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Columbus, OH

2009.07.25 17:30 SJurgenson Columbus, OH

Events, get togethers, and suggestions on what to see and do in Columbus, Ohio!

2017.06.03 04:26 MickeyMau55 GTA Online Crew: MCCEO TEAM

MCCEO TEAM is a PS4 and PS5 based Grand Theft Auto Online grinding crew. The objective for our crew is to provide friendly online sessions for our members to safely run MC and CEO work. We do our best to prevent griefing by only allowing TEAM members to join our sessions. We also do heists, car meets, and more! Please read our rules before applying.

2012.11.08 02:27 Eat_Bacon_nomnomnom Awwducational


2023.03.29 11:15 comefromawayfan2022 We know Veronica Roth was a co-producer on divergent and insurgent Soo..

How did Veronica Roth let insurgent get so far off track the plotlines of the second book? Since she was a co-producer and the author of the series shouldn't she have had some say in what got put in the movies or what got left out? Wouldn't they have been working with her? I guess I don't understand how we got such an abomination of a sequel to divergent when the literal AUTHOR was involved? And Veronica Roth was a co producer on divergent and that movie was pretty close to the book?
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2023.03.29 11:15 Ok-Respond8021 Help! Fuel door won't close

Help! Fuel door won't close
I own a Mercedes A class 2019. Yesterday while I was driving I noticed the fuel door opened itself, I stopped and closed it. When I started driving it opened again. After stopping for the second time I fidgeted around with it and the part that holds the door got locked. Now my fuel door is hanging in the air and MB has no appointments to get it sorted in the next few days.
I have watched several videos but nothing seems to be working. Anyone who has been in a similar situation and could help? Also, curious if it would be a good idea to take it to the local garage?
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2023.03.29 11:15 cprmtn Help with Endgame

My group of 2 years is coming to a close next session. I want to give them a great ending but med school test season is upon me and my creative energy is being diverted elsewhere at the moment. Reddit DMs help me sharpen my gameplan!
The party (Level 13) found the sword, and decided to work with Bel and Garguath to overthrow Zariel and return the city of Elturel.
Last session, the party joined a major blood war battle under Elturel with Zariel at its head, and decided to sabotage the devil advance in order to keep Zariel occupied. They have been less interested in converting zariel back to an angel so they are just working to undermine/eliminate her
In game the party decided to split up (against my better wishes) so I am going to run the session from two perspectives:
Lulu, Warlock+sword of Zariel, Halfling rogue are in flight towards the companion with the adamantine rods. I'm going to have them face an erinyes protecting the companion, unlocking it will free the planetar who will tell them they need to break the chains in order to save the city. The party doesn't know how to break the chains, so throughout the process of the fight I was planning on having the warlock's blood fall on one of the chains and Kroek'toek is going to immediately change course and chomp through the chain. My hope is they will start to work on breaking the chains, an effort Yeenoghu (now close to the city due to the sabotage on the devil front) will try to block.
In the meantime, an ent druid, ranger + hellhound pet, and barbarian are heading towards zariel in a bid to distract her, they are currently locked in a battle with two Hezrous and Lucille. I'm planning on garguath showing up to help pave the way towards Zariel. Who's going to ring of fire around them and try to turn the barbarian (who signed a contract) against the party with promises of a life of carnage. As this fight progresses I'm hoping the group will reconvene and the warlock can have an opportunity to prevent a TPK with the sword. Kostchtchie is also free so he can come distract zariel in a pinch.
I think I have the barebones of a great session, but any specific events or obstacles to put along the way that would be exciting and take away from a long combat slog?
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2023.03.29 11:15 Savings_Progress9826 when Mars Attack's was filmed here at the Pink Church in Dolan Springs Arizona and I almost saw the Church. ,burn down from my house to close for comfort

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2023.03.29 11:14 FragrantAd1769 I had a threesome with my friend and her husband and I can’t stop thinking about and wanting his dick.

