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No elephants. No donkeys. No eyes in pyramids. No secret handshakes. This is not a so-called "political" party. This is the U.S. People's Power Movement.

2023.03.22 07:42 jahnivici I’m sick of being in love

I’ve loved him for over half my life. I’m only 22. I wish more than anything we could’ve just been together and life would be bliss. With my luck obviously not. All we do is hookup, he ignores me if he doesn’t want to. I got into alcohol when I was young. He started dating a girl who I considered my friend and she knew I was crazy about him too. At the time it killed me. I started going out more, drinking. If I knew it would lead me down this road, always drunk, gaining so much weight, working a dead end job and continuing to hookup with him I swear I never would’ve taken that first shot. He just came by. He was satisfied multiple times & I wasn’t. I just don’t know why I’m still entertaining him but , he’s someone I loved so much as a kid. I use to tell my friends it’s like winning the lottery. Once you win for the first time you’ll never feel that kinda way again. I know I need to just move on. I have this whole agenda of finishing school, quitting drinking, finding a job i love, losing weight, cleaning my space and keeping my self clean and being happy overall. I wana start so bad and I will, but if I do succeed and I still miss him idk what I’d do. For now I’ll try to be optimistic.
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2023.03.22 07:41 Sorin61 Study shows physical activity prevents cancer recurrence in patients previously treated for colon cancer [03 - 2023]

Researchers, led by Pennington Biomedical Research Center's Dr. Justin Brown, have found that physical activity can prevent, and not just delay, cancer recurrence in patients previously treated for colon cancer.
Full: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2023-03-physical-cancer-recurrence-patients-previously.html?utm_source=nwletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=daily-nwletter
Scientific research:https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/early/2023/03/05/bjsports-2022-106445
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2023.03.22 07:40 The_kangaroo_ What are my chances >????

What are my chances of getting into a COMPUTER SCIENCE college with tuition + living and food= 30k total ( basically I wanna receive an aid as an international student or any scholarships that can reduce the total cost to 30k)
My stats are :-
9th grade 75 % 10 grade ICSE 93% 11th grade 90% 12th grade 86( expecting)
SAT - not given yet but practice test marks- 1540
  1. STAGE 2 International humming bird OLYMPIAD qualifier, Region rank 2/ 3000+.
  2. Volunteering work- Taught poor and homeless kids who couldn't go to school for 135+ hours during summer break. Raised 35000+ rupees to provide them with food, basic amenities like toilets, carpets. Hospitalized kids who suffered from diseases like Typhoid, malaria, dengue etc. Got major attention from local newspapers, community and the managing head of the city.
  3. House leader of my school for 3+ years , was the managing head for 3000+ students in a get together with Neighbouring schools for 3 years straight and other 15 different functions.
  4. Built a website for kids to learn effectively used by over 5900 people over a regular basis ( had to shut down due to financial reasons)
  5. Raised awareness among people to take care of our environment, swept roads of distance 15+ kilometers (10 miles ) with my team, cleaned trash cans which were not cleaned(1000+ cans cleaned) , cleaned the littered places, created banners of not spitting . Planted over 500 plants over 2 years. Collected donations of over 20k for cancer suffering patients.
  6. Represented my school in different regional and national championships of badminton and rugby. 2 times regional champion in singles badminton championship. 1 time rugby regional champion team
  7. Worked as an intern at a programming institute named NCC for 1+ year. Provided computer services to people with no money for free who couldn't afford to apply for scholarships and colleges as they didn't had any technology in the remote villages.
  8. Champion at INTERNATIONAL MATHS COMPETITION got Region/ district rank 1( first time in the history of my school).
  9. Created a prototype for automatic sweeper which was approved by the region technical manager. Received attention from the regional newspaper for this.
  10. Was leader of the marching band at my school, Leader of the students association, Co- leader of the Sports committee , Hosted SPORTS DAY in my school for 3+ years, Taught juniors how to play Badminton - they won gold medal at interschool competition 2021.
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2023.03.22 07:40 n0rheren0rthere IUD Partially folded and Ovarian Cyst

Hi there,
Female, 20, 5”5, 155 lbs Medications: cymbalta 75mg, 150mg wellbutrin xr, 100mg lamictal
I have concerns regarding the findings in my CT scan and my ongoing symptoms.
I went to urgent care yesterday due to severe abdominal pain, a CT scan was completed (with contrast) and beside the upset inflamed colon, to my surprise my IUD was labeled as “partially folded”, and I also found out that I have a 3.1 cm ovarian cyst.
I was in urgent care due to severe abdominal pain, I had diarrhea (blackish in color) consistently for approx. 5 days, had wet the bed randomly (I have not done this since I was a child), lower back pain and I started to have dizziness and nausea.
rectal exam was done with some sort of blood sample test, no blood was found.
preg. test was negative
labs looked good/no concerning results (included blood cell count, glucose, electrolytes, creatinine, AST, and a liver function panel)
the CT results were listed as
IUD Partially folded 3.1 cm right ovarian cyst Colonic Diverticulosis without CT evidence of diverticulitis (I can try and add a screenshot the findings lists if needed) What does it mean to have a “partially” folded IUD? the PA said it was in place/has not moved, just folded. It is a copper IUD, is one of the arms waving? I’m confused as to what it looks like down there.
Also, what do I need to do about the cyst? I am honestly really scared because I have never had something like this happen. I just had my IUD put in approx. a month and a half ago. Does my abdominal pain/diarrhea have anything to do with my IUD/cyst?
I had no prior knowledge that I had a cyst.
I made an appointment with my primary and messaged my obgyn.
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2023.03.22 07:40 greg0525 The charlatan's cure

