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Petersburg, Virginia: The Cockade City

2016.09.20 05:07 blime Petersburg, Virginia: The Cockade City

Petersburg is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States. As of the 2020 census, the population was 33,458. The city is 21 miles south of the commonwealth capital city of Richmond. The city's unique industrial past and its location as a transportation hub combined to create wealth for Virginia and the region.

2018.07.17 18:34 blime Dinwiddie, Virginia

Dinwiddie County is a county located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As of the 2020 census, the population was 27,947. Its county seat is Dinwiddie. Dinwiddie County was formed in 1752, from Prince George County. The county is named for Robert Dinwiddie, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, 1751–58.

2016.11.02 22:22 blime Colonial Heights, Virginia

Colonial Heights is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As of the 2020 census, the population was 18,170. The Bureau of Economic Analysis combines the City of Colonial Heights (along with the City of Petersburg) with Dinwiddie County for statistical purposes. In 1781, French troops known as “Coloniels” deployed artillery on the heights overlooking Petersburg from across the Appomattox River. The area thereafter came to be known as Colonial Heights.

2023.03.21 21:50 Ok-Willow-1818 Re-examination question

Currently have 80% but was recently moved to 100% due to cancer (PACT) My 100% is not permanent and that is completely understandable. My question is when will VA actually take a look at my case? Understand that the 100% rating is for the duration of treatment plus 6 months, but how will VA know to even ask when my cancer treatment is complete? I am not using VA for treatment. Lastly, will they re-examine my original rating I received 7 years ago as well or just confirm that the treatment is over and that I am cancer free? Thank you.
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2023.03.21 21:21 yehoshuaC We're #2! We're #2!

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2023.03.21 21:21 te-riii script offer [A4A] Opposite sides (part 6) [Superhero listener x villain VA] [action] [fighting] [take it and get far away from here] [captured]

Summary: Defending the city doesn’t come without its cons. Constantly exhausted, new injuries on the weekly and having to lie to your partner. Turn out you aren’t the only one who has been keeping secrets. Your partner is your arch enemy’s side kick! Who will they choose? You or your enemy? Will you be able to still love them after all they’ve done?
Note: This script is completely ok to monetize as long as you credit me as Teri audio and link back to the original script.
Also please send me the link. I’d love to check it out!
You may edit details but you may not change the overall storyline. If you’re unsure feel free to DM me.
If you would like to request a script from me just DM me and I’ll see if I can make that happen!
Link to my master script list here!
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2023.03.21 21:09 EventPuzzleheaded841 Clinton vs Covid: What If Hillary Won? (2016-2020 Elections)

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2023.03.21 20:27 youkoflame Where's my DD214

After 6 years in the Army Reserve I finally got orders for the IRR. Then immediately got sweet talked into the Air National Guard. After 2 years here Im ready to use a VA home loan and they're saying they need a DD214 or DD256
I've used DPRIS. NARA and emailed HRC. Nothing. I've sent my last points statement but my lender is saying they're probably still going to want the DD214.
Where do I need to go for this?
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2023.03.21 19:53 DV_G ¿Con qué seguir? (Auto)

Edit: El auto lo usaría para todos los días, en general le hago unos 5km por día, a veces más, a veces menos, 8 a 10 mil km al año (contando un viaje sea costa, Cordoba, EERR, etc).
Buenas gente,
Ya decidí que para mitad de año vendo el vento (2010 elegance 2.0 TSI 155k km). La realidad es que se fueron rompiendo cosas y tuve que gatillar mucho dinero y el mantenimiento fue mucho más de lo que hubiera querido que fuera y no logro tenerlo como yo quisiera, "flama", así que lo tengo bien y no me gusta llegar solo a eso.
Calculé que aprox voy a tener 10k USD para comprar algo, pero a qué cambiar? porque tengo mil dudas, dejo algunos datos
Qué busco:
  1. Algo que sea más barato de mantener, pero no tiene que ser un gol que arreglás con alambre
  2. Algo que tenga un poco de seguridad por lo menos (no va a tener la del vento)
  3. Algo más nuevo, 2013-2014 en adelante
  4. Menos de 100k km (sería lo ideal)
  5. Caja Automática (esto es Si o SI, tristemente mi señora no maneja manual, me cierra un poco el abanico pero bueno)
  6. El espacio sea decente (no tiene que ser como el vento).
  7. Si puede ser con baúl mejor, dado que siempre llevo cosas (de nuevo, no tiene que ser enorme)
  8. Si es posible 130hp o más como para estar tranquilo en la ruta, aunque no descarto autos que gasten menos. Ya me di el gusto, ahora con que me lleve, me traiga, no se rompa y si se rompe lo arreglo con repuestos baratos me alcanza.
Eso es lo que se me ocurre en este momento, mirando en ML hasta 4k2 4k3 vi lo siguiente y realmente son cosas distintas pero quiero escuchar opiniones y agrandar la lista de ser necesario

como verán hay de todo, pero vi dos cosas muy marcadas que son lo normal, o me quedo en 2012/2014 con autos "mejores" o salto a "2015/2018" con autos "mercosur"
Si me preguntan, creo que un salto que no me molestaría es al Peugeot Sport THP pero escuché tantas cosas malas de la Turbo Hace Pum que escucho opiniones.Lo mismo con las cajas automáticas, se que la DSG es un manjar pero bueno, no pasa nada al bajar.
Gracias y cualquier comentario es bienvenido
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2023.03.21 19:53 lurker_bee Costa Mesa Motel 6 scheduled to be long-term, affordable housing this fall

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2023.03.21 19:38 Pyroski My September 2020 election prediction, back when I used 270towin... How wrong we were...

