Spectrum downdetector

There are server outages all across the internet. Please stop harassing JMods on Twitter

2023.03.21 21:37 DorkWitAFork There are server outages all across the internet. Please stop harassing JMods on Twitter

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2023.02.28 22:36 ordinaryrabb1t I pay for 1GBPS internet from spectrum, this is what I get before/after restarting my modem and 10gbps router.

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2023.02.26 12:15 SternCoats Anyone else having worse than usual Spectrum service for the last couple days?

Spectrum claims my speeds are normal but I keep getting huge lag spikes every ten minutes or so and some pages don't seem to want to load at all. I see quite a few complaints on downdetector as well.
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2023.02.22 20:27 dikicker Anyone else in Central Florida still getting constant intermittent connection drops?

It's literally been all day every day that it's been happening for the last like 3 weeks
Had a tech come out late last year and replace all the cables etc, modem and router (both Spectrum) were also replaced at the same time, speed tests both wired and wireless have been stable, but veeeeery regular drop-offs
Have spoken to customer service multiple times, miraculously works perfectly fine for the next day, then right back to it
Checking downdetector every day seems like a shit ton of people in Central Florida/Tampa have been dealing with this same bullshit as well. The My Spectrum app has been incredibly spotty as well
Very deflating
And yes, I've restarted/reset everything multiple times, nearly every day, works fine for a bit, then right back at it
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2023.02.20 03:58 insomniak123 Why has my internet been like this the entire year so far? Connected over WiFi, but still...

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2023.02.19 22:16 Team-ING Was spring also down last week?

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2023.02.19 22:14 Team-ING Last week issues with all companies

Last week issues with all companies
As you can see Verizon and all other companies so don’t blame visible or others people
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2023.02.06 23:42 delflower Issues Spectrum wide?

Having really bad internet connection issues today (usually don't which is surprising)
Just called Spectrum and they said they are having higher than expected call volume and cannot take any more calls and the system hangs up. Something wild seems to be happening.
E: Downdetector also shows a massive spike of reported outages in the past few minutes.
E2: Possibly Florida issue, all the comments are coming from Florida ZIP codes.
E3: Seems like it is possibly restored as of 6:50PM EST.
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2023.02.04 01:25 Enbrat average windstream (pay for 50 mbps down and 3 up)

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2023.01.29 16:46 PhillC30 i still get random freezing and low bandwidth warnings. i did a speed test and i have no internet issues. I do often fly on vatsim. Any ideas?

i still get random freezing and low bandwidth warnings. i did a speed test and i have no internet issues. I do often fly on vatsim. Any ideas? submitted by PhillC30 to Flightsimulator2020 [link] [comments]

2022.12.24 03:28 zensoda Spectrum internet super slow for anyone else tonight?

Not complaining as I'm sure it's due to weather / power outages / etc. Was just curious if it's everyone or just me.
EDIT: Comments at DownDetector are reporting spectrum speeds in KY are in the 1-2Mbps range, which matches what I'm seeing.
EDIT 2: And it's back to normal speed!
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2022.12.13 17:13 DimitriElephant Spectrum down in the Midwest?

Anyone else seeing issues with Spectrum internet this morning? We have a client with two locations in different parts of Minnesota who both submitted tickets within 20 minutes of each other having issues with Spectrum fiber. Internet is technically up so no appliance alerts, but having major issues resolving internet.
Downdetector seems to imply something is going on and wait time for a technician is upwards to 50 minutes, so I further suspect something going on. Anyone else seeing anything similar?
We are in Minnesota.
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2022.11.30 06:30 Ok_Explanation_48 Is it just me, or is the internet freaking out a lot tonight?

