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2015.08.25 17:28 LegitInkling The Hero of Time is the OG thot

Nintendo's most popular bishounen, on reddit! Whether your knight wears a green getup, blue pajamas, or even just trousers (I won't judge) Link is, without a doubt, cute enough to warrant his own subreddit for appreciation.

2009.11.17 08:20 IWatchTooMuchTV How I Met Your Mother

A subreddit for fans of the show How I Met Your Mother. Discussion of, and media from anything How I Met Your Mother related.

2023.03.25 01:36 vellamina 17F need older male support friend

I don’t know if that’s the right words or if it makes sense, but I really have had bad experiences with men overall and I just really want someone who is nice and can give me some guidance and stuff and I don’t really have any rly supportive nice male rolemodels in my life
Pls don’t be creepy, I have had enough of that
EDIT: also Im soz if this is a weird thing to ask for
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2023.03.25 01:36 OneofAKind__x 25 [F4M] #Ohio, Cincinnati - looking for a partner that like adventure

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?
Often times we take life too Serious and forget to actually live this thing called life! We fall into a pattern or routine that’s comfortable but it doesn’t Fulfill us. Why not decide that TODAY is the day to live a little & go on that adventure that’ll be exhilarating?
I’m craving the those daily texts, lunch dates at a new place weekly and secret , intimate meetings in the middle of the day. Is it bad that I’m hoping I get 🍀 maybei should cross my fingers to find someone that I can call my equal on here.
I’m a 25 y.o. Witty AA woman in the greater Cincinnati area. I’m pretty relaxed & lie between being introverted and extroverted. I have a awkward streak in me & I will definitely laugh at my own jokes! I’ve got an old soul in a young body. I’m wise beyond my years and I’m forever grateful. I’m a college Graduate & currently pursuing my Graduate degree.
I am hoping to find a genuine connection that can literally put a smile on both of our faces with minimal effort. A gravitational pull and spark that’s hard to deny. Having a bad day? Tell me about it. I have a witty joke? Let me run it past you. Have a random block of free time and want to do lunch? Let’s do it! A sexual/intellectual/physical connection is needed. It’s what fuels everything else.
You’re curious about me?
I’m pretty damn tall to be a girl but I love it! I stand a whooping 5’9 (I’ve been this height since I was 14), I am a BBW. I’m well maintained and kept. I workout 4 days a week and keep pretty healthy as apart of my health journey! I recently stepped out of my comfort zone and got highlights.
I enjoy tonnnnns of things some of my Hobbies outside of work: traveling, cooking, reading, working out, trying new foods,, a good glass of sweet wine!.
Curious as to what I’d like in you?
Age is just a number but I am looking for someone 30-45 give or take. Can be a little outside of those parameters. I am not picky physical but I do prefer men with decent teeth (weird request I know lol), and pretty easy on the eyes. I enjoy men who are direct & open. Intelligent, kind, funny, confident, and charming are just a few of the characteristics that I like within a guy. Being about to hold a conversation is super important. If we aren’t able to have a conversation that’s serious, sexual, goofy or intellectual interchangeably then we won’t mesh.
If i have still managed to keep your attention & you’re interested in the slightest , please don’t hesitate to send me a message 😊.
At this time I am looking within 20-30 miles of Cincinnati. This includes all cities between Cincinnati and Lexington
I am Open to people who travel here monthly as well or somewhat frequently.
Message me a 🍏 & something about you to let me know you actually read it.
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2023.03.25 01:36 thetametabeta OCD, spiraling, please tell me I don't sound straight

• It felt real today • This is just internalized biphobia • I was smarter in high school when I identified as bi than as an adult when I came out as a lesbian • It's never felt like this before • I dread having to be with a man but it was different today • I felt arousal when I was about to pleasure myself • I got myself off to women like I usually do, this time to rid myself of the bad feelings • It's like I'm straight IRL but gay in the privacy of my own home • The Actuallylesbian/lesbiangang types were right: I'm probably just bi in denial • I don't even know if I'm biSEXUAL • Like I know how to talk to women and love them so much and want to get to know them better • But this intense shame around men is just attraction and the few times I am attracted to women is probably some objectification fantasy • It started when I realized I was into "mascs," changed my appearance because I finally felt seen when seeing them, and then started noticing men more • I am into IRL guys and TikTok girls • I will definitely not immerse myself in the bisexual community because they won't welcome me. I love wearing generic rainbow gear and I love snapback LHBs and shy femmes and bi women, but I feel very straight now"
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2023.03.25 01:35 Slobbering_manchild Gaikoku not sending their best 😂

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2023.03.25 01:34 Fit_Village_5332 AITA for putting in a complaint and potentially getting my sons teacher fired?