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2023.03.21 19:38 I-Nibble-Children DeSantis vs Biden (22/3/23)

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2023.03.21 19:19 deeptechsharing VA – Miami Sampler 2023 [UNI227]

Genre: House, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Jackin House Label: Under No Illusion Release Date: 2023-03-17
DOWNLOAD in 320kbps here:
Tracklist: 1. Figueredo (AR) – Just Do It (Original Mix) (6:24) 2. Dan Maloly – Crazy Train (Original Mix) (6:37) 3. Kristofferson – Pressure (Original Mix) (6:06) 4. Oravla Ziur – Paradise (Original Mix) (5:45) 5. Aldo Cadiz – On The Draft (Original Mix) (8:00) 6. Bit D3pth, Lopez UK – 21st Century (Original Mix) (6:57) 7. Valerio Bonfa, Da Night – My Eyes On You (Original Mix) (4:56) 8. Adrian Mart – F De Funk (Original Mix) (6:26) 9. Alonso Bierg, Matías Schaller – Let Your Body Flow (Original Mix) (6:33) 10. Ramon Bedoya, Yerathel – Mantra (Original Mix) (6:11)
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2023.03.21 19:17 demxinhdotvn [Tư vấn] Nên nằm đệm cứng hay đệm mềm tốt hơn cho sức khỏe Đệm Xinh

[Tư vấn] Nên nằm đệm cứng hay đệm mềm tốt hơn cho sức khỏe Đệm Xinh
Hiện nay tiêu chí nâng đỡ cơ thể trên đệm được làm rất tốt nên các sản phẩm đệm giá rẻ vẫn tuân theo phân loại độ cứng mềm như trên. Còn các sản phẩm đệm cao cấp thì độ cứng mềm gần như tìm về chung một điểm cân bằng. Ngoài đệm bông ép thì các loại đệm foam cao cấp, lò xo cao cấp, cao su cao cấp gần như tương đương nhau và hội tụ ở dải độ cứng từ 4 - 6. - d7y518stqe -
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2023.03.21 18:54 guiltybigirl Carbon monoxide leak in my apartment & we want to move out

About 6 weeks ago, we had a carbon monoxide leak in our apartment from our stove. We had suspected something was wrong for a few days but our landlord dragged their feet until we finally got the CO levels tested. As a result they had to completely remove our stove/oven. It’s been 6 weeks and they haven’t replaced it. They won’t even give a timeline for replacing it. We’ve asked for a rent credit but it was denied.
At this point I just want to move out. It’s been such a stressful experience and I’m sick of living without a stove. What are my rights as a tenant? Is this grounds to break my lease and move out without having to pay a bunch of money?
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2023.03.21 18:30 anxietytravels Which is the better part of Skyline Drive to travel with the better overlooks?

I'm traveling from Northern NJ to Roanoke, VA in May. I keep seeing suggestions that Skyline Drive is a must to drive on when going down that way. It looks very pretty and I would love to stop at some of the overlooks, take in the scenery, take some photographs and just have some mini breaks. However, going the whole way from the Fort Royal to Rockfish Gap will add about 2.5 hours to my trip (too much).
I researched from the website that there are four entrances onto Skyline Drive
If I only do part of Skyline Drive, can anyone suggest which part would be best to drive along and expose me to the best overlooks before I get off to return to Route 81 to get Roanoke? Basically, which section of Skyline Drive would give me the best experience?
ETA: I have some chronic issues and pain so will strictly be sticking to stopping at overlooks and not doing any hiking to be safe.
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2023.03.21 18:25 dami_kess Je suis entrain d'écrire un manga ( SECOND CHANCE)