In the pursuit of personal gain, human greed often blinds us to the broader implications of our actions. We become fixated on acquiring more, driven by a relentless desire to climb the ladder of success, wealth, and status. Exploiting those who are vulnerable and desperate, willing to do anything to improve their lives can lead to consequences that not only impact society at large but also our personal environment. In this story, Robert Nelson is about the experience of the consequences of his greed that will stay with him forever like haunting echoes.
Naya Redbird, a Native American woman with long, dark hair and bright eyes, stood in her front yard surrounded by a crowd of people. She was holding a bundle of herbs in her hand and talking passionately about their healing properties.
The people were amazed by Naya's knowledge and enthusiasm. They could see the genuine care and passion in her eyes, and they felt hopeful that this herb could be the answer they had been looking for.
"As Native Americans, we have always turned to nature to heal ourselves here, in British Columbia," Naya explained, her voice carrying across the street. "And this herb in particular is a gift from the Earth herself. It can heal anyone and anything."
The passer-bys had stopped in their tracks upon hearing Naya's words. Some of them were sick and in pain, and they looked at her with a mix of hope and skepticism. As Naya continued to speak, more and more people gathered around her. There were those who suffered from joint pain, leg pain, and even a blind person who was looking for a cure. Naya listened intently to each person's story.
One woman in a wheelchair rolled up closer to Naya and asked, "Can this herb really help me? I've been in this chair for years and nothing has worked."
Naya smiled warmly and replied, "Come here, please. But before we begin, what is your name?"
"I'm Elena," the woman replied.
"Nice to meet you, Elena. Now, let me see what I can do," Naya said as she reached for a small herb from her bag.
She spread some dried leaves onto Elena's legs, which had been paralyzed for years. The two women waited in silence as the herb worked its magic, and then suddenly, Elena's legs started to twitch and shake.
A few moments later, Elena stood up from her wheelchair, her eyes wide with amazement. "I can walk!" she exclaimed, tears streaming down her face.
The people who had gathered around them gasped in shock and amazement at the sight before them.
"I can't believe it," one person murmured. "She's been in that wheelchair for years."
Naya smiled at Elena and said, "I'm so glad I could help you. Now go and enjoy your newfound freedom."
Then, a young girl led by her mother approached Naya. The girl was wearing sunglasses and she held a white cane in her hand.
Naya looked at the girl and asked gently, "What is your name, my dear?"
"My name is Sofia," the girl replied with a hint of trepidation in her voice.
Naya smiled reassuringly, "Don't worry, Sofia. I'm here to help you. Now tell me, how long have you been blind?"
"I've been blind for as long as I can remember," Sofia replied, her voice barely above a whisper.
Naya asked the girl to lie down and, reached into her pocket and took out another portion of dried leaves. She then distributed it to the girl’s closed eyes.
"Close your eyes, Sofia, and relax," Naya instructed.
The girl complied, and Naya began to hum a soft tune as she gently massaged the herb paste into Sofia's eyelids. After a few minutes, she whispered a few words in a language that no one in the crowd could understand.
Suddenly, Sofia's eyes snapped open, and she gasped in surprise. For the first time in her life, she could see.
"I can see! I can see!" Sofia cried out, tears streaming down her face.
The crowd around them erupted in cheers and applause, stunned by the miracle they had just witnessed.
Naya hugged Sofia and whispered, "Go and explore the world, my dear. You have a lot to catch up on."
Sofia hugged Naya back and then ran towards her mother, who was crying tears of joy.
The people around them whispered in awe and admiration at Naya's incredible gift of healing. For them, Naya was nothing short of a miracle worker, and they couldn't wait to see what she would do next.
Matt stood in the midst of the bustling crowd, his eyes darting around anxiously. He needed those herbs for his ailing mother, but he had no idea how to get them. After he figured out his next move, he started walking around the house keeping a low profile so as not to arouse suspicion.
Matt waited for a few minutes, making sure that no one was watching him before he carefully made his way around the back of the house.
The garden was well-tended and beautifully decorated with colorful flowers and exotic plants.
The place was a vibrant tapestry of colors and textures, bursting with life and energy. As Matt stepped into the garden, he was greeted by a riot of colors, ranging from the deep blues of the lupines to the bright reds of the Indian paintbrushes. The garden was alive with the sound of buzzing bees and fluttering butterflies, flitting from flower to flower in a dance of pollination.
The garden was meticulously arranged in a circular pattern, with a central fire pit surrounded by a ring of stones. The fire pit was filled with burning coals, sending up spirals of smoke that drifted lazily through the air. The stones around the pit were arranged in a spiral pattern, each one engraved with intricate symbols and patterns.
The plants in the garden were arranged in a series of raised beds, each one bursting with a different array of plants and herbs. Matt could see rows of corn stalks standing tall, their green leaves rustling in the breeze. He could smell the heady aroma of sage and sweetgrass, their fragrances mingling in the air.
In the center of the garden stood a small teepee, its canvas sides painted with intricate designs and symbols. The door of the teepee was open, and Matt could see a fire burning inside, sending up flickering shadows that danced across the walls.
As he walked deeper into the garden, Matt could feel a sense of reverence and respect for the Native American culture that had created this beautiful space. The garden was a tribute to the land, a celebration of nature's beauty, and a reminder of the wisdom and traditions of the people who had called this place home for generations.
As he walked deeper into the garden, Matt felt a sense of peace and tranquility wash over him. He had always been fascinated by Indian culture, and this garden felt like a little slice of paradise.
And the next moment, Robert noticed what he was looking for in the corner of the garden, there was the mysterious dried plant that Naya had been showing to the people in the street. He looked around carefully and he took three bags with him, he stole them and took them home.
As Robert scanned the garden, his eyes locked onto the object of his search: the dried plant shrouded in an aura of mystery, the same one Naya had been showcasing to the curious onlookers in the street. He surveyed his surroundings with keen attention, ensuring that no prying eyes were upon him, before grabbing hold of the three bags. With a quick, furtive movement, he liberated the plant from its spot and tucked it securely into the bags. Satisfied with his acquisition, Robert promptly departed for home and he already knew what he was going to do with them.
Excitedly, got into his car and headed for Seattle the next day. As he settled into his seat, he couldn't help but think about the event he had planned for the upcoming weekend.
Upon arrival in Seattle, Robert immediately set to work on his preparations. He posted an event on Facebook, advertising himself as a powerful healer capable of curing any ailment. He had even booked a large lecture hall at a local community center for the event.
As he typed away at his laptop, he could feel the anticipation building inside of him. "This is going to be incredible," he murmured to himself.
After he arrived, Robert nervously paced the lecture hall, checking and re-checking the setup. Just as he was about to step on stage, a man in the audience approached him.
"Excuse me, sir," the man said. "I couldn't help but notice your advertisement. Can you really heal anything?"
Robert turned to the man with a confident smile. "Absolutely," he said. "I have a gift that can cure any ailment known to man. I even offer a warranty."
The man looked skeptical. "How much do you charge for a healing?" he asked.
