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2023.03.30 19:23 LadyAnime Switched from Verizon to Mint. Disable Verizon software?

Switched to Mint yesterday. The process was easy and fast. I was able to get my PIN to port my number easily and the process was fast. It hit a hiccup because I had our numbers locked so they couldn't port but once I figured that out it was done.
Now when I restart my phone I get "There is a non Verizon sim card in the phone" it still works but is there a way to get rid of all the verizon apps and notifications? Also I had Call Filter on Verizon and it was my only real way of blocking spam callers. I looked at the play store for a call blocker but I'm a little concerned that most of the apps have a ton of negative reviews... Mint suggested, for example, that I could block people in my contacts list by clicking the three little dots and clicking block. I don't have that option. It is an android phone and its up to date and all but I don't seem to have any call blocking features.
I also don't love that I no longer have a Virtual Voicemail. Being able to see the voicemails was pretty nice and not just having the standard inbox where you have little control over what message you hear when etc.
I'd rather avoid factory resetting as this phone has a ton of photos etc on it plus I'm worried it might mess up my service.... Advice is appreciated! The few times I have contacted Mint they have been able to solve my issues but I don't really want to bother them with this if I can help it.
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2023.03.30 19:20 Adam-best 360 DEGREE PANORAMIC CAMERA LIGHT BULB

The camera can be discreetly hidden in a light bulb and attached to its fixture. From the outside, it looks like a regular light bulb, but it tracks everyone’s movements. These lightbulbs come with 360-degree fisheye lenses that can provide you with a panoramic view of the room.

If you want to be able to monitor your own home and protect it from intruders, there’s a no better option than this 360 Degree Panoramic Fisheye IP Spycam Light Bulb. This makes it the perfect security gadget that can be used to protect your property.
Why Buy This 360 Degree Panoramic Camera Light Bulb? - Records 960p videos with a 360-degree complete view of the room. This light bulb camera provides a wide-angle 360-degree fisheye view of the entire room. As such, you can see what’s happening in the entire room all the time, no blind spots. - The inbuilt ultra-responsive 2-way microphone allows you to communicate with the people in the room with the camera. - The app gives you 7 different viewing modes such as Zooming, Playback, etc. When motion is detected, an alert is sent to your phone along with some snapshots. Loop Recording is available so if the SD card runs out of space, the latest footage is written over the oldest one. - Better yet, using fisheye home security cameras can also reduce your cost on security camera accessories such as protective skins, wirings, power cables, etc., and save you the installation time as well as follow-up maintenance. - Can accommodate up to a 128GB micro SD card. Loop Recording is available so new footage is written over old ones. - The infrared night vision lens allows you a 49 feet field of vision in the dark. - Can be used to detect activities in a large area, like a crossroad, a house front yard, a home back yard, a dining room, a living room, an office, a retail store, warehouses, parking lots, stadiums, museums, concert halls, and ports. - As a single outdoor panoramic surveillance camera can do effective monitoring of large areas, you don’t need to pay more money installing multiple IP cameras.
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2023.03.30 19:18 v1tr0n [USA-CA][H]Iphone 13 Pro, ASRock Z270m-ITX/ac, Gigabyte z390 UD, Asus Z170-A + i7 6700k, ASRock b550 + AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, MSi GTX 1080 8GB Aero, MSi X99A Gaming 9 ACK + more[W] Paypal/Local Cash

Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/nqxKSE8
Local is 95821
$440 shipped or $420 local cash for Apple Iphone 13 Pro 5G 128GB Green (locked to verizon, visible, and other verizon mvno due to non-pay) (battery is 100%, screen has some small scratches, comes with a spigen clear case, usbc 20w charger, usb-c to lightning cable, and a wireless charger)
$75 shipped or $60 local cash for Gigabyte z390 UD LGA 1151 ATX Motherboard (used no i/o shield)~~
$130 shipped or $120 local cash for Asus Z170-A LGA 1151 ATX Intel Motherboard + Intel Core i7 6700k (used)
$150 shipped or $140 local cash for MSI GTX 1080 8GB AERO (used; in very good condition)
$180 shipped or $170 local cash for ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4 + AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 8-core CPU (used like new)
$110 shipped or $90 local cash for MSi X99A Gaming 9 ACK + xeon 1650v3 3.5GHz 6-core CPU (used for 4 months, bios updated, only 7 out of 8 ram slots work because the dimm slot near 24 pin power connector is damaged, no i/o shield)
$130 shipped or $120 local cash for ASRock H370M-HDV LGA 1151 Motherboard + Intel Core i5 9400t 6-core cpu + heatsink + 12GB Crucial Ballistix 2400mhz DDR4 Ram (used like new)
$120 shipped or $110 local cash for Gigabyte B460m DS3H AC LGA 1200 Motherboard + Intel Core i5 10400f 6-core CPU (used, no i/o shield)
$70 shipped or $60 local cash for Elgato HD60 Pro 1080p60 Capture and Passthrough PCIe Capture Card (used)
$30 shipped or $25 local cash for PNY CS900 500GB SATA (550/500MB/s) + SATA to USB Cable SSD (new)
$75 shipped or $65 local cash for ASRock Z270m-ITX/ac LGA 1151 Intel Motherboard (used like new; missing 1 pin but works fine)
$65 shipped or $50 local cash for ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 AM3+ AMD Motehrboard + 8GB DDR3 RAM (used like new)
Send offers
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2023.03.30 19:06 Charming_Netapp River Monster Mod 55K Money iOS and Android 2023 apk