It was my first first FFM threesome. I am totally straight but it was so good. My friend approached me with the idea and at first I was surprised when she asked but then decided to try it as I always wanted to have a threesome. We’re all really closes so I trust them.
We planned it out for maybe a week and then finally got a hotel and some drinks and did it last Saturday. At first it was awkward and we were just talking about life for maybe 2 hours.
After two hours me, and my friend laid in bed, and her husband took a shower… when he came out both her and I were naked in bed. When he came in bed, we started off giving him head together after she sat on top of him while I rubbed her clit and she rode him.
After I asked her if she wanted to go down on me and she said yes, so she went down on me while he took her from behind
After that he came on top of me and fucked me hard while she rubbed my pussy. I was so wet and was literally screaming at how hard and deep he was fucking me.
We spent 2 hours fucking and sucking each other and at one point she was tired and he fucked me for 15 minutes straight while I was screaming and dripping wet while she watched. It was amazing. I haven’t been fucked like that in a while. She kept talking about how wet my pussy was and he kept telling me he could fuck me all night.
This was the best sex experience ever. They mentioned they wanted to do it again and she even said she would be okay with just me and her husband fucking while she watches but I’m confused on why she would be cool with it?
Her husband messages me everyday now. The texts are dry but I really want to tell him I want to fuck him again 😩😩
Edit: she messaged me on Monday telling me not to be shy and to ask when I want it again but I’m still so nervous. They have 3 kids so it’ll be awkward going to their house and doing it. They also live an hour and a half away.
She also explained that he has a high sex drive and she doesn’t have as much sexual energy as him and can’t keep up. I’m younger than them and have probably just as much sexual energy as him 🥵
I just really want him to fuck me regularly. Whether she’s involved or not.. I’m text him on insta but I’m scared she has his password so it’s all very respectful there haha
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2023.03.29 11:14 KaraTheAndroidd Bungie, can you address the crashing issues on console please

Was so close to finishing that rare vex incursion zone public event and boom, app dashboards and I'm on PS5 too, it only seems to happen on Neomuna, even in the ability spam-esque Dares it never crashes but ever since light fall on Neomuna especially during Terminal Overload, the game crashes and you dont get to collect your loot you spend 20 minutes getting to.
I dont know if this is happening on any other system, please do let me know if its not just PS5 issue thx
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2023.03.29 11:14 Catvac-u-um_adnase Plantd is a startup that makes engineered building materials out of grass. Based in Durham, North Carolina, Plantd closed its Series A funding round to the tune of $10 million in January. Two cofounders are former SpaceX engineers.

Plantd is a startup that makes engineered building materials out of grass. Based in Durham, North Carolina, Plantd closed its Series A funding round to the tune of $10 million in January. Two cofounders are former SpaceX engineers. submitted by Catvac-u-um_adnase to newtimes [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 11:14 spencer_in_ascii Hopeless romantic

I’m a male in my early twenties. I’m bi - most people close to me know. I want to date a guy, but I’m looking for guys like me who you wouldn’t know about unless it was called out explicitly. It seems like Grindr is the place to find this, but not for dating. All of the other dating apps have been helpless for months it feels like.
Do guys like this exist? If so, where can we find them?
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2023.03.29 11:13 HomelessRockstarSF Midi remote script for ableton?

Is anyone interested in working on a midi remote script for Ableton with me? I have some mild coding skills in python (personal projects) and some Arduino projects and would like to put some time into contributing to a project into making the circuits a little bit more useful by making them (more) usable with Ableton, but i am not sure if such a thing is even possible considering the closed source nature of the tracks/rhythm's firmware.
I have noticed its possible to get the rhythm to react with different pad colors when applying an incompatible remote script to it, but whether or not its possible to create entirely new or alter certain "pages" in the circuits UI via sysex or midi data to send data that Ableton would be able to use, i am unsure. Is there anyone else interested in collaborating on this or have any relevant knowledge? Its not something that is easily googleable, unless i just cant think of the right query.
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2023.03.29 11:13 Gold-Philosophy1423 I tried to exploit a loophole to save some time and it blew up in my face

