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2023.02.16 01:16 csquared_yt Starting to notice some changes (General update)

Heyo, figured I'd give a bit of an update log thing on how things are going. I'm now at the 4 week mark of 50mg after about 6 weeks of 25mg and very slowly I'm now starting to notice some gradual changes. This is gonna be a super long post, apologies lol
It's been 2 months without any sort of panic attack, which is absolutely huge for me since my health anxiety was really starting to make that into a more frequent problem in recent months. The big change I'm only now realising is I think my mood is starting to shift a bit, going back to my pre-anxiety self. I still have loooong ways to go but I've been tracking my mood using Unmind since mid December and while there's still a lot of ups and downs, I've been getting more great days where I'm actually enjoying things all day! I still get quite a bit of bad/meh days but they are nowhere close to being as extreme as before medication.
I still dissociate from time to time since upping the dose but it's now very far and between since when I upped it. I do think I might be experiencing some sort of emotional blunting, while it isn't extreme I do get some days where I'm just super uninterested and bored, but I'm going to try and work around this. The time where I finally realised this might be doing something is today, this morning I spotted a single blood spot on my face. Now, if this were last year I'd immediately panic, stare at mirrors for ages and think about it CONSTANTLY and wonder what kind of serious disease I may have. Cancer? Some blood problem? Idk but eventually I'd end up in the gp if it overwhelmed me enough. What happened instead though, I looked at it, thought "meh probably nothing" and just didn't think about it for the whole day. Maybe checked it like twice or so but I was not concerned in the slightest and that felt powerful to me. That's my first indicator that something may be working here.
As far as persistent side effects go, I get annoying GI issues frequently (had them before meds though, but now stronger), there are some days where my eyes get super tired but that might be fading off idk, and dissociation is still a thing from time to time. I still have some fears related to the meds, I occasionally read through here, find some stories which scare me a bit and then think about it for a bit. I'm still worried about long term stuff because of things like serotonin syndrome, getting psychosis or experiencing manic episodes, none of which has happened obviously, but I still don't feel as though I trust this if that makes any sense, even if it seems to begin working. I am going through therapy so this is something I'm working towards.
All in all, this definitely looks to be doing good for now while I'm still very cautiously optimistic about the future of this. Gonna keep close watch of myself and keep track of how things develop, but I do hope this improves further. The only reason I'm not flairing this as a success story just yet is because I still think it's too early to tell if this will actually be beneficial in the long run, so I'm going to give this several more weeks before I decide and see if anything changes.
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2023.02.15 23:33 males_incloset I thought I was alone.

I woke up to a strange noise coming from the attic. It was a low, guttural growl that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. At first, I thought it was just the wind, but then I heard it again, louder this time.
I got out of bed and tiptoed to the hallway, listening for any sign of the noise. It came again, a deep and menacing growl that seemed to be coming from above me.
That's when I remembered that we had no pets, no wild animals, no explanation for the noise. I was alone in the house, or so I thought.
I slowly made my way up the creaky stairs to the attic, my heart pounding in my chest. The growling continued, louder and more insistent now, as if it was warning me to turn back.
But I was determined to find the source of the noise, so I pushed open the door to the attic and stepped inside. It was dark, with only a small sliver of light coming from a crack in the roof. I couldn't see anything, but I could feel something watching me.
And then, as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw it.
There was a figure in the corner, huddled in the shadows. It was crouched down, with glowing eyes and bared teeth. I couldn't make out what it was, but I knew it wasn't human.
I tried to back away, but I was frozen in fear. The growling grew louder, and then the figure lunged at me.
I screamed as it tackled me to the ground, clawing at my face and biting my neck. I could feel its hot breath on my skin, and I knew that I was going to die.
But then, suddenly, it was gone. The growling stopped, and the figure disappeared into the shadows. I stumbled to my feet and ran out of the attic, slamming the door behind me.
I never went back up there again, but I knew that whatever was in the attic was still there, waiting for its next victim. And now, every time I hear a strange noise in the middle of the night, I can't help but wonder if it's still up there, watching me from the shadows.
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2023.02.15 23:33 mattdotjpg 24 M4F [Chat][Friendship] Felt like yelling into the void