Prologue Salut,Je m'appelle akihiko matsuo je suis un lycéen de quoi plus normale mon problème c'est que j'ai une vie très ennuyante et une routine très repetitive . Se réveiller, se préparer, partir a l'école la même route, les même personnes. Rien de spécial ! Pourquoi ma vie n'est pas comme dans les anime ou série. Une bonne aventure a la Luffy et son équipage. Un jour pendant que je partais à l'école par manque d'attention en pensant a ma vie médiocre. Un camion ma foncé dessus un conducteur qui s'était endormi en pleine conduite. Vous connaissez la légende où on dit voir sa vie défilé devant ses yeux c'est exactement ce qui s'est passé et ma première réaction était C'EST QUOI CES SOUVENIR DE MERDE !!?? Ma vie c'était être un geek qui fait que de joué aux jeux vidéo et regarder des animé . QUEL ÉCHEC ! Boom!! Le camion le tape . Akihiko ne vois qu'un noir absolu c'est la fin . Mais, contre toute attente, akihiko voit une lumière. Akihiko ( en pensant) : Quoi, où suis-je, qui est cette femme . ???: Oh! Regarde kazuki comment il est mignon, cette petite personne est la meilleure chose qui nous soit arrivé kazuki ( son père): Comment allons nous l'appeler ? Nana ( sa mère) : que dit tu de Sora, lui qui est un cadeau venu du ciel. Kazuki : c'est parti Sora ! bienvenue au monde . Sora ( en pensant) : je suis un bébé ! Sora : Ouin ! Ouin ! Ouin ! Nana : on dirait qu'il a de l'énergie a revendre. il tiens ça de toi ( rires). C'est le début d'une nouvelle aventure pour notre héros avec un nouveau nom , nouvelle vie , une seconde chance.
Chapitre 1 Maintenant, ça fait 6 ans que je suis né j'ai pu apprendre l'histoire de ce monde grâce a mon père, qui me racontais ces histoires avant de dormir. Il y a bien longtemps de cela, cinq individus surpuissants qu'on appelle les Fondateurs ont créé cinq clans : les Sylvains, les Drakoniens, les Sombres, les Souterrains et enfin les Humains. C'est digne d'un film de fantaisie ! Moi qui me plaignais d'avoir une vie ennuyeuse, je crois que mes prières ont été exaucées. En ce qui concerne les différents clan, si on se base sur les livres que j'ai a la maison : les Sylvain sont des créatures a la forme humaine ils sont généralement fin et agile et élégant avec des oreilles pointues, ont des Cheveux lisse et soyeux . Ils ont des capacités de régénération et de soins miraculeuse , une affinité avec les animaux peuvent communiquer avec eux . Et sont aussi de très bon épéiste et des archers très doué . Ce qui ont se fie a mes connaissances c'est juste des elfes . Les Drakonien sont une race humanoïde qui ont des caractéristiques physiques similaires à celles des dragons. Ils ont des corps musclé et rempli d'écailles qui peuvent être de différente couleurs. Ils ont des membres forts et musclés, avec des griffes pointues . Ils ont aussi des ailes qui leur permettent de voler, et une queue longue et robuste . Leur mâchoire est puissante et pleine de dents pointues. Les Drakoniens ont également une capacité unique qui leur permet de cracher du feu . Cela leur donne un avantage considérable en combat. Leur peau est également résistante à la chaleur et au feu, ce qui les rend plus résistants à certaines attaques magiques ou physiques. Les souterrains sont un peuple composé de plusieurs race différentes on peut y trouver des gobelins, des orcs, des troll. Les gobelin sont souvent petit avec la peau verte, nez pointu, pas très fort en magie. Connu leur ruse. Par contre les orcs et les troll ont un physique fort et des dents pointu ce qui les rend très dangereux. La spécificité de ce clan c'est qu'il vivent sous terre dans des labyrinthes ce qui a augmenté leur magie rocheuses et leur capacité a faire des pièges magique. Les sombres sont un clan mystérieux et connait très peu sur eux . Leur apparence physique est en grande partie cachée par des vêtements sombres et des capuches qui dissimulent leurs traits beaucoup de théorie a ce sujet mais rien d'officiel. Ils sont également réputés pour leur longévité, vivant souvent deux à trois fois plus longtemps que les humains. On raconte même que certains d'entre eux ont vécu pendant des siècles, voire des millénaires. Ils ont également la réputation d'être des mages puissants, maîtrisant des sorts d'ombres et de magie noire. Le clan des humains n'ont pas vraiment de spécialistes mais ce qui rend notre clan un pilier des 5 clan c'est notre culture pouvoir cultiver, créer des armes , écrire des livres...etc donc il se repose sur la magie. La magie est un facteur important dans ce monde qui est bien complexe qui se concentre sur le mana .Le mana est une force énergétique qui est présente en chacun de nous, mais tout le monde ne peut pas l'utiliser. Pour contrôler le mana, il faut d'abord être capable de le sentir. Une fois que vous avez développé cette capacité, vous pouvez commencer à le manipuler pour créer des sorts et des effets magiques. Il y a différentes manières d'utiliser le mana dans ce monde. Certains le canalisent dans des objets magiques, comme des bâtons ou des baguettes, pour augmenter leur puissance. D'autres utilisent leur propre corps comme canal pour libérer leur pouvoir. Pour les sorts les plus avancés, il est possible d'incanter des formules et des mots de pouvoir qui permettent de créer des effets magiques plus complexes. Cependant, cela demande beaucoup de pratique et de connaissances pour être maîtrisé.J'ai également appris que la source de mana dans ce monde est la terre elle-même. Cette chance je veux pas la rater .Je veux vivre ma vie a 1000% et ne pas gâcher cette seconde chance
Chapitre 2 4 ans plus tard.
J'ai travaillé durant ces 4 années et j'ai réussi à apprendre les sorts de magie basiques. J'ai également travaillé sur mon physique et mon escrime pour être capable de me battre dans n'importe quelle situation. Bien que je sois encore jeune, je suis plus fort qu'un adulte ordinaire.
Mon père m'a beaucoup aidé à m'entraîner et m'a appris à utiliser la magie. Il m'emmenait souvent en ville pour m'entraîner avec un chevalier nommé Hiroshi qui me donnait des leçons d'escrime.
Sora : Papa ! Allons chez maître Hiroshi, j'ai envie de m'entraîner pour devenir plus fort.
Kazuki : Doucement, Sora. Je vais t'emmener là-bas, ne t'inquiète pas. N'oublie pas de dire au revoir à ta mère.
Sora : Au revoir, Maman. Quand je reviendrai, je serai beaucoup plus fort.
Nana : J'en suis certaine. Fais attention, Sora.
Sora et son père se dirigent vers la ville.
Sora (en pensant) : Nous habitons à 30 minutes de la ville, dans un petit village où il n'y a que des personnes âgées. Je n'ai pas la chance de rencontrer des enfants de mon âge. Mais je pense pas qu'on aurait les même délire avec ma conscience de 16 ans
Kazuki : Nous sommes arrivés, Sora. Avant d'aller chez Hiroshi, nous allons nous arrêter dans la boutique de mon ami. Mes amis nous y attendent.
Sora et Kazuki entrent dans la boutique.
Ishida Akio : Oh ! Comment tu as grandi, Sora, depuis la dernière fois. Tu commences à devenir un homme (rires).
Sora (en pensant) : Les amis de mon père étaient autrefois très doués en magie et formaient un groupe d'aventuriers. C'est ce que mon père me racontait.
Kazuki : Il est venu pour s'entraîner avec Hiroshi. Il a tellement insisté. Où sont les autres ?
Leurs amis arrivent en même temps.
Ishida : Ils vont bientôt arriver. Les voilà ! Takahashi et Kazuo, et même Hiroshi, vous êtes en retard.
Takahashi Yumi : Vous avez commencé sans nous.
Kazuo Matsumoto : Oh, le petit Sora est là. Ça tombe bien, j'ai amené mon fils. Sora, je te présente Tatsuya. Faites connaissance.
Sora (en pensant) : Oh, un enfant de mon âge. Ça va être compliqué vu que je suis plus mature.
Tatsuya : Salut, je m'appelle Tatsuya. Mon père m'a dit que tu t'entraînes avec Monsieur Hiroshi. Moi aussi, je veux m'entraîner avec vous.
Sora : Moi, c'est Sora. Oui, je m'entraîne pour devenir le plus fort de tous.