TLDR I tried to be admitted as a lawyer in a different town to try to avoid waiting 3 months, but it blew up and I was admonished by the person handling applications.
I graduated school last month. In my country, one has to submit an application to the court and an admissions board before they can work as a lawyer.
I made a mistake on my application due to me misreading part of the application guide. In this instance, the court will adjourn my application hearing to the next sitting. Unfortunately, the next hearing is in June of this year, and I do not want to wait until then to obtain my qualification.
I saw however, there is another application hearing date just one month after my original hearing date, but it is in a different town in the same jurisdiction. I didn’t have much time before I needed to meet the deadlines for this hearing date, so I immediately emailed the admissions board to ask whether my application could be adjourned to the nearer date in the other town, or if I needed to withdraw my application and file a fresh one.
I received an automated email stating the board would respond to my enquiry within 5 business days, so I left it at that. Two weeks later they hadn’t responded to me, so I called the admissions board. I’ll refer to the admin person who answered the phone as Y. She basically told me she does not know, and will make enquiries. I made my own enquiries to that town’s court, and they told me they had capacity to hear my application, and I just needed the board to send me a consent form to have my application moved to the other town. I emailed the board, relaying this information.
A few days later, I received a generic email from the admissions board (with Y’s email signature) with a consent form to adjourn the application to the later June hearing date, as opposed to the April date. The email stated I needed to respond with the filled form within 24 hours.
I was confused, and did not have time to email the board (because of their 5 day turnover) so I called. Y answered again. I asked her whether my hearing date transfer could be effected, to which she said she did not know. I was advised in the interim that I should fill the form and send it back, and they would get back to me in a few days, which I did.
More than a week later, I hadn’t gotten any response from the admissions board, and I only had exactly one week left before the April hearing date’s deadline, so I called the board again to follow up. Y answered again. This time she told me she had made enquiries, and the board was prepared to send me the transfer forms by the end of the day or the next business day (it was Friday).
By today (Wednesday) I received nothing from the board. Because of the long delivery times and the deadline to submit the necessary documents to the other town’s court being Friday, I decided to call the board to follow up on those transfer documents. Y answered and told me she would send the transfer forms immediately. She advised that in the meantime, I send the necessary documents to the other town’s court, which was my plan.
By 3pm today, I had received nothing from the board. However, I got a call from T, Y’s boss. She sounded very upset and demanded to know why I wanted to transfer my application. I told her I didn’t want to wait for the next hearing date in my town. She then informed me she would not allow me to transfer my application. She admonished me for trying to exploit a loophole to get admitted earlier than June, then told me I had been causing stress to Y by calling constantly. She then informed me I could withdraw my application and file a new one, which was what I was asking if I should do from the beginning. It’s now too late to have a fresh application mailed to that town on time, and I will have to wait until June.
I don’t think I’m in the wrong here. The April date is available to all law graduates in my jurisdiction. From a practical standpoint, it is for graduates who live close by (that town is very far away and my jurisdiction is larger than most countries), but if I have the means to get to that town and submit my documents on time, and the court has capacity, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to have my application heard there. Nothing explicitly states that hearing date is for graduates who live nearby. I don’t think I’m in the wrong for calling the admissions board. I only did so after they didn’t respond within the stipulated timeframe THEY themselves set, and spoke curtly and respectfully each time. I understand it was stressful for Y, but considering the strict deadlines, it was a necessity to get the information necessary to submit my documents on time (which I couldn’t even do).
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2023.03.29 11:13 adnan937 subtle background noise (pad/noise/air con?)

Hey everyone!!
I'm trying to dissect this track by Huerta and Youandewan and i'm trying to figure how they made this humming sound. It's almost sound like a pad, but I think it's just a tonal noise. Played with bunch of synths/sounds but couldnt get close.
Any help pointers would be appreciated.
The sound starts from the beginning
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2023.03.29 11:13 Areces1 Birthday 🎂