Is anybody out there? Can anybody hear me? I just got home from work, waiting for a covid test kit to finish. I could use a friendly person to chat with if anyone is around. I prefer talking to women, but honestly, I could always use more friends. I like video games, archery, and shooting. I've been really into Ark this past week after joining a server that my friend plays on, I'm not very experienced so if you have any tips, please let me know, I've mainly been building and gathering resources with dinos. I also play World of Warcraft, mainly being Classic WotLK atm, as I don't find retail as enjoyable. Other games I play are Minecraft, Terraria, Mordhau (not very good at all), Killing Floor 2, Warframe, as well as a bunch of other random stuff. For those who enjoy guns, I recently bought a Henry .22 Lever Action LR, and I bought my first conceal carry pistol last year at a local gunshow, being a Canik TP90 Elite with a Sand camo finish. I go shooting with my friends from time to time, as well as trap shooting with their shotguns, I'm still pretty inexperienced but I keep up. For those interested in Archery, I own a Diamondback 320 Compound Bow which I love but don't shoot as much as I want to. Haven't been in a while. If any of this peaks your interest, or if you've made it this far. Hmu! :)
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2023.02.15 23:11 UnknownWhisp Dad left us with a run down home and now we're stuck

okay so i'm very new to this site and don't post but i need help.
I live with my mom, older brother, his ex, and their baby. The house we live in is very old and is falling apart. There's various issues with the house such as the electricity and heat on the top floor not working, faulty wiring making the house a fire hazard, and various pluming issues. We knew this house was going to be a fixer upper when we moved in but Dad was confident we could fix it up once he got back to work.
For context early last year my dad was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer but the doctors were confident they could cure him in six months. He took time off of work for his treatments and everything was going fine until his body begun to reject the treatments. He passed last early last December leaving us with this very rundown home and no way to fix it up.
We cant afford to fix the home and make it more habitable and we cant afford to buy a new place and move. I'm not asking for any financial help but i don't know what to do. My mom is very stressed as things around the house continue to break and her stuff getting ruined as a result. She had already been talking about wanting to move as Dad died in this house and it hurt her to stay here and it pains me to see her so upset. I want to help her but I've been having a lot of trouble finding employment as i don't yet know how to drive and would not have a ride anywhere and the buses don't run by our house.
we can't stay here but we cant leave yet.
What can I do to help our situation get better?
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2023.02.15 23:05 ribbons_undone Z Fold 3 issue; screen protector lifted, small black lines on inner screen, touch glitchy

Had the phone since November of 2021. Been great since yesterday, when I opened it and the screen protector lifted down the middle crease.
I pushed it back down and it's OK (maybe this was a mistake), but now the top 1/4" of the inner fold screen isn't responsive to touch, and sometimes when I open the fold it glitches out; the screen stutters and shakes and sometimes it's like there's a ghost touch. I'll try to type something in notes and it keeps trying to set a reminder, etc. The top 1/4" doesn't work at all but other glitches are sporadic.
There's also two small black lines at the top, in the crease; it's not the big giant black line of death but two small like 1/2" black lines. They appear even when the phone is restarting. Safe mode doesn't help anything. Phone is up to date, tried restarting, all that.
I'm out of warranty, of course. Sigh.
So, my questions are:
1) I plan to remove the screen protector and put a new one on. Any chance this will fix at least the touch screen sensitivity or glitching issue, you think? I use the S-Pen a lot (which is still working on the inner fold screen perfectly) so no inner protector isn't an option for me.
2) I called UBreakIFix and they'll charge $80 to replace the screen protector, or I can buy a screen protector myself online. How hard is it to replace yourself, and any recommendations for which one to get? Or should I just have UBreakIFix do it?
3) Is there any point in doing a factory reset? I have a lot of apps so it'll be a hassle, but with how glitchy it's being maybe this will help?
On a sidenote, like half of my widgets also disappeared for some reason, and there were some things turned on (like ultrawideband detection) that I did not turn on. IDK, I was at a ski hill, did someone somehow manage to hack into my phone or something? Or did it just glitch out from it being so cold (around 12F)? I had the phone in my inner jacket the whole time but it was cold and windy. I wasn't ever connected to WiFi but did have bluetooth on.
Thanks! Super bummed about all this because I love the phone. The inner fold touch screen glitching is my main issue I want to fix, I can deal with working around everything else. Front screen works perfectly fine.
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2023.02.15 23:04 AutoNewsAdmin [World] - Shein sales are slowing down. Is the end near for the fast fashion giant?