River Monster Mod 55K Money iOS and Android 2023


Here you can download and install River Monster App to get the latest version of the official River Monster online casino software on mobile devices for free. River Monster Casino Apk is available via the direct download link below. Follow the instructions in our step-by-step guide on how to properly set up hacked River Monster Gambling App with no ads using the River Monster app for Android that enables you to play a variety of River Monster games and sweepstakes today!
Simply, click on the link below to download River Monster App with a fully working +obb/data file on your Android device or run the River Monster app for iPhone if you’re an iOS user and start playing the latest casino games with attractive visuals and smooth gameplay in the online games provider app.

With rivermonster.net download for Android and iPhone, you can earn real money and add cash into your River Monsters app account just by completing simple tasks and playing entertaining mod apk games on your portable device now.
After finishing River Monster Casino sign-up and depositing River Monster 777 net free cash, you can proceed to play exclusive jackpot, card game, slot, online casino, roulette, fish games, and in-game tournaments.
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2023.03.30 19:06 Charming_Netapp River Monster Mod 55K Money iOS and Android 2023

River Monster Mod 55K Money iOS and Android 2023


Here you can download and install River Monster App to get the latest version of the official River Monster online casino software on mobile devices for free. River Monster Casino Apk is available via the direct download link below. Follow the instructions in our step-by-step guide on how to properly set up hacked River Monster Gambling App with no ads using the River Monster app for Android that enables you to play a variety of River Monster games and sweepstakes today!
Simply, click on the link below to download River Monster App with a fully working +obb/data file on your Android device or run the River Monster app for iPhone if you’re an iOS user and start playing the latest casino games with attractive visuals and smooth gameplay in the online games provider app.

With rivermonster.net download for Android and iPhone, you can earn real money and add cash into your River Monsters app account just by completing simple tasks and playing entertaining mod apk games on your portable device now.
After finishing River Monster Casino sign-up and depositing River Monster 777 net free cash, you can proceed to play exclusive jackpot, card game, slot, online casino, roulette, fish games, and in-game tournaments.
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2023.03.30 18:51 xX_Some_Cunt_Xx Concerning crashes - hardware related?

Hello everyone, I am at my wit's end.
I have been experiencing very peculiar shutdowns on my Asus laptop, running Win 10. They have happened occasionally in the past, but have gotten very frequent lately.
Here is what happens: Out of the blue, my monitor is filled with a chaotic mix of colourful lines and rectangles, while extremely loud audio screeches from the computer, after this the computer becomes unresponsive and I have to force it to shut down. The startup takes a very long time.
There is no cause for the crashes which I could discern. It only ever happens while I am running Starcraft 2, a decade+ old videogame which does not heavily tax any of my system's aspects. Far more demanding software does not produce this issue, so I don't think overheating has anything to do with this, the temperatures don't reach very high numbers. There have been occasions where this issue has happened even though I was not running Starcraft 2 at the time, but it has been extremely rare.
Due to the colours flashing on my screen I have to assume there is some video card hardware error. Unfortunately I do not know how to determine the cause of the issue, the crash does not show up on the reliability monitor as anything except "windows was not correctly shut down". Sometimes the issue happens back to back, sometimes it doesnt happen for days. I have done a clean install of windows and my drivers are in check, the memory diagnostic tool came up empty handed and I have tried driver and BIOS updates and rollbacks but the issue is still around.
Should I take my computer for repairs? I use this computer for work so I'd rather not give it up for days. I've been having this issue for 3 years now, at first my solution was to stop playing starcraft, but now I downloaded the game again, thus the issues reemerged. Pls help, I really want to play SC2...