Robert thought for a moment before replying, "One healing for 500 dollars."
The man raised an eyebrow. "That's quite steep," he said. "But if you can really heal anything, it'll be worth it."
Robert nodded, feeling a surge of excitement. "Trust me," he said. "You won't be disappointed."
Robert treated a lot of people during the lecture. He used the dried leaves. But oddly, the leaves did not heal the people immediately as they worked with Naya. This made him nervous but he thought the leaves might work later.
Robert stood on the stage, surrounded by a crowd of people who had come to seek his healing powers. He held the mysteriously dried leaves in his hands, ready to work his magic.
He started treating the people, placing his hands on them and rubbing the leaves on their skin. However, he quickly noticed that the leaves didn't seem to have an immediate effect like they did when Naya used them. Robert felt a twinge of nervousness in his gut.
"Is everything okay?" a woman asked him, noticing the hesitation in his movements.
Robert forced a smile. "Yes, everything is fine," he replied. "It might take a little time for the leaves to work their magic."
He continued treating the people, but as time went on, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. Finally, one of the people he had treated approached him with a concerned expression.
"I don't feel any different," the person said.
Robert's heart sank. "Just give it some time, madam," he said.
As the event continued, Robert grew increasingly worried. The dried leaves he had so confidently brought with him seemed to have lost their potency. He couldn't help but wonder what had gone wrong.
After the event, Robert was left alone with the dried leaves. He examined them closely, searching for any signs of damage or decay. But to his surprise, the leaves appeared to be perfectly intact.
"What's going on?" he muttered to himself.
But he did not worry for long because the money that he earned was a lot. More than 8000 dollars. He knew he was going to be rich with these magical plants, whatever they were. He checked into a hotel and the next day he made another event on Facebook that he would heal people.
Despite the initial setback, Robert's spirits lifted as he counted the money he had earned from the event. The total amount was more than 8000 dollars, which was far beyond what he had expected.
Robert smiled to himself, feeling a rush of excitement. "This is just the beginning," he thought. "With these magical plants, I'm going to be rich."
He checked into a luxurious hotel, relishing in the feeling of the crisp sheets and soft pillows. As he lay in bed, he pondered his next move. He knew that he had to make the most of this opportunity while he still could.
The next day, he made another event on Facebook, announcing that he would be holding another healing session.
As Robert was preparing for his next healing session, there came loud and angry knocks on his hotel room door. He hesitantly opened it, only to be met with a horde of people in the hallway, all of them looking very agitated and upset.
"What's going on?" Robert asked, his voice shaking with fear.
"You're a fraud!" one of the people in the crowd shouted. "We're all much sicker than we were before!"
The people who had come to confront Robert looked visibly worse than they had the day before. They appeared pale and weak, with dark circles under their eyes. Some of them were coughing and wheezing, while others were holding their stomachs in obvious pain. It was clear that whatever ailments they had been hoping to cure had not only gone untreated but had worsened after the supposed healing session.
Some of them appeared to be in a state of utter misery, with their bodies wracked by pain and suffering. A woman was clutching her stomach and groaning in agony. Others were struggling to breathe, their chests heaving with each labored inhalation. Many had dark, sunken eyes and pale, clammy skin, and some were even trembling with fever. Robert wondered how those people could come to his hotel. Their anger was probably so strong that it gave them enough energy.
It was clear that whatever ailments they had been hoping to cure had not only gone untreated but had worsened to a dangerous degree after the supposed healing session. Their anger was fueled not only by disappointment and a sense of betrayal but also by a growing sense of desperation as they searched for a cure for their afflictions. The sight of them was enough to make Robert's heart sink with guilt and regret.
Robert's heart sank as he realized what was happening. The people from his previous healing session had come to confront him, and they were not happy.
"We want our money back," another person yelled.
"And we want you to stop scamming people," a third person added.
Robert tried to reason with them, explaining that he had done his best to heal them with the magical leaves. But the people were not in a forgiving mood. They barged into his room, causing chaos and destruction.
“My cancer is worse!” a man said coughing.
As Robert watched in horror, the people ransacked his belongings and demanded that he give them back their money. As the people grew increasingly agitated, Robert could sense that things were about to take a turn for the worse. Suddenly, some individuals who were still in a slightly better condition lunged at him, grabbing him by the collar and slamming him against the wall. Others quickly joined in, pummeling him with fists and kicking him when he fell to the ground. Robert tried to shield himself, but the blows kept raining down on him, each one more painful than the last. He could feel the sting of bruises forming on his face and body, and the taste of blood in his mouth. Despite his attempts to fight back, he was outnumbered and overpowered. The beating seemed to go on forever, until finally, the people grabbed their money and fled the scene, leaving Robert battered and broken on the hotel room floor. The experience left him traumatized and deeply shaken, both physically and emotionally.
After rummaging through his drawers, they left him there without his money.
Robert became very disappointed and drove back to his town, Black Rain. There, he went to Naya’s place. She was in her garden, gardening. She was surprised as a stranger was approaching him. Robert looked terribly beaten up. Then Robert asked why the plants did not work. They made people sicker. Naya was first surprised and realized Robert had stolen the plants. And she told Robert that he should not have stolen the plants. The plants were free. The plants had been guarded by a spirit and he puts a curse on the greedy people.
With a heavy heart, Robert left Seattle and drove back to his hometown of Black Rain. He was a broken man, both physically and emotionally, after the disastrous healing session and subsequent beating. He had lost his faith in the magical healing powers of the dried leaves and felt like a fool for ever believing in them.
When he arrived in Black Rain, he knew that he had to seek out Naya for answers. She was the only one who could explain why the leaves had failed him and why they had made the people he had treated even sicker.
As he approached the garden again, he could see Naya in the distance, tending to her plants. The woman looked up when she saw him approaching, surprised to see him in such a state.
"Robert, what happened to you?" she asked, noticing the bruises and cuts on his face.
"It...it didn’t work," Robert muttered, looking down at his feet.
Robert finally broke down and told her everything, from stealing the plants to the disastrous healing session and subsequent beating. Naya listened patiently, her face growing increasingly grave. When Robert finished, she took a deep breath and spoke.
"These plants are guarded by a powerful spirit who probably put a curse on the plants that you used."
“I don’t understand…why?”
As Naya was about to reply, a group of men entered the garden and began to carry large bags filled with the dried plants towards the gate, where they loaded them onto a truck.
“These plants are free for everyone and are being donated. You needn’t have stolen them.”
“So the spirit put a curse on it because I stole it?”
“Not exactly. You don’t understand? You did it for greed. I did it for love.”
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2023.03.22 07:40 bbyfog UK’s HRA and MHRA Plans to Develop Joint Guidance for Increasing Diversity in Clinical Research