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2023.02.15 23:02 you_absolute_muppet [M4A] The Greatest Psychic of The 21st Century! (MP100 RP)

I might be a lil late for the Reigen Hype, but I just finished Mob Psycho 100 and I really fell in love with all the characters and the story. And frankly, Reigen Arataka seems like an insanely fun character to rp, so I'd like to do so with anyone who's interested! I'm an rper with around 8 years of experience and character writing is my specialty!
I'm not too pick about the setting, it could be at any point post or mid-canon story wise. I'm also fully here for any wacky or angst AUs that could be thought up. Relationships, both romantic and platonic are very welcome! I prefer you also play a canon character, but if you have an OC you really think would be a good fit for the setting, I'd love to hear you out! Crackship suggestions are welcome, however I'm NOT willing to do any minor x adult romances!
I do have a couple of requirements, btw. So bear with me.
● Be 18+ ● Be literate and post at least three paragraphs per response ● Be willing to rp on Discord ● Be LBGT+ friendly ● Be okay with LOTS of brainstorming and talking about our characters outside of rping
If all this interests you, send me a message pls! I look forwards to rping with you!
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2023.02.15 22:35 AustralianChrono CDR 2- Meet the Monarchs: Black Diamond & Blondie A La Mode and Tea Checker Launch!

CDR 2- Meet the Monarchs: Black Diamond & Blondie A La Mode and Tea Checker Launch!
“Diamonds… are FOREVER.” Black Diamond smirks. “I’m forever the best, and I haven’t even STARTED!”
Black Diamond
“I am Black Diamond, the elegant, gorgeous jewel of drag- and unlike other drag Queens, these are Diamonds, not diamantés.” Black Diamond laughs.
Welcome to the second season! The world is changing- how is your drag here to show that?
“To be frank, I’m the future of Drag. I’ve been doing it for less than a year, and that is an advantage- look at Stacey, she got two wins! My Drag is expensive, talented and young, which we kind of need after last season…”
What are your drag inspirations?
“Myself.” Black Diamond laughs. “The elegance of Mary-Lynn Monhoe and Vitória Benedita, with Naomi Campbell Couture.”
How are you going to win this competition?
“Anything those people did last season, I could do better. Honestly, I expect to place high, if not win every single week. I’m the full package! Rich, expensive, pretty…” Black Diamond shrugs. “What else do you want?”
“Oh my GOD, the camera is on me? I haven’t even brought my little dog out yet!” Blondie laughs, suddenly taking out a mechanical pink dog from her bag that barks.
Blondie A La Mode
“My name is Blondie A La Mode, and I am the prettiest girl in the WORLD!” Blondie laughs. “Only pretty, because like, what is the point of society if you’re not pretty, Blonde, or… pretty?”
Welcome to the second season! The world is changing- how is your drag here to show that?
“...What’s a drag Queen?” Blondie asks, confused. “I am really pretty..” Blondie says distractedly.. “All the boys say so!”
What are your drag inspirations?
“I am inspired by the great minds of like, today. Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie…” Blondie stops. “I don’t know any other blondes. Oh, myself!”
How are you going to win this competition?
“DUH….” Blondie looks up. “...Yes.”
Tea Checker has launched! Check out your tea HERE!
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2023.02.15 22:23 stepping-stones-32 Metamucil

Hey everyone. Wondering if anyone can give me any insight to an issue I’m having. I’ve had signs of IBS d for a number of years now (33 year old male btw).
My doctor recommended I give Metamucil a try to tighten things up, and I have to say it’s done just that. However, from time to time I’m noticing black and white specks within my stool. I’ve tried to research this to see if it is a side effect but I haven’t gotten very far as Google automatically tells me I’m dying.
Just curious if anyone has experienced the same or can shed some light on this. Many thanks in advance.
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2023.02.15 21:32 hexl_end Something feels off

So I had this date yesterday, we're both 21, and she was already saying things like "This is like a dream I wish I'll never wake up" and stuff like that, she is texting me that she misses me, and I'll be honest I kinda got scared?
Like I dunno this is just too fast for me, she is cute we had a great conversation, I kissed her, then after that she was just like this octopus stuck on me telling me these lines. Maybe I'm an asshole here but I have a gut feeling that something is wrong.
What do you think? Help please 😅
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2023.02.15 20:14 im_rug possible iud side effects?