May everyone in there life has faced a hard time in there life . Same goes with me . I was born in middle-class family in Nepal .. our family members has a big believe at me . As a only child I got love , care and support from my family members . Let me explain about too. My name is Ritu Shrestha . Talking about my personality I don't talk with many people nor I have many friends . I am a introvert kind of person . Thing incident happened with me . When I use to study at grade 9 .I was quite a brilliant student . Date:Magh 16 . that day was my birthday .. As everyone in the class thought of telling a paranormal story . I was also quite interested in stuff like that .. although I never believe nor saw any ghost at my whole life . After this incident everything changed .. After the school completed I was returning back .. When I went inside my house .. I saw my mom and dad crying .. when I came inside they looked at me in a creepy way .. I also was shocked after seeing them .. boz at this time my parents should be at office .. I didn't asked them a single word and went in my room . But I realised that my parents were still watching me in a creepy way .. I went inside my room and closed the door .. I was scared of their behaviour . As I was going to change my clothes I heard a strange noise outside .. I opened and saw my parents sitting in sofa .. my father told me to make a milk tea .. I hurried and made him the tea as fast as possible .. But when I gave him the tea . He told me to put the tea at the table .. I took my phone which was in charged . As I was moving towards my room .. I saw a call in my phone and pick it up .. There was my mom in the phone .. she told me that they were going to my uncle house .. When I heard that I collapsed .. As I turned my head . I saw my father and mother watching me and smiling in a creepy way .. As I looked at them . My father stood up and looked at me I realised that my father eye has turned black .. As he told me in a creepy sound " Come to your father " .. I was fricked out and hurriedly closed the door .. Both of my parent were banging the door .. And shouting " Open the door sweetie " But as they got louder and louder .. my parents voice turned into a veryyyy loud and creepy voice . I hurried and called my parents .. But I realize I don't have balance to call back .. So I hurried and called the cops .. The lock on the door was also going to broke . Lucky the call was picked by a officer .. he asked me " what happened " ..I didn't have any word to tell .. so I shouted " Help Help me plzz😭😭 .. In a hurry I told him my address .. but before I would complete the full sentence .. The door opened . And my eyes went blank .. After a while I was in my bed .. There were cops . My parents were outside .. As they saw me waking up they came running to me and asked what happened .. I just told them a lie .. that was a theft .. As my parents were talking to the cops .. I saw towards the table and saw a cup .. As I realized .. I saw a shadow towards the hallway .. After that incident I went to my sister house to living . For couple of days. RIGHT now .. I study at grade 12 but that days still Hunt me .. Till now I haven't forgot those creepy sound .. and smile at there face ..
This is me Arces signing off
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2023.03.29 11:12 shagun_jawanda Current life senario

Well help me on this one
I am a male only child of the family (upper middle class ) fully pampered . I study in a college . I have a really small friend circle I college (3-4 guys ) all my cousins are really close to me .. got great homies in neighborhood but still I feel lonely all the time I feel depressed and down most of the day like a log in the ocean no where to go .. I am an introvert and just came out of a toxic relationship as I was constantly ignored and ghosted by her
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2023.03.29 11:12 RegeraFox Translation help

As a product manager, i need to translate some tag lines into Italian.
the English line is: Premium Wooden Cabinet Radio
in Spanish (which is more close to the Italian language) it is: Radio con estructura de madera de primera calidad
So i was thinking in Italian, it could be this: Radio con struttura in legno di prima qualità
but i'm not sure if a native Italian speaker would choose these words too, for a Radio in this case.
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2023.03.29 11:12 Scary-Educator-506 Hybrid jacket sleeve?

Hybrid jacket sleeve?
Hi all, I bought a blazer from a local suit company under the impression that the sleeves have non functional buttons. A friend took a look and mentioned that it looks as though it's been made with the option to make them functional quite easily. The lining doesn't cover the slit at the end of the sleeve, and I've been able to slide a pencil through between the buttons. It seems that the only thing holding the slit closed is the button stitching. If I were to remove them, cut open the "holes" and resew the buttons, would this type of button hole stitch prevent fraying that would ruin the coat?
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2023.03.29 11:12 fishenal It's not that there are no aliens, it's that there are no life forms that can get out of their home planet

Here's what I think about aliens: there are other beings and intelligent beings in the universe, but no life can break through the limits of the universe, and this is an objective fact.
The reason why human beings always fantasize about communicating with aliens is that in the last two hundred years, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and they think that if they can go to the moon, they will be great, and in another thousand or ten thousand years at this rate, human beings will be great. But my point of view is very pessimistic, the development of human society may be similar to the growth of all living things on Earth, to a certain point, grow up, it will not change, I'm afraid that human technology is similar, and then every step forward the difficulty of exponential growth, until finally stabilized in an infinitely close to the same curve.