My next idea is doing a clean boot, but I reckon it would take tremendous effort to focus down what the culprit is and I am beyond tired, I've been dealing with lots of software related issues lately. Is there any sort of diagnostics tool that could help me find out what is causing this issue? I feel like a deranged sailor shooting torpedos blindly at a submarine about which I don't even know if it's really there or not.
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2023.03.30 18:44 ictrepresent [USA] [H] New Nintendo 2DS XL CIB Black & Turquoise - Mario Kart 7 Edition. CFW Installed, Box w/ Inserts, Console, Charger, Stylus, 64GB MicroSD Card, Case, Dock, Grip [W] PayPal

New Nintendo 2DS XL CIB Black & Turquoise - Mario Kart 7 Edition. CFW installed. Box w/ Inserts, Console, Charger, Stylus, Sandisk 64GB MicroSD Card, 3rd Party Case, 3rd Party Dock, 3rd Party Grip
Very good condition. Lightly Used. No major scratches or scuffs on console. Mario Kart 7 pre-installed.
$220 PayPal F&F preferred. Shipped in Continental US
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2023.03.30 18:42 Antelope-Nervous Nevada, 1 week

Heading to Summerlin, NV for a week, one bagging with a 28L pack. I'll be working from the hotel most of the time (little heavy on the tech side, unfortunately). Spare time will be spent wandering around, casual dining and hopefully soaking in some sun.
FWIW; I'm AFAB but don't identify on the gender binary and my style reflects that.
Lighterpack, for those interested.
And without further ado, the packing list. Any and all feedback is appreciated, though please be kind!


REI Ruckpack 28L
Arc'teryx Maka 2
Used as daily EDC when not working
Reusable Bag
Matador Transit Tote 18L
Folds up really small and lives in my sling
1 gallon Ziploc bag for clothing
1 quart Ziploc bag for toiletries
I reinforce the seams with duct tape to extend their lifespan as packing compression cubes


[Items with a \* are worn to travel]
*Arc'teryx Atom LT Hoody
I'll be traveling from a cold climate so this will be used in transit and overly air conditioned places.
*Proof 72-hour Merino Tee (x1)
Hanes Comfort Soft Tee (x2)
*Lululemon ABC Pant (x1)
Patagonia Baggies (x1)
*Nike Sports Bra (x1) (not pictured)
*Pair of Thieves Super Fit Trunks (x4)
*Darn Tough Run No-Show Socks (x2)
Nike Swimwear (x1)
*Vans Old Skool (definitely on the heavier side but using what I have)
Birkenstock Arizona EVA
*MVMT Watch
*Oliver People's Coleridge Glasses
Maui Jim RX Sunglasses
Andar Scout Wallet (with ID, 2-3 cards, some cash)
Merino Buff
L.L. Bean Cap


I'll be working throughout the trip, so this section is heavier than I'd like it to be!
iPhone 13 Mini
AirPods Pro
Kindle Paperwhite
Work Stuff
Macbook Pro
Magic Keyboard
Magic Mouse
Roost V3 Laptop Stand (not pictured)
Apple 61w
USB-C Block
USB-C Cord
Rolling Square
6-in-1 Charger
Anker PowerCore 5k


Dr. Bronners Unscented Soap (in repurposed hotel bottle)
Face wash
Moisturiser (in contact case)
Suncream (in repurposed hotel bottle)
Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss
Nail Clippers
Fragrance in travel size roll-on


HeroClip Carabiner (S)
FAK in LiteAF pouch; KT Tape, bandaids, ibp, anti-bac, etc.
Nite Ize DoohicKey
Kitsch Nylon Elastics x2
RX meds in Matador Pill Canister
Moleskine Pocket Notebook and pen
Sea to Summit Clothes Line
Matador NanoDry Trek Towel (S)
Toiletries packed up
Tech packed up
Misc stuff
Misc stuff packed up
Clothing packed
Worn clothing
Everything packed
How it all sits in pack (MacBook and keyboard in compartment behind)
*Edited for grammar and formatting :)
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2023.03.30 18:10 StewpidEwe Is there a credit card that would help me earn rewards for medical payments?

Been paying a lot of medical bills lately. Some are paid in full and others are on payment plans. Either way, I pay my cards off each month with the exception of CareCredit which I pay off before the promotion time ends.
I have a $3,690 up front medical expense coming up which I know may open up some bonus rewards if I open a new card. The other $3,690 I will pay in monthly installments over a year. I have the money in savings so I would pay it off after it posted. Mostly I’m just wondering if there’s another card I could add that would give me more rewards since medical stuff is my largest spending category. I’ve looked at the Chase Freedom for drug stores and dining out, but I already get 5% back for my medications at Walmart neighborhood market through my Amex BCP. I already get 5% back on my Amazon asynchrony. So only think Chase would give me would be dining and I don’t eat out that much.
Current cards: (list cards, limits, opening date)
• Amex BCP $3,814 limit, May 2021
• Navy Federal cashRewards $5,000 limit, Sept 2017
• Synchrony CareCredit $3,250 limit, Mar 2019
• Synchrony Amazon $800 limit, Mar 2019
• Synchrony Discount Car $250 limit, Dec 2019
• FICO Score 8: 798
• Oldest account age: e.g. 7 years 9 months
• Chase 5/24: 1/24
• Income: e.g. $64,000
Average monthly spend and categories:
• dining $60
• groceries: $300
• gas: $40
• travel: $0
• medical: $529 averaged monthly;currently 16% of my spending this year
• other: $397
• Open to Business Cards: e.g. No I don’t qualify
What's the purpose of your next card? Rewards for high spending on medical bills and equipment
• Do you have any cards you've been looking at? Not really
• Are you OK with category spending or do you want a general spending card? I’m fine with either
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2023.03.30 18:10 hunzel TW install not able to boot on ideapad 320