Tatsuya, épaté (avec des étoiles dans les yeux) : Moi aussi, j'ai envie de devenir le plus fort. Sora: Hey! C'est mon rêve! (Agacé) Kazuki: Ils s'entendent déjà bien. (Rires) Sora (en pensant): On dirait que je suis le plus petit entre nous deux.(dégoûté ) Hiroshi: Comment allez-vous, les enfants? Sora: Oh, maître Hiroshi, allons nous entraîner dès maintenant faut pas perdre de temps. Tatsuya: Moi aussi, je veux venir. Je peux, papa? Kazuo: Oui, mais n'embête pas monsieur Hiroshi. Hiroshi: Bon, si ça vous tient à cœur, allons-y! Kazuki : ils sont tellement énergétique ces enfants un peu de repos ça fait pas de mal Kazuo : ta raison, venez on va boire un verre pour décompresser. Hiroshi quitte la ville pour trouver un endroit isolé. Hiroshi: Bon, là, on ne peut gêner personne. Commençons le combat. Les règles sont simples: pas d'utilisation de magie. On se bat avec nos épées et pour gagner, il faut désarmer son adversaire. Sora: C'est parti, c'est moi qui commence. Regarde et prends y de la graine Tatsuya. Tatsuya: Mais comment, on n'a pas d'épée. Hiroshi: (rires) Je vais m'en occuper. Hiroshi utilise un sort de création et crée 3 épées en bois. Tatsuya: Oh! Incroyable! (Épaté) Le combat commence. Sora attaque le premier, il fait une attaque frontale avec un coup direct, Hiroshi bloque son coup sans problème. Hiroshi: Allez, Sora, ne me dis pas que tu n'as pas retenu la leçon. Sora enchaîne avec un coup de pied, mais Hiroshi le repousse. Hiroshi: Tu ne peux pas me battre en faisant des attaques banales. Faut être créatif! Sora (en pensant): Bon, je vais donner tout ce que j'ai. Le premier coup, c'est juste pour s'échauffer. Sora: Je retente! Me voilà! Hiroshi (en pensant): Il est plus rapide qu'avant. Sora enchaîne les coups d'épée, Hiroshi a du mal à défendre. Il dévie ses coups avec son épée. Hiroshi (en pensant): Même ses coups sont beaucoup plus précis et forts. Hiroshi: Tu as bien progressé... Mais ça ne suffira pas. Je vais augmenter la difficulté! Hiroshi projette Sora et se précipite vers lui en lui mettant un coup de pied puissant. Sora tombe par terre et faire tombé son épée Sora a perdu. Hiroshi va vers lui et le félicite. Hiroshi: Tu progresses très vite. Un jour, tu me dépasseras. mais pas aujourd'hui (rires) Sora: j'étais pourtant sûr qu'aujourd'hui ça allait être différent (dégoûté) Tatsuya: Le combat était incroyable. Maintenant, c'est à mon tour. Hiroshi: Bon, je vais t'apprendre les bases... Tatsuya cours pour attaqué Hiroshi alors qu'il n'est pas prêt. Hiroshi: (ricane). ,il faut utiliser sa tête, pas se précipiter dans la gueule du loup. Hiroshi fait un croche-pied à Tatsuya. Il tombe et perd son épée. Tatsuya( triste): Pourquoi je n'ai pas tenu comme Sora? Hiroshi: Je vais vous entraîner jusqu'à ce que vous deveniez meilleurs que moi.(sourire) On s'était entraîner toute l'après-midi, je l'avais pas remarqué a ce moment là. mais l'entraînement était meilleur ce jour là parceque y'avait tatsuya.
Chapitre 3 7 ans après Sora et tatsuya ce sont entraîné très dur pendant ces 7 dernière année. Combat entre sora et Hiroshi Sora : je suis prêt ! Hiroshi: commençons! Sora ne bouge pas et reste calme, Hiroshi decide d'attaquer frontalement et enchaîne de coup d'épée sora . Sora contre tout ses coup avec une facilité. Sora et hiroshi s'échange des coups rapides et puissants. Hiroshi arrive a repoussé sora. Sora décide de contre attaque il se précipite vers Hiroshi et jette son épée en l'air Hiroshi : QUOI !?!? Hiroshi regarde l'épée, Sora met un coup de poing dans le visage de hiroshi et le fait tomber. Il récupère son épée . Tatsuya : Sora gagnant de ce combat. Hiroshi : c'était pas très réglementaires ce que ta fait là .( A mal a son visage) Sora : désolée, pour le coup tu m'avais dit d'être plus créatif. Tatsuya : c'est mon tour maintenant. Hiroshi : combat Sora puisque il m'a battu . cependant vous pouvez utiliser la magie mais ne blessé pas grièvement votre adversaire. Sora et tatsuya : On peut utiliser la magie Cool !! Sora et tatsuya était tout le temps ensemble ces 7 dernière année. ils apprenait de nouveau sort ensemble et se défier pour voir qui était le plus fort . Sora: es tu prêt pour ta défaite écrasante Tatsuya : tu feras pas long feu mon cher Hiroshi : PRÊT ?! COMMENCER ! Sora utilise un sort de renforcement et renforce ses muscles pendant que tatsuya imbibe son épée de magie de faiblesse Sora accélère vers tatsuya et lui met des coup rapide et précis tatsuya pare toute ses attaque difficilement mais il doit juste blessé sora pour pouvoir l'affaiblir. Tatsuya met un sort de protection et projette sora . Tatsuya profite pendant que sora et encore par terre il met un coup mais sora dévie au dernier moment. Sora lance un sort de Géokinésie et lance des piquets de pierre sur son tatsuya. Qu'il les contre facilement avec sort de protection. Tatsuya utilise un sort d'illusions il ya 3 tatsuya Sora : oh ! Ta appris un sort bien complexe ! Hiroshi : un sort comme celui là est très compliqué a réaliser pour un gamin de 17 ans. Les mirages attaque sora en même temps,le vrai tatsuya est parmi eux. Sora frappe un des tatsuya mais c'était une illusion . Tatsuya le touche avec son sort de faiblesse. Sora est touché, tatsuya enchaîne les coup et sora n'arrive pas tenir le rythme, sora repousse tatsuya grâce a un sort de feu . Tatsuya se précipiter pour en finir avec ce combat mais sora lance un sort de glace tatsuya et bloquer, sora met le coup fatale et désarme son adversaire. Hiroshi : sora a gagné ! Tatsuya : ohh! J'ai baissé ma garde la prochaine fois je me ferais pas avoir ! Sora : (rires) je t'attends ! Hiroshi: Vous vous êtes beaucoup amélioré, vous avez améliorer votre mentale, votre technique,et votre magie. Je suis sur que vous deviendrez d'incroyables combatants. Tatsuya : merci maître hiroshi , sora ma beaucoup aidé a entraîné ma magie et je l'ai aidé en escrime. Hiroshi : c'est très bien vous vous êtes entraider. vous êtes devenu des hommes. Mais je ne vous ai jamais demandé . Pourquoi voulez-vous devenir forts ? Sora( en pensant) : c'est vrai j'ai jamais pensé a quoi faire, je ne pensais qu'à devenir fort mais sans réel objectif. Tatsuya : mon rêve c'est devenir un protecteur de clan ! Sora : protecteur de quoi ? Hiroshi : protecteur de clan, c'est les meilleurs combatants qui ont le droit a ce titre. C'est les plus puissant au commandement après le roi . Tu n'avais jamais entendu parlé ? Sora : non, j'étais trop occupé à m'entraîner. Tatsuya : c'est des combattants trop fort, pour l'instant il y a que 10 protecteur de clan. Ils sont choisi grâce a un énorme tournoi les 3 premier auront ce titre. C'était l'idée du premier roi pour protéger son peuple et notre clan pour lui il est essentiel d'avoir des combattants capable de battre les adversaires des autres clan. Hiroshi : c'est un très bon objectif mais il faudrait travailler dur pour ça Tatsuya : et toi c'est quoi ton objectif sora? Sora (gêné) : j'en ai pas ... J'ai pas pensé au futur mon seul but maintenant c'est de devenir fort. Hiroshi : il faudra que tu trouves ton objectif rapidement parce-que un homme sans objectif est comme une coquille vide. Hiroshi : bon a une prochaine fois ce combat ma fatigue ( soupir) Tatsuya : sora viens on fait tour en ville ! Sora : allons y! Sora(en pensant) : pendant ces 7 ans moi et tatsuya sommes devenus très amis. Je lui parle d'histoire ou de film de mon monde comme naruto, attack on titan , iron man , Spiderman... Je lui apprenait aussi des jeux comme chat ou même des sports comme le foot et le tenis . Il est même très doué au foot . Tatsuya : ça fait longtemps on s'est pas reposé comme ça on fait que étudier et s'entraîner . Sora : Oui, mais c'est pour devenir les plus forts Tout à coup un homme se met a crié Serviteur du roi : madames et monsieur, que le présent informe l'absent, le roi a décidé de faire un tournoi pour nommé les 3 prochain protecteur . Le tournoi débutera d'ici 3 mois soyez prêt les inscriptions aux centre ville dès demain. Sora et tatsuya se regarde : UN TOURNOI ?!! Sora : c'est pour élire les 3 prochain protecteurs ! Tatsuya : j'ai rêvé de ce moment depuis des années. Sora viens on s'inscrit a ce tournoi pour devenir des protecteur. Sora : Oui bien sûr mais pas pour devenir protecteur rien que le fait de me battre face a des gens plus fort me donne des frissons
Avis ?
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2023.03.21 18:08 76ersfan052001 Hypothetical Dream Sheet (Retired AF) but what it would be if I was still in. Go ahead and rate it.