We are very lucky to be in the formative years of human technological civilization. We may not be able to imagine the development of the last 50 years in the first two generations, but the scary thing is that the next 100 years will lament the progress of human beings in the last 100 years, because they are actually similar to us. In fact, if you look at physics, Newton generation Einstein generation of human enlightenment, after the enlightenment now the study of physics has grown exponentially, we humans may never understand what is inside the quark, never know what is outside the galaxy in the end, because further forward is too difficult, too difficult, too slow, too slow.
So I reasoned that the universe is so big that there must be extraterrestrial life, but the universe's own physical limits lead to no lifeforms can be far from the parent star a range of, say, ten light years, a hundred light years, two hundred light years, and the probability of two independent intelligent beings existing in this narrow range is infinitely close to zero.
The essence of life on any planet is just the advanced form of matter on that planet. It is basically impossible for inanimate elements to scamper from one planet to another, not to mention the extremely harsh environmental conditions of the lifeforms, which are themselves an extension of the home planet's matter.
The conclusion is that our present-day human beings are blinded by the development of technological expansion, thinking that the future will continue to explore the universe at a rate of two hundred years to the moon, while in fact, 20,000 years and two million years later, humans can not get out of the solar system, each light-year ahead is an exponential increase in difficulty, and finally the difficulty becomes infinite, it is the same as impossible. This is the limit and objective fact of the universe for each group of life, not just for humans.

The question now is, where is humanity currently at on this curve? I think it has been quite flat, the current technological breakthroughs and progress is not the basic theory, are based on human society and business forms, as if a child to learn all the knowledge can learn, the next can only think about how to find a job to make money.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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2023.03.29 11:11 Ok_Bus_2604 (DA COLLEGARE AL MEME SOTTO) Ma muore rocket:

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2023.03.29 11:11 imjapanesetoo Hey everyone, I think I messed up when it came to booking accommodation for Hualien on my trip.

So basically I wanted to spend one night in Hualien so I could see Taroko Gorge and enjoy it, but I booked every hotel way too close to each other.
Check in for my hotel in Hualien is 3pm on April 12, and check-out is at 10am on April 13. Will I be able to go see Taroko Gorge during these times? I could always go after check-in but isn’t Taroko as morning thing? How can I get there and back without rushing?
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2023.03.29 11:11 safelyhq-com Unordered Package, Delivery - North Las Vegas, Nevada - Receiving a scarf that I never ordered from 3837 bay lake trail, #113 north Las Vegas NV 89030 I'm in Salisbury #unorderedpackage #delivery

Receiving a scarf that I never ordered from 3837 bay lake trail, #113 north Las Vegas NV 89030
I'm in Salisbury
Read full report here
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2023.03.29 11:10 encrypto777 [I ate] Khao Soi, a North Thailand delicacy made with coconut, chicken, curry, noodles and fresh herbs

[I ate] Khao Soi, a North Thailand delicacy made with coconut, chicken, curry, noodles and fresh herbs submitted by encrypto777 to food [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 11:10 violet_lorelei My story