My son has some…behavioural issues; he can get jealous easily and when he gets jealous he acts out (ex; kicking and biting)
He’s 3, he’s a big boy (probably the size of a 5 year old) you’ll have to excuse my grammar as I’m typing this in a rush as my phone is dying.
We’ve been called into his nursery a few times about his behaviour towards other children, as I said kicking, biting and pushing.
I’ve mentioned I think he might have special needs on more than a few occasions.
We were called in to make an “action plan” as he pushed a child who has special needs - we’ve been told he’s “targeting” certain children.
I once again said he has special needs, that he clearly needs one on one attention and that I’d like help getting diagnosis.
And the teacher lost it I’ll summarise her rant, but I don’t think I’ll even get it fully
I wake up at 6am to come in to work, I’m one on one with your child from 8am-5pm some days and when I tell you this is behavioural I mean I work closely with SEN and can recognise SEN, this isn’t it you can try and sweeten it up all you want but I’m not paid enough for this bullshit! I get kicked, bitten and all the other kids are afraid of him…he doesn’t need help, I don’t know right now what he needs but you need to get real
I put in a complaint because she’s not in a position to say he does or doesn’t have SEN, the language was unprofessional and so was her attitude
She hasn’t been in for a week, some parents are saying she’s sick but I’d mentioned it to one of the mothers who told another mother who apparently said she asked the nursery to not even let their child near my son, and a bunch of parents think I was totally wrong…it’s tense.
But as I said, I think there’s SEN and I’d like help (we’re going through our paediatrician but it’d be faster with the nursery support)
AITA? My husband agrees with me, but my ex (my sons dad) said the teacher was completely right
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2023.03.25 01:34 WesternTraditional97 What are your Uber experiences in RD?

I am asking because my experience with Uber was very sketchy and the drivers were not really abiding by the rules.
We wanted to go from beach near SD to the Zona Colonial in SD. The first Uber driver told us that he's going to cancel our ride and we should give him cash. Uber price was around $600 and he was asking $1.500 in cash.
Finally, we did not go with him.
But we had more similar experiences and even our friend experienced the same from another Uber driver.
If you know why this is happening, please share your opinion.
What makes sense for me is that Uber has very low prices and Uber drivers just want to simply earn more and skip the app.
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2023.03.25 01:34 StrawberryGobstopper cis girl in leftist college, no "cis" women left

Hi, this is a little random but I've been lurking for awhile. I'm a cis woman, 19, and I've been observing what's been going on in the community silently. Being Gen Z, I have a high exposure to a lot more trans kids I guess? All my guy friends who were trans were transmed when they were younger, (which is how I developed these views in the first place) but they have all retracted their views since and claimed it was bigoted (ie. because of the internet harrassment that went on). While I do agree that whole debacle was pretty unethical, I just can't help but see fallacies in the queer theory that I'm getting taught. I'm posting here because where I'm at, this opinion is not allowed to exist anymore, especially coming from someone who isn't trans at all. It feels like it's been completely silenced, and it's a little disturbing how quickly that happened in the past few years.
I've never told anyone about my transmed views except for my mom, and she obviously doesn't know what that even is. I've noticed a lot of older cis people are just super confused and just kind throwing their hands up. Right now, I feel like people are either super into the queer theory or actively transphobic, so it doesn't feel very safe to express it. I would NEVER tell my friends because they would immediately write me off as a bigot/transphobic/terf, and that's just not true at all. My trans friends would also be disgusted with me, and I understand as a cis person, it's not really my issue or place to be all that vocal about it anyway. It's kind of ridiculous that this one opinion could actively lead to the end of my social life, but it's not even an exaggeration when I say being transmed is one of my biggest secrets.
I resist rolling my eyes when my best friends (all she/they) talk about how they just feel like "people" and not women (because women aren't people now I guess). They are 100% feminine presenting and identifying will talk about their gender in circles. Make no mistake, they are still very attached to their womanhood and will never depart from that and DEFINITELY not men, but they don't feel like women like they're "supposed" to, (because the average woman sits around thinking about dresses and frills and being a woman all the time, of course) It makes me want to shake them. They think it's such a nuanced conversation, and it fucking isn't. It's completely based on stereotypes that virtually no woman 100% identifies with, but it's like they don't even see. They say that dressing up femininely (in which they do almost daily) is like "drag", and it's like, yeah, no shit, ITS PERFORMATIVE FEMININTY. Honestly, ( in a non terf manner), as a cis woman who obviously feels a similar way these likely cis women are, it's a little insulting how they view womanhood to me. One of my friends sister now identifies as genderqueer because "they feel more comfortable dressing like a man". By god, just dress like one then! You're obviously not going to do anything else more drastic than that! I'm sure that GNC folks like that exist on very rare instances, but I do NOT think my friends are in that category whatsoever.
Sometimes, to test the waters, sometimes I say, "well, womanhood is so boxed in that who would identify with it, right?" and they kind of get it, but it's mostly returned by blank stares. I'm bisexual but I am mostly with men a lot of the times because I really would like to be with a woman who fully identifies as such, not halfway in and out, and in my environment and generation it's virtually fucking nonexistent now. It's insane how much it's taken over. I'm so tired of having to use pronouns interchangebly with more emphasis on they, I'm tired of having to keep in the back of my mind the beautiful smart girls I'm hanging out with are not girls at all, but a vague concept of something else, at all times, because they don't owe you androgyny! My friends have jokingly pointed out that I've started using they/them pronouns for literally everyone, but it's really just because I'm fucking tired. You can't tell anymore. Ironically, most of the time now when I'm saying he/him or she/her pronouns strictly, they're trans! More and more legislation keeps getting made that negatively affects trans people in my state, and I feel so powerless because it feels like what we're doing keeps feeding them more ammo to do so. Sorry for the ramble and if I overstepped or anything, I just wanted to say that I'm a Gen Z that's with y'all on this.
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2023.03.25 01:33 dabobbydit Don't know how to feel