I've got an old laptop (Lenovo ideapad 320) in the family which I want to reuse and give some more life to it. It came with a Win10 on it, so I threw the current TW image on a stick with ventoy and installed it using all the standard configuration. (after I deactivated UEFI secure boot)
Installation is finished positively and Laptop reboots, only to give me the boot option menu. Selecting the hard drive, it wont start but just end up in the same menu again. So I thought maybe an issue with the installation. With a fedora live image I deleted the whole drive with all the partitions and the partition table and reinstalled TW. Same situation as before. So I wanted to give it a try and just throw a Win7 quickly on to it if that would work. Having an old Win7 DVD, putting it in, missing the 5 seconds press any button to start installation and end up in the grub boot menu with TW. Want to start with it, telling me
tpm_crb MSFT0101:00: can t request region for resource 
So I started it in recovery mode and voila it boots up. Doing all the updates it gives me. Try a restart, same situation than before. But I have no clue what I have to do now. I use Linux as daily driver, but I don't have much technical knowledge yet. If anyone needs anymore information, I am happy to share. I just dont know what is needed.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Here is the fdisk -l
Festplatte /dev/sda: 119,24 GiB, 128035676160 Bytes, 250069680 Sektoren Festplattenmodell: M4-CT128M4SSD2 Einheiten: Sektoren von 1 * 512 = 512 Bytes Sektorgröße (logisch/physikalisch): 512 Bytes / 512 Bytes E/A-Größe (minimal/optimal): 512 Bytes / 512 Bytes Festplattenbezeichnungstyp: gpt Festplattenbezeichner: DD5A2174-7191-4D09-AFDD-1F33C2550C5D Gerät Anfang Ende Sektoren Größe Typ /dev/sda1 2048 18431 16384 8M BIOS boot /dev/sda2 18432 245874687 245856256 117,2G Linux-Dateisystem /dev/sda3 245874688 250069646 4194959 2G Linux Swap 
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2023.03.30 18:04 TheFriendlyCanadien Sims 4

Okay so I want to go back to a chill game and really want to try out the sims 4 with all my packs.
I have quite a lot so before I spend a decent amount of time installing all of that. How playable is it ?
I'm more into building than playing. How decent is it ? With no bluetooth mouse / keybord or docking station . Just a plain out of the box steam deck 😎
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2023.03.30 18:01 Longjumping-Peanut14 Sophos blocking Speedtests and Wifi Discovery?

Hello all

I am currently venturing an experiment. An Intel NUC as a router with a Sophos VM and USB NICs.
Actually, the whole thing runs quite well but I have two things that are a bit annoying.

  1. most speedtests don't work (stay at "0" or show an error)
  2. my cell phones (Fold 3, S21 and iPhone 12) claim that the WLAN does not provide an internet connection. Internet works, even without mobile data and the external IP is that of the router.

Shortly about the setup:

1x Intel NUC e [ATJSLCPX]
Internal network card is the IP for UnraidOS
2x Ethernet Gigabit LAN Adapter
  1. Goes into the FritzBox (modem)
  2. goes into my network switch (which is full, 8Port) so into the internal LAN

A WiFI router in bridged mode is connected to the bridge, because the WLAN of the NUC can't be connected. The WLAN traffic runs over it.
In UnraidOS, I installed a VM with Sophos Home Firewall and attached the two bridges (1x for WAN and 1x for LAN) to the VM.

Sophos management works fine, can be called, routing also works.

Just probably some kind of socket problem / Samsung WLAN bug ?

Does anyone have an idea? Or even a better suggestion or something similar in the house once tested?
Or is "USB-NICing" nothing serious?

PS: I have 1GB downlink, 50MB uplink, about 20 devices in LAN and WLAN, about 5 are permanently active.
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2023.03.30 18:01 we_are_ghetto can I pull a SIM card from an older iPhone to a newer iPhone?

so my iPhone 6s is broke beyond repair but has all my info on it...it won't turn on no matter what I do and even my carrier repair store couldn't fix it (heck they're the one who actually caused it)
I just ordered an iPhone 14 pro (w no plan) I'm asking is it possible if I could have someone extract the SIM card from the iPhone 6 and put it in the iPhone 14 pro to save my info/data.
ik there's a way to share info between iPhones via bluetooth but my iPhone 6s just won't work.
I had an issue w my iPhone 6 where the charging just wasn't working no matter how many chargers I brought....I gave it to my carrier and they made it worse to the point it's inoperable so I'm hoping I can find a way to use my same number and info in this new iPhone?
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2023.03.30 17:57 CuriousFox_1660 Pc black screen bug