Hey, I don't usually post here, but I want to ask, since I want to talk to people who know what kind of stupidity Spectrum tends to create here.
Tonight, since like 9 PM, my computer AND my phone has been freaking out whenever they need to connect to online services. YouTube tends to be ok, but I'm only using mobile... on a Google Pixel... so I'm guessing there's a bit of streamlining there.
My computer, no matter if I'm trying to connect to Paypal, or video games, or even Downdetector, takes several minutes to get anywhere, and at one point my computer opened the instruction from Paypal to authorize a security question (a Captcha) in my Notepad+ application instead of continuing in the browser because it was so goddamn slow.
I don't know if this is the internet crapping out for everyone, or if it's just me, since I have a bad line to my house (Spectrum never fixed it, and refuses to fix it, but told us that we have a line to the Cable system that was run incorrectly because Time Warner just connected the old DirectTV satellite line that existed before we moved to the Cable network, despite knowing damn well that the satellite line is incompatible with the cable network. So basically we pay for top-tier internet but get below the lowest tier because they won't fix their own mistake...)
Are you guys seeing any drop-out, or is it just the stupid line on my house?
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2021.11.09 04:12 Chink-Mill Why does my Spectrum Wifi keep going out every few minutes?

I've had Charter Spectrum WIFI since September of 2018 and it's been phenomenal up until last month. The mB/s is amazing and my ping is always low (9-40ms) unless I'm downloading something.
But recently as of October, my wifi keeps shutting off, mainly at night. I'm playing rainbow six siege or league of legends and my wifi will just cut off in between my game sessions. It's obviously frustrating, and I really don't know what to do about it. I called spectrum a while ago about it and they said that their engineers were working on it. And for like a week or so it was working normally again but now the issue has come back up. I look at downdetector.com to see if anything's wrong with Spectrum, but barely any spikes in reports.
It seems to be only my house that has this issue. I have a friend in the same neighborhood as me using the same wifi but he doesn't have this issue. So it can't be an issue with the ISP servers, can it? There has to be something wrong with my equipment. But I can't tell if my cable or router is defective. This mainly occurs at night like around 9:00 pm-3:00 am (observed times), but has been seen to occur as early as 4:00 pm in the day.
Tomorrow I just might call them again. But please if someone knows how to fix this please help me. Also just keep in mind I'm not as tech-savvy as you think I am so try to word stuff in layman's terms.
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2021.10.10 09:00 Sarunas Nesavaitė #15 10 03 – 10 09