Hey guys!
I've been following and reading stuff on this sub for a long time now without having an account. But, these past couple weeks I made it to a point where I actually needed an advice myself so I created an account just for that.
So here is the situation. I'm a nice, cool, educated, employed guy who has it all sorted out well in life so far. In my private life, I've never suffered from lack of attention from both genders. Although I look pretty average on all aspects, I've always had options to choose from. Especially when it came to older guys.
Same situation happened a while ago. I met this nice guy on a dating app. He's currently pushing in to his 40's, while I'm in my mid-20's. Just to note, that doesn't matter. I actually like mature men.
Anyways, this guy texts me, chases me, wants to meet and goes for it all until we actually do meet.
It all went well. We had an amazing time together. I probably spent 15 hours listening to compliments from him about how much he likes me. But there came this moment where he suggested he takes me to a gym. What he said was "You will be very beautiful, you are very beautiful already but you know what I mean".
This comment kind of killed my mood but we still wrapped it all up in a nice way. I didn't really feel like initiating another date, he didn't really do it as well because he's really insecure about our age difference.
I must say, I was really attracted to him. But my mood was instantly killed when he said how much he likes me at least a hundred times but still wanted to take me to the gym just because I'm a twink and, apparently, I'm supposed to bulk up.
Now we moved kind of backwards where he likes my stories and posts but neither of us initiates anything. I feel like an idiot for being attracted (really attracted) to someone who tried to find the cons in my looks and suggested to fix them. Do you think I'm being too dramatic about it or am I supposed to forget and don't give a fuck about someone who's said this to me?
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2023.03.25 01:32 SMTNAVARRE me🙁irlgbt

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2023.03.25 01:31 DiscoDigi786 Magnetization Thoughts

Hey folks, I hope all is well. I’m hopeful one or more of you can assist me with tips for magnetizing my mech bases.
Thus far, I have used green model airplane putty, milliput and straight up super glue to attach magnets to plastic bases. However, roughly one magnet in five seems to come off pretty quickly after setting. Not a major problem, but enough to tell me I am probably missing something.
My process:
1) Bathe each mini in dish soap and warm water.
2) Allow to dry thoroughly overnight.
3) Place pea sized amount of whatever putty or glue I am using, then put a 4x1mm magnet on 2 sides of of the base opposing one another, then press the base on my hobby mat to level the putty or adhesive out.
4) Allow 24 hours to set (or whatever the directions for the material say) while ensuring minis are not near any metals that may attract magnets from the bonding material.
The magnets that fail to adhere do not seem consistent to one type of adhesive. Maddening! Also weird: my metal battletech minis on plastic bases do not seem to have this problem, even though I have used all the same bonding options and procedures
Scoring the bases was going to be my next step, but after I engaged in a few stupid arguments RE: the KS, I realized I was not contributing positively to the sub. Hopefully this post can both serve as a helpful resource to anyone having similar problems or looking for best practices to magnetize plastic minis and a mea culpa for being unhelpful in the sub.
To whatever mod had to lock that convo, my apologies for my being a child. I should know better than to be drawn into silliness.
May all your DFAs be lethal, friends.
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2023.03.25 01:31 Bluelobster212 27 [Relationship] [F4M] Birmingham, UK/anywhere— Could you be my dream man?

Hello Everyone,
Thought I'd post here in the hopes of finding a wonderful man to fall in love with and with whom I can build a wonderful mutually supportive relationship :)
About me:
If I sound like someone you would be interested in getting to know, please don't hesitate to message me and we can start getting to know one another ;)
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2023.03.25 01:31 CuteLookingGirl 28 [F4M] usa/est. Looking for laughs and good conversation.

I’m going to be honest I’ve never made a post of my own in this sub and I have very little faith in the men of reddit but I’ve made connections here before so I’m going to give it a shot.
What I’m looking for? Someone to talk to throughout the day that can goof around with me but also be able to have deep meaningful conversations. Someone I just ✨vibe ✨ with ya know?
A little about me: I love to laugh and I love stupid shit. Idk how else to say it. I like pointless debates about things that don’t matter. I’m sarcastic and I like to be challenged. Im a warm, kind and bubbly person I can get along with anyone as long as you’re not boring. I’m also very confident in who I am, what I want, what I like and what I don’t like. I do my best to communicate with people as clear as possible because no one likes a guessing game.
Hobbies/interests: Dancing Plants Thrifting Music Shitty reality tv Going to the beach Going on long walks/runs The office I got sucked into TikTok and idc. Also I have a new hobby every two weeks so it’s impossible to name all the things I’ve been temporary into.
I prefer you be located in the U.S or Canada. Looks aren’t everything but I do think it’s important to have a mutual attraction towards one another.
K thanks bye! ✌🏼
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2023.03.25 01:31 ski7955 Training ChatGPT to write prompts for midjourney.