TRIGGERS, and i have ALL POSSIBLE TRIGGERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . Its my mom. I don't know what is her illness but she shows no emotions. Its so painful. I shoe emotions but she is just blank and I feel so lonely and hurt. I am in foreign country. I am 33. She is 65 I think.
I provoked her yesterday to make her sad because when I told her how sad I am amd so, she was blank. Then I provoked her and said things to hurt,I asked are you hurt? She said yes a little. Then i continued asking and after 10min she said she is a little bit more hurt. Then I started to say more hurtful things and then asked again same thing, but then I told her what she caused in my life, and how I hate her and so on she started to cry for brief 15srconds and it started like she was faking it. I haven't heard her cry fir years. She is ok with everything and nothing hurys her, she is Ice Queen. Anyway I was convinced she was mocking me because it sounds like that such a weird cry. Its like her emotions when she says anything about them, they are vague, they are general, short, diminished in words, she never shows emotions and I hurt badly.
My whole life is shit because of her. Trust me. She made bad choises, she didn't protect me when I was 5, she didn't teach me about emotions, she didn't allow me to study art, when I got suicidal she took me to emergency (I was 21). They gave false diagnosis, were horrible and gave me pills that made me stand up in the middke of class because of anxiety .
She was always protective of me but in a kind way, so I never questioned her decisions. She was attached to me because she Divorced my father andy brother didn't like her. I was attached to her because her son sexualy disturbed me when I was 5, and he was sadistic, and continued to insult me through years. She was too emotionally distant to do anything. I got bullied in school and after she transferred to another, I was with grandma after school, and I really liked that, in school I had friends, I was happy, We did art, I loved grandma. I was happy for 1 and half. Then she changed my school again because it was too difficult to travel with me everyday to grandma, and it wasn't that far. What i resent is how lost she was, how she never went to therapy or read a book, or looked into herself, how she didn't care of children because she was emotionally totally distant and non equipped. Then I got bullied, lost, it was shit, my life was shit and destroyed by her decisions and It got worse and worse. It took me years to understand what is going on. I was convinced she was right, I thought she knows best, I just need to endure and try harder. Thats hiw she said. But it never did. I went into abusive relationships, started to dissociate, was depressed, anxious, miserable, forced myself to study a lot. I suffered so much for a long time and she always really loves me but is sick i think. She cant stop meddling a d giving advices. I am and was so angry at her. I realised that late in life and in kung fu classes I was kicking boxing bag so much imagining it was her. I attacked her 2x later in last 2 years. I got diagnosed autistic last year with complex PTSD. I had anxiety and major depression disorded and possibly borderline personality disorder before. I moved to another country 4 years ago. I can't tell you how difficult it was. I was in another abusive relationship and I was in women shelter 2x, I was homeless. Everything I did, I was failure and People treated me like I am monster. Dissociation helped me to survive but its hard. I am lonely I have no family in foreign country. 53 days ago my fiancé broke up until we heal because we self hirt by hitting our head. He couldn't stand it and and wants to go to therapy and me to. Its not healthy to be together when we are so si k because we hurt each other. We had beautiful moments. He made me believe in my career dream. He made me fight fir disability rights. He showed me that I am valuable he gave love with all his heart. He was first man who was kind, loving and accepting in bed. He just loves ne. We had a lot of probles aside and started to sort of abuse each other, he has adhd and was wanting for 5 months to get medication. Then 5 more for appropriate one. And its seems it has negative affect. It changes him. I am also on medication that makes me irritable but nothing else helped so this is obly thing that gets me out of bed and keeps me alive. I have noone to call when I am sad. My mom can't show emotions. I miss him like part of me is gone. I started therapy for nervous system called Safe and sound protocol recently as introduction before starting EDMR. I am waiting for CPT for a year because system has less doctors and a lot of ill people. Meanwhile I found CPT myself and need to wait for it month ago. All therapy costs aaa lot. EDMR costs too. I have scoliosis, and 3 protruded discs, I have shoulder syndrome. I take gabapentin for pain. I went to physio therapy but it is not helping me because i cant make myself do exercises. I met person who dies massages and more inusivw approach. I am taking a lot of moves to heal but uncertain if it will help. I do all alone dezpite being chronically tired. I want to do music and animation it heals but because of depression, executive dysfunction i can't find time to do duoties and have time for art. I am at the end of rope. I am waiting for therapies surving. I have no hope that it will help. I feel so hopeless abd too f up. I found council to help now but its difficult I have noone close to me. I am eother angry to forget how I miss him. Or I go yoga to relax but then I cry. Its ok then but I call mom and she can't help. I feel guilty to block her. I Don't know if he will heal and when, and same for me. Its making me depressed and anxious. I am tired of surviving. I am tired.
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2023.03.29 11:09 Bot_Highlights World's edge you will not be forgotten.../missed /u/Old-Championship-416

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