360 2015/2016
NYE 360 2016/2017
Atlantic City 2017
Spring Gathering Chicago 2018
Freestyle Sessions 2019 (all 3 nights, but if I had to pick only one the one from June 9th)
Basscenter 11 2018
Basslights 2015 (Not sure if there is an official print for this? I have an unofficial print I got at the show, but just throwing it out there)
I am also open to any other prints not outlined above, so if you have anything else you're willing to part with feel free to shoot me what you got and i'd love to see if we can work out a deal. We can utilize Paypal G&S for the transaction to protect both of us.
Thank you fine humans of Reddit. Much love to all 🤍🔊💚👽💜🔊🖤
P.S. - I know there is a lot of discontent in the sub right now with the comeback rollout and how it's been handled. It is no doubt been slightly disappointing, but all good things take time. I am bummed as the rest of you, but I am still holding out hope. I am just focusing on being patient and hoping for the best, I have a good feeling that despite all of the initial issues and problems that once things get going it will all be worth it. In terms of music Lo has never let us down, and I just know that will always be the case. Be patient my freaks, all will be well in the end. Peace & Light ✌🏼
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2023.03.31 18:02 tdtwedt The US dollar is about to 'stare into the abyss' and will likely keep dropping after a losing month, analyst says

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2023.03.31 18:00 itsshanesmith Review of the MAONO PD400X

Hey! MAONO sent me one of their new PD400x Mics to try out. I’m not an audio expert, just a podcaster. I’ve been podcasting for about 5 years and my current setup utilizes a rodecaster and Shure SM7Bs. Mind you we started podcasting with a $15 dollar Behringer SL 84c’s and one of those is my mic for video/ streaming at home.
That was until I got this new MAONO mic from them to try out. This thing is only $130 bucks, so I really didn’t think it would be great, but I was wrong.
First off, build quality is great. Feels solid, weighty, and so much is included in the box. Mic, windscreen and a heavy and solid desk mount, usb and XLR cables.
This thing is over 100 dollars less for a lot of the same features of the Shure podcast mic. The software looks virtually identical. I tested this in my podcast studio as well as my home office.
Here’s a bit about the features and what I liked.
This mic has a cardioid polar pattern which we know is great for capturing sound in front and suppressing side and background noise. Seemed to work just as good as my Shure.
This mic has an XLUSB dual-mode which is amazing. If you are just wanting to plug into an existing board with an XLR like a Rodecaster, it sounds great with the Rodecasters on board processing. When using only XLR side by side with the SM7B, the difference in sound isn’t too noticeable. Which is really impressive when comparing the price.
If you don’t have a Rodecaster or other soundboard this thing is still an amazing choice. It has a USB input which allows you to use it with your computetablet/phone all without a soundboard. And because everyone's studio/office set up is different they have an onboard processor to allow you to tweak your audio to your liking. This can be done via buttons on the back of the mic and via their Maono Link app which has basic and pro functions to get the most out of your sound. You can also plug the XLUSB in at the same time and get great audio, and processing.
The 3-in1 Digital knob and mute button are great to have on the mic for on the fly changes to your monitoring/gain/headphone volume. I found this really helpful to adjust while recording if the board is out of reach. The mute button is great too. Although some people have mentioned they hit it easily. I found it wasn’t an issue in my use.
The Included stand is solid, but it does feel a bit short. But you can always set it a bit further away from you (adjust the sound in the app for distance) and point it towards you.
Also I did notice when utilizing an arm attached to my desk I was getting a lot of noise echoing into the mic from the stand. So if you don’t have the mic on something solid that won't get touched etc, then I would recommend getting a shock mount. That said, this is just a downside of a lot of mics so not a huge ding against this mic. Just something to consider.
This mic really is great. Considering its price and features I think it’s a perfect choice for anyone who podcasts, or streams since it's so versatile.
As good as the mic is I want to really highlight how good the MAONO B90 mic arm is. We recently ran into an issue with cords getting ruined with our old arms, and to replace them you need to take the arm apart, and cut then solder a new cord into the arm. What a hassle and poor design choice. The Maono arm is a much better product. It’s got a clip along the arm to hold the cord in place, and if you ever need a longer cord or need to replace it because of cord damage, it’s super easy. All thumbs up.
TLDR; I really like this mic. It’s a great choice for anyone who podcast or streams since it's so versatile. Its price point is really great considering what's in the box, and how it sounds. Also the MAONO B90 mic arm is amazing.
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2023.03.31 17:55 Sweaty-Fee4849 Think Breaking Bad meets The Mule. This is my pitch for a crime feature.

I am writing a story about Ryan Lacey, a man who’s wife is pregnant and who’s job just isn’t cutting it. After discovering a young Co-Worker, Lucas, has crashed his car on the side of an old, rural West Texas road, he helps him load mysterious buckets into the back of Ryan’s car. When Lucas directs Ryan to a strange factory in the middle of nowhere, the buckets are handed over to even stranger people, who give hundreds of dollars to Lucas in exchange. And when Ryan is offered a job, he accepts it.
So first of all, I have a few problems with my overall idea. I think it’s there, but it’s just not coming out right.
•I have no log-line. What I wrote above is a huge mess, and I’m just not sure how to squeeze it down. I’ve read over log-lines who’s stories are similar, but I still can’t do anything unique. with it.
•I feel like the story is overall just littered with plot holes. Why would they, the cartel, offer Ryan a job trafficking drugs? (Not that he knows that’s what he’s doing), Some random guy who for all they know is a cop. Would they shoot him on sight? How else can I turn Ryan from a normal guy to a mule with the help of Lucas?
I probably have a few more questions. Actually, I definitely do. I just can’t think of anything particular right now. I really love the general idea of this story, but I definitely know I’m not doing it right and I’d love any and all feedback. Please, ask questions and give feedback.
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The courses are worth thousands of dollarse/
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2023.03.31 17:54 PleasantTheory7923 3.92 E

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2023.03.31 17:53 noodlepooodle Anyone know a coat similar to this one from Fendi? That maybe doesn’t cost 5000 Dollars? 😬

Anyone know a coat similar to this one from Fendi? That maybe doesn’t cost 5000 Dollars? 😬 submitted by noodlepooodle to findfashion [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 17:52 Particular-Jury6446 Odd problem

I got some new AirPods Pro 2 and encountered the following issue: paired with my MacBook, worked great; with iPad, same; with iPhone 13 Pro Max, thin sound, scratchy, no depth, basically sounded like dollar store earbuds. Support had no answer, so before I traveled the 50 miles to the nearest genius location, I decided to try resetting all settings. This worked, but any ideas of what setting could have caused this?
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2023.03.31 17:52 Legally_curious Transferring out of state property deeds after my grandma passed away

My grandma's main place of residence is CT. She passed away and everything left to me in the will and we are going through probate currently in CT.
She had two plots of land in Sarasota county, FL worth more than 6,000 dollars combined. I understand that part of the process is "Admitting foreign will to the record". Is this the correct terminology for this? Is there a specific form that needs to be filled out for this process? And would anyone know what is called and where to find it?
This whole process has been very expensive and I have been bleeding my savings to take care of anything. Would it be possible to do admit foreign will to record on my own? Or do you need a lawyer for that? Is that the cheapest/fastest way to do it? Multiple lawyers are quoting 6,000 dollars to do regular probate. One lawyer told me Admitting foreign will to record is the easiest and cheapest way but then all other lawyers I asked about it didn't know what it was. Really would like to do it without a lawyer.
One additional thing is it has both my grandma and grandpa's name on it and both are now deceased.
Thank you in advance for any help or direction you can provide!
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