Health Research Authority (HRA) – a part of UK’s National Health Service – regulates health and social care research (clinical research) by
Making sure that research is ethically reviewed and approved
Promoting transparency in research
Overseeing a range of committees and services
Standardizing research regulatory practice and
Providing independent recommendations on the processing of identifiable patient information where it is not always practical to obtain consent, for research and non-research projects
As part of standardizing clinical research practices, NHS publishes Best Practice documents and guidance documents that cover a range of activities covering ICH-GCP such as informed consent, investigator training, publication of research summary (required within 12 months of trial completion); tools for study documentations, costing tool; investigator CV template. (here)

But one thing missing from the resources available at NHS/HRA is guidance on increasing diversity in clinical studies, but this is being addressed. Currently, HRA and the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are jointly working to develop guidance to help researchers increase diversity in clinical trials.
The HRA website meanwhile lists several resources to help address lack of diversity. A few of these sites that have actionable advice are:
Embed equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) during all planning activities; include diversity in research design
Understand and adapt to local context such as barriers and access to opportunities for underserved communities
Use diverse channels including non-English media
Socio-economic, gendesex, race/ethnicity, disability, intersectional, age, religion, sexual orientation, place of residence, education, and social class
Refer to ethnicity not race
Use "ethnic minorities" for all groups except white British group
Use "people from a black Caribbean background". "the black ethnic group", and "black people" NOT "Blacks. Use "people from the Indian ethnic group" NOT "Indian people"
Use "people with a mixed ethnic background" or "people from the mixed ethnic group" NOT "mixed people"
DO NOT use the terms BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) or BME (black and minority ethnic), because these terms mask disparities between groups and exclude other minorities

FDA is ahead of HRA/MHRA and published 2 guidance documents on the topic.
Related Posts: here, here
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2023.03.22 07:40 Spine_wise How Can Graston Technique Help In Having a Relaxed Life?

How Can Graston Technique Help In Having a Relaxed Life?
Like thousands of other individuals, you could face issues owing to discomfort in your body. When you take help from an expert Chiropractor in Bowmanville, it always works for your benefit. To know more about Graston Therapy, get in touch with an expert chiropractor like Dr Amit Sharda, based in Bowmanville.
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2023.03.22 07:39 Equivalent-Shallot54 Gambling

I had work trips in Vegas recently. Felt confident in my sobriety, called a sponsor a few times, had a few cravings but had a plan, solid work.
Gambling, specifically sports bets and craps. I decided, what the hell, I’m in Vegas I’ll take $150 and throw down on a few bets and played one session of craps. Watched some bball, had some club sodas, left with $60 LESS than when I started, but no big deal. And walked out, not feeling the pull to stay and hit it big. Went to sleep easy, worked the next day and flew home. I walked passed all the machines in the airport.
With drinking that behavior is just not possible for me. I gamble the way other normies talk about drinking. Special occasions, maybe I had a couple rough goes, maybe I had a great time, but I can simply walk away. And urge to gamble doesn’t sneak up on me in everyday life. I’m never looking for an excuse to gamble. If multiple friends wanted to and invited me maybe I would come along play but it’s not a big issue.
I look at the vices that other people have, and it mirrors my drinking. I don’t have a gambling addiction, or cigarette, or painkiller. I genuinely choose not to do those things and if I partake in them I’m conscience of when to stop. This must be how others look at their drinking?
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2023.03.22 07:38 Miserable_Reception9 This isn’t my business, but this is my mom. My mom has been missing money from her pay stubs.

This has been going on for years. My mom works at a facility which my aunt owns. She offered her a job that can take care of 6 patient some who are unable to physically walk or even go to the bathroom. After a few years I have notice her paying has become significantly low. From 2k to 1100 and sometimes 600. My aunt adult daughter have taken over as an administrator of the facility and has been charging her for food and room in 2018. I do have proof of her paystubs that shows her charges. I have seen on the website that they have been charged so much toward labor board and I haven’t seen them since. I ask my mother to sue her, but of course she said that I am her family and would never do that to her. I became infuriated! My aunt daughter decided to tell my mom to sign a paper of her hours that didn’t indicate the time she was clocked in and the time she was clocked out. Literally she just modified it and put 8 hours. My mom agreed. She still ask for money and yet I feel that this needs to be taken into legal action. What can I do?
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2023.03.22 07:38 celestialark Answer to “Is Roman Calendar copied from Hindu Calendar? Because in Roman calendar there are 7 days as of Hindu calendar.”