so I've had my Kyleena iud for about 4 months, and I love it. First time having an iud and can't recommend it enough. However, for the first time in my life, I have really bad acne all over my face. The only thing that's changed since it started occurring was the iud, so I'm assuming it's hormonal. No matter what I do, no over the counter methods work, and if they do, another spot pops up as soon as one goes away. Other than that, nothing has been out of the ordinary except for insane baby fever. I very much want to be a mom one day, so it's not necessarily abnormal, but I feel as though it's intensified tenfold since I got my iud. There's other factors that play into it, my love for my partner, friends having babies, etc., but it gets to the point where it's sometimes all I can think about. It's frustrating bc I know I can't have a child in my current situation, which is why I'm on birth control in the first place.
So if anyone has had similar experiences with either of those, I'd really appreciate some tips for acne and understanding of the baby fever.
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2023.02.15 19:23 Reddit-or-Not-Here We had a slow break up

It started right after Christmas, he went into a depression and I was trying my hardest to help him. I honestly feel guilty because I failed to ask at the beginning of our relationship for a timeline of his relationships. When I finally found out, he had been alone a total of 3 or 4 months since divorce in the last 2.5 years. And he’s 48. He had never taken the time to heal himself from his childhood trauma (he grew up LDS, with a family that centered themselves around a disabled sibling) his marriage was dysfunctional as a function of the church, but when we met? He was honestly well adjusted. He kept up with me.
And then after Christmas all of a sudden he thought he wasn’t good enough for me and became very passive aggressive looking for my attention. Demanding all of my time (which he was nearly getting) and it spun me into manic. When I met with my therapist to break down what was happening I put in place some boundaries and reassured him exactly what I was doing with my time (I’m getting my second MBA- a program I put on pause because it was taking away from time with him) I had gotten a puppy for Christmas for my kids and surprisingly gotten two (last littermate came home too) so I was getting into a routine) I took on additional duties at work to honestly save my job, and my kids have always taken priority.
He asked for a few weeks to get his head space, and I gave him that and then we decided to date again, allow the relationship to grow again. I listened intently and supported his plans to help himself, but voiced concerns when those plans included only Ayawaska or MDMA treatments, and when he said he was going to do “hero” doses alone in his apartment or have his adult son supervise. After I researched and couldn’t find evidence that pointed to clear conclusions that this would heal him, I asked him if he had that evidence I could look at and he didn’t. I also said it was unfair to ask his adult child to supervise what could become a dangerous situation with no experience. I offered books and resources, and became concerned that he wasn’t seeking them on his own (I ordered 3 books this morning on break ups)
Last night we decided to do a small valentines at my house and when we sat down to dinner he said he didn’t get me anything for Valentine’s. This is after he brought up the topic of gifts one week ago. I said I’m not a huge Valentines person, I prefer small thoughtful gifts, that don’t cost much. For reference, I hand made a picture frame with a map of our first date on one side and our first picture on the other side. He didn’t bring a card. He is a teacher and yesterday was a snow day, the snow had melted by 10am. I don’t care about a gift, I care that it was clearly intentional.
Many of his actions have been passive aggressive, either in an attempt to get me to think of him, do something for him, feel bad for him. I was madly in love. I showed my love often and he told me so. Unfortunately I think the unhealed parts of him, were afraid that I would change. The constant need for validation was not because of something I was doing but because of something he was missing internally.
I think this will be hard to heal from. And I’m not sure why. We spent many months blissfully happy. And then it changed. Sometimes it seems I’ll never be able to trust that people have their shit together.
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2023.02.15 19:23 CB_scorpio Let's discover together PeerMe (previously Superciety) world

Let's discover together PeerMe (previously Superciety) world
$EGLD Warriors,
Today we introduce you to @PeerMeHQ (formerly Superciety), the place where people come together to work on something they believe in 🌟


PeerMe is built on top of @MultiversX and is dedicated to ideating and developing DAO tools with a form of simplicity with empowers communities & organizations to become highly autonomous, transparent, and vastly decentralized using the power of blockchain technology.


Although the Internet has transformed the way we connect and interact with each other with a profound impact, the numerous communities that have emerged haven’t formalized themselves into mission-driven organizations with a significant impact.


Enter DAOs (𝑫𝒆𝒄𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒛𝒆𝒅 𝑨𝒖𝒕𝒐𝒏𝒐𝒎𝒐𝒖𝒔 𝑶𝒓𝒈𝒂𝒏𝒊𝒛𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔)
DAOs are a critical technology for allowing like-minded individuals to pool their resources together and create new sources of value which exceed what they could achieve on their own.