I spent several hours constructing this set of instructions for chat Gpt to write prompts for midjourney and wanted to share it to help the community. If you have any suggestions for changes please let me know. So far it has been working great although once and a while I have to remind it to condense the prompt
1 I'm going to explain how to create detailed and specific generative image prompts for midjourney. Follow these guidelines carefully to ensure that you craft the perfect prompts for generating images tailored to your preferences. 1. Begin each prompt with “/imagine prompt:”. 2. Use commas for soft breaks and double colons (::) for hard breaks to separate distinct concepts. You can also use numerical weights (e.g., “::2” or “::5”) after double colons to emphasize certain sections. These are placed after the word that’s being emphasized, not before. 3. To discourage the use of a concept, use negative image weights (e.g., “::-1”) these are placed after the word that’s being depreciated 4. Incorporate descriptive language and specific details, such as camera angles, artists’ names, lighting, styles, processing techniques, camera settings, post-processing terms, and effects. 5. To emulate the style of specific photographers, designers, or directors, use phrases like “photographed by,” “designed by,” or “directed by,” followed by the individual’s name. 6. Include multiple image processing technologies and terms for the desired effects and image quality. 7. Use your creativity to incorporate various lighting scenarios into the images. 8. Adjust aspect ratios with the “—ar” parameter and image weights if necessary. 9. Add customization parameters, such as quality and additional settings, at the end of the prompt. Include the "--chaos" parameter for variation in results. The range is 1-100 10. Use specific shades of primary colors and experiment with different styles. 11. Keep prompts creative, descriptive, and detailed, incorporating numerous keywords for the desired effect. 12. Use "--stylize" for different styles/effects. Tel he stylize parameter can range from 100-1000 13. Use the --stop parameter to finish a Job partway through the process. Stopping a Job at an earlier percentage can create blurrier, less detailed results. --stop accepts values: 10–100. The default --stop value is 100. 14. Avoid banned words like "bloody," "nude," "mccurry," and "gore." 15. Enhance the desired effect with keywords like "photorealism," "highly detailed," "intricate details," "photorealistic," and "high quality." 16. Be creative, specific, and descriptive, drawing from renowned images, artists, photographers, architects, and directors to mimic their styles. You can also blend their styles by mentioning more than one. 17. Create forms of art by using words like Photorealism, Hyperrealism, Naturalism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Futurism, Pop art, Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, Post-impressionism, Art nouveau, Art deco, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Romanticism, Classicism, Modernism, Contemporary art, Abstract art, Conceptual art, Performance art, Installation art, Land art, Video art, Street art, and Graffiti art. 18. Specify specific camera angles, such as selfies, panoramic views, GoPro images, fish-eye, or satellite view. 19. Only use possible parameters listed in the original instructions. 20. Utilize words like "award-winning," "masterpiece," "photoreal," "highly detailed," "intricate details," and "cinematic" for more realistic images. 21. Finish the prompt with just the parameters, without adding anything else. Possible keyword inputs include specific camera angles, artists' names, lighting, styles, processing techniques, camera settings, post-processing terms, effects, primary colors, image processing technologies, aspect ratios, quality settings, customization parameters, art forms, and descriptive adjectives.
To create a highly detailed and specific image prompt, consider incorporating elements such as the architect's name, architectural style (e.g., Gothic, Art Deco, Brutalist, or Bauhaus), art tools used (e.g., brushes, palette knives, or digital software), geometry (e.g., circular, angular, or fractal patterns), dimensions (e.g., 2D, 3D, or isometric), symmetry or asymmetry, artistic styles (e.g., impressionism, cubism, or pointillism), composition (e.g., rule of thirds, golden ratio, or balanced), perspective (e.g., bird's-eye view, worm's-eye view, or one-point perspective), focal points, depth of field, textures (e.g., rough, smooth, or grainy), materials used (e.g., oil paint, watercolor, or charcoal), color schemes (e.g., monochromatic, complementary, or analogous), lighting (e.g., soft, harsh, or backlit), mood or atmosphere (e.g., serene, dramatic, or mysterious), time of day (e.g., dawn, dusk, or midday), and any specific cultural or historical influences. By incorporating a combination of these specific keywords and details into your prompt, you can create a rich and vivid image that captures your exact vision.