Good morning I have a fairly random problem with my pc (but repeatedly when it happens). I changed my graphics card recently for a GTX 1660 ti, however, it happens that the screen goes black: the keyboard and the mouse go into sleep mode, the pc is still running but impossible to force it to s switch off with the button on the tower (I have to Switch the power button directly). I did the test by removing the GC: nothing was wrong. The drivers have been reinstalled and updated, no viruses have been detected after a long scan. This did not happen as soon as the GC was installed. It doesn't happen all the time, I can play without problem for a week and suddenly the pc will put itself in this state repeatedly.
The motherboard is an A300M-A PRO Power supply: coolermaster V650
Thanks for your help
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2023.03.30 17:57 RazPie Cyprus ten year anniversary. *Milk Road email

It’s that time of the week… Throwback Thursday. The day we reminisce on the simple times, when our biggest worry was staying on our friends' Top 8 on Myspace.
Today’s TBT: The Cyprus Banking Crisis and Bitcoin's Big Rally. Gather ‘round kids, this one’s a doozy. Here’s the story in 3 parts:
PART 1: THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM. First, let me set the scene for you:
old man voice:... The year was 2013, on a small Mediterranean island called Cyprus…
At the time, the island was known for one thing: lax taxes. This made Cyprus a tax haven for rich (and sketchy) people, which raked in billions of dollars in bank deposits.
As a result, the banks on this tiny island got HUGE. They held 8x as many assets as the entire country's GDP. The banks became like that short guy at the gym that bench presses 300 lbs - tiny but mighty.
But there was a massive storm brewing in Cyprus:
The economy was in a recession and still recovering from the '08 financial crisis. Big banks lost A LOT of money. They lent billions to Greece (whose economy was also nosediving), and then tried placing a double-or-nothing bet by buying up Greek government bonds in hopes of a bailout. They took an L & lost everything. Suddenly Cyprus banks were in a lot of trouble. And because they controlled (and lost) more money than the entire country’s GDP, they went from too big to fail → too big to save.
Pop quiz: What do you do when you’re broke and owe a lot of money? Call your rich uncle.
Which is exactly what Cyprus did. They called up their rich uncle (AKA the European Union) and asked for a $17B bailout.
But here’s the thing: sometimes your rich uncle wants to teach you a lesson. And the European Union wasn’t super happy about the price tag.
So they made a deal… The EU would give $10B, but Cyprus would have to come up with the rest on its own.
How? By taking money from its own depositors.
In March 2013, Cyprus announced its two biggest banks would shut down and all deposits over $100K would be seized, with a large portion being used for the bailout.
It sent shockwaves throughout the island. But wait, it gets crazier…
In order to stop a bank run, the Cyprus government declared a national bank holiday and closed all the banks so people couldn’t withdraw any money. (Note to self: if we ever want a new holiday, just threaten a massive bank run.)
Then when the banks opened back up, the Cyprus government placed restrictions on how much money people could withdraw (sometimes as low as $128 per day).
It was a living nightmare for the Cypriots that included longer lines than a new iPhone release…
But this was also a wake-up call for a lot of people. They could no longer fully trust the governments and big banks. They needed to find an alternative…
Today, Bitcoin is the king of crypto. Companies own it. Hedge funds own it. Countries own it. Even my mom owns it.
In 2013, Bitcoin was still just “magic internet money”. It was mainly super nerds and sketchy drug dealers that owned it.
Until….the Cypriots got in on the action. With banks collapsing and people losing trust in the system, people looked to Bitcoin as an alternative asset for the first time ever.
BTC jumped 600% and was followed by the famous Bullrun of 2013 and BTC ended the year at ~$750. THE LESSONS: 10 years later there are still some big takeaways from the Cyprus Baking Seizures:
Banks can always collapse. 10 years ago it was Cyprus Banks. Today it's SVB, Credit Suisse, and Deutsche Bank. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. We've seen time after time that trusting a single bank with all your money is a bad idea. Don't do it. You gotta spread your bread around. Diversify your assets. Put some money in gold, Bitcoin, Pokemon cards, whatever you want - just make sure to always have a backup plan in case sh*t hits the fan.
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2023.03.30 17:57 Stranghold noob first hack /questions /advices

hi all hope people can help me :) .
so i just bought a v1 unpatched for 200$ and have just order the thing to make the switch go to safe mod (if i understoood it corectly )

i received a 64 gb sd card with the switch but intend on buying a 1 tb sd card in a week or so .
so my questions :