This is a repost of an answer by Aakash Garhwal on Quora for this above question. I really liked it so I thought everyone can find out what our days actually mean. I’ve copy pasted the answer as is and not made any changes.
I won’t say it is copied,coz some won’t like it,but truth is truth.
Its all science.Every Planet justifies its name which was given to it by our Rishis.
Let’s see about the 7 days of week:
● Sunday: It was the first day of Universe according to Vedic Granths.
Just like Sun provides its light to all,in the same way Ishwar also provides its enlightment to all,hence one of the name of Ishwar is Surya.This day was named upon Surya name of Ishwar.
In Vedic Granths,it is called ‘Suryavaar’. Today we use ‘Ravivaar’ and Ravi is the Paryaayvaachi word for Sun. It become Sunday in Roman culture.
● Monday: Just like Moon provides coolness and calmness to all at the night,Ishwar does the same. Other name of Moon is Som.
This day became Somvaar.
Moonday became Monday.
● Tuesday: Romans named Mangal Grah on the name of a Roman God i.e. Mars just like July on Julius Ceaser,and August on the name of Augustas.
In Vedic Granths,Mangal is also a name of Ishwar as he is Auspicious.
Mars is the God of Agriculture i.e. Auspicious.
● Wednesday: In Sanskrit,it Buddhwaar.
Buddh is also a name of Ishawr (not to be confused with Mahatma Buddh). Buddhi is the fastest thing in the world. Our thoughts are fastest of anything in the universe.
Same way,Buddh Grah is the fastest of them all,and completes a revolution around sun in just 88 days. Hence it’s Buddhwar.
Discarding truth won’t make it a lie. It will remain a truth,Vedic people were the pioneers of science.
● Thursday: Its Brihaspativaar in Sanskrit.
Brihaspati means something which is huge and contains everything in it.
Brihaspati planet is the biggest of all planets,hence named so.
And modern science accepts that Jupiter is the biggest planet.
● Friday: Its Shukravaar.
‘Shukra’ is also a name for Ishwar because he is the most beautiful,and glorious (ऐश्वर्यवान).
And need not to say Venus is considered as the most beautiful planet. Venus was the Goddess of love and beauty.
● Saturday: Shanivaar.
Something which is slow,patient and can be get easily is called Shani.
Shani Grah is the slowest of all planets and completes one revolution in around 30 years.
This kind of science is mentioned in Vedic granthas which westerners say are the songs of cow herders. Obviously they can not accept the fact that Vedic granths are the most scientific of all sect’s books.
Now coming to 7 days:
In Sanskrit,a week is called Saptaah. Sapt means 7. So from the beginning week was of 7 days,Romans had nothing to do with it.
Just like Sindhu became Hindu,because persians used to not pronounce ‘S’,in perisan culture,Saptaah became ‘Haftaah’.
Infact,the word ‘Day’ comes from Sanskrit word ‘Deya’.
But the months in Roman calender or western world are outright stupid. In Vedic culture,March is the first month of year which Romans distorted but could not hide the truth.
September- Sapt means 7th.
October- Octa or Asht means 8th.
November- Novem (नवम) means 9th.
December- Dash means 10th.
Hence the month which they celebrate as New year is actually 11th month of the year,and Feburary is the last,means March is the new year which we are celebrating from millions of years.
Source- https://www.quora.com/Is-Roman-Calendar-copied-from-Hindu-Calendar-Because-in-Roman-calendar-there-are-7-days-as-of-Hindu-calendaansweAakash-Garhwal-3?ch=15&oid=249665077&share=9400113b&srid=uBWr3&target_type=answer https://www.quora.com/Is-Roman-Calendar-copied-from-Hindu-Calendar-Because-in-Roman-calendar-there-are-7-days-as-of-Hindu-calendaansweAakash-Garhwal-3?ch=15&oid=249665077&share=9400113b&srid=uBWr3&target_type=answer
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2023.03.22 07:37 marcinious Are even small dosages of caffeine that bad for you?

I have a cup of green tea and one weak coffea (about 60 mg of caffeine) a day. I drink those in the morning for the health benefits, antioxidants, better fat burning etc. Is it bad for me in the long run?
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2023.03.22 07:36 Effective-Contest-33 Airline credit with Spirit

I know that the $200 airline credit on amex platinum is supposed to be for things like bags, drinks/food, and seats. However, when I had mine set to Delta flights that were total under $200 got covered by this credit. Anyone have experience booking a spirit flight (on their site) that is a total under $200 and get it covered with the credit?
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2023.03.22 07:35 No_Chocolate_6455 [M4F] The Knight and The Assassin [Medieval-Fantasy]

Despite the early afternoon hours, the jovial Iron Tankard tavern was packed full with noisy patrons. Mostly regulars, craftsmen, artificers, merchants, off-duty guards, though an occasional mercenary misfit could also be spotted, scurrying around the bounty board or chatting down the innkeeper for job suggestions. The walled town of Ashenfort was relatively small, it being a passing, yet reputable, trade-post along the main road that connected the capital city and the coast-line settlements. Travelers came and went by the hour, never staying for long, turning over goods and coin, but also services. If one was in search for an uncanny set of hands to help along a most arduous task, then this was certainly the place to look.
The joyous, drunken and merry chattering continued through the crowded chamber, with the tavern workers doing their utmost to squeeze past the countless customers and bring the desired orders to their tables. Everyone seemed so keenly busy, to the point nobody noticed the unseemly figure push their way through the front door.
Taking but a single step further, Sir Andrew of the noble house Medellin, had to visually keep himself from recoiling. Unused to the tavern stench, the fickle smell of alcohol, combined with sweat, grease and perhaps even vomit, assaulted his noble nostrils and almost triggered a gag reflex "By the king.." He grumbled under his breath, fixing that ragged traveling-cloak that flapped over his chest and hiding the armored plate underneath. His deep-sea eyes peered across the board, eyeing for someone it seemed, before his gloved hand rose to his lips, covering them as he adamantly cleared his throat. Ignored. Taking a deep breath, the knight stepped forward, brushing his wave-like, sand-blonde hair behind his ear before trying again "Excuse me, gentlemen-"
Dismissed, again, with only a few pitiful glances being thrown his way, more out of irritation for being too close to the table than anything else. The young knight huffed in annoyance, briefly closing his eyes, before opening them as his stern, dramatic voice cried out
"Hear me, men and women of Valeron! I am Sir Andrew Medellin, sword-paladin to the arch-duke of the western-fold, banner-man to his holy grace- Augustus Percivalus Drakefort the third. I was quested by our noble king with slaying the terrible dragon that's been ravaging our western borders, laying waste to our precious serfdom and leaving nothing but scorched earth behind. Though I accepted the task honorably and in good faith, my sword yearning to pierce the foul dragon's wicked heart, I will admit that I find myself outmatched. The dragon's vision is far and great, its breath a flaming sundering.. I have no hope of meeting it face to face in the open. For this, I require to enter the lair of the beast and catch it off-guard.. I require assistance, from one of you, noble characters, someone versed in the art of.. Stealth and deceit, whom could perhaps assist in shrouding my noble approach into the jaws of evil?"
Silence, attention, all eyes on him. The tavern had its breath taken away by the man's speech, but just as a smile of triumph crept onto his tender lips, Andrew was bombarded by a chortling choir of laughter. Amused, some within the crowd nearly choked on their drinks, while Andrew's grumbling expression faded in excitement. After another moment of silence on his side, he added, though with far less enthusiasm in his sighing voice, enough only for a select few to hear- Or rather, anyone that paid attention still.
"I am also willing to compensate you for your troubles.. 2000 coins up front, plus another 8000 when the quest is done. Additionally, the king has given me leave me with issuing amnesty to any.. Unsavory characters that had a run in with our law in the past, pardoning all of their heinous crimes in return for assisting me."
Simple and, relatively short, premise to a medieval-fantasy prompt that revolves around a pair of unlikely allies teaming up to stop a much bigger, looming threat! If you have any ideas/suggestions or thoughts of your own that you'd like us cleared in advance, feel free to let me know. World-wise this is more or less a blank slate, so in regards to races, magic, politics, geography etc. we'll be able to include a variety.
For this story I'd really like to explore the relationship between a noble, religiously truthful, honorably overzealous, naive knight and a deceitful, witty and playful sort of rogue-like character contrast. My own pitch idea would be an assassin character, perhaps someone who already had a close-encounter with the lord of Medellin in the past, a fact that will be brought up and/or revealed at a crucial moment to intensify their situation or perhaps even strengthen their bond? I have a soft-spot for enemies-turned-friends-turned-lovers sort of dynamics, so this is what I was trying to go for with- Judge me all you want~
I'd preferably not know much about your character in advance, wanting to explore their pasts and stories through the RP, but if you feel it crucial and/or want to take your character in a completely different direction- Do let me know.
I normally write 2-3 paragraphs of detail, with the range mostly varying from how fast the scene is progressing. I prefer quality over quantity and will never nag you if you require more time to reply. I will, however, be nit-picky if you respond to a full-fledged, action-packed, word-exploding essay with a meager 3 line reply -.-
I mostly prefer writing on Discord and Reddit PM's (easiest for me to manage and read), and use chat only to make contact so we can exchange ID's
I am alright with including NSFW themes in regards to story progression and character development, but they are *completely* optional and in no way necessary. Feel free to let me know in advance, otherwise I will assume they are to be omitted.
Hope to hear from you wonderful writers soon!~
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2023.03.22 07:35 Correct_Fish_4853 Dad is diabetic need help!