Here are some examples of prompts. Please evaluate and learn from these prompts. They are just examples. As you can see they can vary widely on the possibilities. You are not limited to these by any means. After these examples I will give you a command.
/imagine prompt: perspective, curious old secret town of the fairies, seascape, cascading cafe shops and candy houses, victorian, animation art, fantasy, translucent color wash, serene, cinematic, smooth, detailed, soft palette, hyperrealism, very small aperture, clear reflection, post production, post-processing, 8k, retouch, HDR, Super-Resolution, Soft Lighting, Ray Tracing Global Illumination, Crystalline, Lumen Reflections :: --style Howard Behrens --style djamilaknopf --style ghibli::1.7 --style François Schuiten :: animated by Madhouse INC, by Studio Trigger, CGI, unreal engine 5, zelda, vray render, Procreate, Trending on Pixiv and artstation and pinterest --ar 9:15 --s 3700 --c 7 --q 3
realistic medieval house, lego art, rococo art. The photograph is illuminated by natural light, streaming in from a nearby window and enhances the vivid colors. The shallow depth of field draws the viewer's eye, creating a visually enticing Image --ar 9:16 --s 600 --q 2 --v 5
/imagine prompt: perspective, curious old secret town of vampire hunter d, cascading cafe shops and potion shops, art nouveau, animation art, fantasy, overgrown with lush vegetation, cinematic, smooth, detailed, hyperrealism, very small aperture, clear reflection, post production, post-processing, 8k, retouch, HDR, Super-Resolution, Soft Lighting, Ray Tracing Global Illumination, Lumen Reflections, pastel color palette, cute, harry potter feeling --ar 1:3
/imagine prompt: colour line art of an overgrown fantasy fairy house, illustration, single entity, one entity, centred image, white background, high definition, detailed concept art, greg rutkowski, asher brown durand, renato mucillo, shinkai makoto style, --v 4 --ar 2:3
/imagine prompt: character + beautiful female cryptopunk assassin + Cybernetic enhancements + Mandelbrot neuro web :: intricate galaxy inlay + ultra high detail, plasma neon internal glow, precise :: Android :: astral projection :: laser sharp, octane render + unreal render + photo real :: 8k, volumetric lighting high contrast --quality 2 --stop 80 --ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: hand-drawn, illustration, cartoon, anime, cute, Woman with a mermaid tail character turnaround sheet::1.6, 8k, intricate, long shot::1.5 --ar 16:10
/imagine prompt: An Award-winning close-up photo of a young woman, her face painted with tribal markings, gently resting her hand on the nose of a mighty African lion. Their eyes lock, conveying a deep connection and mutual respect between human and animal. Photo taken by Canon EOS 1DX camera with 85mm 1.2 lens --ar 16:9
/imagine prompt: Countryside river landscape, rolling hills and a winding river, rule of thirds composition, Impressionistic style, loose brushstrokes and visible textures, soft pastel palette, watercolor, distant mountains and a tree line in the background, warm afternoon sunlight casting long shadows, tranquil and peaceful mood, emphasis on natural textures like grass and flowing water, atmospheric perspective with softening details in the distance, river as the focal point, contrast between light and shadow areas, gentle movement in the water and swaying trees, evoking a sense of nostalgia and serenity. --ar 3:2 --s 500
/imagine prompt: dramatic scene, highly detailed labeled medical anatomy poster of a xenomorph + anatomical drawing on poster paper with notes illustrated by drew struzan --ar 9:16 --stylize 1000
/imagine prompt: old man modern Rocco style, flamboyant sunglasses, piercings, septum nose, deck tattoos, abstract suit dress pastel colors, eccentric white hair, Nikon photography, 200mm, hd --ar 1:2
/imagine prompt: starkvisionary Iron Man in rococo armor with a basilisk coiled around him, insanely detailed, opulent, ambient lighting, cinematic, cel shading, cell animation, chromatic aberration, watercolor and oil paint. ayami kojima style, marvel comic style, artgerm style, cafu style -- ar 1:2
/imagine prompt: Historical cinematic realism, versaille 1750, man wearing period servant's clothes, pushing rococo lawnmower, lawnmower made with porcelain gold and jewels ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: A beautiful female cybernetic cyberpunk soldier in the rain at night in a futuristic city, Realistic face, realistic hands, full body, hyper detailed dynamic scene, ultra photorealistic muted colors, photorealistic, epic composition Unreal Engine, color grading, ultra wide angle, depth of field, hyper detailed, beautifully coloured, crazy details, intricate details, Unreal Engine, cinematic, color grading, editorial photography, photography, photo shoot, DOF, Tilt Blur, White Balance, 32k, Super Resolution, Megapixels, ProPhoto RGB, Half Moon Lighting, Backlighting, Daylighting, Incandescent, Ambient Lighting, Cinematic Lighting, Studio Lighting, Cinematic, shot + photo taken by ARRI, photo taken by sony, photo taken by canon, photo taken by nikon, photo taken by hasselblad + incredibly detailed, sharpen, details + professional lighting, photography lighting + 50mm, 80mm, 100m + lightroom gallery + behance photography + unsplash, 14mm f/ 2. 8 -- ar 9:16