should i wait to receive my new 1tb sd card before jailbreaking ?
is the homebrew installed in the sd card of the switch ?
what is the best tutorial (easiest ) to jailbreak my switch ? (with video would be good )
can i transfer switch games directly trough a cable connected to the switch and the sd card inside the switch or do i need a sd card reader ?
what i intend to do with my switch : run switch iso (if its the format got no idea ) and if possible some of the games lauched for the switch that are remake of nintendo 64 games .
thanks for the help
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2023.03.30 17:54 Big_Steppa420 Not able to login/create any accounts on my phone. Code SS06

my old account was banned on October 30th 2022, and since then i can’t use this phone for snap at all. I was thinking of getting a new SIM card to see if that would fix anything, but i don’t think it will. it’s been 5 months since then and still no luck. is there anything i can do besides getting a new phone?
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2023.03.30 17:48 VoidExileR Getting a new pc, reinstalling windows on a new M2 and wondering what I should do to get this right with my other drives

I just got notification my computer will be arriving soon. It's a really good computer on the expensive end and will come with an M.2 card which I plan to install windows on. The problem is I'm not sure what would be the best way of going about keeping my HDD and SSD in as good shape as possible without losing any data I cannot recover. Personal things for example. I would also need to know what I lost so it can be easily recovered. I know the last couple times I did this, I couldn't keep up with the lost data.
So my SSD hosts windows 10 (I plan to change to windows 11 on the new M.2 to keep up with the future). It hosts all the apps I use like steam and similar, video editing and pretty much everything that you don't normally transfer over to an HDD + some information that you do... basically an all purpose drive.
I also have an HDD where I have been manually moving stuff to, such as install standalone games, temporary work that usually goes into just one folder and no more and misc. I don't want to lose anything there and don't know or think I will have to reset that hard drive or anything but I need advice there.
The SSD is probably the most important thing here. I'm fine with reinstalling most things but I wouldn't want to lose something that isn't easily recovered. I obvious want to get this done right so, any ideas?
This post seems partially related to hardware, software, windows and data recovery so I'm not sure what this post mostly falls under.
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2023.03.30 17:48 GAB3theGR8 GPU or Motherboard?

Hey guys. Just moved to Ireland from America - not relevant, but had my PC in a heavy duty travel case. Anyhow, got here and some pins and plugs were damaged/unplugged. I fixed them and got everything plugged back in. It powered up fine. Plugged in the monitor and got green lines on the screen. The resolution isn’t right. The nvidia software won’t recognize that there’s an nvidia device. However, device manager shows “nvidia driver” but it won’t update no matter how many times I run the software or do a fresh install. When I take out the graphics card to try the onboard gpu, there’s no display on boot. I’m leaning towards this being a faulty motherboard. Any thoughts?
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2023.03.30 17:48 adobecrack AKVIS All Plugins For Adobe Photoshop 2023.03.21 Cracked For (Win/macOS)

AKVIS All Plugins For Adobe Photoshop 2023.03.21 Cracked For (Win/macOS)


AKVIS is one of the active companies in the field of designing graphic tools and related to images, this company pays special attention to the design of quality plugins for Photoshop software and has so far produced and launched many plugins in this field. This company was born in 2004 by a number of professional programmers and developers, and from the very beginning, they specialized in producing and providing products for photographers, which were welcomed according to various customer feedbacks.
Follow instructions carefully
Instructions For Windows :
to avoid errors like system compatibility report or error code 195 or quit unexpectedly of adobe products & more follow those instructions.
Attention 😱 ! Before you start install process you should first install Adobe Flash Player 2023 ✅ Latest version to do not face any future issues while using AKVIS Plugins also to accelerate rendering.
▶️ Open the link by using Chrome : https://bit.ly/fpwin2023

Instructions For Mac :
to avoid errors like system compatibility report or error code 195 or quit unexpectedly mac applications , INCOMPATIBLE M1 or M2, If ​​you have Chip M1 or M2 use the following instructions to Install Adobe After Effects on Chip M1 or M2 and more follow those instructions.
Attention 😱 ! Before you start install process you should first install Adobe Flash Player 2023 ✅ Latest version to do not face any future issues while using AKVIS Plugins also to accelerate graphics rendering.
▶️ Open the link by using Safari :

Maccleaner Review (How to Clean your mac) : https://youtu.be/lBPRghwT3Zc

🧹 Clean first your mac before installing AKVIS Plugins
🍏 For everyone who can’t install AKVIS Plugins on Mac and to overcome applications errors you should first Clean your Mac Before you Install it.
Free Version Download Link : https://tinyurl.com/macprocleaner

All Akvis products can be used in an environment independent of Photoshop, that is, there is no need to open Photoshop software to work with this company's plugins, and you can easily import your images in an independent environment, perform the desired operation, and finally produce the desired output. can be The products of this company have a high variety and it has prepared good tools for almost all matters related to image editing. One of the common features among all Equis products is its ease of use.
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You can donate by using Paypal ☑️ or Debit or Credit card users 💳 : https://ko-fi.com/vopiapps
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Download Link : ( Support windows only ) : https://bit.ly/topbrowser2023