Build & Grow DAOs

Peering DAOs adapt to your workflow, not the other way around. Different voting methods can be utilised to satisfy your needs:
- Basic Token Voting (ESDTs) - Members vote based on the number of tokens they own.
- NFT/SFT Voting - Allows anyone to vote with their unique NFT.
- MultiSig Voting - Allows whitelisted addresses to vote. - Plug your existing Smart Contract (𝒔𝒐𝒐𝒏) - Define vote weights using a custom smart contract.

For the Multiverse, in the upcoming xWorlds, we will get to see many people coming together who pursue a common goal. DAOs provide users with a framework to manage shared resources and make collective decisions, by leveraging pre-defined voting processes. That is disruptive!

Peering members can:
- Vote on proposals
- Propose ideas themselves
- Propose actions on the blockchain
- Have deep insights into the DAO

The $SUPER token powers PeerMe and it is used for everything; setting up PEERID, creating Peerings, enabling more features, and even as a store of value.
It is listed on @xExchangeApp and 50+ projects have already registered their DAO using PeerMe on @MultiversX mainnet.


While DAOs are present in blockchain technology, PeerMe sees immense upsides of a 10x improvement required for these tools to reach the level of transparency, flexibility, and usability needed to ignite the DAO revolution.

PeerMe has already walked a long road and is excited to see what the builders of the Multiverse will build on top of their foundations and the impact it will have on the world.
Become a Peer and join the community. Web 🔹 Twiter 🔹 Discord 🔹 Telegram


Source: [email protected]
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2023.02.15 19:21 ShoeTraditional3615 31 [M4F] #Ontario - plus-sized Widower looking for a special, intimate kind of friendship with a local gal

So I'm 31, I'm a gamer who loves to play anything co-operative, I like food, I like reading, I am a classic homebody who can make some very delicious stuff. I always have a lot to talk about so I'm never boring, and I'm an open book. You never have to wonder what's on my mind - I'll tell you. If your thing is tall, dark, handsome, mysterious guys, move along. I am none of the above lol.
Intimately, I'm plus sized and white if that matters, so I'm a big warm strong cuddle-bear. I have a pretty high drive and I like to experiment so I'd be game with just about anything you wanna try. I like my women like I like my drinks - XL sized and sweet. One man's junk in the trunk is another man's treasure for the pleasure. I've dated all the colors of the rainbow so I'm very open to (and respectful of) cultures and colors different from my own. I like long hair, otherwise I'm not picky. I'm one of those weirdos who's not into the super made-up look, so if you've got a spot of acne and dark rings under the eyes that's way hotter to me than a thick layer of makeup frosting.
So as mentioned, I am a widower. I'm going to be completely honest - I lost my wife and my kids. So I'm not looking for a girlfriend or anything to replace them. I'm looking for a friend I can get close to and be open with. I have a high sex drive, I'm pent up. I'm a very affectionate person and touch is my love language. And just in general, I'm lonely. I love my wife, I'm emotionally still attached, but the body still has needs. That being said, I don't cry about it or mope about it, it's a thing that happened and it's been long enough that I'm functional again (and the downstairs equipment is working overtime). So I'm not gonna trauma dump or cry to you or anything like that, I just want to be honest. I'm here looking for companionship, not a wife.
And please, only locals. This is pointless if we can't actually meet up!
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2023.02.15 17:45 brittanyummg New Hampshire State Business Taxes - BPT or Nothing?