/imagine prompt: Surreal rococo android dystopia, light field photography, dynamic composition, unusual angle, ultra - sharp focus, intricate details, cinematic lighting, bokeh, By Chris Cunningham::1, By Vanessa Beecroft::0.75, By Emil Melmoth::0.5, By Brandon Woelfel::0.5, By Steven Klein::0.5, By Marc Lagrange::0.25, By HR Giger::0.25, By Ann Demeulemeester::0.25 -- ar 4:5
/imagine prompt: Just a woman, the essence of femininity, the poetry of a woman, concept art hdr, dynamic pose, glowing energy, ::Misty robes: a combination of rococo in style Guillermo Lorca painting ::Metamorphosis ::creations worn by the most beautiful women ::wonderful, sophisticated outfits ::beautiful make-up ::the best quality fabrics with floral ornaments ::wonderful and aesthetic fancy hairstyles ::everything flying in the sky ::dynamic pose ::fantastic eco interiors in the background, awarded fashion photos ::photorealistic :: bright elegant cinema ::golden ratio ::elite ::luxury concept art ::extremely neat, general and complex ::3D ::rendering :extremely detailed ::triad color ::dynamic composition ::zbrush art ::Photoshop, ultra resolution, extreme wide shot, surrealism, hyperrealism, surreal art, digital art, digital painting, digital illustration, concept art, professional design, world made of light, soft lighting, unreal engine, depth-of-field, 8k, hdr, Full HD, award winning photo, Canon DSLR photo, f/2.8 long exposure, 25mm --v 5 --q 2 --ar 2:3 --s 1000
/imagine prompt: section model of a 2 story Richard Meier building, architectural, cantilever, dynamic composition, asymmetrical composition, photorealism, Lens with Nikon d850, 28mm, Film Light, Overall Light, Ethereal Light, Depth of Field, f/2.8, Ultra HD, 128k, 3D Shadows, Tone Mapping, Ray Traced Global Illumination, Super Resolution, Gigapixel, Color Correction, Retouching, Enhancement, blue sky, PBR, Blender, V-ray, Procreate, Unreal Engine 5, Cinema 4D, ROMM RGB, Adobe After Effects, 3DCG, VFX, SFX, FXAA , award-winning photography, natural lighting, to p light, studio light, rim light, Volumetric Lights , RTX Renderer, High Qual City, Extreme Realism, RTX On, Realistic, Hyper Realism, Realistic Textures, Amazing Props, Making Amazing Visual Effects, Crazy Details, High Details, Intrinsic Details, Post Production, cool palette, depth of field, IMAX, ALEXA LF, --ar 3:2
/imagine prompt: masterpiece carcore luxurywave superstreet luxury custom car render of futuristic, Award-winning prototype outline detail (high-performance luxury coupe) extremely opulant luxury supersport [ beautifully designed concept of graphite and forged-carbon painted Cadillac CTS-V, ATS-V supercharged Blackwing ] high detail concept drawing with specs, powerful, luxurious, extreme, cohesive, deeply rolled widebody fender flares, fat tires, extreme 3-piece deepwell cheese grater wheels, organic line front and rear spoiler realistic details, intricate detail 8k, high octane, [+low level three-quarter portrait+] beautifully designed, perfectly symmetrical, highly detailed, volumetric light, iridescent glow, photorealistic, octane render, vivid colors, intricate detail, sharp graphic, Arnold Render, 3ds Max, Houdini, Cinema 4D, Katana, Maverick Studio, V - Ray Collection, Autodesk 3D Rendering, Substance Painter RTX raytracing, Zbrush, Maya FX, SOLIDWORKS, high detail photo by Frank Wu, Jean Bugatti, Moreno de Giorgio --ar 3:2
/imagine prompt: Close up portrait, The Aquatic Space Squid Empress of planet Squidatious 6 wearing her war biomechanical wet shiny Atlantean space squid armor with her biomechanical space squids attached to it. Liquid iridescent water drips from the surfaces. She looks towards the camera with her vibrant glowing alien eyes. She is fierce and ready for war. Donning her aquatic jewelry of coral and abalone shell. Designed by Warwick Goble and Takato Yamamoto and Stephanie Law. Cinematic lighting, bright and vibrant ink illustration with watercolor. --ar 4:7
Every time I tell you to write prompt you will imagine you are writing a prompt for a specific high budget film director to create an image that will he or she will use to pitch a scene to executives that will convince them, based on its creativity, concept, depth of intrigue and imagery to invest billions of dollars into the production of this movie. Describe the image in the prompt. Write a prompt.
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2023.03.25 01:31 Rovul_ I feel like I almost died, but didn’t.