I believe he is type one. he came home today from work and can’t remember anything is emotional saying he’s having an out of body experience and wouldn’t drink juice for his wife who ended up bringing him home. i’m a little worried i got him to eat half a pb j and drink some water but i’m nervous. is there anything i could do otherwise to help? He’s sweating and he can hold a conversation but stumbles over his words a lot and is weirdly hyper (he keeps bumping into things as well). he has no recollection of the day at all and me and him texted this morning. Does anyone have any idea at all what he’s going through ? I was reading up on maybe him having a diabetic crash but i am unsure.
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2023.03.22 07:35 DustinOffTheAxes Edwyle Flint, Lord of Widow's Watch

Reddit account: DustinOffTheAxes

Discord: Rangi#2214

Name and House: Edwyle Flint

Age: 23

Culture Group: North man

Appearance: Edwyle is of a strong build, comes in at 5’9”. Brown of eyes and black of hair

trait: Inspiring

Skills; Bows (E), Marksman (E), Tactician, Cavalry man

talents: wood work, drinking, hunting

Starting title: Lord of Widow's Watch

Starting location: Widow's watch

Alternate characters: Lucas Lothston, Jasper Corbray, Argella Selmy, Steffon Fossoway

Edwyle Flint was born to Lord Jorah Flint of Widow's Watch and his wife, Jeyne Glenmore. The new born son was a boon for the family, a blessing to the Flints from the Old gods. The couple had struggled with failure to carry children to term, but Edwyle seemed to be a change for the couple. As such, Edwyle was doted upon by his mother and father. It would only be a scant year later that Edwyle was joined by his brother, Artos. An heir and a spare had been given to Lord Flint.
As the years went on, Edwyle grew to be a wild son, as did his younger brother Artos. The two were in constant trouble, seeking out adventures at every corner. This would often times be met with a scolding from their mother, and a stern talking to in the godswood from their father. But these acts did little to deter them. It was only when the boys had learned that their mother was with child once more did they settle down, for a time at the least. It was a gift to their parents, in order to help grace their family with some stability before another wild Flint would enter the world and cause mayhem for Lord Jorah.
This was not to be, however, for the birth of Mors Flint came with a cost, and that cost came in the form of Jeyne Glenmore. The Flints mourned their mother, but Edwyle took it upon himself to stay beside his brothers, taking time out of his studies with the Maester to see his new baby brother. The loss of his mother had sent Edwyle into being more sullen when in studies with the Maester, a matter he could not shake for some years. But time did dull the wounds, as did the constant company of his father and brothers, a fact that Edwyle could take solace in. He wasn't alone, for he had both his family and the Old gods watching over him.
While the pain of losing his mother at a young age had dulled, it seemed things were bound to change. For his father had wed Alysanne Cerwyn, and had gotten her with child, another sibling for Edwyle and the children of Jeyne Glenmore. But one could not pick and choose their family, and as such, Edwyle would remain steadfast in being loyal to family. Despite the impending arrival of his new sibling, Edwyle would remain studious, often times speaking to the men who had served under his grandfather to seek out knowledge of battle tactics. He even took to riding and learning how to best use horses in war. Skills he deemed useful for a future lord Flint.

When Lord Corin Stark had put forth the efforts to bring the North closer to the rest of the realm, Edwyle had listened as his Uncles paced in the solar, as they ranted and raved to his father, preaching to the man about how building Septs in their land would betray everything they stood for. Everything their history and family had stood for. It had been hours, but the discussion ended, and it was decided. Septs would not be allowed to be built within the lands of Widow's Watch. The Old Gods held true in Widow's Watch, and would not give way to the Seven. The fake gods of the Andals.
When he reached the age of ten name days, Edwyle would take up the bow and arrow, finding them more suitable for him than the sword. The bow felt right in his hand, and the sound of arrows being let loose from the bow was like music to his ears. He would spend many days over the years, when not studying the histories of the North and learning of the fellow houses, honing his skills with the bow and arrow.

When Lord Jorah Flint passed in the year 198, Edwyle ascended to the seat of Widow's Watch. He would remain steadfast in not allowing the Seven to preach in his lands, nor building septs. He would see the Old Gods remain strong and true in his land.