Hi all, I'm just hoping to get some clarification on wording here so I don't miss anything for my state taxes. Since I live in New Hampshire, I've never had to file a personal return for state income tax. Now that I'm a business owner, it APPEARS that my business didn't make enough for me to need to file a state report. For reference, I earned around $60K in gross revenue. Is this correct?
I know I don't need to file a BET, but I'm confused about whether I need to file a BPT or any other tax documents for the state.
The BT-Summary Worksheet states:
All business organizations, including corporations, fiduciaries, partnerships, proprietorships, limited liability companies, combined groups, and homeowners' associations, or other form of organization must file a BPT return provided they are carrying on business activity in New Hampshire and their gross business income from everywhere is in excess of $92,000. "Gross business income" means all income for federal income tax purposes from whatever source derived including but not limited to: total sales, total rents, gross proceeds from the sale of assets, etc., before deducting any costs or expenses. Even if there is no profit, a return must be filed when the gross business income exceeds $92,000. Combined filers should see NH-1120-WE General Instructions for additional filing requirements to file a combined report. Grantor Trusts: Income from Grantor Trusts (Section 671 of the IRC) shall be included in the BPT return of the owner(s).
For SMLLC, it also states:
SINGLE MEMBER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES (SMLLC) For New Hampshire taxation purposes, an SMLLC is recognized as an entity separate from its member. An SMLLC is required to report and file New Hampshire taxable activities at the entity level. An SMLLC is required by law to file its own New Hampshire tax return even if the SMLLC is disregarded for federal tax purposes and does not file a separate return. An SMLLC that is not disregarded for federal purposes shall file using the same tax classification as it does for federal taxation. An SMLLC that is disregarded for purposes of federal taxation shall file its New Hampshire business tax return using: a. Form NH-1040, "Proprietorship Business Profits Tax Return", if the member is an individual. b. Form NH-1041, "Fiduciary Business Profits Tax Return", if the member is a trust. c. Form NH-1065, "Partnership Business Profits Tax Return", if the member is a partnership. d. Form NH-1120, "Corporate Business Profits Tax Return:, if the member is a corporation.
Any clarification/insight is much appreciated! TIA
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2023.02.15 16:50 Sorry-Pianist-9666 2007 Toyota Highlander Limited (non hybrid) brake replacement.

Good morning all, i am looking to replace front brake calipers, along with pads and rotors, on my 07 Highlander Limited. When i look up the calipers all i can find are either for the sport, or limited hybrid. Can someone tell me which would be right? I would assume the hybrid limited calipers are heavier duty to account for the weight for the electric motor and battery and the sport would fit but I dont want to make the gamble. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you in advance.
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2023.02.15 16:35 blowlock Playing With Fire - Ultimate Dating Blueprint (Complete)

Get Playing With Fire - The Ultimate Dating Blueprint 2.0 by chatting me on +447593880762 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
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2023.02.15 16:25 mrrenaz 1500 problems....am I the only one ?

So I have bought my 1500 dodge ram 2019, second hand. When buying I. Bought extended warranty knowing that they have issues with there tranny . Bought at 67000 km .now that my vehicle is at 97000 that end date is coming up and I can see and feel early signs of this issue. Hesitation getting into gear with a big jerk then it suddenly taking off. Going from park to d. When going to 4x4 from 2wd . Sometimes here a grinding feedback then jerk then boom it picks up in power . Had a mechanic do a tranny flush on rear noticed alot of shaving in the oil and on plug . The problem is when I go to the dealer and present this knowledge. They down play it as a computer issue or no issue at all ..this they charge me for a computer reset then send me on my way. I just wanna get this done before my warranty is up and taken care of property. Can someone help?or advice ?
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2023.02.15 16:24 dock3511 Transcript of Sen. Kennedy UFO Briefing


(46) Senator Kennedy on Classified UAP UFO Briefing - YouTube

(00:01) here's what I took away from the briefing people intentionally or otherwise have been given the impression that a couple of weeks ago our skies were clear and then all of a sudden we have spy balloons and other identify unidentified flying objects raining down on us like confetti that is not accurate um these objects have been flying over us for years many years we've known about those objects for many years we're not sure that we've known about all of them but we've known about many of them except for the Chinese spy balloon we
(00:57) don't know what they are what's different about the last two weeks is that we've started shooting them down but we can't find the remnants except for the the the spiraling and that's what I took away from the hearing today the remnants are in very difficult terrain low temperatures weather and they're looking but they haven't been able to find them except for these problems the nation well I I think that given where we are and the impression that that this is some sort of circumstances that's happened in the
(01:51) last couple of weeks I think at a minimum our Director of National Intelligence should should go in front of the American people and explain what we know what we don't know without without divulging any classified information but this it's clear to me this is not a recent recent phenomenon then why do you think the administration waited until now to start bringing this to life I don't know Roger like a fear-mongering it's intentional fear-mongering I don't know I don't know I just know that that going into this
(02:29) the last two hearings I had the impression that this was uh something that that had happened over the last two weeks and that's not accurate this has been going on a long time do they give an explanation as to why they're shooting them down now they did not saying that it's a wagging of the dog to improve approval ratings I don't care to speculate on that I just know that uh we need some more transparency I understand the need for for National Security Secrets but uh now that this cow is out of the barn
(03:08) the president and the Director of National Intelligence needs to address it they need to explain to the American people if they know and I'm not sure they know if they know they're not telling us what these things are who put them up there and do they pose the threat to the American people and if the answer is no how do they know that um what's your assessment do you feel like there's a threat learning what you've just learned do you feel like the threat level is low or the only thing I feel confident saying
(03:41) right now is that um if you are confused you understand the situation perfectly even a terrestrial question um what do you think about Nikki Haley announcing that she wants to be the nominee of your party for president I think that competition makes all of this better even and I also think here's my prediction on the presidential election the experts will be wrong even if you can't tell us what it is can you tell us whether they have informed you as to the balloon's ability to intercept Communications whether it be
(04:18) radio communications or Telecommunications well it's this is public information the Administration has said that somehow our military and our intelligence Community were able to jam the communications of the spa balloon in terms of of it being able to relay information to other third parties including the non-limited to do China I've read that in the paper but I haven't heard them say that just that one balloon or all of the objects have visibility just that one balloon let me emphasize let me say it again
(04:56) this has been going on for a long time um we we know some of the objects others we think we probably missed and we don't know what most of them are still having a lot of questions yes yes we have we have unity and confusion thanks guys did you learn anything significant Beyond what's been reported in the news do you feel uh yeah I learned a little bit I can't talk about all of it but I I what I took away from from the briefing today more than so than the briefing last week is that this has been going on for a long
(05:42) long time um at at least 2017. last week we were told 2019. um that's what I took away from it today thank you thank you guys appreciate it lock your doors tonight [Music]
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2023.02.15 15:44 Vanityx_o_x He claims I lead him on then he wrote a song about me..