I didn’t actually almost die but a heart attack wouldn’t be out of the conversation. I was doing the laundry in my basement and thought I heard something outside so I lifted the blinds that covered the high window of my laundry room.
On the back of this blind laid the culprit, a horror that nearly killed me on the spot.
A giant.
Hunting .
Wolf spider.
Which I have never seen before. So as a person who has never seen this thing before and as any person with arachnophobia would do I immediately ran to get a shoe and squash this bugger into paste.
I missed.
And the thing sprinted up the side of the blind and up into the rafters of my ceiling. I have no idea where it is. I have never screamed louder in my life. And I am now upstairs shaking, afraid to go back and bear witness to that thing again.
Note: My bedroom is down there, and I’m almost certain that it wants me dead.
Another note: I am 19 and play UNI American Football. I am so disappointed in myself.
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2023.03.25 01:31 RexSecundus Veterans served together reunite on Reddit after 20 years!

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2023.03.25 01:30 seaseal1 People don't realize how agonizing ADHD is.

Just last year at 26 the possibility of having ADHD was presented to me by a friend who said I had the telltale signs. I was one of those ignorant people who thought it was just bouncing off the walls energy, but when I read into it I realized that I related not only to the symptoms that fall under ADHD but that many of the testimonies I had heard from others brought me to tears as I had suffered in very similar ways.
I had just lost my health insurance and it's been a nearly year-long battle to get any kind of plan to get me to a doctor. I got my appointment. It was a month-long wait of worrying whether or not I genuinely had it, if it had been something else, or if I was just lying to myself and everything was just an excuse for my awful choices in life.
After almost an hour of answering questions, the doctor almost made me think I didn't have it, but he told me that I had a strong case for it and confirmed the diagnosis. All the guilt and worry I had been feeling had evaporated and I walked out feeling the peace of mind. He put me on 20mg of Vyvanse and I went home waiting for later in the day when I could go pick up my prescription.
Come 5 pm I'm at the store waiting in line, and then they tell me the price. $500 dollars for a month of Vyvanse. I can't afford that, but the pharmacist insures me she'll send the info over to my doctor so he can tell my insurance it's needed for my health. It'd take 72 hours and I'd be good to go. 72 hours passed today and it turns out nothing was done. I had a breakdown and spent a good two hours today just avoiding my family so I could bawl my eyes out.
Thankfully, I can call my doctor directly Monday and get this sorted out. After months and then days of waiting, I'm burned out and tired again. This awful thing called ADHD is hurting me every day and I can't describe that pain to anyone, but I'm sure many here who suffer from it understand how debilitating it is. I just hope and pray that when Monday rolls around I can get my problem sorted out.
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2023.03.25 01:30 PrestigiousSky9527 [fully lost]"The Lost Music Video of Professor Chaos from South Park"

(For better understanding of this post, it is recommended to have knowledge of the South Park series up until the sixth season)
When I was a teenager, between 2000 and 2010, I was a fan of South Park and consumed everything I could about the series, including videos on YouTube. At that time, there was a series of videos in which music video clips were recreated using characters from the series. There was a version of Haddaway's "What Is Love" sung by the character Chef and a version of A-ha's "Take On Me" where Kyle takes the place of the boy who takes the girl into the comic book world, and Catman takes on the role of the adversary who chases the young couple (for those who didn't understand this part, just watch the original clip).
There were other videos that were apparently made by the same author because some animations, like Catman playing a kind of piano, appeared in more than one clip.
Of all these animations, my favorite was the one about Professor Chaos. I don't remember the lyrics of the song, but I do know that "chaos" and "money" were words that appeared frequently. On the other hand, I remember in detail the story that is told in the clip.
The story of the clip is as follows: Professor Chaos and General Disarray are seen inside a blue van written "chaos mobile" or something similar. The van drives towards one of the snowy mountains that exist near the city. When they get close to the snow of one of the mountains, a kind of mirror comes out of the van and begins to reflect the sunlight, generating a beam. The solar beam is pointed at all the snow-covered mountains seen in the music video. The next scene shows the van fleeing from a flood caused by the melting snow. In the next scene, we see that the van has escaped the path of the flood, and then we see the city of South Park flooded. Soon after, Professor Chaos is seen on top of one of the buildings in the flooded city, throwing some brown things into the water that look like three dots, and begins to smile. At the same time, we see General Disarray playing a harmonica (the sound of the harmonica can be heard in this part) and a green dollar sign flashing on the screen (in this part, the word "money" is heard several times).
After these scenes, we see Officer Barbrady climbing up the building where Professor Chaos is located, who becomes irritated with the policeman's presence. Barbrady also becomes angry and points his finger at Professor Chaos. We see General Disarray playing the harmonica one last time, and then we can see the blue van being chased by a police car on a snowy road. Some scenes that have already appeared in the music video are repeated, such as the flooded city and the green dollar sign flashing. Shortly thereafter, we see the pursuit of the vehicles in a desert with cacti. The music video ends with the blue van crossing the border into Mexico, and then we see Officer Barbrady, angry and painted red. The last scene of the music video shows Professor Chaos and General Disarray inside the blue van, smiling while Professor Chaos sings the last parts of the song.
I have no hope that this material can be recovered, but if anyone is or knows an old South Park fan who also saw this clip, I would like to know if this person at least remembers the title of the song. This was one of my favorite songs from my adolescence and I would love to hear it again.
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2023.03.25 01:30 mahlouie Pain near kidney on one side only when breathing in deep or moving a certain way

Feeling pain left side of back near kidney when i breathe in deep or move my back a certain way. I’ve had 2 stones before but don’t remember this happening the other times. Doc gave me an antibiotic and then imaging would be next step. Has anyone experienced pain like this and it end up being a stone?
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2023.03.25 01:29 mattperkins86 I can't do Geology where I live. And all the courses near me relate to the mining industry, which is directly opposed to the reasons I'd want to study Geology.