States: 1. Dover AFB, DE 2. JB San Antonio (Any), TX 3. Charleston AFB (JB Charleston), SC 4. McGuire AFB (JB-MDL), N.J. 5. McChord AFB (JBLM), WA 6. Langley AFB (JBLE), VA 7. Andrews AFB (JBA), Maryland 8. Robins AFB, GA
  1. JB Pearl Harbor (Hickam AFB), HI
  2. Andersen AFB, Guam
  3. NSA Diego Garcia, BIOT
  4. Moron AFB, Spain
  5. Ramstein AFB, Germany
  6. Al Udeid AFB, Qatar
  7. Saudi Arabia (PSAB or Eskan Village)
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2023.03.21 17:46 dark_side0fthem00n HAVOK TOURDATES 2023

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2023.03.21 17:35 Wilson67777888 anyone used ‘my true ancestry’ before ? just had a go with it and compared it to my ancestry results, also if anyone has. do you understand the timeline part i’m uploading ? is that legit, i share 40cm ?

anyone used ‘my true ancestry’ before ? just had a go with it and compared it to my ancestry results, also if anyone has. do you understand the timeline part i’m uploading ? is that legit, i share 40cm ? submitted by Wilson67777888 to AncestryDNA [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 17:34 green-frog-409 43 [M4F] #Lynchburg, Virginia VA - Spring is here! Let's enjoy it together.

Hey everyone, thanks for reading my post. This is just an introduction, so I hope we can get a conversation started. I am 43, married and feeling disconnected, and am looking for someone ideally in a similar situation who could be wondering who else is out there. I am a fun guy with a wide range of interests including traveling, outdoors activities, hiking, swimming, camping, running. I am kinda nerdy too and I like sci-fi, technology, and board games. I also love concerts, going out to eat, and sitting around a fire pit with a good drink. I am 6 ft, 175 pounds, and am fit and athletic. Maybe there is someone else out there who feels stuck where they are and just wants to know what fun feels like again. I know I do. I hope to hear from you soon.
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2023.03.21 17:33 green-frog-409 43 [M4F] #Lynchburg, Virginia VA - Spring is here! Let's enjoy it together.