Installation guide

download link

AKVIS All Plugins For Adobe Photoshop x64/x86

Download AKVIS_Frames_7.3
Download AKVIS Frames 5.0 portable x64
Download AKVIS_AirBrush_3.0
Download AKVIS_ArtSuite_10.5
Download AKVIS_ArtWork_9.0
Download AKVIS_Chameleon_8.5
Download AKVIS_Charcoal_2.0
Download AKVIS_Coloriage_10
Download AKVIS_Decorator_4.0
Download AKVIS_Draw_4.0
Download AKVIS_Enhancer_15.0
Download AKVIS_HDRFactory_5.0
Download AKVIS_Lightshop_4.0
Download AKVIS_Magnifier_8.0
Download AKVIS_MakeUp_4.0
Download AKVIS_MultiBrush_8.0
Download AKVIS_NatureArt_8.0
Download AKVIS_Neon_2.0
Download AKVIS_Noise_Buster_9.0
Download AKVIS_OilPaint_5.0
Download AKVIS_Pastel_2.0
Download AKVIS_Point_1.0
Download AKVIS_Refocus_6.0
Download AKVIS_Retoucher_7.0
Download AKVIS_Sketch_17.0
Download AKVIS_SmartMask_7.0


Download AKVIS_LightShop_6.0.1593.15655_macOS
Download AKVIS_MakeUp_5.0.651.15806_macOS

The present collection includes all the products offered by this company, which includes tools for almost all the necessary actions of color correction, applying graphic effects, placing pictures in frames, face makeup, retouching, oil painting, drawing, etc. These products are updated over time and new features are added to them. The current collection includes the following products :

List of Windows versions:

AirBrush 3.0ArtSuite 10.5ArtWork 9.0Chameleon 8.5Charcoal 1.0Coloriage 10.0Decorator 4.0Draw 3.0Enhancer 15.0Frames 1.0HDRFactory 5.0Lightshop 4.0Magnifier 8.0MakeUp 4.0MultiBrush 8.0NatureArt 8.0Neon 2.0Noise Buster 9.0OilPaint 4.0Pastel 2.0Point 1.0Refocus 6.0Retoucher 7.0Sketch 17.0SmartMask 8.0
File(s) password: www.downloadly.ir

List of Mac versions of AKVIS products:

* Chameleon 9.0* Charcoal 2.0* Coloriage 10.5* Decorator 4.0.615* Draw 3.0.399.12165* Enhancer 15.0.2148.12029* HDRFactory 5.0.754.12264* LightShop 4.0.1368.9888* Magnifier 9.0* MultiBrush 9.0* NatureArt 8.0.1600.12224* Neon 2.5* Noise Buster 10.0* OilPaint 4.0.436.11981* Pastel 2.0* Points* Retoucher 7.0.986* Sketch 17.0.2933* SmartMask 9.0* AirBrush 3.0.374.12122* Frames 1.0* ArtSuite 10.5.2480.10625* ArtWork 9.0* MakeUp 3.5.446.1073* Refocus 6.0* Watercolor 1.0

required system

OS X 10.6 or later
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2023.03.30 17:34 weasel7711 Headache Updating Packages - OrangePi 800 - Manjaro 22.07

What is the proper order of steps to take to update packages and install new packages without bricking the system or essential services such as NetworkManager upon reboot on an OrangePi 800 with Manjaro 22.07?
The long story:
I'm not a complete newbie to Linux or SBCs but I am a novice. I've had a really frustrating time getting the OrangePi 800 set up with Manjaro with up to date packages, even installing new packages (LibreOffice). I recall having similar issues when I played around with Ubuntu about 15 years ago. If anyone could tell me the proper order of steps or things to avoid that would be greatly appreciated.
Here's what I've done so far:
When I got the Pi I followed Orange Pi's steps to burn Orange Pi OS Droid onto an SD card and flash it to the EMMC. That went fine but I decided that for my purposes this OS wasn't what I wanted. So I followed their steps to reset the EMMC ("Methods of writing images on OPI800.pdf") to prepare for their Manjaro image.
I downloaded the latest Manjaro image from their website on the Pi 800 downloads page. At the time of download it was version 22.07. I flashed this onto the SD card using the Win32DiskImager that I got from their downloads page, according to their OPI800 guide.
Booting up to Manjaro from the SD card went fine, I set up a separate administrator profile and set a different root password. Then I finalized by flashing the setup to the EMMC per the OPI800 guide.
So far, so good. I could reboot, log into different profiles, WiFi was working fine. Everything seemed stable.
Here's where the problems started:
When I tried to install the package suite for LibreOffice from the Pamac GUI I saw a few error messages regarding the database
unable to lock database Failed to synchronize databases 
After some google searches I ran pamac update --force-refresh. That seemed to fix that error so I tried again. Then I saw a ton of 404 errors in the log, and the mirrors were hosted in France, I'm in the US. More google searching and I ran the pacman command to update the mirrors: sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack. It refreshed the mirror list. I tried again and at this point it seemed like it was working fine. It requested a reboot and I obliged. But when it rebooted, nothing, just a black screen. I left it for an hour or so and came back, nothing changed. Power cycled again, still no change. So went through the entire setup process again from the SD card and flashing the EMMC.
Now that I could boot again I had to re-run the pamac update and pacman mirrors commands. I had read that you shouldn't only update certain packages so I ran a full update of all packages (without installing LibreOffice). 490-ish packages around 700mb. Download went quick but the install took hours (overnight). It seemed like the system rebooted itself after it finished. I logged in and now the NetworkManager was not working so I couldn't connect to the internet. I checked the system logs with journalctl grep NetworkManager and saw error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.3. Most of the google results I found required starting from scratch. At this point I'm not sure what to do. I don't think I'm doing anything out of the ordinary here, so what am I missing in my process?
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2023.03.30 17:18 Fluid-Groseille [Rocksmith] NoCable Patch V3 Guide