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2023.03.25 01:29 slowwber Celebrating Two Wins That Hurt

1st Win: I did an exposure therapy with my therapist today where I had to make cake mix and handle the raw eggs. I wasn’t stressed too much until we put some of the cake mix on the floor and I then took my hand that was not washed and got some cake mix on my finger. I went from a stress level of 35/100 to 75/100 when I licked my finger. I nearly broke down crying because of how sad I was to go past the point of no return. I couldn’t use any ritual to “save” me.
2nd Win: Last night I was pouring scalding water on my running shoes in case there were parasites on them. However this morning I thought maybe I didn’t get the ends of the shoes. So with a tight window I just boiled water and dipped my shoes into the pot. A sense of relief from satisfying my ritual led to me thinking that I had then contaminated my pot with something horrible like TRIGGER WARNING FOR A SCARY BUG (prions). I started thinking that I need to buy a new pot or how I could possibly replace my dishwasher. However, right now I am eating some cake with a fork that may or may not have been washed at the same time as the pot. There is no going back now.
I’m scared as fuck and worried I have introduced a deadly disease to my household by doing something so ridiculous and stupid. However, I know there is a part of me trying to reach beyond the anxiety and say, “It’s going to be what it’s going to be…”
Just needed to vent since I don’t talk to my therapist till Monday. I hope anyone struggling today knows you aren’t alone.
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2023.03.25 01:29 rgesoo XXXmas Greetings. Bad Santa Claus Alexandr Great Fuck me near the Christmas Tree

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2023.03.25 01:28 KasElGatto [USA-NY] [H] PayPal, Dreamcast Console and Games Lot, Games for Switch, Wii U, Wii, Xbox, GB Manuals, SNES (X-Men, Mystical Ninja), Famicom (Dragon Quest 1-4), Super Famicom (Final Fight 2, Super SF II & Turbo, Goemon), [W]PayPal, CIB 3DS Games

[USA-NY] [H] PayPal, Dreamcast Console and Games Lot, Games for Switch, Wii U, Wii, Xbox, GB Manuals, SNES (X-Men, Mystical Ninja), Famicom (Dragon Quest 1-4), Super Famicom (Final Fight 2, Super SF II & Turbo, Goemon), [W]PayPal, CIB 3DS Games
I am only selling through PayPal friends, family, trusted, etc… I have many confirmed transactions on here.
I’m happy to provide pics for any items and detailed condition descriptions
If it’s not listed here, it’s sold. Don’t base it on the pictures.

Shipping is free over $25, or $4 per item.

There is always room for negotiation, prices are based on market value, but there is wiggle room especially if you buy more than one game.
Also looking for various CIB 3DS Games, too many to list. Let me know what you have
Sega DreamCast Lot $199 + exact price of priority shipping to where you are. Also willing to do local pickup in NYC area.
Dreamcast Console with two controllers (one official, one third party), power cord and VGA hookup, (I do not have rgb hookups as the VGA looked the best on my HDMI TV)
Memory Card
Soul Calibur and Resident Evil: Code Veronica (Jewel Cases are not in good condition)

Soul Calibur Manual and case art are in good condition, disc is in good condition with minor cosmetic scratches. Works great.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica manual and case art in good condition. Discs are in ok condition with some scratches. Disc 1 only boots after putting disc 2 in first, for some reason and even then it won’t read past the opening cinematic. (I have researched this and it seems that it is a common problem with some games like Sonic Adventures where the Dreamcast lens has issues reading the discs, regardless of condition) Cosmetically it should be able to be read and Soul Calibur, disc 2 as well as many games I used to have all boot up with zero issues, so it must be that problem.


Nintendo Game Boy (loose)

Fortress of Fear $13
Tiny Toons: Wacky Sports $10
NBA All Star $5
Wave Race $10

GB/GBC/GBA instruction booklets: (take all instruction booklets for $65 shipped)
Alleyway $5
BurgerTime Deluxe $17
Donkey Kong Land $7
Four Player Adapter $7
Golf $5
Motocross Maniacs $5
Pac-Man $7
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back $10
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe $5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $7

Cogen Sword of Rewind (Japanese edition with English, New and Sealed) $28


Hino Tori (Phoenix) (CIB) $37 (Famicom Game)

Dragon Quest (CIB) $40

Dragon Quest II (CIB) $30

Dragon Quest III (CIB) $20

Dragon Quest IV (CIB) $20

Or buy all 4 Dragon Quest games for $99 shipped


Super Famicom, SNES/Super Nintendo (cartridges only)
Donkey Kong Country 2 (Super Famicom) $8

Donkey Kong Country 3 (Super Famicom) $8
Final Fight II (Super Famicom) $15
Ganbare Goemon 2, Ganbare Goemon 3, Ganbare Goemon Kirakira Dochu (the 3 games for $29)
The Legend of Mystical Ninja $58
The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse (Pal Version) $8
Super Ghouls N Ghosts (Super Famicom) $12
Torneko No Daiboken (Dragon Quest IV Spin-Off) $15
Street Fighter II (Super Famicom) $8
Street Fighter II Turbo (Super Famicom) $12
Super Street Fighter II (Super Famicom) $12
X-Men Mutant Apocalypse $23

Lost in Blue Shipwrecked (CIB) $9

Wii U

Splatoon (CIB, some dents in cover art) $8

Super Mario 3D World (Case and manual only, no disc) $8


XBOX/XBOX 360 Games Lot $19 for all three

Max Payne

Splinter Cell

Assassin’s Creed



Rabi-Ribi LRG $10


Pre-order bonus/My Nintendo goodies: (Take all of them for $25 shipped)

Pokémon Piplup Phone Holder (New) My Nintendo $9

Super Mario 3D World Phone and Tech Badge (New) $7

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Coin (New and sealed) $12

Thanks for looking!
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