So I (16f) have been friends with this dude (17m)for about two years. Lets call this guy Mike. Now this whole thing started around November when I told Mike I liked his friend. He got mad at me and told me he didn’t like that I liked one of his friends, ofc I understood why he was angry and apologized. Just when I thought we worked past it he began to get mad at me for other things too, simple things. I tried to ignore it for the stake of our friend group even when Mike started talking shit about me to our friends. Then December rolls around and Mike tells me he likes my cousin, so I try and set them up. A few weeks later he’s not talking to me or my cousin. Now it’s the new year and I have a new friends and I’ve gotten over it. A few weeks ago me and these friends are hanging out and one of them tells me that Mike likes me and has liked me since October, I’m shocked by this. I had no clue especially since you know he told me he liked my cousin!! Now it’s a few days later and I get a bf and he so happens to be friends with Mike. Literally the day after me and my bf start dating Mike, my bf, and two of their other friends decided to hang out. From what my bf has told me about that night Mike just randomly started talking shit about me and that I lead him on, that I was just going to use my bf, and that I’m a bitch to my bfs face. My bf just told him to shut up and left it at that. Now it’s a few days later and I’m talking about all of this to my best friend and she tells me that Mike just made a new song and makes himself look like the victim in it. I’m so pissed and on top of all this he started talking shit about my bf too.
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2023.02.15 15:33 little_bird_rose Coworker triggering my paranoia… help!

One of my coworkers triggers my paranoia big time- enough that I had to add an antipsychotic to my med mix. I need to help of what to do. I work in retail and we’re both the sales managers for the store, so her and I have to work closely together. I’m at the point where I’m wanting to leave my job. But I don’t want to do that because I’m almost six months employees with this company and that’s a huge mile stone for me holding down a job.
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2023.02.15 14:51 _yellowmagic__ I think Im unable to be loved

I (M22) started the year in love with a girl, M (F21). My life right now is far from where I would like, the relationship with my parents is too deteriorated but I don't have enough money to move. My friends have abandoned me and I really was left alone, I could only count on M. The time passed and I fell. Time passed and I was more and more in love with her, however, the relationship could not take a next step because due to my suicide attempts at the end of last year my parents no longer let me go out to do practically nothing. On top of that, my mom won't let me see anyone because she thinks I'm going to use that space to get high or some shit. In this context I was only available to see with M when I had to go to college, we see each other for a few hours but for me it was more than enough when I was with her I thought that the life is not that bad, she was really a light in the darkness. However, M didn't felt that way, last Saturday we saw each other and she broke up with me, she said that she couldn't continue with that rhythm, and that "loving isn't enough". Yesterday we fought because of a tiktok that I made where I said that I wanted to fall in love and to someone sing me a song. After that she called me a coward and stupid l. The thing is, that is not the first time that someone told me that my love is not enough, and see myself alone and left by everyone makes me thing what is wrong with me.
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