„Conti“ išpirkos programinė įranga įsilaužė į japonų elektronikos gamintojo „JVCKenwood Group“ serverius ir pavogė 1,7 TB duomenų
„Conti“ išpirkos programinė įranga įsilaužė į japonų elektronikos gamintojo „JVCKenwood Group“ serverius ir pavogė 1,7 TB duomenų. Dabar grupė reikalauja iš bendrovės 7 milijonus dolerių už duomenų atkūrimą. Savo tinklalapio pranešime spaudai „JVCKenwood“ patvirtino incidentą, nesileisdamas į detales. Kaip nurodyta, ataka prieš serverius įvyko šių metų rugsėjo 22 dieną ir „galėjo sukelti duomenų nutekėjimą“. JVC Kenwoodas išsamiai nenurodė, apie kokią kibernetinę ataką kalbame. Bendrovė taip pat pažymėjo, kad šiuo metu nėra duomenų apie klientų duomenų nutekėjimą. Incidento tyrimas tęsiamas.
„Sandhills Global“ tapo kibernetinės atakos auka
Amerikos informacijos apdorojimo bendrovė, gaminanti platų produktų ir paslaugų asortimentą - nuo svetainių iki technologinių paslaugų - „Sandhills Global“ tapo kibernetinės atakos auka, kurios metu jos svetainės tapo nepasiekiamos ir buvo sutrikdyta verslo veikla. „Sandhills Global“ yra prekybos leidybos ir prieglobos įmonė transporto, žemės ūkio, orlaivių, inžinerijos ir technologijų sektoriuose. „Sandhills“ skelbia įvairius spausdintinius ir internetinius produktus, apimančius pramonės naujienas ir tarnauja kaip naujos ir naudotos įrangos pardavėjų rinka. Penktadienį, spalio 1 d., „Sandhills Global“ svetainė tapo nepasiekiama, o visi joje esantys leidiniai buvo neprisijungę. Įmonės telefonai taip pat nustojo veikti.
Facebook tapo neprieinamas
Šimtai milijonų žmonių planetoje septynias valandas negalėjo naudotis „Facebook“, „Instagram“, "Oculus" ir „WhatsApp“. Visos trys tarnybos tapo neprienamos apie 18.30 val. Jos pradėjo atsigauti 1 val. Internetinė išteklių stebėjimo paslauga „Downdetector“ paskelbė, kad tai buvo didžiausias paslaugos trūkumas. „Downdetector“ gavo 10,6 milijono pranešimų apie problemas iš viso pasaulio. Po visuotinio „Facebook“ paslaugų neprieinamumo naudotojai pradėjo masiškai skųstis, dėl problemų, susijusių su kitų tarnybų darbu. Pasak „Downdetector“, incidentas prasidėjo ir tokiuose paslaugose kaip „YouTube“, „Tinder“, „Netflix“, „Zoom“, „Snapchat“ ir „Gmail“. JAV taip pat skundėsi, dėl „Bank of America“, mobiliojo ryšio operatorių „T-Mobile“, „Verizon“ ir „AT&T“ bei interneto tiekėjo „Spectrum“ internetinių paslaugų veikimo sutrikimų. Oficiali incidento priežastis kol kas neskelbiama. Daroma prielaida, kad problemas galėjo sukelti didelio debesų paslaugų teikėjo gedimas. Pagal kitą versiją gedimas įvyko, dėl neteisingai atnaujintų maršrutizatorių. Dėl klaidos atsisiųsto naujinimo DNS serveris nepasiekiamas.
JK „The Telegraph“ 10 TB nutekintų duomenų internete
Vienas didžiausių laikraščių ir internetinės žiniasklaidos JK „The Telegraph“ tinkamai neapsaugojo vienos iš savo duomenų bazių, todėl buvo atskleista 10 TB naudotojų duomenų. Informacija susideta iš vidinių žurnalų, pilnų naudotojų vardų, el. pašto adresų, įrenginių informacija, URL užklausų, IP adresų, autentifikavimo žetonus (token) ir unikalius skaitytojo ID. Neapsaugotą duomenų bazę 2021 m. rugsėjo 14 d. aptiko kibernetinio saugumo tyrinėtojas Bobas Dyachenko. Pasak eksperto, jis išanalizavo tik nedidelę duomenų dalį ir neįkėlė viso įrašų rinkinio, todėl nežinoma, kiek žmonių gali turėti įtakos nutekėjimas. Dauguma įrašų buvo užšifruoti, tačiau buvo daugiau nei 1200 nešifruotų kontaktų, įskaitant registruotus „The Telegraph“ ir „Apple News“ prenumeratorius. Ekspertas nedelsdamas susisiekė su laikraščiu ir pranešė apie savo išvadas, tačiau situacijai ištaisyti prireikė dviejų dienų.
Naujasis JAV vyriausybės įstatymo projektas, pavadintas „Ransom Disclosure Act"
Naujasis JAV vyriausybės įstatymo projektas, pavadintas „Ransom Disclosure Act“, gali reikalauti, kad JAV išpirkos programų išpuolių aukos per 48 valandas praneštų apie bet kokius mokėjimus įsilaužėliams. Įstatymo projektą parengė JAV senatorė Elizabeth Warren ir JAV atstovė Deborah Ross. Senatorius sakė, kad išpirkos programų grupių atakų daugėja, nepaisant įvairiapusiškų pastangų išspręsti šią problemą, todėl gavus išsamesnės informacijos apie finansines operacijas pogrindžio ratuose, valdžios institucijos gali padėti sukurti ir įgyvendinti veiksmingesnes neutralizavimo ir apsaugos strategijas.
„TangleBot“ virusas
Įrenginių, kuriuose veikia „Android“ operacinė sistema, naudotojams gresia naujas itin pavojingas „TangleBot“ virusas. Remiantis amerikiečių kompanijos „Proofpoint“ ataskaita, virusas gali kontroliuoti daugumą išmaniojo telefono funkcijų, todėl jis yra „idealus stebėjimo įrenginys“. Jos atstovai pažymi, kad „TangleBot“ siunčia tekstinius pranešimus, kurie yra užmaskuoti kaip pranešimai apie paskyrimą skiepytis nuo COVID-19 arba kaip pranešimai apie elektros energijos tiekimo nutraukimą, kuriuose siūlo sekti nuorodą. Atidaręs puslapį, naudotojas bus nukreiptas į svetainę su pranešimu atnaujinti „Adobe Flash“. Programėlėje vietoj būtinos priemonės bus įdiegta kenkėjiška programa „TangleBot“.
Twitch išeities tekstai paviešinti
Neseniai įvykus didelio masto konfidencialių duomenų iš srautinio perdavimo platformos „Twitch“ nutekėjimui, buvo atskleista didžiulė informacija apie svetainės šaltinio kodą, nepaskelbtus projektus ir net apie tai, kiek uždirba geriausi transliuotojai. Tačiau „Twitch“ bėdos prasidėjo daug anksčiau nei šis įvykis. Buvę „Twitch“ darbuotojai pasakojo „The Verge“, kad dirbdama „Twitch“ bendrovė vertino greitį ir pelną, o ne vartotojų ir duomenų saugumą. Anot vieno jo, „Twitch“ nuo 2017 iki 2019 m., platformos darbuotojai buvo daug labiau susirūpinę saugumu nei vadovybė. Duomenų pažeidimas, kurį sukėlė „serverio konfigūracijos klaida“, yra tik viena iš daugelio saugumo ir svetainių moderavimo problemų, kurios kamuoja srautinio perdavimo platformą.
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2021.09.28 17:00 GrumpySarlacc Spectrum on their BS again