Hey everyone, thanks for reading my post. This is just an introduction, so I hope we can get a conversation started. I am 43, married and feeling disconnected, and am looking for someone ideally in a similar situation who could be wondering who else is out there. I am a fun guy with a wide range of interests including traveling, outdoors activities, hiking, swimming, camping, running. I am kinda nerdy too and I like sci-fi, technology, and board games. I also love concerts, going out to eat, and sitting around a fire pit with a good drink. I am 6 ft, 175 pounds, and am fit and athletic. Maybe there is someone else out there who feels stuck where they are and just wants to know what fun feels like again. I know I do. I hope to hear from you soon.
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2023.03.21 17:28 katarokkar Mudvayne announce “The Psychotherapy Sessions” tour with Coal Chamber, GWAR, Nonpoint, and Butcher Babies

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2023.03.21 17:00 Wine_Dark_Sea_1239 I own an abandoned motel and I’m ready to meet my doom

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13]
When my screams subsided, malevolent laughter filled the uneasy silence. Discordant, cruel laughter that sounded as though it bubbled from underwater. I turned around to see the macabre faces of the Kane sisters behind me, pressed against the window of their cottage, black teeth chattering.
“Where did they take him?” I demanded. My anger increased their delight.
“Where did they take him?” Margery mocked, my own voice coming out of her blackened mouth.
“Poor, poor girl lost her puppy!” Margaretta cackled.
I felt the rage rise within me, but I was utterly helpless. I knew they had the information we needed, but even if they were willing to speak, they could not be trusted.
Suddenly, their faces changed. Their dead white eyes widened in terror; their smiles had melted. Mina shrieked, a cacophonous cry that sent my hands to my ears.
It was René. Their eyes were fixed on him. His very presence caused them to tremble in fear.
“What is he doing here?” Margery hissed.
“Come back to hurt us again, he has!” Mina shrieked.
“Devil take you, vampire!” Margaretta cried.
I looked at René in astonishment. He wore an expression I had not seen before, a smile that was almost cruel.
“Well if it isn’t the old charlatan sisters!” He said. “I would have never guessed that she would still be keeping you around, but then again, she’s always loved the most pathetic of sycophants.”
“Be gone, vampire! Be gone!” They shouted.
“I would love nothing more. But you heard Nora. You have information we need. Where did they take the werewolf?”
Margery turned to me.
“Stay away from him, girl! Stay away!”
“He hurt us! He hurt us!” Mina moaned.
“How about we make a deal?” I said, thinking quickly. The sisters cocked their terrible heads in curiosity. “You can tell me your story. Tell me what he did. But in return, you must tell us where they took our friend.”
René raised his eyebrows, but did not protest.
“And I will know when you are lying,” he added menacingly.
The sisters looked at each other and began to nod eagerly.
“The girl says she will listen!” They whispered excitedly. I felt a pang of pity.
“Do you agree?”
“Yes,” they hissed, the glee returning to their voices. The door to the cottage opened.
I stepped inside with René close behind me. The sisters glared at him.
“Whatever you’re going to do, do it without drawing blood this time.” I said, remembering the claw marks in my wrists.
“No appreciation for the fine art of channeling,” muttered Margaretta.
The sisters gestured to the chairs at the table. René and I sat, but I kept my arms tightly crossed. The sisters closed their eyes and moved from side to side rhythmically, putting themselves into a trance. They moaned and their mouths opened, emitting a thick, ectoplasmic mist.
“Gross,” I whispered to René, who smirked in response.
The mist enveloped us and our ramshackle surroundings, along with the sisters, vanished. In their place appeared a mid-19th century parlor: a finely carved mantle draped in black crepe, the ornamental mirror on top covered with black cloth. It was night, the heavy damask curtains were drawn, elegant oil lamps were lit on a large oak table, also draped in black. The sisters sat at the table, very much alive, dressed in ostentatious displays of mourning, their wide skirts spread across the chairs they sat in, jet bracelets clattering at their wrists. Human hands wreathed by delicate lace grabbed those of an older man who trembled with emotion.
A small audience observed the séance, dressed for an evening’s entertainment. There was one man in particular, whose clothing was undoubtedly the finest, with a dazzling silver jacquard waistcoat. Though he wore a pair of blue tinted spectacles, I immediately recognized him as René. His brown hair was longer, combed away from his face and curling just under his ears. He was smiling, that same strange smile I had seen before.
The sisters made their usual dramatic entreaties to the Great Beyond and the crowd gasped when the spirits responded intelligently to their questions with a series of rapping sounds. The man begged them to contact the spirit of his young daughter who had perished in a carriage accident decades before. The sisters obliged, making contact through the rapping. With a flourish, Mina threw her head back and out of her mouth squeaked the voice of a small child. The man collapsed in tears. Women in the audience dabbed their eyes with their handkerchiefs. René was no longer smiling.
When the audience had shuffled out, René lingered. Margaretta gave him an unctuous grin.
“How may we assist you, sir?”
“I would like to schedule a…private appointment.” He lowered his glasses and fixed his grey eyes on her. Margaretta’s eyes widened. She stared vacantly as though in a daze.
“We are entirely booked. We are in such demand, after all. We leave Rochester for our world tour this Saturday.” Margery said. Mina peered at René over her sister’s arm and smiled. He winked at her.
“Such lovely ladies you are. Money should be no issue, of course. I think you will find that you are free tomorrow evening” he said slowly. Margaretta nodded.
“Yes, yes. We are.”
“Very good. I very much look forward to our session.”
“Yes!” Shouted Mina, clearly enamored.
René smiled and put on his top hat, taking his leave.
The next night, the sisters eagerly awaited their guest. René arrived with a veiled woman on his arm, wearing lace gloves, matching the sisters in a black silk gown. Mina looked slightly disappointed to see the woman, but the other sisters grinned at her obvious finery, expecting a hefty sum for their services.
“Ladies, I hope you do not mind I have brought my wife,” he said, almost unable to hide the sinister grin that crept across his face.
“Of course, of course, welcome, madam!”
The veiled woman made no response. René escorted her to the table and they joined hands. The sisters began their show: the room erupted in rapping.
“The spirits are many in the ether tonight,” Margery moaned. “To whom do you wish to speak?”
“I wish to contact the spirit of our deceased child.” René said, watching the sisters carefully.
“Ah yes, it is a child who has appeared before me now, a beautiful child!” Margaretta cried. “Child, rap twice for yes, or once for no. Are these your beloved parents before you?”
Two distinct raps were heard on the table. Mina made an exaggerated gasp.
“The child wishes to speak through my sister!” Margery shouted.
Mina began to speak in that same squeaking voice as the previous evening. René could no longer contain his fury. With one swift movement René rose and flipped over the table before them. He grabbed Mina by the neck.
“I have no child, you insidious swindlers!” He shouted. He dug his fangs into Mina’s neck and the sisters began to scream. The witch stood and removed her veil, green eyes glowing, black teeth grinning. She raised her hand and the remaining two sisters rose into the air. René threw the corpse of Mina at their feet. They sobbed hideously, begging the witch for mercy.
“I have no use for such talentless fools,” she said.
“We will do anything, we will be your most faithful servants,” they cried still suspended in the air.
“Ask them how much money they’ve bled from the grieving, how they’ve bankrupted their victims in the name of their lost loved ones!” René said, enraged, fangs bared. “Let me finish with them!”
The witch sighed. “Forgive my friend with his tedious sense of justice. Would you really do anything? Bind yourselves to me for all time?”
“Yes! Yes!” Margery and Margaretta cried.
“Idiots,” René muttered.
The witch curled her hand into a fist and the women began to cough, hands clawing at their necks. Their eyes rolled in the back of their heads. The body of Mina rose to join them. With a sickening snap, the necks of Margery and Margaretta broke and they joined their sister in death. The corpses’ mouths opened, so wide the jaws were broken and three familiar specters climbed out. The ghosts fell at the feet of the witch, making obsequies, hailing her their mistress.
The mist that had descended around the cottage dispersed, leaving the sisters glaring at us.
“Time to fulfill your end of the bargain,” René demanded. “We don’t have much time.”