Comme beaucoup de gens ont demandé mon aide, j’ai pensé que je ferais ce guide ici
En tant que nouvel utilisateur de Rocksmith qui vit quelque part où le câble Real Tone ou des appareils similaires sont vraiment chers ou ne sont pas disponibles du tout, je ne pouvais pas en obtenir un, et je voulais utiliser mon câble Guitar 1/4''. Si vous faites partie de ceux, tout comme moi, qui ne trouvent aucune solution sur internet, ce guide est fait pour vous !
Si ce guide vous aide, et que vous voulez me donner quelque chose pour mon effort, vous pouvez DON STEAM ICI!
TL;DR est à la fin de cet article.



Après avoir disposé le câble et l’adaptateur, vous devez le connecter à votre PC. Vous avez deux options sur l’endroit où le connecter, l’entrée ligne ou le port microphone (entrée ligne fortement recommandé).
Il est fortement recommandé d’utiliser le port d’entrée de ligne. Cela sonne vraiment limpide, bien mieux que sur le microphone, où il y avait un tas de bruit de fond.

La prochaine chose que vous voudrez faire est d’aller sur votre bureau, d’ouvrir la barre d’état et de cliquer avec le bouton droit de la souris sur la petite icône de son et d’accéder aux appareils d’enregistrement.
Là, désactivez tous vos appareils d’enregistrement sonore, sauf pour celui de la guitare.
Faites un clic droit sur l’entrée de la guitare et allez dans propriétés > avancées et là, changez le format par défaut de l’appareil sur Channel 2, 16 bit(s), 48000 Hz (qualité DVD). Faites de même avec le périphérique de sortie audio que vous utilisez (TV / Casque / Soundbox), sinon il n’y aura pas d’audio dans le jeu.


Accédez à votre dossier d’installation Rocksmith (C:\Programs Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014 par défaut).

Vous devez maintenant modifier votre .ini. Veillez à ce que les .ini fourni dans ce guide a les paramètres suivants qui peuvent provoquer des problèmes de plantage:
Veillez à modifier ces lignes pour la résolution par défaut de votre écran.

Il y a deux sections principales dans le dossier Rocksmith.ini. Le premier contrôle les paramètres audio de Rocksmith 2014, où vous pouvez VÉRIFIER ICI

Modifiez-les en fonction de vos problèmes ou de vos préférences (il est préférable d’utiliser celui fourni dans le guide).

Placez l’exécutable No Cable Patch dans le dossier principal du jeu. Placez un raccourci de l’exécutable No Cable Patch sur le bureau, si vous préférez, et lancez-le. CELA DEVRAIT RESSEMBLER À CECI.
Ensuite, lancez votre jeu et laissez le No Cable Patch s’exécuter en arrière-plan. Après le lancement du jeu, IL DEVRAIT RESSEMBLER À CECI



Au début, vous pouvez rencontrer des problèmes de bruit, faire le tour du menu des options et configurer l’audio dans le jeu, et tout va bien !
Je voudrais ajouter que c’est une solution de contournement si vous ne pouvez pas vraiment obtenir le câble. Si vous le pouvez, allez-y et obtenez-en un. J’ai entendu dire qu’il va beaucoup mieux avec la qualité que l’utilisation du câble normal, mais, une chose triste, c’est que le câble Real Tone est vraiment fragile et peut être facilement cassé comme de nombreux utilisateurs me l’ont dit.
J’espère que ce guide vous a été utile!

Si ce guide vous a aidé et que vous souhaitez dire merci, lancez quelque chose à ma façon. Bien sûr, ce n’est pas nécessaire; Cela me donne juste un peu plus d’incitation à écrire et à éditer plus à l’avenir!
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