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Legislators - IDriveArkansas needs help.

2023.01.17 15:14 NormanClegg Legislators - IDriveArkansas needs help. interstate camera system was a good and useful idea and is BETTER than most other state's sites. It NOW needs updates and improvements such as repaireplace/update/upgrade cameras and expand the system to more points of view. This is a gem hidden in plain sight that needs to be kept up by ALL the stakeholders involved.
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2022.02.05 01:51 stellaperrigo How’s 430?

The word from work is business as usual, which will put me on 430 at 8AM tomorrow morning. IDrive Arkansas does not look promising, but I haven’t left my house in a couple days. I’ll be heading into Little Rock from the Bass Pro area- should I call in?
update: thank you all so much for the helpful info!! planning to go in, go slowly, and follow Waze. wishing you all safe travels too!
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2021.07.30 11:37 SheepDogGamin Tractor Trailer pulling tanker full of fuel crashes and explodes on I-440 in central Arkansas.

Update July 30th 2021 11:57 a.m. : After seeing multiple Facebook posts it looks as though the family is aware. The driver, Donald Bonger a Vilonia fire fighter was the driver of the truck. Mr. Bonger leaves behind two daughters and a wife. Based off the reactions from his family and friends he was deeply loved. The family has setup a GoFundMe which I've placed below.
GoFundMe for funeral of the driver
July 29th 2021 around 11:00 p.m. radio traffic being broadcasted on broadcastify for the Arkansas State Police Troop A was picked up dispatching units to a crash involving an 18-Wheeler and an explosion on Interstate 440 Northbound at the split to Highway 67 just outside Jacksonville, AR. The cameras for IDriveArkansas had clear view of the accident as it burned. Flames could be seen from the city limits of Jacksonville as well as reports on Facebook groups of a thunderous boom. ASP remained on scene blocking all lanes of traffic until around 4 a.m. The coroner's office was on scene for nearly an hour as crews recovered the remains of the driver.
It is believed the driver hit the concrete barrier to the left, rolled over and an explosion occurred covering his cab in ignited fuel. The driver subsequently was entrapped while the vehicle burned for nearly two hours.
Troopers at one point were discussing the possibility of the driver being enroute to Kroger in Jacksonville to deliver fuel.
Due to the conditions of the accident the driver is listed as John Doe. That means a family somewhere out there is waiting for Dad / Brother / Husband to return home... Please keep that family in your thoughts as they grieve this horrible loss of a family member.
I will do my best to update this once the identify of the driver is confirmed / an obituary is found.
Interested in hearing what's going on in Central Arkansas? Check out the ASP Troop A broadcastify. (Not online 100%. Delayed by 1 minute.)
Looking for the preliminary accident information?
Accident Info
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2021.04.26 04:57 ThatGuyFrom720 N54 335i. Replaced VCG maybe 6,000 miles ago. Noticed oil around spark plugs recently. Do the cover bolts need to be retorqued after a while?

Losing oil too. Not a crazy amount but more than usual. I almost never have to add oil to this car. I’ve gone about 3500 miles since my last oil change and I’m two dots down from full on the Idrive screen.
Not sure what’s going on. Any ideas? I might just replace the full valve cover and gasket again. Not too big of a deal. Do the bolts need to be retorqued after a while? I did them about 3 times in a star pattern when I was finishing up the VCG initially.
I’m on a long ass road trip to move. I have like 700 miles left. If it comes down to it can I add a quart of regular ass oil to the car? I’m driving all night and not sure where I’ll be able to buy a quart of my 0-40 euro synthetic. I’m in Oklahoma. 1:30 from Arkansas. Time is 10:00. Have to drive to East Tennessee.
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2019.05.30 17:37 M4ntr1d 2019 ARKANSAS RIVER FLOOD INFO MEGATHREAD

Please keep info on volunteering, sandbags, and disaster relief here.
Ar DOT Road Closure Call Center, 7a to 7p: 501-569-2374
Ar DOT iDrive Arkansas, Road Closure Map
Crawford County
Faulker County
Fort Smith
LeFlore County
Pulaski County
Pope County
Sequoyah County
Sandbags are available at the Sequoyah County Emergency Management building at Elm Street and Chickasaw Avenue in Sallisaw.
Yell County
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