They chittered angrily and turned their ghoulish heads to me.
“Girl! Have you nothing to say of the crimes of your beau?”
What I had seen had certainly shocked me, but it was something I could not bear to process at the moment.
“He’s right. Show us where they took Jake.”
“No lies.” René warned.
The sisters grumbled among themselves, but once again broke into a trance. A vision appeared before us. It was the river, a great gray mist hanging over it. A large, shadowy structure pushed its way through, revealing the towers of an elaborate stone castle. The castle was familiar to me. Around here, we call it Bellevue Castle, an abandoned Gilded Age flight of fancy on a private island that is now our most famous tourist site. During the winter months, it is closed to guests, leaving the island abandoned. The vision dissolved into smoke.
René stood up to leave.
“You’ll never reach him before dawn,” hissed Margery.
“Yes, yes, the sun is rising, revenant!” Margaretta cackled.
He ignored them. I followed him out, feeling their hateful stares at my back, leaving them to howl and complain among themselves. They had not been lying. The sky had lightened considerably, a thin line of orange had appeared on the horizon. René cursed and shielded his face.
“Let’s get to my cottage,” I said. We arrived just as I began to feel the sun behind me. René had bolted for the dark bedroom. I found him sitting on the bed, his face in his hands, shoulders tense with frustration. I was frustrated too. We’d been outmaneuvered and I feared for Jake’s safety. Would she make him the object of her retaliation? I was certain of it. But there was no way I could sail for the castle without René. I may have a death warrant, but I do not have a death wish.
“We leave as soon as the sun sets tonight,” he said, as though convincing himself.
“I don’t think we have a choice,” I said.
“Not if we want to find Jake.”
“Do you think…do you think we’ll be too late?” I didn’t want to contemplate it.
“I do not think she would kill him without us there to witness it. She wouldn’t deprive herself of the spectacle. We have to understand that she is anticipating exactly what we are planning on doing.”
“This is it then,” I said, trying to sound strong, though I felt like a fist were gripping my heart. René lifted his head and took my hands.
“I won’t let it happen,” he said. “I swear to you.”
“I don’t think that’s something you can promise, René.”
I pulled my hands back from his. It was hard to look at him, when Mina’s face flashed before me, eyes filled with terror just before he buried his fangs into her neck.
“I realize that you have not seen me feed before,” he said quietly.
“Feed? You make it sound so…casual.”
He raised my chin to his face, gray eyes resolute.
“I have spent many decades in utter misery, disgusted by myself, by what I am. That self-loathing is still with me and will be forever. But I cannot change the past and I cannot restore what I have lost. If I can channel this bloodlust, this propensity for violence, against those who have done evil, then perhaps through evil, I can accomplish something good, spare an innocent. This thought was the only thing that sustained me in that century of servitude by her side. This is something … something I hope you never have to understand.”
“I’m trying.”
“I know.”
“I’m going to take a shower.”
“If you return while I am at rest, remember—”
“You’ll look kinda dead. I know.”
He smiled sadly.
I was desperate for the warmth of the shower. The cold within me was not merely the effect of winter, but a numbness that I couldn’t shake. I tried to reach back to a couple months ago, before the sky had changed to that ghastly green, before the abyss opened before me. It was as though I were viewing another person’s life on a different planet. And yet the life I am living now does not seem like my own either. I am straddling the lives of two strangers.
I tried to imagine death. I tried to imagine not existing. Of course, I could not. Who can? I had to hope that there would be peace, that the spirits were not lying to comfort me. After all, I had already witnessed the existence of far more unlikely things.
The sound of the water soothed me. I stepped inside, relishing those first few drops, immersing my body, emptying my mind. The future didn’t matter. At that moment, I was alive and that was glorious.
I don’t know how long I had been standing there, when the water began to feel different. Thicker. Metallic tasting. I opened my eyes to find myself covered in blood, it was pouring out of the shower head. My skin began to burn, my hair falling out in clumps, my teeth loosening and I spat them out. I screamed.
I found myself on the floor of the shower, bruised but wet from water alone. My hands fluttered to my mouth, my hair. Nothing was amiss. I dragged myself upright, trying not to sob. She would take even those small moments away from me… I toweled off with trembling hands and allowed myself a brief glance in the mirror, too fearful of what might stare back if I lingered. Beyond some considerably dark rings under my eyes, I looked relatively normal.
Before, I had contemplated watching the full sunrise, sitting in the sunshine until eventually dozing on the couch. Instead, I went back to the dark bedroom and climbed under the covers of my bed. In my current state, my only comfort came in the form of the reanimated corpse next to me. I curled up beside him and fell asleep.
René woke me up at sunset. Despite everything, I actually felt well-rested and at ease. René prepared by downing a large thermos of blood. I secured my uncle’s knife under my coat in a leather belt sheath, my movements calm, almost mechanical. René handed me my silver bracelets and a wave of sadness passed through me.
“We don’t know what state he is in,” he whispered. I nodded and put them on my wrists.
We set sail in silence, the boat’s movements for once not triggering nausea. It was desperately cold on the water, despite the promise of spring in the near future. The cold struck through my gloves and burned my face. René was clearly not bothered by the climate; his coat wasn’t even zipped. He stared ahead with his brows furrowed, scanning all around us for ice and other enemies.
I thought of the summer and of the river crowded with life, with people laughing, speeding past each other on their boats, picnicking under the turrets of our destination, Bellevue Castle.
“Do you know the story of Bellevue Castle, René?” I asked.
“Manhattan hotelier wanted to build the grandest home in all of the Islands, but his wife died before it could be completed.”
“And in his grief, the husband asked all the workers to put down their tools and step away, leaving the castle a half-finished husk, a monument to lost love.” I added.
“I actually think he just ran out of money. I spent some time on that construction site in the 1890s.”
I laughed.
“Of course, you did. Don’t burst the bubble of anyone on the tourist board, alright? That place is a big money maker around here.”
It was good to smile with him, even if just for a moment.
As we neared the castle, a mist descended around us, just as in the vision of the sisters. The air felt heavy and old, as though rife with mildew and rot, difficult to inhale. The visibility severely decreased, but René was able to continue to navigate towards our destination, its hulking shadows barely detectible even by his eyes.
Our boat was hit by a wave, as though from the wake of a boat. René and I looked at each other, thinking the same thing: there was absolutely no one else on the river. A great creaking sound echoed all around us, the groaning of wood and metal. A veritable flotilla of ships and boats broke the surface all around us, arising from the depths glowing a ghostly green. There were wrecked wooden speed boats, steel-hulled freighters from the turn of the century, coal steamers, massive three-masted schooners, and frigates built for the wars of two hundred years ago.
No crew piloted these vessels, which groaned and sighed with the sadness of their years at the bottom. Something was weaving its way through the wrecks, howling through the air with the screeching of a cyclone. René leaned forward, craning his neck to spot it, when a rotting hand shot out of the water and grabbed his shoulder. He pulled it off, but another joined the attack, and another, until a great host of drowned, rotting corpses were pulling at him, threatening to board the boat.
I grabbed a paddle and whacked at them, but there were too many. They were pulling him overboard, despite our best efforts. I clutched his arm and with all my strength tried to drag him back in. The cacophony was approaching, my hair whipped around my face as the freezing winds accelerated. Something caught my boot and my grip on René’s hand slipped away. I was hurtled into the swirling air. I saw below me René’s struggling body dipping below the surface of the river, drowned dead glaring up at me lifelessly.
The whirlwind hummed with the cries of miserable souls. I was suspended among them, falling upwards and upwards until I could breathe no more.
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2023.03.21 16:53 Aggressive_Moose5404 Tác dụng của nước yến dinh dưỡng Green Bird