Anyone else been dealing with a fat outage? Been down in 90028 since 9PM or so last night. Looks like a spike in reports from downdetector around that time, seems like Spectrum did an oopsie
Edit: Alright it's been 22 hours and finally I got a tech out here, turns out the last one had installed 3 splitters In a daisy chain going into my apartment. Current tech came through, told me what's good with it and replaced not only the cables outside, but inside for good measure. Still salty with Spectrum for a litany of reasons, but I got nothing but good things to say about the tech. Won't divulge his name, but if you're in Hollywood and a guy who's name starts with J is on the way you're in good hands.
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2021.02.18 01:07 dbub Spectrum Internet Outage (Eagle/Carrol area)

We are experiencing an internet outage over on this side of town with Spectrum. I am unsure if anybody else in town is going through the same thing at the moment, but I have tested/restarted modem whenever the power is on.
Started approximately 4:00 pm today (Wednesday 2/17/21).
Let us know if you are also experiencing any internet outages, what general area of Denton, and provider if possible.
Good luck everyone and stay safe and warm.
Edit: Outage tracking sites have either not been updated or aren't working. When I checked there was no information for outages except for in the comments section. Let me know if there are any reliable ways to track it at the moment. I used downdetector.com and haven't veered anywhere else due to slow current mobile connection.
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2020.10.21 09:30 THEMCV Spectrum is down!

Looks like fiber isn't affected, but services went out for me around 12:20am. Hopefully it will be restored for all of your users (and businesses) by morning.
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2020.10.07 15:14 mrOP13 Spectrum Internet Outage?

Anyone else having issues with Spectrum internet? I live over by Target; curious if anyone else in town is having issues. Looks like there are several reports of issues around Montana on downdetector.com
7:33 AM UPDATE: Looks like it's a DNS issue. If you switch your router's DNS settings to a different DNS server (ex.,,, you should be back up and running
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2020.10.03 06:21 ZiggyPalffyLA Anyone with Spectrum in the 91107 area experiencing inconsistent connection?

I’ve been having spotty internet connection since Wednesday, and it’s only getting worse. I’m wondering if it’s just me? Already checked downdetector and that didn’t help much. I’ve also spoken to a Spectrum rep and they’ve told me everything is fine and to do the usual power cycle. Still having issues though.
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2020.09.16 09:08 8CountNuggetMeal Connection slow after outage

Spectrum has gone down at least twice in the past few weeks which I confirmed on downdetector so I knew it wasn't just me. after the second time it went down, my connection speed got almost cut in half to the point that I can't even play call of duty on my ps4. It just won't connect to the online services, and when I download something off of chrome that is literally 2mb it takes 5 mins which is way too long for a file size that small. I'm not really looking for a solution on here I just want to know if anyone else has experienced something similar recently.
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2020.09.03 22:14 8bitaficionado Anyone on Spectrum having issues?

We have people having problems and most of them seem to be from Spectrum and I wanted to see if anyone else saw this as well?
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