177: Edwyle is born, the first surviving child of Jorah and Jeyne
178: Artos follows after his brother, a spare being granted to the family as well
180: Mors Flint is born, but at the cost of Jeyne Glenmore. The family goes into mourning but remain steadfastly together.
182: Lord Jorah marries Alysanne Cerwyn, and later that year, Theon Flint is born. In this same year, Edwyle takes to his fathers side, learning his duties as the heir of widow's watch from a young age.
183: Edwyle listens to his uncles rant and rave about Lord Stark and the fake gods of the seven, forming his opinion on the Seven.
187: Edwyle would take up the bow and arrow, finding the two to be better than a sword and shield in his hands.
198: Lord Jorah dies in his sleep, leaving Edwyle to ascend to the lordship of Widow's Watch.
FAMILY ECHO: https://www.familyecho.com/?p=JWDUE&c=3y5q6nzn9t&f=712129550719821943
Artos Flint- General
Edwyn Flint-Castellan
Jorah Long- Marksman
Gerold Snow- Master at arms
Allard the younger- General
Eddard Snow- Master at arms
Jeor Flint- Warrior (Blunt weapons)
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2023.03.22 07:34 Duhburkuhchur Having periodic episodes of what could best be described as aphasia like symptoms.

Hey, I’m 27M, I’m diagnosed with epilepsy, and currently take Keppra and Trileptal to treat it. I’ve only had 4 seizures in the last 8 years, so my medications are working quite well for it. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression 10 years ago, but quit taking medications to treat those 9 years ago, as the side effects were significantly more distressing than the conditions themselves. I don’t smoke, I have quit drinking as of 6 months ago, and use marijuana on very rare occasion.
Anyways, over the last few years, I will periodically have episodes lasting anywhere from a few minutes, to an hour or more, where it almost seems like brief periods of aphasia. It feels as though I can’t think of the right words to chain together to form a coherent sentence. Generally I can still piece together a proper sentence but I feel as though I cannot follow a train of thought and it takes a lot of extra effort to do so. There have been only a handful of occasions where I have actually said something that made zero sense to the person I have been talking to, and it’s always very distressing for me. Occasionally it also carries over to understanding what is spoken to me, with feeling like I am working 5 times as hard to comprehend what I am hearing. I mentioned this to my neurologist, but nothing was found to raise any red flags, so I’ve began wondering if it could potentially be a mental illness rather than a physical one. Either way I would appreciate any advice on how to proceed. Thanks.
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2023.03.22 07:34 Additional-Depth9387 Hi i need help

Hi I'm 16 years old and 64 kilos or 141.09 pounds for the people who use pounds i only eat once a day in 6 pm and go to sleep at 8 am the other time i fast and only drink water and i exrice only once a day for 5 to 10 minutes and walk roughly around 13k to 19k steps a day how much calories do i burn exactly each day most of the meals i eat are around 700 to 1700 calories
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2023.03.22 07:33 aavawater Why the TDS of Your Drinking Water Matters

Why the TDS of Your Drinking Water Matters
Have you ever noticed the taste of your drinking water If you haven't, all the more reason to read this article. When you drink natural mineral water like Aava that's sourced from a protected confined aquifer, the geology and conditions of the source give the water a unique mineral composition. In wine terms, it's the closest you get to water with terroir.
Natural Mineral Water's subtle taste and terroir are determined by the minerals it contains. This minerality is measured in mgl and is called Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) or Total Dry Residue. This TDS can be measured with a TDS meter or water is evaporated at 180 degrees in a lab and the weight is measured of the minerals that are remaining. TDS includes all the minerals that are present in mineral waters. Depending on the TDS mineral waters can be divided into the following categories.
· Super Low 0 - 50mgl
· Low 50- 250 mgl
· Medium 250- 800mgl
· High 800 - 1,500mgl
· Very High 1,500mgl & over
Minerals are usually absorbed from the earth. If your natural mineral water is glacier or iceberg water chances are it will usually have a super low TDS. However if you drink RO processed or purified packaged drinking water, the RO machines remove all minerals from the water along with impurities resulting in a super low or low TDS as well. High and very high TDS waters are not advised for daily consumption either. For eg. Sea water has of 25000 mgl which makes it undrinkable. The TDS of Aava natural mineral water ranges from 280-320 which makes it a perfectly balanced medium minerality water. The WHO's ( World Health Organisation) Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality (GDWQ) recommend 300 as the ideal TDS.
If your mineral water is certified IS 13428 spring or underground spring water like Aava is, the TDS refers to the minerals that are essential for good health and an important part of your diet. These minerals have tremendous health benefits.

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Magnesium (Mg ++)

Did you know that magnesium is responsible for 300+ biochemical reactions in your body Magnesium is important for the regulation of muscle contractions and the transmission of nerve impulses, and it activates energy-producing enzymes. The bone structure also relies on magnesium, and the element expands blood vessels, which lessens the risk of heart attack. Humans need at least 300-400 mg of magnesium each day and every litre of Aava naturally contains 11.5 mgl magnesium.

Calcium (Ca ++)

The many benefits of calcium include stabilizing the bone structure, teeth, and cell membranes; ensuring nerve and muscle impulses are properly transmitted; and help prevent blood clots. Bones decalcify (osteoporosis) and fractures become more likely if a body is not getting enough calcium. Adults and especially premenopausal women need 800-1200 mg calcium and every litre of Aava contains an average of 23mglitre.

Bicarbonate (HCO3-)

Present in all biological fluids, bicarbonate is essential for maintaining our bodies' pH balance. The substance is also found in stomach secretions. Lactic acid generated by physical activity is neutralized by bicarbonate dissolved in water; a similar process raises the pH of some acidic foods. Bicarbonates are the key to healthy digestion and curbing acid reflux and every litre of Aava contains at least 200-250 mg bicarbonate per litre.

Silica (SiO2)

Most adults need between twenty and thirty milligrams of silica daily. Silica reduces the risk of heart disease and may prevent osteoporosis; it also helps repair tissue by serving as an antioxidant. Hair and nails are strengthened by silica since its a key mineral for collagen production. Aava is one of India's only naturally alkaline mineral waters with a 12 mg silica content.