Tác dụng của nước yến dinh dưỡng Green Bird
Nước yến là một trong những loại thực phẩm giúp tăng cường sức khỏe, đặc biệt là đối với trẻ em và người già. Trong bài viết này, chúng ta sẽ cùng tìm hiểu thêm về nước yến dinh dưỡng Green Bird và tác dụng tuyệt vời của nó đối với sức khỏe nhé.
  1. Nước yến dinh dưỡng Green Bird là gì?
Nước yến dinh dưỡng Green Bird là một sản phẩm nước yến được sản xuất và phân phối bởi công ty Green Bird của Việt Nam. Đây là một trong những thương hiệu nước yến đang được ưa chuộng bởi tính an toàn, chất lượng và độ tươi ngon của sản phẩm.
Nước yến dinh dưỡng Green Bird được sản xuất từ yến sào tươi nguyên chất, không sử dụng chất bảo quản và không qua xử lý nhiệt cao, giúp giữ nguyên được các dưỡng chất quý giá trong yến. Sản phẩm này cung cấp cho người sử dụng các vitamin và khoáng chất cần thiết cho sức khỏe như protein, canxi, sắt, magie, vitamin A, B, C, E giúp tăng cường hệ miễn dịch, giảm thiểu tình trạng mệt mỏi.
  1. Tác dụng của nước yến dinh dưỡng Green Bird
Một số tác dụng của nước yến dinh dưỡng Green Bird bao gồm:
Tăng cường sức đề kháng: Tổ yến chứa nhiều loại đạm, axit amin và khoáng chất, giúp tăng cường hệ miễn dịch và giúp cơ thể chống lại các bệnh tật.
Tăng cường sức khỏe tim mạch: Nước yến có khả năng giảm cholesterol trong máu, giúp cải thiện sức khỏe tim mạch và phòng ngừa các bệnh lý liên quan đến tim mạch.
Tăng cường sinh lực: Tổ yến có tác dụng kích thích sản xuất testosterone, giúp tăng cường sinh lực và sức khỏe sinh sản.
Tốt cho da: Tổ yến chứa nhiều đạm và collagen, giúp cải thiện tình trạng da và giảm lão hóa.
Tăng cường sức khỏe toàn diện: Nước yến dinh dưỡng Green Bird có tác dụng tăng cường sức khỏe toàn diện, giúp tăng cường khả năng miễn dịch, nâng cao sức đề kháng và giảm thiểu các vấn đề sức khỏe liên quan đến lão hóa.
Mua ngay nước yến dinh dưỡng Green Bird tại website AVAKids: hoặc liên hệ hotline 1900866874 để được hỗ trợ hướng dẫn và tư vấn miễn phí nhé. Cảm ơn bạn đã theo dõi và hẹn gặp lại các bạn ở những bài viết sau!
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