Sodium ( Na++)

A person's activity level determines their daily requirement of sodium. The heart's metabolism is affected by sodium, as is the regular contraction of the heart. This sodium is not the same as table salt that's consumed with food, since mineral water contains unprocessed, natural salt. Studies show how ingestion of mineral waters with sodium bicarbonate is beneficial in lowering cardiovascular risk factors, including blood pressure. Aava contains a low sodium content well below 100mgl.
Besides these other trace minerals like potassium, fluorides and chlorides also play an important role to keep you healthy and hydrated.
The presence of these minerals does not make Aava a hard water. Equating TDS to water hardness is a common misconception. Hardness correlates only to the presence of calcium and magnesium. (Calcium x 2.5) + (Magnesium x 4) is the formula used to calculate this hardness and if the range falls under 120-180 mglitre, a water is considered to be hard. Hard water affects machines more than humans. Your drinking water must have slight hardness, since minerals are essential for wellness but if you're washing clothes, demineralised soft water will work better for your washing machine.
Aava has a TDS of 300, but its water hardness is only 101, which means Aava is a naturally alkaline mineral water that is only slightly hard. This makes it perfectly safe, healthy and ideal for daily consumption.
So the next time you worry about your water being too hard, check the source, make sure there are no impurities and check for the accurate mineral content to properly measure water hardness. Don't simply judge by the TDS.
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2023.03.22 07:33 helpinghands777 Can You Change Someone’s Power of Attorney [Very Urgent, 8 Hours to Figure Out]

Patient is in a coma - Legally still married, but has been separated for 2 years and is in the process of divorcing. Divorce is due to extreme emotional and verbal abuse. Very limited documentation on the abuse, too little time to gather the documentation that could be considered concrete evidence. Patient has stated in the past who they wish to make decisions, which we have numerous witnesses to corroborate, but never officially appointed them as their POA or documented this. The only evidence we have is a journal where they wrote letters about the abuse in great detail and described how they felt and that they knew that their partner did not care about their health or preservation.
Meeting with social workers/lawyers in the morning - Deleting soon for privacy.
Do we have any chance? Is it enough? Is there anything else we could do or should say? Please - this is hard enough. We cannot allow this person to make decisions that are not in the patient’s best interest.
submitted by helpinghands777 to legaladvice [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 07:33 Clevelanddentalcare Professional Teeth Whitening the Best Method for a White Smile

Professional Teeth Whitening the Best Method for a White Smile submitted by Clevelanddentalcare to u/Clevelanddentalcare [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 07:32 throw_away2874 My ( f18) boyfriend ( m19) of 3 years has been doing drugs, drinking and lying to me in the last 3 months

I will call him Paul. He has dcd which leads him to be easily addicted to things and he also has depression which makes me worry about him trying new substances
Paul had never been interested in drugs or drinking or anything like that in fact me and him would make fun of people our age who did do weed and would say things like “ it helps with my anxiety” or depression or anything like that, despite not being diagnosed. But recently our friend and his best friend ( I will call him Mike) Mike ( m 17) has changed after losing weight and has been sleeping with numerous girls, going to parties, drinking and doing weed and other drugs, and Mike managed to get another one of me and my boyfriend’s friend into weed and drinking and possibly other drugs. My boyfriend was never into it and our other friends knew I wasn’t into it as well. But after these changes for whatever reason our friends pushed me out of our friend group and would begin jokingly sending me fake break up messages from my boyfriend, creating a tinder profile for him, saying rude things about me to people I don’t know and even lying to him to bring Paul to a party despite him not wanting to go and being uncomfortable with it ( he left the party )all this while pushing me out of their friend group out of no where. This January I went to my older brothers birthday party and I was quite nervous about it as I have social anxiety and I told my boyfriend about this before going to the party. Later I was at the party feeling anxious and tried texting him. No response. I thought that was odd then an hour had past and I was anxious about him and the party. Later I got a call from Paul and I went to the bathroom and I answered his call, his two friends called me on his phone explaining that my boyfriend was drunk and had tried to kill himself and my boyfriend was having fun? I talked to Paul who was very drunk and I couldn’t go back to my brothers party and ended up missing the happy birthday and opening gifts parts. I was so worried about my boyfriend as he tried to kill himself but he played it off as not a big deal once he was sober. This whole situation bothers me even more as only a month before this we had talked about him telling me before he drinks or does anything that would put him under the influence but he didn’t and right after I left to go to my brothers party he was drinking with his friends. I wanted him to tell me for communication, and cause I worry about him and sometimes I don’t want him drinking at all as I fear he will become addicted as even though he tried to kill himself he said it was one of the best nights he has had in years ( due to his depression) but obviously I can’t tell him not to drink at all as it’s not my choice and I want him to have fun. I just hate the thought of him hurting himself or become addicted. The next day after him drinking He apologized but it didn’t feel the most genuine as he didn’t completely see the problem but he did. Now just a week ago I was about to hang out with my sister who I don’t see often and I told my boyfriend not to do any drugs or drinking for the night as I didn’t want to worry about him that night. I knew be planned on watching a movie with Mike and our friend and he said he didn’t plan to drink or do drugs and that he wouldn’t but just two nights ago he told me he did weed that night and another night and he didn’t tell me sooner cause he didn’t want to cause me anxiety. I was upset but tried not to say anything cause I didn’t know how to react on one hand he told me and had a good reason not to tell me but on the other hand I asked him not to and he lied to me so easily even though I asked him that night if he was doing any substances and he lied to me and we talked about this twice before for him not to do anything like this without telling me before. I told him I didn’t want to get mad at him or be upset because I was scared that if he lied to me again he would never tell me and he said that was a good point? I’m not really sure how to feel about all this. I talked to him and he told me he wouldn’t lie anymore and he will tell me what he is doing before going out if it’s anything like what was mentioned and he has so far. Am I being to controlling? I understand he wants to try things for the first time but I worry about him especially when he can become addicted very easily and has depression which I worry he is trying drugs and alcohol to cope with. I try to get him to talk to a councillor but something always seems to prevent it. What can I do to help him? How can I improve for both of us?
To summarize my boyfriend lied to me about doing alcohol and weed behind my back but told me afterwards and I worry he is doing it just to cope with depression what should I do?
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